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“Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.”
“What the…”

I turn over in my rather comfortable bed to see what the hell that annoying noise is.
To my surprise, a strange looking square thing is flashing ‘0400’. Frantic to turn it off, I fall out of the bed, with the box thing falling with me.

This is certainly not my quarters. Standing, I spin trying to work out where the hell I am.
It’s very homely.
Wait a minute… “Earth?”

I dash out of the room, catching a quick glance at my pale pink satin nighty and messy hair in a mirror. At least I look like myself.

My dash down the stairs is quickly stopped by mess and toys on a step and I make my landing below.

I hear small footsteps approaching.
“Mom? Are you okay? Oh damn sorry! Ian distracted me and I forgot to put away the toys.”

Mom? Ian? This surely must be a temporal anomaly.

“Ah right. Go back to bed for me, okay?”

The small child hurries off and my mind is quickly drawn to the smell of coffee. Not just any coffee, fresh coffee.

The kitchen has a homely feel. It reminds me of my mother’s kitchen. Coffee has never tasted so good!

A calendar read, ‘September 1994’.

I take a seat a the large dining room table. Next to the table is a bin filled with the most gorgeous flowers.
“Who on Earth would throw these out!”
I reach down and pick the card among the roses.
“Dear Kate, thank you for the best forty-nine days of my life. Love Tim.”

“Hm, how strange.”

A knock on the door suddenly startled me.

A man in a dark suit stood on the other side.
“I am going to regret this,” I whispered.

“Morning Kate! That car of yours still getting repaired! Lucky I’m still here to give you a hand. Your ride awaits madam.”

What the… this is honestly a terrible dream.

“Ah right. Okay, let’s go then.”
“Have you had your coffee yet? You forgot your script bag.”

He must mean that horrible thing in the middle of the table.
“Of course! Silly me.”
“No worries. After you Miss Mulgrew.”

The morning breeze is absolutely freezing. I just realised I was wearing nothing more than my nighty and a large jacket, not to mention the mess that sat on top of my head.

Remember Kathryn, this is just a horrible dream and you’ll wake up soon enough.

The contents of the ‘script bag’ spill onto my lap as we turn a sharp corner.

A large paper book reads, ‘Star Trek Voyager; Parallax’

This has to be some cruel joke!

The Delta Quadrant

A sharp pain stabs through my back as I turn in my bed. Surely my alarm should be going off soon. Why does my very expensive bed suddenly feel as hard as a rock? This is ridiculous.

I open my eyes to read the time but all I see is darkness.
I sharply sit up and turn to see a window full of stars.

How can this be! I’m asleep in Janeway’s quarters and there are actual stars out of the cuts in the walls.

I get up and press my hands to the ‘viewport’. It’s cold.

“How…” I whisper.

I almost trip in my large PJs as I run into what should be Janeway’s living room. I need to invest in some proper sleepwear. Well, actually, now that Tim is gone, who cares. Tim. Damn it! Why did I remind myself of that bastard!

This is no set. It’s all so….real.

I approach the door and to my astonishment, it just, opens.
Someone, in Starfleet attire looking very busy, walks past.
“Ah, morning Captain.”

I suddenly step back and let the doors close.


I’m actually on Voyager.

I run a hand through my shoulder length hair.

“Fuck!” I throw, what I would presume is a very expensive prop across the room.

“Chakotay to Janeway.”

Shit, this is actually happening.

“Um ah, Janeway here.”
“Are you okay Captain? I heard something smash against my wall.”

This IS actually happening. How the never mind.
“Um, I’m fine… Commander.”
“I’ll see you on the bridge at 0600hrs then. Chakotay out.”

I lay myself down in the middle of the room.

“Fuck you, Tim! You broke my heart and now I’m delirious and stuck in this shit dream! I’ve only been doing this for three weeks! How the hell am I supposed to be the real Captain!”