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Your kidding right! This, is supposed to be the shuttlecraft?! These people! And to think the could be my great great great great great grandparents. It a box! A god damn box!

“We've cleared Voyager.”

Yep, this little box has apparently cleared Voyager. God, I hate this! Hurry up and send me back Q before I kill someone!

“Shields at full strength.”
“We'll reach the rupture in approximately four and a half minutes. Let's get that dekyon beam online.”

But I mean, their information is strangely accurate.

“Remodulating emitters. Captain, I want to apologise for losing my temper in your Ready room. I think maybe you were hitting a little bit too close to home, you know? I respect Chakotay but he's wrong. I'm not officer material and we both know it. The truth is, I quit the Academy because I realised I couldn't make it in Starfleet, and believe me, no one was sorry to see me go.”

An apology! From B’Elanna! I thought I’d never see the day!

“Professor Chapman was.”
“He put a letter in your permanent file saying that should you ever re-apply, he would support you. He thought you were one of the most promising cadets he'd ever taught.”
“I fought with him almost every day. I was always questioning his, his methods, his assumptions, and he was always slapping me down like some upstart kid. I was surprised he didn't help me pack my bags.”
“Some professors like students who challenge their assumptions, B'Elanna. And so do some captains. Professor Chapman wasn't alone. Many of your teachers thought you had the potential to be an outstanding officer. You had more friends at the Academy than you realised. We're fifteen kilometres from the rupture. Start charging the dekyon beam.”
“Dekyon beam online, Captain”



What the…

“Shields down to sixty two percent. Captain”
“Increase speed. We have to get to that rupture before these spatial distortions tear us apart. All right. Let's open this hole in the ice a little wider. Initiate the dekyon beam.”


“We're losing power. I don't think we're going to get any more, Captain.”

Fuck this!
“Let's get back to Voyager.”

“Well, this is a problem.”

God! What now!”

“One of them might be a reflection, but which one?”
“Captain, the rupture is starting to collapse again. If Voyager doesn't get through it within the next five minutes, they'll never get out.”
“That means we have one chance to pick the correct ship.”

Maybe I should just let the ship explode and I might be able to get back to my real home!

“Simple choice. Port or starboard?”

Why I would think that, I don’t know!

“Port. The port ship is more likely to be the real one. It's closer to the rupture. That means, that means they're holding a position as close as they can to the rupture, waiting for us to dock before they head out.”
“No. It may be closer to the rupture, but it's facing the wrong direction. The starboard ship is facing away from us. That means they're trying to give us easy access to the shuttlebay.”

Just a little bit of logic can take you places B’Elanna!

“There has to be some way to tell them apart besides which direction they're facing.”
“The starboard ship's thrusters are at standby. They're holding position. But the port ship is moving toward the rupture.”
“Then I was right. It's the port ship. They're heading out.”
“Don't you see? Voyager did move toward the rupture twenty minutes ago when we first discovered it. That's why the port ship is moving toward it now. It's a time-delayed reflection of what we did before. The starboard ship's the real one. They're waiting for us.”
“f you're wrong, we're going to have a long time to debate it. We're ready to dock.”
“All right. Take us in. Let's see what happens.”
“Well Captain, it feels like a real ship to me.”

Thank God that is over!

Wait a second… I’m not in the shuttle bay… OH THANK GOD! IT’S A SOUNDSTAGE!

“We need you on the bridge set in 5 Kate!”
“You got it!”

“Have fun in real space, Kathy! Sorry, Kate!”
“Look, I don’t know who you are, or what the hell you are, but you better leave me the hell alone now!”
“You got it! But remember, I can easily send you back if you don’t behave.I hope you learnt your lesson”
“You wouldn’t dare! And Lesson! What lesson?”
“You complain too much.”
“Complain! You would too if you were on your feet for 18 hours and missing your children!”
“True, but it’s nothing like the real thing.”
“Your right there.”
“So enjoy this role, Kate! Have fun! And remember the importance of it.”
“You got it! But just stay the hell away from me okay!”



“I bet you're glad to be out of that shuttlecraft box.”

Beltran! Oh my god! Those dimples! My ovaries! No, stop Kate! Be professional. He doesn’t know what you have been through.


“Hey! I didn’t think you were the hugging type.”
“Sorry, I guess I was just glad to get out of that freaking box! Hey, you got plans this weekend?”
“Nope, I’m all free remember? I asked you this morning if you were busy.”
“Sorry, forgot! Let’s hang out hey, lunch at mine?”
“Sounds wonderful.”

“Places everyone! And Action!”

“Commander Chakotay, report.”
“We're almost to the rupture. Mister Paris is about to impress us with his piloting skills.”
“The rupture's collapsing. It's down to one hundred ten metres wide.”
“That's too narrow. We're not going to make it.”

“In command school, they taught us to always remember that manoeuvring a starship is a very delicate process. But over the years I've learned that sometimes you just have to punch your way through. Mister Paris, full impulse power.”

“Shields are down.”
“I'm losing power to the port impulse engine.”
“Switching to auxiliary power.”
“Hull integrity failing.”
“Keep it together, Mister Paris.”

“We've cleared the event horizon, Captain. We've returned to normal space.”
“Sometimes you just have to punch your way through. I'll have to remember that one.”
“Set a course. I want to be at least one hundred million kilometres away from the singularity before we begin repairs.”

“Cut! Great job guys!”

“Wanna grab something to eat before you head off?”
“Sounds like a date!”

Ah Mr Dimples, I could never get enough of you!


I could skip down these corridors. Dance in engineering! That darn Q! Sure, I needed that lesson I guess. We may be far from home, but this is our home for now, and I need to make more of an effort to show that I feel that way about it too.

“Are you checking up on your new Chief Engineer?”

Oh, Chakotay… my Chakotay.

“Two crew members have already filed complaints about her promotion and she may be in for a tough period of adjustment, but I think B'Elanna's going to make a fine addition to this crew. Our crew.”
“Can I ask you a question, off the record? If things had happened differently, and we were on the Maquis ship now instead of Voyager, would you have served under me?”
“One of the nice things about being Captain is that you can keep some things to yourself.”

“Sickbay to Captain Janeway.”
“Go ahead.”
“Is someone ever going to come down here and fix my holographic projectors?”
“We're little busy right now, Doctor, but I'll send a crew down as soon as I can.”
“I would appreciate a certain expediency in the matter.”
“Acknowledged. Janeway out.”

I have missed this!

“Free for lunch Commander?”
“Always when you ask!”

Those dimples!