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Let's Give the Boy a Hand

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Kira entered his room, shutting the door behind him and setting his shopping bag gently on his bed. As he sat on his bed, he sighed out of his jacket off and sat it next to him.  He opened the bag before his lap and placed all of the items onto the bedspread; a set of nail tools, a small hand towel and a set of nails. He left the room briefly, washing his hands and returning quickly to his room. He sat back on the bedspread gently, removing his watch and setting it to the side. He set out a towel and rolled up his sleeves as he settled in, finally.

He opened the set, pulling out wooden cuticle pushers that looked not unlike coffee stirrers, and began to push his cuticles back, starting with his left index finger. He pushed them back to the nail root and then slipped the tool underneath the skin there. He pressed down, enjoying the way the nail turned white, and quickly withdrew the tool before he got too ahead of himself. He did each finger outward on his left hand before doing the same on his right. After this, he did his thumbs and set the tool back into the case, feeling a bit excited despite having just started.

Next, he picked up the cuticle trimmer and trimmed away all his hangnails gently. Today had been a bit of a rough day for his hands apparently, as he had quite a few. He rolled his wrists and fingers, relieving a bit of the tension there before he took his left knuckles into his right palm and popping as hard as he could. He let out a satisfied sigh, and moved to his index finger, pulling and pushing it until it cracked in every which way. He did it a few extra times for good measure and then he took his finger and bent it back hard and as far as he could, breathing in suddenly.  He was so grateful for the flexibility there and he continued, popping every finger and bending it back as far as he could. His pinky was especially flexible and he was almost able to lay back against the back of his hand. When he reached his thumb, he popped it out of its regular place and back a few times before laying his palm flat on the towel and enjoying the way his thumb sat up at an unnatural angle, almost as if it were broken. He popped it in and out of place a few times again before moving onto his right hand. He cleared his throat as he felt the relief in his joints when they cracked.

He rolled his fingers again, watching as the tendons and veins shifted back and forth and groaned openly. He put the tip of his index finger on a singular knuckle of his other hand and shifted the tendon there back and forth and he sighed again, his mouth slipping open a bit.

He stroked the length of his finger softly, circling the joints and pressing lightly on the fingertip. He stroked the sides, back and forth until he was satisfied enough to move onto the next finger. When his fingers were all done, he stroked the back of his hand, from the knuckle of his index finger to his wrist, back up to the knuckle of the middle finger and back down, until he’d completed stroking all his fingers. When he finished that motion, he rubbed gentle circles across the whole hand. He then flipped his hand over and did the same on his palm. After those motions were finished, he held his hand in the other and rubbed his thumb into his palm deep, tight circles. Feeling very satisfied, he massaged his other hand in the same way until he felt like he could move on.

Shifting to lay on his stomach, he reached for the nail kit, opening it gently. The nails he’s chose for tonight were deep blue almond-shaped nails with holographic glitter that sparkled hypnotically. When he saw them in the store, his stomach tightened and he bought them without a second thought. At the current moment, he was damn near drooling at the thought of wearing them. He felt the same pressure in his lower stomach again and he swallowed as he placed various nails against his, measuring which would be the best for which finger. This has gotten incredibly easier with practice, but took twice as long as it should when his hand shook so much. He felt himself getting carried away in thought, wondering how the nails would feel against his skin or down his throat. He quickly tried to move on, lest he get to excited before he’d even finished. Holding the tube of glue in his right hand, he placed a small dot on his index nail before spreading it over the whole nail with the tip. He situated the nail that was fourth in line on his actual nail, pressing down hard for thirty or so seconds before looking at his work. It was perfectly and straightly aligned and it looked just as good on him as he had hoped. He continued on all his nails until they were done, sighing and feeling a shiver go down his spine.

He bent his fingers and swallowed when he felt the way they pulled on his real nails. The nails looked absolutely stunning on him, and he delighted as he ran the nails of his right hand gently down his forearm. He tapped the tip of his nail to his cheek before running it down to his chin. He couldn’t leave any noticeable marks, of course, but he wanted to so badly. He thought of the damage he could do to some girl’s back with these on, scratching her hard, over and over until she bled. If he choked the life out of her and left tiny indents on her neck from his nails. He groaned loudly, his head dropping, forehead hit the bed in front of him. He wanted to hear her cries of fear as he pinned her down and cut her hand off. How she might scream in pain and agony, but she’d stop when she saw how gently he’d treat her beautiful hand, too afraid to scream any longer. He’d cradle her other hand gently in his as she shook before ripping off her nails hard, one by one, blood still gushing from her other arm. Maybe he’d break her arm too, while he still had her, feeling it break so nicely beneath his foot. He’d let her have a few seconds of peace before he killed her, feeling the life slowly slip from her eyes. His lower stomach ached and he ran his hand gently over his jaw and chin before slipping one hand under him and the other past his lips.

The nails undeniably tasted like plastic and glue, but he ran his tongue over the tips of his nails regardless, enjoying the almost-sharp feeling in his mouth. His whole hand was too big, but he could fit at least three fingers into the space and still have enough room to use his tongue on all them. He felt around and between each of the fingers with his tongue, pushing them as deep as he could into his throat until he made a gag that turned into a lewd groan. He quickly pulled back before pushing them back in again, gagging even harder this time, and he felt himself whimper. He let his pinky in and stretched out his fingers as far as they would open. Using all four of his fingers, he massaged the inside of his cheek and gums, minding his nails. He felt like his mind was full of static and he tried to push them down his throat again. He got slightly farther before his throat closed hard and he pulled his hand out, wet with his own spit. His hand worked himself gently through his pants, though what his other hand had done had probably provided more stimulation. He was unbelievably hard, especially considering the short amount of time he’s been doing this. Seeing his own, manicured hand covered in spit made him shudder and he put his index and middle fingers back in shallowly. He wanted them all the way down his throat, but he couldn’t do that with the false nails on. Some of the glitter on one of the nails was jagged and he ran his tongue over and over it, feeling the slight bump. He almost hoped it would cut his tongue slightly, so he’d have a reminder of this moment. Taking his hand out, he wrapped it around his neck and squeezed it on both sides, feeling the saliva rub off onto his neck wetly. Though he prefered choking others by far, a beautifully manicured hand choking him was an image that he didn’t mind too badly either. Besides, he could never choke himself to death, so he had no need to worry about that.

He felt himself getting closer as his brain was getting foggier and his stomach and dick were getting tighter and tighter with pressure. He quickly removed his hand from the front of his pants, his thighs shaking and breathing heavily. He stroked the back of his other hand, before following the fingers down to the fingertips. He braced himself internally before pulling off his nail hard. He gasped at the sudden pain, his nail aching. It felt amazing and it felt like his whole hand was buzzing. The finger involuntarily twitched and the nail underneath where the beautiful blue nail had been was rough and uneven with dried glue. Kira was thrilled. He could only imagine that this was what girls felt like when he did this to them.

He ripped off the nails one by one until his entire hand was devoid of nails.The jagged surface underneath highlighted just how different his other hand looked with nails. He went to go rip off the other hand before he realized he wanted to come on these nails. He turned over and took himself out of his pants, not bothering to pull them down in the slightest. He held his hand in a beautiful pose at the end of his dick while he stroked himself relentlessly hard. Quickly, he lost his composure and and came on his hand with a moan so loud his neighbors could probably hear it. The come painted itself onto the back of his manicured hand and it looked so erotic that he didn’t know what to do with himself. He made his hand limp at the wrist and brought it closer to his face to see better. Lips trembling, he licked the come slowly off his own hand, moaning softly as his afterglow finally resided. He swallowed it and laid his head back, relaxed but exhausted at the same time as he felt himself slowly drifting off into a nap.