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I'll guide you to Safety.

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Jensen sighed as he looked out of his window as he laid on his bed in his bedroom. It was a hot day in Texas but he was enjoying the cool AC from his room. He was waiting for his dad to come back from work. He was still living at home with his parents at the age of twenty. Why move out? For one, he was going to work in the family business. His dad was a CEO, owned his own company, and Jensen was going to be joining when he turned twenty one, which wasn't that long away. He was pissed when his dad refused to let him work when he was eighteen. Telling him that he should go to college, and Jensen did.. for two semesters before dropping out. School bored him. It wasn't that he was bad at school. Jensen got good grades, he was smart. He just didn't like it. He could learn more from his dad then in any boring classroom so why bother going. His thoughts were interrupted hearing a knock on his bedroom door before it slowly opened.

"Jensen, your father is home and is downstairs with your mother. They both wish to speak to you." Maria, one of the housekeepers or as Jensen liked to call her, one of the maids, or just the 'help' told him. "Thanks." Jensen mumbled, quickly getting out of bed and walking past her without another word. He made his way down the staircase and went into the living room. He saw his parents sitting on the couch talking quietly. They both looked up to him as he entered the room. His mom, Mary, looked nervously at him. His dad Jeff, poker face like always. It was always down to business with him. Not that he was a bad parent, but he always seemed so serious to Jensen.

"Son, take a seat." Jensen rolled his eyes and plopped down on the chair in front of the couch facing them. Straight to business. "So, why the family meeting? What was so important that I had to stay home on a Friday night and wait for you to get back?" Jensen asked looking over at his dad, crossing his arms. Jeff sighed. "Well son we wanted to talk to you about your future with the business." Jeff told him and Jensen perked up. "Awesome! When do I get to start?" Jensen asked as he sat up in his seat. "Well sweetie, that's the thing..." Mary said looking at him nervously and then over at Jeff. "What are you talking about?" Jensen asked confused. "Well son, you're not going to be starting. You're not going to work for the company."

Jensen shot up to his feet, his eyes narrowed and his fists clenched. "What do you mean I won't be working for the company?!" He yelled. "You said i could start at twenty one! My birthday is almost here! You can't do this to me!" He yelled glaring at his dad. "Yes son we can. I don't think you're ready to be working yet." Jeff told him trying to stay calm. "How the hell would you know? I've never had a job so you can't know what it would be like!" Jensen said turning and started to pace. "Not with the way you're acting now. Not with all the trouble you've gotten into. You've been caught sneaking out of the house, drinking, and caught driving while under the influence and you're not even twenty one yet." Jeff told him. "You're lucky that no one has been hurt because of how reckless you've been." Jeff told him. "Well no one is hurt are they?.." Jensen asked. Besides a few minor injuries to himself, and a banged up car, or two of his dads, no other person had been hurt.

"Besides that has nothing to do with how I would work." Jensen tried to argue. "No son. It's final. You won't be allowed to work or be getting any help from either one of us until you clean up your act." Jeff told him. "That's so not fair!" Jensen exclaimed. "Honey your father is right. You need to do better, we've raised you better than this. You know better." Mary told him softly. "You don't know shit! You promised! You said I was going to.." "Jensen! That's enough!" Jeff said raising his voice as he stood up. "You've lost all of your privileges. I don't care how old you are. As long as you live in my house you'll be living under my rules. No more going out, drinking, driving any of my cars. And I am putting a hold on all your credit cards." Jensen glared at him. "What the fuck? You can't do that to me!" He yelled. "It's already been done." Jeff told them. "Now until you can prove to your mother and I that you've straightened out, you'll be doing some volunteering." Jensen groaned. All that meant was work without pay. "Doing what? Cleaning trash on the side of the road? Helping at an elderly home?" He asked. "You'll see when you get there. I've pulled a lot of strings to make this happen Jensen. This is your first and last chance to make things right. Do not, I repeat, do not mess this up." His dad warned him. Jensen groaned loudly and turned, stomping back up to his room. He didn't deserve this. His parents were assholes and he shouldn't be treated like this. He was not looking forward to this at all.

This is not how Jensen wanted to spend his birthday. Not at all. It had been a few weeks since he had that talk with his parents and now he was here. In some home to help people. Some type of charity home, Jensen didn't know. He didn't care to pay attention when his dad was explaining things to him. All he knew was that he had to 'volunteer' to help out one of the kids here. 'It's not volunteering if I was forced into it.' He thought to himself bitterly. He'd rather be anywhere but here. Celebrating what should be one of his most important birthdays but his parents didn't seem to care. He was walking around the hall looking around, while the woman in charge was getting all his papers together to help. Jensen knew they did background checks and if his dad hadn't pulled some strings he wouldn't be here right now.

After a few minutes the woman walked back over to Jensen. "Ok, just follow me up here. You'll get to meet Jared and see his room. You'll be helping him out and around for while." She said as she lead him up to another floor. "Wonderful." Jensen mumbled as he was lead down another hall and stopped at a door. He was surprised that she didn't knock on the door, she just opened it and went inside leading Jensen in. He looked around the room. It was pretty decent. It looked almost like a little apartment.There was a couch, a bed in the corner, a fridge, but there was no tv or computer anywhere. He looked over seeing a small table and a boy sitting at it. He had long shaggy hair and it looked like he was reading, but he hadn't gotten up or even looked in their direction as they walked in the room. The woman, Ellen, yeah that was her name, went over to the boy and lightly tapped his shoulder. He tensed a bit but then relaxed he held out his hand and Jensen watched as she signed something against his hand.

Jensen thought that was strange. Why sign against his hand if he couldn't hear? He could still see it right? The kid nodded and stood up, being lead by the woman a few steps closer to Jensen. "Jensen this is Jared. You'll be helping him out while you're here." She said, lightly putting a hand on Jareds back. He seemed young, younger than Jensen at least, maybe fifteen or sixteen years old. Smaller then Jensen but he assumed the kid still had some growing to do. Jared slowly lifted his hand for Jensen to shake. Jensen just stared at it for a moment. That was weird. Why did this kid want to shake his hand and why hadn't he said anything yet? Jensen took his hand shaking it. "Hey man how are you?" Jensen said quietly. Jared didn't say anything, he just shook Jensens hand before slowly pulling it away and dropping it back to his side. Jensen looked at him a bit confused. Jared then turned and went back to the table to sit down and read. Something felt off.

"What's wrong with him?" Jensen asked. Ellen's eyes widened a bit at the question. "Jensen.. I thought your father explained things to you." She said. Jensen shrugged. "He might've. I don't really remember." He told her. Ellen sighed, glancing back at Jared and then again at Jensen. "Can't he talk?" Jensen asked. Ellen was a bit taken aback by the question. "Yes, but he doesn't talk." She said. "Well why the hell not?" Jensen asked as Ellen slightly glared at him before taking a deep breath. She wasn't used to dealing with volunteers like this. "Jensen, this is an orphanage.." She started to explain. "Jared was in an accident when he was younger. He lost his parents along with his vision and hearing. The last time he spoke was a few days after the accident." She told him. Jensen listened, he did feel sorry for the kid but he didn't talk, couldn't hear or see.. how the hell was this going to work? "Well how am I supposed to talk to him? Do I have to sit here in his room in complete silence all day?" He asked. Ellen tried hard not to lose her cool. "Your dad said you know ASL, it shouldn't be that hard." She said softly. Jensen rolled his eyes. "It's not like he'll see me do it." He couldn't help but say.

This time Ellen couldn't help it. "You know what, this was a bad idea, I'll let your dad know this isn't going to work." She said and turned to leave the room. Jensen bit his lip. Fuck he couldn't let that happen. If this didn't work out he could never work with his dads company, he had to pull his act slightly together. "Wait!" He quickly went over to her before she could leave the room. "I'm sorry. This is just new to me and.. clearly I've never done anything like this before. I should've paid more attention to my dad. I just don't know how to.." Jensen glanced back at Jared. He could see now that yes Jared was reading, but it was braille, his fingers moving over the page slowly. " with him. Or help him. Maybe explain it a bit more to me." He said. Ellen let out a long breath but soon nodded. "Ok, but that attitude of yours better change. I don't want you acting like that around Jared or any of the other kids while you're around. Understand?" All Jensen could do was nod. At least he still had a chance. He didn't know how this was going to work, but he was going to try.