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I'll guide you to Safety.

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It took a while after Jensen had talked to his parents that night. He was grounded for a while longer but His parents made multiple calls to the orphanage, talking to Ellen and convincing her to give Jensen another chance. It wasn’t until October that Jensen was allowed back, he really couldn’t of been happier.

He was making his way into the orphanage on a cloudy morning, a huge grin on his face. He walked into the main room, heading to the front desk where Jessica was, he was about to sign in until Ellen walked over. “You better watch yourself!” She said. Walking right up to Jensen and crossing her arms. “Your parents pulled a lot of strings to get you back here. But one more mistake, one more wrong move and I will kick you out of here, and you will never be welcome again.” She warned him. “Do I make myself clear?” Jensen was trying hard no to glare at her, he knew better. At least for now. “Yes ma’am. I understand.” He said softly.

Jessica stood from the desk before a fight could break out. “I’ll walk him up.” She said, quickly guiding him over to the stairs, heading up to Jared’s room. She was grinning the entire time. “He doesn’t know you’re coming back. This is going to be a nice surprise.” She told Jensen. Jensen looked at her a bit surprised “No one told him? Well whoever they have helping him out now is gonna be leaving right?” Jensen asked. Jessica bit her lip. “No one.. um, no ones been helping him like you have.” She told him. Jensen frowned. “So.. what’s he been doing?” Jensen asked her.

Jessica frowned slightly before glancing at him, smiling softly. “Like I said, it’ll be a nice surprise for him.” She said softly. She went up into his room, walking inside with Jensen. Jensen glanced around the room. He smiled when he spotted Jared. Grinning as he saw saw him sitting at his small table with a book. He stepped closer and his smile shrank. Jared looked tired, unhappy. Not the normal cheerful person he remembered. Jessica walked over to Jared, she tapped his arm and signed into his hand. Jared jerked his hand away as soon as she was done, turning his head away from her. She smiled sadly and looked over at Jensen. “I told him his new helper was here.” She smiled and squeezed his arm before walking out of the room. “See you later.” She called out.

Jensen smiled softly and stepped towards Jared. He was still facing away. Jensen tapped his arm lightly. Jared didn’t move, didn’t hold out his hand, didn’t acknowledge him at all. Jensen waited another minute before tapping his arm again. Jared let out a loud huff. He reluctantly held out his hand for Jensen to sign into. Jensen looked at his hand and smiled softly. Instead of signing into his hand he moved to gently squeeze Jared’s shoulder.

Jared’s eyes widened. He quickly stood up, knocking his book off of the table in the process. He moved closer to Jensen, standing right in front of him. ‘Jensen?’ He signed, his breathing picking up. Jensen looked at him, at how hopeful he looked. He smiled softly. His hand going back to Jared’s shoulder, squeezing it gently. He moved his hand up to push Jared’s hair back. Jared’s eyes filled with tears. “It’s me.” Jensen whispered although he knew he wouldn’t be able to hear it.

Jared did know. He moved even closer till his body hit Jensen’s chest. He wrapped his arms tightly around Jensen and cried softly against his chest. Jensen wrapped his arms around Jared, hugging him back. Holding him lightly against his chest. He let Jared cry for a moment before he pulled back only slightly. Still staying close to him. Jensen watched as he signed, tears on Jared’s cheek. ‘She said you weren’t coming back. That you weren’t allowed to. She said I'd never see you again.’ Jensen grabbed his wrists and pulled Jared into another hug. That stupid bitch. Ellen made him leave and left Jared miserable and alone. Jensen Hugged him, giving him a small squeeze before he pulled back. Signing into Jared’s hand. “I’m here and I’m not leaving. Things will be back like they used to be.” He signed and hesitated before adding. “I missed you.” Jared smiled through his tears and sniffled. ‘I missed you too’ He signed back. Jensen smiled and pulled him into another tight hug.

Jensen pulled back after a minute, waiting for Jared to calm down. Jensen signed to him. “You need to fill me in on everything I missed. What you did while I was gone.” He squeezed Jared’s arm and guided him over to the couch so they could sit together. Jared wiped his face from his tears and sat down. 'You didn't miss much.' Jared signed to him. back on their usual spots on the small couch. "I'm sure there's something." Jensen signed back. Jared shrugged but then quickly signed back. 'Well I go to the doctors in a few days to see if the hearing aids work.' Jensen smiled and signed to him. "Thats awesome! I hope it goes well for you." Jared smiled and hesitated before slowly signing. "Will you come with me?" Jensen smiled softly at the question. Signing back into his hands. "Of course I will." Jared grinned so brightly Jensen couldn't help but smile too. Things were finally back to normal. He'd do everything he could to keep it this way.