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The Date Plan

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The clouds seem to present a gloomy state as the skies darken early in the morning. It was quite windy and dark above but no class suspension has been announced.

The others are excited to go home and experience a class suspension.

"Hmmm! Seems like class will be pushed through today and the worst part is even we have classes we won't have PE!" Ashido sighed

"To be honest it kinda sucks today. The weather isn't good today. I kinda plan to go--"

"Oh shut up!" Bakugou spoke cutting the redhead's words

More of the Class 1-A students get to enter their classroom and Ashido and Kirishima just doesn't feel like having it today.

Later on, a miracle has happened as the large droplets tend to stop pouring from the clouds and the light shines upon. The gloomy state of weather became a lovely one.

"Well that was quick? Suddenly it became all sunny." said Sero as he looked out of the window with a smile.

"Looks like we will have PE later!" Ashido cheerfully said

Suddenly, a fast slide of the door can be heard clearly by the three and Bakugou ignored it. It was Kaminari panting and his head won't stop looking around like a machine going lose.

Without saying a thing, he zoomed onto Ashido, Kirishima, Sero and the texting Bakugou and quickly took them and is pushing them to go out. Kaminari doesn't look well himself as his face drips a lot of sweat and is actually in a rush of attention. Bakugou is not even letting go of his grip to the wall since he doesn't want to be disturbed by the electric boy but Kaminari prevails and got all four of them out and took them to a quiet place.

Jirou and Yaoyorozu are completely surprised on what they are seeing now. The two are in question on what is going on with Bakugou's squad being dragged out by Kaminari.

"I wonder what that idiot has in store for today?" Yaoyorozu shrugged after Jirou asked.


"Okay Dunce Face what is this all about huh! Why did you even took me with you extras?"

"Would you calm yourself for now Bakugou? Let Kaminari speak up for hinself." Kirishima cried

"This better be important!"

"So what is it Kaminari?"

Kaminari is looking at his index fingers pointing at each other and had a hard time to say it out to his squad what is going on.


"I'm outta her--" Bakugou is about to walk back to the classroom

"Wait! Uhm. He asked me..."

"Wait what? Asked? About?" Sero is a little puzzled

"He asked me out for a date." Kaminari softly spoke as he nodded

"Really? Who?" Ashido asked excitedly almost jumping lightly

"Ojiro..." after the brief silence, Kaminari answered softly

"Oh my gosh! I am so happy for y--"

"I need your help guys!" Kaminari desperately cried.

Sero scratched the top of his head since he is quite perplexed on what his friend is trying to impose. Kirishima on the other hand crossed his arms and is quite blank in what he can say back to Kaminari.

"Why what's the problem?" Ashido asked.

"I-I-I-I don't know what to do on a date." his voice stutters as he trembles on his stand explaining to his friends.

Well its true. Kaminari has never experienced dating a guy-- well he never had a date in his whole life ever and he is not expecting Ojiro who is just sitting in front of him in class to ask him out.

"Did you even say yes man?" Kirishima asked.

"Well uh--"


"Kaminari can I borrow a few minutes with you? There is something I wanna ask you."

Without any signs of thinking, Kaminari says yes.

Ojiro took Kaminari with him on the stairway. That time the weather is unpleasant and gloomy as it began to pour huge drops from above.

"Woah! Looks like classes will be suspe--"

"About what I am gonna say... Well. I-I-I uh-- uhm I-- uh--" Ojiro is trembling and stuttering

"Is there a problem?" Kaminari is quite bothered

"No! There isn't its just that." Ojiro is flustered and can be clearly seen that his cheeks are as red as beets as he bows and raises his hands holding an envelope which seems to be a letter. "P-Pl-Ple-Please go out with me!"

After Ojiro's breathes out what he has to say, there was a brief silence after he asked Kaminari for a date.

"Huh? A date?"

Ojiro is completely silent maintaining his position waiting for Kaminari to answer him back. Kaminari on the other hand is completely surprised. This is the first time a guy confes-- the first time someone confessed to him and of all people, why Ojiro?

"O-Ojiro get up! Someone might see us!" Kaminari is making Ojiro stand erect but Ojiro doesn't want to until he hears Kaminari's answer.

Kaminari is having a hard time making Ojiro stop. Ojiro doesn't want his pride to be stomped on even though he is just asking for a date. It ended the same time the rain stopped and the sun shone brightly with Kaminari saying yes to Ojiro's request.

Flashback Ends

"You idiot! Why did you force youself?" Bakugou asked calmly "You are making him expect that you will like him ba--."
"Well not really. I mean I do like him." Ashido got flustered on the words said by Kaminari thinkingnit is a romantic one. Sero has other thoughts as he looked onto Kaminari with a low smile. Kirishima and Bakugou nodded and is thinking of certain possibilities of why Kaminari has said those words.

Its true. Kaminari actually likes Ojiro and the feeling has been mutual but thennhe tried to forget it because he does not know if Ojiro feels the same until this day. It may be funny how it all started by Kaminari having this fixation to Ojiro's tail petting it as he feels how smooth, silky and fluffy the hairy part is. It didn't stayed as that when one day Kaminari gets to pat Ojiro's head while he is napping soundly and is looking at him. That time he felt his chest thumping as he looks at the tailed boy's complexion. He even booped Ojiro's nose thrice and its funny seeing how Ojiro's tail wags like a rattlesnake's tail everytime he is booped by Kaminari.

There is also this time when Kaminari tends to be in dangerous situations during their Foundational Heroes Studies or when he blows a fuse and Ojiro is the one who is helping him or rescuing him. Whenever he asks who takes him to the infirmary, Recovery Girl is always answering the same name to Kaminari. This makes Kaminari either flattered and thankful and slowly developed his feelings on the tailes man.

"I have huge crush on him. Aaaaaand-- well when he asked me out I just got stupefied and nervous." Kaminari answered in complete disappointment as he started to lie his body on the wall nodding with his right hand gripped placed on his left breast with a sad face.

"You haven't got a chance to answer properly because you weren't ready on what Tail has to say in the first place correct?"

Kaminari nods once "Yeah"

"I won't be able to help you Kaminari-kun. I'm so sorry! Hagakure, Jirou and I plan to finish our group work in the next days." apologetically said by Ashido

"Same goes with me and Bakugou. Though Bakugou does more work than me" cack-handed said by Kirishima

"Shouji, Kouda and I are also planning to finish our work. I don't know if I could hel--"

Bakugou quickly spoke though Sero is unfinished.

"All of us are busy and it seems like Tail and his group with Deku are finished already. If we won't be able to help or train you in the next days then maybe we can help you during your date."

"Since when did your boyfriend train dating?" said by Sero as he whispers to Kirishima's ear while chuckling a little

"Shut up Flat Face! I heard that! Say that again and I'll kill you." angrily screamed by Bakugou

The other three are left baffled on what Bakugou said

"Wait! During? Bakugou I don't get what you want to point out." confusingly asked by Ashido

"Y-You know... put a hidden camera around this idiot and communicate with him through text."

"Woah I haven't thought of that." Sero is astounded

"Nice idea Bakugou!" Kirishima is aroused at what his boyfriend has said

Bakugou grunts when his partner grabs him close and victoriously captures him to a hug. Kirishima who is so happy even nuzzles his chin to Bakugou's shoulder and chuckles.

"Kirishhhhiiimaaaa!" said by Bakugou in a temper resisting way.

"Haha! I love you too" Kirishima lets go of Bakugou afterwards.

Kaminari then seeked clarifications and help. He doesn't have enough budget to buy the necessary stuff mentioned by Bakugou and he also doesn't have the tech needed.

"Don't worry about that! I know what to do Kaminari. Leave it to Ashido and me." smirked Sero