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The Date Plan

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"Hold up!" Kirishima told his partner to wait. 

"What's wrong Kirishima?" Sero asked.

"Look!" Bakugou pointed at the tailed boy who is just next to the parking lot where they are. "Looks like they will eat on a burger joint. Nice move Tail!" 


Kaminari is like a child who looks excited to enter the place for a good time to fill his empty stomach. Ojiro on the other hand is a little nervous but then for his date, he is ready to spend his money. "Lets sit over ther--"

Denki hasn't finished his talking when he saw Bakugou's car on the parking lot on his left. Ojiro is about to look on his direction but-- "Ow!" Denki quickly pulled Mashirao to the seats where he pointed and settled. 

"Good thing he wanted to sit where I reserved." Ojiro said in his thoughts who is getting nervous but stays still for his date.





"Just act natural Kaminari-kun! Talk to him while you are waiting for your orders to be served." Ashido said on her device to inform Denki.


"Also, don't feel nervous and don't ask stupid questions if you don't want to get embarrassed." arrogantly said by Bakugou.


Because of his squad's words, Denki gets mixed up and more nervous on how he will act while eating. 


"Ojiro is texting right now. What should I ask?" Denki said in his thoughts


"Uhm? Who izzzuh--" Denki doesn't know what to ask that he spoke too long


"Yes? Who is--?" Mashirao is confused on what Denki wants to deliver to him.


"N-Nevermind." Denki laughed nervously and nodded


"That idiot.  .  ." said by Bakugou while listening to Denki's words


Ojiro chuckled a little finding Denki's clumsiness cute and funny. "Y-You don't have to make up things if you know you can't you know." Mashirao honestly admitted.


"Well I was to ask if after this we are going home but-- I mistakenly said 'who' instead." Denki clarified.


"Oh!" Ojiro heard it clearly. "Not yet. We will go to another place after this." 

"Really? Where?" Denki asked with a wide smile.


Mashirao isn't supposed to say anything and wants to keep it secret. He is being interrogated by Denki big time but good thing the waiter arrived with the orders the dating boys ordered earlier. "F-Finally food is here" Ojiro is in relief. 

Denki sniffs the food he ordered and is feeling the delectable scent and the scrumptuous taste he is about to fill in his mouth and into his stomach. Ojiro can see the oozing drool on Denki's mouth and is snickering on the side not showing his laughter on his cute date looking like a child. 

Later on, Ojiro called for Kaminari and he stood close to him to put a tissue on his mouth to wipe out the drool dropping on his chin. Kaminari has no idea how he looked like before Ojiro put a tissue. His face turned red and nodded feeling like he messed up but honestly, Ojiro likes this side of Denki.


"This is embarrassing!" said by the electric boy in his thoughts.


Ojiro laughed and looked at his cute date looking embarrassed. "Take it easy okay?" Ojiro said to Denki and returned to his seat. 


"Lets eat!" Ojiro said to Denki happily.


"Thank you for the meal!" and both of them started to eat their hamburgers.


"Oer Mawr! Dizsh izsh shu gherd!" said by Denki talking while his mouth is full. 


"I know!" Ojiro is looking at his date eating like its his first time, though its really the first time for Denki to eat there, eating on the said place. Ojiro has 


"Where's your fucking manners?" Katsuki said on Mina's device. Then Eijirou, and Mina laughed onto Denki as they see on the pad how messy Denki is eating.


"Take it easy now Kaminari-kun! There is still dinner. Pfft hmhm!" Mina teased childishly and the others laughed except Katsuki.


"These guys are really making fun of me instead of helping me." said by Kaminari in his thoughts with a pout on his face and is looking out of the window which left Ojiro bothered about the atmosphere of the area.


"Uh is everything okay? Is there something wrong? The food--?" Ojiro asked calmly


"Me? Something wrong? Of course not!" Denki instantly shifts his mood and expression making Mashirao think that he is fine.

"Just-- tell me when you are done eating okay? I will go to the washroom. My hands are a mess." Ojiro properly told his date that he is having a call of nature and went to the toilet. 


Kaminari smiled like he is in relief with his eyes closed and mouth opened pretending he is about to take his last bite but when Ojiro got in the toilet already he nodded his head and looked onto his boobcam. "I will electrify you guys for making fun of me." He said with a serious face and note and murderous voice. 


"You scaring me?" Bakugou responded "Just try and hurt my Kirishima and I will kill you with nothing left but smithereens." Bakugou added with a murderous voice and face like Denki.

"I'm--" Denki quickly shifted his tone and expression getting scared onto Bakugou's face. "--just kidding." He looked away from his boobcam and he took his last bite.


"Haha we are protected sorry!" Hanta said with a smug grin on the device.


Not so later, Ojiro went out of the toilet and he went back on the table. He looked at his partner and sees how clean he is on his side of the table. 


"I will wash my hands now. Stay here."




After five minutes, Ojiro paid the bills and he saw his date going out of the toilet room. They exit the place together and continued their date. The current time is four in the afternoon. 


"So where do we go next?" Denki asked excitedly.


"There is an arcade not too far from here. Want to play?" Ojiro smiled asking.

"Hmph! Can I just let you know that I am also known as the Arcade King!" 


"Or the King of Dunce Faces." Bakugou said on the device towards Denki and the rest of the squad bursts out of laughter.


"Nah I don't believe you." Ojiro teased and went ahead chuckling.

"Huh? But I really am called an Arcade King by my classmates in middle school. Honest!" Denki kept his word in proving his point.


"Not buying it." Mashirao still on his own belief is making fun of his date.


"Oh come on!" Denki is actually pushing it and he didn't notice he is getting left behind. "Ooh wait for me!" He caught up to Mashirao and held his hand. 


Ojiro stopped and waited for Kaminari before they crossed the road with the lights permitting them to walk. The arcade seems crowded but it didn't stop them from taking a walk. 


"Okay I guess this place isn't something hard to deal with. Have fun there we will just eat here." said by Sero while unwrapping his yakisoba in a cup freshly bought by Eijirou just for the four of them inside Katsuki's car. 


"We will still be on watch so better not get snatched or stolen there." Ashido reminded before slurping the noodles.