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The Date Plan

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The clouds seem to present a gloomy state as the skies darken early in the morning. It was quite windy and dark above but no class suspension has been announced.

The others are excited to go home and experience a class suspension.

"Hmmm! Seems like class will be pushed through today and the worst part is even we have classes we won't have PE!" Ashido sighed

"To be honest it kinda sucks today. The weather isn't good today. I kinda plan to go--"

"Oh shut up!" Bakugou spoke cutting the redhead's words

More of the Class 1-A students get to enter their classroom and Ashido and Kirishima just doesn't feel like having it today.

Later on, a miracle has happened as the large droplets tend to stop pouring from the clouds and the light shines upon. The gloomy state of weather became a lovely one.

"Well that was quick? Suddenly it became all sunny." said Sero as he looked out of the window with a smile.

"Looks like we will have PE later!" Ashido cheerfully said

Suddenly, a fast slide of the door can be heard clearly by the three and Bakugou ignored it. It was Kaminari panting and his head won't stop looking around like a machine going lose.

Without saying a thing, he zoomed onto Ashido, Kirishima, Sero and the texting Bakugou and quickly took them and is pushing them to go out. Kaminari doesn't look well himself as his face drips a lot of sweat and is actually in a rush of attention. Bakugou is not even letting go of his grip to the wall since he doesn't want to be disturbed by the electric boy but Kaminari prevails and got all four of them out and took them to a quiet place.

Jirou and Yaoyorozu are completely surprised on what they are seeing now. The two are in question on what is going on with Bakugou's squad being dragged out by Kaminari.

"I wonder what that idiot has in store for today?" Yaoyorozu shrugged after Jirou asked.


"Okay Dunce Face what is this all about huh! Why did you even took me with you extras?"

"Would you calm yourself for now Bakugou? Let Kaminari speak up for hinself." Kirishima cried

"This better be important!"

"So what is it Kaminari?"

Kaminari is looking at his index fingers pointing at each other and had a hard time to say it out to his squad what is going on.


"I'm outta her--" Bakugou is about to walk back to the classroom

"Wait! Uhm. He asked me..."

"Wait what? Asked? About?" Sero is a little puzzled

"He asked me out for a date." Kaminari softly spoke as he nodded

"Really? Who?" Ashido asked excitedly almost jumping lightly

"Ojiro..." after the brief silence, Kaminari answered softly

"Oh my gosh! I am so happy for y--"

"I need your help guys!" Kaminari desperately cried.

Sero scratched the top of his head since he is quite perplexed on what his friend is trying to impose. Kirishima on the other hand crossed his arms and is quite blank in what he can say back to Kaminari.

"Why what's the problem?" Ashido asked.

"I-I-I-I don't know what to do on a date." his voice stutters as he trembles on his stand explaining to his friends.

Well its true. Kaminari has never experienced dating a guy-- well he never had a date in his whole life ever and he is not expecting Ojiro who is just sitting in front of him in class to ask him out.

"Did you even say yes man?" Kirishima asked.

"Well uh--"


"Kaminari can I borrow a few minutes with you? There is something I wanna ask you."

Without any signs of thinking, Kaminari says yes.

Ojiro took Kaminari with him on the stairway. That time the weather is unpleasant and gloomy as it began to pour huge drops from above.

"Woah! Looks like classes will be suspe--"

"About what I am gonna say... Well. I-I-I uh-- uhm I-- uh--" Ojiro is trembling and stuttering

"Is there a problem?" Kaminari is quite bothered

"No! There isn't its just that." Ojiro is flustered and can be clearly seen that his cheeks are as red as beets as he bows and raises his hands holding an envelope which seems to be a letter. "P-Pl-Ple-Please go out with me!"

After Ojiro's breathes out what he has to say, there was a brief silence after he asked Kaminari for a date.

"Huh? A date?"

Ojiro is completely silent maintaining his position waiting for Kaminari to answer him back. Kaminari on the other hand is completely surprised. This is the first time a guy confes-- the first time someone confessed to him and of all people, why Ojiro?

"O-Ojiro get up! Someone might see us!" Kaminari is making Ojiro stand erect but Ojiro doesn't want to until he hears Kaminari's answer.

Kaminari is having a hard time making Ojiro stop. Ojiro doesn't want his pride to be stomped on even though he is just asking for a date. It ended the same time the rain stopped and the sun shone brightly with Kaminari saying yes to Ojiro's request.

Flashback Ends

"You idiot! Why did you force youself?" Bakugou asked calmly "You are making him expect that you will like him ba--."
"Well not really. I mean I do like him." Ashido got flustered on the words said by Kaminari thinkingnit is a romantic one. Sero has other thoughts as he looked onto Kaminari with a low smile. Kirishima and Bakugou nodded and is thinking of certain possibilities of why Kaminari has said those words.

Its true. Kaminari actually likes Ojiro and the feeling has been mutual but thennhe tried to forget it because he does not know if Ojiro feels the same until this day. It may be funny how it all started by Kaminari having this fixation to Ojiro's tail petting it as he feels how smooth, silky and fluffy the hairy part is. It didn't stayed as that when one day Kaminari gets to pat Ojiro's head while he is napping soundly and is looking at him. That time he felt his chest thumping as he looks at the tailed boy's complexion. He even booped Ojiro's nose thrice and its funny seeing how Ojiro's tail wags like a rattlesnake's tail everytime he is booped by Kaminari.

There is also this time when Kaminari tends to be in dangerous situations during their Foundational Heroes Studies or when he blows a fuse and Ojiro is the one who is helping him or rescuing him. Whenever he asks who takes him to the infirmary, Recovery Girl is always answering the same name to Kaminari. This makes Kaminari either flattered and thankful and slowly developed his feelings on the tailes man.

"I have huge crush on him. Aaaaaand-- well when he asked me out I just got stupefied and nervous." Kaminari answered in complete disappointment as he started to lie his body on the wall nodding with his right hand gripped placed on his left breast with a sad face.

"You haven't got a chance to answer properly because you weren't ready on what Tail has to say in the first place correct?"

Kaminari nods once "Yeah"

"I won't be able to help you Kaminari-kun. I'm so sorry! Hagakure, Jirou and I plan to finish our group work in the next days." apologetically said by Ashido

"Same goes with me and Bakugou. Though Bakugou does more work than me" cack-handed said by Kirishima

"Shouji, Kouda and I are also planning to finish our work. I don't know if I could hel--"

Bakugou quickly spoke though Sero is unfinished.

"All of us are busy and it seems like Tail and his group with Deku are finished already. If we won't be able to help or train you in the next days then maybe we can help you during your date."

"Since when did your boyfriend train dating?" said by Sero as he whispers to Kirishima's ear while chuckling a little

"Shut up Flat Face! I heard that! Say that again and I'll kill you." angrily screamed by Bakugou

The other three are left baffled on what Bakugou said

"Wait! During? Bakugou I don't get what you want to point out." confusingly asked by Ashido

"Y-You know... put a hidden camera around this idiot and communicate with him through text."

"Woah I haven't thought of that." Sero is astounded

"Nice idea Bakugou!" Kirishima is aroused at what his boyfriend has said

Bakugou grunts when his partner grabs him close and victoriously captures him to a hug. Kirishima who is so happy even nuzzles his chin to Bakugou's shoulder and chuckles.

"Kirishhhhiiimaaaa!" said by Bakugou in a temper resisting way.

"Haha! I love you too" Kirishima lets go of Bakugou afterwards.

Kaminari then seeked clarifications and help. He doesn't have enough budget to buy the necessary stuff mentioned by Bakugou and he also doesn't have the tech needed.

"Don't worry about that! I know what to do Kaminari. Leave it to Ashido and me." smirked Sero

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Scratching sounds buzzes as Kaminari blatantly uses his fingers in scratching out what is on his skin. Ashido and Sero are putting something on Kaminari's chest.

"Guys I don't really feel com-- fortable with this." Kaminari worriedly wants to take out what Sero puts on his underarms. "What are these-- wires? What are these for?"

Ashido chuckled and answered grinning.

"Heehee! These are wires put onto you so if ever the battery gets low, it will automatically take electricity from your body instead of your mouth."

"Is this even necessary? I mean, its itching me out. I want to take it off!" Denki is about to take it off but has stopped when Kirishima slaps his hand.

"Man don't!"

Kaminari groaned and he flinched and felt a little hurt and irritated when Ashido has put something on both his outer ear canals.

"Ngrah!!! Ow! What is that?" Kaminari keeps on trying to touch his ears but Ashido and Sero are stopping him. "It won't go off!" something microscopic was shot by Sero to Kaminari's ears

"Cuz it won't go off until the eighth hour silly!" Ashido replied cheerfully

"Eighth hour?!" Kaminari's hands are shaking on what he heard

"Bakugou! Try testing it out if you may?"

Bakugou heaved a sigh as he gets up the couch and took the iPad.

"Stupid Raccoon Eyes." He murmured "Kirishima!" He called out Kirishima shouting.

Kirishima goes in front of Kaminari and crouches his body a little in front of Kaminari's chest.
"Testing? Testing! Hey there cam cam!" Kirishima is acting like a little kid in front and is waving his hands around. "How do I look there Bakugou?" It seems like what they have placed on his chest ealier is a camera which seems miniscule in size and looks like its only camera lens but can show high quality imagery on the pad.

Bakugou showed what he is seeing after flipping the iPad Ashido told him to take. "Have a look you Fuck Face!" said seriously by Bakugou.

Kaminari worriedly looked at the tablet and he can see exactly what Kirishima is doing in front of his chest and laughs.

"Yay! Its working!" Ashido tugs her elbows down in feeling the success "Okay now check that microphone!"

Bakugou lazily puts down the iPad and takes the small microphone. He took a deep breath and then he screamed


Kaminari squealed in pain as he covers his ears and got a little dizzy.

Ashido threw the small camera case of the mini cam at Bakugou for what he did and she smirked giggling softly.

"I didn't told you to scream at the mic. I told you to do a mic test."

Bakugou shows an angry face like a dog about to bite Ashido for throwing something at him. Kirishima then went in between as he stops Bakugou.

"Calm down man! We are here to help Kaminari and not to make a ruckus."

Bakugou sighed and he started to talk again.

"Hey Dunce Face can you hear me?"

Kaminari can hear what Bakugou said nicely and clearly but at a serious note and showed a thumbs up.

"Yeah I can hear you Bakugou! Th-- wait a minute! Now I remember. How did you buy all of these?"

Sero and Ashido stood up and looked at each other simultaneously and chuckled lightly.

"Wwwwellll... Sero didn't even--"

"Uh we just uh--"

"We didn't stole these things. It was created. Ahehe!"

Three days ago, Sero and Ashido came to Yaoyorozu's seat after their last class in the afternoon. Yaoyorozu was suppose to leave earlier with Jirou when Ashido and Sero called her. Yaoyorozu and Jirou looked at them seeing their grins on the left side.

"Ashido-san, Sero-kun? What is it?" Yaoyorozu asked gracefully

"Yaomomo we need your help." Ashido begged with a change of mood

"Help with what?"

"Well... We need you to create some things for us." Sero showed the photos of the needed things but Yaoyorozu disapproves.

"Guys no I can't do this. This will be an unfai--"

"Yaomomo please! This is just very important and we are not using this for any move of crime."

Ashido then said every detail why they are asking these things for.

"Kaminari is going out on a date and we really need these to help him."

"Pfft! Kaminari?" Jirou covers her mouth with her fingers and giggled "I knew that idiot is onto something when he pushed you guys out forcibly."

"Please Yaomomo-san we really need this for his first date." Sero pleaded nicely with his hands above his head doing an amen "Its just easy. You are just going to poop these and--"

Yaoyorozu imaginatively begins to go hug her knees on her seat feeling emotional for Sero has said it again.

"You idiot!" Jirou uppercuts Sero making him regret what he said

Yaoyorozu is still covering her face and Sero once again apologizes to her.

"Yaomomo please. We really need you to create these things for Kaminari. Do this for him." Ashido properly begged doing a deaf amen.

It didn't took so long for Yaoyorozu to finally allow them but she has a condition that nobody else must know about this but her, Jirou, Ashido, and Sero and all of them went into an agreement.

"So that is how you got these stuff? I guess pushing her to do this isn't easy." Kaminari looked at the two with amazement.

"Yeah so you better not waste our efforts and go on a good date okay? We will be there too."

"Wait you guys will be there too?" Kaminari is shocked

"Of course. We will need signal in order to see what you guys are doing you know! Bakugou can drive for us." Kirishima pointed out

"Bakugou knows how to drive?!" Kaminari is completely shocked

"Yeah! He has been teaching me too. Well I ended up bumping a postlight last time." Kirishima added

"You were an idiot for saying it was easy you idiot."

Everything is well set and prepared for Kaminari's big day when suddenly his phone buzzed and rang.

"I'll get i--" Ashido is shocked when he saw who called on Kaminari's phone after picking it up. "Its Ojiro! He's looking for you! Quick we got to get moving!"

"Moving? Aren't you just gonna stay here and watch me on your ta--"

"Kaminari, Yaomomo's creation is only short signaled. We will also be going so we could stay connected."

"Huh? How? Do any of you drive a car?" Kaminari asked worriedly.

"Bakugou I got your keys." Kaminari's eyes widened when he saw Kirishima with a keychain.

"Can I drive later?"

"No Kirishima! The last time you drove you almost bumped onto a postlight!"

"Bakugou knows driving?" Kaminari asked in perplexion

"Oh yeah! He taught me how to drive last summer break and since we spent vacation together, I also asked him to teach me." Kirishima grinned

Ashido, Kaminari and Sero are completely astonished on what they heard. They are amazed at the fact that Bakugou entered driving lessons and is also teaching Kirishima.

"What are you idiots staring at? Lets go before Dunce Face gets late on his date."

"So good of you you know!"

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Noontime is almost over and its two thrity on the clock. Bakugou is driving his car to Tokyo and looked for a good parking spot to drop Kaminari by.

"There-- is a lot of peeps here. I hope we could--"

"This is Tokyo you dumbfounded fool. Of course, there would be a lot people. Deal with it!" Bakugou cuts off Kaminari on his anxious talking and he found a spot to park.

"Okay! Ojiro isn't far from here. You better act antural okay?" Ashido reminded

"Natural?" Kaminari is very nervous "But this is why I asked you guys in the first place ri--"

"Then don't screw up!" Sero added

"If you want to win him, just be yourself get it?" Kirishima notified as well.

"Also, get down of my car cuz Tail is waiting for--" Bakugou isn't convinced on talking directly and took the device Ashido and Sero got from Yaoyorozu. He roared "--GET OFF AND GO TO TAIL YOU DUNCE FACE!"

"NYAAAAAH!" Kaminari cried and covering his ears in pain.

He opens the door and went off Bakugou's car. Sero almost forgot to inform something and lucky he held the wrist of Kaminari before he could walk. "You got seven hours and fifteen minutes before the microscopic microphone goes off your earlobe."

Ashido also checked out the cam. "The boob cam is working well." Ashido showed the pad revealing the squad inside the car.

"Thanks guys! I owe you all big time." Kaminari thanked again.

"Your welcome. Now go get him!" Kirishima pats Kaminari's back and slapped it like they do to make him go now. "We will speak to you if ever okay!"

"Hiehie! This is exciting." Ashido giggled.

"I will drive us to the next stop. Tell me where they're going Kirishima." said Bakugou


Kaminari has been looking for Ojiro in the park searching left and right. He kept looking for him until "Hey there." someone called him. He looked back to see Ojiro with a huge smile on his face.

"Found you!" Kaminari giggled and stepped five inches apart from Ojiro

"Sorry you waited long."

"Its just twenty minutes. Its fine."

Meanwhile, Bakugou and the squad.

"What does he mean its fine? If Kirishima gets late on our dates, I'm making him pay for everything! This guy needs to learn how to discipli--"

Kirishima stopped Bakugou by holding his shoulder. "Remember our deal?" Kirishima looked at Bakugou with his eyes closed and a very pure and enlightened smile on his face.

Bakugou blushed lightly and remembered. "Fine. I'm sorry."

"I wonder what these two's deal is." Sero whispered to Ashido.

"Trust me I have no clue!" Ashido whispered back.

"So where are we going?" Kaminari asked while they are walking

"Mmm. Places." Ojiro answered pleasantly and giggled slightly.

"Huh? Hey no fair! Come on tell me. Please?" Kaminari begged cutely


"Huh? But why?" Kaminari asked in an anxious manner

Ojiro looked back at his date and smiled with a good answer in hand. "Well since you are late,--" Ojiro booped Kaminari's nose "--I won't tell you where we are going."

Kaminari crossed his eyes looking at the finger the booped him and blushed a little and felt a little flustered. "Oh come on! Please?"


"Hmph! Well played Tail!" Bakugou slightly laughed the bad way.

"Bakugou is a savage as always." Ashido said in her thoughts.

As of the moment, the squad isn't seeing anything wrong on the date. A few minutes later, Ashido's eyes widened when she saw the view on the pad. "Oh my gosh guuuyyyyyssss!" She squealed.

Sero and Kirishima immediately looked at the pad. "Woah! What is that place?"

"Let me guess! The Daijungu Shrine." Bakugou obviously guessed.

"Isn't this place kind of boring?" Kaminari asked.

"Hmmm? You think so?" Ojiro is now having thoughts about what Kaminari said.

"YOU IDIOT! YOU SHOULD'VE ASKED FIRST WHY HE TOOK YOU THERE." Bakugou is loud in speaking but this time its coincidental he didn't scream like a mad dog.

"Okay sorry!" Kaminari murmured at his chest letting them know he heard it.

"Uh why--?"

"Come on. This way." Ojiro walked north towards the structure.

Kaminari followed and saw the house with souvenirs being sold. "We're gonna buy?"

"M-Maybe later. For now lets go here." Ojiro pinpointed at the place said on the mini map on his phone.

As soon as they reached the said house, Ojiro started to pray. Asking for good wishes not only for himself but also for his date.

Kaminari is observing Ojiro. He really has no clue about the place or what his date is doing until Kirishima told him that Ojiro is actually praying. Kaminari lately realizes when he saw Ojiro's eyes are closed which proved Kirishima's point.

Kaminari crosses his palms into a praying position and he started to ask for wishes.

Ojiro is finished when he looked at Kaminari who seems earnest on what he is doing. Ojiro giggled because he thought that Kaminari must've thought of the place as a praying spot. "Uhm. Sorry if I haven't told you but this isn't a praying spot."

Kaminari is baffled on what Ojiro said. He immediately opened his palms away from another and looked onto Ojiro not knowing what to do next.

Ojiro chuckled at the cute movements his date is doing. It seems embarassing to Kaminari but for Ojiro, it looks cute to see since it is so much like Kaminari. "My parents always go here when I was younger. Always looking for good fortunes and tips on how their marriage and love will last. Well I always saw them pray before getting an omikuji." Ojiro clarified.

"We can go write our wishes later if you want." Ojiro proposed before going.

"Y-Yeah! Sure!" Kaminari grinned.

A few minutes later, Ojiro took his omikuji and checked on what he got. He smiled knowing that what is written on his strip of paper is a good fortune. Kaminari om the other hand is displeased on what he get. It seems like he has a certain misfortune coming. "Darn!" He mumbled.

Ojiro giggled and looked at what is written on Kaminari's. "Curse" Then Ojiro wondered if this is talking about his love life or maybe his incoming career as a hero.

Later on, Ojiro took two pieces of small wood and wrote his name. Everything that Ojiro is doing, Kaminari is imitating as well. "I wonder what this does." The half of the small wood with white string was tied and left on the shrine both Ojiro and Kaminari has their names on it.

"My parents told me that this would remind the gods of the wish you asked for. The one with the red string must be kept if you want love to really come to you." Kaminari took note of it and kept it in his wallet the time they are about to leave.

"Sorry if this isn't kind of fun for now." Ojiro nodded in embarassment.

"No no its okay! At least I get to learn today . . . though I don't remember much of what the fortunes said." Kaminari semi-scrolls his fingers and puts it on his chin doing a thinking position.

Ojiro booped the furry part of his tail on the funny boy's face and chuckles on him since he already predicted his not very bright date to remember some stuff here.

Meanwhile, Ashido is so jealous of Kaminari. She wants to know her love fortune too and to know any possibility she could get. "Oi Sero take me there too! I wanna know my fortunes when it comes to love."

"Shhhh! They're about to leave." Kirishima informed

Later on before the dating pair could leave, an old lady approached Kaminari. "So where are we heading--"

"Young man!"

Ojiro is surprised to see the old lady approaching his date. He sees the old lady seldom times when he was still a kid and now again he saw her but with a cane now.

Kaminari showed concern on the old lady and asked what she needed from him.

"Oh you will find love later. There will be popping and raining so you better be careful cuz you wik be happy sleeping tonight." The old lady carried on and walked with a smile. "Ta-ta!"

Ojiro chuckled as she left. Kaminari is completely missing something. "Uhm what did she just say?" The electric boy asked worriedly

"That lady is always like that to all. Well not all her words happen. But I don't think there will be raining today. The news said the weather will be fine." Ojiro rest assured.

Kaminari doesn't remember fully what the old lady said but he is quite concerning him.

Ojiro is fetting bothered by what Kaminari is showing right now. He then asked him "Wanna take a break and eat some hamburgers?"

Kaminari's eyes widened and smiled. "Yeah come on! Lets go!" And the electric guy whooped in excitement to fill his stomach.

The moment Kaminari runs out and starts to go to the nearesr hamburger joint, Ojiro took out his phone and checked the time. "Hmmm. There's still time." And Ojiro's plan is still on the go and where to take Kaminari next is already reserved.

Chapter Text

"Hold up!" Kirishima told his partner to wait. 

"What's wrong Kirishima?" Sero asked.

"Look!" Bakugou pointed at the tailed boy who is just next to the parking lot where they are. "Looks like they will eat on a burger joint. Nice move Tail!" 


Kaminari is like a child who looks excited to enter the place for a good time to fill his empty stomach. Ojiro on the other hand is a little nervous but then for his date, he is ready to spend his money. "Lets sit over ther--"

Denki hasn't finished his talking when he saw Bakugou's car on the parking lot on his left. Ojiro is about to look on his direction but-- "Ow!" Denki quickly pulled Mashirao to the seats where he pointed and settled. 

"Good thing he wanted to sit where I reserved." Ojiro said in his thoughts who is getting nervous but stays still for his date.





"Just act natural Kaminari-kun! Talk to him while you are waiting for your orders to be served." Ashido said on her device to inform Denki.


"Also, don't feel nervous and don't ask stupid questions if you don't want to get embarrassed." arrogantly said by Bakugou.


Because of his squad's words, Denki gets mixed up and more nervous on how he will act while eating. 


"Ojiro is texting right now. What should I ask?" Denki said in his thoughts


"Uhm? Who izzzuh--" Denki doesn't know what to ask that he spoke too long


"Yes? Who is--?" Mashirao is confused on what Denki wants to deliver to him.


"N-Nevermind." Denki laughed nervously and nodded


"That idiot.  .  ." said by Bakugou while listening to Denki's words


Ojiro chuckled a little finding Denki's clumsiness cute and funny. "Y-You don't have to make up things if you know you can't you know." Mashirao honestly admitted.


"Well I was to ask if after this we are going home but-- I mistakenly said 'who' instead." Denki clarified.


"Oh!" Ojiro heard it clearly. "Not yet. We will go to another place after this." 

"Really? Where?" Denki asked with a wide smile.


Mashirao isn't supposed to say anything and wants to keep it secret. He is being interrogated by Denki big time but good thing the waiter arrived with the orders the dating boys ordered earlier. "F-Finally food is here" Ojiro is in relief. 

Denki sniffs the food he ordered and is feeling the delectable scent and the scrumptuous taste he is about to fill in his mouth and into his stomach. Ojiro can see the oozing drool on Denki's mouth and is snickering on the side not showing his laughter on his cute date looking like a child. 

Later on, Ojiro called for Kaminari and he stood close to him to put a tissue on his mouth to wipe out the drool dropping on his chin. Kaminari has no idea how he looked like before Ojiro put a tissue. His face turned red and nodded feeling like he messed up but honestly, Ojiro likes this side of Denki.


"This is embarrassing!" said by the electric boy in his thoughts.


Ojiro laughed and looked at his cute date looking embarrassed. "Take it easy okay?" Ojiro said to Denki and returned to his seat. 


"Lets eat!" Ojiro said to Denki happily.


"Thank you for the meal!" and both of them started to eat their hamburgers.


"Oer Mawr! Dizsh izsh shu gherd!" said by Denki talking while his mouth is full. 


"I know!" Ojiro is looking at his date eating like its his first time, though its really the first time for Denki to eat there, eating on the said place. Ojiro has 


"Where's your fucking manners?" Katsuki said on Mina's device. Then Eijirou, and Mina laughed onto Denki as they see on the pad how messy Denki is eating.


"Take it easy now Kaminari-kun! There is still dinner. Pfft hmhm!" Mina teased childishly and the others laughed except Katsuki.


"These guys are really making fun of me instead of helping me." said by Kaminari in his thoughts with a pout on his face and is looking out of the window which left Ojiro bothered about the atmosphere of the area.


"Uh is everything okay? Is there something wrong? The food--?" Ojiro asked calmly


"Me? Something wrong? Of course not!" Denki instantly shifts his mood and expression making Mashirao think that he is fine.

"Just-- tell me when you are done eating okay? I will go to the washroom. My hands are a mess." Ojiro properly told his date that he is having a call of nature and went to the toilet. 


Kaminari smiled like he is in relief with his eyes closed and mouth opened pretending he is about to take his last bite but when Ojiro got in the toilet already he nodded his head and looked onto his boobcam. "I will electrify you guys for making fun of me." He said with a serious face and note and murderous voice. 


"You scaring me?" Bakugou responded "Just try and hurt my Kirishima and I will kill you with nothing left but smithereens." Bakugou added with a murderous voice and face like Denki.

"I'm--" Denki quickly shifted his tone and expression getting scared onto Bakugou's face. "--just kidding." He looked away from his boobcam and he took his last bite.


"Haha we are protected sorry!" Hanta said with a smug grin on the device.


Not so later, Ojiro went out of the toilet and he went back on the table. He looked at his partner and sees how clean he is on his side of the table. 


"I will wash my hands now. Stay here."




After five minutes, Ojiro paid the bills and he saw his date going out of the toilet room. They exit the place together and continued their date. The current time is four in the afternoon. 


"So where do we go next?" Denki asked excitedly.


"There is an arcade not too far from here. Want to play?" Ojiro smiled asking.

"Hmph! Can I just let you know that I am also known as the Arcade King!" 


"Or the King of Dunce Faces." Bakugou said on the device towards Denki and the rest of the squad bursts out of laughter.


"Nah I don't believe you." Ojiro teased and went ahead chuckling.

"Huh? But I really am called an Arcade King by my classmates in middle school. Honest!" Denki kept his word in proving his point.


"Not buying it." Mashirao still on his own belief is making fun of his date.


"Oh come on!" Denki is actually pushing it and he didn't notice he is getting left behind. "Ooh wait for me!" He caught up to Mashirao and held his hand. 


Ojiro stopped and waited for Kaminari before they crossed the road with the lights permitting them to walk. The arcade seems crowded but it didn't stop them from taking a walk. 


"Okay I guess this place isn't something hard to deal with. Have fun there we will just eat here." said by Sero while unwrapping his yakisoba in a cup freshly bought by Eijirou just for the four of them inside Katsuki's car. 


"We will still be on watch so better not get snatched or stolen there." Ashido reminded before slurping the noodles. 




Chapter Text

Its been half an hour when--

"Come on Ojiro just one more! Pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaase!" asked by the electric blonde with puppy eyes begging.

"O-Okay j-just one more." Ojiro sighed in relief with a light mood.

"It will be my last I promise!" Kaminari pledged.

Ojiro bought some more tokens and plays with Kaminari again.

"Lets play that shooting game again." Kaminari took Ojiro 's hand and ia pulling him towards the secret agent shooting game.

"Okay! Okay!" Ojiro lets himself be pulled by his date and giggles.

But not more than five minutes later--

"Aw darn! The boss is too strong to defeat. And we only have two tokens left." Kaminari sighed with displease.

"Want to go on the claw machines? Today might be your luck." Ojiro is quite happy asking it.

Kaminari looked back like he is glaring at Ojiro but is actually on planning to win those too. "Lets go!" Kaminari is so quick that he took Ojiro hand again like earlier and quickly to the claw machines.

"I am-- right behind you!"

"Hmmm looks like Tail is getting the heck of Dunce Face." said by Bakugou as he observes the pad.

"I never knew Kaminari has interest on claw machines. We only played the arcade games last time and didn't get a chance on the claw machines since we ran out of tokens." said by Kirishima.

"Hey! Take it easy Kaminari! Its not youe money being used on those." said by Ashido.

But Kaminari can't help it. He wants to play again and this time with the claw machines.

"Hmmm lets see." Kaminari observes which machine to pick.

There are three machines with different kind of toys inside to be won if lucky.

"I chose this one!" Ojiro calmly said and pulled Denki to the claw machine with Pikachus inside.

"Pikachus? Really?"

"Yeah! Really!" Ojiro is delightes seeing it.

"Okay then if I get to win one you will tell me where we will go next." Kaminari is challenging Ojiro.

"And if I win?"


"--will die!" instantly said by Bakugou on the microphone before Kaminari finishes.

"I will let you do what you want."

"Seems fair. Okay I am in!"

Kaminari seems keen about his actions and he begins to insert a token. Forty seconds ticking on the timer, Kaminari chose the Pikachu on the right corner but then before reaching the chute, the stuffed toy fell down together with the other Pikachus.

"Awww man! It was close."

"Pfft! Wrong choice Kaminari" said by Sero with a snicker.

"My turn." Ojiro gets in position and takes his turn.

He inserts a token and forty seconds set ticks. The one that Denki has chosen earlier is what Ojiro took again. Before Ojiro presses the capture button, he moved the joystick left and right repeatedly and then he captured his victim. In the end, it was like the claw is the one who even threw the Pikachu at the chute.

"Wha-- What?" Kaminari's jaw dropped.

"I won." Ojiro took the Pikachu on the claiming area of the machine.

"Ahahahahahahahaha!" Bakugou and the rest of the squad laughed at the demise of Kaminari's loss on his deal.

Kaminari wants to shut them up but then he can't because of the boobcam and everything attached to him.

"Here." Ojiro gave the toy to Denki.

"Eh? But you won that righ--"

"Take it. Keep it as our first date remembrance. And maybe also the first time I won onto you. Hehe!" He lightly chuckled.

"Thanks." Kaminari said as he slowly took the toy from Ojiro. "Hiehie! Its fluffy! Like your tail!"

"Do you really have to similarize Sparky to my tail?" Ojiro raised an eyebrow asking.


"Our Pikachu's name." Ojiro added blissfully.

"Wait a minute how come you name him?" Kaminari childishly muttered "I will call him-- uhm."

"Call him what?"


"You are naming him after yourself?" Ojiro half smiled smirking with one eyebrow raised and joked aboit it.

"Denki Jr. He will be our firsr son!" Denki added

Meanwhile, the squad listening is shook on what they heard. Bakugou spits his iced tea onto Kirishima's face and Ashido's lining got ruined which made her face look scary and Sero facepalmed. "He really ia our friend all right."

Chapter Text

"I just realized that there is less time left before the microscopic thingee we shot in his earlobe falls off. Any clue where Ojiro is taking our dummy guy, Kirishima-kun?" Sero didn't mind making fun a little. 


"No clue. It has been a while and my eyes hurt looking at how the camera flash works in the photobooth they went in." Kirishima answered while wiping his eyes. 


"You moron! You shouldn't have looked at that. The--" Kirishima held Bakugou's shoulder making him stop talking. 


"This is the third dozen time you said a swear word. You know what happens later night right?" Kirishima smirked.


"Oh shut up. Have I really said that much already?"


Meanwhile, Ojiro and Kaminari went out of the photobooth and checked out their pictures. 


"Aw jeez! I blinked my eyes in this one." He pointed on the second photo.


"I thought that's a wacky pose? I mean look at me. I crossed my eyes on that." Ojiro pointed on the same photo.


Sero, Kirishima and Ashido are laughing on their spot as they see how funny Ojiro looked like at his pose.


"Kaminari is a lucky guy." Ashido claimed.


"Lets keep these four." Ojiro selected four photos including the one that made both of them look funny and turned it into a collage with cute Pikachu designs.


Ojiro kept his in his wallet and same does Kaminari.


"Denki junior is happy isn't he? Look at mommy and daddy dating." Kaminari cheerfully said while talking to his stuff toy.


"Kaminari as your bet as the mommy" Sero deadpanned "Say aye."


"Aaaaaaaaayyyyeee!" Everyone replied including Bakugou.


"So where do we go next?" Kaminari asked after keeping the stuff toy inside Ojiro's bag.


Ojiro is not the type of person to forget his words. 


"Twenty minutes late remember?" Ojiro teased


"Oh come on." Denki pouted.


"Hey! You better keep it cool. I have a feeling where he will take you will be fine." Kirishima assured.


"You're with Ojiro. He won't put your lives in danger." Sero added with a chuckle. 


"I trust you." Kaminari said to his date.


Somehow it got quiet. Ojiro can't look back or on his sides. He is actually blushing and is shy to show it to his date. He got himself back and said to Denki. "Thanks, Denki."


He took his partner's side and they walked together. Slowly Ojiro is making a move to gently touch Denki's hand starting on his fingernails and onto his fingers and then holding on his warm palmed hand.


Kaminari blushed and chuckled not able to look at Mashirao's face hence the other direction. Ojiro felt the same way and got red bright too. They got the hang of the holding hands while walking and stupidly Kaminari bumped on a lightpost since he isn't looking on his way. 


"Oooooooooow!" Kaminari cried in pain.


"You okay?" Ojiro asked with a smile looking at his hurt date.


"If you want a simple way to explain why you are the twentieth in our class ranking, the bumping the post light shit is your answer. You never look ahead you dumbass." Bakugou joshed making the rest chuckle but the lowest energy yet considering they all are below tenth ranked. 


"Lets get up Chargebolt." Kaminari felt relief on a little compliment trying Ojiro tried to say for his date to cheer up.


As Kaminari is about to rise, he just noticed that he is actually seeing the Tokyo Tower close. 


"I just noticed. We are close to the Tokyo Tower." 


"Mhm! Its beatiful isn't it?" Ojiro asked


"I like it with lights considering the sun has already set." Kaminari rises 


"Oh yeah." Ojiro looked at his watch. "In three. Two. One!" And after Ojiro's countdown, exactly after he count, the lights around the tower turned on.


"WWWWWWOOOOOOOOW!" His mouth is left opened due to amazement. "Its so bright and colorful."


"Yeah it is." Ojiro added. "Hey uhm-- I was thinking." Kaminari averted his gaze


"You are wondering if I could power up the whole tower on my own for twenty four hours am I right?" Kaminari asked with a wink and fingerguns.


"Who the fuck would ask Dunce Face a dunce question?" Bakugou bitterly asked.


"Aaaaayeeeee!" All three of the others in his car voted.


"Fuck you three."


"Kaminari is so lucky. I got a feeling they will go inside the tower." Ashido jealously hinted


"Bakugou and I got our first kis--" Bakugou immediately covered Kirishima's manly lips preventing him from leaking their secret expensive dates to Sero, Ashido and Kaminari.


"Kill. He was saying kill. We killed a villain there with forks and knives as a quirk."


"Wanna see the view from above the top deck?" Ojiro smilingly asked.


"R-Really? W-W-We could?!" Kaminari is so surprised. It can be seen as his jaw dropped and his eyes sparkle with astonishment.


"Yeah. Lets go. You wouldn't want to miss this experience right?" Ojiro continued to walk towards the entrance.


"Heck I will. Of course I will go with my handsome date." He submissively replied clinging to Mashirao's arm with excitement.


"Lets go then. Stay close okay?" 

Chapter Text

It has been a while when Kaminari and Ojiro went to the tower themselves. For now, they are riding the elevator going up.

"Are we at the top yet?" Kaminari asked excitedly.

"Uh-- almost" said the unsure tailman.

Meanwhile the squad in the vehicle.

"Seriously! The Tokyo Tower?!" Sero dropped his jaw.

"I never knew Ojiro is this rich." said Kirishima.

Then suddenly. . .

"Hey Hey! What the--" Sero gets bothered by the whirring sound.

"Are we--?" Ashido spoke worriedly.

"Tower's high that we lose connection with Dunce Face. Looks like we got no choice but to--" Bakugou is talking but then Ashido already got up of what next to do just in case.

She pulled out the antenna that is hidden behind their monitor and then-- "Tada! We are back in business."

"That's great Ashido" Kirishima complimented.

"Not bad for an idiot." Bakugou added.

"Just you wait till I get smarter Bakugou and I will melt you bad." Ashido added.

"Hmph! Spare me." He taunted back to her.

"Guys shhh! Ojiro has to say something. Listen!" Sero shushed them

"Almost there. Got anything?"

"Mhm!" Kaminari answered.

"The prizes."

"Got em"

"The picture."

"In my heart." He joked.

"Huh?" Ojiro got stuttered.

"Just kidding its in my bag." Kaminari clarified.

"And Denki Jr.?"

"Shhh! He is sleeping." Kaminari winked.

"Ooh! Sorry!" He delightfully apologized.

Then dings and the door opens. They finally made it.

"Wooh! Feels cozy here."

"Feel free to--"

"Ojiro look! I can see everything up here. Woah!" He points out like a kid. "Look I can see your house from over here!" He pointed.

"Yeah that's-- wait a minute how did you know where I lived?" Ojiro is somehow curious about it.

"Uh-- well you see. . ." Before their date, Kaminari actually snuck out of his dorm room when he heard Ojiro is going home and packing to go home and fetch some clothes. Kaminari took the chance, borrowed money from Sero and Satou and stalked Ojiro all the way to his house.

"I guess I would leave that to you. Stalking is something else for me since its you." Ojiro blushed lightly and in pinkish color.

"Can I. . . visit you sometimes?" Kaminari asked.

"Y-Yeah sure you can." Ojiro looked at him and allowed him.

"Teach how to punch?"

"Oh come on not with the martial arts joke. I had enough with Uraraka and Hagakure yesterday." Ojiro smirked with somehow pissed look.

"Heehee! Sorry." He apologized childishly.

Then silence came between them and they kept looking. It was a good view from above. So good that Ojiro felt romance embracing and he used his tail to pull Kaminari closer. Kaminari on the other hand, laid his head on his dates' shoulder.

"How long will we be here?" Kaminari asked.

"Well. . ." Ojiro turned and takes his partner's hand and walks. Kaminari follows his partner's steps and jovially asked "an hour? The whole night?"

Then Ojiro chuckled and said "You'll see. . ."

But then, Kaminari kept yapping and Ojiro has been taking it a lot and keeps answering other questions except the limit on until when they will be on the tower.

Not so long, Kaminari ceased talking as a sparkling boom not so close to the tower popped with magical colors high.

"W-W-Wwww--" Kaminari stutters when he saw the beautiful fireworks above the sky. "Hw-Hwahaha-ow!"

"You like it?" Ojiro asked gracefully and looking at Kaminari.

But the fireworks display are so beautiful that Denki is so mesmerized he can't even talk. Ojiro is observing the look on his eyes as he stares at it. His eyes sparkle brighter than the eve ing fireworks above.

Meanwhile, Bakugou isn't like the others in the car who can't even talk as well. Seems like the idiots of the squad have same likes.

"Its so beautiful." Kaminari suddenly spoke. "I have never fireworks displays like these up close."

Ojiro started to feel happier as he heard his date spoke how much he loved and appreciated his surprise.

It has been three minutes and both of them continued to watch the display. The next second, Ojiro looked back to Denki and used his thumb to turn head as it touches Denki's jaw.

"Your golden eyes are so--" Denki listened to what he said and looked straight to Ojiro's eyes. "--brilliantly exquisite."

Kaminari is somehow confused. "Aaand-- w-wh-what does that mean?"

"It means that your eyes, you. . . you are perfectly beautiful." Ojiro clearly complimented which made Kaminari completely out of words.

"And suddenly the display they're looking at are their eyes." Bakugou interrupted.

And after that, the fireworks display are successfully over.

"Aren't they gonna kiss or something? This cam seeing Ojiro's face makes me go see how handsome--"

"--and manly." Kirishima added.

"Eeeeeeeehhhhh?!" Bakugou grunted with high temper.

Chapter Text

After a full hour on the tower, it was closing time. Kaminari is somehow slightly sleepy and when they got down the ground floor, Ojiro opened up his phone and showed something to Denki.

"Hey." He shook his shoulder once when Kaminari is somehow napping on his tail.

"Mmm?!" He shook his head and opened his eyes.

Ojiro looked at Kaminari's eyes. "Your gorgeous golden angel eyes never fails to soothe me."

Both of them chuckled.

"I got to show you something." Mashirao led the way.

"Where are they going? Aren't they riding a taxi or something?" Ashido questioned.

"I don't know. Looks like they're heading to the--" Sero is trying to guess where the dating is heading.

"--p-p-parking lot?!" Kirishima is completely surprised and astounded.

"That's my cousin's truck." Mashirao pointed.

Kaminari is somehow surprised but also feeling down. Hearing the word 'cousin' made him feel like a third wheel is coming.

Ojiro's tail wags with wonder on Kaminari. "Is there something wrong?"


"I knew it. A third wheel is coming." Bakugou sat carelessly putting his legs up on Kirishima's shoulder and drinks soda.

"I will drive you home silly." Mashirao giggled cutely and made it clear to Kaminari that they will be alone which led to Bakugou spitting out the soda through his nose and hitting his crotch. "Its right here. Its in this parking lot. And its actually my gift when they knew I passed as a hero course student in Yueii. And its from America."

The truck isn't that big as the size of a monster truck but looking at the model is its at the right size and kind for a young driver.

"What the fuck Tail can drive?!"

"I got my license early because of my uncle's teaching. Kinda like but worth it at least I won't find it hard to escape with a car if ever no one--"

Mashirao ceased for a while and heard a grumble.

Kaminari is mesmerized to Mashirao as he talks but then because of the grumble. . .

"I feel like something coming." Ojiro funnily held his stomach. "I will just go to the toilet for a while. Plate number of the truck is *** ***"

"O-Okay! Take your time okay?" Kaminari waved and is about to walk.

"Sheesh! Looks like he can't take it anymore."

Mina is about to talk but then he heard a booping on their monitor and sees Kaminari looking at them. "Guys! Someone come over here I need help."

"Looks like he is in serious fear." Mina cooed.

"I think I'm not the one needed there." Sero panted.

"Me too." Ashido followed.

"Same here." Kirishima third.

Then all three of them looked at the arrogant blond at the back.

"What?" He asked.

All three of them nodded in sync.

"No. . . You're not making me do this Kirishima."

Kaminari has been waiting for two minutes and Ojiro hasn't come back yet. He is looking to his phone if ever he texted or missed a call.

"Come on guys. . ." He murmured.

Then something clanged on the left side of the car and there Kaminari saw Bakugou.

"Heeeey fuck face."

"Huh?" He looked to the left and after seeing Bakugou's face he screamed shortly due to his angry face looking scary and eyes glowing in the dark like a black cat. "Fuck man your black Punisher shirt matches your ugly face." He said in an aftershock lowly talking.

"Grrrr. . . Just tell me what happened."

"Okay! So we went to the--"

"Not that I meant what you literally talked about after the fireworks. The signal isn't that clear when you both are talking inside the elevator."

"Well. . . He is planning to take me home now since we already ate dinner. I hope we won't find some gho--"

"Okay! Shut up shut up!" Bakugou angrily whispered. "This one is a stupid question but fine."

Kaminari blinked thrice.

"Okay! Are you a good kisser?" Bakugou asked quickly.

Kaminari half lidded his eyes. "Wait what?!"

"The fuck are you some goofball who is a good kisser or not?" Bakugou asked.

Kaminari's eyes widened as he realized "Holy shit! I am a bad kisser!" He is about to lose himself but then--

"MOTHERFUCKIN-- SHUT UP!" He angrily whispered it again which calmed the electric boy. "Listen okay. All you have to do is one light kiss okay?" He grits his teeth.

Kaminari just blinked and eyes changed direction to the right. Simply showing he understood nothing at all.

"Motherf-- I guess I am actually showing it to you." Bakugou opened the goddamn car door and locked it.

"Wait?! Here? Right now?" Kaminari is trembling a lot for being so nervous because he doesn't wanna screw the kis--

"You gotta lock it on him!" Bakugou harshly pulled Kaminari's head close and trembling with slight anger and looked to his eyes as their face meets. "Grab onto that handsome beautiful blonde head and taaake control." Bakugou is teaching Kaminari truly like there is no tomorrow. His face isn't even looking angry yet calm. "Hold his gaze. . . " Then he stayed locked. "Its like your lips are touching but not yet."

"Wow! Bakugou's a pro." Sero spoke.

Kaminari somehow felt calm looking at Bakugou's red eyes like he is hypnotized. He is actually shunned in talking and lost the nervousness and goes with every flow Bakugou is teaching and expressing.

"You got to give him the temptation feeling to you and back." He spoke even softer yet clear and looked to Kaminari's lips in a rush and back to his eyes. "Draw it with passion."

"Wait is Bakugou actually doing it?" Ashido asked the two.

"That's my slut." Kirishima proudly spoke and creepily laughed.

"And then" Bakugou moves his head closer "You give him" and moving "One" and both of them looking their eyes down to the lips. "Light." And without a word both closing their eyes "Kiss. . ." and kissed each others lips passionately.

It lasted only for five seconds because--

"Holy shit!" someone is actually watching the two. "Kiss him again! Do It!!!"

"Oh no. . ." Kirishima somehow felt nervous hearing what the stranger said and sees what's coming. Then he hid himself at the backseat and since he predicted an outcome, he napped it out and lied down.

"NGRRRRR!" and there it goes. "GET THE FUCK OFF OUR FACES YOU PERV!!!"

And the stranger ran away due to his fear of the explosions coming onto him. Kaminari turned on the headlights of the car completely blurring the eyesight of the stranger and for sure making his sight of them unclear now.

Bad news was Ojiro is walking in front going to the car and the headlights so bright also affects his vision a little.

"Shit!" Bakugou got shaken and he is quickly pushed by Kaminari to the back seats.

"Stay quiet and don't talk like a mammal!"

"Don't tell me what to do!" Bakugou retaliated back by hitting Kaminari's chest and stayed behind low and unseen.

"Denki? Can you turn off the lights?" Ojiro is shielding his eyes with one hand.

"Uhhh uhhhh--! Hey! You're here. Hahahahaha! Haha! Ha! Haaaaa!" Kaminari is taking heavy breathes and the nervousness returned but lesser than the nervousness earlier. "Fuck I just kissed my bestfriend's boyfriend." He mentally spoke.

Ojiro is in awe of what Kaminari is feeling right now. "Are you okay? Is there something wrong? Scary?"

Denki got back to his senses. "Huh?" And spoke "Nothing!" He spoke like its all normal. "Nothing! I just breathe and breathe and breathe like how we live. And you know, the basics of breathing." He expressed like a tourist guide.

"Pfft. You're funny as always. So are you ready to go." Ojiro smiled.

"Yeah! I wanna see you drive." Kaminari is pretending to be calm now but actually is nervous Bakugou might get caught.

"Oh! My! god!" Mina is getting bothered.

"Whhhhurart?" Sero asked while chewing some potato chips.

"Bakugou's still in the truck." Ashido spilled the beans.

"Your slut stuck in truck!" Ashido is in complete fear when she knew Bakugou is stuck at the back.


"Kirishima! Get to the front and driiiive!!!" Ashido exclaimed and Kirishima moved his ass and switched to the driver's seat and drives.

"May God Bless you, Bakugou." Sero crosses his palms together.

Chapter Text

"Uh-uhm! I kind of thought that we--" Kaminari is about to go hysterical knowing that Bakugou is just behind the truck and Ojiro not having any idea about it.

"Yeah?" He asked his date with a smile.

"M. . . Nothing!" Kaminari swallowed back and just thought of being relaxed.

"How the fuck isn't Bakugou even caught at the back?" Ashido thought and looking at the screen. "Ahck too bright!"

"Quit looking at the tablet seeing only headlights. Of course you will be blinded by lights Ashido!" Sero chuckled.

"I just hope my boyfriend won't get caught. It will be big trouble if ever." Kirishima is bothered about the situation.

"I don't think any dire situations will occur as much as Bakugou keeps shut an unseen behind Kririshima. He can relax like a pet if he has to." Sero tried conforting Kirishima with words.

"Yeah. A pet." Ashido smirked leaving Kirishima red and almost bumped another car losing his concentration.


"NGRER! If I just know that those motherfuckers disturbed and lose Kirishima's concentration while driving I am really going to kill Raccoon Eyes and Soy Sauce!" Bakugou said in his thought.

"Wanna hear some music?" Ojiro asked Kaminari.

"Y-Yeah sure!" Kaminari answered directly and Ojiro started to play some music.

"H-Hey I know that song!" Kaminari actively smiled.

"Really?" Ojiro looked at Kaminari with a smirk.

"Is uh-- driving hard?" Kaminari asked and slightly doing quick looks from behind.

"Who the fuck will even ask that?" Bakugou said in his thoughts.

"A little. I am not that good in doing things in chronologic order last time and later on I learned to get used to it."

"Ooh! Must be fun." Kaminari exclaimed while laughing.

"Somehow. Yeah." Ojiro looked at Kaminari. "Want me to teach you right now?" And pressed on the brakes as the stoplight goes red without even looking.

"What the fuck I can do that too Monkey! You will see!" murmured the person on the back as he saw Ojiro pressing the brakes without his eyes on the road.

"Eh. Eh! That's just dangerous." Kaminari faintly laughs after what he just witnessed.

"Sorry if I scared you." Ojiro quickly spoke.

"I-Its fine." He sat on Ojiro's lap and eyes on the road."Okay what to do--" flashing red and blue colors approaching which made Ojiro carry Kaminari bacl to his seat easily.

"Huh? How-- What gives?" Kaminari asked and is really astounded as he is easily carried back to his seat by Ojiro.


"What am I to you? Some light hay?" He asked.

"What do you mean?" Ojiro is confused.

"Am I that light, easy to be carried?" Kaminari clarifies directly.

"Idiot! You're all skin and bones. Of course you are!" Bakugou said in his thoughts with a pissed face.

"Honestly, yeah! You're light." Ojiro said wholeheartedly.

"AHAHAHAHAHHAA!" Both Ashido and Sero laughed out loud from what they've heard.

"Mmmmm. . ." Denki mumbled with a pout.

"But-- its a good thing for me." He looked at Denki. "You look cute like that."

Denki on the side looked away and reddish tint blossomed on his cheeks.

"Oh please!" Bakugou mentally disagrees.

"We are almost at my place. Just. . . turn left."

Bakugou behind the back is waiting for minutes to be able to escape. He made sure that he is well hidden but has also tried looking at the stuff beneath. A toy truck, weights and a 100% cotton-made underwear is some of what he saw. He sniffed the underwear knowing that it is unused. That's the time he decided to keep it.

Two minutes later, the dating boys made it to their destination.

"Here we are." Ojiro said as he brought his date to the front of their house. The path is made of cement and some smooth material. It also has grass and flower pots and gardening materials on the side. The sprinklers were not that visible to be seen since its already dark.

"Hey! I just wanna--" Kaminari's eyes looked back at Ojiro's truck and sees Bakugou moving out on the back and seems like he is in trouble knowing that his shorts is stuck.

"Fuck!" He silently thought.