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A Proposition

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“Have a great rest of your day, Mr. Skinner,” the nurse said, a polite smile lighting up her pretty face as I walked out of the exam room. She was a sweet woman and had helped me relax, even though I thought it would’ve been extra awkward with an audience. I nodded and wished her well as I saw my way out of the office’s double glass doors.

If the situation weren’t so uncomfortable, I might’ve asked her for her number. The situation being, me wearing a too short medical gown, bent over an examination table with my legs spread apart, as a barely thirty year old doctor shoved his fingers in my ass to massage my prostate. Yes, I think passing on asking her for her number was the right choice.

Having my annual prostate exam was not the most thrilling appointment, yet it did get me out of a spur of the moment interoffice budget meeting at the end of the work day today. I feel myself grinning at the thought of AD Kersh being stuck in the meeting having to take the brunt of the bitching and complaining from the bean counters. I got the long end of the stick in this instance so I’m okay with it.

I make my way down one of the many hallways in the medical building when I feel the urge to use the bathroom. Of course, I should’ve known I would need to go after that exam. I walk around three different corners of the massive building and find not one bathroom sign. I decide to try one more hallway with the arrow pointing to the OBGYN wing. If there are bathrooms anywhere in here, they will surely be located in that wing.

I speed walk down the hall and through another set of glass doors that separated the multiple doctor offices in this wing. I finally see a bathroom sign with an arrow pointing to a small corner tucked out of the way. “Finally!” I say while I fumble with my belt. I rush in and barely make it to the urinal to relieve the pressure in my bladder.

After washing up, I walk out adjusting myself and spot the drinking fountain. As I take a few steps to quench my thirst, I hear the door kiddy corner from me open and voices fill the empty cul de sac of offices. My attention is peaked as I hear a familiar laugh between my gulps of water and pause to listen further.

I know I recognize both voices but I’m slightly puzzled as to why I would be hearing them where I am. I lean back and take a step to look but the people who own the voices are just out of sight. The title details etched on door of the office where they had just exited read, Lee Edwards DO Obstetrics & Gynecology/ Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist.

I know I’m not crazy, but the fact that my agents would be walking out of that particular office together seems a little crazy to me. Although, my peers at the FBI actually do think I’m crazy for being so supportive of Mr. and Mrs. Spooky. So supportive in fact, I received a thank you note folded haphazardly and tossed on my desk a couple months back that read,  “never thought I’d say this, but thanks for kissing the love of my life and saving my own,” signed in Mulder’s sloppy scrawl.

Now I understand it. That elevator incident must have lit a fire under Mulder’s ass to finally tell Scully he was in love with her. Although, it was plain as day to me and I figured Scully felt the same about him with all the gazing and subtle touching she gives him. Only someone so in love would still be glued to the side of Fox Mulder the way she’s been for over six years now.

I hear whispers and what I now know is the very obvious sound of kissing. Apparently, neither one feels the need to be discrete after waltzing out of the Gynecologist office together.

I take tentative step closer to the corner that separates my hall and theirs. The fact that I’m now eavesdropping while trapped between the bathrooms and the only exit by two of my agents, makes me feel like a creepy voyeur. But I guess my discomfort about listening in on an obviously private conversation, outweighs my potential embarrassment of explaining why I’m blushing while hiding in the OBGYN wing.

I hear a gasping noise as Scully mumbles Mulder name. “Alright… well, that appointment was interesting,” he says, slightly breathless.

“Mulder, all you had to do was masterbate in a cup,” I hear Scully’s amused voice say.

Oh, how I wish I could’ve seen the look on his face at that declaration. But wait, what in the...

“Shh... Scully keep it down. You know I was thinking about you laying there with your legs spread and pulled up in those stirrups just three doors down from me. Let’s just say, It didn’t take me long to come close to filling up that little cup they give out.” She laughs as light thud sound makes Mulder grunt. “It certainly doesn’t help that they make me abstain for 72 hours before hand, Scully, and don’t act like that didn’t affect you either. I recall you trying to suck my bottom lip off last night after I had to repeatedly remind you to keep it PG, or there would be no pre-baby appointment today.”

She scoffs, followed by a beat of silence. That’s all I need for Mulder’s last words to register. Did I hear him say ‘baby’?

Listening to their banter and picturing their faces while they spoke was one thing, but actually be able to watch their body language and closeness all at the same time, was an experience to be had. It always mesmerized me in a way. Whenever I started watching them, I couldn’t tear my eyes away. Together they were a powerful force.

“Mulder, had it occurred to you while you were in there living out one of your many Dr. Scully fantasizes, that I was discussing the thickness of the walls of my uterus while being poked and prodded by cold instruments as my crotch was exposed to the elderly doctor and the nurse?” She sternly replies.  

“Oh Scully, when you put it that way…” Clearly his sarcasm hadn’t been left at the office today.  

“Shut up, Mulder,” Scully cut him off with a laugh laced in her voice. Just by hearing her say that I knew exactly what that look of irritation mingled with flirtation plastered on her face looked like without even seeing it.

They must have moved further away because I hear ruffling of clothes. From the sounds of things they were hugging and probably too busy to pay attention to little ole me peeking my head around to watch.

I leaned just enough around the corner to catch Scully wrapped up in Mulders long arms with her chin resting on his sternum staring up at him. Mulder hands were rubbing her back while his eyes were locked onto hers. Any time I witness them together, there is a palpable vibe of intimacy that radiates off of them both. I have to bite my lip to stifle a gasp I barely catch before it comes out of my mouth. They’ve always been closer than most partners or friends even. But this time, I can see just how close, just how much love exists between Mulder and Scully. It’s a powerful thing to witness.  

“All of these tests, hormone injections, and appointments will be more than worth it in the end. Knowing now, what the Doctor suggests about trying IVF with your frozen eggs first, that just doubles our chances for success. And if these rounds don’t work, there’s always the fun way, Scully,” he says adamantly while grinning.

She nods once and licks her lips in thought. “Once we start, there’s no going back. The genetics office where the actual procedure takes place is ran by his colleague, Dr. Parenti I think is his name. We would have an approximate 42 percent success rate for a live birth outcome if I got a pregnant after any one of the IVF rounds. IF I got pregnant that is. Using my frozen eggs as suggested might up the chances, since they’re much younger than if we choose to wait and just try naturally with my current eggs at a later time.” I see her close her eyes and let out a breath while opening them after her medical analysis is through. “Either way, Mulder, we have options,” she tells him.

“You mean we have hope for a miracle. There’s hope, Scully,” he says, with a look of awe as he smiles and slowly rubs his hands up and down her back.

“If my bloodwork and my hormone level results come back the way we hope, then we start next month.” Scully’s hand slid sensually up Mulder’s stomach, over his chest, and around his side to rest along his spine. “You ready for this, partner?” she whispered.

I braced myself for a usual Mulder retort, but instead I saw his face grow serious as he reached up to palm her cheek. “More than ready for anything with you, partner. Besides, If we give up now, they win. Sound familiar, Scully?”

There’s no mistaking the grin that spread across her face still snuggled up on top of his chest. His hand caressed her cheek while she pressed her hips even closer into his.

Scully let out a moan while giving his back a squeeze. “Let’s get an early start on making our miracle, Mulder.”

He smiled back to her while moving one hand down the side of her hip, gripping her thigh. “Mm Scully, are you propositioning me?”

Her brow arched as she tilted her head. “I want to touch your bare skin with mine. I want to run my tongue along yours. I want to taste you, need to taste you. So If you think that’s me propositioning you then, you’re absolutely right,” Scully retorts, pressing her lips into his hand. “Sound familiar, Mulder?”

With eyes locked in their familiar gaze that I’ve grown accustomed to seeing, they both laugh in unison. “Even though we both know you’re thinking the same thing I am.”

He nods and trails his fingers back up to her hip. “Ah, never forget that I can feel you thinking, Scully, you read my mind.”

“It’s only fair I repay the favor, Mulder,” she says, leaning up onto her toes and gliding along his chest. Their mouths met in a tender kiss that instantly brings a smile to my face.

They untangle their limbs and turn to walk out of the glass doors while Mulder’s hand rests in the small of Scully’s back.

I lean my head against the wall and cross my fingers that their journey from here on out is a happy one. One they've chosen to make together.

“Where there is great love, there are always miracles.” -Willa Cather