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There was a note on Eijirou's desk. It was small, post-it sized, and as Eijirou approached, he could see it had been typed. None of his classmates seemed to have noticed it, because he knew that if they had, there would already be people reading it. 1A was... nosy.

Eijirou picked it up. There were two words written on it.

You rock.

Eijirou raised an eyebrow and flipped the note over. Nothing on the other side. He flipped it back and stared at it, perplexed.

"Ooh, whatcha got there, Kiri? A love note?" Mina chirped from behind him, and a pink hand whipped over his shoulder to snatch it up.

"I don't know," Eijirou said. "It might be?"

It didn't really seem flowery enough to be a love note, but it wasn't like he had any prior experience in receiving them. It was definitely a compliment.

Mina read it aloud. "You rock. Oh, that's cute! I wonder who sent it?"

Eijirou shrugged. "It might be a joke."

"What might be a joke?" Kaminari piped, walking into the classroom with Sero just behind him, and Bakugou just a little bit further back.

"Kirishima might have a secret admirer!" Mina crowed, drawing the attention of most of the class as she barreled over to the others to show them the note. Kaminari and Sero oohed and aahed. A few other classmates tried to crowd in around them to read it, Uraraka even going as far as to float herself above the others to see.

Bakugou rolled his eyes, scoffed, and for extra effect uttered one word: "Lame."

Eijirou didn't like to call his friends overdramatic, but if there was a word for Bakugou, that one would be in the top ten contenders. Of course Bakugou would think a love note was lame. He was too direct, too straightforward. If he liked someone he'd just say so, probably. Then again, Bakugou was pretty bad at the whole emotions thing.
Maybe he just thought the message itself was lame. Or maybe he thought their reactions to it were lame.

Eijirou resolved to ask him later, and turned back to where Kaminari, Sero and Midoriya were trying to work out what the font was and if that had any hidden meanings. They gave up, eventually, and handed the note back. Eijirou didn't really know what to do with it. He stuffed it into his pocket turned towards the front as he sat down and waited for Aizawa to appear.

Later, back in his room, he fished it out and stared at the two words for a very long time.

Eijirou knew that people liked him - he always tried to go out of his way to be friendly and make people feel as good as he wanted to feel himself - but for someone to have a crush on him? That was weird. Good weird, but still weird. He still sort of thought it could have been a joke. You rock. It was a pun, right, because of his hardening quirk?

It was a nice joke, a friendly joke, but it could hardly be called a love note like the rest of the class seemed to think.

Eijirou sighed and laid the note out on his desk.

The second note came two days later, on his desk again, in the same printed text. He walked into the classroom alongside Bakugou - who he hadn't asked about his reaction to the first note in the end - and spotted it sitting there. He'd assumed that the first note was just a one-off and had brushed off further discussions about it. A second note, however...

"Another one?" He asked, mostly to himself. Bakugou tilted his head, and Eijirou pointed. "A note."

Bakugou scoffed like he had before. Eijirou went to pick the note up and read it.

I like your face.

Oh. Huh. He showed it to Bakugou. "What do you think this means?"

Bakugou looked at him, frowning slightly. "Whoever it is likes your face, dumbass."

"Well, yes," Eijirou said, flushing a bit. "But, but the note in the first place? Why?"

Bakugou shrugged with a scowl. "Fuck, I don't know. Someone likes you."

He said it as though it was obvious that someone would. Eijirou felt blood rushing in his ears.

"Oh," Eijirou said. He looked down at his desk. "It's gotta be someone in the class, right?"

"Probably," Bakugou said. He paused. "You got any ideas?"

Eijirou shook his head. "Haven't got a clue."

"Technically, you have two," Bakugou pointed at the note. Was- Had that been a joke? Bakugou's lip was twitching up. Yeah, it had. Eijirou grinned. Bakugou's eyes flicked to somewhere behind Eijirou. "Watch out, the idiot brigade's coming."

Eijirou twisted his head around to Mina, Sero and Kaminari. He waved the note at them. "Guess what I got!"

"Oh! Another love note?" Sero called. Eijirou handed it over for inspection.

"Ah, this one is definitely flirting," Kaminari said. "Whichever girl this is liiiiikes you! Mina, you must talk about this stuff on your girly nights! You're holding out on us!"

Eijirou flushed again as Mina spluttered.

"Excuse me? Okay, first, you're asking me to break the Girl Code, which like, not cool," Mina said, jabbing at Kaminari's chest. "Second, like, none of us like Kiri in that way. Sorry, babe."  

"That's fine-" Eijirou tried to say. Kaminari cut in.

"But, it's got to be one of you," he said. "I don't think any other girls in the school really know where we sit in classes, or have the opportunity to drop a love note in."

Any rebuttal Mina had was interrupted by Bakugou, who was sniggering.

"Fuck you, Drooly," he said, amused. Bakugou. Amused. Eijirou was flushed for a different reason entirely. "You're so fucking heteronormative."

Kaminari squinted at Bakugou for a moment before smacking his own forehead. "It could be from a boy! Fuck, the entire class is suspect."

"Not Mineta," they all said together. Eijirou shuddered at the thought.

"Oh god you're right, not Mineta," Kaminari nodded. "Alright, so like, we need to work out who isn't into guys or Kirishima. The true culprit should be among the remainders."

"Culprit," Bakugou shook his head. "You guys are fucking weird."

He stomped away and over to his desk. Kaminari hmmed to himself and tapped his chin. For a weird moment, Eijirou thought that Kaminari was going to suggest that Bakugou was behind the notes because of his reaction, but the darker blond boy had his train of thought on-route to a different destination.

"Sero, we're going to make a list."

"Great," Sero sighed. "Or we could just let this play out? You know, naturally?"

Kaminari looked affronted. "You say that like you think you could convince me to change my mind."

"I don't mind," Eijirou said. Ahh, he loved his friends. "Just don't waste too much time on it, we've got tests to study for."

"Tests, schmests," Kaminari declared. "This is your life-long happiness at stake!"

"If you fail 'cause you're fussing over a couple of notes," Eijirou said with a warning note in his voice. "Then you'll be the one on the stake, and the stake will be my arm."

Bakugou turned around in his seat with a cackle. Ah, so he'd still been listening. "Now you're fuckin' talkin', Kirishima!"

"Oh no," Kaminari groaned. "He's rubbing off on you."

Eijirou snickered and sent Bakugou a thumbs up. Bakugou returned it with a wicked grin.

"Poor, pure Kirishima," Mina mourned. "He died so young."

"Bakugou's such a bad influence," Sero said, fondly. "Since when are you into death threats?"

Eijirou was still laughing. "I need some more intimidating material to say to match up with my Unbreakable form."

"It sounds so wrong coming from you though, buddy," Kaminari said, shuddering. "I promise I won't fail."

"That's all I ask," Eijirou said.

Aizawa arrived shortly afterwards, stymieing further talks. Eijirou was feeling pretty good, though, because someone in the class really did have a crush on him. It was kind of surreal.

"Someone likes you." Bakugou had said, his tone brooking no disagreement. Yeah. Yeah, and Eijirou was pretty okay with that.

I think you're really manly.

The next note, arriving on his desk the next day, had Eijirou feeling quite flattered. It was, in truth, probably a cheap shot. He was always flattered when anyone called him manly, it was affirming. Eijirou let his friends do their cooing thing over the note - Bakugou stood off to the side looking exasperated by their fascination - and unpacked his stuff onto his desk.

"Hm, so, it might be someone Kirishima knows, because being manly is important to him," Sero said to Kaminari and Mina. "Then again, Spiders Kirishima, who uses the word 'manly' seventeen billion times a day is an outli-"

"Hey!" Eijirou gave Sero a shove. The lanky guy laughed in response and shoved him back. "I'm not that bad."

"So if we're trying to narrow it down, then including 'who's heard Kirishima espouse the virtues of manliness' as a filter actually widens the search," Mina sighed. "How's The List coming along?"

"We haven't spoken to everyone yet," Kaminari said. "But everyone here is like, a terrible liar so we're pretty sure of what we've got so far."

"Nice," Eijirou said, snatching the note back and rereading it for the warm fuzzies in his gut. "I'm finding myself looking forward to these, now."

"They're just fuckin' notes," Bakugou muttered as Mina pored over the most recent one, holding it right up to her eye.

Eijirou grinned at him. "Yeah, but, y'know, it's kind of exciting. Someone's going to a lot of effort for me."

"It's romantic," Mina said. "Don't you think so, Bakugou?"

Bakugou flicked an invisible spec of dust from his sleeve. "I don't fucking care."

"So much for being supportive," Mina chastised. Bakugou ignored her. "Well! That's just rude."

"That's just Bakugou," Kaminari snorted.

"Drop dead," Bakugou moved onto his other sleeve and didn't look up. "Rot in a hole."

"Charming," Sero drawled. Eijirou thought it was, kind of. In a weird Bakugou kind of way.

He read over the note again and squinted up at Bakugou, who had so far been making a valiant attempt at not seeming that interested in the entire note situation. Other than yesterday, before the others joined them, where he'd joked about Eijirou having clues. Hm. Eijirou liked to think he had a grasp on how to read Bakugou, who was for all intents and purposes his best friend.
Was this really the level of reaction that Eijirou would have expected from him? Bakugou had high standards, and those standards had reached out to encompass his friends. If Bakugou didn't think whoever was making the notes was worth Eijirou's time then he would have said so, specifically. Loudly. With explosions and the pouty concerned face he got when he was worried for his friends that he vehemently denied was even in his facial roster at all.

Eijirou imagined something along the lines of 'whoever this fucker is they'd better fuckin' square up if they think they're good enough for you'. Eijirou smiled at the thought.

Bakugou would have joined in with Kaminari's list plan so he could find out who was sending the notes and then threaten them with terrible things should they ever fuck anything up with Eijirou. Bakugou threw around curses and promises of death all the time, so for a shovel-talk he'd have to raise things up an entire level. It would be fun to see, Eijirou thought.

All Bakugou had really done so far though was make a show of disdain, which Eijirou could tell was just that. A show.

Was it Bakugou leaving the so-called love notes?

Eijirou found that he really didn't mind the idea at all.

The next note took three more days to turn up. Whoever was leaving the notes - Bakugou? - was clearly trying not to stick to any sort of schedule, in case someone got the idea to watch for them.

I think your teeth are cool.

Eijirou ran his tongue over the sharp edges of his teeth, almost by reflex. He shoved the note at Bakugou, who read it with raised eyebrows and wordlessly handed it back. Uraraka snatched it next, and Bakugou sent a glare after her as she scurried over to show Yaoyorozu, Asui and Aoyama, but Eijirou only had eyes for one person.

"Well?" Eijirou asked him. "Why do you think they're writing about my teeth?"

Bakugou blinked at him. "You expect me to have a fuckin' answer to that?"

"C'mon, gimme a little theorising, dude?" Eijirou was feeling shameless enough to whine. He jerked his thumb at the heated discussion at the other side of the room. "Everyone else is offering their opinions."

"I am above the fucking rabble," Bakugou said, imperious for a moment. Then he shrugged. "Uh, they fuckin' think your teeth are- are cool, I guess. It's pretty fucking self-explanatory."

"Hm," Eijirou said. He was convinced now. Bakugou was definitely the one writing the notes. Eijirou felt pleased. Pleasantly tingly all over. "Could be a metaphor. Like, my metaphorical teeth. Like my attitude or something."

"That would be fucking pretentious," Bakugou said, scowling.

Eijirou sighed, trying to sound as lovestruck as possible. It was surprisingly easy. "Or maybe whoever it is has just been thinking about kissing me a lot."

Bakugou opened his mouth. Closed it again. Turned slightly pink. Eijirou pretended not to notice, and continued instead.

"I mean, kissing with teeth? With me?" Eijirou snorted, baring his teeth and tapping on them with the edge of his fingernail. "Someone's living dangerously, or at least they're thinking about it. That's kinda manly. I might be into it. They must be."

Bakugou made a sort of choking noise in the back of his throat. Eijirou fixed him with a look of concern. "You okay, Bakugou?"

"Fucking fine," he barked in return, a little too loud. "Th- I need to get ready for class."

Eijirou tried to settle the fluttery feeling in his stomach as Bakugou marched off. Uraraka came back over with the note.

"It could be a metaphor," she said. Bakugou gave an almost inaudible curse from his seat. "But your teeth are unusual so like, it might just be literal."

Eijirou took the note back and smiled at it. "Ah, either way it's nice."

It was, and Bakugou had written it. Yeah, Eijirou was more than okay with that.

The next note made Eijirou blush as he picked it up to read it.

You make red my favourite colour.

It was so unexpectedly sentimental. It was almost too sentimental, and Eijirou felt a waver of doubt about his earlier assumptions, but Bakugou was standing behind today's curious crowd, watching from the corner of his eye. He was being really incredibly suspicious about this and Eijirou wondered how nobody else had noticed.

"Ah, man," Eijirou said, surrendering the note to the masses. "This one's really sweet."

"Aw, it really is," Hagakure crooned at the note and handed it along to Todoroki. "I want a secret admirer! Wonder who yours is?"

"I wish I knew," Eijirou said, feeling his pulse quicken. "I feel like I definitely owe whoever it is a date."

"What if you end up not liking them like that, though?" Jirou asked, plucking the note away next. "Oh! That's adorable."

Little chance of that, Eijirou thought. "I'd still go on a date! You don't have to already like someone back for that, and everyone in the class is my friend already. Whoever it is should get a chance, you know? It wouldn't be manly to turn them down!"

"Aw, that's so nice of you!" Hagakure said. She might have been smiling by the tone in her voice.

"It's fucking naive," Bakugou said. Several heads turned and he scowled. "You can't just, just fucking say yes to whatever random people try to ask you out. That's fuckin' weird."

Eijirou waved the note around. "Well it's not just some random person, is it? This is someone from 1A who likes me. I wouldn't just say yes to a stranger off the street! This person for sure, though."

Bakugou tsked. "Whatever."

Aw, was this Bakugou being jealous over the fact that Eijirou had said he'd yes to anyone from the class? Cute. Eijirou found himself wanting to see how long Bakugou was going to keep this up for. What other stuff would he put in the notes? Eijirou felt a little giddy about the whole thing. Maybe a lot giddy.

Eijirou saved the sixth note (appearing the next day) for discussion back in the common room after classes, because there was a test that morning and he didn't want to distract anyone. He pulled it out while he was sitting on one of the sofas, handing it to Kaminari on his left and ignoring Bakugou's perfunctory grumbling on his right. Eijirou didn't see what there was to grumble about - he'd been the one to write it. If he'd just said it to Eijirou's face instead, then the others wouldn't be able to pick at the words.
Kaminari straightened out some of the crumples in the paper, and Sero peered over Kaminari's shoulder to read the thing as well. Eijirou already had it memorised.

When you laugh the world gets brighter.

"Whoever this is has a serious crush on you, dude," Kaminari shook his head and handed the note back to Eijirou.

"Yeah," Eijirou said, grinning. This one was so, incredibly sappy. "At this point I think the feeling might be mutual."

"You don't even know who it is," Bakugou muttered. There wasn't enough space on the sofa for them not to be brushing up against each other just a little, and the contact felt like pins and needles. If the pins and needles were also on fire. Eijirou wondered if Bakugou was feeling it too.

"I might have a few ideas," Eijirou said, lowering his voice. Bakugou looked up sharply. Eijirou met his eyes for a moment, then turned back to the other side. "Hey, Kaminari, you got through that list of yours yet?

"Oh!" Kaminari exclaimed. "Hey, Sero, hit me with the list."

Sero pulled out a piece of paper from his bag with a tired expression.

"Okay, so here's what we've got so far," Kaminari said, grabbing the paper and shoving it at Eijirou.

Aoyama Yuga
Ashido Mina - gay for girls
Asui Tsuyu - Mina said so
Iida Tenya - 'while Kirishima is a wonderful individual i regret to inform you i am not attracted to him'
Uraraka Ochako - Mina said so again
Ojirou Mashirao - straight
Kaminari Denki - sorry bro no homo
Kouda Koji - spluttered a whole bunch, an eventual no
Satou Rikido
Shouji Mezo
Jirou Kyouka - we listen to Mina
Sero Hanta - the land of romance is a terrible and terrifying plACE ya dig
Tokoyami Fumikage
Todoroki Shouto - said you weren't his type (what is??)
Hagakure Tooru - maybe Mina just wants all the girls for herself
Bakugou Katsuki
Midoriya Izuku
Mineta Minoru - GOD no can u imagine
Yaoyorozu Momo - i'm glad ur more into guys bro or this would be really sad

Kirishima glanced down the list. Huh, they'd actually narrowed it down by a lot. He snorted at some of the notes jotted down beside the rejected candidates.

"The ones we haven't crossed out are like, the ones we haven't asked, really," Kaminari said. "So once we've spoken to them we might have even more of an idea."

"So our current suspects are Aoyama, Satou, Shouji, Tokoyami, Bakugou and Midoriya," Sero clarified. "I don't think it's Aoyama though, you probably would've gotten some French by now."

"Vous êtes mon rocher, or something. And the notes would have been covered in glitter, possibly sequins," Kaminari nodded. "But we still need to ask, you know. Formality and all."

"Hm," Eijirou said, pretending to consider each name. "Yeah, this checks out with what I've been thinking."

"Ooh, you've got suspicions? Like, actual ones?" Kaminari took the list back. Bakugou tensed just a little bit beside Eijirou. "Do tell. We can make them - him, I guess, probably - our next priority."

Eijirou waved them off. "Nah, you keep going in whatever order you want. Don't let me bias you."

"Dude, this is your secret admirer we're talking about," Kaminari said, frowning. "You've actually been way more chill about this whole thing than I've expected. If it were me getting secret notes... I'd be like, freaking out."

Kaminari shook his head. Eijirou shrugged. "It's not something I want to blow up over."

He turned his head and caught Bakugou's eye again. The pale blond boy had stiffened. Had he got Eijirou's joke there?

"I'm being wooed, man," Eijirou continued, looking back at Kaminari and unable to contain the sappy smile bubbling up from his chest. "The longer it takes for us to work out who it is, the more cute notes I get."

"Aw, Kiri, you're totally smitten," Kaminari said, shaking his head. "So you want us to stop investigating?"

"Please?" Sero added. Eijirou snorted.

"I don't mind either way," he said. He didn't, really. "Hey, where's Mina?"

"Girls' night," Kaminari sighed. "Oh, what hidden secrets are being spoken as we sit here in ignorance?"

"None we'll ever fuckin' know," Bakugou said. "Stop bitching about it."

"I'm not bitching," Kaminari huffed. "I'm lamenting."

"Bitching," Bakugou repeated, stubborn. "Like a bitch."

"And you're being rude, Bakubro," Eijirou said, slugging Bakugou on the shoulder. "Quit it."

Bakugou scowled, but he didn't say anything else.

Sero leaned forwards. "Heeey, Bakugou, you're on the list."

Eijirou could feel Bakugou go tense again, properly. Oho, this should be interesting. For a moment, Eijirou considered asking the other two to drop it, because it was going to mess up his idea about extracting more notes from Bakugou. On the other hand, actually, maybe Eijirou was just dancing around the situation. Would it be manlier to let Bakugou come to him, or to tell Bakugou that he knew it was him? Eijirou decided to let this play out.

"Everyone's on your stupid list," Bakugou said. If Eijirou had to describe his tone, it would be... wary. Wary hidden under seven layers of grumpy and hostile.

"Oh, but you're in our top five contenders!" Kaminari chirruped. "Weird, I didn't notice that before. So. The notes."

Bakugou folded his arms and glowered. "They're lame."

"Bakugou thinks someone showering Kirishima with affection is lame," Kaminari said, a pencil in his hand from somewhere and hovering over Bakugou's name. "Gotcha."

Bakugou growled. "I didn't fucking say that, Dunce-face."

Kaminari pointed the pencil at him. "You're giving me mixed signals here, man."

"This is fucking stupid," Bakugou snapped, standing up and stalking off. The three left on the sofa watched him go.

"So, do I cross out Bakugou or not?" Kaminari asked, frowning.

"I didn't actually hear him deny it," Sero mused.

Kaminari chewed on the end of the pencil. "Shall I put him on the definitely maybe list?"

"Just drop the list stuff already," Sero said, stealing the paper, ignoring the other boy's cry of betrayal, and taping it to the ceiling out of Kaminari's reach. He had flipped it the wrong side up so nothing on it could be read. "Let whoever's crushing on Kirishima just keep doing it. They've got to have a plan or something."

A plan. What was Bakugou's plan, Eijirou wondered.

"I worked hard on that!" Kaminari reached out a sad hand towards the ceiling. "Oh, fine."

Eijirou blinked. He didn't have to wait to find out, did he? He could just... go find Bakugou right now. There was literally nothing physically stopping him from doing so. Holy shit, he'd been an idiot. Eijirou stood up and stretched his arms above his head. "Hey, I've got homework to catch up on. See ya tomorrow!"

His friends waved goodbye as he strode towards the elevator.

"Hey, Bakugou!" Eijirou called, knocking on his friend's door.

The door opened, and Bakugou squinted at him. "What?"

"I was just wondering," Eijirou said, leaning on the doorframe, pushing on the door to open it up more so he could step inside. Bakugou moved to let him in. Eijirou swung his arms back and forth, suddenly full of anxious energy. Fuck, what if he was wrong? "What's the plan?"

Bakugou frowned. "What plan?"

Eijirou twisted around and shut the door. He put his hands on his hips and stared hard at the blond. Bakugou stared back.

"What fucking plan, Kirishima?" Bakugou asked. He was shifting on his feet, as if he was expecting a fight. Uneasy. Not quite meeting Eijirou's eyes. The anxiety drained away.

"Your plan," Eijirou said. He tilted his head. "Or maybe you're winging it?"

Bakugou looked downright shifty now. He wasn't stupid, and he'd worked out what Eijirou was talking about. "Fuck."

Eijirou took a step towards him. "You're the one who's been sending the notes, Bakugou."

Bakugou met his eyes at that, straightened up, leant forwards with a sneer. "So what if I am?"

That was just so, so Bakugou. What did swooning feel like? Eijirou might have been swooning. He took another step forwards, right up, very close, and tapped a finger on Bakugou's shoulder. Bakugou's sneer dropped into something more like confusion. "Why?"

"What the fuck do you mean why?" Bakugou grabbed for Eijirou's pestering hand and held onto it. "I like you, you dumbass."

Ho! Bakugou had said it out loud! Eijirou wriggled his captive hand about until he got their fingers interlacing. Bakugou stared at the linked digits with surprise.

"Why not just say that, bro?" Eijirou said. "What made you decide to write notes?"

"Ugh, I was trying to do like, a gesture or some shit," Bakugou growled. "I was gonna start slipping hints in slowly, damn it. How the fuck did you work it out so fucking fast?"

"Aww, Bakugou! That's so manly!" Eijirou said. He let his grin sharpen just a little. "Kaminari was right - we're all terrible liars here. You know you got like, really flustered when I was talking about the note about my teeth?"

There was a blush travelling up Bakugou's neck. "Fuck. You noticed that?"

"I notice a lot about you, Bakugou," Eijirou said. Bakugou's eyes flashed.

"Wait, wait, fuck," Bakugou said, drawing back just a little to look Eijirou over with a scowl. "You knew it was me since then?"

"Maybe a little before?" Eijirou said. "But that one just confirmed it. Sorry for spoiling your- aah!"

Bakugou had pulled their hands up to his face and kissed the side of Eijirou'd hand, in the stretch between his thumb and his forefinger. Eijirou felt himself go red.

"You didn't spoil anything, Kirishima," Bakugou said. His expression was a new one, and Eijirou let his eyes rove to fix it in his mind. Brows uncreased by a scowl, eyes softened at the edges, a small, sweet smile on his lips.

"Dude, that was so smooth," Eijirou complained. "That's not fair."

Now Bakugou looked smug. "Fighting fair is for losers."

Eijirou's competitive streak flared, so he darted in to kiss Bakugo's cheek. "Ha! Ask me out already, then."

Bakugou flushed. "Go on a fucking date with me, Eijirou."

Oh, that was his given name. That was playing dirty. Eijirou squeezed Bakugou's hand and lifted up his other one to hook around Bakugou's neck. Eijirou pulled Bakugou's face in and landed a kiss on his mouth. Bakugou made a noise of surprise, and then relaxed into the kiss with a hum and an arm snaking around Eijirou's waist.

They broke apart, and Eijirou grinned. "Aw, just one date, Katsuki?"

"Go on fucking, all the dates with me," Katsuki said, moving forward to press their lips together again. Katsuki shook their twined hands apart and moved his newly freed fingers to the back of Eijirou's head. His arm around Eijirou's waist pulled them flush against each other. Eijirou wrapped his own free arm around Katsuki's back.

"Yeah," Eijirou said, pulling his face back from the kiss and gently clonking their foreheads together. "Yeah, I'd like that."

"Good," Katsuki said, his grin devoid of his usual mania but no less intense for it. "I'm gonna be the number one boyfriend for you, y'hear me?"

"Aw, that's so manly! And sweet!" Eijirou was sure he was blushing as much as Katsuki was. "Hey, can you keep leaving the notes on my desk? I mean, if you planned for them to go on for a while... I really like them."

"I sure fucking can," Katsuki confirmed. He was rubbing circles into Eijirou's spine with a thumb and it was making Eijirou's stomach flutter. "The fuckers in the class are so fucking nosy. Give 'em something to chew over instead of fussing about us."

"Oh, yeah, they'll all get a kick out of them too," Eijirou said. "You know, Sero finally managed to stop Kaminari's list thing after you left."

"Yeah?" Katsuki angled his head so their noses were touching too. "'Bout fucking time."

"It's taped to the ceiling in the common room," Eijirou said. Katsuki snorted.


"Hey, don't put anything too risqué into the notes, yeah?" Eijirou asked. He immediately regretted it, because Katsuki had a wonderfully evil smirk that made his heart stutter.

"Don't fucking count on it," Katsuki said, with a growl in his voice. Ah, oh, ah. Eijirou's brain was lagging a bit. Katsuki started to disentangle their arms. "Hey, I gotta go to bed, and you should too if you want a fucking good night's sleep."

Eijirou had a thought as he looked across at Katsuki's bed. "Can I-"

"Nope," Katsuki said, before Eijirou had even finished. "I've seen you when you sleep and you're a fucking octopus. I want to be able to fucking breathe."

"Well you're a starfish," Eijirou retorted, spreading his arms for emphasis. "So you'd probably end up shoving me off the bed in the night anyway."

Katsuki wrinkled his nose up and gave Eijirou a glare. Adorable. Did he know how cute that particular frown was?

Eijirou sighed. "Guess I'll just have to settle for a good-night kiss?"

Eijirou grabbed Katsuki again and pulled him in for a proper one, one that sent waves of heat rolling up through his guts. How on earth the butterflies survived this he didn't know, but they only seemed to be multiplying. Eijirou grabbed Katsuki's bottom lip between his pointed teeth, and Katsuki hissed into his mouth and responded eagerly. Eijirou broke the kiss soon afterwards, moved his hands to Katsuki's shoulders and pushed away from him.

"Fuck," Katsuki said, almost hoarse.

"I knew you'd be into that," Eijirou said, enjoying how dark Katsuki's cheeks went. "Sweet dreams, Katsuki!"

Eijrou twisted away and grabbed for the door before Katsuki spontaneously combusted. Eijirou stepped out into the hallway feeling as light as a feather.

As he collapsed into his own bed, he couldn't wipe the smile from his face.

The notes continued for several months before anyone actually caught wind of Eijirou and Katsuki's relationship, and they only did so because the pair were tired of the class' unrelenting obliviousness.

An assortment of notes had made their way onto Eijirou's desk in that time. They were, on the whole, cute.

Your smile could make the sun jealous. (Eijirou had beamed - and sent a lot of his smile Katsuki's way.)

Your eyes are pretty. (Later, Katsuki had run his thumb over Eijirou's scar and murmured soft things about it.)

I think your hair is great. (Later, Katsuki had stuck his hands into Eijirou's hair and pulled it into braids.)

Katsuki had slipped a few slightly cruder notes in on occasion, which made the class shriek with glee and descend upon Eijirou with teasing every time. Then there was the one that no one had been able to decipher:

A starfish and an octopus could probably coexist.

"This one has to be a metaphor," Uraraka had said, to hesitant nods of agreement. "But I don't know what for."

Eijirou had shrugged. Later, he had been kicked off the bed in the middle of the night, and had had to stifle his laughter at Katsuki's sleepy mortification. They were still working on how they fit together without elbowing each other in the face all the time.

Today's note, however, had been a bit of a collaborative effort, because Eijirou wasn't the intended recipient. Eijirou had suggested what to write and Katsuki had laughed and typed it out.

Eijirou approached his desk with the note on it, grinning and picking it up to read it. He made a noise of contemplation as he passed it into Kaminari's grabby hands. The blond looked at it, perplexed.

"Uh, this is a date," he said. "A date from like, six months ago?"

"What?" Mina asked, tilting her head. "Oh. Yeah. It is. That's- huh?"

"It's six months exactly," Sero said, squinting. "But... that's about two weeks after the notes started, so it's not like from when they began?"

"Hey, Kirishima, this mean anything to you?" Kaminari asked, waving the note at him.

"Huh, I think it does, actually," Eijirou hummed. He turned, rotating on his perch on his desk, to look across at Katsuki, who was similarly positioned on his own desk. "Hey, Katsuki, wasn't that the day I confronted you about sending the notes and you asked me out?"

The class went pin-drop silent.

"You know what, Eijirou?" Katsuki said with a lazy drawl as he leant back on his hands. "I think it was."

The class erupted.