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Under The Sea

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Small bubbles emitted from the shell instruments of the orchestra, creating a soft wind chime melody in the palace walls. The tail fin of a merman twitched in annoyance, so desperately wanting to sing but unable to. He was grounded, a petulant punishment for something so minuscule. It meant he couldn't sing at the gala, nor dance unless given permission because of what his father had called 'unwarranted behaviour'.

The pale green scales glistened under the natural lighting of the ocean, and his usual beautiful smile was turned into a frown at he sat there, in his small throne by his father, tracing circles on the gold with his finger. Other merman and mermaids were dancing and laughing, enjoying the good nature of the gala. He could spot one his older brother dancing with a fare mermaid, laughing till his hearts content. He sighed, he wished he felt that happy. He never usually did underwater in the kingdom, confided to only explore a small bit of a vast blue ocean.

But that's all the ocean was, blue. He wanted so much more, yet he was forbidden to go the surface. That didn't stop him most times.

"Jimin do not look so sad on a night so fine," his father muttered through gritted teeth among his throne, still looking at his people on the dance floor. Jimin rolled his eyes and curled his tail even further towards himself.

"You have taken away the only privilege that I enjoy in these waters, I shall not smile," he said childishly, making the king give a small huff. The small tiara that he had made himself, mostly purple and green shells, lay upon his pink hair, tilted to the side. Jimin truly didn't feel like a prince of his underwater kingdom when no one liked him. They thought ill of the youngest prince, who wandered too far for his own good.

The song stopped, and a slow cheerful one took place, and couples and people looking to peruse one another went to find each other on the dance floor, and Jimin pouted to himself. It looked like this gala was the most spontaneous one yet and he wasn't apart of it. He carried on to watch his small finger trance patterns on the gold.

"Your majesty, if you will, I would like to dance with Prince Jimin," a gruff voice spoke up. The pink haired merman's head snapped up in surprise, only to be replaced by annoyance. The merman was tall and broad, a large deep blue tail that was effortlessly stronger than Jimin's. He wore a dazzlingly smile and looked like a picture perfect prince. The merman made eye contact with his father, who was smiling in reassurance. This was a setup. His father was most likely hoping that if Jimin found someone he settle down quicker and stop being such hard work.

Fat chance.

"Unfortunately I am chained to this throne therefore I cannot assist you," Jimin bit out, making sure it held as much venom as it could. He simply hated this. His father let out an obvious nervous laugh before pushing his large hand against Jimin's back, making him glide of the throne.

"I give you permission my son," he said, although it was a command. Jimin muttered profanities under his breath and he swam off towards the dance floor among the other mer-people, and he waited for the person to dance so it could be over with.

The merman came back into view, a little less smiley than before. He put his hand on Jimin's bare waist without a word, and then laced his much larger hands with Jimin's own. The prince huffed, a small piece of pink hair floating further up in the water. The merman coughed awkwardly.

"My prince, I would like to court you starting tomorrow. Your father said you would accept my gifts," he said in a formal voice that was much to robotic for Jimin.

"My father does not dictate my decisions, so I will inform you that I will not accept your offerings," Jimin said as politely as possible. The merman seemed perplexed before his eyes flashed with something unusual.

"He told me if you were to deny it you would be punished. So my prince I ask again, may I court you?"


The grip on his waist tightened and Jimin gasped just a little bit.

"I will have to tell your father, The King of this-,"

"Gosh must I have to tell you again for you to understand? I will not accept your courting and I will never be controlled just because I look small and weak. So, I suggest you leave," he hissed, removing their hands and smacking the hand off his waist. The merman fisted his hands by his side and glared at Jimin.

"I wouldn't want such a defiant lover anyway," he told Jimin, trying to affect him as much as possible, but Jimin kept up a strong face. He wasn't usually so horrid or unpleasant, not to please he liked anyway. But he wasn't going to be some ploy for his father to have an easier time keeping an eye on the kingdom.

"Good day," Jimin said before turning around. His father was watching from his throne, his eyes darker than he had ever seen them. Jimin quickly swam his way through the dancers, quickly barrelling open the large purple doors of the palace and swimming until he got to the chambers of his room. He knew his father wouldn't be far behind.

Jimin swam over to his shell, large and green like his tail. The small merman sat in it, stroking his scales as a pastime before his chamber doors were ripped open and an angry looking king rushed in, all the heated fury directed at his youngest offspring.

"You dare speak against my ruling!" He shouted, the loud voice echoing off his bedroom walls and into the vast blue sea beyond the 'window' ( it was a large hole)

Jimin gulped and swam to he was floating upright, and spoke his truth.

"If your ruling rips me off my rights and freedom as an individual then I shall do it until the day I die!" Jimin seethed back. The man's old grey beard surrounded him and he looked at Jimin in disgrace.
"My ruling was final boy!"

Jimin crossed his arms over his chest so his father couldn't see them shaking.

"Father, I will not marry someone I do not love."

"You are almost seventeen yet you are still as bratty as an adolescent! Your mother would be disappointed!" He yelled once more, and Jimin felt his dissolve crumbling. His mother was one of the only creature's alive who understood the pink haired prince, and when she died it had killed Jimin. His father was pulling on Jimin's heart strings.

"You stay in here, until I deem you fit enough to come out," he said before slamming the door to his room, bubbles blowing in Jimin's face as he did so. The pink haired prince took a long deep breath, before looking out into the ocean.
He didn't belong here. He had to get out.

Quickly collecting the beautiful shell bracelet his mother gave him and throwing his tiara to the floor, the merman swam out of the chamber window, and kept going. He wasn't going to come back.


Once the familiar pink coral came into view, Jimin let himself fall down in front of it, his tail hitting the ocean floor with a dull thud, and his face being hidden by his arms. He was feeling so much pain and his body was shaking.

"Jimin? Is that you?" A mothering voice came from the coral. Jimin answered with silence as he closed his eyes shut, waiting for his fish friends to find him.

"It is! Oh my, Jimin why are you so blue?" Seokjin asked, and he felt the caressing of scales against his cheeks. Jimin lifted his head out of his arms to see a large yellow fish nuzzling his cheek, fins flapping at his sides. Jimin smiled softly.

"Seokjin, where's Taehyung?" He whispered, noticing the absence of the other red fish. Seokjin swam away from him and into the coral of their home, and came back out with a worried looking Taehyung, the fish swimming rapidly to him.

"Chim?" He asked.

Jimin gulped, sitting up right and dragging his tail closer to him and clasped the bracelet in his hand.

"I need you to take me to see the sea witch."

Deadly silence followed his proclamation, both fish exchanging looks of fear before directing themselves back to the Prince.

"Jimin? What's wrong?" Seokjin swam so he was perched on the long green tail of the merman. The sea currents were weak around them and the other sea creatures were no where to be seen.

"I don't belong here Seokjin. If I stay,
I will be forcefully courted and have a miserable life. I want legs, I want a home!" He wailed, hiding his face in his small palms. He felt a fish body nuzzling his cheek once more and he peaked out the corner of his hands to see Taehyung looking back at him.

"Oh Chim. If you are really that unhappy here, we will lead you to the sea witch. You must understand the consequences of your actions my prince," he tried to reason. But Jimin simply nodded enthusiastically.

"I know what I will be giving up. Just take me there."


The sea witch was one that was banished from the kingdom many moons ago, forced to live in the outskirts. She was known for her unfair trading and unjust bargaining. After many mermaid and mermen started to disappear after visiting her, his father made a ruling to banish her. Jimin heard tales of the wonders she did, but most of her clients were never seen again. Jimin had been considering for a while to visit her. Ever since his mother's death, his father was cruel, did not indulge Jimin in his silly fantasies as he called it. His brothers were verbally abusive for his more softer appearance and his father just wanted him mated off so he was someone else's problem. They use to show him love, affection once. He still held love for them deep in his heart, but not enough for him to stay.

So the two tropical fishes led the way, exchanging fearful glances as the ocean got darker and more ominous. It wasn't until they stopped outside a large black cave, sparkling shells embedded into the stone outside that they finally looked at Jimin. The prince was impassive when he looked at the cave.

"Jimin we cannot go with you further. If we do we will also be binding ourselves to a bargain with the sea witch," Seokjin said, ebbing away from the entrance of the cave. Taehyung swam closer to him and pressed his fish face into the bare side of Jimin's body.

"We will miss you Chim. Good luck!" They cheered.

Jimin gulped, but he swam anyway, until he was immersed by the darkness of the cave.

He could tell that the interior kept going, but the overwhelming darkness was enough to scare Jimin slightly. He knew what he was doing was right, it was the only way of true happiness. He wanted this, he needed this, it was time to remain true to who he was.

"And who may you be darling?" A silky voice called from within the shadows. Jimin felt himself shudder, and he made sure his face didn't show his fear. He looked around for the source of the voice but there was only darkness.

"I am Prince Jimin," he called out. There was silence before a hearty laughter could be heard.

"A prince you say? How rare my visits from royalty occur," She taunted and Jimin knew in that moment in he had to play safe. No sassy at a sea witch, it wouldn't bring happiness.

"I want to bargain with you," he shouted into the darkness. Once again, he's met with silence. Jimin's merman body started to shake, and he wrapped his arms around his body protectively. He wondered if Seokjin and Taehyung were still out there, or fleeted as soon as he was gone from their eyesight.

Jimin's eyes didn't have time to readjust to the new sudden light. He blinked, and suddenly he could see everything, the large stone table, filled with empty jars, rows and rows of shells with small jars containing trinkets and bubbles floating on the ceiling with singular scales from mer-people. He was aware of all his surroundings before there was the sea witch in his eye line, observing him with a smirk.

The witch was taller than him, which didn't settle right in his stomach, he had no way of intimidating her. She was curvy, her lips tainted with a black paste and her eyes such a dark brown they looked like black consumed all her vision. Her long obsidian hair reached the floor, floating around her like a dark halo. She raked Jimin up and down with the quirks of her lips.

"Your words speak truth. You are the youngest prince, the defiant one," her voice was filled with something evil, and Jimin backed away just slightly.

"That is me yes. People speak myths of you, are you the sea witch?" He asked, straightening up. She swam slightly closer, leaning against her stone table. She quirked an eyebrow.

"That is me yes. What would a pretty prince like you want from me?" Her words spoke with a teasing tone, there wasn't any kindness in them at all. They were spoke with a small flourish and it was ominous.

"Legs," he stated. The witch didn't seem surprised and she let out a cackle, before facing him again.

"Legs hm? Why prince you must know I can't just grant you legs without a price?" She said, reaching for a small jar on her table and uncapping it. She looked at him with hungry eyes, swimming a little closer.

"I am aware. I can offer you this," he pointed to the necklace adorning his neck, a small pearl worth much money on his tanned neck. Her eyes widened and she smiled brightly.

"That would do yes," she tried to remain nonchalant, but her eyes deceived her. Jimin quickly unhooked the accessory and offered it to her, careful to stretch his arm far so she didn't come to close to him. She snatched it quickly, her black tail taking her back to her table to the jar and placing it in.

"Prince, I shall grant you legs for a month. You must find something on land worthy of your heart's desire within that time," she said while swimming back to him, and Jimin nodded gulping. He knew that this was what had to be done. He could feel the adrenaline pumping through his veins as she looked at him.

"But, If you do not succeed, you shall come back here, and be my slave, along with the rest of them," her tone dropped to something rather scary, and Jimin could feel his regret begin to sink in. But, was it worth the risk?


She smiled evilly, and held out her hand expectantly. He tilted his head in confused, hadn't he already given her enough?

"I will need a scale of yours, to seal our deal," she directs him to one of the pale green scales on his tail that glistened in the lighting of the cave. Jimin looked around for a looser one, and quickly plucked it off his body in one motion. There was a little sting but not enough to hurt.

"Oh, and your voice shall be mine until you find what you are looking for-,"

"Wait!" New voices shouted. Jimin's eyes widened at the comforting sound of his fish friends and he saw the tropical fish swim up. The witch looked throughly amused as the fish swam in the cave with fear in their eyes. They were his only friends, only support in the sea world and he loved them dearly, but he hoped they wouldn't make any rash decisions. Jimin quickly thought of his father and brothers, and briefly the liberty of being able to swim, and he knew he would miss that aspect of sea life. But they had made him despise life of sea with the venomous words he had for his family in the end, he wondered if they knew this. He hoped they understand his departure and let him be.

Seokjin and Taehyung were rather large fish, Jimin had found them on a unauthorised swim once. They had been his friends after the death of his mother and always comforted him. He wanted to shout for them to leave, but their contract was also binding now. The idiots.

"We want to assist him. On land, give us human forms." Seokjin said proudly. The witch didn't seem affected, and told them the same thing as Jimin. The prince was touched but he didn't want them to risk their lives, but their minds were set, and they were already giving small fish scales to her. The only difference in their bargain was their voices, they could talk, but their tongues were bound to never utter a word about Jimin's predicament.

"Goodbye my prince. Good luck," she said evilly before a whirlwind surrounded them all and unconsciousness settles behind his eyelids.


Jimin awoke taking in harsh breaths, his chest heaving in and out, his eyes squinting from the bright light. Everything around him was a foreign feelings, everything felt strange and peculiar. He couldn't control where he looked or what he felt until the roaring of waves brought him back to reality.

Jimin snapped his head to look around, and he noticed a large slippery rock towering over him. There was also a unfamiliar feeling off water rushing against his waist, the salty ocean sloshing against him. He noticed that air felt different, breathing was different but almost like second nature. He let out a breathless giggle, still getting use to his surroundings. The sea was now beneath him, he wasn't apart of it. He could feel it riding up his body and then leaving all over again. Carefully, Jimin lifted up his arm, seeing his small fingers on the end and wiggled them. Movement was heavier on land.

Then, holding his breath, he tried to flap a tail, only to move an individual limb that was rather heavy. He gasped silently, pushing his hand underwater to feel his new legs. He quickly touched something that was very different, certainly not a leg. His eyes widened and he realised that it must be something human, something that mer-people did not have.

He ignored the weird body part in the middle of his legs and quickly felt his limbs, fascinated by the skin and not scales there. He squealed, lifting his arms back up and splashing down in excitement. He went to shout in hooray, only to remember his voice wasn't there.
He quickly peaked his head to the side of the rock, noticing the sandy small beach not metres away, stray blankets in the golden particles. He smiled.

"Shit," another voice said and Jimin quickly turned to see. He forgot his formally fish friends would be human now. He was excited to see them. The first thing he saw was a nest of messy red hair floating above the water before a face was emerging from the water grinning. Jimin gasped at the sight, it was undoubtedly Taehyung.

Taehyung was wiggling his whole body about and splashing in the water in laughter. He finally looked over to Jimin and swam over to him.

"Chim! Look at me! I'm human! And you have legs! This is amazing!" He exclaimed and Jimin nodded happily. Taehyung had a very pretty face, with soft red lips and rosy cheeks, and a lean tall body. His skin was tanned and everything was lean, his brown eyes sparkled with a small hint of red that linked back to his other form.

"Get out the water you imbecile and practise walking, we need to learn!" A difference voice shouted. Jimin shuffled on the sea bed so the rock was out of his sight and the small beach instead.

On the beach, a blanket wrapped around his body and knotted at the side was a blonde tall man, and he was ethereal. He had plump lips and soft features and Jimin realised it was Seokjin. He was walking wobbly, but walking nevertheless with a wide smile on his face. His hair was drier than the other two, fluffy and it was the first time he seen dry hair. He wonder what his soaked pink strands looked dry?

Taehyung slowly got onto his two legs, clutching the rock and wobbling many times. But he was smiling the whole time and carefully took a step forward, as if second nature. He was slow, but doing it.

"It's like I'm meant to do it, instinct. Like swimming. It's rather peculiar," Taehyung and his commentary said as he reached the shore, Seokjin quick to cover him in a blanket that was lying on the beach over his waist so that his bottom half was covered. Jimin gulped. This was it.

Seokjin looked back out into the sea and then spotted Jimin, smile broadening.

"Ah Prince. Try to walk. Just grab the rock and it should come naturally," Seokjin shouted from shore. Jimin nodded eagerly, placing his small fingers in the indent on the slippery rock, albeit a bit shakily, stood up. His legs were wobbling like crazy, and he begrudgingly noticed he wasn't as tall as his friends. His tail was always a lot smaller than other mer-people. He huffed, noticing his pink strands before his eyes.

His first step he almost fell over, but Seokjin and Taehyung were right, it was a instinctive as swimming, as he soon got to the shore, tumbling into Seokjin.

The blonde had a deep red blanket ready, and it was large enough to cover just below his collarbones to the knee's, and Seokjin tied it up so it stay there. Jimin marvelled in the sand between his feet, and Taehyung was tapping his new stomach with laughter.

"Where do we start then-," Seokjin had began before a loud barking sounded and made them froze. Jimin hasn't ever heard such an scary sound under the sea, and all boys were quick to quiver in fear. The barking got louder, and soon a small monster covered in brown fur was running towards them. Taehyung let out a high pitched scream and ran as best as he could on his new legs, and he fell over after about three steps, but both Jimin and Seokjin were frozen in fear. The small monster tumbled into Jimin who was still rather weak and went tumbling to the sandy ground.

"Holly! Get back here girl!"

Jimin was trying to stop the monster from licking his face, certain it must be killing him before the creature was dragged of by large pale hands. Jimin blinked at the loss of impact and sat up, rubbing the side of his face with his small hands.

"I'm so sorry, my dog is just a little crazy. Do you need...," the owner of the voice trailed off as he and Jimin made eye contact. The man was the most beautiful creature Jimin had ever seen, and he lived in a kingdom full of beauty.

The man had raven black hair that was wavy like the sea itself. His eyes were chocolate brown and memorising,
orbs of tranquility. The pale skin reminded Jimin of moonlight hitting the surface of the sea on dark nights and his peach lips were upturned into a small smile. He crowded all of Jimin's vision, who simply blinked up at him with awe.

"" He finally finished, holding out his hand. Jimin looked at the hand for a couple of seconds, before nodding shyly and taking it, their size difference making Jimin blush. The man pulled him up and Jimin wobbled slightly and almost toppled into him.

He let out a small chuckle and placed a hand on Jimin's blanket covered waist to support him, their eyes never looking away from each other.

"What's your name?" He whispered. Jimin went to answer, he went to tell him he was Jimin, but nothing came out but silence and he frowned at his own misfortune, forgetting the deal for a moment. The man blinked at him in confusion.

"His name is Jimin, and he can't speak," Seokjin came to the rescue. The man looked away for the first time, hand still on his waist to hold him up and looked at the elder man. Seokjin was standing tall, and Taehyung was playing with holly on the beach.

"He can't talk?" The man said a bit sadly. Seokjin nodded. Jimin was looking up at the sky, the blue much brighter than the aqua of the sea, so soothing it was unreal. The man still has a hold on him, and he wondered how he lived in those waters for so long.

"Unfortunately. I'm Seokjin, his brother and so is Taehyung," Seokjin explained.

"Well I'm Prince Yoongi," The man introduced. Jimin turned to him in surprise but he was still directing Seokjin. The former fish quickly bowed.

"Your majesty. You see we are from a distance land, and have no place to stay-,"

"Say no more, I shall provide you with shelter."

Within the confinement's of his palace chamber, Jimin danced around on his new legs which he now loved. Prince Yoongi has showed him back to the large palace, and him and the other two were provided rooms and clothing and invited to dinner. Yoongi had looked at him for a tad longer before he was ushered of to be cleaned and such.

Their walk back consisted of clumsy steps by all sea creatures, but Jimin had the prince to lean on, who had kept him by his side the whole time. Jimin was new to the whole concept, but had also admired all the beauty he passed. The palace itself was magnificent beauty that was so different from what he was use to. It was large and golden, but almost modest and homely.

His room was so luxurious, with soft creme walls and a large bed, a beautiful dressing table and an golden wardrobe full of fine linen. Jimin was given a soft pink tunic that was hung loosely on his body and white bottoms. He kept looking at himself in the mirror they provided, looking at his legs and how pink his hair was. But he couldn't forget his mission, and he hoped he would be aloud out into the village to venture and find the thing he needed.

A small knock on the door made him stop dancing and he timidly approached the door and opened it and poked his head out.
A tall dimpled butler was standing there with such a wide smile it must hurt him. He looked smart with his dark hair swept to the side, and bowed to Jimin.

"Sir, I am appointed to escort you to dinner," he said, holding out his hand. Jimin nodded happily and quickly exited his room, taking the butlers arm and walking down with him. He looked in awe at all the different paintings that were so intricate and beautiful. The butler clearing his throat as they walked.

"I'm Namjoon, Prince Yoongi's personal Butler. I'm aware you are Jimin?" He asked. Jimin, without his voice, nodded enthusiastically and the Butler laughed at him, taking them down large dwindling stairs. When they had first approached stairs he was fascinated and kept breathlessly giggling as he went up them. Going down was even better.

"Well, you will accompany Prince Yoongi, your two friends and the Duke to dinner Jimin," Namjoon informed him politely, to which Jimin could feel himself blush. Yoongi was definitely a beautiful man, and not only that he had a kind heart. He had no reason to provide the three of them shelter but he did. Jimin was very grateful.

The two finally approached two large oak doors, patterns of the sea and ships carved into it. Jimin placed his hands over the wood and traced it with his fingertips. The land was truly beautiful. Namjoon smiled and then opened the door, and Jimin gasped in awe.

A large arched window took up almost one whole wall, giving a view of the vast ocean and the roaring waves, and the closer beautiful palace garden. A big painting hung on the wall by the head of the table, and it was an array of many different colours painting a sunset over the kingdom. A large wooden table stretched across the room, and five place settings were set at the end.

Jimin looked around, eyes widening as he looked around, slowly ebbing his way into the room. His footsteps padded lightly as he looked at the arched ceiling and the marble floors, and it wasn't until a small cough that he looked at the people in it.

The prince was wearing a frilled white tunic tucked into black slacks, his neck a deep v line so Jimin could see the pale expanse of his collarbones. He held out his hand as Jimin looked at it, and the pink haired boy quickly placed his hand in his.

But then the prince bent down, cradling Jimin's hand in his own and pressed a soft kiss to the skin of his hand. Jimin flushed brightly but smiled widely as Yoongi rose back to his original position, also smiling widely. He didn't let go of Jimin's hand as he led him to the table, pulling out Jimin's chair for him.

Jimin then saw his friends and he wanted to laugh. They were just as in awe as him.

Taehyung was sat down already, and he kept poking himself to realise it was real, his red hair falling in front of his eyes every now and then. Seokjin was next to him, his eyes wide at the weird material of what resembled a plate. Jimin then looked beside him, where Yoongi had sat down. Then to the head of the table where Jimin assumes the Duke sat.

He was an older man, with longer hair tied back with a clasp. The wrinkles in his face indented the pale skin, and his lips were pulled into a frown, eyes observing the three peculiar boys and their odd hair colours. At least Seokjin was blonde, but the strands were so bright almost unnatural. Because it was.
He was so entranced by the plate that he missed the small look that Yoongi sent his way.

"So," the duke suddenly spoke up, alerting his presence. All boys stopped what they were doing and looked at him, their curious eyes boring into his. He seemed surprise by the sudden attention and cleared his throat once more.

"The prince alerted me of your arrival of course, I was just curious of your names?" He asked. Seokjin was first to speak.

"I'm Kim Seokjin, the eldest of the brothers," he said bowing his head slightly. Taehyung visually straightens and huffs more red hair out his eyes. Jimin laughed slightly.

"Kim Taehyung, the youngest! It's a pleasure meeting you. Your home is lovely and the air is much cleaner than the sea," Taehyung told them. The weird comment didn't go unnoticed and the duke's expression tightened as Seokjin not so subtly elbowed him in the chest. Then the dukes eyes turned to Jimin expectantly. Jimin quickly gave either of his friends pleading eyes, not use to the lack of his vocals. He realised that finding something worthy of his heart would be more difficult without his voice. That sea witch knew how to trick him well. But then a low gruff voice beat them too it, before Seokjin could speak.

"He's Jimin," Yoongi told the duke. All three boys turned to Yoongi wide mouths agape, Jimin who had a pretty blush on his cheeks. No merman or mermaid had ever uttered his name with such softness, and no one had ever given Jimin the blush like Yoongi had.

The Duke raised his eyebrows at this, the way Yoongi then turned to said pink haired boy and offered him a small smile which Jimin returned.

"Well, it's time for starters if you will," his hand gestures towards the men coming in with more plates with silver lids on top, and he watched them expectantly. One was placed before him, and he watched as the Butler took off the lid to show green leaves that reminded him of seaweed, only wider and less slimy. On top was some unknown item and he had the urge to poke it with his finger. He turned to Yoongi, who picked up the silver utensils next to him, but paused in his actions to quickly speak to the duke. Jimin was confused what they were for and tentatively picked it up in his chubby fingers.

He looked at Seokjin for help, because what did they do? Jimin knew that land life was different but he hadn't known how much. So far he loved every second he has spent on land, and he never intended on going back to the sea. So he had to embrace it all. Seokjin quickly took action, observing the fork wearily before turning to Taehyung with a shrug.

Taehyung eyes brightened and he placed the item to his ruffled red hair and Jimin understood. It did take resemblance of a comb, perhaps it was just different on land? He nodded and all three boys began to comb their hair with the small brush, Jimin's pink locks gliding through the comb. It was an odd thing to do before eating though. When Jimin turned to see the other two, the men were looking at them with confused faces, and Jimin came to realise that maybe these weren't combs.

He quickly retracted it and turned to Yoongi, pouting to try and convey his confusion. Yoongi blinked at him before smiling.

"Do you not know what a fork it?" He laughed slightly, and Jimin saw a beautiful smile that showed his gums the colour of coral. Jimin shook his head, the two in a complete different world now. He leaned in closer to Jimin and took the fork away from him, picking up another one off the wooden table.

Much to Jimin's dismay for his poor cheeks, Yoongi placed the silver fork in his hands, their fingers dancing around each other's, the touch making Jimin crave more. He then directed Jimin hands towards his plate and his large hands covered Jimin's.

Jimin watched as the fork impaled the green leaf, and how the food stuck of his fork. He laughed, no sound emitting, and stuffed it into his mouth, only to grimace.

It wasn't seaweed, but it sure tasted like it. Pure crap.

"So, what are your ages? You seem youthful?" The duke said while watching Taehyung brutally stab the leaf.
"I am nineteen, turning twenty," Seokjin didn't seem to like the idle conversation as he picked up the leaf instead, bored of the fork.

Jimin wondered, if his father was having a meal this instance, unaware of Jimin's departure, unaware his youngest was on land and eating land food. He felt more at home than he ever did under the sea, and was happy he went to that sea witch.

"Me and Chim are both sixteen, but Chim turns a year older soon. Say, how old are you Duke?" Taehyung asked while stabbing the leaf. The duke sputtered indignantly and Yoongi let out a small laugh.

"I don't think I will indulge you with my age. Yoongi is a similar age to you Seokjin, perhaps you would get along?" The duke proposed. Seokjin looked up from his plate, narrowing his eyes on the prince who was blinking back at him. Jimin was amused by the whole situation.

"I don't think so. He's not that interested it me anyway, can't you tell?"

That's when Jimin decided Seokjin was no longer his friend.


When Jimin is awoken too bright light, he was truly mesmerised. Under the sea, the light of the sun didn't travel far, therefore it was so much darker. He hadn't realised before how much darkness he had been shrouded by, how much of the sea was void of light. He wondered if his father simply said that his appearance was an unfortunate situation and left as that, or he was looking for him. He doubted it. All Jimin knew was he that he had to go out, and soon.

The sun filtered through the silk curtains of his room, and he rose out of the warmth of his bed towards the window. Peaking through the gap, he saw how the sunlight blanketed the kingdom beyond the palace walls, and how amazing the small town was. He wanted nothing more than to venture in it, but he must convince the prince first.

Jimin quickly ran out of bed, checking his appearance in mirror. His white night gown covered him decently and his hair was tousled. He looked fine.

He wasted no time in running down the corridor of the early morning palace, passing many paintings that usually in captured his attention. He ran to the nearest door he found, knowing that was wear Taehyung was. He came to a quick halt when he saw the red haired former fish was outside his room, speaking enthusiastically to one of the guards.

The guard was dressed in shiny armour that made Jimin want to touch it, and the young boy's face was full of a apprehensive glow as Taehyung directed him, red hair still falling in front of his eyes.

"You know, fish do not truly get the appreciation they deserve. Did you know that fish can understand the other sea creatures? People thing they are dumb, and never bother communicating-," Taehyung was babbling to a confused knight, large doe eyes widened at the weird conversation topic. Without his voice Jimin quickly grabbed ahold of Taehyung sleeve. The red haired man looked at him with a smile and tilted his head.

"Good morning Chim! What can I for for you?"

How could Jimin express what he wanted? Not talking was truly a bother.

With a frustrated sigh, he placed both hands either side of his head to represent a crown, hoping that Taehyung pick up that he needed to see the prince.

"Ah!" He said after a while of just staring at Jimin, turning back to the knight.

"Jeongguk, do you know where the prince is on this lovely morning?" He asked. The knight snapped out of his daze and finally looked at the two boys. Jimin could see the confusion swimming in the iris.

"On his usual walk of the palace gardens. But you can't-," Jeongguk couldn't finish his sentence before both Taehyung and Jimin were breaking into a run, making their way around the palace getting lost several times before they see a door that leads to the beautiful gardens.

There were no gardens underwater like there were on land. Flowers that Jimin didn't think possible boomed in the sunlight and vibrant colours that looked soft on the petals made Jimin wonder why people hate land. The gardens were colourful, green grass that was trimmed neatly, the soft flow of water coming from a fountain nearby.

Jimin wandered over to a bed of flowers, observing all the beautiful nature. Jimin decided he liked flowers a lot. One flower was superior to them all, something that Jimin would imagine being the picture of love. The blood red petals were all spread out, and Jimin reached out to pick it.

A searing pain made him whimper, something causing his whole hand to feel numb. He wasn't use to such pain, and he quickly snatched his hand back to look at it. There was a break in the skin, and red the same colour as the flower was oozing out of his finger.

He went to shout a Taehyung, ask him what the pain that shot through his finger was, what the feeling that made him want to cry was associated with. But the red haired friend was gone and Jimin could feel something unfamiliar prickle in his eyes. He felt a similar sensation underwater, only moisture never left his eyes, and now there was a cold liquid running down his cheek.

"Jimin? Is that you?" The prince broke through his panicked mist. Jimin turned to where the prince was, dressed in his usual attire, the morning sun soaking his features in a warm glow. He was looking over with a smile, which quickly dropped when he saw whatever was happening to Jimin.

"Flower, what has caused your tears?" The prince asked in a rush, and Jimin barely had to time to register the foreign name that rolled of his tongue when addressing him. Jimin just wanted the pain to disappear as well as what Yoongi referred to as tears.

Yoongi was gentle when he lifted his pale hand, his thumb wiping away a tear caused by his pain. Jimin hasn't felt such electricity before, he hadn't felt such a gentle touch since his mother died. The Princes face was layered with concern and his eyebrows were furrowed. Jimin didn't like the look on him, he preferred anything but the misery the Prince seemed to be feeling. He went to lift his hand to smooth the crease beneath his eyebrows, but he saw the red on his hand and whimpered once more.

Yoongi directed his gaze to his hand and the look softened, before he cradled Jimin's hand in his own, taking out a handkerchief from his pocket and slowly dabbing at the cut. Jimin watched with bated breath as the prince got rid of the liquid, and soon there just a small pink line on his hand, a disturbed break in the tanned skin.

"What did you cut yourself on flower?" He whispered, bringing the cut to his lips to leave a fluttering kiss. The action made Jimin's heart flutter as he stared at the prince. Jimin used his free hand to point to the flower that had hurt him so.
"Ah, you tried to pick the rose? It is a beautiful flower, but roses have thorns. Here," he let go of Jimin, who frowned at the lack of touch, and picked up a different flower Jimin hadn't seen. It was white, pristine long petals that surrounded a yellow centre. Yoongi plucked it with ease.

"It's a daisy. It won't hurt you," he told Jimin as he brought the flower to Jimin's hair, tucking it behind his ear. Jimin noticed their close proximity and he blushed, but he liked seeing the prince up close, seeing his content smile and small spattering of freckles. He finally stepped away, and Jimin frowned.

"Would you like to explore my kingdom with me today? I can appoint some of my guards to watch over your friends if they desire to come also?"

Jimin wanted to laugh, because Yoongi knew what he wanted without him having to ask. Jimin loved the land. He truly did.


The silk tunic was creased from where he was sat on the wooden carriage, the sapphire blue reminding Jimin of the deepest ditches that roamed in the ocean. He liked the land people clothes, they were soft and covered up him for modesty. He hadn't realised before how on display mer-people actually were. He use to just swim around with his whole torso bare. How did he swim around not noticing this? He guessed it wasn't too strange to their kind, but now he knew what modesty was, he dreaded having to go back under.

The carriage was rather pretty way of transportation, with large animals the Butler Namjoon had called 'horses' attached at the front, ready to pull. Jimin sat patiently for someone to join him on the carriage.

Taehyung had already rode off into the village with his guard Jeongguk. He was appointed to look after Taehyung for their visit, and he noticed the knight never looked at Taehyung without a pretty blush dominating his cheeks. But Jimin had no room to talk. Seokjin had left not minutes prior with a sunshine knight that went by the name Hoseok, a beauty if Jimin had ever seen one.

What he wasn't expecting was Yoongi to climb up on the carriage and sit himself next to him, already taking hold of the reigns. If he could he voice his confusion, why he had a prince to show him around the kingdom and not a knight like his friends. But Yoongi hadn't looked at him as they started to ride.

So Jimin poked him.

He poked the prince in the arm with his small chubby fingers, forcing enough pressure to get his attention. Yoongi looked down at where the finger was pressed into his arm and then back at the pink haired man.

Jimin tilted his head to the side and frowned, pink hair brushing in front of his eyes. The prince chuckled, the sound sending small fireworks to Jimin's heart.

"I didn't want someone else to show you around Flower. You are my guest. The satisfaction of seeing you happy will not be given to someone else. Call me selfish but I want to see you smile," his whole speech was laced with fondness and it had Jimin smiling like crazy as he removed his finger, looking at at his lap. Yoongi sure was a charmer, he just hoped this wasn't a game he played with others.

" I know you can't speak flower, but I want to talk to you. Get to know you more. Say, what's your favourite colour?" He asked, hands tightening around the reins slightly. Jimin liked this, although he couldn't communicate he could still bond with the prince.

Jimin pondered for a moment. He would say green, but green now reminds him of his small scaly tail that he swam about in the ocean. His mother had pink hair, much like Jimin's own so he guessed that colour brought him comfort. Yes, pink was his favourite colour. So he pointed to his hair with a smile. Yoongi watched him, and that beautiful smile where his gums show was on display once more.

"Pink is a marvellous colour yes," he said while looking at Jimin. The former merman was content with this and relaxed a little against the wooden seats of the carriage, looking at his surroundings. Tree's that loomed over Jimin held green leaves that rustled against each other in the wind, and pockets of small bursts of flower on the grass flew past them. Jimin laughed happily and looked a little over the edge at all the beauty.

"You don't go outside much do you Flower?" The prince commented, small smile still gracing his features. Jimin shook his head as he marvelled it all, ignoring Yoongi's curious but fond gaze. He was to entranced.

The light chatter of people began to fill his ears, and he could see grey smoke filling the aqua blue sky from a distance, excitement bubbling inside of him. He turned to the prince and smiled brightly to portray just how thankful he was.

Jimin thought it trick of the lighting when he saw a small blush take over Yoongi's cheeks, he believed it to be the sun shining to hard down on his skin. The prince cleared his throat and snapped his head back to the stone path.

Small cottages with the smell of baked bread took over Jimin's senses and he could see the streets packed with villagers and market stores, a soft melody of music being played live somewhere in the distance. The whole scene made something pulsate in his veins, watching the people so kind towards one another and the smiles pure joy. The horse and carriage came to a stop, and Jimin quickly jumped out of the wooden cart so he could witness it all. Surely he find something worthy of his heart there?

"Jimin wait up!" The rushed and panicked Yoongi said through the crowd, making Jimin stop and turn to him. He was fighting through the people to get to him. Jimin let him get to his side before he pointed towards any market stall

"You want to visit them?"

Jimin nodded. Yoongi placed his hand on his shoulder, a reassuring squeeze before he smiled, and they began their day out in the kingdom.

Many market stalls had beautiful jewellery that Jimin had been fascinated by, and all of it was handmade. The people had bowed to the prince and then been kind of him, patient with his lack of words and insight of human culture. There was also a florist who's flowers could be smelt a metre away, and the old man had given him a free tulip to tuck into the pocket of his blue tunic. The prince had been bowing his head respectfully the whole time, not uttering a word as he followed Jimin around.

Yet none of the beautiful things made his heart feel complete, his voice didn't ebb back to him and he was still stuck in his deal. He wondered what he would need to have to break it.

It wasn't until he came to the source of the music that he smiled brightly and felt his body wanting to dance. As a merman he enjoyed singing and dancing, he liked the way it made him feel and the control it gave him over his own body. But without his voice it limited him to dancing, and he wanted to try that feeling out on legs rather than a tale.

There was a small circle absent of people all together, and a band of people were playing woodwind instruments that echoed through the market. Jimin took a step inside the circle, and the band looked up slightly to see that someone had in fact taken a interest in their music.

The pink haired boy looked back at the prince who was watching him with a vacant expression.
Jimin held out his small hand towards the prince, who looked down at it, considering all the possibilities of doing so. But before he could take Jimin's hand, a short smiley women with curly blonde hair that was plaited to the side.

"I'll dance with you pretty boy!" She said taking his hand and dragging him to the middle of the circle. The tune sped up, and Jimin was laughing all over again as him and the women danced to the beat, their legs moving with delicacy. He briefly saw others join them, breathless laughter filling the village. Jimin was passed around at he danced, being spun under different arms and people.

This was so much better than being a mermaid. Did he really need to find something worthy of his heart, when everything of land was worthy?

But of course Jimin's legs were still new to such movement, and a too harsh spin had him tumbling out off the circle into a pair of strong arms. Jimin felt the broad chest that was helping his stay up right and the arms wrapped around his waist tightened just a little.

"Careful flower. You got my people riled up," Yoongi chuckled in his ear and the sensation was different than the giddy feeling he usual felt around Yoongi, and it made him flush in embarrassment at the weird feeling. He quickly pulled away and sheepishly smiled. He shrugged because he hadn't known that most people didn't dance in public.

Yoongi smiled to himself and took Jimin's hand in his own and led him away from the dancing circle. Although it wasn't much his heart sped up.


Unfortunately, nothing seemed to have worked when he went to the village, much to his dismay. His heart was still set in belonging to the sea, and he went back to the palace crest fallen.

The pink haired boy was sitting on the silk sheets of his bed, tracing patterns on it as he listened to his two former fish friends. They were both admiring their fingers, which they hadn't had as fish, wiggling them about after they giggled.

"You know, land people are rather pretty," Taehyung had mentioned, interlocking his hands together and then pulling them apart. Seokjin, who had ventured into Jimin's room early in the morning, raised his eyebrow as he combed his hair with the fork he had stolen.

"Why do you say that?"

It was an odd thing to say, considering that the mer-people were all beautiful creatures, and the trio were practically surrounded by them. But Jimin agreed, because the Prince was absolutely beautiful, Jimin couldn't understand it.

"My guard, Gukkie, he's dashing. And the butler Namjoon is rather handsome, don't you think?" Taehyung  led back against the wall as he looked at his friend, and Jimin was upset he couldn't contribute. Having a lack of vocals is rather annoying, he can't express himself much.

Seokjin nodded his head, taking the fork out of his blonde locks.
"They are beautiful beings aren't they? I hope Jimin finds what he needs first, because I wouldn't mind remaining human," Seokjin sighed. Jimin could feel his insides turning, knowing that his friends were so happy with what they were now, and it was lying on his shoulders.

He sighed, getting up and walking towards his window, the morning sun high in the sky. He admired the palace gardens, noticing all the flowers once more. He also noticed the man who was plucking some, smelling the floral scent that radiated of them. Jimin felt his smile widening as he watched the prince.

He was quick to open the balcony doors, the breeze brushing through his pink strands and his night gown. Delicate feet pressed against the stone of the balcony, his small hand waving as he tried to get his attention.

The prince turned around, eyes widening but smile increasing when he saw Jimin, waving back. Jimin could feel his heart turn to mush, and he rested his elbows on the rail of the balcony. His head rested in his palms as he observed Yoongi, simply watching him. His breath was bated as Yoongi merely watched him back. He then held up a large pale hand and gestured for him to join him.

Jimin was quick to run out of his room, ignoring his friends inquisitive stares. He enjoyed spending time with the prince, so he was overjoyed to join him once more, his bare feet taking him across the expanse of the palace grounds. A few guards looked at him rather weirdly, but he brushed it off.

The sun hit his skin gloriously, and he let out a breathless giggle, a sound that travelled the winds with him. He wiggles his toes against the strands of grass that brushed his feet, the emerald green shards glistening in the orange glow.

"Flower, Good morning," the low drawl from a familiar voice came, alerting Jimin to look towards him. Prince Yoongi was strolling towards him, gummy smile displayed on his face as he approached Jimin. Jimin straightened up and offered a large smile back, his eyes scrunching up from the overwhelming happiness. The prince offered his arm out, the gesture causing a new blush to take over Jimin's cheeks.

Although the flustered state he found himself in, he took the man's arm, linking them together and stepping in time with him. The small smile remained on his face as Yoongi edged a little closer to him, both observing the beautiful bloom of the flowers.

"Flower, how has your stay been so far? Good?" He whispered into the morning air, looking over at Jimin for a couple of seconds. Jimin wanted to tell Yoongi he was loving his stay, that he treasured every moment, but all he could do was nod, and lean closer into his side.

"That's good. I'm glad I found you Jimin," he said, barely over a whisper. Jimin tilted his head to the side to show that he was confused, and Yoongi continued.

"As the next heir, I have to find myself a partner to marry. The duke has been trying to find me a suitor worthy of my heart, and now,  maybe I can truly fall in love," He was so quite, yet Jimin could hear every word. Just the mere implication that perhaps Him and Yoongi would be more than friends made his heart beat so frantically and his smile widen just a little. He wanted to tell Yoongi that he would love to fall in love, but he could not.

"Flower, how about we make this our thing. Meet me in the gardens every morning?" He suggested, halting as they stood back outside a door to the palace. Jimin loved the idea, and nodded his head enthusiastically, watching the amused twinkled in Yoongi's eyes grow into something else. The prince's pale fingers came up to caress his cheeks, and was gone as soon as it appeared. He walked off into his home, and Jimin stood still where he was, feeling giddy and child like. His own tanned fingers came up to his own cheek, touching the spot Yoongi had caressed not moments ago.

He laughed. He loved land.


In the darkest corners of the ocean, the sea witch watched the exchange with bated breath, her eyes flashing a dark red. She breathed in, stoking the glass ball where Jimin's face once was.
Then, she let out a evil cackle, leaning back against the cold stone of her table.

"Gullible Little Prince. The land will not become your home, I shall make sure of it," She whispered into the darkness.


Meeting in the gardens did become theirs, a morning stroll consisting of small conversations, light blushes, and lingering touches. Jimin adored Yoongi. He was sweet, kind and passionate, and never failed to make Jimin feel like land was his home. His friends seem to love living on ground as well, they always marvelled their bodies and the functions off it all. Everyone seemed smitten with Taehyung and Seokjin, including Namjoon the butler and the guard that was appointed to take care of Taehyung. Everyone loved the former fish, and Jimin couldn't be happier.

He hadn't cared what people thought of him, as long as a certain prince enjoyed his company, he was okay. But, his heart still hadn't taken anything worthy for him, and it was beginning to make him nauseous. Utterly sick, just imagining returning to the ocean and being a servant for the sea witch. He tried to portray to his friends how worried he was, but he couldn't.

The pink haired prince sat in his room on a clear starry night, a pout on his lips as he fiddled with the wooden comb on the dressing table. He was observing his new appearance due to the sun exposure. His skin had darkened a tad, and new dots had appeared on his cheeks faintly. His brown eyes had lightened up slightly, and his pink strands were softer looking. The land did wonders to his appearance and he hadn't seen himself in such a light before. He only wished his mother could see him now, venturing out like she told him too. Would she be proud? He hoped so.

A small knock on his door broke his trance, and he got off the wooden stool to open the creme coloured doors that he become to familiar with.
On the other side was Namjoon, dimpled showing on his smooth cheeks as he greeted Jimin. He seemed much happier than usual and he bowed to the pink haired boy.

"Master Jimin, Prince Yoongi has requested your presence in the ballroom," he told him in a formal voice. Jimin felt his whole heart speed up and his eyelashes flutter at the request. He nodded timidly to Namjoon, happily taking his arm as he was led out of his room. It reminded him off his first day in the palace.

"You and your brothers are very peculiar Master Jimin. But in the best way."

The comment made Jimin's eyes widen, and he turned to Namjoon with a sheepish smile. The man simply carried on walking. Jimin wished he could talk.

"Your eldest brother, Seokjin, he's constantly brushing his hair with a fork. It's an amusing sight. I wish too see it more. I hope you stay Jimin," Namjoon's sincerity was making Jimin's eyes well up, and he pulled the tall man into a hug once they reached the large wooden doors that connected to the ballroom. Namjoon let out a yelp of surprise but hugged back anyway. Was this not worthy of his heart? Friends? Why wasn't the spell uplifting from him? What did he have to do?
These thoughts plagued him as the doors were opened, but all deteriorated away when he saw the beauty of the ball room.

Polished wooden floors covered it all, shining underneath the crystal chandelier that twinkled like the stars in the night sky. Oil paintings swirled together over the ceiling, and Jimin looked up at it as he entered slowly, admiring all the small details that were fading over the years. His feet didn't make a sound as he looked at it all, and felt his felt his heart stop when he saw the piano.

It was large and black, the most elegant thing he had ever seen. A soft medley started to emit from it, keys being pushed down to create the tune of beauty. Jimin's eyes travelled to the man perched on the stool, Yoongi. The prince's navy blue tunic was adorned with a black waist coat, and his hair was brushed parted. He looked dazzling, beautiful, a dream. Jimin could feel himself gravitating towards the man, timidly making his way forward. Yoongi hadn't looked up from his playing, yet Jimin carried on to walk over. He sighed dreamily, and that's when Yoongi's head snapped up.

"Flower, you're here," he smiled, stepping up from the piano and approaching with a warm smile. Jimin wanted to laugh but knew no sound would come out, so he simply nodded, standing silently. Yoongi took his hand, intertwining their fingers and bringing Jimin's up to his mouth to plant a small feather like kiss to the ring finger.

Jimin's breath halted altogether and he looked at Yoongi with large eyes. He wanted to say something to him, he wanted to stay with him. It was a foreign feeling, and he didn't know what to do with it.

"It's weird," the prince started, placing his hands on Jimin's waist and guided Jimin's own to wrap around Yoongi's neck. Jimin could feel a million fireworks set alight in his stomach as Yoongi started to dance around the ballroom with Jimin.

"I have grown up in the most beautiful kingdom, surrounded by pure love all my life and yet-,"
He turned Jimin under his arm and Jimin couldn't help but let out the soundless laugh, falling back into Yoongi's arm and peering up to him with adoration.

"-, you Jimin, are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen." He finished. Jimin suddenly stopped, looking at Yoongi with amazement. Jimin didn't know that such a feeling that he felt in that moment was real, never knew that it existed. Land provided him such a yearning, how hadn't he been born on it? Prince Yoongi was looking at him with a twinkle in his eye, and Jimin now recognised it as adoration.

He wanted to tell Yoongi that he was the only beauty he saw, and he was born in a palace where the creatures are all naturally beautiful. He wanted to tell Yoongi that he was the sweetest person he met, and wished he would always be happy. But he couldn't, so instead he tilted his head up, and acting upon instinct, placed a kiss to the man's cheek.

He could feel the red blooming under his lips, the pale soft skin feeling right underneath his lips. He pulled back with a sheepish smile, and continued to dance with the Prince hoping it last forever. They swayed in the night, Jimin ebbing closer and hugging Yoongi tighter.


It was in the next morning he realised.

He had gone to the balcony to greet Yoongi a good morning from his gardens, wave at him and smile brightly, but the prince wasn't there. His heart had ached and wept, and Jimin slumped down on the railing.

And that's when he knew.

He almost screamed, he wanted to scream so loud for not realising it any sooner. His heart was worthy of Yoongi, the prince who had so warmly let him into the palace, the man who called him flower and danced with him. He was who his heart belonged too.

The sudden enlightenment gave him a sudden rush of adrenaline, forcing him to run out his room towards where he assumed Yoongi would be. The man hasn't ran as fast as that before, almost tripping on his legs on the way there. The thought of Yoongi's faces urged him on and his heart beat faster. He hadn't known what he would need to do to break the bargain, but he would act on instinct.

His breathless giggles were tumbling out of him when he reached the hall leading to the dining room, but he stopped abruptly in his tracks when he heard voices coming from the room.

"Why Prince Yoongi, this is marvellous! I'm pleased to know you have decided to marry," the Duke's voice called through the room. Jimin almost broke, thinking about Yoongi marrying someone else, but he couldn't be sure yet. He held his breath, waiting for the conversation to progress.

"I'm very happy also, we want to marry as soon as possible," Yoongi's monotone voice came from inside the room, surprising Jimin. He didn't sound like himself, he sounded void of emotion, which was certainly not the Yoongi he was use to.
A body suddenly pushed into him, making him budge slightly. He turned to see Taehyung, red hair mussed up after waking from his bed, eyes darting between Jimin and door confused. He went to open his mouth but Jimin pressed a small finger to his lips. Taehyung's eyes sparkled with understanding and he remained silent.

"Are you certain Prince? You seemed very smitten with-,"

"He's sure. It was love at first sight," a new voice said. It was silky and Jimin recognised it, he just couldn't quite place-

"It's her," Taehyung whispered, turning to Jimin as white as a sheet. Jimin's heart dropped significantly and he could feel his legs become weak. It couldn't be? But then he remember her voice in the cave underwater, the similarities uncanny. Jimin knew it was her. She was trying to make sure he didn't pursue Yoongi, so he didn't win. He was screwed.

"Come on Chim, we need to tell Seokjin. Now," it was said with urgency, something that made Jimin's gut bubble. He nodded and let his friend take him by the hand, dragging him away so he was running along side him. They made their way to Seokjin's room, hearts beating a million miles per minute. The blonde would know what to do, he had too.

It was no surprise that Namjoon was with the man when they entered in a run, both speaking in hushed whispers. Namjoon looked flustered as he spoke to the other, who seemed unaware of his state. Taehyung didn't wait for Namjoon to leave.

"Seokjin! The sea witch is on land and has entranced Yoongi to marry him today! We need to do something! Jimin and Yoongi's hearts belonged together!" Taehyung shouted, his breaths coming out in ragged patterns. Seokjin looked up in surprise, standing up immediately. Jimin knew that the water was running down his face, the tears spilling freely as he imagined it. His friends had worked it out before him but couldn't utter a word. Namjoon also stood up, and said nothing as he watched the trio.

"What! How could this be?" He ran a hand through the blonde locks.

"We just need to get to that wedding, we need help Seokjin-,"

"I'll help."

The blunt answer made the sea creatures all turn to the butler, who was rubbing his neck and looking away while remaining tall. Seokjin, the closest to him, came up to Namjoon and made his face look as innocent as possible.

"Namjoon, you don't understand," Seokjin warmed. Jimin knew he was right, their situation wasn't for land people who knew nothing of their existent. He surely thought that Yoongi was in love, and wouldn't want to destroy his day?

"I do Seokjin. It explains your peculiarities. I once encountered mermaid as a young child. I knew it wasn't my active imagination. Let me help you. Please?" 

The thought of a mermaid letting herself be exposed to the life of land made Jimin wonder if he truly wasn't the only one who felt out of place, and he was extremely happy that Namjoon hadn't called them freaks. Seokjin looked back towards the other two, a looking in his eyes that asked them what they thought. Jimin nodded, looking over at he butler.

"Okay, you can help. What can we do?"

Namjoon smirks, dimple a faint dent in his cheek.

"We get the guards and we ride there."


The two guards Jeongguk and Hoseok didn't question it when Namjoon ordered a horse and carriage, all four tumbling onto it with urgency. Jimin was about to turn to Taehyung and squeeze his hand when he noticed the friend was occupied. Jimin watched with awe as Jeongguk kissed Taehyung's hand, caressing it within his own. Taehyung was blushing as bright as his hair but remained confident.

"Let me accompany you," the guard whispered. Taehyung looked conflicted as the guard continued to pepper kissed all over his skin, before finally shuffling over and letting the guard clamber in. Jimin was to interrogate his friend after this was all over.
"If this is an outing, I'm joining!" The guard Hoseok exclaimed, also joining their carriage. It become a tight fit and Jimin was compelled to tell them all that they shouldn't do this, it wasn't some sort of outing, only the horses were moving a top speed.

As the wind hit Jimin, he finally had a moment to take it all in. The fact he had fallen for Yoongi, a prince, a prince on land. His heart was beating for him, and now it might be taken away from him. He would live every day of his life without his voice, risk every thing he knew to get to the wedding, and stop whatever trance the awful sea which had entranced the prince. Jimin knew it hadn't been long since they've met, and what they were feeling was not love, but he knew it was something. He couldn't ignore what his heart wanted, what it desired. It was almost like the tale his mother told him, about love at first sight. Jimin use to think it was just another silly fairytale, but now he thinks that she might of being telling the truth.

The horses raced down the path, the beach suddenly coming into view after the forest trees. Jimin hasn't seen the the sea waves in so long, the smell of salt invading his nostrils. Jimin had a moment with himself as the people surrounding him began to get impatient. He closed his eyes as he tried to collect his emotions.

Mother? Can you hear me?

He knew she wouldn't reply. She was with the stars now. Sometime at night, in the ocean he would swim to the surface and look at the constellations hoping he would see her.

I know you still watch over me. I hope you're proud.

He could imagine her smile, bright and dazzling. He knew this could all burn when he entered the church, but he knew what was right. He wanted to remain of land, remain with Yoongi. Learn about him, talk to him, love him.

What do you think? He's beautiful isn't he? You like him.

He finally opened his eyes, seeing the small run down yet lovely church stood proudly by the end of the beach. Some villagers were gathered outside of the impromptu event, and Jimin could hear the rusty church bells ringing. A anger blazed inside of Jimin, and he felt his small fists clench. The carriage was finally coming to a stop. The six men all tumbled out, stunning some of the people.

Jimin took a deep breath as he stood in front of the building, large wooden doors ready to be opened. He took a glance at his friends, their determined faces and took a deep breath.

Wish me luck mother. I love you.

Their feet rushed as the building kept getting closer, until Jimin was yanking it open and throwing himself into the church.

An organ was playing ominously, an old withered lady pressing her fingers into the keys. A small amount of people were gathered in the pews, all waiting with small smiles on their faces. Jimin caught sight of the duke in the audience. The arched ceilings hung low and the setting would of been beautiful if not for the sea witch stood at the front.

Her dress was dazzling white, black had that Jimin remembered so well flowing down her body. She was curvy on land as she was in the sea, and Jimin knew she was a sight to withhold. One of utter power, and a power that had lured the prince into a trance he couldn't break.

Jimin felt his heart break as he saw Yoongi's emotionless expression, just staring at his wife to be with no love in his eyes. The priest seemed oblivious as he uttered his lines.

"Stop this wedding!" Seokjin's voice suddenly shouted. Jimin snapped out of his frozen state and joined his friends to walking down the isle. People gasped and looked them with their mouths agape, and Jimin finally saw the sea witch turn around, her obsidian eyes glaring at him. Yoongi stared at the new comers with foreign eyes.

"What do you think you're doing you wrenched-," the witch began, only to be cut of by a angry Taehyung. The former fish cut in front of Jimin and stood so he was in line with her.

"This is fake!" He shouted so that it echoed off every wall and protruded the people's ears. They needed to know.

"This is a ceremony bound by pure selfish desire and evil intention. You, you evil sea witch, you didn't keep your end of the deal. Jimin found out his something worthy fair and square you wench! Undo this horrid spell!" Taehyung was reeling with anger as he spat at the mermaid, making her step back and stare at him with impassive eyes. Taehyung had to be tugged back by Jeongguk and he heaved, demanding she realised the Prince in blabbered sentences. People began to whisper around them, and the witch didn't seem affected in the slightest.

Then she smirked, and a shiver ran down Jimin's spine.

"You want to talk about fake? Fine," her voice was laced with evil, and suddenly, Jimin was being blown back, knocking the air out of him.

His whole body fell to the floor as he gasped, lungs failing him at the searing pain that took over his lower half. He was vaguely aware of shouting around him, and he could hear someone shouting his name. His eyes watered at the feeling of his legs morphing into one, slippery green scales clawing their way out of his skin and layering him until his felt numb. His vocals chords suddenly felt lighter, and he let out the first sound of land. A piecing scream of pure agony, the fresh feeling stabbing his throat. He let his head role back and he breathed out in pain, slacks torn on the ground besides him.

He was a merman once more.


But that was the only thing that mattered in that moment.

Jimin looked up, eyes still teary. The villagers had all gathered from their seated positions to view him in awe, eyes wide at his true from. His friends were being held back by guards, tears running down their face. He was surprised that Seokjin and Taehyung remained human, but perhaps she had only cast the horrid spell on him.

Yoongi was leaning over him, and Jimin was scared he see horror, disgust. But instead he saw the old Yoongi, knelt down before him, observing his tail before trailing back up to his face.

"So, your a merman huh?"

And Jimin laughed despite himself. His laugh actually came out instead of breathless air, the sound of his old voice granting him peace to his ears. Yoongi seemed surprised as he let a shaky hand caress his cheek, only fondness layered in the chocolate brown orbs.

"I'm so sorry this happened to you Flower," he said, leaning in closer to Jimin. Jimin let him slip a arm under his torso, and cradle his waist, and watched as the man slowly broke down, a tear slipping from his eye and hitting Jimin's cheek. But Jimin wasn't sorry.

"Yoongi," he said for the first time. It was hoarse and sounded terrible, but it was him. The prince seemed surprise at this and looked at him with wide eyes, holding him closer.

"I-I'm n-not sorry. It may of meant that I might never see the light of the sun in the morning again. But, I met you did I not?" He whispered into the soft air of the church. Yoongi then let a smile stretch onto his face, his peach lips coming down to place a kiss onto Jimin's cheeks. He was shaking but he was smiling. Jimin felt his cheeks heat up but he ignored it.

"Ah Jimin, you truly are a beautiful creature," Yoongi told him. Jimin could of weeped there and then, but the cold voice of the witch brought them out of their bubble.

"This is absurd! You're mine boy!" She yelled, tearing off the veil on her head and stalking towards the prince and merman. Jimin was horrified, because that wasn't the deal, but what power did he have.

"Jimin no!" He heard Taehyung scream as she got closer, Yoongi's body huddling closer to Jimin as he tried to become a human shield.

But she never came.

The sound of an arrow sipping through the air was loud against the tense confinement's of the church, the clatter of metal against one another loud and obtrusive. A large arrow dug into the witch's side, impaling her human form and immediately reversing a spell she had set on her self.

Jimin watched as she fell to the floor, arrow tearing throw flesh and blood oozing out her side, scales beginning to become prominent under her dress.

"What-," she tried to utter, the pain taking over as she fell, eyes flickering shut.

There was only silence as Jimin shifted over to Hoseok, who stood still with his bow and arrow still drawn and aimed at the witch. Jimin wanted to thank his endlessly, and comfort his friends, who's scales were slowly surfacing, but he was beginning to loose his energy.


"Yes Flower?" He immediately turned back to Jimin and cradled him closer. Jimin reached up to touch his cheek and smiled.

"I need to go back to the sea."



The rock was familiar, the waves sloshing against the edges as it stood proudly out of the water. Jimin head was laying on Yoongi's arm, the same one holding onto his scale ridden waist. Yoongi was refusing to let go, holding onto Jimin as he pressed kisses into his pink hair and hid his tears. The others were standing behind on shore, and he wondered how much longer Taehyung and Seokjin had before they had to return as well.

The sea waves were all that filled the air, a prolonging goodbye hung in the wind. Yoongi didn't seem to mind getting sprayed by the ocean, he just held Jimin tighter.

"I don't want you to go," he told him into the pink strands. Jimin nodded, trying to repress tears as he looked out into the horizon.

"I don't want to leave. But I have too," Jimin's voice was coming back, and he wished he had longer to talk to Yoongi. He knew that once he went back he couldn't see Yoongi again. It pain them both too much to do that, if they had to leave each other it had to be a final goodbye.

"I knew there was something special about you Jimin. I will never forget you my Flower."

Jimin finally cried, pulling their intertwined hands up to his face so he could hide within them. He could feel the princes body shaking behind him, feeling the same pain as he had done. He didn't want to let go. Just as he was about to pull away, the roaring of the sea's became angry, and the familiar large merman emerged from the waters.

He could hear Yoongi's gasp and Jimin couldn't blame him. The man looked terrifying and he remained floating above the surface, stone face looking at Jimin.

"Son," he said so quietly that Jimin almost didn't hear it. Jimin couldn't look him in the eye, didn't want to see the disappointment swimming in his eyes. What a peculiar sight it must of been for the King Of The Ocean. His youngest son, cradled in the lap of a Land Prince, crying.

"So this was where you were? Frocking on land, falling in love, making deals with witches?" His voice was hard to make out, and Jimin winced at the accusation within it. Yoongi held him closer, as if he would disappear any minute.

"What choice did I have. I was never home in the sea. But it doesn't matter anymore," Jimin's newly found voice was a soft as if use to be, and he finally looked at his father. The man wasn't angry, he looked sympathetic as he observed his son, swimming a little closer to the rock that held up the sorrow of Yoongi and Jimin.

The man held his hand out, as if he wanted his son, before letting if fall limply to his side. He sighed before saying, "I promised your mother I make all of you happy. But I failed her didn't I?"

Jimin never saw such raw emotion from his father for such a long time it was foreign to his heart. He had no time to protest before he was starting up again.

"Park Jimin, prince of the sea. I think it's time we let you go," he breathed. Jimin's eyes widened at the words, air coming out his mouth in small ragged clouds, looking at his father. They never had the best relationship, and they weren't that close, but it was always hard.

"Goodbye my son. Love happily," Was his last words, before his large hand graced Jimin's direction, and he could feel himself changing. There was no searing pain, no horrendous transformation. His father's magic was much  better than the witches. His eyes squeezed shut as he felt the familiarity of his feet once more, toes dipping into the waves. When he opened his eyes again, he was gone.

"Jimin? Are you-,"

Yoongi's voice was hopeful as he broke away from the boy, who had been blessed with a modest silk robe to hide his skin. Jimin felt the happy tears fall down his cheeks, and he shakily stood up on the rock.


Yoongi then let out a laugh, jumped up to feel the slippery rock beneath him, holding Jimin by the waist and planted a soft kiss on his lips.

It wasn't much, but Jimin knew, he would be happy like this.

On land.