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i see a star

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It’s getting a little hot for Bakugou’s taste and he takes another swig from his water bottle as he wonders why the everloving fuck he let dumb Shitty Hair tag along. It’s been nothing but an endless stream of chatter the whole hike up to the mountain, but it’s not like Bakugou dislikes it. Kirishima’s voice is almost as calming as the sounds of the trail.


Keyword: Almost . But Bakugou just acknowledges the pauses with either a gruff nod or sometimes an interjection when Kirishima says some dumb Kirishima like thing.


He can’t remember when he stopped talking but soon they were side by side and Bakugou was slightly aware that Kirishima was walking awfully close. But it didn’t feel weird because Kirishima was always like this. Always close.


Which brings him back to their current situation. Hand in hand walking to the foot of the mountain. Of course if Bakugou had seen dumbass Deku and Half n’ Half doing this gay shit he’d barf. But since it’s Kirishima, he’s okay with it he figures. He knew even if he did pull his hand away, it would somehow just end back up in his.


He enjoyed moments like these. Kirishima was the mountain in front of him, shielding him from the sun. Of course that didn’t really help when Shitty Hair’s smile was like the sun itself. It's moments like these where he almost thinks, and again almost, thinks that he doesn't deserve Kirishima. But Kirishima is always perceptive to things like this and gives him the look. The one that says, you're a good person who deserves love, and don't ever think that you don't because you've grown so much from who you used to be. He sighs and swipes the sweat at the back of his neck. Okay.


They’re almost at the base of the mountain when Kirishima gets one of those dumb shit-eating grins that he always wears when he’s about to fuck with Bakugou. Kirishima lets go of his hand and jogs a little bit ahead on the trail.


“Don’t. You. Fucking. Dare.” Bakugou hisses, but it’s too late.


“Race you!” Kirishima yells and starts running for the bottom.


“I’LL FUCKING CATCH YOU!” Bakugou chases after him, using small explosions to propel himself as Kirishima’s laughs echo throughout the trail. And oh does he hate the little flip his stomach does at the sound of it, because he can feel the adrenaline rush through him and he loses himself to the nature of the pure competition. The two boys run down the hill before crashing into each other and landing in a tired heap at the foot of the mountain. Breathless, sweaty, laughing, and happy .




Kirishima can’t remember the last time he’s felt like this. Yeah he’s a generally happy guy, and gets along with most of his classmates, but to him, it’s something about Bakugou that just clicks. And god, lying against Bakugou’s chest breathlessly, just listening to his heartbeat is enough for him. They sit like that for a while listening to the birds chirp and relishing in the cool breezes that sometimes come their way.


“Alright rise and shine Eijirou, we’ve got a big ass mountain to climb.” Kirishima accepts the outstretched hand and gets to his feet brushing the dirt off his clothes. He doesn’t have to see the shine in Bakugou’s eyes to know he’s excited. They get to work immediately taking out tools, only after Kirishima’s suggestion since, Bakugou only climbed with his bare hands, which set off Kirishima’s manly detector and also his woah that’s not safe detector. (He wouldn’t tell Bakugou but he also thought it was kinda hot too, especially when he climbed shirtless) Not to mention Bakugou saying his name was also manly and hot.


He let his boyfriend secure the waistband around his hips and they get carried away with climbing, laughing and loving. Soon they're halfway up when Kirishima calls for a break. This was their stop. Taking out an assortment of sandwiches and snacks Kirishima sits down on a blanket.


“Oh yeah!” He reaches back into his backpack to pull out an electric candle and fake roses. “What the fuck?” Kirishima gives him a cheesy grin,”Hehe it's for romance! Manly romance obviously.” The look on Bakugou's face is worth it though because he laughs and leans in next to Kirishima.


The glow of the setting sun and the flickering of the electric candle sent shadows dancing across Bakugou's face. It was moments like these that Kirishima cherished he thought, as Bakugou let him trace the shadows on his face with his finger. The dirt and dust from earlier was still evident on his face as he noted that Bakugou had shifted his arm around him. He relaxed into his arm before pointing it out quietly. Kirishima was generally upbeat and loud, but these moments felt as if they could be torn away from him at any moment. “I found the first star.”

Hushed, Bakugou looked around the sky curiously,”I don't see anything.” The lack of excessive swearing and yelling meant that Bakugou was finally relaxed. Gently he took his arm and pointed it out to the sun. He snorts,”Eiji you dumbass.” A weak attempt at a jab he didn't really mean. He lights up and buries his face into Bakugou's shoulder. The dirty sweatshirt is warm, Bakugou's body heat probably, and he just laughs to himself softly. “Yeah but it's still a star isn't it?”


He acknowledges this with a soft hum and buries his face in his neck. “I almost thought you were going to say some kind of cheesy shit.” Kirishima shakes his head gently,”Nah, do you want me to?” He asks teasingly. “Hah, as if you could.” Kirishima keeps tracing circles on Bakugou's cheek, humming. The stars are coming out now and soon the galaxy shines in his eyes. “Katsuki… I see a star..” And Bakugou lifts his head out of the crook of his neck.


Peering up at the night sky he breathes in before tearing his eyes away and looking at Kirishima. He hears his breath hitch and for a moment they just stare at each other in silence. The glow of the night reflected on their faces and it was as if time had stopped. The red of Bakugou's eyes was dulled by the night and instead illuminated by thousands of twinkling stars. Too afraid to break the silence, he whispered softly. “Where..?”


He brought a hand up to cup his face. It seemed like Bakugou already knew where this was going. “Right here. You're my star.” Bakugou huffs but he can still see him grinning in the moonlight. “I knew you'd do some shit like this.” Kirishima pushes his nose against Bakugou's. “Was it that bad?” He shakes his head. “No.. I didn't hate it.”


Kirishima leaned in,”That's good.” He slowly intertwined their hands. They're close now and he can feel his breath. He's kind of glad he brought mints. “Katsuki…?” Bakugou squeezes his hand before answering softly, his voice rough,”Yeah..?” He doesn't have to ask. Bakugou just knows. Slowly,surely, he leans forward and connects the gap between them. Lingering on his lips, eyes closed. Hearing the nature around him, and the cool breezes surrounding the two. Kirishima slightly bites at Bakugou's lip but not hard enough to draw blood, and they stay like that for a while.


Affectionately, slowly, hushed sighs and he opens his eyes again.  Gently he pulls away from the kiss and takes his other hand.

“I love you.” Katsuki's eyes go wide as he slowly takes in the words. He can see the hesitation in his face. He trusts Eijirou with his life, but he's too scared of being that vulnerable. When he does speak, it comes out choked and teary-eyed. “Yeah.. You too.” His voice is rough against the chatter of the night which had seemed to fade away. It's still hard for him, they both know. It's better than before. But he's getting there. He's almost there.

almost .