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Liquid Fire in My Veins

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"Breakfast is ready, Izuku!"

"Coming mom!"

A little boy of four years old ran to the kitchen with his favorite All Might hoodie and backpack, setting it next to his red shoes by the front door with a big grin.

Inko Midoriya smiled at her son, watching as his eyes sparkled at the All Might themed cake sitting on the table. She sung him happy birthday and got him ready for school as he rambled about how he would spend his day with his friends.

A knock on the door and there was Izuku Midoriya's best friend, Katsuki Bakugou, waiting for him with a matching All Might hoodie and large grin on his face.

"Have a good day at school boys! Remember you have your doctor's appointment later, Izuku!"

"We will!" "Okay mom!" They shouted in unison, running out the door with excited chatter, Izuku keeping a careful grip on his birthday cake.







"Bye Kacchan!"

"See ya later Deku!"

Izuku ran home with his leftover cake and a grin on his face.

His mom greeted him at the door, ushering him for a quick bath and change of clothes before they left for his appointment. Izuku was practically vibrating with excitement, holding his All Might action figure as he talked about wanting a quirk as cool as Bakugou's and wanting to be as strong as his favorite hero one day.

His green eyes shined with happiness.

But happiness doesn't last forever.

It never does.







"I'm sorry, but it's not going to happen."

His green eyes lost their shine.

Inko looked at him worriedly on the way home, almost crying herself. Once they went inside, Izuku went to his room and didn't come out for the rest of the evening.

He didn't even come out for dinner.

When Inko went to check on him later that night, he was watching the video of All Might saving those hundreds of people with his signature grin on his face.

Izuku turned to his mother with tears swimming in his eyes.

"Mom," he had whispered, pointing a shaking finger to the laptop. "Can I be a h-hero too?"

She gathered him in her arms and cried, repeating the words "I'm sorry" like a mantra, crying and sobbing as he sat motionless, tears slowly falling down his freckled cheeks.

But he didn't want her to apologize. He wanted her approval.

He wanted to be a hero.







"Useless Deku!"

Izuku got pushed to the ground and laughter followed his descent. He sniffled and stared at his once best friend with a teary gaze.

Bakugou stood over him, an evil smirk on his face with his palms crackling dangerously. The other kid ran away once the attention was diverted to Izuku.

He didn't even thank Izuku.

The green haired boy stood on shaky legs and watery eyes.

"I will become a hero. Someday I will, and you'll see—"

A punch to his stomach shut him up immediately. He curled on the ground with pained whimpers and gasps, tears rushing down his face like a waterfall.

But Bakugou's laugh is what hurt him the most.

It was cold. So cold and unforgiving.







It was a sunny afternoon when classes ended for the day. Izuku sat alone on the swings while the other kids played and showed off their quirks. He scribbled absentmindedly on his notebook, ear buds in, oblivious to the world.

He was so invested in his notebook, he didn't notice when the other kids left the park and that the sun was starting to set.

Gasping, he hurriedly put his stuff in his bag and started to run to his house.

When Izuku turned the corner, a cloth covered his mouth and a large hand yanked him in a nearby alley. He immediately started struggling, his muffled screams going unheard by the world. The more he fought, the more the chemical took affect.

The last thing he saw was a flash of black curly hair and sharp smirk he almost mistook to be Bakugou's before he finally passed out.







"Izuku, I'm home!" Inko called, setting the groceries in the kitchen.

"Sorry I'm late, work kept me longer than usual today. But to make up for it I bought ingredients to make Katsudon! I know how much you love it!"

Silence greeted her explanation.

'That's weird, usually Izuku would greet me by the door, and he hasn't even come into the kitchen yet to tell me about his day. Maybe he's not feeling well...?' She hummed in thought, setting the groceries on the counter before moving to the hallway.

Inko frowned and knocked on his bedroom door, a knot forming in her stomach.

"Izuku? Honey, are you feeling okay?"

No response, the knot growing bigger.


She slowly opened the door.



He wasn't there.







Inko searched the whole town, frantically calling Izuku's name, asking people if they had seen her son.

Hours later she found herself in the police station, Mitsuki by her side, a blanket around her shoulders, and a cup of coffee in her hands with officers asking her questions that she couldn't answer.

Eventually they called in some pro heroes in and explained the situation while Inko talked to a man named Tsukauchi. A large hand gently clasped her small shoulder, and she looked at the smiling face of All Might.

"Don't worry ma'am, we'll find your son."

Despite her constant fear of Izuku's safety, Inko found it in herself to smile at his words.







Izuku awoke chained to a wall in a dark room. Slowly remembering what happened on his way home, he began to cry in earnest, hugging himself as tight as he could as he sobbed. After what felt like forever, Izuku heard a door open and flinched, trying to see who entered the room.

Heavy footsteps slowly moved toward the boy and suddenly the lights turned on, bathing the room in a harsh white glow. After adjusting to the light, the five year old looked up and gasped in fear.

"Calm down," the stranger grumbled, moving to uncuff the boy from the wall. "Sensei asked me to fetch you."

Izuku looked at him in confusion and fear as he rubbed his wrists.

"You will stay here until your body is at the right weight and muscle mass. I expect to see good results when I return in a year's time."

And with that, the cloaked man was gone. In his place were other cloaked people, who made sure he kept up with his diet and muscle training. They talked kindly and were relatively nice to him, but Izuku knew better than to believe them.

He was being trained as a weapon.

But he didn't want to die, not yet. He wanted to see his mom again. So he obeyed their every command without complaint.

And before he knew it, a year had already passed. He was handed back off to the man like promised, who inspected him like a custom made toy. A wolfish grin graced his shadowed face. After thanking the other shadow people for their hard work, he paid them and the man led Izuku to what would be his home for the next six years.






The man sighed. "I'm going to train you, Izuku Midoriya," was the first thing the stranger said when they arrived at the warehouse. He grinned when the boy shrunk back in a panic at the look in his eyes.

"H-How do you know m-my name?" he asked in a stuttered whisper (It was the first time he talked in a year unless he was asked questions by the shadow people). The man just laughed darkly and stood up, his height easily towering over the little green haired boy.

"'How?'" he repeated, yanking the boy to his feet and dragging him to another room.

Pushing Izuku inside, he closed and locked the door, watching in satisfaction as Izuku looked around frantically for an escape route. 

"Let me introduce myself, Izuku. My name is Hisashi Midoriya. I'm your dad that you never had the chance to meet."

Pulling a needle out of his pocket, Hisashi advanced toward his son with a cold gaze, sighing when met with resistance.

"Don't you want a quirk?"

Izuku stopped backing away, looking at Hisashi with weary eyes that had a small spark of hope.

"H–How do you know—"

"You would have used it if you had one," he interrupted, laughing at Izuku's anguished expression. "Plus your medical report showed you didn't have one." He grabbed Izuku's arm and smiled, but it didn't reach his eyes.

If anything, it made him look insane.

"But it's okay, I'm going to give you a quirk of your own. Then, once I've trained you well enough, You can meet Sensei."

Before he could ask anymore questions, Hisashi plunged the needle into his small arm, ignoring his sharp cry and attempt to move away.

Pocketing the needle, Hisashi started toward the door, only to stop and look at Izuku.

"Oh, I almost forgot. You're to stay in here for a while for your body to adapt to your quirk." He added as an afterthought.

Ignoring his son's watery gaze, he shut and locked the door, smirking when he heard his anguished screams start.

'This is going to be a fun experiment,' Hisashi thought with a manic grin.







"This is where you will live from now on, you better get used to it," Hisashi said, going into a small room with a large bag. "And if you ask any annoying questions, I won't hesitate to kill you."

The kid nodded shakily, eyes wide and trembling like a newborn fawn. After setting everything up Hisashi left the room with a scowl.

"There's a change of clothes and food in there, along with a futon. You can sleep whenever, but I expect you to be awake when you hear the door open tomorrow." And with that he was gone, locking Izuku in the warehouse for the night.

Izuku looked around warily, the flashlight casting eerie shadows along the dark walls. He crept to his room after using the bathroom, eyeing the futon with sadness; he was used to mattresses.

After changing into the clothes he was given — dingy old clothes, of course he wouldn't get anything good — Izuku slipped into the uncomfortable bed with a grimace. It felt awful on his back and the pillow was too flat for his head to rest comfortably.

He stared at the ceiling for what felt like forever, memorizing the way the shadows twisted and shaped themselves in the darkness.







In the end he couldn't sleep. When he heard the door open he was already fixing his futon and changing his clothes. When Hisashi knocked on his bedroom door — more like slammed his fist against it — Izuku was already awake and ready.

Hisashi smirked, seeming pleased with this. "I'm surprised you managed to follow my instructions. Maybe you have a brain after all."

He took Izuku to the back of the warehouse outside, leading him to a training ground of sorts. Izuku looked around carefully, analyzing ways he could escape or distract Hisashi long enough to—

"Don't even try it. I know that look in your eyes," the man interrupted his thoughts, gazing coldly at the small child. He kneeled in front of Izuku, towering over his frame with ease. He gripped his shoulders painfully, like Kacchan used to do, except there was no smoke coming from his hands.

Hisashi made sure Izuku stared into his soulless black eyes when he said this:

"If you even make one move to try and get out here, I'll kill you with my bare hands."

When he saw Izuku nod, he stood and clapped his hands like a teacher getting the attention of his class, his smile dripping with faux innocence.

"Now, let's get started, shall we?"




Those eyes haunted Izuku's dreams for weeks.






Midoriya was four years old when he found out he was quirkless.

Midoriya was five years old when he was kidnapped by a villain.

Midoriya was six years old when he was forcibly given a quirk.

Midoriya was seven years old when he was forced to kill a man.

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All Izuku knew was pain. From when he woke up, to when he finally passed out.

This was his routine for a few weeks.

After a couple days of recovery — nowhere near enough time for his small body to heal — Hisashi started training him.

They started with physical training, then moved onto using his quirk, then both at once.

Izuku was never allowed to ask if he could visit his mother. The small throbbing burn on his arm served as a painful reminder.

It ended up scarring.

Two months slowly ticked by. Izuku would always cling to the hope of being rescued everyday, by All Might, by his mother, by anyone.

But no one came.

He was slowly giving up on heroes, on the possibility of ever being able to leave.

And worst of all, he gave up on the chance of ever seeing his mother again.







After what felt like forever, three months had passed.


Then four


Then five

Izuku fell onto the ground in a heap of throbbing and burnt limbs. Hisashi towered over him with a dark glare.

"Stand back up! You're training to become a villain! Heroes won't let you rest!"

Izuku said nothing.

Fire licked at his father's mouth.

"I told you to stand up!" He screamed fire toward Izuku, who barely dodged in time, and his left leg started to bubble and burn.

A scream tore from his throat as he clutched his leg with shaking hands. Hisashi sighed loudly and poured a bucket of water over the burn.

"We're done for the day." He threw some burn cream and gauze and other medical supplies at the shivering boy. "Clean yourself up. I expect to see some better results tomorrow." 

The click of the door shutting and locking was a godsend to him. Izuku whimpered as he applied the cream and gauze. After putting plastic wrap on it he took a quick shower and fell on his futon, trying and failing again to get comfortable on the flat bedding.

He was woken from his fitful sleep by the sound of the door opening again. Izuku tensed, preparing his small body for a fight, only to see Hisashi drop off a bag of food and leave again without even looking at him.







"Enough with this!"

Izuku flinched when Hisashi grabbed his arm in a death grip. Flicks of sparks spit from his mouth as he growled at his son.

"if you don't start using your quirk, I'm afraid I'll have to force you to use it."

"I won't."

Hisashi paused.

"What did you say?" His voice was a deathly cold whisper.

"I said I won't use your quirk!" Izuku yelled, his heart thumping in fear.

Big mistake.

"You don't make the rules around here, you useless brat. When I tell you to do something you do it! I don't care how much it hurts or how bad it is, you will obey me!"

Izuku screamed when he felt the skin on the right side of his face bubble and split. 

Hisashi pulled back with a curse and ran out of the room to make a phone call.

He left his only son sobbing and howling in agony as he gripped and clawed the side of his face. Even his tears hurt the rapidly swelling flesh.

Izuku had long passed out before Hisashi came back with someone who had a healing quirk.







Once Izuku's eye healed, it was back to training.

But training was much more brutal than before.

Hisashi always used his fire. Izuku refused to use his to defend himself. If anything, looking at it made him sick to his stomach.

After two years passed, Izuku gave up on heroes. If someone was going to save him, they would have done so already.

Instead, at the age of six, Izuku had to endure Hisashi's harsh beatings and punishments. He had to dress his wounds every night and cry himself to sleep, his right eye throbbing when he pressed on it too hard.

At the age of seven, Izuku was forced to kill a man.







Hisashi took Izuku to another abandoned building, much similar to the one he lived in. After typing in a passcode he dragged his son inside and slammed the door shut, announcing their presence.

In front of him sat a man in maybe his twenties, shivering and yelling around the gag in his mouth. Izuku put a hand on his mouth, swallowing the bile threatening to rise from his throat.

On the table in front of him sat various tools of torture, ranging from knives to a silencer and even a high voltage taser.

The green eyed boy let out a quiet whimper and sank to the floor, finally realizing what his father wanted him to do.

But all he could see was the warehouse and its twisted metal walls, the training field with blood splattered on the once beautiful green grass, burn marks littering the surface like a reminder of what was, and what will never be the same.

A hand yanked him back on his feet, interrupting his painful flashbacks. Hisashi glowers at him and gestured for him to get started.

Izuku looked away.

His father growled, flames licking at his mouth in warning.

Izuku didn't budge.

Hisashi forced Izuku to look at him. His gaze was unforgiving as he spat sparks at his face.

Too close to his new scar.

Too close for comfort.

"If you don't kill this man right now, I'll make you kill your mother. You don't want her to die, do you?"

Hisashi knew exactly what buttons to push. All Izuku could hear was his rapidly increasing heartbeat as his trembling hand picked up the weapon closest to his reach: a knife.

His panicked thoughts drowned out everything around him as he approached the struggling victim.

He can't get his mother involved.

Anyone but her. But please, not his mother.

Not her


Not her


Not her

A loud laugh knocked Izuku out of his trance, his eyes clearing to see the man lying in a pool of his own blood. The knife clattered to the floor out of Izuku's trembling hands, breaths coming out harsh and fast.

He just killed someone.

He just killed an innocent man.

If he ever gets out of here, he can never become a hero. Heroes don't kill people, only villains do.

Only villains kill people—

Hisashi had to drag him out of the warehouse by the collar of his shirt.







Izuku didn't eat or sleep for days.

In his dreams he sees bodies bathed in red, himself standing above them with a bloody knife and crazed grin.

He barely fought back in his training sessions. Hisashi decided he had enough of his behavior and took Izuku to an old bar to meet some villains who could stop his "selfish actions" as he called it.

Behind the counter stood a person made of mist, and sitting at the counter was a boy with hands on his body and one covering his face.

They called themselves The League of Villains. A group that wants to overthrow the hero system by killing All Might.

'Yeah, good luck with that,' Izuku internally scoffed, but other than that he remained indifferent to the idea.

The mist man was Kurogiri, his quirk warp gate, allowing him to teleport people to places.

The other was Shigaraki, his quirk decay, using all five fingertips allowing him to disintegrate anything they touch.

The other people weren't present at the moment, so Hisashi had Izuku train with Shigaraki.

Let's just say it didn't go too well.

Izuku went to sleep that night with more scars and bruises from a beating inflicted from Hisashi.







At the age of eight, Izuku started learning how to use weapons.

He was given a switchblade and was instructed to target a young hero. Hisashi got the information from Kurogiri and told Izuku to study it for a few days.

Hero name: Mist. Civilian name: Amaya Shizue. Quirk: Rainy Daze. She can create a strong mist of rain that messes with her opponents senses. Usually gets home around eight o'clock. Goes to the supermarket on Wednesdays, etc...

Izuku didn't want to study it. He doesn't want to kill innocent people. He never wanted this life. He never asked for this.

But he had to. He doesn't have a choice.

He's never had a choice.

After praying for forgiveness — as if anyone would hear him. He long gave up on being rescued — Izuku reluctantly stepped through the portal Kurogiri created on Wednesday.







In the shadows, Izuku watched Amaya enter her apartment with bags of groceries.

Time to make his move.

Landing on her balcony, he picked the lock and silently slipped inside.

After the hero retired for the night, Izuku pulled out a sedative and did what he was instructed to do.

Hisashi was angry that Izuku didn't kill her in cold blood, but he would take what he got for now. After all, Izuku can no longer think of becoming a hero now that he killed the one thing he used to admire so much.

That's another thing he can mark off the checklist.







It was all over the news. Rising hero Mist killed in her own home, the killer escaping without notice, not a single piece of evidence left behind, and all at the tender age of 25.

Aizawa grit his teeth and turned off the news.

" don't think it was him, do you?" Inko's whisper pierced through the silence, her voice hoarse from crying. Aizawa just stared at his lap.

That was something he was unable to answer, something he couldn't answer.

He sighed and put a comforting hand on her shoulder. "I'm going to scout the area again. I'll have All Might come and keep you company."

After Aizawa left, Inko immediately broke down sobbing.

When All Might got there she had a smile on her face, but her red rimmed eyes betrayed her true emotions. The pair sat down for tea, the ticking of the clock breaking the silence every few seconds. The number one hero cleared his throat nervously, startling Inko out of her unpleasant thoughts.

"I apologize, Ms. Midoriya. It shouldn't be taking us this long to find young Izuku. It's... I wish I could be of better help."

Inko started tearing up again. "N-No, All Might, please don't blame yourself. I know you and Aizawa-san are working hard, and you also have other duties as a hero—"

She choked back a sob. Her nails dug into her palms hard enough to draw blood.

"If anything, All Might, I should be apologizing. Instead of being able to do something to help your search, I'm sitting in my apartment wallowing in self hatred and sorrow. I could be out there right now, helping Aizawa-san find my son or help you during your free time, but I'm not." The tears ran down her thin cheeks, the stress of her situation slowly deteriorating her health. She lost a lot of weight and started eating less food.

When she sees pictures of katsudon, or even smells the food, she feels a strong urge of throwing up.

A pair of lanky yet warm arms hugged Inko across the table. When the white smoke cleared she saw a skinny man looking at her with tears gathered in the corner of his sunken eyes, his blonde hair a wild mess.


"You are so much stronger than you give yourself credit for, Ms. Midoriya," the man— no, All Might, whispered sincerely. "When I look at you I see a strong and caring mother who is doing the best that she can, and I see you holding on to the feeling of your son's return. You will see him again, be it tomorrow or months from now, but I guarantee that you will see him."

"All Might…"

A genuine smile reached Inko's face, and despite the ugly feeling gripping her heart, she smiled and hugged Toshinori with a shaky laugh.

Yes, she can get through this.


She had to, for Izuku's sake.

Chapter Text

Inko was getting worse as each day passed. More heroes were dying and she cried every time at the thought of her only son being a villain.

Aizawa and All Might did their best to keep her company. They came over frequently and always did their best to find Izuku.

But their best was never enough.

Inko started to give up on ever seeing her son again. It's been far too long.

She's tried to keep her mind busy. She always cooked food for the two pro heroes, watched TV, cleaned the house, hung out with Mitsuki.

Anything to occupy herself, to keep her mind busy.

She's never gone into Izuku's room. Not since she knew he was kidnapped. She absolutely refused.

The door always stays closed.

Despite all of these horrible days, Inko had a tiny smile on her face when she opened the front door for All Might. The hero had a bag in one hand and handed it to her with a smile.

"I got some cheesecake for us to share Ms. Midoriya!" He boomed with his signature grin, laughing bashfully when Inko once again told him to drop the formalities.

They enjoyed an evening of movies and popcorn, curled on the couch with one of Aizawa's cats, Nox, on Inko's lap. He left her with the woman to keep her company when one of them couldn't visit her.

The peaceful atmosphere was short lived, however.

After All Might had to leave, Inko turned on the news to have skme background noise while she cleaned up, not really paying attention to what was being said, she almost didn't notice what the news said.

"Another hero has fallen in a similar way to how hero Mist had died. This makes a total of six heroes dead in their homes from sedatives and...."

Inko sank to her knees with an anguished sob.







"Come on, son! Use your fire!"

Izuku grunted as a strong punch bruised his arm almost instantly. A blast of fire made him stumble and almost fall to his knees.

His arms throbbed from blocking Hisashi's heavy blows, his legs wobbled unsteadily.

He was just so tired.

"I chose to give you this quirk, the least you can do is use it," Hisashi taunted, a feral glint in his dark eyes.

Izuku's lips trembled to keep from scowling. He wanted to yell, to cry and sob until he had no tears left.

Instead, he turned and walked away from the field, away from Hisashi.

"And where do you think you're going?"

He turned back with a neutral expression.

"I'm leaving."

Hisashi's eye twitched.

"We're not done yet! Get your ass back here!"

Recently, Hisashi started allowing him to leave the warehouse, as long as he got back before nightfall so he could lock him inside for the night. And as long as Izuku brought him something good in exchange or did him a favor, then he could continue to do as he pleased outside.

But if he tried to contact anyone or go into Hero territory, Hiashi would know immediately, and the punishment would be severe.

Izuku ignored him and continued to walk away.

Hisashi's large hand clasped down on his shoulder. Izuku barely suppressed a flinch.

"Listen to me here son," He growled, voice dripping in venom, "you will start using your fire and you will start obeying me. Are we clear?"

Izuku trembled, but he slapped the hand off his shoulder. "No, we aren't clear," he snapped, turning around to glare at the villain.

"And I am not your son!"

With that he turned and continued walking, ignoring Hisashi's heated glare and clenched fists.







Aizawa was on patrol when he noticed a small figure curled in a ball next to an abandoned arcade building. Approaching silently, he noticed that the kid was sleeping.

His gently touched the boy's arm.

The boy gasped and scrambled to a sitting position, looking at him in fear. His hair flung from the right side, giving Aizawa a glimpse of a nasty looking scar. He quickly adjusted his hair to cover it, not knowing that the hero had already seen most of it.

"I-I'm sorry, I didn't realize I was in your way sir—"

"It's alright kid."

Izuku fidgeted, eyes darting left to right. Somewhere to escape, Aizawa realized.

After helping him to his feet, Aizawa studied him carefully. His fingernails were bit down, fingers wringing together nervously. He kept his eyes downcast, refusing to meet the pro hero's gaze.

"What's someone like you doing around here?"

He didn't miss the way he flinched.

"I-I think I'm lost..." Izuku lied smoothly. Or at least he hoped so.

Aizawa sighed, not believing him in the slightest.

"C'mon kid, I'll take you home. Where do you live?"

Hisashi waiting by the old warehouse to punish him flashed through Izuku's mind.

"I can get h-home by myself, but thank you sir."

Aizawa hummed, eyes roaming over Izuku's small frame one more time before setting his hand on his shoulder.

Izuku froze, his heart stopping. Panic settling in the pit of his stomach, he wretched away from the other man, legs starting to run only to be stopped by fabric wrapping around his body. No matter how much he twisted and struggled, the fabric stayed taut around his midsection.

"That confirms my suspicions," Aizawa mumbled, kneeling in front of Izuku, pulling the fabric back but placing a gentle hand on his arm.

"Listen kid, I know you're not from around here; this is villain territory. I'm not going to hurt you, I just want to help you."

"Help... me?" Izuku echoed back uncertainly, eyes watering dangerously.

Aizawa nodded.

Izuku bit his lip and looked away, a sudden wall covering his eyes. "That's impossible, no one can help me, not anymore."

Aizawa raised a brow.

"Care to elaborate on that?"

Izuku didn't answer.

The pro hero stood up with a huff, ruffling Izuku's hair before getting some paper and writing something down.

"Here you go." He handed the boy the paper with his personal phone number on it, along with his name. "When you're ready, just call this number. When it gets to be too much this is how you can reach me."

Izuku took the paper with trembling hands and started crying.

He threw his arms around Aizawa, whispering a quiet thank you before running off into the night, leaving a very shocked Aizawa behind.

One thing was for sure: those green eyes of his looked awfully familiar.

Chapter Text

It was a mistake leaving that night.

Izuku winced as every movement made it feel like he was being stabbed all over. Hisashi took away his medical supplies as punishment for walking out before training ended and not brining back anything in exchange.

The next few days of training were so harsh that he found himself vomiting and unable to stand back up after being knocked down again and again

He was just so, so tired....

Sighing, Izuku took out the piece of paper that man gave him. He didn't know why, but the stranger made him feel safe. A warm ball of trust settled in his heart when he seemed concerned for Izuku's well being.

No one has ever worried about him except his mother.

Heart thudding painfully in his throat, Izuku stood and gathered his things. After packing some clothes (he had nothing worth of value anymore), he limped towards the door, the paper clutched tightly in his hand.

Fear stopped his hand from opening the door when he heard the familiar footsteps of Hisashi approaching the warehouse.

Izuku trembled minutely, willing his unresponsive legs to move as he heard the pass code being typed in. A dark feeling replaced the warmth from earlier, tears threatening to gather in his eyes.

His arm fell limply to his side when he saw Hisashi standing in front of him with a surprised expression.

I'll never escape.

Izuku knew when Hisashi's face turned into one of pure rage that he fucked up.

With a growl he reached toward Izuku, who could finally move, and yanked him in the air from his bag.

"You thought you could run off again? After all I've done for you, and this is how you thank me?!"

He leaned into Iuzku's face and yanked his bangs up, uncovering his scar.

"Do you want to know something, son?"

He didn't answer, couldn't answer.

Hisashi took his silence as an affirmative.

"You can never become a hero. Not after all you've done. Do you really think they'd let someone who killed almost 20 pro heroes enter U.A.?"

Izuku's heart stopped.








Izuku ran on unsteady legs, clutching the piece of paper like a lifeline, Hisashi hot on his trail. He didn't stop running even as he stumbled and tripped several times.

If he doesn't get away Hisashi will kill him.

Izuku gasped in pain as flames grazed his arm. He tumbled to the ground and barely got up in time as fire burned where he had fallen.

He looked back to see Hisashi holding his breath and his legs lock up again, memories of his face burning, skin peeling and bubbling flashing through his mind.

As soon as Hisashi released a breath of fire, he covered his face with his arms.

When the flames burn his sleeves and hit bare skin, Izuku barely held back a scream.

Dark spots clouded his vision as he started running again.







Aizawa is enjoying his day off when he gets the phone call.

His cat protested loudly when he was pushed from his lap. Aizawa gave Vega an apologetic pat on the head while gabbing his phone from the bedroom.

He raised an eyebrow at the unfamiliar number but shrugged and answered, his instincts telling him it was important.

"This better be important, it's my day off–"

"H–help me, please—"

Aizawa heard a muffled cry. Instantly alert, he scrambled to put on his hero costume.

"Kid where are you?!"

"I think I'm c-close to an old rundown gym. I—"

The call cut off.

Aizawa cursed loudly and practically flew out of his apartment.







"Where are you hiding, Izuku?"

Izuku shivered in disgust, pressing against the dark wall of the gym as much as he could.

"If you come out, I'll think about making your punishment less... severe."

He didn't move.

Hisashi was silent for a few moments.

"Then, who was the person you called? If someone comes here to save you, I'm afraid they'll have to die."

Izuku's blood ran cold. A small cry left his throat at the thought of seeing that kind man die.

A hand grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, yanking him forward.

With a sick grin on his face, Hisashi took a deep breath, hands tightening around the boy.

Izuku closed his eyes, bracing himself for the familiar heat of flames.

He heard Hisashi exhale, but didn't feel anything hit him. Curious, Izuku slowly opened his eyes.

Hishasi had a look of utter surprise on his face, mouth gaping open. But no fire was coming out of his mouth. Once his grip loosened around his collar, Izuku was grabbed by cloth and yanked in the air.

A hand muffled the scream he was about to let out. Struggling to get away from his captor, Izuku clawed at the fabric around his midsection, only to stop when a hand gently grasped his shoulder.

He was turned around to face a man wearing a black outfit with cloth around neck and yellow goggles.

The man removed the goggles and Izuku gasped, remembering that he had seen him at the arcade a few nights ago.

"–id. Hey kid!"

Izuku flinched at his tone. He noticed this and his eyes softened, voice lowering to a normal volume.

Before he could say more, Hisashi yelled in rage, flames rising rapidly from the ground.


Izuku shivered violently, grabbing at his hair and pulling hard enough to pull out a few strands.

Useless useless useless—

"Stay with me kid," the man said urgently, prying his hands away from his hair. Once he got his attention, Izuku got pulled into a hug.

"My name is Aizawa Shouta," he whispered into Izuku's hair, tightening his arms around him. "I'm the pro hero Eraserhead, and I'm going to get you out of here."

Izuku let out a strangled sob against Aizawa's chest, hugging him back tightly despite how injured he was. The hero grimaced at his injuries, quickly whisking out his phone.

Recovery Girl picked up on the second ring. "Aizawa, you never call me. Did something happen?"

"I need you to call some heroes to my location. I found a kid being chased by a villain with a fire breathing quirk. I also need an ambulance—"

Izuku paled, a panicked look on his face as he pulled away from Aizawa in a hurry.

"No hospitals!"

Aizawa looked at him in shock, the silence on the phone indicating that Recovery Girl heard his outburst too.

"You're seriously injured. You need medical attention immediately. A hospital is the best option—"

"Please, anything but a hospital. They'll ask questions and prod me with n-needles and—"

"Okay, okay," Aizawa sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. "Alright, no hospital. Recovery Girl, send some heroes here and go to my apartment, I'll bring the boy there."

"...I understand," She replied after a moment of silence. After pocketing his phone Aizawa pulled Izuku back to his chest with his capture weapon.

"You ready to get out here kid?"

He nodded, wrapping his arms around Aizawa again.

Only after they arrive at Aizawa's apartment did Izuku finally let himself pass out, knowing he was finally safe.

Chapter Text

When Aizawa felt Izuku's head loll to the side, he knew his injuries had to get checked right away.

He gently set the teen on his bed and carefully peeled off his tattered shirt, hissing at the sight of his wounds.

Dark purple and yellow bruises, along with second degree burns sat on his chest and stomach with some jagged cuts thrown in here and there.

Next were his arms. Izuku's forearms were also covered in cuts and burns, stopping at his elbows. The top of his arms look relatively unscathed.

Aizawa scowled and very carefully removed his sweatpants. His legs were scraped and bruised from falling, but what caught his eye was the burn scar on his left leg, looking similar to the one on his right arm.

Taking a deep breath to steady himself, Aizawa got a cold rag and set it on Izuku's forehead, brushing his green-black hair aside–

Only to see a burn scar covering his right eye. He caught a glimpse of it when he first seen the kid, but he didn't know it was this bad.

Aizawa's hand balled into fists. When he gets his hands on that villain he's going to—

"Aizawa!" Recovery Girl quickly entered the room, putting her supplies on a table. "How bad are his injuries?" She asked, hurrying over to the bed.

Aizawa sighed to mask his worry and anger. "They're looking pretty bad. He has cuts and burns all over him. And some old burn scars, on his left leg, right arm and right eye."

Recovery Girl nodded and slipped on some gloves.

"Okay! Let's get this boy treated, shall we?"







Consciousness returned to Izuku slowly. A dull throb resonated throughout his entire body, and he ached to scratch his itchy arms under his bandages.

...wait, bandages?!

Izuku shot up with a gasp, looking at his arms, then around the unfamiliar environment in shock. The room was bathed in a soft light from the bedside lamp, the curtains drawn and bedroom door shut. Something fuzzy moved against his arm, a soft meow coming from it.

A black cat with piercing green eyes stared intently at Izuku.

Izuku backed up with a startled yell, the bedroom door opening moments later.







When he heard a yell from his bedroom, Aizawa was instantly alert. Yanking the door open and turning on the light, he expected to see a villain in the room or something worse.

He didn't expect to see the kid leaning against the wall as far as he could, Vega sitting in front of him and licking his paw without a care in the world.

Aizawa stifled a small chuckle and shut the door, moving to sit next to Izuku.

"It's about time you woke up. You've been asleep for almost three days now. How are you feeling?"

Izuku fiddled with the end of his blanket and shrugged. Aizawa took the towel from his lap and set it on the end table. When he reached to feel his forehead, the kid flinched back and pulled his bangs down.

Aizawa sighed softly. "I've already seen it kid. There's no need to hide it."

He didn't miss the way his shoulders tensed.

"Did— did anyone else see it?"

"Just Recovery Girl. She came by to treat your injuries."

Izuku looked away with an unreadable expression. Aizawa pushed his bangs up and put his hand on his forehead. "Your fever went away, that's good. Are you hungry kid?"

He nodded. Aizawa stood up and went to leave, only to be stopped by Izuku's fingers catching his sleeve.

"My name... It's Izuku Midoriya."

Aizawa's eyes widened at the familiar last name, making a mental note to call Inko as soon as possible.

"Okay. Midoriya, is there anything specific you want to eat?"

Izuku looked at him with hopeful eyes.

"Can you make katsudon?"







As soon as Izuku took a bite he was misty eyed. He almost couldn't remember the taste of his favorite dish.

After eating two portions was Izuku finally full. When Aizawa sat next to Izuku on the couch, he sighed and faced the teen with a serious look.

"I called your mother earlier. She'll be here tomorrow to see you."

Izuku tensed.

Aizawa put a gentle hand on his knee. "Do you want to tell me what happened? You don't have to if you're not ready."

Though trembling slightly, Izuku nodded and told him everything. How he was kidnapped by Hisashi, was given a quirk, how he got his scars, his intense and harsh training sessions and how he met the League of Villains. By the end of his story Izuku was sobbing and shivering, squeezing Aizawa's hand like a lifeline.

"I was quirkless before he forced this quirk into me. I don't want this quirk. It's too much like him. I don't want a villains quirk. I wish I was still quirkless."

Aizawa hummed and carefully squeezed Izuku's hand.

"What exactly is your quirk, if you don't mind me asking."

Izuku blinked, his eyes clearing from his past memories. "I'm not really sure," he said, wringing his fingers together nervously. "I never really used it, I refused to use his quirk. It's some type of fire quirk, I'm sure, I just don't know how to control it."

The pro hero tapped the back of Izuku's hand. "You should use it."

He looked at him like he was crazy.

"What's with that look? If things get out of hand I can erase it."

"...okay," is all he said, barely an audible whisper.

Taking a deep breath, Izuku finally let go of his restraint.

Aizawa tapped his shoulder and he took a peek, eyes widening at the sight.

A small green flame danced on his palm, twisting and twirling around in a slow dance. Curious, Izuku tried making the flame bigger.

Instantly the flame became the size of his hand, pain immediately flaring from his palm. A cry left Izuku's throat; Aizawa instantly erased it and ran him to the sink, running his hand under ice cold water. After treating the burn they sat back down on the couch, Izuku looking lost and unsure. Aizawa reached over and gave him an encouraging pat on the head.

"It's okay kid. It's going to take a lot of practice, but you'll learn how to control it."

Izuku hid his gaze under his bangs.

"But what if I don't want to use it?"

"Then don't." Aizawa brought him into a comforting embraced Izuku practically melted into. "But remember this: it's not our quirk that defines who we are, it's how and what we use it for, whether its for good or evil."

Later when curled in his bed — a mattress and blanket, but he wasn't used to the softness of it — Izuku thought long and hard on those words, and before he realized it, it was already early morning.

Chapter Text

When Inko got a call from Aizawa, she started crying, scaring Toshinori to death when he came out of the bathroom. Upon hearing the news, he sighed in relief and hugged Inko tightly as she cried.

It's finally over.

Inko and Toshinori cleaned the whole apartment in record time and practically ran to the train station.

They conversed on the way, Inko excitedly talking about Izuku, her eyes no longer swimming with pain. Toshinori smiled; he couldn't wait to meet the kid.







Izuku stood next to Aizawa at the train station, chewing on his fingernails in a nervous habit.

What would mom think of him now, after being gone for so long. Would she be happy? Or maybe she would look at him and not want anything to do with him? After all, he's nothing more than a shell of his former self. He's just a useless tool—

A hand gently pried his away from his mouth and Izuku's eyes cleared from his inner turmoil.

"It'll be fine kid," Aizawa mumbled in the folds of his capture gear, eyes searching for Inko and Toshinori. "Don't say stuff about yourself like that."

Izuku startled, not realizing he was mumbling. Whispering a quiet apology, he looked around wearily at the steadily growing crowd, not used to being around so many people anymore. Noticing his distress, Aizawa took Izuku's smaller hand in his and gave it a gentle squeeze.

Together they stood for what felt like hours until Aizawa notice two familiar people approaching them at a brisk pace.

"Here they come." Aizawa nudged him forward, but as soon as he let go Izuku moved behind him.

Inko stopped walking. She couldn't believe her eyes; her son, still alive in one piece. But he looked thinner, his hair slightly darker and longer, bangs covering his right eye.

She watched as Aizawa knelt in front of Izuku and helped straighten out his clothes — a new hoodie and sweats — and pat his head when he was done. Izuku smiled a small, shy smile at the action, something he's never done before. He would always smile brightly with a laugh when someone showed him any type of affection.

He's changed so much, Inko doesn't recognize her own son anymore.

"Inko?" Toshinori set a gentle hand on her shoulder. She flinched from his touch to turn and lean heavily against the wall closest to her, choking back a sob.

"I–I can't do it Toshinori." Through blurry eyes Inko saw Aizawa type something on his phone, keeping a steady hand on her son's shoulder. The hero frowned when his phone vibrated with a message.

Aizawa: I saw you two coming over here before you stopped. What's going on?

Toshinori: Inko isn't herself at the moment. Would it be better to visit later or tomorrow?

Aizawa: If that's what she wants. I'll tell Izuku.

After he put his phone away, Toshinori got Inko's attention. "Aizawa understands if you want to wait until later or tomorrow. What would you like to do?"

The woman bit her lip, watching the pair one more time before shaking her head.

"I think I can see him tomorrow. I just— I know it's awful to say that, but I don't know if I can do this right now. I need some time to think and plan for the future and so much more."

Inko took a deep breath, looking at Toshinori with a guilty expression.

"Is Izuku okay with this? I don't want to hurt his feelings."

Toshinori smiled reassuringly. "Don't worry, I'll ask him."

Toshinori: Inko said tomorrow would be better. Is Izuku okay with this?

Aizawa: He seemed a little disappointed, but other than that he doesn't mind.

"Alright, let's go back." Toshinori guided her back to Tsukauchi's car and together the trio headed to Inko's apartment.






"I know I said it was okay, but is she not happy to see me again?"

"You know that's not it, Izuku. She's been going through a lot since you were gone." Aizawa gave the kid a drink and sat next to him, watching the way he seemed to vibrate with nervous energy.

They stayed up a little later before going to sleep.







The next day Inko and Toshinori came to the apartment to see Izuku to make it easier for them.

This time, Inko knelt down and smiled tentatively at her son, opening her arms for a hug. She tried not to feel hurt when he looked at Aizawa for what seemed like confirmation, but after he nervously accepted the hug he broke down in harsh sobs and hiccups.

Inko hugged him tighter and started crying herself, and the two men walked into another room to give the reunited family privacy.

After thanking the heroes multiple times and telling them their always welcome at their home, Inko gently grabbed Izuku's hand and took him home.

They spent the next week getting him new clothes and whatever else he wanted, watching movies together and getting takeout and drinking hot chocolate. Izuku was still nervous and scared around Inko sometimes, flinching at the smallest noises and gestures, but they managed to make it work somehow, even if it left Inko feeling like a failure most of the time.




But of course, Izuku can never have true happiness. He can only get a taste of it before it's suddenly ripped away from him entirely.







A few months later, in the middle of the night, a bleary eyed Izuku stumbled into the living room and saw his mom sitting on the couch with her head hung and shoulders shaking. Suddenly wide awake, he stopped beside her in worry.

"M-Mom?" Izuku asked shakily, still nervous around her despite it being almost four months of being with her again.

He gently touched her shoulder. "Mom, are you—"

"Don't touch me!" She slapped his hand away like a bug. Izuku yanked it back like it had been burned, staring at her in fear.

Inko glared at him, her eyes unclear and foggy, unlike their usual clear emerald color. "Stay away from me. I want my son back!"

Izuku just looked at her in hurt and confusion. "I–I don't understand mom. I am your son."

"Liar," She hissed vehemently, readying her quirk with the flick of her wrist. Izuku just looked at her.

She seemed like a completely different person.

When a floating knife was pointed in his direction Izuku's quirk acted on its own, burning the blade before it could even reach him.

If anything, it only made Inko angrier.

"I want my son back, Hisashi! Bring him back to me!" She screamed, angry tears streaming down her face as she readied her quirk again.

And with that, Izuku numbly realized that his mom finally snapped. With tears in his eyes and an apology leaving his lips, he quickly locked himself in the bathroom and called the only person who's phone number he had and memorized.




With a painful cry he hit the dial button.

Chapter Text

Something fuzzy tickling his face woke Izuku from his slumber. He groaned and nudged his cat away, sitting up slowly and started getting ready for his morning jog around town. He fed the cats and ate some pancakes before he left, Kuro following close at his heels.

Izuku took the train to his old neighborhood and went to the beach, eyeing the piles of trash with a determined expression.

Rolling up his sleeves, he began his training.

He gathered the things he could carry first and thrown them away, them moved onto the heavier items, such as an old TV and refrigerator. Kuro ran across the sand and picked up small objects to toss to Izuku, creating tiny crystals wherever she walked.

By lunchtime Izuku cleared another large portion of the beach. He flopped down on the sand with an exhausted sigh and downed his water bottle. Kuro purred and curled around his fluffy green hair with a satisfied huff.

Izuku stretched his sore arms with a wince and stared at the clouds with glazed eyes lost in thought.

A startled yelp escaped his throat when the familiar feeling of cloth obscured his eyesight.

"Aiiizawaa," Izuku whined, hands grabbing at the capture weapon with a pout. The pro hero removed it with a chuckle, reaching down to rub Kuro's head. The gray and white kitten curled around his leg happily with a small meow.

In the morning Izuku goes to Dagoba beach with All Might to clean the trash that's accumulated there through the years, and in the evening Aizawa trains Izuku to fight without his quirk. On the weekends he goes to visit his mom in the hospital and trains with his quirk.

He can only use small amounts of it without hurting himself, so Aizawa suggested he apply to U.A. to hone Emerald Inferno to it's maximum potential

And despite the whispering voice of doubt and Hisashi sneering at him with the familiar phrase "like father like son", Izuku agreed to try the entrance exam.

Izuku has six more months to train and practice his quirk before the big day, and he'll be damned if he's stopped by his negativity now.

Izuku was four when he was kidnapped

Izuku was five when he was given a quirk

Izuku was six when he was forced to train with Hisashi

Izuku was thirteen when he was rescued by Aizawa

Izuku is fifteen and is training for U.A.'s entrance exam

Izuku is finally happy




But unfortunately, as they always do, all good things must come to an end.







A quiet bar sat in the middle of a shady part of town, where a man with hands on his body tapped four fingers impatiently on the bar counter. Despite the outside appearance of the building, the inside was kept clean and orderly.

A purple mist appeared and the man with piercing red eyes sighed heavily.

"Finally Kurogiri! What took you so long?!"

Kurogiri took his usual place behind the counter and grabbed a glass, beginning the normal routine of polishing them. "Forgive me for being late Tomura, but I've brought an old guest with me."

The portal opened again and out came a familiar man with black curly hair and black eyes, a scowl on his face as sparks of fire flickered past his lips.

"Midoriya Hisashi, you let Izuku Midoriya escape and you failed to get him back. After we tried to contact you and failed to reach you, we've had one of our men tail you for quite some time. It's nice to know that you're finally ready to face us."

Hisashi flinched but otherwise said nothing. He simply glared and crossed his arms, eyebrow raised as if to say 'get to the point'.

Shigaraki scratched his neck, a low growl in his throat but for once did not interrupt Kurogiri.

"Sensei has offered you a deal. Should you refuse, you may not walk out of here alive, for he believes your boy in our ranks would prove most affective."

This got the black haired man's attention.

Kurogiri's golden eyes crinkled in amusement. "You see, we have reason to believe he will be entering U.A., and All Might will be working there this year as a teacher; this will kill two birds with one stone—"

"Get to the point already! I have places to be!"

"Of course," the mist man sighed, choosing to ignore his rude outburst. "Anyway, when we launch an attack on the school, we want you to join our operation so that you may get the boy back where he belongs. And if he refuses, you may use whatever means necessary to take him. Just don't kill him." His eyes narrowed when he said that last sentence.

Hisashi's grin was bloodthirsty when he stared at the pair, punching his hands together with an excited glint in his eyes.

"Alright, I think I'll join you. When is this operation?"

Shigaraki smirked while Kurogiri began sharing the plan with an eager Hisashi.

He slipped away without notice and went outside to the balcony to think. The villain stared at the polluted sky, lost in thought, until Kurogiri informed him that their guest left and that he should get some rest.

Later that night, Shigaraki was still awake. He sighed and thumbed through a file on their recruited members, new and old.

His finger stopped on Izuku's page.

"What's so special about heroes?" He wondered out loud, his hand trembling in rage. "They're only there when it's convenient for them, when they can make some quick cash or get their fifteen minutes of fame. If he wants to be a hero, then so be it. He can be like the rest of them!"

A tear landed on the photo, then another.

"So why am I so upset?" Shigaraki whispered to his empty room, twisting the photo around with four of his fingers.

With a snarl the files were thrown across the room, Izuku's sitting on top as if mocking him.

"No... No, I'm not upset. I'm angry. That's it! These are angry tears!"

Kurogiri opened the door a few minutes later, wondering what all the noise was about. Upon seeing Shigaraki destroying the files, his eyes widened.

"What are you doing Tomura?" He sighed at the lack of response. "You're lucky we have backup files on those people." But Shigaraki didn't give a damn; he was too busy laughing and shredding the files into tiny pieces.

He felt like he was walking on air.

"I got it, Kurogiri! I know how to stop feeling this way." His red eyes were wide, grin radiating bloodlust, making the warp villain shiver.

"I just have to kill Inferno! Yes, once he serves his purpose, I can get rid of him like the trash he is! Sensei will be so proud of me!"

The rest of the night was filled with the sounds of laughter and careful planning.

Chapter Text

Izuku approached the gates of U.A. early on the day of the exam. He decided to so he wouldn't get overwhelmed quickly, so he left the house with Aizawa.

Fiddling with his bangs, Izuku stayed close to Aizawa's side as they walked through the school to the faculty room to meet with somebody. He took careful note of where each room was as to not get lost on his first day. Izuku frowned thoughtfully. Maybe he can—


A figure ran towards the duo, and before he could blink, Aizawa had him wrapped in his capture weapon with a scowl.

"Why do you have to be so loud this early?" He sighed exasperatedly. Present Mic paid him no mind and instead brought Izuku in a tight hug.

"How is my little listener doing? Ready for the exam?"

Izuku shrugged with a shaky smile. "A little, I guess? I'm still nervous." He rubbed the back of his head, playing with the end of Aizawa's scarf.

"You'll do fine kid," Aizawa said as the trio walked towards the exam room, Izuku loosening up the more they talked.

Once there Izuku found a seat and settled in as kids started entering the room and finding seats for themselves.

Chewing on his nails, he surveyed the other contestants. He saw friends gather to wish each other luck and felt a pang of jealousy sting his heart.

He froze, however, when he noticed a certain blonde haired boy a few rows behind him. Izuku turned away quickly, hoping he wasn't caught staring.

He clutched his cat pendant tightly, heart beating a mile a minute.

He never thought he'd see Bakugou Kaktsuki again.







After Present Mic explained the basics, each group headed toward their designated exam sight.

Izuku took a deep breath to calm down. The familiar shape of his pendant resting on his chest kept him grounded.

He can do this...!

Once the doors opened, he was the first one through despite being in the back of the crowd.







Concentrating on only lighting his fingertips for a long time was starting to take a toll on Izuku.

His fingers were tinged red with light burns, and Izuku felt as if his body wouldn't cool down. But despite these small setbacks he kept going.

He only has 30 points.

He needs more.

Izuku looked around quickly, only to be disappointed at the lack of more robots. With a dejected sigh he turned to head back to the entrance to try and hopefully find some more robots.

A loud rumble broke his and other examinees' focus, and he looked at the zero pointer with a disappointed expression.

So much for more points—

"H-help me please—" a voice wheezed.

Izuku turned and seen a girl struggling to get up with her leg pinned by a large piece of debris. It looked like she didn't have enough energy to use her quirk to help her.

He stayed rooted in place as everyone around him ran away from the large robot. All he heard was her words melding into his, the words he would scream every day when Hisashi left after training, after he dressed his own wounds, when he was on the phone with Aizawa.

This situation was different, but all Izuku could see was himself as a child again, curled in the corner of a dark warehouse with no one to comfort or keep him company.

And without realizing it, he started to run towards her.

With a roar Izuku lunged at the robot, his arm igniting and flames shooting from a circle around him at it. He hit it with a flaming punch so hot half of the robots face melted. The fire that came from the ground shot at its legs and completely melted them.

The robot fell down in a mess of tangled metal and liquid.

Once the adrenaline wore of, Izuku realized he was falling. Before he could panic, the girl he saved slapped him on the cheek and he floated above a piece of metal before she released him, puking almost immediately after.

Izuku passed out before he could ask if she was okay.







Izuku awoke to the feeling of flying through the air. He panicked for a moment before registering the feeling of Aizawa's capture weapon wrapped snugly around him to keep him on his back.

He leaned back forward with a content sigh.

"You did great today kid. I'm sure you passed."

Izuku just nodded and closed his eyes, too tired to even try speaking.







After anxious days of waiting, he finally got the letter from U.A.

Aizawa gave him privacy and went to make dinner, leaving Izuku alone with a small silver device. He clicked it and a hologram of All Might burst to life from it.

"Midoriya Izuku; you passed the written test with an almost perfect score! Congratulations!"

Izuku picked at his nails nervously.

"Now, as for the exam, you got a total of 30 points! Normally this isn't quite enough to pass, but take a look at this!"

Izuku gasped at the sight of the girl he saved talking to Present Mic.

"Excuse me? You know the green haired boy? Um, the one who used green fire? Would it be possible to share some of my points with him?"

Izuku could only stare, mouth agape ..

"As I said, 30 points wouldn't be enough, but you my boy earned yourself a total of 60 rescue points!"

A drop of water hit the back of his bandaged right hand. Izuku didn't realize when he started crying.

All Might grinned at him, holding out his hand in invitation.

"Come, young Midoriya! This is your hero academia!!"







Izuku fiddled with his tie for what felt like the hundredth time that morning. His hands were shaking in nervousness, his legs trembling slightly. No matter what he did his tie never looked straight. It sat in a big knot on his neck, and he debated on just ditching the tie and going without it.

"Need some help kid?"

Izuku sighed in defeat.


After the tie fiasco Aizawa and Izuku went to U.A. together, one dreading to teach, the other dreading to be singled out from the rest of the students.







Aizawa yawned mightily and crawled into his yellow sleeping bag when they got to the classroom, leaving Izuku alone with his thoughts. He didn't know where he should sit, but when he heard kids start to enter the room he quickly darted to the window seat in the very back of the room.

Counting to ten, he took deep breaths to calm his anxiety. He may not have been in school in a long time, but he'll be damned if he messes up now.

He's come too far to give up.

His father's voice gripped his heart like a vice, his words coating his  brain in a sick mantra.

"So you're finally going to use my quirk." An imaginary smirk. "Just wait until everyone finds out about the kind of life you had. Then you'll have to come back to me—"

Someone sitting in the desk next to him dissolves his tainted thoughts into nothing. A strange peace settles over Izuku for the time being, and he looks over at the other student in curiosity.

The boy had a neat posture and indifferent expression, a hand on his cheek as his finger drew imaginary lines on his desk. What caught Izuku's attention was the two toned hair and different colored eyes, and the scar surrounding his left eye—

A cold dread settles in Izuku's soul, choking him until he can't breathe, Hizashi's words coming back from all those years ago.

"You will obey me!"

He thinks he might be sick. His hand automatically tugged his bangs down over his right eye, breaths coming in harsh pants as he hunched over his desk. Before he could blink a hand gently laid itself on his arm, making Izuku jerk back in response and hunch his shoulders defensively. He quickly looked to his side and paled.

The boy with the scar retracted his hand like he had burned him, a slightly surprised look on his face.

'His eyes are pretty,' Izuku thought, slowly calming down from his panic attack. His right eye was a stormy gray, the left a bright turquoise blue that stood out from the red scar tissue around it. The scar brought out the intensity of it, and Izuku found himself unconsciously drifted to them.

The other males cheeks had a soft pink tint to them, his heterochromic eyes wide in surprise, and Izuku realized with a start that he had said that out loud.

Mortification surged inside him and he sqeaked before hiding his face in his arms on his desk, his own face feeling as if it were in flames. He mumbled an apology, hoping the other heard him.

He mumbled a quiet response Izuku didn't hear, so he kept his eyes downcast to avoid any further embarrassment.







Bakugou looked at the back of the room in shock.

There sat Deku from all those years ago, head resting on his arms as he stared out the window.


He looked up with a sharp gasp.


Painful memories resurfaced of his elementary days.


Bakugou flinched.

"Look, Deku, I—"

"Alright settle down," Aizawa interrupted and pulled out what looked like athletic clothing out of his sleeping bag. "Put these on and meet me outside."

Bakugou's jaw tightened, but he walked away without another word.

Izuku reluctantly got up to get his clothes.

"Hey you're that plain looking kid! The one who saved me!"

Izuku looked shocked at the bubbly aura the girl emitted.

She beamed and held out a hand to shake. "I'm Uraraka Ochako! What's your name?"

He tentatively took her hand.

"I-Izuku Midoriya."







"You're all dismissed."

The class let out relieved sighs and slowly trickled out of the room.

Izuku found himself in the company of Iida and Uraraka, content to listen to them talk as they walked to the gates. Aizawa was leaning against it on his phone, pocketing it when Izuku approached.

"Ready to go?"

Izuku nodded, a small smile on his face. He couldn't wait to go home and cuddle with Kuro. He waved goodbye to his new friends and hoped tomorrow will be as good as it was today.

Chapter Text

Izuku sunk into his seat with a tired sigh. Aizawa said they would do a training exercise today and left the students to wonder what they were going to do. He almost nodded off when All Might suddenly bursted through the door.


He sat up so suddenly he almost gave himself whiplash.

All Might stood in the front of the room in his Silver Age costume, his ever present grin on his face. As he looked at the students, his grin faltered when he noticed Izuku was among them. No one else may have seen it, but Izuku did. He always notices the small details.

He swallowed the ball of disappointment welling in his throat.







Izuku stood away from the others in their costumes. He looked around nervously, turning his back to them as he messed with his bangs and put his eye cover on.

(A/N: It's Izuku's dark green costume without the mouth guard and hood, but has an eye patch to cover his scar. No one can see it and his eye, but he can see through it.)

He pushed his bangs up and clipped them back with a hairpin to keep them out of the way. He received some strange looks from his classmates, but no one came to ask him about it, which calmed him down a bit.

All Might drew two balls out of a black and white box with the letters A and D on them.

"It's decided; Team A will be the heroes, and team D will be the villains! Best of luck to you both!"

Someone tapped his shoulder and Izuku nearly jumped out of his skin before realizing it was Uraraka.

She grinned sheepishly under her helmet. "Sorry for scaring you! Let's do our best today!"

Izuku nodded with a small smile.

"I'm your partner then, Uraraka?"

"Yep!" She beamed, then her expression soured when she saw Bakugou glaring at Izuku.

"I've noticed that Bakugou treats you like dirt– I mean he doesn't like any of us, but he seems to hate you the most Midoriya."

Izuku repressed any negative reaction from rising.

"I don't know, Uraraka."







"Here's the plan: Ka–Bakugou will most likely come after me, so its up to you to get the fake weapon while I keep him distracted—"

"That's too dangerous!" Uraraka objected. "Maybe if I make us both float to the room with the weapon, then–"

Izuku shook his head. "That won't work on Bakugou; trust me."

"Okay then... Don't get hurt Midoriya!"

He smiled shakily at her.

"I'll try not to."







Good thing he didn't promise, because Izuku knew he was going to get hurt.

Despite walking quietly, his footsteps seemed to echo loudly in the empty hallway, twisting and turning in an endless maze of gray metal walls.

He peaked around each corner cautiously, picking at his nails subconsciously as he willed himself to calm down.

This isn't the League, this isn't Hisashi, this isn't Sensei—

Bakugou appeared from around the corner in front of Izuku, sparks coming off of his gauntlet covered hands, bringing Izuku back to the present. He dodged the attack reflexively and gazed at his once childhood friend wearily.

He was seething, palms popping as he glared at Izuku, his posture tense and unforgiving. His fingers twitched, and expecting an attack, Izuku tensed, his fire flickering from his fingertips.

It caught Bakugou off guard enough for his sparks to fade.

"I thought you didn't have a quirk Deku? And then you suddenly appear back into my life and enter U.A. with a quirk, even though you said you were quirkless. Why did you lie to me all these years?!"

Izuku took a step back. "T-That's not it Kac–Bakugou—"


And then Bakugou was right in front of his face, a snarl on his lips, his palms sparking with explosions, and all Izuku could see was him.

Panic seized his heart, and before he knew it, he was running.







"Come back here and face me you coward!" Bakugou screamed as he blasted himself towards Izuku's retreating form. Déjà vu hit him and all he could do was run, his heart beating in fear and his legs screaming, but he kept going.

He skidded to a stop when he realized he ran into a dead end.

His earpiece crackled to life. "I found the weapon Midoriya!"

A grin found its way on his face despite the panic in his heart.

"Good job; proceed as planned Uraraka."

He heard the sound of footsteps stopping, and Izuku slowly turned around to face Bakugou and prepared to fight.







"He deliberately lead Bakugou to himself so Young Uraraka could get the weapon. Good thinking skills I must say."

"But how sir? Midoriya trapped himself; Bakugou clearly has the upper hand." Kirishima said.

All Mights grin got even wider somehow.

"Trust me, he has a plan." Despite saying that, All Might also couldn't help but be worried. Aizawa told him what the boy could do, but he still wasn't comfortable using his quirk to its full potential.

The class gasped when the screen suddenly lit up green.







When Bakugou covered his eyes, Izuku took the chance to run behind him, briefly touching his gauntlet with his fire.

Hearing Bakugou's curse as it melted was worth the pain throbbing from his hand.

They played cat and mouse for what felt forever, Izuku barely dodging the explosions thrown his way when he stopped again and faced Bakugou as he flew towards him.

The ground beneath his feet rumbled and before Bakugou could reach him, fire blasted from the ground, rising and melting the ceiling and pushing Izuku into the room above them.

When he landed, Izuku found himself backed into a wall with Bakugou in front of him again. He bared his teeth in a snarl and put his finger around the pin on his gauntlet.

All Might realized what he was about to do and protested immediately. "Bakugou don't—"

He ignored him.

"He'll be fine as long as he dodges!" He yelled as he pulled the pin, a huge blast of fire racing towards Izuku at an alarming speed.

And in that moment, Izuku remembered the day he got his scar, the fire barreling towards his face, the pain radiating from his right eye.

In an attempt to shield his face, he covered it with his arms, his flames coating his arms and slowly burning them as the explosion hit him.

The force of the blast shook the building and pushed Izuku outside of the training building they were using. With Iida confused at what was going on, Uraraka took the chance to hug the fake weapon, securing their victory. When the dust settled inside the room, All Might announced the hero team's victory quickly before racing to where Izuku landed.

Izuku was propped against another building, a dent where he lay against it. His arms were still in front of his face, vividly red from the burns, and his leg was twisted, most likely from trying to land properly. When he slowly lowered his arms, All Might paled.

The cover on Izuku's eye completely burned off, his scar around his eye visible to the Number One Hero. With his hair clip gone, his bangs fell over in a tangled mess.

All Might heard a pair of footsteps approach and froze when he seen the familiar figure of Aizawa running to them at an alarming speed.

He didn't even spare him a glance, and instead kneeled next to the injured Izuku, his normally stoic face flickering with many emotions, mostly anger and pain.

"Izuku," he murmured, gently brushing his hair away to feel his forehead, "Izuku can you hear me?"

Cloudy green eyes slowly looked at him.

Aizawa breathed a loud sigh.

"All Might, get Recovery Girl."

He didn't even finish his sentence before the hero practically flew away.

The hand went back on his forehead and the underground hero cursed loudly.

"Shit you're burning up!"

Aizawa picked up the teen as gently as he could. Izuku was so out of it he didn't even make a sound. His fingers twitched and the hero held them carefully, noticing they were tinged pink from his quirk.

When All Might came back with Recovery Girl, a quick kiss to the side of Izuku's head had him finally fall unconscious.







For once in his life, Bakugou felt regret.

Actually, make that the second time. The first being when Izuku Midoriya had gone missing.

Inko had come to the Bakugou household that evening sobbing and shaking, Mrs. Bakugou inviting her inside and comforting her. When Bakugou heard what happened he didn't know what to feel. He didn't quite understand either, but when his mother explained it to him he realized Midoriya was gone.

Bakugou wasn't his usual self for a while. His brain said good riddance of the idiot, but his heart said he didn't deserve it.

When he started middle school and Midoriya was still gone, he decided to put it in the back of his mind. He would focus on aiming to be a hero.

Over time, Midoriya Izuku was forgotten by Bakugou Katsuki.







Bakugou realized his mistake after he sent Midoriya flying.

He distantly heard someone call his name, only snapping out of it when he felt All Might's large hands on his shoulders.

His grin was now a stern frown, his hands tightening and leading him back to the locker room to change out of his costume, then leading him to Principal Nedzu's office.







Consciousness returned to Izuku slowly, and the moment it did, pain exploded all over his body. He groaned quietly and attempted to kick off his blanket, feeling hot and stuffy. When he managed that, he immediately felt cold again and tried to get the blanket back but to no avail.

A cold hand felt his forehead and a sigh of relief escaped Izuku's mouth as he leaned into the touch. A soft chuckle left the person's lips, their hand moving to run through his unruly locks of hair, lightly scraping his scalp.

The door opened and bright light entered the room, making Izuku flinch and groan again. The person next to him seemed to get the message and placed their other hand over his eyes, effectively blocking the light from hitting his eyes.

"Thank you for watching him. Has his fever went down at all?"

"Not really, but this should help it go down much faster than a wet cloth."


Izuku heard footsteps go around his bed, a large hand gently squeezing his arm and he spoke again.

"I know I said this already, but thank you so much for doing this Todoroki."

Todoroki? Izuku thought sleepily.

"It's no trouble Aizawa-sensei." As he said this his cold hand cupped Izuku's warm cheek, instantly cooling it and doing the same for the other one.

Izuku felt like he was floating, his head filled with cotton and his heart drumming from the soft touches. He didn't know what these feelings were, but they felt good so he didn't give it much thought and instead nestled closer with a small smile on his face.







"I would expell you, but you have such high potential to be a great hero someday, so I'll offer you a proposition. You will be suspended for two weeks and have to clean the classroom every day. Now, I would also prevent you from going to the USJ trip in a few days, but I feel you could learn a lot from that kind of experience, so I'm letting you go."

The principal took Bakugou's silence as confirmation.

"I'm glad we could come to an agreement then Bakugou. I'll see you in a few weeks to see if you learned a lesson through this experience." Nedzu smiled, taking a sip of his tea and waving him off.

And Bakugou — loud, rude, unforgiving Katsuki Bakugou — just walked out without a word, his normal scowl replaced with a deep frown of concentration and regret.

Chapter Text

Class 1A buzzed excitedly about the field trip to the USJ as they walked to the bus, ignoring Iida's yelling about lining up in an orderly fashion. Izuku walked behind the others, thumbing the sleeve of his gym uniform nervously. His costume wasn't repaired in time, so he has to wear it for the trip.

Izuku took the time to observe his classmates by Aizawa's side. Kirishima was messing with Bakugou, the blonde threatening to kill him with an explosion, the red head only laughing in response; he seemed unfazed by his temper. Yaoyorozu and Jirou talked quietly to themselves. Uraraka and Tsuyu talked animatedly about different desserts. Kamanari, Ashido and Sero went over to Kirishima and Bakugou, the rest of the kids already getting on the bus.

Todoroki was by himself again. He looked uninterested in conversation, the ice on the left side of his body glistening in the sunlight. He noticed the red thing he usually wore over his eye wasn't there, nor was the ice he had on his face the other day.

Izuku subconsciously tugged on his bangs to keep them in place.

Aizawa's gentle hand on his shoulder calmed his nerves as they sat together on the bus. "Remember you're not fully healed yet, so I would like it if you stayed my side today."

Izuku nodded, not wanting to worry him more than he already had been.

He turned to look at his classmates, seeing them find groups and sit together.

All except Todoroki.

He seemed fine being by himself, leaning back in his seat with his eyes closed. Izuku nibbled on his lower lip in thought, grasping Aizawa's sleeve and giving it a light tug.

"C-Can I sit next to Todoroki-kun? I'll stay with you as soon as we get off the bus."

Aizawa looked surprised and chuckled, ruffling his hair. "You don't need to ask me kid. You can go sit with your friend."

Friend. The word left a ball of warmth in Izuku's heart. He hugged Eraserhead and walked over to the icyhot boy. Todoroki, sensing he was being watched, cracked an eye open.

Izuku shuffled in place, fingers picking at bitten nails. "Um, I was wondering if I could sit—"

The bus engine roared to life, scaring the crap out of Izuku and making him stumble and fall. He expected to hit the hard floor of the bus, not Todoroki's chest as he stood and caught him.

"Are you okay?" The other boy asked, holding his arms to keep him steady. Izuku nodded stupidly, not trusting his voice at the moment. Todoroki sighed in relief, gently tugging Izuku into the window seat and taking a seat next to him. A small blush colored his cheeks, making his freckles stand out more.

They were quiet for most of the ride, listening to music together and relaxing against the plush seats. Izuku doesn't remember ever being this calm in his life, and he felt bold enough to brush his shoulder with the dual quirk user, elated when he wasn't pushed away.

The rest of the ride was a peaceful one for the two boys.







When they got to the USJ the class huddled in a circle next to Aizawa and another pro hero wearing an inflated white suit. And true to his word, Izuku stayed next to the Underground hero, Todoroki also standing by his side.

The other hero looked at the students with eyes crinkled in happiness. "I'm the pro hero Thirteen, and as some of you might know, my quirk is called Black hole. It can suck up anything in its path and turn it into dust. Now, as I'm sure everyone knows this, quirks can very well be used to hurt those around you—"

A familiar laugh echoed through Izuku's mind, so sudden it almost made him gasp.

"All you're good for is destruction; you and your quirk will be my perfect creation for the future of villainy!"

"—but, if trained properly, your quirks can be used to save people, no matter how dangerous they may seem to be."

The voice fizzled out into nothing.

Izuku looked at Thirteen with barely concealed hope. The only one who noticed was Aizawa, and he discreetly squeezed the teen's shoulder in comfort.

As the hero continued describing the different things they could do, Izuku noticed something flicker in the courtyard below them. He squinted and leaned forward to get a better look.

And he wished he didn't.

A purple mist formed out of nowhere, and out came hundreds of villains with their quirks at the ready.

Aizawa tensed beside him, his hand squeezing his arm reassuringly before slipping his goggles on and running to fight as Kirishima asked if the exercise started already.

"Thirteen, protect the students! Those are villains!"

Aizawa ran into the fray, but before the students and Thirteen could escape, the mist with glowing yellow eyes stopped them at the entrance.

"I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I cannot let you leave."

He sounded anything but sorry.

Izuku recognized him immediately.

"Kurogiri," he whispered in horror, so quietly only Todoroki heard him. His eyes narrowed and he moved to stand slightly in front of the smaller teen.

Izuku turned his gaze back to Aizawa fighting the villains below, seeing more people come out of the portal, only to reel back in fear.

Hisashi walked forward with a cocky smirk on his face, but when he noticed his son, it only grow into a menacing grin, embers of fire slipping between his teeth.

"Iida!" Kaminari shouted, "You need to run and get help, my communication receptors are jammed!"

Izuku drowned out the sounds of his classmates panicking and thinking of ideas for escape, only focused on the rapidly approaching form of his father. His quirk threatened to flare to life in defense, but he subconsciously forced it down.

His father stopped walking toward him, as if he suddenly had an idea, and instead turned toward Aizawa's blind spot and charged.

N̐̐͐͋ͦ͊͛o̭̾͑̽͐̐ ̽҉̤n̹͚̘̫͎̪͙ͩ̌̐̓ͭȏ̵̖̆ͪ̅ẗ̹̪͙̼́̄ ̹͙̋͐̊̎̍̈́h͔ͭͩ͑̈́͡i̟̘͎͎̗ͤ̿̓ͧ͑̈̅ͅm̫͙̖̗̖͓͙̓ͥ̂ͯ͜ ͚̱͚̻̦͔̣͠d̳̳͓̄́̏ͥ̿̓̚o̪ͦ̌̆̓ͫͅn͈ͤ'̰͕̝͇͂ͮ̓̐̌t͙̭ ͈͍̰̜̤̱̈́ͥͮh̖̺u͏̦r͍̗̹͔͆̀ͩ͊̆̽͠t̩̜͚͑͛̔ͤͧ ̪̩̻̳̲̫̝ͥ͌ͫ̅̏̔͢h̢̪͔̮͙̱͕ͤ̓͑̉̒ͮi̥ͬ͒ͦ̌͠mͬ̄ͫ҉̺̣̭̯̦̪-̵̘͆́̍

Izuku launched himself to Aizawa's side in an instant and blocked an incoming punch from Hisashi without thinking.

Hisashi grinned, his black eyes crinkling in amusement.

"So you won't come the easy way? Then I guess we'll have to do this the hard way!"

"Midoriya?!" Aizawa yelled in alarm. "I thought I told you to run!"

"Keep your eyes on your opponent!" One of the villains yelled as she tried to tie him with her hair.

Izuku flicked a finger at her and burned her hair before it could reach him.

"Finally Izuku!"

He flinched at the large hand that clapped his shoulder.

"Now that you're finally using your quirk, we can get back to training. Being a villain would suit you much better than being a hero."

"No!" He blurted without thinking.

His grin instantly turned into a scowl.

When his father's hand gripped his arm, Izuku ignited it in green.

Hisashi howled in pain and flung him away, Aizawa barely managing to catch him with his scarf.

Holding his burnt arm, he growled at his son.

"You little—"

Izuku quickly pulled Aizawa away from the breath of fire aimed at them.

The poor villain attacking Aizawa screamed as he was burnt to a crisp.

Faint screaming by the entrance suddenly grabbed the pairs attention. Aizawa cursed when he saw multiple portals throw his students in different fighting zones.

Using his momentary distraction, Hisashi grabbed Izuku just as a portal opened beneath his feet.








"Ah, this isn't what I had planned... Where the hell is All Might?!"

Shigaraki scratched at his neck in irritation, cursing when Eraserhead took out more of his minions.


The creature next to him twitched in response.

"Put Eraserhead out of commission."

It launched itself to his target without a second of hesitation.

A portal appeared and a grinning Hisashi stepped out with a struggling Izuku in tow.

Shigaraki grinned behind the hand on his face.

"It's been a while, Izuku."

Izuku shuddered and looked away with a grimace.

He put an arm around his shoulders, tapping his arm with four fingers. "Look around you; all of this — and more — can be yours. All you have to do is join us."

Trying to escape Shigaraki's grip was futile; Hisashi still had a hard grip on his arm, and if the fifth finger just barely touched him—

A loud bang startled him out of his thoughts, his head turning to the source, seeing the nomu had pushed someone's face into the ground.

Familiar black hair fell to the ground, and Izuku covered his mouth in horror.

The nomu lifted Aizawa's head from the crater it slammed his face into. Blood ran down his cheeks, and his arm hung limp at his side, the skin of his elbow decayed from Shigaraki's quirk.


It slammed him down again.

Aizawa didn't make a sound.

A scream of pure anguish left Izuku as he ripped free of Hisashi and Shigaraki's hold, his fire wrapping around him like a cloak. When he reached Aizawa the flame expanded to the nomu, burning it until it let go with an ear piercing shriek.

"A-Aizawa..." He mumbled brokenly, tears falling like waterfalls as he gently shook him.

He didn't even stir.


Before Shigaraki could say anything, Hisashi breathed a fireball at the pair. Izuku noticed it too late, eyes widening in horror.

He clenched them shut, expecting to be burnt to a crisp, but it never happened.

Hisashi growled and Shigaraki laughed, the sound scraping like sandpaper.

"Heh, you're really something, Eraserhead."

Izuku gasped and looked next to him. Aizawa's eyes were open wide and staring at Hisashi, shining a brilliant red before they went back to normal. His fingers slowly lifted to brushed against Izuku's cheek before falling limp. His eyes slipped closed, unconscious once more.

Izuku held his limp hand, trembling with wide eyes.


Something inside of him snapped; an eruption of fire burned to bright it sucked some of the oxygen out of the air. The flames wrapped around Izuku's arms and rose behind him in a distorted shape of a phoenix.

Izuku gently set Aizawa down as he charged at the one closest to him first, a wall of fire forming to protect his teacher when he left his side. He threw a flaming punch at Hisashi as the phoenix aimed a flaming talon at Shigaraki.

Hisashi howled and clutched his now burning arm he used to block his son's attack. He spit out blood and blew a wide berth of his orange flames. Izuku flung his arm and a rush of green flames met the orange ones, exploding in a blinding flash.

When the light cleared, Hisashi was unconscious across the room. Izuku looked over just in time to see Shigaraki go into a portal Kurogiri created.

He payed it no mind and instead walked over to where his father was and stood over his battered and bloody form. Cracking his neck, he crouched down and stared thoughtfully.

"I wonder how it would feel if I burned you like you did me. Would you scream? Cry? Beg for me to stop like I did?"

As he said this, Izuku's fingers lit and hovered over Hisashi's face.

But before he could do anything, a crashing sound was heard at the entrance of the USJ.

All might stood there, taking in the state of the facility and his student's terrified faces, his usual grin replaced with a grimace.

"I am here." He gritted out.

"The final boss is finally here! Nomu!" Shigaraki yelled, suddenly appearing in the middle of the room, Kurogiri and nomu at his side.

All Might and the creature charged at the same time, and as they started to fight, more pro heroes appeared to help the students.

Izuku tensed when someone went to approach the protective wall he had around Aizawa. He launched himself back inside of it and gathered him carefully in his arms. With unseeing eyes he saw someone that resembled Present Mic, but the adrenaline made him delirious and too cautious to risk it.

The Mic lookalike frowned sadly. "Little Listener, it's going to be alright. Just hand Shouta over to the medics and he'll be okay."

Izuku growled and shot a green flame at the ground in front of him: A warning.

Present Mic took a cautious step forward.

"You're okay now Izuku. You protected Shouta to the best of your ability. You're safe, he's safe. Everyone is safe."

He stopped at that. Safe pierced through his mind, and his vision slowly cleared from rage to see Mic standing in front of him with a sad smile. His eyes watered and a wretched sob escaped his throat as he slammed onto the ground, Aizawa still in his arms.

Izuku barely felt the pain on his body as Mic knelt down and hugged him close, mindful of Aizawa. He held Izuku like he was something precious, and it made the wall around his heart crack in two.

Izuku passed in and out of consciousness in a daze, only letting Mic take Aizawa when he told him he needed to get his injuries treated.

Mic set Izuku on the back of an ambulance as he went to help the rest of the students. He was so lost in thought he didn't notice a cold hand grasp his clasped burned ones. He jumped in shock, coming face to face with a worried Todoroki.

He let his ice seep into his throbbing hands and chuckled when Izuku let out a sigh of relief, sagging against him like putty.

Todoroki saw the flaming spirit of the phoenix after he dealt with the other villains where he was thrown at, but he didn't want to believe Midoriya had a fire quirk.

He shook his head, putting aside those thoughts for now; Midoriya needed him.

He iced whatever burns he could find until a paramedic had checked him and cleared him to go home, promising he could visit Midoriya at the hospital.

When he got home his father was waiting for him, his beard and moustache flaring in anger as he turned to the training room, expecting Shouto to follow him.

Fuyumi gave him a worried glance, but he paid her no mind and silently followed his father to the room, the only thing giving away his emotions were his fists clenched at his sides.

Chapter Text

Aizawa and Toshinori sat at the kitchen table, one with a steaming cup of tea, the other with a strong cup of coffee.

A tired sigh left Aizawa's lips when he returned to the table with another much needed cup of coffee.

"I assume you're here for an important reason, Toshinori?"

The man nodded glumly, hands tightening on his cup as he brought it to his mouth.

"I'm here to talk about Young Midoriya."

Aizawa raised a brow, gesturing for him to continue.

As he was about to open his mouth, they heard the front door open.

Kuro ran in the room with a sluggish Izuku in tow.

"I'm back from my run," he mumbled tiredly, seemingly not noticing Toshinori as he rummaged through the fridge for a drink and some food. His cat nudged Aizawa's legs with a happy chipper before going to lay down with the other cats by the window.

"If you want to talk about him, he should be present for what you have to say," Aizawa said and Izuku shot up from the fridge to look over in shock.

He didn't even see Toshinori sitting at the table.

He made himself a bagel and sat next to Aizawa, eating it slowly with the same tired eyed stare Aizawa had.

Toshinori took a breath. "I came here because I had a favor to ask of you, Midoriya." At the sound of his name, Izuku looked at him again. "You don't have to accept my offer, just know it is ultimately up to you."

At his confused expression, he asked the most important question.

"How would you like to inherit my quirk?"

Izuku promptly choked on his bagel.







After Toshinori explains how his quirk worked, Izuku couldn't wrap his head around what he just heard. Nox climbed on a chair and rubbed against Aizawa when he gave her chin scratches. Izuku pet her head to keep his hands from fidgeting.

"C–Can I have some time to think about it?" He eventually asked the number one hero.

"Of course," Toshinori said with a smile and the boy practically ran to his room.

"I don't know if I'm okay with this. But it's his decision to make, like you said."

Toshinori looked nervous again. "I understand your concern. But as his father it is also your job to help guide him in the right direction, deciding for him or not." He stood up and stretched, joints popping with relief. "I'll head out now, Aizawa. Thank you for your time."

And with a short bow, Toshinori was gone.

Aizawa pinched the bridge of his nose with another tired sigh.

He needed more coffee.







Izuku sat on his bed with his head in his arms, not knowing what to do. He could accept Toshinori's proposal, or he could reject it. Or he could ignore that he ever came to talk.

He did say it was his choice, after all, something he wasn't used to.

Not since he was four, anyway.

A phantom pain shot through his right eye as the voice whispered its usual slander with that disgusting grin he's always hated.

"Of course," he sighed sadly, "when has it ever been my choice?"

His arm itched under his sleeve. He pulled it up and grabbed something from his nightstand.

The object glinted in from the sliver of sunlight peering through the curtains. Tears built behind his eyelids, but they didn't fall. A soft sob escaped, unbidden, as Izuku brought the blade down his arm.

"I deserve this," he whispered brokenly, barely feeling the burning sensation of the cuts he continued to make.

"I deserve to die."

And that's when the tears fall.







The sound of clawing at his door brought Izuku out of his daze. When the knob twisted he hurriedly pulled his sleeves down and hid the razor before Aizawa entered the room.

"Hey kid." The hero sat down next to Izuku and Kuro jumped on his lap.

"H–Hey." Izuku poked his cats paws, watching the crystals form around them and fall to the floor blankly. Aizawa pat his head and gave him a smile. "I'm going to visit your mom soon. Do you want to come with me?"

Izuku felt bad for saying no again, but he didn't think he could face her yet. "I–I don't think I'm ready yet. I know I've been saying that every time—"

Aizawa cut him off. "And that's okay. If you're still not ready she will understand. Maybe next time then. I'll be back soon" He ruffled his hair and left the room after he gave Izuku a gentle hug.

When he heard the front door shut he quickly ran to the bathroom and cleaned his arms properly, throwing his shirt in the wash with shame bubbling in his stomach.

'I should be stronger than this,' Izuku thought angrily. He got comfortable on the couch with the cats and went on his phone, listening to music until he fell asleep.

Kuro looked at her fellow cats with concern. They sniffed around Izuku's arms with quiet meows, careful to not wake him up. I smell blood, Vega supplied, flicking his tail in agitation. Nox gently pulled his sleeve back until she saw the start of bandages.

Shadow simply remained silent as the other three cats freaked out. When Kuro told them how distressed their human smelt earlier, Shadow narrowed his gold eyes, resting his head on Izuku's curly hair. The three looked at each other: green, blue and gold eyes having a silent conversation to protect their newest family member no matter what.

With that thought in mind the cats curled around and on the sleeping Izuku, who snuggled in the warmth with a sigh of contentment.

Later that night Aizawa came home and found the kid asleep on the couch. The cats were curled around him protectively, purring when they each received a pat on the head. He draped a blanket over Izuku and went to his room to sleep with a smile on his face.

Chapter Text

Aizawa and Izuku went to school together the next morning, Kuro nestled in Izuku's arms with a bright red collar around her neck. When they entered the classroom, everyone shot out of their seats to bombard them with questions.

"Deku! I'm so glad you're okay!" Uraraka cried, her arms wrapping around him tightly.

He visibly tensed at the contact.

His saving grace was Aizawa. "Everyone, take your seats. I have something important to say," he said, shuffling over to his desk with a mighty yawn. When Uraraka noticed what Izuku was holding, she squealed, eliciting a glare from the teacher. "You can squeal over the cat after class." She pouted but otherwise listened, going back to her seat after giving the green haired boy another squeeze.

"Shouldn't you and Midoriya-chan be resting, Aizawa-sensei?" Tsuyu ribbited, the class murmuring in agreement. Izuku put his head in his arms, feeling a headache forming as his classmates kept asking Aizawa questions. Kuro rubbed her head on his stomach where she lay curled on his lap.

A warm hand clasped on his arm gently. He lifted his head to see Todoroki looking at him with concern.

"Are you alright, Midoriya?" He asked quietly, noticing how tense he was. Izuku relaxed at the gesture and Todoroki's concern.

"I'm okay," he whispered. "I just had a long day yesterday." His hand clenched in a fist on his lap to hide how much it was shaking. Todoroki nodded and retracted his hand, giving Kuro a gentle pat on the head before going back to stare at the front of the room.

"—the Sport's Festival is coming up soon. It will give you all an opportunity to be scouted by hero agencies."

"Despite the villain attack at the USJ?" Kaminari asked.

"Fighting villains gave you experience in battle, so you first years will be doing internships after the festival. Keep in mind this is the first time your year can internship. Train hard and do your best out there; you're all dismissed." Aizawa finished as he gathered some folders from his desk before walking out of the room.

Everyone looked at Izuku as soon as the door slid shut. One by one they piled next to him as he looked around frantically for an escape of socializing.

"Your cat is so cute Deku!" Uraraka cooed as she bounced in place. "Can I pet her?" After nodding hesitantly, she reached over and rubbed Kuro's head, eliciting a soft purr from the cat.

Everyone "aww"ed and Bakugou tched loudly, walking out and slamming the door closed. Izuku flinched at the noise, no one noticing as they continue to look and coo at Kuro.

"So Midoriya, do you live with Aizawa-sensei? I saw you two walk in together!" Ashido asked with a grin. Kaminari and Sero heard her question, turning their attention on him to hear his answer.

He paled, fiddling with his sleeve and going to run a hand through Kuro's fur, before realizing Kirishima had her in his arms. He pushed past his classmates and grabbed his cat before running out of the classroom, ignoring the worried calls of his name.

He found an empty classroom and curled next to the door to calm down, letting Kuro look around as he suddenly remembered his conversation with All Might.







"Why did you pick me, All Might? Why not someone who deserves this power more than I do?"

"What do you mean, my boy? You're plenty worthy of this power!"

Izuku looked down to hide the pain in his eyes. "I don't feel very worthy. I'm not special, talented or smart. I'm just—"

"A boy who should be dead! You ungrateful brat; I should have just killed you when I had the chance!"

"—a kid who was raised to be a villain."

Toshinori sighed softly and gathered the boy in a gentle hug.

"Young Midoriya, I'm sure you know of this, but my time will eventually run out. I don't know what Hisashi did to you when he had you, but my boy you deserve good things to happen to you. I gave you this power because I see it in you that you will be able to utilize it for good."

Izuku slowly relaxed in his arms, tension bleeding away with every word.

"You deserve to be happy, my boy."

The tears came suddenly without preamble; Izuku choked on a sob and tightened his arms around the thin man and cried in earnest, the words "I'm sorry" filling the room like a mantra.

When he finally stopped crying, Toshinori gave him a fatherly smile as Izuku dried his tears.

"I'll take it," he whispered hoarsely, looking at him with determination. "I accept your power, All Might."

Toshinori looked at his physique and muscle definition before deeming him acceptable to take it now.

A grin found its way on Toshinori's face as he shifted into his hero form. He plucked a strand of golden hair from his head and held it out to the boy, who stared at it in confusion.

"Now, eat this!"







The bell ringing startled the boy out of his thoughts. With a sigh Izuku gathered Kuro and his things before going to his next class, and before he knew it, the day was over and he was going home with Aizawa.

The next week passed by in a blur. Izuku spent his time training his fire quirk with Aizawa and OFA with All Might, trying to gain control of it so he doesn't break his bones during the Sport's Festival.

On the day of the Sport's Festival he woke up early, unable to sleep longer due to his nerves. So he quietly got ready and made pancakes for Mic and Aizawa and fed the cats before going on his morning run.

He came back to find the dishes washed and the two adults sitting on the couch, so Izuku quickly took a shower and got ready before the trio headed to U.A., one with a spring in their step and the other two just wanting to go back to sleep.

The stadium was packed to the brim of people, their shouts loud and cheerful as they saw U.A.'s students standing by the makeshift stage Midnight was standing on.

Izuku nervously stood next to Uraraka and Iida as Bakugou gave an opening speech that made everyone mad. Then he was standing next to everyone in a huge crowd for the first event of the day.

His willed his breathing to calm down, and when Present Mic yelled "START!", he ran as fast as he could, managing to escape the crowd of robots with a few lucky others. He pushed his anxiety to the back of his mind, and focused on proceeding.

The next obstacle was a series of ropes attached to platforms that led to the other side. When Izuku looked down, he couldn't see the bottom.

He jumped when Todoroki passed him, seeming to think for a moment before surfing over with his ice. Tsuyu passed him immediately after, leaping on the rope and carefully walking across. Izuku shook out of his stupor and went to the closest rope, bending down slightly he made sure no one was behind him before shooting across with a blast of fire.

After safely landing, he advanced to the last event: the landmine field.

He gulped nervously, eyeing Todoroki and Bakugou going head to head for first place as they sped across the field. A small grin slipped on Izuku's face as he charged power into his legs, propelling himself to the duo with OFA, barely managing to keep his bones intact. Todoroki looked at him in surprise while Bakugou looked at him in anger.

Izuku decided to do something out of character of himself. He smirked at the pair before speeding away with his fire. "See you at the finish line," he called, looking back to wink at them before landing on the ground when Mic announced his victory.

He brushed the dirt off his clothes as Todoroki came through, then Bakugou, then the rest of his classmates.

After a short break, they gathered around next to Midnight again as she mentioned the next challenge. "Alright kitties, your next challenge is a team cavalry battle. But here's the catch: the person who came in first from the previous challenge has a headband worth one million points!"


Izuku looked around helplessly at the hungry eyes that seemed to stare at him from all directions. Midnight smirked darkly with a crack of her whip. "You all have ten minutes to pick your teams of four!"

He stared at his feet until someone startled him with a tap to his shoulder. A smiling face of Uraraka beamed at him with an air of excitement around her. "Let's team up Deku!" The green haired boy smiled and nodded, looking around for other people to join with. He spotted Todoroki and jogged up to him with a nervous smile, fiddling with the sleeves of his gym uniform.

"W-would you like to team up, Todoroki-kun?" He asked quietly. If Izuku wasn't staring at the ground, he would have noticed the flash of pain appearing on his face before his face schooled back into its usual expression.

"I'm sorry Midoriya, but I'm already with another team."

The shorter teen laughed awkwardly. "Ah, it's okay! I should have know, given how strong you are. Um, good luck then!" He quickly ran away before he could embarrass himself even further, noticing that Uraraka had found them two more people to complete their team.

If Izuku would have looked back one last time, he would have seen Todoroki looking at his retreating form with deep regret and sadness.

Endeavor's words kept playing in his head before the Sport's Festival started. He needs to get first place, no matter what it takes.

Even if he has to go against his first friend, Izuku Midoriya, protégée of All Might, Endeavor's rival.

He grit his teeth, forced his features to go back to normal, and took his place on top of his calvary formation.

When Present Mic told them to start, his team immediately went after Izuku's team.

Chapter Text

As soon as Present Mic told everyone to start, Izuku's team went on the defensive, keeping away from the other teams as much as possible. Uraraka made their clothes feel lighter, and Tokoyami summoned Dark Shadow to keep watch as Hatsume cackled on and on about her babies. Izuku tightened his one million point headband as he surveyed his opponents.

They didn't seem too focused on his team yet; he noticed everyone else racking up points from easier targets. He leaned down to strategize with his teammates, only to notice another team approaching his own.

Izuku cursed quietly when he got a good look at them: Team Bakugou.

"That headband is mine, Deku! Give it here you bastard!" The hotheaded blonde shouted, blasting off of his formation and flying towards them with at an alarming speed.

Dark Shadow cowered away from the light of his explosions, so it was up to Izuku to stop Bakugou. He shot a blast of fire and it canceled out the explosions. A small smirk formed on his face when he noticed Bakugou fuming as Sero's tape caught him in the air.

His team turned around, but movement from the corner of his eye caught his attention. "Great," Izuku sighed exasperatedly, facing his new oppenent. "Another team wants our headband–"

A blur of movement so fast he didn't catch it passed his team, but after the shock wore off he could feel the breeze hitting his forehead.

He knew right away what team took his headband.

Team Todoroki stood about a few feet away, looking at Iida with wide eyes, clearly in shock like Izuku's team. Todoroki quickly recovered and caught Izuku staring, giving him a challenging look.

I'm wining this competition, his eyes seemed to say, and Izuku grit his teeth, finding himself annoyed at the sudden coldness he's been getting from the dual quirk user the past few days.

"We're getting our headband back," the green haired boy spoke lowly, eyes never leaving the gray and blue of his opponent. Uraraka looked at him worriedly. "We only have three minutes left," she told him as Hatsume laughed loudly.

"Good thing we have my babies to help you. Get ready to get that headband back! Off we go!" She shouted when she pushed a button, sending them flying towards Todoroki.

He saw their approach too late. Izuku had his green fire blazing on his arm, ready to attack if necessary to get there headband back. The dual quirk user lifted his arm as well, orange fire rising to protect his team. As soon as he realized what he did, he quickly snuffed the flames out, giving Izuku the chance to grab a few headbands from his neck with a triumphant cry.

They moved back so quickly, he missed the look Todoroki had on his face as he gazed at his left arm.

Izuku had a smile on his face, but it feel when Uraraka said they didn't grab their original headband. "Shit," he cursed softly, ignoring the looks his team gave him. They must have never seen him mad before. "We only have one minute left! That's not enough time."

"Give me that headband Icyhot!" Bakugou suddenly shouted, leaping for Todoroki, but before he could reach him time ran out.

Bakugou face planted on the ground.

"We lost," Izuku mumbled dejectedly, looking at the ground on defeat until he felt a hand touch his shoulder. Dark Shadow gave him a thumbs up, holding three headbands in his mouth.

"It's not enough for first place, but I got us in third place," Tokoyami said, looking happy when Izuku pat Dark Shadow on the head with a big grin on his face.







"Why did you call me out here, Todoroki-kun?" Izuku asked nervously, wringing his hands together as the other boy simply stared at his left hand, not saying a word since he asked if they could talk somewhere private. The temperature of the corridor cooled his body from using his quirk, but when normally helping him relax it did nothing for him.

He fiddled with his bangs, feeling the tension like a taut wire about to snap. Then, Todoroki finally said something.

"You know Endeavor, the number two hero?"

Izuku nodded. "Of course I do. He's known best for his goal to be number one and his use of hell fire, right?"

"That's correct, yes. But no one knows who he really is when he's not working. He's a cold, heartless bastard who doesn't care about anyone but himself."

The green eyed boy frowned. "Todoroki-kun...."

He finally looked at the shorter male, his eyes haunted in shadows.

"Midoriya, do you know what Quirk Marriages are?"

This time, Izuku shook is head. Todoroki gave a bitter smile, clenching his hand in a fist.

"I'm guessing by the title, it involves two people getting married for each others quirks?"

A chuckle escaped from the boy across from him. "Close enough. My old man arranged a marriage with my mother to create children with the perfect merge of their quirks. They had Touya, Natsuo, Fuyumi, then me. But my siblings could only use ice or fire, until my quirk manifested. Touya couldn't handle it anymore and ran away, Natuso moved out as soon as he got the chance, leaving only me and my sister living with him. Once I got my quirk, my life became a living hell."

He looked up to see Izuku giving him a look of pure terror. He shook his head as if to concentrate.

"That's not even the worst part. My mother tried to hide I had a quirk, but he noticed one day. Immediately I was forced to train, even if I could no longer stand or vomited on the floor. My mom did her best to stop him, but he wasn't having it, and over time, I noticed she began to change. She was falling apart, and I couldn't do a damn thing to stop it."

His hand moved to the scar on the left side of his face. "Do you know I got this scar, Midoriya? I woke up in the middle of the night one day, and heard my mom talking on the phone. She was making tea and talking to her mother. She said she couldn't take it anymore, that my left side was unsightly. I called out to her, then she turned to me and snapped. One minute I was calling her name, the next I was screaming at the sensation of boiling water hitting the left side of my face. If it wasn't for him, my mother wouldn't be in a hospital right now, and maybe, just maybe, I would have a normal life."

Izuku made a choked sound, keeping a tight hold on his bangs as the world spun around him. He could barely breathe, but Todoroki didn't seem to notice. He continued talking, and Izuku clung to every word to keep himself conscious.

"Your connection to All Might hasn't gone unnoticed either. Maybe if I win against you without using my fire, he might finally notice I don't need it. I can become a pro hero without his quirk. I won't be like my father."

He could barely make out his words at this point. All Izuku could see was Hisashi, standing over his crumpled form with a sneer.

"Get up, heroes won't let you rest!" He would say, pulling him to his feet roughly, his grip tight and unforgiving. Izuku would choke on his own spit as he hit the floor or walls of the warehouse over and over again, not getting any breaks. He would vomit and still have to get back up.

He understood where Todoroki was coming from. He's refused to use his fire all this time, only using as much as he's comfortable with because of Aizawa.

Hands on his shoulders drew him from his panic, and through blurry eyes he saw Todoroki's worried expression. He looked apologetic and angry at himself.

"I shouldn't have sprang all of this on you, I'm sorry—"

He cut off with a gasp when Izuku barreled into him, his grip tight as he sobbed against the other boy. Hands hesitantly set themselves on the small of his back, the two temperatures of his hands rubbing absentminded circles in his back.

The pair stayed like that for what felt like hours until Izuku shakily pulled back. His bangs were disheveled, giving Todoroki a partial view of his scar. Despite his emotions, Izuku gave him a grin full of promises.

"We'll find a way to show him that you don't need him. Trust me Todoroki-kun, I'll think of something."

And with that, Izuku walked away with his head held high, hands clenched into fists.

But first, he needed to find Endeavor.







It wasn't hard to find the flamming pile of trash. Izuku found him waiting for his son to finish his match with Sero.

So Izuku casually leaned against the wall, picking at his nails until the number two hero finally noticed his presence.

"What are you doing here? Can't you see that I'm busy," Endeavor grumbled, not even glancing at the green haired boy standing a few feet away.

Izuku shrugged, deciding not saying anything, much to Endeavor's irritation.

"If you're here to get on my nerves, then leave. I have no business with a child," he said — more like spat — at Izuku, who blocked the hero from walking out of the corridor.

"I'm afraid I can't leave just yet, not until we have a nice little chat, Endeavor."

A sneer is all Endeavor gave in response. He signed and leaned against the wall in front of the U.A. student.

"Go on, then. Shouto's match will end soon. You have until then."

Izuku grinned, a dark glimmer in his emerald eyes as he stared at him.

"Oh, I won't be long at all. That I promise you."







After his match against Sero, Todoroki expected to find his father waiting for him like he was told before his fight.

Who he didn't expect to see was Midoriya leaning against the very same wall Endeavor was previously leaning on. He didn't seem to notice the teen, continuing to stare at the ground with a tenseness Todoroki was familiar with seeing in the boy.

He walked closer, intending to surprise his friend, only to see his bruised knuckles and tense posture. Panic set in, and he could only think about his father hurting Midoriya, burning his body and throwing him around and—


The panic immediately fled, and concern took its place instead.

He gently took his friends injured hands with a frown. "What happened to your hands, Midoriya?"

Izuku looked away.


"It wasn't him, if that's what you're worried about," he cut Todoroki off, snapping out the words like they were poison. He shuddered when the dual quirk user grasped his arm. Bandages were slightly peeking out from the long sleeve, which Todoroki gently ran a finger against.

"Midoriya, please tell me what happened— no, tell me what's wrong."

He gave him a blank look.

"Like I said, I'm fine," Izuku ripped away from his grip. "Our match is going to start soon. I'll see you then."

Todoroki watched him walk away, emotions spiraling out of control.








"We're back from our break, and with some exciting news! The winner of our next match will determine who will move on to the finals. Now get ready! Our contestants are the son of the number two hero, Shouto Todoroki, versus the mysterious Izuku Midoriya!!"

The crowd went wild as the two boys entered the ring, both looking at each other with a wall over their hearts.

Neither said anything to the other.

"Alright listeners, you may begin!!!"

As soon as Todoroki heard the signal to start, he immediately went on the offensive with a large ice attack. Izuku barely dodged it in time, looking at anything other than Todoroki.

And honestly? That hurt more than anything.

"If you're not going to take this seriously, then you might as well give up."

Izuku didn't respond to the bait, instead charging forward with One For All coursing through his arm. He narrowly missed another ice attack and punched Todoroki in the stomach.

His arm immediately turned purple. Despite the pain it caused Izuku still stayed on the offensive. Todoroki grit his teeth and sent more ice in his opponents direction. Familiar eyes stared at him from the stands, and the half and half teen met the eyes of his father staring at him coldly.

His irritation spiked.

The walls around his heart grew stronger.

After a while Izuku stopped trying to attack when he noticed what got Todoroki's attention. He breathed through the pain and clenched his injured hand in a tight fist. Todoroki wasn't faring any better, frost creeping over his body, and he made no move to regulate his temperature. His movements slowed down considerably as well.

Izuku's fire flickered at his fingertips. He was so distracted by his thoughts that he almost lost control.

He addressed his opponent without looking at him.

"You're trembling, Todoroki."

Todoroki flinched. But Izuku continued on, not bothered in the slightest. He couldn't control his thoughts, his mind a jumbled mess of depression and anger at Endeavor.

"You haven't left a single scratch on me yet. If you weren't using only half of your power, then I wouldn't be standing right now."


Izuku finally looked at Todoroki, emerald eyes wide in disbelief. He's never heard him raise his voice before.

Todoroki gave him a look of pure anger. "That's bullshit and you know it. You know I made a vow to never use his fire. I swore I would become a hero without his power."

He scoffed. "And you're one to talk, only using one of your quirks."

Izuku looked at his feet, trying to calm himself down. He didn't understand why Todoroki's been making him feel angry ever since the Sport's Festival started.

His eyes widened.

No, maybe even before that.

'Endeavor must be behind this,' the green haired boy growled to himself, looking at the hero in the stands with as much anger as he could put on his face. The hero glared back when he noticed his expression.

"What are you looking at?"

Izuku turned and look back at Todoroki. His bicolored eyes were narrowed. "You were staring at my father, weren't you? Did he put you up to this? I should've known—"

"He didn't put me up to anything!" The injured teen shouted, his breaking point finally emerging. Emerald Inferno shot out around him in response to his emotions, which slowly spiraled out of control.

In the little room above the crowd of people, Hizashi frowned and turned the mic off. "Shouta, he's losing control out there. Should we stop the fight?"

Aizawa frowned and carefully watched his son, who seemed to be yelling at Todoroki about something. After a minute he shook his head.

"No, they need this. The closure they've been looking for. We'll stop them if it gets out of hand." Hizashi nodded and turned the mic back on, continuing his narration of the fight.

In the arena, Izuku gasped and trembled from overuse of his flames. They seemed to burn even hotter than usual, fueled by his past traumas flinging to the front of his mind.

Todoroki wasn't doing any better. He was hunched over slightly, staring at Izuku's mangled fingers on his right hand with an emotion the freckled teen couldn't place right now.

Izuku pushed through the pain, and spoke with as much sincerity as he could manage.

"I understand how you're feeling, Todoroki."

"How could you even begin to understand—"

"Just shut up for a minute and let me talk, damnit!"

His mouth shut with an audible click.

"You don't know my past, but I see where you're coming from. I know what it's like to be put under so much strain and having to live up to someone else's expectations. I know what it's like to feel like a pawn to someone else's selfish gain. I know, and I understand. I may not have been in the exact situation you're in right now and have been in, but I was in the almost exact position myself."

Izuku paused to take a breath and saw Todoroki giving him a look he couldn't decipher right now.

"There are people who I learned to trust and gained support from. They helped me get through the hardships I faced since I was a child. You don't need to feel tied down by Endeavor anymore. I still feel how you're feeling, but I'm getting better and I have people to help me. But so do you, Todorki!"

The wind whipped around them, and blew Izuku's bangs away from his face, revealing the scar on the right side of his face. The other scarred teen let out an audible gasp at the sight.

Todoroki was shaking, eyes glistening with unshed tears, and hell, maybe Izuku was in a similar state, but he couldn't care less right now. His eyes started to sting, and he no longer felt the burning of his flames, but rather a comforting warmth for the first time in his life.


And that, is what broke Shouto Todoroki.

Tears fell down his cheeks, and before he knew it, his control over his left side released, and the wall around his heart crumbled into dust.

Both boys looked at each other with bright grins and charged, one alit in green, the other alit in orange and red and covered in ice.

One For All ran through Izuku's damaged arm, his flames wrapping around it as he seemed to fly through the air. Todoroki released his ice and fire simultaneously, lifting his hand the same time Izuku lifted his fist.

"Cementoss, stop the fight immediately! They'll kill each other!" Midnight shouted, ripping part of the sleeve of her costume to release a sleeping mist as Cementoss built barriers around the arena to protect the audience.

The two boys' powers crashed into each other, and the floor of the arena broke into tiny cubes.

After the dust cleared, Midnight gasped at the destruction, and saw Todoroki still standing, panting like he ran a marathon, and Izuku sliding down the wall, out of bounds.

"Midoriya is... Out of bounds! Todoroki wins!"

The crowd went wild.







Izuku awoke sometime later to his wounds throbbing and pulsing with each beat of his heart. He had no memory of getting to the infirmary, but he could feel residual warmth and coolness around his body.

'Shouto must have carried me here,' he thought groggily, not aware he was calling him by his first name in his mind.

He stared at the TV in the room, seeing the three winners of the tournament standing on a podium, receiving medals from All Might.

When he saw Shouto standing in first place and getting a fatherly hug from the number one hero, a soft grin warmed its way on his face.

Chapter Text

A knock on the door dispelled the peacefulness of the infirmary, but Izuku smiled despite the slight disappointment at being disturbed and told them to come in.

When the familiar head of white and red hair walked in the room, his mood instantly skyrocketed.

"Shouto!" Izuku struggled to sit up, bandaged arms shaking so bad he ended up flopping back down with a hiss. His friend was at his side instantly, helping him sit up with a worried expression.

"Shouldn't you be resting, Midoriya?" Shouto asked, running a hand through Kuro's soft fur. Izuku had the fleeting thought of how those fingers would feel through his hair, turning lobster red and fiddling with his blanket, ignoring the question. The dual quirk user didn't seem to notice as he set a bag down and took a seat at the end of the bed.

Silence filled the room, accompanied by the sounds of Kuro purring and the hum of the air conditioner. Sunlight streamed through the windows, highlighting Shouto's beauty, making Izuku gulp, suddenly aware of how dry his throat is. His friend beat him to it, already handing him the glass of water with a small smile.

"Thank you, Shouto," Izuku mumbled after he downed the glass, signing in contentment.

He could feel Shouto's mismatched eyes on him, questions on the tip of his tongue. The injured teen sighed softly, reaching out for his cat, who his friend handed to him in a heartbeat. "Ask whatever you want, Shouto. I promise I'll answer any questions you have."

"Are you sure? You don't have to tell me anything you're not comfortable with," he frowned, grasping Midoriya's hand when it spasmed. He shook his head lightly.

"If it's you, I don't mind," he rasped, willing his tears away. Shouto's brow furrowed but he nodded.

"Um, how did you get your scar?" He asked quietly, squeezing the injured boy's newly scarred right hand with a gentleness Izuku wasn't used to.

"I got this from my dad— Hisashi Midoriya. He was training me to be a villain. A-And he got in my face and yelled at me for disobeying him, and he lost control of his quirk." His shoulders shook but he kept his gaze firmly on the boy beside him.

Shouto looked sick to his stomach, hand trembling on his. "H-How long have you had it?"

Izuku looked down. "When I was a kid."

The other scarred teen looked at his face. His eyes widened when he noticed his bangs were no longer covering his right eye.

"You cut your bangs?"

"Ah, you just noticed?" Izuku laughed, rubbing Kuro's head. "It feels weird but I'll get used to it. I think this is a way for me to move on from my past."

Shouto nodded. "It's a start. Next you'll have to stop biting your nails— and don't think I don't notice it," he added when he seen the look on Izuku's face. They both laughed, not realizing they moved closer to each other the more they talked. Kuro lay on Izuku's lap and Shouto sat next to his right arm.

He grasped it with his right hand, letting the coldness of his ice quirk soothe the irritated burns under the bandages. Izuku leaned against him with a pleased sigh.

"We're both pretty touch starved aren't we, Midoriya?" Shouto chuckled, squeezing his hand again. Izuku laughed, nudging closer to the other, freckles shining like constellations on his cheeks.

"Call me Izuku," he murmured, lost in the sensation of cold fingers in his curls and the warm hand on his scarred one. "I've been calling you Shouto, and I feel like we know each other well enough to be on first name basis."

Shouto blushed lightly and fiddled with Kuro's tail, who batted at him playfully, showering the pair in tiny ice crystals. They laughed again, trying to avoid the cat's attacks. They didn't hear the knocks on the door, or see Aizawa and Hizashi's fond expressions at their antics. So they gently shut the door and went to sit outside until their laughter died down.

When they knocked again later, they heard Izuku tell them to come in. Aizawa and Hizashi walked in with a bag in their hands.

"We brought you some clothes listener," the voice hero said, ruffling his son's hair with a grin. Aizawa smiled behind his capture scarf before dumping it on Izuku's lap, who gathered it in his arms with a grin on his face. He turned to Shouto with a smile.

"You have to feel his scarf, Shouto! It's like the softest thing on the planet," he gushed, pushing some of it into his friends arms. The adults let the two kids babble about Aizawa's scarf, content to see them happy and smiling.

"We already signed your release papers, Izuku. Let's get you home and give you some dinner. Todoroki can come too if he wants," Aizawa addressed the pair, grabbing the sleeping Kuro as Shouto helped Izuku to his feet. He looked at the floor nervously. "I don't want to intrude. Besides, I think father wants me home soon anyway." He sounded indifferent, but Izuku could tell he didn't want to leave just yet.

He grabbed his left arm with a smile, eyes lighting with mischief. "It's fine Shouto! I'm sure dad can ask Endeavor, isn't that right?" Aizawa nodded as Izuku continued. "Oh! We can have your favorite — soba, right?— and you can stay the night—"

"Okay, okay, I get it Mido — Izuku," Shouto put a steadying hand across his back as they started to walk out of the hospital. "I'll do whatever you want, as long as I'm allowed to be here." He looked at the two pro heroes, who told them that they didn't mind in the slightest.







"Todoroki-san, it really isn't a bother. Izuku wants him to stay—"

"I don't give a damn about what that brat of yours wants, I want my son home immediately!"

Hizashi gripped the phone tighter, glancing at the kids and Shouta in the kitchen. Izuku and Shouto were baking cookies and Shouta was making dinner, occasionally watching the kids with a soft smile on his face.

"Present Mic, if you don't send Shouto home I will personally come get him myself," Endeavor growled threateningly, startling him out of his thoughts.

Shouta, wondering what was taking him so long, came to check on him. "'Zashi, what's wrong?"

Hizashi just pointed at the phone, letting Shouta listen to Endeavor rant and pinched the bridge of his nose. He jumped when Shouta slammed the phone on the table with a scowl. Luckily the kids didn't hear it; They were too busy laughing and baking more cookies for the class.

"He's staying." Is all he said before going back in the kitchen. Hizashi shook his head with an amused smile before going to join the trio, ignoring the consistently ringing phone.







After watching a couple movies Izuku set up Shouto's futon in his bedroom as his friend looked around in interest. Kuro and Nox were playing in the corner of the room. When they settled down to sleep they curled next to each other on Izuku's mattress, Shouto watching him text the class group chat with a smile. They laughed at the memes Kaminari sent and Bakugou yelling at them to let him get some sleep.

Kaminari: ya know theres a mute button bakubro

Bakugou: don't call me that you bastard! Can't you all just go to sleep like normal people!

Kirishima: you know we're far from normal Bakugou

Midoriya: image.jpg



Bakugou logged off.

"Oh my god I can imagine him looking like that," Shouto chuckled softly, leaning on a laughing Izuku. He laughed so hard tears leaked out of his eyes.

When Hizashi came to check on them later he found the pair asleep on the mattress and the cats on the spare futon. Shouto had an arm around Izuku, who was curled against his chest.

He grinned, covering them up before taking a picture to show Shouta before gently closing the door behind him.

Chapter Text

"It's time to pick your hero names. Midnight will be overseeing this activity, try to be quick about this, we don't have all day."

And with that, Aizawa crawled into his sleeping bag and immediately went to sleep.

Away from the commotion in the classroom, two students stood outside the door: one biting his nails, the other keeping a steady hand on his shoulder.

"Are you sure you want to do this? Sensei said he would cover for you," Shouto mumbled, running a soothing hand down Izuku's trembling back.

"I need to do this," he whispered, running a hand through his now short bangs. "I need to move on from the past. If I don't..."

He didn't need to finish his sentence for Shouto to understand.

"Alright, let's go."

As soon as the door slid open, everything stopped. Class 1-A looked at the two standing by the door in shock.

Kirishima was the first one to break the silence. "Wow! That's a sick scar dude!"

"You look just like Todoroki! Are you two long lost brother or something?" Kaminari asked, oblivious as usual. Izuku ignored the questions and walked to his seat. Midnight gave him a supportive smile, silencing the class with a crack of her riding crop.

One by one each student presented their hero names. The closer it came to Izuku's turn, the more nervous he became. Shouto leaned over to see what he had on his white board.

"Why don't you pick a name that relates to your quirk or your personality?" He asked quietly, glancing at Bakugou, who was presenting his name to the class. "It doesn't have to be flashy like Crimson Riot or Ground Zero."

Pick a name that relates to me or my quirk?

An idea came to him.

He thanked Shouto before scribbling a name and running to the front of the room.


Izuku nodded. "Someone gave me that name a long time ago. I hope that one day we'll meet again so I can apologize for what I've done wrong."

Midnight ruffled his hair. "I think it's a great name. Alright, who's next?" She called after he sat back down.

Shouto smiled, and for the first time in what felt like forever, Izuku grinned.







"You want me to train with two heroes?" Izuku asked, searching Aizawa's face for any jokes or lies.

He found none.

"How is that even going to work?! I can't intern with two heroes; it's unfair and puts me at an advantage from the rest of my classmates—"

The underground hero ruffled his fluffy hair, effectively cutting the younger one off. "It's not an "advantage", as you call it. Think of it simply as improvement. You need to work on both of your quirks. All Might already had someone in mind, now we need someone to help with your fire quirk."

Izuku looked at his feet, wringing his hands continuously and shuffling his feet.

Another nervous tick Aizawa noticed as of late.

He sighed, carding a hand through his long black hair. For once he was glad Hizashi was out of the house. Izuku startled at the feeling of a large hand guide him towards the couch to sit, handing him Kuro as he sat next to the teen.

"I know you're hiding something from me. It can't be good, whatever it is. Is it personal or school related?" Aizawa asked bluntly, straight to the point, unlike his husband. His eyes softened when his son's shoulders started shaking.

"I-I can't tell you," he whispered, hands clenching on his lap. Kuro meowed quietly with a slight nudge to his fists. He relaxed his hands almost instantly.

Aizawa hummed a song he heard on the radio a few days ago while he waited for Izuku to talk. It didn't take long; he could never stay quiet about his insecurities around him.

But as soon as the teen spoke, Aizawa was immediately alert.

"Endeavor needs to be stopped."

He seemed to blurt it out without thinking. Izuku covered his mouth in horror, standing shakily to gather his cat and run away, but was caught by his arm.

"What do you mean? What did he do, Izuku?" When he didn't get an answer, his face hardened, grip tightening slightly. "Did he do something to you?" He seethed, eyes flashing red.

"No, but he did do something," Izuku muttered lowly, "but I can't tell you. I'd be betraying Shouto's trust."

Aizawa figured it had something to do with the Todoroki kid. "It's okay if you can't tell me yet," he eventually managed, rubbing his temples to quell a sudden headache. "But you two will tell me if either of you are in immediate danger, you hear me?"

Izuku smiled at that, giving him a quick hug. "Don't worry dad, I promise I will."







Too bad he had to break that promise days later, when Iida decided to go after the Hero Killer by himself.

"Midoriya?! What are you doing here?!"

"Isn't it obvious?" Izuku grunted, landing back on his feet after delivering a flamming punch. "I came here to save you!"

His friend grimaced in pain, glaring at his smaller classmate.

The villain stared at the pair as they argued, taking in the appearance of the newcomer. His fluffy green hair looked oddly familiar, along with that burn scar.....

"I see you've cut your bangs, Inferno. That's good; they would always get in the way when we were training."

Izuku freezed, looking at the other man in recognition.


The Hero Killer chuckled darkly, sending shivers down Izuku's spine. His first thought was to run, legs twitching in anticipation, but he couldn't leave Iida here to die.

A low groan registered in his ears. He turned to the source and found another hero slumped against the wall.

Native, his brain helpfully supplied.

"Iida, we need to get out of here now," he hissed, One For All surging through his body. He went to help his friend up, but instead found himself leaping to the entrance of the alley. A familiar knife lodged itself in the ground where he was previously standing.

Too close to Iida's face for comfort.

The engine hero struggled to move, his whole body trembling. Another knife surged past him, nicking him in the cheek. Stain grabbed the knife and licked it, another round of paralysis knocking Iida back to the ground.

Izuku growled, energy bursting across his skin. Emerald Inferno responded in kind, lighting his arms and legs aflame. The whole alley glowed green, and in those few seconds where Stain was blinded, Izuku had Iida and Native next to the entrance of the alley.

He stood in front of them with a snarl when the villain stepped forward. His fingers worked quickly over his phone behind his back, sending his location to the class. Izuku hoped someone could get here in time.

"You've improved, Inferno. I'm impressed," Stain said, drawing his swords from his back.

His eyes narrowed, focusing intently on his target.

"But let's see how long you can stay standing!"

They met in the middle; Izuku kicking against the sharp sword, narrowly dodging the second blade that would have surely cut into his shoulder.

They continued this dance until a glint shot past his eyes, so fast he nearly missed it.

A small dagger soared to his fallen classmate

Izuku cursed. How could he forget?! He was so focused on deflecting Stain's attacks that he forgot about his dirty tricks.

He backflipped, landing in front of the engine hero, the blade lodging deep into his leg. Iida gasped and Izuku cried out, clutching the hilt, only for a large hand to rip it out of his leg.

The wound throbbed and burned with each beat of his heart. A long tongue licked the weapon with a satisfied hum, and Izuku fell to the ground with a whimper.


"Why am I doing this? Well, you're my enemy now, Inferno. I can't let you go now that you've joined the other side," he said, twirling the dagger and watching with glee as his blood flew in different directions, coating a few of his other blades.

The small teen glared, seething in anger.

"I was never on your side," he hissed, old scars haunting his vision. Memories of his training and missions played in his mind, memories he desperately tried to forget.

"This is goodbye, Izuku Midoriya."

But before he could deliver the finishing blow, orange and red flames shot towards the man, who jumped away from the attack just in time to avoid what would have been third degree burns.

Stain glared at the newcomer, who wore ice and flames on his body like a cloak. His red and white hair was unmistakable when he stepped into the light.

Tears gathered in Izuku's eyes.

"Shouto!" He cried, struggling to stand. His friend gave him a concerned look out of the corner of his eye.

"Are you alright?" He called, creating a barrier of ice and helping Izuku to his feet. Iida and Native still couldn't move, so he made sure they were a safe distance away before going back to his injured classmate.

"I'm fine." Izuku hissed at the pain in his leg. Shouto gave an unconvinced hum at his statement. As he started to ask what happened, the ice in front of them shattered and two knives lodged into Shouto's arm. If he were any slower, they would have hit Izuku instead.

When Stain went to lick his dripping blood, Shouto's flames activated on reflex, pushing the man away with a curse. Izuku wobbled to his side with a helping hand. A wall of his flames surrounded the pair to give them time to come up with a strategy.

"We need to stall for time until the pro heroes show up," Shouto whispered, placing a hand on his friend's forehead to keep him cool while he keeps his quirk in effect.

"How do we do that?" Izuku breathed, wiping the sweat from his brow. His friend increased the temperature of his right hand with a frown of concern. "I'm fine, Shouto. More importantly, we need to get Iida and Native out of here."

He nodded as Izuku strategized. "Iida should be able to move a bit," he continued, nibbling on his finger in thought. "That should give us an advantage since his quirk is on a time limit and I can move sooner due to my blood type—"

A sword surged through the wall of green flames, hitting its intended target with a sickening sound. Izuku choked back a scream as he fell, his flames burning out immediately. Shouto scrambled to catch him in time, hissing at the sight of his wound. It cut clean through his arm, a steady flow of blood running down his scarred hand and dripping on the ground. Shouto grimaced.

"Alright, take a deep breath. On three, I'm going to pull it out and cauterize the wound. Are you ready?" Izuku nodded shakily, whimpering quietly. "Okay. One... Two... Three!"

He screamed when the blade was taken out and he cried when an agonizing heat erupted on his arm.

In that moment a figure aimed a kick at Stain, who planned to throw another weapon at the pair. Shouto thanked Iida, who still seemed unsure but felt confident he could help them now, and gathered the shivering Izuku in his arms. Iida aimed kicks and Shouto ice and fire.

"Iida, how hot of temperatures can your armor hold before it starts to melt?" Izuku asked hoarsely, struggling to stand. Shouto refused to let him, instead focusing on distracting Stain while Iida and Izuku discussed a plan.

After telling Shouto what to do, they got in position. Iida jumped, and in that moment ice shot at the villain. As he was distracted, Izuku and Shouto wrapped their flames around Iida's leg, who threw all of his power into that single blow.

Stain fell to the ground.

He didn't move.

Everyone held their breath, waiting for him to make a surprise attack. When that didn't happen they sighed in relief. Native, who could finally move, procured some rope to hold him down while Shouto situated Izuku on his back. Native dragged Stain and Iida limped next to him, apologizing for his hesitation and anger during the fight.

Izuku nuzzled Shouto's neck, mumbling incoherent words. He had to fight back a laugh at the ticklish feeling. Instead, he smiled and nudged him back before spotting an old man dressed in yellow looking around frantically. When he saw Izuku being carried, he hurried over, gesturing for the other pro heroes to join him. They gasped when they saw Stain bound by rope

"You brats defeated the Hero Killer?!"

Shouto nodded tiredly. Was it so hard to believe? He thought bitterly, tightening his grip on his friend's legs.

The old man — Gran Torino — nodded at the other Pros. "Let's get these kids treats immediately!"







A shadow stood on a rooftop, watching the destruction unfold when he saw a familiar head of green hair.

Kurogiri chuckled. "Tomura, it's him."

Shigaraki smirked, giving nomu the command to go fetch him.

"We can't lose him now. Sensei is getting impatient. We're running out of time."

Kurogiri nodded in understanding. "I agree. Let's hurry, Tomura."







A shriek caught the groups attention, and before anyone could react, a nomu swopped down and took Izuku from Shouto's back, who couldn't put up a fight. Izuku's flames sputtered pitifully, and as he went to use One For All and risk breaking his bones, the nomu yowled as its neck was cut, leaving Izuku to fall in someone's arms. When they reached the ground and he was set down, he saw that it was Stain that had recused him.

Everyone watched wearily as the aura of death swirled around him as he gave his speech about how he would only be killed by All Might. Soon after he fell unconscious and the pressure of death was gone, lifting the oppressing feeling from the air.

Iida threw up, and Izuku passed out.

When Izuku came to, he was in the hospital. He felt hazy from the painkillers, but when he saw Shouto and Iida whispering next to him, he knew it was safe enough for him to fall back asleep.

They got a stern talking to about using their quirks later that evening and getting involved with The Hero Killer, but the trio went home feeling closer to each other than they ever were before.

Chapter Text

"...for those of you who failed their exams, you will be doing remedial tests during breaks and training."

"What!? Sensei that's not fair!"

"Sorry Ashido, but life isn't fair," Aizawa sighed when she continued to complain. "Anyway, make sure those of you who passed are ready. You all have three weeks if you plan to train early, but don't strain yourselves. The training we have planned won't be easy."

Everyone stood and bowed. "Yes sir!!"

The teacher crawled back into his sleeping bag.

"Class is dismissed."

Quiet but insistent chatter filled the room as the class packed their things for lunch. Even Bakugou seemed quieter, and let Kirishima talk his ear off about weights and other manly things. Kaminari and Ashido joined the conversation with their own excited input.

Uraraka and Iida approached the two desks in the back of the room, where Todoroki was on his phone and Izuku was sleeping with headphones on.

"Hey guys!" The bubbly girl grinned when Todoroki inclined his head while scrolling through his phone. She tried not to get jealous when he gave Iida a more friendly greeting, knowing they were closer since the incident in Hosu.

"I suggest we get to lunch as soon as possible so we can sit at out usual table," Iida advised. The dual quirk user hummed distractedly.

"You two go ahead, I'll catch up in a few," the quiet teen whispered, standing up and stretching his stiff muscles. Uraraka stared at him for a minute, but nodded and dragged her bespectacled friend out of the classroom.

She saw the warm look in his eyes when he looked at the class cinnamon roll.

She knew that look because she was in love with him too.

"What was that for Uraraka?! What if they're late?" Iida shouted, chopping his hand in the air as usual.

Uraraka turned and gave him a fake bright grin.

"Then we'll save them their usual seats. It'll be fine Iida!"

"...agreed," he replied quietly, watching her bounce off toward the cafeteria with a worried look.







"So, I was thinking we could all go to the mall after school as a class," Hagakure yelled over the loud noises of the cafeteria. Yaomomo agreed and texted the class group chat about it to see if everyone could come. Jirou stole a piece of chicken off her plate while she was texting. Uraraka looked at them with a knowing smile, laughing when Jirou noticed her staring and looked away with a light blush.

The gravity user then looked at the two who arrived late. They ate surprising quick, and were looking at something on Todoroki's phone and sharing an earbud. Izuku laughed, catching the attention of the others in their class. He looked down in embarrassment with a blush going all the way to his ears.

"Aww Deku, you finally laughed! Yaomomo, Jirou, any of you, please tell me you caught that on video?" Jirou smirked, sending it to the girls only group chat.

"Urarakaaa," he whined, his blush turning cherry red. Steam started to come out of his ears and he buried his head in Todoroki's right side. "Shouto help me." His muffled plea didn't reach his friend; he was busy chuckling softly, a hand over his mouth. The few at the table who seen it were looking at him in wonder.

"....did you happen to get that on video too, Jirou?" Yaomomo asked quietly, watching their quiet classmate put an arm around Izuku's shoulders and use his quirk to cool off his flustered friend. Jirou nodded, stopping the video and sending it, eyes still wide in shock.

The ringing of the bell snapped the group out of their dazes.







After everyone arrived at the mall, they decided to split into groups since each person needed something different. Uraraka, Asui, Yaomomo and Jirou went to look for books and new clothes, the Bakusquad went to look for weights, and Ojiro, Hagakure, Kouda, Tokoyami, and Rikidou went to get food, leaving Iida, Todoroki and Izuku by themselves.

"Where to first?" Todoroki asked, glancing at the many stores he hasn't seen since he was a child. Iida suggested study material first, and Izuku suggested exercise material. So they hit the bookstore, browsing and ending up buying a few books. As the trio were going to get the weights, Todoroki looked around and spotted a jewelery store.

"—and I think it would be best to— Todoroki-kun?" Iida looked around until he saw his friend looking at the tiny shop in the corner. "Is there something wrong?" He asked, adjusting his glasses to see the name of the store. Todoroki looked at the store they were going to in the distance, seeing Izuku looking at him and Iida curiously.

He nodded. "I'll meet you two in front of the shop when I'm done."

Iida patted him on the shoulder before jogging back to Izuku's side. Once they entered the store Todoroki entered the small jewelry shop.







"I'm home," Izuku called, shutting the door behind him and setting his things in his room. Kuro rubbed her head against his legs with a loud purr, her fur shiny and smooth, along with the rest of the cats. He went in the kitchen expecting to find his dad but found a note from him instead.

I'll be home really lateThere's leftover dinner in the fridge if you're hungryDon't stay up waiting for me I know you've been doing it when I work long hours


Izuku rubbed the back of his neck with a laugh. "Damn, guess I've been found out."

He changed into his pajamas and settled on the couch with the cats sitting on and around him while he watched a movie and ate popcorn. When he got bored of that Izuku started texting Todoroki, Iida and Uraraka in their group chat. They even had a group call and talked for a couple hours.

But not long after that he fell asleep on the couch waiting for Aizawa to come home.

Chapter Text

Izuku slumped on his futon with a sigh. He felt sore from the training he did with his class. His sigh muffled into the soft pillow Aizawa brought him, but it still wasn't the same as cuddling with his cat.

The door slid open, interrupting his thoughts. Izuku saw Shouto walk in with a small bag in his hand, sitting up with a smile.

"Hey Shouto! Out of the bath already? You weren't in there for very long." He tried not to let his curiosity get the better of him when his friend moved the bag out of sight.

"I didn't take mine yet," he said, shuffling through his duffel bag for some clothes. He grabbed some pajamas and gestured for Izuku to follow him, who did so without question.

Before they got there Izuku stopped before Shouto could open the door. "Ah, I'd rather not take one while everyone is there. I don't want people to see my scars," he mumbled, fiddling with his bangs.

But Shouto simply patted his shoulder and guided him inside, smiling when Izuku relaxed. "Everyone finished a few minutes ago, so I came to get you before it gets too late."

They washed in comfortable silence and soaked in the bath for a while longer. After returning and finding the room empty, Shouto handed Izuku the small bag he had earlier.

"I wanted to give this to you later, but I noticed how you kept eyeing it so I figured it wouldn't hurt to let you have it now."

Izuku took it with a grin. "Thank you Shouto!"

Inside the bag was a bracelet with an emerald in the center surrounded by diamonds, sapphires and ruby's. A small cat head charm that looked like Kuro hung off the side on a short chain.


His friend shifted uncomfortably. "I wanted to get you a gift, for helping me during the Sports Festival and for being my friend. Do you like it?"

Izuku trembled. "I— this must have been expensive! I can't just—"

"The price doesn't matter, Izuku." He lifted his left wrist and put the bracelet on. It fit his wrist perfectly. "I had it made so it could withstand as much heat as possible, just as long as you don't use your quirk to melting levels."

He was pulled into a crushing hug and felt tears hit his shoulder. "T–thank you Shouto," Izuku whispered, clinging tighter when he felt his friend return the hug just as fiercely.







Izuku fiddled with his new bracelet, watching the remedial group and laughed when Aizawa grabbed them with his scarf, him and Vlad taking them to a separate building. He looked over to see Mandalay pacing back and forth with a worried look on her face.

"What's wrong, Mandalay?"

"It's Kouta," she turned to Izuku with a frown. "I can't find him and it's almost time for dinner."

"Oh! I think I have an idea of where he could be. I can go get him for you."

She smiled. "Thank you, Midoriya!"

He smiled and ran off with a wave.

The talk with him didn't go well, but Kouta did agree to go back with him, so that's a start.







During the activity where class B had to scare class A is when everything went wrong.

A mist slowly filled the forest, knocking people unconscious. Then, the villains made an entrance.

When Izuku realized Kouta wasn't here with everyone, he ran to the kid's secret hideout without much thought. He just knew he had to get there, and fast. When he made it, his eyes widened when he saw someone cornering Kouta.

"Get away from him!" Izuku lunged for the villain, throwing a flaming punch at their blindside.

They didn't even flinch.

Izuku was lifted up and thrown before he realized it, crashing on the ground in a painful heap.

"Ah, you're on the list. That means I can't kill you; what a shame." The figure threw his cloak to the ground, revealing his identity with a sick grin. Kouta trembled behind his crumpled form, pointing a shaky finger at the man.

"Y-You're the one who killed them...! You killed my parents, Muscular!"

Izuku's eyes darkened.

Muscular, however, looked bored, stretching his arms with a satisfied sigh.

Then his grin turned bloodthirsty.

"So you're the kid of those two shitty heroes. Here's some good news though."

He lunged for Kouta.

"You can meet them again here shortly!"







Mandalay's voice echoed in everyone's heads. "Everyone, I have some bad news. It's important that you listen carefully. Villains have invaded. I repeat: Villains have invaded. Do not engage, please return to the facility and await further instructions with Eraser and Vlad."

"How did they...!"

"Stay here! Vlad, protect the students. I'll assess the situation!"

As soon as Aizawa was outside, he saw it all; the rising blue flames and the falling trees. He cursed and started planning where to start his search when a voice interrupted his thoughts.

"Not today, Eraserhead."

He turned around in surprise.


Then, an earth shattering explosion.







Izuku panted, his arms tinted purple and his fire flickering like a dying light.

He was running out of energy. Muscular noticed this and continued to throw punch after punch, almost all of them hitting their mark. His laugh was that out of a nightmare, but Izuku had to stay strong.

Kouta's protection was his number one priority.

With that thought in mind, his arms began to light up again.

"Nice try boy! But that trick won't work on me a second time!"

Kouta cried when Muscular shoved Izuku into the cliff side behind him, pushing until he was trapped beneath the falling rocks.


The villain panted, wiping the sweat from his brow before turning to the kid.

"Don't worry, kid, he's still alive; he's on our list, after all. But you won't be alive for much longer!"

But no matter what Kouta did, his weak quirk did nothing against him. All he could do was shut his eyes and pray his death would be quick.


'I can't do anything... I don't have any strength left,' Izuku thought, eyes struggling to stay open. He watched as Kouta tried to fight the grip on his hair and how he used his quirk, but nothing was working.

'I have to do something....anything....'

Emerald Inferno and One For All sputtered in his chest. The flame in his heart grew brighter, spreading throughout his body.

'.... I'm not dead yet!'

Izuku stood on unsteady legs, struggling to lift his arms. But as soon as he saw Kouta's desperate expression, the pain seemed nonexistent.

He screamed, a raw sound of pure anger, and started to run. His flames flew behind him like wings, One For All powered through his arms and legs, fire coated his entire body.

Before long he was a running blur of green.

Muscular looked over in shock before he was whacked away like some lifeless doll. Kouta rolled away behind some rocks, watching the scene with wide eyes.

Izuku howled in pure anger and his flames twisted behind him, burning hotter and hotter until it hurt.

But Izuku didn't feel the pain.

Instead he felt hatred.

" might want to look away, Kouta. This might get ugly." The kid nodded and covered his face, hiding further behind the boulders for protection.

He punched Muscular until he fell to the ground. His flames burned brighter. The wings behind him shaped like dragon wings, and talons made of flames took shape around his arms.

One For All responded in kind, the green lightening turning red, and he used all the power he could. His flames flashed like thunder, tinting black and almost turning molten lava hot.

"Flashpoint Nightmare!" He roared, wings unfurling behind him. Flames wrapped around Muscular like a prison, black and green slowly lowering until he was on the ground.

Izuku snapped his fingers, pointing down at his opponent with a burning gaze.

" Now burn ."

The villain screamed in agony as flames burned through his quirk like it was paper. Soon enough his extra muscle was burnt, and when he passed out from the pain, Izuku stopped his attack.

Kouta uncovered his eyes after a few minutes of hearing nothing but the sounds of harsh panting.

Izuku knelt on the ground, obscuring his view of Muscular.

"Get on my back," he coughed, arms purple and burnt and motionless. "I'll take you to my teacher. You'll be safer with him."








Aizawa swiveled to the familiar voice of his son. After defeating that clone of Dabi, he was still on edge. But this time, he let himself smile.

"Izuku, I'm glad you—" He stopped in front of him, and before he could continue, Kouta was put in his arms.

"Take care of him please! I'm gonna find the others and help them!"

"Wait, Izuku!" But he was already running through the forest again.

"...will he be okay, mister?" Kouta asked, tightening his grip on his capture weapon, reminding Aizawa of younger Izuku.

"...he'll be fine. Come on, hang on tight."

'Stay safeIzuku,' He thought worriedly, gritting his teeth and trying to stay focused.







"I have a message from Eraserhead! You are given permission to engage in combat. The villains are looking for Bakugou, so please try to keep yourself from getting caught."

Shouto and Bakugou were with Shouji, trying to calm Tokoyami down and expose him to some light when a rustling sound was heard.

"Be on guard. It could be a villain," Shouto whispered, readying his quirk. Bakugou grumbled but complied otherwise, getting into position.

A figure dashed out of the trees in a blur of green, looking around in confusion before spotting the two of them.

"Shouto! Bakugou! I'm glad I found you guys. And Shouji and Tokoyami too!"

"What the hell happened to you, Deku?" Surprisingly, Bakugou looked worried in his own way. Shouto noticed his injuries and frowned after that question from their hot headed classmate.

"Do you need me to ice anything?" He asked quietly, inspecting one of his broken arms.

He shook his head. "I'm fine, I don't feel any pain right now! Must be the adrenaline." He turned to Tokoyami and frowned. "What's going on here?"

"Dark Shadow is out of control. We're trying to light the area so he'll calm down," Shouji supplied, watching the green haired boy carefully. "You should be resting, Midoriya."

Another head shake. "I can't, not until this is over." Shouto opened his mouth to argue, but Bakugou grabbed him and flung him over to Shoji. "Calm down, Nerd! Listen to your classmates for once."

With that he let out an explosion, Shouto joining soon after with his flames. After getting over his surprise Izuku threw some of his flames in the mix, and with that, Dark Shadow was calm.

"Forgive me, I didn't mean to cause you all so much trouble," Tokoyami bowed his head, hands trembling. Izuku waved it off. "It's okay, Tokoyami. More importantly, we need to find the others. Shouji, do you think you can hear if anyone is nearby?"

His classmate complied, listening intently for a moment. "I think I hear Uraraka and Tsuyu."

"Great! Then let's go. Stay close to us, Bakugou."

"Shut up Nerd! I'm not some weakling that needs protection!" Despite that statement, he walked closer to them with a grumble.







"You like him, don't you?!" Toga licked her lips, watching the blood leave Uraraka's body. She squirmed and kicked, her face dusted pink despite the situation.

"It's okay if you like him," she continued, leaning closer to her victim. "But I like him more."

"I don't like him like that! Midoriya is my friend!"

"Oh?" The villain leaned back, her eyes going dark. "Then he wouldn't care if I killed you?"

A green blur suddenly knocked Toga off of Uraraka with a shout.

"Get away from her!" He snarled, eyes flashing

Toga's eyes brightened.

"Izuku!" She lunged for him, easily pinning the injured boy to the ground. "I've heard so much about you from Shigaraki! We're gonna be such good friends!"

She licked her lips, but before she could take any of his blood she was knocked away from Todoroki's flames. Shouji quickly grabbed Izuku before Toga could do anything else.

Izuku doesn't remember much of what happened after that. But he does remember someone taking Bakugou, and how he took the bait, lunging for him.

Only for him to get taken as well.

Once the adrenaline wore off he passed out from the pain.







The boy kicked a stray pebble as he walked through the deserted town, looking for shelter from the rain. The more he walked, the more rubble he saw. He sighed, the scar on his chin and neck burning in discomfort.

Someone sobbing caught his attention. The sound was faint, but in the same area. He tsked and continued on his way, but the crying wouldn't stop. A dog barked, lightening lit the sky, the sobbing got louder.

He ran to the area he heard it from and saw a boy curled next to a dumpster. In front of him stood a large dog eyeing its next meal.

"Hey!" He grabbed a stick and threw it near the animal, who jumped back with a growl. When he lit his fingertips in warning, it yelped and ran away with its tail between its legs.

The boy was sniffling, carefully rubbing around his bandaged eye. He held his arm and refused to meet his eyes.

"T-Thank you for helping me," he mumbled, bowing as low as he could manage, barely suppressing a wince. The older boy scratched his head, surprised that he felt bad for the squirt.

"No problem. What are you doing in a place like this?" He asked, keeping an eye on the boy in front of him. He was shivering in his thin clothes and pulling his hair in front of his covered eye.

"...looking for a place to stay... I-I can't go back yet," he whispered, clutching the hem of his tattered shirt. He stumbled after a particularly harsh cough, reopening the wound on his side.

"Ah- hey! Are you okay?!" He gathered the injured boy in his arms, inspecting the wound. It looked like he was stabbed with a knife. He pushed his dark hair aside, touching a cut on his left cheek. "What happened to you?"

He looked away. "I failed my job." He didn't understand why he was telling someone he just met, but he felt he could trust him. "And if I fail, Hisa— he doesn't let me come back u-unless I bring him something good to make up for my m-mistake."

The older one picked up the younger one without much difficulty and started searching for shelter once more. He listened to his ragged breathing and swore to help him no matter what.

"Can I ask you what your name is?"


"It's going to be alright, Izuku. I'm gonna help you; it's what my mother would have wanted, at least."

Izuku snuggled into his chest with a pained whimper.

"C'mon kid, stay awake. You can't pass out on me."

"I-I'm sorry, sir-"

"My name is Touya. I'm still a kid too, ya know."

"Okay, Touya... thank you."

After Touya found and helped Izuku, they stayed together for about two weeks. They helped each other survive. Touya told Izuku what he's been through, and Izuku did the same immediately after. He let the older one look at his eye scar thoroughly to make sure it was healing well.

Shortly after they left their temporary home, Izuku managed to get Touya some black hair dye.

"So you can be yourself and not have to live in your father's shadow," he grinned, giving the taller one a hug. "I may not know who hurt you or if the rest of your family is okay, but your father can't hurt you now."


"I got it! We can think of aliases! Like our own code names. Hmm, I think yours should be Dabi! It's simple and easy to remember."

Touya said the name a few times and found he quite liked it. "Alright, how about yours? What do you want to be called?"

Izuku put a finger on his cheek in thought.

"I'm not sure. Why don't you give me a name, Touya?"

"Are you sure?"


"Okay then... You use fire, like me, so how about Inferno?"


"Ah! Sorry, I almost forgot. If you don't like it-"

"....I may not like my fire, and I know it's the same for you, but I think I'll grow to like the name. It's from you, after all! My very first friend that never hurt me."

Touya enveloped him in a bone crushing hug. "Thank you for letting me be your friend."

When they got to the warehouse, Izuku reluctantly knocked on the door, and offered Touya a strained smile. He mouthed goodbye before he was roughly pulled inside.

That was the last time they saw each other.







" him up."

Noise filtered in his ears, an annoying buzzing of loud voices,  Izuku grumbled and tried to block his ears, but found he couldn't move his arms.

A hard slap made him gasp and jolt awake in an instant, the strange dream he had instantly forgotten. The light was dim, and the room was almost the same as he remembered.

Surrounding him was the League of Villlains, and in the center, Shigaraki offered him a smirk as he crouched in front of his immobilized body.

"Welcome home, Inferno."

Chapter Text

Time seemed to be at a standstill. The world looked less colorful, less vibrant.

Everyone gathered in Yaomomo's magnificent home to think of what to do, but nobody could come up with anything. Todoroki, Kirishima, Iida, and Uraraka were sitting in their own circle, their faces turned away from the rest of the class. Every attempt of cheering them up went ignored.

The bundle in Todoroki's arms stopped crying after a while, burrowing into the teen for warmth from his left side. Those normally bright blue eyes were dim with sadness. Without her owner, Kuro seemed lost.

"What do we do?" Uraraka asked, hands shaking in anger. Iida placed a comforting hand on her shoulder, watching her and Todoroki worriedly. Kirishima looked about ready to punch something. It was weird to see their normally cheerful classmates so angry.

"I'm going to go after him."

"Todoroki! You can't possibly—"

"We'll go with you." Uraraka and Kirishima interrupted Iida at the same time. Their confidence seemed to help Kuro feel better too. Iida kept protesting to the idea, along with the rest of the class, but those three ignored them and started discussing a plan.







The tiny window on the door slid open. A raspy voice gave him a command: "Get up."

But the figure in the room made no indication of hearing him.

Shigaraki growled.

"I said get up!" The door was kicked open, making the prisoner flinch, but he still refused to move. When the villain went to walk in the room, a hand grabbed his shoulder in a tight, unforgiving grip.

"I got it from here," Dabi said, moving in front of Shigaraki. "Don't you have something else you should be doing, anyway?" It was more a statement than it was a demand, but Shigaraki glared all the same.

"Why does that matter? Move out of the way—"

"Why don't you go talk to the hotheaded blonde in the other room?" He suggested, tightening his grip on something in his pocket. "Besides, it's probably better for me to handle Inferno; we both have fire quirks, after all." He smirked, a challenge clear in his blazing blue eyes: you won't get past me.

Shigaraki probably realized this — or maybe he didn't want to deal with any of Dabi's shit today — so he turned away and left without another word. Once he was out of sight, Dabi breathed a sigh of relief and gently closed the door, watching for any signs of discomfort from Izuku. When he found none, a small smile formed on his face.

He sat on the floor next to him, keeping a careful distance in case his presence was unwanted, but that didn't seem to matter. Izuku hesitantly moved closer, fear evident in his green eyes.

He spoke for the first time in two days.

"You— you're really him right? T–Touya?"

A hand ruffled his curls affectionately.

"Glad you remember me, Pipsqueak," he teased, running his fingers through Izuku's hair. The technique still worked; the younger one relaxed instantly, leaning against his side with a content sigh. "I brought you some painkillers. I don't think Shigaraki is gonna get anyone to heal you anytime soon." Izuku took them with a thankful smile.

The two sat in silence for a while, listening to each other's heartbeats and the occasional noise from down the hall. Izuku took a moment to observe the room he was put in: dusty and unorganized, but no weapons in sight. The futon he was sitting on felt unwashed and old, and he noticed the walls had chipping gray paint.

The room looked and felt extremely depressing.

He was suddenly glad no one healed him; they wouldn't be able to see the scars he'd inflicted under his mangled arms. He shuddered involuntarily.

"You alright?"

Izuku jumped; he almost forgot he wasn't alone. "I–I'm fine," he lied, flexing his fingers on the thin bedding to calm his nerves. He missed Kuro's soft fur, Aizawa's gentle hugs, Present Mic's delicious cooking, and Shouto's calming presence—

Shouto...! His eyes widened.

"My bracelet," Izuku whispered, staring at his left wrist in horror when he saw it bare. "I don't have my bracelet—"

The familiar clink of the cat charm registered before he could panic. Dabi carefully placed the item in his hand, watching his face with concern.

"I noticed it before the others did. It seemed important, given that when you overused your quirk, you kept the area around your left wrist as cool as possible to avoid melting it. So I hid it from them."

Dabi took a breath, as if he wasn't used to talking this much, and continued talking, choosing to stare at the peeling paint in a corner of the room.

"Whoever gave it to you really knows their stuff. It looks good on you."

Izuku just stared at him in wonder, until he startled when Dabi's fingers brushed away tears he didn't notice had formed and fallen. "I'm sorry, Pipsqueak. I didn't mean to make you cry."

But that only made him cry harder. He curled in on himself, sobs wracking his smaller frame. Dabi didn't know what to do, so he let Izuku use him as an anchor. The kid clung to him like a koala and started audibly crying when he hugged him.

After sitting in silence for a while, Izuku sniffled and rubbed his eyes, being extra careful with his right one. He looked at Dabi with sadness swimming in his eyes.

"You should go, I don't want you getting in trouble," he mumbled, picking at his nails. Dabi didn't seem to mind though, he just laughed and leaned back with a smirk. "It doesn't matter. If they get rid of me, they'll just lose an important asset for their missions."

They continued their small talk until a knock on the door startled them back to reality.

"Daaaaabi~ Shiggi wants to see you!" Toga called, ignoring the faint "Don't call me that!" from Shigaraki. Dabi sighed and stood, stretching languidly before hugging Izuku one more time. "Don't worry; I'm going to get you out of here."

"What about Bakugou? I can't just leave him here!" He whispered, hugging back tightly. "Then we'll get him too," Dabi said. "Just leave everything to me. I owe you that much, at least."


"Alright, I'm coming! Calm down psychopath," he mumbled, sighing again. He squeezed Izuku's shoulder before leaving, the door shutting and locking behind him.

Chapter Text

If you asked Bakugou, he was getting sick and tired of all this "kill All Might" nonsense.

He glared every time a villain even so much as looked in his direction. But it just made them laugh and go back to whatever they were doing. They would occasionally ask him questions but he refused to answer any of them.

Eventually they just left him alone.

But Deku was another story.

Every second of the day someone would go talk to him. When Shigaraki tried to see him after a few days, the scarred face villain stopped him and did it instead. Later he would come back looking more relaxed and it would piss Bakugou off.

Then his interrogation would begin. But it never yielded results.

A finger brushed against his arm and he tensed. Shigaraki laughed and gestured for his friends to stand around and in front of him. Scar Face hid it well, but he looked uncomfortable when Deku got pulled in the room. He was put in front of Bakugou in the same chair and restraints, but the material looked different and sturdier.

"Now that we have him in his flame resistant cuffs, let's begin, shall we?" Shigaraki rasped with a smirk, gesturing for Scar Face to come closer. "Dabi, you stay close in case he melts them off." Dabi said nothing but did as he was told. Bakugou narrowed his eyes when he and Deku gave each other a look he couldn't decipher.

"You think putting Deku in front of me is going to make me talk?" Bakugou laughed, tugging at his cuffs slightly to test the weight of them. "I don't even talk to the nerd in school, so what makes you think—"

He cut off when Deku screamed a raw, sudden sound when Shigaraki placed his hand on his mangled arm. Even Dabi couldn't resist flinching. Bakugou growled low in his throat at the villains.

"Do you know about All Might's quirk?" Shigaraki asked, going over to a table behind Deku's chair. He could hear him moving various tools and objects around and the sounds alone seemed to make Deku uncomfortable. He started shaking and moving his hands around, Emerald Inferno threatening to come to life.

Bakugou ignored it and answered the question. "It's a strength enhancing quirk. At least that's all we were told in school," he said, eyeing his classmate warily. Dabi looked concerned, eyeing him in a questioning gesture, but Deku shook his head, so he looked away.

"That's wrong." Shigaraki came back with a switchblade and syringe in his hand. He beckoned Toga over with a flick of his wrist.

"I'm sure he told you. After all, you are one of his precious students." Toga twirled the knife in her hand with a grin as Shigaraki continued to talk, fascinated at the way Deku was shaking in fear. "I'll ask you one more time: what is All Might's quirk?"

"I don't know!" Bakugou shouted, pulling hard at his restraints. A couple of the villains moved closer, eyeing him cautiously. He was getting frustrated with being asked questions he didn't have an answer to.

Shigaraki frowned. "This is getting annoying," he grumbled, scratching his neck with a glare to match Bakugou's. He nodded at Toga, and with a high pitched giggle she slowly dragged the blade down Deku's cheek and Shigaraki plunged the needle in his arm.

Deku didn't make a sound this time. He hunched over with glazed eyes trapped in despair, body shuddering with each breath he took.

Bakugou couldn't help himself; he yanked against his cuffs and his palms started popping with explosions. Before the villains could grab him the thick chain broke in half. Bakugou stood in front of Deku with his quirk at the ready. During the confusion his restraints were destroyed and he was leaning heavily against the chair.

A knock on the door broke the chaos and every one went deathly silent. After a moment a muffled voice sounded behind the door.

"Pizza delivery!"

Spinner, the one closest to the front, reached for his weapon and inched closer. Before he could open the door the whole front wall exploded and multiple people flew through the opening.


When the smoke parted, All Might was seen, blue eyes blazing in fury.

He shot forward at an incredible speed, knocking villains unconscious one by one. During this time Dabi handed Izuku over to Bakugou. "You need to get out of here while you still can. Give this back to Izuku when he wakes up. I had to take it back so they wouldn't destroy it." He handed him the bracelet Izuku usually wore on his left wrist.

"Hey!" Bakugou shouted, pocketing the jewelry and supporting Izuku's unconscious body. "How do you know Deku?!"

Dabi smiled wistfully, patting his head one last time before turning around quickly.

"He's like a little brother to me."

He vanished into the smoke, and that's the last time Bakugou saw Dabi.

"Young Bakugou! Young Izuku! Are you two alright?!" All Might ran toward the pair, but before he could get close Bakugou started gaging, black bubbles of what looked like slime spilling out of his mouth. His grip on Izuku slipped, and the pair disappeared along with the rest of the villains in the bar.

All Might stared at where the kids previously stood at in horror, knees hitting the hardwood floor hard enough to bruise.

"NO!!" He screamed, a sound that could be heard from even the other heroes outside.







"Wake up Deku! This isn't the time to be taking a nap, damnit!"

Izuku floated in and out of consciousness, hearing the world around him but being unable to see it.

A sharp slap had him bolting up with a gasp. He held his cheek tenderly and suddenly he could see again.

"Bakugou? W–what's going on?" Izuku wobbled unsteadily on his feet. He grabbed his shoulder and started backing up, his other palm sparking slightly. Izuku looked in front of him and wanted to throw up.

The ominous atmosphere crashed over his shoulders like a wave of water.

All For One stood behind the League of Villains. They were staring at him in what looked like wonder and admiration.


The man radiated death and destruction. He carried himself like he was above everyone else; a god of this universe and all who lived in it.

Izuku didn't register what he was saying. But when Bakugou grabbed him and began running, he snapped back to reality. Sound registered again and the suddenness of it made him flinch.

"—can't keep dragging you forever! You need to fight too nerd!"

Izuku swallowed his fear and nodded. Bakugou let go of him and they stood back to back for the very first time.

And they began to fight. All For One looked at them all one last time, then went to have what would be his final fight for a very long time.






Iida, Todoroki, Uraraka, Kirishima and Yaoyorozu stood behind that brick wall for what felt like forever. Iida's grip on Todoroki and Kirishima's arms remained tight enough to bruise. Uraraka and Yaoyorozu leaned heavily against each other, faces green and hands on their mouths.

"If we're going to act we need to do it now," Todoroki said, wiping the sweat off his brow. Kirishima nodded but Iida still looked ready to protest. Kirishima held up his hand.

"You can lecture us later, Iida. They need us, and the longer we stand here the longer they have to wait."

After a moment Iida sighed and nodded. He and the girls gathered next to them and they discussed how they would grab Bakugou and Izuku.







"We need to get out here Kacchan! We're clearly outnumbered and I'm heavily injured!"

"Shut up Deku! How do you think we can escape when I can't even breathe without a villain appearing on my back!"

Izuku grit his teeth and shot fire with a wave of his injured hand.

"Then leave me behind! That way at least one of us can—"

"Like hell I'm doing that!" Bakugou gripped his shoulders hard enough to bruise them.

"Listen here nerd. I promised Scar Face I would get you out of here alive and I'll be damned if I don't follow through with my promise!" He yelled, red eyes making sure Izuku understood how serious this was.

Izuku's eyes watered dangerously.


"Enough with the small talk! Either fight or die!" Magne and Spinner aimed at Izuku's open back, and he didn't have time to deflect the attack.

He clenched his eyes shut and braced himself for the pain that never came. He opened his eyes and gasped when he saw the pair frozen where they stood. A call of their names had them looked at the sky in shock.

Bakugou grinned his signature feral grin, pulling a stunned Izuku away. "Looks like our help is here!"

And above the running pair was a group of floating students. Two of them held their hands out and the other three focused on staying in the air.

"Ready Deku? We're going up!"

Izuku's grin was feral like Bakugou's when he nodded, and Bakugou blasted towards the ground. They shot straight up like a bullet, stopped above their classmates, and flew down until two hands grabbed theirs.

"Now Iida!" Uraraka shouted, and once she released her quirk Iida sped forward like a comet.

Izuku was brought into a bone crushing hug he didn't hesitate to return, laughing and crying against Shouto's chest. Kirishima hugged Bakugou too, and despite his loud protests, he pat his friend's back with an embarrassed flush on his cheeks.








"It's been a long time, All Might."

"...All For One."

The villain chuckled, arms outstretched and embracing the chaos swirling around him. The sky was dark, buildings crumbling in the background, accompanied by the sound of a news helicopter at a safe distance away. Everyone in town didn't seem too worried; they just cheered for All Might to win as usual.

The only ones who were worried were the group of students mingling with the excited crowd.

Izuku felt like he was going to be sick. He was shaking and holding Shouto's hand like a lifeline, and Kirishima made sure Bakugou stayed close to him, holding his arm to keep them from separating.

"He– he won't win," Izuku whispered brokenly, inching closer to Shouto's left side. "That man, he's too powerful, and given All Might's current time limit, he doesn't have much time left—"

Shouto frowned. "What do you mean? Do you know that man?" He asked, and that's when Izuku realized he said that out loud.

Kirishima couldn't hold Bakugou back when the blonde got in Izuku's personal space and grabbed his shirt.

"What did you just say?" He hissed, cocking his head to the side with a glare. Shouto pushed him away with a glare of his own. Izuku stared at the ground in horror, covering his mouth to keep it shut.

His arms started to itch. He resisted the urge to claw at them.

"This isn't the time or place to pick a fight, Bakugou."

"Shut the hell up and move—"

"Katsuki stop!" Bakugou looked at Kirishima in shock, and he used that opportunity to pull him back to his side.

The crowd didn't notice any of this, too busy watching the fight with bated breath and terrified gazes. Izuku gathered himself and looked up at the screen.

He promptly covered his mouth again, bile rising in the back of his throat.

All For One stood over a collapsed All Might.

In his normal form.

The crowd was in too much shock to utter even a sound.

Izuku's legs threatened to give out.







"Looks like this is the end for you, All Might."

All For One erupted in laughter, rising above his defeated body like a god. If he had eyes, they would be crinkled in amusement.

"You don't know how long I've been waiting for this day to come. Ever since you reduced me to this, I've been stockpiling quirk after quirk from the precious civilians you've sworn to protect. And I must say, they did well with the Nomu experiments."

Toshinori grit his teeth and rose to his knees. His breath rattled his lungs and his vision was growing fuzzy. Gran Torino was still unconscious a few feet away and All For One was still rambling.

But his next words caught his attention.

"It's a pity you know. Izuku-kun would have made such a good addition to my organization. But you heroes just had to convert him back to the side of "justice". It makes me sick."

Sudden power surged through Toshinori. In an instant All For One was thrown back with a single punch.

"Leave him out of this!" He roared, ready to punch the man again and again and again—

All For One chuckled and put two fingers on his cheeks, pushing them up to mimic a smile on his face.

"Where's your smile now, All Might?"

One For All burned one last time, shining through All Might brighter than normal and coated his arm in a kaleidoscope of colors. He roared and with all of his might he sent his fist slamming in to All For One.

"UNITED STATES OF SMASH!!" He yelled, pushing more and more power in his punch until all he could see were the bright colors of his quirk at full power.

When the smoke cleared, everything was silent. The news helicopter, the people watching in the city, Gran Torino and anyone else who may have been watching.

All Might was standing, now completely in his normal form.

All For One was a unconscious a few feet away.

When All Might pointed to the audience, breath shallow and voice practically shot, he uttered just four words.

"Now... It's your turn."

The crowd went absolutely insane. Everyone cheered and screamed All Might's name in tears of joy.

All except one person.

"It's over," Izuku whispered, tears falling down like waterfalls. "It's over..."

He sobbed harshly, wiping his face continuously as everyone around him celebrated. He buried his face in Shouto's offered embrace and continued to wail like a baby.

He didn't see the look Bakugou was giving him. On the way to hospital Izuku practically glued himself to Shouto's lap and ignored the glances sent his way by the others who helped rescue him.

Shouto held Izuku's hand until they had to take him away to give him immediate medical treatment.

Chapter Text

Izuku and Shouto didn't let go of each other even when they were found by the other heroes. Mount Lady stayed with the group of teenagers until someone could come get them to take them home or to the hospital.

That someone happened to be a very worried Aizawa Shota.

Tears running down his face again that night, Izuku let go of Shouto's hand and stumbled to the underground hero on unsteady legs. His arms started throbbing and shaking, the adrenaline rush starting to fade.

He almost tripped but Aizawa's capture gear caught the teen before that could happen and brought him in a tight hug. Izuku slumped down with a pained whimper, trying to wrap his arms around Aizawa, but they felt like led. His burn scar throbbed like a menace around his eye and his legs threatened to give out at any moment.

"Dad," he whispered hoarsely, burying his head in his chest to hide his tears. "I–I want— can we go h–home, dad?"

The sound of his voice almost broke Aizawa to tears. He sniffled quietly and buried his head in Izuku's fluffy hair, taking a moment to compose himself before pulling back—

What made Aizawa's resolve break was the state his son was in.

"W–we need to get your wounds properly examined first, okay Izuku?" If a tear or two ran down his tired face, no one said anything about it. Aizawa cradled his problem child closer and observed the other problem children next to him.

Bakugou look physically and mentally exhausted, leaning against Kirishima's side and staring off into space. Kirishima kept an arm warpped around him protectively, talking to Iida in a hushed whisper. Uraraka and Yaomomo leaned against each other for support and were trying to keep themselves awake. Shouto stood next to Iida and occasionally glanced at Izuku with concern.

Aizawa sighed softly and gathered the now slumbering Izuku in his arms, gesturing for the others to follow.

"Hizashi will be here shortly to pick us up. We'll go the hospital first to check any of you for injures before you can go home. After that your parents will be called and will pick you up. Do you all understand?"

"Yes Sensei," they mumbled tiredly. Bakugou grunted quietly, sagging more into Kirishima's hold with a sigh.

"Good," Aizawa grumbled, eyes flashing for a brief moment. "Don't think you all aren't in trouble. Your punishments will be decided at a later date."

After that Hizashi arrived with a big van, fretting over the kids worriedly before ushering them inside. They clamored in the vehicle and sighed as they sunk into the plush seating.

Bakugou fell asleep almost immediately, seeking Kirishima's body heat even in his sleep.

No one had the energy to even chuckle.

After a moment Aizawa carefully adjusted Izuku in his lap as Hizashi put a blanket over them. Then he handed one to the kids in the back. They thanked him quietly and wrapped themselves in the comfort of the softness. Kirishima covered Bakugou and partly himself before sleep overtook him as well.

Soon enough all of the kids were sleeping soundly in the back seats.

And if they saw the two adults holding hands before passing out, they didn't think twice about it.






While Izuku stayed at the hospital to recover, All Might and Aizawa worked on going to each house to talk to the parents of class 1A's students.

During his time in the hospital, Izuku grew closer to his classmates. A small group would visit for a while then switch every couple of hours. The stories they would share about their childhood and bringing him their favorite snacks had him misty eyed every day.

When he got discharged he spent the day with his family and Shouto. They got ice cream and were oblivious to the stares Aizawa and Mic were giving them.

Izuku tried to ignore the tiny voice in his head telling him it was a date.

Long story short, he was blushing so much that Shouto kept close with his right side the whole time.






The idea about living in a dorm with the rest of his classmates kept Izuku awake for a long time.

During that time he practically vibrated with excitement and hoped it wouldn't disturb Shouto's sleep.

And when he woke up being cuddled against the taller teen, he almost combusted and burst into flames right then and there.






Bakugou felt blank.

He didn't know what to feeling. His thoughts were a complete mess, and to make matters worse he had a crush on his... friend? Classmate? He didn't know what to call him.

He grumbled when Kirishima dragged him to see Deku at the hospital with the others, but the visit actually felt nice. It gave him a change of pace, a change on certain thoughts and feelings.

It didn't seem like Deku blamed him; he smiled and talked to him without flinching like he used to do. Kirishima smiling at Deku and talking to him so casually would have made him jealous if not for the arm resting on his shoulder.

Todoroki was looking at them strangely, but a glare from Bakugou kept him from saying anything. He just shook his head and continued to read his book.








"M-maybe this is a bad idea."

A gentle nudge forward. "You'll be okay. I'll be a few rooms away if you need me."

Izuku bit his lip and ran his fingers through Kuro's fur. She purred with appreciation, butting her head against his hand.

Shouto smiled at the cat. He ruffled Izuku's hair and went to another room, knocking on the door before entering.

"Alright, deep breaths. You can do this Izuku," he mumbled to himself. He knocked softly on the door before going in the room.

A woman was sitting on her bed knitting a white and blue scarf, humming a tune with a soft smile on her face. She stopped singing but continued to knit the scarf.

"Is it time for my medication, Mrs. Rika?" She asked quietly, lifting her head to look at the nurse.

Emerald eyes gazed at each other; one in shock, the other in tears.

"M-mom?" Izuku asked quietly, watching her carefully. She dropped her supplies and seemed to be shocked into silence.

But then she smiled, her emerald eyes filling with tears.

"Izuku," she whispered, opening her arms, and Izuku dove into her embrace with a tearful grin.

Chapter Text

"H-hey bro, can I talk to you?" Kirishima asked quietly, so unlike his usually bright and cheerful self.

Bakugou raised a brow at Kirishima's demeanor. He was fiddling with his shirt and wouldn't meet his gaze. For some reason it started making Bakugou feel nervous.

He swallowed and nodded, gesturing for Kirishima to enter his dorm room, watching him walk by quickly, gaze to the floor.

"Sit wherever," he sighed, throwing his bag on the floor and proceeding to fall on his bed. Kirishima grinned before sitting next to him, a sense of normalcy before it left again after an awkward silence.

Bakugou sighed and closed his eyes, able to relax despite the awkward atmosphere, sinking into his soft blankets. He almost fell asleep until he heard his friend chuckle quietly.

"What?" He grumbled softly, opening one eye to glare at him with no real heat behind it. Kirshima laughed and flopped next to him on the bed.

Bakugou startled when he felt Kirishima grab his hand. He looked at the other in shock, a small shudder running through him when his thumb rubbed small circles on his healing palm.

His friend looked at him in determination, a bright blush on his face and sharp teeth biting his lip. He rolled on top of the blonde, and when he wasn't thrown across the room, brushed a hand on his cheek and kissed him. Bakugou should be disgusted— hell, he should be yelling and punching the daylights out of Kirishima. Who did he think he was, kissing him out of nowhere like that—

The kiss deepened, and Bakugou silenced that side of him, focusing on the feeling of Kirshima's lips moving across his, sharp teeth nibbling gently on his lips. He wrapped his arms around his back, opening his mouth for the curious tongue, and let himself feel.

Maybe his time spent kidnapped changed him more than he thought.

Bakugou cleared his mind, thoughts, negative feelings, his everything, and instead let himself be enveloped by Kirishima.







"Where are you going?"

Izuku cursed under his breath. He turned around, expecting to see his dad with his capture weapon, ready to force him to continue resting. Instead it was Shouto, tilting his head like a confused puppy.

Cute...! Izuku clenched his hand around his bag, resisting the urge to straighten out his bedhead. "I–I'm just going to see an old friend," he whispered, rubbing the back of his head. Shouto hummed sleepily. He stepped closer and grabbed his arm, warming Izuku's cold skin.

"I'm going with you," Shouto said, the sleep leaving his eyes instantly. Izuku gulped at the intensity in his gaze. He weakly pushed him away.

Too close, he thought shakily, blushing a bright red.

"Y-you can't," the green haired boy looked at the ground. "I need to go by myself." Shouto frowned and his grip tightened. "And have you get taken again? I don't think I can handle that for a second time, Izuku." He hugged the class cinnamon roll to his chest, increasing the temperature of his left side and feeling the smaller teen melt in the embrace.

They stayed like that for a while until Izuku sighed, gently prying Shouto's arms away. His hands moved to gently sit on his bandaged arms, two toned eyes watching green gaze at point of contact.

"...okay, you can come with me. It's only fair, I shouldn't have been keeping it a secret from you." He finally broke the silence, eyeing the taller boy guiltily. Shouto shook his head with a chuckle.

"Izuku, I could never stay mad at you," he said, eyes crinkled at the edges.

He grinned nervously.

"Are you sure about that?"


Hands wringing together. "You mean it?"

A playful shove. "Let's go before Aizawa-sensei notices we're gone."






When a familiar building was seen at the distance, Izuku visibly brightened up. His eyes were brighter, his shoulders losing tension, a natural grin plastered on his face. A figure stood at the front of the remains of the building, his coat blowing in the wind.

Izuku launched himself at the man with a laugh of pure joy, and all Shouto could do was stare in wonder as they hugged each other like a family would after being separated for so long. But when Izuku said something to him, blue eyes turned to Shouto, familiar blue eyes that he so desperately tried to forget.

"Shouto, wait!" Izuku was suddenly next to him, holding him back and looking at him with those worried emerald eyes. He didn't react, continuing to stare at Dabi in horror and silent rage.

All he could see was a towering wall of fire, and inside of it was his older brother Touya, clawing and screaming in agony as he continued to burn and burn and burn and BURN—


A hand rubbed the outline of his scar, the other rubbing soothing circles on his arm. He hugged Izuku tightly, shivering and shaking, going from hot to cold and to cold to hot. Dabi held himself back from comforting him, holding his arm self-consciously.

"It's okay Shouto, you're okay," Izuku squeezed him reassuringly, giving Dabi a pleading look. The villain sighed softly and he moved to the side, keeping his hand on Shouto's clammy one, watching him kneel in front of his younger brother.

When he lifted his head, Dabi watched him with a sad smile.

"It's been a while, hasn't it, Shouto? I'm sorry that I haven't been able to be there for you—"

"Shut up...!" He punched his chest weakly, tightening his hand on Izuku's and whispering it over and over again. Dabi hugged him tightly, tears of his own hitting the ground, and Shouto shattered. His words turned to sobs, letting his head fall against his brother as he cried, so many years of grief spilling into the air for the world to hear. And when his tears stopped flowing, the two brothers had a much needed talk.

And as Izuku watched Shouto smile a bright, loving smile for the first time in his life, his heart sung like a hummingbird. Butterflies flew in his stomach, and as a gentle heat ran through his body, he identified the feeling as love.

Chapter Text

Between the secret visits to Dabi, seeing his mom at the hospital and coming up with an ultimate move, it was already time to take the licensing exam to permit the use of quirks in emergency situations.

During this time Izuku's feelings for Shouto grew even stronger. It was to the point where he couldn't even look at him without stammering and finding an excuse to do something away from him to calm down.

When the girls— mainly Yaoyorozu and Uraraka— found out they gave them advice and tips on how to confess.

"We already knew about your crush, but it's about time you acknowledged it Deku!" Uraraka told him with a grin. Izuku laughed nervously and sunk further in the couch. He was practically the color of a strawberry.

So he spent what little free time he had with the girls and trying to find the right time to talk to Shouto about his feelings.







Before Izuku knew it, it was the day of the exam. When they got off the bus, Aizawa, although in his usual slouch, seemed more alert than usual.

He turned to his students with a serious expression, and they all stood to attention immediately. "Remember what I told you all. This exam will be difficult, since almost no first years get the opportunity to take it. But if you can pass this exam, you will evolve from novices to semi pros. I expect your best."

The class erupted in cheers. "Yeah!! We can do it!!"

"Let's call out the usual guys!" Kirishima grinned with his fist in the air. "On my mark everybody: Plus—"


Shouto's eyes widened at that familiar shout. Izuku startled and bumped into Aizawa with a flinch at the loudness of the shout.

"You know it's rude to barge into others' huddles like that, Inasa." A purple haired boy wearing a black hat said quietly, keeping his gaze away from the group of students.

"Oh." The grin on his face froze.

Then he bowed so low he slammed his head on the ground. "I AM SO. VERY. SORRRRYY!"

Izuku took a step back in shock. His classmates looked equally as shocked as he was.

"I don't trust his enthusiasm you guys!" Kaminari said nervously.

"They're from that other famous school; the one on the other side of Japan," Sero commented after Jiro pointed out their uniforms.

"I've always wanted to say Plus Ultra at least once! I love U.A., and I'm so glad I get to compete against such amazing students!!"

Blood ran down his forehead, and his purple haired classmate dragged him away. Aizawa stared at him with narrowed eyes.

"Do you know him?" Izuku whispered, gesturing to Inasa walking with the other students.

"He's the same year as you are. He received the top scores for the students who got in based on recommendation. But for some reason turned U.A. down, and he chose to go to Shiketsu instead."

Izuku's eyed widened. If he got the best scores, then he's probably even stronger than Shouto...!

He looked at the other boy, but his expression was guarded. Closed off, like how it was at the beginning of the year and at the Sport's Festival.

Izuku chewed on his nail, that nervous habit of his he never took care of, and observed the quiet boy beside him. Maybe being around so many people was making him nervous. Or he knew someone from one of these school's and was waiting for them.

His musings were cut short when a woman with green hair came over with a mischievous grin.

"Eraser?! I would know that familiar scowl anywhere!"

Aizawa flinched, barely concealed disgust crawling on to his face.

"I saw you on TV during the Sport's Festival, but it's been a while since I saw you in person!"

She stood in front of him with a bright smile.

"Let's get married!"

He gave her his best deadpan expression.



The class looked on in confusion as the woman continued to try— and failed every time— to make their teacher laugh.

A lightbulb lit up in Izuku's head.

He pointed at her, understanding shining in his eyes. "Ah! That's Ms. Joke!"

Ms. Joke looked at him with a grin. "I see you've told some of your students about me, Eraser!"

"I didn't, actually. He's just a walking hero dictionary," The man mumbled, shooting Izuku a hidden look of gratitude. Izuku grinned, rubbing the back of his head.

"So I assume your class is here as well?" Aizawa asked. Ms. Joke smiled.

"That's right!" She gestured behind her. "Come on everyone! These are the U.A. kids!"

"So this is the famed Class 1-A?" A plain voice asked, a grin on his face as him and his classmates walked over to their teacher. The blonde girl next to him grabbed his arm with an excited noise.

"They're second years. My class from Ketsubutsu Academy," The pro hero chimed in cheerfully.

"My name is Shindo! It seems like U.A. has been going through a lot lately." He shook hands with a few of them, a strange gleam appearing in his eyes when he shook Izuku's hand. Izuku's suprised face turned into a feral grin at the look in his brown eyes.

A challenge.

Bakugou bristled, looking about ready to combust in anger when he went to grab his hands too. The guy laughed and stepped back.

"He's too nice! This charming boy is gonna steal our girls," Kaminari moaned, slumping against Sero. Seems like he didn't notice how he looked at me, Izuku thought amusingly. It'll be best not to get on his bad side.

"Why don't you knock off the pretty boy act? What you're saying doesn't even begin to match the look in your eyes."

"Hey! Don't be so rude, Katsuki!" Kirishima shouted. He turned to Shindo with an apologetic smile. "I'm sorry about him, he's always like this with people." Shindo waved it off with another smile.

"It's fine, it's fine!"

"Get your costumes and head to orientation," Aizawa instructed, turning his back to his students.

"Yes sir!!"

Ms. Joke suddenly looked worried at how at ease they all were acting. "Did you not warn them, Eraser?" She asked, but she didn't get an answer.






After orientation, the class entered the arena together and began to strategize.

"It would be best to stay as a group," Izuku said, getting multiple nods in response. "That way we can work together and win—"

"Not happening, Deku! This isn't a field trip!" Bakugou shouted at him before running off, Kirishima following and yelling for him to wait.

"...I'm going alone too."

Izuku looked worried. "Shouto..."

He gave him a look. A silent apology. "I'm sorry, but it's not safe for me to use my quirk around a big group."

"Shouto!" Izuku grit his teeth. "Don't worry about it, Midoriya!" Iida shouted, putting a hand on his shoulder. "We don't have much time."

He nodded, glancing in the direction him and Bakugou ran off in.

Be careful you guys.

"It's always the same every year. The test will always be different, but what will be the same is U.A. getting targeted almost immediately. Because of the Sports Festival being broadcasted on live television, everyone knows about their quirks, and their weaknesses and strengths," Ms. Joke explained, getting comfortable in her seat. "If you love your kids so much, you should have warned them about it. Because every time, U.A. is immediately crushed."

"Everyone else probably figured it out like I did, but since they know everything about us, it would have been best for them to stay with us as a group." Izuku told a questioning Sero as they all ran in the arena.

"Warning them would do nothing. They would still have to overcome this," Aizawa said, watching his class closely and ignoring the look of shock on Ms. Joke's face. "We won't be taken out like so quickly like you think. We looked farther ahead than other schools. Because when they become pro heroes, they will face villains who already know about their quirks as well."







Izuku slumped behind a rock, taking a moment to catch his breath.

In the end they all got separated, thanks to Shindo's quirk. He sighed, wiped the sweat from his brow and went to look for his classmates.

But before he could blink, a figure shot out from nowhere and hit the target on his shoulder.

"What's the matter? Didn't expect that, did you?"


They danced around each other, trying to hit each others targets until she managed to pin him to the ground.

He winced when she put pressure on his arm.

"So you disappearing wasn't your power?" He grimaced when she pressed herself closer to him, pushing him harder on the ground. She chuckled in his ear and continued to talk about her technique and how it works.

"My question for you, is why do you want to be a hero?" She whispered. "Is it for honor, pride, someone else's sake?" Her eyes had a wild look, dangerous. "I want to know your deepest desires and what scares you!"

She's dangerous run get away from her—

The ground rumbled and he used that second of her surprise to push away from her and get to a safer distance.

This is exactly what I was afraid of, getting separated and now there's more people after me—

"Deku! Over here!"


"I'll take care of her!" Someone shouted, getting their quirk ready. Izuku acted quickly, creating a diversion and catching her as she was falling and ran to get them both somewhere else.

They took a moment to catch their breath, safe away from the group for now. But it's only a matter of time until their found.

"I'm sorry. I messed up back there, didn't I? Uraraka whispered, watching Izuku's back.

He shook his head. "It's okay. You were outnumbered." He continued to watch for anyone coming in their direction.

And that's when she made her move.

As soon as the ball hovered over the target on his side, he smacked it away immediately.

The ball rolled to a stop a few feet away, then, silence.

"'re someone from Shiketsu, aren't you?" Izuku dared to ask, keeping his eyes on her. Urakara looked confused.

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"The Uraraka I know has been training her quirk to the limit. She can ignore their side affect for short periods of time. But you haven't even tried to use your quirk at all, despite being in danger. And what makes you more suspicious, is that you exposed yourself without a plan."

The fake laughed, and her disguise slowly melted away.

"You're that good of a guy that you would save me even knowing that I was a fake?"

She smirked, her voice dripping like molasses.

"Please, tell me more about yourself...!"






The cut on his cheek throbbed lightly. She got me good, Izuku thought distractedly, scanning the area for a familiar head of red and white hair.

When he found him he couldn't help but grin, his earlier annoyance of him going alone forgotten.

"Shouto!" He glomped the icyhot quirk user, who caught him with a small smile.

"Izuku," he said softly, hugging him closer. Izuku nuzzled him with a happy noise.

"I'm glad you passed," he whispered, his stomach fluttering with butterflies and warmth.

When the announcer told those who passed to gather back outside, Izuku reluctantly pulled away and they met with the rest of their class.






This... This was the second part of the exam?!

A rescue scenario. They had to rescue innocent bystanders as if it were a real situation.

Izuku grinned nervously, hands shaking.

"Let's do this everyone!"

Bakugou went off on his own again, Kaminari and Kirishima following him. Shouto, surprisingly, stayed with the group this time.

"You're a danger magnet," Shouto said, eyeing their surroundings and analyzing the damage. "And it's not best to do this alone. Heroes always have at least one partner."

His hands stopped shaking.

"You're right," Izuku said, listening for anyone calling for help. They split off into small groups of two's and three's, searching for those who were injured and in danger.

It was going fine until another surprise was brought to their attention.

The pro hero Gang Orca with a group of others acting as the villains of this exercise.

Izuku stood back to back with Shouto and Shinsou, trying to figure out what to do. They were trying to fend off the villians while keeping the injured safe, but it was proving to be difficult.

It was going decently until it ended up with Shouto and Inasa, blocking Gang Orca from getting to the injured, started bickering.

Izuku slowed to a stop, looking at him worriedly. Shinsou took the person he was carrying, giving him a nod before hurrying away.

He started running to the pair, catching bits and pieces of them arguing. He glared before boosting himself over with his flames, knocking himself into Shouto with an angry shout.

"What the fuck are you two doing?! You're arguing when there's villains needing to be defeated!"

Shouto's eyed widened, and he immediately looked pissed off with himself. The spark came back to life then, and he grit his teeth in frustration. Without saying a word he shot an ice attack at Gang Orca and promised to apologize to Inasa later.

Izuku turned to Inasa then, a reprimand on his tongue, when he noticed he was looking at Shouto in wonder, surprised at how quickly he composed himself and focused again. The wind user stepped forward and stood next to Shouto, and instead of glaring or talking about him he gathered some wind and directed it to his flames.


"Stop. I'm the one who should be apologizing. I shouldn't have let what you said get to me," Shouto shouted, creating ice to stop the cement from hitting them. Inasa looked shocked, his powder faltering for a moment before coming back with full force.

"It's okay!" He shouted back, giving him a different look: admiration.

Izuku grinned and stood next to them with his own fire, One For All ready at his fingertips, and together they attacked Gang Orca and his minions.






Everyone was nervous, anxiously searching for their name on the board. If their name wasn't on there some looked down and others started crying, their friends comforting them as they sunk to the ground.

Izuku looked and looked, and when he found his name his eyes watered dangerously.

He couldn't believe he passed.

"I passed! Shouto I passed!" He pulled on his arm excitedly, looking for his friend's name on the board. When he found it he jumped in excitement.

"Look you're up there, Shouto! You did it!" Izuku pulled the taller teen into a hug, noticing how his shoulders relaxed at the news.

"I would have failed if it wasn't for you. You stopped me and Inasa's fight quickly enough. Thank you, Izuku." Shouto brushed a stray curl behind his ear and Izuku's face turned red.

"U-u-umI'mgonnagofinddadokaybye—" he stammered, his heart leaping in his throat. He stilled when a cold hand grabbed his.

"Come to my dorm room later tonight," he whispered, cold breath ghosting over his ear. He pulled back and walked away, hands in his pockets, looking as cool and collected as ever.

And Izuku?

Izuku was left feeling completely and utterly starstruck.

It took Uraraka nudging him with a grin that he snapped out of it and went to find Aizawa.

After they got back to the dorms Izuku was so nervous Uraraka and Momo had to practically carry him to Shouto's room.

He took a moment to gather himself and knocked shakily on the door. Shouto let him inside and they stood next to each other awkwardly for a few minutes before Shouto mumbled something under his breath.

"What?" Izuku asked, not catching what he said. He shook his head and moved closer, pinning him against his closed door.

Izuku's breath stuttered to a halt.

"S-shouto...?" He breathed, hands twitching on the door. Shouto didn't respond, staring at him strangely. He gasped when a cold hand touched his cheek, thumb rubbing the freckles dusting his cheeks. A shudder ran through his body when Shouto placed a hesitant kiss on his lips. Izuku grabbed the back of his shirt, legs feeling like jelly when Shouto grew bold and slotted their lips more comfortably.

He tangled his scarred hand in his hair, mixing the red and white strands together, the fluttering in his stomach intensifying tenfold. Shouto pulled him close when his legs threatened to give out and Izuku had to, albeit reluctantly, pull away to catch his breath.

Their quiet huffs were the only sounds in the room as they took in much needed air. After a moment Izuku blushed scarlet red and covered his face with a whine.

"Why are you covering your face?" Shouto chuckled and gently pried his hands away. Izuku avoided eye contact and shook his head like a dog with water in its ears.

"I–I don't know," he whispered, heart hammering in his chest. "I–I don't—"

"Izuku," Shouto interrupted, laughing and giving him another kiss. "Izuku, I like you. Will you go out with me?"

His blush grew darker. The taller teen put a cold hand on his forehead, smiling when Izuku sagged against him with a pleased noise.

He couldn't possibly say no, wouldn't dream of saying no. He laughed wetly, tears running down his cheeks.

"I will," he whispered, burying his face in Shouto's chest, melting at the feeling of his warm hand rubbing his back. "Of course I will, Shouto."

And Shouto, stoic and barely expressive Shouto, grinned a grin so wide it looked like it hurt, his gray and blue eyes shinning so happily it made Izuku speechless. He squished his cheeks and leaned in for another kiss, thumb rubbing the bottom of his scar, and made a promise to himself to have Shouto smile like that more often.

Chapter Text

Izuku struggled to keep his eyes open.

He couldn't help it; the lecture Present Mic was giving them lulled every one in a bored daze. Some people were already asleep: Kaminari was drooling on the desk, Sero had his face buried in his arms, and Ashido's head was being supported by her hand.

The greenette yawned, the sound drowned out by his teacher talking excitedly about anything and everything. With a soft sigh he buried his head in his arms, the sleeves of the blue hoodie Shouto gave him cushioning his cheeks.

He almost fell asleep when the door to the classroom opened and Aizawa interupted Present Mic's lecture.

"Let's go, kids. There's some third years that want to meet you."

The class brightened considerably and ran out of the room, ignoring Mic's indignant screeching at Aizawa.

He quieted down when Aizawa gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. Izuku gave Mic an apologetic hug before running to Shouto's side with a grin, a sudden energy spreading through his body.

They got to the room and saw three students waiting for them; Izuku recognized them instantly.

"Oh my god," he tugged on Shouto's arm, and the taller teen smiled at his enthusiasm. "Shouto, it's the Big Three!"

The blonde student with blue eyes smiled. "So these are the students you mentioned, Aizawa-sensei?" The dark haired teen glued himself to the wall and the blue haired girl talked with the girls. Aizawa grunted and slithered away in his sleeping bag.

The students gathered in front of the three third years, got introductions— Mirio Togata, Tamaki Amajiki and Nejire Hado— and the exercise started.

Within minutes Mirio knocked them all to the ground. Izuku struggled to stand, mind working a mile a minute. When he turned his back to them, Izuku propelled forward with his flames and activated One For All. But when he aimed at kick at him, Mirio disappeared into the floor and appeared behind him, grabbing him in a one armed hug.

"That was a great try, Kouhai! Never turn your back on an enemy until you know for sure they're unconscious or incapable of fighting back," he turned to address Aizawa with his ever present smile. "You sure taught them well, Sensei!" The teacher just nodded, yawing loudly behind his hand.

Izuku relaxed into the warm and secure hold. When Mirio let him go and ruffled his curls, they chattered on about battle tactics while walking back to the classroom. Shouto's heart melted at the happy sight of his boyfriend. Tamaki walked beside him with hunched shoulders, relaxing every time his and Mirio's shoulders brushed against each other.







"You want to what?!"

Izuku nervously messed with his bracelet. This was starting to look like a bad idea. "I think it would be great for me, All Might. You guys used to work together, and Mirio works with Sir Nighteye too!"

Toshinori rubbed the back of his head. "I don't think you understand what you're saying, Young Midoriya. Besides, we haven't spoken to each other in a long time. I wouldn't be the best person to ask to for an introduction. I'm sorry."

"Please, All Might!" Izuku bowed low, ignoring the concerned look from Mirio next to him. He felt his Senpai's hand on his back, a steady presence keeping him focused.

"Will all due respect sir," Mirio spoke up, his hand slightly adding more pressure. The smile never left his face, but it dimmed in brightness. "I believe Midoriya would be a perfect fit for the job. I could introduce him myself, if that will work for you."

A defeated sigh left Toshinori's mouth then. "...if you think it's best for you, Young Midoriya, then sure. I'll sign the paper for you."

He couldn't say no to Izuku's puppy eyes. The teen gave him a big hug before running out the door, telling Mirio to hurry. The third year ruffled his hair, watching him fondly like he would a younger sibling.

And Toshinori felt his worries slightly ease away.







Nighteye was intimidating. Izuku shivered under his intense gaze, but he managed to make him chuckle, albeit very briefly, but he did it. He felt bad for Bubblegirl though, being subjected to such torture. She was still shaking from laughter.

Mirio was so proud of him he gave him a hug and almost squeezed him to death in his excitement. Nighyeye explained the investigation, and Izuku promised not to let him down.

Before they left, Nighteye asked him a question so quietly, he almost missed it.

"If I may ask, how is Toshinori doing?"

Izuku's eyes softened.

"He's doing okay. You should visit him sometime though! I'm sure he would appreciate it."

Nighteye was left speechless. But a small smile formed on his face.







It happened on their patrol the next day.

They were walking through the city. Mirio pointed out the different buildings and where they patrolled when a little girl ran into Izuku.

She fell without a sound.

Izuku crouched down to her level and looked at her worriedly. "You took quite a tumble there. You're not hurt are you?" He reached for her but she flinched from his touch, brining her hands to her chest.

That's how he noticed the bandages on her arms, and the small scratches on her hands.

Her red eyes were pleading for help. The rags she had on were worn down, her snow white hair was messy and dirty, and a horn sat on the right side of her forehead.

Izuku gathered her in a gentle, lose embrace, giving her a change to get out of the hug. She moved closer and held him in a tight grip, her eyes swimming with tears.

Mirio moved closer at the sound of approaching footsteps, and Izuku tightened his grip when their target emerged from the shadows.

"...Eri," Overhaul finally said, voice carefully monotone. Eri started shaking, trembling like a leaf, but he didn't seem to care.

Izuku fought the the snarl threatening to form on his face. He couldn't, however, stop his eyes from pouring every ounce of hate from his body to the man above him. They flashed green, One For All fighting to be released.

His fire sputtered on his fingertips. Mirio put a steady hand on his shoulder, blue eyes giving a subtle warning: not now.

He took a deep breath, putting a soothing hand on Eri's head. When he faced Overhaul, he put on his best smile. "I'm sorry for the trouble! Is this your daughter? She seems to be rather distraught."

Overhaul's eyes, while still heavily guarded, seemed to revert back to careful neutrality. He gestured to Eri casualty, his tone polite. "Yes, she is. I apologize, Eri is going through a... rebellious phase at the moment. Always disobeying me, you know how children are."

"I understand," Mirio spoke up, patting Izuku's shoulder. A signal to put on an act. "It must be hard for you."

"It is," the villain sighed, looking at Eri with impatience. "Come on, Eri. We need to go home now. You need to let him go so they can get back to doing their jobs."

If anything, it made her grip tighten even further.

"Please don't go," she whimpered to Izuku pleadingly.

The air around them changed immediately. Overhaul's aura leaked out, a heavy, intense feeling. Mirio moved in front of Izuku, eyes hardening. His hand twitched, quirk at the ready.

"...Perhaps we can continue this conversation elsewhere? She doesn't seem to be letting go anytime soon," the man offered, gesturing them to follow. Mirio and Izuku looked at each other before walking behind him, the alley in front of them getting darker by the minute.

Overhaul was talking about Eri again; Izuku could smell his bullshit from a mile away. He just listened as Mirio responded to him in the right way, keeping his focus on the girl in his arms.

Without warning, Overhaul glanced at Izuku and Eri, his hand slowly moving to take his glove off.

A violent shiver ran down Izuku's spine; Eri looked over in horror.

She shoved him away and ran to his side. Overhaul chuckled, patting her head that looked to be anything but gentle. "Good, you're finally done throwing a tantrum. Sorry for the trouble, heroes. Good luck on your patrols."

When the pair disappeared from sight, Izuku's heart broke in two. He sunk to the ground, trembling with rage and despair. The tears fell like a river when Mirio brought him in a tight embrace, promising that they would save her.

Izuku just hoped that they wouldn't be too late.

Chapter Text

"A-and I just let her go. I should h-have kept my grip on her. But instead, I—" A gasp of breath, choking on air, "I let h-him take her back—"

Izuku gripped his arms, nails digging in his skin. His shoulders shook in pent up anger, despair clawing at his heart. The hot tears wouldn't stop rolling down his face, leaving cold tracks in their place.

Shouto rubbed a soothing hand down his back, fighting the feeling of anger threatening to burst. Instead he focused on his distraught boyfriend, who wouldn't stop hurting himself. Emerald Inferno flickered on his palms, flaring with his anger. He sent an urgent text to Aizawa and brought the teen in his arms, cooling his hands from the small burns forming on his skin.

"You need to calm down, Izu," he whispered, nuzzling his curls and tightening his arms around him. Izuku's chest rattled when he breathed in, exhaling shakily, Shouto coaching him until it somewhat evened out.

The two stayed that way until Aizawa arrived. He had Kuro in his arms, the little ice crystals from her paws scattered all over his capture weapon. They ended up in a cuddle pile on the bed even long after Izuku was calm and asleep. He was nestled between his boyfriend and dad with his cat on his lap, fingers resting on her fur. When it was time for dinner they begrudgingly woke him and got him to at least eat a bowl of rice.

But this was only the beginning. And it was only going to get worse before it would get any better.






"Thank you all for coming." Nighteye had his hands folded in front of his face, expression hidden and guarded. He nodded his greeting to everyone who walked in the room, keeping a careful eye on Izuku and Mirio. Izuku was staring at the table and any attempts at cheering up when unnoticed. Mirio was on his right and Aizawa on his left, glaring at anyone who even looked at his kid. The other kids of his class (Kirishima, Uraraka and Tsuyu) looked nervous and uncomfortable from the stares they kept receiving.

Once everyone was seated and quiet, Nighteye began.

He talked about his ongoing investigation of Kai Chisaki, the leader of the Shie Hassaikai, a supervillain yakuza gang. The encounter his two interns had with him. How he has a daughter named Eri. And how she is potentially the key to his quirk erasing bullets.

"Rescuing her is our top priority," Sir looked at Izuku then, like he knew what he was thinking. "I know you all want to rescue her right now, but we must do this carefully and without error."

Mirio squeezed his hand. He looked just as worried and tired as Izuku was. Izuku squeezed back, the rest of the discussion going in one ear and out the other. All he could think about was Eri's terrified face and her desperate grip on his arm.

After the meeting Mirio walked with Izuku back to the dorms. They went to the empty common room of 1A's dorm and sat on the couch, staring at the blank TV. No matter what they tried to do they couldn't stop thinking about Eri.

Having to wait to save her was really taking a toll on them.






You're not gonna eat? You haven't touched your food."

Izuku startled at that, dropping his katsuson back in his bowl. He looked at Shouto with a small smile. "I-I'm eating, see?" He picked up his food again but he couldn't seem to bring it to his mouth. Iida and Shouto stared at him worriedly.

" everything okay?" Iida asked, getting a nod for answer.

"You've been depressed since your work study began." Shouto slurped his noodles while starting at Izuku, daring him to deny it.

"R-really, I have?" He shoveled food in his mouth to hide his nervousness at the truth in his words, Iida's worried staring hard to ignore.

"You know, you can talk to me if something's wrong. We're friends, aren't we?"

Izuku's eyes widened.

That's right... I said the same thing to him, didn't I? He gave Iida his attention now, his grip on his chopsticks faltering with every word coming out of his mouth. "That's what you said to me, when I was acting like a fool. Remember when— ACK! What's wrong?!"

"Huh?" That's when he noticed the tears rolling down his face.

Everyone was pumped to save Eri, yet he kept it inside instead of talking to someone. Now his emotions feel like they're ready to burst out of his chest.

I wish I could tell them about the meeting we had...

He choked on a sob and started eating faster, trying to reassure the two who were fretting over him like mother hens.

"Heroes aren't supposed to cry...!"

Shouto tilted his head. "I think even heroes need to cry sometimes." He divided his food and moved it to Izuku's bowl. "Want some soba?"

A sniffle. "...sure."

"How about some beef stew?" Iida asked, but he was already putting some in his bowl.

He nodded with a growing smile.

"Some wasabi?"

"Yeah. Thanks Shouto, Iida."






He got a text two days later, late at night when he was supposed to be asleep.

Izuku quietly ran to the common room, where Uraraka, Asui and Kirishima were already there waiting for him.

"You guys got a message too?" Kirishima asked and the other three nodded. Izuku stared at his phone with growing hope.

They were finally ready to save her.

The next day they were gathered in front of the building Nighteye saw with his quirk with the police. Izuku stood next to Mirio and they both couldn't contain their excitement.

"Just you wait Eri. We're coming to save you!" They said together as they gave each other fist bumps. Mirio gave Izuku a bone crushing hug before the operation began.