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First Impressions Are Crucial

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Izuku hummed happily to herself as she brushed her medium length curly green hair gently, watching herself in her full length mirror as the small bristles did very little to tame her natural curls.

Having lived in this town a little less than a week, the freckled girl wanted to make a good first impression on her first day at school. Even though she’d probably be a ball of nerves by the time she stepped out the door, she wanted to look her best while doing so.

There was no big reason behind why her and her mother moved. Perhaps her mother just wanted a change of scenery. Whatever it was, Izuku didn’t mind, although she was rather disappointed about the fact she had to leave her friends behind. But of course that didn’t stop them from messaging back and forth all the time. Even if she’s only been gone for a week, Izuku feels as if they’d be visiting her a lot in the future.

It wasn’t like the place they’d moved to was much further away than where she used to live, but the school buses she used to catch didn’t come toward this area. And with no way of getting a lift with her mother (since she was working by the time she got ready for school) it didn’t give her any other option but to move to one closer. Perhaps it was for the better.

Looking into her mirror she huffed softly to herself, seeing that her hair wasn’t doing what she wanted and quickly decided to tie it up in a nice red bow, her fringe not long enough to go back, causing it to hang across her face delicately.

“That’s better” Izuku smiled, running out of her room and down the stairs, grabbing her faded yellow backpack along with her large, obnoxious, red shoes as left the home she’d recently become aquatinted with.

Although as soon as she stepped out of the door, she found herself wondering if she was going in the right direction. Her mother had been very vague in details when she left for work this morning. Directing her with ‘East, north, north east…’ She could’ve at least been a little more specific…

“Excuse me” She apologised as she walked into a lamp post, realising that she didn’t need to say anything and blushed heavily, hoping that no one saw her as she picked up her pace and walked a little quicker, paying attention to where she was going this time.




“Ah, Izuku Midoriya, correct?” An adult that Izuku presumed was a teacher asked as she came through the door, panting from lack of air. How had she almost been late? Oh yeah, the school was huge. She really wished she was exaggerating. But no. It really was that big. She’d got lost for longer than she’d like to admit…

“Um yes!” Izuku blushed, rushing to enter the classroom, hanging her head a little so that no one would see her embarrassment. However, something told her that she wasn’t doing such a good job.

“Everyone, this is our new student. Please treat her well” The teacher gave her a smile, patting Izuku on the arm so that she’d look up and greet her new classmates. But Izuku was too far in her own world to realise, causing the teacher to stand there awkwardly before deciding to move on.

“W-why don’t you take a seat over there, okay?” Izuku quickly nodded as she quickly rushed to the empty seat that the teacher had pointed to, taking off her backpack and sliding it under her desk, sighing when she realised she finally made it here. And the teacher seemed nice too! So far so good…

Feeling a light poke in her shoulder she turned around, looking at a girl with long red and white hair that sat behind her. Both blue and grey eyes looking at her in gentle amusement, although the rather large scar around her left eye made Izuku feel quite intimated.

“I-Is everything okay?” Izuku asked nervously. Oh god. What did they want from her? Maybe she had chosen the wrong seat. Or maybe she was going to pick out her flaws and imperfections. Maybe she was-

“Your shirt is on backwards.”

Oh god. Please say she was joking.

Izuku looked down and saw the stiching that was supposed to be on the inside on the outside and quickly tried to cover herself.

“U-Um thank y-you.”

The girl gave a soft smile and nodded gently as Izuku turned around to face the front again. Not too happy that she’d have to spend her first lesson with her shirt on backwards. Why did she jinx herself and say that everything was going well?! Ugh, how could her first day possibly get any worse-Wait…she shouldn’t think that! She’ll only jinx herself again!

Izuku tried her best to keep up with the teacher. The woman having taught something she hadn’t learnt before, it looks like she’d enrolled at a rather awkward time. So she spent most of her time doodling in the margins of her notebook, making the boring lined paper seem to burst with life and creativity, her personality being expressed by small flicks of her pen.

As the lesson finished up, Izuku snapped out of the artistic trance she was captivated within and stayed behind along with a few others who wished to speak with the teacher about problems they’d been facing in the classroom, or tips for studying. Izuku almost felt like a teachers pet as she stood desperately waiting to talk to the teacher. But she didn’t let that get to her. It was something that needed to be done, that’s all.

“What can I do for you Midoriya?” The teacher asked kindly as the person in front of her finally moved away, a satisfied look of their face.

“Um…I just wanted to say that I was having quite a hard time catching onto what we was learning about today. I-I know thats probably m-my fault but-“

“That’s alright. I understand. It’d be bad for you to fall behind the rest of the class. Todoroki.”

“Yes?” Izuku heard a voice answer from behind her, looking to see it was the girl who’d warned her about her shirt earlier, packing away her things. Oh yeah, she still needed to fix that…

“If it’s not too much trouble, Midoriya here is feeling rather perplexed with our topic, having joined us in the middle of the term, would you be so kind as to catch her up?”

The girl looked back over at Izuku who was currently staring holes into the ground, twiddling with the end of her ponytail nervously. What was the girl going to think of her now?! Her shirt was on backwards and now she needed help with work!

“Of course.”

“Thank you. You’re a star” The teacher smiled as Izuku looked up from the floor she’d took quite an interest to, in panic.

“W-what…right now?”

“Whatever time suits you two best. You wouldn’t want to be doing any more of our lessons if you don’t know what we’re learning about. Now, if you’ll excuse me ladies, I have someone else to attend to.”

Izuku looked back toward the girl, who’d walked closer toward her then she had been before. Thank god the teacher had moved to talk to someone else…Izuku always felt like such a trembling mess in front of strangers. Then again, the teacher probably already knew that.


“Lunch?” The girl interrupted when she was sure that Izuku had nothing else to say but ‘um’.


Izuku could feel her heart beating out of her chest when she noticed amusement in the others eyes. Wow…they were so pretty…

“Meet me in the library…if you can find it that is” She smiled leaning down to whisper in Izuku’s ear “You might have to adjust your shirt a little first though.”

Izuku couldn’t move. Feeling herself turning to butter at the taller girls close proximity “I…was working on doing that…”

“Hmmm. If you need my help just come and find me” The girl drew back to smirk at how flustered Izuku had become before walking past her and out of the door.

Did she just offer to help take her shirt off? No. She could’ve meant a million things by that! She doesn’t mean it in the way Izuku was thinking!

Shaking her head and slapping her rosy freckled cheeks to regain some consciousness she seemed to have left behind, she left the room and headed toward her next lesson.




“You’re the new girl, right?” Asked a cheery, short, brown haired girl as she came strolling up to Izuku’s locker alongside with a guy with dark hair and glasses trailing behind her.

“Um, yes!” Izuku smiled as she shut her locker, turning around two face the two who were practically radiating happiness. They seemed like good people.

“Hi! My name is Ochako, and this is Tenya! We were just wondering if you’d like to have lunch with us!”

Izuku felt herself deflate a little “O-oh. I’m so sorry, I have work to catch up on this lunch. It was so kind of you to offer too…”

Ochako gave her a small smile, her disappointment however, still prominent “Don’t worry about it! I’m sorry to ask you so suddenly…”

Izuku’s eyes widened in panic at the thought of losing potential friends “No! Please don’t apologise, I would’ve loved to spend lunch with you two…My name’s Izuku. I hope we can be friends!”

She was sure that she saw Ochako tear up a little bit at her words, but she couldn’t be too sure as her attention was drawn away by Tenya who gave her an enthusiastic reply.

“Yes! We shall be the very best of friends!” Tenya shouted, clapping loudly.

“That’s right Tenya! We definitely will!” Ochako told him gently as she smiled brightly to Izuku before capturing her in a hug which took the green haired girl off guard, looking at the top of the shorter girl’s head in shock before letting out a few giggles of her own, returned the hug in the process.

Tenya cheered as he joined the hug, all of them happy and smiling about how silly the situation was. Yeah, Izuku thought to herself. They were good people, she felt comfortable around them already! They should all get along just fine.




“We’re you waiting long?” Izuku asked, panting as she rushed into the library and took a seat next to Shouto who shook her head with a reassuring smile.

“Not long at all.”

“That’s good! I’d feel really bad if I made you wait on me. Since you’re doing so much for me after all” Izuku tugged on her ponytail, a nervous habit that Shouto had picked up on in the small amount of time that they’d known each other.

“Izuku…I came a few moments before you. I’ve just been setting up that’s all” Shouto gave an excuse. Not like she was here as soon as the bell had rang around twenty minutes ago. Shut up.

“That’s good then,” Izuku giggled and pulled her notebook out of her backpack, not noticing how Shouto watched her every movement “so where should we start?”

Shouto snapped out out her delirious staring and opened up her revision guide, point at a section which she believed would be best to run over “I would think it’d be best to start here.”

“Hmm, alright” Izuku replied, listening and jotting down notes as Shouto began to explain to her the basics, using her own words and not the complex ones the revision guide used. She made it easier to understand, and gave her tips on how to keep the information ingested for when she wasn’t around to teach her these things.

“Wow, this sounds super simple when you explain it. You make things really easy to follow, thank you so much!” Izuku smiles brightly, immediately becoming worried once she saw Shouto quickly look away, a shadow covering her face as she stared at the ground as if she had something she wanted to talk about.


“…Are you okay?” The shorter asks gently placing a gentle hand on her shoulder, watching as the girl jumped and quickly regained her posture at the touch and fixed her face into a smile that could fool anyone.

“Oh. Y-yes. I’m alright. I’m sorry to worry you like that. I just felt a little nauseous.”

Izuku didn’t look convinced, if anything she looked even more concerned “That’s okay…Do you need me to take you to the nurse? It’d be bad if you we’re sick.”

The girl full of lies shook her head, her fake smile softly curving into a genuine one “There’s no need to be so concerned. I’ll be alright. I appreciate your offer but i’d much rather teach you.”

Izuku blushed lightly and flashed a nervous smile, hesitantly withdrawing her hand from the other’s shoulder “You flatter me” she joked. Kind of.

“That makes me happy,” Shouto chuckled at the ball of nerves beside her, Izuku was obviously trying to come out of her shy shell and just the thought of that alone brought Shouto more happiness than she could put into words “here. I think this will be necessary, since we’re friends now…”

Before Izuku could ask her what she meant by that, she felt the soft wet tip of a pen against the back of her hand. Her…number?

As the realisation set in, Izuku’s head shot up to look at the other who was smiling gently at her “If you ever need my help with work, don’t hesitate to message me.”


— — — — —

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Izuku clutched her backpack straps tightly as she started on her journey home. Hmmm. Looked like it was going to rain soon. She’d probably get caught in it on her way back since her little legs could only walk so fast and her house wasn’t exactly the closest.

She didn’t like to see rain as a bad omen. But rather a clean start. Maybe that’s what she needed after all. She’d just started her new school and everything was going well. She made some friends, walked into the wrong classroom…four times, got asked if her freckles were real, and of course the classic ‘do you wear contacts?’ Just because her eyes matched her hair didn’t mean it was abnormal…right?

Izuku turned to look toward the ground as she felt the first few rain drops upon her face. Damn it. She knew this would happen.

By the time Izuku made it to her street she was soaked to the bone, still holding onto the straps of her yellow backpack as some form of comfort. Everything was probably wet in there now. Useless. Everything Shouto had just taught her was probably more than unreadable.

“Well you look like shit” A familiar voice drew her out of her thoughts, seeing her childhood friend waiting under the small shelter on her front door step, he wasn’t even slightly wet. Lucky.

“Nice to see you too Kacchan…” Izuku smiled through the rain, only to be tugged inside by Katsuki with a heavy sigh.

“Are you just stupid or didn’t you think about running?” Katsuki asked as he took and hung up Izuku’s backpack, watching as she shrugged off her red shoes, which had small pools of water in them.

“Just stupid” She sighed as they both walked up to her room.

“Sounds like you had a great first day…” Katsuki commented, leaning on Izuku’s doorframe when they made it past the hallway.

“I mean…I did. For the most part…” Izuku huffed, stripping off her clothes, not in the slightest bothered by Katsuki’s presence. It’s nothing they’d never seen before anyway.

“For the most part huh?” Katsuki finally come into Izuku’s room and sat on the bed grabbing his phone as Izuku fumbled around with putting a decent pair of pyjamas on. Aka, one of her many superhero ones that she’s had for years now. Katsuki would say he found it strange how many different ones she owned, but when he looked in her closet for the first time…let’s just say that he never asked again.

“Well yeah…I mean…I made some friends. Two of them are really cheerful and happy and the other is really…pretty and sophisticated and smart…but she’s really nice too…”

“Uh-oh” Katsuki smirked, seeing Izuku blush and tug a shirt over her head.

“Shush. She probably doesn’t even like me. I mean we have only just met and all” Izuku huffed and flopped face down onto her bed as she felt Katsuki move to lay beside her and tugged the covers up over them, the cold clinging to both of them slowly fading away.

“I mean I don’t think there’s anyone on this planet who hates you more than me” Katsuki grinned when Izuku kicked his shin softly and sniffled. Oh dear, she probably caught a cold.

“Why are you even here anyway? I thought Eijiro had you fully booked” Izuku asked as she snuggled into the sheets closer and leaning against the chest of her best friend.

“Yeah well, turns out his parents booked a fucking camping trip. So we’re putting everything on hold.”

Izuku looked up at Katsuki with pitifully sad eyes. She knew how much this week was supposed to mean for them. It was their third year anniversary being together after all and Katsuki finally wanted to go all the way with his boyfriend, but it looks like that wasn’t going to happen. She’d never speak ill of Eijiro, but surly he must’ve known to celebrate their anniversary together “I’m so sorry.”

Katsuki huffed and let out a dry laugh “It’s fine, was stupid to think about anyway. He always seems so busy lately…”

“I’m sure you’re just being paranoid, Kacchan. Eijiro really loves you. Anyone can see that.”

“I guess…” He sighed, playing with Izuku’s wet curls as he took out the red bow that was holding it together “since when do you wear your hair up?”

Izuku laughed a little knowing that Katsuki would always enjoy playing with her hair when they spent time together, he had told her that it always seemed to calm him down “It wasn’t doing what I wanted it to.”

“Why don’t you straighten it then?”

“Didn’t have time.”

“Why didn’t you put some-“

“Kaaaaaccchhhaannnnn, I didn’t have tiiimmmmmmeeee” Izuku pouted as Katsuki rolled his eyes.

“You’re fucking lucky I’m here for the month to take care of your ass.”


“Yes, she knows” Katsuki tells her, referring to her mother.

“Hehehe, we’ll just have to make Eijiro jealous of us spending so much time together.”

“As if. You know, he’d never be jealous of you, you’re gayer than-“


Katsuki laughed as he brought out his phone “Then again, I guess a few wouldn’t hurt.”

“That’s the spirit Kacchan!” Izuku giggles as they both sat up and took the most ‘derp’ selfie before laughing as they admired it.

“This is the best one yet” Katsuki adds as he sends it to his number one best friend on snapchat.

“What?! I thought I was your number one best friend?!” Izuku looked over to Katsuki who just grinned back at her.

“I would say i’m sorry but i’m really not.”

“Ugh,” Izuku pouts, restraining herself from calling Katsuki an asshole “I don’t even know who’s my best friend after you.”

“I mean you snap Momo a lot too.”

“HA! You’re no longer my best friend Kacchan, Momo is going to take your place!”

“I’m pretty sure she’s still traumatised from the time you accidentally hit her in the tit.”

Izuku blushed deeply at the thought, bringing out her own phone “I-it’s not like it was intentional. I tend to express myself with my hands when I talk.”

“Yeah yeah, are you gonna show me this new crush or not?”

Izuku blushes heavily at the term but opened up facebook and started typing in the girls name anyway “She’s not on facebook…”

“Huh. Maybe you should ask her, it might be on private.”

“She did give me her number…but I don’t think I can make it out due to the rain, can you?” Izuku asked as she gave her hand to Katsuki, the boy inspecting the smudged writing there.

“Give me a minute” Katsuki tells her as he began to ‘decode’ the number, Izuku scrolling through her feed and occasionally liking cute videos and pictures of animals with her other hand.

“I think I got it” Katsuki gestures for her to give him her phone, which she did without hesitation, watching as Katsuki punched in the digits “You might wanna check it’s her. But i’m pretty confident about my skills.”

Izuku smiled thankfully and quickly pulled up her messaging app and typed out a message.

‘Hello, this is Izuku, I’m hoping this is the right number. If not please message me anyway. I would really like to become friends’

Izuku thought for a moment before deleting the message, starting to type another, not registering Katsuki’s humoured snort.

‘Hello, this is Izuku, I have green hair and i’m short…’

Katsuki laughed again and took the phone from her hands deleting the message and writing one of his own.

“Don’t write anything silly” Izuku fretted.

“Me? Would I ever…” Katsuki muttered sarcastically as he continued to type.


“Do you want me to help you pick up chicks or not?” Katsuki asked with a sigh.

“We’ve only just-“

“Here” Katsuki handed her back her phone, picking up his own as he waited for Izuku to read what he’d
yeah typed.

‘Hey, this probably might seem a bit strange but I really enjoyed the time we spent together today. Do you have any social media? Since it’d be easier getting in touch with you that way. If you don’t that’s okay too, I’ll just see you at school anyway, I hope I don’t wear my shirt the wrong way again, haha! - Izuku’

“Wow…I didn’t know you could even talk like this…Wait, how do you know my shirt was on the wrong way around?” Izuku asked in shock. Surly he wasn’t following her around at school, that would just be creepy.

Katsuki looked at her over his phone as if she was stupid “You do it all the time when you’re nervous.”

“Well I certainly never noticed! Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Was waiting for you to realise yourself, it’s been my inside joke with Eijiro for the longest time you have no idea.”

“Other people know too?!”

“Well obviously, you wear shirts in public don’t you?”

“Oh gosh, i’m so embarrassed…” Izuku muttered as she hid her face in her hands.

Katsuki smirked and turned off his phone while he waited for a reply from Eijiro and watched from over Izuku’s shoulder as she also waited for a reply.

“Do you think she saw it?” Izuku asks after a few moments of silence, both of them staring at the screen.

“Obviously not if she hadn’t replied…”

“Maybe she just doesn’t want to talk to me-Ouch! Don’t hit me, that hurt…” Izuku sighed as she held her arm.

“Then stop being stupid. She’s probably just busy. Come on, let’s go make some food, I’m starved. Inko will probably be back soon anyway.”

Izuku sighed before smiling as she watched Katsuki stand and stretch, placing her phone back down on the bed “Alright.”




“Such a pleasure to see you again Katsuki” Inko, Izuku’s mother, sat by the table along with the other two as they all ate the food Izuku and Katsuki had made. Luckily they didn’t blow up the kitchen this time. Emphasis on ‘this time’.

“Yeah, you too.”

“How is your boyfriend doing? It’s been a little while since i’ve seen him.”

“He’s alright. Nothings really changed honestly.”

“That’s good then. I’m glad to hear you two are doing well. You should take Katsuki’s example and find someone special as well Izuku.”

At the thought the green haired girl choked on her food a little and blushed heavily, causing the others to laugh at her.

“K-kacchan is older than I am! It’s only inevitable that he’d find someone first…”

“Can’t help that i’m better with people than you are.”

“If your younger self heard you saying that he’d kick your ass. Eijiro turned you into a big teddy bear.”

Katsuki turned into a tomato and held out his fork toward Izuku’s direction “Shut up!”

Inko watched the two in amusement. They’d always been like this ever since they were young. Their friendship was sure strange, they were more like brother and sister than best friends, but when it came down to it, Inko knew the two would always be there to look out for each other.




“Hold still you idiot” Katsuki tells Izuku as he tries to apply makeup to her face. Yes, makeup. No matter how much she had protested, Katsuki would always manage to convince her otherwise. She envied his ability to be able to do that.

“Kacchan, it stings, I can’t help it. I feel like you’re going to poke my eyes out!”

“Well I will if you keep moving” Katsuki growls as he holds her face in a specific place to try and apply the eyeliner which she’d moved for the past twenty times they’d attempted it.

“Why do I even have to wear it? I’m only going to school…”

Katsuki finished a small wing and smiled to himself at it’s precision, turning her face to do the other side “You wanna look good though don’t you?”

Izuku huffed and slapped Katsuki knee gently “I always look good.”

“There’s a difference between looking cute and looking good” Katsuki smirked as he felt Izuku hit him a little harder stating that she wasn’t cute.

“Yeah yeah, it’s not like i’m putting loads on anyway. I’m only enhancing your natural features.”

“I don’t understand your makeup talk Kacchan…”

“In other words you’ll just look more alive. You can hardly notice. Since you have a cold, it would be pretty stupid to go to school looking like death, wouldn’t it?”

“…I guess…”

“Well then shut up.”

A couple of minutes later, Katsuki finished and leaned back to examine his work, grinning to himself “I should get paid for this shit.”

“Do I look okay?” Izuku asked, afraid that Katsuki made her look like a tango. Not that she had anything against tangos, she just personally didn’t want to look like one. She quite liked the way she looked.

“Of course you do. Do I ever do anything half assed? Your lucky as hell I woke up early this morning, I could’ve stayed in bed.”

Izuku stood up and walked over to her length view mirror, admiring Katsuki’s work. It wasn’t bad at all, he was right when he said he didn’t change much. She just looked a little more vibrant than usual. Thank the lord.

“I didn’t want to cover up your freckles because i’m pretty sure that’s the only thing you have going for you.”

“D-do people really like them that much?” Izuku blushed and turned away from the mirror to tie her hair up in a bow once more.

“Coming from an experienced bisexual, I think they’re pretty cute. If that girl doesn’t like them then she’s obviously got a few lose screws.”

“Thank you Kacchan” Izuku smiled they rushed down the stairs, Katsuki still wearing some pyjamas that he’d brought with him and Izuku dressed in her uniform. She always liked when Katsuki came over. It felt more like home.

Since he left school Katsuki had always been stopping by and claiming that he’s staying for however long he wants to. Not that his parents minded since they were glad to be rid of him now that he was over eighteen and needed to find a place of his own. But he hasn’t really took the time to do that, so he just lingers in other peoples houses until he decides he wants to go elsewhere.

“Don’t stay out in the cold too long today Idiot.”

“I’ll try” Izuku called as Katsuki went into the kitchen to probably make some coffee or something, god knows what he gets up to when Izuku goes to school. He probably just lounges around and watches television all day since he doesn’t work. It wasn’t that he couldn’t work or anything, he just couldn’t maintain a steady job with his attitude. Giving him a boss who told him what to do constantly really wasn’t his cup of tea. She knew that from personal experience.

As Izuku starts her journey to school, she give a passing glare to the lamp post she’d walked into yesterday and picked up her pace, wanting to be there quicker then usual.

Huh, why was she doing that?

Slowing back down, Izuku realised the answer as to why she wanted to get there faster right away.
Shouto hadn’t answered her message last night; the hope that she’d get to see her today was even larger. Maybe it’s not as bad as she thinks, she’s her friend now, right? What reason would she have to ignore her?

Maybe Katsuki just got the wrong number…




Walking into the classroom Izuku immediately noticed the seats were all filled except for two. Her own, and Shouto’s.

Walking over to her own seat, she tried not to act to disappointed when she got out her notebook that she’d totally forgot to dry yesterday, leaving it completely soggy. All the hard work that she and Shouto did yesterday smudged completely-all her little doodles; disfigured and hideous.

Geez, it was stupid to think that they were friends.





As Izuku walked around the school at lunch like a lost lamb, she realised that didn’t really take into consideration how big this school genuinely was. With separate buildings for different subjects and small hallways along the top connecting them (This is where she was currently walking) it was almost unreal to her.

Almost everyone was outside so it was actually rather nice to wonder about the abandoned hallways alone.

It was about the fifth time she’d gone in a full circle around the building tops when she sighed and dropped her still damp yellow backpack at her feet, looking out of the window to the others who messed around outside.

This school was definitely much different from her last. The majority of the students here, looked shady and like they didn’t give a fuck. Izuku could even see a pair of hooded figures exchanging a substance around the back of one building. Where as her last school used to be prestigious and smart, this one was a polar opposite. She supposed that she should’ve known, after all it was quite a rough area. The only thing she was wondering, is what a girl like Shouto was doing at a place like this. She definitely seemed more like the boarding school, straight A’s, are you up for a game of quidditch, kinda girl.

Then again, she supposed she didn’t really fit in around here either.

Taking a seat under the window, Izuku pulled out her phone along with a pair of white headphones and slipped them into her ears, allowing her music to take her to a different world. She still had a little while before classes started again so she should be alright.

Feeling exhausted from her cold, she decided to close her eyes, laying her head back against the wall as she brought her soggy bag into her lap and hugged it close to her, her knees brought up close to her chest, protecting the other side. Who knows who would try and steal it if she kept her eyes closed for too long.





The green haired girl whimpered softly at the voice interrupting her sleep as she slowly opened her eyes, widening when the panic set in of her falling asleep at school.

“Sorry, you looked so peaceful. I didn’t want to wake you” She heads a familiar voice say, looking ahead of her to see Shouto kneeling down to her level.

“Shouto…” Izuku mumbles deliriously as she takes the headphones out of her ears, the music must’ve stopped at some point. That, or her phone died. She hoped it was anything but the latter.

The other girl nodded slowly as she eyed Izuku’s sleepy form for a moment before giving her a soft smile and standing, offering a hand to help her up.

“…How long was I out for?” The freckled girl asked as she hesitantly accepted the offer.

“You looked to be quite asleep when I arrived, which was a few moments ago. But it’s almost the end of the day.”

“Oh gosh, I’m so sorry…I-I’m not usually a bad student. I swear!”

Seeing Shouto give her a reassuring smile, melted her heart a little. She really was pretty…“You’re much better than most.”

Izuku giggles softly, looking down and blushing when she realised she was still holding on to Shouto’s hand and quickly let go.

“I-I-I’m so sorry!”

At the sound of Shouto laughing, Izuku’s flustering turned to silence as she observed the way the pretty girl in front of her tucked a piece of her multicoloured long hair behind her ear.

“It’s quite alright. Your hands are very warm.”

“…Thank you,” Izuku said, a little too into admiring the girl before her that she barely noticed the words spoken “U-um…would you like me to warm yours?”

She noticed the shocked look on the taller girls face and realised what she’d just said.

“I mean-that’s not-oh god-I’m so sorry! I-au just meant that your hands are cold-and mine-I should probably leave…” Izuku spluttered grabbing her backpack from the floor and turning to leave when she felt a hand on her shoulder, stopping her.

“Izuku…would you like me to walk you home?”

Izuku turned around so they were face to face and quickly nodded her head as she turned a red hue, a nervous smile spreading across her face as she nibbled on her bottom lip. Damn, she was so gay. She didn’t even hesitate with her response “Y-yes! I-I mean…that would be nice…”

Shouto smiled at this and took Izuku’s bag from her and slinging it over her one of her shoulder, carrying her own leather satchel on the other.

“You don’t have to carry that for me! It’s not heavy or anything!”

“It’s wet isn’t it? If your red nose indicates anything, i’d say you caught a cold in the rain yesterday. It’s the least I can do to help you.”

Her red nose?! Oh god, she was sure Katsuki would’ve covered it, but then again, he didn’t say he left her freckles…some of which covered her nose. Ugh! How embarrassing!

“T-thank you!” Izuku squeaked as she hid her flushed face in her hands. What was even the point of doing this now?! Shouto had seen everything!

The other chuckled at Izuku’s behaviour “You don’t have to be ashamed of being sick. Although you do look cute when you blush.”

She…looked cute? Wait…what? How could see say those things so casually?

“I suppose it’s only natural though. Where do you live?” Shouto asked as they began to walk out of the school grounds, Izuku only just noticing they were out of the building already.

“I-um-live? R-right! I live on the new estate…I-It’s pretty far though so please don’t feel pressured to walk me home! I can walk myself!”

Shouto shook her head with a smile “I don’t mind. You’re my friend after all, right?”

At the thought of being friends with the girl, Izuku returned the smile softly “Of course.”

The longer the two began to walk home together in silence, the more awkward Izuku was feeling. Here she was walking home with a girl she’d barely even known a day…She should ask her why she didn’t respond to her text…

“Hey Shouto? I sent you a message last night…but you didn’t respond. It might not have been your number though! B-because it get washed away a little in the rain-!”

“I received your message, Izuku” was all Shouto replied with. Leaving the other with only more questions, but too afraid to even process the idea of asking them.

As they round the corner to Izuku’s street, she swore she could feel a breath of relief exit her lungs. She doesn’t know why, but she just felt so awkward and out of place. Maybe she was just being stupid again…

“This is my stop” Izuku mumbled as they both came to a halt outside the gate of the green haired girl’s heavily flowered front garden. It matched her personality really.

“Oh…” Shouto huffed, taking Izuku’s backpack off of her shoulder to give it her back “This was fun. We should do this more often…”

Hearing the opening of Izuku’s front door, they both looked over to see Katsuki staring at the two with wide eyes. At least he wasn’t still in his pyjamas…what a rare occurrence.

“Hey Kacchan…” Izuku managed to get out before she was dragged inside by him, too scared to ask when he quickly slammed the door shut behind them.

“How the fuck do you know her?!” Katsuki asked angrily, walking to the living room and looking out of the window to see if the girl outside had left.

“What do you mean how do I know her? You’re the one who helped me message her!” Izuku huffed, clearly flustered and confused at Katsuki’s behaviour.

“I should’ve fucking known,” Katsuki grumbled, reopening the front door, stopping Izuku when she tried to follow him “I’ll be back later. Don’t fucking stalk me” was all he said, leaving Izuku stood there alone, confused and frightened.




That night, Izuku waited up for Katsuki to return, greeting her mother, Inko, who had returned from work and gone straight to bed; exhausted. Not that she could blame her, she always worked so hard to provide for the small family she had. And Izuku couldn’t be more grateful towards her. She even managed to dry out her school bag and notebooks, she’d have to get Shouto’s help again since they were practically unreadable…

It was around half two in the morning when she heard Katsuki car pull up outside and the handle of the door jingling with the sound of his keys, she was exhausted herself. And she had to be up at half five to get ready for school, she was going to be so tired…

“Izuku…why did you wait up?” Katsuki sighed heavily, seeing the tired girl who could barely keep her eyes open cocooned in blankets on the sofa. Not like she hasn’t done this before. Because she had. Every time Katsuki left her house angry and without reason she’d always wait for him to come back, because he would. Every time.

“Kacchan was angry…” She slurred tiredly, her eyes kept shutting against her will to keep them open.

“You’re right. I was. But i’m fine now,” Katsuki sighed, as he leaned down in front of the sofa, wiping the eyeliner that had ran down Izuku’s face from tears of exhaustion. She had always cared about people way too much when she should be looking after herself “I’m sorry if I worried you…”

Izuku shook her head with a small smile “It’s okay. I know you didn’t mean too. But I couldn’t help it.”

Katsuki hummed softly, before gesturing for Izuku to move over, which she did reluctantly, allowing Katsuki to lay down beside her, the sofa only big enough for one person, making the cocooned Izuku laying upon Katsuki like a log.

“God you’re so heavy” Katsuki complained, but his actions didn’t match his words as he wrapped his arms around the bundle of blankets with a heavy sigh.

“Where did you go?” Izuku asked, feeling incredibly comfortable at that moment in time, despite how she expected this conversation to go. She just wanted answers. And katsuki not answering any of her texts had been the most worrying thing she’d experienced in a while.

With much reluctance, Katsuki hesitantly began his story, Izuku to tired to keep up with if it was real or not “Well…first I rang Eijiro. He travelled back for a while so that we could talk about…some things. I guess we just lost track of time…”

Izuku didn’t reply for a moment, focusing on the feeling of Katsuki’s chest rising and falling with each breath “What did you talk about?”

With a soft chuckle Katsuki replied “I thought you’d fell asleep there for a minute. Which you should. Get some rest and we’ll talk about it tomorrow, okay?”

To tired to complain Izuku nodded her head, wondering what had been so important Katsuki had called Eijiro back for.




Izuku awoke to hushed whispered the following morning. But she was too tired to wake up. Is this what she gets for staying up late? Ugh…what a pain.

Letting out a groan, to let the people who were talking know she was half awake, she was rewarded with silence. Happily snuggling back into the blankets around her when she heard them leave the room.

What a pain.

Couldn’t they see she was sleeping here?

Before she knew it, she fell asleep once more.




“WHY DIDN’T YOU WAKE ME UP?!” Izuku shouted as she rushed to get her school clothes on, leaving her hair down as she shouted at Katsuki would was rubbing his rubbing his temples to get rid of an oncoming headache.

“You were knocked out. You were up pretty late last night” Katsuki informed her with an impatient sigh.

“Well if you wouldn’t have left, this wouldn’t have happened in the first place” Izuku muttered as she walked out of the door, running the distance to school, stopping to say sorry to a few people she’d bumped into on the way. Hopefully none of them were lamp posts. Those damn lamp posts were going to be the death of her. She was going to be dreaming about the lamp post apocalypse soon; shooting lasers out of the bulb while growing metal legs and terrorising the entire planet before they moved their plans for destruction beyond what they could reach…she should really get some help for this.

Seeing that she was at least an hour late, she rushed through the hallways, grabbing out her timetable from her bag as she internally tried not to panic. Oh god. This was so stressful. Why did she have to be late?!

Coming to a stop outside her classroom, she quickly walked inside, noticing the teacher stop talking, everyone turning to face her direction. Please stop staring.

Stuttering out an apology, Izuku quickly rushed to her seat, a glance from the teacher telling her to stay after class. Damn it…why was she so anxious about a little telling off? It’s not like they were going to threaten to kill her.

Ochako, who was in the seat beside her gave her a quick once over “Are you okay? You look like you rolled out of a grave this morning.”

Izuku nodded and calmed down, her stress decreasing due to Ochako’s presence lifting her spirits a little, thank goodness they were in class together. She wasn’t so sure she’d make it without a breakdown before the class was let out otherwise “I’m alright. Just overslept a little.”

“A little? You missed half the day…” Ochako stifled a laugh, not knowing that her new friend was so lazy.

With a small smile Izuku nodded in agreement before shoving her bag under the desk, finally ‘prepared’ to face school.




She didn’t see Shouto that day.




“Eijiro?! What are you doing here?!” Izuku asked, excited that he was standing right in front of her, yet extremely confused since he was supposed to be camping with his family.

“Had to come back for an emergency” Eijiro explained, bringing the smaller girl into a tight hug, which she was quick to respond to. She doesn’t know why, but she’s been told she’s a very physical person. She doesn’t really see why, she just enjoys hugging her friends a lot. But they didn’t really seem to mind, so she didn’t think it made them uncomfortable or anything.

“Where’s Kacchan?” Izuku asked as they broke the hug, both of them walking into the kitchen where Inko was stood making dinner.

“He went out for a bit,” Eijiro smiled, hopping onto sit on the counter beside the fridge “Inko was running out of onions, you should’ve seen him jump to her aid! I don’t think i’ve ever seen him move so fast.”

“Huh…well, fair enough I suppose” Izuku replied before walking over to her mother who was by the stove, obviously making some glorious meal. Not that she doesn’t always, it was just rare to see her cook since she was tired from work a lot of the time. Izuku guessed that’s why she loved her mother’s days off just that little bit more than she did already.

“What’s for dinner?” Izuku asked cheerfully, enjoying whenever her mum had days off so they could spread it like this.

Inko looked over to Izuku with a gleam in her eye “I thought we’d make some homemade curry in celebration of Eijiro coming to stay.”

“You’re staying over?” Izuku asked, confused by the news. She still really needed to talk to Katsuki and Eijiro because there just gave him an excuse not to talk to her.

“Just for a few days…I hope i’m not intruding or anything! There’s just somethings I need to do in the area while i’m here, and staying in a hotel would take money that I don’t really have right now” Eijiro rubbed the back of his neck nervously even though he knew how kind the Midoriya‘s were.

“Of course you’re welcome here. Please don’t doubt that. We love having people over!” Inko smiles over at the red haired man.

“She’s right. If you’re Katsuki’s family then we’re your family too!” Izuku grinned, watching as Eijiro teared up slightly at the two bright girls who were telling him how welcome he was in their home.

“Thank you…I really mean it.”




“So how would you feel? Just me, you and Tenya. It would be so much fun!” Ochako grinned, Tenya cheering from his seat before Izuku had a chance to respond. Not that she minded of course. Both her and Ochako were both very considerate of his autism. Ochako was the one who always looked after him though, since at times he couldn’t look after himself and he tended to get frustrated a lot of the time, which Ochako had described to be the most heartbreaking experience of her life. Izuku could feel the power behind Ochako’s words. How much she truly cared about him. Their friendship was truly special.

“Sure!” Izuku replied joyfully, sipping her iced tea which she’d purchased from the school cafeteria, all of them currently sat around a booth in the food hall. Tenya having come say with them, breaking off the deep conversation they were having previously. Not that Izuku minded, but it was really nice to know her new friends trusted her enough to share their thoughts and feelings with her.

“Would you like it if Izuku came shopping with us on Saturday, Tenya?” Ochako asked, even though she already knew the answer.

“Yes, since she’s our friend now” Tenya responded, rocking back and forth on his chair. Ochako had also told Izuku, when Tenya was collecting his food, that a lot of people tended to be scared away by him. Intimidated in fact. That they didn’t know how to interact with the boy even though he was still just a person, like everyone else really. She’d told her how much shit she has to face for being around Tenya, but she’d said she didn’t mind that. Because people were always going to judge. She explained that they were scared Izuku would think the same. But we’re so thankful when she didn’t.

Izuku felt her heart practically burst with the overwhelming pride she felt for the two of them. Their lives weren’t perfect. But they wouldn’t change it. Because they had each other. And Izuku found it incredibly sweet.

“That’s right. I’m your friend now. So I hope you don’t mind relying on me too” Izuku smiled at Tenya, watching him tear up a little at how incredibly nice the gesture was.




She didn’t see Shouto that day either.




“Are you going to keep running away or face me like a man?” Izuku asked as she saw Katsuki try and sneak out once more; Eijiro upstairs and sleeping in their guest room. Katsuki having avoided her all day yesterday since him and Eijiro were went out all day when he’d collected the onions.

“I told you to stay out of it” Katsuki huffed, knowing that wasn’t going to stop her from wanting answers. He had been avoiding her like the plague for the past few days, and honestly, Izuku found it ridiculous. What was he so afraid of telling her? No, she couldn’t look past this.

“Not a chance. First you going out and acting all weird, then Eijiro showing up all of a sudden. Just tell me what’s going on, I won’t know unless you tell me!” Izuku argued, frustrated that her point didn’t seem to get across.

For a moment it looked as though Katsuki would answer her but alas he continued out the door, “Don’t stalk me” he reminded.

“Famous last words” Izuku muttered under her breath, sighing heavily she decided i go back upstairs and to bed. She’d planned to go shopping with Ochako and Tenya tomorrow. She wasn’t going to let Katsuki bring her down.




Izuku looked herself over in the mirror for the fifth time the next morning. She was wearing a red checked dress along with thigh high black socks, a pair of small black boots to accompany the look, trying her hair back with the red ribbon she’d grown quite attached too.

“Do I look okay?” She asked as Eijiro sat on her bed, scrolling through his phone; bored.

“You look great. What’s the effort for?” He asked with a small smirk, knowing Izuku tends to run to the shops sometimes in her pyjamas with just a coat to cover herself from the judgemental stares…please don’t judge.

“Well…I wanted my friends to think good of me…” She smiled gently, thinking about how fun today was going to be, grabbing a black shoulder bag that dangled by her side she deemed herself ready “Okay. I’m off then. Please lock up after me alright?”

“Yeah sure thing” Eijiro smiled, walking downstairs to wave her off “Be careful, and don’t try to change who you are, I’m sure they already know who you are by now, first impressions are crucial after all.”

With Eijiro’s word of advice in mind she ruffled her green fringe gently, not liking how it kept blowing around in the wind. Perks to her for wearing her hair up though. The wind would’ve messed it up if she’d worn it down.

With a spring in her step, Izuku smiled, unable to contain the joy that was bubbling throughout her. She was so excited to spend sometime with her new friends outside of school. This would be a great opportunity to strengthen their bond.

Although her mood was dampened when a rough bump to her shoulder sent her tumbling to the ground. Ouch…she really needed to stop her mind from wondering so much.

“I-I’m sorry!” Izuku squeaked as she quickly rushed to get back up, surprised to see a wide eyed Shouto staring at her. Her face was bruised. Heavily. And she wore a pitch black hoodie, the hood up and her hands in the front pocket. She didn’t look like the gentle, posh, articulate girl she knew.

“Izuku…” She muttered in disbelief.

“Are you okay?” Izuku asked in concern, her bubbly aura from before fading into one of anxiety ridden worry “Do you need any help? I haven’t seen you for days. Has everything been alright? I hope that-“

“Izuku please stop talking,” She said, her eyes finding a spot upon the ground as she shuffled on her feet and fiddled with her hands in her pockets ”If you’ll excuse me.”

That’s all she said before she quickly walked away. Izuku rushing after her, determined to not let her leave.

“Are you sure? I don’t think that you’re alright…please just let me help you, Shouto!” Izuku shouted, concern for her friend overwhelming the need to be calm and rational.

With a heavy sigh, Shouto stopped in her tracks, listening to the sound of Izuku’s boots rushing to catch up to her, an ocean of green covering her view before she could stop it, her hand reaching up to take off the black hood, but Shouto stopped her halfway.

“Not here…” She muttered.

With a nervous nod, Izuku looked around at their surroundings for a moment. Gesturing for a place for them to go, which Shouto nodded to.

They ended up in a small broken bathroom off to one side, a first aid kit that Izuku had in her handy bag which was placed along the counter as the two of them stood in front of the row of sinks.

“Do you always carry that with you?” Shouto asked as she gestured to the first aid kid, watching as Izuku blushed deeply and started to collect some antiseptic wipes out of the packaging as Shouto finally removed her hood.

“I-It’s not a bad thing…my friend is autistic and he scratches himself sometimes on accident” Izuku explained, leaning on her top toes to reach Shouto’s forehead, applying the gentlest amount of pressure, being sure that she didn’t hurt her in anyway.

“I see…I interrupted plans you’d made, didn’t I?” Shouto asked quietly. She didn’t need to or anything. It wasn’t like anyone else was in the abandoned bathroom with them. It just seemed more gentle this way. As if telling her there was nothing to worry about.

With a shake of her head and a soft smile, Izuku giggled “It’s okay. Please don’t blame yourself. I want to help you…”

She was gentle towards her…“Why?” Shouto asked.

Izuku looked confused “Well you’re my friend aren’t you? What friend would I be if I can’t take care of you?”

Shouto smiled a little, chuckling at Izuku’s way of thinking. She was really too kind for her own good “Thank you, Izuku.”

With a blush Izuku was suddenly aware of their proximity and quickly came down from standing on her tip toes, averting her eyes to look toward the pretty flower plasters she had…oh god…how embarrassing. She forgot she had those.

“I don’t mind,” Shouto interrupted her spiralling thoughts “I like flowers.”

With a bright smile, Izuku nodded before grabbing a few plasters and gently applying them to Shouto’s face. Which suddenly looked extremely funny to her.

It wasn’t until she felt Shouto’s hand on her cheek that she realised she’d been laughing, but Shouto didn’t appear to mind that she was laughing at her.

“I meant what I said earlier, but I don’t think you quite understand it the way I want you to” Shouto expressed, slowly leaning down and indulging Izuku with a gentle kiss. And within that moment, Izuku swore she died and went to heaven. The way Shouto held her cheek so gently; that she was fragile…It made Izuku’s little heart pump out of her chest. She was scared. She was scared of who had hurt Shouto. But despite her fears…despite everything, she felt as if she’d known this lovely stranger forever. And that, was something she wasn’t fearful of. Before she knew it, she could feel herself returning the kiss. Her heart soaring when she felt Shouto smile against her, pulling away delicately to look into each other’s eyes instead, Shouto moving her hand from Izuku’s freckled cheek to move across her fringe gently, tucking a stay piece of green hair behind her ear.

“Thank you, Izuku” She repeated her sentence from earlier, moving away to from innocent wide eyed girl to the exit of the bathroom “Have fun with your friends” was all she said before she left Izuku alone in the bathroom. Processing what the hell had just happened. Her gay little brain couldn’t handle this. What did this mean?




“Izuku!” Ochako rushed over to where the green haired girl was coming toward them, leaving Tenya on the bench not so far away, watching them “Are you okay? We were getting worried you wouldn’t show up…”

“I-I’m really sorry Ochako. I ran into a friend on the way here and it really surprised me because I hadn’t seen them in a while” Izuku flushed even though she wasn’t technically lying.

“Thank goodness,” Ochako smiled, turning round to explain to Tenya “she was late because she was a friend she hadn’t seen for a while.”

With a heavy sigh of relief Tenya stood up and wrapped Izuku into a hug, which made the green haired girl giggle.

“It’s okay Tenya…I’m really sorry for worrying you…”

Ochako watched the interaction with warm eyes, her chest fluttering as she felt happy tears begin to gather. It was just so nice to see Tenya making friends…

“Tenya. She’s okay, see? She’s going to come shopping with us now” Ochako explained gently, patting Tenya’s back comfortingly.

“Sorry” Tenya said through the tears making their way down his face.

“Please don’t cry Tenya! I’m okay, see? I’m really sorry I’m so late. But we’re going to have lots of fun now, okay?” Izuku fretted, not used to seeing her new friends without a smile on their faces.

“Yes! Lots of fun!” Tenya cheered, wiping his tears as Ochako hooked an arm around his, gesturing for Izuku to take her other one, which she gratefully did; admiring how happy Ochako looked to have her two closest friends on each arm.

She supposed they matched in a way. Ochako was so bubbly, just like her. If Ochako wasn’t straight, Izuku would’ve probably fallen for her. But right now, all she could think about in that way was Shouto. And especially after the kiss they’d shared earlier, the sensation clinging to her lips.

“So, where would you guys like to go first?” Ochako asked cheerfully as she lead the group.

Chapter Text

Izuku arrived home laughing and giddy, bags alining her arms as she skipped her way up the stairs. Stopping once she heard a rather heated argument from the guest room. Katsuki and Eijiro were fighting…

Her mood shifting, Izuku gently set down her bags, being sure not to create a lot of noise, before she tiptoed her way outside the guest room door. Call her nosy, but she was very curious person. Plus, they’d wake Inko if they were too loud. So she hoped it was nothing too serious.

“SO WHY DON’T YOU JUST FUCK OFF BACK TO YOUR PARENTS?!” Katsuki shouted, Izuku shifting a little so she could peak through the crack of the door, seeing the two on opposite sides of the room.

“You know why I have to be here Katsuki. Stop being so mad about it, you’re the one who told me in the first place” Eijiro tried to reason gently, but it was no good over the sound of Katsuki’s screaming. It reminded her of the past…when Katsuki used to be this angry all the time.


Izuku didn’t get the chance to hear more before the door was threw open before her. Blushing at the fact she was caught, she straightened her posture, looking straight at the angry Katsuki who was attempting to leave.

“AND YOU! IT’S ALL YOUR FUCKING FAULT!” Katsuki screamed, his eyes ringed red…he was drunk.

“Don’t blame this on Izuku. She did nothing wrong!” Eijiro defended, going to walk between to two of them.

“SHE’S THE ONE THAT FOUND THE CRAZY FUCKER IN THE FIRST PLACE!” Katsuki tried to push his way past Eijiro to get a hit on Izuku, but the red haired man didn’t let him.

“Katsuki. Stop it. You’re being unreasonable. I don’t want to have this conversation while you’re drunk” Eijiro responded, holding Katsuki away from them, his arms against his chest, preventing him from taking another step forward.

“Well maybe I wouldn’t fucking be drunk right now if she kept her fucking nose out of our business” Katsuki growled, glaring at Izuku, who was too shellshocked to respond. Katsuki wasn’t…he wasn’t turning back into his old self, was he? She had to keep reminding herself that this wouldn’t be the case. He was just drunk. He wouldn’t stay like this.

“Kacchan…” She responded, starting to tear up at her doubts. She hated when he was angry.

“Katsuki, just go outside, okay? And when you’re sober, we can try and have this conversation again” Eijiro replied, noticing how distressed Izuku was becoming.

“Fuck off. I’m not having shit. I’m fucking done with you” Katsuki growled out, rushing down the stairs and rushing out of the door, being sure to slam it shut on his way out.

Izuku finally let her tears flow freely, Eijiro turning around to look at her with an equally broken look on his face.

“H-he doesn’t mean it Eijiro! He loves you a lot, okay? He’s just angry! H-he says a lot of things he doesn’t mean when he’s angry!” Izuku tried to explain, Katsuki hadn’t just broken up with Eijiro. She refused to believe it.

“I know…it doesn’t really make it hurt any less though” Eijiro sniffled, Izuku bringing him into a hug as they both just cried.

She’d been so happy today.

She got complimented.

She got kissed.

She had a great time with her friends.

She had so much fun today.

So why…why is it ending in tears?

Inko popped her head around the corner of her bedroom door, a worried look crossing her face as she took in the two crying near the top of the stairs.

With a motherly notion, she closed the door quietly and rushed to her curtains, watching Katsuki stroll down the road, kicking small rocks that were in his way violently. There were no cars out at that time but it was still extremely dangerous!

With a worried fret, Inko grabbed her car keys and gently opened her door again, passing by Eijiro and Izuku who seemed to be completely oblivious to the world. Thank goodness. They’d only worry if they knew she was gone too.

Hopping into her car, the tubby woman set out to track down Katsuki and make sure he didn’t get hurt.




“I’m sorry that he’s blaming you. It’s my fault really…” Eijiro frowned, as he picked up the glass shards from the bottles Katsuki had thrown in a fit of rage earlier.

“No. It’s not your fault. It’s hopeful thinking to imagine a relationship that’s perfect…” Izuku nibbled at her bottom lip, pulling up her long black socks self-consciously. She doesn’t know why, well, she does. But Katsuki had made her extremely on edge.

“Yeah. I guess you’re right” Eijiro chuckled sadly, coming to sit beside Izuku once he was sure all the glass was safely disposed of in a bag that he’d take outside and dispose of later.

They sat there for a while. Not really knowing what to say. They wanted to comfort each other. But they didn’t really know how…

So they just continued to sit there awkwardly, Izuku wrapping her arms around herself as a form of comfort, hitching her knees to her chest. Eijiro copying her and doing the same.

“He’ll be okay, right?” Izuku asked nervously. Not really knowing if she was asking herself or Eijiro.

“He sure wouldn’t like to hear you worrying over him so much, I know that much” Eijiro smiled, trying to lighten the mood a little, which surprisingly actually seemed to work.

Izuku giggled tiredly, leaning back to lie on the guest bed.

“Go to sleep if you like, I know you and your mother have church tomorrow so I won’t wake you up if Katsuki comes barging his way back in, okay?”

Izuku nodded, sitting up me stretching with a yawn as she made her way off the bed and towards the exit “Goodnight Eijiro. Sweet dreams.”

“Yeah…you too.”

The road to her room seemed very quick when she thought about it, flopping onto her bed as she disposed of her socks, standing up to walk over to the mirror, removing her checkered dress. Damn, she was always so pale…

With tired eyes, she looked around to try and find the source of the unease she suddenly felt. It was only then that she realised she’d left the curtains open. It was dark outside. Anyone could be watching her run around in her bra and pants!

With a blush and a quick squeak, Izuku rushes over and drew the curtains shut. Holding them tightly for a second longer. Oh god. What if some perv was out there, currently planing her death? Ugh, stop thinking.

Walking over to her wooden wardrobe, she pulled out her favourite large, light blue, all might night shirt and slipped it on, taking off her bra once she was under the safety of her own clothing, keeping her pants on since the shirt was rather short. It was way too hot to be wearing a full set of pyjamas tonight.

Izuku swore she’d never felt a comfier bed than her own, sighing as she snuggled into the covers, almost forgetting as she reached up and pulled the red ribbon out of her hair leaving it on her nightstand as she hummed happily.

Despite her long day.

She fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillows.




When Izuku woke the night morning. She was welcomed by the sound of birds chirping…extremely loudly. Were they having a concert right outside her room? Because it sure sounded like it. It was only then, that she looked up through confused tired eyes. Her bed head extremely noticeable as she sat up and stretched slowly. She was a bit late noticing that her curtains and window were both wide open. Due to her window being for a fire exit. The whole thing could easily be opened sideways, causing the room to be extremely cold when it was opened.

Standing up, she shivered at the feeling across her exposed legs which felt like numb jelly, reaching out to pull the window shut, looking at the heavy rain that poured outside for a moment before deciding to begin her day. Her mother probably just opened it to let some air in when she woke up this morning, it probably wasn’t raining then.

Apparently not caring that she was still looking like a train wreck, Izuku sleepily made her way downstairs and popped two pieces of bread into the toaster. Nothing like buttered toast to start your day, as her mother used to say.

Speaking off, the house was still extremely quiet. Like no one was home. But that literally couldn’t be the case since she had church today and Katsuki and Eijiro were staying over.

At the realisation of what happened last night, Izuku abandoned her toast to rush back upstairs, swinging open the guest room to find no one there. With a little more hurry in her step, she rushed over to her mothers…she wasn’t there either.

It was like that episode of Sarah Jane Adventures where everyone on earth had disappeared. Oh sweet childhood…To quell her anxiety, she hurried into her room and grabbed her phone, sighing heavily in relief as she saw a message from her mother stating that she was shopping. And a message from Katsuki which just read ‘I’m sorry.’

Izuku smiled gently. He was back. Kacchan was back to his normal self again.

With a cheery smile plastered on her face, she played some music from her phone as loud as it would let her, swaying along as she got herself ready for church.




Izuku zipped up her bright yellow raincoat “Is this church any different from our other one?” she asked as she walked alongside her mother, her hands in her pockets, protecting them from the cold.

“It shouldn’t be dear. Although some churches tend to relate a lot more to our generation. Remember the one we went to on holiday?” Inko asked, to which Izuku nodded. She remembered very well. She doesn’t think she’d ever been in a church like it before. It was compelling. They played religious music from the current generation. A more pop sound to them as they all gathered to sing upon a stage venue. Lots of others in the crowd sat upon chairs around circular tables. And the great part was. Everyone was super friendly! She’d really enjoyed that experience a lot. She got to meet some people who weren’t religious per say, but they enjoyed the evening, and made lots of friends while doing so. She really admired these things about that particular church.

But this new one they were joining was said to not be like that. Of course the people there were probably still amazing and wonderful people, but this church was huge. It was a beautiful old building. And she can imagine a lot of the older generation strayed towards these types of buildings. Not that she could blame them, they were amazing. How someone had built them in such detail, she couldn’t fathom.

“Well, a friend that I made there is coming to this one too” Inko explained with a smile.

“Ah right, I see” Izuku chuckled, her mind wondering off to earlier today “Hey…did you open my window this morning?”

Inko looked confused “Me? No I don’t believe so, why? Did you leave it open overnight again?”

Izuku felt her fringe getting damp due the the rain, tugging the yellow hood tighter over her head to make sure it didn’t get any worse “I’m not sure…”

“Well Katsuki didn’t come home last night so it can’t of been him, and Eijiro was asleep in the guest room.”

Izuku grew fearsome “O-oh. You know what? I probably did leave it open last night. I’m just so silly I forgot to close it.”

“Be careful Izuku, you’ll catch a cold with your window open like that.”

Izuku nodded as they rounded the corner to the church. It was intimidatingly beautiful to say the least. And Izuku decided to forget about earlier and let herself grow a little excited at the architecture.

“You ready?” Inko asked as they slipped through the doors each of them taking their hoods off when they entered the large room, seeing people doted around in the benches. Although there was one person that Izuku couldn’t mistake, sat alone in the middle row. She’d recognise that hair anywhere.

“Hey, is it okay if I spend some time with my friend? I didn’t know they came here…” Izuku asked Inko, who responded to Izuku with a bright smile and an encouraging nod.

“Hey Shouto” Izuku greeted gently as she sat beside the girl who was in the same dark hoodie as last time. Except her hood was down this time and her dirty multicoloured hair was on display.

“Izuku…” She muttered. She always had the look of such disbelief when they saw each other. It made Izuku laugh.

“I didn’t know you were religious” Izuku commented, watching as Shouto straightened her slouched posture until she was sitting up. She was so tall, Izuku noted, even while sitting down.

“I’m not exactly…religious…” Shouto looked toward the front, the priest walking the the alter to speak to his mostly captive audience “I’m just here for…forgiveness.”

“Forgiveness?” Izuku asked gently, her loose green wet curls framing her face as they slowly began to dry in the cool air around them.

“Yeah…” Was all Shouto replies with.

It was a few moments of silence between them before Izuku decided to speak up once more, not interrupting the loud voice echoing from the front of the church “I’ll forgive you.”

Shouto turned around to her so fast she almost broke her neck “W-what?”

Izuku smiled at her reassuringly “I know you’re not looking for forgiveness from me, otherwise you’d talk to me in person…but if it makes you feel any better, then whatever you did. And whatever you do…I’ll always forgive you.”

“You’ll forgive me?” Shouto asked quietly, almost fearfully.

“Always” Izuku repeated with a smile, turning around to face the front once more.

It was another few minutes before either of them spoke again.

“Even if I did something unforgivable…?” Shouto asked, her face shadowed as she looked toward her own feet.

Izuku didn’t know if she should be afraid to ask, but she did anyway “What did you do?”

She saw Shouto turn to look at her for a moment, before she took a shaky breath and suddenly stood, rushing to leave. But Izuku followed her. Inko watching the two girls with worry in her eyes about to follow them…but she knew this was something Izuku could handle in her own. She was strong enough to. She had her own life and a mother can’t always interfere, otherwise they’ll never grow.

“Shouto. Please tell me what’s wrong…first you show up all bruised and now you’re acting really scary-“ Izuku rushed out as they stood outside in the rain, not really caring about how wet they got.

“You’re scared by me?” Shouto asked gently, watching as Izuku shook her head rapidly.

“I’m scared for you Shouto! I just…I really care about you. And yet I know nothing about you! And it’s driving me crazy!” Izuku cried, her tears blending with the oceans natural sprinkle.

“I’m sorry, Izuku. But you shouldn’t be around me…” Shouto replied, frustrated when Izuku didn’t listen and took a step closer to her.

“P-please don’t say that! Don’t lead me on like that!” Izuku pleaded, rushing up to hug Shouto, wrapping her arms around the taller ones neck, pulling her down slightly “Please don’t give up on me!”

Shouto couldn’t resist, not when she talked like that. Her arms found their way around Izuku’s waist and pulled her closer; held her tighter. Anything she could get right now she would take.

“Izuku…I don’t deserve this…I don’t deserve you…”

“You don’t have to deserve me! Because i’m choosing you! Y-you don’t get a choice in this, okay?” Izuku sniffled, hiding her face in Shouto’s neck who chuckled at her declaration.

“Then I certainly am the luckiest person alive” Shouto muttered, her fingers winding up in Izuku’s wet curls, gently pulling back to brush the soaked green fridge out of the way, exposing her lightly freckled forehead.

“Thank you, Izuku” Shouto expressed, leaning down to press a soft kiss against the exposed area she’d just discovered.

Izuku just nodded up to her gently, her eyes full of adoration. Shouto couldn’t handle it. She was just too precious.

With a slight sway, Shouto rushed down to press her lips down onto the shorter’s. Feeling a happy chirp against her lips. Honestly, she was glad Izuku felt this way towards her. But she also couldn’t help but feel a bit smug that she was kissing an adorable girl outside of a religious church. Well, more like making out with her at this point, since they two kept getting lost within each other to slow down. But her point still stood.

“Sinning in front of a church, have you no shame?” Izuku heard a familiar voice ask, turning around to see Katsuki, in all his glory.

“Kacchan?!” Izuku asked cheerfully. She hadn’t seen him since last night! Rushing up to the boy, she leapt up to hug him, she’d missed him. And in all honesty, she was still sacred about last night. But seeing how Katsuki had just made his entrance, he was back to normal.

She was unaware of the intense glare off that Shouto and Katsuki had behind her back.

Pulling back, Izuku turned back toward Shouto, rushing up to the girl and pulling her down the church steps to greet the blonde.

“Shouto, this is Kacchan! He’s my best friend! Kacchan this is Shouto” Izuku introduces looking at the two with sparkles in her eyes that the two would finally get to meet properly.

Shouto slapped on a smile “Hello.”

“Pleasure” Katsuki growled through gritted teeth.

“I’m so glad that you two have met now! This means we can all get along, right?”

“Of course. Since you’re my girlfriend after all, it’s only be natural to get along with your best friend” Shouto smiled down at Izuku gently.

Katsuki growled under his breath, watching as Izuku flushed “G-girlfriend?!”

“That’s right Izuku,” Shouto looked back to Katsuki “you’re my girlfriend.”




“Kacchan, you didn’t happen to open my window last night did you?” Izuku asked. Church had finished around an hour ago and Eijiro came to pick them all up in Katsuki’s car when he’d heard it was raining.

Izuku doesn’t know what happened between the two boys since last night, but today they seemed awfully far apart…she just hoped they were back together. For the sake of everyone’s sanity.

The three were currently sat on the living room sofa, Izuku sat in the middle with a boy perched either side; all playing Mario kart like the good ol’ days.

“Me? Why’s the fuck would I come through your window? That’s just creepy…” Eijiro shoot a shell at Katsuki, which surprised Izuku when there was no reaction. No screaming. No ‘fuck you’. Or ‘fucking watch me, i’m gonna kick your ass’. Nothing.

“Well it was shut when I went to bed but in the morning it was open…”

Eijiro paused the game stating that he had to go to the bathroom, leaving Izuku and Katsuki to binge some of the skittles they’d tipped out of the bag and into a bowl they’d placed on the sofa.

“Okay. What happened between you two?” Izuku asked quietly, extremely skeptical of the sudden quietness in their relationship.

With a roll of his eyes and a heavy sigh, Katsuki replied “You heard what happened…”

“Well yeah…but surly you two got back together right?” Izuku asked hopefully, her hope fading as she saw pain flash throughout Katsuki’s features.

“Honestly…I’m not so sure I want to get back with him…”

Izuku gasped “You can’t be serious!”

Katsuki almost chocked on the skittles in his mouth as he looked towards the door Eijiro exited out of “Could you be any fucking louder?!”

“Kacchan, what is this all about?! Surly you didn’t mean it when you drunkenly broke up with him! Right?” Izuku asked, becoming less certain of her accusations by the second.

“It’s not that Izuku…I just…am done with him. It’s just how things are now, okay?”

Izuku felt a weight of heavy disappointment. She looked up to their relationship with such a high hopes. They were the prime example of what she’d love to have in a relationship. They were the ones she admired for their bravery. They were the ones who introduced her to so many things. Together. The thought of not being able to see the loving pair again…It hurt.

It was so hard to see something they’d worked so hard on come crumbling down like this.

“Do you love him?” She asked, holding onto the slightest shred of hope. A hope that relationships could work out. That the spark would never die.

Katsuki turned to face her, knowing the look of disappointment lingering in her eyes. He knew how strongly she felt about the two being together. She’d even told Eijiro they could be family not even a week ago…but at the end of the day, this is what it came down to “No. Not anymore.”

And just like that, Izuku’s hope was gone, feeling tears roll down her cheeks as Katsuki brought her into a hug. Hell, she was probably more upset then the couple themselves, although she doubted that this was the case. Anyone who saw her would probably think she was part of their broken relationship too. In some weird twisted way, she kind of thought of it that way too. That’s why it hurt so much.

“You’re such a crybaby…crying over something so stupid” Katsuki muttered.

“I-I can’t help it. I just really care about you two” Izuku weeped. Would she and Shouto end up like that? Would they fall in and out of love? Have fights? Scream at each other? She didn’t want that. She just wanted someone to love her the same way she gave love to them.

“I’m sorry it upset you that much…But in all honesty…I can’t even remember the last time we kissed each other. I’d been meaning to talk about it with him…I thought maybe sex with him would bring us together again…but then he went camping. That’s when I knew I couldn’t handle it anymore. That’s why I came here…But then something showed up from our past, and I knew that Eijiro need to be here too. I’m sorry. It’s not your fault. Please don’t blame yourself” Katsuki cooed, the heartbroken Izuku clutched at his shirt, Katsuki moving the bowl of skittles onto the floor. This position feeling awfully familiar to them. No matter what happened…Despite everything. They’d always end up by each other’s side. They always had each other. And they always would have each other. No matter what life could throw their way.

“B-but what if someone falls out of love with me and I’ll be the one left heartbroken?” Izuku asked, how was she supposed to make the perfect relationship without the perfect example to follow from?

Katsuki chuckled, stroking her fringe back gently as she pulled back a little “I don’t think anyone could fall out of love with you…”

“But you did with Eijiro…”

“That’s different.”

“Is it?”

“It is.”

Izuku laughed softly as Katsuki bopped her on the head lightly “Sorry. I guess i’m just really emotional…It’s stupid to get so worked up about something that wasn’t even any of my business…”

“It’s fine…you’ve always been like that.”

Izuku grinned as she thought about their past. Two little children running after each other, playing tag. Two little children building castles in the sandpit Katsuki had owned as a kid. That sandpit was the best. She remembered how jealous she was when she found out about it. But Katsuki had told her that it was alright because she’d be able to come play whenever she wanted. She appreciated that…But she remembered a time when it wasn’t like this. A time when she was watching Katsuki build sandcastles from afar; new friends by his side. They made far better castles then she could ever hope of making. And Katsuki agreed.

“If I weren’t a lesbian, you’d be my first choice if that makes you feel any better” Izuku gave him a wobbly smile, trying to convince the man in some way that she was alright, leaning away from the other as her hands gravitated toward the bowl of skittles; abandoned on the floor.

“Wow. I’m fucking flattered” Katsuki smirked, flicking Izuku’s forehead causing the other to almost drop the bowl as she clutched her forehead with a pout.

“Hey! I’d be the best girlfriend ever!” Izuku complained.

“Yeah…right” Katsuki huffed, rolling his eyes at her behaviour.

“I’m sure Shouto thinks so!” Izuku blurted out, her confidence slowly withering as she thought back to the girl who she’d made out with less than two hours ago “I-I mean…I really hope she thinks I’m okay…”

With a heavy sigh Katsuki flicked her forehead a little harder this time.

“Don’t ever doubt yourself. Idiot.” Katsuki frowned, wiping away the tears of self doubt Izuku had gained and poking one of her freckled cheeks playfully, reaching for a handful of skittles “She’s the one who has to live up to being a good girlfriend. You’re off the hook. You’re too good for her.”

“N-no i’m not!” Izuku protested.

“Yes. You really are. You have no idea. So accept the truth or I’m going home early.”

“What?! No way! Please stay!” Izuku reached out, whining when Katsuki moved away from her completely, standing up in the process.

“Suck it up…I’m going to go check on Eijiro since he’s been gone a while” Katsuki said as he left the living room. Leaving Izuku to wonder if was really an okay girlfriend. Sure, they hadn’t been dating for very long…but she felt the need to send her flowers. And go see her, and kiss her and-was this normal?

With a sigh, Izuku grabbed the her red nintendo switch remote as she heard Katsuki and Eijiro rejoin her, the two still in silence, starting the game back up where they’d left it.



The next morning Izuku felt the same rush of air, sitting up with a gasp and slapped her palms over her flustered face. Her dream had been less than…PG13 let’s say. She’d never felt like this before. Especially about a certain girl who made her day so much better just by being there. Ugh. Damn emotions.

With a red face and a heavy sigh, Izuku tiredly stretched, her limbs feeling incredibly weak. She should really start jogging or something, with the thoughts of hitting up a nearby gym clouding her mind, she closed her open window, humming to herself quietly as she got ready for the day.




“Izuku, how do you feel about rollercoasters?” Ochako asked as they met up with Izuku for lunch.

“Rollercoasters?…I cant really say i’m a huge fan…” Izuku smiled nervously, surly Ochako wasn’t planning anything was she? Then again, should she really be so surprised? The short brunette loved to talk about planing days with her friends.

“I though that might be your answer. You seem like the type to hate big rides” Ochako giggled, her laughs growing quieter when she realised that Izuku wasnt really listening.

“Hey. You okay?” she asked, snapping her fingers in front of Izuku’s face, watching as she instantly snapped out of her daydreams.

“Yes! Sorry…was just stuck in my head I guess…S-sorry, I just remembered I-I have something I need to do…” Izuku excused herself, quickly rushing out of the school cafeteria and into the bathroom where she quickly splashed water onto her face. Ever since that dream…it’s like she couldn’t think straight. All she could think about was Shouto’s hands and Shouto’s touch…It was embarrassing to say the least.

“Are you okay, Izuku?” The said girl squeaked as she was addressed, looking in the mirror above the sink to see Shouto leaning against one of the bathroom stalls. She looked so fancy and professional when she came to school, compared to the delinquent look she usually wears outside. It was honestly like two different people.

“I-I’m fine!” Izuku stuttered, if she thought becoming a tomato was impossible, she was certainly proved wrong. Damn…did she always look like that? How embarrassing.

Shouto hummed in thought, moving closer to poke at Izuku’s yellow bow “Your hair is up again.”

“Y-yeah…” Izuku hoped Shouto didn’t notice that this one had small green white love hearts scattered on it. But with how closely she was observing the new ribbon, Izuku knew that her hopes were just hopeful wishing.

“I think it looks pretty, although I do like your hair down too…” Shouto smiled, turning Izuku around slowly so that she could play with her soft fringe, something that Izuku had noticed she liked to do.

“Thank you…” Izuku smiled as she looked towards the ground, honestly not expecting to be covered in compliments today. But then again, they were girlfriends after all. It was only natural.

“Did you wear this ribbon for me?” Shouto asked as she moved even closer, causing Izuku to take a step back on instinct, her back against the edge of the counter as she rested her arms either side to keep her stable.

“I-It’s n-n-not like that!” Izuku flustered, hoping her fringe would hide her embarrassed reaction, but if Shouto’s smirk was anything to go by, it didn’t.

“Hmm. Alright then, who did you wear it for?” Izuku felt Shouto lean in closer, she suddenly felt as though she’d become one with the counter behind her.

“…No one…it was just the one I happened to pick today…” Izuku explained, which might have been right…honestly she wouldn’t be surprised if Shouto was right. She’d had the taller girl on her mind all morning.

“Huh. I’m sure you can think of a better excuse than that Izuku” Shouto muttered as she leant down to place feather light kisses on the trembling girls soft neck.

“Unless you do like someone else? That’s not the case, right?” Shouto asked gently; uncertainly.

“No!” Izuku blurted out, wrapping her arms around Shouto’s neck suddenly, bringing her into a tight hug “I only like you.”

She felt Shouto smile against her, and a pair of arms wrapping themselves around her. Izuku couldn’t help but squeeze her eyes shut in embarrassment. Her insides have never felt so warm and jittery before.

“…I’m so lucky.”




They decided to walk home together that evening.

Needless to say, the atmosphere was different from earlier. But Izuku couldn’t place her finger on why it felt this way.

She pulled nervously at the end of her ponytail with her left hand as her other was taken ahold of by the girl walking next to her.

“Izuku?” She jumped a little at the lingering question in the others voice, turning to see Shouto keeping her gaze in front of them. She wasn’t looking at her…


“…I’m sorry. I know how much you wanted us to get on…but I’m afraid I can’t keep it in any longer. I greatly despise your best friend.”

Izuku’s eyes widened in shock, her confusion clearly present by her walking stutter “You mean Kacchan?”

Shouto hardened her gaze in front of them “Yes.”

Izuku nodded hesitantly, a lump growing in her throat. She’d spoken too soon. They wouldn’t get along. How stupid was she to just assume something like that?! She was just forcing them wasn’t she…? How could she…

“I-I’m sorry!” Izuku fretted, slowing to a stop in her tracks, causing the other to do the same since their hands refused to part.

The red and white haired girl looked over at her with a heavy sigh “It’s not your fault Izuku. I simply disagree with his lifestyle” she told her, squeezing her hand as a form of reassurance.

“His lifestyle? But…but Kacchan…I-I know he can come off as a bad person but he’s really not! Please trust me Shouto! Come over for dinner? T-then we can all get along!…Is that okay?” Izuku asked nervously; pathetically. She knew she was literally forcing this upon her girlfriend, but she didn’t want her to get the wrong impression! Kacchan was a good person. It frustrates her when people refuse to look past his outer shell. He was human too!

Shouto removed the grip on their hands and walked in front of Izuku, capturing her cute, chubby, freckled cheeks in her palms, rubbing her thumbs back and forth lightly over the soft skin “I know how hard you’re trying Izuku…It’s cute. You’re cute. But Katsuki and I will never get along…And if i’m being completely honest…I kind of wanted our first dinner together to just be the two of us.”

“O-oh…I understand…” Izuku deflated, understating the others point, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t disappointed at the fact her girlfriend and her best friend would never truly get along.

Shouto smiled, leaning down to press a soft kiss to Izuku’s lips before pulling away completely, holding out her hand for the other to grab once more.

Which of course, Izuku did.




That night, Eijiro left without telling anyone.




“He left so soon? That’s a pity…” Inko frowned as she stood at the counter making breakfast.

“Yeah…his parents wanted him back” Katsuki lied. The truth was, he didn’t know why Eijiro left, but he could have several good guesses. Not that he was going to tell Inko either of them, although he supposed she could have a good guess too since she was the one to take care of him a few nights ago. He remembered when she found him and took him to a small twenty four hour cafe and sobered him up. He swore that if Inko ever wanted to adopt him, he’d agree to it in a heartbeat. They had a very interesting conversation that night.

“Kacchan, could you help me really quick?” Izuku rushed into the kitchen. Oh, right, he’d forgotten it was the weekend already. Izuku didn’t have school.

“You better not have lost your phone down the back of your bed again” Katsuki proclaimed, as he followed Izuku out of the kitchen and up the stairs.

“N-no…not exactly. It’s just I have a date with Shouto today. And I wanted to look…nice” Izuku blushed as they walked into her room, Katsuki in no way surprised to find everything from Izuku’s wardrobe dumped out across the floor and bed. God damn it. Why was she like this?

“Stereotyping me much?” Katsuki muttered as he examined the clothes, dismissing the ones that he found even remotely attractive and picking up the ugliest thing he could find, holding it out to her “This should keep her away.”

Izuku frowned, and took the clothes out of Katsuki’s hands gently. So Katsuki didn’t like Shouto either. How could she not have seen this before? Katsuki warned her to stay away from her right? But why…?

“Kacchan, I don’t want to keep her away. I-I want to bring her closer…” Izuku flushed, trying to make Katsuki understand, but by the look on his face, he didn’t.

“Where are you two going?”

“The movies…I wanted to watch the new All Might movie! This one has a special guest feature; Best Jeanist and Edgeshot! I can’t miss it! What sort of fan would I be then?!” Izuku asked, growing more confident as her passion for the franchise was brought back to life, walking over to her bed, Katsuki grabbed a pair of short overalls and a yellow top to go underneath and gave them to Izuku with a shadowed expression “Thank you Kacchan…you really did help me.”

And with that, Izuku walked out of her own room with the clothes in hand, and lead herself to the bathroom.

All Katsuki could do was clench his jaw in silent anger.




“You look pretty Izuku” Shouto mentioned, herself wearing the same thing as always. Oh…was Izuku the only one that put effort into this? That’s so embarrassing. Wait, she should just accuse her girlfriend if not putting in effort, she can wear whatever she wants!

“T-thank you…” Izuku smiled nervously, pulling at her curly hair which she’d left down.

“Come one, why don’t we get some snacks before the movie starts?” Shouto suggested, which earned a nod of approval from Izuku. It was only then, she realised that in all the excitement, she forgot to eat breakfast.

“I hope you don’t mind that I’ve never been to a cinema before” Shouto tells her. And just like that, Izuku’s nerves are gone.

“You’ve never been to a cinema before?!” The shorter gasped in shock, slowly growing a pair of determined eyes and a bright smile to replace it “Well I’m glad to be the one who gets to experience this with you then! Have you seen any of the All Might movies before?”

“I can’t say that I have” Shouto replied as they walked inside the cinema hand in hand. Izuku’s face noticeably lighting up as she saw a large poster for the movie they were going to see.

“You’re going to love it. It’s amazing” Izuku told her, dragging her to the front where they collected the tickets and paid for some popcorn to share. Granted if Shouto wasn’t here, Izuku would have at least two large popcorns along with slushies, one hand on drink duty while the other was on food. Now that she thinks about it, maybe that wasn’t all that attractive, so she decided to play it safe and purchased a large one between them.

“Should we have dinner after this?” Shouto asked as Izuku lead them to through the doors of the correct screen, thankfully they’d got here early enough so there was barely anyone there.

“Sure!” Izuku cheered as they walked up the stairs, coming to a stop around the middle and sitting down “The middle is always the best place to see the screen.”

“Alright…” Shouto responded, laughing when she saw that Izuku had already ate a quarter of the popcorn just from finding their correct screen “You’re going to fill yourself before dinner.”

As Izuku noticed what she’d done, she shrunk in on herself in shame “I’m sorry. Please take it away from me.”

Shouto shook her head with a smile “You’re the one who brought it, right? I have no place to take it away from you.”

Izuku looked at Shouto in bewilderment for a moment before she shook her head and gave Shouto the popcorn “It’s not that big of a deal. Besides…I brought them for us to share.”

Shouto hummed gently and put the popcorn tub in her lap “Alright.”




Katsuki was sweating as he desperately tried not to take off his jacket, watching Izuku and Shouto from the back of the cinema.

Call him crazy, he was just concerned!

He supposed he did go slightly overboard with his disguise. Fake tattoos stretching across his arms and temporary black hair dye upon his head, accompanied by a pair of glasses which he’d popped the lenses out of and at the most expensive yeezs he owned. Well they were Eijiro’s but no one else had to know that. Not that they were flexers or anything, but Katsuki had created a whole character sheet for his disguise and being a gucci idiot just happened to be one of his traits.

He wasn’t going to lie, the movie was great. He had watched all of them with Izuku before. It was their thing. Obviously not anymore…but it used to be. He remembered when they were smaller and has less cares in the world, eyes a-glaze as they eagerly cheered on their favourite hero, clutching their figurines tightly in anticipation. It was all so simple back then. He wished he could go back to those times. Hell, doesn’t anyone?

Watching the two from the back row, Katsuki found himself wishing he’d stayed at home. Maybe things would be less painful that way. Maybe Izuku wouldn’t mind if he was here.

But as his eyes caught onto those red and white locks, his eyes shadowed into an expression unknown; he kept his distance.




As the movie finished up Izuku was left a blubbering idiot. She had no idea this movie was going to be so emotional! She certainly hadn’t been mentally or emotionally prepared for the death of some of her favourite characters. They would forever be in her heart. Trapped within a space which her beloved deceased characters lay.

Shouto has noticed and brought her into a hug which Izuku gratefully accepted, waiting for most of the people to filter out before they finally stood and walked back down the stairs.

“I’m going to the bathroom, do you need to go?“ Shouto asked, to which Izuku shook her head with a smile, wiping her tears.

“It’s alright. I’ll wait out here for you”

Shouto nodded as she watched Izuku sit down on a small bench near the toilets, swinging her feet back and forth as she looked around with wondering eyes. The tall girl sighed heavily and entered the public bathroom.

While Shouto was gone, Izuku found her mind wondering about what she should have for dinner, maybe chicken? Hmm, a carvery sounded amazing right now. Or maybe she should pick from the deals. Girls on a budget yaknow.

Her thoughts were rudely interrupted when she felt someone sit down beside her as they talked to their other friend who was standing. She didn’t know them. It was obvious they were high school kids based on their obnoxiously loud attitude. They probably went to the same school as her. She hoped Shouto wouldn’t be long.

“…Don’t you think so?” She heard from beside her. Where they talking to her? Turning her head, the green haired girl suddenly discovered that yes…They were in fact talking to her, great…

“I-I’m sorry I wasn’t listening” Izuku flushed at the amused gazes of the boys beside her.

“I said I think the last movie was better” The one seated beside her smirked and slung an arm around the back of the bench. Ugh. She’d never felt smaller than at this particular moment.

“I really liked this one…” Izuku told them gently, not wanting to cause a bad reaction from them but still being honest and sticking with her opinion.

“Nah. Too much action. Wasn’t even any hot chicks in it. You’re about the loveliest thing i’ve seen all day” He dug around in his jean pocket for a moment, before he pulled out a pack of cigarettes, his friend quickly moving to the boys bathroom as the persistent boy offered her one, an offer she shook her head to which he then shrugged at in response.

“The franchise isn’t defined by pretty girls…a-and although I’m flattered you think that of me. I think the movie was amazing. The dark action really brought the franchise a lot more dangerous undertones and showed how evil the world can truly be without sugarcoating it” She smiled gently. She didn’t have all that many friends she could talk to about her obsessions, and even if this person was a stranger…it was nice to share her opinion with someone other than Katsuki.

The stranger smirked at her reaction and chucked a little before lighting his cigarette “You come here with anyone?”

“Um yes. My girlfriend, she’s just in the bathroom” She told him, only now just realising how long Shouto had been gone.

The boy scoffed a little “Figures. Well, the least I can do is keep you company until she gets back. You sure she didn’t leave?”

She shook her head nervously “No…she wouldn’t do that. We have a dinner to get to.”

“Right” The boy stated, obviously not believing her.

“Are you sure your friend won’t mind?” Izuku asked as she watched the boy’s friend walk out of the bathroom and start walking away, throwing a wink and a thumbs up over his shoulder to the boy she’d been talking too. Ah…

“Nah. He thinks I’m getting some action, but obviously not. Which I don’t really care about honestly. Picking up chicks at a cinema really isn’t my style.”

Izuku giggled “Well that’s certainly one way of putting it.”

The boy smiled at her laugh and stomped out his cigarette beneath his feet “So…you got a name?”

“Oh! It’s Izuku. Izuku Midoriya. But you can just call me Izuku…” She told him, her words jumbling together as she’d almost forgotten that they hadn’t exchanged names yet.

“Yo Shindo. Wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve already heard of me.”

Izuku tilted her head to the side in confusion “I haven’t. Are you popular?”

Shindo started at her in disbelief for a moment before scratching the back of his neck and turning away “I guess you don’t get exposed to that part of society often huh?”


“Drugs. I’m a drug dealer” Shindo deadpanned watching Izuku’s expression closely, but she kept any of her true emotions from showing.

“Oh…I’m sorry, I’m not into those things” Izuku told him. Worried that he’d suddenly force some down her throat or something.

“I figured. you’ve got that whole innocent thing going on, right? Well if you ever need any for whatever reason. You just call my name alright?” The man smirked and picked Izuku’s cheek, her serious expression not wavering in the slightest. This man was dangerous. It would be a mistake to show weakness in front of someone like him.

“I’m sorry but I dont think I will be calling your name anytime soon. I love my life too much to sully it with such substances” She glared at him which only proved to make him smirk even more.

“The offer is always on the table for you, sweet cheeks. I’ll even give you something for free, yeah? You should know that I don’t do this very often. But you’re something special” Shindo tried to persuade.

Before Izuku could reply she felt someone quickly drag her to her feet, barely keeping herself from tumbling as she saw Shouto glaring at Shindo aggressively, the other keeping on a mask of amusement.

“Me and my girlfriend have to leave. If you’ll excuse me” Shouto growled out before dragging Izuku away from the scene by her wrist.

“Sh-Shouto! Please let go, it hurts!” Izuku cried out, thankfully Shouto listened to her and listened her grip rather quickly, but didn’t look the least bit apologetic as she took her to an alleyway between two buildings, an area where they wouldn’t be seen.

Izuku rubbed her red wrist gently and held it to her chest as the other paced back and forth in front of her.

“What were you doing talking to that guy?!” Shouto shouted, Izuku flinching at the tone of her voice. Shouto wasn’t like this, she would never…

“Answer me!” Shouto punched the bricked wall at the side of her, her knuckles no doubt bloody and buried by the one punch alone.

Izuku was scared.

“I-…He came to sit next to me! I had no idea who he is until he tried to sell me drugs…I-I didn’t accept it of course! I would never!” Izuku explained watching Shoutos angry features soften into one of frustrated sadness.

“I’m just glad you’re okay…I don’t know what I’d do if anything harmed you…” Shouto explained, bringing Izuku into a tight embrace “You looked so uncomfortable…I can’t apologise enough for leaving you in that situation all alone…”

Izuku sniffled into Shoutos shoulder, feeling the arms around her tighten a fraction…she just hoped Shouto would answer her questions…”You…you knew him, didn’t you?”

Shouto sighed heavily, keeping Izuku in her arms…she couldn’t bare to face her right now “No Izuku. He was just some despicable delinquent. He doesn’t deserve any recognition…Let’s…let’s just go home shall we? We can have dinner another time.”

When Izuku said she hoped for an answer…she had hoped Shouto wouldn’t lie. She hoped that she would be able to trust her, like all people should in a relationship. She trusted Shouto so why was she being lied to? Was she being lied to? She was so confused. She didn’t want all these interferences, she just wanted to spend time with her girlfriend uninterrupted by these lingering thoughts.

It turns out she was right to ask these questions.

But of course, she couldn’t know that at this time.

Chapter Text

Izuku glared at the blonde-no. The dark haired male that entered her house an hour after she’d returned back from her date. It was obvious who it was. The dark hair and clothes did nothing to hide his familiar structure.

“Where have you been?” She asked suspiciously, continuing to prepare dinner for the day, dirty plates that she’d attempted and failed creating things on tossed to one side of the worktop. It wasn’t always this messy when she tried to cook. Only when she really had things lingering on her mind would she start to daydream, not really noticing what she was doing.

The man in question coughed a little and ruffled his hair, taking off his jacket to put on the back of a chair, trying to think of a reasonable excuse but ended up coming out with the only thing he could think of “Had a date.”

Izuku looked back in bewilderment, her daydream-like state diminishing at once “A date? Are you stupid Kacchan? And why on earth do you look like that?”

Katsuki grumbled under his breath, beginning to walk up the stairs to take a shower and wash all this shit out of his hair “It’s not like it’s permanent, it’ll wash out.”

“You should really talk to me more Kacchan” Izuku stated stubbornly. Because of course she did.

Sighing, Katsuki locked the bathroom door, stripped off his clothes and hopped in the shower, watching as the black dye washed away every time he put his hands through it.

It was a stupid idea. What was he thinking? Of course Izuku would think something about this is…off. Not that he could even blame her. She had the right. It did look strange. But he just…he couldn’t tell her. He should’ve told her sooner, he knows this…but this whole situation just got so out of hand so quickly that he couldn’t even think about what he would tell her before she was already being stringed by her new shiny collar. She wouldn’t like the answer no matter what she heard, or who she heard it from. But it was too late to explain things. He knows that Izuku was too deep to not be heartbroken. And it sucks. He tried everything. He did everything he could! He really tried…but in the end Izuku would always be used as blackmail against him. Maybe this is why Eijiro left.

With an angry sneer at the thought of the red haired man, he slammed off the shower, dried himself off and got himself redressed in clothes that didn’t make him look so ridiculous. Maybe he should explain things.




Izuku’s phone buzzed from the counter, her hands still bubbly from the washing up liquid she’d be attempting to scrub the dirty plates with, large burnt pieces of food stuck to several trays that she was sure should probably just be thrown away at this point.

Quickly drying off her hands on her mother’s pink apron she’d slipped on, she dismissed what she was doing and looked down in confusion at the message she’d received.

It was from Shouto.

Her first message from her.

‘Meet me outside the school in ten minutes.’

With a frown, Izuku untied her apron and left the dirty plates, rushing upstairs to grab her jacket. Her anxious mind couldn’t help but create different scenarios as to why Shouto wanted to meet her. Wasn’t their date enough for today? She didn’t want to overload her with her presence. Was it possible to get bored of someone so quickly? She hoped not…

“Oi! Where you going?!” Katsuki asked as he exited the bathroom, watching as Izuku clumsily pulled on some converse.

“Out” She replied coldly. If Katsuki would tell her where he was going, why should he have any right to know about her life?

“With Shouto?” Katsuki asked quickly as she rushed down the stairs, the taller on her tail as she grabbed her phone from the kitchen and started typing away on her phone.

“Why do you care?” She asked softly, pushing past Katsuki to exit her house, slamming the door shut behind her. Luckily, she wasn’t petty enough to kick Katsuki’s car which was perched on the drive. But the thought was there.

Maybe she should’ve. Maybe then Katsuki would see how much his lies were effecting her. Then again, maybe he wouldn’t care so much anyway. It was just a car.

The more she thought about it the more she couldn’t deny that Katsuki had grown extremely distant from her recently. It was exhausting. She tried to keep up with his sunken presence but there was still so much she didn’t know about. With Eijiro leaving so suddenly, Katsuki had to feel…sad? Depressed? Something. He had to feel something. But she wouldn’t know what that something was if he never told her. This is why communication was so important.

Hearing quick footsteps from behind her, she realised that she now had a shadow.

She almost laughed at the thought. Her own shadow probably wouldn’t want to talk to her either.

“Would you stop?!” She yelled, stopping in her tracks, turning around to look at her obvious stalker “I’ve respected your privacy so why can’t you respect mine?!”

Katsuki looked to the ground in shame, a strange look taking over his face before he hesitantly answered “It’s just something I have to do.”

Beyond frustrated, Izuku tried to walk away once more, stopping again when she realised her wouldn’t leave.

“Why can’t you just leave me alone?” She asked tiredly, exhausted that she couldn’t understand his intentions. She could handle being lied to anymore. She couldn’t handle being oblivious.

“If you’re so bothered by me going out then why don’t you tell me where you’ve been going off to? You don’t understand how worried i’ve been…all this…it’s too much. I just want someone to tell me the truth…Why is no one telling me anything?” She cried, tears forming in the corners of her eyes, but she willed them not to fall. She wouldn’t show weakness in front of him.

“I want to talk to you about it. There’s just never been a good opportunity…”

“Then tell me now! Please…I can’t handle being lied to anymore.”

Katsuki sighed loudly, where would he even start? There was so much to explain “You…Shouto isn’t who you think she is.”

The green haired girl tilted her head in confusion “Isn’t who I think she is?”

“No. Which is why I cant leave you alone with her, she’s-“

“Izuku,” Their attention was grasped by a familiar voice, Shouto standing a few feet away from them in all her glory, looking in confusion between the two of them “is this a bad time?”

Izuku shook her head with a polite smile “No. Kacchan was just leaving, he just had to pick something up from the store.”


An eerie silence fell between the three of them. Neither one moving an inch or even daring to speak.

It was in this silence, that Izuku realised how uncomfortable she was. Her palms were feeling sweaty as she messed with the ends of her jacket sleeves, worried what might happen if she made too much movement.

Why couldn’t they get alone? How did they know each other? Why do they keep acting like everything is fine?!

“Izuku. Shall we leave?” Shouto asked after a few more moments of silence, the addressed girl whipping her head to find the source of the noise, only to nod her head at Shouto and look back toward Katsuki who wore a blank expression on his face.

“I’ll see you tomorrow Kacchan…” Izuku smiled shyly. Katsuki’s words still fresh in her mind.

“Call me if you need anything” He grumbled, huffing before quickly walking back into the direction of their house. Izuku was rather shocked by how quickly he made his decision to leave after saying he wouldn’t leave her alone.

As they walked further and further away from Katsuki, she not just noticed how uncomfortable she felt, but how nervous she was.

“I hope he didn’t say anything bad about me” Shouto joked, but her face didn’t show any humour at all. In fact, it looked plain. Like a mask that had been created for a porcelain doll. She wondered if it was even possible to show such little emotion.

It was unsettling.

“Shouto…why did you ask me to meet you?”

The taller took a minute to answer her question, deciding to respond with a shrug and a distant answer “Wanted to.”

‘Shouto isn’t who you think she is.’

Realising only now where they’d been walking too, Izuku gulped as she stood outside the church, the sunset behind them soon to create a sea of darkness which created a tense atmosphere. And no matter how curious she was that they weren’t supposed to be here until tomorrow morning, she found herself hesitant to follow Shouto inside. But…she did.

“It’s quite spooky in here with no one else around, don’t you think?” She heard Shouto ask, watching the red and white haired girl as she took a seat, Izuku walking to sit beside her.

“I-It is rather unsettling…”

“I’m sorry if I worried you” Shouto smiled softly, Izuku’s nerves washing away with the simple genuine gesture.

She shook her head in reply, deciding to return the smile “It’s fine.”

The silence that had once been uncomfortable; lifted into once of ease. Or so Izuku had found.

“I suppose you’re wondering why I brought you here” Shouto turned to her, her posture comfortably seated upon the wooden bench, her hands shoved in her pockets.

“Did you come here for forgiveness?” Izuku asked remembering the other time they were in church together. The day they started dating.

Shouto chuckled reaching up to ruffle Izuku’s green locks “I suppose so.”

Grabbing the hand that rested in her head, Izuku lowered it and intertwined their fingers, taking Shouto’s flushed cheeks as a sign to continue “I already I told you that I’ll always forgive you…”

The taller girls expression suddenly serious, she looked for any doubt or hidden lies in those big green eyes she’d grown so fond of, but found none.

She wished she’d found one.

“You really shouldn’t say things like that.”

“But it’s true! I don’t want you to ever feel like you can’t talk to me about anything. I don’t care what you’ve been through. Keeping quiet about those bruises that I treated the other week…It’s killing me. But I don’t want to lose you. I don’t want to burden you. But I also don’t want to be lied to, or felt that i’m too fragile to handle anything like that. I want to know who Shindo Yo is. And why he looked as though he knew you. I want to know why you hate my best friend. And I want to know why you don’t message me…I want to know a lot of things. But i’m quiet. I’m always just…quiet. I’m sorry for feeling this way” Izuku sniffled, tears that she’d been holding back earlier finally finding a path down her cheeks. She doesn’t know why she said all of this. Maybe it was the fact that she’d bottled it all up, and Shouto was the only person she really felt comforted by.

Hearing Shouto sigh gently and then warm arms wrap around her, Izuku immediately took the comfort, sobbing her feelings into the others shoulder.

“You should really tell me how you feel more often Izuku. How am I supposed to fix anything if you don’t tell me about it first? But you would also know the answer to your questions if you just listen a little more. I told you that I don’t associate with the lowlife. Katsuki is merely someone I have the trouble of knowing and I told you to only message me if it was for work or emergencies. What else is there to understand Izuku?”

The green haired girl shook her head, and held onto Shouto tighter.

Was this an emergency? To come here?

Don’t ask questions.

“You’re overthinking too much. Did Katsuki tell you to say all this?”

Izuku pulled away in shock “N-no! Why would he?”

Shouto frowned, her expression so genuine that Izuku was having a hard time telling if she was lying or not “You never know. You shouldn’t trust everything he says Izuku. He’s not who you think he is.”

“…He’s not…?”

The red and white haired girl shook her head “You’re too narrow minded Izuku. You need to learn to be more aware of your surroundings. Essentially with people who you can’t trust. Does he ever tell you where he goes when he leaves your house? How can you trust him to tell you the truth if he lies about his daily outings? That doesn’t sound like a very genuine person Izuku. You can’t trust someone like that. You never know what they could be capable of.”

Izuku was speechless. Kacchan was someone she could trust…right? Or had they just known each other so long that it became common sense to trust him? He did keep things secret…but he was going to tell her why right?

What if he was lying about Shouto to cover himself? What if Kacchan wasn’t who he thought she was? What if Eijiro knew about this and didn’t tell her anything because he was under a threat or some sort of contract?

Her mind in a swirl, Izuku hide her face with her hands, not knowing what to believe anymore. Who was lying? What was even happening around her anymore? Had she really been this clueless?

“Izuku,” Shouto lifted her hands from her face, giving her a soft smile when she realised how troubled her girlfriend looked “you trust me, right?”

“…Of course.”

“Then you should listen to me, Izuku. Why would I lie to you?”

Izuku shook her head with a chuckle, wiping away her sticky tear tracks from her cheeks “I’m not sure. I’m sorry for questioning you Shouto. It won’t happen again.”

Shouto smiled gently and placed a kiss on Izuku’s cheek “I’m glad.”




The next morning Izuku made sure to sit next to Shouto in church, leaving Katsuki with her mother, a stubborn expression lingering on his face, but he didn’t speak. Not that Izuku even wanted him to.

Katsuki wasn’t a very religious person. Like, at all. He believed in evolution and science. And that all logic could be proved with facts and not wishing and praying to some invisible being in the sky. He didn’t like sticking to some stupid rules, wanting free will to do whatever he liked. He believed the only way to get things done was through hard work and nothing could make him change his mind about that.

That being said, why was Katsuki at church? Well, that’s a question Izuku has asked herself on multiple occasions. But could never quite find the answer to. It might be because he got lonely sometimes, or he might just like the scenery.

Whatever it was, Izuku wouldn’t worry about it. Because Shouto told her that she shouldn’t worry so much. If that was one of her flaws, she definitely wants to fix it before it causes an issue between them.

“Izuku…I know said some…weird things last night…” Shouto explained, her leg jumping up and down nervously “I’m sorry if I offended you.”

“Offended me? You were only looking out for me Shouto. It’s refreshing knowing that I can trust everything you say” Izuku smiled brightly, not noticing the way Shouto shrank in on herself, her fists clenching tightly and a pained expression on her face.


As they were leaving the church Shouto pulled her to one side, watching as all the people from inside began filtering through the doors.

“Izuku. I really need to talk to you.” Shouto desperately stumbled out, her words moving as fast as she could make them “Just know that when I explain everything, I’ve done this all out of love okay?”

“Love?” Izuku asked gently, disbelief showing on each of their faces as they both heard Katsuki calling Izuku’s name. The said girl, looking over at him for a moment and then back to Shouto who still looked shellshocked.

“I love you too,” Izuku smiled bashfully, leaning up to kiss Shouto on the lips “I have to go now. Can this conversation be put on hold?”

Shouto forced a smile and a nod, stepping back from the girl in front of her as if she had a disease or something “Y-yeah…on hold.”

With a smile of reassurance, Izuku walked off to Katsuki’s car where Inko was sat waiting in the front.

Watching the scene of being reunited with her family made Shouto scrunch her face and look away. She couldn’t bare to see it. Just the thought of Izuku smiling with someone else, even her own family just made her feel…strange. She hated it. She didn’t want to feel this way. Izuku didn’t deserve this. But she had chosen her. Her who didn’t deserve those smiles and definitely didn’t deserve her…love.

At the warm feeling in her chest, Shouto smiled, a blush taking over her cheeks as she began to walk home. Well…more or less her home.

It was a home if she made it one.

As she entered the woods, Shouto followed the familiar pathway of trees, being sure to hum softly to the birds that tweeted above her. A clarity that she hadn’t felt in a while, shifting into a strange feeling she’d become awfully familiar with. Maybe the thought of love had clogged her mind just a little.

“I’m sorry I was late. I was with Izuku again” She apologised, looking down at the rotting corpse of what had once been Eijiro Kirishima. Her makeshift blue tent covered with flies which had been desperately longing for a taste of the dead man.

“She told me she loved me…” Shouto grinned, her eyes like filling with stars “I’m really happy. She trusts me so much. She’s really the most special person i’ve ever met, don’t you think so Enji?” She looked over at the small red urn on the ground which held her father’s ashes.

“Of course you do. You’d have loved her. She’s the best…” With a sigh Shouto’s smile slowly become a frown, her mind wondering to what could happen from here “You don’t think that she’ll leave me…right? I don’t know what i’d do without her…I’d be useless. Although, I suppose it’s rather careless to think about that. She loves me after all.”

Shouto wished she could feel the silent tears that dripped down her face; the emotion that came with them, dull and misunderstood “She’ll forgive me.”


-Eleven years ago-


Shouto looked down at her puffy pink dress and pouted, her multicoloured hair in long pigtails and the small pair of plastic heels on her feet.

“You look so beautiful Shouto” Her mother giggled, kneeling in front of her and straightening out the pigtails that danced every time the little girls head moved.

“I feel silly…can’t I wear my All Might costume instead? What if I trip over and everyone laughs at me?” She protested, pulling on her dress because the inside felt itchy and wiry. They had been getting ready for an event. A rather large party they were holding in celebration of her big brothers birthday. Shouto had heard how many people were going to be here, and was nervous she’d somehow shame the entire family by being clumsy.

With a soft smile, the white haired woman placed a motherly kiss on her forehead and tapped her on the nose “You’re not silly princess. No one will laugh at you. I promise.”

“But what if I accidentally eat too much cake?”

Her mother laughed loudly, her sparkling grey eyes full of life “Accidentally eat too much cake? Honey, I don’t think that will be an issue.”

“But it might!” Shouto protested once more.

“That’s alright then. You know your brother won’t eat all his cake, i’m sure he’ll forgive you.”

“…He’ll forgive me? Will you forgive me too?”

Her mother smiled once more, an expression full of what could only be called love “Of course I will. I’ll always forgive you sweetheart. Especially if you accidentally eat too much cake. Fill yourself up, alright? You won’t be going hungry on my watch.”

Shouto grinned happily, nodding her head rapidly “Alright.”

Pushing herself to her feet, her mother lead them out of the room, Shouto being sure to hold her hand the whole way in case she got lost in the crowd.

“Ah! There you two are! How are you feeling Shouto?” Her father smiles as he picks her up, his beard ticking her face slightly causing her to laugh.

“I’m okay!”

“Be sure to wish your brother a happy birthday, alright?”

With a nod of her head Shouto looked back to her mother who was pulling out a camera to take a photo of the two in front of her. Shouto grinned and held out a peace sign while her father blushed at the quick realisation that his wife was taking a picture of them.

“You two are so cute” she laughed.




This night was forever treasured in Shouto’s memory.

She doesn’t know exactly when it all when spiralling into a pit of flames.




“You should watch out for yourself Shouto. Not one else is going to jump in and save you. You should focus on your grades rather than making friends.”

Shouto stood at the opposite side of her father’s desk at the age of ten. Having been sent to her father’s office by the nurse when she’d told them about her affairs with a few children in the playground.

She kept her eyes trained on the teaching items littering the area, the books that had left to yet be marked open and covered with red ink markings. She wouldn’t look at her father.

He was the principal. Because of course he was. He worked hard enough to get there…he’d always say, so why would she ever question if her education plan was the same as everyone else’s. It would be an insult to his career.

“Yes father. I apologise for interrupting. It won’t happen again.”

“Oh and while your here, cut your hair. There’s no reason to keep it that long.”

She looked down at her medium length hair.

It was too long.


That night, Shouto watched her reflection in the bathroom, humming a soft melody which her mother had used to sing in order to calm her down. A pair of scissors in one hand, leaning over the sink as she cut off her hair, strands of red and white mixing in the sink below her.

She’d done this before. Every time her hair grew to a certain length, her father would call her out on it and tell her to cut it off.

She supposed the scar around her eye would be more visible this way, she thought as she began working on a fringe to match her new haircut. Maybe this would distract people.

She doesn’t remember how she received the scar covering her left blue eye.

She remembers the pain. But never the reason why. But that didn’t bother her.

Her mind wondered back to the children on the playground. The way they chanted those stupid insults at her.

Without realising, her snipping became more and more aggressive, a sneer appearing on her young features.

The way they all laughed at her. Called her out on being so obedient to her father. How she was different from everyone else.

It made her sick.

Before she realised it, she slammed the scissors into the mirror in front of her at a force she didn’t know she had within her, causing it to smash into a million pieces which could never be put back together.

She didn’t even want to try.

At the smashing sound, she heard her mother call out in concern behind the locked door.

“Shouto?! Honey, is everything alright?! What was that sound?!”

At the sound of her mothers concern she looked down at the shaded glass with a smile. Her mother could always make her smile.

And just like that, she wanted to try and put it back together. Even if it was impossible. Anything for her mother.

“I’m alright!”




At the age of twelve Shouto’s life had taken a desperate turn for the worst.




“I’m arresting you on the act of withholding illegal substances. You do not have to say anything. It may harm your defence if you do not mention something you later relied on in court. Anything you do say will be given as evidence.”

Shouto stared from the top of the stairs, a policeman handcuffing her mother who looked just as shocked as her, her father stood by the side, letting it happen.

What was going on?

“Mother?!” Shouto asked desperately as she rushed down the stairs, seeing her siblings in another corner of the room, a pained expression on their face “W-what’s going on?!”

The officer tried to drag her out of the door before Shouto could get an answer, but her mother wouldn’t let that happen.

“Shouto! Honey, it’s alright. I’m not mad okay? Just tell your father that they’ve got it all wrong alright?! They’ll let me out once they realise this is all a mistake!”

Before Shouto could say anything else, her emotionally distressed mother was shoved into a car and driven off, the crying face of her mother the last thing she saw.

Why wasn’t her father preventing this?

With many questions, Shouto returned inside, enraged that her father could just let something like this happen.

“What is this all about?” She demanded, her eyes fixed on the tall bored man in front of her.

He wasn’t even sad.

“Your mother was influenced by some bad people. It’s better to leave her in there. She’ll learn her lesson.”

“She wouldn’t do that!” Shouto shouted in protest, remembering all the times that her mother had been there for her, comforted her…she would never resort to anything like that! She even told her it was a mistake! So why…why did her father look so unbothered?! Did he not care?

“How would you know, kid? You don’t see her when she’s hooked up on those awful things. Always leaving those filthy needles around the children. Disgraceful…”

Shouto sneered, how dare someone talk about her mother like that?! She had never seen a needle around the house once!

“You disgust me.”

Her father smiled in return.




That night, her sister had tried to comfort her and her siblings by watching movies as they snuggled on the sofa together, large blankets covering them and a bucket of popcorn sat at table. Shouto never ate any. She stayed there in silence. Her gaze not on the movie. Her mind wondering to her mother. Was she alright? She’d come home, right? This wasn’t forever, right?

At this point, she knew she was humouring herself. But she didn’t want to look at the logical side of things for the first time in her life.

Her mind then wondered to her father who was more than likely in his office upstairs. Leaving his children downstairs and in pain while his wife was sleeping in a dirty prison cell. Did he even care?!

How he could do something like this is beyond what she could comprehend.

When Shouto zoned out of her thoughts for a moment, she looked around at their siblings who’d all fallen asleep and grabbed the remote, flicking though the channels, stopping on one that peaked her interest.

It was an adult movie, she could tell that from the scary aura it held. It must be on because it was so late. But she wasn’t scared. She watched on as the two people she’d seen on screen less then two seconds ago were violently slaughtered like pigs in front of her. The vision and sound of the knife cutting through their flesh rang thought out her ears. She hated it. She wanted to turn it off…But she looked at the smile the murder held and thought otherwise. Was this all it took to be happy? Why didn’t everyone else do this if it made people happy?

Walking into the kitchen, she grabbed a knife that her mother told her she should never touch and walked upstairs, a shadow of detention set on her face.

Peeking her head into her father’s office she saw him sleeping, a bong, pipe and bottles of whiskey piled around him as he snored away.

“Why don’t you love her?” She whispered angrily, clutching the handle of the knife tighter. Her heartbeat racing in her ears.

Was it okay to do this? Of course it wasn’t but…her mother would forgive her, right?

With a smile at the thought, Shouto shut her eyes tightly and quickly plunged the knife into her father’s back as hard as she could.

She hated the way it felt.

But she did it again.

And again.

And again.

Until the spluttering noises he was making stopped altogether.

She didn’t realise she was sobbing until she opened her eyes.

Her vision coated with crimson as she quickly dropped the knife and fell backwards onto her bottom and messy hands, her eyes wide as he stared at what she’d done. Whatever trance she’d been in; broken.

“F-father…?” She asked quietly, almost puking at the fact she was given no response.

On shaky legs she quickly rushed over to push at him, begging and pleading for him to wake up.

But it was no use.




The morning after the tragedy she’d cleaned up any evidence of, she was introduced to a new set of shady looking characters at her front door.

“We’re here for Enji Todoroki.“

The little girl that didn’t understand right from wrong stared up at them with a lack of emotion, the purple bags under her eyes clearly stating she wasn’t much for sleeping.

She didn’t say anything.

“Look kid. We just need to talk to him.”

“My father isn’t here” She resorted, her throat raw from crying, dehydration and lack of speech.

“Shit. Where the fuck has he gone now?” The woman at the front took out her phone and called someone “Yeah it’s me. Apparently he’s not home. His phones off. He’s fucking ditched us. Fucking dick doesn’t know what he’s got himself into. As they say if he can’t pay, we’ll take it away. I’ll find something worth the cash” The blonde woman finally looked back at the little girl who stared at her with those mismatched dull set of eyes.

“You want a new life kid? You look like you’ve seen some shit. Enji wasn’t a very nice man was he?”

Shouto didn’t speak.

“You have siblings right? I can give them a good place to stay if you agree to come with me.”

“Deal” Shouto spoke up without hesitation, which seemed to surprise the woman in front of her.

Her surprise quickly took on a grin as she reached to ruffle her short hair “Smart kid.”




She didn’t see her siblings again after she went with the woman, oddly confused and surprised when they pulled up outside a rather nice looking house.

“This will be your home from now on. You got a name kid?” The woman asked as she was let out of the car, letting Shouto jump out as she locked it behind her. It was quite a large car. And definitely worth more than her life. But she shouldn’t touch it. It might break.


The woman smiled “You can call me Mitsuki, alright?”

“Yes Mitsuki.”

Walking up to the house, Shouto kept her eyes on the ground. She didn’t want to look up.

“Oi! Old hag, what the hell are you doing bringing a kid over?!”

“A kid?! She’s the same age as you Katsuki! This is Shouto. She’s going to be living with us for a while.”

Shouto bowed slightly, before finally deciding to look up at the boy with bags of snacks in his arms, a look of confusion plastered on his face.

“I already have friends-“

“This isn’t about you Katsuki! Now go keep your friend company, she’s probably starving to death since you’re hogging all the food!”

Katsuki blushed heavily, and began walking up the stairs with a face of frustration “It’s not like I eat all of her food you old hag!”

With a shake of her head, Mitsuki turned to address Shouto once more “You’ll have to excuse my son. He has a friend over.”

“Yes Mitsuki.”

The woman frowned at the scripted response, but quickly slapped on a smile so that the child wouldn’t see.

“We don’t exactly have a room for you as of right now. So I hope you don’t might sleeping in on an air bed in Katsuki’s room for a few days. We weren’t exactly expecting to bring a kid back with us today.”

At the use of the plurals, Shouto thought back to the other people Mitsuki had with her, but they had all left without a word as she dismissed them to take away her siblings.

They were probably so confused.

“I heard your mother is in jail,” Mitsuki tested as she walked them to the kitchen and sat down at the table, watching as the girl followed her, her eyes now sparkling, clear that she wanted to know more “She’s doing alright.”

At the reassurance Shouto practically deflated “Thank goodness.”

“She did nothing wrong. We’re fighting for bail rights in court.”

“I understand Mitsuki. Thank you.”

The woman just nodded, watching as the child with a content expression on her face stared daydreaming.

She was in way over her head.




“Kacchan! Don’t kick it too hard!” Shouto heard a sweet voice wonder through the windows, her room finally having finished. She’d moved into the families office area. She had minimal things, claiming that she had no need for anything else. She was enrolled into a school, one different from Katsuki. She spent most of her days doing extra work. Demanding that the teachers give her piles of homework to leave with everyday.

She’d always complete them.

“I told you don’t talk so loud,” Katsuki hissed, Shouto doesn’t have to look out of her window to know that he’s pointing at it being open “I told you that our new pet doesn’t like loud noises didn’t I?”

“Ah! I’m sorry Kacchan…I forgot.”

Shouto is aware that Katsuki doesn’t like her.

She’s also aware that he’s ashamed of her being there. Not once in the two months she’d been here did she ever see his best friend. She knew that they probably thought she was a dog with the way Katsuki spoke about her.

Others might perhaps find it degrading, but Shouto didn’t care.




She immediately knew something was wrong when Mitsuki came into her room late one night when she was up working on math problems, crying as she immediately rushed to bring her into a hug, which made Shouto stiffen “Shouto…It’s your mother…She just passed away.”

It was then at that moment, Shouto’s whole world truly broke.

The one thing she lived for.

The one thing she’d ever loved.

The one thing she cherished more than anyone else.

The one thing that would forgive her when no one else would.


It seemed like a dream.

But with the shaky sobs racking through Mitsuki’s figure she knew that it wasn’t.

This was real.

And it hurt.

It hurt so much.

If she thought killing her father was painful…it held nothing to this.

“I’m sorry! We should’ve visited her! She would’ve been so happy to see you! I’m sorry that I didn’t prevent it! I’m so so so so sorry!”

It didn’t take a genius to work out her mother’s death was a suicide.




Shouto fell into a state of depression after her mother’s death. Everything truly felt pointless. Empty. She had a routine that made her feel as though she was repeating days. Nothing would ever change.

Until one day.

Shouto sat by the stream, throwing in small rocks from time to time, watching the heavy rain splatter upon the beautiful flow of water as the sound echoed throughout her dark raincoat, blocking the sound of footsteps approaching her.

“Are you okay?” She heard a sweet voice ask from behind her, the same sweet voice she’d been listening to for so long. She finally go to put a face to that voice.

A small green haired girl with freckles stood by with a large yellow umbrella that she was clearly struggling to control in the wind.

Katsuki wasn’t with her.

But no doubt he’d be angry if he learnt they’d ever even met. Not that she’d know who she was anyway. But Katsuki had always acted recklessly. Once he has resolve, that child is uncontainable. Like a lion in a cage, except his bars were his pride and he never dared to cross them.

So she ignored her.

“You’ll catch a cold in this rain” She heard the voice, closer this time, turning her head in time to watch a pile full of green curls plop down next to her, holding the umbrella over both of their heads, her small hands gripping the base tightly, determined to not to let it fly away in the wind.

“It’s a good job I found you, huh?” The girl giggled, Shouto feeling an unfamiliar blush raising to her cheeks at the sound, trying to look away, but found that she couldn’t.

“What are you doing?” Shouto asked in a small voice.

“I told you that you’re going to catch a cold!” They both shivered as the wind picked up and over their soaked forms. It was only then Shouto realised the girl didn’t have a coat, and the umbrella wasn’t doing so much due to the wind.

“It’s fine. I don’t mind. You should be more concerned about yourself.”

The girl looked bewildered “Not a chance! People need help too sometimes! I’m not leaving until you agree to find shelter!”

Shouto was frustrated.

This girl was…

A nightmare.

“I told you I’m fine. I do not need your help. And I certainly do not need your attempts to be my friend.”

Izuku looked down in shame, obviously disappointed with the answer “I-I’m sorry you feel that way. But I understand. You don’t have to be my friend. And I know you don’t want my help but I’m afraid that you don’t have a choice. I want to help you…So please let me help.”

Shouto clenched her jaw. How could Katsuki hang around someone this annoying?

“Fine” Shouto stated coldly, but Izuku don’t care about her tone or her glare, instead she brightened and smiled blindingly, nodding her head rapidly. She was probably used to this attitude being surrounded by Katsuki so much, so Shouto wasn’t all that surprised at her cheery response.

“Follow me then!”

Izuku had walked them to a small church. It wasn’t fancy or anything amazing. But it was a church.

“You’ll be warm in here” Izuku sighed in content as she felt the warmth from inside as Shouto opened the doors letting them both in, shaking off her umbrella and watching the water fly from it.

“It smells” Shouto complained, hoping to offended Izuku. But she only laughed.

“My friend says that too!”

Shouto turned away, she wouldn’t tell her that she knew exactly who that friend was.

“You don’t have to tell me why you’re upset,” Izuku stated as she started wrapping up her umbrella “but I think maybe you should tell someone about it.”

“What do you know?” Shouto asked harshly, to which Izuku only smiled gently. For a moment, Shouto could’ve sworn she saw her mother in the girl.

“I don’t know much…But I can tell you’re in a lot of pain. It’s okay to be that way. I don’t think keeping anything in will help though. You should always tell someone how you feel, because if you don’t, you might be affecting them without realising it. And then they’ll be in pain too. But if you tell them, then maybe they can help you.”

“I don’t need help.”

“Everyone needs help,” Izuku resorted with laugh “I sometimes like to think I can become a hero like in the All Might comics. He always helps people with a smile and then they smile too!”

Shouto was sure her heart stopped at the familiar name of a comic she’d read when she was little. Back when everything was alright. Back before any of this had ever happened, she’d hide in her room and read comics until she went to sleep feeling happy and fuzzy that her favourite hero had saved the day once again.

And for the first time since her mother’s death, she smiled. Sure, the girl was annoying. She was the most annoying person she’d ever met. She probably wasn’t going to ever see her again after today, but she’d already left her mark.

Shouto could feel it.

A fond feeling.

She wanted to be friends with her.

But she knew that wasn’t possible.

So when the rain stopped and the clouds cleared, Shouto left with a wave, watching the other laugh and wave back rapidly, her large yellow umbrella folded down by her side.

But however much she wanted to be her friend, she was glad they never exchanged names.




At the age of sixteen, Shouto had joined Mitsuki’s business. By ‘business’ essentially, she meant dealing with drugs. And by ‘Mitsuki’s business’ she meant the shady people that she worked for.

It might sound bad at first thought, but honestly, it wasn’t all that bad at the time.

The side of business that Shouto had joined handles the financial side of ‘dealing’. Not the product. Sure it was probably just as bad, but in her eyes it wasn’t. The others who worked with the product tended to be grade-A-pothead-assholes who couldn’t tell their thumb from their nose. They were always caught stealing shit that wasn’t theirs and on multiple situations almost got them busted from using and selling the substances in a crowed public area. Shouto didn’t want to handle the responsibility of being the downfall of an entire gang.

Of course, she didn’t join for the drugs or the money. She joined for the sake of her family. Not her new one, but her old one.

Since they never truly collected the money from Enji Todoroki before his disappearance. Her former family was still in debt. But Mitsuki had compromised that if Shouto worked, she could earn the cash back.

Shouto could tell that it’s not something that Mitsuki wanted to do. But it was simply something that had to be done.

Around about a month after starting up work, Shouto started hearing her fair share of rumours. Not that rumours had ever gotten to her before now, but this time…they weren’t so much about her.

“Shouto” A familiar voice stopped her in her tracks, turning around to face a man she’d recently leant was trouble.


“I’m honoured you remember my name! Thought you’d have tossed it aside along with yours.”

She clenched her jaw, trying to fight the urge to knock his brains out. He had no idea what she was capable of. Being on her bad side wasn’t exactly the peachy land of ignorance you’d expect, although some may think so due to her detached personality.

“What do you want?”

“I heard you’re under the care of Mitsuki Bakugou? Honestly, I’m not so surprised, that attitude of yours had to come from somewhere.”

“What does she have to do with anything?” She hissed, honestly not wanting to hear anymore of these shitty rumours. She had her suspicions that Shindo was behind all of them, but she couldn’t exactly do anything about it, not when she had so much to lose.

“I heard that she was working around the time your mother died. Sad too, she wasn’t even guilty of drugs. It was your father that was coming in the alleys every night. Always looking for a hit of something new. He just wanted something to take his mind of his little brats. Couldn’t fault him, surprised he didn’t use you abit first though. If he’s not going to do it, i’m always right here.”

“You’re fucking disgusting” Shouto grimaced, trying to walk faster, worried she’d do something she’d regret otherwise.

“Shouto. This has all been fun and everything but let’s get down to business. I need Mitsuki out of the picture.”

Shouto stopped in her tracks, her face toward the ground.

“I knew that’d get your attention! Look at you! You’re just thirty for it! Must be your lucky day, sunshine. Because she’s been lying to you. About your dear sweet mother. She killed her didn’t she? It was a cover up wasn’t it?”


It wasn’t.

Mitsuki was too kind.

She wasn’t like that.

“Hey. What about this…you take out Mitsuki, or one of your siblings goes bye-bye. Your choice.”

It wasn’t a question.

Shindo clearly had beef with Mitsuki and didn’t want his hands dirty. Whatever had happened between them had to have been bad. She knew that Shindo’s bad side was also somewhere you’d never want to find yourself, but she also knew that she didn’t want this. Mitsuki was family. She had to protect her. But…she would never be her real family. And she knew that. It was a cruel question of who was more important. Mitsuki, or her siblings. She didn’t want either to die. She wanted them to live. Would she never truly be free of all this mess?

It was then she made the second most stupid decision of her life.

“I’ll do it.”


-Present time-


Shouto looked over at Eijiro’s corpse with sad eyes, nibbling her wobbly lip as she held back a dam of tears.

“You’re right. Izuku would never forgive me.”

Chapter Text

“You really going to sit around and stare outside all day or are you going to make yourself useful and get your ass downstairs to the kitchen so we can make something to eat?” Katsuki asked with a raised eyebrow, watching as Izuku didn’t even flinch, her legs pulled up to her chest as she sat on the windowsill, watching as the trickles of rain began splashing against the rooftops of her neighbours, the rumbling of thunder and raindrops louder due to the window being open.

This had been happening more often than not lately.

“I’m not hungry” Izuku excused, flashing Katsuki a quick smile before turning her head to face outside again, sticking her arm out a little in order to catch falling raindrops.

Katsuki watched the scene curiously, sighing to himself as he took a seat on her bed, figuring it couldn’t hurt to listen to the relaxing sounds that flooded through the room, even if its not exactly the sound he wanted to hear right now.

“Any reason you’re not hungry?” He decided to ask, inching his way into knowing what was eating at the girl’s mind. Izuku was always up for a good meal, so seeing her so distant to her own health made his heart drop a little. It was hard to see someone you’d known forever acting so depressed, especially when you try everything in your power to make them happy.

“Not really.”

Right…he wasn’t going to get anywhere with these closed off answers.

“Have you heard from Momo lately?”


-I’ve been ignoring her.-

“What about your new friends?”

“Not really.”

-I never message them back.-

“School been okay?”

“It’s fine.”

-It sucks.-

“How about Shouto?”

“She fine.”

-She hasn’t spoke to me in a week.-

“I didn’t ask if she was fine” Katsuki grumbled under his breath. Figuring that he was getting nowhere trying to ask her questions. Even though he knew she was lying to save him from being concerned about her. That wouldn’t stop him though. It would be easier to just ramble at this point, it might get through to her more than blunt questions.

So that’s what he decided to do.

“You know. It’s no good acting as though you’re alright in front of me. You’re transparent. There’s no point in ignoring me, I’m going to figure it out at some point-“

“Katsuki,” she warned, an unfamiliar tone lacing her voice, for the first time since he entered the room looking in his direction, her eyes full of fire “I said it’s fine.”

“You’re full of shit” He replied, not liking her shift of voice or the look in her eyes in the slightest. She never got like this. Even when she was upset she’s not normally aggressive towards others. Especially people she considered family.

“And you’re not?” She responded, adding nothing to expand on her reasoning behind that comeback. It’s not like Katsuki needed it anyway. He knew what this was about.

“You know something?” He stood up, making his way over to where Izuku was still perched “You’re becoming a fucking brute. Ever since you’ve gotten into a relationship, your attitude towards everything and everyone has changed. It’s not normal to be this insensitive. Why can’t you see how much this is changing you? It’s not healthy Izuku!”

“I love her Katsuki! You have no right to tell me what I should do!” She shouted finally hoping down from her windowsill and onto her slightly damp carpet “At least she’s honest with me!”

Katsuki clenched his fists as he tried to look at what was happening to Izuku from an outside perspective. Her raged raw eyes from where she’d clearly been crying, plasters on places on her arm where she’d accidentally scratched to hard absentmindedly. Her hair carelessly down and unbrushed. Like she didn’t care about how she looked. That’s not the Izuku he knew. Izuku took pride in her appearance. Always wanting to look her best to give others a good first impression. It’s like Eijiro would always say, first impressions are crucial, and Izuku forever held to that simple saying.

He should’ve stopped this from the start.

How could he let it get this bad?

Was he not paying enough attention? No. He was. It was all he’d been thought about these days.

“I don’t want you seeing Shouto anymore. You’re not seeing her anymore.”

Izuku looked taken back for a moment, before shifting back into a look of rage “You really think you have any right to tell me that?!”

“YES! I DO!” Katsuki shouted, his voice cracking at the pitch he yelled. Why couldn’t she see that he was warning her to stay away? He thought Shouto had gone out of his life. But no matter how hard he tried to stay away, everything just keeps coming back to her. He should’ve locked her away. Somewhere she would starve to death so that no one would ever have to find out how emotionally demented she was. That way none of this would’ve ever happened. Everything would go back to the way it was. Eijiro would be here, Izuku would be happy…and his mother would still be alive.

“You know what?…I think you should leave” Izuku gritted out behind a clenched jaw, her fists shaking as she kept them trained by her side, not letting herself see Katsuki’s pained face.

“Fine…” He croaked, as he walked towards the door “Inko said she’s staying at a friends for a few days. Don’t do anything stupid.”

And with that he slammed her bedroom door shut. Izuku listening to the sound of his heavy footsteps stomp down the stairs and out of the front door, the loud engine of his car starting up outside. The sound had never made Izuku feel more alone then she did in that moment. She regretted telling Katsuki to leave. She wanted to call and bring him back; apologise for being a pain and play video games until sunrise while eating everything they had left in the house.

But she knew it was for the best that she didn’t. She was letting her emotions get to others. And in her eyes, that was a really selfish thing to do. It was better that Katsuki just went home. She didn’t want to hurt him anymore than she already had. She just wished it didn’t hurt her as much as it did.




“I can see why you’d be so worried. I think it might be best to give her some space though” Inko’s longtime friend, Yagi Toshinori, told her as they sipped at each of their respected hot drinks. To say Inko was worried about her daughter, was a major understatement. She’d noticed her mood steadily decline over the past week or so and she hadn’t known who to come to about it for advice. So when Toshinori asked if she wanted to stay over and catch up for a few days she immediately agreed.

“I suppose. I just don’t want her to think that I’m not here for her. She knows she can tell me anything…Recently she’s been isolating herself and getting rather frustrated with simple tasks she would normally have no trouble in volunteering to help with. It’s just hard to see her go through this. I wish she would just talk to me about it” Inko frowned, wondering what had to be going on in her daughters mind for it to be keep so secretive.

“It sounds as though she’s dealing with a lot of things right now. You said young Bakugou is visiting didn’t you? I’m sure she’ll be fine with him around, I seriously doubt he’d let anything bad happen to her. They’ve been friends for so long after all. He wouldn’t let her keep everything to herself.”

Inko chuckled at the thought, she would never tell anyone how many times she’d wanted to adopt Katsuki “Yeah…I suppose you’re right.”




Katsuki pulled up at the side of a road not so long from Izuku’s place and leant his head against the wheel with a hefty sigh, accidentally hitting the horn which made him jump for a moment and then shift the positioning of his head.

What was he thinking? He can’t just leave. Not matter how the better of his rage got to him, he couldn’t just quit on his best friend. That’s something he knew for sure.

But then what was he supposed to do with all this anger? All this frustration?

It wasn’t like he could lash out. It wasn’t fair on her or anyone else. He knew how worried Inko must be. The chat they when he was drunk off his tits was proof of that. She’d told him to focus on himself and the people around him. No one else. That he shouldn’t let his rage control his life. She’d told him that shed respected his decision if he ever decided to tell Izuku about what happened to his mother. Not that Inko knew the whole truth about the way she was brutally slaughtered, but she knew how bad the aftermath had been. With his father away at sea at the time, he was left heartbroken by the time he returned. But he still continued to be there for Katsuki. Even if he was old enough to look after himself. He knew it would be hard to go through something like that alone. Katsuki couldn’t respect the man enough. He really didn’t deserve him.

A loud knock from his window threw him out of his thoughts as he flinched, lifting his head up to see some guy with black, short, curly hair looking at him with a plastic smile on his face.

God. Did he really have to interact?

It was clear that they had something to say and weren’t going to leave until they did. With that in mind, Katsuki started up his engine and opened his window, turning his key to shut it back off as soon as it was open enough to tell him to fuck off.

Control yourself Katsuki.

“Can I help you?”

“Ah sorry. It just looked as though you’re troubled-“

“The fucks it got to do with you?” Katsuki asked through gritted teeth. Who the hell was this guy? Clearly not a therapist. Then again, Katsuki wouldn’t know. Is this how they are?

The guy only chuckled, fishing in his pockets for a moment before pulling out a small bag of white powder “I was wondering if you would be interested in something to help calm you down a little.”

Katsuki grimaced, finally clicking onto what this guy was up to “Do I look like the kind of guy that does drugs?”

The guy put the powder back in his pocket and laughed “Well then you’re in the wrong neighbourhood to be pulling up at the side of the road like this. You’ll have everyone and their kids eyeing you up for a bit of cash. See those council houses over there? They belong to a group of potheads that enjoying perving on teenagers and donating their sperm to a bunch of tramps that live in the flats above them. Not that I can blame them, but their way of life is a bit routined yaknow? Not to mention the whores from flat 2-C that sell their eggs for a couple of toilet rolls-“

“Do you ever just shut the fuck up? I don’t care about a bunch of shitheads that I’ve never even met before” Katsuki growled. He seriously just wanted to be left alone. He was going to run him over in a minute, especially if he leans on his car. He swears, even a handprint on his child and he will go full super saiyan.

The guy just laughed again, eyeing him up for a moment before pulling away from his car (thank god), before digging around in his pockets once more “Izuku Midoriya. You’re her friend right?”

Katsuki’s eyes widened at the name coming from the random druggies mouth “How the fuck do you know her?”

“Well I tried chatting her up not a few weeks ago but she wasn’t up for much. Her girlfriend came in before we could get down to business…” He pulled out a packet of cigarettes and lit one up, going to offer Katsuki one but at the look on his face put them back away “Heard that she’s changed a lot since I last saw her, tell her if Shouto ever becomes a bother, I’m just a call away” He winked, passing a business card through the window before turning around and waking back to the houses across the road he’d just bad mouthed.

Katsuki looked down at the business card with a frown. Was this why Izuku had been acting off recently? Drugs?


It was a simple white card that held his number and his name in a fancy typed font ‘Shindo Yo’.

What a stupid name.




Izuku sat on her bed in the dark, the sound of silence surrounding her making her feel as though he was slowly going insane.

It was her first night alone. Her mother was at her friends and Katsuki was…gone.

At the thought of her best friend leaving, she felt tears well up in her eyes as she shoved her face into her knees which she’d pulled up to her chest making herself feel as small as possible. She should’ve never made him leave. She was just being selfish. She didn’t deserve a friend like him. Hell, she didn’t deserve anything.

However, she deserved to be ignored after her confession. She shouldn’t have said that. It’s probably not what Shouto meant at all! Yet, she’d screwed it all up by saying those stupid words. Those words that physically pained her to recognise. Her own feelings felt crushed; abandoned. Her heart felt as though it was breaking in half. Through all the romantic movies she’d ever seen in all her seventeen years of living, she finally felt the way they felt. She’d never felt this way about someone before. Or so she believed.

Wiping her eyes and looking beside her at her phone which forever sat waiting from a message from Shouto, she slid it open, the light blinding her through the darkness of her room. Scrolling along her contacts until she came across a name she’d been meaning to ring for a long time.

Gathering all of her courage, she quickly pressed call and sat listening to the dial tone as she picked at the hem of her shirt. What if they didn’t want to talk to her? What if-

They picked up before she had the chance to lose herself in a spiral of unwanted thoughts.


“Hey Momo…” She smiled at her friend’s concerned tone.

“Are you okay?! Why didn’t you message me back?! I thought something had happened, I was so worried…”

Izuku sighed, walking over and opening her window, sitting on her favourite place on the windowsill as she watched the stars outside. It was a clear night, perfect for star gazing. Not that she had anyone to star gaze with anymore.

“I’m really sorry…” She choked out through oncoming sobs “There’s just been so much going on lately that I haven’t had time to sit down and talk to you.”

“Izuku…Whats wrong? Do you want me to come over? It might take me a little while to catch a night train, but I can probably make it for dawn.”

“No. No it’s alright. I just wanted to talk to you…”

She could practically hear the gears in Momo’s mind grinding for a solution to her sadness. She wasn’t so surprised. Momo never liked to see her friends upset “What would you like to talk about?”

Izuku watched as a bunch of drunk teenagers that most likely went to her school started walking and shouting down the silence of the street. She could recognise one of them as the guy who she’d met at the cinema, he was standing watching the group with amused eyes but not joining in their shenanigans.

“I got a girlfriend.”

“You did?…Why didn’t you tell me?”

“It was hard to tell if we were official or not” Izuku lied with a nervous chuckle.

“Oh. I see…Did she make you cry?”

The green haired girl watched as the group of drunk teenagers started throwing around empty cans and started singing at the top of their lungs. Ah, youth. How annoying. Yet…somehow she felt the urge to join them.

“Yeah…she did.”


“I’ve got to go Momo. I’ll call you tomorrow okay?” Without waiting for an answer she hung up and grabbed a jacket, ruffling her hair to make it ‘decent’ and leaving her phone of the bed as she rushed down the stairs and out of the door, heading for the loud group.

Where had all this courage come from?

The familiar face saw her walking over and smiled coming over to greet her “Well well well. I didn’t think I’d be seeing you again so soon. Looks like you took my advice from your lapdog, huh?” Shindo grinned, standing in front of the group of wailing idiots to speak to the girl in desperate need of repair.

Izuku shook her head of the confusion that came from the statement and plastered on a smile “Can I join you?”

Shindo chuckled, holding out his hand playfully to which he smirked when Izuku gently smacked it away “Of course.“




Shouto hummed a familiar melody to herself as she lay in the comfort of her tent. She doubt she’d get any sleep tonight. Just like every other night she’d tried to distance herself from the love of her life. She knew this was for the better. Izuku would be better off without her. They’d both be better off this way. Just think, Izuku would be safe with her not around. She’d be happy. She wouldn’t have to worry as much. And Shouto wouldn’t have to love and lose someone she stupidly let herself get attached to. If Izuku ever died…Shouto wouldn’t want to live anymore. That little girl with the yellow umbrella had been her only reason for existing after Mitsuki had…passed away. She should’ve learned her lesson about getting attached to people. She should’ve…but she hadn’t. She never learned.

What would Izuku say if she saw her like this? Wallowing in self pity-desperately trying to blame everything and everyone other than herself. What would she say if Izuku found out about everything that’d happened? Would she just apologise and expect everything to be okay? Would Izuku decide to turn her in to the cops? No doubt she’d probably go along with whatever response she received from her. But the thought of being forgiven always lingered on Shouto’s mind. It was something she always wanted. She’d made her peace with her mother never being her to forgive her. So she’d pray that she’d hear her begging. Maybe then she could speak to her mother one last time.

It was a useless effort. She knew that. But if her mother was the angel she remembered her being, she’d hear her one day. She’d forgive her one day. Maybe when Izuku passes away, she’d get to pray to her too…

Shouto sat up and slapped her cheeks hard enough to leave marks. What was she thinking?! Izuku isn’t her mother! She isn’t dead! Izuku wouldn’t want her to just leave! She couldn’t already act like she was dead when she was still alive and walking. Her lungs still breathing, her heart was still beating, her brain was still functional. She could get harmed with Shouto not around! What if she decided to do something stupid because of her?! That’s the type of person Izuku was. No doubt that she’d be upset. If she was acting as though Izuku had died, then why was she still alive? Why was she sat in this tent?

At the sudden late realisation, she jumped up and rushed out of her tent, rushing to the only place she had in her mind. To find the only thing she was still living for.




“I hope you don’t mind, it might be a little crowded” Shindo informed as they walked behind the large drunk group which were entering a nightclub. One Izuku had seen many times on her escapades shopping but never went in due to her age.

“It’s fine…” She’d never been inside a club before, so she didn’t really know what to expect, faking her confidence as they walked up to the security guard at the door who looked as though he wanted to check her ID, but took one look at the man beside her and averted his gaze. Huh. Shindo must have more power than she thought.

She didn’t know if she should feel scared or comforted by that fact.

Loud music blared through her innocent ears as they made it through the doors, the bass already starting to give her a headache and the heat from all the people around her made her feel claustrophobic. She knew that it was going to be busy being one of more expensive popular clubs in the town, but she didn’t expect it to be THIS busy.

She shouldn’t have come here. What was she thinking? How is this supposed to be fun? Do people actually come here voluntarily?

“You alright?” She heard Shindo shout in her ear, shaking her head rapidly before feeling herself get quickly dragged off to one side where the music was quieter but the bass still vibrated through her feet. It wasn’t the quietest, but it was better than being in the centre of it all. She didn’t really know what she’d do if she hadn’t got out of the sea of moving bodies. Probably just sink to the floor and cry as people danced all over her. Then again, it wouldn’t be much of a difference from her day to day life. But even then, it was better than being trampled on by strangers, at least she knew who’s feet she was going to be under when she was at home. So she couldn’t help thinking that it was better.

She couldn’t help thinking that she just wanted to go home.

“Here. On the house” She heard Shindo tell her as he sat her down at a stool around the bar, sliding over a glass of what Izuku could only presume was alcohol. Was he being serious? She wasn’t a drinker. But even if she was, she hadn’t brought any money with her to repay him.

“I-I don’t drink…”

“I was kidding. It’s water. You know, I don’t hate you enough to get you drunk when you can barley see straight as it is. Despite what you might think, I genuinely like you.”

Izuku still eyed the glass suspiciously for a moment before taking a sip of the bland liquid she was used to. Yup. Definitely water. Thank the lord. She would’ve never gotten out of this club without being prayed on by a bunch of vultures before she passed out. And even though she knew the liquid was water and he’d told her that she was acceptable to be around, she was still quite wary of the man she still had her suspicions about.


“It’s no biggie. So…why did you decide to join me?”

She…didn’t exactly have an answer for that herself yet. She could easily pick out a few since what she felt in that last minute decision had contained a lot more than one reason. She wanted to stop being alone. She wanted her problems to waste away before her eyes, mind hazy as she danced them away. She wanted Katsuki to come back and tell her the truth. She wanted Shouto to tell her that she loved her. And that it was all going to be okay because she loved her to.

But she knew she was just scraping for scraps with those last few.

“I’m not sure…I guess I just saw everyone having fun and wanted to stop hiding away from my feelings by being alone.”

“Uh-oh. Trouble in paradise?”

Izuku laughed, feeling herself ease a little. Feeling the tension on her shoulders about being alone with this guy vanish tremendously. Shindo wasn’t really so bad when you get the chance to talk to him one on one, no matter what he did for a living. She would’ve expected him to be a lot more…demanding and persuasive. Yes, he was the last one. But Izuku was sure there was a line. No matter how small it may be.

“It was never paradise. But yeah. I guess you could say that.”

Shindo smiled slightly at her carefree laugh and rested his face on his palm while ordering a pint of larger for himself. Ah. Right, he drinks. Because of course he does. She couldn’t just expect him to stay sober while there are people doing body shots and drinking upside down from kegs to one side of the room, hearing roars of cheers every time someone took off their clothes at strip poker and the loud boo’s every time someone lost at beer pong. It really set an atmosphere that Izuku wasn’t used to. But it’s like Katsuki used to say when getting her to try something new, a sin a day keeps the devil away. She always found herself laughing at how ridiculous he sounded because he knew nothing about her religion. But it didn’t matter to Izuku. She didn’t care if he didn’t believe, even if he tried to be more ‘relatable’ at times. He’d often just sound like a dad, and that was hilarious to her.

“Well. It’s better out than in I always say” Shindo grinned.

“Was that a Shrek reference?!”

“Let’s say no for copyright.”

Izuku felt her cheeks hurting from smiling. While it was all good thinking about Katsuki, it felt nice to have a friend that wouldn’t hold anything back from her. It was…refreshing to say the least. And she sound herself regretting coming outside less and less the more they continued their conversation. Although there was one thing she needed to ask before she could make that opinion a fact.

“Can I ask a question?”


“Are you friends with Shouto?”

Shindo looked surprised for a moment before his features turned emotionless, adding to Izuku’s fear which crawled up her mind like a dozen little ants “I wouldn’t say that we’re friends. More…colleagues.”

“…I don’t understand.”

“Come on short stuff, I know you’re smarter than that. Doesn’t take a genius to work it out. We’ve been in the same business together for years, not that I really noticed her much when she first started. She was more like…a tool, yaknow? There if you need her kinda thing” He swirled his beer around in his glass for a moment before sighing heavily, a look that was hard to decipher on his face “It’s no hidden fact that she hates me. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m on her hit list. But I’m not so surprised about that, I guess I’m just a really shitty person. I deserve to be on the list of people she despises.”

Swallowing down all the information in the form of her water Izuku shook her head, her heart feeling heavier than it had ever felt before “I don’t think you’re a bad person, Shindo. Other people might not see that, but I do. You’ve cared for me tonight. And you’re the only one who hasn’t lied to me or kept secrets from me since I moved here…so…thank you for that.”

The curly black haired man flushed at her confession, looking away from those shimmering green eyes and chugging down the rest of his beer before hitting his head down on the bar with a loud thump “You shouldn’t say things like that.”

“Are you okay?!”

He only groaned at her concerned response, glaring into the glossy polished dark wood below his eyes, his heart thumping loudly in his chest and the heat in his face still present. Of all fucking people…he shouldn’t be feeling something like this around her. Someone who he knew would never like him that way. And someone who was on Shouto’s radar. It wasn’t fair. At the thought of his last relationship he felt a dampness in his eyes but quickly blinked them away.

“Do you need some water? Do you feel sick? I could help you home if you like.”

Before his thoughts could trail down everything that could happen in those scenarios, he quickly stood up, wiping his face of any emotions before he turned toward the door “I’ll be back in a minute. I need some air. Just…stay here, okay?”

Izuku looked like she was about to protest leaving him alone but decided that he might just need sometime to gather himself. It must’ve been a touchy subject. She shouldn’t have told him how she felt. What was Shouto going to say? She told her she shouldn’t worry so much…she’d never want to be her girlfriend now. Not after every sin Izuku had committed tonight.

She wanted to cry.

“Excuse me” She heard few snickers from behind her, turning around to see a few people she’d never seen before, but no doubt they knew who she was “You’re Izuku Midoriya right? It’s weird to finally see you in person. No matter. You’re going to come with us.”




Reaching Izuku’s house and climbing a familiar route up to her open bedroom window Shouto was met with darkness. She wasn’t out, was she? If so, what was she doing? She never usually left the house this late. She was an early bird that had a sleep schedule and wore different All Might pyjamas for everyday of the week.

“Izuku?!” She called out, seeing her not in bed but quickly came to the conclusion that she wasn’t home. The house was silent. Too silent for anyone to be here, especially before her announcing her arrival.

She cursed under her breath, digging in her pockets to find her dads old beat up phone which she now called her own. It was on low battery, she would always try and charge it at school whenever she got the opportunity, but this week she’d skipped school in order to avoid the girl she was currently seeking.

Izuku must feel upset.

Her breath stuttered at the thought, her heartbeat seeming louder in the dark silence.

She didn’t want that. She’d do anything to make her happy.

Rushing back out the window Shouto tried to think of anywhere that Izuku could be right now. She supposed she could check the church. But she knew that Izuku didn’t like going there alone. Especially in the dark.

Eyeing a payphone, Shouto’s feet stopped her a few paces away. What if Izuku didn’t pick up? What if she didn’t want to talk to her?

She didn’t want to think about any worse possibilities.

Although, she did know one person she could call. One who was always around Izuku when she wasn’t. She hadn’t spoken to him properly in…almost two years.

Ugh. Fuck it. That wasn’t important right now. She needed to know where Izuku was. Her mind wouldn’t let her rest until she knew that she was okay.




Katsuki huffed out loudly as she lay back on the hard mattress of his hotel room bed. Of course he wasn’t planning on staying here long. Hell, he’d been so frustrated he forgot to pick up his bags. So he had no choice but to return to Izuku’s before he even thought about going…home.

He didn’t want to think about either right now.

It’s not like he can even stay at Eijiro’s. He’d messaged him the other day to say he’d left his jacket, but he never got any response. How dare he? Was Katsuki not good enough to message if they weren’t in a relationship? Why was he suddenly being radio silent when he said he’d be fine to stay as friends? Friends? Pft. Don’t make him laugh. Katsuki had heard enough. He didn’t want anything to do with the shithead anymore.

Hearing his phone buzz from the dusty bedside table of the run down hotel, he groaned, looking at the number in case it was Izuku calling to tell him that she made a mistake and that he could come back, sleep all day and make meals together like their parents used to do for them.

It was an unknown number.

He cursed himself for getting his hopes up and ignored the call. It was probably just some guy asking if he’d been in an accident in the past few years so that he could claim compensation. God he hated those callers. What arseholes. Couldn’t they see he didn’t want to be bothered by shit like that?

Feeling his tense shoulders ease the second it stopped ringing, Katsuki got under the covers, the uncomfortable feeling of his jeans clinging to him and making him wish he had a change of clothing.

His eyes opened once again when he heard the phone ring for a second time.

It was the same number.

For fuck sake. Did they really want him to claim that badly? Or maybe it was his phone provider trying to score him a deal. This is why people shouldn’t go on contract. Ugh. Those calls were just as bad.

With an angry huff he sat up and answered the call.


“Katsuki. Help me.”




Shindo stomped out the last of his cigarette under his boot, feeling more at ease with himself. The chills of the autumn breeze making him shiver in his leather jacket and forcing him to make his way back inside to where he’d left Izuku on hold.

Only when he returned, she wasn’t there.

“Um excuse me,” He asked the old bartender who was trying to serve to a few other patrons “Do you know where the girl that sat here went? The one with green hair.”

The bartender shrugged a little “Saw a few fella’s and few lassies talkin’ ‘round ‘ere bout ten minutes ago. Would say she left with ‘em.”

Shindo’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion, looking around to see if there was anyone he recognised. But there was none apart from the group he’d came here with, a group of idiots that he’d smoke weed with every once in a while. He knew they were harmless, they didn’t know or care about Izuku “Do you know what any of them look like?”

The bartender looked as though he was straining to think for a moment, probably due to his elderly presence “Not really son.”

Shindo gritted his teeth in anger.


What was he going to do now?




“Sorry~ I didn’t hurt you too much did I?” Izuku heard an overly cutesy blonde girl ask as she sat in the middle of an abandoned house strapped to a chair, gagged and handcuffed. And not in the kinky way.

Izuku glared at the girl in disgust for a moment before averting her gaze to a man who stood leaning against the wall, his blue eyes seemingly piercing through her. He has scars. Lots of them. Why were they purple? But more importantly, why was she here?

If you couldn’t already tell, Izuku had a lot of questions.

Ones she had full intention of getting answers to.

But she couldn’t do that while she had this dirty rag shutting her up.

After a money of thinking it over, she come to the conclusion that getting out of here took priority over asking any questions, not matter how curious she was. She’d seen those movies where people linger to ask questions about something like this and end up with two limbs missing and a speech impediment. She wasn’t going to let that happen.

How could she even be taken from in front of a large room with around five hundred people in it? Surly someone had to have seen her struggling. They probably didn’t care. That or these guys had paid them to keep their dirty mouths shut.

“Dabi, what do you think we should do?~” The annoying girl asked as she bounced on her feet excitedly in circles around Izuku.

“You know what we have to do” The man addressed as ‘Dabi’, finally stood probably and grabbing a knife from his pocket.

“Oooo are we going to torture her?!Nice and slow?!” The girl beamed, watching as Dabi walked closer to the captive.

“You can have all the fun you want when she’s dead” Dabi grinned before plunging the knife into Izuku’s stomach, causing her to immediately yell in pain, coughing up blood in the process.

“Wow. You really are pathetic, Shouto could’ve done better than someone like you” Dabi chuckled darkly, watching as Izuku’s clothes darkened with the colour of her blood.

“You think we should let Shindo know?” The girl asked, but it was all a blur for Izuku now. She couldn’t focus on anything but the excruciating pain and the feeling of blood in her throat causing her to gag, which made her stomach gush even more blood. It made her feel lightheaded. Was she going to die here? Was she really that pathetic that she couldn’t prevent it?

As her the image of Dabi in front of her started to blur and she felt her eyes drop she made her peace with one conclusion.

She was truly and utterly pathetic.

Chapter Text

Shouto had always thought since being a little girl that she’d never come to regret killing her father. No matter how much her mind told her otherwise. Her mother being framed was far worse. He didn’t deserve to see the light of day again if she was being cooped up in a cell like a chicken waiting to be slaughtered. How long would she have been there if she didn’t off herself? Months? Years? Just because her father didn’t have the fucking sense to own up to his actions. It was disgusting. How could someone do that?

She’d thought she’d always be the one to blame for Mitsuki’s brutal death. When she’d walked into her room while she was asleep, she just couldn’t stop herself from getting creative. She was angry. And she wanted everyone to know.

Mitsuki didn’t deserve to die. Especially in the way that she did. She’d looked after Shouto like a daughter. But she’d never be the person her mother once was.

She regretted that opinion with her entire being. But she just couldn’t help but think that way. It almost disgusted her how homely Mitsuki treated her. How accepting she was of her. It made her feel sick. No one was supposed to be like that but her own blood related mother. The woman she’d always love with her entire being. The woman who’d raised her and taught her right from wrong. Although now, those things tended to blur together for Shouto. She couldn’t tell right from wrong anymore. And that scared her. It made her cry at night. She felt as though she was losing control of herself and her actions. She just wanted all of this to stop and go back to playing happy families with her siblings. But that could never happen. Not now. She couldn’t reverse time even if she wanted to. The only choice she had was to continue.

After time passed by, she’d made her peace with that. She wondered if it was because of the ball of sunshine that stepped into her dark life; made rainy days better with a rainbow. Izuku was truly everything she would never deserve. She made her feel happy! She didn’t deserve to feel like that. She’d took the life from peoples eyes but if Izuku looked at them the way she looked at her, with the same adoration in her eyes, Shouto was almost positive they be resurrected. She was the most real thing Shouto wanted to hold close to her. No matter how selfish that seemed. Shouto wanted Izuku in her life. She wanted to feel happy again, to smile and laugh with someone who’d never made her feel this way before. If she had to drop a few flies to reach that safe heaven with Izuku, she’d do it in a heartbeat. Even if Izuku didn’t look at her with so much love anymore. They deserved to be together. Izuku had been the one to convince her of that. And it was all Shouto needed.

Perhaps that’s why ringing Katsuki was the worse possible decision she could’ve made. But she was desperate at this point. Her soul was quaking and she felt all her systems shutting down at the thought of something happening to her happiness. It wasn’t fair. She should’ve never gotten Izuku messed up in her life. And she knew that was a fact. But she just couldn’t bring herself to regret it.

“Katsuki. Help me.” Shouto cried through the germ riddled payphone. The sound of rain hitting her small shelter making her head feel disoriented and weak. She was being pathetic. Man up already would you? Izuku is missing. Deep breaths.

There was silence for a good few moments, making her wonder if he’d put down the phone, but was glad when he finally spoke. She’d never tell him that out loud though “…Why are you calling me?-”

“Is Izuku with you?”

“What?! That’s got nothing to fucking do with you!”

“S-she’s not home a-and I’m just really fucking worried Katsuki please just tell me she’s okay. Please.”

“……You sound fucking pathetic. But no. She’s not here. She’s been at home crying all week because you wouldn’t fucking speak to her! Do you know what you’ve fucking done?! She’s a fucking mess because of you! And I’m the one trying to fucking fix her! So the best thing you could do right now is leave her the fuck alone! She doesn’t need someone like you in her life!”

The dial tone signalling he’d hung up droned in Shouto’s ears as she let the tears cascade down her cheeks. Izuku was…she wasn’t…Shouto had somehow managed to taint her own happiness? How fucking stupid could she get? This was all her fault. Katsuki was right. She didn’t deserve Izuku.

But she knew she couldn’t give up that easily. Her happiness is something she’d been fighting for her entire life, she wasn’t just going to give it up when she was so fucking close to having everything she could ever ask for.

Katsuki could her her dignity. Hell, he could take her life for all she cared.

As long as she knew Izuku would always be right there.

Shouto would gladly die with a smile on her face.




As soon as Katsuki had hung up on Shouto, he immediately dialled Izuku’s number, pacing around his shitty hotel room in hopes that it would calm his growing nerves. But with every dial tone his anxiety grew more and more, peaking when it went to answerphone.

He tried again.

And again.

Before he began to get really fucking worried. Izuku always had her phone on her. She wouldn’t just leave it somewhere, right? No, she wouldn’t. Even if she was upset Izuku wouldn’t ignore him, she’d at least answer and say ‘go away’. Honestly, Katsuki was kind of hoping that would happen. At least that way he knew she was alright.

“Fuck!” He shouted in frustration, grabbing his coat and his keys before leaving the hotel room and rushing to his car, ignoring the drunk receptionist who was fast asleep at their desk, mumbling bunch of nonsense.

Where the hell does he even begin? Shouto said she wasn’t home, right? But…what if she was lying? No. He doubted that was the case. He knew she’d never call him unless she was desperate. It was obvious that she wanted nothing to do with him anymore. Not that he could blame her. He wanted nothing to do with her either. That also meant Izuku probably wasn’t answering her phone to her either. Which was also unusual. Katsuki knew she’d jump at the phone if she knew Shouto was calling her. She’d cry and apologise for doing nothing wrong. That’s just the kind of person she was.

He racked his brain for places that Izuku could possibly be but come up with a blank. He knew Izuku liked to stay in her room when she was upset. But this was different. She was more than upset. She was fucking heartbroken. And Katsuki had never witnessed that before. Hell, he never wanted to even think about the possibility. He always kept her out of the way so she’d never have to deal with those shitty feelings. He knew just how much they sucked.

But despite his bad attitude. He wouldn’t take out his personal feelings on others who have nothing to do with the situation. That included Izuku. The miscommunication between him and Eijiro had reached a might peak towards the end of their relationship; no doubt that was the cause to make them go their separate ways. But he also didn’t want to give Izuku false hope. He wanted her to know things were shitty. He supposed that’s why he thought it was easier to say he had fallen out of love. Izuku didn’t need to know every detail of their messy relationship. He always knew he’d rue the day he ever showed a sign of weakness in front of her. That is…if she hasn’t gotten herself lost and ended up in a ditch somewhere. Which he certainly hopes wasn’t the case.

Katsuki shook the dark thoughts from his head as he indicated right, searching up and down the streets for any sign of the green haired girl. Loudly cursing to himself when he drove around the same block for a third time. No sign of Izuku.

Where the fuck could she be?

Katsuki pulled up at the side of the road for a moment, leaving his engine running as he went to pull his phone out of his pocket, a small white piece of paper falling out with it. The business card that he’d been offered earlier.

With narrowed eyes, Katsuki reluctantly dialled the number, afraid Izuku had gotten into something that she shouldn’t have.




Shindo pulled out his fifth cigarette since Izuku’s disappearance, gripping his jacket closer as the cold night reminded him of the season that was soon approaching.

He knew he’d probably be spending this winter on the streets this year, so he should be getting used to this. With his failure to pay rent for accommodation, he was practically scampering on his knees to find every penny he could gasp his hands on. It was fucking hard. With those fucking thots in the flats above him constantly stealing his shit and his drugged up roommate who cares about nothing but being high all day, nothing was helping him. Apart from the…business, of course. But Shindo had quit the business around three weeks ago. He knew they were bad news. And he wanted nothing to do with them anymore. However, he would still act as though he was employed to attract people who were looking to buy whatever drugs were lying around in his apartment. It worked, mostly, he got quite a bit of cash. But it wasn’t enough. It was nowhere near what he used to make. But he swore to himself that he’d never go back to the job that ruined his life. He would find a real job eventually. He just had to keep looking. It was probably too late to turn his life around now, but at least now maybe he could try and make up for all the things he’d done wrong. Not for anyone but himself to judge. He wasn’t making up to others. He was making it up to himself. He’d let himself down.

On top of all this happening, Shindo was definitely didn’t expecting to find a friend along the way. Someone he could say he truly trusted with his life. But something told him he could trust her. So he did. He had every intention about opening up to Izuku about her girlfriend tonight…but something stopped him. Maybe it was the fact that she’d lose respect for him afterwards. Or maybe she’d see him in a different light, look at him without that precious sparkle in her eyes. He didn’t want that. So he rushed away. Because he didn’t know what else to do.

He didn’t see anyone come in the club when he’d stepped outside, it was oddly deserted apart from the bouncer at the door. Which had to mean the people who Izuku were with, we’re already inside the club when he was. But there were just so many people in there. He couldn’t nail the suspects down to ‘acting strange’ because more or less everyone there was intoxicated. And besides, he’d never remembered what the looked like, especially if they’ve been watching them from the crowd the entire time.

The thought of that alone just pissed him off.

As he rounded another corner, he felt his phone vibrate from his pocket, stomping out his cigarette and pulling it out to find an unknown number awaiting him.

“Can I help you?”

“Can you help me?! Watch your fucking mouth.”

Shindo grinned a little, feeling his shoulders ease “Oh it’s you. I’m guessing you were the one to pick up your pet then. Had me a little worried when I saw her without a leash. Could have said goodbye on your way out at least.”

“Cut the shit. I know Izuku’s with you, if you give her anything I will personally gut you like a fucking fish. Tell her to go home. Now.”

Shindo frowned a little “You mean she isn’t with you?”

“……If you’re fucking with me right now, you’re so dead.”

“I’m not. Izuku came out with me earlier so I took her to a club since she seemed upset. I wanted her to feel better, you know? But I stepped out for a bit and then she left…I think. I’m not so sure what happened.”

“You mean you got her fucking drunk?!”

“Of course not! I’m not that heartless!”

“Heartless or not, you should’ve never brought her out. You’re a fucking idiot!

Shindo clenched his jaw in anger, knowing he’d probably scream at this guy if he didn’t “If you stop insulting me and work with me, I’m sure we’ll find her a lot faster.”

“Fuck you. I can find her myself.”

…This guy was a nightmare.

“Sorry buddy. Guess you won’t be wanting any other information then will you? Well, it was nice talking to you-“

“Fucking wait god damn it!…If you so much as breathe near me I’m spoon-feeding you to the fucking police. I’m sure they’ll have a field day at your shitty apartment.”

“…Just pick me up already.”




The only thing Izuku could feel was pain. It surrounded her senses and clouded her judgment to perceive the fake from the real. It had all smudged into one huge blur. She faintly hears voices, but she wasn’t so sure if they were in her head or not. She felt a cold knife slide across her arms but she didn’t respond. She was too exhausted too. Nothing would compare to the pain in her stomach, the cold air brushing against it every now and again adding to the sensation of pain. Or rather, what she perceived to be pain. She couldn’t tell anymore. It felt dull. Numb. Much like the rest of her. She knew she was bleeding out. She couldn’t open her eyes anymore, but she was aware she was still alive. She was still conscious. She just hoped she could hang on to that feeling long enough for someone to help her. Which…Izuku was beginning to quickly lose hope on.

“Shouto! Hi~It’s Toga! I was just calling to inform you about your girlfriends approaching demise! So sad that it couldn’t be helped~Ah! Wait! It can be helped! That is…if you’re willing to cooperate with us of course~! If you’re interested in seeing your green haired cutie living to see the next hour, may I suggest bringing a little something that we’ve been after for a while~? Of course you understand what we mean…don’t you? If you bring it here we can have a little trade~If not then…I’m afraid we’ll be having poor innocent Izuku’s blood for gravy! It’s your choice~! If you decide our deal is good enough for you, we’ll be waiting at at a place which you should find to be a blast from the past! You should hurry though…she’s looking a little worse for wear! Toodles~!”

“Good. Now ring Twice to keep watch on the house, tell him to have a sniper handy. Get the others on standby too.”


Izuku felt sick, but she knew that vomiting would only make her bleed out faster. The loud words which her brain wouldn’t allow her to process kept ringing through her mind like a siren. It gave her a headache. Why was everyone so loud? Couldn’t she get some peace? She was so tired…

A shock of electricity from what Izuku could only think to be a taser shot her up from her slumped position, the awful tingling sensation shaking her entire being, causing her to gasp and cry out in pain, her eyes shooting open at how sudden it all was. She was sure more blood was gushing from her than before, the sound of it splattering against the floor making her head fuzzy as she desperately tried to hang on to reality.

“You’re not allowed to fall asleep yet, Izuku! Let’s keep you awake, shall we~!”




Shouto’s hands shook with fury as she clenched then around her work phone, quickly throwing it against the nearest building as she felt her eyes blind with anger. This wasn’t supposed to happen. Izuku was never meant to be involved in this! Despite how much she hated the idea, she’d hoped and wished she was with Katsuki. But of course it had to be the worst possible situation she could think of. The one thing she’d fought to protect her from since the beginning.

Why…? Why did they always take everything good away from her?! What the fuck did she do to deserve this?! Couldn’t she just be happy like everyone else?!

She was fucked.

And now, she had to make a choice.

A choice which would fucking crush Izuku’s soul…but Izuku wouldn’t have a soul if she waited around too long. She could only fucking pray that Izuku would be alright until she arrived. She’d give anything for Izuku to live. And she knew others would feel the same way.

She was selfish. She was acting selfishly.

This wasn’t something she could decide on her own.

But she did.

So walking back to the payphone she’d used, she began to dial a familiar number. A decision in her mind already formed.

“I know where Izuku is. Come alone. I’ll be waiting at her house.”




Ochako laughed at her parents as they told her about their day over dinner, Tenya beside her as they all ate a meal that she’d been dying to try for a while now. And let her tell you, it was worth the wait. She absolutely adored the way the flavours made her feel. Her tastebuds were truly delighted tonight!

“How about you Ochako? Did you do anything good today?”

The brunette frowned a little at the thought. She’d invited Izuku to go to a zoo with her Tenya…but she’d never gotten back to her. She had been awfully distant when she was at school, and most of the time Ochako couldn’t even tell if she was there or not! She could’ve been absent for all she knows.

“Me and Tenya played at the arcade a little…” Ochako lied, faking a smile, unaware of Tenya’s concerned frown.

“That sounds nice! Did you two have fun?”

“Y-yeah! We had a great time!”

“That’s good to hear, dear.”

When her parents had finished eating, they’d let the two teenagers to eat in finish together, Ochako playing with the remains of her food while Tenya was anxiously tapping the wooden table.

“Are you alright?”

She smiled softly, straightening her posture, but her tired eyes gave Tenya all he needed to know “I’m just a little worried about Izuku…She’s been really distant lately hasn’t she?”

“I’m sure she’ll be fine! Izuku is strong!”

Ochako chuckled sadly “Yeah…I guess she is.”

A sudden ding from her phone which was placed beside her plate threw off her thoughts, her depressed frown turning into one of confusion as she looked at friend request and message she’d received.

-‘Hello. You may not know me, but I’m aware that you’re one of Izuku’s new friends. Correct? My name is Yaoyorozu Momo. It may seem a little strange that I’m messaging you so I shall tell you why. Contact with Izuku recently has been of…short supply. And from our short phone call today, I have many reasons to be concerned. Please contact me as soon as you receive this message. Thank you.’-

Ochako quickly worked on a reply, accepting the friend request as she went.

Ochako Urakaka: Hi! You said you’re a friend of Izukus? You’re right. She has been very distant recently. I haven’t known her for very long, but she’s not herself at all.

Yaoyorozu Momo: Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! Has Izuku ever mentioned a girlfriend to you at all?

Ochako felt a grunt of confusion die within her throat at the blunt question.

Ochako Urakaka: No. But I know she has another friend aside from us. She was kind of scary though, so I’ve never spoken to her. She only seems to like Izuku anyway.

Yaoyorozu Momo: I see…Would it be a bother if we met up somewhere tonight? My train should arrive in about ten minutes.

Ochako Urakaka: Sure, of course! I might be a little late since I have to drop someone off first.

Yaoyorozu Momo: That’s no trouble. Thank you again for being so cooperative. Izuku has always had a good choice in friends. I’m glad to see she still has that trait.

She felt her cheeks flush a little at the compliment before she locked her phone and jumped up in her seat, faking a smile towards the boy next to her “Come on Tenya. Let’s get you home shall we?”




“Get in the fucking car.”

“I thought you didn’t want me to breathe near you.”

“If you keep on being cocky I’ll break your fucking nose. I would like to you to try and be smug as shit then” Katsuki smirked as Shindo hopped in the car, slamming his car door loudly which made the smirk fall right off the blondes face, trying not to kick the shit out of him for the sake of finding his best friend.

“So you wanna fucking tell me why she left? Or where she went?”

“I don’t know that. If I knew, I’d be there by now. I told her to stay right where we were sat but apparently the bartender saw a group of people walk up to her while I was outside.”

“Why the fuck would you leave her alone in a bar full of fucking drunks?!”

“Want to try blaming me some more? Or would you like to hear me out?”

Katsuki clenched his mouth closed, focusing on driving instead of his rage. He knew his rage would never get him anywhere. He tried to remember what Inko had told him. What she’d taught him. It seemed to soothe his mind a little. But then he thought about how Inko would react if she knew her daughter wasn’t home. How she’d react if she knew she’d been inside a fucking bar and took by a bunch of fucking drunk invalids!


He really needed to calm down before he’d do something he’d regret. Especially since he was driving on wet roads right now.

“I knew who you were before we met you know…”

“Oh really? What a fucking surprise…”

Shindo ignored his sarcasm, focusing on how he was going to word this. He knew this wasn’t really an appropriate time… and he shouldn’t tell him while in a car like this. But he had to. For the sake of his own fucking sanity he had to. For salvation.

“Your mother was a good person.”

At the mention of his deceased parent, Katsuki immediately slammed on the breaks, thankfully no other cars were roaming the streets this late at night. He doubted they’d be any anyway since it was raining out. He was sure there was a storm approaching.

It was silent for a few moments. And Shindo knew that Katsuki was on the verge of kicking him out, but battling with himself to want to know more. He could read him like a book. He was always told he was good at seeing through people with people. He got paused for his honesty too. Unless, that was just what people used to say to get on his good side. He wouldn’t really blame them if that was the case. He wasn’t so sure who he was anymore either.

“She wasn’t in my section, but everyone knew who she was. If you even mention the name Mitsuki Bakugou you’d have people drooling like pigs…She was sort of popular around the place. But kudos to her for being so loyal to your father, I mean, she was fiercely loyal. It was rather beautiful actually…She cared about Shouto like a daughter.”

At the mention of Shouto’s name, Shindo could see Katsuki’s knuckles turn white from gripping the wheel so hard, his face shadowed so he couldn’t see the expression he made right now. He wasn’t so sure he’d want to look even if he could.

“When she introduced us all to Shouto one day, we asked ourselves…why not you? She had a son right? You’re older, more…responsible and suitable for the job. Blood related. But no matter what, you never once came through those doors. After a while, people put it to the side, and one day someone asked Mitsuki if she’d been stealing money from our section. She’d just shrugged and walked away. Your mother was very…nonchalant with people she didn’t really care about, but we all knew about the aggressive personality that lay beneath. A guy that I used to work with…my boss actually, he didn’t like her so much. He was the one who accused her of stealing and he’d told her that as payment for stealing…well…let’s just say he thought you would be great for the business. But she threatened everything he loved to never even mention your name again. I’m sure that was enough for him to tuck him over the edge. He didn’t care about how it was done, he just wanted her head on a stick. Our section wasn’t so big at the time, and I was the only one working that night…and I’m not such a big fan of getting my hands dirty, but I knew about Shouto’s record of killing her own father and I figured, one more wouldn’t hurt? Right? I was fucking stupid back then…Mitsuki had the mark of death and she couldn’t escape it. No matter what she did, she’d never be able to run from the inevitable. It was only really a matter of who got to her first…What I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t hold Shouto to your mothers death. She was blackmailed into it and with her unstable mindset…of course she’d do it. If you know her weaknesses, it’s easy to get what you want from her. That was where she got the nickname ‘The Tool’ from.”

“…Why are you telling me this now?” Katsuki muttered quietly, releasing his tight grip on the wheel to bash his head against it instead, thankfully not hitting the horn this time.

Shindo smiled slightly at his calm attitude, he was expecting a much more aggressive reaction if he was being honest “Thought you’d be holding a grudge against it. Besides, I’ve only just met you. It would be strange if I said, Oh hey, you’re Katsuki, right? I used to work with your mother, I’m one of the reasons she died! I’m sure you’d love me after that.”

Katsuki looked through his windscreen in thought, watching the rain drop on his car as he went over and over Shindo’s words in his head. He wouldn’t let his emotions get to him right now. He could always break down later. But for now he had to think.

“…Is Shouto still a part of this business?”

“As far as I’m aware. I’m not sure though. I quit.”

Katsuki furrowed his eyebrows as he looked over to the other in thought “You just…quit?”

“Um, yeah?”

“Just like that?” Katsuki persisted.

“Look…I don’t know what this has to do with-“

The loud ringing of Katsuki’s phone interrupted their conversation, quickly picking up without a care of who it might be.

“I know where Izuku is. Come alone. I’ll be waiting at her house” It was Shouto. She knew where Izuku was…

Katsuki was quickly beginning to piece together what was happening here.

“Get out,” He ordered Shindo as he put his phone back in his pocket “I have to go. Get a cab and follow me. Don’t fucking get caught.”

Shindo looked confused but complied reluctantly, getting out of the car and watching Katsuki quickly speed down the empty road.

He clearly had somewhere to be.

With hardened eyes Shindo followed out his orders,he couldn’t waste anymore time.




“Thanks for coming” Shouto tells Katsuki as he pulls up outside Izuku’s house, letting her get into the passenger seat.

“Address?” He mumbled out, not really wanting to speak to her at this moment. He had so much going on in his head right now. But the only thing he fucking cared about is getting his friend back. He had to admit, it was strange being back in her presence, but he tried his best not to focus on it. Or what she’d done.

After Shouto’s response of the address, Katsuki quickly began speeding down the roads, neither of them saying anything else for the entire journey.

They both supposed it was for the best.




“Are you Ochako?” A fancy looking lady with black hair asked her, having stepped off the train with an equally fancy suitcase. She was obviously travelling first class, and from the looks of her she was extremely well off in the financial department. She’d never met anyone like that before…not saying that her friends were completely broke and striving off of moody food that cafeterias threw out or anything! But she herself wasn’t very…well off.

It was one of the many reasons she studied so hard in school. She believed if you’re academic skills are above average that she was doing something right. That she’d eventually move out with two dogs and a goldfish and pay for a house for her family with the accessory of a swimming pool! She knew it was a long shot. But she had a dream to make that happen. She just wanted to pay back her parents for all they’d done for her…to let them take it easy for once.

That’s why seeing someone who had everything that she was working so hard for made her feel…upset. Angry. Annoyed. Why couldn’t she have that? Would she have another dream if she had money? Would she still be in school? Would she have dropped out to pursue a careering the art of acting? Then again, she could never keep a straight face when she needed to act…she’d suck at being an actress.

“U-um yes! Yeah, that’s me!” Ochako stuttered out, feeling nervous about meeting a rich stranger in the middle of the night…in a deserted train station. Well, it seemed deserted, and if she knew it wasn’t. But anyone could walk up to her and shank her with a knife. Or come up from behind and inject her with some drug that would knock her out while they took everything she had on her. Those situations weren’t really ideal, were they?

“My deepest apologises about troubling you this evening. However, I am extremely worried for Izuku as you could possibly tell. I wish to discuss my concerns. Is there any accommodation I am welcome?”

Ochako shifted from foot to foot anxiously. Oh god, she was even articulate. What did she think of her? Pulling on the hem over her dads old baggy jumper the brunette decided oh what the heck. Any friend of Izuku’s is a friend of theirs. She could judge her all she wanted. She’ll probably never see her again anyway.

“You’re welcome to stay at my house, if you like.”

Momo smiled brightly at the invitation “Thank you! That is awfully kind of you!”




Katsuki pulled up outside the location. His headlights turned off before he even approached the street, turning off his engine before looking over at Shouto who looked as if she was fighting with herself.

She clearly didn’t want to be here.

“If you want to help Izuku I’d stop wasting time if I were you” he told her, before getting out of the car, shutting it behind him, watching as Shouto got out the other side, both of them taking a deep breath before walking up to the house and opening the door. The sight they were greeted with causing their eyes to widen; Izuku strapped to a chair in the centre of the room and…her blood was fucking everywhere. It looked as though a blonde girl had even begun to paint the walls with the crimson colour before they turned around, delighted at the interruption.

“Ah!~You remembered our trade?!” Toga squealed excitedly, dropping the paintbrush and ignoring Izuku who was trying to talk behind the rag that gagged her.

Shouto felt her heart fall out of her fucking chest at the sight of the room. They were obviously trying to recreate what she’d done to Mitsuki…with Izuku. She felt sick. And by the ragged breath beside her, she knew Katsuki felt the same. Mitsuki’s death absolutely was horrific. Even for her, it was fucking disgusting, so she wasn’t going to get into details. But Toga obviously knew what she was doing. They were just glad they’d got here before it could get any worse.

“Hehe~You came at a bad time, I was just redecorating! Do you think it would look better if I nail her liver here? Orrrrr, here?” Toga asked, pointing to two different directions on the wall “Hmmm, then again, maybe it would work better with her spleen.”

Neither Shouto nor Katsuki could move as they listened to Toga talk, their eyes never straying from Izuku. They swear the ground just came to swallow them whole and send them to hell. Because that is truly what this was. Hell.

“You two…You’re not going to ignore me, are you? I asked you a question.”

Shouto sucked up all the courage she had in her, fighting off the heavy urge to puke “W-we had a deal…”

Toga sighed heavily, looking at all her hard work “Well I guess you’re right. I can’t have everything now, can I? Alright, Dabi!”

A man they hadn’t seen came up to them from behind, handcuffing Katsuki, while he finally managed to snap out of whatever daze he was trapped in.

“Oi! What the fuck?! Get the fuck off me!”

“Now now~ No need to be so feisty Katsuki. If you cooperate with us, it will be a lot easier for you.”

The blonde scoffed, his eyes hardening as he realised everything was just as he’d thought. Everything he’d pieced together was turning out to be true. He knew he’d play a role in all this since his mother just had to be miss oh so popular.

He watched as Shouto rushed to Izuku who looked to be losing consciousness…he couldn’t believe she’d gotten hurt. He knew Shouto would take care of her while he was preoccupied. But when they leave here, he was going to be sure they’d never see each other again. For certain this time.

But right now, he wasn’t planning on sitting down and letting these demented assholes get away with this shit. What they’d done to Izuku…what they’d done to his mother…It was unforgivable. God forbid if he was going to just be traded off like some antique, for what they’ve fucking done, he wasn’t planning on going down without a fight.

Chapter Text

As Katsuki began to struggle in clutches of Dabi’s handcuffs, Shouto couldn’t help but rush over to Izuku’s aid, eyeing her heavy injuries as she tried to assess the quickest and most painless way to help with the supplies that she’d brought along with her. She knew that the so called ‘league’ wouldn’t have so easily given her back. Well…they did do quite some damage. If her wounds weren’t treated soon, Izuku could easily bleed out judging from the blood stains littering her clothes. Shouto would just have to be glad that they could even take her back in the first place.

“Fuck…” She bit back a sob as she pulled out a knife which was wedged unsafely in her jeans, quickly setting to work on cutting Izuku’s restraints and catching her as she slumped forward in the chair which had her gasping out in pain “Come on, let’s get you into the floor, alright? Can you work with me for a minute?”

The desperate girl didn’t wait for a reply as she helped the exhausted Izuku to lay on the floor, trying to ignore the sounds of pain she made along the way. They were getting to her head. If she kept listening any longer she’d…

Ah, she was already too late, she decided as tears flooded down her face.

“I’m sorry Izuku…I’m so sorry. Please just let me fix you, okay?” Shouto cried as she ripped off Izuku’s shirt to gain access to the wounds, the large gash on her stomach was gushing blood, it clearly wasn’t just a normal stab wound as she’d thought at first glance, it looked as though they’d cut sideways slightly. There were a few other cuts and electrical burns that had blistered tracing her chest, they wound definitely scar…but Shouto has to focus on the main one right now. She could always treat the other ones later when she’d got her revenge on the bastards that did this.

Grabbing some things she’d shoved in her pockets from Izuku’s first aid kit at her house, she laid them out on the floor, there was nothing here to treat those kind of burns…and the needle and thread could only do so much…Shouto shook her head and quickly getting to work on cleaning her wounds, hesitating when Izuku suddenly jumped at the cold wipe.

“Shouto…hurts…” Izuku sobbed out, tears steaming down her face as she desperately tried to fight to pain…And Shouto could honestly say that it was the hardest thing she had ever had to witness.

“I know. I know and I’m sorry. Just a little longer, okay? You’re so brave…just stay awake. You think you can do that for me?”

As Shouto switched over to work on the stitches, she tried not to think about the blood she had staining her hands, she ignored the sounds of shouting and fighting in the background. She ignored everything apart from the person she’d been ignoring for the past week. How ironic…

This is not how she wanted their reunion to go at all. It fucking hurt her entire being to see Izuku like this. To even know this could happen to someone as sweet and caring as Izuku was. She couldn’t help as her mind drifted back to all the other times she’d lost ever someone. Someone important…Someone who she could truly say she deeply cared for. She couldn’t let it happen again. She’d do anything to not let it happen again.

“Alright Izuku, I need you sit up for me alright? I’ll help you” Shouto told her, gently wrapping an arm around her back as she pulled her into a sitting position, Izuku whimpering in pain and letting her eyes in flutter closed in exhaustion as Shouto assessed that the larger wound was closed with a heavy sigh of relief “Izuku, please try and stay awake, okay?”

“Tired…” Izuku murmured, her eyebrows furrowing in frustration, to which Shouto gently rubbed away away, trying her best to keep calm and not breakdown. She had to be strong right now. Just like All Might, she thought with a mental chuckle.

“I know honey. But you have to try, alright? I promise you can sleep as much as you like when we get out of here.”

Izuku opened her eyes slowly and nodded gently, trying not to let herself get lightheaded anymore than she already was as she found herself lost in the soft smile Shouto gave her. A smile that she’d thought she’d never see again. A smile that she thought she’d ruined with her confession. It was all because of her…but she came back! Why did she ever doubt her? Shouto was just scared of Izuku’s reaction to her secret double life, right? It’s fine! She can deal with this if it meant she could stay with Shouto. She could deal with being stabbed a few more times if she could feel this way just a little while longer.

“I was so sacred…” Izuku told her, happy that she’d seemed to finally run out of tears, but worried when Shouto only frowned at her. Where did that smile go…?

“I’m sorry…I should have never left you alone like that. I don’t know what I was thinking. I love you so much Izuku…so much it physically pains me. I was so scared of losing you. I still am. I will always be so long as you’re here…And when you weren’t home…it really scared me. I don’t want you to leave me. I apologise for being selfish. If I wasn’t so stupid, I would’ve realised a lot of things earlier, then none of this would’ve happened.”

Izuku breathed out a laugh, her heart finally feeling full again “I forgive you, Shouto. The past is the past…I know about you’re life now…well, most of it. I’m still unclear about a lot of things. But…I’m not so sure if I want to know about them anymore.”

Shouto’s heart dropped to her stomach, an image in her head flickering from Eijiro to Mitsuki. She should tell her. The was no other choice. This was something that had been clawing at her for so long so why could she just-“Alright.”

…wait what?


Queue the biggest fucking mental slap of Shouto’s entire existence. What could she say though? She’s never been able to say no to Izuku. Hell, if she’d asked for the queens head on a stick, Shouto would bring it on a sliver platter, seasoned and dressed. It was dangerous how much she obeyed Izuku. She was truly like a loyal mutt, tell her to fetch a stick and she’d learn how to fly a jet and bring back a whole rainforest. She always had to one up herself. She wasn’t so sure if it was for the fear of acceptance, or the fear that she would never truly be good enough. No matter what she did. No one in her life up until now have a single shit about her attempts. But she felt so vulnerable; predictable, under Izuku’s gaze. Even as she sat there in her arms, bleeding and drained. Shouto always felt like an open book.

Little did she know it was the opposite.

“OI! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS ABOUT?!?! DON’T YOU DARE FUCKING LIE TO ME!!!” They hear Katsuki scream, Shindo by his side as they stood facing a gang of around eight or nine people. Since when had they shown up? Shouto thought as she slowly stood up, leaning Izuku against the nearest wall with a quick smile of reassurance before she joined the two.

“We’re only telling you the truth! You want to know for yourself don’t you? Go on Shouto! Tell him about all about how good ol’ shark face died!”

At the insult towards Eijiro, Katsuki tried to lunge forward but was quickly held back by Shindo who looked equally as frustrated, but for different reasons.

Shouto knew this was coming. She may not have been able to tell Izuku. Hell, she doubt she’d ever be ready for the cold stone rejection that came after that. But she had to tell Katsuki…it was only right.

“They’re right, Katsuki. Eijiro passed away a few weeks back…”

“…Huh?” Katsuki turned his attention to her, no longer struggling to be held back, but Shindo kept a hold on him just in case. He was a lose wire. You could never tell where to it would connect and pushing the wrong buttons could easily make him tick over the edge. Shindo just hoped Shouto would find the right words.

“When we…when I heard he was in town…I panicked. I’m sure you know that Eijiro and I used to be…involved. When I heard he was here again…I couldn’t let him just leave. Him finding out that Izuku and I were a thing…you understand that I couldn’t take any chances…”

Katsuki clenched his jaw in concentration. He knew Shouto was lying through her teeth. It was obvious by how carefully she was choosing her every word. But he also knew Shouto was smart enough to him something somewhere in her little speech. He knew that her and Eijiro used to work together, but he also had no idea that everything was connected like this. He knew about Eijiros hatred toward her and how she’d apparently stole a lot of money from their business. But Katsuki thinks that maybe people had mixed her up with Mitsuki. If she was telling him all of this, he could only assume that the others didn’t know how he died, judging by the curious smug expression on their faces. So no matter what Shouto said, everyone would believe her, because of her connections. But by the determined expression on her face, he could tell she wanted him to direct his anger at her. She had a plan. And Katsuki had no choice but to trust in her.

“YOU FUCKING BITCH! I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU!” Katsuki raged, the group opposite them appearing pleased with his anger. Even if they didn’t know this was all an act. Good. He could keep this shit show up all night.

“That’s good Katsuki! That’s what we like to see! The anger that drives you! This is why we think you’d make such a great member to our party!” A scrawny looking guy with what appeared to be a human hand covering his face like a mask shouted passionately. Katsuki assumes that this guy was the ‘leader’, so to speak. He’d heard people calling him Shigaraki, but he wasn’t going to call him that. It was a stupid name anyways.

“Don’t listen to them” He heard Shindo whisper behind him. As if he needed to be told that. He should feel proud his acting was working the way he’d planned though. He should’ve been an actor. He should’ve been a lot of things, but this was one he would never be. He’d never resort to this lifestyle. He had too much that he valued in life. He wasn’t about to dump all of that to join some guy and his loyal servants.

Instead of listening to the guy currently holding him back, he turned his attention back to Shouto, who kept looking from him to Izuku. Making sure she was alright while also letting Katsuki know that they were running out of time. They needed to hurry this up if they even wanted to think about getting out of here alive.


Shindo gripped tighter despite his internal panic. He didn’t want to be responsible for a human life. He had no choice but to hold him back. What was Katsuki doing? Shouldn’t he be more in control under this situation? He understands that he’d just learned about his partners demise but couldn’t he see the kind of trouble he could get himself into?

“No, this is good! Let’s give them a chance to fight this out Shindo, I want to see where this leads” Shigaraki ordered, throwing a knife in Katsuki’s direction, a loud clatter as it tumbled to the floor beside his feet.


“NOW!” Shigaraki interrupted Shindo’s protest, watching as he very reluctantly let go of Katsuki and walked back a little, letting him pick up the knife.

“This is going to be so fun~!” Toga cheered from the sidelines as the league continued watching with great intrigue.

Shindo turned his face toward the ground. The gun he’d brought with him seemingly burning through his pocket. He itched to take it out. He knew Katsuki had told him to follow him for a reason, but he wasn’t expecting a reunion. He’d rushed in at the sound of all the yelling but felt his heart in his throat at the sight of Dabi and Toga and felt lightheaded at the sight of all the blood. It was so obvious who it was from…this is why he didn’t want anything to do with these guys anymore. Because they exploit your weaknesses and turn everything against you. They make you feel like the bad guy when in reality they were fucking devils in disguise.

He was positive that this had something to do with him leaving. This ‘trade’ would’ve never even been proposed if they didn’t know that Shindo and Shouto had seen each other recently. It had to be at the cinema. He couldn’t think of anything else. He went there with Dabi for god sake! It should’ve been obvious he’d sell him out at some point. He should’ve known he’d never leave the league without losing something first. Someone had to have been watching him. Does that mean they’ve been watching Izuku too? What about the rest of them? Just how many eyes did they have around town?

“Shindo, look after Izuku while we settle this” Shouto cut off his panicking, making him feel somewhat honoured at her request. He knew she’d never ask something like that if she wasn’t absolutely desperate. He couldn’t even say he faulted her, Izuku was looking deathly pale.

“Of course” He sighed, walking over to the semi conscious Izuku who was drearily counting small chucks of brick upon the floor, she must not know what was happening over there. He supposed it was for the best.

“You’re so fucking dead” Katsuki mumbled as he aimed the knife he’d been given at Shouto, feeling the gun he’d stole from Shindo as he walked past lingering in his right hand, out of view for everyone else. He just hoped to god the thing was loaded. They had no time to waste. It was just the two of them against a crowd of eight or so psychopaths. They’d both made their peace with dying here. But if they got the chance to avoid it, they’d take it in an instant, no matter who’s life it cost.

They were living for themselves now, and they only had one thing they wanted to protect. Something they could both agree on. Something that could make them forget all of their differences for this one moment. Their one shot to make things right.




Momo sighed to herself as she felt every little bump and pot hole in the road. She’d never been on a bus before, but now she could say it was extremely unpleasant. The wet roads made it sway uncontrollably around corners and she was sure it was thundering outside, although she couldn’t tell from the loud engine roaring in her ears. Was this how the lower class lived? She couldn’t deal with this everyday. She was about to ask Ochako if she was comfortable but the brunette beside her seemed completely content, even going so far as to fall asleep on the germ riddled chair she was sat upon.

She frowned at the thought of being better off than this kind girl. Despite being a few years older than her, they were completely…different. Yet despite that fact, she couldn’t help but want to be friends with her. Maybe it was just that bubbly aura that she found herself admiring in Izuku being expressed in someone who seemed a lot…less fortunate. She knew Ochako wasn’t a charity, and she certainly wasn’t someone to be pitied but she wanted to help her…even if her offers were rejected.

Hell, they’d known each other less than an hour and she already wants to give her life savings? How silly could she be? They’d probably never see or speak to each other again after they cheered up Izuku. The thought saddened her a little, but she wouldn’t let it get her down. She had other things to focus on right now.

Felling her phone buzz from within her handbag, she quickly pulled it out her eyes widening with a text from Katsuki’s phone. To send police to an address…

With determination set in her eyes, she made a call to the police, standing up while being careful not to wake Ochako as she told the bus driver their new stop, thanking the heavens that it was too late at night for anyone else to be on the bus.




Katsuki held the gun steady in blind sight, trying to stop his hands from shaking. He just hoped that everything he’d done before he’d got here worked out correctly. He wasn’t stupid enough to come here alone. He was just hoping the police would turn up sooner than later. He must’ve texted Momo around twenty minutes ago now. Surly they’d be here soon. If she even got his message that is…

“Well? What are you waiting for? You’re mad, aren’t you? She killed your love, didn’t she? Aren’t you angry? What happened to your aggression?” Shigaraki asked as he saw the two just silently stare at each other, their knifes never moving an inch.

“How boring…” Toga commented as some of the league lost their interest.

Shouto gripped her knife tighter as she waited for Katsuki to make the first move. She promised herself she’d never be instigated to hurt someone she knew wasn’t a threat. She promised herself she wouldn’t make the first move. Because if she did…she didn’t think she’d be able to stop.

Her emotions were at an all time high despite her nonchalant expression and her quietness. She was raging. She wanted nothing more than to kill all these bastards right here and now. But the only thing holding her back, was the fact that there were so many of them, and so little of her. If she went out first, who knows what would happen to Izuku. That wasn’t an option. She knew that Katsuki had messaged someone, she just hoped they’d have more people on their side to help with distracting. She wouldn’t mind getting her hands dirty for someone else.

She knew she was a monster, but nothing would compare to the feeling of killing for the sake of protecting someone else. It just felt…good. It was different from killing someone who you depended on…but a stranger? Shouto was getting tingles thinking about different ways to lock up and torture the whole league.

She wanted that.

She wanted to bathe in the blood of her enemies.

She wanted it.

Kill them.

She wanted to kill them.

Katsuki’s eyes widened at the feeling of Shouto’s bloodlust. The girl opposite him panting in her stance, obviously trying to control what she was feeling. It was the same look in her eyes that she had…that night. She’s obviously gone mad. Something in her had been triggered, a flick of a switch and she could slaughter an entire army. He knew she didn’t want Izuku to see this, so he gestured for Shindo to take her outside, around four or so league members joining them to make sure nothing fishy was going on. That was all they needed. There were only four members left in the room now, two were sat on the floor writing their names in the blood upon the wall to satisfy their boredom, while two of them, including Shigaraki, stayed to watch the show.

Some show, Katsuki thought with a small scoff.

Within seconds of the people leaving, Shouto snapped her eyes to Katsuki, giving him less than a second to react before she went after the two others were watching, giving Katsuki chance to shoot the two on the ground, desperately trying not to think about what he was doing.

Shouto plunged her knife into irrelevant guy’s neck, listening to him writhe and squeal beneath her blade before she quickly pulled it back out, listing to his body hit the ground before she turned to face Shigaraki who looked at her in horror. She knew she must’ve looked insane, but she couldn’t help the wide smile that took over her features, a loud laugh being ripped from her throat as she swing her knife at him, watching as he blocked her moves with some form of martial art.

She sneered slightly but smiled all the more brightly…she was glad the league were more entertaining than she’d originally thought.




At the sound of gunshots coming from within the house, the four league members that had joined Shindo and Izuku outside quickly rushed back into the house, Shindo took this as an opportunity to escape. Adjusting a delirious Izuku in his arms for a moment before he took off running down the street to Katsuki’s car. He’d gotten a taxi here and he knew Katsuki would leave his car open in a situation like this, proving to be correct when he tried the handles, gently putting Izuku inside as he rushed to the drivers seat, looking everywhere for his car keys. Which proved to be a waste of time. They weren’t here. Katsuki had to have them.

He cured loudly and hit the wheel in front of him. He needed to get them out of here. He needed to get Izuku to a hospital. But he had no chance when he couldn’t even start the car. At the sight of the fight being moved outside he quickly took off his jacket and hid Izuku under it as he hid himself, watching with a frown as Shouto and Dabi appeared to be in an intense screaming match.

He wasn’t so surprised, it wasn’t everyday you find out your sibling is a criminal after all.




“Oi, it’s not my fault. I’m not the one who killed both our parents, am I?” Dabi asked as Shouto followed him outside, getting her away from Katsuki who was now facing four others in that house alone. He just needed to buy time until they got him, which shouldn’t be too long. But then again, they needed him alive. If they could just convince him…he could be capable of so many great things! He just didn’t realise that yet. He didn’t realise his potential. But he’d soon see.

“I didn’t kill them…” Shouto seethed, refusing to admit the truth as she tried walking closer to her long lost brother, her blood stained knife trembling in her grasp. But she wouldn’t let it drop. She wouldn’t let it out of her sight no matter what. It felt as though the sharp object was her lifeline in that moment. She needed it. Without it she’s afraid she’d become a rabid dog who’s soul purpose was to kill without reason. Then again…isn’t that what she was doing right now? No. No, she had a reason. A pretty fucking good one too…She wouldn’t ever forget about what they’d done.

“So you say. So…what? You’re going to kill me now? Is that you’re big plan? To murder your entire family? Maybe I should tell he rest of them about you…or maybe I already did…” Dabi teased.

Shouto held in her pain. She’d done everything for her siblings to live a normal life…she’d killed Mitsuki to ensure they’d never be touched. But now she could see this situation for what it was. It was nothing more than a plot for revenge. Shindo didn’t hate Mitsuki, it was Dabi that hated Mitsuki. It was Dabi who orchestrated the plan to blackmail her. He’d done everything…

He had to have been awake that night…there was no other way he could’ve known unless he saw it for himself…

She should’ve been more careful. She shouldn’t have even done it at all! She was surrounded by a darkness that she couldn’t see past. Her light had gone, and now she was more lost than she’d ever been before. Her mind kept screaming at her to stop doing this, but her heart told her that she was doing the right thing. This was all to protect Izuku after all…wasn’t it?

Shouto ran to try and get a swipe on Dabi but he retaliated by pulling out a gun, causing her to stop in her tracks, lowering the knife in defeat. A small smile on her face as she held up her hands in mock surrender.

“Checkmate” Dabi grinned.




Shindo closed his eyes as he heard a gunshot, followed by the thud of a body hitting the ground, turning his gaze to focus on Izuku who had started coughing up blood.

“Shit” He cursed, trying to catch everything she coughed up in his jacket. He needed to get her to a hospital, fast.

But he knew that Dabi was still out there, and if he found them, there was no way they’d be getting out alive.

He just hoped to god that Katsuki was still alive. He was their only shot of escaping now. He had to go back in there…he had to help. He didn’t know how many were still in there but there had to be a few.

“Izuku, I’ll be two minutes alright? I won’t leave you, I promise. I just have something I need to go get first.”

Izuku whined but didn’t protest as she continued vomiting.




Katsuki panted as he felt the life drain out of another person he’d stabbed in self defence, turning around to come face to face with Toga who was smiling widely at him.

“Wow~You’re so cool Katsuki! But you’d be so much cooler if you’d just bleed a little more!” She giggled as Dabi walked though the door, smiling at the two her were now engaged in combat. It was extremely clear that Katsuki was reaching his limit. His movements were slow, his defence had holes and his attacks were weak.

They’d lost everyone else on their team to these guys, if he went on any longer they’d have to call in the big guys.

But he didn’t even have a chance to think about that before he felt the barrel of the gun against the back of his head before hearing the words he’d spoke mere moments ago.


Katsuki looked over at the gunshot to find an exhausted looking Shouto holding her shoulder which seemed to be bleeding.

“You’re such an awful aim, how did you even get in somewhere like the league?” She asked his corpse before spitting on his body disrespectfully, reloading and taking her aim before putting a cap in Toga’s head as well, the familiar sound of bodies hitting the ground making her sigh as she made her way over to Katsuki who looked just as beat up as her. Loudly cursing as they heard the sound of sirens in the distance.

“…Take Izuku and get out of town. It’s best if you tell her I died along with all the rest of these idiots.”

Katsuki furrowed his brows in confusion before taking a stance “Izuku wouldn’t want to go anywhere without you if she knew you were alive…they’d put you on death row”

Her eyes widened at the fact that Katsuki actually wanted her to come along, making her smile gently before grabbing the knife out of his hands “Probably. Sorry…but someone’s got to atone for all this. The best thing you can do right now is get her somewhere safe. I don’t expect you to forgive me for getting you all messed up in this…so this is the least I can do.”

Katsuki frowned, feeling oddly sentimental toward the person who he’d grown up in the same house with. But there was one thing that had been eating at his mind all night, the one thing that kept pushing him.

“Can I ask you something first? How did Eijiro die?”

Shouto sighed at the blunt question, knowing it was going to come up at some point “Assisted suicide.”

“……It was because of me, wasn’t it?”

“I’m not at liberty to tell a dead persons secrets Katsuki. He’s dead, move on, that’s all you can do now.”

The blonde gripped his fists tighter “That doesn’t make it hurt any less…”

The sirens were closer now. They were closing in around them. They’d be here soon.

“…You should leave now. Izuku and Shindo are in your car. If you’re wise I’d suggest getting her the best help. I don’t want no shitty doctor making a mess of her.”

Katsuki breathed a laugh as he hobbled toward the exit “Sure thing.”

“Tell her I’ll always be watching” He heard Shouto call to him in a more desperate tone, one that made tears from conflicting thoughts well up in his eyes.


“And that I love her…” Her voice was trembling now. Her walls finally breaking down from around her as he heard her hiccup through sobs. He was surly she’d be having a full breakdown if he didn’t get out of there soon…he couldn’t bare to watch that.

“Yeah…” And with that, he rushed outside, not willing to hear anymore of Shouto’s goodbye speech.

He felt like he was finally saying goodbye to everything bad in his life…and for the first time…he didn’t know how he felt about that.

Chapter Text

If there was anything Izuku could say she fully stood by, it would be her beliefs. Right and wrong. The path to righteousness. Giving to the less fortunate. Thanking for what she received. Forgiving and forgetting.

She believed that no matter how deranged the person was, everyone deserved an equal chance at life. That no matter what they’d done, anyone can atone for their sins. Whether they could feel the heavy pressure of it on their mind, or just a slight disturbance. The weight of sins will grow and grow until you can’t bear them any longer. Until they drive you to a state of insanity. Or depression.

This is why Izuku would always be sure to confess her sins in church. No matter how small. She’d always value her honesty. And little did she know that others did too.

However, at some point Izuku had stopped going into the confessional and admitting her wrong doings. She didn’t know why. It just seemed…pointless to her now. Maybe it was because she was doing things wrong. Maybe it was her beliefs; collapsing in on themselves. Maybe it was because she was now the one with too many sins to confess. She couldn’t tell right from wrong anymore. She didn’t know the true path to righteousness. She never gave to the less fortunate like she used to. She doesn’t thank for what she’s received. She doesn’t forgive. And she’d certainly doesn’t forget.

“Izuku? How are you doing?” A familiar black ponytail appeared at her bedroom doorway, carrying a tray of food which was clearly meant for her.

Izuku been bedridden for about a week now. Her wounds were still very delicate but she’d fought to come home under the condition she’d constantly be looked after. Like a child. Just the thought alone made her want to go back. Then again, it wasn’t any better there. She was told that her wounds would scar eventually, and that she should be careful with her digestion, listing off certain foods and drinks that could become an irritant for quite a while. She had lost a lot of blood and was apparently extremely lucky to get there when she did. But every night, she couldn’t help lifting up her shirt and gently tracing along the bandages, reminding herself that-no. She wasn’t lucky at all. She gained these scars because she wasn’t strong enough to fend for herself. They were an embarrassment. They were shameful. They were physical reminders of the person she’d lost.

“I’m fine” She mumbled emotionlessly as she watched Momo place down the tray in front of her, sitting on the edge of the bed while watching her every move like a hawk.

Izuku knew she said she wanted to see her old friend again, but like this…it seriously wasn’t a good time. She was too depressed for any of her babysitting. She just lost someone she loved because she was incompetent…she didn’t need to have people surrounding her like she’d just lost an arm or something.

“I can eat alone” Izuku told her stubbornly, not bothering to even touch the tray of food laid neatly in front of her. A simple bowl of soup, looking and smelling so displeasing to her.

She never even thought that was possible.

It was just soup.

Why did it make her want to vomit?

“I’m afraid of what might happen if I leave,” Momo told her honestly, smiling at her sadly “forgive me for being selfish.”

Izuku just looked away from her and towards her window, watching the snow outside build up around her windowsill. The entire street as far as she could see; white. If felt almost as if she could blink and christmas would fly past, right alongside the new year.

She supposed this is what it must feel like to loose touch with reality.

“Would you like me to feed you?” Momo asked softly as she picked up the spoon and the bowl, not waiting for Izuku’s reply before she was already blowing on it, waiting for it to cool a little.

“…I’m really not hungry“ Izuku sighed for the nth time.

“I know. But I can not let you starve. The doctor did say soft foods and drinks, right? There is absolutely nothing a warm bowl of soup can’t fix.”


“Here” Momo help up the spoon, shoving it in Izuku’s unwilling mouth, smiling when she glared at her, accepting her fate.

“Your mother has been asking about you. Would you like me to say anything? I am aware that you wouldn’t like her to see you in this state. But I think some one-on-one time would really help you feel better.”

Izuku shook her head gently, her messy greasy set of green curls falling into her face as she stared at her duvet she began to fiddle with “No. I don’t want to see her.”

Momo frowned but didn’t protest “Understood.”




“Is she alright? Did you ask her if I could see her yet? Is she healing okay?” Inko bombarded the black haired girl who exited Izuku’s room with a half empty bowl of soup upon a tray she’d taken in less than twenty minutes ago.

“Ah, Inko. Yes, I believe she’s healing quite well despite her low mood and her excessive feeling of nausea when ingesting fluids…She still insists that you should leave her be however…” Momo told her reluctantly, looking away in order to not become a victim to the heartbroken look on Inko’s face.

“O-oh. I see. Thank you for looking after her anyway. I appreciate all you’re doing. As a mother, all I want is the best for Izu…but she still keeps pushing me away. I know so little about what has happened. I’m a bad mother, aren’t I? I should have stopped this from happening-“

“Of course not. Izuku loves you…she is just afraid of you hurting when observe her state…I sincerely assure you, nothing you could have done would have prevented this situation. It was just the most unfortunate timing, that’s all…She is my friend, it’s only natural to look after her, is it not? You may trust me to take care of your daughter, if you please” Momo faked a smile, hoping that Izuku would soon see sense again. See that her mother was there for her, that she needed her much more than she realised.

When Momo had first found Katsuki in the waiting room at the hospital her heart had stopped, being hit by a wave of confusion and depression. Izuku had only told her that her girlfriend had made her cry. And now she was in the emergency department?…How had she been so blind? As Katsuki began to explain ‘everything’, she slowly understood what was going on. Even if there were huge chucks missing. The main thing that she knew, was what had happened.

She remembered Ochako’s look of horror when she’d woken up surrounded by police. Momo had explained the situation to her the best she could, despite not knowing much herself. The police had thanked them and offered them a ride home.

They never saw Izuku nor Katsuki that night.

Momo hadn’t known why until she got the call from the blonde boy explaining that Izuku was in critical condition, but she didn’t pry for details, no matter how curious she was. That was when they both took a taxi to the hospital and he explained her state.

It was by far, one of the hardest experiences of her life. Sitting in a waiting room with two or three of your crying friends while another of of your friends you’ve known for so long is inside a room which none of them could see. Waiting to be told if she had made it. Minds racing as they thought of each and every possible outcome to this situation.

They had waiting there all night, Katsuki’s dull eyes never leaving the door Izuku was behind as Momo played the babysitter, running back and forth from the vending machines in an attempt to calm herself down. Katsuki didn’t eat her snacks, didn’t even speak a word…but that was okay because Ochako ate and sobbed enough for him.

“You’re a great friend then. I’m glad she has someone like you” Inko forced a smile despite her tears.

A feeling Momo could relate to well.

She wasn’t a great friend.

She hadn’t been there for Izuku.

She should’ve took a train earlier.

She should have done a lot of things.

“Thank you Inko. I deeply appreciate your compliments.”

Something told Momo that Inko hadn’t been told the full story either.




Katsuki breathed in a long drag of weed, the joint between his fingers feeling heavier and heavier with each hit he took. His head started to feel lighter than it had ever been before, the snowy concrete steps beneath him slowly soaking through his jeans. But it didn’t seem to bother him all that much. He’d been through worse.

“I see you’re enjoying my piece offering” He heard a familiar voice crossing the street. Shindo wearing a thin coat and carrying a worn out backpack that had clearly torn and been sown back together in places.

Katsuki scoffed and put out the joint in the snow on the step below him, crushing it under his boot before watching as Shindo took a seat beside him. The calming silence between them a sign that they were finally on a level of understanding with each other.

“So you’re finally homeless, huh?” Katsuki asked with a sniffle, the cold already beginning to affect him, he couldn’t imagine having to live outside all winter. He had barely been out here ten minutes.

He would say he felt sorry for Shindo…But he knew that would be giving the asshole way too much attention.

“Yup. A headless house and a houseless head…my roommate is probably going to be kicked out since I was in charge of rent. Serves him right though, honestly.”

Katsuki huffed a breathless laugh “Asshole.”

“I know he was.”

“I was talking about you.”

“What?! Why?!” Shindo asked in horror, he knew he was an asshole but his pride couldn’t handle it being pointed out so bluntly like that. Especially without any explanation behind it.

“…You remind me a lot of myself in some ways. Thats probably why I hate your guts…So you’re an asshole.”

The curly black haired boy tugged his thin coat closet around himself and gave a shaky smile “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Katsuki shrugged “Take it or leave it. It’s the only thing you’re going to get from me.”

Shindo nodded leaving the two in silence for a moment longer before he finally addressed the question lingering on his mind “How’s Izuku?”

A quick glance told Katsuki all he needed to know about how Shindo was feeling in that moment. He was read like a book. He was read so quickly…he felt like a fucking letter with arms and legs. He felt predicted. Judged. Cliched…He didn’t want to feel that way. His feeling were what they were and that’s that. He wasn’t about to be judged for something beyond his control. Yet he didn’t want everything to evolve around these feelings either. He didn’t want to destroy them, but he also wouldn’t act upon them. He would just leave them be. They seemed like the only warmth he’d receive this winter.

“She’s fine.“

Right…he should’ve known better. Katsuki wasn’t the type of person to judge you to your face. He’d judge you silently. So that you’d always question what was lingering on his mind. Where as Shindo would tell you directly what he was thinking. Even if he didn’t, he’d be read anyway.

Katsuki was wrong.

He wasn’t like him at all.

“…Did you tell her about Mitsuki?-”

“She doesn’t need to know” The blonde interrupted.


Katsuki’s eyes trailed the falling snowflakes, the silence between them holding a small tension. He knew about Shindo’s current living condition. But he also knew that he’d leech off of him at every opportunity he got. He was manipulative. He was someone you shouldn’t trust. Katsuki wasn’t about to just say ‘oh come in from the cold, would you like some tea?’ It was unrealistic. Katsuki couldn’t afford to pay for another person in his home, when his father fell into depression, he was the only one trying to make income. Sure, those jobs rarely lasted but at least he was trying. He didn’t tell Izuku about Shindo’s situation either, knowing her and Inko would’ve taken him in as soon as they could. That’s just the kind of people they were. They hated to see anyone suffering when they could do something about it. But Katsuki wanted Shindo as far away from them as possible. And Shindo knows it too.

“You were wrong before. I wasn’t enjoying it. I was just seeing what was worth all the money people spend on the shit. Honestly, I’m kind of disappointed. Not enough bangs for my taste. So…you shouldn’t give it away. I’m sure you’d be locked up for a few months if they found out you were part of the league” Katsuki told him as he had they exchanged a small conversation through eye contact. Shindo catching on to what he was trying to say.

Prison would be shelter. Food. It would let him survive the winter.

And if he wanted to keep making it up to himself, he had to make sure he lived his life to the fullest. He couldn’t just give up now.

“You’re right,” Shindo smirked as he stood up from the stairs they were perched upon “they’d lock me away for a while. In a while then, Katsuki.”

The said man watched as Shindo strutted off in the direction of the police station. Not once looking back. And Katsuki couldn’t help but roll his eyes, a small smile graving his face as he stood up too, waking up the steps to Izuku’s front door before letting himself inside.

Walking up the stairs, Katsuki pulled out his phone, scrolling through messages he’d received from extras who asked how Izuku was since she wasn’t answering her phone.


Fuck off, they don’t care, they just want attention from someone who’s not well. They’d dump her within days.

Katsuki couldn’t help the scowl grow on his face as he opened up Izuku’s door, quickly replacing it with a mask of calmness before the girl could make a fuss about him.

“I’m going to get some shit for dinner tomorrow, do you want anything picking up?” He asked as he grabbed his coat and his car keys from the side of Izuku’s bed.

“I’m fine” Izuku mumbled with a small smile of reassurance, shifting around uncomfortably in her soft warm bed. It had felt like so long since she’d properly used her legs. Everyone around her just seemed to keep babying her. If it wasn’t Katsuki it was Momo, and if it wasn’t Momo it was Ochako, and if it wasn’t Ochako it was Iida. It took a toll on her pride. She needed a break. Her need to be independent was desperately clawing up her throat, begging to be voiced. It had almost been three weeks since the…incident. And today…she really felt ready. She just hoped Katsuki would feel the same.

“C-can I come with you?” She asked hesitantly, her eyes averting from the way he froze in his tracks. He was going to say no. She just knew it. She needed to explain why.

“I just feel like…I need some air. I feel better, I really do!”

Katsuki sighed heavily, and turned towards Izuku who was still watching a very interesting spot on the floor.

“Izuku…we’ve been over this.”

“B-but that was last week! I’m a week better now! I just would really like to go outside, I’m going to go insane if I stay inside this bed any longer!”

“…I fucking hate you” Katsuki mumbled as quickly gave in to her pleading, pulling back the blankets and watching as her eyes lit up as he gently helped her out of bed. Watching him with weary eyes as she held on to him, somehow managing to stand on wobbly feet.

With the brightest smile, Izuku thanked him, the two of them taking their time to make it down the stairs and out the front door. Izuku’s taste of fresh air more refreshing than she’d ever thought it would be.

“Can we walk?” Izuku asked which was replied to with a firm shake of Katsuki’s head.

“No. Compromise with me at least a little Izuku. You’re not ready for that yet. We’ll get you walking again as soon as possible, alright? I promise. I’ll take you to loads of places.”


Katsuki snickered at her random comment “Erm okay. Like Spain.”

“I’ll hold you to that” She smiles cheekily, watching the scenery fly by. The grit on the roads crunching under the tires, but downed out by the soft hum of fan swirling heat around the car and the occasional soft screech of the window wipers wiping away the falling snow. It was a pleasant journey, for sure. Izuku had even noticed that Katsuki had taken them the long way around just so she couldn’t enjoy being out of the house a little more.

It was the little things Izuku appreciated.

“Alright. Wait here, cause I don’t want you coming in and carrying everything or spending all my money, alright?…I won’t be long” Katsuki told her as he pulled up outside the large supermarket which was open 24/7. Which was lucky for them since it was getting pretty late. The darker winter nights definitely did not help. It was dark so early these days.

Izuku say there for a few moments watching the snow fall out of the windscreen before she got bored, drawing faces on the condensation on the windows didn’t seem to help either.

After about five minutes, she started taking in the scenery around hem, noticing that the lights were still on in the church she went to across the street.

Was there a service on today?

With a confused glance, Izuku wrapped her fluffy pink scarf tighter around herself as she got out of Katsuki’s warm car, the cold hitting her in the face as soon as she did. The wind definitely did not keep her hair in place as she focused on not letting the poor scarf fly away, slowly making her way across the empty street, stopping for a moment to admire the way the church looked covered in snow. It was truly a beautiful sight.

Opening the large doors, Izuku panted slightly, not used to walking this much after weeks of doing nothing, and especially not in this weather.

She shouldn’t be doing this.

She wasn’t well enough yet.

It was empty. Or at least, it seemed empty. Candles, high and low, were lit all around. There were no bags nor coats that belonged to anyone. It was just…empty.

Chewing on her bottom lip nervously, Izuku started walking further and further down the isle of the church, her heart missing a beat as the door slammed shut with the wind behind her, causing her to clutch at her chest through her coat. Pain adding itself to the list of problems she was facing right now. She’d have to take some painkillers when she had the chance.

Even through this experience, Izuku found it strange that she wasn’t scared. She was alone. At dark. In a church. But she wasn’t scared. She actually felt rather…comforted? It was strange. Why didn’t she feel this way with Shouto? Was it because there were candles lit? Because it wasn’t dark? Because she is on a lot of pain medication? Whatever the reason, it made her smile softly, making her way towards the front where her eyes brought her to the confessional booth; open at the side of the room.

Was someone in there? Had someone been in there? Why was it open? Didn’t they lock these things?

And yet no matter how she found herself asking these questions, she felt drawn to it. As if something was pulling her in. Maybe this was what she needed.

As she walked inside, she carefully shut the door behind her, checking to see if there was anyone on the other side, but found that she couldn’t see due it being blacked out.

“U-um. I know that I’m probably talking to myself here. But that’s okay. I just would like to get a few things off of my chest…Over the past three months I’ve…sinned. A lot. I had a romantic relationship with another woman. I had…inappropriate thoughts. Thoughts I couldn’t control. Thoughts I shouldn’t be having. But I was truly in love with her. She wasn’t perfect…and she didn’t know a single thing about what it meant to have a normal life, she wasn’t the woman of my dreams, nor did she never make a mistake. But all these things…they just made me love her even more. I wanted to give her a normal life…I wanted her to learn that it’s okay to make mistakes. Because I make mistakes too. I know what it’s like to have no one forgive you. To feel like you’re hated by even your closest friends…I wanted her to feel accepted around me. Safe. That I was a place she could always come to, no matter what!” Izuku sobbed, playing with the ends of her scarf as her vision blurred to beyond what was seeable “I wanted her to know that I could be that person. But now she’s gone. She’s gone and I-I’ve never felt like this before! My heart…I can’t take it! Someone is ripping me apart! I-I just want it to end! Please…why won’t it end? Why did you have to take her away from me?! This is all your fault! I hate you! I hate you so f-fucking much! What right do you have to give her a bad life?! She deserves so much more!…She deserves me!”

Izuku continued sobbing and screaming; kicking the door in front of her in anger until her throat was raw and her tears had run dry. Feeling exhausted as she slumped back down. Her emotions getting the best of her, admittedly. She’d forgot where she was until she wiped her damp cheeks dry with her sleeve, sniffling gently as she drew in shaky breathes. Listening to the silence that heavy surrounded her for moment before she heard a small voice from the booth next to her, causing her to freeze.

“…Don’t cry.”

Izuku wondered if she’d really heard it for a moment. Her mind playing tricks on her, giving her something she wanted to hear instead of something she didn’t. But the thought of someone being there made her tears turn silent, her voice holding an emotionally unstable wobble as she tried to answer back.

“I’m so sorry you had to hear that. Please don’t worry about me.”

She waited another few moments for an answer, but received nothing. It really was just in her head then huh? With a final sniffle and a heavy sigh, she stood up and exited the confessional, giving a quick once over of the other side before deciding to head back to the car. Katsuki would start a search party if he came back and she was gone. How long had she even been in there? It must have been a while by how bad her throat felt.

“Izuku!” She heard a familiar voice call out behind her, turning around to see the girl she’d been crying about for the past four weeks on the side from which she’d just emerged from. She looked different but oh so familiar. She had cut her hair short, her eyes were the same except it was clear she’d been crying, and the bags under her eyes told a story of their own. She was wearing dirty leggings and a man’s checked shirt with holes in, she’d clearly been living in a dump…but no matter what she looked like, Izuku couldn’t help the huge swell within her heart. All the love she had for this person physically paining her. She was…alive. She was here.

The two of them stood there for as long as they can remember, Izuku so completely speechless that she’d frozen. She was faintly aware that she had also started shaking at some point. She wasn’t sure why though. There were multiple reasons. But one she could completely cross off the list, was fear. She wasn’t scared. Despite now knowing more or less everything about this girl. She wasn’t scared at all.

Shouto had seemed to notice her condition and slowly started walking towards her, as if afraid Izuku would run away if she approached to quickly. Sighing in content when they were finally in front of each other once again, her hand reaching to gently brush the long parts of Izuku’s fringe behind her ear, smiling lovingly at the way Izuku’s mouth began opening and closing wordlessly.

But that was fine. Shouto had a lot to say.

“I’m sorry Izuku. I hurt you. I really…really hurt you. I can never apologise enough…It was never my intention. Everything I did was for myself. But when it comes to you, I can’t seem to stop being selfish” Shouto gulped a little as her face twisted in metaphorical pain, her eyes glued to the area Izuku’s injury would be “But by being selfish I only caused you pain. You don’t deserve that. No matter how you may think otherwise…It seems my way of loving is more sinister than I originally realised. And I can only apologise. You were never supposed to be caught within my troubles. It’s just that…I’ve never felt this way before. The kindness you showed me…that you’ve always shown me…I would love to see the world through your eyes. You see through me. I know you do. You’re so smart…Even in another life, I know that I will never feel this way again. You’re truly the best thing that has ever happened to me. So…” Shouto spoke softly, lowering her forehead to connect with Izuku’s as they gently shut their eyes, drowning in each other’s warmth “don’t cry.”

Izuku relaxed as she leaned against Shouto uncontrollably, wrapping her arms around her neck and being brought into an embrace, moving her face to shove in Shouto’s neck, bringing her impossibly closer. Ah…she was always here so emotional when it came to Shouto. She missed being this vulnerable around another person.

“Don’t leave me again…please don’t leave me again” Izuku pleaded, the way Shouto held her tightly yet extremely gently, stroking her curly green hair which had grown even longer since the last time they saw each other. It caused her to feel a little chocked up. She had really missed her…

She felt Shouto laugh against her as she pulled away slightly to cup Izuku’s cheeks in her palms, staring into her glossy green eyes “I’ve never left you Izuku. I’m always with you.”

“Y-you better be!” Izuku pouted watching as Shouto gave her a small wink before catching her lips in a long overdue kiss.

Izuku hasn’t realised the extent of ‘I miss you’ with a family member before. The saying was true. You never truly know you love something until you let it go. And although Izuku hadn’t let it go. It was physically ripped away from her when she least expected it. It was heart breaking. Soul crushing. She never wanted to feel that way before.

And yet here she was, heartbroken and sinning in a church, finding herself caring less and less because the person she loved was okay. She was alive. And she was happy.

Izuku pulled back reluctantly, giggling when Shouto tried multiple times to go back in for another kiss, smiling herself when she finally pulled away, watching the way Izuku giggled in front of her. She caused that. The swell of pride made her cheeks burn slightly and the smile on her face was probably dopey. But she wanted to enjoy her time with Izuku. Because she knew it couldn’t last long.

The thought brought a heavy weight on the happiness she’d just been feeling, her smile twitching downwards, causing Izuku to immediately noticed the change in her attitude.

“Hey…are you okay?”

Shouto smiled again at Izuku’s concern, pushing the feelings away. She could always deal with them later. For now she should explain herself.

“I’m…on the run from the police. I’ve been staying with some old guy and his dog ever since. They’ll…they’ll kill me if they found me, Izuku. I put my prints all over the place so that you guys were clear. They took your blood in for analysis…that’s why they came to you with questions. But I swear they aren’t suspecting your friends. I would never do that to you. I want to stay here with you. But I can’t. Please understand why I can’t-“

“S-Shouto! Please don’t say things like that!-“

“No, Izuku. It’s true…no matter how much I want to…I can’t stay. But that doesn’t mean I won’t always be by your side. Whether you can see me or not. I’ll be there…” Shouto sighed sadly, twirling a stand of Izuku’s hair around her finger, watching the way it bounced back into a curl as she let it go “So if you love me as much as you say you do. Please wait for me.”

Izuku nodded rapidly at the request, refusing to let herself cry dry tears as she felt Shouto bring her into another hug. Savouring the little time that they had left together.

If this is going to be the end. Even if only for a while. Izuku would have to let go again. She’d have to go back home with the knowledge that Shouto is out there hurting. It was hard. Izuku didn’t want Shouto to hurt anymore. And with her confession of feelings earlier, she was pretty sure she understood that.

“Don’t worry, honey. I have a dog and a person to look after now don’t I?” Shouto chucked as she pulled away, taking a few steps back as if to restrain herself from wanting more “Don’t put your life on pause waiting for me. Please live happy knowing the fact that we’ll meet again and that I love you. Look after yourself.”

And with that, Shouto quickly walked past her and to the church’s exit, both of them keeping their heads down as Shouto opened and closed the big doors, leaving Izuku to draw her own deductions.

Shouto had known she’d come here. It was as obvious as day. She knew how Izuku was feeling and she wanted to help. Although she doubted outing herself was part of the plan, she was glad she saw Shouto. It was proof that she was alive and that was all she needed.

At the thought of their reunion, Izuku smiled to herself, turning around to make her way back to Katsuki’s car. Looking around for a moment when she got outside to see if she could spy those familiar red and white colours, but found that she couldn’t. Shouto was already long gone.

Slowly making her way back to the car, she quickly cursed herself when she saw Katsuki’s silhouette in the drivers seat. He’d been waiting for her to come back.

Damn it.

With a small breath, she opened the passenger door and carefully placed herself in the car, refusing to look in Katsuki’s direction.

“You know…you could have left me a fucking note if you were going to go off like that. Or do you like seeing me scared shitless?”

“…That’s not it. I’m sorry. I just needed some time to myself. I’m sorry for taking advantage of your kindness.”

With a heavy huff, Katsuki relaxed his tense shoulders, knowing Izuku didn’t mean anything by it. He was just really fucking worried. That’s all. No big deal, right?

“Whatever. You’re back now” Katsuki told her nonchalantly, starting up his car and flicking the bright lights on, both of their minds racing as he pulled out of the empty car park.




“Queen of hearts!” Ochako cheered as she placed down the card on top of a pile of used ones. Tenya and Momo both pulling faces at how lucky she’d been these past few rounds. They were all seated in Izuku’s kitchen waiting for her and Katsuki to return. This was a way of making use of that time.

“My my Ochako. You certainly deserved that” Momo smiled as she watched Ochako take the money that they were betting on the table. Honestly, she kind of felt like a sugar mommy. Since it was mostly her money they’d betted. It was strange to say that she’d been finding ways to give Ochako a helping hand without giving her money directly. She didn’t want the brunette to feel pitied though. So she’d continue with her discreet methods.

Looking down at her two of spades and Tenya’s four of clubs she could officially call herself a grade A cheater. Not that Tenya had any idea she was rigging the game for Ochako to win. And it was probably better off that way.

“I feel like i’m winning to much! There has to be at least five thousand here!” Ochako stated worryingly, looking over at Momo for some kind of reassurance.

“Don’t worry, Ochako. You won it didn’t you? It’s all yours. It’s not as if I will miss it.”

Ochako smiled slightly, biting her cheek to prevent something larger from emerging.

“Thank you…”

A bang of the front door opening and closing told them that the people of the house were home.

“We’re in here!” Tenya called out, keeping his eyes on the next deal of cards, determined to win this round.

“What the fuck are you all doing? You better not have betted anything of mine!” Katsuki told them as he took off his coat, the others almost choking in surprise to find Izuku following behind him.

“I-Izuku! Are you feeling alright? Are you sure you should be up?” Ochako asked in concern, rushing over to attempt helping the green haired girl to walk, forgetting completely about the game and the money she’d left on the table.

“That’s alright Ochako. I feel okay, honest…thank you for looking after me everyone. But I swear I’ll be alright if you want to leave. You don’t have to continue staying here for my sake. You have things to do in your own life’s.”

Ochako frowned but couldn’t deny that she was right. Ochako has been putting of her coursework for school in order to look after Izuku. She was supposed to be bringing Izuku notes of what they’d been learning but it felt like she couldn’t even concentrate in class anymore. Everything was weighing on her heavily. Maybe she did care too much about others…but this was her friend! And she’d been stabbed! She had the right to be concerned…but looking around her, Izuku already had so many people to do that job for her. It wasn’t like she was going without company. She had plenty.

“I suppose it could be good to get some air” Ochako faked a smile, everyone seeming convinced with her act apart from Momo, who looked at her confused.

When Momo had first arrived, Ochako had thought of her as…well there was no way to sugarcoat it, she thought of her as a rich bitch. She seemed pleasant at first glance but Ochako didn’t know how long she was going to keep the act for. But sitting there, looking at her with those dark eyes full of concern, she couldn’t see any part of her that was fake. No matter how hard she tried. No matter how much she tried not to rely on on her good judgement of people, her answer would always be the same.

It was hard to find people like this these days. Ochako gives so much and doesn’t receive anything in return. No matter how much she liked looking after Tenya all the time…she needed looking after too sometimes. It was…strange that someone like that was finally in her life. Not that Izuku was fake or bad in anyway. But the green haired girl was an airhead. She was oblivious to anything she wasn’t told directly and Ochako wasn’t one to talk about her feelings. She preferred to suffer in silence.

Since meeting Izuku, everything in her life seemed to be steadily going uphill. Touch wood. She felt happier more often, she felt…free. More so than she had before. When she dedicated her life to her goals. Now, she was just living in the moment; joyously. She wouldn’t have guessed that it was even possible to be at a point where you’re just content with your life.

Of course, these were feelings she briefly touched upon before Izuku got stabbed and started disappearing from school. And she never quite got the chance to view them in their full potential. But somehow…she just knew that those feelings would find their way back.

She wouldn’t leech off of Izuku’s kindness, Momos wealth, Tenya’s disability or Katsuki’s loyalty. She would make it happen herself. That was one thing she’d always stood by. And it was one that was respected by all the many people she hasn’t told.

“Wish she’d just fucking listen for once” Katsuki huffed as he pulled out a spare chair, helping Izuku sit down before pulling out on of his own and slumping down in it moodily.

“I’m sorry…” Izuku frowned, looking at all of her friends that had gathered in her house to help her through these tough times.

Izuku had never been more grateful to have met them.

Even if she was selfish enough to use them until she could get better. She’d make it up to them! And to Shouto too…

“Let’s get you back in bed then, alright? You have been out and about for far too long now, don’t you agree?” Momo advised, looking to everyone else and hoping they’d agree with her so that Izuku would finally listen, thanking the heavens when everyone nodded at her statement.




Shouto hummed a familiar melody to herself as she looked down at the corpse of the old man she’d been trying to look after. The young and malnourished German Shepherd whining sadly about the death of its owner, desperately poking it’s dry and peeling nose against the wrinkled cheek as.

It was no good.

No matter how much the dog tried, the man wouldn’t come back. As she watched the heartbreaking scene play out in front of her she couldn’t help but see the parallels between them and her and Izuku.

If Izuku ever died…Shouto would be just like this dog. Desperately trying to keep her alive. Though, she doubted the dog would have the capacity to kill itself willingly out of sadness. That was one thing that they didn’t have in common.

Although it’s different now then it was before. Shouto used to be living her life for the sake of eventually dying. But now she had something to live for, it was strange to say the least. She felt less numb knowing there was someone that cared so deeply for her out there. One person; all she needed.

Thinking back to the day she first saw Izuku in her school she couldn’t help but smile to herself, she’d recognise that green hair anywhere. No matter how old they were, no matter where she went, if she dyed it, if it was in a sea of other greens. She would always find Izuku. And she believed that was fate.

Tucking a piece of her short hair behind her ear, she walked towards the suffering dog, who looked up at her with the saddest dark brown eyes, glistening with tears.

She couldn’t help but compare.

Kneeling down, she took the dogs face in her hands and gently wiped at its tears, placing a soft kiss against it’s dirty forehead.

“You’ll be alright. I’ll look after you now, okay…?” Shouto asked, smiling softly as she saw the dog lick the palm of her hand gently, taking that as a sign of peace between them. A contract between human and dog that would never be broken.

Standing back up, Shouto turned away from the body, watching as the dog followed her out of the small shelter they’d been staying at and onto the run down concrete path. Quite surprised to find the hound so loyal to her already. Then again, she had been living with them for the past few weeks.

“I suppose if were going to be together for a while you’ll need a name right?” She asked, thinking back to the old man, he couldn’t talk much so she never did learn about the dogs name.

The dog barked softly in agreement, it’s throat raw from lack of water.

“Alright…how about…angel? Does that sound good to you?”

The dog just wagged it’s tail and barked once more as it continued to follow beside her on the side of the road. A road to god knows where.

“I’m glad you like it…religion is quite sentimental to me, so you must be pretty special to have a name like that.”

Flashes of the night she’d spent hours lighting all the candles in the church for Izuku swept through her mind. Of course, she never thought Izuku would break down like that. Her heart wasn’t prepared. It fucking hurt to hear all of that.

That Izuku was hurting because of her.

She just couldn’t let it go on any longer.

She would choose to follow her heart and not her brain.

Her brain always seems to screw her over.

At the sound of sirens, Shouto quickly slipped into the nearest allyway, Angel following her as they both waited until it had drove by, finally being able to breathe again.

This was her life now.

Hiding and running.

Couldn’t they see she just wanted to be normal? Surly they’d let her go if she told them about her mental health, right? Even if that was the case, she couldn’t take any chances. She’d never forgive herself if she ruined her chance to be with Izuku again.

She’d have to change her appearance, change her clothes, change everything about herself until she was safe again. Maybe getting out of this country would be a good idea.

But then she’d never see Izuku…

Shouto frowned, willing away the tears that threatened to spill, looking towards Angel who was staring at her in concern.

What could she even do now?




“So, I assume everything is starting to settle?” Shigaraki asked, watching as Katsuki glared daggers into his soul from across the small table, the cup of tea that was left as a peace offering left untouched and growing cold.

“Ignoring me isn’t going to make things any easier. You can either talk…or I’ll get someone to make you talk” Shigaraki threatened, beginning to scratch his neck with how angry he was getting.

“Beat me all you want. I already told you. Shouto’s dead. And I sure as hell ain’t taking her place.”

Shigaraki sighed heavily, slumping down in his chair slightly as he began to tap the table impatiently, gesturing to the person behind him to take the tea away, feeling Katsuki’s eyes glare at him the entire time.

“We have to come to an agreement sooner or later. What’s it going to be? I’m starting to get mad receiving nothing. You and your ‘friends’ kill my league and expect to get out of here without some sort of deal? I’m afraid you’re sorely mistaken…Is the little miss that was stabbed alright?-.”

“SHUT THE FUCK UP!” Katsuki raged as he suddenly stood up, being held back by two people as he desperately tried to punch the living shit out of the grey haired guy in front of him, his eyes pulsating in rage. His vision; red.

Shigaraki smiled to himself. Finally, something he could use as blackmail “Oh? Sore subject? I thought it was fair. An army for a girl. I’m sure she’d attract plenty new recruits! She could take Shouto’s place right?…They we’re together after all weren’t they? It’d be a shame if poor Izuku was told otherwise…It’s so easy to forge messages these days!”

Katsuki was literally fucking growling, his mouth being held shut by one of the guys behind him as he continued struggling.

“Of course, none of this has to happen if you agree to my terms…”

Behind his blind rage, Katsuki smirked to himself, freezing in the security’s hold before beginning to chuckle, full on laughing as they fully realised him, watching Shigaraki’s confused face “You think she’s a fucking idiot? I got tough news for you buddy, and this is gonna throw a spanner in your works. Shouto is still fucking alive! And she’s not in prison either!”

The look on Shigaraki’s face was priceless, so he continued.

“And guess what?! She’s gonna fucking hunt you down and gut you like a fucking fish if word gets out you’re even thinking about touching that girl. And don’t fucking forget about me either! I’m not a fucking laughing stock! I’m stronger than all you fuckers! You’re underestimating me! And you’re underestimating that girl! She may have been stabbed, but she’s stronger than you’ll ever be! And she won’t be fucking happy when she hears you’re still alive.”

Sure, Katsuki was exaggerating a bit…okay he was exaggerating a lot. But it seems that his plan to wind Shigaraki’s cogs had worked if the look on his face was anything to go by.

“Alive…that certainly is a problem…” Shigaraki muttered, scratching his neck even harder than before.

Katsuki mentally cursed himself for letting the secret he knew slip. His mind flashing to last night, from Shouto walking out of the church and Izuku then walking out a few moments later. He knew she wasn’t going to tell him about their little meeting, whatever it may be about. But by the calmness and obedience she’d showed since, it had clearly soothed her mental pain. And now he was ruining that. He was exposing a secret that he wasn’t supposed to even know. And he knew if Izuku found out, she’d never forgive him for that.

Everything was fucked up. There was no other way to put it. Ever since Shouto stumbled back into their life, it had been a living nightmare that Katsuki couldn’t seem to wake up from. It was exhausting. He just wanted everything to go back to the way it was. Where he didn’t have to lie to his best friend. Where everyone he loved was still alive. Where nothing was wrong and his innocence had returned. But there was nothing he could do. He’d rather kill himself than live through this sick hell any longer. He couldn’t put his friends in danger like this.

If the league wanted him so badly, there was only one way to stop them.

To die.

But of course, he wasn’t strong enough to do that. He had the courage, and he certainly had the bravery. But he just couldn’t.

If he was scared, he could just ask someone to kill him, right? So what was stopping him?

‘Assisted suicide.’

Shouto’s voice rang through his mind, reminding him of how the one he once loved had gone away. Left him here alone…was that how Izuku would feel too? If he ever left…would she cry for him the same way? Would she tune out the rest of the world like she did for Shouto? Who would she cry for the most?

These were questions that Katsuki would never ask in person. But would forever wonder the answers to.

“You’re such a brat. Why must you be so irritating?” Shigaraki asked through clenched teeth, his neck red and raw from his blunt fingernails relentless scraping.

Katsuki’s smirk and aura of confidence had long since dissipated, and the security were about to grab him once more when Shigaraki held up a hand for them to stop the approach.

“I see you don’t listen to reason. And that your unwilling to trade with our party of one. You’re being very unfair. You need to learn to play nicely. Your mother was like that too. Never knew when to shut her mouth and accept the reality of the situation. I can see now why Dabi orchestrated her death. Although…we did keep some remains…would you like to see?”

Katsuki’s face paled as he desperately tried not to puke, his body shaking in silent anger. But Shigaraki just continued his torment.

“Mothers are the weakness of all! They say. No one will ever know a love between a mother and it’s child! Or so they say. I don’t understand why. Aren’t all mothers just selfish whores that want to play with dolls? They decided what the child can and can’t do. It’s unfair, isn’t it? Aren’t birds supposed to leave the nest? To fly on it’s own? If it falls to the ground and splatters into a million little pieces, aren’t the mothers supposed to mourn? To grieve? To support the child so that it wouldn’t become unsightly roadkill-“

“You’re fucking deranged” Katsuki interrupted, noticing that Shigaraki was ranting and was unlikely to stop if wasn’t nipped in the butt.

“Deranged? You’re pretty rude, you know that? Maybe I should find someone else to take Shouto’s place, since you’d probably scare away our patrons anyway…”

“Great. That means I can leave now, right?”

“Hold on now. You forget that you still killed my entire party. I can’t just forgive that. What are you willing to do to clear the debt of my friends?”

“Fuck all,” Katsuki spat ”you deserve nothing from me.”

Shigaraki narrowed his eyes “I suggest you watch your tone, you’ll end up killing someone one day. And it’ll be all your fault. Won’t it?…Get him out of here. I’ll call for him when I figure out what his punishment shall be” The grey haired man ordered, watching as the security wrestled with Katsuki to get him outside.




“So…what are your plans for when you get better?” Ochako asked as her Tenya and Izuku all sat upon her bed, a board game placed in the small circle they sat in.

Izuku tapped her small metal character upon the board as it moved forward 4 spaces “Well…I have a few ideas.”

“You do?…I don’t know why I’m so surprised, you’ve probably been thinking this over a lot, haven’t you?” Ochako smiled, looking over at Tenya who was now shaking the dice to roll for his turn.

Izuku chuckled “Yeah. I guess you could say that…”

A small knock brought the three out of the game world and into reality, turning their heads as they watched Momo open the door, an expensive looking rucksack upon her back, no doubt weighing her down if the uncomfortable look on her face was anything to go by.

“What’s with the bag? Planning on moving in?” Ochako asked with a laugh, her smile quickly fading when she saw that Momo wasn’t even slightly amused, causing her to quickly look away with a blush of embarrassment on her face. Stupid. You shouldn’t make jokes if they’re not even funny.

“Actually…I’m heading home.”

“Home?! So soon?” Tenya asked, worriedly, wondering if he was about to lose a friend he’d barely even spoke to.

“I’m afraid so…My mother and father have been concerned about my attendance in education, so I shall be taking my leave before dusk.”

“Oh” Ochako frowned, a tightness in her heart making her feel rather uncomfortable.

Izuku smiled and nodded her head at Momo, not in the slightest bothered that her friend was finally leaving, this meant more alone time for her! Wow, that was kind of insensitive…but can you blame her? She hasn’t had time to herself in ages! “Have a safe trip.”

“I shall. Take care” Momo smiled sadly, shooting a glance at Ochako before she reluctantly shutting the door, the sound of footsteps getting further and further away from them, until eventually they heard the door downstairs shut.

“I was thinking about what would happen when I went back to school…do you think people will ask a lot of questions, I really hope they don’t-…Ochako? Are you okay?” Izuku asked, the said girl snapping to her attention, suddenly aware of the wet tears staining her cheeks.

“Huh?” She asked herself as she brought up a hand to her face, the stinging sensation she felt in her heart suddenly a lot more painful than it had been before, and her throat felt clogged with emotion.

“Are you hurt?” Izuku asked in concern moving the game out the way so she could comfort her friend, Ochako vaguely aware of Tenya also shouting worriedly.

“I-It hurts” Ochako could only manage, Izuku’s warm embrace being the final thing to spill her sobs over the edge, burying her face into the warm red jumper with a bunny wearing a christmas hat on, she’d brought it Izuku as an early Christmas gift. The truth was, she just couldn’t wait till christmas so she got impatient and gave out all her presents early, with the promise they’d receive more for christmas…somehow. Whenever she got the money.

“What hurts? Do you need the hospital? Or some painkillers?”

Her friends concern was slightly overwhelming, but not matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get out that she wasn’t in physical pain. It was emotional pain. Ochako didn’t know what to think. She’d never felt like this way about someone leaving her. It wasn’t as if Momo was leaving forever or anything. But it still hurt. A lot. Why did she feel like this? Why was it so painful? Why didn’t she feel this way for Izuku? Or for Tenya? Or Katsuki? Or literally anyone else?…But of course she had to feel like this for the person she’d meet less then four weeks ago. Someone so kind and caring and pretty and rich and stubborn and intelligent and accepting and understanding and willing and political and selfless and rational and headstrong and thoughtful—she could go on for hours. She felt her cheeks heat up at the thought of it all. She couldn’t just sit here.

Without thinking, she ripped herself from Izuku’s hold and rushed down the stairs, slipping her shoes on quickly before running to the train station where they’d first met, the wind in her head and the cold biting at her ears and nose; a strong reminder that she was running through snow.


Why was she running?

Panting heavily, Ochako almost slipped turning around a corner, but quickly held onto a lamppost nearby, continuing in a new direction, a strong feeling of determination setting her alive.


Why are you going so far?

You don’t know her.

She doesn’t know you.

She’s not the only one who’ll hear you.

…But she’s the only one you want to listen.

Taking a shortcut through a small mall, Ochako pushed her way past the busy crowds of people, soaking from the snow but unwilling to give in.

Your friends must think you’re a nutcase.

Running out on them like that.

What are you thinking?

They care about you.

They’re worried about you.

They love you.

So why are you leaving them alone right now?

For someone who doesn’t care about you?

For someone who doesn’t worry about you?

…For someone who doesn’t love you?

Pushing past the doors at the other side of the mall, Ochako took off running once again, tears spilling down her cheeks and freezing her face as they snow desperately cling to her hair.

She was sure this wasn’t normal.

She wasn’t supposed to feel like this.

But…she wanted to feel like this.

She was enjoying the way her heart was beating in her ears.

She was enjoying the way her adrenaline was heightened.

She was enjoying the fuzzy warm feelings around her body.

It pushed her forward.

Ochako looked ahead of her to see the train station at the end of the road, her throat feeling tight due to over exertion but her body kept pulling her forward.

Reaching her destination, Ochako quickly slowed down, desperately trying to catch her breath as she caught sight of the train Momo would be catching.

It hadn’t left yet!

With a small sigh of relief, Ochako rushes over and desperately looked around, catching sight of a familiar black hair beside an also familiar red and white, both of them turning to look at her, Momo’s eyes widening in shock while the other just looked at her confused.


Finally getting a grip on herself, Ochako realised where she was and what she’d done. She’d ran all the way here…Why?

“I-I’m s-s-sorry. I just um…” Ochako flustered, not knowing what to say, her eyes continuously flickering between Momo and who she believed to be Shouto.

She was…alive? What was she doing here with Momo? Did they know each other? Were they friends?

Momo’s face softened considerably, telling Shouto and the dog beside her to wait for a moment before she made her way over to Ochako, who was forcing herself to stay put.

Don’t run away.

Don’t run away.

Don’t run away.

“Did you come to say goodbye?” Momo asked sweetly.

Ochako had just stopped working at this point. Her emotions at an all time high, making her speechless and oh so red.

“...Thank you…for giving me the chance to say goodbye sincerely” Momo laughed, flashing her the million dollar smile before bringing her into a quick embrace. Not giving the other enough time to even think before she was pulling away to admire the way Ochako changed colours like christmas lights, the intercom interrupting their small moment, causing Momo to sigh softly and take a few steps back.

“It was a pleasure to meet you Ochako. Let’s meet again, okay?”

Ochako just stood there, watching as Momo and Shouto exchanged some words before they and the dog stepped onto the train. And out of her sight.

Ochako just stood there, watching as the train left the station.

Ochako just stood there, watching as her regrets came to haunt her.




Izuku sat at her kitchen table, a spoon stirring her tea as she waited for Ochako to arrive and explain what what had happened earlier. Tenya had fell asleep on the sofa a few hours ago. It was almost 4am. And Ochako had been out since 6.

She had called her parents to ask if she’d returned home but apparently they’d heard nothing from her.

How could she let Ochako leave like that?

The itching sensation on her stab wound was a reminder of why…she just-wished she could do more for her in that moment.

The long awaiting slam of the front door knocked her out of her head, rushing out of the kitchen to find Ochako stood there soaking from the snow, her eyes raw from crying and she couldn’t seem to stop shaking.

“Ochako…” Izuku frowned, quickly bringing her friend into a hug, not minding that her clothes were being soaked “let’s get you warm, okay?”

“Did you know about Shouto being alive?” Ochako muttered miserably as they walked up the stairs, Izuku stuttering in her steps in shock that she’d found out about that.

“U-um yeah…not for long though…”

Ochako only nodded “You deserve to know…Shouto was on the train with Momo. They…are friends…I think.”

Izuku looked at her in shock, a million thoughts racing through her mind at this moment. But she started with the one that was most obvious.

“…You saw Momo again?”

“Yeah. Before she left.”



The silence between them was deafening, Izuku grabbing blankets and towels in order to make Ochako warm again. Wrapping them around her shoulders as she went to go and run a warm bath, but not even managing to get out of the door before Ochako spoke again.

“…She deserved to die” She murmured to herself, freezing when Izuku stopped in her tracks, her green hair shadowing her expression.

“W-why would you say that to me?” Izuku asked, holding back her emotions. One of her closest friends telling her that the one she loved deserved to not be here anymore.

Ochako frowned, her words coming out different than she’d expected them to.

“I…I’m sorry I-“

“N-No. That’s not okay! You don’t know her like I do! No one does! Please stop hating her! Don’t judge her! She doesn’t deserve it! She doesn’t! Please…don’t ever do that again” Izuku cried, her tears soaking into the tips of her fringe, making it stick to her forehead as she wiped her eyes.

Ochako frowned, tightening the blanket around her shoulders, her friend had never been mad at her before. She’d crossed a line. And it made her feel worse than anything else that day.

“I really am sorry…I don’t know what I’m talking about. It was wrong of me to say something like that. I shouldn’t make you upset just because i’m feeling down…”

“I know…” Izuku sniffled, running her hands through her long hair soothingly before sighing “The bathroom is free…I’ll get you some clothes.”

There was tension between them.

Ochako knew that.

And she’d never felt worse.




“Merry Christmas” Katsuki huffed, putting down a small present on the table, looking at Shindo who sat in an orange jumpsuit, handcuffed to the other side.

“For me?…Thanks” Shindo smirked, looking at the small gift which was ripped along one side, no doubt in his mind that officers by the door had been digging around in there.

“It’s not a ticket out of here, but it’s something to bide your time” Katsuki explained as Shindo easily unwrapped the gift, laughing at the object inside.

“A keyboard key ring? Wow, best gift ever,” Shindo laughed, playing one of the five keys, listening to the small metallic sound it produced “It’s as cheap as me. I’m glad you realised what I’m worth.”

Katsuki just shrugged his shoulders with a small smirk on his face “Maybe you’ll come out of here a master pianist.”

“Oh I have no doubt about that. How is everyone?”

“By everyone you mean Izuku?” Katsuki asked with a raised eyebrow, not needing an answer as he continued anyway “She’s fine.”

“…What about you?” Shindo asked, a feeling clawing at him that the other was hiding something. They weren’t friends. So why was he even here? And with a present? He obviously wanted something.

“Oh so you actually care about me now?” Katsuki joked, sighing heavily when Shindo seemed less than amused.

“Shigaraki is still alive.”

“WHAT?!” Shindo shouted in panic, attempting to jump up in his seat but the security guards were quickly rushing over and pushing him back down, the other visitors and inmates at other tables watching them curiously.

“Sorry about that officers! Just told him his wife’s pregnant!” Katsuki excused with the fakest smile, watching as they reluctantly let him go, walking back over to where they patrolled the exit.

Shindo flopped back into the seat, leaning over the table slightly with wide eyes “You better not be fucking with me.”

“Why would I? I’m in the shit. I owe him. A lot.”

With a stuttering sigh, Shindo sat back in his seat “…fuck.”

“Yeah. Exactly. Fuck. That’s why I need your help. I don’t know what the fuck to do. I can’t get out of it because they’re threatening Izuku now and I know you don’t want that anymore than I do.”

“There is nothing Katsuki. There’s nothing you can do. The league are fucking mental. You destroyed his shit and now he has to destroy yours. This is why no one should have survived…it’s worse then anything else that could’ve happened. This is how they destroy people. This is why I left. Nothing good ever comes from it. You’re fucked now, Katsuki. There’s no way out. They’ll destroy everything you love before you get the chance. Even then they’ll still persist. I’ve seen it time and time again. It’s fucked up man. But that’s just how stubborn they are. Once they set their eyes on something. It’d have to be the fucking apocalypse to change their minds. Especially Shigaraki. He’s a child. But he knows how to crawl into someone’s mind. Don’t let him manipulate you…” Shindo advised.

Katsuki nodded, taking the advice on board as he heard the small bell ding, a sign that their time was up.

“Well, I’ll see you then Katsuki, look after my wife for me, yeah?”

“Sure thing.”

They both faked smiles and laughter, Katsuki’s immediately falling as he exited the room. He was fucked. He was super duper fucked. How can he get out of this? The only way would be to kill Shigaraki, right? But Shigaraki was recruiting new league members. He had to strike before he even got he chance.

He’d need help.

No matter how much he hated it, he needed Shouto.

It was finding her that was going to be the issue.

With a tut he walked out of the waiting room and toward the exit, his shiny black car waiting for him int he parking lot outside.

How long was this going to drag on for?




The extent of Shigaraki’s determination is something he needed to uncover if he was going to bring down the league once and for all. He needed to make sure no one would be there to take his place if he left. The last thing he’d want is a following of people threatening him for taking down the league. He had to be discreet about this. There was no room for a mistake. He’d come to far just to give up everything he’d fought for. The more information he got, the better.

He would just have to swallow his pride and join the league to take them down from the inside.