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Jelousy at its finest

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Cat came back for Kara.  While she was away she had realized her feelings for her former assistant. 

Now here she is waiting at the door trying to convince her self to knock. She took a breathe and knocked on the door. 

"One minute!" She assumed Kara said. 

The door opened. Kara Danvers was there staring at her.

Kara's eyebrows Furrowed, "Cat?"


Kara's eyebrows went back to normal,  "uh..  Come in, come in"

"I actually can't I have a friend waiting but uh I just came by to say 'Hi'." 

"Oh uh bye then..."

That was a lie Cat hadn't talked to anyone since she had been back. Not to mention she she barley had any friends. She just didn't want to seen like a loser. 

Maybe she will talk to Kara again tomorrow.