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Felicity of Themiscyra

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Starling City- May 2013

The room began to shake as the second Markov device went off.

“Oliver?” Felicity said into the comms. She wasn’t too proud to admit she was scared. The city was falling apart, she was trapped underground and she didn’t even know of anyone could hear her.

“Are you ok?”

“Yeah.” Another tremor shook the building and a bunch of lightbulbs exploded. “The damage seems to be contained on the east side, past Wells Street.”

“Laurel…” She could hear Oliver saying. She guessed he went to make sure she was safe.

“Felicity, what’s the damage to the foundry?” Digg asked her.

“I- I don’t know. I’m scared to look. I’m pretty sure the doorway is blocked, so I’m gonna need some help.” She answered.

“Stay right where you are. Don’t try to move anything. We’ll get you out of there.”

“Ok, can you- can you just keep talking please?” Felicity begged. “Otherwise I might lose my mind.”

“Never thought I’d see the day you didn’t have something to say.” Digg said trying to lighten the mood.

“Well, if I start talking, its gonna devolve into me discussing how scared I feel right now and how I think the ceiling might cave in on me and then I’m gonna start having a panic attack and-.”

“Ok, I get it. I ever tell you why I play the sax?” Digg asked her.

“No, you didn’t.”

About fifteen minutes later, the connection cut off. Felicity was surprised it had lasted this long. Of course, as soon as she lost the comms, the building began shaking again. A few chunks of concrete fell from the ceiling this time.

“They’re on the way. It’s gonna be fine. Just don’t freak out until after they get here.” she said to herself.

After several more tremors, more pieces of the building falling in and what felt like days, she could hear shouting coming from the top of the stairs.

“Felicity? Felicity!” Oliver was yelling.

“Oh, thank god.” She said before shouting back. “I’m down here!” She ran up the staircase as far as she could.

“We’re gonna get out of there, just hold on. There’s a bunch of rubble blocking the door.”

“Not like I can really go anywhere.” She said to herself.

From her side of the rubble, Felicity could hear Oliver and John debating the safest way to move the rubble to get her out. Oliver wanted to work quickly. He’d failed to stop the Undertaking. Tommy died because of him and the city was on fire. Digg wanted to work smart. Verdant’s structural integrity was compromised when the first tremor started. One wrong move would bring the building down, trapping everyone down there and possibly killing them.

“Will you two pull it the frack together and get me out of here?” Felicity yelled. “I know calling tonight a rough night is an understatement, but you need to focus.” The yelling caused some of the debris on Felicity’s side to shift. The way it was situated, it would fall towards her. “Wait, stop.”

“Hold on, we’ve gotten some of the smaller pieces of debris out of the way.”

“Stop what you’re doing.” She said in a scared voice.

“We’re almost there, it’ll be okay.”

“Oliver, just stop!” she shouted, much louder than earlier.

The large piece of concrete fell towards Felicity. Not knowing what else to do, she closed her eyes and held her arms out, as if to brace the piece of concrete.

“I really shouldn’t have ignored my mom’s call this morning.” She said as she prepared for the concrete to crush her.

She opened her eyes when she didn’t feel herself fall down the staircase or get squished underneath the concrete. Her arms had stopped the block in its tracks. Felicity’s arms were the only thing keeping it from falling and crushing her.

“How am I doing this?” she said before focusing on the matter at hand. “Ok, what do I do with this? I can’t hold this forever and I can’t just let it go.”

“What was that?” Digg yelled from the other side.

“Nothing. I’m fine.” She yelled back. Doing her best to keep the same amount of force on the chunk, Felicity maneuvered herself so that she was between the slab and the wall. “Here goes nothing.” she said to herself as she pushed it sideways off of the stairs. “Wow, when they say adrenaline makes you do impossible things, they aren’t kidding.”

As soon as the slab was out of the way, the door opened.

“Are you okay? We heard something heavy fall.” Oliver asked.

“Yeah, some concrete fell but I dodged out of the way. I’m fine. How are you?” Felicity said.

“Exhausted and sore.” Digg answered.