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Down a Notch… Or Eight

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Megatron woke sprawled out on his back, more relaxed than he had been in ages.

Not including that night Prime had told him to ‘rest well’ while he was still under the influence of the slave code.

Thinking of whom, Megatron glanced down at the top of Prime’s helm. His co-ruler was deep in recharge, head pillowed on Megatron’s chest, and systems quiet.

Megatron looked out through the transparasteel that led to their balcony. The rising sun was reflecting a hazy pink-red off the scarred face of the next tower over. It was still early then.

It was strange to see Cybertron with the light of a sun again, and he genuinely looked forward to having the top floor with its many windows. Eventually he and Prime would have the entire top floor of this tower as their residence, but it was in no condition for occupation right now, and certainly not a priority.

The sun was something he had appreciated on Earth, not that he would ever have said so to anyone. Even Ironhide was too young to remember when Cybertron orbited its own sun, so it would have been pointless, and likely sounded more sentimental than it was. He simply liked it.

The pink-red was becoming more and more orange, and Prime stirred, stretching against Megatron and slipping to the side. Blue optics blinked on, flickering a moment in the last vestiges of recharge.

“Good morning.”

Megatron let his gaze sweep down Prime’s body. “It could be.”

Prime snickered, and stretched again, this time with some deliberation. “You just had me last night.”

“No, you had me.” Megatron rolled quickly, pinning Prime under him, and getting a smirk and a raised optic ridge for it. “I believe I’ll have you now.”

Prime hummed a noncommittal sound, but met Megatron’s kiss with all the passion he was coming to expect from the Autobot. Megatron enjoyed the fact he could get Prime’s systems revved by only a kiss, and nibbled, sucked, and plundered his mouth until Prime’s cooling vents whirred to life.

Megatron nipped a trail from Prime’s lips to his throat, listening as Prime panted and clutched at his shoulders. He worked his fingers between armor plates and teased wires, lips and tongue following the same sweeping path down Prime’s body. Megatron brushed the backs of his fingers over Prime’s interface panel and it retracted instantly, spontaneously. He grinned as Prime writhed under him, and stroked his thumb over the small valve opening. Prime moaned, hips bucking, fingers digging into the padding of their berth.

“Sensitive,” Megatron murmured, sliding lower. He dipped one finger into Prime’s valve and paused. There was an actual seal there!

Megatron massaged the sensor nodes he could, letting his thumb play over the external node between valve and spike housing, considering.

Prime’s seal wouldn’t be the first he had broken, but it did change his plans a little. And he was genuinely surprised. When the war first broke out, it was brutal on all sides. Rape was never something Megatron allowed, nevertheless it happened all too often. Worse, it was silently condoned as a way to subdue rebels by Sentinel Prime’s administration. Many Decepticons either picked a friend, or went to a medic to have their seals broken. Better that than to allow an enemy to do so as a means of torture. Megatron had honored a number of his top recruits by being the one to break them in.

And it was painful even under the best of circumstances. Megatron knew all too well how very painful a seal-breaking could be.

Decision made, he moved his finger from Prime’s valve to his spike cover, teasing the edges as he trailed kisses lower across Prime’s abdomen. Megatron pressed a little more firmly with his fingers, and Prime’s spike extended. He gasped as Megatron kissed lower still. Megatron looked up, catching Prime’s optics with his own.

“You aren’t really- Ooohhh!”

Megatron chuckled, letting the vibrations tickle Prime’s spike as he lowered his mouth over it.


Megatron stopped. “Wrong. Try again.”

Prime writhed, whimpering, vents running high. “Megatron,” he gasped.

“Better,” Megatron purred and took Prime back into his mouth.

Panting, the words broken by his intense pleasure, Prime sputtered out, “Never thought… you would do-“ he cut off with another moan.

Megatron chuckled, and pulled away again. “Unmaker take me,” he said, “is this yet another thing you’ve never done?” At Prime’s head shake, Megatron sighed in an overly dramatic fashion. “Who was in charge of your education in these matters? I’m not sure whether I should beat him, or fall at his feet in gratitude.”

“Thought you didn’t kneel for others?” Prime asked, wriggling his hips in blatant demand.

“I’m kneeling at your feet right now.” Megatron cut off whatever Prime might have been about to say by drawing him as deep as he could, sucking hard. He pinned Prime’s hips down with one hand, and returned to teasing his valve with the other.

Prime squirmed, hips rocking up and back as much as he could as Megatron teased him to the very edge of overload.

Then stopped.

Prime cried out, reaching for Megatron. He batted Prime’s hands away, and slid lower, pushing Prime’s legs further apart.

Megatron nipped along Prime’s inner thigh, burrowing his face into the joint, sucking and biting the strong cables there. Prime cried out again, body spasming, foot kicking out in reaction. Megatron licked his way inward, tongue stroking the edges of Prime’s valve and teasing the external node. He spread one hand across Prime’s abdomen, and wrapped the other around Prime’s thigh to hold his legs open.

In no time at all those little half-choked whimpers were back. Prime’s hips rocked in hitched little movements, and one hand was clutching the back of Megatron’s head, holding him in tight. The click of Megatron’s interface panel retracting and spike extending was covered by Prime’s cries as they got louder and louder.

Megatron brushed the hand on his head away, thrusting his tongue in and out of Prime’s valve, then sucked on the external node. Prime’s shout echoed in the confines of their empty quarters, back bowing off the berth as he overloaded.

Pressing his thumb over the external node to extend Prime’s overload, Megatron shifted up. Moving quickly, he gripped Prime’s hips, and with one forceful thrust, broke past the seal, and buried himself in Prime’s valve.

Blue optics shot wide, and blazed nearly white. A near-scream of pain, the likes of which Megatron had never heard during any of their battles, burst from Prime. His hands clamped to Megatron’s shoulders, trying to shove him away.

Megatron lowered himself down, wrapping his arms under Prime, and holding tight. “Calm down. Let your body go limp.”

“Fragging hurt!” Prime snapped, still wriggling and trying to shove Megatron away. “In the middle of an overload! You sadistic glitch-headed slagger!”

Megatron burrowed into Prime’s neck, nuzzling and kissing him, fighting to keep away the laughter. They may call each other names, but cussing had never really been Prime’s style. It helped that his spike was encased in an exquisitely tight and spasming valve. “You still had a seal,” Megatron murmured.

“You could have warned me!” Prime snarled, and gave up trying to push Megatron off of him.

“Relax,” Megatron whispered. He stroked his fingers along the back of Prime’s neck, kissing his way to Prime’s lips. “If I had warned you, you would have been bracing for it instead of enjoying yourself, and it would have hurt much more.” He focused a little on what he could feel. The spasms had all but stopped, and if Prime would just relax instead of holding himself so tense, he would begin to enjoy it.

Megatron waited, resisting the urge to move as Prime squirmed, moving his legs, his valve rippling a little. Prime’s joints eased slightly, some of the tension drained away, then a little more. Megatron started over from the beginning, kissing Prime deeply, claiming every bit of his mouth, fingers teasing wires, stroking lines.

Prime drew his legs up, thighs pressing into the sides of Megatron’s hips. “Move,” he whispered, squirming in arousal now, rather than pain.

Megaton rolled them over, biting back a moan at the pleasure that radiated out from his spike with the movement. Prime gasped, hands clutching at Megatron’s shoulders.

“You know how to do this,” Megatron murmured, settling his hands on Prime’s hips. He was panting with the effort it took not to thrust up into the tight heat. This position gave Prime more control, but also settled Megaton deeper inside him.

Prime nodded, optics shuttering as he leaned forward, and rocked back and forth a little, testing the sensations. “Please,” he whispered, pushing down onto Megatron harder. “Help me, move with me.”

Megatron started them off slow, gradually thrusting harder and faster as they found a rhythm. Prime’s mouth was open, panting, optics clenched shut. The choked needy whimpers were back, and Megatron found himself moaning low, and fighting against the rising tide of charge in his body.

Prime’s movements became jerky, his face flushing deep pink. All sound stopped, Prime’s head arched back. Megatron growled, listening as the rumbling moan grew louder. Prime pushed his hips down into Megatron’s thrust, and held there as Megatron continued to move. The deep moan suddenly shifted into sharp cries, and Prime fell forward against him.

Megatron rolled them, hands still on Prime’s hips as his drove in hard, burying his spike repeatedly into the hot wet valve clenching in waves around him. He covered Prime’s mouth with his own, swallowing the sobs of ecstasy. He moaned, thrusting twice more, then holding deep as he climaxed, systems roaring in pleasure.

Purring as he came down from the high, Megatron nuzzled into Prime’s neck. “Very good,” he murmured.

Prime purred back, holding on with both his arms and legs. “Do you think it would cause the others to lose respect for us if we just canceled the meetings and appointments for today, and stayed here instead?”

Megatron chuckled. “Better question would be to ask me if I care.” Then he laughed a little harder, moving to lie beside Prime. “Sometimes it’s a damn shame Soundwave wears those masks. I’d love to see his face as I inform him of the schedule change.”

Still looking a bit dazed, and more than a bit satisfied, Prime snickered. “That’s evil.”

“Still a Decepticon.” Megatron dragged Prime against him, kissing him fast and hard. “Go get our energon, and I’ll contact Soundwave.”

“We are not really going to lie in our berth all day?”

Megatron smirked, rose, and switched on the vidscreen. “You might want to close your panel. The berth is visible from here.” The screen chimed to signal the communications was being answered, and Prime scrambled to get off the berth and out of sight.

Soundwave, circumspect as ever, did not comment on Megatron’s roaring laughter.