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It's Gonna Take A Superman To Sweep Me Off My Feet

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Deku sighed, mildly disgusted with himself. 

Cheeks burning, he pulled on a clean pair of boxers, fumbled the window open to let a bit of fresh air in, and contemplated his entire life.

Did he really just do that? Did he really just masturbate like a fucking maniac to a fantasy about his childhood friend? On a body pillow , of all things? 

Deku glanced shyly over at the stained piece of fabric. Oh God, his cum was splattered all over his new purchase. Embarrassed, and hiding half his face behind one of his hands, he gingerly picked up the pillow and pushed it under his bed. 

Out of sight, out of mind, right? 

The next few days, Deku was in his own little bubble, working at his poorly-paid job. Because really, what else could you do when you didn’t have a quirk? All he could get was a dead-end job.

He clenched his fist, frustrated with himself. None of this would have happened if he had just gotten a damn quirk, together with Kacchan. They could’ve strategised about how best to use their powers together, to make them an unbeatable duo. He would’ve gone to U.A. with Kacchan, attended class with him, stood by his side, maybe even been his best friend!

And maybe…something more. Deku grabbed the hem of his work apron, a blush creeping up his face, and laughed bitterly. There was no way Kacchan would ever want to be with him if he found out what Deku did last week. And the week before that. And before that. And–

“Oi, are all the employees here just s’posed to stand around and mumble like damn creeps or can I get a fuckin’ coffee?” a deep voice grumbled, rough around the edges with fatigue. “I’m fuckin’ exhausted. Make it strong.” 

“A-ah, sorry! Coming right up!” 

Deku flinched and hastily began brewing a cup of black coffee. He was bad at dealing with angry customers and preferred to make himself as small as possible, hoping the aggressive man would just take his coffee and leave. Popping the lid onto the extra-strong to-go coffee, he plastered his customer-service-smile on his face and put the cup on the counter before he looked up.

“That’ll be 400… Yen… Please…” 

Right in front of him stood his body pillow, all battered up and bruised, black mask ripped in half with dark circles under his eyes. Minus the cum. The V of his fitted black tank top was almost scandalously low, his chest glistening with sweat, his jaw much sharper and his shoulders much broader than they were in middle school. His hands looked like they could fit all the way around Deku’s waist–

He gulped. 

His body pillow – no, Kacchan, it was Kacchan , what was Kacchan doing there? – narrowed his piercing red eyes, lips quirking up. 

Wasn’t he supposed to be in an entirely different city? Didn’t he move away right after he finished U.A.? What the hell, oh my God, Kacchan was there , staring right at him. Could he see what Deku had done? Oh no, he could, couldn’t he, he–

“What are you fuckin’ talking about, nerd? What did ya do? Did ya put something in my coffee?” 

“U-uh, l-love?” Deku choked out, immediately regretting it. 

He pulled his shoulders up, hoping he would just disappear into himself, but Kacchan’s grin just grew even wider, almost laughing, his eyes glinting. 

“Didn’t think I’d find ya in a run-down coffee shop of all places,” he said, leaning on the counter. “How long has it been? Four years? Five? Good t’know you’re still an embarrassing fucking nerd.” 

Kacchan put a particular emphasis on the word fucking. Uh-oh. 

Deku was glad he had his apron on, or else Kacchan definitely would’ve seen he’d already popped half a boner. He took the money Kacchan gave him with twitching fingers, relishing the feel of big, calloused hands brushing against his. He wondered how they would feel pressing down on his hips, bending him just the way he wanted. Oh God, his hands all over him, slapping his– 

Deku mentally slapped himself. 

“Uh-uhm… K-Kacchan, what are you doing here? I-I thought you moved away and stuff, y’know, after U.A…” Deku mumbled, trying not to let his shyness and horniness show in front of his long-time crush. 

“Ah, well, y’know, thought I’d visit again, just…” Kacchan raked his eyes from Deku’s face down to his equally-red shoes, then smirked. “Checkin’ up on stuff. Glad to see nothin’ really changed, except for the fuckin’ annoying villains who think sneakin’ up on me when I’m obviously just trying to get a damn cup of coffee is fuckin’ hilarious”

He pointed vaguely at his bruises as he took his cup, giving Deku a quick once-over again, lingering on his crotch, and cocking an eyebrow slightly. 

“Well, see ya, nerd.” 

He smirked as if he knew something the green-haired boy didn’t, casually waving with his free hand. Deku immediately covered himself up, his heartbeat so loud he was afraid Kacchan would hear. 

Great, now Kacchan knew that he got hard just because he came in to buy a coffee. Or was he just looking there by coincidence? 

Kacchan was getting further away, and Deku felt a golden opportunity slipping through his fingers just because he was embarrassed. 

And horny. Mostly horny. 

With blood rushing to his face, his hands twitched in Kacchan’s direction, reaching for him. Kacchan just tilted his head slightly, as if to say, “c’mon, what is it, nerd?”

“I-I-I-I just thought, u-uh, um – wait a moment, please – uh, that we, c-could catch up or- or something? We haven’t seen each other for so long, a-and it’s fine if you don’t wanna, I’d understand, really, b-but we could just talk? Or something? I don’t want to pressure you, uh-”

“Whatever, then lemme crash at your place.”

Well, that shut Deku up. 

He opened and closed his mouth a few times, like he was a damn fish, then asked: “W-what about your parents? Don’t you want to visit them? What about Kirishima-” 

“Don’t wanna and don’t mention that fuckface ever again,” Kacchan answered simply, a little aggravated. His red eyes narrowed, staring a hole through Deku. “What, you don’t want me at your nerdy place?”

“N-no, no, that’s not it at all! It’s just, um, really, uh, dirty?” He mentally groaned, ducking his head as he thought about the body pillow under his bed. 

But… Kacchan wouldn’t find it, would he? And he could blame the other –relatively innocent – Ground Zero merch in his room on his overall nerdiness. Right? Right. 

“Don’t care,” Kacchan huffed, crossing his arms. “When’s your shift over? I’ll wait over there, my feet fuckin’ hurt anyway.” 

With that, he slumped into a chair near the counter and took a sip of his coffee. 

“Okay, Kacchan,” Deku said softly, tugging at his apron. 




“Hah,” Kacchan grinned slyly, “you’re such a fucking nerd. What’s up with your room?”

Deku flushed, mumbling under his breath. He’d known it wasn’t the best idea to let Kacchan go home with him, but he just couldn’t let the opportunity go to waste. He hadn’t seen his childhood friend in so long! He shuffled his feet nervously, staring down at the floor. 

Kacchan looked around the room, mildly amused. He’d taken off his mask, gauntlets and utility belt, leaving him only in his signature black tank top and pants. 

“What, you even have that old ass poster of me? Have all my TV appearances recorded, sorted alphabetically and chronologically? Have all the magazine articles about me? Fuckin’ plastic figurines of me? And a fucking plushie?” he asked, raising his eyebrows as he picked up a Ground Zero themed hoodie, obviously worn many times because of the frayed sleeves, and let out a huff. 

Deku wrung his hands and shrugged. 

“I just wanted to support you because you obviously weren’t here anymore so I couldn’t really cheer you on directly a-and I just like collecting merch and yours is really cool, and amazing, l-like you, a-and the colour scheme is really well thought out, like, with the green, black and orange? As well as the overall designs with your quirk taken into consideration, these- these small explosions and- and- did you know there’s Ground Zero themed firework ? I mean, that’s just ama-” 

“Slow down, Deku, or you’re gonna choke on your own spit,” Kacchan snickered, slightly proud. 

When Kacchan crossed his arms, Deku couldn’t help but notice the way it showed off his well defined muscles. He snapped his mouth shut and looked up, finding Kacchan smirking down at him dangerously. 

“I knew it. What a fucking nerd. Even after middle school? All the way through U.A.? Even-” Kacchan stepped closer, straightening up, showing off his muscles again, “up until now, Deku? Just couldn’t get over how cool I was? How amazing I was? That really ain’t difficult if I’m up against a blushing little loser like you.”

Deku shuddered at Kacchan’s tone, and pressed his thighs together, trying not to notice the way his face was right in front of Kacchan’s built chest. He hastily averted his gaze, praying that Kacchan didn’t notice how turned on he was over Kacchan making fun of his Ground Zero collection. That would be really fucking pathetic, just like popping a boner in a coffee shop. 

With a gulp, he nodded, his eyes remaining on the floor. 

Kacchan graciously ignored him after that, but not without letting out an amused “fuckin’ nerd” as he looked around the room once more. 

“Anyways, why’d you say it’s dirty in here? There ain’t one piece of garbage in your apartment, nerd.” He shook his head, seemingly annoyed. “Except for that pillow over there. What, you make your bed in the morning and just let that thing lay around and catch dust?” 

Kacchan snorted, walking towards his bed.

Oh, no. Oh no no no.

“Kacchan!” Deku shrieked, throwing himself around the blond’s arm. “L-Look, don’t you wanna see my Ground Zero trading card collection? T-there’s nothing interesting about a pillow.

His voice trembled, and he gripped his childhood friend’s arm tightly, trying not to notice his fucking huge biceps. Kacchan looked down at Deku, then at his arm, thoroughly unimpressed. 

“Oh yeah? Isn’t it just a goddamn pillow? Why’re you freaking out so much, nerd? Why don’t we just…”

He snatched the pillow with one hand and held Deku’s face away from him with the other. The green-haired boy just flailed uselessly, already feeling his throat getting tight and tears forming in his eyes.

“A-aah! No, K-Kacchan, it’s not what you think! P-please don’t hate me!” Deku cried, clawing at Kacchan’s hand on his face.

Kacchan was just silent, frighteningly so, holding the body pillow of himself in his fist. 


The nerd flinched. 

“Is that fucking cum on a motherfucking Ground Zero body pillow? ” 

“Uh, uhm,” he squeaked. “No, it’s, uh… Yoghurt?” 

“Don’t fucking fuck with me , shitty nerd!” Kacchan yelled, blasting a hole in the body pillow and shoving Deku roughly against the bedroom wall. Deku moaned in surprise, trying to cover it up with a cough.

What the fuck? Yoghurt?!” Kacchan growled, caging Deku with his arms. “We haven’t seen each other in five fucking years, and I come home after all this time to see you’re fucking a goddamn pillow with my face on it? ” 

Deku sobbed, trying to explain himself, but the only thing that came out was: 

“S-so s-s-orry, K-Kacchan, pl-ease don’t hate me, please, I didn’t m-mean it, I’m so so so s-sorry!”

Kacchan grabbed his trembling shoulders and slammed him against the wall once again.

“Pull yourself together, for fuck’s sake!” 

Deku slowly lifted his gaze, noticing Kacchan’s glassy eyes and, surprisingly, pink ears. 

“K-Kacchan, I’m so sorry, I-I…” Deku said frantically, trying his best to save the miserable situation.

Kacchan just grunted, seemingly calmed down, and pushed himself a bit closer. 

“A-aah, Kacchan, p-please don’t… You’re t-too close,” Deku whimpered, his voice cracking like he was really on edge. 

Kacchan shot him a long look, as if he was thinking about something, then pushed his chest against Deku’s with a determined glint in his eyes. The green-haired boy gulped, preparing himself for the worst, like Kacchan leaving him and never coming back because he was so disgusting. 

“Heh, why’re you cryin’? I thought you liked this, Deku,” Kacchan murmured, a smirk slowly forming on his face. “Pressin’ up on you, just like with your pillow over there? Shovin’ your little dick into it, imaginin’ it was me, huh?” 

His nose was almost touching Deku’s now, hot breath fanning over his face. Deku just whimpered, trying to get away from the overstimulation, and pressed his legs together.

“Oh? You tryna hide this?” Kacchan grinned, shoving a hand between Deku’s legs and forcing them apart, pressing his muscular leg between the nerd’s thighs, right on his dick.

Ah, fuck.

Aaahh , Kacchan…mmn, p-please don’t, hah, I’m-” 

“Yeah, yeah, you’re sorry you’ve been hard for two fuckin’ hours. Your dick doesn’t look like it’s sorry, though, fuckin’ pervert. You gonna get off on this? My leg shoved into your cute little cock, makin’ you cream your pants like a fuckin’ 14-year-old desperately rubbin’ himself on his first little puppy crush?” 

“N-no, Kacchan, n-not there , haa-ah!”   Deku wailed. 

He tried not to move his hips, but that proved pretty difficult with Kacchan roughly pushing his leg against Deku’s hard cock. Searching for something to hold onto, Deku grabbed Kacchan’s broad shoulders, hiding his face against them, his hips thrusting uncontrollably as he rutted himself on Kacchan’s thigh. 

Fuck yeah, that’s it Deku, be my fucking slut,” he hissed, grabbing Deku’s ass roughly and pulling him against his leg. 

Deku moaned like a fucking whore, getting spit and tears all over Kacchan’s shoulder, but he couldn’t care less in that moment. 

“Kacchan… Kacchan… so g-good, so good, you’re so a-amazing, p-please, please let m-me- h-haah- please let me c-cum, I’ll do a-anything, mmmhh… hah- ” Deku cried, his hips bucking up one last time on a particularly hard squeeze. 

Hips jerking, he slumped in Kacchan’s arms, his underwear soaking through with his cum. Kacchan looped an arm around his waist, keeping him upright. 

“Fuck,” Kacchan gasped, grabbing Deku’s shoulders and pushing him down so he was at eye level with his crotch. Deku just looked up at him with a dreamy look on his face, as if he couldn’t believe this was really happening. “ Fuck.”

Kacchan was incredibly turned on. He grabbed Deku’s unruly green hair and pushed the freckled face into his hard dick, making Deku moan pathetically, rubbing his nose into Kacchan. 

“D’you wanna suck my cock, huh? Fuckin’ bitch ? I bet ya don’t even care that I’ve worn these clothes all day, you’re just gonna lick at my nasty-ass cock because you’re such a desperate little slut. You’re gaggin’ for it, ain’t that right? Wanna take it all down your throat, cryin’ and slobbering all over it, like the messy nerd you are? Drink my cum while I shoot it down your throat, ‘cuz you’re takin’ it so well?” 

He wanted to hear Deku say it out loud, needed to make sure he wanted this too, after all. The green-haired nerd nodded frantically, delighted that Kacchan was as vocal as he’d imagined him to be in his secret masturbation sessions, and began mouthing at Kacchan’s bulge.


Yes , oh my God, y-yes , Kacchan, I-I want it, so, so bad, y-you can’t even imagine how long I’ve wanted to do this, so p-please, l-let me s-suck your c-cock, I promise I’ll be good for you, I promise, I promise, ” he said desperately, massaging Kacchan’s throbbing length through his pants.

“Hah, that’s fucking right, Deku, what a good boy. I can only imagine how long you’ve been waiting for this dick, bitch.” 

Deku shuddered at the praise and the insult alike, fumbling at Kacchan’s zipper with trembling hands. Kacchan leaned on the wall with one arm against his forehead, the other holding Deku’s head, trapping him in place. The nerd pulled down the zipper and gingerly dragged the blond’s pants halfway down his thighs, exposing his fat, hard cock, throbbing slightly in time with his heartbeat. Deku nearly salivated when he saw it.

“K-Kacchan…so a-amazing, Kacchan, oh my God, Kacchan, you’re so b-big,” he muttered, hearing Kacchan huff over him.

“What’d you expect, huh, Deku? I’m the fuckin’ best .” 

Deku nodded again, licking at the tip of Kacchan’s erection through his boxers, lapping up the pre-cum. The musky and slightly salty taste and smell were too much, and he moaned as his hand crept between his thighs to rub at his own bulge. 

Slowly, the green-haired boy lowered the waistband of Kacchan’s boxers and freed his pulsating cock. The tip was already a deep red, pre-cum dripping down his length, glistening in the dim light of the bedroom.

“Hah-ah , a-hamazing, so big , Kacchan…!” Deku pressed down harder between his thighs, whimpering, and Kacchan grunted impatiently – he was already teetering on the edge of orgasm from Deku’s praise alone. 

He twitched his hips forward, the tip of his dick bumping against Deku’s cheeks and smearing pre all over them. 

Fuuuck , I wanna cum on your fuckin’ freckles so bad,” Kacchan hissed through clenched teeth. “Jus’ fuckin’ shoot my load all over your adorable goddamn face.” 

Deku opened his mouth, his pink tongue resting on his plump bottom lip, and blinked up at Kacchan. 

“B-blease, do it, iwannit,” he slurred, jumping when Kacchan shoved his cock roughly into his mouth with a barely repressed moan.

“Fuckin’ take it then , bitch.”

It felt amazing. 

Deku gagged, quickly pulling back to take a deep breath and brace himself. Already he felt a burn in his throat from Kacchan’s dick, and he began bobbing his head in time with the hero’s erratic thrusts, searching for more. He licked and slobbered all over his dick like it was the tastiest fucking thing ever, causing filthy, wet noises.

Oh fuck , Deku, you’re doin’ so fuckin’ good, look at you takin’ it all like a good boy, lemme- lemme cum on your face, Deku, fuck , ‘m gonna cum.”

Kacchan shoved himself into Deku’s hot, wet mouth, his balls slapping against Deku’s chin, filling the room with the nerd’s gags and whimpers. He threw his head back, letting out a long, throaty moan, before pulling his cock out of Deku’s mouth. With a few harsh tugs at his spit-soaked length, he came all over his childhood friend’s face. 

Deku held his mouth open and let out a high-pitched moan, a string of cum and saliva still connecting him to the tip of Kacchan’s cock. Kacchan breathed roughly, pumping every last drop onto Deku’s face. 

Half-hard dick still in his hand, Kacchan pulled Deku to his feet and grabbed his jaw with the other. 

“Fuckin’ c’mere,” he rasped. 

Deku let out a surprised squeak when Kacchan shoved his tongue in his mouth, but soon melted against his chest and let him take control. It didn’t exactly taste good, but neither of them minded, too busy panting into each other’s mouths and nipping at their lips to care. 

Deku almost fainted when Kacchan began licking his cum from his face, only to stuff it back into his mouth with his tongue. 

“Y’like that?” he asked, breathless. 

Deku pushed himself harder against Kacchan, the deep voice muttering “disgusting pervert” almost fondly, which just made his cock twitch violently. Sucking Kacchan off had him on the verge of coming. 

“Mmmhh,” he hummed instead of an answer, rubbing his soiled face against the hero’s tank top.

“I‘m just gonna ignore that you rubbed your nasty ass face on my fuckin’ hero costume.” 

Despite the complaint, Kacchan’s voice was much softer since his orgasm, lacking the roughness of earlier. Still high on emotions and adrenaline, Deku giggled, and Kacchan squeezed him tighter in his arms. 

“…missed ya,” he said, so quietly that Deku almost didn’t catch it. 

He nuzzled deeper into Kacchan, sighing contentedly and breathing in the familiar scent of sweat and nitroglycerin, wiggling a bit because of his painful hard-on. The memory of Kacchan’s hot, pulsating cock in his throat made him shudder with how horny he was, but he didn’t want to ask Kacchan to fuck him just yet. His childhood friend had already had to put up with him and his needy, disgusting self, he couldn’t ask him to fulfill that dream too.

“Kacchan…” Deku whispered, still cradled in strong arms. Kacchan had his face buried in Deku’s neck, and grunted in response. 

“What?” he asked flatly, pulling his head back just enough to look into Deku’s green eyes, leaning their foreheads together. 

He quickly averted his eyes, shifting uncomfortably, wriggling in Kacchan’s grip. 

“U-um, I-I just wanna go to the bathroom real quick, s-so could you let me go for a moment, please? I promise I-I’ll be right back, j-just, um-” 

Kacchan smirked, grabbing Deku around the thighs and tossing him onto the bed behind them, a yelp escaping him as he flopped down unceremoniously. 

“What, Deku, y’wanna quit already? We haven’t even fucked properly, and I sure as hell won’t let you jerk off alone in your bathroom,” he drawled lazily.

He was still gauging Deku’s reaction, despite his words and demeanor, so he approached the bed casually, taking off his shirt in the process. 

“Well?” he asked, leaning down to look at the nerd sprawled on the bed, an obvious tent in his boxers that had been there the entire time they hugged. 

Deku spluttered, his face red, and tried to pull down his “T-Shirt”   T-Shirt to cover his crotch. He was secretly screaming out in joy – Kacchan wanted to fuck him, and oh, oh , how Deku wanted him to. Seeing Kacchan in front of him made him squirm, entranced by the chest that heaved with barely controlled huffs, lips swollen and red, messy blond hair, big hands twitching with suppressed impatience, the fucking huge cock, the slight sheen of sweat on his godly body and an almost soft, lustful crimson gaze. Deku’s chest ached, urging him to touch.

“I-I mean… If you want to and you’re fine with it being me…” Deku murmured, turning his head the opposite direction. 

Fuck yeah I wanna, Deku,” Kacchan grinned, lowering himself to hover just above Deku on the bed, turning his face back and planting a quick peck on the tip of his nose. 

The smaller boy scrunched up his nose in confusion, but felt a light tug in his chest at the gesture. 

“But I wanna know if my little Deku wants it as bad as I do,” Kacchan cooed, hoping to tease a more straightforward answer out of his childhood friend. 

Deku didn’t answer immediately, and bit his lower lip raw in his nervousness, so Kacchan dove his hands under the nerd’s shirt, trailed them up his sides, before ultimately shoving it up, out of the way, to mouth at his cute pink nipples. He bit at one, roughly grabbing the other to pull harshly, rolling it between his fingers. 

“Mmmh! Kacchan…” Deku sighed, bucking his hips up against his crush. 

The blond let go of the nerd’s nipple with a delicious pop , and looked up at him. 

“That’s not an answer, slut,” Kacchan growled, his gaze getting dark again as he flipped Deku onto his stomach and ground against his clothed ass. 

He trailed open-mouthed kisses up Deku’s neck, making him mewl, and bit down harshly to shut him up before whispering right into his ear. 

“Fuck, Deku, I know exactly what I wanna do to you. I wanna rub my hard fuckin’ cock right on your tight little ass, make you beg for it, shit , I wanna make you fuckin’ cry.”

Deku moaned pitifully at that, pushing his ass up against Kacchan’s hard dick, almost falling apart. Kacchan pulled Deku’s loose sweatpants and boxers down impossibly fast, a sharp slap ringing through the air. Deku almost choked, crying out in pleasure. 

“Bitch, did I say you could fucking push your horny ass up against me? And are you really fuckin’ wearing Ground Zero underwear right now, you fucking pathetic nerd?” An evil grin pulled at Kacchan’s lips as an idea struck him. “D’ya jerk off in these too, and get your cum all over them, Deee-kuuu~ ?” 

His fingers tapped lightly on the nerd’s asscheek, and Deku shook his head, obviously lying, but secretly hoping for another spanking. Kacchan let his big hand fall down on Deku’s ass again, and again , and again, making Deku jerk and moan with every hit. Kneading the abused flesh to ease the sting afterwards, he brought his lips down to Deku’s ear once more. 

“What was that?” he asked, dangerously low. 

“Mmmh-mn, hah… I do, I do, I do, all the time, a-aah- I’m s-sorry, I won’t lie again, I’ll be good, K-Kacchan!” Deku cried. 

“Good boy, that’s right. Know your fuckin’ place. Oh,” Kacchan let out a small, condescending laugh. “I bet you were lyin’ down exactly like that when you were humpin’ this fuckin’ body pillow, huh? When you came all over it, like the desperate slut y’are? Fucking answer me, bitch. ” 

Another slap rang through the room, immediately followed by a rough hand massaging the red flesh, making Deku squirm and hiccup with tears running down his cheeks. 

“I-I was, K-Kacchan, I-I wanted you so ba-had, h-haah, I’m s-so-sorry,” he sniffled. “I just- I just-”

“Take your time, Deku,” the blond’s voice was suprisingly patient, and he nuzzled his neck from behind. 

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t want to m-make you uncom-uncomfortable, but I-I w-wanted you for so long, haah-” Deku buried his face in the pillow after his confession, his face impossibly red. 

“Mmh, you’re doing so good, Deku, what a good boy,” Kacchan purred, slowly sliding Deku’s shirt up under his armpits so he could pepper kisses down his spine, stopping right before the swell of his ass. “What do you want from me, Deku? Tell me, and I’ll fuck you however you want, little nerd.”

“Mmh,” the smaller boy mewled, turning on his back so that he could see Kacchan’s face. Burning up, he mumbled: “I w-wanna feel you inside me, so, s-so bad, and be-because you’re so big, Kacchan, it’s gonna f-feel so good , I want just you, K-Kacchan, s-since forever, mmnhh. I wanna- I wanna just be with you Kacchan, I-I wanna have you so ba-had, h-aaah , Kacchaannn. ” 

Deku sobbed, his patience snapping, clinging to the blond’s neck and pulling him flush to his body. 

“Please, please, please, please , I want you, I want you,” he begged. 

“Then have me,” a low voice whispered into his ear. “Been waitin’ way too fuckin’ long.” 




Slick, cold fingers pushed into his entrance, making Deku cry out. 

“A-am I doing good, Kacchan?” 

“You’re being such an obedient little whore , Deku,” Kacchan growled, emphasizing the word “whore” with a harsh thrust of his fingers. “Can’t believe I didn’t fuck you sooner, god, I would’ve ripped your nerdy little ass apart every day in school if I knew you wanted it so bad.” 

“I w-wanted you to , o-ohh – b-but I didn’t know that you – a-haahh, Kacchan , r-right there!” he cried out, greedily fucking himself on Kacchan’s fingers, getting sloppy and desperate.

Kacchan grinned. “Found it.”

He began slamming three fingers right into Deku’s prostate, making him thrash around and cry out “ Kacchan, Kacchan, oh please, Kacchan!” again and again.  

“Course you didn’t know, but lookin’ at ya, always twitching in your seat, hah , I bet you were constantly fuckin’ hard under your desk, wishing my 14-year-old dick would fuck you into oblivion.” 

“Y-yes, oh god, Kacchan, I-I did, I did, I did!” 

Deku almost screamed, pre-cum gushing out of his little dick. Kacchan held back a needy moan at the nerd’s words, slipping his fingers out of his trembling hole and pulling his pants and underwear the rest of the way off, hissing as the cool air hit his hot, throbbing dick. He sat up on his knees and looked Deku straight in the eyes as he slowly started pumping his length, slick mouth hanging open slightly, and moaned a bit to get Deku riled up. 

“Fuck yeah,” he groaned, pushed his hips up into his calloused hand and fisting his neglected cock. 

Deku’s breath audibly hitched when he saw Kacchan’s dick right before him again. It stood tall and proud, just like Kacchan, with a big, pulsating vein he wanted to trail his tongue over, and an angry red head that looked like it hurt. It was thick, roughly the girth of three of Deku’s fingers put together, and it curved slightly towards Kacchan’s flat stomach. 

He had well-groomed, dark blond pubic hair, making Deku appreciate the view even more. His hand twitched for a pencil that wasn’t there, wanting to write down all the new things he’d learned about his Kacchan. As he watched, Kacchan let out needy little pants, preening under the nerd’s gaze, though he probably didn’t realise he was doing it. 

“K-Kacchan, you’re so amazing, o-oh my...” Deku gushed, staring up at the gorgeous dick. 

“Oi, my face is up here, you fuckin’ pervert,” Kacchan drawled, a little bit of mirth in his voice. 

Deku flicked his eyes up to Kacchan, a pretty blush adorning his freckled cheeks. His eyes were incredibly big, especially when Kacchan spread his legs a little wider, pushed forward a bit and teased his hole with the hot head of his cock. 

“U-huh-wah,” Deku flinched. “K-Kacchan, are you really , really s-sure this is gonna fit? H-hah…you’re so, so big, s-so I don’t know if I can take it all, but I r-really wanna, don’t get me wrong, p-please, I-I practiced and stuff, d-don’t go, but j-just– it’s, u-uh-” 

Kacchan’s lips quirked up for a short moment, endeared by Deku’s mumbling.

“Oh my fuckin’ God, Deku, shut your slutty mouth or ‘m gonna shove my whole fist up your ass. Hah, I won’t go anywhere except right up your tight little hole.” He snickered, brushing Deku’s sweaty bangs out of his face and cradling it in his hand. 

“Huh- wha- I-I- Kacchan, stop teasing!” Deku whined, his lower lip jutting out, and kicked the blond lightly in his side. He felt safe doing that much.

Kacchan leaned forward, careful not to drop his full weight on Deku, and sucked the nerd’s lower lip into his mouth, making it red and shiny. 

“You’re so fuckin’ adorable, y’know that…” Kacchan growled. “An’ I bet you’d be so much more adorable cryin’ over my cock, like a good little slut. C’mon, Deku, tell me how bad you want me, tell me how you’ve wanted this for years, tell me how you fucking rubbed yourself on a pillow pretendin’ it was me ‘cuz I wasn’t there to stuff your pretty little hole.” 

Deku hiccupped, somewhere between a moan and a cry, and clenched his legs around Kacchan’s hips in the hopes of a little bit of friction. Kacchan just ground his hips between the cleft of Deku’s hole and his balls, growling, obviously holding back. Deku felt his tears welling up again. Kacchan had to hold back because of him, and he was already being so generous, about to actually fuck him

“G-go ahead, Kacchan. I-I want you so bad, I wanted this for y-years, I rubbed my-myself on a pillow pretending it was you be-because you weren’t here to,” Deku gulped, “s-stuff my pretty little h-hole.”

Kacchan sneered, a small moan slipping from his lips before he grabbed the lube and slathered half the bottle over his cock, stroking himself to spread it.

“Y’fuckin’ ready?” he growled, watching Deku nod frantically as he pushed his cock into the weeping hole almost painfully slow, making Deku arch his back and scream out in pleasure. 

“F-finally, finally, Kacchan, please, take me already, f-fuck me , Kacchaahhn!

He no longer cared how obscene he sounded as he moaned, pushing his hips down on Kacchan’s dick because he didn’t want to wait any longer. 

Fuck , you’re such a needy, impatient little slut, y’hear me?” Kacchan rasped, deciding he wouldn’t hold back anymore and fucking him in earnest. 

Deku threw his head back, drool already leaking out of his open mouth, screaming: “Yes, y-yes, I’m your slut, Kacchan, hhaaah… Mmn- just fuck me, I need it, I n-need it, n-need your b-big- hah… C-cock, p-please, I’m begging you, Kaccha-” 

Kacchan’s brutal thrusts made him slide up the bed, his head knocking lightly on the headboard. 

“Yeah, that’s right, Deku,” Kacchan panted, his hips slapping against Deku’s ass. “You’re fuckin’ mine now , ‘m gonna ruin you for anyone else, ‘m gonna fuck that fuckin’ twitchiness outta you until you can’t remember anything but my fuckin’ name, bitch .”

Kacchan hauled Deku’s right leg up, hooking it over his shoulder, and pounded into him from the side, making Deku clench down on his cock. The nerd’s dick bobbed, red and neglected against his flat stomach. 

“Tell me who’s fuckin’ you, Deku, hah , tell who’s making you scream, ” he demanded frantically, brutally thrusting into Deku’s sweet spot, making him cry. 

“Kacchan, Kacchan, K-Kacchan, you’re fucking me so good, I’m yours, I’m yours – been yours – since forever-” 

Deku pulled harshly at his own dick, sweating and panting, his wrist getting tired, then looked up at Kacchan, his eyes full with tears, pleading for approval. 

“Yeah? I don’t think that’s my fuckin’ name, Deku, fuckin’ say it and I’ll let you cum,” Kacchan sneered back, not stopping his rough pace. 

“Kacchan, Kacchan, Ka-hatsuki, you’re so amazing, Kat- suki!” 

Deku screamed, his body pulled tight like a bowstring, and Kacchan let out a shuddering laugh, pounding into Deku’s prostate. Slapping the nerd’s hand away, he grabbed Deku’s dick and began stroking it roughly in time with his thrusts. 

Cum, Deku .”

Deku tensed, his mouth hanging wide open, dripping with drool. He cried out in delight, coming and coming and coming all over his stomach in sticky, thick ropes. Kacchan stroked him through the aftermath, enjoying the sensation of Deku’s cum on his hand, making the slide easier. 

Deku softly pushed Kacchan’s hand away when it began to hurt, becoming oversensitive. He drunkenly grinned up at him with half-lidded eyes, feeling bold, his anxiety gone for the moment. 

“That was so amazing, hero.”

“Oh, fuck, ” Kacchan burst, grabbing Deku’s knees to fold him in half and fuck relentlessly into his squelching hole, chasing his orgasm, the filthy sounds of the wet entrance around his cock turning him on even more.

“Oh, don’t you fuckin’ dare, you fuckin’ minx, ” Kacchan jeered, grinning, punctuating every word with a hard thrust. “‘m gonna fucking destroy you, you – hah, fuuuck, y’feel so good, he moaned, his eyebrows scrunching together. “‘m coming, fuck, ‘m g-gonna come, ‘Zuku, fuck, fuck, Izuku-”

Kacchan bit down on Deku’s shoulder to muffle his scream, huffing moist breaths against him, grinding into him and milking his cock between Deku’s tight, clenching walls. Deku gasped at the sensation of hot semen filling him up, then flinched, oversensitive and fucked raw. He had a blissful smile on his face all the same. Already in his hazy, post-orgasmic euphoria, he pet Kacchan’s hair and cooed softly at him. 

“Yeah, mmh, it’s alright… You’ve done so well, Kacchan, so good, I love you so much, you’re so perfect, that was so good, you’re amazing,” he babbled, apparently not aware that he was speaking aloud. 

Kacchan shuddered at the praise, squeezing Deku half to death in his arms, peppering light kisses on his freckled cheeks. 

“Love ya too, nerd,” he mumbled into Deku’s shoulder, drunk with bliss, not sure if he’d heard him. 

He grabbed him tightly and turned them both over, with Deku now lying down on top of him. The nerd squirmed a bit, already getting nervous again. He was super embarrassed by all the things he’d said while Kacchan literally hammered him into the mattress. Not to mention he wasn’t entirely comfortable squishing his cum all over Kacchan’s stomach, in case he didn’t like it. 

“A-Ah, thank you, Kacchan, thank you so much, I-” 

“Yeah, yeah, stop thankin’ me or ’m gonna feel like a fuckin’ charity organization. Scoot up a bit, ‘m gonna pull out.”

Deku obliged, and Kacchan grabbed his ass with one hand, the base of his own dick with the other, spreading him wide as he pulled out slowly. The smaller boy moaned loudly at the feeling of Kacchan’s hot cum spilling out of his hole, dripping drown the insides of his shivering thighs. 

“A-aah,” he keened, burying his face in the blond’s chest, already feeling achingly empty. “Kacchan, mmh, that feels weird…” 

“Hush, it’s okay nerd,” Kacchan hummed, words a little slurred, and rubbed soothing circles into the small of Deku’s back. “Y’alright, ‘Zuku? Didn’t rip your nerdy ass or sumthin’?” 

Deku quickly shook his head against Kacchan’s pecs. 

“No, no, you didn’t.” He had a small smile on his lips, unwilling to tell him about the slight sting in his back and the light throbbing in the back of his head, he didn’t want to ruin the moment. “It felt really, really amazing. What… What about you?”

His cheeks were red as he whispered the question, anxiously anticipating Kacchan’s answer. 

“‘S that so?” Kacchan chuckled, his chest rumbling against Deku’s face. “It felt real fuckin’ good, Deku. Relax, just…” he took a few deep breaths. 

“Are you tired, Kacchan? Is it sleepy time?” Deku asked, peeking up at Kacchan through his green bangs, and lightly carressing his cheek. He knew he was coddling Kacchan, but couldn’t help himself. The blond was adorable in his worn-out state.  

“Mmh, ‘m sleepy… G’night, babe.” Kacchan sighed, burying his nose in Deku’s curls, his chest heaving up and down with his slow breaths.

Deku squealed with his hand over his mouth to muffle the embarrassing sound, trying not to wake him up. He rubbed his head affectionately into Kacchan’s chest, a big grin on his face. 

Slowly, he got up to straddle the taut body, taking some wet wipes from his nightstand and gingerly cleaning them both up with soft motions, careful not to wake him. Deku watched him fondly, his face free of his usual scowl, making him look much younger and more vulnerable than usual. When they were both clean, he cuddled himself against Kacchan’s warm body, sighing happily. 

This was so much better than the body pillow.