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"What in the everloving fuck was that?" Jack strained to look over the other man's shoulder, throwing an arm over in as he practically climbed over his frozen frame. "Oh please don't tell me that's a fucking ghost." Atlas was still frozen, staring into the space where the movement/large shudder/breathing difficulty inducing thing had been. Jack sighed, shaking him slightly before slapping him along the face.
He chuckled. "I've wanted an excuse to do that since you first started trying to murder me." Atlas shrugged, blinking rapidly before turning to climb the short distance to the end of the tunnel. Then a monster appeared. Wait, It wasn't quite a monster. A child, a girl? They couldn't tell. But it was coming up behind them, grotesquely juddering and making a small suckling squelching noise whenever it moved. "That-That is one of the most terrible things I've ever seen, and that is saying an awful lot." Atlas however had effectively disappeared from the tunnel, and his footsteps were growing further away by the minute. Jack hauled himself up the last leg of the tunnel and looked around the dingy room for something to batter the thing with. There wasn't a whole lot of choice-a human hand and a gold club being the best things to hand. Rocks and stones and shit were falling from the sky (If Jack had bothered looking up, he would have realised Atlas was throwing them), and in general it was a horrible situation to be in. The thing lumbered closer. (Up close, you could see blistering pus filled marks and two small melted lumps Jack hoped were eyes). Grabbing at Jack, the thing twisted and fused to his arm, causing him to shriek in agony. He pulled, grasping at the golf club, and (eyes screwed shut) beat at the thing until he could hear a soft popping, squelching noise and felt blood run down the front of his jacket. The thing was pulled off him, and when he opened his eyes Atlas was frowning down at the thing, biting his lip. He stared at Jack (Breathing heavily, blood dripping down him and sweat). And then he stared some more at his arm. There was a large blistering pus filled mess there, the consistency of porridge, lumps of hard flesh poking through the yellow bile. Jack grasped, then heaved, then threw up over his shoes. " You alright down there?" Jack glared. Alright, fair enough,I think that might be a problem, not going to lie. Let's get a sling on it and then let's get out before you get mangled by anything worse."