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The Story of Us

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Storybrooke. Present.
(Travelling down Main Street, we see a knight riding his horse. Tinker Bell flies in and circles the Clock Tower where we see the Dark Palace in the distance behind the turrets of Camelot. Beside that roams Alice’s Troll walking by her restored tower. Sweeping down, we see the docks of the Enchanted Forest opposite the bell tower of the Land of Untold Stories. Across the bridge lies Agrabah which neighbours Skull Island and Neverland. Across another bridge sits Arendelle whose gardens merge with the maze leading to Wonderland where Lily and Maleficent fly past in their dragon forms. All the realms of story are now united, secretly tucked away in a forgotten corner in Maine.)

(Returning to Storybrooke , we arrive outside the Charmings' house, where Snow White exits on her way to work. Stopping to kiss her husband and Neal farewell, Snow steps into her car and drives away. David meanwhile takes his son with him into the fields to tend their flock.)

Mills House.
(Henry stands arms folded leaning against the wall.)
Henry: “Do we really have to do this now, Mom?”
Regina: “Come on, it’s your last first day of school.”
Emma: (Stands, watching the scene, smiling:) “Just give her this, kid, and you’ll never have to do it again.”
Henry: (Sighs:) “Okay.”
(Henry stands straight against the wall and Regina draws a line to measure his height. When Henry moves away to grab his coat and bag, Regina writes ‘Senior Year’ next to the line. Taking a moment to look down at all the previous lines on the wall, Regina smiles.)
Emma: “Hey, we’re gonna miss him.”
(Shaking herself from her reverie, Regina nods and grabs Henry’s lunchbox from the table.)

Storybrooke Elementary.
(Meanwhile, Snow White stands at the front of her class as a bird lands on her hand. Her class now holds students from all the realms,
including several Lost Boys.)

Mills House. Exterior.
(Henry walks down the path to school when Regina calls after him.)
Regina: “Henry? Wait. (Holds up the lunchbox:) You forgot your lunch.”
Henry: “Seriously? (Glances to Emma who shrugs innocently:) I haven’t used a lunchbox since fifth grade.”
Regina: “Oh, just open it.”
Henry: (Takes the lunchbox and looks inside:) “No way.”
(Inside lays a key to a car with a key chain which reads ‘Henry’ attached.)
Regina: (As Henry looks back at Regina’s car:) “Henry, I know you think I treat you like a child, but well, (Looks to Emma for encouragement:) you’re not my little boy anymore.”
Emma: “And next year you’ll need this car to drive across town to Storybrooke College.”
Henry: “Right. This is, uh, great.”
Regina: (Chuckles:) “What is it, Henry?”
Henry: “It’s just I’m not sure if SBC is the right move for me, since it’s not a move at all. It’s still in Storybrooke.”
Regina: “Well, what’s wrong with that? Storybrooke’s your home.”
Henry: “But I’m the only kid that wasn’t whisked here from the Enchanted Forest. I’m from the real world.”
Emma: “Technically that’s true but-”
Henry: “Maybe I should get out there and consider other options.”
Regina: “Other options.”
Henry: (Hurrying away:) “Thanks, Moms. I’ll bring her home without a scratch.”
(Henry climbs into the car and starts the engine. Emma and Regina wave to him as he drives away.)
Emma: “I guess I’ll have to stop calling him ‘kid’. (Notices Regina clutching Henry’s lunchbox:) Hey, are you all right? (Regina merely nods and takes a deep breath. Emma rubs her arm sympathetically before taking Regina’s hand:) Come on, we’ll be late for work.”

Somewhere In The World.
(Belle lays down a baby carrier containing Gideon on the top of a bridge before turning to her husband.)
Belle: “Did you know that some books say this bridge is older than time itself? Thousands of years, people have made sacrifices here, begging their wishes in this very river. Can you imagine that kind of ancientness?” 
Rumplestiltskin: “I don’t have to. It’s not the only one to see the generations come and go.“
Belle: “Oh, Rumple.”
Rumplestiltskin: “Belle, I’ve been alive for many, many years. And of all those years, the ones spent with you have been the happiest I can ever imagine.”
Belle: “Well, we’re only just beginning.”
Rumplestiltskin: “I know. And I’m just so glad that I’m able to live this life as a mortal once more. (They kiss:) I have a confession. This isn’t just another stop on our, uh, adventure.” (Pulls the Dark One dagger from his pocket.)
Belle: “How did you-”
Rumplestiltskin: (Reassuringly:) “It’s a fake. A symbol of the man I used to be. (Sighs:) This dagger has been a burden to me for too long. I’d been a slave to its power, and now, all I can hope is this river can grant me my one and only wish. To live a long, singular, natural life with you.”
(Rumplestiltskin drops the dagger into the water where it sinks to the bottom.)
Belle: (Sighs:) “Oh, Rumple, that was beautiful.”
Rumplestiltskin: “Belle, you have been so patient with me. Too patient. You’ve seen the man behind the beast when no one else could.”
Belle: “That beast is a distant memory now.”
(Rumplestiltskin sighs contentedly and clicks his fingers. A gramophone appears on the bridge beside baby Gideon and begins to play ‘Tale As Old As Time’. Rumplestiltskin offers his hand and Belle takes it. Together, they dance on top of the bridge before kissing once more as the sun begins to set.)

Storybrooke. Sometime After The Final Battle.
(Zelena walks with Regina down the halls of the Royal Castle.)
Zelena: “And, after much prodding from Robin, I went back to Oz and told the Munchkins how to break Dorothy’s sleeping curse.”
Regina: “Robin’s got a good head on her shoulders. She must get it from her father.”
Zelena: “You realise she’s technically less than two years old?”
Regina: “Making her still more mature than you. (The sisters share a smile:) So, did it work?”
Zelena: (Nods:) “Yeah. Turns out everyone was very thankful. So much in fact that Glinda and the others decided to restore my magic.”
Regina: “Well there you go, see? All’s well that ends well.”
(They reach the double doors where Henry awaits them.)
Henry: “Mom. You look beautiful.”
Regina: (Beaming:) “Thank you, Henry.”
Zelena: “I’ll see you in there.”
(Zelena disappears in a cloud of green smoke.)
Henry: “You ready?”
(Regina nods and takes Henry’s arm as the double doors open.)

Royal Chapel.
(The chapel is filled with people from all the realms, including many familiar faces. Among them are all seven dwarfs, Archie, Granny, Tiana along with Will Scarlett. Zelena who stands beside the real Hook, Lily & Maleficent. Turning her attention to the altar, Regina sees Snow White and Prince Charming stood waiting, alongside Emma who was walked down the aisle by David. Locking eyes with the blonde woman, Regina’s heart skips a beat as Emma gives her a radiant smile. Henry leads Regina up the steps before giving her a kiss on the cheek. He then kisses Emma before heading down the steps to stand beside Violet.)

(Panning the crowd, we see more familiar faces. The Blue Fairy stands with Tinker Bell, Robin and Alice are in attendance along with Marco and August. Aladdin and Jasmine stand beside Guinevere and Lancelot. Suddenly, the double doors burst open and everyone turns to see Mulan and Ruby entering.)
Mulan: (Sheepishly:) “Sorry, we’re late.”
(Ruby looks towards the altar and, beaming, waves to Snow White. Snow notices keenly that Mulan and Ruby are holding hands as they find a place to stand together. Turning back, Emma and Regina lock eyes once more, sharing knowing smiles.)
Snow White: “All the realms have been united. And now, we’ve come together to witness the joining of the two people who made it all possible. Our daughter, the Savior, Emma Swan and Regina Mills… the Good Queen.”
(The crowd burst into spontaneous applause at the sheer happiness of this moment. Snow catches David wiping a tear from his eye and rubs his arm in support.)
Emma: (Quietly, to Regina:) “You’ll always be Madam Mayor to me.”
Regina: “Likewise, Miss Swan.”
(Regina holds Emma’s hand tightly and, as the cheering and applause dies down, they turn to face Snow White to begin the ceremony.)

Storybrooke. Mills House. Present.
(Emma sits with Henry looking through letters when Regina arrives home.)
Regina: "You guys missed a great fundraiser. Looks like we’ll finally be able to rebuild the athletic club after that old Snow Monster incident. (Taking off her coat she notices the letters:) What are those? (Emma raises a mischievous eyebrow and Henry hands her the letters. Reading:) You got into Madison. B.U., USC, Wesleyan, Bard. (Sits beside him:) You got into every school you applied to. I am so proud.” (They hug.)
Henry: “Thanks, Mom.”
Regina: “I’ll call Snow and get her to rally everybody at Granny’s so you can break the good news in person.”
Emma: “Regina, wait. Maybe we should hold off on telling everyone.”
Regina: (Confused:) “What’s wrong?”
Henry: “It’s just… In the entrance essays, the Henry Mills I was writing about wasn’t really me.”
Regina: “What are you talking about?”
Henry: “I couldn’t write about the time I got kidnapped to Neverland. Or how I met my girlfriend in Camelot. I even had to lie about my own home.”
Regina: “I read those essays. They were exceptionally well written.”
Henry: “That’s not the point.”
Emma: “Henry thinks they didn’t accept the real Henry Mills.”
Henry: (Nods:) “And i-if I go out there and keep lying, I won’t be me anymore. Maybe I’m better off just staying at home. Mom, what do I do?”
(Regina and Emma look to each other.)
Regina: “I wish I can tell you to stay here and never grow up. But you’re already grown up.”
Emma: “And the only person who can tell you what to do is you.”
Henry: (Nods:) "That’s not the only problem, though. Whatever college I choose, there’ll be forms to fill in and… I don’t know what name to put.”
Regina: “What do you mean?”
Henry: “Well, you guys are married now and you still have the same last names. I mean, I know its silly, but if I’m gonna go out in the world, I’d kinda like a name that reflects both of you.”
Emma: (Looks to Regina:) “Well, we never really discussed it before.”
Regina: (Nods:) “Mills is a name I gave myself to remind me of where I came from.”
Emma: “Yeah, and the same with Swan. They’re both pretty personal to both of us.”
Regina: “But, I suppose we could think about it. Regina Swan?”
Emma: (Considers:) “Or I take yours. Emma Mills.”
Regina: (Frowns:) “No, I like Swan.”
Emma: “You do?”
Regina: “Yes, I always have.”
Emma: (Smiles:) “Thanks.”
Regina: “It has very regal imagery.”
Emma: “Swan? Really? Huh. Ooh, how about Swan-Queen? Nothing sounds more regal than that.”
(They smile, both considering this before Henry interjects.)
Henry: “Guys, I’m not going to college with the name 'Henry Swan-Queen.’”
(Regina and Emma laugh.)
Emma: “All right, then what do you suggest?”
Henry: “Well I think there’s only one choice, it’s obvious.”
Regina: “Well?”
Henry: “Swan-Mills.”
(Regina and Emma look to each other.)
Emma/Regina: “Perfect.”
Henry: “Great, then it’s settled. (Henry gets up and crosses to his school bag, pulling out a piece of paper:) There’s just one last thing. Mom if you could take a seat? (Emma walks over and sits beside Regina, taking her hand. Henry holds up the paper:) This is the personal essay I wanted to send, but couldn’t. It’s titled ‘Once Upon A Time.’ And it’s the story of us. (With encouraging looks from his moms, Henry clears his throat and begins to read:) ‘Sometimes, you have to leave home. And you’ve been there for so long, you don’t know who or what you’ll be outside of it. But then you realize every experience, every trial, every moment has shaped you. And you take that place with you no matter where you go next. I’m lucky. I have an incredible home. You won’t find it on a map. But in it, you will find magic. You find love, hope and something to believe in. You’ll find a family that fights for one another, who never gives up on each other. And even when they’re separated by curse or distance or time, they find each other. They always find each other. (Regina squeezes Emma’s hand:) I wish the world could know the story of my family. How it was all true. How every moment of it happened. And, you may think this is just a story, but that’s the thing about stories, they’re more than words. They live inside of us. They make us who we are. And as long as someone believes that, there will always be magic.’”


The End.