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Notebook #4
A/B/O Dynamics in Society

• Ranked highest to lowest according to the caste system



• Alphas are territorial, highly effected by omegas in heat, and can get overly caring, and overprotective when their mate is distressed.
• Alphas will sink into a murderous rage when the mate is harmed or distress due to outside forces.

•3% of the population

•common for males, uncommon for females



•Betas are less affected by an omega's scent in heat.
•Betas make up the vast majority of the population.
•Not very noticeable personalities or scents: makes it easier to spot betas.

•96% of the population
•common for males and females



•Considered as the bottom of society, though they are viewed as valuable(hypocrisy?).
•Alphas tend to fight over one another for the hand of an omega.
•Omegas go into heats once a month: months in between vary.
•An omega's heat can trigger an Alpha's rut, and the heats can attract unwanted mates.
•Omegas bond with both betas and alphas, but most typically alphas.

•1% of the population.
•Common for females, extremely rare for males: not many records of males



- - -



Izuku kicked a pebble. Life was entirely unfair for a fifteen year old male omega.


He had presented when he was five; a year later than when most do. He presented as an omega. Everyone had assumed he was a beta, but guess how surprised they were to find out he was an omega? His mother had been proposed to multiple hands of marriage, he recalls. She had called it prostitution. They wanted him to be "sold" to another family to "produce alphas and omegas". He hadn't understood it then. When he hit 13, his first heat hit. A year early. Nobody had been expecting it. He was sitting in class when his scent flared, and every alpha that was nearby had their instincts shot. The teachers had jumped in to control the circumstances before anything traumatizing could happen, but Izuku would never forget the looks he got.
A few years back he learned the hard truth that all Omegas had to go through. Omegas were in fact treated as property, married off to some family with a powerful background of alphas. His mother seemed to have hit it right on the nail. Omegas were deemed as trophies; prostitute whores, slaves, whatever. It wasn't pretty.


Currently, he had just graduated middle school- he was moving on to high school. He was aiming for the most accepting school for all secondary genders. Yuuei high school. The school of dreams. 'The school of no forced marriages,' he thought bitterly.


It must have reflected in his face and scent, because a few pedestrians near him flinched away from him. Everyone knew not to be too close to a raging omega, though he wasn't raging. Just mildly annoyed.


He lowered his head as an apology and took off walking faster. His destination was muddled: just anywhere away from another forced marriage. He decided to stop by Yuuei and drop his application forum. It was a few blocks away, but Izuku's lithe form, and strong legs would be able to get him there while only breaking a small sweat. Yuuei wasn't a normal high school: it was a boarding school, academy deal. It had been written in big bold letters on his application. His mom had seen it and promptly started stressing. Sending her baby boy, her only child, her male omegan son, to a boarding school with dorms most likely filled with Alphas sounded like a horrible plan to her. He snorted a little. It was stressful at the time, convincing his mom, to which she relented on the promise that he'd come back at least once a month over a weekend. But now that he was running back through the occasion in his head, it was kind of funny. He doesn't look down on his mother's fretting; it was a normal thing.


The city's streets were jam-packed with people. His sixth sense telling him that the majority were betas, but multiple alphas lingered, and to stay cautious. His sixth sense is supposed to help him locate fellow omegas, but he used it tell if he was going to be caught in trouble. Now was not one of those times. He was safe.


The giant boarding school came into view, causing a bright grin to split across his face. 'There it is.'


He broke into a small jog, excitement taking hold of his limbs, urging him forward, quicker. His application flapping dangerously in his tight, right fist, but Izuku would be damned if he let go of the letter right before he made his dreams his reality.


The school grounds were not very far away from his position, and his excitement spikes. He can see other students bringing in applications at the same time that he is, though he's not surprised. Get your name in as soon as possible, so they have plenty of time to consider you. He slows down when he reaches the front doors, pushing his way through. The foyer was even longer than he imagined. His eyes scanned the crowd, searching for the class banner that indicated where he was planning on signing up. General Studies, Health Science and Support, or- "There it is.." he mumbled, edging closer to the banner that states Law Enforcement, Jurisdiction, and general Hero-ing.


Typically just known as the "do-gooders" class. Izuku pushes his way forward throwing out a few, excuse me's, and pardon me's, when he pushed someone a bit too forcefully. The scent of Alpha stung his nose the closer he got to the stand. Crinkling his nose, he pushed a bit harder, but ended up tripping on air instead. He felt arms encircle his waist firmly, holding him up so he didn't face plant. "Watch out." The words rolled off the boy's tongue with a baritone chord that had Izuku's omega screaming to submit. Izuku nodded fiercely, shaking, pushing on the arms around his waist in a silent plea to let go. The by got the message and released his hold. There was no doubt in his mind that the boy could tell he was an omega, based on the amount of distressed pheromones he was exuding. He didn't try to look back at the boy, in fear his omega would do something he'd regret. He offered a quiet 'sorry, thank you.', before pushing on. His omega never reacts to anyone like that. 'Definitely an alpha,' he thought scornfully. Stupid alphas making his omega riled up unnecessarily, stupid secondary nature, stupid-


"Hello! Are you here to drop off your registration to 1-A?"


He offers the cheerful girl running the stand a smile.


- - -


"Alright, thank you! We don't have many kids signing up for 1-A this year, so I'll go ahead and give you a dorm key." Izuku squealed (read: internally squealed), reaching for the key. The cool metal was a stark contrast to his own lukewarm hands. He tittered a thank you before skipping towards the front doors so he could first find his way to the dorms, then, find his dorm room.


"Hold on a moment, please."


Izuku's spine went stiff. 'Stupid baritone voice boy is back.'


"Are you by chance enrolling in 1-A?" The boy questioned.


Izuku looked at his feet, avoiding eye contact, with the alpha. "Ah, I am! Are you?"


"Yes. And uh, is the floor more interesting than me?" Their was a short note of a amusement lace in the question.


Izuku jolted. "Ahm, well uh, no, but-"


"Well we're going to be in the same class, so might as well get used to eye contact." The alpha hummed.


Izuku snorted. "Stingy.." He looked up and regretted it. This alpha was attractive. That was a new word. He never found people attractive, but this boy's white and red hair, mismatched eyes, and flaky scar were, bluntly, attractive.


The taller boy's eyebrows shot to the ceiling. "Huh. Pretty."


Izuku blinked. Again. And once more. "Excuse me?"


"Your eyes. They're pretty. They remind me of emeralds." The boy said it with a blank look on his face.


Izuku tilted his head, confused, but omega purring happily at the praise. Izuku scolded it. "Thanks."


The taller boy held out his right hand. "Nice to meet you. I'm going to be in 1-A as well. My name is Todoroki Shouto."


Izuku grasped the hand.


"Midoriya Izuku. A pleasure."


- - -


Izuku's brain was working on overdrive. Somehow, he spoke to an alpha, survived, learned his name, gave his in return, and somewhere in between started walking with him to the 1-A dorms. 'You can't write this stuff!' Izuku yelled mentally.


Not to mention this alpha was very touchy, getting too close to Izuku for his liking. Or it was his imagination. He swears the alpha is somehow scenting him without touching him. His phone buzzes. He pulled it out, checking the notification. His eyebrows raised. "Ah- hold on, Todoroki-san, I got a text from my mom. I've got to go. My mom wants to buy me a collar."


Todoroki looked mildly confused, his eyebrows drawn together. "Aren't collars meant for omegas? Aren't you a beta?"


Darn it.


"Ah- well, um- I'm.. I'm an omega." Izuku mumbled.




"Yeah.. I gotta go. I'll see you around-!"


"What's your number?" Todoroki asked it like it was the most natural thing ever.


Izuku spluttered, before numbering it off. He threw him a wave running over to the curb, where his mom had pulled up in her small car.


He got a wave in return.


- - -

"Izuku, honey, it's not that I'm opposed to you having friends, but that boy was letting off extremely possessive alpha pheromones! I just want you to be careful around him. The Todoroki family is one of the families who will buy omegas to breed strong alphas and breed omegas meant for nothing more than birth."


Izuku sighed, but smiled sadly. He knew she meant well. She always had. She has always fought for him. She would do whatever she could to keep him safe. He knew that. His mom was an omega, but she acted like more of an alpha when angry, and a beta when everything else was concerned. Nonetheless, omegas look out for one another. His mom looked after him more furiously because he was her son. Who was also an omega. Her protective instincts constantly flared.


"I know, mom. But Todoroki-san really is a kind person. He was just accompanying me to the 1-A dorms.. I was given a key, by the way! They gave it to me right away because not many people were planning on signing up! That's really great, isn't it?!" His enthusiasm caught.


"Oh, baby, that's great! I'm so happy for you! I cant believe my super talented baby boy is going to a prestigious boarding school.. it's a mother's dream." She practically sobbed out.


Izuku laughed, glad to be off the topic of Todoroki. "Anyway, let's get me a collar! There's a nice store nearby: I searched on the way here."


Inko gave her son a warm, affection filled smile. He really had grown into such a sweet, humble young man. "Izuku, I know collars meant to prevent unwanted biting can cost a lot," she shuddered at the thought of her boy being taken against his will. "But I want you to genuinely love your collar until someone gives you a promise collar. So, price doesn't matter. Just try to find a green one," She laughs slightly with tears building in her eyes. She felt warm arms wrap around her shoulder blades. "Thanks mom. I love you. I promise I'll be diligent about my body and who I let take me. I won't let myself be taken against my will."


Inko nodded into his shoulder, and they entered the store after detaching.


"Hey, mom? What about this one? It's really pretty and it says the material is really sturdy." Izuku called to her, after they'd spent a few minutes searching for a collar that Izuku was okay with wearing. Inko came over, her purse swinging with the motion of her arms. "Oh~ Izuku this one is so nice~!" She cooed to him.


"I want this one!" He exclaims, excitement overriding his sense of appropriate voice level.


Inko laughed, a motherly joy warming her heart. "Okay, honey, okay, we can get this one."


The collar wasn't very fancy, but it screamed Izuku. The leather band was a dark soaked green, with an emerald on the front, with a little decorative chain that reached to his collarbone that also held an emerald. The chain attached at the back where the collar attached together, and it went into the opposite sides of the gem. The gems were polished to a pristine shine, the leather tough, but supple and breathable, the chains supported.


The cashier gave Inko a friendly smile, before directing it to Izuku. "Find everything okay, dear?" She cooed, careful not to work up the omegas. Izuku nodded. "Yes ma'am, we did." He gave her a smile, which the cashier gladly returned. Inko knew not all collar customers are kind. She had seen a few.


She rung up the collar, cooing out how nice the collar would look on Izuku. He flushed, quietly offering his thanks. Inko handed her card, taking it back once she pained, before the omegas bid the cashier a farewell.


The two were walking to the car when Inko popped the question. "Do you need help getting that on?"


Izuku shook his head, like a liar. "No mom, I'm fine. I'm just going to put it on once I find my dorm." His mom nodded, and dropped the subject.


- - -


Inko dropped her son off at the front of the school again. "Have fun, honey! I'll pick you up in an hour or two!"


Izuku laughed, but nodded and waved as she drove of. His mom was acting as if he was already going to school. He was just finding his dorm.


He set off, chuckling to himself, when he ran into someone's back.


"Watch it!"


Izuku froze, the voice too familiar. The voice of someone who had wanted to court him for a while. "K-Kacchan! Hi, I didn't expect to see you here! Well, bye! I'll see you around-!" He took off running, only to be pulled back by his collar. He whimpered. His omega didn't like this alpha. This one was too forceful; he wasn't caring enough.


"It's Deku! How've you been, runt? You haven't sold yourself into prostitution yet, right? I haven't given up on you yet. I'm still going to claim you." He noticed the bag in Izuku's hands. "Oh? What's that, nerd?"


Izuku shook. "Nothing, please let me go." He quietly whimpered.


Katsuki grabbed the bag, and saw the collar. He guffawed at the irony. "Y'know, I was gonna buy you a promise collar, but you got one already! Here let me put it on. This will be your promise collar-"


"Don't touch me!" Izuku shoved him off. "I'm not going to be your omega, so let it go!" He turned to run again, this time running into the chest of another familiar alpha. "Todoroki-san!"


The taller boy nodded at the omega. "Hello, Midoriya. Do you need help with that?" He pointed to the collar.


Izuku stiffened. Todoroki must have noticed because he jumped into damage control mode. "Uh- I don't mean it as a promise collar, I just wanted to help?"


Izuku visibly relaxed, which pissed off Katsuki to no end.


"Oi, half-and-half asshat! Hands off, this omega is mine."


Katsuki's voice rung in the air. Izuku thanked whatever god was up there that there was only one or two people around to witness his dilemma.


Todoroki fixes him with an annoyed stare, before exaggerating his inspecting of Midoriya's neck. "I don't see a mark. And, I heard him reject you just now, so, I don't know what you are getting at."


Katsuki growled and ripped Izuku from Todoroki's grip, shoving Izuku's face into his chest. "I said. He's mine. So back off, extra. I claimed him years ago. Fuck off."


Izuku twitched, scrunching up his nose at Katsuki's scent, struggling to get away from him. His body fell limp when overpowering alphan pheromones steeped into the air. His body naturally reacted to the alphan anger, immediately giving in, putting all his weight on Katsuki. "Sorry, whoever you are, but I'm afraid I'll have to take Midoriya back," he grabbed Midoriya by the shoulder, pulling him away from Bakugo. "And keep you from hurting him." With that Todoroki guides Midoriya by his shoulder into the direction of the 1-A dorms.


Todoroki had proven himself as a more worthy alpha by making Bakugo step down.


Izuku's omega purred, delightedly, and yelled at Izuku to bare his neck to the alpha. But Izuku claimed that as inappropriate, and refrained from it. Though, Izuku would be lying if he said that he didn't flush or purr softly at the sense of protection Todoroki gave him.


This walk, Izuku notes, was much faster than the one earlier. The practically jogged to the dorms, getting there much sooner than Izuku had anticipated. Izuku checked the number on his key, finding it said "6-2". Sixth floor, second room, he assumed. The two made their way to the elevator, instead of using the stairs for six flights. When inside, it was fairly quiet except for the two's quiet breathing.


"I wonder why I'm on the top floor?" Izuku questioned aloud, with a laugh. Todoroki pondered it for a minute. "I'm on the first floor. I assume they have the dorms set up according to secondary gender. Alphas on floors one and two, betas on three and four, and omegas on five and six. To keep from instincts flaring, maybe? If that's the case, it was smart for them to put the betas in between the alphas and omegas."


Izuku snapped his fingers at the thought. "That would make sense! That's a really good reason! Good thinking, Todoroki-san!" He laughs softly, the elevator falling into a comfortable silence.


"How do you know, um, the blond?" Todoroki started awkwardly. Izuku sighed. "I've known him practically since we were in diapers. We were childhood friends. I presented as an omega a year late, actually. In the middle of class. We had been friends up until that point. And I guess we still are, but he started viewing me as more of a piece of property than a person, so I don't really call us friends anymore. Because, y'know, not many male omegas. I've always been looked at like I was a trophy. It was lonely. I was almost used a few times, but that was no time recently. I never had friends because of Kacchan. Oh! His name is Katsuki Bakugo, by the way." Todoroki saved the name in his brain for later. "He scared off anyone who tried to get close to me, and he used to aggressively scent me when we were younger. Basically yelling at every other alpha, and betas, of course, to stay away." He laughs sadly at the memory. "But, I'm fine. I just, won't mate, I guess?"


Todoroki absorbed the information with a hum. "I don't think that just "not mating" is the way to look at this. I think you should just keep your eyes open for a good potential mate." Todoroki side-eyed him. "Because you're a great person. You'll find someone."


Izuku's omega purred, while Izuku just flushed. He smiled, offering his quiet thanks.


He found his room, after the elevator dinged open. He dragged Todoroki along with him. He considered them friends, so Izuku also pulled him into his room.


His omega was gleefully purring at the idea of having such a strong alpha in his new nest. It, again, yelled at him to bare his neck and submit to the alpha. He whined at the thought, then came up with one that would surely make things awkward between the two, but he was willing to risk it, if it meant making his omega stop screaming at him to bare his neck for the alpha.


"Can you help me with my collar?"


Izuku was fully aware that having an alpha put a collar on him would make his mom freak out, because no doubt she would be able to smell it. And that it would probably irk Todoroki. An omega asking for a collar, basically meant courting the omega. But, Todoroki just nodded and made a move to grab it, accidentally scenting it. He muttered an apology, knowing that Izuku would now be wandering around with a collar covered in his scent. Izuku just shook his head, and bared his neck for the collar. Todoroki was visibly twitchy, not wanting to touch the omega and succumb to alphan desires, nor hurt him. But most of all, not wanting to touch Izuku's glands, accidentally or not. If he did, both of his former fears would be fulfilled. But if this was what Izuku wanted, who was he to deny him?


He went behind Izuku, so he was situated at his back. Izuku's neck was still bared. "Hold still so I don't pinch you." He grumbled out, voice tinged with that baritone chord again, that made Izuku's omega whine with heavy want. Izuku shivered, not wanting their desires sated, but complied nonetheless.


The leather touched his neck, and Todoroki pulled it to a comfortable tightness- tight enough to be effective, but not tight enough to choke Izuku. He didn't want to find out what would happen if he did choke him.


He clasped it, then removed his hands, opting for muttering that it was on. Izuku bounced in a circle until he was facing Todoroki. "How does it look?"


Todoroki eyed it. It was definitely pretty, the emeralds giving it a soft charm. "It suits you. You picked a nice one."


Izuku didn't bother trying to hold back his purr. His omega was making it plainly obvious how much it wanted Todoroki's alpha. Todoroki didn't look perturbed, however. He looked rather pleased he made the omega happy.


- - -


The alpha and omega duo, having exited Izuku's room, decided to wander around their housing. They knew that the majority were rooms, but there were other places, no doubt. Their curiosity was sated when they found a common room, a kitchen, and a pool room.


Izuku was entranced, darting from one corner to another as Todoroki followed behind him. "This is amazing! I cant believe they were able to fit so much in here! It looks so small, but it totally isn't!"


While they were wandering around, they ran into a group who were no doubt also in their class. Izuku grabbed Todoroki's wrist and tugged lightly, mindful of not making the alpha angry at being commanded. "Todoroki-san, lets go introduce ourselves!"


The taller boy opted for a nod, as he was dragged towards the group. The group consisted of six in total. All of them seemed to be close, considering how happy they all looked together. Izuku saw one collar, which made his heart soar at the thought of not being to only omega.


He skipped up to the other six teens cooing out a friendly hello. All six looked up at the coo, but the one with collar a came up to greet the fellow omega. The omega was accompanied by a female, who, based off her scent, was also an omega.


"Hi there! I'm Kirishima Eijirou, and this is Uraraka Ochako!" The male omega with straight black hair, and red highlights and tips greeted ecstatically. His collar was red soaked leather with small pearl shaped divots all around it.


"It's great to meet you!" The girl with a brown bob said, joyfully. "I'm Uraraka Ochako!" She had no collar.


The greenette smiled, and the other five non-omegas hearts melted. "Nice to meet you two! I'm Midoriya Izuku." Kirishima and Uraraka cooed at how cute he was.


Izuku just laughed it off, gesturing to his partner in wandering. "This is Todoroki Shouto. He's an alpha, but he's really kind, and kind of stingy." Todoroki's lip twitched into a grin at the 'stingy'.


Uraraka cooed. "You two are so cute~!"


"Having a kind alpha is so manly!" Kirishima cheered for him.


Izuku flushed, and Todoroki looked vaguely smug. "I'm- no?! That's not it!!"


Uraraka laughed. "Uh, huh. I smell him all over you Mido-Bō~!"


Izuku waved his arms frantically, repeating 'It's not like that!' over and over.


The other four stepped in to save him. He learned their names and secondary genders and found that they all got along really well. There were Kaminari Denki, a beta, Hanta Sero, also a beta, Asui Tsuyu, a beta, and Yaoyorozu Momo, an alpha.


"Ah, there was one more boy around here somewhere, but I think he went off wandering somewhere. His name is Iida Tenya. He's an alpha." Yaoyorozu offered Izuku.


Izuku nodded. "Okay! Thanks, Yaoyorozu-san!"


She laughed and waved him off. "Yaomomo is fine, Izu-chan."


Izuku flushed at the iteration of his name, but nodded nonetheless. He also learned to call Asui as Tsu, Uraraka as Ocha, Kirishima as Eijirou, or Eij, and Todoroki as, well, basically anything.


He propped a finger on his chin. "Well then, how about.. Shouto.. Sho.. Sh.. Shouchan? Shouchan! I'm going to call you Shouchan!"


The boy addressed nodded, and the group continued to walk as Ocha and Eijirou poked at Izuku. "You can't say you aren't at least interested! I know I'd be!" Eijirou laughs.


Izuku flushes. His luck with friends here was great. He knew he'd enjoy it at Yuuei.

Chapter Text

The nine kids wandered the halls of Yuuei freely, seeing as they got by off the excuse that they were familiarizing themselves. Izuku got a text from his mom, and excused himself, promising to see them all on the first day of school.


He rushed out and saw his mom waiting at Yuuei's gates. Inko arrived to pick Izuku up from his meeting, and promptly caused a scene.


- - -


The two omegas were driving home in silence. Inko was silently raging at the scent of the alpha on her son's collar, as Izuku was withdrawing in on himself. "Izuku, as I said earlier, I trust your judgment. And that I'm okay with you having friends. But there's an alpha's scent all over your collar! I can also smell Katsuki all over you! Oh, that boy, he has always been the troublemaker, but I thought after requesting to his mother that he leave you alone that he would- but he didn't! And now that Todoroki boy's scent is all over you and your collar- Izuku! Did he scent you?!"


The boy sighed, shaking his head. "No mom, he didn't. I just asked him to help me with my collar."


"Izuku, I could have done that!"


"I know, mom, I know. But I just thought that-"


"What, Izuku?" She snaps, cutting him off. "What did you think would happen?! You think that boy would be able to stay off you after collaring you?!" She sighs in exasperation. "I'm not letting you get near that Todoroki boy nor Katsuki. Neither of them deserve you. Neither of them will get you, and I'll make sure if it."


"But, mom, if you'd just hear me out-!"


"No, Izuku, I'm sorry, but I won't. Those alphas are not going to be allowed near you." Inko snipped, marking the end of their conversation.


Izuku sighed, looking downcast, turning his attention to outside of the passenger seat window. His mom obviously wouldn't budge. She wasn't letting them get near him. Katsuki he was fine with leaving alone, but Todoroki? Not really. They'd only just met but he thought they just.. clicked. They were good friends, and no doubt his omega saw Todoroki as a potential mate.. but, being apart, would hurt; omega or not. But, he respects his mom.


He listens to her, and obeys.


- - -


"Izuku, dear! First day of school! You can't afford to be late, boy! Get on up!"


Izuku knew that. He had been tossing and turning all night, jittering with excitement and anxiety. Excitement, for getting to see Ocha, Eijirou, Yaomomo, Tsu, Iida-san, Kaminari-san, Sero-san, and Shouchan again. And anxiety for seeing Shouchan and Kacchan again. His mom had not let up on her wish for him to stay away from the two alphas he was heavily scented with that day. He sighed, quickly throwing on an undershirt and his blazer, buttoning it closed. He hops down the stairs while multitasking with his pants. His mom smacks him upside the head when she sees him. "Don't leave your room without your pants on!" She laughs good naturedly. Time to press then.


"Yes, ma'am! I'm just excited to see Ocha, Eijirou, Iida-san, Yaomomo, Tsu, Shouchan, Kaminari-san-!"


"Stay away from that Todoroki boy. I don't want you two to get touchy-feely with one another."


Dang it, she's still mad.


Izuku sighs, letting off sad, distressed pheromones. "Yes, ma'am. I'll see you after school." She caught onto his smell, and reminded him of his scent blockers. He spritzed some, then shoved the small bottle in a small pocket on his backpack.


"Bye, mom." Izuku says, pushing the door open, sliding his shoes on.

Inko perks up. "Ah- don't forget! I'm helping you move your stuff into your dorm today after school!"

Izuku starts. How could he have forgotten? "Of course! See you!"


- - -


Izuku had memorized the halls when he wandered around with his newly found friends. He easily found his way to the room marked with a 1-A sign sticking out from the wall. 'Found you!'


He pushed the door open and was met with an onslaught of scents. Mostly alphas, he noted with a short lived tremor. He also picked up the small of his two omega friends to see the two conversing with the other six people he had hung out with.


He grinned. "Ocha~! Eijirou~!" He sing-songed, entering the room with his scent out on display, but not overpowering thanks to the scent blockers. There were a few others in the room who started muttering at there now being three omegas in the enforcement department.


"Dang, what luck!"


"They're all so cute, aw~! You guys are adorable!!"


"Three omegas, huh? We need to be wary of the other classes." A.. man.. with a.. bird's head.. stated. That one caught his attention.


Just having omegas enter Yuuei was rare. For them to be in the enforcement department? That was practically unheard of, since it was so dangerous. 'There will definitely be fighting,' he thought bitterly, reflecting on his childhood days, when he was offered money for. "Like property." He accidentally states aloud.


A large hand lays on his head. "Not quite. We won't let that happen."


Izuku shivers, memorizing the voice. "Shouchan!" He carefully removes himself from the hand on his head.


Todoroki moves his hand into it's appropriate pocket, alike to his other hand. He gives him a nod. "Midoriya."


A happy trill is released somewhere near him. "Izu-Bō~! How have you been?!" Ocha shrieks.


"Izuku!! Bro, great to see you!" Eijirou throws one arm over Izuku's shoulders, the other arm over Ocha's. "So hey, I was thinking. This chick," he jerks the pointer finger that is over Ocha's shoulder into her hair. "Doesn't have a collar."


"I can't afford those! Why do they cost so much?! I can't burden my parents like that!" She whines, clearly distressed.


Eijirou laughs sadly. "Yeah, you've said. So I was thinking, what if we bought this girl a collar for her?"


"What?!" Ocha shrieks.


"That sounds great!!" Izuku trills, happy to spend time with friends, and help them. Even when unwanted.


"No no no no no! I can't get guys to do that for me!!" Ocha whines, again, although the desperation is clearly there.


Tsu grabs Ocha's forearm. "Ochako-chan, please? We want to help, but collar shopping is usually done between, strictly, omegas." She says bluntly, driving the knife of happiness in Ocha's heart deeper. Ocha's pouts, but her cheeks flare as she relents to the pampering.


Eijirou and Izuku practically glow. "Manly, Ocha! When works for you two?!"


Izuku shrugs, eyes glued to Tsu and Ocha's interaction. "Any day but this evening."


Ocha nods in agreement, and Eijirou beams. "Bro, awesome! How's about next week?"


The other two omegas nod furiously, Eijirou's excitement catching their hearts.


Iida chooses this moment to rush in and demand everyone takes their seats, as he had spotted the teacher.


- - -


The week passes in a flash. Ocha and Tsu were close, Izuku had noted. Really close, in fact. Eijirou was the only one who could stand Kacchan, and the fact that Kacchan didn't kill Eijirou was a shocker. But, he and Shouchan had fallen into a standstill. It wasn't that they didn't get along, in fact, they got along great. They were super compatible, and everyone in their class saw they. But, Izuku had avoided alone time with him. And surely he must have noticed, judging by the way he was constantly trying to get him alone. But, Izuku never relented to being alone with him. His scent would cling to him to no end. His mom would freak. And he doesn't want to disobey his mom in that way, so he doesn't get too close to him.


Izuku was standing at the gates, waiting for Eijirou and Ocha so they could go collar shopping for her collar. Another day passed where Izuku avoided him. He sighed. He was lonely. Not in general, he just missed the company of Todoroki. The company Todoroki gave was nice. for him and his omega. His omega, was another thing. He flushed in annoyance. His omega still hadn't shut up; it was still whining and yelling at him to get close to him again. Izuku scolded it with a red face, then demanded it back down. But, Ochako and Eijirou were taking forever. He had started whining while he was waiting for them.


"Midoriya, do you have a minute?" The soft baritone chord, again. Izuku swears by it that every time he's thinking of this guy, he knows! And then he shows up to save Izuku's fragile heart.


"Ah- well, I'm waiting for Ocha and Eijirou right now.." Izuku trails off, not wanting to come off as rude, or dismissive.


"Ah, right. So no then.. no, I got it. But, hey, if you don't want to be friends anymore, you can say so, alright? It won't hurt me if you don't want to be friends. Just, I'd prefer if you told me, and didn't go out of your way to avoid me." Todoroki's face was downcast, though his face remained schooled itself to it's impassive neutral state.


Izuku's brain slows to a halt, and his heart stutters. Izuku figures he may have seemed rude, refusing to be with him alone, but he didn't expect Todoroki to sum it up to not wanting to be friends. To not wanting to be anything to one another. He didn't think he would think Izuku wanted them to be.. strangers. It hurt.


Izuku slapped his hands into Todoroki's cheeks and lightly shook his own head. "No, no no no no no! Todo- Shouchan, that's not it! It's not, it's not, it's not! I want us to be friends! But, my mom- she- she smelled you on my collar and told me to stay away from you, and if anything it's my fault I dragged you into my mess in the first place, but in no way do I want to be strangers! I still want us to be friends! I just can't be alone with you, or my mom will freak out, and I don't want that. I just respect my mom too much to be able to disrespect her like that.. but I don't want to just, sever my ties to you, that's not right! Please don't get that in your head again." Izuku whimpers, his tears having poured out sometime between grabbing the taller boy's cheeks and the end. He couldn't say for sure.


Todoroki's eyes eventually softened, pleased to know he still someone who wouldn't leave, if not on purpose. Todoroki nods, his hands cupping Izuku's rubbing his wrists with his thumbs. "Ok."




Todoroki nods. "Okay."


A squeak and a loud laugh broke them out of their reverie. "Hey, lovebirds! Hate to break up this absolutely adorable beautiful perfect moment you two are having here, but we need Izu." Ochako cackles.


"Hey, Todobro! You don't mind if we take Izuku now, right? We need to preserve Ochako's innocence." Eijirou gave him a good natured grin, before hugging Izuku around the waist.


Todoroki narrowed his eyes in distaste at the intimacy the two omegas had, but nodded despite himself.


Eijirou ignore it. "Great! We'll drop your mate off back at the dorms soon enough, quit your brooding!" Ochako only laughs harder, holding her stomach while saying something about forming abs at how hard she's laughing. Izuku splutters and tries to deny, but nobody listens. Not even Todoroki himself.


He just nods and says "Sounds good." Before walking to the dorms.


Ochako cooed, and starting raving about them being a cute couple while Eijirou raves about how manly an alpha Todoroki is and how perfect a mate he'd be.


- - -


The trio made their way to the mall, immediately heading for the food court. Ochako starts raving about finding some "good mochi" while Izuku and Eijirou trailed behind her. Eijirou elbows him. "So. Todoroki, huh? How in the hell did that happen anyway?"


Ochako turned around holding three mochis. "Yeah! Pauciloquent guy like him, outgoing, upbeat kid like you, come on. That's a match made in heaven. It's unheard of!"


Izuku huffed, cheeks flaring in protest. "First off, it's not like that at all. Second off, what do you mean, unheard of?! What about you and Tsu," he points at Ochako. "And you and Kacchan?!" He moves the point to Eijirou.


Ochako blubbers and Eijirou laughs. "Okay, bro, you got me there! I'm totally into Katsuki. He's so manly, dude."


Izuku splutters, wondering if they're even talking about the same person. "Okay, gross, Eij; lets just go get Ocha a collar already."


Ochako shrugged, biting into a raspberry mochi. The three walked down the rows of the mall, looking for the collar shop Izuku and his mom had stopped into. The trio were no doubt drawing attention, seeing as three omegas were walking around without any alphas around. Eijirou and Ochako were talking about collar designs, and Izuku let his mind wander back to the conversation with Todoroki earlier. 'Why had he thought that?' It never crossed his mind to think he was coming off that way.. he was just trying to respect his mom. An overwhelming alpha scent permeated his scent, and he looked around furiously for Ochako and Eijirou. He realized they had entered the collar store and now Izuku was just standing there. All alone. With an aroused alpha nearby. Izuku shuddered and tried to retreat in the direction of the omega bathrooms. The scent slightly faded, before it attacked his nose all at once. It indicated to Izuku that he was being followed. That wasn't good; at all. Not at all. A large hand grabbed his forearm, and he was being dragged through a big name clothes store before ultimately out of the mall, and into a dark alley looking place. Izuku whimpered and whined, all the while attempting to yank his arm out of the alpha's grip, dragging his feet. The alpha growled and forced him against the brick wall. The force elicited a pained yelp to tear out from Izuku's throat. The alpha stuck his nose into Izuku's neck glands, drinking in the sweet scent of omega. The unnamed alpha that Izuku finally concluded that he did not recognize jabbed a thumb to the front of Izuku's throat. Izuku gasped for his breath.


The alpha brought his other hand to cup over Izuku's mouth, silencing him. "It's okay, little omega. This won't hurt but a bit."


The alpha dragged his hand up from Izuku's throat to his hair, petting him. He shuddered under the touch, disgusted by the gall of the man in front of him. Trying to rape an omega out in public took guts; no matter how concealed in darkness they were. The scent would filter everywhere. Izuku's left hand reaches for his phone, sending a location text to the three people he knew would jump at the chance to help him; the three people who were always happy to hear from him. The three people he would willing entrust his life to. He sent a text to Todoroki, Iida, and his mom, hoping one of them would be fast enough.


The alpha saw his hand moving, after Izuku shoved his phone back in his pocket. The alpha smirked at him, dark and slimy in all of it's aspects. "Excited, are we? Are you already preparing yourself for my giant alpha cock?"


Izuku gagged and bit at the hand over his mouth. The man hissed and withdrew his hand. Izuku wipes his mouth. "Gross. As if I'd want to give myself to an alpha that has to force himself on an omega. That's sick. Of course I'm not "prepping myself" for your so called giant dick. Why would I do that? What a gross excuse for an alpha."

The alpha roughly grabbed the front of Izuku's pants. "You little whore. Male omegas are rare, so I'm surprised you're wearing a collar meant to drive alphas away. I thought male omegas were sold into prostitution. Aren't they just sex sleeves for alphas? Just like a toy?" The man uses his other hand to roughly grab Izuku's cheeks, that had gone red from embarrassment and anger. "Listen, whore, I'm not putting myself into you. Your stupid male omega kind must love this kind of fucking attention. Used as a slut. Not getting an actual bite," the man perks up. "Speaking of, marking a mate between alphas and omegas ties them together pretty tight. It makes you unable to stay apart. Maybe if I bite you, I'll be able to use you whenever I want, whore. That's a great idea. I'm gonna bite you, bind you to me, and you won't be able to leave. I'll have a male omega sex sleeve all my life!" The man licks Izuku's cheek, muttering hotly into his ear. "How nice, slut."


The man tears off Izuku's hoodie, then his plain undershirt, ignoring the pleas to stop, and pissed off hisses from the angry omega. His licks at his neck, or, what he can reach since he can't get the collar off. The man growls and unbuttons and unzips Izuku's pants do that they bunch around his knees. His palm roughly abuses Izuku's spot, forcing his tongue into Izuku's mouth, tasting around every inch he can reach. His tongue scrapes the top of his mouth, and Izuku bites down hard on the mans tongue. The man's other hand and fingers grip firmly on Izuku's right hip, hard enough to bruise.


Izuku whimpered in fear of his heat being triggered early. 'I have to get out of here! My heat is only in a few days.. I was supposed to go back to the dorms after this, maybe tell Todoroki my omega wants him, lock myself in my dorm room, and be in heat, but this stupid, mean, alpha- he's going to force himself on me-!'


Izuku whimpers and whines and cries, but the man does not get the satisfaction of dragging Izuku's boxers down, when a fist meets the side of his head. Izuku's knees buckle underneath him as he slides down the wall, disheveled, vulnerable, and hardly aware that someone was trying to get his attention, rather forcefully. "Midoriya-kun! I need you to stand up so I can assist you back into a proper appearance. Midoriya.. Midoriya! Come on, Midoriya, snap out of it." Izuku groggily shook his head. His brain clocked out the moment the adrenaline rush of what almost happened to him ended. "Iida-kun?" He wished his mouth was dry, but it wasn't. The disgusting saliva of the alpha was in his mouth- practically his throat. Izuku gagged at the notion, and spit out whatever he could. "Welcome back, Midoriya-kun! We must get going-" Iida looked over to the other boy who was with him. Th other was currently attempting to punch the alpha to death, it seems. "Todoroki-kun! Please stop beating the alpha unconscious- we need him awake for questioning! Just go assist Midoriya-kun."


Todoroki froze and looked over at the omega that was whimpering and whining and keening for Todoroki to come over. He immediately got off the alpha and went to the omega. "Midoriya! I was so worried- you couldn't have sent that text sooner?! We only just arrived before he raped you! Agh, sorry, this isn't your fault.. damn, come on, stand up. Let me help you get redressed."


Izuku just whimpered at having to stand up so soon, before keening- begging the alpha to not make him. Todoroki sighs, but went for Izuku's t-shirt first, noticing the hickeys the alpha had left. He hisses, drawing Izuku's head into his shoulder, so he could slip the shirt overtop Izuku's head. He reached for the hoodie, and pushed the hoodie on after. He pats and runs circles into Izuku's back as he lets the omega cry. After a few moments he stands, dragging Izuku with him, earning whines of protest from the small tear-streaked omega. Todoroki grabs Izuku's jeans and pulls them back up, hissing that the man may have touched Izuku there- his protective instincts flared, shoving Izuku's head into his neck, consciously scenting him, and vice versa.


Todoroki finished pulling up Izuku's pants, before buttoning and zipping them back up. He shifts so he was then supporting Izuku by holding him in his arms, the omega's legs wrapping around the alpha's waist, arms against his chest, his head in the heady scent of Todoroki's neck.


Iida had dragged the alpha out of the "alley" and to the security, when Todoroki and Izuku had caught up to him. "And- ah Todoroki-kun! Perfect timing! This is the omega in the incident." The man who forced himself on Izuku was handcuffed and forced into a sitting position on a chair. The man did a once over of Izuku, then licked his lips. Todoroki kicked his leg up on the edge of the chair, leaning into the man's face. "Touch this omega again, and you're dead, fucker."


He left the office, leaving Iida and two highly effected security guards.


He crooned to the omega, asking where Kirishima and Uraraka were. "Eij and Ocha are in Berty Bott's Collars." He mumbled out. Todoroki hummed. "Want to stop by and tell them I'm taking you back to the dorms?" Izuku huffed but nodded.


They arrived and smelled two very worked up, distressed omegas. The workers at the shop were cowering and trying to calm them down, but it wasn't working. The two had been wandering around looking for Izuku after picking up an alpha scent and their friend's in the same foot of space. Todoroki cleared his throat and let off calming pheromones, much to Izuku's pleasure. The scent was nice. It was like pine trees, and ashes. Heady and addictive and Izuku loves it. Ocha and Eij turned to the familiar scent and joyfully crowed when they saw Izuku was fine. "Izuku!" They both exclaim before ripping him out of Todoroki's arms. The omega whines at the loss of smell, but doesn't move much. He gets to smell his fellow omegas: some of the best comfort he can acquire. He cried a bit and the three omegas allowed themselves to be carried by Todoroki and Iida, who was not far behind to begin with, out of the mall. The five were met with Midoriya Inko's car pulling up. She gasped at the sight of her baby boy crying. "Izuku!" Her eyes licked onto Todoroki and a hard set fury set in.


"The Todoroki boy. Get your hands off my son, alpha!" She barks, making Ochako and Eijirou jolt, along with Iida. Todoroki flat out froze, but didn't relinquish his grip on Midoriya. He was given permission to hold him the same way he had earlier.


Inko growled at the boy's reluctance. "I always told my boy you were bad news. I told him to stay away from you, and he doesn't, and now he's like this-?! What?! What did you do to my son, Todoroki Shouto-san!" She shrieks, motherly omega fury overriding her senses.


Todoroki falters. Izuku wasn't lying- of course he wasn't, why would he? "Mrs. Midoriya, I understand you're upset but please hear me out-" Todoroki starts, trying to calm the raging omega mother.


Inko grits her teeth and makes a move to grab at her sleeping son. "I most certainly will not do such a thing. Let go of him, this instant-" She insists, touching him. The moment she touched him, Izuku shivered, fully awake now, and shrunk away from the touch, shoving his head further into Todoroki's neck. He fists Todoroki's shirt. He mumbled something, a happy keen, before falling back asleep.


Inko froze, so Iida stepped in. "Mrs. Midoriya, I apologize for assuming, and speaking without permission, but did you tell Midoriya to stay away from Todoroki because he is a bad person, or because he seemed to be a bad person? Because, Todoroki-san is his best friend: Izuku gets along with him the best. They’re both good people.” Iida adjusts his glasses.


Inko pauses inspecting how happy her son looks, scenting the alpha. “I guess.. that we need to talk, Todoroki-san.”


- - -


Izuku feels numb. His head is buzzing, his arms ache, his legs ache, his body aches. He doesn’t know how long he’s been asleep, but the telltale drowsiness of lingering sleep alerts him it’s been a while. He shoves his nose further into Todoroki’s neck, assuming that it was his pillow. The scent is heady and addicting. Izuku loves it. He subconsciously scents himself with the scent, before he’s lulled awake to his body being rolled around, and a soft voice crooning to him.


Izuku jolts awake, recognizing the voice. Recognizing the different texture of his so-called “pillow”. His head snaps up, coming eye-to-eye with Todoroki. His omega keens, craving the comfort of the alpha’s neck again. “Oh, you’re awake. Welcome back.”


Izuku screams, shoving his way out of Todoroki’s arms, which made him fall off his bed, landing on the floor. “What are you doing in my room?! This is my- my dorm?” He did a once over. “How did I get here? Didn’t my mom show up? Why aren’t I at home being pampered and scolded for being near you? What happened?” Izuku was getting frantic; his movements spastic.


“I told her the truth. We’re friends, I like you, and you like me.” Izuku’s face burns. “Like, as in, a friend way, right?” Todoroki tilts his head. “Was I wrong? I like you. I guess I just assumed you liked me back.” Izuku splutters, his whole face now red.


“I-well, my omega definitely wants you-”


“What about you, though? I don’t want you because you’re an omega, and I don’t want the deciding factor to be because of your omega.”


Izuku feels his heartbeat quicken. ‘Agh, Eijirou was right. This guy really is too good of an alpha!’
His omega whines to him, prompting him to answer the alpha then bare his neck.


“I- ..okay. If my mom will allow it.”


Todoroki tilts his head. Izuku notes that he does that a lot when he’s confused. “What; okay as in, you’re okay with knowing that I like you, or okay as in you return the feelings? Or okay as in I’m courting you?”


“Okay as in.. either of the last two..” Izuku curls into a ball and tried to disappear.


Todoroki smiles, and drops off the bed so he’s sitting next to the ball if flustered omega. “How about the last one?”


Izuku nods quickly, and slightly curls into the alpha’s scent. “But wait- what about my mom? I’m not supposed to be near you and-”


Todoroki nudges him with his foot, silencing the small bundle of anxiety. “I talked to your mom and explained what happened today. She said she was shocked at how positive your reaction towards me holding you was.” Izuku scoffs; the damn boy above had the gall to smirk like a love drunk idiot. “Anyway, I also asked to let me buy you a promise collar. She said it was fine, as long as it was fine with you. She forgave me really fast. Must be an omega thing.” The ball shoved him with a foot and a hand, eliciting a laugh from the mismatched boy.


Izuku huffs. “Just because us omegas are emotional doesn’t mean we aren’t reasonable. My mom just wants what’s best for me. I was almost bought into prostitution, you know?”


Todoroki snorts. “Sounds barbaric, and that’s not how prostitution works.”


“Ok, maybe not prostitution. That was probably the wrong term.” The alpha snorts an ‘oh really?’. “I’m a trophy marriage item, so.. my mom is just wary about alphas with me.”


Todoroki nods. “Understandable.”


Izuku sighs. “But hey, you’re almost courting me now, so you should know- my heat is going to start in a few days.”


Todoroki stiffens. “Do.. do you want me here? With you?”


Izuku shoves him again. “I don’t care, it’s my mom that cares. I’m more than happy to be with you. You just need to get through my mom to share my heat with me.” He ends with a purr, rubbing his head against Todoroki’s head like a cat.


Todoroki looks earnest. “Then I guess I’m paying your mother a visit tomorrow.”


Izuku laughs.

Chapter Text

The next week leading up into Izuku's heat was hell for his classmates. Nobody knew what to expect from Izuku, except Todoroki, who had been told, and shockingly Katsuki, who had grown up with him, so he just knew. Apparently, Izuku gets moody, clingy, and annoyingly talkative (read: according to Katsuki); which really isn't much more than usual. Izuku and Todoroki decided not to tell the class until the day before Izuku's heat hits that Todoroki was his designated alpha, and that he was spending Izuku's heat with him. The only others who knew, were Eijirou, Ochako, and Iida.


Izuku trotted into the classroom looking nearly as tired as their homeroom teacher. A few of the alphas picked up on the increased sweetness and immediately knew the reason. The betas' sense of smell wasn't so sharp, so they poked the omega. "Dang, Mido, you good? You look almost as bad as Aizawa on a good day!" Sero questioned, genuinely concerned, before his idiot best friend piped up.


"Yeah, yeah! You look like shit, Midoriya! Did you even get to sleep last night?" Kaminari laughed.


Izuku promptly burst into tears, blubbering something about not feeling well, and being restless, waking up nearly every hour. Kaminari jumped into damage control mode, waving his hands around repeating that he was joking, and hoped he was fine, and that he was sorry.


Kaminari jolted, hands freezing, sensing an angry alpha's pheromones. Specifically Katsuki's. "What the fuck, deadbolt?!" Kaminari mutters, '..deadbolt?' "Obviously the fucking nerd is going into heat! Can't you pick up on those sweet-as-shit pheromones he's excreting?!"


Jirou laughed. "I'm surprised you even know what excreting means. And how to use it!" She doubles over, clutching her abdomen.


Katsuki sweats, veins popping. "Can it, headphone jack!" She laughs harder. "Of course I know the what the fuck it means!! You expect me to not, eh?!"


The door slams open, revealing another raging alpha. The other two omegas, Ochako and Eijirou, had made their way to Izuku's desk, before shivering, feeling the two opposing angry alphas. Izuku stopped bawling, and started keening to the newly presented alpha. Todoroki made his way over to Izuku, rubbing his nose into Izuku's cheek like it was the most casual thing that friends do.


Katsuki slammed his right hand onto Izuku's desk, a resounding smacking noise reverberated loudly in the small room. The two omegas quivered, being consoled by Asui and Sero.

“What.. the FUCK.. do you think you're doing, peppermint boy?" Katsuki asked slowly; murderous intent on full display. Katsuki has taken it as an insult for another alpha to touch his claimed omega. Todoroki turned to him, seemingly indifferent, though the look in his eyes made Izuku purr.
Todoroki's alpha had taken command and was in "mate-protection" mode. Izuku would never admit it, but he loved being doted on.


"I'm consoling my omega, is there a problem?" Just, not to this extent. Izuku sighed, and softly smacked Todoroki on his scarred cheek. "That was a secret, stupid." Todoroki blinked in his direction. "Oh, yeah. My bad."


The whole class screamed. Most happy for them, some shocked, and one angry. "What the fuck do you mean, your omega?!" Katsuki grabbed Izuku's shoulder and shoved his nose into his own shoulder. Izuku shivers, and struggles in the grasp. It felt like he was betraying his alpha somehow. Todoroki scoffed, the scoff he did when he wasn't believing something. Typically only Izuku received it.


"That's rich. His mom allowed me to share his heat with him. As far as I can tell, you have no such right." Izuku whines, wanting out of Katsuki's scent. The scent was something explosive, highly unlike Todoroki's. It scared him.


Ochako squeals, and Mina coos at the new development. Eijirou just laughs good naturedly, exclaiming how manly an alpha Todoroki was, though it hurt that Katsuki didn't want him. The others had a different response.


"What about school, you two?! As class rep I must insist you reconsider!"


"Aw~! How cute~!"


"No~o! I wanted a piece of Midoriya's ass, and now I don't get it-!" Asui slaps him.


Todoroki grabs Izuku and scents him, and scents himself. "He's mine, Katsuki, so I suggest you back off."


Aizawa rushes into the room, smelling the angry and distressed pheromones of alphas and omegas. "What the hell, you brats-?!" He saw the alphas fighting over the omega. "Hey! Katsuki, stand down, now.” Katsuki snarls. “And why should I, huh? This inadequate alpha has his hands all over my omega, claiming some bullshit about sharing his heat with him, the damn nerve-”


Their teacher glares at the explosive blond. “Mrs. Midoriya did give him permission. The two of them already were given a lead of absence. They will be together during that period."


Katsuki growls, but doesn't comment.


"Take your seats, brats, we have secondary gender teachings today."


And they did.


- - -


The next few days passed the same. Katsuki raging, Izuku crying, Todoroki comforting, the omegas frightened, the betas oblivious, the alphas disappointed.


Until the day before.


The class was enjoying the day before Izuku's heat, since he was being clingy with everyone, hugging everyone with wild abandon. 1-A has drawn a lot of attention from the other classes, since the only omegas in school were in 1-A. And the fact that one was going into heat had spread like wildfire. Multiple kids had lined up outside the door to try and prey on him, Todoroki had stated. Izuku had smacked him again. The door opened, and three confident alphas entered. Alphas are all attractive in some way. These three were no exception. All three pairs of eyes locked onto Izuku, and the one that seemed to be the "leader", smirks and approaches him. Ochako sighs. "What's with alphas and always wanting Izuku?" She grumbles, her arm tightening around Izuku’s waist. Izuku was cuddling into Ochako when the alpha called his name in the grossest way possible. According to Todoroki.


“Izu-chii~ Hi there, I’m an upperclassman. My name is Tora Kyo. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Izu-chii.” The upperclassman coos. Izuku flinches, but isn’t disrespectful. He gives the boy, Tora, a nod. Tora pouts. “Aw, Izu-chii, why so un-talkative? I just wanna be a good alpha for you-”


Todoroki snapped. He grabbed the upperclassman’s wrist and practically threw him out of the room. He grinds his teeth, grabbing Izuku under his arms, throwing him over his shoulder. “Sorry, that spot is occupied.” He grits out, shoving back his enraged alpha.


He stalks away, with Izuku over his shoulder, to his dorm room.


- - -


The two were cuddled on Izuku’s bed, talking about totally mundane topics when Izuku’s heat hit.


“Shouchan, you didn’t have to push the upperclassman like that. He wasn’t annoying me.” Izuku sighs with exasperation.


Shouto huffs to him, reaching out to unlock Izuku’s current collar. “I will not allow anyone to touch you without your consent, even if you say they aren’t bothering you.” Another exasperated sigh from the smaller boy. Shouto was a handful of constant pampering. The alpha’s hands around his neck moved gently, not wanting to pinch Izuku’s skin. He chuckled. “The last time I had my hands on your collar, I was helping put it on.” Izuku giggles. “That’s true, isn’t it? How ironic.”


Shouto dragged Izuku back, after gently placing his collar down on his bedside table. Izuku, who was enjoying his seat in Shouto’s lap, snuggles back into Shouto’s chest with a content hum, when a jolt of heat travels from his neck to his rear. He shivers. “Are you okay, Izuku?” The baritone chord of Shouto’s voice was more arousing and rough than usual. Something was definitely changing between them. Izuku whimpers, rubbing against Shouto’s crotch, not completely knowing what it was he wanted. Shouto hadn’t moved an inch since Izuku’s heat hit, though his arms had definitely tightened around Izuku’s waist, and his jaw had locked. The lack of response wasn’t helping Izuku in anyway whatsoever. He squirmed, keening, begging the alpha to do something- anything- to quell the heat building beneath his skin. Shouto gently, but firmly, flipped him around so he was straddling the alpha, locking their lips together. Izuku whined. Shouto’s lips weren’t as chapped as his own, though there was the telltale feeling of bruised skin. Shouto’s lips were firm and gentle, akin to everything else about him. The kiss was slow and languid; it was so much different than his encounter in the alley. He yelped, moaning softly into the kiss when he felt Shouto’s hands roaming to his neck, and the gentle curve of his lower back. Izuku presses his tongue to Shouto’s lips, before opening his mouth wide, tongue lolling against his bottom lip, in silent invitation. Shouto wasted no time grabbing Izuku’s arms, throwing them over his shoulders, before drawing Izuku close enough to push his tongue into the smaller boy’s mouth. Izuku moans, feeling Shouto’s wet cavity shove it’s way into his mouth. Izuku’s cavern was wet and hot, thanks to his counterpart, and he loved it. Izuku sobs into the kiss as another bolt of heat travels down his spine, his hole releasing copious amounts of slick. Shouto ran his tongue over the roof of Izuku’s mouth, over his tongue, and practically down his throat so far it almost made him gag. Izuku tightens his arms around the alpha’s shoulder, gasping for breath. The alpha pulls back to kiss all over Izuku’s face. The tips of his lips, his cheeks, eyelids, ears, nose, forehead. “You’re sure?” Shouto’s voice is hoarse, gravely, and Izuku’s omega whines with excitement. Not trusting his voice, he nods furiously, lips parted. Shouto connects their lips again, immediately thrusting his tongue inside his heat. His right hand makes it’s way down to the boy’s shirt buttons, quickly undoing them. Izuku’s blazer comes off, and it is draped over his chair. Shouto’s hand splays, pushing its way under Izuku’s undershirt to feel his soft, but lean stomach. His other hand follows, and Izuku shivers when the left hand flicks over his nipple.


“Shouto, don’t tease me.. please..” The heat almost hurts, it’s burning so much. Shouto chuckles. It’s deep, laced with wanting; it makes him shiver. “Of course.. how could I forget I have such a needy omega?”


Izuku freezes, unlatching his arms from the taller boy’s neck. “I-I’m.. needy..?” His lip quivers and shakes, and even though the heat has not dulled in the slightest, he’s ignoring it for the sake of the word.. needy.


Shouto jolts, noticing the other’s sudden curling in. “Izuku, you know that’s not how I meant it.” He nudges Izuku’s cheek with his nose, but the other doesn’t budge. “Come on.. I’m sorry, but you’re needy in a good way.” He licks his lips; his nervous habit. “Izuku, I like it when you rely on me. So please.. don’t go dark ok?”


Izuku jolts up reconnecting their lips, shrugging Shouto’s shirt off of him. He pulls away, to drag off Shouto’s pants. “Ok. Ok, ok, ok, I can do this. I believe you.”


Izuku palms at Shouto’s crotch, and Shouto throws his head back with a guttural groan. Izuku lips his lips, pulling Shouto’s and his own boxers down, over their knees and off. Izuku slides down his body, fingertips brushing over every divet of Shouto’s muscle. He comes face to face with Shouto’s crotch, licking a long stripe up, starting from his balls, up to the tip, giving it a kiss, eliciting a choked moan from Shouto. “Izuku, you don’t have to-”


“I want to.”


Izuku licks around the head, enveloping him with his tongue, pushing his head down onto the boy’s pelvis. “Izuku-!!” Shouto runs an, abnormally so, warm hand into Izuku’s hair, giving it a slight tug. Izuku moans around the dick in his mouth, fighting his gag reflex and involuntary tear ducts. A few tears run down his cheeks when his reflex hits. He doubts he can go any further. Until Shouto pushes on his head a bit, forcing him down further. The tears are running freely, and his throat burns pleasantly, though he’s having trouble breathing in through his nose. His omega purrs with delight when he hears Shouto exclaim and “Izuku!” and a warm, sticky heat pours straight down his throat. He pulls off, choking on the salty-sticky substance in his throat. Some comes out along with the coughs, splattering onto his and Shouto’s bare midriffs. Shouto pets his head and pulls him back up to his face, where Izuku sees a pretty flush on his face. He outright happily purrs when he sees he caused it to be there. Shouto pushes Izuku underneath him, kissing all over his body. wherever Izuku was showing any skin.


Then, another shot of heat shoots down his spine. He shivers. “Ah- Sh-Shouto-! Please, alpha, please, make it stop! Please help me stop the heat! Please, alpha. Alpha, alpha, please-!”


Shouto grips onto Izuku’s hips, nearly tearing Izuku’s pants in his haste to get them off. “Of course. Of course, Izuku, my omega, my sweet omega. Such a good boy, great for me.”


Izuku’s whines choke off into loud moans when Shouto pushes two fingers in with ease, using his slick as a lubricant. Izuku whines, subconsciously pushing back onto Shouto’s fingers. Izuku chokes on his pleas for more when Shouto’s finger count ups to three, moving along his inner walls, his other hand caressing his side, and hip, before landing on Izuku’s forearm. He pushes down onto Izuku, sealing their lips together again in a searing kiss, lighting a burning spark inside Izuku when Shouto’s fingers brush against a smooth, firm bundle of nerves. Izuku cries out, clenching and unclenching on the fingers up his backside. Shouto’s fingers pull out, and leaves Izuku clenching on nothing, whining for him to put them back.


The two shift so Shouto’s back is against the wall, still on the bed, and Izuku is in his lap, positioned just above his pelvis. “Just breath, Izuku, okay?” The omega nods furiously pushing down, about to start begging to be re-filled.


Shouto guides his hips slowly onto his own, connecting them at the knot. Izuku’s jaw sets, and he grinds his teeth. “Izuku. Breath.”


Shouto starts rolling their hips together, and Izuku pants, now completely gone to the throngs of his heat. “Alpha- ha- please move. Please- gh-! Please alpha, move faster, please please please-” Shouto grinds his teeth, giving an especially hard thrust. Izuku whimpers and cries, his ass burning pleasantly.


It doesn’t take long for Izuku to fall out of rhythm, no longer able to keep up the pace Shouto set. He, instead, is reduced to a blubbering, crying omega who loves his alpha. “I love you, I love you, I love you- oh my god- Shouto I love you!” He chokes out between sobs and cries.


Shouto smiles, something awfully affectionate for literally ramming his ass, tearing it open. “I love you too, Izuku. I love you.”


- - -


The first people to know when Izuku is coherent again are Ochako and Eijirou. He sends them a picture of his bite mark, and leaves them to their devices.