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Don't Be a Stranger

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The first time Tokoyami notices Kaminari staring at him is during class, which is odd considering Kaminari sits two rows in front of him.
They're doing algebra when Tokoyami starts to dissociate, and decides that staring at the whiteboard would be more productive than trying to think. He notices Kaminari out of the side of his eye, who is staring very intently in his direction. The blond is still moving his pencil. Weird.



The second time Tokoyami notices is in the dorms. It's a Sunday, and like all others, Tokoyami stayed in his room listening to music until 2pm. Today, it was Thomas the Tank Engine remixes. He leaves the room and makes his way down the first set of stairs. He sees movement and a flash of yellow, and looks over to see Kaminari standing at the end of the hallway, looking in his direction.


Tokoyami calls out “Kaminari, what are you doing?”


Kaminari keeps staring from the end of the hall. He then dabs and runs around the corner. Tokoyami cocks his head in confusion, then ultimately decides that this encounter was better off forgotten.



After that Tokoyami decides to actively interact with Kaminari more, to see if he can get any reason for the staring out of the blond. Tokoyami shares snacks at the dorms, and seeks out Kaminari to play video games and chat. They start watching trashy movies and sitting next to each other during dorm movie nights.

Kaminari quickly found a hobby in teasing Tokoyami for his position as the class love expert. He likes to poke at him having some cupid quirk, but Tokoyami just insists that everyone else is too blind by romantic feelings to notice.

Tokoyami always thought Kaminari was loud and chaotic, and that was true, but he learned that the guy was fun. And pretty nerdy, too. Actually he was pretty, full stop.



Tokoyami doesn't manage to get the desired information out of Kaminari, and actually kind of forgets about it, just enjoying the company of his new friend.
But Kaminari ends up telling him anyway.


Hey Tokoyami,” Kaminari walks up to him, fidgeting. Nervous. “You're aromantic right?”


“Yup.” he hums.


“Does that mean you, uhh, you don't like romance and stuff? Like Kirishima and Bakugo, does that bother you?”


Tokoyami explains “Being aromantic means more that I don't feel any romantic attraction towards people, I can be fine with romance. There are days though,” he pauses in thought “where I don't want to be near it, though. I'm mostly indifferent towards it.”


“Oh OK.”




“I like you.” Kaminari' blurts out before his brain catches up, and he slaps his hands over his mouth.


The two stand in silence for a moment, before Kaminari whispers a guilty “That wasn't meant to come out. Sorry.”


Tokoyami snorts and slaps the blond on the back, distilling the remaining awkward silence, “So that's what all that staring was about.”

Kaminari relaxes a little, a tad confused at the response, but relieved at the casual attitude. He hadn't screwed up their friendship. Good.




Kaminari stares at Tokoyami as he moves about the kitchen preparing a cereal breakfast. Sero is sitting at the bench next to Kaminari and glances between the two, then swallows his food and nudges his neighbour.

“Aren't you being a tad obvious about your crush?” He queries.


“Me? Gay.” Kaminari doesn't even bother to face Sero to talk, choosing to continue openly watching Tokoyami.


Sero rolls his eyes “Yeah, I know. But you were like, super secretive about it, but you're not this morning.”


“He told me accidentally,” Tokoyami enters the conversation, walking over to the bench where the two boys were sitting, bowl and spoon in hand “and now we're dating.”


“Huh.” Sero said. “ Thought you were aromantic though.”


“I am. But Kaminari is cool, and cute, so I wanted to date him.”


Kaminari squeks in embarrassment “We discussed it and I'm fine with it, as long as he stays honest about that stuff. It's cool.”


“Gaaay.” A stage-whisper came from across the kitchen, where none of the three had notice Hagakure sititng on the tile floor eating her own bowl of cereal.


“Why are you sitting on the floor?” Tokoyami asks.


Because, I have lost control of my life. Also I feel like it.” Hagakure flings her arms out dramatically, the motion only seen due to the excess of bracelets on her arms.


“Is this because of your gay thing?” Sero almost giggles, but manages to contain his amusement to a grin.


“Of course this is my gay thing! What the hell am I supposed to do?!” She yells, and slumps onto the floor knocking her cereal and spilling a couple of froot loops on the floor.


There's thudding from above as someone rushes down the stairs, and Ashido flings herself around the open kitchen door. “I heard something about a gay thing.”


Sero doesn't bother to hide his laugh this time, and Tokoyami looks at Hagakure sympathetically. He walks back to pat Ashido on the shoulder, and then walks away, tagging Kaminari to follow.

Sero gets the memo as well, and also heads to the living room, stretching himself over the central couch and turning on the TV. Tokoyami and Kaminari sit on a neighbouring couch.


They sit there for a while as Tokoyami eats and Kaminari scrolls through tumblr on his phone. They both look up when shrieking comes from the kitchen. Tokoyami rolls his eyes “Finally.”


Sero raises his eyebrows in question, and Kaminari looks over and mouths 'love expert' to Sero. Ashido and Hagakure stroll into the living room, holding hands and the visible one with a smile on her face.


“We're dating now!” Hagakure exclaims. Sero murmers a 'nice' and moves his legs for the girls to sit down.


Ashido's grin turns shit-eating as she faces Kaminari and Tokoyami. “So birdfucker, I heard you managed to land a boy.”


Tokoyami starts to laugh as Kaminari lets out a quiet screech and his face turns red. He moves to shove his embarrassed face into Tokoyami's chest.



Not a lot changes in Tokoyami's relationship with Kaminari. They go out more, some as dates and some not, and occasionally eat lunch together. Kaminari beats Tokoyami at Mario Kart, they share music and occasionally people-watch like Tokoyami and Dark Shadow like to do.


Kaminari still stares at Tokoyami during class when they should be working and in hallways and across the canteen. And Tokoyami knows this, and that's okay.


It's nice.