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MinaChako Week 2018-First

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   Let it be known that Mina Ashido was a woman of action. Words were for people with too many thoughts in their head; she much preferred the excitement of doing and asking for forgiveness later. But there are times when even she has to ask “why?” and “how did this happen?” and “what does it mean?”. 

   One of these times came in the form of her best friend, Ochako Uraraka. Since being floor mates their first year, it’d become habit to visit each other for advice, fun or to vent. Lately however, their visits held an air of…unnameable tension. There were clipped sentences, red faces and far too many lingering looks for Mina to ignore. 

   They sat on her bed, Ochako’s head in her lap as they browsed their phones, movie forgotten. It was a lazy Sunday, and Ashido had made it her mission to enlighten her by binge watching every Alien movie. 

   “Oh god,” Uraraka suddenly lamented. 


   She covered her face with her phone, groaning, “My mom found an old photo album and insists on sending me my worst hits from ages 3-5,”. 

   Mina gushed, “Aww! Show me!”. Ochako sat up, cradling her phone to her chest.

   “No way! They’re terrible!! They’re not even cute,”

   “Bullshit! Let me see, let me see!!” She made a grab for the phone just as Ochako sent it floating to the ceiling. Scrambling to snag it, Mina was yanked back down; squarely on top of her.

   She was well acquainted with the look of someone with a crush. Wide eyed, flushed face. As outgoing and pretty as Mina was, she’d been on the receiving end of plenty of those looks. Lord knows she’d seen enough of Ochako’s to recognize it. Two classmates in two years, both of whom ending up with partners before she could muster the nerve to actually confess anything. Ochako Uraraka was hopelessly quick to fall in love. 

   “If you wanted me on top of you, all you had to do was ask,” she joked. Instead of sputtering adorably-like she expected-Ochako stared up at her. 

   “Mina,” she shyly placed a hand on her ribs, stirring butterflies in Mina’s stomach she didn’t know she had, “There’s...there’s something I should-“ her words were cut short by a soft, but insistent kiss. 

     What of Mina’s feelings? To put it simply, they were all over the place. Ochako was also a very pretty girl. She was gentle in one breath, fierce and imposing as a mountain in the next. 

   But there was the question of orientation. Ochako only ever had crushes on boys, as far as she knew; though she might never understand the appeal of Katsuki Bakugo. Was it her imagination? She didn’t think so. Was she overthinking it anyway? Absolutely. It was enough to rattle even Mina Ashido’s boundless confidence. 

   Then there was the way she wore that oversized pink sweatshirt; tilted so that one collarbone poked out. The fact that being greeted with one of her smiles felt like the heavens parting for a blinding second. It was the feeling that she could float all your worries into space if you needed her to. 

   And sometimes, it was the way Ochako looked at her when she thought she wouldn’t notice. 

   Suddenly realizing what she was doing, Mina pulled away. She couldn’t help but think of an angel as Ochako lay beneath her, hair settled around her like a halo. 

   “I; uh-“.

   “I like you!” Ochako blurted out. That gave them both pause. “I know things have been...weird lately. And I don’t want you to think it’s anything bad,”.  Mina stared; she continued, “I just; you’re so cool, Mina, and I don’t want to ruin our friendship, or whatever, but I have to be honest with-with,” her sentence trailed off as Mina pulled her face close and kissed her sweetly again. 

   “You ramble,” She teased.

   Ochako looked ready to argue her point, but conceded with an, “Oh, fuck it,” and connected their lips again, wrapping her arms around her waist. 

   Catching her breath, Mina pressed their foreheads together, “I like you too,” she said. 

   The following moment, all nervous giggling and shy grins, was abruptly ruined when a crash next to her bed startled them both. 

   “MY PHONE!”