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How to Train Your Brat: LTR2

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The dealership smelled like new cars and anxiety, at least to Genji. The tiled floors were polished and shiny, almost mirror-like. The interior housed a few cars, one bright red, another a shiny yellow, and another a metallic blue. Genji glanced around the showroom, holding Jack’s hand a little tighter.


A man in a suit approached them. He looked nice enough, younger than Jack but older than Genji. The man seemed to lead his body with an extended left hand.


“Hey guys, how are you doing today? I’m Tanner. Do we know what we’re looking for today?” Jack shook his hand in return, Genji pulling closer to his side.


“Jack Morrison. We’re looking for a car for Genji.” Genji gave a short wave, looking around the showroom again.


Tanner’s smile grew wider, following Genji’s eyes. “Alright. Anything particular in mind? What’s important in a vehicle?”


“Speed and sex appeal,” Genji answered immediately, grinning for the first time since they left the house that morning.


Jack shook his head, “Safety features.”


Tanner chuckled, an awkward noise produced from his throat. “No worries. We can find you something that will combine safety and performance.” He started walking toward the open door of an office, turning to talk as he walked. “What’s our budget?”


Jack pulled Genji along gently by his hand, smiling at him. “Show us what you have that would make us both happy. We’ve got a pretty open budget for the right option.”


Tanner led them into his small office, taking a seat behind the desk. Genji glanced around it, noting the pictures of a pretty woman and a child. “Alright. Let’s see.” He began typing and clicking away at the desktop keyboard. After a few moments, he turned the monitor around, 4 cars on the screen. “I’ve pulled 4 choices in 4 different price points. The Porsche Cayman is an excellent choice. It’s in at 275 horses, 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds with a top speed of 175 MPH.”


As he spoke, Genji started to grin, but Jack looked unimpressed. “How safe is it?”


“It has driver side and passenger side, as well as front head and front side airbags, 4-wheel disc brakes, brake assist, traction control, and auto-leveling headlights.”


Jack sighed under his breath. “And the safety rating?”


Tanner’s face was just as apprehensive as his tone of voice as he spoke. “There isn’t any information on that.”


“Not a chance.”


“But Daddy, it’s pretty. Just look at it. You could fuck this car. This car would blow you in the club bathroom if you talk to it right.”


Jack shook his head, wrapping his arm around Genji’s shoulders. “You know there are car fetishists, right? I can’t tell if you’re joking or not. But… no chance. What else do you have?” He turned his gaze to Tanner.


Tanner’s face was flushed now, but he moved on to the next car. “Uh, okay. I’ve got a 2015 Audi A4. 5 star safety rating. 220 horses, 0 to 60 in 6.6 seconds, top speed of 130. It’s a 4 door and the standard colors are red and black.”


Jack nodded along, looking to Genji. “I like this one.”


Genji shook his head, looking like he had sucked on a lemon. “Daddy, it’s ugly. This car is saving it for marriage. It’s 21 and still won’t drink.”


Jack chuckled quietly, “Alright, kitten. We’ll look at the others, but I’m keeping this one in mind.”


Tanner moved on to the next. “Audi A6. 5-star safety rating, 220 horses, 0 to 60 in 4.7 seconds, top speed of 130. It’s still a 4 door, but it’s sexier than the A4. Standard colors are black and white, but we can get you a red one.”


Genji shook his head, squeezing Jack’s hand. “I don’t like it. It’s better than the other Audi but it’s not… me.”


Jack gave him a fond smile. “Alright. What’s the next one?”


“Audi R8. 9/10 safety rating. 430 horses, 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds, top speed of 199, 2 doors.”


“Daddy, this one!” Genji tugged on his hand. “It’s just as pretty and fuckable as me.”


“I still can’t tell if you’re joking or not,” Jack sighed, glancing at the screen warily.


“You guys are a very close family,” Tanner remarked, shifting in his seat.


Jack couldn’t hold back his quiet laughter. Genji grinned. “He’s not my father, but he’s definitely my daddy.”


“Genji!” Jack tried to admonish, but the desired effect was diminished because of the amusement breaking through his tone.


Tanner had turned significantly more scarlet after Genji spoke. “Uh, okay! I’m going to go pull the car around to the front for you to look at!” He scurried from the room.


“I’ll drive it super careful, I promise.”


“I’ve seen how you drive your bike. And my car, for that matter. And I saw the sparkle in your eyes when he mentioned the top speed.”


“You can drive it home, and I’ll blow you the whole time.” Genji bargained, turning to face Jack better.


“That is… incredibly unsafe, kitten. No!”


“That’s a no to the blowie, but not the car, right?”


Jack nodded. “We’ll look at it before I make a decision.”


Tanner came back in the office, suit jacket missing and sweat marks under his arms. Genji grinned and winked at him. “I’ve got the car out front.”


Jack stood, pulling Genji up too. “Let’s go see it.” Tanner led them out to the front of the building, the candy red R8 parked directly in the front.


Genji hummed happily, grinning up at Jack. “It’s even prettier in person, Daddy.” Tanner opened the door, Jack and Genji peering in. “Hmm. You couldn’t fuck me in this one, no room.” Genji sounded legitimately disappointed.


“My Lexus has plenty of room for that. But,” Jack smiled, seeing the opening. “You could go for the A4 or A6 and have room.”


Genji considered it for a moment. “No, I like this one. And the leather interior is perfect. Easy to clean up. Blowies are still an option.”


Jack reached down and pinched his ass. “Quit terrorizing this nice man, kitten.”


Genji pouted, “I’m being smart! Aren’t you proud?”


“I would be more proud if you were going with a safe, practical car,” Jack retorted, raising an eyebrow. “Something like mine.”


“You have an old man car. I want one that matches my personality and sex appeal.”


Jack muttered under his breath, “A newer model Lexus is not an old man car.”


Genji turned to Tanner. “Don’t you wanna fuck this car? It looks like it’s ready for a good time. Like, if you give it 3 shots, it’ll jack you off in a crowded club?”


“You better not be jacking people off in the club for 3 shots,” Jack scowled.


“Not anymore, but the point stands.”


Tanner broke in quickly. “Okay! So let me know your decision and we’ll talk financing!” He walked back into the building quickly.


“I want this one, Daddy. I’ll buy it with my allowance.”


“No need, baby. I’ll get it for you, but you had better be responsible or I’ll take it away.”


Genji grinned, nodding. “Thank you, Daddy.” Jack pressed a kiss to his temple and started walking to Tanner’s office inside the dealership.


Tanner looked up as they entered the office. “Do we have a decision?”


Jack nodded, sitting down. “The R8.”


Tanner nodded in return, relief crossing his face. “Perfect. Whose name will it be in?”


“Genji’s. I’m just the wallet.” Jack chuckled softly.


“Perfect. I just need a valid driver’s license.” Genji pulled out his wallet and slid his ID over. Tanner glanced at it in confusion. “This is in Japanese?”


Genji nodded. “Well, yeah. I don’t have an American one. I’m not a citizen.”


Jack pulled out his own wallet and slid his ID over without missing a beat. “My name instead.”


“I have a fake, but you said valid, so…” Genji trailed off, looking at Jack unhappily.


“That’s illegal. I want it cut up and in my hand by bedtime.” Jack rubbed his temple.


“Okay! So, Jack Morrison on the title!”




The car was nearly silent as Jack drove it home, Genji in the passenger seat with his arms crossed over his chest. “I don’t get why it couldn’t be in my name.”


Jack reached over and rubbed his thigh gently. “Once we get this sorted out, we’ll transfer it to you, kitten, I promise. How have you been here for a year and not run into problems yet?”


Genji shrugged his shoulders. “Dunno.”


Jack held in a heavy sigh. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner? Do you even want to be here legally — a citizen?”


Genji shrugged again, glancing out the window. “I can’t go back to Japan. I like being here with you. I didn’t think it was important.”


Jack sighed finally, his mind going a mile a minute. “Okay. We can say it’s extended tourism. You said your family has money, so it won’t look suspicious that you survived before you met me.”


“Jack, I did have a job. Fucking people. You know this.”


“That’s illegal. Very illegal, just like getting a paycheck when you aren’t authorized to work here. If anyone ever asks you about that, lie. It didn’t happen.”


Genji nodded, drawing his legs up to his chest. Jack squeezed his thigh softly. “We’ll get it figured out, kitten.”




“— six months together and he hadn’t thought to mention it to me!” Jack’s exasperation was very obvious in his tone, but his appearance was also frazzled, nothing like Gabe was used to seeing at the office. Stale coffee sat in the mug on his left, blank forms spread out over his desk.


“Is he even worth it, Jackie? You know you don’t have to do this for him. You could just let him get deported.” Jack stared at him, mouth slightly agape. “I know I’ve joked about your self-sacrificing before, but I’ve never seen you do so much for one person. I don’t want it to be for nothing.”


Jack finally found his voice. “He’s definitely not nothing.


“I’m the cynical one — I have to be. Are you sure you aren’t just in love with how he can work his ass?”


“Gabe. No.”


“Because now you’re going beyond boyfriend or sugar daddy. You only talked about small, meaningless relationships in the beginning.”


“I’m aware, Gabe. He’s more than that now. It’s too soon, I know, but I’ll marry him if it helps the ca—“


Gabe broke in, “Do not , Morrison.”


“I love taking care of him. I love that he meets me at the door and makes me forget how stressful the day was. I love that he’s so open about himself and what he likes. I love how he keeps me young by keeping up with him mentally and physically. I love the challenges he brings and the rewards that come with them.”


Gabe wore a fond smile as Jack continued to speak. “Alright. I approve. I’ll allow it.”


Jack grinned at his best friend. “As if you’re in charge here!”


“I am the original dom,” Gabe replied smugly.


“Get out of my office.”


“I’ll allow that as well.”




“Genji! Let me do some work without distraction! You know what, fine. On your hands and knees.”


Genji popped off the bed, grinning. “Yes, Daddy.” He dropped on his knees, letting Jack move him around until he was situated, slowly backed up to the machine until the attached toy was inside of him. Jack started it on slow, walking away to get a ball gag. He returned and pushed the ball in Genji’s mouth. “Your safe signal is tapping out. Show me.”


Genji tapped his hand on the carpet firmly a few times. “Good boy. Stay quiet until I come get you. Don’t make me cane you.” Genji nodded, eyes half-lidded. Jack kicked the machine up a level before going back to the bed. The rhythmic sound of the machine droning on faded into the background as he focused on his work.


Jack wasn’t too sure how long he had enough silence to focus on his work, only being dragged out of his focus by Genji’s loud whines. He jumped up from the bed, kneeling next to Genji. Jack shut the machine off and pulled the spit-slick gag out of Genji’s mouth. He had drooled on the floor below him. Genji gasped softly, sucking his bottom lip into his mouth.


“Sorry, kitten,” he murmured, untying him and pulling the attachment out gently. “Are you okay? I shouldn’t have gotten distracted like that.”


“I’m okay, Daddy. Could have used a little more lube after a while, but I’m not hurt.”


Jack smoothed his hair back, pulling him in for a hug. “You got so loud that I got worried, kitten.”


Genji hugged him back, then stood on shaky legs, using Jack to stabilize himself. “I just wanted to get your attention so I could tell you that you look really fucking sexy in your reading glasses. Can I blow you?”


Jack stared at him for a moment before sighing. “I’m too tired to cane you. Go to the bathroom and start the shower. You need to get cleaned up, and then we’re going to bed.”


“Is that a no to the blowjob?”




Weekends were Genji’s favorite. Jack was home and they could go out and do things together. He loved the weekends.


Except for the weekends where Jack had things to do.


Dating the co-CEO of a company came with perks, absolutely… but the downsides sucked, too. Genji would probably still be a spoiled sugar baby if Jack was remained a lawyer, but Jack seemed happier when he talked about his current job over reminiscing the years as a lawyer. Another perk to dating Jack was his experience as a lawyer. But Genji also considered it to be a downside. Lawyer duties had taken over a lot of his time as of recently, seeing as he was handling Genji’s immigration papers personally.


Genji just wanted to spend a Saturday like normal: Wake up and have sex, then breakfast, followed by a movie or shopping or going somewhere until it was time to meet up with Gabriel and go to Talon for a bit of fun.


Instead, Jack woke up early and let Genji remain asleep as he snuck out to his home office to continue his research and filing papers for his boyfriend. Genji woke up about an hour and a half after Jack, wandering into the kitchen first.


“Jack?” The kitchen was empty and clean, no dishes to show breakfast was made or a note from the older man telling him that he had left for a moment. Genji frowned, turning around. He passed their key hooks, both his and Jack’s in their proper places.


Genji padded to their room again, grabbing his phone from the charger. No calls, no texts. “Ugh, c’mon, Daddy,” he muttered, unlocking his phone and calling Jack. Jack answered on the second ring.


“Yes, baby?”


“Where are you? You left me alone in bed.”


Jack could hear the pout in Genji’s voice. “I’m just in my office, kitten. Getting some work done. I’ll cut myself off at 1 so we can do something before we go to Talon tonight. How does that sound, angel?”


Genji hung up, going to Jack’s office and letting himself in. “Daddy.”


Jack sat at his desk, reading glasses perched on his nose. He was shirtless and still had bed-head. Genji knew he still wore sweats under the desk. Genji walked to the desk, sitting on the edge. Jack looked up at Genji, taking his glasses off. “Yes, kitten?”


“I want you. You look so good like this, Daddy. You know I love your dick in sweatpants.”


Jack reached for Genji’s hand, kissing his knuckles gently. “Later. I’ll still be in sweats when I’m done working on what needs to get done before Monday for submission.”


Genji pouted, moving himself between Jack and the desk before straddling him in his office chair. Jack sighed softly, letting his hands settle on Genji’s bare hips. “But I miss you,” Genji murmured, leaning in to kiss Jack gently.


Jack squeezed his hips. “I’m right here. I fucked you last night. You can rest on the couch in here if you don’t distract me. I need to work until at least 1 to get things done for you.”


Genji’s pout got deeper as Jack continued to speak. His lips were parted ready to argue his side again when there was a knock at the door. Genji’s mouth shut and a confused look crossed his grumpy face. “Are you expecting someone?”


Jack nodded. “I was hoping he would get here before you woke up.” Jack patted his hip. Genji stood, still confused. Jack started for the front door, Genji following.


Jack opened the door, Gabe on the other side with his play bag for Talon slung over his shoulder. He entered the apartment quickly, shutting the door behind him. “Christ, Genji. Put on some underwear. At least when you’re at the front door. How many neighbors have seen your dick?”


Genji hugged him with a grin. “Dunno. Hi, Gabi.” Gabe hugged him back, setting his bag down near the front door.


“Hi, kitten.”


“Why are you here?”


Gabriel chuckled, pressing a kiss against his forehead. “I’m keeping you busy until Jack’s finished and then you get a nap. You’re going to be real tired, gatito.”


Genji frowned, turning to whine at Jack, but his boyfriend had already disappeared.




Genji’s ass was burning, Gabe’s hand not working very hard to rub the sting away like Jack would. Probably on purpose, seeing as he wasn’t whipped or wrapped around Genji’s finger, like Jack. Genji sniffled softly, rubbing at his eyes with the back of his hand. Gabe’s hand moved from his ass to the dip of his lower back, rubbing slowly. “You’re okay, Genj… Tired yet?”


Genji could hear the thinly veiled threat behind the question and nodded, to figuratively and literally save his ass. Gabe carefully helped him up, guiding him to the bedroom. Genji glanced up at Gabe carefully. “Gabi?”


Gabe laid him out on the bed before answering. “Kitten?”


“Maybe you would eat me out?”


Gabe chuckled, “Maybe so. Get on your stomach.” Genji rolled over on his stomach, arching his back to shove his ass higher. Gabe gently caressed the pale curve, smirking when Genji shivered. “Good boy.” Gabe dipped down, using both hands to spread him open. “Good, pretty boy.”


Genji shivered again, spreading his legs for Gabriel. Gabe grinned to himself, letting his thumb ghost between Genji’s cheeks, over his hole. “You haven’t been a very good kitten lately, have you? Do you ever deserve it?”


Genji whined, pushing his ass back against Gabe’s hands. “Please, Gabi. I want it.”


Gabe chuckled under his breath, leaning down to lick a stripe over his hole. “Well…I guess if the kitten wants it. Who am I to deny him, hmm?” Genji squirmed a little, huffing a breath.


“But don’t tease me. Please.” Gabe dropped down again, pressing his face between Genji’s cheeks. He ran his tongue around Genji’s rim slowly, teasingly. It only took a moment of that to get Genji to squirm for more, soft whines already leaving his mouth. Gabe reached beneath Genji, wrapping his big hand around Genji’s cock, pumping slowly.


Gabriel didn’t keep to a certain rhythm, almost lazy as he touched Genji like it didn’t matter if he got Genji to come. The younger man did his best to keep his whines to himself, knowing Gabriel could and would turn cruel if he whined too much for the dom’s liking. Genji pressed his ass back against Gabe’s face after a few minutes, begging silently.


The dom pulled back, chuckling darkly. “What is it, kitten? Do you need something?”


“I wanna come, Gabi. Please,” Genji wiggled his hips, caught between Gabe’s broad hands. “I’ll do whatever it takes. Please.” Gabe pressed Genji back to the bed, eyeing him over. Genji kept his face pressed into the mattress, his ass high in the air for Gabe’s ease.


Jack came into to doorway, leaning against the jamb with his arms crossed over his chest. He took in the sight that his boyfriend and best friend made, grinning slightly as he made eye contact with Gabe.


“We’ll see what your daddy thinks you deserve.”


Genji whined at the back of his throat, squirming so that he could talk. “Gabi! He’s not even here. Don’t make me wait for him, he works for so long. Please.”


Jack moved forward, standing at the edge of the bed. Up close, Genji was an even better sight to behold. His pinkened ass was nearly straight up, his face shoved into the mattress. His hair was messy and his mouth was bright red from his own teeth. Genji’s face lit up when he saw Jack, quickly rolling over to sit up. “Daddy, please. Hi. Please let me come.”


Jack chuckled quietly, reaching out to push his hand through Genji’s messy, tangled hair. “Hi, kitten. You wanna come so bad? Have you earned it with Gabi?” Genji bobbed his head in an affirmative nod.


“I’m a good boy. I’ve been a good boy. Gabi was eating me out but I think he forgot how to finish a guy off. Thank god you’re here to help.”


Jack chuckled quietly, leaning down to press a kiss to Genji’s forehead. “It’s up to Gabi, I believe.” Genji pushed his bottom lip out in a pout, looking up at Jack. “Don’t pout at me. He started it. Up to him if he’ll finish it.”


Gabe chuckled, pulling Genji closer to him. “And I’m still not sure if I’m going to, gatito.” Genji groaned, throwing himself backward into Gabe.


“Please, I’ve been good enough.”


Gabe chuckled again, pressing a soft kiss against Genji’s neck. “I think I’ve decided to let you come. Tonight. At Talon. For now, a nap.” Genji shot a pitiful look at Jack, who just shrugged.


“Guess it’s naptime.”


Genji let his lower half slump to the bed. With Gabe, there was no reason to try to argue. He would just dig himself into a deeper hole of denial and punishments. Jack laid down next to him, pulling him close until his head rested on Jack’s chest. Genji huffed.


“You’re still in sweatpants. This is cruel.”