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How to Train Your Brat: LTR2

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In order for Genji to enroll in college courses, he needed to see a doctor, so Jack set up an appointment with his doctor for Genji to get a physical. Genji couldn't recall the last time he had one, which was concerning.

Jack woke him up gently, slipping his arms under Genji's warm body to lift him onto his lap. “Good morning, sleepy. Time to wake up. You have a doctor’s appointment today, remember?” Genji curled up tighter, whining at the back of his throat. Jack chuckled softly. “Come on, honey. Be a good boy for me. Dr. Ziegler is very nice.” Genji shook his head, nosing his face against Jack's shoulder.

“Come on, sweetheart. Don't make me have to spank you to get you to go.” Genji whined again, kicking his feet unhappily.


Jack slid his hand down Genji's back, down to his ass to give it a gentle squeeze. “Yes, kitten. You want Dr. Ziegler to see your spanked butt and know you were naughty this morning?” Genji whined, rolling away. Jack caught him around his waist and chuckled, pulling him back. “Is that a yes?”

Genji curled up, looking at Jack with tired eyes. “No. Daddy, please. I'm tired.” Jack smoothed his hair back gently, dropping a kiss on his forehead.

“I know you're tired, kitten. But we have an appointment to keep. It isn't very nice to miss appointments and waste Dr. Ziegler’s time. She's very sweet. And she's in the lifestyle, so she isn't going to judge either of us. Come on now,” he cooed, gently urging Genji to stand. Genji was like a cement block, unmoving.

“Come on, sweetheart. Daddy’s been more than nice this morning. Don't make me have to spank you to get you going. Last warning, kitten.”

Genji peeked up at him, pouting. “Daddy, I'm too little to go anywhere.”

Jack chuckled, thumbing along his bottom lip. “If that's the case, Daddy can get you ready and carry you to the car. She's got a bunch of toys in the waiting room just for little boys like you.”

Genji's mouth fell into a frown. He had expected that ploy to work. Apparently, Dr. Ziegler was a magic BDSM-accepting fairy or some shit.

Jack laughed softly as his frown. “She's very nice, I promise. If you're good, we can go out for lunch. Your choice.”

Genji peered at him imploringly, “Ramen?” Jack nodded, petting his hair back.

“Yes, ramen.” Genji gave a defeated sigh, standing up. Jack pushed his panties down, “Go pick out another pair.” Genji turned and moved to his underwear drawer, plucking put a pair of baby blue lace panties. He carried them over to Jack, resting his hands on his shoulders while Jack held them open for him to step into. Jack slid them up his thighs, smoothing the soft lace down on his hips.

“Good boy. Now a shirt and some pants.” Genji padded to the closet and yanked down one of Jack's old college shirts before turning to his side and pulling out a pair of leggings. He carried both items to Jack and offered them silently.

“Very good boy.” Jack cooed, slipping the shirt over his head. Genji held onto his shoulders while he stepped into the leggings, wiggling his butt.

Jack patted it gently with a fond smile. “Good. See. Wasn't too hard. Do you want me to carry you down?” Genji nodded, wrapping his arms around Jack's neck. Jack carefully picked him up bridal-style, grabbing his wallet and keys before heading out to the car. They got a few weird looks in passing as Jack walked to the parking garage, but he ignored them like usual.

He tucked Genji into the passenger seat, buckling him in with a kiss. Genji kissed him back with a soft sniffle. Jack walked around to the other side and got in, backing out of the parking space to head to Angela's office.

Genji requested to be carried into the plain-looking beige office building, Jack setting him down in one of the chairs when they got inside. There was a coffee table full of coloring books and markers, obviously meant for adult hands. The magazine racks held the typical titles, the occasional BDSM title catching his eye. Jack checked him in and went to sit next to Genji, offering his hand. Genji had to have physical contact or else he would melt down.

Genji leaned against him, eyes fluttering shut. Jack kissed his messy hair, inhaling the scent of his shampoo.


“Yes, baby?”

“No needles, right?”

Jack's slight hesitation was all the answer Genji needed. Genji stood up and headed for the door immediately. Jack stood and gently grabbed him around his waist, pulling him on his lap.

“No!!” Genji flailed, pushing at Jack's arms and kicking his legs. “Let me go!” Jack kept his hold around his waist, sighing softly as the door opened and the nurse called out Genji's name.

“Can I have a moment?” The nurse took in the sight that the two men made and nodded understandingly.

Jack turned his attention back to Genji, who was still struggling to get out of his hold. “Genji,” he started, breaking out his typical dominant voice that got Genji's attention efficiently. Genji didn't stop trying to get away, making Jack sigh.

“I don't know if there will be needles. I can't promise either way, kitten. I'll be here for you if there are. Can you please be a good boy? For daddy?” Genji paused his struggles to look at Jack with tears in his eyes.

“Please don't make me. Daddy. Please,” he whispered, pushing lightly at Jack's chest again.

Jack rubbed his back gently. “Just go into the examination room with me. If there are needles, we’ll talk about it before she gets them, okay?” Genji stared at him for a long moment before nodding tearfully. Jack grabbed his hand and slowly led him to where the nurse had been. She smiled at them.

“Hi there. I just need to get your weight, height, blood pressure, temperature. Just general things before Dr. Ziegler can see you. If you'll step on the scale for me.” She nodded towards the chrome square on the floor. Genji reluctantly stepped on it, anxious at losing the physical connection with Jack.

“Alright. Thank you. And now, step against the wall, back flat to it and your heels touching it.” Genji complied, never taking his eyes off Jack, who was giving him a reassuring smile.

“Perfect. Go ahead and have a seat and I'll get your blood pressure and temperature.” Genji sat down, eyeing the nurse warily as she wrapped the cuff around his bicep. “Open your mouth.” Genji reluctantly obeyed and she placed a thermometer under his tongue.

He stayed still while the cuff constricted around his bicep, exhaling when it released. She removed the tube from his mouth as well. The nurse led them to an exam room and told them the doctor would be in shortly.

Jack sat in the only chair besides the rolling stool meant for Angela. Genji eyed the bed before perching himself on Jack's thigh. Jack rubbed his side gently.

Angela didn't keep them waiting long. She floated into the room like an angel, blonde hair in a cute but messy updo. Genji shrunk back against Jack.

“Hello! You must be Genji. It's so nice to finally meet you!” Genji didn't respond, looking at her blankly. “Ah. Are we a little boy today?”

Jack chuckled, sitting up a little. “He is. Luckily, I know most things. He hasn't been seen by a doctor since we got together. He's just needing a general physical.”

Angela pulled a form up on her screen and smiled. “Alright. I'm going to check your breathing first.” She rolled over to them as she pulled the stethoscope from around her neck. She spent a minute checking his breathing before rolling away and marking it on the screen.

She rolled back with a smile and a tongue depressor. “Alright. Say ‘ah’.” Genji opened his mouth but made no noise. Angela pressed his tongue down before rolling back to her screen.

Genji turned to look at Jack, who gave him a reassuring smile. “You're doing great, kitten.” Genji felt a little better under his praise, letting Angela continue on with the exam.

She finished up and marked all her findings on the screen before frowning. “I notice there hasn't been any immunizations recently.”

Genji stood up from Jack's lap, scowling. “NO.” Jack grabbed his hips and pulled him back down.

“Calm down, sweetheart. It's okay. What do you recommend?”

Angela wore a sympathetic look as she spoke, “Influenza and TDAP. Assuming you engage in anal intercourse, HPV4 is highly recommended. It's a 3 dose vaccine. Meningitis, seeing as he will be attending college next semester according to the conversation we shared. Hepatitis A and B, again, assuming you have anal intercourse.”

Genji attempted to stand up again but Jack held him in place. “Alright. Let's go with the most important ones today. Do you mind checking if I need anything?”

Angela nodded and pulled up his charts. “You could use an influenza immunization today, as well as a TD booster. Would you like to do that as well?” Jack nodded. Genji shook his head.

“Listen to me. If you don't get the Hep A and B and HPV, we can't have sex until you do. That's your choice. The meningitis isn't a choice. You have to have it to attend classes this semester.” Genji felt his eyes well up with tears.

“Fine! I don't wanna have sex or go to college then!” Jack chuckled softly, releasing his hip to rub his chest gently.

“You don't want to have sex with me anymore?” Jack feigned hurt playfully.

“No, of course I want to! But I don’t want to get a shot.”

“I have to get shots too, honey. I need you to comfort me when I get mine, okay? I'll even go first.” Jack stood up and carried him to the examination table, sitting and cradling him. “It's alright, sweetheart. Just a little pinch and it's all over. Can you hug me real tight while Dr. Ziegler does mine?” Genji wrapped his arms around Jack's neck tightly.

Angela approached them with a tray of full syringes. Jack made sure that Genji didn't see them. He hugged Genji tightly with one arm, letting Angela inject him without a flinch.

“All done!” She announced happily. Genji tucked himself against Jack unhappily.

Jack rubbed his back gently, sliding his hand under Genji's shirt. “Hey. It didn't hurt at all. Daddy’s okay. Be a good boy for us and I'll take you wherever you want for lunch.”

Angela approached with the first and second syringes and administered them as carefully and gently as she could. Genji flinched at each injection. Jack cooed softly, petting his hair back. “Such a good boy for me. Do you want ramen for lunch?” Genji nodded his head against Jack’s neck, sniffling and wiping his eyes.

Angela completed the other two injections and applied small green bandaids over the injection sites.

“Finished! You did so well, Genji! Would you like a lollipop?” Angela praised, offering a bright smile. She rolled over to the jar.

Genji hesitated a moment before he stuck his hand in the jar, retrieving a lollipop before shrinking back to Jack.


Jack offered a grateful smile in Angela's direction, standing up with Genji still cradled in his arms. “Thank you, Angie. See you soon, okay?”

Jack carried Genji out of the office and back to the car, setting Genji down in the passenger seat. “I'm so proud of you. You did so well. And now we don't have to worry about you getting sick.” Jack pressed a gentle kiss to his forehead. Genji finally looked him in the eyes, his own still red rimmed.

“Can we have ramen?”