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Sunshine, Thunderstorms and Everything Inbetween (Being Remade)

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The ticking of the clock in Reigen’s office filled Mob’s head as he studied, even though it was summer break. If he did want to make it into U.A. he’d need to be smarter than he was now, so although he normally wouldn’t, he studied hard. That reminds me, Mob thought, I haven’t asked Master about it yet. I wonder if he would be against it? He found himself getting sort of scared of the question. I want to see Midoriya again, but the only way I would be able to is if I applied to U.A..

“Hey, Mob, you listening to me?” Reigen’s voice snapped him out of his thoughts, and it was then that he noticed that Reigen had been talking to him.


“Ah, y-yeah…” Mob stuttered out the response, sweating a bit as he wondered what Reigen was talking about. Was it something important?

“Well, like I was saying, are there any high schools you’re interested in? Summer’s gonna end soon, y’know. All the entrance exams are starting soon.” Reigen kicked back in his chair, resting his feet on top of his desk. Mob relaxed a bit at the casual demeanor, but still worried about what Reigen’s response would be to what he was going to say next.

“Um… W-what would you say if someone who originally wasn’t very interested in a certain profession - like heroes, for example - suddenly met someone who changed their opinion on that, and wanted to be a hero by going to an elite high school, like U.A…?” Mob muttered out the explanation that didn’t exactly explain anything. He sweated as he waited for Reigen’s response, watching the older man’s eyes widen slightly as his mind worked to process what he just heard.

“Mob, what did I tell you?” Reigen said quietly, a serious look on his face. Mob could feel the disappointment radiating off of Reigen.


“N-Not to use my powers on other people. But-”

“I’m proud of you, Mob. You’ve figured it out!”


“I said that to you as a trial! I set it up for you to figure it out on your own. Heroes are good people, they fight villains with their Quirks to protect innocent people! You want to defend people, right? You’re destined to be a great hero. Ah, don’t quit working here though.” Mob was so surprised by what he heard that he didn’t even notice the beads of sweat rolling down Reigen’s face. Of course it wasn’t a trial, but how didn’t I think of that?! Reigen thought, though he was surprised by his own improv ability.

Mob’s eyes shone with admiration, a smile of hope plastered on his face. “Yes! Thank you, Master! I’ve been studying for the entrance exams too, so I was hoping you would say that.” He felt his panicked heartbeat slow back to normal, relief washing over his body.

“Right! Those will be pretty hard, I presume. You can go home to study better, if you’d like. Our client will be here soon, but I can handle it.” The client called in beforehand, so Reigen already knew that they were ‘cursed’; he could just give them a massage and call it a day. If he knew that it was an actual spirit he would’ve had Mob stay; just so his student could take care of the ‘small fry’ of course.



Mob stepped into the entranceway and kicked off his shoes, but made sure to neatly place them next to Ritsu’s. He started to head up to his room, wanting to start studying right away. The upcoming entrance exam was slowly making him feel anxious; U.A. was a high school for only the top students, not for people with grades as low as his. He needed to get better. As Mob neared the staircase, a familiar voice made him pause.

“Ah, nii-san! You’re home early. Did something happen?” Ritsu walked over to Mob, a gentle smile on his face. Mob’s resolve softened a bit at such kindness. How will Ritsu react? I don’t want him to be upset with me.


“Master sent me home since he could handle the client, a-and he said I should focus on my studies.”

“Studies? What’re you studying for? It’s summer break. Oh, does that mean you’ve found a high school you’re interested in?” Ritsu was glad upon realizing that his brother had found a school he was determined to attend. After all, he expected that Mob would go to whichever school would inconvenience his family the least. He’s kind like that, Ritsu thought, but wasted no time noticing his brother look slightly panicked.

Mob felt his heartbeat quicken in his chest. “Well, I had a thought recently, and someone helped me realize that my powers can be used for good. S-so I kind of wanted to become a hero, and attend U.A. with that person.”

Ritsu thought for a bit before responding, feeling his shoulders stiffen slightly. He wants to help people. There’s no harm, right? … so why do I feel scared for him? He let out a soft sigh, but followed it up with a reassuring smile as to not worry Mob. “That’s good; I think you’ll be a great hero. But U.A. is a top school, so study really hard, though I think you know that already. Oh, but don’t forget to take care of yourself, too. If I see you skipping even one meal I’m not going to let you attend U.A.” He tried his best to be supporting of his brother, but no matter how much he thought about how beneficial it was for the both of them, nothing could stop the uneasiness he felt.

Mob’s heart settled, and he placed a smile on his face. “Yeah. Thank you, Ritsu. I’m going to do my best!” Ritsu felt the worry fade away slightly, though it wouldn’t leave completely.

“Now, go study! I’ll have Mom make some snacks and drinks that I can bring up to you. Study hard, but go to sleep in a few hours, okay?” Ritsu patted Mob on the back and Mob gave a smile, then headed up to his room. He sat on his desk and pulled his books out, beginning to study right away. Sure, he didn’t understand most of it, but it was slowly coming together the more he practiced. There were a few times where he wanted to give up or times where he considered looking into other schools, but every time he remembered how determined Midoriya seemed, his resolve came back.

Ritsu came to Mob’s room with some watermelon wedges after half an hour. After some internal struggling and an embarrassed ask for help, Ritsu sat with Mob and worked through the problems with him. Mob wasn’t surprised; he knew his younger brother was much more academically advanced than he was. He was grateful for Ritsu’s help and let his brother leave to get some rest. It was around 11:00 PM, but Mob wasn’t tired. Midoriya is working hard right now, clearing all that trash off the beach, Mob thought, I can’t slack off. I have to make it in to U.A.

Progress to Mob’s Explosion: 72%