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Red Riding Hood Is Wearing Black: The Wretched Journey

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Tsuki was absolutely miserable. His lungs were hurting and his feet were freezing as he trudged through ankle deep snow. His leather boots were soaked through as well as the tips of his pants legs. His knees and the side of his left thigh was also wet from when he fell in the snow earlier. His hands were beat red, his ears ached from the cold, his nose was burning, and his eyes were constantly leaking from the stinging breeze. His red scarf wasn’t near big enough to keep his orifices warm. The most he could do was pull it over his nose but it would periodically fall down to around his mouth. The shirt he wore was thin, making the biting wind stab into his flesh. The only thing close enough to a coat he had was the black cloak that was tied around his neck. The hood wouldn’t stay on his head as the wind kept picking it up and tossing it off his cranium and the cloak didn’t have buttons so there was no way to keep it wrapped around himself.

And to top it all off, Tsuki was miles away from home, being forced to keep walking by the man in front of him. The person was trudging the path for him, making the snow lower than it was. His shoes were taller than Tsuki’s and seemed to be more padded as well. The parka he wore was thick and long so that it covered his legs no problem. Even if this man fell, he wasn’t suffering from the cold like Tsuki was. The raven seemed to know where he was going without fault as he walked with purpose, holding Tsukishima’s wrist to keep the blond going.

Tsukishima glared at the hand but was too scared to say anything against this man.

Five days ago, a werewolf demanded Tsuki to become his sacrifice. Tsukishima’s home town had been plagued by a wolf for years, since before Tsuki was born. The werewolf had slaughtered his people ruthlessly. It relished in the chaos it brought until a church was erected. With the church as a sanctuary, the child of the devil couldn’t cross onto the hollow ground. It then began to destroy their homes and their livestock in a temper tantrum. The mayor of the town ended up coming to an agreement with the wolf, in which they would offer their best livestock to the wolf and the wolf would agree to leave them alone.

Tsuki’s village lived like that for generation. Then five days ago, the wolf stated it wanted Tsukishima as it’s sacrifice. If the village didn’t comply, he would go on a crusade of chaos and death. Tsuki was willing to give his life to keep his family, his people safe. The town disagreed, especially his brothers, but their hands were tied. The life of one was not worth the life of everyone. So many people in the village disagreed with these demands. Everyone loved Tsuki and he was friends with all. But it had to be done.

It had to be done. It was what Tsuki told himself. He had assumed that he was going to die that night. He made his peace with God, with his family, and with his town and had waited for the wolf to arrive to kill him.

However, the wolf didn’t kill him. Instead, it took him away from his village, back to its lair in the mountains where it showed Tsuki that it was, in truth, a man who could transform into the giant werewolf they all feared. In the form of a human, this man violated Tsukishima. He forced Tsuki to partake in sexual acts, where he showed him the sin of sodomizing and the pleasure of laying with a man. Tsuki couldn’t have been more miserable. He had been okay dying for his village but being raped was something he never thought he’d have to do. That night, Tsuki could do nothing but cry.

One would think it couldn’t get worse but it did. The next morning, the man, who introduced himself as Hachimenroppi, had proclaimed his love for Tsuki. Then stated that they had to leave the valley Tsuki had spent his entire life in. A holy order had surfaced. By the grace of God, these men went around and exterminated monsters like Roppi. Because of that, Roppi decided that he had to leave. He said there was an island called Taiwan where he would be safe. And Roppi refused to leave Tsukishima behind.

The blond had no choice but to leave everything he had ever known to go with this beast on a journey that would make him nothing but miserable.

There was no joy for Tsukishima as they made their way down the mountain. A trip like that would usually only take three days but Tsuki’s asthma was constantly being triggered. He had an asthma attack three times in the course of one day. Because of that, Roppi had no choice but to stop and make camp before night in order to keep Tsuki warm and alive. Because of that, it took them five full days in order to get down the mountain.

Now they were treading through a forest on the other side. There was no sign of civilization for miles. As far as Tsuki knew, he was the only human in this entire area.

Tsuki stumbled. He fought to catch himself, his free arm flailing to try and keep his balance. Roppi gave his wrist a tug to help him, as well. But all that did was make Tsuki twist and fall on his back. He felt into a soft powder of snow. Tsuki squealed from the cold that prickled his spine and went to sit up quickly. Roppi tugged his wrist again, getting the blond to his feet with one strong jerk.

Tsuki coughed hard, his body beginning to shake.

“Oi, oi, oi.” Roppi said. “Don’t freak out. You’re okay.”

“I-I-I’m no-no-not, I’m not o-okay.”

A violent cough thrashed his throat.

“Breath. Deep breathes, Tsuki.”

Tsuki shook his head. “Th-the cold is hu-hurting…”

Roppi grumbled. He then let Tsuki’s wrist go and pulled the duffle bag on his back forward. He unbound the flap and pulled out a pelt.

“Take off your wet clothes.”

Tsuki’s eyes widened. He took a step back and shook his head, holding his clothes protectively.

“Take them off. I’ll wrap you in this. It should warm you up.”

“N-n-no. I-I can’t walk n-naked. Wh-wh-what if—what if someone s-sees me?”

“There’s no one to see you. We’re in the middle of nowhere.”


“Take them off, Tsuki. You’re going to trigger your asthma and I don’t want to waste more time on you.”

Tsuki felt tears weld in his eyes as he clenched his teeth.

“Tsuki, either you take them off or I’ll take them off for you. And if I have to take them off, I have no fucking reason not to tear them off you.”

Tsuki jolted. “N-n-no!”

“Then do as I say.”

Tsuki sobbed.

“Why are you crying? Just fucking do it.”

Tsuki couldn’t tell if his hands were shaking because of the cold or because of how upset he was. To strip naked in the wide open in front of a man who had devoured him the first day they met made Tsuki feel like he was being violated without needing to be touched. He swallowed hard as he started to unbutton his waistcoat.

His lungs hurt even more from his tears. He tried to regulate his breathing but that was easier said than done. His black waistcoat came undone. Despite his shaking hands, he managed to unfasten the buttons on his white long sleeve and finally exposed his torso. He shrugged them off his shoulders and down his arms. The icy cold touched his bare flesh and made his whole body break out in goosebumps.

Roppi held his hands out for the shirts. Tsuki tentively handed them over. The raven tied the sleeves of his button down around the straps of his duffle bag, the waistcoat wrapped around it.

Tsuki then went about unfastening his pants.

“Take off your shoes too.”


“Are they soaked through?”


“Then take them off. I have some tabi’s you can wear.”

Tsuki didn’t respond. But he did as he was told. He knelt down and untied his shoes, pulling them off along with his socks. He stuffed his wet socks in his shoes and handed them over to Roppi. The snow bit into his feet, making his squeal and step from foot to foot rapidly. Roppi quickly dug out a pair of boots that separated the big toe from the rest of the toes. They were as flimsy as socks, the only hard part of them being the soles that were made of wood. He handed them over, along with a wash cloth. Tsuki made quick work of wiping one foot down and slipping the tabi on, then doing the same with the other. Tsuki let out a breath of relief as his feet quickly began to warm within the depth of his new dry footwear.

Tsuki finally grabbed his pants and pulled them down. He didn’t want to take time to think on it else he won’t be able to do it. They fell down to around his knees with no problem. The cold wind touched his sensitive unmentionables and made him squeal. He closed his legs and stepped out of his pants quickly, wrapping his arms around himself.

“Scarf and cloak too. They’re wet, as well.”

“N-n-no! I’ll f-f-freeze.”

“It’s not that cold.”

“Y-y-y-yes—” Tsuki’s words devolved into violent coughs that quickly turned into hacks. He felt bile rise in his throat. He quickly tilted his head down and vomited, holding his cloak out of the way.

Tsuki could barely breath as agony tore through his entire body. He fell to his bare knees, the cold of the snow no longer bothering him as he was more focused on his lungs.

‘Someone, please help me.’ Tsuki thought, unable to say the words he wanted to. ‘I don’t want to be here…’

Roppi knelt down quickly and tugged on Tsuki’s cloak. The blond couldn’t protest as he couldn’t speak and was quickly losing strength in his limps. The raven pulled the cloak off, followed by the scarf. He then wrapped Tsuki in a thick wolf’s pelt. Hachimenroppi picked Tsuki up with a strength that didn’t belong to a man and wrapped him from head to shin in this pelt, even making a make-shift hood to cover Tsuki’s head and face.

Roppi then lied Tsuki down. Tsuki couldn’t feel the cold as the pelt was extremely thick. The man then tilted Tsuki’s head back. The blonde’s mouth was open in order to gasp for air, his vision blurry and his cheeks flushed. Roppi put his mouth over Tsuki’s. But it wasn’t a kiss. It was merely CPR. It was the only thing Roppi and his complete lack of any form of medicine and tools could do to help Tsukishima breath.

Roppi breathed deeply into the blonde’s mouth. He filled Tsuki’s closing windpipes with warm air. Continuously, over and over without pause, Roppi gave Tsuki CPR. What felt like hours to Tsuki was mere minutes to the rest of the world before the blond could feel himself recover. His lungs still burnt but his throat didn’t feel as tight and the weight was lifting from his chest. However, the blond was nowhere near close to being saved.

Tsuki turned his head away, nonetheless.

“I’m f-f-f-fine n-now…” Tsuki said between gasps.

“Bull.” Roppi leaned down to administer more.

Tsuki buried his face into the pelt and spoke between gasps. “Un-unless we…ge-ge-get some…where w-w-warm…C-CPR w-won’t…help.”

“We can’t make camp now. The day has only just started. Let me keep doing CPR for a bit longer.”


“Bullshit it ain’t.”

“It’s not…”

Roppi growled. “Will you be okay?”

Tsuki nodded. He could already feel his attack coming down. He’d live.


Roppi latched his duffle shut. He tied Tsuki’s pants, cloak, scarf, and shoes to the strap then tossed the sack over his shoulder so it was once again on his back. He then pulled the pelt over Tsuki’s face. The blond was buffeted by his own warm breath. He felt Roppi put his arms underneath his shoulders and legs and in the next moment, he was lifted into the air. His body was pressed against Roppi’s chest. Both arms were acting as a seat for Tsuki as his head rested on Roppi’s shoulder. The blond arms were trapped under the pelt, pinned between his body and Roppi’s so if he were to fall, Tsuki wouldn’t be able to catch himself. The raven was leaning back slightly so Tsuki wouldn’t have to worry about that.

Hachimenroppi continued their journey. Tsuki couldn’t see where they were going, but it was not like it mattered as he didn’t know where they were heading anyway. Exhaustion was quickly creeping into Tsuki’s vision. He let his head rest against Roppi completely and was unconscious in moments.


Tsuki woke to the sound of a crackling fire and the smell of something cooking. His vision was obscured by the pelt but he could see the color of fire edge the fur-line. Tsuki reached up and pushed the pelt up.

Roppi was sitting by a small fire. There were strips of meat on sticks around the edge of the stones that circled the flames. Tsuki saw his clothes and shoes were hanging on the branch above Roppi’s head. They looked mostly dry and would surely smell like smoke when Tsuki next put them on.

The blond sat up. Roppi looked over his shoulder at him. “Hey. How you feeling?”

“M-my throat hurts.”

Roppi chuckled. He turned, stood, and walked over to Tsuki. The blond stiffened but tried his best not to show it. Roppi knelt down in front of him and reached into his duffle bag that Tsuki had been using as a pillow. He pulled out what looked like a bladder with a wooden grip and cork shoved into one end.

“Here.” Roppi held the thing out to Tsuki.

“Wh-what is that?”

“It’s just water.”

“N-no, wh-what’s it in?”

“…It’s a deer’s bladder. They’re very useful for holding liquids.”

Tsuki grimaced.

“Don’t worry, I cleaned it properly.” Roppi glowered. “People have been using deer’s bladders as water sacks for years.”

“M-my father ha-has a metal canteen.”

“I’m not your father now drink.” Roppi shoved it in Tsuki’s face.

Tsuki did not like the idea of drinking out of such a thing. He had been content drinking from the streams that trickled down the mountain. Thanks to the filter of the rocks, it was safe to drink without fear of animal contaminations. But Tsuki could probably guess that there were no nearby streams so if he wanted to drink, he would have to use this.

The blond wanted to refuse. He wanted to be stubborn and just wait till they made it to a town. But his throat wouldn’t last that long. It burnt with dehydration and the after effects of his asthma. He needed to drink.

Tsuki sighed and pulled his arms out of the pelt to reach for the bladder. He grabbed it around the wood grip. That was the only part of the thing that was firm. The rest was flaccid and floppy, the sound of water sloshing about inside.

“Hold it like that,” Roppi said then grabbed Tsuki’s other hand. “Put this hand here,” he put Tsuki’s hand around the base of the neck. “Then put it to your lips and tilt. You’re going to have to lift the rest of it up to get the water to go but keep your hand around the neck like that so you don’t get more than you can swallow.”

Tsuki didn’t answer. Roppi pulled the cork out. The water didn’t smell bad, surprisingly, which made his less tentative to drink it. He put the opening to his lips and did as Roppi instructed. Tilting did nothing until he lifted the sack. Water pressed against his lips. He swallowed greedily until he couldn’t handle anymore and tilted his head back down with the bladder.

“Not so bad, right?” Roppi had a smug smile on his lips.

Tsuki wiped his mouth as he held it out for the raven to take back. “Thank you.”

Roppi glowered at Tsuki as a blush crossed his cheeks. Tsuki cocked a brow in confusion. Roppi took the sack without saying anything and put the cork back in.

“You’re cute, you know that?” Roppi said before turning away.

Tsuki didn’t say anything. ‘I don’t get him.’

Roppi went back to the fire, where he sat down on a pelt he had lain out. Tsuki thought it was stupid to have something so flammable next to an open flame but he wasn’t going to say anything. He didn’t understand the first thing about primitive survival so who was he to tell this wild-man what to do?

Roppi turned the sticks so that the other side of the meat was next to the flame.

“You like rabbit, yeah?’ Roppi asked.

“…Mm-hm.” Tsuki nodded.

“Good. We ate through all of the pork yesterday.”

“W-we did?”

“Yeah, but it’s fine.” Roppi looked back at him. “I can catch some more later.”

“Are…Are you not scared of wild boar? I…I heard they’re re-really vi-vicious.”

Roppi chuckled. “Come on, Tsukishima. I’m the scariest thing in this forest.”

“…O-only when th-the full moon is o-out.”

“Nope, that’s wrong.”


“I can transform every night if I wanted to. But the full moon is the day I have to transform.”


“It’s kinda like a period. The chick can spot throughout the month but they eventually have to go through an actual period, with the cramps and unending blood and hormonal disbalance.”

That analogy was lost on Tsuki, as he didn’t know what a period was. And that must have shown on his face as Roppi cocked a brow with obvious judgement.

“You don’t know what a period is?”

“N-no.” Tsuki adverted his eyes.

“Please tell me you know how babies are born.”

“…Nii—Tsugaru-Nii sa-said that it’s something-thing that happens wh-when you ge-get married.”

“Are you fucking…”

Tsuki cocked a brow.

Roppi let out a heavy sigh. “You’re seventeen-years-old. Shouldn’t you have be promised to a girl by now?”

Tsuki jolted. “Um, w-w-w-well…”

Tsuki fell quiet. He had been betrothed to a girl named Shizuko. She was a natural blond like Tsuki, but that was due to her grandfather being a foreigner, and his mother thought she was a sweet girl that would make a man out of Tsukishima, even if it wasn’t to the extent as the rest of the men in the town. Shizuko and him had been friendly but they weren’t all that close. His mother used to say things such as, “You’ll come to love her once you’re married.” “You’ll be happy later but for now you should be content.”

Regardless of Tsuki’s view on his marriage-to-be, he didn’t want to answer that question in case Roppi became jealous and decided to turn around solely to remove competition.

“Have you?” Roppi asked.

“…No.” Tsuki kept his eyes on the ground.

“The fuck? No one wanted you?”

Tsuki just shrugged. “I-It’s not like I wa-was able to be th-the supportive hus-husband.”

“…Guess that’s true. As far as genetics go, you’re a pretty weak link.” Roppi chucked. “If you were born a wolf, the pack would have abandoned you.”

“G-guess it’s a good th-thing I was b-b-b-born—I was born a hu-man.”

Roppi turned and casted him a glare. Tsuki stiffened and his eyes widened. He felt fear creep up his spine.

“First off, racist.” Roppi growled. “I am a human. I have the same biology as a human, same bodily functions, and am able to breed with humans. So, don’t sit here and call me otherwise.”

“…Humans can’t turn into wolves…” Tsuki muttered.

“What?” Roppi’s glare deepened.

“Nothing…” Tsuki turned his head away.

Roppi pulled his lip back in a snarl. “Listen here, Tsuki. Your akita can get impregnated by a timber wolf without any complication. Why is that? Because they’re both fucking canines. It’s the same fucking thing with me. I’m human, I’m just a different kind of human. Nothing more.”

Tsuki didn’t answer. ‘You’re not a human. You’re a devil. A demon of hell that walks on this earth.’

Roppi rolled his eyes. “Whatever, you’ll get it eventually.” He then grinned at the blond. “I’ll be your main form of company for the rest of your life.”

Tsuki immediately felt like crying. His chest tightened and his hands clenched against his knees. Tsuki turned his head away because he didn’t want Roppi to see him cry. Tsuki hugged his knees to his chest and rested his cheek against his knee.

“Anyway, your clothes are dry.” Roppi said in a much softer tone. “You should put them on.”

Tsuki didn’t answer. He rubbed his eyes against his knees to get rid of the tears.


Tsuki looked up. Roppi was holding out his clothes to Tsuki.

‘That was fast…’ Tsuki thought.

The blond reached up and grabbed his clothes. Tsuki criss-crossed his legs to put his clothes in his lap. The pelt fell off the blonde’s shoulders, exposing his upper torso. He shivered and his body broke out in goosebumps. He grabbed his long sleeve and tugged it on. A pungent smell hit Tsuki’s nose. He cringed then reached down and pulled his shirt up to his face.

He pulled away with an expression of disgust.

Roppi held back a laugh. “Does it stink?”

“S-smells like, like sweat, d-dirt, snow, a-and sm-smoke. It does-doesn’t smell good—good.”

Roppi chuckled. “Wanna wear something else? We can wash your clothes when we meet up with my packmates.”

Tsuki looked up at Roppi wide-eyed. “Packmates?”

“Yeah. I told you, me and my pack decided to go to Taiwan to get away from the holy order. They should be showing sometime tonight or tomorrow.”

“…W-when you say pack…are—do you me-mean there are m-more w-werewolves?”


Tsuki felt his stomach clench. ‘There are more of them…’

Roppi rolled his eyes. He turned and grabbed his duffle. “Here, you can wear some of Rubi’s clothes. You two are about the same size.”


“Yeah. He’s someone you don’t want to piss off. He has a no-bullshit policy so he’ll call you out on it and depending on what it was, he may beat the shit out of you.”

Tsuki jolted.

“He has his own form of justice since the justice system has failed him a lot in the past.”

“…H-how d-did that…”

Roppi looked at him. Then glanced back to the duffle. “I guess you have a right to know. You’ll be a member of the pack soon so you’re going to need to know the pasts of your new family.”

Tsuki stiffened at the calm notion of Roppi’s statement. As if Tsuki had been married off and had to move to his husbands’ home town to live with his family.

“Well,” Roppi started, “when Rubi was a kid, he lived in a village with the rest of society. He didn’t know he was any different than the other kids. Well, the villagers found out he was a wolf so they came and burnt their house down while they were inside it. His mother was the wolf, his dad was a man. His mother transformed and managed to get Rubi out but she couldn’t save her husband. It was no longer safe for them to live in any town, his mother didn’t trust man anymore. So, Rubi went from sleeping in a warm house on a soft bed to a cold, hard cave.”

Tsuki felt his heart ache for this Rubi he never met. A child was an innocent, in Tsuki’s opinion. That was why a child was supposed to be baptized when they are born, because they are protected by God until they can make their own choices. It wasn’t fair to blacken their hearts before they understand the difference between sin and saints.

“You know, if you stop to look at it.” Roppi continued as he pulled out a pair of brown jeans. “Man tends to create their own demons, don’t they?”

“…W-what do you mean?”

“I mean, if they were to accept us instead of fear us, they would have a powerful ally instead of a dangerous enemy. I mean, if any other creature, if a real child of the devil were to show up and attack the village, then us wolves could be the first line of defense. Not much can beat us in a fight, even in human-form.” Roppi chuckled. “If your ancestors had accepted my great great grandfather instead of drowning his daughter, we could have had a very different kind of agreement.”

“Drown?” Tsuki jolted.

“Yeah. Your little town found out my great grandmother was a wolf. Instead of killing her, they put her in the river in the middle of winter. They tied her arms down so she couldn’t swim. They wanted her to confess to her sins—which she hadn’t committed any—and reveal the location of where the rest of her kind was at. Basically saying, ‘You’re going to die either or way but if you give up your family, we won’t torture you’.”

“…She, she had to ha-have co-committed sin if-if she was—”

“The only sin she committed was being born.” Roppi glowered at him. “Is that really something you can count as a fucking sin when a child never asks to be born?”

Tsuki didn’t answer.

That’s why my great great grandfather went and massacred the village then began destroying the town when they went to the church.”

Tsuki again didn’t answer. Confliction resonated in his chest from that story. If Roppi was telling the truth, then he was right. If no sin was committed other than being born, which isn’t the child’s fault, it shouldn’t give rise to a person’s demise.

But the church couldn’t be wrong. These people…weren’t people. They were monster’s that were birthed by the devil. They didn’t deserve the mercy of God. They deserved to be wiped from the soil that belonged to God.


Tsuki absentmindedly began fiddling with the clothes in his lap so he didn’t have to think on what was right or wrong. His fiddling led him to realizing something.

“Um…w-where’s my-my waist coat?”

Roppi cocked a brow at him. “Isn’t it there?”

Roppi leaned forward and grabbed Tsuki’s cloak. He lifted it up and shook it out, but no black waist coat fell into the blonde’s lap. Roppi scowled for a moment.

“Uh oh…”


“I must have dropped it somewhere in the forest.”

Tsuki jolted. “Wh—we have to go find it!”

“In the middle of the night? There’s no way we’ll find it.”


“Besides I covered a lot of ground today while you were passed out. We’d have to do a whole day’s travel backwards when we’re less than a day away from our destination.”


“It’s just a waist coat, anyway.”

“It-It-It-It’s not just a waist coat! The-the-the gold buttons on it, the-they’re from my gr-grandmother’s rosary!”


Tsuki felt tears weld. “W-when-when my Gr-Grandmother passed, my-my mom decided to use her rosary as the buttons for-for Tsugaru-Nii’s waist coat, so-so that we’ll never forget about her by-by storing her stuff—her stuff in a random dr-drawer. It was-was passed down to m-me when Tsugaru-Nii and D-D-Delic-Nii outgrew it.”

Roppi’s eyes widened. “Seriously?”

Tsuki felt the tears streak his cheeks. The flesh on his face immediately burned from the icy wind.

“Hey, hey, hey, don’t cry, don’t cry.” Roppi reached forward and grabbed Tsuki’s biceps. He looked at Tsuki with a remorseful expression as the blond wiped his eyes on his dirty sleeves. “Look, it’ll be okay. I’ll get you a new waistcoat, alright? To make up for it.”

“I don’t wan—”

Roppi pulled Tsuki in for a hug. “It’ll be okay. Come on, it’ll be something important to you, okay? I’ll make it just as important as the one you lost.”

Tsuki clenched his teeth. He snuffled before rubbing his eyes into Roppi’s shoulder to dry them.

‘I wanna go home…’

The smell of something burning tore through the air. Roppi quickly pushed Tsuki away and looked over his shoulder. One of the meat sticks had caught fire. Roppi cursed loudly before turning and diving for the food.

“Dammit!” Roppi cursed again as he pulled the rest of the meat away from the fire, letting that one burn to a crisp in the licks of orange and yellow. “Dammit!”

Tsuki didn’t give any reaction as he let out a stuttered sigh and took off his shirt.

‘There’s nothing I can do about it now.’ Tsuki closed his eyes tight shut to keep the tears from falling. ‘I can’t get upset. I have to stay strong. If I cry, I’ll just trigger my asthma again. Be strong, be strong.’

Tsuki grabbed the clothes Roppi had tossed on the duffle. He lifted a black button up. Tsuki cocked a brow.

‘Why do they all wear black?’

The blond scrutinized the dark color before letting out a sigh and putting it on.

‘It doesn’t matter, not like I’m one to talk with a pure black cloak. I just need to stay warm.’

He stripped off his shirt and quickly put the black one on. He buttoned up the long sleeve. Once it was on, he pulled the pelt back up and wrapped it over his shoulder.

“Burr!” Tsuki shivered.

Tsuki grabbed the brown jeans off the duffle. He pushed them down into the pelt so he didn’t have to expose his legs to the cold. He lied back on the ground and brought his legs up. He quickly pulled the jeans up over his tabi’s and up his limbs. He tugged them to around his waist. He buttoned and zipped the pants close then sat back up.

“We should get you a thicker coat.” Roppi said, pulling the meat off the sticks and putting them on his makeshift, wooden plate. “The cloak isn’t thick enough to keep you warm.”

“Um, it…it’s fine.” Tsuki said.

“No, it’s not fine. You keep having asthma attacks because you’re wearing flimsy clothes.”

“But, but, I don’t—ple-please don’t get rid of it. That was—It was a gi-gift. T-to help with my skin con-condition.”

Roppi looked at him. “Skin condition?”

“Um…y-yes. Th-the sun hurts my-my skin. Its v-very sensitive.”

“We’ve been traveling for five days th—oh! The suns been covered in clouds.”

“An-and I also have l-layers on and m-my hood.”

“Is that why your cheeks are red all the time?”

Tsuki nodded. “Th-they’re s-sunburnt a bit.”

“Do you want some aloe leaves?”


“Yeah, it’ll help relieve the pain of sunburns. I just need to crush it into a poultice and put on your burns.”


Roppi nodded. “It doesn’t grow naturally here so I’ll have to get some when we get to our destination.”


Roppi walked over. He sat down on the pelt next to Tsuki and held the plate out to the blond. The wolf let out a chuckle. “You should be happy I took you away before the holy order got to your rath. They’d burn you at the stake with all your problems.”


Roppi took a strip of meat and pulled a bite off. “You’ve probably never heard of the things this order does. But anyone who looks or acts out of the norm is a target for the ‘holy order’. I heard from one of my packmates that they burnt a kid at the stake. He was younger than you but he was a bit slow. He was born with a mental disorder, I’m sure you’ve heard of things like that, right?”

“Um…y-yeah. There…there’s a boy in our town who is a little slow. The-the father said he has au-autism.”

“Yup. This kid I’m talking about had down syndrome. You know what that is?”

“Um, I’ve heard of it.”

“Well, down syndrome is basically where you can’t learn at the same level as normal people. It takes a lot of effort and a lot of attention from their teachers to get them to learn anything. What’s more, they have a physical deformity with their face. The eyes are really far apart and really small. Their nose is kind of flat. It’s obvious when you look at them that they have down syndrome. I heard it can be caused when the mother drinks alcohol while pregnant but I don’t know if that’s true. But anyway, you get the jist, yeah?”

Tsuki nodded.

“Okay, so from what I heard what happened was the holy order came to this town, yeah? They saw this kid with down syndrome and they dictated that this kid was a child of sin, quote on quote. That apparently, the reason his mother died birthing him was cuz she had fornicated with a devil to birth him. The kids’ father put up a lot of resistance about this but they ended up ‘silencing him’.”

“How’d they d-do that?”

“I heard that they pressed him to death.”


“You don’t know what that is?”

Tsuki shook his head.

“Well, basically it’s where they tie your arms down and put stones on your stomach and chest. Every time the person refuses to answer or lies, basically if they say something the holy order doesn’t want to hear, they put another stone on them until they crush their organs and die.”

“Th-that’s horrible!”

“I know. I heard that’s what they did to the father. They then put the kid to the stake and burnt him.”

“W-was he really a hell spawn?”

“No. The kid was just born different, Tsuki. No different than you. And that’s the point of what I’m saying.”

Tsuki just stared at him.

“If the holy order made it to your town, you would more than likely get burnt at the stake too. In their opinion, you look like a hell spawn.”

“Wh—how would you know that?”

“Red is the color of the devil.” Roppi looked at him. “Your eyes aren’t normal. Along with the fact that your skin is sensitive to sunlight, you’d be dubbed as a ‘child of the night’—aka, a vampire. The holy order is a bunch of ignorant fucks that have decided that if you’re different it’s because the devil had something to do with it. So, it’s a good thing I grabbed you when I did else you’d probably be dead in the next few months.”

“You—that’s—you’re wrong!” Tsuki glared at Roppi. “You-you can’t say that the church is ignorant!”

“It is, though.”

“It is not! Th-that is like saying God is ignorant!”

“And he isn’t?” Roppi looked at him. “If he was so smart then why did one third of the angels fall from grace?”


“After all, the angels were designed to be perfect. Obedient and the most faithful to God and his mission. God makes man and one third of the most obedient fall with Luci.” Roppi looks at him and a thick grin crossed his lips. “Obviously they weren’t so perfect, now were they?”

 Tsuki glared at him. Roppi’s smile immediately vanished as he adverted his eyes.

“Let’s drop the subject.” Roppi said, holding the plate up to Tsuki. “Here, eat. They’ll start to get cold soon.”

“Not hungry.”

“Don’t be stubborn. You need to keep your strength up. Unless you want me to carry you like a damsel from now on.”

Tsuki glowered. He then sighed heavily. “O…okay.”

Tsuki grabbed a few pieces of rabbit. He noticed some of them were charred but he wasn’t going to complain. He put the meat under the pelt to keep his arms warm and brought one up to his lips to start chewing on it.

Roppi took another strip of meat and popped it in his mouth.

“On the subject of your cloak, though, Tsuki.” Roppi started, speaking around a mouthful of food.

Tsuki looked at him.

Roppi swallowed. “We don’t need to get rid of it but I don’t think you should wear it. It’s too flimsy.”

“It-It actually is-isn’t flimsy. The-the fabric is v-very thick.”

“Is it?”

Tsuki nodded. “I…I’ve used it as-as a blanket on-on a few occa-occasions.”

“Huh. Well, then we should modify it a bit.”


“I think we could put some buttons on the front of it so that it can close around your torso. Less wind will get in that way.”

Tsuki looked at him. “O…okay. But I…do-do you have any-any buttons or s-sowing gear?”

“No, I don’t know how to sow.”

Tsuki didn’t answer.

“One of my packmates, Sakuraya, he can sow like the best of them. He can make it when they get here.”

“I…I can s-sow it myself.”

“You can sow?”

Tsuki nodded.

Roppi smiled. “Impressive.”

Tsuki blushed. “No-Not really. I-I-I could-couldn’t go-go out with the me-men to hun-hunt or cut wood or any-anything like th-that. So, I started-started um, started helping the wo-women to pu-pull my weight.”

Roppi smiled at Tsuki. The blonde’s blush intensified and he looked elsewhere.

“That’s still impressive, in my opinion.” Roppi said, “Most would have just stayed home and done their own thing. You showed some initiative, that’s a great quality.”

Tsuki’s cheeks hurt, he was blushing so hard. “T…thank you.”

Roppi smiled.

The wolf then leaned over and kissed Tsuki’s cheek. The blond jolted. He turned and looked at Roppi wide-eyed, his cheeks still flushed red. Roppi smiled at him.

“Do you want more rabbit?” Roppi asked, “I can make some more if you want.”

“Um...” Tsuki looked down at the snow, embarrassment and a sense of dread flooding his chest. “How…How much is um, is left?”

“I can cook the entire rabbit if you want. I only cooked enough for a small meal.”

“Um…le-let me f-finish eating what I ha-have and I’ll-I’ll decide then.”


Roppi put more rabbit meat in his mouth as he turned and stared at the fire.

Tsuki also turned to face the fire. He didn’t want to look at the black-haired man. This man who kidnapped him and was forcing him to partake in this horrible journey. The thought that this man could make Tsuki happy for even a miniscule of a second upset Tsuki more than he was willing to show. He shouldn’t be happy to be here. He shouldn’t be trying to get along with this monster, And the fact that for a moment he was getting along and he was content made hot shame fill his chest.

Tsuki ate his food in silence. He finished the strips he had brought into his pelt and reached out to the plate to grab more, as he was still very hungry. There wasn’t much meat left and Tsuki felt like the amount he consumed and would consume would not be enough to satisfy his appetite. After all, he slept all day. He had only eaten a small portion of meat that morning, which he had puked up due to his asthma attack.

Tsuki finished off his strips of meat. He reached out again and grabbed another strip. There was only three left so he only grabbed one as Roppi reached for one too.

“You can have the last one.” Roppi stated as he put the strip in his mouth.

“Um…how-how many did you have?”

“I can make more if I get hungry. Don’t worry about me.”


Tsuki reached forward and grabbed the last chunk of meat. He finished the strips of rabbit off.

“Are you still hungry?”

“Um…” Tsuki paused, trying to feel if he was the case. “I’m not-not sure. L-let me sit on it for a min-minute.”


A gust of wind cascaded over them. Tsuki shivered and pulled the pelt closer.

‘The pelt’s not enough.’ Tsuki thought.

The blond quickly shrugged off the pelt and grabbed his cloak. He swung the cloak over himself and let it flutter over his back. He tied the cloak around his neck and shoved the black fabric down into the pelt. He then pulled the pelt back up to wrap around his shoulder. He pulled his hood up over his head to keep his ears warm.


Roppi turned and looked at the blond. He then scooted closer to Tsuki and wrapped his arms around him. Tsuki immediately stiffened. His heart beat quickened as a small prickle of fear went along his spine.

‘He…He wouldn’t want…He wouldn’t want to…do what he’s done before. Not in the middle of the woods.’

Tsuki was fully aware that Roppi hadn’t tried to violate him since their first night together. They had been on the move since then so there hadn’t been time for Roppi to try anything. Tsuki had counted his blessings but every day he feared Roppi wouldn’t hold himself back.

Roppi rubbed his hand up and down Tsuki’s arm. A typical way to try and warm someone up. Tsuki’s gut told him not to trust it.

‘He…he’s not a full animal so…he’s only warming me. Only warming me up. Nothing…’

Roppi leaned over. Tsuki heard the wolf sniff at Tsuki’s neck.

Tsuki felt his blood turn cold when Roppi proved the blonde’s fear right. The wolf tilted his head to nuzzle his face into Tsuki’s hood. He pushed the black fabric out of the way with his nose and pressed his lips to Tsuki’s neck. The werewolf’s hand slipped into the pelt to caress Tsuki’s chest.

“W-w-wait, wait…” Tsuki tried to pull himself away.

“I don’t want to wait.”

Roppi pulled the pelt a bit to expose the clothes underneath. The raven sat up on his knees in order to loom over Tsuki. Tsuki could hear his heart beat in his ears.

“N-no!” Tsuki reached up and pushed against Roppi’s shoulders.

“Hey, come on, don’t do that.” Roppi grabbed Tsuki’s wrists.

“No, I-I don’t want to! Do-do-don’t touch me!”

Roppi let Tsuki’s wrists go and grabbed under Tsuki’s knees. He pulled them up, causing Tsuki to let out a call of surprise as he fell on his back. The blond swung his arms out to catch himself, which made the pelt open. His body was exposed to the cold air. He squealed to the cold.

“Le-l-let me go!” Tsuki reached up and pushed on Roppi’s hands. “Let me-me go!”

“I won’t do anything you don’t like. I’ll make you cum first.”

“I don’t want-want—I don’t like this at-at all!” Tsuki tried to roll on his side while he pushed against Roppi’s chest with his hands. “I don’t want to! Please!”

“Come on, Tsuki, don’t be like that.” Roppi forced Tsuki’s legs apart and lied down in between them. Tsuki was thoroughly pinned. All he could do was grab Roppi’s shoulders. “It’s been five days since we did it last. I want you to get used to it as soon as possible.”

“I don-don’t want to get used to it!”

“Don’t be like that.” Roppi leaned down and kissed Tsuki’s neck. “I’m not a saint. I can’t wait on you forever. Do you know how hard it is to hold back when the person you love is next to you every day?”

“Yo-you you have no self-control!” Tsuki yelled, pushing as hard as he could against Roppi’s shoulders and kicking his legs wildly. “That’s not a reason to do-do this!”

Tsuki felt teeth on his neck.

“Ow! Ow, stop!”

“Tsuki, this’ll be the last day you and I have any form of privacy.” Roppi glared up at the blond. “After tonight, we’ll have to do it within ear shot of my packmates and I know you’ll hate that even more. So, let me get you comfortable with the thought of sex with me first.”

Tsuki didn’t answer. He wasn’t sure if the liquid on his neck was saliva or blood. He was too scared to look. His breathing became heavy and his body was shaking. He could feel tears sting his eyes.

The helplessness that filled Tsuki’s body was soul-crushing. He knew he wasn’t strong enough to stop this beast from doing what he wanted and words seemed to be as useful as a wooden ax. There was nothing Tsukishima could do. He didn’t want to give up and let Roppi have his way. That was the last thing he desired. He wanted to remain strong and refuse Roppi at every turn. But what would that accomplish? Roppi already proved that he’s willing to use violence to make Tsuki complacent. And as much as he hated to admit it, Tsuki wasn’t strong. He was weak and there was nothing he could do to change that right now.

Tsuki broke down into tears. He crossed his arms over his face and turned his head away as sobs racked his body.

“Wha—why are you crying? Come on, Tsuki, don’t do that.” Roppi tried to pull Tsuki’s arms away.

Tsuki refused, tugging against Roppi’s grip. He knew it would do little good as Roppi could easily force his limbs down. But the raven seemed to have developed mercy in the last few seconds and stopped his actions. Tsuki heard him let out a heavy sigh. He peeked through his arms to see Roppi rubbing his hand through his hair in irritancy.

“This is going to take some time, isn’t it?”

Tsuki didn’t answer.

Roppi grabbed Tsuki’s pants and began unbuttoning them. The blond stiffened.

“Well,” Roppi said, “at the very least, I can get your body used to it. Your heart can come later.”

Tsuki clenched his teeth, grabbing a handful of the pelt that was underneath his head.

Tsuki’s pants were pulled up to around his thighs. Cold wind touched the blonde’s rump and genitals.

“I won’t strip you all the way.” Roppi said. “I don’t want you to have an asthma attack.”

Tsuki didn’t answer.

Tsuki jolted as something wet touched his entrance. He squealed to the addition of cold on his body. The blond moved his arms to see what was happening. He instantly regretted that decision as he saw Roppi’s hand in between his legs then immediately felt his index finger into the entrance.

“Ow…” Tsuki clenched his teeth and grabbed the pelt by his hips. “Ow, it hurts.”

“Let me get you used to it.” Roppi twisted his finger.

“Nn!” Tsuki turned his head away, burying his face into his hood. “It’s-it’s dirty. I-I haven’t ba-bathed…”

“That’s why I’m not licking it. But I can assume you wipe properly. And since you puked this morning, I know there’s nothing in here right now.”

Tsuki didn’t answer.

Roppi twisted his finger again, this time rubbing it against a cluster of nerves within Tsuki’s body. The blonde’s eyes widened as his body arched.

‘It’s that spot again!’

Tsuki was bombarded with foreign sensations of pleasure as his manhood gave a significant twitch. He stifled him moans while his hips shifted in an attempt to get Roppi to touch that spot again. It was a subconscious reaction. He didn’t want to enjoy it but his body did. He could only fight it for so long.

“You know, I’m glad you’re not frigid.” Roppi chuckled. “Not many guys can feel it as good as you can their first few times.”

Tsuki’s eyes widened. “Eh?”

Roppi pushed in a second finger.

“Ow! No, it’s stretching! It hu-hurts!”

Tsuki’s outer ring was burning around Roppi’s digits. It was being forced to stretch and Tsuki felt like he was going to tear if Roppi tried to force anything bigger in.

 “It hurts…”

“I know. You’ll get used to it.”

Tsuki couldn’t choke down the sob that bubbled up his throat. Tears were leaking freely from his eyes now. He hid his face in his hood again, turning his body so he was lying on his side. Roppi agreed with Tsuki’s shift and grabbed the blond legs to lie them down. The werewolf then scooted closer to the blond so he had to spread his legs around Tsuki. His thighs were warm and pressed against the exposed flesh of Tsuki’s rump and lower back. The blond wasn’t sure if that was intentional or not.

Roppi twisted his fingers once again and pressed them against Tsukishima’s soft spot.

“Mm~!” Tsuki stiffened to fight the urge to moan aloud.

“Don’t do that.” Roppi leaned forward slightly, propping his feet under his rump to do such. “Let your voice out, Tsukishima.”

Tsuki didn’t answer, biting his inner lip to keep the noises in.

Roppi reached over the blonde’s legs and buried his hand into Tsuki’s crotch. Tsuki jolted and his eyes widened. The werewolf gripped Tsuki’s penis. He rubbed his thumb over the tip while giving it a stroke.

“N-no, don—” Tsuki reached down and pushed on Roppi’s hand.

His efforts were pointless. Roppi didn’t budge at all and he was scarily good at what he was doing. While probing Tsuki’s soft spot inside him, he rubbed his hand up and down the blonde’s member. Tsuki clenched his teeth. His nails dug into the pelt. Tsuki closed his eyes tight shut and buried his face into the fur.

‘Why does it feel so good?’

“Mm! Uh…”

‘I don’t want this. Why can’t my body be the same? It’s horrible…’

“Hah!” Tsuki arched his back. “Ple-please, stop…”

“You’re so hard, though.” Roppi said. Tsuki looked up to see Roppi was grinning. “Look, you’re leaking so much.”

Roppi gave a decisive rub to the mushroom tip of Tsuki’s penis.

“Uh…!” Tsuki tilted his head down. He shoved the pelt over his mouth to keep his voice muffled.

Tsuki felt like a coil was forming under his stomach. The tension felt good and he recognized it from his first night with Roppi—When the werewolf had first lain with Tsuki. Tsuki wanted the coil to be released. He remembered the euphoria that sensation had caused and his whole body was craving it.

The blond put his hands over his mouth to keep his voice from leaking out. It was hard to do so but he didn’t want Roppi to know he was feeling good. His breath berated his hand from his nose. He was breathing hard and quick as tears streaked the side of his face to trickle over the bridge of his nose. His toes curled, his thighs tightened.

“Don’t hold your voice back.” Roppi said.

“Nm!” Tsuki shook his head.

“It’ll feel better if you do.”

“Nm!” Tsuki shook his head again.

A third finger was pushed into Tsuki’s body. The blonde’s eyes widened. His outer ring burned even more but now Roppi was rubbing that sweet spot with three digits. Roppi’s hand on his cock was moving even faster, jacking Tsuki with abandon. The blond curled his legs around Roppi’s. His heels dug into the raven’s thigh.

‘It’s going to come out! It’s coming!’

Tsuki’s hips shifted. The coil under his stomach tightened more and more.

“You’re twitching so much right now.”

 “Mm!” Tsuki tilted his head back, his hands coming off his mouth. “AAhh—Aaaaaah!”

The coil released. Tsuki was blinded by pure white euphoria. Every muscle tightened. His mind went numb. Roppi didn’t stop his movements. He still jerked and probed the blond as splurts of white sprayed the pelts. Tsuki’s hands clenched against his chest to grab onto his shirt, to grab onto anything.

His orgasm didn’t last nearly as long as the first night had. Once he was finished making a mess of the pelts, the euphoria was gone. Tsuki was left in an afterglow. He panted heavily as he stared into the forest without focusing on anything. His whole body went limp, his hands resting against the pelt. His breathing was coming out in hard pants—he could feel his lungs aching and his throat was tightening. A thin layer of sweat was sticking his clothes to his body just enough to give him chills.

Tsuki could feel the start of an asthma attack coming on.

But he couldn’t be concerned by that as hot, burning shame took over his body.

‘This shouldn’t feel so good. Not by the hands of a hell spawn. Not by the hands of a man.’

Fresh tears were starting to sting his eyes.

‘I hate this. I hate this so much. I just want to go home. I don’t want to feel like this…’

Roppi leaned down and kissed Tsuki’s cheek. Tsuki jolted before looking up at his kidnapper. Roppi was smiling down at him.

“Neh, I think it’s my turn now.” Roppi looked down at Tsuki with a loving gaze.

Tsuki felt his insides clench and his blood turn to ice. “N-no…”

Roppi cocked a brow as Tsuki pushed himself onto his elbows. He then put himself on his hands and tried to back away, keeping his legs closed to keep his pants around his thighs.

“What do you mean ‘no’?” Roppi casted him a glare. “I got you off. You can’t leave me hanging.”


Roppi grabbed Tsuki under his knees and pulled him back.

“W-wa-wait—wait!” Tsuki put his hands against Roppi’s chest.

“The fuck, Tsuki? Don’t be selfish.”

Roppi pulled Tsuki close and put the blonde’s knees over his shoulder. He wrapped one arm around Tsuki’s thighs to hold him while his other went about unbuckling his own pants.

“Wa-wait, please! I don’t want—I don’t want to—” Tsuki pulled on Roppi’s hand that held him in place, trying to pry his fingers off. “P-please, don-don’t so-sodomize me. I don’t want th-that!”

Roppi openly glared at him. “Then what? You want me to jerk myself off? When the person I fucking love is right in front of me? The fuck do you expect from me?”

Tsuki felt his hands beginning to shake as fear coursed through him. Tears leaked from his eyes.

“Pl…please…” Tsuki’s voice cracked, despite him trying not to let it. “Please don’t…”

Tsuki felt something hot and hard touch his entrance. He stiffened as he clenched his teeth.

“If you’re scared about it hurting,” Roppi said, “It shouldn’t be as bad as your first time. I spent way more time prepping you than last time. Last time I only licked you and my tongue isn’t nearly as big as three fingers. You’ve also never done it before so that’s what it is. It’ll feel better now.”

“N-n-no, I don’t want—”

“The only way we can get it to not hurt is to keep doing it. Eventually, you’ll start liking it.”

Tsuki felt something much larger than three fingers push into him. He arched his back and clawed at Roppi’s hand more desperately. “Aaahh—n-no! No! No! No!”

Hah~, fuck.” Roppi tilted his head back in an exhale of pleasure. He put his other hand on Tsuki’s thigh to keep the blond in place as he thrust his hips, slowly. “You’re so tight. Feels fucking amazing.”

“It-it hurts. It hurts!”

Roppi chuckled. “It’ll feel better. After all, you were feeling it pretty well your first time too.”

“I don’t want to…”

Tsuki devolved into sobs. He stopped clawing at Roppi’s hands and was now just holding them while Roppi rocked his hips against Tsuki’s body. It felt like Roppi was stabbing his stomach. The outer ring of his anus was pulsing in pain. It felt like he was tearing and defecating at the same time.

‘I hate this…’

Tsuki folded his arms over his eyes as he coughed and hiccupped.

“Oi, oi, stop that.” Roppi said. “You need to breath properly. You’ve been having too many asthma attacks.”

“I don’t want to…”

“What, you don’t want to breath? Didn’t take you for suicidal since you’re Christian and all. Don’t you know wrath against yourself is a sin?”

“I don’t want to do this!” Tsuki screamed. “It hurts! It feels disgusting! I hate it!”

Roppi stopped moving. Tsuki realized what he said and immediately his stomach clenched with fear. Roppi would not take that happily. Tsuki was terrified to look and see the rage-filled expression on the wolf’s face. What if he hit him? Roppi hit him in the past because Tsuki was being difficult. He’d have no reason not to do it again.

Roppi grabbed Tsuki’s wrist. The blond tried to struggle against him, but it was obviously useless. Roppi pinned Tsuki’s wrists down against the pelts. Tsuki pulled. He knew it was in vain, but he couldn’t just lay there and take it. He didn’t want to give up.

Roppi leaned down close. Tsuki’s eyes widened before he closed his eyes tight shut in fear. He turned his head away and began to tremble. He felt Roppi’s breath against his cheek.

“You’ll learn to like it.”

Tsuki’s eyes widened. ‘What? How can he say that?’

Roppi thrust.

“Ah! No!”

‘No, I won’t allow myself to ‘learn to like it’. I can’t let it get to that point. I have to get away from him before then.’

Tsuki clenched his teeth as he stared up at the sky. The night stars were hidden behind thick clouds.

‘I have to get home. If I can get away from him, he won’t follow me because of the holy order. He has to leave, with or without me unless he wants to get exorcised.’

“Hah, fuck. So good. Tsukishima.”

‘He said his pack mates will be here tomorrow. With multiple werewolves around, I won’t be able to get away. Tonight may be the only chance I have.’

“AH, it hurts!” Tsuki screamed.

‘I have to try. When he falls asleep, if I don’t do it…’

“Haha, you’ve kept me pent up. I’m already coming.” Roppi smiled down at Tsuki was adore.

‘If I don’t do it tonight, I might as well kill myself.’


“Nn!” Tsuki twitched at the sensation of liquids splattering his insides.

‘God, please, forgive me if it comes to that…’

Chapter Text

 Tsuki stared at the fire, lying down on the pelts and underneath them to keep warm. Roppi lied pressed against the blonde's back. He had his arm over Tsuki to hug him close. The werewolf had decided on the first night of their journey that it was safer for Tsuki to sleep towards the fire rather than towards the forest—in case an animal came by, they would sniff at or attack Roppi first.

That made it a bit harder for Tsuki to escape. If he was facing the forest he could just roll out of the pelts and make a dash. But now he had to go around Roppi—crunching in the snow all the while—and then make a dash to the trees.

But Tsuki couldn’t do anything at all until Roppi rolled over. Roppi was a relatively light sleeper. Tsuki could get up out of the pelts without a problem, so long as he didn’t move Roppi in the process—else Roppi will wake up and ask what the blond was doing. If he told Roppi he was going to the restroom, Roppi would get up and go with him and completely defeat Tsuki's plan.

Tsuki was waiting, patiently. Roppi will always roll away so that his back was pressed to Tsuki’s. He'd like falling asleep holding Tsuki but that would eventually get uncomfortable for the werewolf and he would roll away. It was just about waiting.

‘Hurry. Let go of me.’

Roppi inhaled heavily. Tsuki held his breath.


Roppi rolled over. He tugged the pelts up to cover his nose then exhaled.

Tsuki’s heart was beating hard in his ears.

‘I still have to wait. He just moved so he’s slightly awake.’

Tsuki grabbed the pelts tightly. His entire body was tense. His breathing was getting heavy with anticipation. He was so close to freedom. He couldn’t get too resilient, else he’ll blow his only chance.

He waited for what felt like twenty minutes before he slowly began to roll. He rolled out from under the blanket onto the snow. It was cold and he choked back a squeal so as not to make noise. He had been hugging his scarf and cloak to his chest under the pelts and he still had his tabi’s on—Roppi asked about it and the blond said it was to keep them warm for the morning. Now that he was out from under the pelts, he lied the cloak down to roll on it. The snow crunched underneath him so he quickly paused and looked at Roppi. Roppi didn’t move.

Tsuki slowly sat up on his hands and knees. Roppi still didn’t move. He then stood. Still no movement from the werewolf.

The blond brought his cloak over his shoulders as quietly as he could. He latched it around his neck then took his scarf and wrapped is around his neck. He shivered as a strong wind hit him.  

Tsuki stepped as softly as he could around Roppi, going down by the werewolves feet. Step by step, he slowly inched his way around the pile of pelts. Roppi made no movement. Tsuki’s heart was so loud in his ears. Fear, adrenaline, and anticipation was filling his system. He was so close. But if he got caught, it would be all over. Roppi would easily be able to catch him, especially if Roppi was telling the truth about being able to turn into a wolf every night if he so desired. The snow crunching under Tsuki’s feet was so loud. His clothes rustling against his skin was so loud. Everything was so loud and could potentially let Roppi know Tsuki was trying to run away.

Tsuki was now far away from the pelts, far away from the sleeping werewolf. The trees were much closer to the blond than Roppi was. Tsuki looked at the trees. Fight or flight immediately kicked in.

Tsuki ran.

Tsuki dashed through the trees with abandon, running as fast as he could. It was hard to go very quick, as he had to high-knee to get over the snow that reached to his ankles. But he felt like he was making progress despite that. He didn’t stop, he refused to stop. He couldn’t take the risk that Roppi would be right behind him. He ran and ran and ran as if it was the only thing that mattered—because it was the only thing that mattered. His lungs started to hurt but he refused to let that stop him. He also refused to look back. He was too scared that he might see Roppi right behind him. He just had to keep running.

Something pulled on Tsuki’s black cloak. He let out a call of surprise as panic began to fill his chest.

“No! Le-let me go!” Tsuki screamed, turning around to throw a punch.

His fear was immediately put to rest as it wasn’t a person that grabbed him. But a branch that had snagged on his cloak and pulled him to a stop.

Tsukishima let out a heavy sigh in an attempt to steady his irregular breathing. If he had an asthma attack while trying to escape, he would easily get caught. He hid himself behind a tall tree, pressing his back to it. He tilted his head up and took in deep breathes. He clenched his fists against the cold bark.

‘I hope he didn’t hear me scream just now.’ Tsuki thought. The blond looked around the tree.

He couldn’t see the campfire anymore. He didn’t think he had been running for that long but, apparently, he had and he wasn’t going to complain. He looked around himself. In the distance, he could see a mountain range.

‘That has to be the mountains we crossed. All I have to do is follow our trail back that way. It hasn’t snowed so I should be able to see the footprints, no problem.’

Tsukishima smiled.

‘I can go home. Delic-Nii. Tsugaru-Nii.’

Tsuki felt happy tears sting his eyes.

‘I’m coming home. I’ll be able to see them.’

Tsuki heard the snow crunch despite the blond having made no move yet. Tsuki stiffened immediately as his heart sank to his shoes.

‘Did I wake him up?’

He heard footsteps behind him. Not directly behind him but close enough that if he looked around the tree he leaned against, he would be able to see whoever it was. Tsuki decided to do just that, hiding mostly behind the tree to peak.

What he saw made his eyes widen and a chill of fear go up his spine.

It wasn’t Hachimenroppi. But Tsukishima wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. The creature before his eyes looked like a man but also like a wolf. It looked just like a person walking on all four with a layer of gray peach fuzz over its entire body. Its limbs were extremely long, much longer than they needed to be for an animal but were also too long to be human. The back legs were bent backwards like a dog’s legs, but the front legs looked like arms with hands and fingers. The creature was walking on all four and it had an unnatural hunch in its back that put its head on the same level as its chest.

Its head.

Its head was so strange. It was round just like a person’s, just like a human’s. But the bottom half of its face elongated into the snout of a dog.

This creature looked like a werewolf was stuck between the form of a man and the form of a wolf.

Tsukishima felt his heart beat against his chest. ‘Oh god, that isn’t Hachimenroppi, is it?’

The creature tilted its head up. Tsuki saw its nose twitching as it sniffed the air. The night breeze lifted Tsuki’s hair slightly.

The creature looked at Tsuki. Tsuki’s eyes widened and he jolted.

The creature opened its mouth, a generous flow of saliva drizzling over its yellow teeth. It stood on its hind legs as if that was natural for it do such and let out a low growl.


Tsuki listened to his inner voice and turned around. He pushed off the tree and ran.

The creature let out a vicious bark that sounded no different than a wolf’s and gave chase. Tsuki could hear the snow crunching behind him. Panic began to weld in his chest immediately as a scream tore through his throat on reflex. All he could do was run.

‘I can’t outrun that thing! No way!’

Tsuki pumped his arms hard. He forced his legs to trudge through the snow as fast as he could make them go. His lungs were already starting to hurt. But he couldn’t stop! Stopping meant death as far as he knew! But he could hear it getting closer and closer. Tsuki swerved around the trees, hoping that that’ll slow the creature down just enough. It didn’t seem to. Tsuki couldn’t turn to look, though. He had to keep moving. He couldn’t stop!

Tsuki saw a tree branch that was low to the ground and heavy with snow. Maybe he could use that?

Tsuki ran to it. He grabbed the branch and pushed it forward. He let it swing back behind him. He heard the creature whimper a few seconds later. Tsuki looked over his shoulder to see the creature shaking its head back and forth in pain. Tsuki had successfully bought himself some time.

‘What do I do? Should I climb a tree? No, I won’t have time to make it very high! I can’t run back to Roppi, he’s so far behind me! I have to run past that thing to get to Roppi. What do I do? What do I do?!’

Tsuki heard a loud howl behind him. He looked over his shoulder to see the creature was glaring death at him. It then continued with the chase. Tsuki faced forward as he pushed his limbs harder.

A cough forced its way out of Tsuki’s throat. The blond wasn’t going to be able to last much longer. His lungs were starting to hurt and he throat was tightening. Never before did he hate his asthma more than now.

‘What do I do?! Oh God, please!’

“SOMEONE HELP ME!” Tsuki screamed to the sky.

Tsuki felt a weight slam into his back. His eyes stretched wide as pain quickly followed. The creature had leapt on Tsuki’s back, its claws on its hind legs racking down his lower back. Tsuki screamed in pain right before the monster swung it’s elongated, human-like fingers above Tsuki’s head. He felt the claws dig into his abdomen and pull up to his collar bones.

Tsuki screamed in agony as he fell forward.

Instead of falling face first into the snow, Tsuki met empty air. His eyes stretched even wider as he stared down into a snow-coated ravine. The creature jumped off of Tsuki, which simultaneously pushed the blond down. Tsuki screamed again. He tucked his arms around his head as he slammed into the side of the ravine. Nothing stopped the blond as he rolled down the steep decline.

Tsuki slammed back first into a log at the bottom. His injuries spasmed and the wind was knocked from his lungs. He hacked as his eyes stretched wide with pain. He bounced off the frozen wood, rolling onto his back.

‘I can’t breathe.’

Tsuki wheezed, coughing and hacking to try to get air back into his lungs. He was still able to process his surroundings despite his struggles and he could see the creature was standing at the top of the ravine, looking down at him.

‘I have to move. I have to…’

Tsuki rolled over and pushed himself on his hands and knees. He heard the snow crunch again. A quick glance showed the creature was carefully trying to get down into the ravine without tumbling down like Tsuki had. Getting footholds in the snow, it was periodically sliding down and struggling to keep its balance.

‘Get up! Get up now!’

Tsuki pushed himself to his feet. He still couldn’t breathe but he knew that if he didn’t move, he would die. The blond stumbled forward. His vision blurred and it was a struggle to force one foot in front of the other. Something heavy thumped behind him. He knew it was that thing.

‘No! Someone—’

The monster crashed into Tsuki’s spine. The blond coughed hard before he fell forward. Tsuki slammed against the ground with a heavy weight on his body. Tears streaked Tsuki’s cheeks as he felt like he was suffocating.

‘Help me!’

The creature tilted its head back and howled to the moon. A typical thing a wolf did to signal to its pack it had caught food. Tsuki’s stomach dropped at the thought that there were more of these things. And they would all be congregating onto him to eat him alive!

Tsuki spotted a rock barely sticking out of the snow. The blonde’s eyes widened and he reached for it. He dug his finger into the cold snow and pulled the frozen rock out.

Tsuki swung without pause. Else he might develop last minute empathy and recant his swing. Tsuki slammed the rock into the side of the creature’s head. It whimpered in pain and fell off the blond. Tsuki scrambled to his feet, wheezing and gasping for air as he made another dash to escape. He ran once again.

He heard a horrifying roar behind him before the snow started crunching again. The blond looked over his shoulder again. The creature was chasing him once again and it did not look happy. Its lips were pulled back in a permanent snarl with a heavy load of saliva dribbling off its teeth. Its paws dug into the ground with abandon, propelling itself forward at a terrifying pace.

Tsuki was beginning to believe he should give up. He didn’t want to. He didn’t want to die by the savage hands of this beast. It probably wouldn’t be a quick and painless death. But there was only so much Tsuki could do. His vision was blurring from exhaustion and lack of oxygen and it was such a fight to keep his limps moving and to keep running. The adrenaline had passed and the pain was hitting him hard. Even if he had the strength to keep going, it would take so much time and effort to pull himself up the steep slopes of the ravine he was trapped in. It would basically be a climb and the monster could easily just jump on his again. His only option was to run but he was painfully aware that he couldn’t keep that up.

He was tired. And he didn’t think there was much he could do about it.

‘No. I’m gonna die…’

Tsuki faced forward.

And stared into the gaping jaws of a pure black wolf that was the size of a small house. Said wolf was lunging right at Tsuki.

The blond dropped by pure instinctual reaction. The oversized wolf flew over Tsuki’s head and slammed into the balding half-wolf. The two unnatural monsters began barking and yipping at each other aggressively as they rolled in the snow in a tussle.

Tsuki propped himself on his hands and knees. ‘Roppi-san…’

The werewolf known as Hachimenroppi had the creature pinned underneath him with a paw on its shoulder and on its chest. He was snapping his jaws at monster’s head furiously. The monster was also gnashing his teeth at Roppi, making it so the werewolf couldn’t get a proper grip and the two were mostly slamming their teeth against each other. The creature was also kicking its hindlegs against Roppi’s underbelly and pushing on the canine’s forepaws with its deformed hands.

Roppi backed away as blood began to drip from his stomach. The monster pushed itself up and tried to pin Roppi in return. The two began to tussle again, rolling on the ground as one tried to get on top of the other. They were rolling right towards Tsuki. The blonde’s eyes widened and his instinctive reaction was to run. However, his limbs had no strength to push him out of the way.

Tsuki tucked. He brought his knees to his chest and ducked his head down to his chest as well. He then brought him arms up to protect his face. Not even a moment after he went into the protective position, Tsuki felt a very heavy weight land on him. The vertebrae of someone’s spinal cord stabbed into the blonds ribs. He couldn’t tell if they had punctured or not as pain encased that area.

The weight was off him as soon as it was on him. Tsuki gasped loudly as he tilted his head up to look.

Roppi and the creature rolled two more times before the creature got a firm grip on Roppi’s forepaws and the ground. He slammed Roppi shoulder blade first into the snow. Roppi immediately started kicking at the creature’s stomach with his hindlegs. The monster shifted just enough that Roppi’s paws slid off its side. The monster wolf raised its inhuman hand and brought it down hard. Roppi let out a yelp as blood splattered.

‘He’s losing!’

Tsuki looked around himself for something to throw or hit the creature with.

It wasn’t that Tsuki wanted to save his kidnapper. If anything, he would be glad if the monsters killed each other. However, if Roppi lost then this creature would kill Tsuki and Tsuki wasn’t ready to die yet. He wanted to live and Roppi was his best bet to live. So, he had to make sure the werewolf continued to breathe.

Tsuki dug his hand into the snow. His hands hurt and scraped against the snow painfully. His skin was no doubt red. They would probably be bleeding from the hard form of the snow. But he ignored it the best he could. His nails scratched against something solid. The blond wrapped his fingers around the object and he pulled it up.

It was another rock. The blond held the stone firmly and looked back up at the beasts.

Roppi was doing his hardest to keep the monster from biting into his neck. Their jaws were constantly slamming into each other while the creature racked one of its hands against Roppi’s chest. Tsuki could see a liquid glistening off the light of the moon on the black pelt of his kidnapper.

Tsuki took aim and threw the rock. He didn’t take a risk of hitting the monster in the head and hitting Roppi instead, so he aimed for the torso. He hit the creature in its protruding spinal cord. The monster yelped. It whipped its head around so fast and roared at Tsuki, saliva flying from its open mouth.

‘Great, now it’s going to come for me.’

Tsuki leaped to his feet and turned to run. The monster pushed off of Roppi to give chase.

The creature roared yet again but it was much farther than it should be for a being in pursuit. Tsuki looked over his shoulder to see Roppi had bit into the monsters hindleg and was pulling it back.

The blond ducked behind the log he had slammed into early to use as cover. The creature turned around and swung its arm at Roppi again. Blood splattered from Roppi’s face however, the werewolf didn’t let go. Roppi pulled the monster away from Tsuki, dragging it through the snow. It continued to swing and claw at Roppi but the werewolf was unrelenting until they were a decent distance away.

Roppi finally let go.

The beast scrambled to its feet and leaped into the air. It landed square on Roppi’s back. The huge wolf howled as four sets of claws dug into his fur. He began to buck savagely, twisting in circles to try and fling it off. The monster held on with seemingly no problem. Roppi rolled, body-slamming the monster into the snow. He stood back up but it was still holding on.

Roppi was starting to tire. Tsuki could hear the werewolf’s heavy breathing and the small wheezes and whimpers. His bucks were slowing and he stopped twisting. He rolled once again but it seemed to be a struggle to get back onto his feet.

‘What do I do?’ Tsuki thought.

The monster unlatched its hind legs but kept a firm grip with its front. It slammed its back paws into the ground and gave Roppi a hard push. The oversized black wolf fell over with a bark of pain. Roppi slammed into the snow, a plume of white powder flying around them.

Roppi went to bite at the half-wolf. The monster dipped its head around Roppi’s jaws and sunk its teeth into the side of Roppi’s neck.

“NO!” Tsuki yelled.

The huge wolf let out a yelp, kicking all four legs to try and dislodge the monster. Tsuki scavenged through the snow for another rock. His nails scraped against something again. He wrapped his fingers around it and pulled.

He pulled a branch up this time. It looked more like a club—as it was thick and heavy. He looked up at Roppi. The wolf was barely moving, letting out pitiful whimpers of pain.

Tsuki reached deep inside himself to pull out the remainder of courage he had. He ran forward across the snow, bringing the branch back in a swing. He stood by the monster and slammed the club down onto its head.

It detached and fell away from Roppi, letting out a loud yelp. Tsuki backed away quickly as the monster stumbled. Roppi forced himself onto his front paws and pulled himself away. He pitifully dragged himself only a few feet—barely moving his hinds legs to help—before flopping back into the snow.

“Ge-get up!” Tsuki yelled. “Please!”

The half-wolf turned to glare at Tsuki. The blond stiffened, clenching the branch tightly.

The beast let out a very angry roar at Tsuki and leaped at him. Tsuki screamed and twisted the club so that it was held out parallel to his shoulders. The creature bit into the branch before its body slammed against Tsuki. The two fell to the ground with the monster on top of Tsuki.

The creature tried to tilt its head to get its mouth off of the branch but Tsuki refused it. He pushed the branch up so that it was stabbing against the curls of the beast’s lips and jaws. Tsuki couldn’t stop screaming as he struggled with the much stronger creature. Saliva drizzled onto Tsuki’s face and into his hair. The monster was growling in irritation, its eyes burning red with hatred.

“HELP ME!” Tsuki yelled.

Tsuki felt hot breath touch his ankles right before the beast was jerked back. Its eyes widened as it was pulled off of Tsuki. The blond couldn’t stop the small scream of surprise that escaped him as he scrambled back.

Tsukishima’s eyes widened at his savior. An oversized wolf was biting deep into the creature’s thigh. But this werewolf was a white wolf with florescent pink eyes—no different than a white rabbit.

“Ah…another werewolf…”

The creature roared in rage and turned to swing at the new werewolf.

However, it didn’t get to as another huge wolf came from the side. This one was crème-colored and it latched it jaws over the creature’s shoulder and chest. The creatures head was sticking out of the side of the wolf’s mouth, swinging its arms wildly and gnashing its teeth at nothing.

The white wolf let go of the monster’s leg. It reattached its jaws into the creatures pelvic region.

The two wolves pulled in opposite directions of each other. The creature let out a sickening noise that sounded like a growl, a gurgle, and a retch to vomit. A series of pops started to sound from its torso.

With the next tug, the creature was separated, split in two between the two huge wolves. Tsuki’s eyes widened as spurts of blood and ripped organs flew through the air. The two wolves dropped the sides of the creature they held. The pieces landed on the snow with a stomach-twisting squish.

That noise triggered Tsuki’s mind to start processing. The horror of what he just witnessed finally registered in his mind. Tsuki couldn’t stop the scream that tore through his throat. Bile began to rise in his throat and he quickly turned away.

He vomited all the food he had eaten earlier into the snow. Tears leaked from his eyes while mucus drizzled from his nostrils. Some of the bile had gotten on his red scarf and the sleeves of his shirt with the splatter. Tsuki coughed hard. He rubbed his saliva and the snot away on the upper part of his sleeve.

Tsuki felt hot breath blow on his hair. He stiffened and looked over his shoulder. The crème-colored wolf was staring down at him with deep pools of dark brown orbs. Tsuki screamed and went to stand. He tripped over his own two feet and fell back—away from his vomit, thankfully. His back pressed against the wall of the ravine.

The crème-colored wolf tilted its head, its huge ears flopping. If this was normal-sized dog, Tsuki would have thought that to be irresistibly cute. But it wasn’t. It was a huge werewolf that’s breath smelt of blood.

Tsuki didn’t have anything to defend himself. His stick was behind this werewolf so if this monster decided to attack Tsuki, there was nothing the blond could do about it.

“Uh…ah…um…” Tsuki didn’t know what to say to let this thing know that he was friendly.

But Tsuki didn’t need to do that as the white wolf barked at its partner. The blond wolf looked over its shoulder, Tsuki looking past it to see as well. The white wolf was standing by Roppi, trying to coax the wounded werewolf to his feet. Roppi had his front legs under his chest and was trying to get himself up. His legs were shaking horribly. The white wolf had his head underneath Roppi’s chin to try and keep him up.

The crème-colored wolf rushed over and came around onto Roppi’s other side. He knelt down and put his head under Roppi’s chest. With the help from his friend, Roppi got his back legs underneath him and was standing on wobbly limbs, his breath coming out in heavy pants.

Snow rolled down the ravine walls. Tsuki quickly looked up to see yet another huge wolf. This one was another black wolf. But to Tsuki’s surprise, there was a very human figure on its back.

“What happened?” The person asked, hopping off the huge wolf.

None of the animals answered and Tsuki was too scared to say anything. He didn’t want the wolves to remember he was there. Less they attack him.

The white wolf knelt down and ducked under Roppi’s chest. It put its head in between Roppi’s forepaws and shimmied itself so it was squatting underneath the wounded wolf. It then stood and lifted Roppi off the ground. Roppi let out a whimper and shifted precariously. The crème-colored wolf pressed against Roppi’s side to keep him up. The black wolf on the top of the ravine carefully grabbed a foothold in the snow of the slope. It turned itself sideways and slowly began sliding down until it reached the bottom of the ravine. It came around to stand on Roppi’s other side and pressed itself against the matching black flank.

The three wolves turned as a unit and faced the ravine wall. They dug their huge paws in hard and began trudging, clawing their way up. They slid back a few times but the three managed to get to the top where the human sat waiting. The person pulled himself onto the back of the blond wolf and sat right behind its shoulder blades.

The three wolves then walked away.

Tsuki’s eyes widened as he realized he was being abandoned.

“W-w-wait! Wait!” The blond hopped to his feet and rushed to the slope of the ravine.

Tsuki’s wounds spasmed painfully. The blond cringed, clenching his teeth and wrapping his arms around himself before falling to his knees. He coughed harshly, which made his wounds spasm even more. He couldn’t stop the pitiful whimper that escaped his lips.

The silence of the forest reached Tsuki’s ears. Chills of fear went down his spine. The werewolves were gone. He couldn’t hear them walking. They had abandoned him without looking back. He looked around himself.

His eyes fell on the monster that was torn in two. He didn’t want to, but he glanced over it when he was glancing about and he noticed something.

The creature wasn’t a monster anymore. But a man. A man with dark brown hair and empty, soulless eyes. He was completely naked, his organs strewn out between the two halves of his body. His arms were of normal length, his legs were of normal length and were attached to normal human feet.

‘It…shifted back…when it died.’

Tsuki jolted and stood.

‘I have to get away from this horrible place!’

The blond turned and rushed down the ravine. He knew he couldn’t get out of the ravine from where he was now. The slope was too steep. But maybe if he headed towards the mountain, the ravine would level out. Tsuki coughed hard, his lungs aching while his wounds spasmed. The start of an asthma attack was coming on now that the fear and adrenaline had subsided. He tried to swallow his cough so he didn’t hurt his wounds.

‘I wanna go home. Just let me get home!’

Tsuki pulled his cloak around himself, hugging himself tightly to keep warm. He pulled his scarf up over his nose—this part didn’t have vomit on it—to put warm breathe into his lungs. He’d be okay. His asthma was already starting to get better, he told himself.

Tsuki looked over his shoulder. ‘I hope they don’t come back for me.’

Tsuki coughed softly.

‘Please, God, don’t let them come back to get me. Please. Keep me safe on my journey home.’

Tsuki was aware that his limbs were shaking. It was hard for the blond to force one foot in front of the other. The fear and the pain has worked Tsuki to exhaustion and now that the adrenaline was gone, there was nothing but sure willpower keeping Tsuki standing. The blond was determined to get back to his town.

The slopes of the ravine became shorter. The blond looked up briefly to see the mountain range was on his right side—the side he had originally fallen down earlier. Tsuki decided this was as good a place as any to try and climb up.

  The blond walked over to the slope. He dug his feet into the snow, thankful that he couldn’t feel the cold through the insulated tabi’s, and used what was left of his strength to trudge up. He was trying his hardest not to use his hands as they felt painfully cold and he didn’t want to make them worse. But, unfortunately, he had to as he started sliding back. He dug his fingertips into the snow and pulled himself up. Using all four limbs to pull and push, he made it to the top of the ravine, where he fell to his knees in the deep snow.

‘I’m so cold.’ Tsuki shivered vigorously. ‘Everything is wet, all my clothes.’

Tsuki forced himself to his feet.

‘I need to find a place where I can hunker down and stay warm for the night. I’ll get frostbite like this.’

Tsuki looked up.

‘I’ll…Let’s make it to the base of the mountain. At least Roppi won’t turn around to get me if I make it that far in one night…’

Tsuki clenched his teeth. His teeth started to clatter as his shivers elevated to shakes.

‘So cold…It’s so cold.’

Tsuki was once again, struggling to put one foot in front of the other. His lungs were burning, his vision was blurring. He stumbled more than once and had to lean against trees to keep upright.

‘Maybe…I should try to hunker down now…I’m so cold, I don’t think I’ll make—’

Tsuki’s thought was cut short as a blur of white leapt in front of him. Tsuki let out a scream of surprise and jolted back. He stumbled over the tree roots and fell back, sinking into the snow.

The white werewolf loomed over Tsuki. The blond scrambled back until his back was pressed to the tree. The wolf moved closer.

“No, g-g-get back!” Tsuki tried to push himself farther on reflex but he obviously went nowhere.

The wolf leaned down, touching Tsuki’s chest with his cold nose. He sniffed the blond, nuzzling him with his nose.

‘I’m covered in blood. It’s sniffing the blood! It’s going to eat me!’

Tsuki dug his hands into the snow, trying to reach for anything he could use to defend himself. His fingertips touched something solid. The blond wrapped his finger around it and lifted to see if it was a tree root. It wasn’t. It was indeed a branch.

Tsuki pulled the branch up and swung without pause. He smacked the wolf hard in the side of the face. The animal let out a painful whimper as it backed away. Tsuki pushed himself to his feet and turned around. He began climbing the tree, knowing it was the only chance he had. He couldn’t outrun the beast, but dogs couldn’t climb trees, right?

Tsuki pulled himself up branch by branch. His feet slipped on the icy wood, which caused him to hug the branch to his chest to keep himself from falling. That in turn made the injuries on his chest spasm. He called out in pain before he got his footing and pulled himself up. He continued his ascend.

He heard a furious bark behind him and felt the tree shift. Tsuki hugged the base of the tree tightly and looked down. The white wolf, who had its left eye closed and a gash on its cheek where Tsuki had hit it, was slamming its front paws against the tree.

‘Does it plan to knock the tree down?!’

The wolf looked up at Tsuki and barked at him over and over. It was terrifying and loud. It then slammed its front paws against the tree again, but this time it dug its claws in. It propelled itself up just enough to hook its teeth into Tsuki’s cloak. The blond screamed as he was getting pulled by the much stronger creature. Tsuki was getting choked. He reached up to untie his cloak.

As soon as he let go of the branch with one hand, he was unable to keep ahold with the other. The blond was pulled out of the tree. Tsuki screamed before slamming into the snow. The blanket of white acted as a pillow, so the blond didn’t get winded. Tsuki immediately pulled on his cloak, trying to tug it out of the beast’s mouth.

The white wolf let Tsuki go and took a step back. Tsuki went to stand to run.

A blur of black came from Tsuki’s left. He looked to see another oversized wolf charging at Tsuki. The blond had no chance. Tsuki let out a scream and hunkered low, folding his arms over his head to try and at least protect himself before he broke down into tears. Nothing he did was going to help him. The hopelessness of his situation was too much for him to bear anymore and he couldn’t stop himself from crying.

Nothing happened. Tsuki heard the snow crunch in front and behind his head but that was all. The blond peeked through his arms to see the white wolf was glaring death at him a few feet away. Its lips were pulled back in a snarl and its head was low to the ground. It was obvious the beast wanted to pounce on Tsuki. But the black wolf, who was standing over Tsuki, made it so the white wolf couldn’t.

‘It’s…protecting me?’


The black wolf looked down at Tsuki. Radiant orbs of pink stared down at him.

‘Pink eyes. No, this can’t be Roppi. He’s not bleeding or anything.’

The white wolf growled at the two. They looked back at it. It still looked extremely pissed off. The black wolf let out small half barks in respond. The white wolf barked.

‘Are they…talking?’

The black wolf let out a small yip, which made the white wolf snort and turn away.

The black wolf finally stepped off of Tsuki. It took a few paces to the side before nuzzling Tsuki with its nose. Tsuki pushed himself to his feet, coughing harshly. He shivered, hugging himself tight. He coughed again, his vision beginning to blur.

’I’m so tired…I can’t take anymore scares. My heart will give out at this rate…’

The black wolf nuzzled Tsuki again. The blond, who had absolutely no stamina to try and keep balance, decided that sitting down was the best alternative and let himself plop back into the snow. The black wolf stared at Tsuki for a moment then gave him a gentle shove to try and get him to his feet.


The wolf stopped. It paced around Tsuki in uncertainty. Tsuki’s form was racked with coughs, his breath coming out in wheezes.

‘I’m gonna faint…’

The black wolf bent one knee and let its other front paw slide outwards. It lowered into an elegant bow with its front half pressed to the ground and its hind quarters in the air. It looked at Tsuki expectantly.

Tsuki couldn’t work up the effort to move.

The white wolf came around Tsuki and gave the blond a harsh shove. Tsuki fell forward, catching himself on his hands. A harsh cough racked his system. His throat was so tight, he had to gasp in order to get air in his lungs.


The white wolf gave him another shove. Tsuki fell on his side.

“Stah…” Tsuki couldn’t even speak as coughs were constantly leaving his throat.

The white wolf growled. Tsuki felt warm breath against his back before sharp teeth dug into his torso.


The wolf, holding Tsuki in its jaws like a fresh kill, picked Tsuki up. It titled its head back and opened its mouth for a millisecond so Tsuki could slide further down its rows of teeth. The human now sat completely in the beast’s mouth instead of at the tip.

“N-n-*Kaff* No. P-put me *Kaff, kuff, hak*” Tsuki’s words devolved into coughs.

The wolf turned and began to walk. Tsuki saw the black one following close behind.

‘I can’t…’

Tsuki’s vision was nothing more than a blur. He couldn’t make out any discernable features. His throat hurt, his head was going numb from lack of oxygen.

‘I feel…like…I’m dying…’

Black seeped into Tsuki’s vision until that was all he could see.

Chapter Text

Tsuki felt pain in his chest. He didn’t have the strength to open his eyes to see what was happening to him, which was making him panic. It felt like something was constantly stabbing him. As if sowing him...

Tsuki forced his eyes open. A pair of scissors and a needle were in front of his face. Tsuki screamed and backed away. The person—a brunette with russet brown eyes—backed away quickly. Tsukishima was lying on a soft bed, underneath a thick blanket. He pushed the blanket off him and jumped off the bed. He had his pants on but everything else was removed, including his shoes. He turned to see his cloak and scarf on the edge of the bed and grabbed them. He saw a pair of huge, wooden, double doors and ran for them.

Someone grabbed his wrist. Tsuki's bare feet slid on the carpet. The blond called out in surprise as his slid in between the legs of the person who held him. A man with hair so blond it looked white and bright pink eyes glared down at him. His left eye had several broken blood vessels, making the sclera bright red. Which made the glare even more terrifying.

“Let me go!” Tsuki screamed.

Tsuki kicked wildly. He felt his foot slam into the spot between the man's leg. Those pink eyes widened and he let out a call of pain. He let Tsuki go and the frightened teen immediately scrambled back. The man dropped to his knees while holding his crotch.

Tsuki pushed himself to his feet and ran to the doors. The blond pushed on the door, but it didn't budge. He grabbed the door handle and pulled. The door opened and he ran into a hallway. He looked left then right. He had no clue where he was but this place was huge and extravagant. There were several doors along the hallway. Tsuki chose a random direction—the left—and ran.

His bare feet pounded against the carpet floor. His breathing was already getting uneven and he had no energy to move his limbs. He tried his best to ignore it and keep running. He didn't know where he was and he didn't want to know. He just wanted to get out of here. Away from the people who were hurting him and putting sharp objects in his face.

Tsukishima saw a staircase in front of him. Hope soared. He quickened his pace and flew down the steps. The stairs ended and he stood on a small, carpeted platform. Across from him was another staircase that led to the west wing of this gigantic place. To his left was another staircase, this one was longer and wider and it led to a grand hall with tall pillars holding up the ceiling. Huge double doors were on the other side of the room.

If Tsuki knew anything about mansions from the books he's read, those doors should lead to the outside. He didn't have a shirt but he didn't care. He just needed to run.

Tsuki pulled on his cloak as he rushed down the steps. He miraculously didn't trip until he reached the bottom step. He fell to his knees and quickly pushed himself up. He ran down the hall to the doors.

He grabbed the huge door handle and pulled as hard as he could. The door didn't budge. He groaned before coughing harshly. He then tried again, putting his foot against the other door to try and get more leverage to pull.

“Come…on…!” The teen groaned through clenched teeth.

“I wouldn't do that if I were you. It's blizzarding out there.”

Tsuki jolted and looked over his shoulder. A man with perfect features stood in one of the doorways on the side of the great hall. He had pitch black hair and dark eyes, wearing a white undershirt with a collar that flared around his neck, a black long sleeve, and a black cloak around his biceps that was red on the underside. There was seemingly nothing inhuman about this man but Tsuki did not trust him. Looks could be very deceiving.

“Heh, even if it wasn't storming,” The man said, “you really intend to walk out in the snow with no shoes and no shirt?”

“Ah, um...”


Tsuki jolted and the two looked up at the stairs.

The blond Tsuki had kicked was standing on the steps leading to the east wing. He held onto the railing, glaring death down the stairs. His eyes locked with Tsuki, making the frightened teen jolt.

“You little fucker, come here NOW!”

Tsuki stiffened.

“Wait, Rubi, calm down!” The black-haired man who had been holding scissors at Tsuki earlier came rushing down the steps and grabbed the angry blonde’s arm with one hand—in the other was a sizable bag.

“What's going on here?” A new voice said.

“Ah, Shizu-chan.” The brunette with the flowing cape looked over his shoulder.

A blond man stepped into sight. He wore long black robes. If Tsuki didn't know better, he would think that man is a priest.

Tsuki's eyes widened and jolted. “F-Father! Father, help!”

Tsuki ran over to the priest as fast as he could.

“Hey, you!” The angry blond yelled, rushing down the steps.

“He-help!” Tsuki buried his face into the priest’s chest, holding onto his robes tightly as tears began to leak from his eyes. “Help me, Father, please! Th-there-there are we-werewolves—they're all werewolves! Please, you must do-do-do something!” Tsuki looked up at him. “Help me! Please!”

“You piece of shit, I should be the one asking for help!” The angry blond yelled, making Tsuki jolt. Tsuki looked over his shoulder at him, so did the Father. “You fucked up my eye and kicked me in the fucking balls! Who the fuck are you to ask for help?!”

“Rubi, stop.” The Father said. “You brought it on yourself, most-likely. Can't you see this boy is terrified?”

'Eh?' Tsuki's eyes widened. 'The Father knows him by name?'

“I didn't do anything!” Rubi yelled.

“I don't believe you.” The priest said.

“The fuck is that, Shizuo?!”

“Wait, Rubi,” the brunette with russet eyes grabbed the angry blonde's shoulder. “Please, just calm down.”

“Cal—the fuck, Toudai?!”

“Please, Rubi!” The man grabbed the blonde's hand with both of his. “I can't finish his stitches if you keep scaring him.”

'Rubi' growled, pulling his lip back in an animalistic snarl. 'Toudai' didn't flinch, just stared at him with a pleading smile. Rubi snorted and turned away.

“What the fuck ever.”

The Father hugged Tsukishima close, rubbing his biceps comfortingly. “It's okay. Don't worry about Rubi. He has a lot of bark, but he rarely bites.”

“Don’t tempt me.” Rubi snorted.

“Y…you’re…friends with…” Tsuki stared at Rubi.

“With who?” Rubi glared at him.

“Yo-you’re the white wolf from last night…”

“Yeah, I fucking am. You fucking did this to me, you asshole!” Rubi pointed to his injured eye. “Went out of my way for you and you fucking hit me with a tree branch!”

“I-I thought you-you were go-going to eat me!”

“Why the fuck would I do that?!”

“You’re a-a werewolf! It’s wha-what-what you do!”

“THE FUCK IS THAT?!” Rubi looked at Tsuki with complete hate, taking an angry step towards him as if he planned to charge but stopped mid-push. Tsuki jolted and grabbed the priest tighter. ‘Shizuo’ instinctively turned so he was in between Rubi and Tsuki. “What in the fuck kind of logic is that?! Werewolves eat people cuz that’s what they do? Then why the fuck are you with Roppi?!”

“It’s not l-l-l-like I’m with him-him—with him by choice!” Tsuki screamed, burying his face into Shizuo’s chest. “I don’t want—I don’t want to be here-here! I just want to go-go home! But Hachimenro-roppi…he…”

Tsuki felt tears threatening to rise. His grip on the priest’s robes tightened and he clenched his teeth hard enough to make them ache. He then buried his face deep into those holy robes and began to cry with abandon.

“I just want-want to go home…”

Rubi said nothing. Tsuki didn’t care. All he could think to do was cry.

“Um…excuse me…” A timid, new voice said.

Tsuki turned to look towards the door that Shizuo and the other man had come from. Another brunette stood against the door, holding it sheepishly. He wore traditional attire—a white yukata with a cherry blossom haori over it. Behind him stood a blond wearing a black tail coat with matching black pants and a white button up underneath.

“Um,” the brunette said. “I understand that last night must have been terrifying. Lycan’s are vicious creatures with no sense of morale. You must have suffered greatly. But…I can assure you, that such an encounter is a fluke. It will not happen again. Um…if you decided to leave with Roppi, then…you shouldn’t let the lycan change your mind now.”

Tsuki’s eyes widened to the words. He was visibly appalled as his whole form began to shake.

“Wh-what are you talking about?! I-I-I I didn’t decide—I didn’t decide anything with Ha-Hachimenroppi. He-he forced me to go! It’s why—it’s why I tried…last night, I was trying to get away from him and th-th-th-that…thing, that monster tr-tried to kill me!”

“You!” Rubi yelled. “Are you trying to imply that Roppi kidnapped you?!”

“I’m-I’m n-not implying anything.”

“Then what are you trying to say?!”

“I think,” the brunette with the flowing cloak bent forward, his arms tucked behind his back while a thick grin crossed his lips, “our little blond is saying there’s nothing to imply because everything he says is fact.”


Tsuki jumped. The blond tried to back away but the priest wouldn’t let him go.

“Facts?! FACTS?! Facts my ass!” Rubi yelled. “We all know Roppi wouldn’t do something like kidnapping! You!”

Rubi stepped up to Tsuki. The blond tried desperately to back away now but again, Shizuo refused him. The angry bright blond grabbed Tsuki’s arm and gave a harsh tug, pulling him away from the priest.

“I don’t know what kind of shit you’re trying to spew but none of us are buying it!”

“I—I’m not—I’m not—”

“Rubi, stop!” The priest pulled on the snow blonde’s hands. “You’re terrifying the poor boy!”

“So fucking what?! How the hell are you sitting here calmly when he’s talking shit about Roppi?!”

“Let him go. NOW!”

Tsuki jolted at the scream from the priest. He looked back at Shizuo to see he was glaring at the snow blond. Tsuki felt fear rise momentarily. However, he realized that he shouldn’t fear a man of God, especially not when a werewolf had a vice grip on his arm.

Rubi casted Shizuo a glare. Pink locked with brown. Rubi then snorted and released. Tsuki rushed back to Shizuo’s side. The priest wrapped his arms around the young blond and began rubbing his arms reassuringly.

“Child, are you one with God?” Shizuo asked, looking down at Tsuki.

Tsuki looked up at him with wide-eyes before nodding vigorously. “Y-yes, yes! I-I am his sheep an-and he is m-my shepherd!”

“Then you would not lie to me—a prophet of God.”

“Of course not!”

“Even if you are speaking of someone you may dislike or have a problem with.”

“I-I know! Thou-thou shalt not bare f-false witness.”

“Even against someone who is different from you.”

“Diff…I-I know.” Tsuki was started to feel confused.

“Let the boy sit, Shizu-chan.” The brunette with the flowing cloak said. “Toudai-san should finish putting his stitches in, else his wounds will get infected.”

“On that note,” the blond with the tail coat said, “boy, do you remember if that creature from last night bit you or drooled on you?”

“Um…why, um…”

“Let’s let the boy sit!” the brunette repeated. He walked over and touched Tsuki’s shoulder. “Come, you may rest in here. My name is Orihara Izaya. I’m the master of this establishment.”

“I…I’m Tsuki-Tsukishi—Tsuk-Tsukishima.”

“What’s your family name?”


Tsuki didn’t know what that was and it must have showed on his face as the man nodded.

“I see, I see. Where are you from, Tsukishima?” The brunette gripped the boy’s hands gently and led him into the room, walking backwards to keep eye contact with Tsuki.

“Um, um, m-my town do-doesn’t hav-have a name.” Tsuki pulled his hand from Izaya’s to wipe the tears from his eyes. “Bu-but the moun-mountain range to-to the ea-ea-east—to the east, um, it’s over-over there in the va-valley on the other side-ide.”

“That’s quite the stutter you have, Tsukishima.”

Tsuki jolted. “I-I’m s-sor-sorry. I-I can’t hel-help it.”

“It’s alright.”

“No, it’s not.” Rubi growled behind Tsuki. The blond jolted again. “It’s annoying.”

Orihara Izaya chuckled, a smile crossing his features that set Tsuki on edge. “Rubi, I would like you to wait outside.”


“You keep frightening him. If he’s tense while Toudai’s putting the stitches in, it’ll make it harder for him.”


“He’s right.” Toudai came around and put his hand in Rubi’s. He smiled at the snow blond warmly. “Please wait out here until I’m done.”

Rubi openly glowered. He then sighed heavily in defeat as he gave Toudai’s hand a squeeze. “Fine.”

Toudai chuckled. “Thank you. I love you.”

“Love you too.”

The two leaned in and kissed. Tsuki’s eyes widened and he openly grimaced to the sin displayed before him. He looked up at Shizuo. The priest didn’t seem to care as he walked past the two and pulled up a chair.

‘Why is he okay with that?!’ Tsuki thought, feeling appalled.

Izaya went over to a table in the center of the room. He pulled one of the numerous chairs out and gestured for Tsuki to sit. The blond obeyed and sat.

‘Something isn’t right here. Right with this priest.’

Tsuki glanced at Shizuo.

‘Why is a man of God okay with talking to werewolves? He…He knows they’re werewolves if he knows them by their names. And Rubi confirmed he’s a werewolf earlier so it’s not that he’s ignorant.’

The priest made eye contact with Tsuki and the blond jolted, blushed and looked elsewhere.

‘I shouldn’t judge, especially not a man of God. I’m sure there’s a reason.’

Tsuki decided to take in his surroundings instead of wondering about the strange priest.  The room he sat in looked like a workshop. All the walls had bookshelves covering them. Every shelf was filled to the brim with books, except for three that were filled with strange jars and bottles that held multicolored liquids in them. There was a desk to the side that was covered in papers and utensils that Tsuki didn’t know what they were for.

Toudai walked over while Rubi closed the door behind him. The nameless blond and brunette in the room sat down in adjacent chairs while the master sat down on the table. Shizuo also took a seat on the table.

Toudai grabbed a stool from the desk and brought it over to sit in front of Tsuki. He put the bag he was carrying on the table and sat down.

“I’m going to give you some more anesthetics.” The man said. “I didn’t want to give you too much while you were sleeping but I must have not given you enough. You seemed to be in pain earlier.”

Tsuki didn’t know what an anesthetic was. And that must have shown on his face since Toudai gave him a soft, understanding smile.

“I’ll only give you a little bit more.”

Toudai pulled out a small glass bottle and a strange object that looked similar to a turkey injector. He put the tip of the needle into the top of the bottle and began filling it with a clear liquid.

“Um…” Tsuki moved his chair back a bit. “Wh-what are you doing?”

“Don’t worry, this will only help you.”


He put the needle down and pulled out a small cloth. He then pulled another bottle out, this one black and much bigger, and opened it. He put the cloth on the mouth of the bottle and tilted it upside down then immediately put it right side up. He put the cap back on the bottle and put the bottle on the table.

“Can I see your arm please?” Toudai said.

“Why? Wh-what are you doing?”

“I don’t want to inject you when you’re skins dirty.”

“Inject, um, wait, I don’t—I don’t need th-that.” Tsuki backed his chair away some more, holding the seat between his legs tightly so that Toudai couldn’t force his arms up. It caused his biceps to rub his wounds; he swallowed the groan of pain.

“Yes, you do. It’ll nullify your pain, so I can do this without you struggling against me.”

“I’ve nev-never needed a-a-a-a thing-thing like that be-before and I’ve had sti-stitches befor-ore. I’ve-I’ve never ev-even heard of ane-um…what’s it cal-called?”


“Y-yeah, that. I’ve ne-never heard of it before.”

Izaya chuckled. “Your town must be very rural, huh, Tsuki-chan?”

“Um, I don-don’t know. Pr-probably? We-we don’t have hou-houses like this in my town. The-they’re all handmade.”

Izaya smiled, cocking a brow. “Do you not use honorifics in your town?”

“Eh? N-no, we-we do.”

“You didn’t have any reaction to the use of ‘chan’. If you’re town was as rural as I thought, I would assume boys wouldn’t like that.”

“Oh, um, um,” Tsuki glanced at the ground and shifted uncomfortably. “I-I’m not…um, a tradi-traditional b-boy.”

“Eh?” Izaya leaned forward, his nose brushing against Tsuki’s, he was so close. The blond backed away as a blush crossed his cheeks. “What’s that supposed to mean? Are you implying you’re a hermaphrodite?”

“Wh-what’s that? N-no, I don’t think I…I am.”

“Then maybe you’re a girl, dressing like a boy.”


“Flea, back off.” Shizuo grabbed Izaya’s cloak and gave a tug. “None of that is important.”

“I’d beg to differ. If Roppi-chan decided to kidnap this child, the answers as to why are in his background and upbringing.” Izaya turned back to Tsuki. “Do you mind explaining what you meant by that?”

“Tsukishima-kun,” Toudai said, “Let me give you some anesthetics before you start this conversation. You may have never needed them before but there’s no point for you to suffer needlessly.”

“I’m, I’m really fine.” Tsuki glanced at him, keeping his arms where they were. “I don-don’t need a stran-stranger put-putting anything in-in me…”

“I’m a doctor, Tsukishima-kun. You can trust me.”

Tsuki scoffed, keeping his eyes on the ground. “A d-doctor that’s a-a werewolf? Sure, I’ll trust th-that.”

“Um, Tsukishima, I think you have me confused. I’m not a werewolf. I’m a human, just like you.”

Tsuki’s eyes widened. He looked up at the doctor. “B-but you an-and the white—and Rubi. You said yo-you loved each-each other so I-I thought you were th-th-the black wolf from yes-yesterday.”

“No, I’m the black wolf from yesterday.” The nameless brunette in the pink haori spoke up. He then pointed at the nameless blond. “He’s the blond wolf.”

Said blond confirmed with a nod.

Tsuki was taken aback. He looked at Toudai, wide-eyed. “I-if you’re a human then why are you—why are you pro-proclaim—saying you love a we-werewolf?! Y-you’re a man, as-as well! You’ll burn for su-such—wha-wait, are-are you like me? Are you-you trapped he-here too?”

“Um…” Toudai started to look uncomfortable now as he twiddled with the cloth in his hand. “No. There’s nothing like that between Rubi and I. Our relationship is completely consensual.”

Tsuki’s eyes widened. “…You’re a-a deviant…”

“Um…” Toudai looked at the ground as he pushed his hair behind his ear. “I guess so. That’s what my town called me.” He then looked up at Tsuki. “But regardless of that, I’m still a capable doctor who was trusted by my fellow townsfolk. Even the priest trusted me.”

Tsuki shifted in discomfort. He was torn now. He didn’t know if he wanted to let this man work on him or not. On one hand, he needed stitches or his wounds could get infected. He knew that well enough. But he wasn’t necessarily okay with a deviant being the one to do it. Of course, for all Tsuki knew, this man was the only person who knew how to do it.

“Um…” Tsuki started. “Is-is there n-no one else capa-capable of pu-putting in sti-stitches?”

“Oi!” The nameless blond glowered at Tsuki immediately. The boy jolted and looked at him. “He’s trying to help—”

“It’s alright, Shitsuo-san.” Toudai said. The deviant smiled at Tsuki warmly. “Unfortunately, I’m all you have right now. No one else is qualified to do this.”

“I…I don’t re-really care for qua-qualifications. I care for ca-capability.”

“No one in here is capable.”

Tsuki’s displeasure showed. He stared at the ground with confliction.

‘I don’t have much of a choice…’

Tsuki let out a heavy sigh while his shoulders slumped in defeat.

‘I haven’t had much of a choice since Hachimenroppi kidnapped me. Why should this be anything new?’


Toudai smiled. “Thank you. Now, let me see your arm.”

Tsuki looked up at him. “I don-don’t agree to th-that. I-I’ll be fine without that th-thing you men-mentioned. I-I won-won’t pull away e-either…”

“Are you sure?”


Toudai let out a small sigh, his smile staying in place. “Okay. Please, take off your cloak, then.”

Tsuki nodded. He reached up and untied his cloak from around his neck. He hesitated stripping it off, as he didn’t want to be shirtless around strangers. It was a strange concept considering he was already shirtless but the cloak made him feel like he was clothed.

Tsuki pulled the cloak off and put it in his lap. Toudai scooted his chair closer and grabbed the cloth he had gotten wet earlier. He dabbed it against Tsuki’s injuries on his chest. The blond winced as it immediately began to sting. However, he tilted his head up to not impede the deviant doctor.

Toudai grabbed a needle with thread attached to the end, tweezers, and scissors and began to work on Tsuki’s injury. Tsuki clenched his teeth but made no attempt to stop him.

“Tsuki-kun.” The blond known as Shitsuo said.

“Hm?” Tsuki closed one eye in pain.

“Did the lycan drool on you last night?”

“Um…” Tsuki winced. “Ye-yes. It was-was drooling a-a lot.”

“Did the drool get into your injury or in your mouth?”

“As-as far as I know, n-no.”

“Did it bite you?”

“Mm-mm.” Tsuki denied without opening his mouth. “Wh-why?”

“Well, Lycan’s are the ones that give werewolves a bad name.” Izaya said, smiling down at Tsuki. “See, werewolves can’t turn people into werewolves. It’s a bloodline; you have to be born that way. But lycan’s are the opposite. Lycan’s are created by a witches curse or by some other form of dark magic. They were once men that for some reason or another scorned someone who could use dark magic and so they were turned into that beast. Every full moon, they turn into that thing that you saw last night. And its saliva holds the curse so if it bites anyone, it’ll turn them into a lycan, as well.”

Tsuki jolted, his eyes going wide. “W-wh—”

“Don’t move, Tsuki-kun.” Toudai said with a stern voice.


“Are you for certain you weren’t bitten?” Shitsuo asked.

“Y-y-yes. I wasn’t-wasn’t bi-bitten.”

“And it didn’t drool into your wounds?”

“I-I-I don’t…I don’t know. I don’t thin-think so. I wasn’t re-really worrying a-about that a-at the t-time.”

“I’m fairly certain we’re fine.” Izaya interjected, looking at Shitsuo. “He had two layers of clothes on last night. You didn’t find any residue on him when you cleaned his wounds, did you, Toudai-san?”

“None that I could see.”

“I-Is there-there a cure—a cure?” Tsuki asked, trying his hardest not to move despite his pain and his rising anxiety for his well-being.

“Not for humans.” Izaya delivered the terrifying news with a smile. “You need to inject about half-a-cup of liquified silver into the system. You then need to keep the body heated so that the silver won’t solidify in the veins. Human’s aren’t strong enough to handle that kind of procedure. They’d die from poisoning or heat stroke or heart failure. Werewolves have very strong immune systems; they never get sick and rarely get infections, so their bodies will break down the metal before it reaches the brain or heart.”

“Ho-how do you kn-kn-know so much a-about werewolves? Are-are you one of th-them?”

“Oh no no no! Of course not! I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I reeked of dog everyday!”

Shizuo glared at Izaya. Izaya merely smiled back.

‘He’s not, then is he a human like Toudai-san?’

“I just study many things.” Izaya continued. “Werewolves are nothing but mongrels, but they have their moments that peek my interest.”

“O-oh, oka—” Tsuki’s words were cut as he gasped loudly, jolting forward. “Wa-wait, Roppi-san! He was bit—”

“Don’t move!” Toudai yelled.

Tsuki jolted, his eyes going wide with shock. “S-s-s-sorry!”

Toudai glowered up at him for a moment. “You need to be cautious, Tsukishima-kun. I have sharp objects next to your neck.”

“I-I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. Just don’t move again.”


Toudai smiled at him warmly before going back to the task at hand.

“U-um, bu-but is, is Roppi-san…?”

“Is he what?” Izaya asked.

“Is he…o-okay or-or…?”

Izaya smiled. “He’ll be alright. We got to him just in time. He’ll be under for the next three days or so.”

“Three days—To-Toudai-san, pa-pause!”

“Does it hurt?” Toudai retracted his hands.

“N-no—we-well, yes, it do-does but that’s n-n-not why.”

Tsuki tilted his head down. He then turned to stare at the priest.

“F-Father, pl-please, be-before Roppi-san wa-wakes up, ta-take me to you-your church! Ro-Roppi-san won’t be ab-able to follow me there!”

Shitsuo’s eyes narrowed. Shizuo, Toudai, and the unnamed brunette looked at Tsuki with confusion. Izaya merely grinned.

Izaya chuckled. “Well, he could follow you if he wanted to. Shizu-chan’s church hasn’t been visited by the holy order just yet.”

“Bu-bu-but we-werewolves can’t cr-cross onto hol-holy ground!” Tsuki said with conviction. He recalled Hachimenroppi telling him that wasn’t true but why should Tsuki believe the likes of him? For all the blond knew he was just saying that to cut off Tsuki’s options of escaping. “So, all-all I’d have-have to do is wai-wait inside unt-until the holy order arrives. F-Father Tom sa-said he’d be goin-going to the next town ov-over the mountain so I-I’m sure he-he’ll bring the holy or-order through that way! Th-then Father Tom—I can go home with F-Father Tom.”

Izaya held back a laugh, putting his hand over his mouth to try and keep it in. Tsuki tilted his head in confusion.

“Who told you that, Tsuki-kun?” Toudai asked.

“R-Roppi—er, I gu-guess Ro-Roppi’s gre-great great gr-grandfather. H-he,” Tsuki tilted his head down to clear his throat, trying to stop his stuttering. “The we-werewolf attacked ou-our rath, ki-killing people no-nonstop the-then a chur-church was erected and ev-everyone took sanc-sanctuary there. The-the wolf couldn’t-couldn’t get to them so-so it start-started destroying the ho-houses. Th-th-then the ma-mayor at the time, dur-during a blood moon, spoke to the wo-wolf and they cam-came to an agreement—”

“Who told you this story?” Shizuo interrupted.

“Fa-Father Tom. It-it’s a sto-story that’s been pa-pasted down for gen-generation. We-we give—gave—our be-be-best livestock to-to-to the wolf to appease i-it. That-that’s how we’ve been li-living.”

‘Until now.’

The group of people glanced at each other.

“Wh-what?” Tsuki furrowed his brow in worry.

“You poor, poor child.” Izaya grinned, looking beautiful and evil all in one swoop. Tsuki stiffened on reflex. “You’re so ignorant of the world around you, you may as well be blind.”

“…Um…what do-do you—”

“Let me educate you a bit.” Izaya leaned in close. “Werewolves can enter holy ground. Roppi’s ancestor stopped his rampage when the church came because he had his fill of violence but he still wanted revenge for the death of his daughter.”

Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide. ‘How does he kno—’

“Hachimenroku wasn’t scared of the church or anything. He let your rath believe what they wanted and they wanted to believe Roku was an evil, vile creature of the devil. They weren’t going to change their opinion on him now, so might as well play up the part, was Roku’s reasoning. We had quite the chuckle about it all those years ago.”

‘Years ago? How-how old is—’

Izaya tilted his head in a cat-like manner, that smile never fading.

“There’s nothing unholy about werewolves. They can cross onto holy ground all they want. In fact, I know many werewolves who go to church on a regular basis to hear the word of God. The best example to my statement is the priest who stands before you.”

Izaya gestured to Shizuo.

“Izay—” the man of God tried to interrupt.

“He’s ordained by the church.” Izaya continued without pause. “A true child of God. And he’s the leader of the pack of werewolves Roppi-chan belongs to. Born and raised werewolf, dressed in God’s holy robes. Baptizing, offering wine and bread, spreading God’s holy words for all to hear. A werewolf, Tsuki-chan, is a prophet of the God who should supposedly scorn him.”

Tsuki’s blood turned to ice. He felt the warmth drain from his face as he paled completely. His eyes were as round as moons and his grip on his pants were as tight as a snake’s bite.

“Yo-you’re—YOU’RE LYING!”

Tsuki stood, pushing himself back, which knocked the chair over. The blond backed away from the blasphemer as he hugged his cloak to his chest in some form of protection he didn’t understand.

“Tsu—” Toudai tried.

“God-God wouldn’t allow a hellspawn to become one of his di-disciples! He would have—he would have let thos-those faithful know of this de-deception! Th-the Devil can’t become a man of God! Fa-Father Shizuo isn’t—”


The doors behind Tsuki burst open, slamming against the wall hard. Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide. He quickly looked over his shoulder to see the enraged blond known as…

“Rubi, wait!” Shizuo called.

Rubi rushed Tsuki. The blond teenager scrambled to turned around and back away but this man was much faster than him, much faster than Tsuki was ready for. Strong hands grabbed Tsuki’s biceps hard, hard enough to hurt him. He let out a yelp but it was short-lived as Rubi brought his face centimeters away from Tsuki’s.

“God, you say?!” Rubi yelled. “What the fuck do you know about God, huh?! Do you think God would want His children to turn on each other and call each other monsters?! Do you think God would condone murder so long as it’s in His name?! Do you think man is doing God a service by smearing His name in never-ending blood with this holy order?! Who the hell are you to decide who’s a hellspawn?! Who the hell are you to decide what God would or wouldn’t do?! Who the flying FUCK are you to call anyone a DEVIL?! HUH?!”

Tsuki couldn’t answer. He was too terrified to answer. He wanted to scream, run, and put up a fight all at once but his body couldn’t move at all. The only respond he had was to cry.

 “Why the hell are you crying, huh?” Rubi yelled. “What, did you realize how fucking wrong you were and like a fucking kid caught in a lie, you just cry hoping someone will save you?! Well, news flash, no one’s going to fucking save you! This is how the real world works! You don’t get to remain ignorant! You either understand how the world works or you fucking die, do you understand me?!” Rubi started shaking Tsuki hard.

‘He’s going to kill me.’

“Rubi, stop it!” Shizuo yelled.

“Rubi!” Toudai reached out and grabbed Rubi’s arm. “You’re going to hurt him!”

“How the fuck can Roppi have chosen you?!” Rubi yelled without missing a beat. “It’s people like you that have made our lives living hell! You don’t fucking deserve to be part of the pack!”

‘I don’t want to be part of the pack!’

“O-o-okay, okay—” Tsuki tried.

“Okay?! What the fuck are you okay with? ‘Okay, stop yelling at me!’ Fuck no, your dumb ass need to fucking learn from his mistakes! You can’t fucking decide one minute to be with Roppi then the next spew all that hellspawn crap!”

‘I don’t want to be with Hachimenroppi!’

“I-I didn’t—”

“You just fucking did you LYING PIECE OF SHIT!”

‘Please listen to me!’

“Rubi, stop it!” Toudai pulled on Rubi hard but there was no effect.

 “No, I just—”

“You just what?!” Rubi continued to yell.

‘Please let me speak!’

“Just thought you could say whatever you want and get away with it?”

‘You’re misunderstanding!’

“Sorry, there are repercussions out in the real world!”


“You fucking get punished for your mistakes!”

‘I just—’

“Repenting doesn’t work like the bible says!”


Tsuki’s throat hurt from the scream that escaped his mouth. The tears wouldn’t stop as he tilted his head down. He couldn’t help it. He couldn’t stop it. The break down that seeped into his chest was too strong for him to contain. His knees weakened, his entire form was shaking, he couldn’t bear to show his face to these people anymore. He wanted to hide. He wanted nothing more than to hide from everything that wished to hurt him. He buried his face in the cloak within his hands to do just that as he fell away into sobs.

Tsuki was released. He didn’t know why nor care as he fell to his knees.

“I just want to go home. I just want to go home.” Tsuki sobbed. “I don’t want to be here. I don’t *HIC* hnn, want to be surrounded by monsters and deviants. I just want *hic* mngh to go home. I want *hic* *hic* Nii-san…”

“Now look at what you’ve done.” Izaya’s voice rang out like a soothing lullaby. “You scared the poor boy into a stupor.”

Tsuki felt something light with the texture of leather lie over his bare back. Izaya pressed against Tsuki’s side, the fabric of his shirt rubbing against Tsuki’s flesh. The blond turned immediately and grabbed the lord’s shirt tight. He buried his face into Izaya’s chest, clenching his teeth hard.

“I-I-I-I don’t c-c-care who you ar-are, just please.” Tsuki’s hands were savagely shaking. He had to tilt his head down in order to breathe as crying had clogged his nose. “Please, g-g-get me away f-from thi-this place.”

Izaya stroked Tsuki’s hair as something wrapped around him on his right. He was encased by something black, leather, and light.

“I’ll see what I can do, Tsuki-chan.” Izaya soothed. “Just calm. Relax.”

Izaya tilted his head down so his breath was on the back of Tsuki’s neck.

“Sleep for now~.”

Tsuki inhaled through his mouth. His throat was filled with a sweet, sweet scent. He didn’t recognize the smell. He had no idea with it was, but he felt tired almost instantly. His eyes grew heavy, his limbs were losing strength. Exhaustion seeped throughout his entire body without warning.

Before he could even realize it, Tsuki was drifting away into an uneasy sleep.

Chapter Text

Tsuki was laying on a cloud. He had never been enveloped by something so soft, so warm, and so fluffy before. If he turned his head even slight, he would struggle to breath by just the sheer mass of poof under his head. The fluff that lied on top of him was puffy enough to have weight to it—feeling a little heavy. But it was irrefutably warm. So warm that Tsuki felt a small amount of perspiration on his flesh.

The blond didn’t want to get up. He was so comfortable, and nothing felt wrong with this. For the first time since he met Hachimenroppi, he was as content as he could be. He would even venture to be so bold as to say he felt safe. However, that was a fool’s dream. He was still very far away from home, staying in a huge house with nothing but monsters. The only human—as far as he was told—who he could potentially seek console from was a deviant.

Tsukishima was completely alone. He was not safe. And he wouldn’t be safe until he was back home in the arms of family.

‘Delic-Nii. Tsugaru-Nii.’

Tsuki sat himself up. Immediately, his back spasmed with pain, a strain being put on his injuries as that movement had caused his stitches to pull. He cringed, clenching his teeth.


Tsuki sat on his knees. He arched his back backwards, so the stitches wouldn’t pull again. His posture forced him to look up at the ceiling.

‘This place is really beautiful.’ He thought. ‘The master is very beautiful as well. But…there’s no way he’s human. Not after the comments he made. And the way of making me so tired. His breath was so sweet I became fatigued. That’s not normal. He can’t be normal.’

Tsuki looked around. On the nightstand were clothes. He realized he was naked under the thick blanket. He tried not to think too much as to why. He had pants on when he passed out and he had no injuries on his lower extremities. There was no reason for his pants to be removed. But he told himself over and over not to think too much about it. All that would do is make him upset, which would trigger his asthma, which would make it very hard for him to escape without notice.

The blond grabbed the clothes and put them on at a moderate pace that wouldn’t hurt his stitches. He was dressed in minutes and standing. He looked around for his cloak and scarf, but they weren’t in his immediate sight. There were a few doors in this room besides the mahogany double doors that were obviously the exit. He went over to the first door. It was a closet, but it didn’t have the clothes he was looking for. The second door was a water closet of sorts. He wasn’t for sure since he’d only seen one once. The church was the only building in his whole rath that had a room designated for bodily wastes. The rest of the town had a designated waste area. It was just on the outside of the walls, shrouded by bushes and usually didn’t get much snow during the winter—making burying the waste easier. This room looked similar to the one in the church, with a chamber pot and a window.

Said water closet didn’t have Tsuki’s scarf or cloak. But, seeing the chamber pot reminded his that he needed to urinate. Bad. So, he closed the door behind him and decided to do his business really quick. Once done, he opened the window to see a small chute instead of an open winter wasteland. Confused, he attempted to look down it but saw nothing but darkness. He picked up the pot and dumped it down the chute. Doing that triggered something within the metal, as water poured from an opening that wasn’t there a moment ago down the chute with the urine.

‘…Is this some kind of witchcraft?’

Tsuki decided not to question it, put the chamber pot down, washed his hands in the soapy water in a raised bucket, dried his hands on a towel, and left the strange water closet behind.

When he exited, there was someone waiting for him. Said person was sitting on the bed, a tray of food next to him and two articles of clothing sitting on his lap.

“Hello, Tsukishima-kun.” The man said.

“He…hello, Father Shi-Shizuo.”

The priest known as Shizuo smiled a warm smile. “We thought you’d be hungry and that uh, you probably didn’t want to join everyone in the dining hall.”

‘You’d think right.’ Tsuki allotted not to say that out loud so he instead just nodded.

“We took the liberty of washing your clothes. I know it was an invasion of privacy, but your pants weren’t really salvageable. There was no way to get the blood stains out and…well, they didn’t smell very good anyway.”

‘That gave you the right to strip me while I slept?’ Tsuki couldn’t say that out loud either.

Shizuo’s smile fell at the lack of response. “Are you scared, child?”

Tsuki wasn’t sure if he should respond. What if this was a trick question? He answers honestly, gets hit. He lies, gets hit. Or he abstains, gets hit. He wouldn’t put it past any of these people who were associated with Hachimenroppi to do something so cruel. However, this was a priest. Tsukishima should trust a priest. But the notion that this man wasn’t human still rung loud and clear in Tsuki’s mind. If this was a werewolf, disguised as a holy man, he couldn’t trust him for a moment.

“Child, look at me.”

Tsuki glanced up at him.

“Speak the truth, are you scared?”

Tsuki felt confliction rise as anxiety clenched his chest. If he was to get smacked anyway, there was no saving him. So, the blond cast his eyes to the ground and nodded.

“Are you scared of me?”

Tsuki nodded.

“Are you scared of Hachimenroppi?”

Tsuki nodded.

Shizuo let out a heavy sigh. “Please, come sit.”

Tsuki didn’t want to oblige. He made eye contact with Shizuo, who moved the tray of food and patted the bed. Tsuki knew he didn’t have a right to defy this person. Well, no, he did have a right. But that right would very likely get him hurt. So, the blond may as well not have a choice.

Tsuki walked over and sat down on the bed. However, he tried to put as much distance away from him and Shizuo as he could. Shizuo turned to give Tsuki his undivided attention while Tsuki kept facing the door.

“I’m sorry about Rubi.” The priest started. “He’s always been quick to accuse. He has a difficult background.”

Tsuki didn’t answer.

“So, I understand that you come from the rath over the eastern mountains, right?”

Tsuki nodded.

“The priest who lives with you. His name is Tanaka Tom, right? Dark skin, brown hair, dreadlocks?”

Tsuki nodded, although he didn’t know that ‘Tanaka’ was part of Father Tom’s name.

Shizuo smiled. “Father Tom was the one who converted me to the church when I was a boy. He’s only a few years older than me, but he’s much wiser and smarter than I am. In a time when I was lost, Father Tom showed me the way of God and put me on this path.”

“Father T-Tom woul-wouldn’t fatern-ternize with w-w-werewolves. He-He left ou-our town to g-g-go get the ho-holy or-order so-so that we wou-would be rid of our w-werewolf scourge.”

“Father Tom…doesn’t know I’m a werewolf.”

Tsuki’s eyes widened as his whole body stiffened. ‘So Orihara-san wasn’t lying.’

“I never told him the truth. I was scared of how he would react.”

Tsuki scoffed. “Scared? Wh-what do you-you have to be-be afraid of?”

“Religious persecution.”

Tsuki finally looked at Shizuo. It was a sidelong glance.

“I don’t know about you, but I don’t think any creature on this earth wants to die by being burnt to death.”

Tsuki adverted his eyes again. He couldn’t argue with that.

“Listen, Tsukishima.” Shizuo gripped Tsuki’s hand. The blond jolted but didn’t pull away. Shizuo hooked two of his fingers around three of Tsukishima’s. “I know you many not trust me, knowing what I am. But I ask that you don’t lie to me. If you can’t trust me as a person, then trust in my faith to God. Please.”

Tsuki’s confliction was obvious. He shifted uncomfortably, putting his hands in between his legs to make himself smaller.

“I…I don-don’t u-usually lie an-anyway.” Tsuki muttered.

“I’m glad to hear that.” Shizuo smiled. “So, might I ask then and get an honest answer, what happened between you and Hachimenroppi?”

Tsuki stiffened noticeably. “I…”

Tsuki looked up at Shizuo, tears threatening to leak from his eyes.

“I’m sc-sc-scared to tell you.”

“You don’t need to be scared.” Shizuo scooted just a tad closer. “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.”

Tsuki’s eyes widened at hearing a bible verse. Then he began to cry. Not out of sorrow or fear but from a celibacy of relief. It was just a simple verse of the bible. But it was all that he had needed after the turmoil he had been subjected to from the atheist Hachimenroppi.

“Okay…Okay.” Tsuki said.

The blond wiped his eyes and gave Shizuo his full attention. He then began to recount his plights, from the day that Hachimenroppi demanded ruby eyes or else.

Shizuo said nothing through Tsuki’s sad tale. The teenager didn’t hold back any stops. He didn’t go into explicit details of what Hachimenroppi did to him sexually. However, he did explain that he was sexually abused by Hachimenroppi, even going so far as to explain that he had been a virgin to the whole thing. After all, he had been a faithful follower of God, why would he drabble in such a forbidden love? He explained Hachimenroppi’s constant attempt to convert him to the path of atheist, that his religious was supposedly stupid or a lie in his eyes.

The boy ended his tribulation with the events that unfolded the previous night, with the attack of the lycan. Tsuki did he best to keep his emotions under control but being told he was to be a werewolf’s bride made Tsuki’s heart clench so painfully, he had to pause to regain his breath. Even then, he had to fight through tears to tell the rest. At the end, Tsukishima let the sobs escape him.

Shizuo reached forward and put a tentative hand on Tsuki’s shoulder. The priest wasn’t rejected so he moved closer and embraced Tsukishima in a hug.

“I-I-I…” Tsuki stuttered. “I just w-want to g-go home. I…I don’t wa-want to be—to be part of the-the pack. I-I’m not lying-lying about any-anything. I swear on-on my life that ev-everything I say is-is true. I-I-I’m-I’m not l-lying ju-just because Roppi-san is-is a werewolf or b-because I want to-to hurt him. I just don-don’t want to be here.”

“It will be alright.” Shizuo stroked Tsuki’s soft blond hair. “I will try to make this right for you, child. I need to speak with Roppi but after—”

“N-No! NO!” Tsuki looked up at Shizuo desperately, clutching the holy robes tightly. “P-please, please! Ro-Ro-Roppi-san, he’ll be m-m-mad! Wh-what if he l-lies a-about ev-everything! Wha-what if he s-says I’m ly-lying? Wh-wha-what if he—what if he b-beats me? He-he-he-he-he—”

“Tsukishima, calm down.”

“What if he r-r-r-rapes me again? He-he’s so-so violent! What would ha-happen if he w-w-was angry and wa-wanted se-sex?! He-he-he’d tear me ap-apart! He—”

“Tsukishima!” Shizuo gave the blond a shake.

Tsuki couldn’t breathe anymore. His chest tightened, his lungs screamed in the wakes of an asthma attack. Tsuki knew he was prone to triggering his asthma when he has panic attacks. He tries to keep himself from having these freaks out, but given the situation, there was absolutely no helping it. Tsuki coughed hard as his throat began to close.

“Tsuki, Tsukishima, calm.” Shizuo called. “Breathe. Deep breathes. In and out.”

“N—*kaff*—No, I—*huk*—I ha…have—*huk*—as-asthma.”

“Asthma? How the hell did you make it over the mountain with those thin clothes and asthma?! You’re lucky to be alive!”

Tsuki couldn’t respond as he gasped hard before falling away into coughs.

“Ah, um, wait here!” Shizuo stood, his hands still on Tsuki’s shoulder to force the blond boy down to the mattress. “I’ll get Toudai-san! He’ll know what to do!”

Shizuo turned to the door.


Shizuo dashed out of the room.

‘Don’t leave me alone.’ Tsuki thought, fear gripping his chest that Roppi would come through that door next.

He remembered what Izaya said, that Roppi would be out of commission for three days. But irrational fear held him tightly. He vision was beginning to blur due to the lack of oxygen, so every shadow that crossed his vision was the ferocious black wolf coming to hurt him.

Tsuki felt bile rise in his throat. He put a hand over his mouth to keep such liquids from spilling onto the floor. The blond forced himself to his feet and stumbled blindly to the water closet. He slammed into the wall of the doorway shoulder first, bouncing off with considerable force. Tsuki’s feet twisted around each other in an unceremonious fashion. He tripped and slammed against the ground. A bit of the bile was forced from his mouth onto his hand. The liquid seeped through his fingers. He crawled over to the chamber pot, reached out and pulled it towards him.

He finally removed his hand and released the foul-tasting liquid. The blond heaved another load from his stomach, the revolting taste of stomach acid coating his tongue. Tsukishima then rolled on his side and coughed harshly. Exhaustion was setting in. He couldn’t breathe at all, his vision was blurring to the point that he could see absolutely nothing. Despite laying still, the world was spinning.

It was okay for him to pass out like this. This was how Tsuki’s asthma attacks tended to end if the mayor was unreachable. So far, the blond had never died from his attacks, he just felt like he was going to die. Panic would always hold him and cause him to think he might die, when he would always be better.

He just had to fall asleep. When he next woke, he’d be okay.

Tsuki heard something. He wasn’t sure what for certain, but he could barely make out something else. Someone else. He felt hands touch his shoulder. Tsuki was rolled over; his head was tilted back. A firm hand gripped Tsuki’s jaw to force his mouth open. Blond hair peeked into his vision. Something stabbed his leg. He cringed in pain. He then felt a long apparatus shoved down his throat. He coughed for a moment but gasped in an attempt to right it.

For a split second, Tsukishima was home. Tsugaru was holding his jaw open and the mayor was resuscitating him. The only thing that was missing was Delic holding him close, hugging him from behind and keeping his head tilted back so the apparatus didn’t end up in his esophagus instead of his trachea. He wanted to be in his other brothers arms instead of on the cold wooden floor.

Tsuki felt his air going down the apparatus in his throat. His lungs were feeling better faster than he had been expecting. He didn’t understand why, but having the apparatus was starting to be the cause of his inability to breath instead of his lungs trying to damage him.

“Hmgh, kmm!” Tsuki reached up to pull the thing out of his throat as he coughed.

His hand was stopped, and the apparatus was slowly removed. Tsuki kept his throat loosened as it came up. It was finally removed from his mouth. Tsuki closed his eyes and lied back with a heavy exhale followed by a few strained coughs. Despite his attack going away far faster than usual, Tsuki still felt relatively exhausted. He wasn’t tired, but dreary. If he stayed on the floor long enough, he would more than likely fall asleep.

A hand was waved in front of his face. Tsuki finally registered the individuals looming over him. It wasn’t Tsugaru or Delic or even the mayor. But a blond priest and a brunette with a red-and-white haori.

Tsuki registered where he was and he instantly regretted it. He regretted remembering he had was actually miles away from home with his only company being a group of monsters and one deviant.

“Tsukishima, can you hear me?” The deviant asked, his voice sounding farther away than it should.

Tsuki nodded slowly.

“Can you breathe?”

Tsuki nodded once.

“Shizuo informed me that you had a panic attack, which triggered your asthma.”

Tsuki didn’t respond.

“Can you sit up?”

Tsuki just stared at him. He put his elbows against the ground in an attempt to push himself up. However, he didn’t have the strength. After one attempt, he decided he was content with laying on the floor. The wood was cold and it helped cool his burning head.

Shizuo reached down and grabbed Tsuki’s bicep. He gently pulled the boy up. Tsuki was nestled against the broad chest of the priest and lifted off the ground. The teenager wrapped his arms around Shizuo’s neck out of a knee jerk reaction not to fall.

“Lay him down on the bed.” Toudai instructed. “I gave him a shot of adrenaline. He shouldn’t be able to have another asthma attack for a few hours at least.”

“Wh…” Tsuki rested his head on Shizuo’s shoulder to look at him. “What’d you…do?”

“Again, I gave you a shot of adrenaline.”

Tsuki looked at him confused.

“I met a foreigner once, and he taught me the fundamentals of being a doctor. More importantly, how to create liquids that can be injected directing in the bloodstream for an almost immediate response. I’ve saved lots of lives with my drugs.”

“I don’t…un…understand…”

Toudai chuckled. “I’ll explain another time. How do you feel?”


The blankets were pulled back. Tsuki was placed on the bed. The blond was then tucked in. Toudai sat down by Tsuki’s side and grabbed a small tea pot.

“Are you thirsty?” Toudai asked.

Tsuki nodded.

The doctor brought the spicket of the tea pot to Tsukishima’s lips. Toudai tilted it up slightly. Cool water bathed Tsuki’s tongue. He swallowed greedily. While the doctor did that, Shizuo went about cleaning the remnants of vomit off of Tsukishima’s hand.

After a generous few seconds, Toudai tilted the tea pot back down and pulled it away from Tsuki’s lips. Shizuo finished with his clean up and put the soiled cloth into a bowl on the nightstand.

Tsuki licked his lips. He then closed his eyes and turned his head to bury his face into the pillow.

“Tsukishima,” Shizuo started. “I need you to remain calm before I tell you anything more from earlier.”

“Puh-please. Don-don’t tell Roppi-pi-san.” Tsuki said. “I-I’m sc-scared o-of wh-what he’ll-he’ll do wh-when he’s an-angry.”

“Tsuki-kun,” Toudai interjected. “I don’t think you should fear Roppi-kun. He has a bad attitude from what I heard, but he’s not a violent man. From what Rubi’s told me, he’s very kind and caring once you get to know him.”

“I don-don’t want to get-get to know him.” Tsuki felt the tears weld. He clenched his teeth and closed his eyes tight shut. “I-I-If this-this is the wuh-way Roppi-san sh-shows his loves, then I-I don’t want-want it.”

“But Tsuki—”

“Toudai-san, be silent for now.” Shizuo rubbed Tsukishima’s shin soothingly. “Thank you for helping Tsukishima. Why don’t you go finish your breakfast?”

“No disrespect meant but it would be unwise for me to leave him after such a violent asthma attack. I want to stay so I may monitor him.”

“I will stay with him. You go on.”


“Toudai-san, I wasn’t asking.” Shizuo cast him a glare. “Respect my authority and go on.”

Toudai stared at Shizuo for a moment. There was a drawn out silence between the two as the atmosphere became tense. Tsuki stiffened in worry.

However, nothing happened. Instead, Toudai merely stated, “Understood.” And stood up.

The deviant bowed slightly, then gathered his doctor’s bag.

“If he has another episode, come get me immediately.”

“Understood.” Shizuo said.

Toudai left with no other statement.

Tsukishima sat up and reached out. He gripped Shizuo’s sleeve between his index and pointer finger. Shizuo stared down at him.

“F-Father, c-can you puh-please take me t-to your church? E-even if Ro-Roppi-san can follow—follow me there, he-he may not be able to d-do much because of-of the holy order.”

“…That’s why I can’t take you there.”


“Tsukishima,” Shizuo turned and grabbed Tsuki’s hand with both of his. “Understand, this has nothing to do with what I am. Most people believe that werewolves can’t enter holy ground. This order is no different. I’m not scared about being discovered or anything of the sort. I’m saying this for your safety.”


“The holy order is a very narrow-minded organization. They believe that anyone that doesn’t look normal is a child of the devil in one way or another. A man born with a hunchback is called a troll. A woman with a lazy eye is called a witch, blinded by the horror she saw in that eye, so it causes her gaze to drift. If I took you to the church and the holy order is there, they will more than likely burn you at the stake, dubbing you either a vampire or a hellspawn.”

That statement caused Tsukishima to sit up in shock. “Buh-but-but—”

“Your red eyes are an indication of evil. Many people believe that vampires have red eyes because they drink so much blood their eyes change to that color. Your pale flesh means you don’t go out in the sun often—because if you go out you’ll burn to the sunlight. Even your color of hair, being near white, is a sign of death, that the life has left your body and turned your hair pale. This order would see you as some abomination instead of a rare white rabbit. If I were to take you to my church, I would be condemning you to death. I can’t take the risk when the life of an innocent is in question. And I truly mean that.”

Tsuki stared at him wide-eyed. Tsuki had known his physical appearance had been strange but to be condemned? Was this holy order truly that shallow? Did they not care to save lives, just to end the lives of monsters no matter the cost? How could such cruel men be men of God? That just seemed wrong. Far too wrong to be condoned by God.

 “Bu…But,” Tsukishima started, “F-Father Tom s-said there was noth-nothing wrong with me…”

“There isn’t!” Shizuo put his hands on Tsuki’s cheeks to keep eye contact with him. “Father Tom is right! There is nothing wrong with you. Just like there’s nothing wrong with seeing a white rabbit or a white wolf. There’s nothing wrong with these colors in animals but people don’t understand that sometimes humans can get these colors too! And that’s the problem! Everything…everyone believes that animals are a different level than man. They don’t want to believe that humans can have any similarities to animals so instead of accepting it for what it is, they demonize it. And that is exactly what this holy order is doing. For every three monsters this order kills, nine innocent humans are put to death on false charges. And there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll end up like that.”

“B…but…if Ro-Roppi-san wa-wakes up an-and I’m sti-still here, he-he might—”

“Roppi will be unconscious for at least another day. I need to discuss this with the flea and Rubi but if we can’t figure something out, I’ll take you home myself.”

“H-home? You-you mean—”

“You and I will travel back to your rath over the mountain.” Shizuo took his hands away from the teenager’s face. He rested his hand over Tsuki’s—which were sitting in Tsuki’s lap.

“…But…but by, by your logic…” Tsukishima started. “Fa-Father Tom left the rath t-to get the hol-holy order. If-if they’re there—”

Tsukishima wasn’t sure what to think. He didn’t want to fear for his life from holy men who were supposed to protect him. To fear them felt just as wrong as what Shizuo had told him about their tactics. But he didn’t want to die. Not by a holy order claiming he’s a monster. Tsuki couldn’t die in such a shameful way.

“Well, then you can stay here with the flea.” Shizuo suggested. “I…I’m the alpha of the pack, as you know. I’m the leader. But I can’t take my pack to Taiwan. I’m staying here with Izaya and…I was going to make Roppi the alpha but after what you’ve told me, I think Rubi is probably a better choice. But, anyway, I’ll be staying here. I’ll stay with you until the holy order has left your rath and I’ll take you home after that. Roppi is going to have to leave for Taiwan with or without you. His red eyes make him just as big of a target as yours do. He can’t stay. So, you’ll have to maybe stay here for a week or even a month, but you’ll be home. I promise.”

“Prom…You promise? For-For a month…”

“Maybe. It’ll all depend on how long the holy order stays. Father Tom will keep me posted if I ask, I’m sure.”

“You’ll t-take me home? R-Really?”

“I promise, Tsukishima. You will see your brother again.”

Tsuki began to cry. This was the first good news he had heard in such a long time. Since the start of this miserable journey, he was finally hearing something he wanted to hear. It was enough to send him to tears.

“Th-thank you.” Tsukishima brought the priests’ holy hand to his lips and placed a kiss upon the perfect flesh. “Thank you. Thank you.”

Chapter Text

Tsukishima was in high spirits. The first in a while and he was savoring the sensation. He was happy. He had no reason not to be happy. Sure, Shizuo was a werewolf. But he was also a priest. Which meant his word was his bond. He promised, even. Tsukishima’s situation was looking up. He just had to wait for Shizuo to set everything straight with the rest of his pack. Once that was done, he’d know what to do with Hachimenroppi, then Tsuki would be able to go home.

Home. To his brothers. His parents. His betrothed. He’d be able to see them all again. Maybe in a week or maybe in a month but regardless of how long, he’d see them again.

Tsukishima sat outside the door to an extravagant study. The beautifully carved doors were left ajar so that he could listen in without being part of the conversation. Shizuo didn’t want him in the room in case Rubi started yelling at Tsuki instead of listening to Shizuo. But he also didn’t want Tsuki to be left in the dark about the conversation. This was the decision the priest came to—to have Tsuki outside the room listening in. Everyone else—save for the unconscious Hachimenroppi—was in that room, fully aware that Tsukishima was outside while they discussed the kidnapped blonde’s predicament.

“Shizuo, you can’t seriously believe what that kids saying?” Rubi balked.

“I have to agree with Rubi, Shizuo-san.” Shitsuo stated. “The person that this Tsukishima has described does not seem like the Hachimenroppi we know.”

“We all know Roppi-kun has a sour personality.” The brunette that Tsuki still didn’t know the name of said. “He’s rough around the edges and can be rude but he’s not…cruel. He’s not this beast of a man that Tsukishima-kun has created.”

“Regardless of what we know,” Shizuo said, “there is no changing that that boy isn’t here by his own free will. He’s terrified beyond his wits and in no condition to have made such a journey. Or to continue on. I doubt he’d make it to the port city, and even if he did, the boat ride over would be impossible for him.”

“I concur.” Izaya sneered. “That boys clothes were so thin, I’m surprised he didn’t freeze to death half-way here.”

“The clothes he was wearing were mine.” Rubi hissed.

“Yes, and your button-ups aren’t very thick, now are they?”

Rubi growled.

“I would like to say,” Toudai said sheepishly. “That boy, Tsukishima, has severe asthma. Well, no, not severe. The likelihood that he would die from an asthma attack are very low. However, that doesn’t change the fact that he has asthma. And from the fact that he was able to trigger his asthma from an anxiety attack means it’s not hard to trigger it. I’m…also surprised that boy made it over the mountain in those flimsy clothes. There’s no doubt in my mind that he must had an asthma attack daily at the least. I would go so far to say he most-likely had multiple.”

“We could just ask him instead of speculating.” Rubi grumbled.

“So that you can call him a liar again, Rubi-san?” Izaya chuckled. “What’s the point of asking the boy questions when you don’t believe anything he says?”

“So, he gets to eavesdrop on the conversation but not take part in it?”

“That’s exactly right.” Shizuo growled. “If you hear something you don’t want to hear, you’re just going to yell at him again. He’s scared out his wits and miserable. Interrogating him is only going to make him break down.”

“He’s a fucking adult. He should learn to handle a little conflict.”

“That boy is not an adult.” Izaya said. “I took a taste of his blood earlier. His blood hasn’t reached maturity just yet. My guess is that he’s either 16 or 17.”

“That’s an adult.”

“Maybe by your standards. But to the blood, maturity isn’t reached till at least 21. In my opinion, he’s still a child who doesn’t understand what’s going on. And besides that, he’s obviously lived a very sheltered, conservative lifestyle. Even if he was an adult, I highly doubt he was ready for handle anything like this. The likelihood that Roppi somehow convinced a bonified Christian to leave his home, his livelihood, and family behind to become bedmates with a monster that route fear in the hearts of everyone in that rath? Heh, I think we’d have better luck turning a werewolf into a vampire before that becomes a true statement.”

“Roppi. Would not. Kidnap someone. It’s not within his nature.”

“That doesn’t matter.” Shizuo growled. “Whether Roppi did it or not is not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about getting this kid back home.”

“We need to talk to Roppi before we make any decisions. That kids his lover, after all.”


“What do you mean no—”

“Telling Roppi was what triggered that panic attack. We’re not telling Roppi.”

“If something were to happen to Toudaimoto, then I would want to know! And I’m sure that you’d want to know if something happened to Izaya! You can’t—”

“I can and will. That boy is not Roppi’s lover. Saying that he is is beyond inappropriate. Tonight, I’m going back to the church. If the holy order has left, I’ll take Tsukishima there tomorrow until you lot leave for Taiwan—”

“Us lot?” Rubi interrupted. “What do you mean us lot? We’re not leaving you behind.”

“Eh? Shizu-chan, you haven’t told them yet?” Izaya asked in quite an innocent voice.

“Told us what?” the nameless brunette asked.

Shizuo let out a heavy sigh. “I…Rubi, from this day forward, you’re the alpha of our pack. I’m not coming with you to Taiwan.”


“What the fuck does that mean?!”

“You can’t stay here!”

“Just cuz you were ordained by the church doesn’t mean your immune to religious persecution! They’ll burn you at the stake if they find out!”

“You’re in just as much danger as we are!”


Everyone fell quiet.

“I understand. I really do.” The priest said. “But I can’t leave.”

“And why not?!”

“Now, now,” Izaya said, “Shizu-chan’s going to stay with me. He’ll be safe, I can assure you of that.”

“You—you should be coming with us too!” Rubi yelled. “Vampires are their number one target!”

Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide. ‘Vampire…’

“Rubi, you miss a few things about this holy order.” Izaya said. Tsuki could hear the smile on his voice. “The most important one is that this isn’t the first extermination I’ve lived through. I’ve been around for centuries. I’ve seen emperors come and go like the rise and fall of the sun. These holy orders never last. They stick around for a few years, at most maybe ten years, kill a few monsters that were too stupid to protect themselves, and a few hundred innocent humans while they’re at it. Eventually, the people will rise against the church for their transgression. Either the church will concede, or the churches will be burnt. Either way, this holy war will end.”

“That doesn’t mean you—”

“Of course, the other important detail is money. You can’t go around recruiting individuals, creating new armor and swords and other devices for torture without the ore and the money to do so. The funds of the people only go so far. As viscounts, the church will be looking to me and Hibiya for charity to help fund their war. Now, why would the church ever suspect two viscounts who are aiding the extermination of monsters all across Japan? The answer: they won’t. Hibiya and I are as good as gold as far as safety is brought to question. And so long as Shizu-chan’s with me and Blue is with Hibiya, neither of them will be targeted.”

Tsukishima’s stretched wider.

“You bastard!” Rubi yelled. “You—you’re helping these bastards kill children!”

“What they do with the money I provide is up to them. Once it goes from my hand to theirs, it’s no longer my responsibility to bare.”

“How can you sleep at night?!”

“On satin pillows with a cup of children’s blood in my hand.”


“Rubi, stop!” Shizuo’s voice resounded out.

‘He’s defending him.’

“What the fuck do you mean stop?!” Rubi yelled. “How the fuck do you love a despicable bastard like this, Shizuo?!”

“That’s…look, that’s not important. What is important is that Izaya’s not leaving. And because he’s not leaving, I…I’m going to stay with him.”

“Shizuo, you have a responsibility to the pack—”

“I’m well aware. I’m doing what I need to do for the pack but also for myself. That’s why, Rubi, I’m choosing you as the alpha. You’ll be able to protect the pack and you’ve already proven you do have a base of logic behind that short-temper of yours.”

“But…I’m not alpha material. Roppi is far more qualified. He’s been looking after the pack since he was 12. He’s more rational and logical than I am. And the survival of the pack comes first to him.”

“That’s what I thought as well. Until I heard Tsukishima’s story.”

“You can’t base anything that kid says as truth! He’s lying, Shizuo! He’s a fucking liar!”

“And if he’s not?”


“Rubi.” Toudai’s voice chimed in. “Just think for a moment, please? Look past the Hachimenroppi you know and think of the Hachimenroppi this boy knows. He was raised under a scourge that was a black werewolf that came and was offered a sacrifice every month, else there will be deadly consequences. This boy was raised to fear Hachimenroppi. Even if he is lying about some things, there’s no…I don’t think he is, honey. I think he’s telling the truth. It just doesn’t add up that Tsukishima is being false.”

“You know what, just because he’s not lying doesn’t mean he’s telling the truth, either! For all we know, Roppi and Tsukishima could have agreed to leave but Tsukishima changed his mind when he found out he was a werewolf!”

“That wouldn’t change anything, Rubi. If Tsukishima changed his mind, then that doesn’t change that there is no longer consent or trust in the relationship. If Tsukishima had loved Roppi once, he doesn’t anymore. You can’t fault him for being scared.”

“If he loved Roppi as a human then he can love Roppi as a werewolf!”

“Not everyone is like that. Especially a child that was raised so conservatively. Without even a shred of open-mindedness, there’s no changing that boys mind.”

“You love me, despite me being a werewolf!”

“But I’ve always been ostracized, my love. I’ve never been loved by my townsfolk. It was easy for me to abandon the conventions of the church in pursuit of my own happiness. This boy isn’t like me.”

Rubi faltered. He had nothing to rebuttal. His only response was to let out a heavy sigh.

“Roppi isn’t fit to lead,” Shizuo said, “Whatever the reason is, he took a boy across the mountain without a care for his wellbeing and had given the rise of fear within the heart of an innocent. To make Roppi alpha after seeing this kind of display of character, would be irresponsible on my part. That’s why, Rubi, you’ll be the alpha after I step down.”

“…I want to talk to Tsukishima again.”

Tsuki’s blood turned cold as his heartbeat immediately echoed in his ears.

“No. You’re just going to frighten the poor boy again.”

“I don’t want to frighten. I just want to talk.”

“You know you won’t be able to keep your te…”

Tsukishima couldn’t hear the rest of the conversation as he was now too far away to hear. He really did not want to talk to Rubi. No, he didn’t want to get yelled at by Rubi again. That man was absolutely terrifying and Tsuki knew they wouldn’t be able to have a proper conversation before the blond started to break down in tears.

Tsuki decided it’d be best for him to wait in his room. Shizuo can fill him in on the rest of the conversation if it was important. The blond would know sooner or later what his next future endeavor will be, when the time was right. For now, he could be patient if it meant not talking to Rubi.

Tsukishima ascended the stairs and went up the right wing, back towards his bedroom. His feet squished into the soft carpet, a sensation that was completely new to him. He had never felt something so soft under his feet that wasn’t moss on the ground. All the floors back home had been wood. The kind of wood where it was ill-advised to tread over with bear feet. Tsukishima usually kept his pair of shoes by the bed for that reason. Tsuki was known for dragging his feet and one particular time, he dragged his feet and got a sliver of wood the length of his foot stuck on the underside of his appendage. It took Delic an hour trying to dig it out, tearing the flesh away instead of pulling it out because it would cause more problems than fix. Tsukishima had cried into Tsugaru’s shoulder the entire time. Trying to be brave but ultimately failing.

Tsukishima was lost in the past when he finally looked up. His eyes widened.

‘Where am I?’

Tsukishima was down a long corridor with doors on either side of him.

‘Which room was mine again?’

He looked left and right. All the doors looked the same to him. He couldn’t make out any discerning features from one carving to the next. He knew his door had been the second one on the right when coming from the stairs, but he was more than certain he had passed it by a long way, as the stairs were nowhere in sight when he looked over his shoulder.

Tsukishima let out a heavy sigh.

‘Retrace my steps, I guess.’

The blond turned around and headed back the way he came.

‘This house is so big. It’s so easy to get lost.’

Tsuki looked around himself.

‘Honestly, this much space, it seems like such a waste. Why would anyone need all this room? All these rooms? There’s only seven guests. And there’s more than seven rooms in this wing alone.’

Tsuki let out a sigh.

Suddenly, a hand grabbed Tsuki’s injured shoulder hard. The blond called out in pain as nails dug into his wound. He was immediately turned around and slammed shoulder blade first into the wall. Tsuki’s cuts spasmed painfully. Tsuki screamed.

‘Rubi said he only wanted to talk! Rub—’

Tsuki stopped mid-thought when he saw who had a vice grip on his shoulder. Not a blond but a brunette. Not pink eyes, but blood red. Shirtless, black pants, covered in bandages that were once white but were now stained with blood.

Not Rubi. But Hachimenroppi.

Tsuki’s blood turned to ice. His heart dropped to his stomach and his stomach dropped to his feet.

“Why the fuck did you leave the campfire, Tsuki?” Roppi growled.

Tsuki’s voice was stuck in his throat. He couldn’t speak as his mouth gaped like a fish out of water.

“Answer me!” Roppi slammed Tsuki’s shoulder into the wall. “Why did you leave the campfire?!”


“Speak!” Roppi’s hand left Tsuki’s shoulder to come around his throat.

Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide as tears threatened to leak. The blond reached his hands up to grab that hand, but he was scared Roppi would squeeze if he did. Roppi wasn’t applying pressure yet. He was just holding him in place by his throat. If Tsuki tried to pull the werewolf’s hand away when they both knew he wasn’t strong enough to actually do anything, Roppi might punish Tsuki by squeezing. So, the teens hands hovered over Roppi’s wrist.


Roppi’s lips pulled back in an inhuman snarl as a matching inhuman growl echoed in his vocal cords.

The werewolf then let go of his throat. Tsuki hadn’t realized how weak his legs had become until he was struggling to lean against the wall for some celibacy of support. His breathing was coming out hard, borderline gasping. His heartbeat was all Tsuki could hear, the organ pulsing hard against his chest.

Roppi wasn’t going to leave Tsuki alone. He had no intention of dropping the subject at all as his hand snaked into the hair on the back of Tsuki’s head. A fistful of Tsuki’s blond locks were grabbed and his head was yanked harshly.

“O-o-ow! Hu-h-h-h-hurts!”

“Shut up.”

Roppi pulled Tsuki by his hair to the closest door. The raven turned the knob and pushed it open. With a harsh shove, Roppi threw Tsuki into the bedroom. The blond tripped, stumbled and fell on his side a few feet away from the door. Roppi slammed the door hard behind him, hard enough that he most-likely broke the latch as it remained cracked open.

Tsuki looked over his shoulder at Roppi. Fear held the blond tight as his whole body began to tremble.

Roppi made his way towards him.

Tsuki rolled over so he was facing the enraged wolf and began back-peddling away.

“Puh…puh-puh-puh-please, hee!” Roppi stood right before Tsuki. The blond immediately flinched, closing his eyes tight shut and crossing his arms in front of his face.

“You don’t get to ask for anything right now.” Roppi grabbed Tsuki’s wrist. “You’re lucky I don’t beat the shit out of you. You almost got me killed!”


“Sorry isn’t going to turn back the clock!”

Roppi pulled Tsuki to his feet. The blond had to hold onto the werewolf for support; his knees were too weak to support him. Roppi pushed Tsuki back. The blonds back collided with the soft comfort of the bed. But to Tsuki, it was anything but comforting as the monster got on top of him.

“N-n-n-no, puh-puh-plea—”

“Do you even fucking know what I’ve gone through over the last who knows how many fucking days?!” Roppi growled. “Thanks to you and your little stroll through the woods, a fucking lycan bit me! Do you even know what a lycan is?! Do you know the kind of disease a monster like that has in its saliva?!”

Roppi grabbed the shoulder of Tsuki’s shirt and slammed them down, pinning the fabric—and Tsuki—to the mattress. The blonde’s injury spasmed with pain but he couldn’t register it when solid fear was pulsing throughout his body.

“It fucking bit me! And because it bit me, I had to get liquified silver pumped in my veins! Do you know how painful boiling silver is, Tsuki?! Do you?! And I had to have that in every inch of my body! You can’t imagine the agony I’ve been in!”

“I-I-I-I-I’m s-s-s-s—”

“I don’t give a fuck for an apology!”

Tsukishima was punched. Hard. Hard enough that a yelp akin to an animal’s cry escaped his lips. His world immediately began to spin and for a moment he was certain he was going to faint.

But despite his disorientation, Tsukishima was certain he saw something. A flicker of movement outside the door. A flash of blond hair.


“He-he-he-help! Help me—gmph!”

“Shut the fuck up!” Roppi’s hand came over Tsuki’s mouth. “No one’s going to help you! You brought this on yourself!”

Tsuki looked over to the door.

‘I know I saw someone! I wasn’t seeing things! Please, tell me I wasn’t seeing things!’

Roppi’s hand pulled on Tsuki’s belt. The blonde’s eyes stretched wide before he screamed underneath his hand.

‘Someone, anyone, please, help me!’

Tsuki grabbed Roppi’s wrist and began to struggle. He arched his back and pushed his feet against the mattress. He then tilted his head back until Roppi’s hand slipped off his lips.

“Puh-puh-puh-please, d-d-d-d-don’t!”

“Do you not understand? This is a punishment!”

Roppi pulled on Tsuki’s shirt. The fabric tore like a leaf.

“You nearly got me killed! The least you can do is give me your ass!”

“St-st-stop! Stop it!”

“What, are you going to tell me that this shirt was made from your grandpa’s fucking ashes?! Give me a break!”

Roppi’s hands were uncaring and harsh as he pulled and yanked on Tsuki’s clothes. Tsuki’s shirt could no longer button, it couldn’t even hide most of his stomach. His belt had been ripped right out of the loops, tearing them and ripping a hole in the fabric. From the top of his pants to his mid-thigh on his right leg was a giant rip.

“Puh-please, please!” Tsuki looked up at the bandaged werewolf with desperation, tears freely flowing down the side of his face to tickle his ears. “I’m sor—I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Puh-puh-please, forgi-give me!”

“Why should I?”

Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide.

Roppi leaned down and bit Tsuki’s collar bone.

“Muh-muh-muh-mercy! Mercy! Pu-please! I be-beg for mercy!”

“Again, why should I?”

“Be-b-b-b-because it’s a ba-basic human right!”

“But I’m not human, as far as you’re concerned. I’m just a devil, right?”

A chill went down Tsuki’s spine at his own words being used against him.

Roppi’s hands roamed, pushing down the pants so the fabric now sat around Tsuki’s thighs. Tsuki couldn’t stop himself from trembling underneath that touch. Those dainty finger tips were causing Tsuki such a profound reaction of fear-induced nausea and vertigo. His whole form was frozen. He couldn’t put up a fight. He was too scared to put up a fight. He was already having trouble seeing out of his eye that Roppi had thoroughly socked earlier. He didn’t know if it was because his eye was swelling shut or if Roppi had punched him so hard, he permanently damaged Tsuki’s eye. That thought terrified him, the unknown terrified him.

But what terrified him more was the man on top of him. Words weren’t working. Words never worked with this man so far. Tsuki was starting to realize that words may never work. He couldn’t rely on reasoning with Hachimenroppi. His only option was to fight him off. But that was a completely fruitless endeavor. With this inhuman strength, there was no way Tsuki stood a chance and he knew that full well. Hopelessness once again seeped into Tsuki’s core, into his very being as he realized there was nothing he could do. A perpetual cycle of wanting to help himself but being unable to so he falls away into helplessness and can do nothing but cry.

“Let me go…” Tsuki sobbed. “Please…”


“PLEASE!” Tsuki yelled. “Please, I beg-beg you!”

“No.” Roppi pulled Tsuki’s scarf. The red fabric choked him for a moment before it loosened and came undone to expose his neck.

Tsuki sobbed. A spark of desperation gripped Tsuki’s being. Desperate to get away, desperate to get this man off him. It was irrational, illogical, and went against his basic survival instinct. But he couldn’t help it. He couldn’t stop it.

Tsuki pushed on Roppi’s shoulder’s hard, his hand sliding to start digging into the injury on Roppi’s neck. He kicked his legs wildly, shoving his knees into Roppi’s bandaged stomach. The raven cringed before gasping in pain.

Roppi then responded by grabbing Tsuki’s knees and twisting them outwards. The jeans around his thighs kept them from spreading too far and were now digging into the flesh of his outer thighs. Roppi growled in anger before grabbing the pants by the crotch area and pulling them down Tsuki’s limbs in one swift motion.

Tsuki attempted to scramble back away from Roppi. The raven didn’t let him get far as he grabbed his ankle. Tsuki then attempted to kick Roppi in the face with his free foot. Roppi caught that ankle and squeezed. Squeezed and squeezed and squeezed then twisted. A sickening pop resounded through the bone and Tsuki called out in pain as intense heat encased his lower leg.

Roppi then grabbed both ends of Tsuki’s scarf that were closes to the blonde’s neck and yanked him up. As he yanked, he swung his fist forward, pulling Tsuki into his punch. Tsuki called out. He was punched again. He felt his nose crunch rather than heard it. A gush of blood encased Roppi’s knuckles. Tsuki retched before coughing. Roppi punched him own more time. Tsuki could only sob in response.


Tsuki stopped struggling. Roppi gave him a shake before he dropped the blond back onto the mattress. Tsuki wouldn’t fight anymore. The desperation passed. Logic returned to him, telling him he shouldn’t do anything that would warrant an attack.

‘Why are you doing this to me?’

Roppi pushed Tsuki’s thighs to the side out of the way. Tsuki found purchase in the blanket, gripping the fabric hard enough to make his knuckles go white almost instantly.

‘How can you claim to love me when you hurt me like this?’

The werewolf nestled himself between Tsuki’s legs. He unzipped his pants and grabbed his own cock, which was standing tall and proud. Tsuki began to shake again at the sight, knowing what was coming next.

‘This isn’t love. I don’t know what this is, but this isn’t it.’

Roppi pumped his manhood, groaning with the action. Tsuki clenched his teeth as tears streamed without restraint.

‘Why do I have to suffer like this? What did I do to deserve this?’

Roppi made eye contact with Tsuki. His expression was a flushed gaze of pure lust.

‘Why couldn’t you have killed me back then? I was sacrificing myself as a meal, not as…whatever this is supposed to be.’

Roppi smiled at him.

‘Please just…’

“Just kill me, please.” The words left Tsuki’s lips before he could register that might not be a good thing to say to the werewolf.

Roppi’s eyes stretched wide.

But they soon widened for a different reason as the doors burst open and a blond man clad in priest robes came stomping in.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!” Shizuo yelled with a booming voice that could rival a thunderclap.

“That should be my line.” Roppi growled. “We’re doing something here so—”


“You shut up.” Roppi said as he put a firm hand over Tsuki’s mouth.

Tsuki grabbed Roppi’s arm out of habit. He had no intention of moving the arm away.

That was until he realized he couldn’t breathe.

“What have you done?!” Shizuo yelled. “Have you lost your mind?!”

“Don’t think so. I feel pretty sane.”

Tsuki’s nose was plugged with blood. And even if it wasn’t, that crunching sensation from earlier was most-likely Roppi breaking his nose. Until it was realigned, Tsuki wouldn’t be able to breathe through his nostrils. Tsuki’s throat was starting to flood with blood, and with Roppi covering his mouth, he couldn’t force the liquids out.

“What about this is sane?! Do you realize what you’re even doing?!”

“I have a right to punish him, Shizuo. He nearly got me killed and since he’s my lover, it falls on me to discipline him.”

Tsuki was drowning in his own blood. He was going to die like this! Fight or flight kicked in. Despite Tsuki’s plea for death earlier, his rational mind was telling him not to give in. To keep fighting. To breathe.

“MNGH! KMNG MNGH!” Tsuki punched Roppi’s arm with one hand while the other tried to hook underneath his fingers to pull them off.

Tsuki was, however, ignored, as Roppi and Shizuo continued talking.

“That is not what it means to be lovers!” Shizuo yelled. “What’s wrong with you?”

“How many questions are you going to ask me?”

Tsuki’s lungs were starting to hurt. But it wasn’t the same feeling as an asthma attack. This was a whole new sensation. Far more raw and powerful and utterly terrifying.

“Fucking three days’ worth of being cooked alive and you’re trying to tell me I’m not allowed to enact punishment on the motherfucker that caused this? Get the fuck out, Shizuo!”

“It’s only been two days! You shouldn’t even be walking around!”

“I heal faster than normal, you know that. My immune system already ate through the silver.”

Black spots were encasing Tsuki’s vision. Black was also starting to encircle his sight. He stopped punching Roppi as he lost strength in his limbs. The only reason his hands stayed where they were was because his fingers were hooked into Roppi’s bandages.

“Just because it ate through it doesn’t mean you’re in the clear!”

“That’s exactly what it means, dumbass.” Roppi growled. “If the virus was still in my system, my immune system wouldn’t be strong enough to eat through the silver, recall?”

Tsuki couldn’t keep his eyes open anymore. He didn’t want to close his eyes. He was terrified that he’d never open them again if he did. But he just had no strength.

“That not how that—”

“Wait, wait! Roppi-kun!” Toudaimoto screamed. “Let Tsuki-kun go! He’s not breathing!”

“What?” Roppi cocked a brow before looking down at Tsuki.

The black wolf gasped before pulling his hand away.

Tsuki tilted his head back to make his airway straight as he coughed harshly. A sizable spatter of blood flew from his mouth, spotting on his face and hair. The blond gasped before being forced to cough again because he only breathed in blood, no air. Tsuki rolled over so his head was hanging off the bed. The blood drizzled forth from his mouth, creating a pool with a mass that caused worry to rise within the doctor.

“Oh my god!” Toudai rushed forward.

“Get off him!” Shizuo yelled as he also rushed forward.

Shizuo grabbed Roppi by the arm and pulled the werewolf off. The raven protested to the harsh treatment as he attempted to put his faltering erection back in his pants. Toudai wrapped his arms around Tsuki.

“Roll over all the way, Tsuki-kun.” Toudai coaxed the blond to fall off the bed, making him land on his hands and knees. More blood drizzled from Tsuki’s top lip. Toudai was kind enough to pull Tsuki’s cloak so his posterior was no longer exposed. “There you go. There you go. Cough. Cough, Tsuki-kun.”

Toudai gave Tsuki a harsh pat on the back. The sensation caused pain in his wounds and he was forced to cough harshly. More crimson liquid came forth, rising up Tsuki’s throat from the flush of air. Tsuki gasped loudly right after and finally he could breathe again.

“There you go. There you go~.” Toudai soothed as he rubbed Tsuki’s back in comfort. “Good. Good job, Tsuki.”

His praise was short lived as Tsuki’s throat began to close. The blonde’s eyes widened as an asthma attack gripped him fast and hard, with no warning and no mercy. Heavy coughs racked Tsuki’s system, his whole body jolting with the movement.

“Tsuki-kun!” Toudai pulled Tsuki close before looking over his shoulder. “Rubi, my bag! Go get it!”

Tsuki glanced over at the white-haired werewolf. He had an expression of stunned shock, staring at Roppi.

‘Was he…the one who was outside the door?’

“Rubi!” Toudai yelled.

The blond jolted and looked at the doctor.

“I shall get it!” the nameless brunette proclaimed, before turning and leaving.

“Look at him, Roppi.” Shizuo growled. “You did this!”

“I didn’t know he couldn’t breathe.”

“That is not what I mean!” Shizuo shook the black werewolf. “I mean the state he’s in! You can’t tell me you didn’t know he was bleeding! Last I saw him, his face didn’t look like that!”

“Well, yeah, I gave him a punch or two.”

Tsuki coughed hard, blood spraying out. His whole form was racked with coughs that gave away to retches. Tsuki vomited, the splatter of blood and bile getting on his sleeves and a bit on the back of his hands.

“Tsuki-kun!” Toudaimoto rubbed Tsuki’s back, trying not to touch the blonde’s injury, as that was all he could do to help the blond.

Tsuki felt some of the burning stomach acid go up his nose, which only hurt his throbbing orifice more. Once the blonde’s stomach was empty, Tsuki rolled over to sit down, leaning back against the bed. Toudai had his hands out in preparation to catch Tsuki if the blond were to faint. Tsuki merely wheezed heavily, conscious enough to fold his cloak over his exposed nether region, as he glanced up at Roppi and Shizuo.

“Why?” Shizuo growled. “Why’d you punch him?”

“Cuz he dug his hand into my neck!” Roppi yelled. “Look how much I’m bleeding now!”

“And why would he do that?!”

“I don’t know; you’d have to ask him.”

“What were you doing to warrant an attack, Roppi?!”

Roppi glared at him.

“What were you doing?!”

Roppi scoffed. “My dick was out and his pants are off. I think you can put two and two together.”

Roppi was punched. The raven’s eyes widened as he stumbled back.

“Bastard!” Roppi yelled. “Get off of me!”

Roppi yanked his arm away, glaring at Shizuo with enough hate to kill.

‘Shizuo…a priest…is getting violent…N-no. Father, don’t…That goes against…God.’

“Then is it true?” Shizuo yelled. “Did you force Tsuki’s town to offer him up as a sacrifice?! Did you violate this boy and kidnap him?!”

Roppi’s eyes narrowed. “Kidnapping is a bit of a stretch. The priest left the town to get the holy order. With the way Tsuki looks, you and I know he was going to get burned at the stake or something by them. I’d like to think I liberated him. And besides, we decided I’d take him away from his town when we first met back when we were kids.”

“LIBERATE?! What is WRONG with you?! You can’t take any promise a child made to heart! He was young and curious! He’s not young and curious anymore! He knows what he wants now, and he didn’t want to leave his rath!”

“As far as I fucking know, there’s nothing wrong with me! And what he wants isn’t important when his life’s at stake! Why the hell are you getting on my back about this?!”

“So, you don’t deny that you violated him?!”

“Well, yeah, I did! He wasn’t cooperating!”

Shizuo went for a second punch. Roppi dodged out of the way.

“You don’t get to fucking touch me again!” Roppi yelled.

“Have you realized what you have done?!” Shizuo shook his hands in rage, frustration evident on his face. “You blackened the heart of an innocent!”

“Oh, don’t go fucking preaching that stupid God shit at me! I don’t give a fuck about blackening or any of that shit!”

“Then care that you hurt this boy! Care that you took advantage of him! Made him suffer! Made him cry! Made him beg for death!”

“I do care! But this is only temporary! Once he gets used to me, it’ll be fine! I won’t have to get violent with him!”

“Why—how—how can you—why are you doing this to Tsukishima?!”

“Because I love him!”

Shizuo’s eyes widened. “You…did this out of love?!”

“Why else would I do this?! Now that I have Tsuki, I’m not going to let him go! I love him, and because I love him, I’m going to do what I want.”

“That is not how love works!”

“Seems to be how it works as far as I’ve seen! Not like you’re a prime example with you fucking a vampire!”

“This has nothing to do with me! If you loved Tsuki, then you should have confessed and make a consensual relationship! Kidnapping, raping! This isn’t love, Roppi! This is slavery!”

“Pah, you’re calling my love slavery?! What the hell is your love?! You keep Izaya cooped up inside this manor, starving him and fucking him however you see fit! What’s the diff—”

Roppi was punched again. Roppi groaned but kept his footing.

Tsuki tilted his head against the bed. The blond was having trouble staying conscious. His lungs were hurting still, however, he wasn’t coughing anymore. His attack was passing. He’d live. Whether or not it was fortunate or unfortunate was up for debate. Toudai was tapping Tsuki’s arm, trying to get the blond to look at him. Most-likely to make sure he was still conscious. But Tsuki didn’t care about the doctor. He was more concerned with the conversation the enraged priest and his kidnapper were having. At this point in time, Tsuki didn’t have enough effort or consciousness left to focus on more than one thing. Just Shizuo and Roppi.

 “You don’t understand anything!” Shizuo yelled. “And stop turning this on me! We are not talking about me! We are talking about you! You and the villainy you’ve committed!”

“What villainy?! I love Tsuki! That’s all there is to it!”

“Just because you love him does not mean that you can do whatever you want to him!”

“Yes, it fucking does! He’s mine! My gift sent from heaven! I can do what I want!”

The atmosphere in the room shifted immediately. Tsuki was aware of it. Rubi’s expression shifted in horror. Shizuo stared at Roppi wide-eyed before his eyes narrowed with disgust.

“Kurashi-san, I have your bag!” the nameless brunette called as he rushed into the room.

“Toudai-san,” Shizuo said, “Take Tsuki and get out. Roppi and I need to have a talk.”

Toudai looked up at Shizuo with confusion but he questioned nothing as he put his arms under Tsuki’s.

“Come, Tsuki-kun, try to stand.”

The blond looked at Toudai lazily. His vision was blurring, his throat was aching. Tsuki attempted to push himself up, however, he had no strength in his limbs. He couldn’t get up, even though he desperately wanted to.

Shitsuo rushed over to Tsuki. The blond kneeled before him and wrapped his arms around the teenager. He lifted Tsuki up, keeping his legs pressed together and folding them by his side. He hooked his arm under Tsuki’s rump, placing his other arm around Tsuki’s back to keep him from falling. Tsuki wrapped his arms around the blonde’s neck but it was a half-hearted attempt in which his arm just lazily sat over Shitsuo’s shoulder.

Shitsuo stood and turned to the door. Toudai followed closely behind. Toudai tugged on Rubi’s arm to get the white-haired man to move. Rubi followed, seeming to be walking more in a daze than consciously making an effort. Izaya closed the door behind them.

As soon as the latch sounded, violence could be heard. Roppi called out in pain, things started to break, feet stomped in rush movements. Tsuki’s eyes widened.

‘He’s beating Hachimenroppi.’

Shitsuo took a brisk pace down the hall.

Chapter Text

“Come along, he can rest in my study.” Izaya said.

 The ‘vampire’ turned and led the way further into the manor. They made it back to the stairs and went up the other flight heading to the west wing. The party turned into a room, the door no different than the next. Tsuki couldn’t focus long enough to verify the layout of this study.

“Place him here.” Izaya gestured.

Tsuki was placed on a couch. The blond groaned before he rolled over to lay on his side. His cloak covered his body like a blanket. At least he didn’t have to worry about being exposed. Now it was just worrying about whether or not he could breathe or if he would puke again. He could breathe well enough that he probably wouldn’t faint. He had no strength in his body and exhaustion was creeping at the forefront of his mind. He just wanted to sleep. He knew he probably shouldn’t. Considering his nose was broken, he was under the fear of suffocating while he slept.

He barely noticed Toudaimoto kneeling before him. And he couldn’t make out any of what he was saying. Tsuki could barely even see him. The blond could only see Toudai out of one eye. He was aware that the doctor was pulling things out of his bag, but he couldn’t make out what things.

In the next second, Toudai’s hand was placed around Tsuki’s throat.

Fight or flight kicked in immediately. He stopped seeing the doctor and instead saw another black-haired man. One that wanted to hurt him. One that would often grab him by his neck. Tsuki screamed. He reached up and grabbed at the hand. The brunette quickly pulled his hand away. Tsuki bent forward, keeping his own hands around his neck to protect it from anyone else’s grip. The back of his hands touched his knees, the blond completely caving in on himself in a form of the feeble position. He didn’t want to bend completely forward, less he become violated instead of choked, so he kept his rump pressed to the couch—more so to his cloak that was laying underneath him.

“N-n-n-n-n-n-no.” Tsuki shook his head over and over. He was making himself lightheaded he was shaking it so vigorously. “I-I-I-I-I’m s-s-s-s-sorry. I’m s-s-s-s-sorry.”

A hand touched his shoulder. Tsuki jolted and hunkered down even lower.


The hand left the blonde’s back. Tsuki fell away into sob, burying his face into his hands. He didn’t care that his eye hurt from the touch. He didn’t care that he was smearing blood on his hands. He just wanted to hide. He wanted this to end. He just wanted to disappear. If he could stop existing just long enough for this nightmare to end, he would never ask God for any other favor for the rest of his life.

“S-sorry. Sorry. I’m s-s-sorry.”

God didn’t answer Tsuki’s pray. He hadn’t answered his prayers since he met Hachimenroppi. There was nothing more than never-ending suffering as soon as he met that devil.

“Somebody help me…”

Tsuki just couldn’t take anymore than this. He had reached the end of his wits and the end of his courage. He wasn’t strong, and he didn’t have the heart to pretend he was strong. He was alone, scared, hurt, and soiled. He wanted to be held by a pair of arms that he knew wouldn’t hurt him. He wanted his brothers, his mother. Hell, even a hug from one of the dogs would be enough comfort for him right now.

A weigh joined him on the couch. He felt something lay over his back. He was too scared to look so he kept his eyes closed and refused to move his hands.

“It’s okay.” A voice whispered in his ear. “It’s okay. Just breath.”

The voice was beautiful and smooth. Almost like a lullaby. It soothes Tsuki’s senses almost instantly.


But this voice couldn’t lie to him. Tsuki knew his situation well enough to know that this voice was speaking a false truth.

“I-It’s no-not okay. It’s not…It’s not.”

“It will be. After a night’s rest, it’ll be—”

“I don’t want to-to sleep! Wh-what if Ro-Ro-Roppi—”

“Roppi won’t touch you. You’re safe for now. Shizu-chan is taking care of him.”

“Sh-Shizu…” Tsuki couldn’t speak around his sobs.

“It’ll be okay. Just sleep for now.”

A puff of breath brushed against his cheek.

“I-I can’t sleep e-e-even if I-I-I wan-wanted to.” Tsuki hicced. “E-e-e-every-everything hur-hurts.”

There was a pause. Then the weight on Tsuki’s back was lifted.

“It’s confirmed, his nose is definitely broken.” The couch shifted slightly. “My breath should have knocked him out by now.”


Tsuki didn’t want to look up. He didn’t dare know what he would do if it was Hachimenroppi. But at the same time, he wouldn’t know who it was unless he looked up. Tsuki worked up the little bit of courage he had left to glance in between his fingers and looked up.

It was the master of the house. Orihara Izaya. A vampire. The man had completely confirmed the claims he had heard as a pair of leather-like bat wings were shifting against his back. Tsuki gasped and sat up right fast, backing away till his back was pressed to the arm rest of the couch. He stared at Izaya wide-eyed, who now looked at him with a cocked brow.


“Now, now, you don’t need to freak out over a different reason.” Izaya put his hands out to him in a gesture for calm. “Breathe, Tsuki-chan. In and out, like haa...”

Tsuki didn’t respond. He only continued to shake and stare at Izaya in horror. Exhaustion made it hard to keep his eyes on the monster. His asthma had completely passed now. He could breathe again, except for the blood that he had to constantly swallow or else.

Tsuki then laughed. A soft chuckle escaped his throat. He tilted his head down to put his head in his hands.

Tsuki let out a heavy sigh. “Ah, at this point, I shouldn’t-shouldn’t be surprised anymore. Heh heh, ah, I’ve—I must have fallen in-into hell somehow. May-maybe Roppi-san ac-actually did kill me that night and-and everything af-after has been the devils work.”

Tsuki tilted his head, resting it on the back of the couch.

“Or maybe I went insane some-somewhere along the way. What’s it matter, either or way?”


Tsuki glanced to the gentle voice.

Toudai sat down by Tsuki’s legs. The blond instinctive pulled his legs closer to his own body, away from Toudai, and placed his hands on the cloak over his crotch.



“I need to touch your neck.”

“…Do I have a choice?”

“Of course, you do!” Toudai reached out and touched Tsuki’s arm. The teen flinched away. Toudaimoto retracted his hand. “I won’t do any medical treatment without your consent. I promise.”

Tsuki just chuckled. “Why bother? N-no one else cares for consent in-in this damnable place.”

A sad expression crossed Toudai’s face. “Tsuki-kun, I have no right to ask this of you. But please, don’t give up yet. Remember what Shizuo-san said? He’ll take you home.”

Tsuki stared at the wall. “I’m not giving up. Ei-either I go home, or I die. I…I can’t….keep living like this.”

“You shouldn’t think like that!”

“I’ve th-thought like this since Ro-Roppi-san was supposed to ea-eat me. I’m re-ready to die. I’m not ready for…this.”

Toudai looked at Tsuki as if he was about to cry. The teen didn’t understand why but he didn’t bother questioning it, either.

“Kid, er, Tsukishima.” Rubi’s voice rung out.

Tsuki lazily glanced at him.

“Um…What did you do to provoke Roppi?”

Tsuki’s eyes widened.

“He did nothing to provoke him, Rubi!” Toudai’s scream of rage was loud and piercing. The anger upon the doctor’s face destroyed his beautiful features as he glared death at the white-haired werewolf. “There is no justification for this! Tsuki-kun did nothing wrong here!”

“But…Roppi wouldn’t do this without—”

“How dare you, Rubi! How dare you!”

Rubi’s eyes stretched wide as he looked at Toudai no differently than a child who was being scolded by his parents.

“How could you try to defend this act, Rubi?”

“I…I don’t—I’m not…defending.”

“You lie!”

“I’m trying to understand!” Rubi’s voice was laced with desperation. “I don’t understand! Any of this, it doesn’t make sense!”

“You and I both know that this makes perfect sense.”

Rubi’s eyes widened to Izaya’s melancholic voice resounding. All eyes turned to the vampire. A wicked grin crossed his lips.

“We both know, Rubi. ‘A gift sent from heaven’? For someone who doesn’t believe in God, why would he called Tsuki that? We know, those aren’t Roppi’s words. But Ryu’s, right?”

“That’s…that’s not right! Roppi is nothing like him!”

“Roppi was abused for years on end with no hope in sight. Do you think such acts wouldn’t leave a scar? Maybe not physical but definitely mental. You never thought it was strange that Roppi showed no signs of trauma, despite what he went through?”

Izaya leaned forward, a sick kind of pleasure encasing his eyes as he stared at Rubi.

‘He’s relishing in Rubi’s turmoil.’ Tsuki realized.

“Roppi’s projecting himself on this boy. He’s let these traumatic events sit in the back of his mind. Never acknowledging them, never letting them breathe. They’ve festered and rotted until this point. Now he’s using Tsuki-chan as an outlet. He doesn’t love Tsuki. Shizu-chan’s right about that. This isn’t love. This is nothing more than a projection.”

“…I don’t understand…” Tsuki wheezed. Everything Izaya said didn’t make sense to him. How could the mind be wounded? What does projecting mean? Tsuki had so many questions but stating he didn’t understand was easier to say at the time.

Izaya looked at him with that evil grin. He opened his mouth to speak.

“No, you don’t get to tell him anything!” Rubi yelled. “You have no right to explain this!”

“So, you want Tsuki to remain in the dark?”

“No! I’ll explain it!”

Izaya’s smile widened. “Oh, really? Well then, by all means...” Izaya gestured for Rubi to go ahead.

Rubi glared at him. Then looked at Tsuki. He immediately faltered, throwing his gaze to the floor.

Tsuki let out a sigh. “T-Toudai-san…If you-you’re going to…my neck…”

Toudai looked at him. “…Alright. Excuse me.”

The doctor scooted closer. Tsuki flinched away out of reflex. Toudai held a gentle, smiling with reassurance up at Tsuki before he reached his hand out. His dainty fingertips touched Tsuki’s neck. The blond flinched yet again.

“It’s okay.” Toudai said. “It’s alright.”

Tsuki didn’t respond.

Toudai put his thumb against the left side of Tsuki’s Adam’s apple. His index finger pressed against the right side.

“Swallow, Tsuki-kun.” Toudai ordered in a gentle voice.

Tsuki obeyed.


Tsuki did so.

“It’s not swollen. Can you breathe okay?”

“Th-through my mouth, yes…”

Toudai nodded.

“Th-the asthma…it passed. I’m f-fine now…I can…breathe…”

Toudai nodded again. He took his hand away.

“Sakuraya-san,” The doctor said, “Can you get me a bowl of water and a clean rag?”

“Of course.”

The brunette that Tsuki originally didn’t know the name of went about doing as he was asked.

“Well, Rubi?” Izaya said. “Are you waiting for something?”

“Shut up. I don’t want to…disturb Toudai’s work.”

“You’re sta~~~llin~~~g!”

“Shut up, you despicable bastard!”

Izaya merely chuckled. “If you can’t handle something like this, I can—”

“NO!” Rubi clenched his teeth. “You don’t have a right!”

“And you do?”

“More than you!”

“Why? Because you’re his packmate? Then by that logic, Shitsuo could fill in the blanks.”

“No, I…”

Izaya cocked a brow.

Rubi’s hand’s clenched. “I’m his brother! It wouldn’t be right if someone else explained Roppi’s past!”

Tsuki stared at him. ‘I don’t see the family resemblance.’

“Different mothers.” Rubi looked at Tsuki. The teens eyes widened. He thought he had thought that, but apparently, he said it out loud. “With werewolves, it’s the mother’s genes that dictate an infant’s appearance. It’s not a fifty-fifty thing between the mom and the dad.”

Tsuki didn’t understand what genes were but he wouldn’t ask.

“You never told me you had siblings.” Toudai looked at Rubi.

Sakuraya finally came over with a bowl of water.

“Thank you.” Toudai took it from the brunette.

Sakuraya walked back towards Shitsuo. Toudai placed the bowl on his lap as Rubi spoke.

“We’re not…Roppi and I are half-brothers. And Roppi doesn’t know we’re related.”

Rubi sat down on the floor. Toudai rung out the rag to get excess water out of it.

“Tsuki-kun, look this way for me.” Toudai said.

Tsuki obeyed.

Toudai gently rubbed the rag against Tsuki’s face.


“I’m sorry.” The doctor said but didn’t stop cleaning the blood.

“In order to explain Roppi better,” Rubi said, “I need to explain myself a bit. I’m sorry.”

“I…” Tsuki started. “I al-already know about yo-your mother and th-the house fire.”

Rubi instantly glared at him.

“R-Roppi-san told me.”

Rubi grumbled. “He doesn’t know the full picture.”

“Then please, explain, Rubi-san.” Izaya sneered.

Rubi glared at him. Then he let out a sigh as defeat cascaded his features.

“Alright, so, it’s starts with Roppi’s dad. Our dad. Hachimenryu.”

Chapter Text

My mom had no intention to get pregnant. She was a head-strong woman who didn’t like the notion of having to rely on anyone but herself. She believed in herself so much, she refused to be part of a pack. She was enjoying her freedom.

She ended up meeting Hachimenryu by accident. She was trying to cross a mountain rang to get to a port city. Probably the same mountain range you came from, Tsukishima. The Hachimen’s have owned that territory for years. It goes back generations. And like most animals, werewolves know not to enter other packs territories. It could start an all-out terf war, which would ultimately expose both packs to hunters.

My mom thought she was an exception since she didn’t have a pack. But apparently, that just made her a bigger target. Hachimenryu offered her a place to sleep for the night. She was young and naive, so she accepted.

Hachimenryu raped her that night. She didn’t stick around. She left as soon as he was off of her.

A month later, she found out she was pregnant with me. My mom, she started to spiral a bit. She was scared. She didn’t want me, obviously, and now she was forced to carry a bastard’s son, alone. She didn’t’ want to go back to Ryu to try and make him take responsibility. She didn’t want to abandon me to Ryu’s mercy either. She had enough reason to understand I didn’t ask to be born. She wasn’t going to take it out on me. At least, she wouldn’t try to.

She traveled around for a while before she found a man. As you know, a woman, pregnant without a husband is against the church. She wouldn’t be able to find sanctuary from anyone. But this one man, who was a priest in training, believed that everyone was deserving of sanctuary. A love started between them. As much as two people could love each other, considering the circumstances. He accepted her bastard child and helped her through the pregnancy. He even midwifed her because she didn’t trust anyone else to bring me into this world.

They got married and for the longest part of my life, I wasn’t aware that my dad wasn’t my biological dad. Dad didn’t tell me until I was about ten-years-old. He would have liked to wait until I was much older, but it was pretty obvious that he and I looked nothing alike and I kept pressing him. He explained that my mom was pregnant when they met, but he didn’t know who my actual birth father was.

Not long after that, I was playing with some kids in the village. We were just screwing around and playing games and the sort. I ended up letting it slip that I was a werewolf. The kids weren’t that phased but one of them told their parents and well…the story you know happened.

The whole town came to kill us. They barricaded our door and windows then lit our house on fire. My mom transformed into a wolf, which ultimately saved my life. She took the brunt of the flames. She held up the burning roof with her back, so when the roof broke in, we had an escape route. My mom couldn’t save both me and my dad. Her fur was on fire and there were people waiting outside the house to kill us. My mom made a choice.

Honestly, it wasn’t the choice she would have chosen a second time. I’m fairly certain it was only maternal instinct that made her choose me over Dad. Dad didn’t die to the flames. He was skewered by the townspeople while Mom took me and ran.

My mother started spiraling bad. She was severely wounded, we were being hunted, and we had no sanctuary. The next few days were a frenzy of stopping long enough to take an hour nap at most and eating one meal a day. Despite her burns, she ran pretty far.

After that, it was a constant endeavor of moving from cave to cave to cave. Every day, my mother got more and more paranoid. She stopped sleeping, started eating less. The strain was starting to get to her.

And she finally caved.

Easily the worse day of my life was when my mother abandoned me. She took me to Hachimenryu’s cave. I was told to stay outside until ‘the adults were done talking’. There was a heated discussion between Ryu and mom. I think he didn’t want to take me in and I don’t know what my mom said to change his mind. But the two came out after about thirty minutes. Ryu did not look happy. He was glaring at me the entire time.

My mom gave me a hug, kissed me on the forehead and told me she was sorry. She said she wanted to be strong for me, but she just couldn’t do it anymore. She loved me, and she was sorry. She told me to behave for Ryu. I didn’t really understand that that would be the last time I see her. I told her I loved her and to not stay out too long, it was going to storm soon. She started crying after that. She called me a kind-hearted boy, she loved me, and she was sorry.

Then she was gone.

I waited for her every day. I’d wait in the mouth of the cave every day, hoping to see her. At one point I asked Ryu when she was coming back. That bastard told me my mom abandoned me to kill herself. She wasn’t coming back, and he was stuck with me.

You can probably take a guess that Ryu was a despicable man. Telling something like that to a kid. I had no reason to believe him. But I also have no evidence to disprove him. I never saw my mother again and she had gone through so much, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was like that.

That’s how I started living with Hachimenryu. It became clear to me why Mom left me with him. He was my biological father. Ignoring the fur and facial features, our skeletal structure is very similar. Broad shoulders, long limbs. You can see the same thing in Roppi too. I didn’t need Ryu to tell me he was my dad. Not that Ryu ever did. He’d tease me about it sometimes, being cryptic about who my dad was. When I was eleven, he told me what he did to my mother, chuckling and smiling the whole time. I was too young to do anything at the time, but I wanted to kill him. If I had the chance again, I would kill him.

Roppi is only two years younger than me. But that didn’t really help the two of us get to know each other. I knew there was something wrong almost the day I started living with them. Roppi didn’t talk at all. He’d have bruises on his hips and forearms that never seemed to go away. He rarely left the cave, rarely left his room—which he shared with Ryu. If it wasn’t for the fact that he did move around every once in a while, I would have thought he was a corpse. His eyes had no life to them. It was like looking into the eyes of a dead fish.

I tried to talk to him, to interact with him. Mostly because I wanted someone to play with. I was bored a lot of the time. It wasn’t like Ryu was good company and Roppi and I were close to age so I figured we could play. But Roppi just wasn’t the playing type. He didn’t really care to be active.

I only figured out what was so wrong when I couldn’t sleep one night. I heard Roppi…well, moaning. Went to investigate and…the sight I saw is one you can probably figure. Ryu and Roppi, who was only about eight at the time, were having sex. Honestly, it’s the only time I’ve ever seen Ryu so loving. He kept calling Roppi his gift sent from heaven. That Roppi’s mother was approving of this union from the afterlife.

I didn’t do anything. I’m not sure if doing something would have helped anyway. Ryu was way stronger than me so even if I had intervened, it would be the equivalent of poking a bear. So…I just went back to my bed and tried to go back to sleep.

I’m not proud of that. But I was only ten. I couldn’t do anything.

I…tried to bring it up to Roppi the next day but he didn’t even acknowledge me. At that point in time, Roppi was in a numb state of mind. He didn’t register anything unless it caused a physical response. So, he called out in pain when he hurt himself and his teeth chattered when he was cold. But trying to talk to him was like trying to talk to a tree. He didn’t respond, didn’t look at me, hell, half the time he wouldn’t even bathe because the smell didn’t bother him. Roppi wasn’t living. He was just existing.

About a year of that passed before Ryu got himself skewered. I don’t know what he was thinking. We lived in a cave, so the basic necessities were food, water, and warmth. But for some reason, he wanted money. He decided he’d start stalking the town over the mountain, trying to terrorize them into giving them gold and fine jewels. That didn’t end well for him. There were a lot of people and a lot of long weapons. He got stuck like a pig. He came back to the cave filled with spears and arrows. I’m surprised he didn’t die on the way back.

That was the first time I saw Roppi’s expression change. Seeing Ryu like that, covered in blood and huffing hard. Roppi smiled. He smiled, and he chuckled.

He said, “How’d that work out for ya?”

Ryu probably would have beat the shit out of him if it wasn’t for the fact he was struggling to stand.

Roppi and I spent the next three hours pulling everything out of him and wrapping him up. We were no doctors, obviously. Again, we were kids.

Ryu’s fiasco at the town brought a separate pack of werewolves to our cave. Shizuo’s father, Kichirou, was not happy with Ryu’s bull. He probably would have killed Ryu for exposing werewolves like that if it wasn’t for the fact that Ryu was all Roppi and I had. Kichirou stayed with us for a month. He was a better doctor than we were, so he was taking care of Ryu. While he did that, Roppi and I had to hunt for ourselves. Shizuo taught me how to hunt game. Mind you, the only food we really ate was the cattle and pigs that Ryu brought back for us. I realize now, that was from your town, Tsukishima. Your offerings.

Roppi was still kind of a blank slate as far as emotions went. He didn’t respond to Shizuo or Kichirou. But he started talking to me, so I thought that he was making progress. I didn’t know what to do once Ryu was healed and could do what he wanted to Roppi again.

I ended up tell Kichirou about it. To say he was not happy was an understatement. He was talking about killing Ryu. He told me that Roppi and I were going to join the Heiwajima pack. Kichirou was an honorable man. He wasn’t going to kill an injured man. He instead isolated Ryu from us and decided he’d challenge Ryu to battle once he was healed.

After hearing your story, Tsukishima, a lot of things started making sense. Roppi left the cave to go get food. He came back with a decent bucket full of fish. And he was smiling. He was so happy. When I asked him what happened, he told me it wasn’t anything special. Obviously, it was. Roppi was actually happy for once. He was being proactive and taking care of himself. He was taking bathes without someone having to tell him and it was actual baths, not just a rag wipe down. Roppi stunk to high heaven a lot of the time. I think…giving it some thought, I think that was when you met him. For better or for worse, meeting you put a bit of life in him.

Roppi was in good spirits. But he started getting more and more depressed the more Ryu regained mobility. But it wasn’t just depression. He was showing hatred towards Ryu. He didn’t say anything or do anything. But he glared at him, which was a first as far as I’d seen.

Ryu wasn’t that far from being healed up. He only had about two more weeks and he’d be able to fight Kichirou. I don’t know if it was because of nerves or his dominance was brought into question, but Ryu tried to start a fight with Kichirou. He was telling him to leave and never come back. That this mountain range was Hachimen territory and he was trespassing. They were getting very loud and were in each other faces. Ryu went to punch him a few times. Things were getting very, very heated. Shizuo was trying to corral us out of the cave cuz he was certain a fight was going to break out.

Then Roppi stabbed Ryu.

He went up behind Ryu with the knife we used for gutting our game and stabbed him in the lower back. The look of betrayal on Ryu’s face. I almost felt bad for him, even if he deserved it. He tried to attack Roppi, but he wasn’t at full recovery and Roppi was faster. Roppi stabbed him again, the second time in the chest. Ryu bled out pretty quick.

Roppi was shaking and Ryu’s blood was on his hands. He looked shocked, like it hadn’t sunk in he killed Ryu yet.

Kichirou tried to take the knife from Roppi. Roppi wasn’t having any of it. He ran out of the cave. I went after him. I was worried he was going to kill himself. No, I was for certain he was going to kill himself.

I ended up finding Roppi sitting on one of the peaks of the mountain. I didn’t call out to him though. I…was disturbed by what I saw. Roppi, covered in Ryu’s blood, was staring at the moon with this wild, almost manic look on his face. And he was laughing. He was laughing as if he had lost him mind. He was crying too. Laughing and crying with his head tilted back towards to moon.

I was convinced Roppi had gone mad. I was terrified to call out to him. I thought if I did, he would try to kill me. So, I went back to the cave and told Kichirou I couldn’t find Roppi.

Roppi returned in the morning. He gave the knife back to Kichirou and didn’t talk about what happened last night. When Kichirou tried to bring it out, he said that it doesn’t matter anymore. Ryu’s dead and the dead can’t testify. Kichirou stated that letting Roppi kill Ryu was the biggest shame of his life. For a child to have to do something so horrendous, to take on a responsibility that only an adult should be burdened with, Kichirou said he failed us.

After that, Kichirou offered to take us into the Heiwajima pack. Roppi refused, saying the Hachimen pack had to stay here else we’d be hunted. Kichirou couldn’t convince Roppi otherwise. And I wasn’t going to leave Roppi, so I stayed, as well. Kichirou came back to check on us once a month after that. As far as he was concerned, we were part of the Heiwajima pack, just separated for the time being. For the next seven years, Kichirou came to check on us. Other than that, it was just me and Roppi.

I knew Roppi wasn’t fully over what Ryu did to him. There’s no way he could have been, after everything. Killing Ryu would never be enough. Roppi had nightmares. Every night, or every other night he’d wake up in a cold sweat. Sometimes he’d scream in his sleep. He stopped sleeping all together, which is why he has such a sour disposition. There’d be some days where Roppi would faint because his body couldn’t handle the lack of sleep.

One day in particular, Roppi and I were trying to get down the mountain to go hunting. It had just sleeted, so the snow was turning to ice. We were struggling to make our way down. I suggested that we try another time. We had just enough meat left to last us the rest of the night. We could try again tomorrow. Roppi turned to yell at me and fainted on the spot. We were on a cliff-side and he nearly plummeted to his death. I ended up catching him, albeit a bit of the way down. He and I got pretty banged up, but we were both breathing, and nothing was broken. I took Roppi back to the cave. He didn’t regain consciousness until we were around the bend from our place.

He didn’t talk to me for the rest of the day. He was in a very, very bad mood. I wasn’t sure if he was pissed about fainting or that we didn’t make it down the mountain or if he was just grouchy because he was tired. I didn’t ask. I just made dinner, kept the fire going then went to bed.

I didn’t think anything was really wrong other than the fainting spell. I was worried about him, but I wasn’t sure what I could do. If I told him to go to sleep more, he’d just have nightmares that kept him up. And he’d yell at me for telling him the obvious. I debated bringing it up to Kichirou once he showed up. Mind you, this happened when I was sixteen. Roppi was fourteen.

That…night…Roppi came to my bed. He started…touching. I freaked out and asked what he was doing! He said that he wanted to sleep. He didn’t want to be affected by Ryu anymore. He wanted to get better. He said if I…slept with him, it’d help him more than just sleeping.

I shouldn’t have agreed with that line of thinking. It was dumb. So dumb. Roppi didn’t even know we were related. He didn’t know how wrong that kind of request was. But I…honestly thought that it would help him.

It wasn’t a onetime occurrence. He didn’t have nightmares on the nights we did it, but it was only on those nights. When he tried to sleep by himself, he’d wake up screaming. Roppi and I…those kinds of nights went on for nearly a year. We didn’t tell anyone. Definitely didn’t tell Kichirou. I was scared of the repercussions Kichirou would have on me. I was scared Kichirou would tell me I was being no different than Ryu and he wouldn’t believe me if I said that Roppi came onto me. Roppi has always been a recluse so I’m not surprised he didn’t say anything.

But yeah, for a year, Roppi and I had that kind of relationship. At the seven-month mark, Roppi started drifting away from me, which was a good thing. He didn’t need me to sleep with him as often. His nightmares were become less frequent. At the nine-month mark, he’d come lay down with me, but we wouldn’t have sex. He would ask me to just…hold him until he fell asleep. He didn’t have nightmares. After that point, Roppi and I started having sex every once in a while, then by the twelfth month mark, it ended all together.

Roppi never brought it up and I didn’t ask. It wasn’t like I necessarily wanted to have sex with him anyway, so it was no skin off my nose that we stopped. Roppi kept casting me suspicious glances. Honestly, he still does. But I just pretend I don’t see them.

I thought he finally overcame his trauma. He improved so much. He started interacting with the pack more, started helping Shizuo with the duties of the pack. He was caring and resourceful. He excelled in fighting and hunting.

I thought Roppi was better.

But I was wrong.

Chapter Text

“But I was wrong.” Rubi looked up at Tsukishima. “…It…would seem that instead of getting better, Roppi just got worse. He just stopped showing it. I think…I think Roppi did love you. When you two first met, if I’m right about the timeframe, then you really were the one that saved Roppi. I don’t doubt that he loved you. But…it’s not…like that anymore. He’s…twisted his love for you into some fucking therapy session for himself.”

Tsuki didn’t say anything. He couldn’t be bothered to say anything as he was too busy crying. Rubi’s story had left him in tears. Despite his suffering at the hands of Hachimenroppi, Roppi had also suffered. If someone had saved Roppi earlier, maybe things could be different between the two of them. Definitely not lovers. Tsukishima could never see himself going against God. But friends? They could have been friends! If only this Hachimenryu hadn’t hurt Roppi so bad. There could have been a chance for salvation.

Tsuki could only imagine how alone Roppi had been. He must have been scared and sad and in pain, by himself for so long. He was all alone for years on end, suffering at the hands of a man who used God as a cash-prize. As an excuse to enact evil upon the heart of an innocent.

Roppi was a victim. And because Roppi was a victim, Tsukishima had also become a victim. This was all Hachimenryu’s fault.

“It’s still no excuse, Rubi.” Toudai said.

Tsuki’s eyes widened. So did Rubi’s.

“What?” the white-haired wolf asked.

“It’s no excuse. What happened to Roppi is still no excuse to the horrors he’s put Tsuki-kun through.”

Rubi’s eyes stretched wide. “You heartless—I wasn’t saying it was an excuse! How can you be—how can you be so cold?!”

“Your past can help shape you, but it is the choices you make in the present that define you. I understand that PTSD is not as simple as that, but everyone has a choice. Roppi had a choice to be better than Ryu and instead he decided to be as bad, if not worse than him. Trauma does not excuse evil, Rubi. And what Roppi is putting Tsuki through is pure evil.”

“That’s—Ryu did this to him! If Ryu hadn’t—”

“Ryu isn’t here. Ryu cannot be held accountable for his crimes anymore. He is dead and as Roppi stated, the dead can’t testify. However, Roppi is here. Roppi is the one placing his hands on Tsukishima. Roppi is the one who kidnapped Tsukishima. Roppi is the one who continued to terrorize an entire town full of people. It is Roppi’s hands and it is him who should be held accountable. Regardless of the past, everything he has done was done by his own free will. He needs to take responsibility for his actions, whether he realizes how evil he’s being or not.”

Rubi fell silent.

Izaya started to laugh. It was soft and rivaled that of a snicker. The group looked at him.

“You’ll be quite a positive addition to the pack.” Izaya said. “You may be the only member that has a backbone.”

“Fuck off with you.” Rubi growled.

Izaya just smiled.

Toudai just let out a sigh. “Well, regardless of Roppi’s past, this all ends here.”

The doctor turned back to Tsukishima, ringing out the rag again. The water had turned a tinge of pink as most of the blood on Tsuki’s face had been washed off during Rubi’s story. He rubbed some more of the crimson off.

“Shizuo-san will be taking you to the church tomorrow, if the holy order isn’t there. If not, then I’m sure he’ll stay guard with you while we take Roppi and leave. Tonight should be the last you see of Hachimenroppi, Tsuki-kun.”

Tsuki felt his hands tremble at the prospect. A small smile crept across his face as he nodded, fresh tears stinging his eyes. Happy tears. “Th-thank you.”

“I believe it is Shizuo-san you should give thanks to.”

Tsuki nodded. He then inhaled deeply to keep his emotions under control.

“On a separate note.” Toudai’s eyes hardened with seriousness. “I would like to give you a full-body examination. I wouldn’t be surprised if Roppi tore your stitches. And tore something else.”

Tsuki stiffened as his hands clenched.

“It will just be you and I. I will make everyone leave. However, this is a necessity. Anal penetration can be extremely dangerous if it is done poorly. It can cause internal bleeding, which won’t be painful necessarily. But you will bleed to death without realizing it.”

“…Um…” Tsuki tilted his head down. “I…Ro-Roppi didn’t…”

“You don’t need to be brave.” Toudai put his hand over Tsuki’s. “You need to be honest. I know you may be scared but I promise this examination is purely professional.”

“N-n-no.” Tsuki scooted back and pulled his hand away. “Ro-Roppi di-didn’t. There wasn’t…”

Tsuki started to fidget as his cheeks warmed with a blush.

“Shi-Shizuo-san in-interrupted. Roppi didn’t…m-make it that…far…”

 “That is the truth?”

Tsuki nodded.

Toudai stared at him with an expression that said he didn’t believe him fully.

“I’m n-not ly-lying. I ha-have no re-reason to lie.”

“I’d beg to differ.” Toudai said, his expression becoming droll. “I don’t know many who are willing to admit they were raped. But I won’t press it. Just know, if you are lying to me, you could be putting your life in danger.”

“I’m no-not lying.”

Toudai nodded. “Okay. A full-body examination is still a necessity, however.”

Tsuki stared at him. His brows furrowed. He truly didn’t want to expose himself to this stranger. This deviant. Not with a room full of people and all eyes on him. But at the same time, his body was hurting all over. His ankle hurt immensely and was throbbing. He wouldn’t be surprised if it was broken. The cuts on his back were aching bad. They definitely felt torn. And his face. God, his face was in agony. Especially his bruised eye. He couldn’t see anything out of that eye. He had no idea if his eye was broken or swollen shut. He needed medical attention. There was no arguing that.

Tsuki let out a heavy sigh. “E-every—it’ll ju-just be you and I?”

“Mm-hm.” Toudai nodded.

Tsuki clenched his fist. “…Okay…”

Chapter Text

“Alright, Izaya, I leave Tsukishima to you.” Shizuo said.

The priest stood in front of the door. A small bag sat against his back.

“Ar-are you su-sure you should g-go?” Tsuki asked. “I-it gets co-cold at night. M-maybe you should-should wait un-until morning.”

Tsukishima and Izaya stood before Shizuo, more towards the interior. Tsuki was standing similar to a crane, his tightly wrapped ankle lifted ever so slightly off the ground so as not to apply pressure to it.

“Don’t worry. Izaya will keep you safe.” Shizuo patted Tsuki on the head, ruffling his blond hair softly. “It’s a six hour hike from here to the church for a human. I can’t risk transforming and being spotted by any of the holy order.”

“W-would it be sh-shorter if you…wer-were in your…other form?”

“Well, yes. I would get there in four hours if I was walking as a wolf. But it’s too dangerous at this point in time.”

Tsuki nodded. “Th-the-then you-you could lea-leave in the mor-morning and be-be back by evening the sam-same night.”

“And risk a member of the holy order overhearing Shizu-chan and Tom-san talking?” Izaya said. “They’ll come looking for the werewolf that kidnapped you and question why I was housing said werewolf. Everyone in this household will be put to death instantly.”

Tsuki fell silent. “S…sorry.”

“It’s alright.” Both of Shizuo’s hands came up to entangle in Tsuki’s blond hair. The teen closed his eyes tight shut as his hair was ruffled. “I understand. But don’t worry. Izaya will keep you safe.”

“Roppi is under lockdown.” Izaya said. “Although, I doubt he’ll be moving around very much anyway. He was quite pummeled.”

Shizuo glared at Izaya. But didn’t say anything to him. He took his hand away from Tsuki’s hair.

“To be on the safe side, Tsukishima,” Shizuo said, “Don’t go anywhere in this household without someone with you—with the exception of the bathroom, of course. Okay?”

“O…okay.” Tsuki nodded.

The priest smiled at him. “Would you like a moment of prayer before I go?”

Tsuki looked up at him wide-eyed. Then he smiled and nodded vigorously. Shizuo also smiled. The priest held his hands up. Tsuki put his hands together in prayer then placed them in Shizuo’s. The blond priest closed his hands over the teens. The two tilted their heads down and closed their eyes.

“Hear me, Our Father, Who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name; Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.”


“We ask that You provide guidance and sanctuary to this lost soul, Tsukishima. Keep him safe in my stead. Protect him throughout this night until morning light. And provide him hope so he may remain strong and faithful to You. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.”

“Um…” Tsuki opened his eyes for a moment.

Shizuo’s eyes also opened. Tsuki made eye contact then shifted his eyes to the ground.

“I-I…wi—I wish to o-offer pr-prayer for H-Hachimenroppi.”

Shizuo’s eyes widened.

“R-Ro-Roppi-san is…is a lost soul who needs guidance. I…I cannot forgive Roppi for hi-his villainy. Ho-however, I pray for-for the salvation of-of his immor-immortal soul. I pr-pray that God can h-help turn Ro-Roppi away from his path t-to damnation.”

Izaya held back a laugh. Shizuo glared at him while Tsuki merely glanced.

“How generous, Tsukishima.” The vampire said, smiling a condescending smile. “You have such a huge heart.”

“Th-thank you.” Tsuki said.

“Don’t encourage him.” Shizuo headbutted Tsuki gently to regain his attention. It actually hurt a bit but Tsuki wouldn’t say anything.

“I think it’s safe to say that Roppi doesn’t deserve you.” Izaya continued as if Shizuo hadn’t said anything.

Tsuki cast his gaze to the ground. ‘That doesn’t sound like a compliment. Almost like…Roppi doesn’t deserve me but he does. No, I’m overthinking it.’

Tsuki closed his eyes tight shut and shook his head to clear it of such thoughts.

“Alright, Tsukishima. We offer prayers for Hachimenroppi. He has begun a journey down the road to damnation, however, there is still good within him. We pray that he may find the guidance of God, so he may return to the path to righteousness. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.”


Shizuo smiled down at Tsuki. The teen smiled back as he pulled his hands away. Shizuo reached up and ruffled Tsuki’s hair one last time.

“Alright,” The priest said, “remember, don’t go anywhere in the manor without someone else, okay?”


“I’ll be back by tomorrow afternoon.”


“Oh. Here.”

Shizuo reached around his neck and pulled out a rosary from under his clothes. A silver cross sat on the end of the red beads. He lifted the holy item over his head and put it over Tsuki’s. The silver put a slight weight on the back of the teen’s neck.

“Keep God in your heart,” Shizuo said, “and He shan’t lead you astray.”

Tsuki nodded, holding the cross tightly.

“Shi~zu~chan!” Izaya hopped behind Tsukishima, leaning the top half of his body forward while he tucked his hands behind his back.

The priest glared at him.

“Can I get a good-bye kiss?” Izaya smiled up at him.

Tsuki’s eyes widened as he looked at the vampire.

‘A priest being a werewolf is one thing. But…but a werewolf that is also a homosexual?  A priest can’t be so blasphemous.’

Shizuo’s pale cheeks turned a shade pink as he stared at Izaya with a glare. He glanced at Tsukishima, made eye contact with the teenager. He then glared down at the ground. He turned his head away with a look of annoyed disapproval, his eyes closed.

“Quit fooling around, flea.”

Tsuki glanced at Izaya to see the vampire’s expression contort in surprise. Then his brow immediately furrowed into a sad expression. But within the same second, that condescending smile cascaded over his face.

“How mean. No need to be bashful.”

“Shut up, flea!” Shizuo opened his eyes to glare at him. “I’m going now.”

“Bye-bye bee~~!”

“G-good-bye, Father.”

The priest turned to the door. He pulled the extravagant carved wood open. Instantly, cold air buffeted Tsukishima, making his shiver. Shizuo stepped out and closed the door behind him.

‘I feel bad.’

“Well, Tsuki-chan,” Izaya said. “Do you have an appetite right now?”

Tsuki looked up at him.

‘That seemed like Shizuo-san wanted to kiss Izaya-san but because I was here, he couldn’t.’

“Um…” Tsuki looked to the side. “N-not really. I’m…not hungry…”

‘He shouldn’t…Shizuo-san shouldn’t be in a relationship with a man. But if he is…Izaya-san was rejected to save Shizuo’s image.’

“Did you eat the food Shizu-chan brought you earlier?” Izaya asked.

‘That…must have really hurt Izaya-san.’

“I’m s-sorry.” Tsuki said.

Izaya cocked a brow. “Why are you apologizing?”

“Um…If…if you wa-wanted—Shizuo-san—you could-couldn’t kiss Shizuo-san be-because I was...”

Izaya’s eyes widened. A near innocent expression of surprise crossed the cynical man’s face.

Then the vampire burst out laughing. Tsuki jolted, his eyes stretching wide. Izaya tilted his head back as he laughed heartily, placing a hand over his eyes. Tsuki wasn’t sure if he was trying to hide his face in embarrassment or if he just found it so funny he had to put his palm to his face.

“Hahahaha, you’re quite perceptive, aren’t you, Tsuki-chan?” Izaya said through his laugh. “You have a heart of gold! You must, hahaha! As a faithful Christian, you can’t possible condone a male priest and a male vampire being in a romantic relationship, hee hahahaha!”

“W-we-well…” Tsuki rung his hands together in discomfort. “I-I can’t—I don’t con-condone it b-but you’re…if-if you two are in a con-consensual relationship—if you were a-a woman and Fa-Father Shizu-zuo had re-rejected you be-because I was there, I’m-I’m sure it wo-would hurt emotion-emotionally.”

Izaya tilted his head down, peeking through his pinky and ring finger to look at Tsuki with one eye. Izaya’s hand came off his face. The master stepped forward, staggering almost like he was going to fall. Tsuki’s eyes widened as he reached out to catch him. But Izaya seemed to have his movements under control as he easily caught himself, as if that janky motion had been intentional. A smile was on Izaya’s lips once again as his face was mere inches from Tsuki’s.

“You truly are a unique specimen. You’re so heavily Christian that you would deny medical treatment from a deviant, yet you don’t pass judgement on Toudaimoto-san for his taste, nor bash him or verbally abuse him. You believe in God, but you don’t use it to hurt others. You’re kind-hearted and generous and even want to give compassion to Hachimenroppi, who had done things to you that should cause resentment and hatred. Yet you forgive him.”

Izaya backed away, his arms flailing out in a theatrical flair as he began to spin on one foot, the other bent up in a feminine manor.

“This is why humans are so interesting! While a holy order rages outside these walls, there is still the compassion of God within! Humans are currently killing each other left and right, claiming it to be the righteous work of God and smearing blood over every church and every bible in this country! Yet a child who has suffered at the hands of the monsters this order should be hunting can’t bring himself to hate his kidnapper! To hate his rapist!”

Izaya turned back to Tsuki. A maniacal happiness was shining in his russet eyes as he held his arms out to Tsuki as if to beckon a hug.

“A child of God has been abused by a monster considered a devil and yet he refuses to hate the monster! You have a golden heart that flairs with compassion for a beast that doesn’t deserve it! You’re empathetic but close-minded! Carrying but absolute! You’re so, so interesting! This is why I love humanity! I’m so deeply in love with humans that I’d rather starve myself than eat any of you to death! If I had, then I’d never be able to see such interesting personalities!”

Tsuki had no idea how to respond to this crazy rant he had just witnessed. He stared at Izaya wide-eyed with his lips pursed between his teeth. Nodding would probably be an appropriate response so that’s what Tsuki did.

“HAHAHAHAHAHA! What’s with that face, Tsuki-chan?! You look so uncomfortable!”

Tsuki just nodded. “Mm-hm.”

“Hahaha…ah, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to scare you, hahaha. You’re such an amazing individual, I just got excited.”

“Mm-hm.” Tsuki nodded.

“Neh, maybe you should just stay here with me. I’d be able to observe your development and you can broaden your horizon!”

Tsuki instantly felt nervous. His shoulders stiffened, and his fists clenched. “Um…I…I-I-I—”

“I was joking. It was just a joke! Don’t be so stiff.”

‘Is he really joking? Or is he lying to me to catch me off guard?’

“Neh, Tsuki-chan. Tell me, how can you show compassion to Hachimenroppi after everything he’s done to you?”

“…To…to show hatred towards…to show hatred towards the devil is-is just pl-playing into the devil’s hand. Hatred is a-a sin of the d-devil so to di-divulge in such would be sinful. Be-besides…”

Tsuki tilted his head down.

“There is…an obvious madness to-to Roppi-san’s actions. He…he is not in his right mind. To…condemn him…”

“I would say that Roppi is in his right mind. He knows what he’s doing.”

“But he…he doesn’t s-s-seem to know wh-what he’s do-doing is wrong.”

“Or he doesn’t care. Because right or wrong means nothing in the face of his own happiness.”

Tsuki’s brow furrowed. ‘That’s…entirely possible. But…’

“I still can’t hate him. It would be w-w-w-wrong of m-me to hate him. I…I have already been…damned enough b-by him. I n-need not damn my-myself.”

“Oh, so your compassion is purely selfish? You’ll be kind to Roppi-chan so your name will be put in the book of life.”

“I can-cannot be kin-kind to Roppi-san. Th-that is not possible. N-nor do I c-care to like hi-him. But…I…I pity him. H-his retched past has shaped hi-him bu-but as Toudai-san said, t-trauma does-does not justify evil do-doing. I…I want him to ge-get better. I’m-I’m sure that su-such a past has been a bu-burden on his very soul. Do-doing this to me…is putting a burden on hi-his soul. He may n-not feel guilty, but I kno-know he does not like the re-la-lationship we have. He’s…hurting himself emotionally w-when he hu-hurts me physically. Maybe…I-I would think…”

“And if he doesn’t?” Izaya leaned forward. “If he relishes in your suffering? If your crying face is what turns him on?”

Tsuki’s eyes widened. Then his brows furrowed as tears began to burn his eyes. “I…I don’t kn-know. I…hon-honestly, I’m sc-scared. I’m scared of Ro-Roppi-san so much. But I’m…I’m even more sc-scared of how R-Roppi-san might m-make me. I’m s-sc-scared th-that if I st-start hating him…I’ll lose myself.”

“So being kind is the only way you can preserve yourself. Being kind is your defense mechanism.”

“…I don’t know…”

“Well, what about Toudaimoto-san, then? You haven’t been vile to him at all, despite him being a deviant.”

“To…to show hatred to To-Toudai-san is-is not my place. I-I cannot judge others in-in the pl-place of God. I-I’m not condoning bu-but I can’t cast ju-judgement.”

“Heh,” Izaya smirked, knowingly. “To speak evil of no one, to avoid quarreling, to be gentle, and to show perfect courtesy toward all people.”

Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide as he looked up at the vampire.

Izaya’s smirk turned into a grin. “Titus 3:2.”

“You-you know the-the words of-of the bible?!” Tsuki rushed forward. His injured ankle immediately protested to the act, which made him call out in pain and lose balance. His hands gripped the shirt that lied over Izaya’s stomach in order to stabilize himself. Izaya assisted in the act by putting his arms under Tsuki’s elbows and lifting. Tsuki tried his best to ignore the pain and looked up at him with wide eyes. “You-you know the hol-holy words?”

“Of course I do.”

“Bu-but I…I thought that va-vampires hu-hurt when the n-name of God is spo-spoken? They-they burn under hol-holy water, under s-salt, and silver and the cr-cross.”

“Oh? So, knowing that, you asked for Shizuo to give you mass while I was standing right next to you?”

Tsuki jolted. He didn’t realize he had done that. “U-um…!”

Izaya chuckled. He reached up and curled his fingers around the silver cross on Tsuki’s chest. He opened his palm to display the cross in his hand. There was no burning, like Tsuki was led to believe would happen to a vampire, nor any deformity of the skin.

“Most of what you said is just an old wise-tale. We vampires don’t burn under the cross or the bible or iron. Not even holy water does anything. Salt hurts us slightly, but that’s only because we have advanced senses of smell and taste. Have you ever over-salted your meal or had someone over-salt your meal?”

Tsuki nodded.

“That’s what most food tastes like with salt.”

“…I…thought v-vampires ca-can only drink…”


Tsuki didn’t answer.

“Heh,” Izaya let the cross go and turned around. He began walking away. Tsuki followed, limping heavily. “We can eat food. Food tastes good after all. But we can only get sustenance from blood. Do you know what a dessert is?”


Izaya stopped to let Tsuki catch up then held his arm out for Tsuki to use as a crutch. Tsuki wrapped his arms around the limb, holding the bicep of the vampire tightly.

“Pies and cakes?” Izaya asked.


The two turned down a hallway off to the side of the staircase.

“Eating any form of food is like eating cake. It tastes good, but it has no nutritional value and can add to your weight. Blood is like eating meat and salads. We need to eat it in order to stay healthy. If a human eats nothing but cake, they’ll become sick. It’s the same thing for vampires.”

Tsuki stared up at him. Then glanced to the side. “Do-does it have to…to be hu-human blood?”

“Well, yes. You can eat salad everyday, but the loss of meat in the diet will start to affect you. Unless you can find an adequate supplement, only eating salad can hurt you. Of course, if you stop eating meat, you can start eating spinach in order to gain iron that you would gain from meat. But vampires don’t have that option. If we don’t eat iron, an abundant amount, it’ll damage our health.”

“Oh…” Tsuki rung his hands together. “Um…do…do you…well…”


“I wa-was bleeding a-a lot to-today.” Tsuki looked up at Izaya. The fear was evident in his eyes. “Are…have I m-m-made you hun-hungry?”

“Are you offering to feed me?”

Tsuki immediately shook his head, stopping in his tracks and letting Izaya’s arm go. He took a hesitant step back.

“Don’t be scared.” The vampire said. “Shizu-chan would be angry if I ate you.”

Tsuki’s eyes widened. Roppi’s words rung in the back of his mind.

“You keep Izaya cooped up inside this manor, starving him and fucking him however you see fit!”

“Come along. You have nothing to fear from me.”

Izaya held his hand out to him. A gentle smile was on his lips, warm and inviting. Tsuki felt compelled to trust this man despite knowing he shouldn’t.

Tsuki reached his hand out. He looked at Izaya with uncertainty as he placed his hand in Izaya’s. Soft fingers folded over the back of Tsuki’s hand. There was no form of violence to the touch as the vampire guided Tsuki closer, so they were standing side by side. Then he turned and returned Tsuki’s arms back to the stabilizing hold they were in before. The two began walking down the hall again.

‘Is what Roppi-san said true, I wonder? Is Izaya-san a captive like me? Is that why he’s been so kind to me, because he can relate to my situation?’

“W-where are we g-going?” Tsuki asked.

“To the kitchen. I’m sure we can make you something to eat.”

“I’m…not hungry.”

“Did you eat the food Shizu-chan brought you earlier?” Izaya repeated the question he had asked before.

Tsuki shook his head.

“You need to eat something. You must keep your strength up. You’ll be having a long journey ahead of you sooner rather than later.”

Tsuki tossed his gaze to the ground. “I…I know…I just…”

“I’m sure you want the taste of blood out of your mouth, right?”

Tsuki’s expression darkened.

“How’s your nose, by the way? Does it still hurt?”

Tsuki looked up at him. “It-it hurts to tou-touch but br-breathing’s fine. Um, I can-can’t smell an-anything though.”

“It’ll probably be like that for the next few days. I don’t think it’s permanent damage though. You should be able to smell once the bruising passes.”

“M-mm.” Tsuki nodded.

“What about your eye? Can you see? It didn’t swell all that much considering the force of the punch but it’s very black.”

“B-bl-black?” Tsuki looked up at him. “M-my eye is bl-black?”

“Very. Did Toudai not give you a mirror?”

Tsuki shook his head.

“Well, there should be a mirror in the kitchen. I’ll show you.”

‘I’m scared to look.’

“It’ll be alright. I think not know is scarier than knowing.”

Tsuki jolted. ‘Did he just read my mind?’

“What’s wrong, Tsuki-chan?” Izaya tilted his head, smiling warmly.

“D-did you ju-just re-read my-my mind?”

“Hm?” Izaya’s smile didn’t change. “No. You were making a face that said you were scared.”

“W-was I?”

“Mm-hm!” Izaya nodded.

“Yo-you sc-scared me fo-for a moment.”

“I’m very sorry.”

Tsuki nodded. “It-it’s okay.”

“But does your eye hurt?”

Tsuki nodded. “It-it’s not as b-bad as before. I…I can’t se-see out of i-it. He-he said if I can’t see-see out of it tomorrow, I-I may have per-permanent dam-damage to my ey-eye. He said there isn-isn’t much he-he can do to he-help that. Ju-just make sure it do-doesn’t get infected.”

“That would be terrible.”

Tsuki nodded solemnly. “But it does-doesn’t hurt too bad. Whe-when I scru-scrunch my brow, it hurts. And I can-can’t widen it p-past the ha-half-mast point.”

“You can’t as in you physically can’t or you can’t because it’ll hurt?”

“Both. Tr-trying hurts but I can’t.”

“Ah, I see. Well, if blindness does become prominent, I know some medicinal herbs that’ll help. If you are permanently blind, then I can’t help unless I use witchcraft or turn you into a vampire. But if it’s just blurry vision, I know how to fix that.”

Tsuki jolted. ‘Turn me into…’

“I…I!” Tsuki started. “I…have bl-blurry vi-vision anyway.”

‘So you don’t need to turn me into a monster.’

Izaya stared at him for a moment then chuckled. “Really?”

Tsuki nodded. “I can-can’t see ver-very far. Ne-neither can Delic-Nii or Tsu-Tsugaru-Nii. We-we were told it was pro-probably be-because of how we were bo-born.”

“Oh? I’m assuming your parents don’t have blond hair and red eyes?”

Tsuki shook his head. “Uh-Actually, I’m th-the only one w-with red eyes. D-Delic-nii has p-pink eyes an-and Tsugaru-nii’s are bl-blue.”

“Oh? So, you’re a rabbit, this Delic is a rat, and Tsugaru is a dog.”

“Hm?” Tsuki tilted his head in confusion. “Wh-what do you—”

“Well, you’re disorder. The reason you look the way you look. It’s called Albinism. You may have never seen an albino rabbit but maybe you’ve seen a white rabbit. They have red eyes.”


“Well, albino rabbits have pink eyelids, which makes their red eyes pop. That’s how you can tell a rabbit’s an albino instead of a white rabbit. Rabbits and owls are known for having blood red eyes when they’re affected by Albinism. Rats and mice tend to have pink eyes. And dogs and horses tend to have blue. It’s a bit unusual to see a human with red or pink eyes. Typically, they have blue.

“Although,” Izaya continued, “What’s even more unusual is that you are alive to the age you are. You and your brothers. Most children who are born with albinism are considered hellspawns. The church has partaken in brutal means to purify these infants. Some parents will even murder the child themselves so the church doesn’t find out they birthed a hellspawn.”

“Wh…” Tsuki’s eyes widened. He felt his form start to tremble. “Wh-what does the ch-church do?”

“Drown them.”

Tsuki felt his body turn cold.

“Some priests think that baptizing has more power than it does. Baptizing is merely protecting children from sin until they are old enough to understand sin.”

“Y-yes, I know. You g-get baptized when you’re-you’re born to be un-under God’s protection un-until your eighteenth year. Th-then you get baptized again by your own free choice to g-give yourself to God.”

“Yup, that’s right! But see, some priests believe that baptizing can work like an exorcism. Do you know what that is?”

Tsuki nodded. “It-it’s compelling a demon ou-out of a human bo-body.”

“That’s right. Then you know that baptizing and exorcism are not the same thing.”

Tsuki nodded.

“Well, some priests think that it can be the same thing. That if you keep a possessed individual under holy water, the demon will be compelled out.”

“T-th—but that’s not how th-that works!”

“I’m fully aware. But some priests are quite ignorant. And ignorant men who have power over the masses are very dangerous. These priests have been known to keep a baby under holy water. The idea is that the baby is a holy individual once color returns to their hair and eyes. So long as their hair is blond, they are still under the devils hold. So, the priests will keep them under the water until they change. Which, of course, the baby won’t change and so the baby just drowns.”

Tsuki looked up at Izaya in horror. “Ho-how could—a chi-child is an in-innocent. A baby can-cannot be born evil.”

“But doesn’t that defeat the purpose of the phrase ‘hellspawn’?”

“A-A hellspawn is a cr-creature born in hell! Bu-but a hu-human c-c-can’t be born a hell-hellspawn! Not on thi-this plane!”

“Didn’t you call Shizu-chan a hellspawn?”

“I-I didn’t…well, I g-guess I did.” Tsuki casted his eyes to the ground. “Bu-but werewolves are-aren’t hu-human. They co-could be hellspawns bu-but not—”

“Then is Rubi a hellspawn because he is a white-haired and pink-eyed man?”

“N-no, that’s no-not why he’s a hel-hellspawn.”

“So, because he’s a werewolf, he’s a hellspawn?”


Tsuki’s brows furrowed—which hurt his injury. He clenched his teeth as tears threatened to spill. He rested his face into Izaya’s arm, hiding his face.

“I…don’t know anymore…”

“Oh? What do you mean?”

“I don’t know…if we-werewolves…Ro-Roppi-san sa-say’s that he was b-born that way. And Rubi-san sa-says the sam-same thing. I just…don’t know anymore…Ru-Rubi-san didn’t de-deserve what he went through as-as a child. N-nor did Roppi-san…I don’t know if they’re…hellspawns anymore…”

Izaya chuckled. He reached up and rubbed Tsuki’s hair. His thumb and index found a lock of Tsuki’s hair to twiddle with.

“The world’s not in shades of black and white anymore, huh?” Izaya asked. “The church was good and anything inhuman is bad. But now you question what’s what. Heh, that’s because the world isn’t that simple, Tsuki-chan. The world isn’t in black and white. Everything is in shades of gray. The church is a symbol of hope for some but to others a symbol of fear. Werewolves are beings of carnage, yet they are gentle and caring. This must be so confusing for you. You poor thing.”

Tsuki didn’t respond. He didn’t know how to respond to this condescending kindness. This kindness that was ripping Tsuki’s very world apart.

‘I want to go home. Everything made sense there. Nothing was this confusing.’

“Neh, Tsuki-chan, are you okay?”


Tsuki let out a heavy sigh and looked up at Izaya.

“But I’ll live.”


Tsuki lied in his extravagant bed, curled up under the thick blankets. He stared out the window. His gaze was glued to the bright quarter-moon. He registered that the moon had been full when Roppi stole him away. A full blood moon that was supposed to be symbolize his death. Tsuki had been gone for so long that the moon had shifted shape. How long had it been now?

‘Five days over the mountain. Two days here. It’s only been a week then. It feels like it’s been months, yet it doesn’t at the same time. I feel like I’ve been trapped for so much longer but at the same time, I just saw Delic-nii yesterday.’

Tsuki felt the burning sensation of tears in his eyes. He quickly shook his head.

‘No no no. Don’t cry. It’ll be okay. Father Shizuo is going to take me home tomorrow. Most-likely. He might even bring Father Tom to see me. I should have asked him to bring Father Tom to see me if he’s there. It’d be nice to see a familiar face.’

Tsuki sighed and rolled over on his side, facing the window. The moon illuminated the sky, not a cloud to be seen on the snowy scenery. The snow reflected the moonlight, making the dark night much brighter than it should be.

And with that brightness, Tsuki was able to see a figure take flight off the ground. Tsuki squinted his eyes—his undamaged eye—to try and make it out. It looked like a human figure with wings similar to a bat’s. A black cloak was billowing around the figure.


Tsuki heard his bedroom door open behind him. His eyes stretched wide before he sat up. He turned his head to look.

A hand grabbed Tsuki by the bottom half of his face. The grip was rough, and it hurt. Tsuki called out in surprise, the call muffled by this intruder’s palm. Tsuki was forced back against the mattress. The blond started to struggle, kicking his legs and trying to push the person off. The blanket lied over his torso and the intruders body lied over him. Tsuki’s right arm was thoroughly pinned between his body and the person on top of him with no way to claw the body thanks to the blanket. His left wrist was grabbed and pinned to the pillow.

“Do not scream or I’ll break your jaw.”

Tsuki’s whole body stiffened to the voice he instantly recognized as Hachimenroppi’s. He immediately began to tremble and felt tears leak from his eyes.

‘Izaya-san! Izaya-san, help!’

Tsuki looked to the door, hoping someone would be coming by. He then looked out the window. The figure he had seen was nowhere in sight.

“Everyone’s sleeping.” Roppi said, looking out the window. “And Izaya just left to go eat. Heh, the only time he can eat is when Shizuo’s gone else he’ll get the shit kicked out of him.”

Roppi returned his attention to Tsuki. Under the light of the moon, Tsuki saw the full extent of the damage Shizuo had done to Hachimenroppi. Both of Roppi’s eyes were bruised a deep purple with raspberry gashes on both cheek bones. His lip was split and there was a gash over his nose. His left cheek was nothing more than a giant purple bruise.

“I’m going to remove my hand. If you scream, you know what’ll happened.”

Tsuki gave no confirmation he understood or not. Roppi waited a few seconds before he slowly raised his hand. Tsuki made no noise.

“Good.” Roppi leaned down and kissed Tsuki’s forehead. “You look like shit. I didn’t think I hit you that hard.”

“…Like you look any better…” Tsuki muttered.

“Heh, yeah.” Roppi leaned back up, looking down at Tsuki. “Shizuo did a number on me. Not that I didn’t deserve it.”

‘Eh?’ Tsuki’s eyes widened.

Roppi reached his hand down. The hand that had adamantly bruised him earlier was poised to touch his face. Tsuki closed his eyes tight shut and flinched out of reflex.

The hand never touched him.

“I’m sorry.”

Tsuki’s eyes opened wide. The blond looked up at him.

“I wasn’t thinking straight earlier. I was angry and in pain and I blamed you. Not that it wasn’t your fault. You should apologize too. It’s because of you that I got bit by the lycan. You’re lucky you didn’t get bit. I’d have to kill you otherwise.”

Tsuki’s eyes narrowed. ‘Like I’ll apologize.’

“But I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done what I did.”

Tsuki didn’t respond.

Roppi let out a sigh and sat up.

“Well, whatever. Get dressed.”


Roppi pushed himself off the mattress and stood. “Get dressed. Now.”


“Shizuo’s going to take you from me. We have to go now before he gets back.”


Roppi’s eyes narrowed into a glare. “You don’t get a choice. Get dressed. Unless you want to walk through the woods naked.”


Now, Tsukishima.”

“I can-can’t wa-walk.”

Roppi’s glared at him with obvious skepticism. Tsuki flinched as tears streaked his cheeks.

“You-you-you dis-dis-dis—”


“You di-di-di-disloca-cated my an-ankle ear-earlier. Tou-Toudai-san fi-f-f-f-fixed it bu-but I’m n-n-not su-supposed to put an-any pre-pressure on it.”

Roppi rolled his eyes as he scoffed. However, he didn’t verbally disagree with Tsuki. Instead, he turned around and went to the closet. Tsuki looked to the door.

‘I can try and run. But my ankle. I won’t make it to the door before he turns around. Should I call for help? Will he really break my jaw if I do? That could kill me, right? So maybe it’s just a bluff. He doesn’t want me to die—’

While Tsuki was lost in thought, Roppi had grabbed the clothes out of the closet. The werewolf regained Tsuki’s attention by throwing the clothes at him. Tsuki flinched out of reflex.

“Get dressed. I’m not going to ask you again.”

Tsuki clenched his teeth.

‘Someone, please, help me. Izaya-san…’

Tsuki grabbed the shirt.

“Undershirt first, stupid.”


Roppi growled before walking over. He reached down and pulled out a black long sleeve turtle neck.

“Put that on first.” Roppi held it out to him.

Tsuki obeyed, pulling the shirt over his head. The fabric was tight and constricting. Claustrophobia started seeping into Tsuki’s being. His throat felt like he was being choked. He didn’t like it. He didn’t like it at all.

“I-I-I-I can-can’t.” Tsuki pulled on the fabric around his throat.

“Don’t do that. You’ll stretch it.”

“I can’t. I’m…choking.”

“You’re not choking. It’s not that tight.”

“I can’t! MM!” Roppi’s hand grabbed Tsuki’s face again.

“Yell again. I fucking dare you.”

Tsuki was breathing hard through his nose as he stared at Roppi with utter fear. His vision blurred as fresh tears slid down his face onto Roppi’s fingers.

Roppi let out an exasperated sigh. He then reached for Tsuki with his other hand.

“Nm! NM!” Tsuki grabbed Roppi’s wrist over his mouth to try and pull it off while he shook his head wildly.

“Would you stop?!”

Roppi forced Tsuki against the mattress.

Wild panic took hold of Tsuki. Honestly, the pressure on his throat wasn’t even enough to be counted as a discomfort. But the fact that it was there made it feel like he was being choked. As if what was on his throat was most-definitely going to become the painful sensation of air being cut from his lungs. He could breathe now but he wasn’t going to be able to soon. That was what his mind rationed. He was going to be strangled all from a flimsy piece of cloth.

That panic held Tsuki tight. He kicked and squirmed under Roppi. His nails dug into the bandages and the back of Roppi’s hand. Roppi growled.

‘Izaya-san! Izaya-san, why did you leave?! You were supposed to protect me! Father Shizuo said—’

Roppi’s grip on Tsuki’s face tightened. The blonde’s body was lifted off the mattress.


And the next second, the back of his skull was slammed against the headboard of the bed. Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide before his vision blurred. Black seeped into the corner of his vision before that was all he saw.

Chapter Text

Tsukishima groaned. A throbbing sensation was going up and down the base of Tsuki’s neck. He didn’t know what was wrong with his head, but he wanted to go back to sleep, hoping that when he next woke it would be gone.

So that’s exactly what Tsuki did.

The next time Tsuki woke, the throbbing was still there, but now his eyes hurt from oversleeping. His only choice, in his mind, was to go back to sleep.

Third time of Tsuki waking up, the sensations of pain had passed. His throat hurt due to dehydration, which meant he had to get up. He opened his eyes.

He saw a moving landscape of snow and trees. Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide. He was moving despite his legs not moving. The blond gasped and shot up.


Roppi called out before he stepped back. Tsuki was being piggy-backed by the werewolf in human form and Tsuki’s jolt back had caused all their forward moment to go backwards. Tsuki’s arms flailed out as he lost balance. Roppi took multiple steps back before leaning forward. Tsuki grabbed those broad shoulders to stabilize himself. Roppi fell on one knee as Tsuki fell forward, slamming against his back. His injuries on his chest spasmed and he called out.


“You alright?”

“My-my stitches…”

“Are you bleeding?”

Tsuki shook his head. “I don-don’t think s-so.”

“Here, stand up.”

Tsuki obeyed. His bandaged foot immediately protested, and he called out for a different reason. He fell to his side as he grabbed his ankle.

“Ow, ow, ow!” Tsuki said through clenched teeth. Tears threatened to fall down his cheeks from the pain.

Roppi knelt down before Tsuki. “Are you okay?”

“It…it hurts.” Tsuki looked up at him. “M-my ankle.”

“Let me see.”

Roppi reached forward and touched Tsuki’s ankle.


“Sorry. Just bear with it for now.”

Tsuki nodded.

Roppi gripped the injured appendage and set it in his lap. He pulled the tabi off Tsuki’s foot. Tsuki wished he didn’t as cold air touched his socked toes and the pressure on his ankle was gone, giving rise to more pain.

“Tell me if it hurts.” Roppi said.

“It-it already hu-hurts.”

“Cuz the pressure came off it?”

Tsuki nodded.

“Hm…See, we should put ice on it. Ice will help with any swelling, which it seems like it’s swollen. Here, take off your other shoe so I can do a comparison.”


Tsuki reached down and pulled off his other tabi. Roppi grabbed both feet and brought them side by side.

“Yeah, it’s swollen.” Roppi said. He then let out a heavy sigh. “Putting ice on it in the middle of winter will most-likely cause hypothermia on the limb. So, I’m thinking all we can do is keep pressure on it.”

‘Why did you take it off if you were going to come to the conclusion I already knew?’  Tsuki couldn’t stop the bubble of annoyance that began to rise in his chest.


Roppi rubbed the swollen ankle.

“Ow!” Tsuki clenched his teeth. “Hu-hurting! You’re hurting m-me!”

“Calm down. I’m just seeing how loose the bandages are.”

“St-stop! J-j-j-j-just l-let me pu-put my shoe b-back on!”

Roppi glared at him. Then scoffed. “Fine.”

Roppi stood, letting Tsuki’s feet fall against the snow. “KYAH!”

Tsuki lifted his feet up before he grabbed the tabi’s.

‘You immature bastard!’ Tsuki glared up at Hachimenroppi, who returned the glare tenfold. The blond cast his eyes to the side, the glare still prominent. ‘Jerk.’

He slid his uninjured foot into the footwear. He grabbed the other one and pulled it up. He cringed in pain but pulled the tabi on nonetheless.


With the task done, Tsuki let out a breath of relief.

He then pushed off the snow to stand, lifting his injured foot up off the ground.

Tsuki was surprised to feel that he hadn’t become soaked in the time he had been sitting. He looked down at his outfit. Although it looked no different, he realized from the sensation that he had two pairs of pants on. One was significantly tighter than the other. The outer layer had become wet, but he couldn’t feel it.

Tsuki then realized that he was still wearing the turtle neck that caused him panic last night. However, a button-up shirt sat over it. He was also wearing his scarf and his cloak. The last article of clothing he wore was gloves over his fingers.

The blond was surprisingly warm. However, his face was still cold. At least it had become cold in the time that he didn’t have it pressed to Roppi’s back.

It was quite obvious these were not the clothes Tsuki had tried to fall asleep in. Meaning, after Roppi had knocked Tsuki unconscious, he had dressed him. That thought caused Tsuki to clench his fists. The idea that Roppi had seen his naked body will never be something he’ll get used to. It still disturbed and disgusted him that this man had gazed upon his bare flesh. And the fact that he had been unconscious left a bubble of fear in his stomach. Fear that Roppi may have done anything to him while he was sleeping besides just dressing him.

But Tsuki could choke that down. That wasn’t important. No, it was important but since he couldn’t do anything about it, it wasn’t important at the moment. What was important was…

“W-wh-where are we?” Tsuki looked around himself.

He was in another snow-covered forest. If it was the one he had been in when the lycan attacked or another was completely lost to Tsuki. He couldn’t tell the difference.

“We’re about another days’ travel away from the port city.” Roppi said. “If we keep up the pace, we should get there by high-noon tomorrow.”

“Port city…” Tsuki looked at him. “P-port city?”

“Yeah. You know…a city where boats come in and out of the sea.”

“The sea? Wh-what’s that?”

“You’ve never heard of the sea?”

Tsuki shook his head.

“Well, it’s basically this giant expansion of water that stretches as far as the eye can see.”

“As far—really?” Tsuki’s eyes—eye—stretched wide. “Is-is there really wa-water that big?”

“Yeah—wait, do you know what an island is?”

“Um…I think it-it’s a patch of l-land in the mi-middle of a ri-river, right?”

“Kind of. It’s a patch of land in the middle of any body of water…You do know that Japan is an island, don’t you?”

“Wa-wait, is that tr-true?”

Roppi just stared at him.


“You’re adorable, you know that?”

Tsuki stiffened. “Um…”

“I should have expected that you’d be that naïve, considering you’ve never left that valley. Then I guess you’ve never seen a ship before, huh?”


“Oh, it’s a giant boat with massive sails. They’re beautiful. You’ll see when we get to the port city.”

Roppi walked over to Tsuki, his shoes crunching the snow. Tsuki’s fists clenched but he made no move to run away from the smiling werewolf.

“I’ve never been to the see either.” Roppi said, a gentle smile planted on his face. “I’m happy both our first times will be experienced together.”

Tsuki didn’t answer. He only hugged himself just a tighter with his eyes staring at his feet.

“Do you wanna piggy-back or toddler lift?” Roppi asked.

“Eh?” Tsuki looked up at him.

“Piggy-back?” Roppi pointed to his back. “Or toddler lift?” Roppi made a seat with his arms in front of his body. “I’m thinking toddler lift is better, just cuz your feet will be warmer and less-likely to lose circulation. Although, you can tuck your feet under my butt.”

“Um…” Tsuki glanced down at the ground. “P-piggy-back…”


Roppi turned around and knelt down with his back to Tsuki. Tsuki stared at him. He really didn’t want to be touched by this man nor touch this man. He wanted to get away from him. But even if Roppi couldn’t easily catch him, his hurt ankle wasn’t going to let him get very far. So Tsuki let out a heavy sigh of defeat and limped forward.

He pressed his torso to Roppi’s back and wrapped his arms around Roppi’s neck. Roppi hooked his feet under Tsuki’s thighs and stood. Once standing, Roppi hoisted Tsuki and tucked his hands under Tsuki’s rump. The blond gasped and tried to lift himself higher so Roppi wouldn’t touch. That action seemed to only help Roppi with his goal. He clasped his hands together, holding his owns wrists, to make a seat for Tsuki to sit on.

“Tuck your feet around my thighs,” Roppi said, “Like right under my butt. It’ll keep them warm.”

Tsuki didn’t want to. He was going to because he had to keep his feet warm, but he didn’t want to. Tsuki bent his foot to curl it around the appendage like Roppi ordered. However, he couldn’t do the same with his damaged foot. Rotating the ankle caused pain to flair in the inflamed wound.


“Can you not—”


Roppi sighed. “Alright.”

Roppi began to walk.

“What ha-happened to your du-duffle?” Tsuki asked.


“W-well, I was ju-just thinking. You-you could have put the d-duffle under my r-rump to ma-make a seat in-instead of your ha-hands.” ‘So then you wouldn’t be touching me.’

“Nah, that would cause the strap to dig into my shoulder. Your full weight would be supported by my one shoulder and that would hurt like a mother.”


“As for where, I don’t really know what happened to it. I couldn’t find it in the manor before we left.”

Tsuki didn’t respond.

‘Izaya-san was supposed to protect me. I wasn’t supposed to be left alone in the manor. Why did Izaya-san leave like that?’

Tsuki rested his head against his arm.

‘Maybe…maybe I should have offered him some of my blood. If I had, then he wouldn’t have had to leave to get some while Father Shizuo was gone.’

Tsuki felt tears rise.

‘I was so close to going home. Why? I should have gone with Father Shizuo even if he said no. I should have convinced him to let me go with him.’

His grip on Roppi tightened as soft sobs escaped his lips.

“Are you crying?” Roppi asked.

Tsuki didn’t respond.

‘I was a night away from going home! I was a night away from never seeing Hachimenroppi again! Why? Why did it turn out like this? Why were my prayers not answered, God?’

Tsuki clenched his teeth.

‘God, please. I need Your help. I need Your guidance. I need strength and hope but I can’t do this. I need You, now more than ever. Please…’


“Roppi, stop!”

The two jolted as a powerful voice tore through the air. Roppi turned to see who it was while Tsuki lifted his head.

“Father Shizu…”

Tsuki’s words died when he saw who it actually was. A white-haired man with pink eyes was running up to them, followed closely by the doctor wearing a red-and-white poncho, the brunette in a pink haori, and a blond in black and white clothing.

“How the hell did you guys catch up so fast?” Roppi turned so that they would have to go through Roppi in order to get to Tsuki.

“Izaya returned from feeding to see you and Tsuki gone!” Rubi yelled. “It didn’t take a genius to figure what you did!”

As soon as Rubi was within reach, the white-haired man pulled his fist back. Roppi saw it coming. But with Tsukishima on his back, there was no way he could maneuver fast enough. Rubi punched him in the cheek hard.

Roppi fell back. Tsuki and Roppi fell into the snow. Roppi had twisted on his side so that he didn’t land on Tsuki—he was even so kind as to plant his elbow down before his body, so he didn’t crush Tsuki’s hurt foot. Tsuki pulled his limb out from under Roppi and scrambled back.

Rubi rushed over and grabbed Tsuki under his shoulders. The blond gasped as he was lifted off the ground like a child. Rubi turned around with Tsuki pressed to his chest.

“Hey!” Roppi grabbed Rubi’s ankle.

 Tsuki fell back into the snow with Rubi on top of him this time. The white-haired man had a similar desire not to crush Tsuki, so he put his hands into the snow to prop his body above Tsuki’s.

“Motherfucker, what the hell are you doing?!” Roppi yelled, before tugging Rubi by his ankle. “Get off of him!”

Rubi was pulled off of Tsuki. A pair of hands then touched the blonds shoulder. He looked up to see it was Toudai. He put his hands under Tsuki’s shoulders and pulled him back. The doctor struggled to move Tsuki, who was just as big if not bigger than the petite man. Tsuki reached up and grabbed Toudai’s arms, using the limb to pull himself to his feet. Toudai assisted in the act then maneuvered around Tsuki so he was standing in between him and Hachimenroppi.

Roppi wasn’t paying attention to them as he and Rubi were wrestling in the snow. Roppi was trying to get on top of Rubi, while Rubi was trying to get on top of him, so the two had their hands locked in a grapple while they rolled over and over.

“Stop it!” Toudai yelled. “Get off of Rubi!”

“Tell him to get off of me,” Roppi said from under Rubi, “you fuck!”

Roppi swung his foot up hard and fast, his knee slamming into Rubi’s ribs. The albino man gasped loudly as saliva flew from his mouth. Roppi then used his other leg to kick Rubi in the side—in the ribs again—and kicked the white wolf off of him. The black wolf pushed himself to his feet.

“Assholes!” Roppi glared at Rubi, then glared up at Toudai. “The fuck are you doing?!”

“We’re taking Tsuki-kun back to Orihara-san’s manor!” The doctor yelled, glaring at Roppi.

“Like hell you are!” Roppi rushed forward.

Toudai stood his ground. Tsuki stared at the doctor wide-eyed. ‘He’s so brave!’

“Don’t you dare!” Rubi grabbed Roppi’s wrists, pulling the enraged wolf back.

“You’re not taking Tsuki from me!”

“We’re taking this boy back home!” Toudai yelled.

“You’re sending him to his death!”

“He’s safer there than with you!”

“You motherfuc—”

“ROPPI, DON’T YOU DARE!” Rubi tugged Roppi hard. “If you touch Toudai, I’ll fuck you up worse than Shizuo did, you hear me?!”

“Yeah, sure, Rubi! Nice to see you found a replacement for me! You think you could have chosen someone who didn’t look more like me?!”

“Shu—I didn’t replace you! We weren’t—”

“Yeah, you’re righ,t we weren’t a thing! You just enjoyed fucking my ass every other night!”

“That’s because of you—”

“Yup, it was because of me! Totally all me! The fact that you got hard means you had no part of it, right?!”

“You know what, that doesn’t fucking matter right now! You and I can settle our differences later, if that’s what you want! But we’re taking Tsuki back!”

“You can’t! The boat leaves tomorrow with the next tide! We’ve lost too much time while staying at Izaya’s! If you take Tsuki back to Izaya’s, you’ll miss the ship!”

“There will be another ship!”

“Another one before your white rabbit ass is seen by the holy order?! Yeah, fucking right!”

“I’ll figure it out!”

“We’ll figure it out!” Toudai yelled at the same time as Rubi.

“You’re going to Taiwan with Shitsuo and Sakuraya!” Rubi continued. “Toudai and I will take Tsuki back to Izaya’s place!”

“No! I’m not leaving Tsuki!”

“You are!”

“I’m not!” Roppi pulled his arm out of Rubi’s hold. “I’m not leaving him, and you can’t fucking stop me!”

“You can’t stay here! You’ll be hunted!”

“More so than you?! At least I have black hair!”

“Everyone will think you’re a vampire with your red eyes!”

“Everyone will think Tsuki’s a vampire! I can’t leave him to fend for himself!”

“We’ll protect him!” Toudai yelled.

“Like someone like you can protect anyone!” Roppi glared death at the doctor.

“We’ll figure it out! We always do!”

“We’re taking Tsuki back, Roppi!” Rubi yelled. “You can’t stop us!”

“Wait, no! Rubi! Listen to me!” A desperate expression crossed Roppi’s face as he grabbed Rubi’s arm. “You can’t separate us! Not now! Not after everything!”

“What everything?! You’ve only really known each other for a week!”

“Do you think I would risk my life for just anyone? I fought against a fucking lycan for him! Do you think I’m like that with everyone? You can’t take him from me! Not now! Not when we’re so close to safety!”

“Tsukishima is not safe with you!”

“He’s safer with me than with a town flooded with the holy order! And definitely safer than with a half-starved vampire!”

“And he’s supposed to be safe with a rapist?!”

“Like I said, this is only temporary! I’m only rough with him when he doesn’t comply. The rest of the time I’m kind and loving to him. We won’t be like this for much longer. Once Tsuki gets used to me, it’ll be fine!”

“What the fuck do you mean ‘get used’ to you?! You expect him to develop Stockholm Syndrome and everything will be okay?! How can you—”

“No! it’s not like that!”

“How do you expect him to love you when you beat him?!”

“That was a one-time thing! It won’t happen again!”

“Like every abuser hasn’t said that before!”

“No, Rubi, you don’t understand!”

“I don’t want to understand! Whatever logic you can come up with to justify dislocating your ‘loved one’s’ ankle is not something I want to understand!”

“Rubi, please! I can’t live without him!”

“You lived without him up to this point! You will be fine!”

“No! Now that I have him, life without him is meaningless!”


“Without Tsukishima, I have no reason to live anymore!”

Rubi’s eyes stretched wide.

“You coward!” Toudai screamed. “Using suicide as a bartering chip to keep Tsuki in captivity! Why is your life more important than Tsukishima’s?!”

“Tsukishima’s the only reason I held on as long as I did!” Roppi didn’t look at Toudai. Didn’t acknowledge him at all. His eyes were still on Rubi, his expression growing more and more desperate by the minute. “It was meeting Tsuki all those years ago that saved my life! That day I went down to the river, I realized I could kill myself! Ryu wouldn’t be able to stop me! I couldn’t do it that day! I realized too late that that was a possibility, so I planned to take my catch back and then the next day, instead of fishing I would drown myself. But then Tsuki…He didn’t even do much! But if it wasn’t for Tsukishima, I wouldn’t be here!”

Roppi put the palms of his hands over his eyes.

“I held on for as long as I did because Tsuki and I made a promise! One day, I’d see him again! That’s what I told myself every fucking day! It’s the only reason I didn’t give up! Seeing Tsuki was the only hope I had! And you!”

Roppi turned on Toudai. The doctor flinched but his feet stayed planted and his glare didn’t abate.

“You want to take him from me! He’s all I have, and you want to strip him from me!”

“Tsukishima can’t save you! You have to help yourself before anyone can even begin to help you!”

“Then what the fuck is the point of help?!”

“What you expect from Tsuki isn’t within his ability! You hope ‘loving’ him will magically heal you of your trauma! Suddenly the nightmares will stop! The anxiety, the paranoia, the depression that claws at you all day every day and can get so bad, you feel like you’re drowning! I’m telling you from experience, it won’t work! Instead of ignoring your trauma, you should have acknowledged it! Faced it head on and rose above it!”

“What the fuck do you know about me to tell me how to handle my—I’m not even traumatized!”

“That is a lie! Rubi informed all of us of your ‘relationship’ with your father!”

Roppi’s eyes stretched wide for a split second. Then they filled with a boiling rage as he turned his head to look at Rubi.

“Tsuki had a right to know.” Rubi said almost sheepishly.

An unhuman growl echoed in Roppi’s throat.

“Roppi, I’m telling you,” Toudai continued, his tone becoming much softer. Almost caring. “Tsukishima cannot help you. He may have given you the hope to continue living but that was the only part he should have played in your rehabilitation. He can’t do anything more for you than he has. It’s time to let him go, Roppi-kun. Let Tsukishima go home.”


Roppi looked at Toudai. His expression contorted so quickly in the span of five seconds. First it was a glare, then it was sorrow, then remorse, and finally blank. He looked at Tsuki. The blond jolted, holding Toudai’s arm with shaking hands and tear-filled eyes.

Roppi’s eyes narrowed. He shook his head. “I can’t lose him! You don’t understand anything!”

Toudai’s soft, gentle features turned into an expression of droll disinterest. “Well, whether I understand or not changes nothing. Tsuki’s going home and you can’t stop us.”

“No, you can’t!”

“Roppi, it’s happening!” Rubi yelled. “It’s what Tsuki wants!”

“But…!” Roppi looked to Rubi. “But…!” He looked to Toudai. “I…!” He looked to Tsuki.

The raven then closed his eyes tight shut. His teeth clenched, and his fists came up by his head in a display of frustration.

“Then I’ll take him back!”

Rubi’s eyes widened. “Wha—”

“I’ll take Tsukishima home!” Roppi looked back at Rubi. “That way, none of you will have to stay here. You can all get on the ship for Taiwan. I’ll take Tsuki back to Izaya’s place then once we get the go ahead, I’ll take him back over the mountain.”

“You cannot expect us to believe you’ll take Tsuki home, safely!” Toudai called. “You’ll more than likely run off to lock him away in a remote cave.”

“If I say I’m going to do something then I’ll do it!”

“Your word means nothing!”

“Roppi, you can’t go back there!” Rubi yelled. “Even if the holy order leaves, the people of that village will rise against you! If Tsuki tells any of them of the journey he has had so far, then you’ll be exposed. They’ll come during the day and butcher you alive.”

“I’ll be alright.”

“No, you won’t!”

“I can’t live without him! Why is that so hard to understand?! If he has to go back to the damnable rath then I’ll take him back! If I die there, then so be it! I don’t care, so long as I have Tsuki!”

“You’ll lose Tsuki if you die!”

“No, Tsuki will lose me. I can die happy knowing he’s safe.”

“You coward!” Toudai screamed.

Rubi didn’t respond. He was glaring down at the ground. His legs were shaking. Tsuki could barely make that out from this distance. A growl rose in the white wolf’s throat as he clenched his teeth. He looked at Sakuraya, then Shitsuo, then Toudai, Tsuki, and finally Roppi.

Then he sighed. His shoulders slackened noticeably, and defeat crossed his face.

“We’re going to Taiwan.”

“Rubi, I can’t leave—”

“We’re all going to Taiwan.”

Tsuki felt his whole body go cold as his eyes widened. Everyone’s eyes widened to match Tsuki’s, staring at Rubi with utter shock.

“Ru—” Toudai started.

“NO!” Tsuki screamed, backing away from Toudai and hugging himself tightly. “Yo-you can’t do this!”

“Tsuki!” Roppi ran over, pushing Toudai out of the way.

“No! No no no no!” Tsuki shook his head with every word.

“Tsuki, shoosh, shoosh!” Roppi put his hands on Tsuki’s cheeks to stop his wild movement. Tsuki’s eyes were pools of tears as he stared at Roppi in horror. “It’s okay! It’ll be okay!”

Tsuki couldn’t believe this was happening. This couldn’t be happening. This had to be some sick, twisted dream that he couldn’t wake up from.

‘Delic-nii! Tsugaru-nii! Someone, please! Wake me up!’

Tsuki lost all strength in his limbs. He fell to his knees and buried his hands in the snow. The cold didn’t touch him. The soft of the clothes didn’t touch him. Every part of him was going numb, expect for his emotions. Horror, disgust, hatred, sorrow, helplessness, and bitterness were gripping hold of his mind and forcing him down into a black hole of despair.

“What-what did I do to de-deserve this?” Tsuki found himself asking. “Wh-what have I done?”


Tsuki saw Roppi kneel before him. He saw him wrap his arms around the blond. But he couldn’t register that any of this was him. He couldn’t believe any of what this blond boy with red eyes had gone through had happened to him. He was no longer in the body of this beaten and sad Tsukishima. He was instead outside, as if watching from a third eye view with his mind. Detaching himself from this reality in the favor of saving his sanity.

“Listen, it’ll be okay, Tsukishima.” Roppi started. “I know. I know this is going to be rough for you. I’ve know from the beginning. But don’t worry. I love you. I love you more than anything!”


“I know.” Roppi squeezed him tighter. “I know you don’t. But it’s like I said. I promise I’d make you happy. And I will. You’ll come to love me with time. All we need is more time.”

Tsuki couldn’t believe how deranged this man was. How could he spew that love crap when he rapes him? How could he claim time will fix this when the injuries to his face may never heal? How could he expect Tsuki to debase himself to the point that he would love a bastard like him?

He hated these expectations. He hated the promises, the sentences, the very words! He hated the smell of this man. He hated that his man was within his eye sight. He hated the sound of his voice and the touch of his hands. He hated everything. Everything, everything, everything!

Tsukishima screamed. It was all he could think to do to keep himself from disappearing down that dark hole that was clawing at his very soul. It was the only thing that could push him out of insanity. He screamed and cried and even punched Roppi in the sides over and over. He screamed until his voice was gone. He punched until his hands went numb. He cried until his eyes went dry.

And once it was all said and done, Tsuki was exhausted. He was beyond exhausted. He was drained. There was no vitality left for him to try and salvage. No last pump of adrenaline to keep him going. He was empty. And that emptiness beckoned him to the best sleep he’s had since this wretched journey started.

Author's Note:

So, if I haven’t stated this already then this is a good of a time to drop it. This fic pulls very few stops.

I have a deep attraction to Psychology. As disturbing as this may sound, the attraction was sparked by Orihara Izaya, a fictional character. I’ve been writing dark, emotionally investing (for me at least) stories like this since I was 13/14 years old.  If I make myself cry with the characters who are crying, then I’m doing something right, is my reasoning. So, I’ve been honing and practicing this mindset since I was a preteen. And honestly, it helps me understand these characters more. Helps me figure out how they respond and react.

Cuz honestly, in absolute all honest opinion, I have no idea why Roppi is doing what he’s doing in this story. I haven’t written from Roppi’s point of view, so I’m just as confused as Tsuki is about most of Roppi’s reasoning. I, of course, have an idea of the answer, but I don’t have the full picture, either. It’s stated that he projecting, that he’s trying to deal with his trauma in the wrong way, but it makes absolutely no sense to me (the fucking writer) how Roppi can ignore all forms of morale conventions and be the stubborn bastard that he is being. Maybe it’s because the point of the story is him not letting Tsuki go, maybe it’s because Roppi truly can’t lose Tsuki else he’ll die. I don’t know. At this point, all I know is that if Roppi loses Tsuki, it’s the end of Roppi’s story, and thus the end of this story.

It’s weird and it may sound ludicrous or like I’m full of it, but when characters get to a point where they start writing themselves, it is by far the best accomplishment I have ever felt. I love it when I write a story, and certain scenes of just pure agony and sorrow get to me. If the character cries and I don’t start crying, I’m not putting enough heart into the written word. If he’s angry and I’m not, then I need more emotions. If reading these two characters having a yelling match doesn’t get me shaking (because angry, yelling men give me anxiety) then I’m not doing it right.

It’s fucked up and it gives rise to fucked up stories but it’s my reasoning. I’m the type of writer that writes stuff I want to read. And I want to read psychological ‘thrillers’ (if this story can be considered as that) so until I see more of those kind of tales, I’ll continue to write them for the rest of the world.

That’s honestly my biggest motivation. I reread my stories, get to the part where I had last stopped and just go, “Fuck, I gotta write more!” As narcissistic as it may sound, I enjoy reading my own work, and it’s because I enjoy it that I want to keep writing it.

But yes, just know that this story will have barely any censorship. The rape scenes will most-likely be in full detail, the gore will be in full detail, and the turmoil will be in full detail.

The only thing that I absolutely refuse to full detail is the child abuse. Implying or explaining from a third person is more than enough. There doesn’t need to be full details. That is a definite topic I will censor.

Of course, there is the concept of just cropping the child abuse out completely. And I ask: Why? These characters are shaped the way they are shaped because of their background. Sure as shit, if Roppi was just arbitrarily crazy and enjoyed the suffering of others, he’d be no different than H.H.Holmes and Jack the Ripper. As interesting as serial killers, sociopaths, and psychopaths are, there is no sympathy for them and thus, no mercy. Without mercy, there’d be no reason for anyone to go along with Roppi’s desires. Meaning there has to be sympathy. Meaning there has to be something to sympathize with.

And, well, like it or not, child abuse is an everyday common occurrence. To crop it out of a story just because certain readers are upset with it, makes it feel like I’m being demanded to hide it, that I’m being demanded to hide that child abuse is an evil of this world. And that feels inappropriate. Maybe my viewpoint is flawed, but in my opinion, to say that every person in every story has a perfect, cookie-cut, apple pie childhood is wrong. I’m not saying that people need to have tragic backstories to be interesting individuals, but no one has a perfect life. And if someone says they do, they show signs of very deep character defects. Perfection is a lie, so to have a story with perfect characters give rise to a boring story and a lack of realism behind the story. (In my opinion). Not every writer has to have a character that was abused as a child but to expect every writer to write a character without a dark background is wrong. And again, child abuse is a very common occurrence in our world. To say otherwise, to demand that one remove a character’s background because it has that kind of stigma behind it, is inappropriate and the statement from a fool’s world.

I apologize for ranting so much. I’m not sure how I started with ‘no stops’ and ended up with ‘child abuse’, but I won’t question it too much.

Just know, readers, that this story only gets worse as Tsuki tries to hold on to hope in a hopeless situation. If you’re already getting knots in your stomach from what you’ve read so far, then I heavily heavily urge you to stop reading. I know I put ‘reader’s discretion advised’ in my summary but I feel like I should reiterate the point. My stories on AO3 that do not also get posted on FF are very dark and probably fucked up. That’s why they’re here, because I know that there will be a lot of people on FF that will not like my work. A good number of the stories I do have on FF were put into a ‘reportable offense’ community and one was even deleted (although the deleted work was far tamer than anything else I’d written. It was deleted due to a particular reader who didn’t like me. She was anonymous and didn’t like my style. Called her out and the next story I posted got removed from FF. So *le shrug* *le shrug*). So AO3 is where my R18 gone dark, gone weird, gone bad will be posted, where I have free writer’s expression.

Again, sorry for the rant. Thank you for reading thus far. Kudos, comment, all that junk that people ask. I hope some will stay with me on this wretched journey.




Chapter Text


“Rubi, we’re not really going to Taiwan, are we?”

Tsuki heard the voices but he didn’t have the energy or drive to open his eyes to see who was speaking.

“That was just a ruse, right? To get Roppi to calm down. Once he falls asleep, we’re going to take Tsuki back.”

“No. We’re going to Taiwan.”

“Rubi, we can’t! What about Tsuki?”

“We’ll figure something out, Toudai. But I can’t let Roppi kill himself for some kid I don’t know.”

“It doesn’t matter if we know him or not! He’s in danger! He has his rights, Rubi!”

“My answer’s stays the same.”


“Toudai, I can’t let Roppi kill himself.”

“We won’t let him kill himself.”

“You don’t know Roppi like I do. Once he says he’ll do something, he’ll do it. He’s not the type to bluff.”

“And if he is?”

“He isn’t. It’s not within his character.”

“You’ve said kidnapping and raping wasn’t within his character. Why is this an exception?”

“Toudai. I can’t.”

“…Rubi, I understand. He’s the only family you have left, but that doesn’t mean we can justify his actions and be enablers to his villainy!”

“I’m not justifying…”

“But you are enabling!”

“What do you want me to do, Toudai?”

“Make Roppi get on the ship to Taiwan. Then take Tsuki home.”

“Roppi will come back. He’ll follow him. Or he’ll kill himself on the voyage over.”

“Shitsuo-san can make sure that doesn’t happen.”

“Um…I mean…I can…I can try but Hachi-san is much stronger than I. Wh-what’s more, I won’t be able to watch him twenty-four seven. I’ll fall asleep and when I do…”

“I…I know Hachimen-san well enough to know that he’s very determined. Rubi was right when he said he doesn’t bluff. Roppi won’t stop. Not until he returns to Tsuki or ends his life.”


“Ssshh! Roppi’s coming back.”

The group fell silent.

Within a minute of the statement, shoes crunched in the snow.

“I got the firewood.”

“Thanks, Roppi.”

“How much food did you guys bring?”

“We have enough to last us for tonight. If we bring anymore, it will most-likely sour by the time we make it to Taiwan.”

“How much money do we have?”

“…Well, with Tsukishima’s voyage fee to take into account, we’ll only have three silver pieces left over.”

“Only three?”

“We would have 43.”

“…Hm. Well, here. We can use this.”


“This should be worth something. There should be an appraiser in the port city.”

“That’s your mother’s brooch!”

“It’s fine.”

“It’s not fine. You should keep it for sentimental value!”

“We can’t eat sentimental value. We don’t know the layout of Taiwan. Hunting’s going to be tough when we first get there.”

“We don’t even know if Taiwan accepts Japanese currency!”

“Considering we have trade routes with them, I’m sure they will. Or they’ll at least have some place we can go to convert it to Taiwanese.”

“But that’s all you have left of your mother! You shouldn’t—”

“It’s fine, Rubi. I don’t even remember what she looks like.”

“All the reason more you shouldn’t—”

“I said it’s fine.” A growl rumbled in Roppi voice.

The snow crunched, coming close to Tsukishima. He stiffened to try to keep himself from flinching.

“Tsuki, wake up.” Roppi put a hand on his shoulder.

“I’m-I’m n-not asleep…” Tsuki muttered. His voice was hoarse, and his throat hurt.

“…How long have you been awake?”

“A while.”

“Well, here, want some water?”

Tsuki said nothing. The blond let out a heavy sigh before sitting up. He held the fur pelt to keep it from falling off him. The night sky greeted Tsuki’s eyes. A small campfire sat a few feet away, Rubi and Toudai sitting on the other side of it. Sakuraya and Shitsuo were on the left side of it. And Roppi stood before Tsuki, holding out the water sack.

Tsuki took it, opened the pouch of water and put it to his lips. Not much reached his lips and he had to tilt his head back and the jug in order to get a decent amount.

“Is it empty?”

Tsuki tilted his head down and put the cork back into the jug. “S-sorry.”

“It’s fine. I have another one. This one’s full. It’s a little warm though.”

Tsuki cocked a brow.

“Have you never melted snow to make water?”

“N-no. W-we had a we-well.”

“It didn’t freeze during the winter?”

“N-no. it u-usually fil-filled up more b-because of th-the snow.”

“That’s not safe, you know. You could get dysentery.”

Tsuki didn’t know what that was. It showed on his face.

“Dysentery is where you drink unclean water. The most common problem is diarrhea but in extreme cases, it can kill you.”

Tsuki stared at him with skepticism. “Th-that’s never happened before.”

“Your well probably has natural salt minerals in it to filter out any gunk. But the snow may not get filtered.”

Tsuki rolled his eyes. He didn’t really care for an explanation on things that Roppi didn’t know. He’d never been to the village so who was he to tell him how their well worked?

“…Well, anyway, we boil snow to melt it and burn off any bacteria. That’s why it’s warm.”

Roppi held the pouch out to him. Tsuki stared at him before reaching out for it. He grabbed it and held the empty one to Roppi. The deranged man took it. Tsuki could feel the heat through the flesh of the sack. He decided to ignore it as he pulled the cork out and took a drink. The water warmed his whole torso on the way down to his stomach.

He put the cork back in and held it out to Roppi. Roppi took it.

“Are you hungry?”


“You should eat anyway. You haven’t eaten all day.”

“I’m n-not hungry.”

“You need to eat.”

“I’m. Not. Hungry.” Tsuki glared at him.

Roppi glared back. Tsuki clenched his fists as fear gripped him. Was Roppi going to hit him for his attitude?

Roppi let out a heavy sigh before sitting down next to Tsuki.

“Whatever. You’ll eat when you get hungry enough.”

Tsuki scoffed and turned his head away, resting his head on his knees.

“How you feeling?” Roppi asked.

“Like shit.”

Roppi whipped his head to look at Tsuki wide-eyed. Tsuki heard him move but didn’t care enough to look at him.

“My h-head hurts. My ankle h-hurts. M-my eyes hurt. My thro-throat hurts.”

“…Anything else.”

“Ignor-oring emotional pain?”

“…Well, yeah.”

“…My-my stitches hurt.”

“Ah. We need to keep you warm then. The less you shiver the better.”

“Did any tear out, Tsukishima?” Toudai asked.

Roppi glared at him. Tsuki glanced at Roppi before gazing at Toudai. His brow furrowed. He didn’t want to make Toudai a target of Roppi’s rage. The blond rested his head on his knees.

“N-no. Not sin-since last time.”

“May I check them?”

“No.” Roppi growled, putting his arm over Tsuki and pulling the blond close. Tsuki’s eyes widened and he stiffened. “Checking requires stripping. Stripping will make him shiver, which will pull the stitches out.”

Toudai glowered at him. “If his stitches are torn anyway, it won’t matter. And since your last assault on him, a few have already been torn. I managed to put in new ones but if these ones pull out, there’s no stitching it back up.”

“All the more reason why you shouldn’t check.”

Toudai glared. Roppi glared back.

‘Toudai-san isn’t scared of Roppi-san at all, is he? Is he really just a human?’

Toudai let out an exasperated sigh. “What of your injuries, Roppi-san? Had Shizuo-san pulled them out?”

“Course he did. But I’m fine. I’ve got them wrapped.”

“How many stitches were torn?”

“…Why do you care?”

“Because you are injured.”

“And why is that your concern? You obviously don’t like me.”

“Whether I like you or not is irrelevant. As a doctor, I can’t let you suffer needlessly.”

“If you don’t like me, I would assume you’d want me dead.”

“To wish death on anyone would go against my vows. I don’t like you. You’re a vile man who will be getting his comeuppance eventually. However, if I had a choice to save you or let you die, I would try to save you.” Toudai’s eyes narrowed. “Now I ask again. How many stitches were torn?”

Roppi’s glare was laced with confusion. He then glanced to the side, looking slightly uncomfortable. “I don’t know. Like three on my neck, a lot on my back, a few on my arms. I don’t know if whoever stitched me up did my face but as you can see there’s none there now.”

“I was the one, and I had stitched your face. Your lacerations were quite deep and surrounded your eye. If they were to get infection, your eye would be in danger as well.”

“I’ll be fine. I put disinfectant on it. Izaya’s medicine is far more advanced than the rest of the world’s.”

“I had noticed. I would have liked to take lessons from him.”

“You wouldn’t have had enough time without missing the boat.”

“His notes, sir. I wanted to read his notes. But we left in such a rush last night, I didn’t get time to ask.”

Roppi glared at him. “Well, ain’t that a bitch?”

“Yeah. Fuck you.”

Roppi’s eyes widened with rage. “You’ve got some balls on you. You should think a bit before you speak to a werewolf like that.”

“Do you expect me to fear you? That’s laughable.”

Roppi growled, his lip pulling back in a snarl. “You’re acting big and bad because Rubi’s your lover. Keep it up and he won’t be able to protect.”

“I don’t expect Rubi to protect me, but I appreciate the warning.”

“You—!” Roppi went to lung forward.

“No!” Tsuki grabbed his sleeve, holding the fabric tight.

Roppi glared down at him.

Fear gripped Tsuki tight, forcing him to close his eyes. He was going to get hit. He knew he was, but he couldn’t let Toudai feel Roppi’s wrath.

“D-d-d-don’t!” Tsuki shook his head. “Don’t! Please.”

There was a tense silence for less than five seconds. Then Tsuki felt lips on his forehead. “Don’t cry. You’ll trigger your asthma.”

Tsuki opened his eyes as Roppi reached up and placed his hand on Tsuki’s cheek. The blond flinched, expecting the worse. However, Roppi did nothing violent and instead rubbed his thumb under Tsuki’s eye to get away the tears that threatened to spill.

“You’re alright. Calm down, okay?”

Tsuki clenched his fists before nodding. Roppi pulled his hand away, letting out a heavy sigh. Roppi put his hands over his face, rubbing them up and down his bruised and torn skin. Tsuki doesn’t know why he was doing that, considering how much that must hurt. Roppi let out a heavy sigh.

“…Doesn’t t-that hurt?” Tsuki asked.

“Yup.” Roppi pulled his hands away. “Are you sure you’re not hungry?”

Tsuki stared at him. He wasn’t bleeding, surprisingly. Tsuki shook his head. Roppi propped his elbow on his knee then pressed his fist to his forehead.

“I guess it doesn’t matter about keeping your strength up. With that ankle, I have to carry you anyway.”

Roppi then looked over at Toudai.

“I’m fine, just so you know. I don’t want your help.”

“That is fine.”

Roppi cocked a brow. “You made a point to tell me you have to help then you back off immediately?”

“If you do not want my help then there is nothing I can do. Attempting to force treatment on a patient goes against my vows.”

“Then if your patient is unconscious, you won’t touch them?”

“If they are unconscious then consent does not matter. They can deny once they wake, but while they are asleep, it would be inappropriate of me to do nothing.”

“You’re a hypocrite.”

“I’m a lot of things.”

Roppi glowered at him. Then looked away, resting his wrist against his mouth. “Hm.”

Tsuki look at Rubi. The two made eye contact. Rubi stared at him for a moment then adverted his eyes as guilt crossed his features.

‘It wasn’t a ruse, huh?’ Tsuki let out a heavy sigh. ‘I didn’t think it was to begin with. But how…how could he let this go on? What have I done to deserve such malice from him?’

Tsuki lied down.

“You shouldn’t go to sleep.” Roppi said. “You’ve gotten more than twelve hours of sleep today.”

Tsuki didn’t answer. ‘Sleeping is better than being here.’

“Tsuki.” Roppi shook Tsuki’s shoulder. “Don’t go to sleep.”

“Go away, please.”

Roppi shook him again. “Don’t go to sleep.”

“Leave me alone, please.”


“Would you just—!” Tsuki swung his arm out, batting Roppi’s hand away.

Roppi glared at him. Tsuki glared back.

“If-if I’m stuck with you f-for the rest of-of my life, then you-you can at least g-give me five minutes alone.”

“Don’t go to sleep.”

Tsuki brought his fists up to his shoulders in exasperated frustration. He clenched his teeth and closed his eyes tight shut. Tsuki’s entire body went lax as he let out a heavy sigh.

Tsuki pushed himself to his feet. He couldn’t stand to be around Roppi for another minute. He needed some alone time, desperately. Tsuki turned towards the darkness of the woods.

“Oi, where are you going?” Roppi grabbed the end of the pelt.

“Nature calls.” Tsuki lied, pulling the pelt out of the werewolf’s grip. ‘Just leave me alone. For five minutes, at least.’

“You shouldn’t go alone.” Roppi stood. “There could be another lycan lurking in the forest.”

“I’m n-n-not going far.”

“You shouldn’t pee or other close to the campsite. It’ll attract animals.”

“You di-didn’t have a problem with it b-before.”

“That was when we could bury it. The snows hardened since then, so we can’t. At least not well. You need to go farther away than you’ve done so in the past.”

‘Why can’t this monster give me just five minutes?’

“If it makes you feel better, it’s not like I’m going to watch you take a shit.”

Tsuki let out a heavy sigh and rubbed a hand through his blond locks. “Fine. J-just, do me a favor.”


“Don’t talk. At all.”


Roppi looked at Rubi, walking over to him. Rubi help up a small leather bag. Tsuki recognized it as the bag Roppi usually used for bodily waste affairs. It had a small hand shovel and parchments for wiping. Roppi took it from him and rest if over his shoulder. Tsuki glowered at Rubi before turning around and limping into the forest. Roppi followed right behind him.

Tsuki stared at the ground, keeping an eye on where he was walking. His feet sunk into the powder-like snow.

‘The snow didn’t harden, you liar. You just don’t want to leave me alone.’

Tsuki didn’t stop walking. He ignored the pain in his ankle to the best of his capability. He kept going and tried to quell his growing hatred.

‘I can’t believe this. Father Shizuo knows I’m gone by now. Will he come for me?’

Tsuki let out another sigh.

‘Even if he does, he may not reach us in time. If we’re going on a boat, he won’t be able to follow us once we cross this sea. The land we make port could be miles away from where Father Shizuo may land. And after that, he would have to find us in this unfamiliar Taiwan. He won’t be able to save me now.’

Tsuki felt tears rise.

‘No one’s going to save me. Rubi-san won’t let me leave.’

Tsuki reached up and rubbed his eye. He gingerly dabbed the tears away from his injured eye to try and avoid the pain.

‘I’m going to have to save myself. I need to try and escape when no one is watching me. When everyone goes to sleep, I could try to run again. But what if there is another lycan lurking in the forest? Wolves usually hunt in packs. There could be a whole pack of lycan’s waiting.’

Tsuki looked around in worry at his own thought.

‘It’s not safe for me to run. But how else will I get away?’

Tsuki glowered at the ground.

‘Maybe I can get away from them in this port city. Cities have a lot of people in them from what I’ve heard. If I can get someone to help me…’

Tsuki’s gaze softened.

‘How will I tell them without getting the others murdered?’

Tsuki brought his scarf up to his mouth—25% to cover his nose because it was cold, 75% in thought.

‘I don’t want Toudai-san to get killed. He may be a deviant…but he’s not a bad man. And Sakuraya and Shitsuo haven’t done anything. It…doesn’t feel right to damn them just for being born a monster and the Heiwajima pack didn’t seem to do anything bad to people. Shizuo’s even a priest. He’s helped the rest of humanity despite humanity wanting to hunt him. They don’t seem bad. It’s just Hachimenroppi and Rubi.’

Tsuki sighed.

‘I don’t want to get them killed. So, I won’t be able to call for help. Maybe…maybe I could jump off the boat as it departs? Roppi will be on the boat and I’ll be off, and the water is sure to be freezing. So, he won’t be able to swim after me without killing himself.’

Tsuki’s eyes widened.

‘I could do that! That may be my last chance! That—’

“How far do you plan to go, Tsukishima?”

Tsuki jolted to Roppi’s voice. Tsuki immediately glared over his shoulder at the black wolf.

“We’ve walked a good distance.”

“I asked you not-not to t-talk.”

“We can’t even see the campfire from here.”

Tsuki looked pasted Roppi into the forest. His kidnapper wasn’t lying. There was no glow of orange in the distance.

Tsuki let out a sigh. “Okay. C-can I have the shovel?”

“Piss or shit?” Roppi opened the bag.


“Kay.” He held the shove out.

Tsuki grabbed it and went behind a tree. He dug up some of the snow then stood and did his business. Despite his desire to get away from Roppi, he actually did have to pee.

He finished within seconds then buried his tarnish with snow. He came around the tree and held the shovel out to Roppi. Roppi took it and hooked it to the side of the bag to dry the snow off of it.

“…Um…” Tsuki looked up at Roppi.

Roppi cocked a brow.

“Th-the way back is um…this way right?” He pointed to what he assumed was the way they had came from.

“No, it’s that way.” Roppi pointed diagonally.

“O-oh. Are-are you sure?”

“Yeah. Look, our tracks lead that way.”

“It…it’s too dark.”

“The moons reflecting off the snow. It’s not that dark.”

‘I should have grabbed a torch…Or not. It may have attracted animals.’

“O-okay…” Tsuki said. “Do-do you mind leading t-the way?”

Roppi stared at him.

Immediately, Tsuki felt a chill go up his spine. He took a step back out of reflex. “Wh-what?”

“This is a good opportunity to have sex, don’t you think?”

Tsuki’s eyes widened. He backed away even more. “Wh-wh—we can-can’t. The-the oth-others—”

“The others don’t care.”

Tsuki began to shake. He shook his head, keeping his eyes on Roppi. “No. No. The-they—”

Roppi rushed forward.

Tsuki turned to run. Roppi grabbed Tsuki’s arm and swung him around. The blond lost his balance and fell into the snow. He didn’t feel the cold thanks to the pelt and the layers of clothes but that was the least of his concerns.

“No-no! NO! NM!”

“Sssh, not too loud. Your voice will echo around the trees.”

Tsuki shook his head, grabbing Roppi’s hand and kicking his legs around the man. Roppi lied down flat over Tsuki, his crotch rubbing against the blonds. Tears began to sting Tsuki’s eyes when he felt a distinct hardness.

“Nm! Nm! Nm! Pm nm!”

“Do not scream. I’ll remove my hand if you don’t scream.”

Tsuki’s breathing was coming out hard through his nose. The blond nodded vigorously.

“Do. Not. Scream. I mean it.”

Tsuki nodded.

Roppi took his hand away.

“Pl-please, don’t.” Tsuki said in a voice just above a whisper. “Please, please, please. I don’t want to.”

“But this is a great opportunity.”

“No…” Tsuki put his hands over his face. “No no no.”

“Calm down. You’ll trigger your asthma.”

“My-my asthma wi-will act u-up anyway if-if you—”

“Sssh!” Roppi leaned down and went for a kiss.

Tsuki turned his head so Roppi kissed his cheek. The black wolf glowered at him. He reached down and grabbed Tsuki’s bottom jaw. He forced Tsuki’s head back.


Roppi kissed him. Roppi’s tongue was shoved into Tsuki’s mouth. Tsuki pulled on the wolf’s hand, trying to tug it off.

Roppi separated. “You should brush your teeth when we get back. Your breath stinks.”

Tsuki put his hands over his mouth. “You…you…a-asshole!”

Roppi’s eyes widened. Then he chuckled. “I didn’t think you were the type to curse but that’s twice in the last hour.”

Roppi propped his elbow next to Tsuki’s head and rested his chin on his hand. His other hand began to twiddle with Tsuki’s hair as he smiled warmly.

“You’re so fucking cute.” Roppi beamed.

“Yo-you can’t do this!”

“Don’t yell. I already told you.” Roppi’s smile fell into a glare.

Tsuki stiffened and lowered his voice. “The-the-the others will wonder where-where we went. You ca-ca-can’t—”

“They’re not going to do anything. It’s not within their character.”

Tsuki’s eyes widened. “Eh?”

“Well, that Toudai guy probably would. He’s a pretty law-and-order kind of guy, ain’t he? But if he’s Rubi’s lover, then Rubi’s going to make sure he doesn’t interfere.”

“Ru…Rubi-san would…”

“Yeah. They all knew we were going to do it if we went into the woods alone. Toudai didn’t but the rest of the pack? Fuck yeah, they knew.”

“They…N-no! They—”

“We may be a pack, but they aren’t really the helpful type.”

Roppi sat up and began undoing Tsuki’s pants. The blond gasped as both layers of clothes were pulled up to around his hips. Cold air touched his rump, but his genitals weren’t exposed. Tsuki was rolled over so he was lying on his stomach.

“Wait, no—”

Roppi pushed down on the center of Tsuki’s back, keeping him thoroughly pinned with his inhuman strength. He felt wettened fingers touch his anus.


“Shitsuo and Sakuraya have a ‘hear no evil, see no evil’ policy. So long as they can’t hear it and can’t see it, it didn’t happen.”

A finger pushed in. Tsuki clenched his teeth. “O-ow!”

“They’re the type of people that will hear a woman scream in the middle of the night and, knowing she’s being beaten by her husband, will turn off the lights in the house and go to bed so they don’t have to get involved. They can’t be bothered to help anyone, even if they are a pack member. Relax, Tsuki. You’re so tight.”

Tsuki put his head down so he could bite his cloak. He inhaled deeply, trying to relax his body. He didn’t want this. There would be no way he would want this. But he didn’t want it to hurt either.

“There you go. I’m going to put in a second one.”

“No, it still hur—nngh!” Tsuki was ignored.

“But yeah, you’ve probably noticed that Sakuraya and Shitsuo sit to the sideline and try to weasel their way out of responsibilities. They’re not bad guys to say, they’re just lazy as all hell and only care about each other.”

Tsuki’s eyes widened. What Roppi said wasn’t wrong. Earlier, when Toudai—a human—was protecting Tsuki from Roppi, Sakuraya and Shitsuo hadn’t said anything nor done anything to help. And the conversation when Tsuki woke. Shitsuo’s excuse as to why he couldn’t help Roppi seemed logical. But if Tsuki stopped to think about it, it was just an excuse. There were two of them, after all. One could always be watching while the other isn’t. What it boiled down to was them not wanted to.

“I don’t know if they’re siblings or lovers. They’re always togethers and that’s as far as I know. They didn’t bother and still haven’t bothered to get to know Rubi and I despite being ‘packmates’. Honestly, I don’t like them. I always feel like they’re looking down their nose at me and Rubi. But I’m not the alpha, so I can’t chase them off.”

Roppi twisted his fingers towards Tsuki’s stomach. He rubbed against the cluster of nerves that made Tsuki’s cock twitch. Tsuki covered his mouth to stifle a moan.

“As for Rubi, Rubi’s the type to acknowledge a situation but he won’t do anything. He knew about what me and my dad were doing. He knew I needed help. But he just pretended we didn’t make eye contact the night he found out. He just turned around and went back to bed. Even better, the next morning, he refused to look me in the eye and didn’t talk to me.”

Tsuki looked over his shoulder at him, his eyes widening.

Roppi took on a cynical look as he chuckled. “Bet his stories different, isn’t it?”

Tsuki stared at him for a moment before turning his head back. ‘It’s not different…It just wasn’t that detailed.’

“Well, it’s whatever. No point crying over spilt milk, right? Rubi’s the type of guy that’ll hand you a knife to cut the snare off your leg instead of cutting it for you. He doesn’t want to handle that kind of responsibility. Did he tell you about the night I killed my father?”

Tsuki looked over his shoulder at the werewolf. Then nodded.

“Did he tell you he was the one who handed me the knife I used to stab my dad?”

Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide.

Roppi chuckled. “Yeah. While Dad was arguing with Kichirou, Rubi gabed the knife we used for gutting game and came over to me. He kept elbowing me in the side while Shizuo tried to push us out the cave. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what Rubi was implying. You’ve loosened up quite a bit. I’m gonna put it in.”

Tsuki jolted. “N-no, I’m not-not—”

Tsuki felt a pressure against his entrance.

“Ro-Ro—aaaah! AAAHH—HMMM!”

Roppi shooshed Tsuki in a soothing voice as he put a hand over Tsuki’s mouth. The werewolf kissed the back of Tsuki’s head. It had been quite a few days since Tsuki had to put up with his horrible burning sensation. Every part of his being was rejecting it despite being unable to remove the intruder. One hand grabbed the pelt with a vice grip that turned his knuckles white. The other grabbed Roppi’s hand over his mouth. Tsuki’s breath was coming out hard and fast through his nostrils while tears streaked his cheeks to soil against Roppi’s hand.

“Calm, Tsuki.” Roppi whispered into his ear. “You’re shaking. Calm down, okay? We don’t want to trigger your asthma.”

Tsuki couldn’t respond even if he wanted to.

“I’m going to remove my hand. Don’t scream.”

Tsuki didn’t give any indication of yes or no. Roppi removed his hand regardless. Tsuki immediately began panting through his mouth.

“It hu-hurts! It hurts…” Tsuki sobbed.

“You’re still not used to it, huh?” Roppi bumped heads with Tsuki. “I’ve only go the tip in. Let me get it all in then I’ll let you get used to it.”

“No, don-don-don’t move!” Tsuki reached back and grabbed the coat over Roppi’s hips with both hands. “Don’t move. Please…”

“I’ll go slow.”

“No—nn, uh!”

Tsuki was once again ignored. Roppi slowly began moving forward. Tsuki tilted his head down, slamming his forehead against the ground. The pain to his cranium was nothing in comparison to the white hot sparks that lit up his back side. His grip on Roppi’s clothes tightened and he started pulling on them.

“It hurts! It hurts!”

“I know. Bear with it.”

“I can’t! St-stop, stop…”

Roppi ignored him. He forced himself past Tsuki’s sphincter to enter his inner-most rectum. White hot pain shot up his spine.

“STOP!” Tsuki swung his arm up on reflex.

The blond felt his elbow hit Roppi’s chin. The werewolf recoiled with a groan.

Tsuki stiffened—his body tightening around the member inside him—as fear gripped him. He hit Roppi. He didn’t mean to, but he had hit Roppi. And in this compromising position, Tsuki was completely at Roppi’s mercy. Tsuki began to cry and shake for a new reason.

“I’m sor-sor-sorry!” Tsuki brought his arms under his body, trying to make himself smaller while tilting his head down. “I’m sor-s-s-s-s-sorry. Sorry!”

When would the pain come? Where would he be hit this time? His back? His ribs? Would Roppi choke him out? Break his arm? He was scared of the inevitable. His breathing was coming out hard now, he was getting lightheaded from the vigorous breathing. His lungs were starting to ache.

‘Please don’t hurt me anymore. Please don’t—’

Tsuki felt a kiss planted on the back of his head. His eyes widened. Roppi then rested his full weight over Tsuki, enveloping him in warmth.

“Tell me when it’s okay to move.”

Tsuki’s eyes were the size of moons.

Roppi actually listened to him. He didn’t hurt him for being disobedient and was willing to work with Tsuki instead of just selfishly taking Tsuki’s body. Roppi was being kind to him.

No, Roppi was still taking his body. He didn’t want to do this to begin with and he still doesn’t want to do it. There was nothing kind about this. Tsuki shouldn’t let this one moment of gentleness overwrite the events that led to this point. He shouldn’t be so easily swayed.


“G…go slow, pl-please.” Tsuki said.

“So, it’s okay for me to move now?”

Tsuki blushed from ear to ear. He closed his eyes tight shut and nodded.

Roppi grabbed Tsuki by his shoulders, hugging him close before he slowly, inch by inch, pushed himself further.

“KH!” Tsuki clenched his teeth and tilted his head back. “Hah, ah!”

“Does it hurt?”

Tsuki nodded.

“Can I keep going?”

Tsuki shook his head.


Roppi stopped his movements.

Tsuki panted heavily, his body relaxing as the pain subsided to a dull ache within seconds.

“O-okay.” The blond said.

Roppi began moving once again.

Tsuki dug his nails into the pelt. “Is-Is it in-in yet?”

“Almost. Just a few more centimeters.”

“It hur-hurts.”

“I know. Bear with me.”

Tsuki clenched his teeth.

“Can I keep moving?”

Tsuki didn’t answer. He nodded instead. Roppi wrapped his arms around Tsuki’s chest before he started pushing forward.

“Nn! Hn!” Tsuki grabbed Roppi’s arms and dug his nails in while he arched his back in pain.

If felt like hours before Roppi’s hips touched Tsuki’s backside. Roppi exhaled in ecstasy before pressing his mouth into Tsuki’s shoulder.

“God, you’re so tight.”

Tsuki didn’t answer.

“Are you warm enough?”

Tsuki nodded.

“I’m going to move now.”

Roppi didn’t wait for Tsuki to respond.

“NN!” Tsuki buried his mouth into the pelt.

Roppi rolled his hips back slowly, being just as slow as he pushed back in. Roppi thrust in and out of Tsuki with a slow rhythm. Tsuki’s insides still burned. He felt a brief moment of relief whenever Roppi pulled back, but it was soon gone with Roppi’s return. Tsuki could only clench the fur pelt underneath him. It wasn’t so painful that he would scream. But it wasn’t pleasant. It hurt, and he just wanted it to end.

Tsuki could feel his hair move with every panting breath from Roppi. It warmed Tsuki’s face, his ear, and smelt of meat. Roppi was getting off on Tsuki’s pain. The blond turned his head away in disgust.

“Can I go faster?” Roppi asked.

Tsuki didn’t respond. Roppi waited for only a moment before he propped himself up on his hands. His movements were quicker now, acting as jabs against Tsuki’s insides. Tsuki clenched his teeth to the sensation. Every once in a while, Roppi’s cock hit that cluster of nerve inside him. However, Roppi was paying attention to his own pleasure over Tsuki’s. He was pumping his hips to reach his own orgasm. Tsuki was just the…thing to help him release so Tsuki’s orgasm wasn’t important to him.

That was fine. Tsuki didn’t want to feel good. Enjoying the sensation of being raped was the worse feeling Tsuki had ever felt in his life. No, he didn’t want to feel good. He just wished it wouldn’t hurt. That it wouldn’t leave him crying with disgust and pain. He wished it didn’t…feel the way it felt. He wished it didn’t feel wrong and gross.

But what Tsuki wanted more than anything was for this to stop. He wanted this to just end.

Tsuki buried his face in the crook of his arm while his other hand came up to grab his own hair. Tears soaked into his sleeve as he swallowed down his voice.

‘Keep calm. Don’t trigger your asthma. It’ll be over soon.’

“Tsuki, do you want to cum?” Roppi whispered in his ear.

Tsuki shook his head.

‘Just don’t give him too much. Don’t respond unless asked.’

“Don’t be so worried about the others. They’re not going to come looking for us.”

Tsuki clenched his teeth.

‘Don’t listen to him. Ignore him. Ignore him.’

Roppi’s movements became faster. The raven sat up, so he was resting on his knees, his legs pressing against Tsuki’s sides. He pushed down on Tsuki’s lower back and thrust with more vigor. Tsuki’s voice hitched and a light layer of sweat coated his brow.

‘He doesn’t care. He doesn’t care so I shouldn’t care.’

“So, this is just a quicky, huh?”

Tsuki didn’t know what that was.

“That’s fine. I’ll make sure to get you off next time. You’re so stiff right now, I doubt you’ll be able to cum anyway.”

Roppi’s fingertips dug into Tsuki’s flesh, adding more pain to his body. Tsuki clenched his teeth before taking in a deep breath.

‘Calm, calm, calm. Keep calm. Breath in and out slowly.’

Roppi thrust hard. His skin slapped against Tsuki’s, forcing air from the blonde’s lungs. Tsuki’s teeth tightened even more, hard enough to make them ache.

‘Breath. Breath.’

Roppi thrust with abandon. He battered Tsuki’s hole relentlessly. The blonde’s voice hitched with every thrust. Tsuki swallowed hard to keep his voice from escaping.

The werewolf clicked his tongue before he pulled out sharp and fast. Tsuki gasped to the sensation. In the next moment, the blond felt something warm splatter on his bare rump. Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide in realization.

Then he clenched his teeth yet again as he lost control. Tears freely streaked his cheeks and he fell away into sobs. Roppi had just ejaculated on him. For some reason, that felt far worse than when Roppi came inside him. It was almost like Roppi solidified that Tsukishima was just a sexual object. If Roppi had that much composure to pull out and aim, then there was no love behind his actions. He was just a tool for Hachimenroppi’s pleasure.

Tsuki buried his face in his hands as he cried.

“I’m always so impressed by how much you can cry.” Roppi said. “I’d think after your breakdown today, you wouldn’t be able to so soon.”

Tsuki just shook his head.

“Why are you crying, by the way?”

Tsuki felt a rag rub against his rump.

“Was I too rough at the end there?”

All traces of Roppi’s semen were removed from his skin.

“Did I hurt you?”

Roppi pulled Tsuki’s pants up. Tsuki clenched his teeth once again before he forced himself to sit up. He pulled his pants up the rest of the way and fastened the button.

“Are you cold? You need to stay warm. Your asthma might act up.”

‘You’re so disillusioned, you’re pathetic.’

Tsuki couldn’t respond to Roppi. He felt so disgusted and hurt and was quickly filling with self-loathing. Tsuki should fight. Tsuki should run. Tsuki should do everything in his power to let this man know he didn’t want anything to do with him. He should make it so Roppi had to forcefully drag him or knock him unconscious every time he tried to do anything to Tsuki. Why couldn’t Tsuki be stronger? Why was it that all Tsuki could do was cry? He was just used as a cum rag, yet his only response was to cry like some dame. What was wrong with him? Why was he so weak?

Tsuki decided he needed to take care of himself mentally. He had to stop thinking. He had to stop hating himself. He had to just stop feeling. Stop feeling and stop registering. He wanted to get away from this man and here was the only solution he had left. To escape into the depths of his own mind. He closed himself off from Roppi, from the world, from his reality. He’d be safe here.

“Tsuki?” Roppi leaned forward to look at Tsuki.

The two made eye contact but Tsuki didn’t acknowledge him. He couldn’t see Roppi despite the werewolf being right in front of him.

Roppi’s eyes stretched wide. His hands found purchase on Tsuki’s cheeks, moving the hair out of his face and holding him with tender care.


Tsuki couldn’t bring himself to leave his mind. He was right, he would be safe here, in the depths of his own consciousness. Here, Roppi didn’t exist. Here, Tsuki was finally by himself. Here, Tsuki had freedom.

Chapter Text

Tsukishima couldn’t walk anymore. His legs were hurting so bad and his lungs were killing him. The only reason he was able to keep going was because Roppi was pulling on his wrist, forcing him onward.

“Keep moving!” Roppi growled, glaring back at Tsuki. “We fell behind. We won’t catch up to the others at this rate.”

“I c-c-can’t any-anymore.” Tsuki looked at Roppi with desperation, tears streaking his cheeks. “Puh-please, let me r-rest.”

“Move it!” Roppi gave a harsh tug.

Tsuki stumbled and fell forward. He fell against Roppi’s shoulder. The werewolf growled in irritation and shoulder-checked Tsuki away. Roppi’s shoulder blade slammed into Tsuki’s mouth. Hot pain flooded his teeth and he tasted blood.

Tsuki fell to his knees, holding his swelling lips with his free hand.

“Get up! Come on!” Roppi pulled on Tsuki hard.

“St-st-st-stop! Stop!”

“You stop! Stand up now!”

“N-No! He-help! Someone help me!”

“Shut up already! No one’s going to help y—”


Both Tsuki’s and Roppi’s eyes widened. Tsuki recognized that voice. He never thought he’d hear it again and he felt his chest tighten in fear and relief. Tsuki whipped his head around to confirm what he knew.

“Delic-Nii!” Tsuki called.

The blond with an identical facial structure to Tsukishima’s glared death at Hachimenroppi. A knife was in his hand. Roppi glared at Delic before staring down at the knife.

“How the hell did you find us?” Roppi glowered.

“Get your hands off my brother!” Delic yelled.

Delic charged forward. Roppi let Tsuki go to meet the irate blond. Tsuki scrambled to his feet and ran out of the way so he didn’t become collateral damage. He ran into the forest and swerved behind the first tree he could reach. Tsuki tilted his body to peak around the wood. He was scared but so, so hopeful. His brother couldn’t take out a werewolf but what if he did? What if Delic managed to save him?

His fears soon didn’t matter. The fight was over as soon as it started. While Tsuki’s back had been turned, in those few seconds he was running away, Delic somehow managed to get the raven on the ground. The werewolf that had terrorized Tsuki for so long was now dead with a knife handle sticking out of his chest. Roppi hacked up blood, his eyes stretching wide. He gasped hard, struggled to breathe. Then he fell limp in the snow.

“Is…Is he…” Tsuki started.

‘That was so fast. So easy. There’s no way…’

“Yeah.” Delic said, looking at Tsuki. “He’s gone, Tsuki.”

“Re-really? N-Nii-san…”

“You’re safe now, Tsuki.” Delic held his arms out to him in a hug. “Let’s go home.”

Tsuki couldn’t believe it. It was too easy. It was too good to be true. But Delic was there, standing and uninjured while Roppi was on the ground and lifeless. Delic was alive and smiled at him with relief. Delic was here. Delic came for Tsukishima.

Tsuki was finally safe.

Tsuki couldn’t contain his relief. He cried hard before he ran forward, hands outstretched to hug his brother.


Tsuki’s eyes flared open as he sat upright, the call for his brother tearing through his throat.

“What! What!” Roppi jolted up, the pelt falling off his back as he looked at Tsuki. “What’s wrong? What happened?”

Tsuki looked around, wide-eyed. He was sitting in a pile of pelts. Hachimenroppi had been lying next to him. Across the dead fire, Rubi and Toudai stirred awake. Sakuraya and Shitsuo gave no indication of being woken by Tsuki’s call. The blond looked into the trees, looking for any speck of blond hair and pink shirts through the dead foliage. There was none.

Tsuki realized he had been dreaming. His chest tightened to the realization and tears began to weld in his wide eyes.

“This again?” Roppi rubbed his hand through his hair before he rolled over to sit down. He pressed himself close to Tsuki as the blond put his face in his hands and cried. “You’re going to trigger your asthma as soon as you wake up.”

“I-i-i-it was-was a dream…Nii-san…”


Tsuki sobbed. He lied down on his side, face still in his hands, and cried. He felt Roppi lie down flat behind him, pulling the pelt up to cover their shoulders. His arm snaked around Tsuki’s waist. His heat pressed against the blonde’s back.

“It’s alright.” Roppi rubbed his forehead against the back of Tsuki’s head. “I don’t know why you’re crying first thing in the morning, but it’ll be alright. By noon today, we’ll be on a ship to Taiwan. Everything will be alright.”

‘No, it won’t! I don’t want to go to Taiwan! I don’t want to go!’

Tsuki tried to stifle his sobs. He didn’t want Roppi to know of his turmoil anymore. For all he knew, Izaya was right, and Roppi enjoyed seeing him in pain. He didn’t fully understand why, but he didn’t want to look weak in front of Roppi anymore. He couldn’t stand to look so pathetic anymore. But he couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. So, he would do his best to stifle his cries and hide his face from Roppi’s view.

That’s all he could do.


Tsuki kept his eyes on the ground. He didn’t have nearly enough energy or interest to raise his head to see where they were going. So, he decided he’d just watch where they were walking as his head rested on Roppi’s shoulder.

The man who hurt Tsuki the most was piggybacking the teenager, holding him close. Tsuki couldn’t hook his injured ankle under Roppi’s rump, so he had the blonde’s feet tucked into his jacket—so they didn’t get cold.

The group had been walking for a few hours now. Rubi and Toudai were in the lead. Sakuraya and Shitsuo followed closely behind and Roppi took up the rear. Roppi wasn’t in the back because he was acting as the rear guard; he was in the back because Tsuki’s additional weight was making him sink further into the snow—which slowed him down and made it so he needed to follow in someone else’s footprints else he’d slow the whole group down.

However, soon, that didn’t matter as a trail presented itself. There were deep indents in the snow. Tsuki was confused at the sight. They looked like wagon marks, but it seemed too wide from what Tsuki was used to. Tsuki lifted his head from Roppi’s shoulder to look around.

“We’re almost to the port city.” Roppi said, looking over his shoulder at Tsuki. “Try not to be intimidated.”

Tsuki didn’t answer. But that statement brought Tsuki out of his mental sanctuary long enough to question: ‘Intimidated?’

The group started walking in the grooves. Now that Tsuki was more aware, he began to properly take in his surroundings. There were horse tracks and horse dropping in between the two-wheel marks. That wasn’t anything unnatural. All the wagon’s Tsuki has seen were usually pulled by a horse. At least, they used to. His village had horses once, but they died and didn’t bear a foal, so they started using yaks to pull them or just carried small loads by themselves. Tsuki hadn’t seen a horse in quite a few years, but he knew the rest of the world didn’t have unfortunate circumstances like that. A lot of the wagons in this city would probably be pulled by horses. What was unnatural was the amount of fecal matter. The snow was permanently stained brown with it. Tsuki buried his nose in Roppi’s shoulder to keep the smell from messing with him.

‘Why’s there so much? Are cities really that big?’

The group kept walking. Within minutes they came to the top of a hill. Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide.

Before him was a harbor of some sort. And around said harbor were houses upon houses. Ones as big as Izaya’s manor and some as big as his family home. In the center was the tallest building Tsuki had ever seen. The peak of it had a cross on the top.

“Is that a-a church?” Tsuki asked, staring in awe as he lifted himself just a tad higher to see over Roppi’s head.

“That big building?” Roppi verified.

Tsuki nodded.

“Yeah. That’s the bishop’s church.”

Tsuki looked down at him. “Bi-bishop?”

“You don’t know what a bishop is?”


“Fucking hell, you were raised in a tower, weren’t you?”

Tsuki glared at him.

“The bishop is a priest in charge of the area. And right now, they’re the ones in charge of sections of the holy order. You know how an army works, right?”


“Okay, so basically there’s the guy in charge. And that guy decides that he has too many followers to lead them properly. So, he assigns other people, seconds-in-commands basically, to lead chunks of the followers. The seconds-in-command for the church are called bishops.”

“W-who’s the guy in-in charge then?”

“Who do you think it is?”



Tsuki glowered.

“He’s known as the Pope. Supposedly, he was chosen by God to be the head of the church.”

Tsuki cocked a brow, tilted his head down to try and look at him. “Ch-chosen by G-God?”


“G-God wouldn’t ch-choose som-someone to lead the ch-church if he wa-was going to mu-murder innocence.”

“Apparently, he did.”

“That’s not—”

“Unless God’s just a farce used to control the masses.”

Tsuki openly glared at him. Then glanced to the side and let out a sigh. He didn’t want to argue with him again. He didn’t have even a spark of resilience left to put up a proper banter anyway. And it wasn’t like Roppi was going to listen to Tsuki’s opinion on God.

Tsuki rested his head on Roppi’s shoulder. God was his only salvation right now. God was a good escape right now. Tsuki wouldn’t mind going back into his mind to surround himself with God. Surround himself with church walls and stain glass windows. That wouldn’t be a bad place to be. That wouldn’t be a bad place to hide himself from Hachimenroppi.

“Come on, guys.” Rubi said and started down the hill.

"We’re almost to the port city. Try not to be intimidated.”

Roppi was right to make that statement to Tsukishima.

The city was intimidating.

There were so many people. So many sounds and smells. People were openly cursing at each other in the streets. Brawls were taking place in some of the alleyways. Tsuki even saw men raising their hand to children and women and others walked by as if it was a normal thing. Horses pulling huge carriages controlled most of the streets. The pedestrians had to say close to the houses so as not to get crushed. Snow, strong perfumes, animal fecal matter and fires flooded Tsuki’s nose. His eyes were stinging with tears from the strong smells alone.

Tsuki was overwhelmed. He held onto Roppi tightly, trying to ‘fuse’ himself with Roppi just to be smaller. So many people have already bumped into Roppi and none of them were very polite about it. They either glared or told Roppi to ‘watch where he was going’. Roppi glared but didn’t make any animalistic growls and said nothing. If he did, it would most-likely draw attention and they couldn’t take the chance of any holy order soldier’s passing by.

The group was so paranoid. They had already seen a small group of holy order soldiers. And Tsuki would agree that they did not look like holy men. They looked like warriors, with armor and swords. Tsuki would not want to ask for a sermon from them, nor help from his monstrous kidnapper. Just from that sight, Tsuki was convinced that everything he had been told—by Roppi, by Izaya, by Shizuo—was completely true. These men were here to kill, not to spread the word of God.

Because of that, the pack had taken proper precautions before entering the city. Shitsuo, Rubi, and Tsuki had on skintight turtleneck hoods. It hugged their hair to their cranium’s and neck and every lock was hidden from sight. They also had loose fit hoods on to droop low over their faces. Everyone in the group had hoods on to make the three blonds looked less suspicious. To hide their eyes, Roppi, Tsuki, Rubi, and Sakuraya had on glasses. Tsuki had never known these were an actual device, nor did he know that they could ‘improve’ eyesight. Tsuki knew he had bad eyesight—he couldn’t see very far on the best of days—but he didn’t know the world could be so clear! And to top it off, the sun reflected off the glass lenses, so it made it very hard to see their eye color from afar. Someone would have to get in their face to notice.

Tsuki was amazed with this simple device. He was overwhelmed by this city, upset with the soldiers he saw, and hated this whole dreadful place. But he made no indication of any of this. Tsuki was spending a lot of time in his mind right now. After that horribly depressing dream this morning, he wanted to be even more away from Roppi. He receded to the back of his mind, imagining he was in a church, sitting in a pew. He didn’t want to imagine he was back home because if he came out of his mindset, he’d be more and more depressed. So, he imagined he was somewhere safe, somewhere Roppi couldn’t touch him. Within the walls of a holy church that existed only within his mind, Tsuki was safe.

The group of abnormals were thoroughly camouflaged in the crowd. No one was giving them side-long glances nor attempting to stop them for questions. They weren’t the only people who were wearing ‘suspicious’ hoodies either. No one even noticed the packs existence.

Within fifteen minutes of being in the city, the pack found an appraiser they were searching for.

“I’ll be right back, you lot stay here.” Roppi said.

The five of them stood in the alley next to the building, out of the way of the pedestrians and carriages. Tsuki sat down on a wooden box, hands on his knees and staring at the ground. The glasses slid down his nose just enough that he could see over the rims. There was nothing for him to see, though. He was so deep inside his own mind that he couldn’t even register the snow under his feet.

“You know, if you were to run right now, Roppi wouldn’t be able to find you.”

Tsuki stared at stain glass windows. He could hear a sermon going. He didn’t know who was talking but they were saying the word of God and that was all the comfort Tsuki needed.

“Tsukishima.” Tsuki’s shoulder was shook.

The blond glanced up. Someone was shaking him, but he couldn’t register who it was. It was probably Roppi anyway.

“Hey, are you listening?”

No, not Roppi. This person was wearing glasses. The sun reflecting off them was hurting Tsuki’s eyes. He squinted. Finally, he was able to take into account who it was. It was Rubi.

“Tsuki, go.” Rubi said.

Tsuki tilted his head to the side slightly in confusion.

“Go.” Rubi pointed behind Tsuki to the other end of the alleyway. “Go out that way and take a right. Follow the main road down. On the other side of town is a manor. Go pass the church and pass a fountain with an angel statue. The manor will have gargoyles on the gateway. Stone statues of roaring monsters. You can’t miss it. Tell them that Orihara Izaya sent you.”

Tsuki just stared at him. ‘What is he saying? Going to a stranger’s manor…Wait, Izaya-san?’

Slowly it was starting to seep in.

“Izaya’s brother, Hibiya, lives in that manor. If you explain to him everything, he’ll take you to Izaya’s manor.”

Tsuki’s eyes widened with realization. As he finally left the depths of his mind, he came to register that Roppi wasn’t there. He was inside the shop while Tsuki was out here with only Rubi to supervise him. He could escape. He could run. He couldn’t run to the church though. The holy order might kill him. But if Izaya had a brother…

“You have to go. Now!”

Tsuki leaped to his feet. Shitsuo and Sakuraya glanced at Tsuki before turning their back on him, standing at the mouth of the alley with an aura of disinterest.

‘See no evil, hear no evil.’ Those two wouldn’t rat Tsuki out. That was just fine. Better than them being loyal to Roppi.

Rubi nodded vigorously before stepping back. He turned the corner to stand in front of the store.

‘Rubi’s the type of guy that’ll hand you a knife to cut the snare off your leg instead of cutting it for you.’ Rubi was going to help Tsuki, even if it was indirectly. Maybe he wasn’t as bad as Tsuki originally thought.

Toudai looked at Tsuki. “God speed, Tsuki-kun.”

Toudai then turned around and left the alley behind.

‘They’re all going to pretend they don’t know where I went.’

Tsuki took a few steps back as tears stung his eyes.

‘Thank you. Thank you, everyone.’

The kidnapped teen turned around and ran.

Chapter Text

Tsuki panted heavily, leaning against a brick building. His ankle was screaming in agony. He couldn’t keep going, he had to let his injury rest. He could feel it throbbing in his tabi, shooting hot fire up his leg to his knee. His asthma didn’t help. His chest was pulsing, and his throat ached. He bent forward and coughed hard, saliva drizzling onto the snow. He knelt down, feeling nausea hit him.

‘No, no no. Don’t start up now. I need to go. He’s bound to be right behind me.’

Tsuki looked over his shoulder at the thought. There were many of black-haired people in the crowd, none of which he recognized. He counted his blessings that none of them were an angry Hachimenroppi.

He breathed in heavily, the cold air burning his nose, before releasing it. Tsuki stood, leaning heavily on the building with his injured ankle bent up. He looked ahead of himself. Farther down the road was the church. It was still a good distance away. With Tsuki’s ankle, it would take him another 10 to 15 minutes to get there. But the church wasn’t his goal anyway. He had to go past it.

Tsuki wasn’t so certain about going to a stranger’s house. If he went to the church and asked for sanctuary, the church couldn’t deny him regardless of what he looked like. He should be safe there. But at the same time, if this Holy Order were to have control of the church and they don’t care for sanctuary, Tsuki could very well be putting himself in danger, or even sending himself to his grave.

However, the notion of asking a stranger for sanctuary worried him just as much. If he was Izaya’s brother, that must mean he was a vampire as well, right? What if he asked for payment with Tsuki’s blood? Tsuki wasn’t ready for that. He had heard so many horrible rumors about vampires and what happens when a vampire drinks from a human. Tsuki didn’t want to become a vampire, or a thrall, or a ghoul. He wanted to remain human.

But he also wanted to go home. He had no choice as of right now. He had to go with his best option and that option was Orihara Izaya’s brother.

Tsuki held on to the wall tightly as he hobbled forward.

‘Go past the church and past a fountain with an angel statue. What even is a fountain? I should have asked before I ran off…’

Tsuki groaned.

“Excuse me?”

Tsuki jolted and looked up. A man stared down at Tsuki, concern in his expression. However, as soon they made eye contact, the man’s eyes widened in horror. He immediately took a step back.

“Y-yes?” Tsuki asked.

“Um…never mind.”

The man turned around and walked off faster than he needed to. Tsukishima cocked a brow but said nothing.


Tsuki continued on his way. People were glancing at him and giving him a wide birth. Tsuki didn’t know why, but he decided not to question it. He put his vision back on the church. He was closer now. The size of the building was intimidating to say the least. Tsuki was in awe as he hobbled through the snow. For a moment, he wanted to go there for sanctuary—regardless of the potential danger of the Holy Order. He didn’t want to go to a vampire’s house when a home of God was right there. It felt almost blasphemous to make such a choice. No, it was blasphemous.

‘But Father Shizuo even said not to go to the church while the Holy Order was there. He’s a man of God so I’m not…wrong, am I?’

Tsuki was within reach of the church. All he’d have to do is veer left and walk towards the stairs.

‘Father Shizuo is a werewolf though. He could have just told me that for the sake of his own safety.’

The church was far more appealing than a vampire’s manor. Tsukishima pushed himself off the wall, stepping out into the sunlight with his eyes planted on the church. He looked at the marble stairs.

Then paused. A small group of men walked out of the church doors. Men with swords. Instead of black priest robes, they wore white attire with some form of metal clothing over their chests. They looked like warriors. Not holy men.

Tsuki stepped back until he was in the shadow of the brick buildings once again. He immediately changed his mind about asking these men for sanctuary.

‘How could God allow soldiers in a sanctuary? Soldiers shouldn’t be allowed…’

“Unless God’s just a farce used to control the masses.”

Tsukishima felt a twinge of doubt seep into his heart. The blond had been through such trials at the hand of the Devil, and Tsukishima had remained undyingly faithful to God. Yet God hadn’t answered any of his prayers yet. Tsuki understood he had to help himself, that God would only hold his hand and guide him throughout his troubles. But there had been no guidance.

There had been nothing.

Tsukishima clenched his fists and looked away from the church.

‘God. I know I’ve been asking for a lot lately. But, please. Please, allow me to get to Orihara-san’s brothers. Please, just let me get to a sanctuary. Please…’

Tsukishima hobbled along.



The blond felt his blood turn cold. He looked over his shoulder to see the man he feared the most. Hachimenroppi rushed out of a gap between two buildings. He looked around wildly before his eyes fell on Tsuki. They made eye contact. Tsuki’s eyes widened with fear. Roppi’s narrowed with rage.

Tsuki turned and ran.


Tsuki didn’t. Fight or flight hit Tsukishima hard. Adrenaline pumped through his veins, making him numb to the pain in his ankle. He had to get away. Now.

“FUCKING STOP!” Roppi yelled.

Tsuki felt something grab his hood. The wraps binding the cloak to Tsuki’s neck tugged on his throat and choked him hard as he was pulled back. His back slammed against the snow. His cuts spasmed, he coughed hard, his eyes stretched wide.

Roppi grabbed Tsuki’s wrists and gave him a tug.

“What are you doing?!” Roppi yelled.

“NO!” Tsuki screamed.

Immediately, the blond began to kick and scream wildly.

“Knock it off!” Roppi pulled Tsuki by his arm, yanking him to a sitting position.

Tsuki refused to listen to him. He kicked and screamed, threw elbows and punched Roppi’s injuries. The raven growled in his ear as he wrapped his arms around the struggling blond. The werewolf held a vice grip on Tsuki’s limbs to try and restrain him.

The crowd of people gave them an even wider birth than they were giving Tsuki earlier.

“What’s going on?”

“Some kind of fight.”

“Right next to a church, even. That’s asking for trouble.”

“Should we help the hooded?”

“Just leave them be. The Order is coming.”

“Someone hel—Kmph!” Roppi slapped his hand over Tsuki’s mouth.

“Shut up!” Roppi growled. “Do you want to get us killed?”

Tsuki refused to stop. ‘Dying’s better than being with you!’

“HEY!” A burly voice echoed around them.

Roppi looked over just as Tsuki did. Three of the men Tsuki had seen earlier, in their white robes and armor, stood before the two. The distressed blond saw someone was behind them, hiding from his sight.

“Obviously, this is a stupid question,” the man growled, “but I’ll ask anyway. Is there a problem here?”

“No,” Roppi said as calmly as he could while Tsuki continued to struggle in his hold. “No problem.”

‘There is a problem!’ Tsuki tried to nod. ‘Help me!’

Roppi felt the motion against his hand and grabbed Tsuki’s jaw hard, pressing the blondes head against his chest.

The man obviously didn’t look convinced. “If there’s no problem then let him go.”

“Can’t do that, sir. He’s got issues. He’s mentally unwell. If I let him go, he’ll run, and if he run’s he may hurt himself.”

Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide. ‘I don’t have a mental problem! You do!’

Tsuki struggled harder. The armored man scoffed and reached down. He grabbed Roppi’s arm hard and tugged. Tsuki struggled with the man. Roppi’s grip didn’t release. The man put his free hand on his sword hilt.

“Let him go.” The man said.

Roppi glared up at him, his lips pulling back in a snarl.

But the raven understood the threat.

He released Tsuki. The blond immediately pushed himself to his feet and ran.

One of the men grabbed Tsuki’s arm, stopping him from moving.

“N-no! Lemme g—”

“You think we would ignore your eyes?” The man looked over his shoulder. “Is this the boy you were talking about, sir?”

Tsuki looked to see the man who had been hiding. He was in normal, everyday attire. Tsuki recognized him. The man who had approached the blond earlier and left just as suddenly as he appeared.

The man nodded. “How many other red-eyed people would there be?”

“Apparently two.” The Holy Order men looked down at Roppi.

Roppi glared at them with malicious hatred.

Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide at the implications the man had set on the blond.

“I-I-I’m not like h-him!” Tsuki yelled. “He-He’s…”

Tsuki hesitated. As much as he hated Roppi for all he’d done, he didn’t want to persecute the raven. Roppi needed help, not death.

The Holy Order men glared at Tsuki. “We’ll figure out what you are after some questioning.”

Tsuki was tugged towards the church. ‘Questioning? That’s…not as bad as Father Shizuo sai—'

Roppi slammed his legs into the two Order men’s knees. Tsuki heard something crack before one of them—the one who got hit first—called out in pain and fell. The other stumbled to the side but managed to keep his footing. Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide to the noise. So, did the man’s who held Tsuki.

Roppi stood up and grabbed the man who gripped the teenager’s arm. The man didn’t let go of Tsuki, however. So, as Roppi slammed the holy man on the ground, Tsuki fell with him. But one their backs hit the snow, the man released in favor of defending himself against his assailant.

Tsuki scrambled to his feet. Roppi was sitting on top of the man. The blond saw blood fly from the werewolf’s fists. Fear pooled in Tsuki’s gut.

‘He’s going to kill them!’

“S-st-stop!” Tsuki called, tugging on Roppi’s cloak.

The other Holy Order man drew his sword.

Roppi looked up at Tsuki. The blond flinched.

“Tsuki, run!”

Tsuki’s eyes widened.

The raven turned around as the man swung his blade. Roppi pulled out a dagger. The small blade clashed with the sword. But Roppi’s inhuman strength held the much bigger weapon in place. The raven looked at Tsuki with a hateful glare.

“Run, you dumbass!” Roppi growled. “I’ll find you in a minute!”

Tsuki felt his body go numb at the promise that felt more like a threat. But he didn’t sit there as the fear crept up his body. He listened to the fear as he turned and ran. He turned down an alleyway and immediately made a left down a second alley. He went in the direction he had originally aimed for.

‘Past the church, past a fountain with an angel statue.’

Tsuki felt a throbbing going up his leg from his injured ankle. But he could ignore it. Adrenaline made that easy for him. Tsuki ran down the alleyways without much guidance or knowledge of the layout. Some of the alleyways ended and he had to turn down new one that seemed to lead him farther away from the main road to the church. He didn’t know where he would end up, so he went just a tad further down and made the next left he could.

Tsuki didn’t know how long he was running for. He only stopped because an asthma attack was threatening to take him over. He gasped hard and leaned heavily against the wall. He felt saliva drizzle out of his mouth but at least he wasn’t vomiting. He quickly looked around himself, looking behind him especially. There was no one there.

‘Is Roppi-san alright? What if they kill him? Father Shizuo said the Holy Order were ruthless…’

Tsuki walked down an alleyway towards the main road. He peeked out. He had left the church far behind. He also spotted what he figured was the fountain. It was covered in snow but Tsuki could see it was made of stone and circular. In the center of the circle was the angel. It was a decent distance away; Tsukishima had run by the fountain by a long while.

And he had also passed the manor with the gargoyles. Tsuki could only assume that was the place Rubi had described. There were two roaring monsters that Tsuki had never seen before standing on either side of a metal gate. A fence made of stone enclosed a huge building. It was just a tad smaller than Orihara’s Izaya’s manor. Tsuki had overshot his sanctuary by at least ten feet.

Tsuki looked down towards the church. He couldn’t see Roppi, or the holy men. He could barely make out a disturbance in the snow, but he couldn’t see anyone laying in the snow nor a disturbing amount of blood.

‘Did…they arrest Roppi-san?’

Tsuki didn’t know. But he decided not to dwell. He stepped out of the alleyway with the great gates in sight.

A hand came around Tsuki’s mouth. His eyes stretched wide as he was pulled back into the alley. Tsuki struggled out of instinct but he didn’t need to see to know who was violently grabbing him. However, the blond never got to see who it was as he was slammed hard into the brick building. His skull slammed against the wall hard. His eyes rolled back in his head as his vision went black.


Tsuki had a raging headache and his eyes felt like they were bleeding. As soon as he opened them, he regretted it. Tears streaked the side of his face and nausea rose in his throat.


The blond heard someone, but he could barely made it out. It was so far away and wavering. Tsuki opened his mouth to speak but his mind couldn’t form a word. He couldn’t even form a thought.

Tsuki decided it was too much effort to stay awake. He closed his eyes and fell unconscious immediately.

Tsuki next woke feeling way better. He still felt extremely horrible, but the nausea and headache had passed. Now it was just fatigue and dehydration.

Tsuki forced himself up. Dizziness hit him hard and he wobbled dangerously. He nearly fell off the wooden bed he lied on. The only reason he didn’t was because someone jolted forward and wrapped their arms around him.

“Easy, easy.” The gentle voice said. “You have a slight concussion.”


“You hit your head really hard and it rattled your brain, essentially. You’re probably feeling very sluggish, tired, dizzy.”


“The trauma won’t last. With a bit more rest, you’ll be fine.”

Tsuki finally looked up at the person that held him. “Toudai…san…”

The doctor looked down at Tsuki with profound sadness. “Yes. It’s me.”

“H-how…are you…Where am—”

Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide as realization hit him. He looked around himself. He was in a wooden room. The bed he lied on was made of wood and was attached to the wall, ropes attached to the outer corners to hold the bed up. There was a thin, soft pad underneath him. It barely provided much comfort. The blanket that sat over his lap was thin and scratchy.

And Toudaimoto, the doctor and lover of Rubi, was here. Which only left one option as to where Tsuki was.

The blond jumped off the bed.


Tsuki’s knees gave out almost as soon as he applied pressure on them. The bone slamming against the wood echoed around the small room. A hand came over his shoulder.

“You shouldn’t get up.” Toudai said close to his ear. “You need to rest.”

“D-don’t touch—”

Tsuki pushed Toudai away and forced himself to his feet. He rushed to the big wooden door. The door didn’t have a handle. Instead it was a rope that he had to pull towards him. He did so and stumbled out into a hallway. He looked left and right. Right was more rooms. Left was a few rooms and a staircase leading upwards. Tsuki went to the staircase.

His balance was lost as his whole body rocked to the side. He stumbled and slammed against the wall. That didn’t stop him, however. He rushed forward and climbed up the steps. Sometimes it was on all four, but for the duration, he was leaning against the wall. His balance was shot as he rocked left and then right.

Sunlight greeted him. He made it up the steps and was blinded by the powerful rays. He squinted his eyes and put a hand out to block the light. His eyes adjusted within seconds. The world was displayed to him. He stood on a wooden deck, with banisters that lined the sides. There was a giant pole in the middle of the deck with huge white sheets on it. Tsuki had never seen anything like it.

He glanced around the deck to see several men he didn’t recognize. Rubi, Sakuraya, and Shitsuo were also there. They turned to stare at Tsuki wide-eyed.

“Tsuki?” Rubi questioned with shock.

“Tsukishima, wait!” Toudai called from the staircase.

The blond ignored him in favor of rushing to one of those banisters. His waist slammed against the wood as he looked out.

Tsuki’s eyes gazed upon a never-ending expansion of water. As far as the blond could see, there was nothing but water.

“Well, it’s basically this giant expansion of water that stretches as far as the eye can see.” 

“Oh, it’s a giant boat with massive sails.”


Tsuki felt tears begin to rise.



“Tsukishima!” The blond was turned around. Toudai looked at Tsuki with guilt-ridden sorrow before he pulled the teen into an embrace. “It’s okay. It’ll be okay.”

Tsukishima tilted his head down and screamed into Toudai’s chest. He screamed in sorrow. He screamed in rage. He screamed because he couldn’t think of any other way to express his inner turmoil. His voice echoed off the water, even with the doctor’s chest as a muffler.

The crew looked at Tsuki wide-eyed. But the blond didn’t care.

“No, no no no no.” The blond sobbed as his knees weakened.

Tsuki couldn’t stand anymore so he allowed himself to go to his knees. Toudai followed, hugging him close and rubbing his back. Tsuki held him desperately.

“I we-we-went too far. I r-ran past the-the manor.”

“Sssh, shoosh, Tsukishima,” Toudai rubbed his hair soothingly. “You did your best.”

“But it wa-wasn’t goo-good enough.”

“You gave it your all. You did more than most would in your situation.”


“The hell are you screaming for?”

Tsuki stiffened and went cold to the voice. He glanced up to see Hachimenroppi gazing down at him with a cocked brow of confusion.

“What’s wrong?”

Tsuki grip on Toudai tightened as his heart pounded in his ear.

“Keep him away from me…” Tsuki whispered to Toudai. “Please.”

“What are you whispering about?” Roppi bent forward, reaching down to touch Tsuki head. “What’s wrong, Tsuki?”

“Don’t touch him!” Toudai twisted so that his body blocked Tsuki from Roppi. “You’ve caused him enough suffering. Leave him alone for now.”

Roppi’s eyes widened in shock but his brows were furrowed in irritancy. Tsuki made brief eye contact with Roppi. The blond stiffened, his hands tightening on Toudai once again before he buried his face back in the doctor’s chest.

Tsuki heard Roppi scoff. “Fine.”

The raven turned and walked off. Tsuki heard his footsteps echoing across the deck. The blond tilted his head up to look over Toudai’s shoulder to see him walking over to a stranger. Said stranger had bandages in his hand and Roppi’s sleeve was ripped along his bicep. A new injury.

Tsuki couldn’t bring himself to care about it. Roppi wasn’t going to torment him anymore. For now, at least. Within Toudaimoto’s arm, Tsukishima would be safe for the time being. And as of right now, Tsuki needed safety. He needed that small pit of comfort so that he could have his breakdown.

The clothe over Toudai’s chest soaked up all of Tsuki’s tears. The doctor made no complaint as he rocked Tsuki back and forth and stroked his hair. For a moment, Tsuki could almost pretend he was in the arms of his older brother, Delic. He could pretend that he could smell the tobacco and strawberries that was Delic’s scent.

At least he could still pretend.

Chapter Text

Tsuki sat on the thing that could only be considered a bed. He was hugging his knees to his chest with his face in his thighs. After he found out he was on a ship heading for Taiwan, Tsuki went straight back to the room he had been in prior and lied down. He had cried until his eyes were stinging. He had cried himself into exhaustion. His body was demanding he go to sleep, but Tsuki didn’t want to. Tsuki’s mind had gone into a very dark place. One that made him feel helpless and hopeless. One that involved his last resort that he had begged God for forgiveness.

The blond could only assume night had fallen as someone went around placing lanterns in the hallway. Light was seeping into his room from the hole in the door. It was the only illumination in Tsuki’s pitch black room. The light annoyed him, so the blond buried his face into his knees. Putting him in the position he currently lied in with dark thoughts filling his mind.

‘God, I know that suicide is a sin. I know its wrath against oneself. But I don’t know what else to do. You…haven’t been guiding me. I just don’t know…’

There was a knock on Tsuki’s door. The blond couldn’t be bothered to look up from his knees.

“Tsukishima, you awake?”

Tsuki recognized the voice as Hachimenroppi. He definitely wasn’t going to respond knowing that.

The door opened anyway. “Tsukishima?”

He refused to raise his head.

“Why’s it dark in here? Hey, are you asleep?”

Tsuki didn’t answer. He heard Roppi’s shoes shuffling against the wood. The sound of a match striking resounded. Then Tsuki could see the glow of light creep into the gaps of his torso and legs.

“Did you fall asleep like that?”

Tsuki didn’t respond.

The floorboards creaked as Roppi walked over. He sat next to Tsuki on the wooden bed.

“Hey,” Roppi’s hand touched his shoulder.

Tsuki flinched and jolted away from the raven.

“Oi, it’s just me.” Roppi growled. He casted Tsuki a slight glare before his voice took on a soothing tone. “It’s just me. You’re okay.”

Tsuki glared at Roppi before he shimmied away from the werewolf. The blond wrapped his arms back around his knees and pressed his mouth to his thighs. Roppi glared at him but didn’t comment on Tsuki’s attitude.

“I brought you food.” Roppi said. “You’re not seasick, are you?”

Tsuki didn’t respond.

“Your bucket’s empty. So, I can only assume you’re not. You seem to have pretty decent sea legs.”

Tsuki glanced to the side.

“Here.” Roppi held the food out to him.

Tsuki looked over to the bowl. He casted it a glare before he turned his head away, burying his mouth in his elbow.

“You need to eat.” Roppi’s voice deepened into a growl of annoyance.

Tsuki stiffened and swallowed hard as fear gripped him. He clenched his fists hard. But tried not to show it to Roppi.

“Do I need to force feed you?”

Tsuki jolted as his eyes stretched wide. He backed away from Roppi while shaking his head wildly. His hand fell off the edge of the bed in his flailing. He gasped loudly as he teetered backwards. Roppi reacted impeccably. He grabbed Tsuki’s wrist and tugged the blond hard. Tsuki’s face slammed into Roppi’s collar bone. The two groaned—Tsuki’s nose ached from the glasses pushing it down and Roppi got his collar bone smacked hard with the blonde’s skull.

“The fuck are you doing?” Roppi growled.

The blond jolted and sat up straight. He pushed against Roppi’s shoulder with his free hand and closed his eyes tight shut.

“Stop—what is wrong with you?!” Roppi tugged Tsuki harshly.

Tears strung Tsuki’s eyes as fear pooled in his chest.

“Oi, speak to me! I can’t understand why you’re freaking out!”

Tsuki just shook his head. He couldn’t speak. Anything he said would just irate the werewolf even more. Roppi wouldn’t listen to him anyway so what was the point? He was going to get beaten regardless of what he said. There was no reasoning with Hachimenroppi.

“Would you fucking—stop and speak!”

Tsuki just sobbed.

There was a knock at the door. The two looked over.

“Tsukishima, it’s Toudaimoto. May I come in?”


Tsuki went to stand. Roppi’s grip on his wrist only tightened. The blond looked back at him. The werewolf was glaring at him in warning.

“Tsukishima?” Toudai knocked again.

‘I don’t want to be alone with him…’

“C-come in!” Tsuki called.

An inhuman growled echoed in Roppi’s throat. Tsuki swallowed hard before he shook his head.

 The door rattled before Toudai walked in.

“Oh.” Toudai said as soon as he saw Roppi. “I was not aware you were here.”

The doctor’s eyes fell on the hand around Tsuki’s wrist. Those russet eyes narrowed.

“Tsuki-kun, do you know where the restroom is?” Toudai asked.

The blond shook his head.

“I’ll show him later.” Roppi growled, pulling the blond closer.

Toudai glared at him. “Well, I brought you some food.”

“I already ate.”

“I was not talking to you. I was talking to Tsukishima.”

Roppi’s eyes narrowed in unadulterated hatred. “I already brought him food.”

“…My apologies.”

Toudai walked over, stumbling for a moment, and put the bowl of food on the barrel at the ‘head’ of Tsuki’s bed—it was only the head because the pillows were on that end.

“Have you eaten?” Toudai knelt down in front of Tsuki.

Tsuki’s gaze flashed from Roppi back to Toudai. He then shook his head slowly. Toudai looked at Roppi.

“Let him go, if you would?” The doctor said.

Roppi glared death at him. “Don’t fucking tell me what to do.”

“How is he supposed to eat if you are holding his wrist?”

Roppi’s lip pulled back in an inhuman snarl, exposing elongated canine.

“What is more important, Roppi-kun?” Toudai growled. “Your control over him or his health?”

A growl rumbled in his throat. The bottom half of his face stretched into a grin as his bottom jaw popped. It stretched outward into a fleshy muzzle of a dog. Tsuki gasped loudly and tugged away harshly.

“You are scaring him.” Toudai said far too calmly for witnessing such an inhuman display.

Tsuki pushed against Roppi’s hand violently, digging his nails in. The blond shook his head vigorously, closing his eyes tight shut.

The vice grip on his wrist was released. The blond backed away. Toudai stood and sat on the bed behind Tsuki and gripped the blonde’s shoulders gently. He rubbed Tsuki’s arms soothingly.

“It is alright.” Toudai said. “When a werewolf is angry at night, their transformation may happen without their knowledge.”

Tsuki just shook his head, looking at Roppi with horror-stricken eyes. Roppi put a hand over his mouth and turned away. Tsuki heard popping sounds and Roppi groaned slightly. The werewolf turned to look at Tsuki anew, looking like a proper human. However, the terror didn’t abate. Tsukishima just could not handle being around his torturer anymore.

Tsuki pushed himself against Toudai, looking down at the floor.

“What the hell is your problem, Tsuki? Seriously?” Roppi growled. “You’re being so fucking difficult.”

“Roppi, I believe it is you who is being difficult.” Toudai glared at him.

“Hah?” Roppi’s throat was thick with hatred.

Tsuki stiffened. The blond quickly turned and grabbed Toudai’s chest, shaking his head with fear-laced eyes.

“What the hell do you mean by that?” Roppi gaze flashed from Toudai to Tsuki then back to Toudai.

Toudai looked at him. “I mean—”

Tsuki tugged the doctor’s shirt, shaking his head even more.

Roppi glared at Tsuki. “Let him talk, Tsuki.”

Tsuki looked back at Roppi, his brows furrowed in a form of agony Roppi didn’t understand.

“I mean,” Toudai started again, wrapping his arm around Tsuki’s shoulder’s almost protectively. “this boy wishes for nothing more than to go home and you have denied him at every turn. What happened yesterday was his last attempt. Now that we are on this ship, Tsuki has no hope of seeing his family again. And you were the one that did this to him.”

Tsuki felt fear grip his heart. Roppi is sure to become violent. Tsuki didn’t think he could handle this rough man anymore. If he turned his anger on Toudai, the doctor may be murdered in front of him. Tsuki wasn’t ready to see something like that.

“So,” Roppi looked at Tsuki. “You’re homesick?”

‘Homesick…? That’s is the kindest way to explain how I feel!’ Tsuki swallowed hard before he tilted his head down to look at his feet.

“Homesick is not how I would describe this, Roppi.” Toudai near snarled.

“That’s the best way to describe it though.” Roppi put the bowl of food down on the barrel. “Listen, Tsuki. Regardless if your sad, it won’t last. I told you, I’ll make you happy to be with me. It’ll just take time, okay?”

Tsuki didn’t respond, keeping his eyes on the ground.

“You shouldn’t starve yourself just because you’re upset with me. You need to eat.”

Tsuki shook his head.

“If I have to force-feed you, I will.”

Tsuki shook his head again, pressing himself against Toudai.

“Tsuki-kun,” Toudai said, softly, soothingly in his ear. “He does have a point. You should not punish yourself to get back at him. You must take your health into account.”

Tsuki looked up at the doctor.

“You are only hurting yourself by fasting. You must remain strong.”

Tsuki eyes filled with tears. He shook his head softly.

“If you give up now, you will have to rely on Roppi to take care of you.”

Tsuki’s eyes widened.

“So long as you have breath in your lungs, you can still fight. But if you let yourself wither then you will have to move completely as Roppi’s pace. You will lose all form of freedom So, please, I implore you. You must eat.”

Tsuki swallowed hard. He felt a wad of emotions bubble in his chest. His words resonated with a part of him that had been buried by his fear. He barely registered it. But that small sliver of light was enough to get the blond to sigh heavily. His nodded his head, keeping his gaze down towards the floor.

Toudai smiled softly before he stood. He walked over—leaning his hip against the bed the whole way until Roppi’s leg’s obscured his course—picked up the bowl he had brought in, turned back to Tsuki and held it out to the blond. Tsuki looked up at him, then at the bowl. He didn’t want to take it. He had no appetite and felt nausea in his throat at the sight of food. Tsuki swallowed hard before taking the food from Toudai.

“Are you fucking…” Roppi started but cut himself off.

Tsuki looked up at the raven.

“Whatever.” Roppi crossed his arms and leaned back against the wall. “Fuck it. So long as he’s eating, I guess.”

Tsuki knew he had done something wrong. More than likely, it was the fact that Tsuki took food from Toudai instead of the werewolf. The fear pooled inside him anew, his stomach hurting from the anxiety. His hands started to shake.

Hands touched Tsuki’s bicep. He jolted and looked up. Roppi’s arms were still crossed. Tsuki looked over his shoulder. Toudai smiled down at him kindly.

“It is okay.” Toudai said, rubbing Tsuki’s biceps in comfort. “Try to eat. Everything is alright.”

Tsuki didn’t believe him. But he nodded all the same and turned his attention back to his food. He picked up the spoon and took a generous amount of soup into his mouth. It was unsalted and bland.

‘So long as it’s edible, I guess…’

“Hey, doc,” Roppi growled.

“Yes?” Toudai looked up at the irate werewolf.

Roppi didn’t even glance at him as he said, “I think this needs to be said. If you sleep with Tsukishima, I. Will. Kill. You. And Rubi won’t be able to stop me.”

Tsukishima stiffened as his eyes stretched wide with fear. Fear for himself that he would be forced into sex by the deviant. And fear for Toudaimoto whose life was threatened.

Toudai, on the other hand, showed no signs of fear. Instead, he gave Roppi a gaze of pure disgust. He then scoffed to verbalize that disgust as he rolled his eyes.

“Despite what you might think of deviants, I do not spread my legs for just anyone nor do I take advantage of a child who does not understand.” Toudai looked at him with narrowed eyes. “I am proud to say I am nothing like you.”

Roppi’s eyes grew wide with rage. Tsukishima jolted. “T-Toudai—”

Then, all too fast for Tsuki to comprehend, Roppi grabbed Toudai by the chest of his shirt and lifted him off the bed. The doctor’s back slammed into the wall, the enraged black wolf holding him up so only the tips of his toes were touching the ground. Toudai grabbed Roppi’s wrists as he clenched his teeth.

“You may not be scared of me, you little shit,” Roppi growled in Toudai’s face. “But I’ll put the fear of God in you by the time I’m done with you.”

“You may believe your threats are at all worth anything,” Toudai’s voice was heavy with the full weight of his body being suspended. But a smirk crept up his cheeks. “However, you are not the first depraved bully I’ve ever met. A man who takes advantage and shoves the weak around all to save his crumbling masculinity. You are certainly not the first. Why Rubi wastes his time pitying the likes of you, I will never understand. Rubi’s kindness is wasted on a sad excuse for a being like you.”

Roppi expression only became more twisted with rage. He pulled his clenched fist back in a swing, poised to punch Toudai in the face. “YOU—”

“PL-PLEASE!” Tsukishima screamed, something clattering to the ground.

Roppi stopped mid-swing, looking over at the blond. Tsuki was crying, hands nearly hiding his face while his expression was laced with pure fear. He had dropped his bowl, the soup splattering over the floor.

“Please, just st-stop.” Tsuki sobbed. “St-stop being vi-violent. Stop—please, stop being sc-scary.”

Roppi’s eyes widened. Then Tsuki saw a look the werewolf had never shown him before. An expression of pure guilt crossed his features. The blond was shocked. However, it didn’t last as the raven’s brows knitted in a scowl. He then scoffed harshly.

“Fine.” Roppi let the doctor go.

Toudai coughed as he rubbed his collar bones. The werewolf stuffed his hands into his pants pockets and went to the door.

“The threat stands.” Roppi growled. “Touch Tsuki and I’ll kill you. Make sure he eats.”

With that, Hachimenroppi was gone. He closed the door harder than he needed to, the swinging wood bouncing off the rim and opening back up. Toudai stumbled over and closed it gently.

“Are-are you okay?” Tsuki asked.

Toudai smiled at the blond. “Yes, I am alright. Thank you for stopping him.”

The blond looked at him wide-eyed. “I-I did-didn’t do anything.”

“You did, however.” Toudai sat down by the teenager—having rocked quite precariously on his journey over. “He only stopped because of you.”

Tsuki swallowed, glancing to the side.

“Continue to eat, Tsukishima-kun. Would you like me to stay with you longer?”

Tsuki look at him. Then nodded. The doctor grabbed the bowl of food Hachimenroppi had brought in and gave it to Tsuki. The blond looked down at his food and lifted a spoonful to his mouth. Toudai went back to the barrel—leaning against the bed—and opened the top of it. He pulled out a cloth and a bucket. Tsuki didn’t know there had actually been anything inside the barrel. The bucket had a wooden lid on top of it. Toudai knelt in front of the spilt food on the floor and opened the bucket. It was filled with water.

Tsuki felt guilty that Toudai was cleaning up his mess. But the blond had no motivation to help him, so he just continued to eat his tasteless soup.

“I must say, Tsukishima-kun, you seemed to have a handle on your emotions far better than I assumed you would.”

Tsuki looked at him. “What…do you mean?”

“Besides your breakdown earlier, you have not become hysterical.”

“I f-feel like a moment ago was hyst-hysteria.”

“Yes, but it could have been a lot worse, is my point. You’re…handling this far better than most people would.”

Tsuki just stared at him for a moment. Then he looked to the side. “…I just feel numb…right now. Ot-other than fear…I feel like…I feel like I could d-die right now and I would-wouldn’t be scared.”

Toudai’s expression became very serious. Tsuki’s eyes widened to the change and he stiffened.

“Um, I—”

“Tsukishima-kun.” Toudai abandoned the mess on the floor to stand. He stepped over it and sat by the teen. Then reached out to touch him.

Tsuki flinched and closed his eyes tight shut. A gentle hand touched his hand. He opened his eyes to stare at Toudai.

“What you are describing is depression. Considering your situation, such a response is to be expected. However, you must try to keep your head high. If you start developing suicidal thoughts, I beg you, tell me. I can help you, Tsukishima-kun.”

“…Un-unless you can get me home…I don-don’t think you can hel-help me.”

Toudai’s brows furrowed up and the doctor looked like he was about to cry. He wrapped his arms around Tsuki. The blonde’s eyes widened as he was pulled into an embrace.

“I’m sorry.” Toudai said into Tsuki’s hair. “I am sorry that we could not take you home.”

Tsuki felt tears sting his eyes.

“There is nothing we can do for you, Tsuki-kun, except keep you healthy.”


“There is nothing we can do. At least not now. I know I have no right to ask anything of you, but please, hold on for a while longer. The situation could change drastically by tomorrow.”

‘I don’t want to hold on any longer.’

“We know not what the future holds. I know now it looks bleak, but the situation can turn for the better without reason.”

‘No, it won’t. It won’t turn better.’

“You must remain strong. I swear, on my life, I will not give up on you.”

‘But I’m not strong! I’m not, I’m not, I’m not!’

Tsuki clenched his teeth as he fell away into sobs. He grabbed the doctors shoulder blades with a vice grip that turned his knuckles white.

‘I just want it to end. I’ve done everything I could. I…I just…’

The blond felt his tears starting to stop as an emptiness filled his chest.

‘I just don’t want to anymore.’

Chapter Text

Tsukishima stared at the wooden wall, the ship swaying back and forth. The movement annoyed the blond, but it didn’t cause him motion sickness—unlike Toudaimoto, who was in the next room over vomiting up everything he had eaten. For that reason, Toudai had left Tsuki’s side for the night. He started feeling nauseous from watching Tsuki eat with the add-on of the rocking ship. Tsukishima never really got motion sick from when he road on hay carts or got in a boat to go down the river. It never bothered him. However, Toudaimoto was suffering profusely. He couldn’t even take two steps without stumbling and leaning on Rubi—who came to guide Toudai back to their room—or the wall. Tsuki tried not to laugh at the irony of a doctor who became sick.

Although, Tsukishima wasn’t in a laughing mood anyway. He had fallen deep into depression. He knew he had. Tsuki wished he could just die. Tsukishima couldn’t bring himself to care about anything other than the growing void in his emotions. The blond was no longer in turmoil. For the first time since this journey started, Tsukishima just felt empty. Everything had flown away from him. The sadness, the rage. It all just went away, being replaced with an emptiness that felt even worse.

Tsukishima had given up. Tsukishima had botched his last chance to go home. Now, there was no hope.

‘How much would it hurt to drown?’

Tsuki stopped to imagine the sensation. Cold, mixed with the pain of an asthma attack. It couldn’t be that bad. It was like an asthma attack that never ended until Tsuki died. If he was lucky, the cold would take him before the drowning. All he had to do was go to the deck and lean over the railing. It would be simple.

But fear gripped him at the idea of ending his life.

‘Is there a…softer way to go? Maybe some poisonous plants? A knife would hurt. Maybe hypothermia? Death by cold, I heard you go completely numb and don’t feel anything by the end…’

Tsuki felt like crying.

‘God, please. I beg you. Forgive me for what I’m going to do.’

There was no response, once again. Nothing but the vacancy of his own mind. Nothing but the rise of doubt that was almost crippling.

Tsuki pulled his cloak around his shoulders and stood. He walked to the door and slowly opened it. He stuck his head out and peaked around. He looked left and right. He was looking for Hachimenroppi, however, he also didn’t want to see Toudaimoto. The doctor would try to stop him, no doubt. But there was no one, not even crew members.

Tsuki closed the door behind him quietly. He then turned and went up the stairs.

He was buffeted by blistering wind. The cold lifted his scarf and hair and made his eyes sting. His noses started to hurt, his lungs following the same ache.

‘It’s so cold. Maybe…it’ll be quicker than I thought.’

Tsuki stared up at the night sky and was immediately in awe. He had never known the sky could be so massive. Trees and mountains lining the peripheral had made the sky much smaller. But now that Tsuki wasn’t in turmoil, he was able to properly take in the mass of darkness above his head.

‘Beautiful. It’s…almost intimidating…’

Tsuki tore his eyes away from the sky. He didn’t want to, but he felt that if he stared for so long, he would change his mind. He couldn’t allow himself to waver. He had to stay true to his cause. Else he’d lose his conviction and nerve. The blond walked over to the mast. He placed his hands against the wood for balance and looked around.

There were a few people walking around on deck, all were crew members that Tsuki didn’t recognize. He got side-long glances from some of them, but none came up to talk to him. That was fine by him. Tsuki didn’t want them to talk to him, in case he gave away his plans.

The blond walked over to the railing. Everything was just black. The water, the sky. Tsuki couldn’t tell the difference between the two since they were the same shade of black. The moon was hidden behind clouds, so he couldn’t even see a reflection off the waves.

The black was intimidating. Tsuki felt his conviction waver.

‘I…I can’t…’

Tsuki swallowed hard and closed his eyes tight shut. He put his hands together in prayer, tilting his head down.

‘God, I…I don’t know what to do. I feel as if I have no other choice than to take my own life. That…or continue to suffer at the hands of a devil. Please, great lion, give me some form of sign. Is Hachimenroppi truly a devil or is he just a misguided soul? Should I continue with this man’s pace or take my life into my own hands? Please, I need your guidance now more than ever. Please!’

Tsuki opened his eyes. There was nothing but never-ending black.

The blond let out a heavy sigh as his whole figure slumped in defeat.

‘Guess that’s my answer.’

Tsuki looked around. There were a few crew members behind him. They were close enough that if they figured out what Tsuki was doing, they could stop him. The blond looked around him. The back of the ship, up a flight of stairs, looked unoccupied. Tsukishima hobbled his way across the deck and up the stairs. He found the steering wheel of the ship. He could only assume that’s what it was. However, there was no one there so Tsuki wondered if the ship just road the waves and they had very long paddles somewhere on the ship to guide them along. He couldn’t bring himself to care as he limped to the railing at the back of the boat.

Orange light shined out over the water from the glass windows underneath him. With that, Tsuki could see the waves were a lot farther down than he had thought. What’s more, there were chunks of ice in the sea. Some were small and barely noticeable while others were huge enough for Tsuki to climb on and ride if he wanted to. Tsuki questioned if he could turn one into a makeshift boat and head back to Japan. It was a fleeting thought. It probably was impossible, like trying to ride a log in the river. It would most-likely sink under his weight.

Tsukishima felt fear begin to rise anew. His conviction wavered yet again.

Tsuki swallowed hard and closed his eyes tight shut. He put his hands on the railing and tilted his head back to face at the stars.

‘Don’t think about it. Just do it.’

Tsuki leaned forward. His waist bent over the railing and his feet left the wood.

The blond was grabbed by the cloak and tugged roughly. He was choked momentarily but he still gasped, which hurt his throat to do, as his eyes stretched wide.

‘How did Hachimenroppi find me already?! Why—’

“What the hell were you doing?” A gruff voice growled, pulling Tsuki close. “Were you trying to kill yourself or something?”

Tsuki felt fear clench his chest. Hachimenroppi was going to hurt him terribly if he told the truth. The werewolf had beaten him and tried to violently rape him due to nearly getting him killed. How would he respond if Tsukishima had tried to kill himself instead? The blond started to shake as tears stung his eyes.

“Oi,” the man turned Tsuki around, so they were facing each other.

“I-I-I-I-I’m so-so-so-sorry…” Tsuki tried to pull away, pushing on the man’s hand as he tossed his gaze to the ground. “I’m sor-sorry. I’m sorry.”

“Sorr—why are you apologizing? Hey!”

Tsuki couldn’t stop the tears that streaked his cheeks.

“Why are you crying? Are you okay?” Gentle hands covered in callus’s touched Tsuki’s cheeks.

The blonde’s eyes widened. This wasn’t Roppi. It couldn’t be. He was too kind. Tsuki properly looked up. He didn’t recognize the man. He was probably only a bit older than Tsukishima but with much darker skin. His hair was longer than appropriate for a man and it was tied back to be out of the way. He was a crew member.

“You-You’re not Ro-Roppi-san…” Tsuki started to cry, his face deflating in relief.

The man stared at him in confused concern. “What’s wrong? Hey, what’s wrong?”

Tsuki shook his head. ‘Is this your sign, God? It…it has to be, right? I’m not supposed to die yet, right? That’s what this means, I’m sure.’

Tsuki wasn’t sure if he should feel relieved or destroyed that this was God’s choice for him.

“Hey,” the man’s voice became softer as he lifted Tsuki’s head, so they made eye contact, “Tell me what’s wrong. That didn’t look like an accident. Are you okay?”

Tsuki felt his stomach form into knots. The blond shook his head, fear gripping his organs. “I-I-I can’t. Ro-Roppi-san, he…”

“Roppi-san—the brunette that brought you on the ship yesterday morning?”

Tsuki nodded.

“What did he do?”

Tsuki looked up at him in sorrow. Then the blond decided to just let the grief take him for the first time since he got on this boat. All the emotions that he couldn’t feel anymore came flooding forth and he couldn’t control himself. He tilted his head down and rested it against the man’s chest. His shoulders jolted with his sobs.

The man patted Tsuki on the back.

“Hey, it’s alright. I’m…I’m sure you didn’t mean to. The ship rocked and you leaned more than you meant to, right?”

Tsuki shook his head. “I…I just d-don’t know wh-what to do any-anymore…”

“What…what do you mean?”

“I just…don’t know…I just want to-to go ho-home…”

The man’s eyes widened and he looked down at him. “Go home? Wait, what are you—”


Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide and his body went cold to the voice he recognized. The blond looked up quickly, the two gazing over the deck. The red-eyed wolfman stood by the lantern against the mast, glaring up at the two of them. Tsuki began to shake again with newfound fear.

Hachimenroppi rushed up the stairs onto the second deck.

“Your friends alright,” the man said, “he just had a case of motion sickness and—”

 Roppi grabbed Tsuki’s bicep and tugged the blond hard. Tsuki gasped as he lost his balance, falling against the werewolf.

“The fuck are you doing?” Roppi growled in Tsuki’s ear.


“Oi,” the crew member looked at Roppi with a slight glare. “There’s no need to be so rough. He’s alright.”

Roppi glared at the man openly. Then the raven nodded. “Thanks for looking after him. He should be getting some rest though.”

Without waiting for a reply, Roppi turned and tugged Tsukishima along with him. Roppi gave no pause to his movements nor stopped to let Tsuki catch his bearings. The blond practically fell down the stairs against Roppi. Roppi forced him to his feet. The two went across the deck and down the stairs to the lower level of the ship.

“I-I-I…” Tsuki started. “I wa-wasn’t—”

Roppi pushed the door open to Tsuki’s room. He swung Tsuki around into the room then stepped in after him, still holding Tsuki close. The raven then closed the door and grabbed a wooden peg. The peg was within a sliding apparatus and it could only slide left or right. Roppi pushed it right and it thoroughly kept the door from opening as well as keeping anyone else from coming in. Roppi locked the two into the bedroom.

Tsuki felt his heart clench painfully as the fear built in his throat.

“N-no!” Tsuki pulled away from Roppi, grabbing his hand to try and get him to let go. “I swear—I swear, I was-wasn’t doing any—”

“First Toudai, now a random sailor. Were you really a virgin before we met?”


Roppi swung Tsuki around and slammed him into the wall by the door. Tsuki called out in pain as the wounds on his back spasmed. The werewolf didn’t care as he grabbed the blond by both shoulders, forcing eye contact.

“You’re pretty good at seducing men. Am I just one of many? Is that why you didn’t want to leave your town? You didn’t want to leave all your sugar daddies.”

“I-I—How could you say th-that?!”

“Why shouldn’t I? Not like that sailor wasn’t all over you.”

“He wasn—”

Roppi kissed him. Although, calling it a kiss may be too generous. He more of smashed his lips against Tsuki’s and demanded the blond open his mouth for his tongue.


Tsuki tried to turn his head away but Roppi denied him by grabbing his face.

‘Someone help me…’

The raven separated. The blond coughed before he began to shake his head.

“N-no, ple—”

“Oh, please this, please that.” Roppi growled. “Could you have even a cunt hair of dignity? Just shut up and take it like a man.”

Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide in horror.

Roppi scoffed before he turned and pulled Tsuki towards the bed.

“Why?” Tsuki sobbed, his vision misting over with fresh tears.

Roppi looked over his shoulder, glaring at him. “Why what?”

“Why can-can you hurt me an-and do whatever yo-you want to me but still s-say you love me?”

Roppi’s eyes widened for a moment. Then they returned to their original glare. “It’s your fault. If you fucking cooperated with me instead of fighting, I wouldn’t have to be rough.”

Tsuki’s eyes widened in horror for a second time.

“Don’t go around other guys. You—you’re mine, so you should only interact with me. You’re easy so anyone could sweep you away.”

‘How could you say that?! Do you know me at all?!’

Roppi made Tsuki sit on the bed. The blond was shaking uncontrollably as he hugged himself, tears streaking his cheeks like a river.

“Oh my fuck, stop crying alrea—”

“I hate you.”

Roppi’s eyes stretched wide.

Tsuki looked at him with fresh fear, fresh tears, and fresh anguish. “I hate you so-so much.”


Roppi slammed Tsuki’s shoulders to the wooden bed. The blond called out in pain.

“You can’t say that.” Roppi stared down at Tsuki with those wide eyes, a desperate look upon his face. “You’re not allowed to say that.”

Tsuki glared up at him, although it was quite lackluster since he couldn’t stop crying. “S-so, you-you can call me a de-devious whore when I was a fucking virgin, but I’m n-not allowed to state how I truly feel—”


Tsuki flinched, closing his eyes tight shut.

“You’re not allowed. You’re not allowed.”

The captured teen opened his eyes slightly as he began to shake again.

Roppi grabbed Tsuki harshly and flipped him over onto his knees. He threw the cloak down Tsuki’s back and grabbed the blonde’s pants.

“Hk!” Tsuki clenched his teeth, grabbing the pillow under him tightly.

“You have to say you love me, Tsuki.” Roppi pulled Tsuki’s pants down to around his knees. “You have to love me, Tsuki.”

The blond didn’t respond. He wanted to fight against the werewolf, but fear held him tightly. After everything Roppi had done to him, the last thing he wanted was another concussion. On top of which, something was wrong with the werewolf. He words, his mannerisms, they were all desperate and almost pitiful. Tsuki didn’t know how violent Roppi would get like this, so—despite knowing what was coming next and know how much he was going to hate it—he decided not the test the waters of Roppi’s mental stability and kept quiet.

Roppi spat and Tsuki felt the glob of liquid hit his hole. The blond flinched and stiffened, feeling disgusted. He heard the werewolf unzipped and unbuttons his pants. In the next second, he felt Roppi’s rock hard erection rubbing the saliva up and down his hole. Tsuki could hear his heartbeat in his ears as he began to shake with fear.

“Tell me you love me.”

Tsuki bit into the pillow.

The blond felt a pressure against his anus for a split second before white-hot pain replaced it. His eyes stretched wide and he arched his back. Out of reflex, he reached back and grabbed at Roppi, grabbing his hips and trying to push the werewolf away.

“Agh! Agh ah!”

Roppi grabbed Tsuki’s wrists and pinned them to the bed by his side. “Tell me you love me, Tsuki.”

Tsuki had trouble breathing like this. With his chest pressed to the floor, hips in the air, and arms pinned to his side, all his weight was on his chest. He had to gasp hard just to get air in his lungs, which was starting to affect his asthma.

“It h-hurts.” Tsuki sobbed, gasping hard. “Please—”

“Tell me you love me!”

Tsuki shook his head.

“Tsukishima, tell me you—”

“Why should I *huk* love you when all *huk* you do is hurt me?!” Tsuki screamed.

Roppi’s grip on Tsuki’s wrists tightened. The blond felt his nails dig in and that spot became warm with liquids. Tsuki could feel the werewolf shaking.

Roppi growled an inhuman growl. He grabbed Tsuki by his hips. The blond brought his hands under him, lifting himself up and taking in a selfish amount of air. He kept his head tilted back so he could breathe. With a firm grip, Roppi thrust without restraint. Tsuki called out in pain as he dug nails into the blankets.

‘I’ll never love you. I’ll die before I ever say I love you.’

Tsuki lowered his chest ever so slight only because his arms were getting weak. He sobbed, breathing hard enough to make the blanket billow with his breath.

‘I could never love a beast like you. Never. Never. Never!’

Tsuki’s toes curled. The pain was so intense. He was having trouble breathing. Not because his asthma was triggering. It abated since he was able to breathe properly again and never rose into an attack. He couldn’t breathe simply because the pain was taking his breath away. His moans were mixed with sobs. The blankets under him were soaked with his tears and saliva.

‘I’d rather die than say I can fall in love with someone who hurts me so much.’

Roppi groaned with pleasure. His skin slapped against Tsuki’s with fervor. His nails dug into the blonde’s hips.

‘I’d rather die…’

Chapter Text

“Tsukishima-kun,” Toudaimoto called. “I brought you something to eat.”

There was no response.


Toudai pushed on the door. It opened just a crack. The doctor walked in.

Tsukishima was lying on the bed. His back was to the door with his knees tucked to his chest. His arms were wrapped around his blanket and his face was buried into the scratchy fabric. His cloak covered him more than the blanket did. Toudai felt disturbed by the sight. Especially since the blonde’s pants were off—lying on the floor—and the blankets underneath him had spots of blood.

“Tsukishima-kun?” Toudai rushed over, putting the bowl of soup on the barrel by the bed.

The doctor reached a tentative hand out and touched Tsuki’s shoulder. The blond jolted. Then he turned his head just enough to look over his shoulder at Toudai.

“Did Roppi do this?”

‘Who else would do this?’ Tsuki thought instead of responding.

The blond faced forward, his eyes puffy and red.

“How long ago was this?”

Tsuki was silent.

“Tsukishima-kun, I need to know. I can’t help you unless I know the details of your injuries.”

Tsuki didn’t want to respond. But he recalled what this doctor told him a few days before, at Izaya’s manor, about anal sex causing internal bleeding. His life could potentially be in danger if he didn’t say something. Even though death may have been what Tsuki wanted, his instincts were telling him to live.

“What-what time is it now?” Tsuki asked, his voice hoarse. He didn’t have a window in his room so he didn’t know if it was still night or day.

“It is mid-day now.”

“…It was last night. After you-you went to bed, I think.”

Toudai looked absolutely pissed at that statement. But that gaze only lasted for a moment before he composed himself to look calmly at Tsuki. “Are you still bleeding?”

Tsuki shook his head. “I don-don’t think so.”

“…I hold no ill-intention when I ask this. But may I check?”

Tsuki’s hands clenched.

“I know. I know, Tsukishima-kun.” Toudai placed a gentle hand on his shoulder. “I promise, it is with no ill-intentions. You recall what I told you at Orhaira-san’s house—”

“Y-yes. I-I remember. I kno-know you won’t…”

Toudai nodded. “I shall return momentarily.”

The doctor stood and left the room.

Tsukishima’s body resonated with phantom pains of his lower injuries. Toudai had treated Tsuki with complete professionalism. Although Tsuki had been scared that Toudai would deviate from his task as a doctor, his fear was proven ill-put. Luckily, Tsuki wasn’t torn internally. Toudai had talked about how, if he had been, he would have had to apply stitches to his insides. That thought terrified the blond and he was more than happy to hear it wasn’t needed. No, Roppi had just torn Tsuki’s outer rim. He tore him in three spots but there was nothing Toudai could do. The doctor cleaned the wounds and apply an ointment, so the injuries wouldn’t irritate.

Toudaimoto had told Tsuki not to move around until tomorrow just to be safe. But Tsuki couldn’t stand to stay in his room. Roppi knew where he was then. This ship was big; Tsuki was sure he could find a place to hide long enough to sleep, at least. His eyes truly hurt. They were dry and irritated. Tsuki was constantly rubbing them. His head was throbbing with a headache since he hadn’t slept for a full 24 hours now. He wanted to find a place where he could hide from Hachimenroppi to take a nap.

He was currently walking down the hall until he reached the stairs leading to a lower deck. He stepped down them, hugging himself as the temperature changed. He looked around himself. All around him were huge tubes made of black metal akin to cauldrons. They were all on wheels and had ropes wrapped around the neck of them. They were all pointed towards the wall of the boat and Tsuki could see they all had windows. Said windows were closed now so Tsuki didn’t know why it was so much colder down here.

‘What are these things?’


Tsuki jolted, looking up the steps. ‘That’s Toudai-san’s voice.’

Tsuki heard a resounding SLAP. The blonde’s eyes stretched wide. He had heard that over the creaking of the ship!

“Toudai—” Rubi’s voice sounded for a moment.

“You fucking—” Roppi started to yell.

“Do not act as if you do not deserve it, you beast of a man!” Toudai yelled. “Understand this, Hachimenroppi, I cannot stop you from enacting your villainy against Tsukishima. I do not have the strength to take on a bastard like you. But I warn you, treat that boy better.”

“What is this—”


Hachimenroppi went quiet.

‘Wow. Toudai-san…’

“As I stated, I cannot stop you. If you are to rape Tsukishima, there is nothing I can do to stop it. However, I can demand that you treat that boy better. If I have to treat Tsukishima because you have caused him to bleed from an area he should not be bleeding from, then I will take it into my own hands that you shall never touch that boy again.”

“And how the hell do you intend to do that if you can’t stop me?”


‘Eh? What’s that?’

“The fucks that?”

“It’s a drug. A drug that makes one fall asleep and die. Peacefully. Without pain or consciousness of their passing.”

Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide.

“You—” Roppi started in a voice that shook, “you can’t—”

“I can and I shall. I am against the practice, however I understand that some people have no choice but to die. If you cause Tsuki’s insides to rupture because you decided to be careless and tear him apart, I shall grant him a merciful death instead of heal his wounds just so he may suffer the same injuries again.”

Roppi was dead quiet.

‘Toudai-san…could do that for me? I-I didn’t know that was an option.’

“Have I made myself clear, Hachimenroppi?”


Tsuki felt a wave of relief wash over him. ‘He got…He beat Roppi. He…got him to comply.’

Tsuki felt like crying, he was so happy. But that happiness was shoved away quickly.

‘No, I shouldn’t be relieved. He only quelled some of my suffering. He didn’t put a stop to it.’

The blond sighed as he turned and started walking down the deck. He looked around himself, looking for something he could make himself comfortable with. As he reached the end of the deck, he found a large box with a pile of ropes next to it. Tsuki arranged the pile into a seat and sat down. It wasn’t comfortable but it wasn’t unbearable. Better than sleeping on the wood. He leaned against the box—which was extremely heavy and didn’t move under Tsuki’s weight—and rested his head against it. He pulled his hood up and stuffed his scarf into it to make a cushion. He then crossed his arms and closed his eyes.

He fell unconscious almost as soon as he body went limp.


A hand on his shoulder shook Tsuki gently.


The blond groaned.

“Wake up.”

The blond gasped and jolted forward, a pit of fear that it was Hachimenroppi held him firmly.

“Waaagh!” The person backed away quickly so the two didn’t bash heads.

Tsuki stared at the individual wide-eyed, panting heavily as his heart pounded in his ears. It was the sailor from yesterday. The man who stopped Tsuki’s suicide attempt.


“Jeez, what was that about? Are you alright?”

“Wh-what do you wan-want?” Tsuki hugged himself, eyes narrowing in suspicions.

The man cocked a brow. “No need to be hostile.”

Tsuki didn’t respond. This man was the reason Tsuki was raped last night. It wasn’t the man’s fault but it’s because he interreacted with him that Roppi took acceptation to calling Tsuki a whore. If Roppi happened to see them together again, Tsuki was terrified to find out what was going to happen to him.

“Hey, are you alright?” the man asked.

“F-fine…” Tsuki sat up. “I’m f-fine.”

“Why are you sleeping on the gun deck then?”

“…No reason…” Tsuki grabbed the edge of the box and pulled himself up. “Excu-excuse me.”

Tsuki limped past the man.

“Wait,” The sailor grabbed Tsuki’s arm.

The blond flinched near violently as he tried to pull away.

“Oi, calm down.”

Tsuki started to shake, looking at the man with growing fear.

“Calm down. Jeez, you’re obviously not alright.”

“Pl-please, I need to leave…”

“Shoosh, shoosh. Calm down.”


“Geez, you’re really not alright at all.”

Tsuki didn’t respond, looking at the ground.

“What did that guy do to you?”

Tsuki’s brows furrowed. He couldn’t make eye contact with him.

“Hey,” the man leaned in close. “I know something’s not right here. It’s pretty fucking obvious. Are you in trouble, or something? Is that guy blackmailing you?”

‘I can’t tell you. If I do then Roppi-san will be…’

Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide as realization hit him.

‘I could tell these people Hachimenroppi’s the only werewolf and they’d kill only him.’

Tsuki felt no guilt over the notion of getting Roppi killed. He didn’t care. He wanted Roppi to be gone from his life as soon as possible. He wanted Roppi to suffer just a fraction of what he had put Tsuki through. Boiling hatred resonated in his chest towards the werewolf. It festered and almost became painful to hold onto it.

“Wh-what would you do…” Tsuki started, “if I to-told you there was a w-werewolf on this ship?”

The man’s eyes widened. “A werewolf?”

Tsuki nodded.

“…Is there one?”

Tsuki nodded. “Roppi-san, the m-man who brought me on this-this ship. He-he’s a werewolf.”

“…Have you seen him transform?”

Tsuki nodded. “If-If you get him ma-mad at night, h-he’ll st-start transforming.”

“…If he’s a werewolf, are you one too?”

Tsuki shook his head. “Ro-Roppi-san, he…he kid-kidnapped me. He too-took me from my village. He said th-that the holy order would hunt me d-down because of how I looked. I…I didn’t want to go but he-he didn’t g-give me a choice.”

“Why would he steal a human from a village?”

“He s-says he loves…me…but I’ve never—I’m a good Chri-Christian! I would ne-never deviate from God! I tried—I tried to convince him, but-but he says he loves me and be-because he loves me, I’m not allowed to leave hi-his side!”

Tsuki felt the tears begin to sting his eyes once again. He clenched his teeth and tilted his head down. With the floodgates opened, Tsuki bore his soul to this stranger

“I don—I don’t know wh-what to do. I…yesterday, I tr-tried to kill myself be-because I just…There’s nothing else I can do. I tried. I tried to get away-away from him. But he c-caught me and I….hic, I just don’t know what to do any-anymore. I wanna go home but-but I can’t. He won’t…”

“You’re not lying to me, are you?”

Tsuki looked up at the man wide-eyed, tears streaking his cheeks. “Of-of course not!”

The man put his hands on Tsuki’s cheeks, so the blond had to look at him. His calluses scratched his flesh slightly.

“If you are a good Christian then you cannot lie, right?”

“Th-that’s r-r-r-right.”

“So, everything you said is true?”


“Including the part about the werewolf.”

“Y-yes, yes! It’s-It’s all true!”

The man didn’t say anything for a while. He stared at Tsuki, looking for the traces of a lie. Sizing up the blond, trying to decipher whether he was being vindictive or honest.

The man then sighed softly. “We need to tell the captain. He’ll know what to do.”

Tsuki looked at him with growing relief. “Th-th-thank you. Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me just yet.” The man turned to the stairs, still holding Tsuki’s wrist. “What the captain says goes.”

Tsuki nodded. “S-still, than-thank you, re-regardless of the out-outcome. At least—at least you believe me.”

The man didn’t respond. The two made their way up the decks without running into Hachimenroppi. Tsukishima was relieved and thanked God for that. Darkness cascaded the blond once they reached the top deck. Tsuki must have slept all day as night had taken over the sky once again. The sailor led the way to the door under the steering wheel deck.

He banged on the door rather harshly. “Captain! It’s Hiyoshi!”

The door opened. “What is it?”

The sailor looked over his shoulder at Tsukishima. “This kid has something to tell you.”

The captain looked at Tsukishima. The blond tried not to flinch under the gaze of such an intimidating man. The captain was nearly two heads taller than Tsukishima with very dark skin. His eyes were narrowed out of principal. But that wasn’t what intimidated Tsuki. What intimidating him was the piercing blue eyes he had. Eyes that rivaled ice they were so light.

“Well, come on in, kid.” The captain held the door open.

Tsuki nodded nervously before stepping forward. Hiyoshi stepped to the side. Tsuki stared at him wide-eyed.

“Y-you’re not com-coming with?”

“You’re fine. I’ll be out here.”

Tsuki swallowed his nervousness and nodded.

The blond stepped into the captain’s quarters. The room was extremely elegant, with red-carpeted floors and a beautiful mahogany desk at the back by the wall that could only be considered a window. His bed was built into the wall, soft and plush. Tsuki questioned why the captain’s quarters were so amazing while the guess quarters were…well, shabby. He decided not to voice that question aloud.

The captain closed the door behind Tsukishima loudly. The blond jolted.

“So,” the captain said, “What is it you want to tell me?”

 “Um…” Tsuki turned around to stare at him.

Nervousness really started to pool in his chest. It looked almost like the man was blocking Tsukishima’s exit as he leaned back against the door with his arms crossed.

“Um, w-well. Well…I…”

“Speak.” The man growled.

Tsuki swallowed hard. He closed his eyes tight shut and tilted his head down. He worked up the courage to speak before he wavered.

“I-I-I know—there’s—the man who bro-brought me onto th-this ship. Hachimenroppi. He-he’s a were-werewolf.”

The captain was quiet. Eerily quiet. Tsuki looked up.

The man was glaring down at him. Pure hatred made those blue eyes glow. Tsuki took a step back out of reflex.

“Is he now?” the captain growled. “Is he really a werewolf?”


“And what do you think I’m gong to do by telling me this?”

“I…I th-thought…I—”

“What, did you thinking that if you told me I would kill him?”


Tsuki was grabbed by his mouth. The blonde’s eyes stretched wide as he was pushed backwards. He grabbed the man’s wrists, his feet stumbling and mostly dragging against the ground. Tsuki was slammed against the desk top. His wounds spasmed painfully and he called out underneath the hand.

“Listen here, human.” The man growled down at Tsukishima. “This ship is providing safe voyage to Taiwan for monsters of all kind. No one on this ship is human. Except for you. And that doctor. Humans are only an exception if they’re mated to their monster. That’s the only reason you were allowed to board this ship.”

Horrendous popping sounds came from the man’s head. The bottom half of his face elongated into a snout, just like Roppi’s did the other night. Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide with horror.

 ‘He’s a werewolf too!’

“The only reason I don’t kill you right now is because it’s not my place to do so. Your ‘mate’ will be notified of this, rest assured. He’ll take care of you properly.”

“Nm! Nm!” Tsuki kicked wildly, trying to pull the man’s hand off.

The man squeezed Tsuki’s jaw. The blond called out in pain although it was muffled. The man leaned down close, his inhuman mouth centimeters from Tsuki’s face.

“Get out of my sight. I don’t want to see you till you’re leaving my fucking ship.”

The captain pulled Tsuki up by his jaw and turned around quickly. He threw Tsuki towards the door. The blond called out before he slammed into the floor. His injury on his shoulder spasmed in immense pain as he felt something pop. Tsuki reached up to his shoulder out of reflex and put his hand in his shirt. He pulled his hand back to see blood on his fingertips.

Tsuki looked up at the captain. Fear filled Tsuki’s chest as he started to shake uncontrollably. Saliva was drizzling from the man’s elongated teeth. He could probably smell the blood. He was going to look at Tsuki like dinner in a moment if the blond didn’t run now.

Tsuki pushed himself to his feet and ran to the door. He grabbed the golden door handle and pulled the wood open. Tsuki rushed out like a bat out of hell.

Hiyoshi and Tsuki made eye contact for a moment. The sailor’s eyes widened.

No one on this ship is human.”

‘He’s not either. He-he knew the captain would...’

Tsuki ran past him towards the stairs of the lower deck.

“Hey, wait! What happened?! Wait, are you bleeding?!”

Tsuki ran so fast down the steps he tripped. He slammed into the wooden floor, but he felt no pain. The fear made him numb to everything. Although his body thudding to the ground was loud. It enticed Rubi and Toudai to stick their heads out of their room and look to see what happened.


The blond didn’t respond as he pushed himself to his feet. He ran past them without a care and went down the stairs on the other end of the deck.

“Wait, Tsuki!”

He ignored him. He ran and ran and ran. He went down another flight of stairs and went down a deck lower than the gun deck. The place was filled with boxes and bags and it was nearly pitch black. The only source of light was a solitary lantern. Tsuki ran into the darkest part of the deck and hunkered down behind some boxes.

‘I’m surrounded by monsters! I’m all alone! No one’s ever going to help me!’

Tsuki broke down. He hugged his knees to his chest and cried into his legs. How he still had tears to cry, he didn’t know. How he could still sob, he didn’t know. All he really knew was that everything was utterly hopeless.

Chapter Text

Tsuki didn’t leave that storage deck for the next two days of their voyage. He wasn’t safe anywhere else on the ship. The darkness of this deck was his only comfort. It was freezing down there. The temperature was much colder than the gun deck, to the point where if Tsuki unraveled his cloak for even a moment, he would start to shiver. The cold bothered his asthma, but he refused to go anywhere else. He had nowhere else to go. So, he just tucked his nose into his scarf and hugged himself for warmth. He never had an attack, luckily.

The only reason Tsuki did leave was because the boat stopped moving. It was still rocking with the waves but there was no momentum behind the movements.

‘Have…have we arrived to Taiwan?’

Tsuki didn’t want to move. No one had come to get him. Hachimenroppi hadn’t even tried to look for him as far as he knew. Two full days without interaction with anyone. He hadn’t ate and only slept in short bursts. No one had come looking for him. And now, if no one came looking for him still, maybe…

‘Could I…just hide here and ride the ship back to Japan? Would anyone know I was here?’

It was a fleeting thought. He wanted to do that, but he knew Roppi wouldn’t let him. He’d find him. Eventually.

But that didn’t mean Tsuki had to make it easy for him. So, the blond wasn’t going to move. He would wait until someone found him. If no one found him then great. He had a free trip back to Japan.


The blond heard Roppi’s voice. The small flicker of hope began to die immediately.

“Tsukishima! Where are you?”

He didn’t respond.

“Hey, are you down here?”

Roppi’s voice was closer. Tsuki still didn’t respond.

The blond heard the wood creak with footsteps. The room became illuminated with a lantern. Tsuki said nothing as the light casted over him. He closed his eyes tight shut. It was too bright. His eyes had become accustom to the dark.

“There you are. What are you doing down here?”

Tsuki didn’t respond.

“Well, I guess I know why.”

Tsuki heard the lantern clink as it was set on a box. The box then creaked with additional weight. Tsuki opened his eyes to see Roppi sitting on the box in front of him.

“The captain told me what happened.”

Tsuki didn’t respond, glaring to the side.

“Were you trying to kill me?”

Tsuki just hugged himself tighter.

Roppi sat down in front of Tsuki. The blond pushed himself back until he was pressed against a box. Roppi scooted closer. Tsuki turned his head away as if that would get him farther from Roppi. The werewolf brought his face inches from Tsuki’s. The blond closed his eye tight shut and stiffened.

‘Please. Please don’t hit me. Please don’t hurt me.’

Tsuki was kissed, gently, on his cheek. The blonde’s eyes stretched wide.

“I’m not angry with you.” Roppi said in a gentle voice. “I…probably deserve it. After what you said and…Toudai told me I tore you. It would make sense that you don’t want to be around me for a while.”

Tsuki said nothing.

“I’m…sorry. I know I’m not doing a good job making you happy. I’m going to try harder. I promise.”

‘It won’t matter how hard you try. You’ll never make me happy.’

Roppi kissed Tsuki’s forehead. “We made it to Taiwan. It’s time for us to go.”

Tsuki didn’t respond.

Roppi ruffled the blonde’s hair. “Wow, you got frost in your hair. Did you have an asthma attack while you were down here?”

Tsuki made eye contact with him. He then sighed in defeat and shook his head.

“That’s good.” Roppi stood. He held a hand out to him. “Come on. We have to go.”

Tsuki didn’t want to. There was no way to describe how much he didn’t want to go with this man. But he knew. He didn’t have a choice.

Tsuki sighed heavily in defeat. He reached up and grabbed Roppi’s hand. The black-haired werewolf smiled softly and pulled Tsuki to his feet.

As soon as Tsuki stood, he was hit with a nauseating sensation of lightheadedness. He fell forward. Roppi wrapped his arms around the blond and held him close.

“Are you okay? What’s wrong? Is it your ankle?”

Tsuki didn’t respond, panting heavily. His stomach twisted painfully. He recognized the agony as hunger pains. He hadn’t eaten in two days but because he didn’t move, he barely noticed the sensation. Now he definitely noticed it. His body disagreed with him greatly.

Roppi rubbed the back of Tsuki’s head soothingly. “What’s wrong? Are you too cold?”


“Hungr—Oh, yeah. You haven’t eaten since you’ve been down here, huh?”

Tsuki didn’t respond.

“Come on. We’ll get you something to eat once we get off the boat.”

Roppi hunkered down and put his arm underneath Tsuki’s knees. The blond gasped as he was lifted off the ground bridal style. Tsuki wrapped his arms around Roppi’s neck. The werewolf turned and stepped over the boxes. He headed towards the stairs.

“I…I can w-walk.”

Are you sure?” Roppi looked down at him as he went up the steps. “Does your ankle feel okay?”

Tsuki nodded. ‘I don’t want the crew mates to judge me.’


Once they were on the gun deck, Roppi put Tsuki down. The blond stood on shaky legs and leaned against Roppi. He hugged the werewolf’s arm to his chest and rubbed his forehead against Roppi’s shoulder.

“Are you sure you can walk?”

Tsuki nodded.

The two walked. Tsuki was still limping heavily. He leaned against Roppi heavily while the brunette slowed his pace so as not to rush the blond. They went up the two decks until both were blinded by intense sunlight. Roppi groaned. Tsuki whined and rubbed his eyes. He pulled his hood over his head to help shield his eyes.

“There you two are.”

Tsuki flinched to the voice he recognized. He quickly turned and hid behind Roppi. He didn’t want to talk to the captain again. Not after what happened.

“Your companions are already off the ship.”

“Thanks.” Roppi said.

The captain leaned over. Tsuki looked up at him for a split second to see the man was looking down at him. The blond flinched and turned his head away.

“Before you go,” The captain said. “I had a talk with one of my crew men. He had some interesting things to say about you two, so I have to ask. What’s the nature of your relationship?”

Tsuki looked up at him with wide eyes. If he explained the truth behind his situation, would he take pity on him and take him home? Could he—

Roppi glanced down at Tsuki. There was a slight glare. But it was just enough to give Tsuki the warning he needed. Don’t say anything.

Tsuki stared up at the captain. Then he grabbed the edge of his hood and pulled it down to hide his swollen eyes, tilting his head down.

“That’s not really any of your business.” Roppi said, turning around. “Thank you for the voyage.”

Roppi tugged Tsuki along. The blond followed, still limping, with his gaze on the floor. The captain didn’t try to stop them.

The two walked up the ramp off the ship. They stepped onto the dock. Tsukishima looked up. There was a simple town in front of him. These people were much better off than Tsuki’s village. The houses looked like they had paper doors, which Tsuki wasn’t used to seeing before. There was a shrine off to the far right in the distance. All types of animals were scurrying around the crowd, ranging from horses to cats. Everyone looked genuinely happy.

Tsuki hated it.

“Hey,” Roppi walked over to Rubi. Toudai, Sakuraya, and Shitsuo stood behind the white wolf. “Tsuki hasn’t eaten so I’m going to go get him something to eat. Here.” Roppi pulled out a pouch from his duffle and rummaged through it. He held a handful of some coins that didn’t look like yen to Tsuki and shoved them into his pocket. He then held the pouch out to Rubi. “Go buy the supplies with the rest of this. We’ll met up with you on the outskirts of town towards that mountain range.”

Rubi looked down at Tsuki. The teenager didn’t know why nor cared as the white wolf said, “Alright.”

The group went their separate ways. Roppi tugged Tsuki along off the dock and deeper into the town. The blond looked over his shoulder at the ship. His only means of going home was going to be sailing away from him. And there was nothing he could do about it. The two continued walking even though Tsuki wasn’t watching where he was going. The blond watched the ship until it was out of sight behind buildings. A gut-wrenching feeling hit him. He wasn’t sure if it was because of the hunger or the sadness that he was officially marooned with a crazy, love-struck werewolf.

He decided it was the hunger only because he didn’t feel like crying anymore today.


“You guys took a long time.” Rubi commented.

“Yeah. Tsuki ate a lot.” Roppi said as the two walked up.

“Well, we got everyone some thicker clothes and about eight pounds of meat. We’ve got pork and beef and some chicken. Here.” Rubi held out a bag of clothes to Tsukishima. “These are for you.”

“Th-thank you…” The blond muttered in a small voice and took them.

He reached inside and pulled out a button-up shawl with sleeves. It was thick and a bit heavy. He draped it over his arm and reached back into the bag. Next was a pair of white gloves.

“You didn’t get more under armor, did you?” Roppi asked, tugging the edge of the bag to peer inside.

“I bought extras but not specifically for him, no. Just in case any of ours gets screwed up. He should have a kilt in there.”

“Okay, good.”

Tsukishima reached in and grabbed a woolen item. The blond cocked a brow as he pulled out a skirt. It was thick and made of brown wool, with a smaller skirt sown in seemingly to keep the genitals warmer.

“W-why is there a skirt he-here?”

“It’s a kilt.” Rubi said.

“It l-looks like a skirt.”

“You’ve never heard of a kilt before, have you?”

Tsuki shook his head.

“It’s not a skirt. It’s meant for men to wear.”

“Why would m-men want to wear a skirt?”

“Oh my—It’s not a skirt! It’s a cultural thing!”

Tsuki decided not to argue with him anymore. “Do I-I have to-to wear this?”

“We all are.”

Tsuki looked down at Toudai’s crotch region. He indeed had on a woolen ‘kilt’ over his pants, so did Rubi and Shitsuo. Tsuki couldn’t see Sakuraya’s under the white yukata he wore.

“You can just slip it on over your pants, Tsuki-kun.” Toudai said softly. “It’ll keep you warmer without inhibiting your mobility.”

Tsuki glanced down to see there was a slit up the right side of Toudai’s skirt. He then glanced to the side. He didn’t feel like talking so he just bent down and lifted one foot. He pulled the kilt on and slid it up his thighs. The wool skirt hugged Tsuki’s crotch uncomfortably tight. He pulled on it to try and get it to loosen. He heard the fabric snap as it stretched.

“Don’t do that.” Roppi said.

“It’s un-uncomfor-fortable.”

“It’ll keep you warm.”

Tsuki’s brows furrowed. He then sighed. ‘Ignore it. Ignore it.’

The blond reached up and pulled off his scarf. He draped it over his arm before untying his cloak. He draped the billowing black fabric over his arm as well.

“Eh? Tsuki? Are you bleeding?”

Tsuki looked up at him.

“Your shirt.” Roppi touched Tsuki’s shoulder blade. “Does that hurt?”

Tsuki looked over his shoulder. He felt the sting but had said nothing. He reached his hand up and patted the spot. It hurt to touch but his hand came back dry.

“Let me see.” Toudai rushed over and stood behind the blond. “Take off your shirt.”

Tsuki ignored the fact that everyone was staring at him and that he was outside in the snow. He couldn’t bring himself to care as the realization of his hopeless situation rose a new bubble of depression. He lost all form of apathy. For if he didn’t, he would have to acknowledge his fate was made official. He was never going home, and he was stuck on this island until Roppi said so or he died. And he didn’t want to think about that. He didn’t want to cry anymore. He just wanted…

He just wanted everything to be over. He couldn’t care about anything anymore.

He began unbuttoning his shirt.

“Don’t strip!” Roppi growled. “It’ll trigger your asthma.”

“I need to see his injury.”

“It’s freezing out! We’re right next to the sea!”

“He’s bleeding! He’ll be even colder with soaked clothes.”

“The blood’s dry.”

“That’s a lot of blood, Roppi-kun! I need to check his stitches!”

“He’s going to have an asthma—”

Tsuki shrugged the button up off and tossed it on the snow. The shirt was soiled so why should he care to keep it? He then grabbed the bottom of his under armor and pulled the shirt up. The shirt peeled off over the blood spot—as it had stuck to his skin—and pulled against his wound. He hissed in pain slightly.

“Oh, geez.” Toudai said, touching the area around the wound.

“How’d you tear your stiches?” Roppi asked, leaning forward to make eye contact with him.

‘The captain much have…’ Tsuki didn’t respond.

“I need to clean this. Come,” Toudai tugged Tsuki’s arm. “Sit on this log.”

Tsuki obeyed. He sat down on a log, the wood barren of snow. He couldn’t even feel the cold over the woolen skirt. Although, his top half had broken out in goosebumps and his chest was starting to hurt.

“Rubi, give him a blanket.” Toudai commanded.

The white-haired man obeyed.

“Here, wait a minute.” Roppi said. “We’re not that far from the shine. They should provide sanctuary for all, so we can go there and clean his wounds.”

“But,” Rubi started, “if they find out what we are—”

“They’re not like the church. The worse they’ll try to do is exorcise us or ‘begone evil spirits’ us.”

Toudai looked up at Roppi. The doctor glowered for a moment then looked at Tsuki.

“That’s a good idea…” Toudai seemed quite loathed to admit that.

Tsuki wasted no time in putting his under armor back on. It wasn’t because he was particularly worried about his own well-being—because he wasn’t. He just wanted to get this over with. He didn’t bother putting on his scarf or cloak. He hugged the fabric to his chest while Rubi put the blanket back in the duffle.

The group made their way to the shrine. Tsuki coughed slightly as his throat started to ache but he made no attempt to rectify the problem. He didn’t care to.

The party was to the shrine in less than ten minutes. They walked in and were approached by a man, wearing clothes similar to what Sakuraya wore. The man spoke a language Tsuki didn’t understand.

“Um,” Rubi said, “We don’t know Taiwanese. Um—”

Toudai started talking the strange language. Everyone looked at him wide-eyed, even Tsuki and especially Rubi.

“You know Taiwanese?!” Rubi called.

“Technically, Taiwan doesn’t have their own language. They speak Mandarin, it’s just a bit different.”

“What’s Mandring?” Tsuki asked.

“It’s what the Chinese speak.” Roppi informed.


“You don’t know who the Chinese are, do you?”

Tsuki shook his head. Roppi just sighed and turned away.

The doctor continued talking to the man, gesturing to Tsukishima. The man nodded and waved for them to follow.

“He said he shall provide up a room, so we do not disturb the other guests.” Toudai said.

“O-okay.” Tsuki said.

“Alright.” Roppi stated.

The group went deeper into the shrine.

“I can’t believe you know Mandarin.” Rubi voiced. “You never told me you could speak more than one language.”

“You never asked.” Toudai smiled at him warmly. “I have many skills, my love.”

“What else can you do?” Rubi intertwined his fingers with Toudai’s.

‘So shameless.’ Tsuki glanced to the side.

“I can speak English, as well.”


“The man who taught me the roles of a doctor. As you know, he was from the west. He had originally stopped by China to learn, then came to Japan. He taught me the languages.”

“Wow!” Rubi beamed. “You really are impressive! I’m starting to think you are out of my league.”

“Yet you ended up with me anyhow.” Toudai wrapped his arm around Rubi’s like a lovestruck teenage girl.


“I’d like us to be like that one day.” Roppi whispered those sickening words in Tsuki’s ear.

The blond jolted away more rudely than was appropriate. He hugged the cloak tightly to his chest and created a bit of distance between him and the crazed werewolf. Roppi immediately looked hurt by that. He then glared and threw his gaze to the side. He stuck his nose up and walked a faster pace, leaving Tsuki at the back of the pack.

The group entered a room. It was barren of anything but a table.

Toudai seemingly thanked the man as he bowed, and the man left.

Tsuki sat down by the table. Toudai went up behind the blond and put his doctor’s bag on the table. Tsuki felt uncomfortable letting the deviant touch him after such an open display of his sin. But Tsuki ignored that feeling, knowing there was nothing he could do about this situation.

The doctor wiped Tsuki’s wound with a pungent liquid. The liquid stung and the blond cringed.

“I do not think I can stitch the wound closed again.” Toudai said. “Attempting to may put too much strain on the stitch and it shall tear again.”

“What’re we doing then?” Roppi asked.

“We’ll keep the wound bandaged. It will need to be cleaned every three to five hours until it heals fully.”

“How much longer does he have?”

“The rest of the wound should heal in the next few days. This will take another few weeks.”

“Tsuki,” Rubi leaned forward. “How’d you tear the stitches open?”

Tsuki glanced up at him. Then threw his gaze to the ground and motioned a small shrug.

“Was it Roppi?” Toudai asked.

Tsuki’s eyes widened and he stiffened.

“Thought so.”

“N-n-no. It was-wasn’t him.” Tsuki called quickly.

“There’s no need to lie. It is not as if any of us are in a position to enact punishment on him. Nor is he in a position to deny it.”

Roppi said nothing.

“But it really was-wasn’t him…” Tsuki’s voice became quieter.

‘No one’s listening to me. Even if they were, no one would believe me, huh?’

Tsuki glanced at Roppi. They made eye contact before the kidnapper looked elsewhere. Guilt crossed his feature.

‘I guess this is fine. He deserves some form of pain.’

“Well, clean up the wound and we’ll head on our way.” Roppi said, standing. “I’ll be outside.”


The black-haired werewolf left. The tension in the room abated immediately.

Toudaimoto spent the next fifteen minutes dressing Tsuki’s shoulder with bandages. Rubi gave Tsuki a new under armor shirt and a pink button up. The blond put them on, then put on the shawl he had gotten. He tied his cloak around his neck then wrapped his scarf over the knot. He was ready to go.

The group exited the room. Roppi was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. He looked up at Toudai immediately.

“He alright to go?” The werewolf asked.

“No more roughing him up.” Toudai said. “If I could, I would tell you no sex but obviously that’s a fruitless order for a beast like you.”

Roppi’s his eyes narrowed. But he said nothing as he stood up straight.

“And stop making him walk on that ankle. It will take six to twelve weeks before he shall be able to return to normal mobility. That time will be extended if he keeps walking on it.”

“I—but—he said—”

“To-Toudai-san,” Tsuki started, “I-I-I said I coul-could wa—”

“Don’t make excuses for him.” Toudai looked down at Tsuki. “You have no reason to defend his actions.”


Roppi growled in obvious annoyance. Tsuki worried for his safety now. At least, for the safety of his body and the abuse he will most-likely endure. Toudai was accusing Roppi of acts that weren’t his fault. No down, Roppi would eventually take it out on the blond.

However, Roppi did nothing and said nothing. He turned and headed down the hall. The group of men followed, walking towards the exit. And subsequently, towards Tsuki new future of never-ending suffering.

Chapter Text

“Are we going to make camp soon?” Sakuraya asked.

“No.” Roppi said. “We’re going to transform and keep going?”


“Hachimen-san,” Shitsuo said, “With all due respect, we’ve been walking all day. Our feet are tired.”

“Your feet are tired? I’ve been carrying Tsuki all day and still maintained a faster speed than you.”

Shitsuo said nothing, looking quite offended.

Roppi turned around to look at his party. He would have looked over his shoulder but Tsuki on his back was obscuring his view.

“We’re going to be going to those mountains.” Roppi gestured with his head, “we’ll get there faster if we transform.”

“But,” Rubi said, “What we should do is rest up for tonight and tomorrow until night fall. We can just laze tomorrow then start walking at nightfall.”

“That’s a waste of time. We could continue on till half the night and sleep until dawn.”

“You and I could. But Shitsuo and Sakuraya aren’t used to this much moving around. They’ll tire quicker.”

Roppi glowered. “They’ll keep up because they have to.”

“Or they won’t and start falling behind. And so, we have to slow down for them. It’s going to be the same waste of time anyway, so we might as well rest up and we can make the most progress.”

“Making the most progress would be slowing down so they can keep up. Any form of progress is still progress. If we sit around till tomorrow night, we’re not getting anywhere.”

“Bring into account that Toudai and Tsuki will have to move twice as fast to keep up with us and Tsuki can’t walk.”

“We’re carrying them.”

“Our spines will suffer.”

“So, you expect us to remain in human form when we can easily man up and carry them?”

“…I never said that.”

Roppi rolled his eyes. “How about this? You guys can make camp. Tsuki and I are going to keep going.”

Rubi jolted. “Oi, we can’t separate. We don’t know what other monsters may have come here. What if you—”

“If I can face a lycan then I can face anything.” Roppi looked to the horizon. Sunset had just past and the sky gave away to a faint night. He put down his duffle and began taking off his coat.

“Face a—you lost that fight!”

“Doesn’t change anything.” Roppi folded his coat and put it in the duffle.

“You’re just being stubborn. Roppi, think about Tsuki here.”

“I am.” Roppi stripped off his shirt. “The quicker we get to that mountain, the quicker we can find a proper den and the quicker I can make a nice cozy room for him.”


“You know what?” Roppi pulled off one shoe and took off his sock. He did the same with the other foot and shoved his socks into the duffle. “We could let Sakuraya and Shitsuo rest by carrying them while we walk.”

“Walking with two people on our back? That’ll weight us down and wear us down.”

“Better than stopping all-together.” Roppi tied his shoe laces together around the strap of his duffle.

The werewolf then pulled off his pants. And he did not have underwear on. Tsuki and Toudai turned so they saw nothing. Sakuraya and Shitsuo looked to the sky.

Rubi kept eye contact with Roppi without looking down once. “I can’t convince you otherwise, can I?”

“You know if you could, you would’ve already.”

“…Guess that’s true.” Rubi sighed heavily. “Alright, fine.”

Rubi began to strip as well.

Roppi folded his pants and stuffed them into the duffle. He clasped it close then started moving the strap. He made it so there was a gap between the strap and the sack. He then hopped over it to the other side, away from the group.

Rubi finished stuffing his duffle and joined him in the empty space, completely naked. Tsuki didn’t know why but he snuck a glance at the white-haired man. He was shocked to see that the carpet matched the drapes before he realized he was staring at another man’s cock. He quickly turned away, putting his hands over his face as he blushed.

Rubi gave Roppi a wide girth. The two sat down on their knees and did nothing.

Then they both groaned. The noise prompted Tsuki to look again. They dug their hands into the snow as their muscles tightened. Horrendous popping sounds came from their bodies. Tsuki hugged himself as fear pooled in his chest.

‘They’re transforming. They’re—’

Roppi let out a loud yelp of pain. It was deformed, a cross between a human yell and a dog’s yip. He arched his back and clenched his teeth hard. A tail sprouted from his back as his bone contorted within his flesh. Rubi’s body was making the same disgusting noises and visuals. Tsuki backed away, his eyes wide with horror.

‘How is this normal? How is this something God brought onto this world?’ Tsuki closed his eyes tight shut. ‘No matter how many people say werewolves are born, there’s no way they can do this and not be a child of the devil! It’s just not possible.’

“Tsuki-kun,” Toudai’s voice drew the blond out of his fear. He jolted and looked at the doctor. “I know, it looks quite demented, the way they turn. I’ve seen it a few times and I still feel uncomfortable.”

“It-it’s not natural. It—”

“No, it is not.” Toudai looked at them. “No creature should have to go through such pain just to take on a form that is theirs.”

‘…That’s not what I was talking about.’ Tsuki stared up at Toudai, who’s eyes were fixed on Roppi and Rubi. ‘How can you be so compassionate towards these monstrosities? You’re human too. Even if you’re a deviant, choosing monsters over your own species isn’t right. What has happened to you to deprave you to this point?’

It became quiet and the sound of dogs shaking out their pelts could be heard. Tsuki looked back to see Rubi and Roppi were giant wolves. They stepped over to their duffle’s and shoved their noses underneath their strap. They shook their heads to get the duffle’s around their necks like giant collars. They then sat on their back legs and used their front paws to push the duffle’s, so the sack was on the back of their neck.

Tsuki couldn’t take his eyes off of the black wolf that was Hachimenroppi. His once beautiful pelt that Tsuki had only see a few times before was now destroyed with crisscrossing lines of missing fur. The wounds from the lycan attack had healed, it would seem, and left deep scars in their place. The wolf looked quite grotesque—making him even more terrifying.

The white wolf walked over to Toudai. Tsuki jolted and backed away, stepping away from the deviant. Toudaimoto looked back at him. “Tsuki-kun, it’s alright. He shan’t hurt you.”

Tsuki shook his head. “Th-th-this isn’t-isn’t—”

The black wolf growled before he stepped around the white one. He sauntered towards Tsuki.

“N-no, no!” Tsuki shook his head wildly, tears stinging his eyes as the fear gripped him hard.

“Roppi-kun, you are frightening him.” Toudai said.

Roppi looked over his shoulder as he growled. He looked back at Tsuki. He stared at him for a long moment.

‘Never turn your back on a wolf. Never turn your back on a wolf.’

Roppi hunkered down to the ground.

‘Is he—’ Tsuki took a step back. ‘Is he going to pounce?’

Tsuki didn’t know. Roppi was resting completely against the ground. He was sitting on his hindlegs in a way that made him unable to pounce forward. He rested his head between his front paws and let out a pitiful whimper. He looked absolutely non-threatening.

Tsuki swallowed hard before rubbing the tears from his eyes. ‘He—is he trying to look cute or something?’

Roppi slunk closer.

“C-ca-can you ju-just…” Tsuki took another step back. “Can’t we just walk no-normally?”

The wolf shook his head.

Tsuki inhaled deeply before letting it out. ‘He can understand. He’s not a dumb wolf based on instinct. I don’t know if that’s more terrifying or not.’

Roppi slunk closer again. Looking as unthreatening as he could, he crawled paw by paw until he stood in front of Tsuki. The scared teen had to fight every instinct in his body so he wouldn’t run away. The werewolf raised his head slightly. His black nose touched Tsuki’s hands. The blond flinched away.

“He’s not going to hurt you, Tsuki.” Toudai walked over. “He’s the same man he was before.”

“The sa-same man he was be-before has hurt m-me pretty badly al-already…”

A whine resounded in Roppi’s throat before it changed into a growl. Tsuki flinched away. Those red eyes filled with guilt before they narrowed and looked away. Roppi turned his head away and stood up properly. Tsuki flinched away again before he rushed over to Toudai. The doctor held his arms out to provide Tsuki support once he was within arms’ reach.

Roppi looked over at Tsuki. He walked over before turning around, his tail flicking across Tsuki’s chest. The wolf stood with his side towards the frightened teenager. He then dropped the front half of his body against the ground and raised one paw slightly. Tsuki didn’t know what he was doing.

“Come,” Toudai gently guided Tsuki closer. “Have you ever ridden a horse bareback before?”

“N-no. My-my village did-didn’t have horses to ri-ride.”

“You never rode one for farm work?”

Tsuki shook his head. “We-we haven’t had hor-horses since the we-werewolf arrived.”

“…I see. Okay.”

Toudai tapped Roppi’s raised forepaw. “Put your foot here then swing your other leg over his back. Sit behind his shoulder blades, here.” Toudai tapped the spot on Roppi’s furry back.

Tsuki hesitated. He didn’t want to touch this beast. He swallowed hard and worked up the bit of courage he had left. He grabbed the wolf’s protruding shoulder blade and stepped on the raised limb. He pulled himself up, then leaned himself heavily against his shoulder and swung his leg over. He sat down on the wolf’s back.

Roppi put his foot down and stood upright. Tsuki gasped as he started to slide off one side. Toudai responded quickly and grabbed Tsuki’s leg and arm. The doctor tugged the blond back upright.

“Grab onto his fur. You should take off your gloves. Roppi’s body heat should keep your hands warm. Grab his fur until your hands are buried in it. If you can grab the skin, I would suggest that.”

“Bu-but…wo-won’t that hu-hurt?”

“No. Like this, he’s got extra skin—just like a normal dog does, so the mother can grab them by their scruff. This is no different.”


Tsuki did as he was told. The fur was warm and soft to the touch.

“Now, you’re going to want to squeeze Roppi’s ribs with your knees. Don’t vice grip on him—that will hurt him—but just enough that you don’t go sliding anywhere while he’s moving.”

Tsuki nodded and did as told.

“Who’s riding with Tsukishima-kun?” Toudai turned to look at Shitsuo and Sakuraya.

“I-I shall.” Sakuraya said.

Roppi growled and shook his head.

“O-oh. Okay.”

Toudai cocked a brow. “What?”

“He said that’d be too light for him while too heavy for Rubi.” Shitsuo said. “I shall ride with Tsukishima.”

“But Roppi-kun is smaller than Rubi.” Toudai stated. “I would argue that Rubi is stronger of the two.”

Roppi’s lip pulled back in a snarl.

Toudai glared at him. “I am not saying you are weaker than Rubi. From what Rubi said, you would win in a fight. But not because you are stronger, however because you are faster and more limber. It would be best to have the lighter individuals on the smaller werewolf, else you will tire before Rubi.”

Roppi growled. Then snorted. He rolled his eyes and turned his head up. Rubi came over and let out a small yip. Roppi growled again. Rubi looked at Shitsuo.

“Rubi says Toudai shall ride with Tsukishima to keep the boy calm. We shall ride with Rubi.”

Sakuraya looked relieved to hear it. Tsuki noticed that.

“I don’t know if they’re siblings or lovers. They’re always togethers and that’s as far as I know.” Roppi’s words rang clear in Tsuki’s mind.

‘What is there relationship like? They don’t look like siblings. They must be lovers.’

Tsuki stared at the two strange pair.

‘Are all monsters deviants? Sakuraya is not a girl, is he? He’s not wearing women’s clothes.’

Sakuraya and Shitsuo walked over to Rubi. The white wolf bent down just like Roppi had and allowed Sakuraya to climb up. Roppi didn’t lower himself again, however he bent his foot for Toudai to use as a step. The doctor climbed, grabbing Tsuki’s arm to pull himself up. He swung his leg behind Tsuki and hopped off Roppi’s leg. He landed behind Tsuki, catching himself on his hands so he didn’t hurt the part between his legs.

Roppi growled.

“Sorry.” Toudai said.

Roppi snorted.

Sakuraya and Shitsuo sat on top of Rubi, Sakuraya in the front with Shitsuo’s arms wrapped around him.

With everyone situated, the party continued on their journey.


“Fucking hell, you have a bony ass.” Roppi grumbled, rolling his shoulder as he glared at Toudai. “How do you and Rubi even have sex? His hip bones should be clacking against your pelvis every time.”

Toudai glowered at him. He then rolled his eyes. “Well, there is more than one position than mounting someone like a bitch in heat. I know you are ill-experienced, but most lovers hold each other when they make love, not pin their partner down.”

Roppi expression filled with pure hatred. “You know, I’m really starting to fucking hate you.”

“My, what a surprising revelation.” Toudai rolled his eyes yet again.

“Stop it, you two.” Rubi said, creating a fireplace with stones. “You guys are going to be stuck with each other for a while here. You need to try and get along.”

“Oh, joy.”

“Toudai.” Rubi looked up at him.

The raven glared at his lover. Rubi instantly flinched, looking genuinely surprised by his animosity.

“Whatever,” Roppi sat down. “We’re all tired and hungry. Let’s get some warm food in our bellies and go to bed.”

“I-I’m not hungry…” Tsuki muttered.

“You need to eat, Tsuki-kun.” Toudai sat down by the boy. “We have a long journey ahead of us.”

“He ate a lot today in the town.” Roppi looked at Toudai, his gaze void of hatred—for once. “He can probably get away with skipping dinner, so long as he eats first thing in the morning.”

Toudai looked at Tsuki. “Are you truly not hungry?”

Tsuki nodded.

“…Alright. However, stay hydrated.”

Tsuki nodded again.

Roppi and Rubi looked around them.

“Jeez, what is taking those two so long?” Roppi grumbled, referring to Sakuraya and Shitsuo. The pair had volunteered to gather sticks for the fire. “Where did they even go? There’s sticks all over!”

Roppi looked around wildly. He then growled and stood.

“Screw it, I’ll get the sticks. If you see them before me, tell the pair of useless to hurry it up next time.”

“Okay.” Rubi confirmed.

With that, Roppi disappeared into the trees. Tsuki watched him go, watched his silhouette disappear into the shadows. The blond waited a full minute to make sure he was true and fully gone.

He then turned to Toudai.


“Yes?” The doctor looked at him.

“Is-is what you said b-before true? Can-can you really ki-kill me in my sl-sleep and it won’t be-be painful?”

Toudai’s eyes widened. “You heard that?”

Tsuki nodded.

Toudai looked at him with sorrow before casting his gaze to the ground. “I was bluffing. I do not have the actual ingredients for Euthanasia. But Roppi-kun does not know that. And he does not need to know that.” Toudai made eye contact with him. “So long as he thinks I am capable of it, I am sure he will treat you better.”

Tsuki just stared at him, physically deflating with disappointment. “Oh.”

The blond hugged his knees to his chest and buried his face into the woolen kilt. ‘Treating me better means nothing to Hachimenroppi. All that will do me is a gentler rape.’

Tsuki sighed heavily as he went limb, all his weight being pressed against his feet.

‘Whatever. What’s it matter, anyway?’

The blond stood. “I-I’m going to go find S-Sakuraya-san and Shitsuo-san.”

“I’ll come with.” Rubi said. “You can’t go off by yourself.”

“I w-won’t get lost.”

Rubi opened his mouth to argue but Toudai spoke before him. “Let him go. I know not how to make a fire.”

Rubi looked at Toudai, “But his ankle and Roppi…” Rubi fell quiet when he saw the expression on his face, then sighed heavily and nodded. “Fine. Just…don’t go far.” Rubi looked at Tsuki. “And if you need help, scream. Loudly.”

Tsuki nodded.

The blond turned and headed into the trees. Honestly, he wasn’t really interested in finding the missing pair. He just wanted some time alone. He was tired of being around such revolting people. Monsters and deviants, and monster that were deviants. He was sick of them. He just wanted to be alone, even if it was only for a moment.

He limped without purpose or direction. Just aimlessly wondering the woods. The darkness gave him a strange sense of calm. His eyes had adjusted so he could see quite far without light. The glasses he still wore helped as well. On top of which, the almost full moon was shining bright in the cloudless sky and reflecting off the snow, illuminated the woods in pale blue light.

‘Should I even try to escape now that I’ve come this far?’

Tsuki looked behind him.

‘I don’t have any form of currency so there is no way I can buy a pass to Japan. I can’t even speak the language to earn some money.’

He sighed and faced front.

‘I honestly can’t go anywhere without Roppi. At least, not without the pack. And the pack won’t help me. Toudai-san’s going to get himself killed soon enough if he continues to badger Hachimenroppi.’

Tsuki tripped over a tree root. It was miniscule and only caused a slight annoyance to bubble within him.

‘I hate this place. I hate this forest. I hate these people. God, I just hate everything!’

“I just want—”

“Hah, ah!”

Tsuki jolted, shocked to hear such a noise in the middle of the woods.

“Nn, nn! Nn!”

“Shoosh, Sakuraya.”


Tsuki followed the voices, the small moans echoing off the trees. He drew close. He was able to spot them before he got close enough to be spotted. And that was quite well and good. For the scene he stumbled across was something he didn’t want to get involved with.

Shitsuo and Sakuraya were standing, hugging each other close. The blond man had Sakuraya’s back pinned to a tree and was holding the raven suspended off the ground. Sakuraya had his legs wrapped around Shitsuo’s waist. And the blond was moving his hips in a motion that Tsuki recognized, thanks to Hachimenroppi.

“Mm! Nn! Nn-mm!” Sakuraya was biting into the end of his flowing sleeves to muffle his moans.

Shitsuo was grunting with his movements, obviously putting in a lot of effort.

Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide. ‘They-they’re…’ His eyes then narrowed. ‘Well, we can remove ‘brothers’ off the list.’

Tsuki turned around and walked away.

‘Seriously. I’m surrounded by blasphemous filth.’

Tsuki continued to walk until the noises were swallowed by the forest. He sighed heavily before looking up at the moon.

‘God, have I done something wrong to deserve this fate? Have I wronged you in some way or form and never atoned for my sin?’

There was no response. Tsuki heard nothing answer his question.

‘Or are you just a figment of my imagination designed to give me comfort when I can’t draw it from anywhere else?’

Still no response.

However, a shadow passed over the moon. Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide. He hadn’t blinked. Something had blocked out the moon. Something big and high up in the sky.

Tsuki felt fear course through his body. He quickly looked around himself.

‘Where am I? Where’s the campfire? They had started a fire, right?’

Tsuki turned in a complete circle. There was no flicker of light anywhere.

‘…I should go back to Sakuraya and Shitsuo. I’ll be safe with them…’

Tsuki didn’t know which direction the two were in. His turning and wild looking around had displaced the line he had come from. He didn’t know which way the two lovers were!

Fear gripped Tsuki tightly as his breathing labored. He hugged himself tightly and pushed his back against a tree.

‘No, no, calm! Calm down! Remain calm, I need to just…just catch my bearings. Snow, I can just follow my tracks in the snow—’

Twigs crunched in the snow. Tsuki jumped. He held his breath and felt his blood turn cold.

‘What was that? What was that?!’

Something was moving quickly. He could hear the snow crunch in recession with each other. Something was running. And it was heading straight for him.

‘Run. Run now!’

Tsuki listened to his instinct. He turned around and ran. His ankle disagreed with that action immensely. Intense pain shot up his leg. He gasped and fell to his knees.

The snow was crunching loudly now. It was almost on him. He couldn’t move. Something was going to eat him!

Tsuki screamed as fear gripped him.

“You!” A familiar voice tore through the air.

Tsuki jolted and looked over his shoulder. “Ro-Ro-Ro—”

The brunette ran over, an expression of pure rage on his face. He bent down and grabbed Tsuki’s arm harshly. “How many times am I going to have to chase you down before you stop. Fucking. Running!”

“Ru-ru-run—no, I-I wasn’t—”

Roppi grabbed Tsuki by his shoulders and shoved the blond hard. He gasped in pain as his back slammed into the snow, his wounds scraping against ice.


“I’m so fucking tired of chasing you, Tsukishima! You aren’t leaving me! I’d rather die than let you leave me! No, I’d rather kill you than let you leave me!”

Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide with horror as fear gripped his chest for a new reason. “N-no, I—”

Roppi’s hands found purchase to Tsuki’s throat.

Tsuki screamed out of reflex before he started kicking and thrashing wildly. “I’m sor—I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

“No, you’re not! Not yet!”


Tsuki managed to pull Roppi’s hands away and rolled over. He hugged himself tightly and turned his face away. He buried his face into the snow as tears dripped from his eyes.

“I wasn’t running. I wasn’t runn-running. I swear. I j-just—I was looking for Sa-Sakuraya-san and-and—”

“You expect me to believe that?”

“I was! I was, I pro-promise! I swear!”

“Yeah, right.”

“A-a-ask Rubi! He-he let me go knowing I-I was looking for the—”

“Of course, he’s going to say that. He’ll say whatever to make it okay for you to disappear. He wants you gone more than anyone!”

Tsuki jolted, his eyes stretching wide. He looked up at Roppi in shock. “He…he wanted m-me gone?”

“Of course he does. Toudai’s his lover and you’re hogging all of Toudai’s attention. If he didn’t hate you before, he hates you now.”

“I-I…I did—I didn’t ask for the atten-attentio—”

“You didn’t try to stop it either, now did you?”

Tsuki began to shake. He broke down into sobs as he buried his face in his hands. “I’m sorry…”

‘This is just a never-ending nightmare! I wanna go home! I wanna go home! Delic-Nii! Tsugaru-Nii! Mom, Dad! I just want this to be over! Let this end already…’


Tsuki didn’t respond.

“Oi, stop crying.” Roppi’s hand touched Tsuki’s hair. The blond flinched. “You’re going to trigger your asthma.”

Tsuki shook his head. “I wanna go home…”

Roppi was silent for a long moment. He then began to stroke Tsuki’s hair. “I know you’re homesick. But you’ve got to stop this, Tsuki. I can’t protect you if you run off by yourself like this. The loneliness will pass, once you get used to the pack.”

“The pack doesn’t w-w-w-want me! You just sa-said—you’re the only one!”

“…Yeah, that’s right.”

Tsuki’s eyes widened. He looked up to see Roppi was smiling warmly.

“That’s right. I’m the only one who will ever love you. Who will ever truly understand you. Just me, Tsukishima. I’m all you have out here.”

Fear bubbled for yet another reason. ‘Oh, God. Please, save me from this mad man. He’s going to kill me.’

“Pl-pl-please.” Tsuki rolled on his back, trying to push himself away with his feet. “Please, don’t hu-hurt me. Pl-plea—”

Roppi shooshed him as he reached a hand out. The blond flinched and closed his eyes tight shut. Roppi brushed his hand lovingly against Tsuki’s cheek, wiping a tear away with his thumb.

“It’s alright.” Roppi said, lying down flat over Tsuki. “I’ll protect you. I’ll always protect you, Tsukishima.”

‘You’re crazy! You’ve gone completely mad!’

“It’s okay.” Roppi kissed Tsuki’s forehead. “I love you. More than anything.”

‘This isn’t love! You don’t understand what love is!’

The werewolf continued to pepper Tsuki’s face with kisses until his found the blonde’s lips. Tsuki was too scared to pull away as the disgusting mouth came over his own.

Roppi spread away and all Tsukishima could do was cry.


“Here, Tsukishima-kun, try to eat.” Toudai held a plate of food out to the blond.

Tsuki looked at the platter of cooked meat, looked at Toudai, then looked at Rubi. He made eye contact with the white-haired werewolf before he cast his gaze to the ground and shook his head. He shimmied away from the kind doctor and pressed himself against Hachimenroppi’s side.

“Here, Tsuki.” Roppi held his plate out to the kidnapped teenager. “Have a piece.”

Tsuki looked up at Roppi. The brunette was smiling triumphantly.

‘I hate you.’

Tsuki sighed before taking a piece of meat. He brought the food, a piece of pork from the smell, to his lips and began chewing on it with lackluster.

‘I hate this.’

Toudai stared down at Tsuki with an expression of obvious sorrow. However, the doctor said nothing as he stood and walked over to Rubi. He sat down by the white-haired man and began to eat.

‘God, I don’t know what I have done to wrong you so. I will give anything for you to forgive me for my past sins. Just let this be over already.’

Tsuki choked down the piece of meat before burying his face into his knees.

‘Just let this miserable existence end already.’

Chapter Text

“Finally, you guys are back.” Roppi growled. “I got the fucking firewood, since you two fucking disappeared.”

“Sorry.” Sakuraya bowed sheepishly.

“We became lost.” Shitsuo stated.

‘Lost in each other.’ Tsuki rolled his eyes and scoffed.

The two looked at Tsuki. Their gaze was a glower, but it was laced with confusion as to why Tsukishima would be annoyed at them. But they didn’t voice their concern. They instead sat as far away from Tsuki as they could across the fire. Tsuki cast his gaze to the stones around the blaze.

‘They shouldn’t do that in the forest. There’s things flying around and there’s no way they would be paying attention when they’re doing that…Oh, yeah.’

“B-by the way,” Tsuki started. “I saw som-something earlier.”

Roppi looked down at him. “Hm?”

Sakuraya and Shitsuo stiffened.

“What’d you see?”

“Some-something in the sky. It had b-big wings and bl-blocked out the moon fo-for a moment.”

“Oh?” Rubi leaned forward. “Did it look like a giant bat or a person or what?”

Tsuki hesitated. “I did-didn’t get a good-good look. It was-was gone as soon as-as it was there.”

Roppi and Rubi shared a look.

“It could have been a vampire.” Roppi stated. “Or a gargoyle. Even a werebat.”

“We’ll have to keep an eye out from now on. We should divi-up into watches for the night.”

“Unless Sakuraya and Shitsuo want to join in,” Roppi glared at the two, “You and I will end up sleep deprived.”

Sakuraya said nothing, glancing to the side.

“I do not mind taking watch.” Shitsuo stated.

“Alright, then we’ll do that.” Rubi said, “I’ll take the first watch.”

“Nah, I’ll do it.” Roppi said. “It’s easier for me to stay awake then you.”

“…Alright, but!” Rubi leaned forward to gain Roppi’s attention. The raven-haired werewolf flinched, his eyes widening. “You have to wake me up, got it? Do not stay up all night.”


“I mean it, Roppi. You don’t need to be sleep deprived because you were being stubborn.”

“I got it. I’ll wake you up.”

Tsuki turned away from them as he grabbed Roppi’s duffle. He had no interest in this conversation.

“Are you going to bed?” Roppi asked.

Tsuki nodded as he pulled out a bear pelt.

“You should eat a little something. Just to hold you over till morning.”

Tsuki shook his head.

“…Alright. Real quick though.”

Roppi grabbed Tsuki’s ankle and pulled. The blond gasped before he was rolled over, so he was sitting down, propped on his elbows.


Roppi reached into his duffle and pulled out a rope. Tsuki got a bad feeling about that.

“Um…” Tsuki tried to pull his leg away. “Um, wh-what—”

Roppi tugged Tsuki’s ankle and wrapped the rope around it.

“What are you doing?!” Toudai yelled.

“Making sure he doesn’t run while we’re sleeping. The last thing we need is him getting himself killed cuz he ran off again.”

 “That’s barbaric!”

“It’s for his own good.”

“For his—”

“Toudai-san, it-it’s fine.” Tsuki said in a small voice.

“No, it’s not fine!”

“It is.”


“He said it’s fine so it’s fine.” Roppi said.

The werewolf finished knotting Tsuki’s ankle. Roppi then took the other end of the rope and wrapped it around his own ankle. Tsuki kept his eyes on the ground, just waiting for Roppi to be done.

‘How much lower can he go? Saying he’s doing something like this for my wellbeing. You’re so disgusting.’

Roppi finished. He tugged the rope to make sure it wouldn’t come undone. Tsuki looked at the knot. It was complicated and intricate. He didn’t think he could undo it.

  ‘Just why are you like this? Why can you do the same things your father did to you and call them okay? Have you not realized that’s what you’re doing?’

Tsuki sighed heavily before he turned away from Roppi. He crawled into the bear pelt and snuggled close, burying his nose under his scarf.

‘Toudai-san’s the only one who’s trying to show him the error of his ways. I don’t think Hachimenroppi understands what he’s doing either. It’s so frustrating. If only he could understand how miserable he’s making me. If only he actually thought of me instead of himself.’

Tsuki’s breath came out in a stutter as emotions started to bubble in his chest. He then swallowed hard to keep those emotions in check.

‘Just go to sleep. It’s better than being here.’



“Shoosh, Tsuki.” A voice whispered in his ear. “Don’t get loud.”

Tsuki’s body was feeling hot. A pleasure was going up his spine. Over a month ago, it would have been a foreign sensation but now it had become all too familiar.

“Wh-what…” Tsuki groaned.

He squeezed his eyes tight shut then forced them open.

Roppi lied in front of him. He joined Tsuki under the bear pelt and was pressed close. His arm was moving in a rhythm. The rhythm was in tune with the pleasure Tsukishima was feeling on his penis.

Tsuki looked down. It was too dark for him to see what Roppi was doing but he knew. He could feel it. Roppi had his cock pressed against Tsuki’s and was pleasuring both of them with his hand.

Tsuki gasped in realization.

“Sssh!” Roppi wrapped his free arm around Tsuki’s neck and pulled him close. “You’ll wake the others.”

“Wh-wh-what are you,” Tsuki whispered, “What are you doing?”

“What’s it look like?”

“B-b-but, the-the others—they’re ri-right there.”

“Ssh! If we don’t get loud they won’t wake up.”

Tsuki clenched his teeth and closed his eyes tight shut. ‘This is so wrong!’

The blond tilted his head down, reaching up and grabbing Roppi’s shirt. A knot was already forming under Tsuki’s stomach. Waking up to such a pleasurable sensation was a shock to his system that he didn’t know he would enjoy. A part of him was disgusted. Not only with Roppi but also with himself. He shouldn’t enjoy this. He should hate this. What was wrong with him?

“Hu-hurry.” Tsuki whispered, arching his back to breathe into Roppi’s neck. “Hurry up.”

“Wha—I can’t cum on command.”

“W-we’re going to g-get caught.”

“…If you want it to end quicker, then help me out.”

‘…You’re the worst.’

Tsuki closed his eyes tight shut and buried his face in Roppi’s shirt. He reached a shaky hand down. His palm touched the tip of his own cock. He jolted his hand away. Tsuki shook his head.

‘I can’t. I can’t do this. This is bad.’

Roppi grabbed Tsuki’s wrist. The blond tried to pull his arm away on reflex, but he didn’t put up too much resistance. Roppi guided Tsuki’s hand to grip both of the cocks. Tsuki swallowed hard, his ears burning with embarrassment.

“There you go; like that.” Roppi exhaled in pleasure. “God, your hand feels so good.”

‘This is terrible. I got woken up for this shit.’

Roppi’s hand gripped the other side of their cocks, encasing both organs in warmth. He began to stroke in rhythm with Tsuki’s.

 Tsuki panted heavily into Roppi’s chest. His hand started moving on its own, the pace quickening with the pleasure. His hips shifted with every stroke. Roppi’s hand matched Tsuki’s speed.

“You’re really good at this.” Roppi whispered. “You do this often?”

Tsuki shook his head. “N-n-never. I’ve never…”

Roppi chuckled. He then kissed Tsuki’s forehead. Tsuki glared into Roppi’s chest.

Roppi rubbed his thumb over the cockheads.

“NN!” Tsuki arched and tilted his head back.

“Shoosh, Tsuki.” Roppi whispered. “You’ll wake the others.”

“I c-can’t…My voice…it’s al-already getting ho-hoarse.”

Roppi glowered for a moment.

Then he planted his mouth over Tsuki’s. The blonde’s eyes widened, and he tried to pull away. He was refused, however, as Roppi shoved his tongue into Tsuki’s mouth.

Thoroughly muffled, their hands quickened yet again. Tsuki was breathing hard through his nose. His lungs were starting to sting while his head was feeling light.

‘Let it end soon. Let it end soon.’

Roppi groaned into Tsuki’s mouth. Tsuki groaned as well. The blond closed his eyes as the euphoria was drawing near. He was close. He could finish this soon. He could go back to sleep soon.

Roppi reached first. He groaned hard into Tsuki’s lips as he wrapped his hand around the tip. He gyrated his hips into his palm, filling his hand with the white liquid. Tsuki continued stroking. He was at a point of no return. He had to finish as well. And soon after he did. He came into Roppi’s palm too, whimpering into the werewolf’s mouth. His legs stiffened painfully but the euphoria dulled that for a while.

Tsuki fell limp against the pelt, breaking his kiss with Roppi. He rested his head against the werewolf’s chest while panting heavily.

“You didn’t come very much.” Roppi whispered.

“I’m tired.”


Roppi reached up and grabbed a clothe above their heads. He started cleaning off his hand. Tsuki couldn’t bring himself to care as he closed his eyes. He wanted to go back to sleep.

Roppi reached down and began milking the last drops of cum out of his cock. Once done, he did the act for Tsuki as well. The blond jolted but made no motion to stop him. He didn’t want to care anymore. The werewolf finished what he was doing and tossed the rag. He threw it into the fire, which plumed with life around the clothe before the fire started to dull due to the liquids.

Roppi pulled up his pants, fastening them closed. Tsuki did the same. The werewolf crawled out of the pelts, tucking them in around Tsuki to keep him warm, then went to tend the fire. Tsuki let out a small sigh before looking up at the moon. The white sphere had waned significantly across the sky.

‘Wasn’t he supposed to wake Rubi-san?’

Tsuki rolled over to look at Roppi. “He-hey.”

Roppi looked over his shoulder at him.

“Ho-how much l-longer is your watch?”

“Don’t worry about it.”

“But w-weren’t you suppo-supposed to switch with Rub-Rubi-san?”

“It’s fine. He can sleep for a little longer.”


‘What do I care if you lose sleep?’

Tsuki rolled back over, burying his head under the blanket.

‘Hurting yourself like that has nothing to do with me. Suffer by yourself, you bastard.’


“What the fuck, Roppi? I told you to wake me for the next watch!”

Tsuki groaned to the loud voice that berated his ears.

“It’s fine.” A calmer voice stated. “I couldn’t sleep last night anyway.”

“You’re going to be exhausted all day!”

“I’ll be fine.”

“No, you won’t!”

“I’ll. Be. Fine.”

Rubi growled but didn’t argue anymore.

Tsuki rolled his eyes. ‘Maybe if you grew any form of masculinity, Roppi would actually care for your opinion.’

Tsuki tucked back under the blankets, closing his eyes.

“Tsuki, it’s time to get up.” Roppi shook the blonde’s shoulder.

Tsuki groaned.

He did not feel refreshed for the morning. In fact, he felt more tired than when he went to bed last night. He knew exactly who was to blame for that. And the notion that the culprit was the one waking him up annoyed him more than anything.

“Tsuki.” Roppi shook him again.

“Don’t touch me.” Tsuki growled.

The werewolf’s hand was removed.

Having just woken up and already in a very sour mood, Tsuki had no fear for pissing Roppi off. If anything, he wanted to make the werewolf mad. He deserved to be just as sour as Tsuki was.

The blond sat up and crawled out of his warm pelts. Without even casting a glance at Roppi, Tsuki began rolling up the pelts. Roppi hesitated before helping him. Tsuki still refused to look at him.

“Are you mad at me or something?” Roppi asked.

“Should I not be?” Tsuki growled.

Roppi jolted. “What did I do?”

“OH! Let me count the ways!” Tsuki glared up at him with pure hatred.

Roppi flinched under his stare, confusion set in his expression. The werewolf had no clue what he did wrong. That irritated Tsuki even more. The blond rolled his eyes and scoffed loudly. Without another word, Tsuki continued packing his ‘bed’ up.

The werewolf was quiet for a moment. He then stood. “I’m um, gonna give you some space.”

“Yeah, you do that.”

Roppi said nothing, although he stood before Tsuki for a moment longer—probably to stare at him. He then turned and walked off somewhere where Tsuki couldn’t see him.

“Fucking asshole.”

Tsuki didn’t know if Roppi heard him or not. A part of him hoped he did. A part of him feared he did. But when nothing was done to him, Tsuki could only assume he was in the clear. He finished packing up the duffle and zipped it closed. Roppi was talking to Rubi in a hushed voice before noticing Tsuki was done. He came over and hoisted the duffle over his back.

“Rubi’s going to carry you today.” Roppi said, almost sheepishly.


Roppi nodded before turning around like a dejected dog. Seeing that gave Tsuki satisfaction he didn’t know he wanted.

‘If only you could figure out why I’m pissed then maybe this horrible nightmare will end. But that would be too good to be true. You pathetic excuse of a man.’

Chapter Text

Four days passed. Tsukishima’s mood hasn’t changed. The blond couldn’t care to be anything other than angry. Every time Roppi held him, gave him food, or even talked to him set the blond off. The fear had given away to anger as hatred consumed him.

Roppi didn’t seem to question it too terribly. He got annoyed at Tsuki’s attitude but didn’t get violent. The two barely talked during that time, which made Tsuki more than happy.

The party continued on as Roppi had dictated. They would walk as soon as they finished breakfast. Once night hit, Rubi and Roppi would transform and continue walking until nearly the witching hour. They would then stop for the night. Sakuraya and Shitsuo would take the first watch—since Roppi didn’t wake anyone up during his watch, Rubi dictated that the two that didn’t walk for miles would keep watch first—then Rubi, then Roppi. To say the group was getting tired was an understatement. The rigorous hike across country was weighing on everyone. Even Rubi and Roppi were showing signs of fatigue.

Tsukishima was still having asthma attacks. They weren’t happening nearly as often as before. Not only was he not walking a lot, thanks to his ankle, but he was in much warmer clothes. The only time he had an attack was when the wind picked up, blowing Tsuki’s clothes up and piercing his skin. At those times, he’d hold Roppi close and bury his face into the werewolf’s neck. Not long after, he would have an asthma attack.

The blond had always felt bad about his attacks. They were always a bother to others and delayed everyone’s time. But now, it was even worse. He felt like Rubi was getting more and more annoyed with each asthma attack. Toudai coddled and cared for him every time, which no doubly pissed the white wolf off. Not only did his attacks stop them on their journey, but he was also taking up Toudai’s attention.

Tsuki knew Rubi was going to yell at him eventually. He was scared for that time, but he knew it was inevitable. Because of that, the blond had been doing his best to avoid Toudai. The doctor had shown how sad that made him, but he didn’t say anything. Instead, Toudai showed his animosity towards Roppi, posting blame for Tsuki’s behavior on the werewolf. He wasn’t wrong, but Roppi was going to lose his temper if the doctor kept it up.

Tsukishima let out a heavy sigh. The group was settling down for the night at the base of the mountain, come tomorrow, they were going to try and traverse that. Tsuki had a lot of doubts.

“How-how am I go-going to get up the m-mountain with my ankle?” Tsuki asked, more to himself.

“He has a point.” Rubi stated. “We can’t carry him up the mountain. If we slip and fall, both of us might perish.”

“Hm.” Roppi looked up. “I don’t think we should try and traverse the mountain in human form anyway. It’d be safer for all of us if we were wolves. That includes you two.” Roppi glowered at Sakuraya and Shitsuo.

“So, are we only going to travel at night? That might be just as dangerous.”

“Well our options are: wolf at night, or human during the day. Both have their pros and cons. But I think wolves would be the best idea though. We’re less likely to get frostbite and it’ll be faster. This’ll also force us to find a path that doesn’t require rock climbing.”

“That’ll makes things easier for Toudai and Tsuki.”

“Sakuraya and Shitsuo too.”

“Visibility will be compromised. But I agree that we should be wolves.”

Roppi smiled. “Alright. We’ll settle down and rest till nightfall. We’re going to need all the energy we can conserve.”

“What, you’re not going to say it’s a waste of time?” Tsukishima muttered.

Roppi looked over at him, casting him a glare. “Okay, seriously, what is your problem? You’ve been in a pissy mood for days now.”

“The fact that you have to ask is one of the problems.”

“I can’t read your mind, Tsuki!”

“You don’t need to read my mind to know what’s wrong, you deranged madman!”

Roppi’s eyes stretched wide with rage. “You—excuse—”

“Oi, oi.” Rubi started. “Let’s not get into a fight.”

Tsuki scoffed openly, rolling his eyes dramatically. “Spineless.”

Rubi looked at Tsuki with a shocked glare. The blond didn’t have motivation to start a fight with the white wolf, so Tsuki just lied down and rolled over so his back was to the two.

“Okay, no.” Roppi growled. Tsuki heard the snow crunch behind him. “It’s one thing to get pissy at me. But you’re even insulting Rubi. What is your problem?”

“Why are you so oblivious?!” Tsuki glared over his shoulder. “Or are you just dumb?”

Without pause, Roppi reached under and grabbed the chest of Tsuki’s shirt. The blond gasped as the back of his neck stung. Tsuki was brought close to Roppi’s face, so close their noses nearly touched.

“I am so sick of your attitude.”

“Give me a reason not to have one.” Tsuki glared back.

“Why do you have one?!”

“How can you ask such a stupid question?!”

“I’m asking because I don’t understand!”

“Then you’re stupid! Or in denial! Both are just as bad!”

Roppi slammed Tsuki down. The blond closed his eyes tight shut in a cringe before calling out to the searing pain from his cuts on his shoulders scraping against the snow. Tsuki then choked as Roppi pinned the shoulders of his shirts against the ground, the hem pressing down on his neck. The blond glared with pure hatred.

“Enough with your shit!” Roppi growled. “You—”

Tsuki swung his foot up in between Roppi’s legs. The werewolf’s eyes stretched wide before his cheeks puffed. The raven fell away, sitting on his hands and knees with his face tilted down. He coughed heavily. Tsuki glowered at him before pulling his legs out from under Roppi. Tsuki pushed himself to feet.

With a growl akin to a wolf’s, Roppi grabbed Tsuki’s ankle—his injured ankle—and pulled. The blond called out in both pain and surprise as he fell back down.

“Oi, you two!” Rubi yelled.

The white wolf was completely ignored.

“Get off me!” Tsuki pushed against Roppi.

The wolf just growled. The two wrestled in the snow, Roppi trying to pin Tsuki down while Tsuki was trying to hit and kick Roppi.

“Enough with your shit!” Roppi yelled.

“Get away from me, you worthless rapist kidnapping pedophile!”

Roppi’s eyes stretched wide with confused rage. “The hell are you calling a pedophile?!”

“Oh, I guess your right!” Tsuki glared at him. “Your father was the pedophile! He taught you all he knew, isn’t that right?”

Roppi’s eyes flared with a hatred that had never been pointed at Tsuki before. Rubi audibly gasped. Tsuki just glared right back at the black-haired werewolf.

In the next moment, Roppi grabbed the hem of Tsuki’s shirt and pulled the blond up. He raised his other fist up. With a ferocious movement, Roppi pulled Tsukishima into his fist. The glasses broke against Tsuki’s face as his left eye erupted with a stabbing pain. Tsuki called out. The blond was punched again. Tsuki tried to turn away, pulling on Roppi’s hand and pushing on his raised bicep. That didn’t stop the werewolf as he was punched again.

“Stop!” Toudai called, rushing over. “He’s bleeding!”

“Toudai, wait!”

The doctor grabbed Roppi’s arm. The werewolf growled and jolted his arm back. His elbow slammed into Toudai’s cheek. The doctor called out more in shock than pain as he fell away, holding his face.

“HEY!” Rubi rushed over. He wrapped his arms around Roppi’s waist and pulled. “ENOUGH!”

“GET OFF ME!” Roppi was lifted away from Tsuki, kicking and flailing. “GET OFF OF ME, RUBI!”

“You need to calm down!”


As the white wolf dragged Roppi away, Tsuki rolled over. He pulled the metal frame of his broken glasses off his face and threw them away. He couldn’t close his left eye due to a pulsing sensation whenever he attempted. He could feel something scrape against his finger and probe his eye at the same time.

Tsuki knew what was wrong. He had a piece of glass in his eye. There were some shards in his cheek as well. He could feel them stabbing him like splinters.

Tsuki should cry. He was in deep agony right now. The logical thing would be to cry.

But Tsuki didn’t. Something in his chest reverberated with a sensation he never felt before. But it bubbled and festered and couldn’t be contained. Tsuki let out a soft giggle. The giggle deepened into a chuckle. The chuckle reached its crescendo in a laugh. The laugh became louder and louder until Tsuki had no choice but to tilt his head back and look at the sky.

Mania. Tsukishima had never experienced such a torrent of emotions, but he knew what this was. His first taste of true madness within his own being.

The wrestling werewolves went quiet as Tsuki’s laugh echoed off the snow and the trees. His voice filled the sky so even God could hear the little blond descend into madness. Tsuki didn’t know how long he was laughing for. Maybe he was laughing for ten minutes. Maybe just for five seconds. Tsuki had no clue. He only stopped because his lungs were starting to hurt.

His laughed bubbled down until it eventually died in his chest. He tilted his head down and held his hand over his eye. He didn’t actually touch it, but at the very least, he could hide it. It made him feel slightly better.

“Tsukishima-kun…” Toudai started.

The blond looked at him with his one eye.

“Are you okay?”

The blond held back a laugh as he smiled at him. “That is the stupidest question I’ve heard anyone ask.”

The doctor stepped forward. “Let me see.”

“Nah, it’s fine.” Tsuki turned away. “Don’t want your husband getting upset I’m stealing your attention.”

“Hus—Tsukishima-kun, that’s not—”

Tsuki scoffed as he went to stand.

“No, Tsuki-kun, sit.” Rubi rushed over. The white-haired man pushed on Tsuki’s shoulder. “I don’t know what you’re on about but don’t be dumb.”

Tsuki looked at him. “But…he said—”

“Shoosh.” Toudai knelt down in front of him, holding his doctor’s bag.

He reached in and pulled out a pair of tweezers. Tsuki just chuckled and rolled his eyes. He shouldn’t have done that as it caused the glass to scrape his eyelid. He cringed in pain.

“Move your hand. Let me see.” Toudai grabbed Tsuki’s wrist.

The blond obeyed.

“Oh, shit.” Rubi cursed, jolting back in horror.

“Move, move.” Toudai shooed Rubi away.

The white wolf obeyed, shimmying over.

“Keep your eye open and don’t move.”

Tsuki sighed but he obeyed. His good eye fell on the very prominent swelling on the doctor's cheek. “You alright, Toudai-san?”

“Don’t talk. Your moving your head when you do that.”

Tsuki glowered but kept his mouth closed. ‘Fine, fuck you then.’

“Roppi, seriously, what is wrong with you?” Rubi growled, standing up.

“What is wrong with me?! Did you fucking hear what he said?!”

“That’s no reason to hit him!”

“Oh, so I can make fun of the fact that you were abandoned by your mother, by your logic!”

Rubi’s eyes went wide with rage.

“See? Ain’t something you fucking jab at, now is it?”

“…Still…” Rubi glanced to the side. “This was a bit far.”

“How was I supposed to know glass would get in his eye?”

“When there’s glass over his eyes and you broke it!”

“Well, I didn’t mean to! He shouldn’t have fucking said that!”

“Krgh!” Tsuki clenched his teeth to keep himself from calling out.

Toudai removed the glass. Tsuki blinked a few times. The cut hurt and he felt tears stream his cheek. Toudai rummaged through his bag until he found a bottle of liquid. He shook the clear substance then took a squeeze cap-like lid. He stood on his knees to hover over Tsuki.

“Tilt your head back.” Toudai put his hand under Tsuki’s chin.

The blond obeyed.

“Keep your eye open.”


Toudai squeezed three drops into his eye. His eye immediately began to sting, and he called out but didn’t move.

“Good, good job, Tsuki-kun.”

“Don’t praise me like a brat.” The blond growled.

Toudai backed off. Tsuki tilted his head down and blinked. He raised his hand.

“Don’t rub your eye.” Toudai commanded.

“It stings.”

“I know. But if you rub it, you may cause an infection of your eye. If that happens, I need to remove it.”

“Remove? As in pull out my eye?”

“That’s right.”

Tsuki just stared at him. Then he scoffed and rolled his eyes. “Great. Let’s just add that to the list of everything the beast has broken on me.”

“Who are you calling a beast?” Roppi growled.

“Who else would I call a beast?” Tsuki glared at him.

“Enough with the attitude! It’s getting real fucking old, Tsuki!”

“No, what’s getting old is the fact that I’m still breathing the same air as you.”

Roppi’s eyes stretched wide. “The hell does that mean?”

Tsuki just scoffed.

“Tsuki-kun,” Toudai tried to interrupt, “I need to get the gl—”

“Oi, the hell do you mean by that?” Roppi walked over, glaring down at Tsuki. “Are you still wanting to kill me?”

“Like I would commit such a damnable sin on your account.”

“What’s that mean?!”

“Oh my—it means I will not damn myself to hell just to kill a devil like you! God with enact just punishment on you!”

“I already told you there’s no such thing as God.” Roppi crossed his arms as he glowered down at him. “Then the fuck did you mean by ‘breathing the same air’?”

“Your intelligence is no different than a dog’s. Fitting, I guess.”


“I meant, I’ve been alive for far too long while in your company!”

Roppi’s eyes widened.

“Just let me die already. I don’t want to be with you anymore.”

“You—you’re the one who got scared when I threatened to kill you!”

“Of course, I would fear death! Who wouldn’t?!” Tsuki stood to be in Roppi’s face. “But I don’t want to be alive if it means this disgusting existence is my future!”

“What disgusting existence?!”

“As your menial sex object!”

“The hell is going on through your head?! How do you even know what a sex object is as a supposed pure Christian?”

“Great, so you’re calling me a whore again! Please, solidify to me that I’m right!”

“You are not right! You think I would risk my life for a menial sex object?!”

“You know what, I don’t care to know your reasoning! All I know is I tire of you and your company! I want to go home!”

“The hell does going home have to do with you dying!”

“What other option do I have?! I was offering my life, not my body! I didn’t act as a sacrifice to fulfill your sexual frustrations!”

“I saved your fucking life!”

“No, you damned me! I’d rather die than continue living this life as your replacement for a woman!”

“You’re not a replacement! I love you!”

“Well, I hate you!”

Roppi’s hands came around Tsuki’s neck. The blonde’s eyes widened for a moment before narrowing with coldness.

“I told you, you’re not allowed to say that!” Roppi growled.

“Roppi!” Rubi called.

“Release him!” Toudai yelled, grabbing Roppi’s arm and tugging. “Enough of your villainy!”

“And what happens if I say it?” Tsuki snarled. “I hate you and that won’t change now! Especially after everything you’ve done!”


“WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO IF I SAY IT?!” Tsuki grabbed Roppi’s wrists and pulled back. “What, you’re going to kill me? I want to die anyway! Being dead is better than being with the likes of you!”

Roppi shoved Tsuki hard. The blond gasped as he fell back. He landed in soft snow, so it didn’t hurt. Roppi shook Toudai off his arm. The doctor stumbled back, but kept his footing.

“You think death is better than being with me?” Roppi growled.

The raven knelt down before Tsuki could respond. He grabbed the blond by his biceps and held him tight enough to hurt.

“Then what about a life worse than death?”

“I’m living a life worse than—”

“No, you’re not. You can still walk on your own two feet. You can still talk and see.”

Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide. “Wh—”

“You hate me, huh? You think I believe you’re a sexual object? I could treat you like one. And sexual objects aren’t allowed to talk back to their masters. They’re not allowed to walk on their own or even feed themselves? Is that what you want?”

The anger ebbed away as fear started crawling back.

“What…are you…”

“Whatever the hell you think, I do love you. But if you want to hate me, then I can give you a good reason to hate me. I can remove all forms of freedom you have. I can tear out your tongue, so you can’t yell at me anymore. Cut the tendons in your wrists and ankles so you have to rely on me. Can’t run, can’t even eat or take a shit without my help. Is that what you want?”

Tsuki started shaking. For the first time in four days, Tsuki felt cold fear bubbled in his chest.

“You-you wouldn’t—”

“Why shouldn’t I?” Roppi leaned in close. “I obviously don’t love you. If you’re nothing more than a sexual object, then why should I care if you have any freedom?”

Tsuki clenched his teeth hard. He then shook his head. The anger was gone now. Fear completely encased his being once again. He had become so annoyed with this madman that for a while he forgot this man was just as much of a savage as the beast that he turned into. Tsuki had no reason not to believe this crazy man’s threat. After all, he was fully capable of all the things he said.

“I…” Tsuki couldn’t meet Roppi’s eye. He was too scared to look and see the rage in his eyes. “I’m…”

Roppi scoffed. He leaned in close. Tsuki jolted back.

“What?” Roppi glowered at him. “You sorry all of a sudden? Regret picking a fight with me?”


“You want to be forgiven?”

“I’m sor—”

“Tell me you love me.”

Tsuki stiffened as his eyes widened.

“Tell me you love me, and I’ll forgive you.”

‘Like hell I could lie like that.’ Tsuki thought. But what if he didn’t? Would Roppi really tear out his tongue? The fear made it hard for Tsuki to think clearly.


“Enough of this!” Toudai yelled.

The doctor rushed over and fell to his knees by them. In the same motion, he put his hands to Roppi’s chest. He gave the raven a shove. The werewolf growled as he lost his balance. He let Tsuki go in favor of catching himself.

“Does your cruelty know no bound?!” Toudai glared at Roppi as he knelt between him and Tsuki—acting as a shield. “Did you think any love that is forced is true love?! If he just tells you what you want to hear, then it is nothing more than a lie! Do you wish for a love like that?!”

Roppi’s lip pulled back in a snarl as a growl rumbled in his voice. “I’m not talking to you!”

“Enough! I need to finish cleaning Tsukishima-kun’s wounds. Leave him be for now.”

“We were having a conversation!”

“No, you were enforcing your control over him!” Toudai poked Roppi in the chest with his index finger. “You got what you wanted! Tsukishima-kun is scared of you once again. Now leave him be!”

Roppi’s growl deepened. The sound sent a child down Tsuki’s spine. The blond couldn’t help but hug himself. The wolf man then snorted and stood.

“You are so utterly irritating.” Roppi growled. “I don’t trust you alone with Tsuki. The moment I catch you making a move on him is the moment you stop breathing, regardless of what Rubi has to say about it.”

Toudai just glared at him. Neither said anything more, however. Instead, Roppi turned around.

“I’m going to find firewood.” The werewolf announced before heading to the trees. Shitsuo and Sakuraya side-stepped to be out of his way.

“Take all the time you need.” Toudai snarled.

Roppi said nothing. Soon he was gone from sight, swallowed by the forest.

Once he was gone, the whole party let out a breath of release that none of them seemed to be aware they were holding in. Toudai turned back to Tsukishima while Rubi rushed over to the blonde’s side.

“Are you alright?” Toudai reached out to touch Tsuki’s hair.

The blond flinched away. Toudai quickly retracted his hand.

“Th-there…” Tsuki started. He tilted his head down as he pressed the palm of his hand to his uninjured eye. His form started to shake again. Tears flooded his eyes anew. They dripped from his eye lashes and Tsuki saw the clear liquid was mixed with a pink hue. “There’s just no winning, is there? No matter what I do, I can’t…”

Tsuki couldn’t keep his composure. The blond buried his face in his hands and brought his knees up to curl as much as he could. He broke down, falling away into sobs. He felt someone wrap their arms around him, but it provided no comfort.

Chapter Text

Tsukishima tightened his grip on Roppi’s black fur. He squeezed the werewolf’s ribs tighter and hunkered low against his back. Hachimenroppi tilted his head down low and dug his claws deep into the snow. A blistering wind assaulted Tsuki and Roppi with full intent to push them off the cliffside they were trying to traverse. Roppi stood firm against the shoving. His eyes were trained on an overhead peak. It would provide cover from the wind and they could camp there for the night.

Tsuki pressed his face in between Roppi’s shoulder blades. His lungs were starting to hurt. The new injuries to his face burned from the frigid temperature. His form was shaking, which caused pain to the cuts on his back as well. Tsuki was in pure agony.

Roppi made it to the peak. The winds howled around them but Tsuki couldn’t feel them anymore. The blond sat up and looked over his shoulder. Sakuraya—in the form of his black wolf—walked in next. He stepped close to Roppi and shook out his pelt. Shitsuo followed after. He rushed over to Sakuraya and the two lied down, pressing against each other. Rubi took up the rear with Toudai on his back.

“BRR!” Toudai hopped off Rubi and shivered noticeably, rubbing his hands up and down his arms. “I’m starting to think day would have been a better option.”

Rubi went over to the rock wall and spun around in a circle once, twice, and on the third time, he lied down.

“Wait, are you not transforming back?” Toudai walked over.

Roppi shrugged one of his shoulders. The blond looked down at him. Roppi looked up at Tsuki before gesturing with his head for Tsuki to get off. Tsuki let out a soft sigh before obeying. He hopped down, which caused agony to rip through his ankle. He called out momentarily before deciding to choke the noise down.

Roppi followed Rubi’s example by spinning around before lying down. Tsuki sat down across from Roppi, wrapping his arms under his thighs and hugging them to his chest. The werewolf let out a strange yip. Tsuki looked up. Roppi patted the ground by his flank with his front paw. Tsuki glowered at him. Roppi made the same yip and did the motion again.

“Tsukishima-kun,” Toudai started, “You’ll freeze if you sit over there.”

‘I don’t want to lie against Roppi…’ Tsuki glowered.

“Come over here.” Toudai pulled out a blanket from the duffle around Rubi’s neck.

Roppi immediately growled and pushed himself up on his front paws. Rubi turned his head to press himself to Toudai. The white wolf snorted softly before rubbing his head against the doctor. Tsuki didn’t understand the gesture but Toudai seemed to as his brows furrowed. He looked at Tsuki, cast his gaze to the ground, and let his shoulders slump in defeat. Tsuki understood that at least.

Tsukishima let out a heavy sigh. He couldn’t work up any motivation to actually get up. His body hurt all over. Moving made the pain worse. He didn’t want to shift around.

Roppi stood. Tsuki stiffened. The black wolf walked over. He curled his head around Tsuki’s back and nips his hood. He gave a gentle tug. Tsuki grabbed his hood and pulled.

“I’m tired. I’m hurting.” Tsuki looked over his left shoulder before realizing he couldn’t see anything since his eye was bandaged. He quickly turned to look over his right. “I don’t want to move anymore.”

Roppi whined.

The wolf then tilted his head to the side and opened his jaws. His teeth came around Tsuki’s torso as gentle as possible before forcing Tsuki to lie down. The blond grabbed two of his huge teeth to lift himself, so they didn’t pierce his skin. Roppi walked back over to the rock wall. He placed Tsuki down softly. The wolf then shifted around the blond, so he was enveloped in Roppi’s warm fur.

Roppi tilted his head down and reached his front paw up. He pulled off the duffle from around his neck. He then pushed it with his nose towards Tsuki. The blond looked at the wolf before opening the duffle and pulling out a pelt. He wrapped it around himself and lied down. He used the duffle as a pillow. Fatigue instantly hit him. His only eye closed and he slipped into unconsciousness within seconds.


Tsuki woke to a horrendous popping sound right next to his ear. The sound was copied towards Tsuki’s feet. Then above his head. Tsuki looked up. Dawn was peeking over the horizon.

“Tsuki, get up!” Toudai rushed over.

“Wha…” The blond wasn’t fully awake enough to comprehend why.

The doctor grabbed Tsuki by the arm and tugged the teen up harshly. Tsuki cringed in pain.

“Sorry!” The doctor stated. “Come away, here!”

Toudai pulled Tsuki along until they were standing on the open path. There was no wind now so neither worried about falling down the cliff face. Instead, they kept their eyes on the werewolves. Tsuki understood why he had to move so quickly. The four werewolves were transforming back into their human forms all at once, which induced all four monsters to flail with violence. Case and point, Roppi’s claws racked the ground where Tsuki had been sleeping moments ago, the claws ripping off to give away to finger tips. With their inhuman strength, Tsuki and Toudai could have easily been killed had they stayed where they were.

The transformation ended, and four naked men lied on the cold rock floor. Scraps of black, white, and cream-colored fur coated the entire area.

Toudai walked back over, grabbing the blanket he had been using. He knelt down and draped it over Rubi’s body.

“Are you alright?” The doctor asked.

“Fine.” Rubi panted. “Just…real rude awakening.”

“I was wondering if it was a good idea for you lot to fall asleep like that.”

Roppi groaned as he pushed himself to his hands and knees. “It was for the best. To keep…everyone warm.”

Roppi sat back on his haunches. He grabbed the duffle and pulled out another pelt. He wrapped it around himself.

Shitsuo went about getting one of Sakuraya’s haori out of the duffle to hand to the shivering brunette.

Roppi rolled his neck. Then looked over at Tsuki. “You can come lay down now.”

“…I’m n-not tired anymore…”

“You’re going to trigger your asthma.” Roppi reached his hand out. “Come on…”

Tsuki glowered. But couldn’t rebuttal. The blond held the pelt firmly as he limped over. Tsuki knelt down by Roppi’s side.

“Rubi,” Roppi looked at the white-haired man. “Since we’re all awake, do we want to start traveling a bit? Or go back to sleep for a while?”

“I want to go back to sleep, honestly.”

Roppi looked at Sakuraya and Shitsuo.

“I-I…” Sakuraya started. “I want to lay down for a bit. I don’t think I can fall asleep, however.”

“I concur.” Shitsuo said.

“Alright.” Roppi said.

The four wolf men took the next five minutes getting clothes on. While they were doing that, Tsuki lied back down. He hugged himself tightly.


For the next ten days, the party continued on without problem. Every night, they would go on their journey in the form of werewolves. They walked for hours with Tsukishima and Toudai riding on their backs. They tread a trail that only quadrupeds could use, just as they intended. During the day, they rested up, ate, and soaked in the sun.

For ten days, they crossed the mountain range without much goal or purpose. They had come across a few caves, but they were all small and cramped. Not worth calling home for a pack of werewolves, even if they spent most of their time as humans anyway. So, they continued on. On and on and on. Tsuki wondered if they were going to travel until they reached the other side of the mountain.

But, on day eleven, he was corrected on his question.

Roppi stopped midstride and turned his nose up to the sky. He sniffed hard, inhaling the air for all it’s worth. Rubi, intrigued by Roppi, did the same thing. Rubi’s eyes stretched wide for a moment before he turned around and started walked fairly rushed back the way they came. Roppi let out a soft noise that sounded like a huffy bark before hopping down the small crag he stood on. Tsuki held on tightly so as not to fall off. Roppi rushed up to Rubi. The white wolf and Roppi held a conversation—that seemed to be getting heated from the snarl creeping in on Rubi’s lips—in which, Rubi let out a huff and seemed to concede.

“What’s going on?” Toudai asked.

There was no response, obviously. Instead, Rubi shrugged for Toudai to get off. Roppi did the same. The two humans hopped down, the young teen limping over to Toudai. With a gentle nudge, Rubi corralled them to sit underneath a deep overhead. Sakuraya was yipping to Shitsuo, Roppi seeming to be part of the conversation as well. Once they were done, the pink-eyed wolf walked over and sat in front of the two humans.

“Hey, what’s going on?” Toudai asked again.

Sakuraya looked at him and shook his head. That induced a glower from the doctor, but he said nothing more.

The other three wolves jumped up the crag Roppi had previously vacated and disappeared over the cliffside.

Silence met them. For nearly ten minutes, they heard nothing. Tsuki was confused; so was Toudai. Then, all too suddenly, the sound of angry roars and rushed movements echoed off the rocks around them. Tsuki’s eyes widened. The roars were something he had never heard before. It definitely wasn’t from the werewolves.

As soon as the noise surrounded them, Sakuraya stepped away from them. His body jolted in the throws of his transformation back to man. He whimpered loudly, his body popping and cracking as fur fell off. Soon enough, he was in human form breathing heavily against the rocks. Toudai pulled out a blanket from his duffle and wrapped it around Sakuraya.

“What is going on, Sakuraya-san?” Toudai asked.

The small brunette stood on shaky legs. With Toudai’s guidance, he sat under the overcast by Tsuki.

“There’s yeti’s in the area.” Sakuraya stated.

“Yeti’s?” Tsuki inquired.

“Abominable snowmen. They’re beasts that represent human physique covered in a white winter coat. Very strong, very dangerous, and extremely savage. Roppi and Rubi picked up their scent. With yeti’s in the area, we would have to cross the country to no longer be in danger of them. They’re very territorial so any mountain range on this side of the island would be claimed by them, even if it was just a family of three. They could traverse from one mountain range to the next in just one night so long as it was insight of the other. Hachimen-san decided it would be best to…exterminate them instead of relocating.”

Toudai’s eyes narrowed. “They were here first, however. That is not fair.”

“It would also keep us safer. If they happened across our scent like we did theirs, we would be hunted as game. They are man-eater’s, after all.”

Toudai couldn’t rebuttal.

The sound of violence continued on throughout the night. Maybe it was only ten minutes, but to Tsuki, it felt like it was hours before all went eerily quiet. The three—Sakuraya was now full dressed—pressed against each other. None of them made a noise as they waited. Snow was pushed off the crag the werewolves had come from. Tsuki’s heart beat in his ear.

Then four sets of black paws came into view. Tsuki relaxed ever so slight.

Roppi poked his canine head into their hiding spot. He made a few yipping noises to Sakuraya before turning around and walking away.

“They’re removing the bodies.” Sakuraya stated. “The cave the yeti’s were living in is spacious enough for us to live in. Roppi wants us to stay here until—Toudaimoto-san!”

The doctor crawled out of the hiding spot and walked out towards the crag.

“Toudaimoto-san, I do not think you wish to see—Tsukishima-kun!”

The blond teen followed.

Toudai climbed up the crag quick enough, using the grooves and small fissures as footholds. Once on top, he reached his hand down to Tsukishima. The blond took the offering and was pulled up as he climbed. Not wanting to be left behind, Sakuraya followed close behind. Toudai offered him the same aid and the three were all on top. The doctor stood and led the way, following the werewolf footprints.

They traversed a barren landscape for a few minutes before they came to the other side of the crag. This side was far steeper than the one they came from. None of them would be able to hop down without potential injury, at least not as humans. Down below, across a small clearing, was the mouth of a wide cave.

Out came a black werewolf, holding a creature almost as big as him by the neck. The werewolf was dragging the corpse out, seeming to have difficulty doing so. Sakuraya wasn’t lying about the ‘yeti’ having human-like anatomy. It was covered in a layer of thick white fur, but it looked like a giant human. The only off-put about them were their clawed feet that had pads like a dog on the bottom of them, clawed hands, and demented faces. Their mouths were wider, their noses were narrow like an animal’s, and their ears were pointed.

Tsuki didn’t like the look of them. They looked abnormal. The blood staining their white fur didn’t help either.

The werewolf dragged the body of the yeti towards a trench. A very deep trench that Tsuki couldn’t see the bottom of, despite the full moon shining down.

“Oi, what are you doing?” Toudai yelled.

Roppi looked up at him. His eyes narrowed. He then openly ignored him and went back to dragging the body. He brought it to the edge of the trench and let it go. He pushed it with his head. The body rolled before falling into trench. There was no sound of impact from the corpse hitting the bottom. Tsuki didn’t know if it was because it was that far down or because there was a lot of snow to cushion the fall.

“What are you doing?!” Toudai yelled. “That is no way to dispose of a corpse! All creatures deserve a proper burial!”

Roppi’s lip pulled back in a snarl, blood glistening off his teeth. He snorted, turned his nose up and walked back towards the cave. The next time a wolf came out, it was Rubi pushing out a huge pile of animal pelts. They weren’t professionally skinned like the pelts the pack had, showing the yeti’s didn’t have as advanced intelligence as man—in Tsuki’s opinion. The wolf was pulling the pelts out as if he was digging, rolling the pile under his underbelly and walking backwards. Shitsuo came out next, scraping out rubbish the same way Rubi was. The two pulled their piles out to the center of the clearing and left them there, rushing back into the cave.

“What are they doing?” Tsuki looked up at Sakuraya.

“I’m not sure.” The pink raven said.

Out came Roppi, carrying another body in his jaws. This one was significantly smaller, to the point Roppi was able to carry the corpse no different than a dog holding a pup.

“Is that a child?” Tsuki looked at Toudai.

Toudai looked ready to scream, the fury on his face was so obvious. “Disgusting. Roppi can only go lower and lower into degradation.”

Tsuki smiled, chuckling softly. “Couldn’t agree more.”

Roppi took the corpse to the trench and dropped it in. He licked the blood off his lips as he turned around.

“Hey!” Toudai yelled. “What are you guys doing?!”

The black wolf ignored him.

“You killed the yeti’s! You should let them a moment’s peace for last rights!”

Roppi disappeared inside.

Rubi came out a moment later, pulling more pelts out. He stopped mid-stride and looked up at the trio of human figures. Rubi barked a few times at them.

“He says the cave has plenty of room,” Sakuraya said, reiterating what he stated before. “So Roppi decided we’re taking it for ourselves.”

“So, they murder the family and we take the home.” Toudai growled.

Rubi’s head tilted in what looked like shame. Tsuki was surprised the wolf heard them from that far away. The white wolf turned back to the task at hand.

Tsuki let out a heavy sigh of boredom. He turned away and lied down on the snow, using the duffle as a pillow. He had no interest watching the wolves do housework. Dawn looked like it would be approaching soon anyway. So Tsuki decided he would take this time to rest.


“Not bad, right?” Roppi smiled, his arm wrapped around Tsuki’s waist. “The yeti smell will fade away soon enough.”

“What’s behind that boulder?” Toudai pointed to the back of the cave.

“That’s where the yeti’s were sleeping, most-likely. Or it was their trophy room. Whichever, there was way too many pelts to drag out in one go and the tunnel in between this cavern and that is ten minutes long. So, it was just easier to close it off. We have plenty of ‘rooms’ without it.”

Roppi pulled Tsuki over to the left side of the cave. They stood in front of a wide cavern, the entrance half closed off by another boulder.

“This is going to be our room. Hope it’s spacious enough.”

“Toudai,” Rubi started sheepishly, “I chose a ‘room’ for us. Let me show you.”

Toudai glowered, obviously still upset about the murder of the yeti’s. “Show the way. And while we’re there, you and I need to talk.”

Rubi looked instantly nervous. But nodded all the same. The two went down a narrow tunnel out of sight.

“Come, Sakuraya.” Shitsuo gripped the brunette’s hand. “Our room is down that way as well.”

Sakuraya nodded. The two followed after Rubi and Toudai.

Once the others were gone, Roppi took Tsuki into the cavern. “So, I know it’ll be a bit homely, but I think with a little personalization, we can make a nice home.”

Tsuki just nodded.

Roppi nuzzled against Tsuki’s head. “This is our new beginning. From here on out, I’ll do everything I can to make you happy. I’ll make you love me, now that you’re my top priority.”

Roppi kissed Tsuki’s temple.

“We have nothing but time from now on. You’ll come to love me, I know you will.”

Tsuki couldn’t be bothered to respond. So Roppi just hugged the blond close, rubbing his hand lovingly through the teen’s hair.

Chapter Text

 “Le-le-let go, ah!”

“I’m close! I’m so close!” Roppi growled, his grip on Tsuki’s hips tightening.

The werewolf pulled the blond onto his cock, slamming his hips against Tsuki’s backside. Tsuki clenched his fists against the pelt. His insides were burning, his lungs hurt, his face was hot.

‘It hurts, it hurts, it hurts!’ Tsuki thought, tears streaming his cheeks. ‘Let me go already! Hurry up! Please!’

Roppi tilted his head back, exhaling loudly. He pulled Tsuki onto him over and over and over.

Hah, so good!” Roppi muttered. “So good!”

‘Hurry, hurry! Just finish already!’

Roppi clenched his teeth. His nails dug into Tsuki’s hips. He pulled the blond onto him hard. He groaned in ecstasy as he flooded Tsuki’s insides. The blonde’s toes curled to the sensation.

Roppi panted heavily as he collapsed over Tsuki, his breath berating the back of the teen’s neck.

‘Get off of me.’

Roppi leaned down and kissed the back of Tsuki’s head.

“I love you.”


“Uh, ah, ah! Le-le—I-I-I’m—!”

Tsuki’s stared at the ceiling wide-eyed, his hands pushing against Roppi’s head. The werewolf was nestled between the blonde’s legs, his mouth around Tsuki’s member. Roppi bobbed his head with a level of expertise Tsuki didn’t want to acknowledge. Most-likely, Roppi learned from his father and Tsuki didn’t want to think about that. Instead, he focused on the embarrassing pleasure that was moving up his body. His member stood firm and twitching inside Roppi’s mouth.

Tsuki’s hips thrust up into the warm passage. He gripped Roppi’s hair tightly. For a moment, he worried he was going to pull some hair out. He couldn’t focus on being gentle. He wanted to cum. But he didn’t want to cum. It was so humiliating. Blasphemous and gross. Tsuki didn’t want to feel good to this violation of his body.

“P-please, let go! I-I can’t—I can’t hold any-any—please!”

Tsuki was ignored.

And all too quickly, Tsuki’s orgasm reached him. The blond arched, digging his feet into the pelt, his eyes stretching wide. He held the raven in place—it wasn’t intentional, but he couldn’t stop himself. It felt so good. He wanted that warmth to stay around his cock longer as he filled the raven’s mouth with his seed.

Tsuki fell limp against the pelts. He panted hard, his chest heaving with his breath. He coughed harshly a few times.

Roppi raised himself off of Tsuki. The blond opened his eyes to look at him. Roppi was holding his mouth closed, his hands trembling as he held them under his chin.

“Spi—you should spit th-that out.”

Roppi looked at him. He closed his eyes tight shut and swallowed. He opened his mouth as he panted heavily.

“Wh-wh-why would you swallow that?!” Tsuki blushed crimson. “Th-that-that can’t have tasted good!”

Roppi smiled lovingly. “It’s because I love you.”


“You’ve gotten used to this, haven’t you?” Roppi asked. “Your body’s gotten so soft.”

Tsuki clenched his teeth, trying to hold back tears as he glared up at Roppi with his unbandaged eye. The werewolf smiled at him with adoration as he hugged Tsuki’s legs to his body. He thrust lethargically into Tsuki’s depths. The blond clenched the pillow under his head as he tried to swallow his moans.

Roppi pulled back then thrust back in hard.

“NNGH!” Tsuki arched, closing his eyes tight shut.

Roppi rubbed that cluster of nerves inside the blonde’s body, eliciting sweet pleasure to seep up his spine. His cock twitched against his stomach, weeping pre-cum. Tsuki could feel his ascension to euphoria.

Roppi stared down at Tsuki. The blond felt uncomfortable by that stare, so he closed his eyes and turned his head away.

“Hey, look at me.” Roppi pressed his forehead against Tsuki’s, pushing the blonde’s head so they were facing each other. “I want to see your face.”

“Nngh, no…” Tsuki kept his eyes closed.

“Look at me.”


“Tsuki, look at me.” Roppi’s voice thickened with a growl.

The blond clenched his teeth. He didn’t want to go by Roppi’s pace. He didn’t want to do as he was told. But he feared the repercussions if he made Roppi mad in this compromising position. Tsuki opened his eyes, staring into red orbs that rivaled his own in crimson hue with the only eye he could currently use.

“You’re so beautiful.” Roppi smiled with a gaze of adoration on his face.

“L-let me go…”

“How could I let someone as lovely as you go?”

Tsuki’s eyes narrowed in a glare.

Roppi thrust in hard. The blonde’s eyes stretched wide as his orgasm snuck up on him. Tsuki arched, tilting his head back as he called out. He clamped down on Roppi’s member hard. Roppi hissed as he thrust repeatedly into the tightening depths, filling Tsuki’s insides.

“Ah, fuck,” Roppi groaned in ecstasy. “I love you. I love you so much.”


“Your injuries are all healed up.” Toudai stated, holding his finger in front of Tsuki’s face. “Follow my finger without moving your head.”

Toudai moved his hand to the right. Tsuki followed. Toudai moved his finger to the left. Tsuki followed but lost sight of it in his right eye so turned his head.

“Do not move your head.” The doctor repeated.

“I c-can’t see it.”

“In your left eye?”


Toudai glowered.

“W-w-well, I!” Tsuki started, his gaze flashing to Roppi behind the doctor with nervousness. “I-I can still s-see! Um, it-it’s just bl-blurry.”

Toudai didn’t look convinced. “Put your hand over your right eye.”

Tsuki obeyed.

Toudai raised his hands, putting one hand behind the fingers of the other so they couldn’t be distinguishable by shape.

“How many fingers am I holding up?” the doctor asked.

“Um…” Tsuki squinted his eye. “Three…”

“How many now?”


“How many now?”

“Three again…”

Toudai let out a heavy sigh as he put his hands down.

“D-did I get some wrong?” Tsuki asked hesitantly.

“You got all wrong.”

Tsuki fell quiet. The blond glanced at Roppi then down at the floor.

“We’ll get him more glasses.” Roppi stated.

“He would not need glasses if you—”

“Toudai, shoosh.” Rubi grabbed the raven’s shoulder. “What’s done is done.”

Toudai clenched his teeth, glowering at his lover. He then let out a ‘hmph’ and said nothing more.

“Um…” Sakuraya started. The group looked at him. “I have my pair of glasses. He can wear those.”

“That would be appreciated.” Roppi said.

The pink raven nodded and stood. He turned and rushed down the tunnel to his ‘room’. He returned soon enough with a pair of glasses. Tsuki took them, giving a small thanks, and put them on.

“Hand over your right eye.” Toudai commanded.

Tsuki obeyed.

“How many fingers do you see?” Toudai raised both hands again, lifting three fingers.


“How many now?”




Toudai put his hands down. “Very good.”

The doctor looked disappointed. Tsuki had a general idea why but he didn’t want to think about it.

“So, you’ll need those glasses from now on. It’s unfortunate.”

“It’ll-It’ll be fine.” Tsuki stated. “I-I mean, I can still see so it-it’s not that b-bad.”

Toudai didn’t respond. Tsuki didn’t respond either.

Roppi sat down by Tsuki and wrapped his arm around Tsuki’s shoulders. Tsuki stiffened but made no move to get away from him. He entangled his hand into Tsuki’s blond locks and forced the teen to tilt his head. Roppi tilted his head as well so they touched temples.

“It’ll be okay.” Roppi stated. “I am sorry about that. You should apologize too, but I won’t push you to.”

‘I will not apologize…’ Tsuki didn’t respond.

Roppi let out a heavy sigh. He kissed Tsuki’s temple, then pressed his head against the blonde’s once again.

“I love you, Tsuki.”


“Nn! Nngh! Nn-hhm!”

Tsuki buried his mouth into the pillow, gripping the pelts tightly. The blonde’s chest was pressed to the ‘bed’ while his hips were sideways. One leg was pressed to the pelt while the other was pointed to the air, hugged to Roppi’s chest. The werewolf thrust without restraint, pounding Tsuki’s insides. The blonde’s cock was fully erect and sitting in Roppi’s hand. The brunette jacked Tsuki furiously.

“Nn! Oh, hah! Nngh!”

“Tsuki.” Roppi kissed the blonde’s shin. “Tsuki…!”

“Nn! Hm! Hm!”

“Let me here your voice, Tsuki!”

“Mm!” Tsuki shook his head.

“You don’t have to worry. They can’t hear you through the boulder.”

“Mm-mm!” Tsuki shook his head again.

“Is your asthma okay?”

Tsuki nodded.

“Is keeping quiet helping your asthma?”

Tsuki nodded. It was a lie but Roppi didn’t need to know that.


Roppi thrust his hips harder.

“Gmm! Hm!”

“Hah, Tsuki, I love you! I love you! Love you so much! Krgh!”

“Nngh!” Tsuki felt Roppi flood his insides.


“Hey, Tsuki, you need to eat a bit more.” Roppi held out a wooden plate of cooked meat. “You’ve lost a bit too much weight.”

Tsuki didn’t respond. He lied under the pelts, just staring at the wall.

“Hey.” Roppi tapped Tsuki’s back with his foot.

The blond didn’t move.

“You’ve been sleeping too much as well.” Roppi sat down behind Tsuki. “Come on. Eat.”

Tsuki didn’t move.

“Tsuki.” Roppi grabbed the blonde’s shoulder.

“I’m not hun-hungry…” The blond muttered.

“You haven’t eaten today.”

“Because I’m n-not—”

“Doesn’t matter if you’re not. Eat.”

Tsuki groaned. He then let out a heavy sigh and rolled over. He looked up at Roppi.

“I’m-I’m really not hungry. My-my stomach hurts.”

“Stomach—oh!” Roppi’s eyes widened in realization. “Yeah, that makes sense. I haven’t been pulling out recently, have I?”

Tsuki didn’t understand why that correlated. The blond glanced to the side as he exhaled heavily. ‘You’ve only pulled out once and that was because it was a ‘quicky’. You’ve never done it since then.’

“Have you been able to go to the bathroom?” Roppi asked.


“Shitting, I mean. I don’t see you shitting very often.”

Tsuki glowered. ‘You have no tact.’

“I g-go when you’re not watching m-me.”

“Have you gone today?”

“…Do-do we have to talk about this?”

“It’s part of your health so yes.”

Tsuki groaned, glowering at the pelts. “…Y-yeah, I went to-today…”

“Solid or liquidy?”

Tsuki jolted upright. “I don’t want to talk-talk about this!”

“But your health—”

“I don’t care! This is gr-gross!”

“It’s not that gross. It’s a natural part of the body.”

“No, it’s gross! J-j-just because it’s natural do-doesn’t mean it’s something to-to talk about!”

Roppi let out an irritated sigh.

Humans don’t talk about th-this kind of stuff.” Tsuki glared at him. “I’m n-not an animal so I’m not t-talking about this!”

Roppi instantly glared. Tsuki was shaking but he held that glare with his own.

Roppi let out a heavy sigh. “Fine.”

Tsuki let out a soft sigh of relief.

Suddenly, Roppi grabbed Tsuki’s wrist. The blond gasped before he was pulled forward. His head slammed against the ground, the pelt providing little padding to the collision. Tsuki felt Roppi shift to sit on his legs. The blond immediately began to struggle.

“Le-Let me—NNGH!” Roppi wrenched Tsuki’s hand behind his back. “O-ow!”

“You want to call me an animal then I’ll act like one.”

Roppi pulled Tsuki’s pants down. The blond stiffened as his eyes stretched. He clenched his teeth as fear pooled in his chest.

“I-I’m sorry! I’m—”

“Too late now.”

Roppi leaned down and bit Tsuki’s ear. The blond called out in pain, kicking his feet violently although he made no contact. Roppi pulled away. Tsuki could feel hot liquid on his ear. He wasn’t sure if it was blood or saliva.

“Let-Let g-go, plea—”

“Just remember I love you, Tsuki.” Roppi tugged on the front of his own pants. Tsuki felt something hard and hot touch his exposed ass cheek. “So, I won’t be as animalistic as I could be.”

“I’m sorry! I—AHH! N-no, it hurts! AAGH!”


“Hey, how long are you going to sit in the corner like that?”

Tsuki didn’t respond. The blond sat pressed against a wooden box—which was filled with rope and other kinds of supply but very heavy so Tsuki couldn’t even open the lid—with his knees tucked to his chest. He pressed his face to his knees and had his arms wrapped underneath his shins.

“Aren’t you hungry?”

Tsuki was silent.


Tsuki flinched but said nothing.

“Are you seriously sulking right now?”

Tsuki hugged himself tighter.

“You’re the one who started it.”

Tsuki swallowed hard, trying to hold back tears.

“You’re not bleeding that bad. Obviously, since you’re sitting on your ass, it doesn’t hurt as bad as you’re making it out to be.”

Tsuki clenched his teeth. ‘You’re so cruel!’

Roppi growled before walking over. Tsuki stiffened and tried to make himself smaller. The werewolf knelt down in front of him.

“Look at me.”

Tsuki tilted his head down to bury his face further in his knees. He shook his head.

A loud, animalistic growl rumbled in Roppi’s throat. In the next second, a handful of Tsuki’s hair was grabbed and he was tugged up harshly. Tsuki called out in pain.

“I said, look at me.” Roppi hissed.

Tsuki stared at Roppi with eyes full of fear. Tears immediately streaked his cheek.

“Why the hell are you crying, huh?!”

Tsuki started to shake. His hands were reaching up to grab Roppi’s wrist, but fear kept him from actually touching the irate man.

“Answer me! Fucking talk to me!”

Tsuki opened his mouth but nothing came out. Roppi seemed to only get angrier. He swung Tsuki around by his hair and threw him on the pelts. Tsuki looked over his shoulder at the raven.

Roppi slammed his hands into Tsuki’s shoulders. The blond cringed. He was now thoroughly pinned. Tsuki stared up at him with those crimson’s pools of fear. He then turned his head and closed his eyes tight shut.

“Stop cowering and just fucking talk to me, Tsuki! This silent treatment isn’t helping either of us!”

Tsuki looked up at him. What could the blond say that wouldn’t piss him off? Should he lie? Tell the truth? Beg? The blond didn’t know.

Hopelessness filled Tsuki once again. A part of him gave up entirely. There was no reasoning with this man. Tsuki would never be able to say the right thing. So, what did it matter? Tsuki took on a complacent gaze. He didn’t mean to expose how easily he was willing to give up, but he couldn’t put up the effort to hide it either.

“Please,” Tsuki whined, “j-just don’t hurt me too badly. The bru-bruises hurt.”

Roppi’s eyes widened. “What the…fuck is that?”

Tsuki didn’t respond.

Roppi growled once again. The wolf jolted down towards Tsuki. The blond stiffened, closed his eyes tight shut, and clenched his teeth. He waited. The pain…When would the pain come?

Tsuki was hugged. The blond stiffened once again, this time in surprise. Roppi pulled Tsuki up, holding him tight.

“I love you, Tsuki. I really do love you.”

Tsuki couldn’t respond.

“So, don’t be scared of me.”

“…If-if you don’t want me to be sc-scared of you, then you shouldn’t hurt me all-all the time.”

Roppi’s grip tightened. Tsuki’s breath hitched in pain but that was his only display of pain.

“Okay.” Roppi said. “I’m sorry. I’ll stop being so rough. I’ll show you. I’ll show you how much I love you. I’ll be gentle from now on.”

Tsuki didn’t believe him. A cat can’t change its spots. Roppi wasn’t going to change. He was just going to be kind for the next few days probably, then return to his violent ways.

But Tsuki wanted to believe. He wanted to know this would end. He wanted this pain to finally stop. So, with shaky hands, Tsuki hugged the raven back.



“Oh! Oh! Nn nngh!”

“Are you okay? Does it hurt?”

Roppi sat in between Tsuki’s legs. His cock was buried in the blonde’s entrance. The werewolf’s hand was wrapped around Tsuki’s cock, giving him generous strokes.

“I’m-I’m okay…” Tsuki clenched his teeth. “J-just don’t move-move for a bi-bit…”

“Okay. Okay.” Roppi exhaled in pleasure. “I’m all the way inside of you. Feels so good, Tsukishima…”

Tsuki blushed. Embarrassment took over his being. He closed his eyes tight shut and turned his head away.

“Tsukishima.” Roppi leaned down.

“Nngh!” The werewolf shifted inside of the blond, causing him to clench on the member for a moment.

“Tsukishima.” Roppi wrapped his arms around Tsuki, hugging him close. He peppered the blonde’s cheek with kisses. “Tsukishima. I love you. I love you. More than anything. I love you so much.”


“Ah, it’s finally warming up.” Roppi turned to the mouth of the entrance. He held his hand out for the blond still standing in the cave. “Come on, Tsuki, let’s go for a walk. Spring’s finally here!”

The blond jolted and his eyes stretched wide. “I-I can-can go outside?”

Roppi cocked a brow, tilting his head in confusion. “Of course, you can.”

“Bu-but, you-you told me I couldn’t—”

“That was during the winter.” Roppi shrugged, tucking his hair behind his ear as he walked over. “You could get lost in the snow, have an asthma attack, the list is endless. It wasn’t safe for you to be going out on a mountain range in the middle of winter.”

 Roppi stepped up to the blond. He held his hand out to him once again, smiling warmly.

“Come on, Tsukishima. Let’s go enjoy the sun for a bit.”

The blond hesitated. He wasn’t sure he should go out alone with the raven. What if he violated him while they were out and about? Tsuki’s voice might echo off the rocks and everyone would hear them. Tsuki wouldn’t be able to look anyone in the eye after that.

But at the same time, Tsuki missed the warmth of sunlight. He never realized that being out of the sun for months on end would make him so tired and lonely. The times where he had to go to the restroom were blissful on sunny days. Even if it was just a few minutes, it had been enough for Tsuki to enjoy himself just a bit.

And now, Roppi was offering to take him out in sunlight for hours. He wanted it. He craved it. Despite his better nature telling him not to go alone with this man, Tsuki wanted to go for a walk.

“Okay…” The blond grabbed Roppi’s hand.

The brunette smiled happily. “I love you, Tsukishima.”


“Aaaah! AAAHH!”

Tsuki hugged Roppi close. His whole form was trembling, his cock rock hard and twitching against the werewolf’s stomach. His eyes were wide as his whole body was flooded with pleasure. Roppi pounded Tsuki’s prostate without mercy. The blonde’s mind was starting to go numb with pleasure.


Roppi huffed hard, his legs shaking.

‘I want to cum! I want to cum!

Roppi stopped thrusting. He panted heavily as he hugged Tsuki close.

“N-n-n-no!” Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide with desperation. “No! No! D-d-d-don’t stop! Plea-please! Please!”

“I can’t. I’m out of steam.”

“Pl-please! I want to cum! I’m-I’m so close!”

“Sorry. Give me a moment.”

“It-it hurts…” Tsuki felt like he was going to cry. His body was craving orgasm. His cock was aching painfully. His whole form was pulsing. He needed to release. “It hurts! It hurts!”

Roppi let out a sigh. “Here, how ‘bout this?”

Roppi hugged Tsuki close with one hand and pushed off the ground with the other. The werewolf lied down on his back with Tsuki on top of him.

“E-eh?” Tsuki’s eyes widened.

“You move.” Roppi said. “I’ll start thrusting when I can, okay?”

Tsuki didn’t want to. This was so embarrassing. But the blond needed this to end. He needed to cum!

Tsuki leaned back, putting his hands on Roppi’s thighs. He raised himself up and plunged himself back down on Roppi’s cock.


Tsuki lifted again. He dropped, the cock stabbing into his prostate.


Tsuki speared himself onto the werewolf’s rigid member repeatedly. He used his legs until his thighs started burning. Then he used his hands to push himself up and down.

“Hah, ah! Ah!”

Roppi reached his hands up and grabbed Tsuki’s waist. The blond reached down and grabbed Roppi’s wrists. He used the wolf’s arm as new leverage—which worked out better than using Roppi’s thighs. They saved his legs from the burn.

Roppi began using his arms as well. He lifted Tsuki up and pulled the blond back down hard. Their skin slapped together with their thrusts.

“AAH!” Tsuki tilted his head back, eyes going wide. “HAH!”

Roppi lifted Tsuki up and down. The wolf raised Tsuki so high that the blonde’s knees would leave the pelt, which induced Tsuki to plunge down hard. Their skin slapped together with their feverous fucking.

“AHN! I’m gonna cum! Gon-gonna—AH!”

“I love you, Tsuki!”

“Y-yeah! Yeah—AAAH-HAAH!”

Tsuki’s form shook violently as white euphoria took over his mind. He was blinded, his mind going completely numb. He clenched down on Roppi’s cock, which continued to thrust into his depth—prolonging his orgasm. He felt Roppi’s member pulse inside him before strands of liquids filled his body. Tsuki shuddered to the sensation.

Tsuki’s orgasm ended, leaving the blond a panting mess on top of Roppi. He leaned back heavily on his hand, digging his nails into Roppi’s thighs. His legs twitched, his cock pulsed with the throws of his orgasm, his scrotums tightened near painfully.

Tsuki wasn’t sure how long he sat like that. Once he could breathe properly, he pushed himself forward to look down at Roppi. His eyes stretched wide. Tsuki had released a generous amount of semen and there had been quite a bit of power behind it apparently. Roppi had strands of white in his hair, over his left eye, on his mouth and on his chest. He also had some on his neck and stomach.

The teen blushed crimson as a wave of embarrassment encased him. “I-I-I-I’m so-so-so-so sorry! U-um, r-rag! Rag!”

Roppi didn’t move as Tsuki fumbled around for a cloth. He grabbed one and returned his gaze to Roppi. The werewolf was smiling up at him with a look of adoration. He then stuck his tongue out and licked up the semen over his lips.

Tsuki blushed and stiffened. He clamped down on the member inside him, which induced both of them to groan. Roppi then chuckled.

“You’re so cute, Tsukishima.”

“You-you shoul-shouldn’t drink that. I-I don’t think it tastes good!”

“It’s alright.” Roppi propped himself on his elbows. “I love you, so the taste doesn’t matter. I’d probably drink your piss if you asked me to.”

“P-please, don’t do that!” Tsuki quickly began scrubbing Roppi’s face.

The raven chuckled. He grabbed Tsuki’s wrist but didn’t do anything to stop the blond from cleaning him. Once everything was off his face, Roppi pulled Tsuki’s hand away. He kissed the teen’s knuckles.

“I love you.” Roppi smiled up at him.

Tsuki felt his cheeks flush. The blond glanced to the side as his gaze became complacent. Tsuki nodded.


“Fucking hell, you look so cute like that.”

Tsuki didn’t respond. He tossed his gaze to the side as his whole face was burning red with embarrassment. “Bu-but aren’t these…whore’s clothes…?”

Tsuki had his hands crossed over his chest and his legs closed. That did little to actually conceal his attire from the hungry werewolf. Tsuki wore the thin panties of a woman, the light pink fabric hugging his scrotums and penis uncomfortably tight. Over the panties was a garter belt of matching colors and pantyhose that concealed his entire legs. They were particularly tight around his thighs. On his arms were gloves that reached up to his biceps. Across his chest was a flimsy transparent nightgown that split right up the center, a pink bow on the chest. It left nothing to the imagination.

The most humiliating part of his attire was the bright pink ribbon around his neck, tied in a bow on the side with a small bell for a cat on it.

Tsuki felt like he was going to cry. ‘This is so degrading! I’m like a pet like this!’

“Maybe, but they’re so cute! You look so…so…” Roppi was smiling from ear to ear, rubbing his crotch. “You’re really getting me jonesing to go.”

Tsuki didn’t know what ‘jonesing’ meant, but he knew he didn’t like it. Especially since Roppi was looking at him like something to be devoured.

“Move your hands and put your legs down. Let me see.”


“Move.” Roppi’s eyes narrowed in a glare. “Your hands and put your legs down.”

Tsuki flinched under the stare. He clenched his teeth, tears began to sting his eyes. This was so embarrassing!

Tsuki closed his eyes tight shut and turned his head away. He put his arms back to lean on them and lied his thighs against the pelt.

The blond felt warm breath on his neck. He jolted and opened his eyes, the bell jingling. Roppi had crawled over and was now sniffing his neck. Tsuki felt his hands shaking.

“So sexy. You’re beautiful.”

Roppi’s hands reached up under the nightgown to rub against Tsuki’s nipples. The blond jolted as they hardened instantly.

“I want to eat you up. I want you. Now.”

Roppi pushed Tsuki back. The blond gasped but didn’t make any attempt to stop the movement. Tsuki lied back, resting his head on the pillow as the bell jingled.

“I want to fuck you so hard. I want that bell to chime nonstop.”

Roppi’s hands roamed all over the teens body. Tsuki closed his eyes tight shut and turned his head away once again.

“Thank you, Tsuki. You didn’t have to wear this for me but I’m so glad you did.”

‘Yes, I did. You would have gotten mad if I refused.’

“Thank you, Tsuki, for giving in to my demands. I really love you.” Roppi chuckled as he nuzzled his face into Tsuki’s chest. “You spoil me.”

Tsuki didn’t respond. Just stared at the wall as complacency crossed his expression.



“Hah, fuck, Tsuki, Tsuki!”

Tsuki huffed hard as he struggled to breathe. A gag sat in his mouth, muting him for all intent and purposes. Although, the rag wasn’t tied, just resting between his teeth. Tsuki could push it out, but he wasn’t allowed to. Roppi would be mad if he did. So, he just bit into the gag and breathed as hard as he could through his nose.

Roppi thrust his hips with abandon from behind Tsuki. He held Tsuki’s wrists, one in each hand, and pulled the blonde’s arms back so he could slam into him as hard as he could muster without using inhuman strength. Or maybe he was using inhuman strength. Tsuki’s ass cheeks were hurting so much. They felt like they were bruised from the rigorous fucking. His entrance was battered. He wouldn’t be surprised if Roppi wasn’t holding back and using his full strength to fuck him like a dog in heat. He wanted Roppi to cum already. He wanted this to be over. It hurt.

“Tsuki, Tsuki! Ah, fuck! Oh, fuck! You’re so hot! So, fucking cute!”

Roppi let Tsuki’s wrists go in favor of pushing down on the blonde’s shoulders, pinning him to the pelt. Tsuki turned his head so he could breathe.

“It’s moments like this, nngh, that make me wish you were a girl! Krh, I’m going to cum inside of you so hard! You’ll have my babies, won’t you, Tsuki?”

‘I’m not a girl! I’m not a girl!’

Roppi let out a loud, exaggerated groan. His member pulsed inside Tsuki before the blond felt the spray of liquids against his inner walls. Roppi pumped his hips, milking himself within the depths of Tsuki’s body. Tsuki shuddered to the sensation.

It wasn’t over though. Tsuki thought it was but he was wrong. Roppi began thrusting again, grabbing Tsuki’s hips to pull the blond onto his cock.

“KM! HM!” Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide as he jolted. He clenched the pelt hard.

‘No! Be done already! Please!’

“Hah, fuck!” Roppi growled. “Fuck! Gotta…breed you properly, Tsuki! I’m going to fill you up, over and over! I’ll make sure you get pregnant!”

‘I’m not a girl! I can’t get pregnant!’

“I’ll cum inside you! As many times as it’ll take! Can’t let a single drop spill out!”

‘You’re hurting me! Please, just stop!’

“I love you, Tsuki! Love you! Love you…so much!”

Tsuki could only sob.


“Hah, hah, nmph…” Tsuki clenched his teeth, gripping the table cloth that sat underneath him.

The blond was bent over the wooden crate, Roppi burrowed deep inside of him. The raven thrust his hips lethargically.

“Hey, I want to try something new today.”

“Wh-what?” Tsuki felt instantly nervous as he looked over his shoulder at him.

“I saw Rubi and Toudai fucking the other day. And Rubi did something I think would be really fun.”

Roppi pushed down on Tsuki’s shoulder.

“I wanna fuck you while half-transformed.”

“E-eh?” Tsuki’s eyes widened. “Wh-what do you mean?”

“It’s simple. I’m going to start transforming but stop half-way. I’ll be just a foot taller, more fur, maybe my snout with sprout. And my cock will be way bigger.”

Tsuki’s eyes widened in fear and he immediately began to tremble. “N-no. No.” He shook his head. “I don’t want to. I don’t want that.”

“It’ll be fine. Toudai looked like he loved it.”

“I don’t want it.” Tsuki pushed himself up. “L-let’s just do it normal—!”

Roppi pushed down on Tsuki’s shoulder’s once again. The blond was pinned to the box.

“P-please no. I don’t want that.” Tsuki reached back and pushed on Roppi’s hips. “I don’t want to do that. I don’t want—”

“Don’t fight me on this. You’re just going to hurt yourself.” Roppi grabbed Tsuki’s wrists.

“Please, let’s just do it normally.” Tsuki tried to pull his hands free.

“Stop fighting me.” Roppi pinned Tsuki’s hands to his lower back. “Calm down, Tsuki. It won’t be so bad.”

“No, I—hm!”

Tsuki arched as Roppi started thrusting again. The raven was in a perfect position to jab the blonde’s prostate every time he thrust in. Tsuki’s cock was hard and leaking precum on the stone floor. Tsuki turned his knees inward to rest against each other.

“Hah, ah!” Tsuki tilted his head down, closing his eyes as his stomach filled with pleasure. “Oh…! Hoh!”

“See, your body is already used to my size. It would be so easy to put something just a little bit bigger in.”

“N-no, no!” Tsuki shook his head, trying to pull his hands free. “It-It’ll hurt. I don’t want to.”

“Stop trying to fight me.”

“S-sorry. Just d-don’t, I don’t want to do that.”

“Calm, Tsuki. Keep calm.”

Tsuki breathed in deeply. He then closed his eyes as he curled his toes. “Oh! Ah!”

“Feels good, doesn’t it?”

“Nn! Nngh!”

“It might feel even better with something a bit bigger.”

“Oh! Yah!” Tsuki tugged his wrists again. “Nngh!”

‘I’m gonna cum. Cum—!’

Tsuki jolted as Roppi pulled out. “Wh-what—”

“Move for a moment.”

Tsuki looked at the raven but did as he said. The blond put his hand over his erection, pressing the stiff member against his stomach and stepped to the side. As Roppi opened the crate and rummaged through, Tsuki went over to the pelts. He knelt down and picked up his cloak. He wrapped the black fabric around himself.


The blond looked. Roppi had closed the crate and was holding a rope in his hand. Tsuki felt a pit of fear in his stomach.

“Come here.”

“Wh-why do you—we-we don’t need to use tha—”

“Come here.”

“I-I won’t move. I promise!”


The blond jolted.

“Come. Here.”

Tsuki started shaking. The blond stepped over. Once he was within reach, Roppi grabbed Tsuki’s bicep and tugged hard. The blond was bent over the crate once again.

“Give me your hands.”

“N-no!” Tsuki kept his hands under his chest. “I won’t fight you! I won’t fight! I promise! Please—”

“Give me your hands.” Roppi grabbed the back of Tsuki’s neck with one hand and tugged on his bicep with the other.

Tsuki lost in the battle of strength and his hands were tugged behind his back once again. He began wrapping the rope around his wrists in a figure eight over and over.

“O-okay, that’s enough!” Tsuki said quickly.

“Nope, got to make sure you don’t slip out.”

Tsuki held back a sob, letting out a stuttering breathe instead. Roppi tightened the ropes so Tsuki’s wrists overlapped each other. He wrapped the ends around the hemp between the blonde’s wrists and tied it off. Tsuki couldn’t pull his hands out no matter how hard he tugged.

Roppi tossed the cloak up so Tsuki’s rump was exposed, draping over Tsuki’s arms. He grabbed Tsuki’s ass cheeks. He spread the blond wide, putting his thumbs on the outer rim of Tsuki’s entrance to stretch the hole.

“Yeah, I think I can fit something a little bigger.”

“N-no! No!” Tsuki looked over his shoulder. “Ro—”

The werewolf backed away to the center of the room. In the next moment, he let out a pained groan as grotesque popping resounded. Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide with fear. The blond sat up and turned around. His cloak fell off his shoulders to drape over his bound arms. Roppi’s body became bigger. The raven became a foot taller, standing on legs that bent back at the knees like a dog’s. Black fur sprouted all over his body, along his arms, up his spine, down his legs, and around his neck. A black tail sprouted from Roppi’s back. His jaw popped, however a snout didn’t come forth. Instead, his mouth stretched into a toothy grin up his cheeks.

Tsuki was absolutely terrified. He backed away, sitting on the box until his back touched the cold stone.

Roppi looked up at the blond. Tsuki jolted.

“N-n-n-no, no!” Tsuki shook his head. “I can’t, I can’t, I can’t! Not with a beast! I—”

“Calm, Tsuki.”

Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide. ‘He can still talk?!’

“It’s still me. You’re alright.” The werewolf said.

Roppi walked over, his erection bobbing between his legs. The girthy member also grew in size, as Roppi had predicted, to be proportionate with the werewolf’s new form. That thing was easily as wide as Tsuki’s wrist and probably as long as his forearm.

‘There’s no way. No way. That’s not ‘a little bigger’! I can’t do this!’

Roppi grabbed Tsuki’s bicep and tugged him forward. He was pulled off the box and bent back over the wood.


“Ssshhoosh, Tsuki. Keep calm. Just relax.”

“I-I’m scared! I don-don’t like this!”

“Calm, Tsuki. You’re not going to be able to fight this off. Breathe softly.”

Tsuki breathed in deeply and exhaled a shaky breath.

“There you go. Good.” Roppi rubbed his hands soothingly against Tsuki’s shoulders. His hands were easily big enough wrap around his waist and touch fingers without any problem.

Tsuki started to tremble.

The blond felt a hot and hard cock rest between his ass cheeks over the cloak.

‘It’s too big!’

“Wait, wait, please! I can’t do this!”


“No, please!” Tsuki reached back and pushed on Roppi’s abdomen. “I really can’t!”

“Stop—you’re fighting me again. Relax and bend your elbows.”

Tsuki started to sob, shaking his head.

“Bend your elbows.”

Roppi grabbed Tsuki’s elbows and started pinching the joint slightly until the blond had to bend them. Roppi pinned the teen’s hands to his mid back with one hand. His other hand threw the cloak up to expose Tsuki’s ass. He pushed down on his huge cock and aligned it to Tsuki’s entrance.

“No, wait! I can’t—I can’t do this—ARGH!”

Roppi sheathed half his length on the first thrust. Tsuki began to shake, lifting one foot in pain. His entrance stretched to twice its usual width. It felt like he was going to tear. A sob escaped his throat.

“And rela~~x~~.” Roppi said in a soothing voice.

Tsuki let out a pitiful whimper. Roppi let the teen’s wrists go in favor of resting both of them on the box by Tsuki’s hips. He pulled back slowly before pumping back in.


“I’m going to push in all the way so exhale for me.”

Tsuki shook his head. “Don’t, don’t!”

Tsuki shot his hands back and pushed against Roppi’s abdomen. The werewolf was already as deep as he usually was with his normal-sized cock. Any more would be too much for Tsuki to handle.

“Bend your elbows.” Roppi commanded.

Tsuki shook his head. “Don’t, don’t, don’t. Pl-please! It hur-hurts!”

Roppi growled in irritancy. Instead of pinching Tsuki’s joints again, he grabbed the rope between Tsuki’s wrists and lifted the limbs up. Tsuki couldn’t touch Roppi now and it put strain on his shoulder blades.

In the next moment, Roppi shoved in his entire length. Tsuki called out in pain, trying to push himself with his feet to get away from Roppi, but the crate he lied against made that impossible.

“See, you hurt yourself trying to fight me.”

‘No, you’re the one hurting me!’

That long girth was stretching a part of Tsuki that had never been ventured before. It felt like he was stabbing the underside of Tsuki’s stomach, like he was moving his intestines around inside his belly. A part of Tsuki thought that was impossible, but a part of Tsuki also feared that it was entirely possible and Roppi was going to destroy his body.

“I don’t want it! I don’t want it!” Tsuki began gasping. “Please take it out! Please!”

Roppi didn’t respond.

“Please! I can’t do this!” Tsuki bent his arms to try and tug his hands out of Roppi’s grasp. He began pushing with his legs and twisting his hips. Slowly, the member started inching its way out of Tsuki’s body. “I can’t do this, I can’t do this, I can’t do this!”

“Calm down. You’re freaking out.”

“Please, stop, please!”

“Bend your elbows. You’re fighting me again.”

“Take it out! Take it—AARGH!” Roppi thrust in harshly, completely sheathing himself again. Tsuki’s feet lifted off the ground, his toes curled in pain.

“See, that’s what happens when you fight me.”

Tsuki started to cry.

“Bend your elbows, before your hurt yourself more.”

Roppi pushed on the limbs until Tsuki’s hand were at his mid-back again. The raven exhaled in ecstasy then slowly started pumping his hips. Tsuki shifted his shoulder, trying to tug his hands from Roppi’s hold but it was a lackluster attempt.

“Keep fighting me. It’s just going to be worse.”

Tsuki fell away into sobs.

Roppi pulled his hips back and pushed back in. Tears streaked Tsuki’s cheeks as the werewolf picked up the pace, going into a rhythmic fucking that hurt Tsuki’s insides. The faster Roppi moved, the louder Tsuki sobbed.

“Aaaggh, you’re hurting me! You’re hurting me!” Tsuki called between gasps and sobs. “You’re hurting me!”


“You’re hurting me!”

“You’re tightening up! Quit…fighting me or it’s going to be worse!”

“I-I’m done, I’m done! I don’t want to do this! I don’t want to do this anymore! I don’t want to do this!”

“Stop squirming so much!”

“Please, AAGGH!”

“You’ve got to relax, Tsuki. Calm down.” Roppi’s voice was thick with irritancy as he stopped thrusting, bending over the blond to hug him close. “Breathe, deep breathes in and out.”

Tsuki sobbed but tried to obey. He inhaled deeply and exhaled hard. His lungs were starting to hurt badly now. If he didn’t calm down, he was going to have an asthma attack. A part of him hoped he would. At least that would give Roppi a reason to stop. But at the same time, he didn’t want the misery of temporary suffocation to happen either. So, the blond steadied his breathing the best he could until he wasn’t gasping anymore.

“Good. There you go, Tsuki.” Roppi kissed the back of his head.

“C-Can I have my hands back?”


“Wh-why not—AANH!”

Roppi started thrusting once again.

‘It hurts! It hurts so much!’ Tsuki clenched his teeth, closed his eyes tight shut, and slammed his head against the wooden box he lied on.

“Plea-please be done! Please, I want to be done!”

“Shoosh, Tsuki. Keep calm. I’m pretty close.”

That was a lie. Tsuki only registered Roppi lied an hour later when the werewolf finally finished inside him.*


‘I can’t take it anymore. I just can’t.’

Tsuki looked around himself. It was the dead of night. Everyone had gone to bed, including Hachimenroppi. Tsuki stood at the mouth of the cave. Roppi wouldn’t come after him since it wasn’t unnatural for Tsuki to go to the bathroom at that time of night. The blond had to take a chance. He had to get away, even if it was just long enough to kill himself without interruption. Tsuki had a rope with him, wrapped tightly around his shoulder. He knew from his walks that there was a tree less than a mile away from the cave—the only growing thing in this never-ending landscape of rocks. Maybe he couldn’t make it down the mountain before Roppi realized he’s been gone for too long. There was no chance Tsuki could escape back to that port town. But at least, he could put his life in God’s hands.

Tsuki ran as far as he could before his asthma started kicking in. He didn’t want to faint, less he squander his only opportunity. Within ten to twenty minutes he made it to the tree. In the night light, the tree was dark and intimidating. Tsuki took a step back out of reflex.

He closed his eyes tight shut and inhaled deeply.

‘I have to. I have to do this. This is my only way out of this hell. God, forgive me.’

Tsuki opened his eyes. With barely held courage, the blond stepped up to the tree.

In the next moment, a strong hand pushed against the center of Tsuki’s back and slammed the blond head first into the tree. His vision blurred as he gasped hard.

“The hell are you doing, Tsuki?”

The blond couldn’t respond. His mind was spinning too much.

Tsuki was turned around, facing the man he was trying so desperately to get away from.

“Usually doesn’t take you so long to take a shit.” Roppi growled. “What’s with the rope?”


“You were trying to escape again, weren’t you?”

“N-no, I-I was-wasn’t—”

“You were doing so good too. You hadn’t been trying to run since we got here.”

“I-I’m sor-sorry…”

“Goddammit, Tsukishima!” Roppi grabbed the blond harshly by his biceps. “You were doing so good! Why?!”

“I’m sorry!”

Roppi just growled. He tugged the rope off of Tsuki’s arm then pulled on the blonde’s scarf. Tsuki struggled as best as his tired mind could muster.

“Stop moving!”

“N-n-no! No! I’m sor-sorry! I’m sorry!”

“I don’t fucking care!”

“I’m sor—”

Tsuki was slapped. Hard. The blonde’s knees went weak as his head filled with vertigo. The ground raised towards his face before he saw black. He wasn’t sure how long he was unconscious for. But when he next open his eyes, Roppi was sitting on top of him and bringing the rope towards Tsuki’s neck. The blond tried to push him away but saw black before he could. The next time he blinked, he was aware there was a rope around his wrists. He could feel the hemp biting into his skin. Tsuki’s hands were on either side of his head. He tried to move his wrists and instantly began to choke.

The blond shook his head—which caused a rope-like burn to spark on his neck—and opened his eyes. He was able to register what Roppi had done. He had bound Tsuki’s hands with both ends of the rope, wrapping the middle portion around his neck so if the blond struggled, he would choke himself.

The werewolf was now working on pulling Tsuki’s pants off.

“N-no…No!” Tsuki started to kick.

“None of that.” Roppi growled. Tsuki’s lower parts were stripped bare, his shoes flying off somewhere he didn’t see.

“St-stop! Get off! Hyah!” Roppi spread Tsuki’s legs wide.

The werewolf pushed Tsuki’s knees to his chest and leaned down. He spat on Tsuki’s entrance, causing the blond to flinch.

“Stop! Stop, stop! Get-get off of me! Get away from me!”

“Shut up.” Roppi pulled down his pants to expose his rock-hard member.

Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide with tear-filled fear. The blond started kicking hard, thrashing his whole body.

“NO! NO—!”

Tsuki was slapped again. His cheek resounded in pain as his head turned with the blow. Tsuki was then slapped the other way. The blond tried to lift his hands to defend himself but only choked as the rope tightened on his neck. Tsuki was slapped for a third time. The blond fell quiet and stopped moving. All he could do was sob.

“You’re lucky I love you.” Roppi growled, pushing Tsuki’s knees back to his chest. “I should cut your tendons for trying this shit again.”

Tsuki clenched his teeth as he stared up at Roppi with eyes filled with fear and tears.

Roppi’s eyes narrowed. “Maybe I should take your eyes instead. I’m tired of you looking at me like that.”

Tsuki jolted, his eyes stretching wide with horror.

“Stop looking at me like that!”

Tsuki flinched, closing his eyes tight shut and turning his head away in fear.

Roppi growled.

Tsuki gasped as a cloth came over his eyes. He recognized it as his own red scarf. In the moment right after that, a burning pain filled Tsuki’s insides.



“Is the water too hot, Tsuki?” Roppi asked, scrubbing the blonde’s back with a wet rag.

The blond didn’t respond. He sat in a medium-sized wooden tub. The tub was filled up with warm watered that Roppi had just finished boiling on the fire. Tsuki’s lower region up to his naval was submerged.

“You’re getting a bit hairy between the legs there.” Roppi commented. “I’ll give you a shave later, okay?”

Tsuki was quiet.

“It’s nice that you don’t grow facial hair or chest hair. Your legs and arms are all that need groomed.”


“You grow hair like a girl does. It’s so cute.”

No response.

“Your hair here,” Roppi ruffled Tsuki’s blond locks, “Is getting pretty lengthy too. I’ll give that a quick snip as well, so it doesn’t get in your face.”

Tsuki just stared at the water.

Roppi grabbed Tsuki’s arm and scrubbed it. “You’ve gotten pretty thin. You need to start eating more, Tsuki. You’ll be nothing but skin and bones soon if you don’t.”

Tsuki didn’t even look at the werewolf.

The blond heard a growl echo in Roppi’s throat. He stiffened and his eyes stretched wide.

“You know I hate it when you get all quiet like this.” Roppi hissed. “It’s so annoying.”

Tsuki started to tremble. He hugged himself and brought his knees up.

“None of that.” Tsuki was smacked on the back.

The blond jolted and quickly put his limbs back down.

“You don’t need to be scared of me, Tsuki. I fucking hate that so much.”

Tsuki didn’t reply, shaking like a leaf.

“Hey.” Roppi came around to sit in front of Tsuki.

The blond didn’t dare look up.

Roppi growled, his lip pulling back in a snarl.

“I said, hey!” Roppi grabbed Tsuki under his chin and forced the blonde’s head up.

Tsuki reached a hand up to grab Roppi’s wrist but stopped himself in fear Roppi would hit him. The two made eye contact, Tsuki’s eyes pools of fear while Roppi’s furrowed in a sorrow Tsuki hadn’t seen before.

“Stop…looking at me like that…”

Tsuki stiffened and closed his eyes tight shut. Roppi’s threat from before resounded in the blonde’s mind. He didn’t want his eyes to get gouged out.

“Stop looking so scared all the time…”

“…I’m s-sorry…”

“Stop apologizing. That’s all you say is ‘I’m sorry’, ‘I’m sorry’.”


“You never say anything kind to me. It’s just begging or apologies.”

Tsuki started to cry.

“Why? Tsuki, I’m trying so hard here! I really am! I try to make you happy! I bath you, feed you, take you out for walks! Why can’t you just smile at that?!”

“Because I’m not a fucking pet!” Tsuki opened his eyes, glaring at Roppi with as much hate as he could muster behind the fear. “I’m a human! Human’s don’t like being walked like a dog! They don’t like being raped and hit and made to wear bell collars! I’m not an animal! I’m not…” Tsuki started sobbing. He closed his eyes tight shut as tears streaked his cheeks like waterfalls. “I’m not your pet dog…I’m Tsukishima…”

The blond spoke honestly, burying his face in his hands.

“I’m just…I’m tired. I’m so tired…All you do is get angry and hit me. You rape me so violently. I try to say things that I think you’ll want to hear, and you just get angry again. I try to keep quiet, so I don’t say anything stupid and you still get angry. There’s just…there’s just nothing I can do…”

Tsuki stared up at Roppi. His eyes spoke volumes the desperation and hopelessness he was feeling.

“What am I supposed to do?!” The blond sobbed. “I just want the pain to stop! I do what you want! I don’t fight you anymore! I do everything you tell me, everything you make me do just so you won’t hurt me anymore and nothing works! I can’t even kill myself! The pain just won’t go away! It never stops! I just can’t take it anymore!”

Tsuki reached out. He grabbed the raven’s shoulders and leaned forward. He brought his lips close to Roppi.

“I’ll do anything just don’t hurt me anymore! Please—!”

Their lips never met as Roppi grabbed Tsuki by his shoulders and pushed the blond away. Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide in surprise. Roppi’s own eyes were furrowed in deep knots of sorrow. Almost as if a light flicked on, Tsuki could see the understanding in the wolf’s face. The regret. The guilt. It was all on Roppi’s face.

“Tsuki, I…”

Roppi was trembling. Something inside Tsuki broke. His own form of understanding came over the blond. He knew. He knew nothing would change. Roppi would only be kind for a little bit then go back to his old ways. It was the only thing the wolf knew.

There was no hope for Tsuki.

Tsuki had officially given up.

Roppi looked up at him. He opened his mouth to say something but fell short as his eyes stretched wide. He saw Tsuki’s expression, saw his eyes matched those of a dead person. Empty and cold.

‘Huh, that’s funny.’ Tsuki thought.

Roppi’s brows were furrowed deep now. He was clenching his teeth hard and shaking all over.

‘You look like you’re going to cry but there’s no tears.’

Roppi pulled Tsuki in and embraced him. “I’m…I’m sorry, Tsuki. I’m sorry.”

Tsuki didn’t respond, just stared at the ceiling with those lifeless eyes.

“I’ll try harder. I promise. I want…I want to love you properly. I really, really do.”

Tsuki felt his heart tremble. The blond wanted to believe that, but he knew he shouldn’t. It was just false hope. A fool’s dream.

“I love you, Tsuki. Please, don’t give up on me. I beg you.”

‘He’s so desperate…’

Tsuki reached his hands up and hugged Roppi back. The blond pursed his lips to hold back tears.

“I love you, Tsuki.” **


“Hey, Tsuki,” Roppi started. “Do you want to have sex?”

Tsuki didn’t respond. He lied under the pelt in Roppi’s embrace, his head tucked underneath the werewolf’s chin.  The blond could feel Roppi’s erection against his back.

“Tsuki?” Roppi gave him a gentle shake. “Do you?”

Tsuki let out a heavy sigh of defeat. ‘What I want doesn’t matter, does it?’

The blond reached down and began undoing his pants.


The eighteen-year-old sat up to strip off his pants. He pulled them off and folded them neatly, setting them on the floor by the pelts.

“So…you do want to?”

Roppi trailed off as Tsuki reached over. He grabbed a jar, which held a form of lubricant Roppi had bought the last time he went to the port town—he had bought that when he bought the whore’s clothes. Tsuki opened it and put his index and middle finger in, lathering the two up. He put the lid back on with his clean hand.

The blond reached in between his legs and covered his entrance with the liquids.


The blond looked over his shoulder. Roppi was staring wide-eyed and blushing. No doubt, he believed Tsuki was giving him a special treat. But that was the farthest from the truth. Tsuki had just given up. Saying no wasn’t going to stop this, so at the very least he could make sure it doesn’t hurt too bad.

Once his entrance was fully prepped, Tsuki grabbed a rag and wiped his hand clean. He then lied on his side and waited.

Roppi paused. Then he leaned over. His breath touched Tsuki’s ear.

“If you don’t want to, we don’t have to.”

“You’ll get angry if we don’t, so it’s fine…”

“I won’t get angry.”


Roppi let out a heavy sigh and moved away. Tsuki’s eyes widened. Roppi lied down next to him. Immediately, Tsuki felt a pit of fear hit his chest like a punch. Roppi was disappointed. He was going to be in a bad mood all day tomorrow and eventually take it out on Tsuki. The blond had to rectify this now before it came to that.

Tsuki pushed the pelt off of the two of them. Roppi’s eyes widened as he looked up at Tsuki. The blond turned around and straddled the werewolf’s hip with his back to Roppi.


The blond opened Roppi’s pants. The hard cock sprung forth, tapping against Tsuki’s inner thigh. The teen grabbed it and quickly aligned it with his entrance.

“Tsuki, wait.”

The blond didn’t. He lowered himself, the tip being encased in hot folds of flesh. Tsuki tilted his head back, pursing his lips. It didn’t hurt as bad as it could. His body had gotten used to the penetration so it wasn’t like he couldn’t handle it. At this point, it was nothing more than a dull burn.

Roppi exhaled in ecstasy. The raven then put his hands on Tsuki’s hips.

“Go slow, okay?”

Tsuki didn’t respond. He lowered himself more and more. Roppi tightened his grip on the blonde’s hips, stopping him from going any lower.

“Slow, Tsuki. Don’t hurt yourself.”

The blond clenched his teeth. ‘Stop being kind. It’s not like you.’

Tsuki slowed his pace. Gradually and taking much longer than the blond would have liked, Tsuki’s rump finally touched Roppi’s hips. The two exhaled.

Roppi sat up, hugging Tsuki from behind. He kissed the back of Tsuki head.

“I love you, Tsukishima.” He nuzzled his forehead against Tsuki’s back. “I love you so much.”



Tsuki tilted his head back, his body resounding with pleasure as Roppi’s mouth moved up and down his member. The raven had two fingers inside the blond as well, pushing against his prostate to give him the height of ecstasy. Tsuki had already came once, yet the raven didn’t stop. He swallowed it all and continued to tease Tsuki without mercy.

Tsuki’s mind was reeling. Tears of pleasure streaked his cheeks, saliva drizzled over his chin. His toes curled; he hugged Roppi’s head with his thighs. His hands grabbed handfuls of those black locks. His whole body was shaking near violently.


Tsuki thrust his hips into Roppi’s mouth, pulling the raven’s head down as well. It felt so good. He couldn’t stop. He wanted to cum again! He wanted to feel that heavenly white once again!


Tsuki’s vision blurred with a blinding white. His whole body stiffened and began shuddering harshly. The blond had a vice grip on Roppi’s head with his hands and his thighs. He dug his heels into Roppi’s back. His stomach clenched painfully as his heart beat hard.

Tsuki’s orgasm lasted longer than the first. He was almost relieved when it finally ended as he fell limp against the pelts. He panted heavily, coughing slightly. His lungs were aching now. No doubt he would have an asthma attack.

Roppi took his mouth off, swallowing everything Tsuki had offered him.

“You okay?” Roppi asked. “Your breathing a little—”

Tsuki coughed harshly. He then gasped. “I’ll-I’ll be—”

“Here, sit up.” Roppi grabbed Tsuki’s bicep.

The blond was tugged up.

“Put your hands on the back of your head.”

“Y-yeah…” Tsuki did as told. He knew that having his hands on the back of his head expanded his chest and made it so more air entered his lungs.

“Did you like it, at least?” Roppi asked.

Tsuki blushed, glowering at Roppi in embarrassment. He glanced to the side. “Y-yeah…”

Roppi smiled happily. “I love you.”

Roppi made brief eye contact before looking down at the ground. “…Yeah…”


“U-um…” Tsuki started.

“What?” Roppi didn’t turn to look at the blond.

The two were lying on the pelts. Everyone had just gone to bed and Roppi had dimmed the lamps, so they were barely on. The boulder was barely covering the door—just enough that he or Tsuki could squeeze out for late night bathroom needs as needed.

“Are…are we n-not going to have um, s-sex…?”

“Do you want to have sex?”

Tsuki didn’t respond, glancing down.

“Then we’re not going to do it.”

“Bu-but,” Tsuki looked up. “You—we—you’ve only been t-taking care of-of me recent-recently…”

“That’s fine. I know I’ve been selfish since the start, so I don’t mind spoiling you like you deserve to be spoiled.”

“De-deserve to…” Tsuki looked up.

Roppi chuckled. He rolled over so they were facing each other. Roppi was smiling.

“I know I haven’t been the greatest lover, Tsuki.” Roppi scooted closer so their noses were nearly touching. “I told you I’d try harder. So, from now on, if you don’t want to—really don’t want to—we won’t.”

Tsuki stared at him. He then glanced to the side. ‘That won’t last long…’

“I mean it, Tsuki.” Roppi tapped heads with him. “I’m going to do better. I promise.”

‘Like I haven’t heard that before.’

Tsuki didn’t look convinced. It must have shown on his face as he looked up at Roppi. The werewolf leaned close. He wrapped his arms around the blond and hugged him. He kissed Tsuki’s forehead.

“Tomorrow, let’s cut your hair, okay? You don’t need to worry; I’ve been cutting my hair and Rubi’s for years, so I won’t nick you by accident.”


“I love you, Tsuki.”

“…I…Th-thank you…”

Roppi looked saddened by that response. But he didn’t push it as he kissed the blonde’s cheek. Tsuki blushed. The two made eye contact. A heat filled between the two of them. It was a short burst of passion that didn’t make sense between captive and kidnapper. It was there nonetheless and drove their next course of action.

The two kissed. Tsuki didn’t stop it nor backed away. The kiss was chaste, not sexual or demanding like all of Roppi’s other kisses. The two separated with a soft ‘chu’.

Roppi smiled happily. He brushed his hand through Tsuki’s hair.

“I love you so damn much.”


“Hey, Tsuki.”

“Hm?” The blond looked over his shoulder. He was currently folding clothes him and Sakuraya had just pulled off the line. The two had separated the clothes accordingly and went their own ways.

“I have a favor to ask.”

Tsuki instantly felt nervous. “…What?”

Roppi knelt down, sitting on his knees. He looked at Tsuki near sheepishly.

“I was wondering, you know I um…” Roppi glanced to the side. “I always use my mouth on you. So, you know, I was wondering if you would use yours on me…”

Tsuki instantly cringed. Roppi saw that and quickly waved his hands.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to!” The wolf called. “I was just…I thought we could make it even as far as pleasure went. But if you’re not ready for that kind of thing, we don’t have to. I’m honestly worried you’ll trigger your asthma if I’m too rough so…”

Roppi glanced to the side.

“Forget I asked. It’s fine.”

Tsuki felt a bit guilty. A part of him knew he shouldn’t feel guilty for not wanting to treat his kidnapper. But, at the same time, Roppi was treating him all the time.

Tsuki let out a heavy sigh as he returned his gaze to the clothes.

“If you bathe,” Tsuki said, “I’ll try to…”

Roppi perked, instantly looking happy. “Really?”

Tsuki regretted saying that but he nodded all the same.

“Thank you, Tsuki!” Roppi hugged the blond, kissing the back of his head.

‘He doesn’t need to get that happy, does he?’

“I love you, Tsuki!”

“…I know.”

Chapter Text

Tsuki stared out the mouth of the cave. Snow gently fell across the rock landscape. None of the individuals in the cave felt the blistering cold thanks to the intense fire they all huddled around. Roppi was holding Tsuki close, the two wrapped in a warm pelt. The blond was slightly shivering but at least Roppi had a high body temperature.

‘One year…’ Tsuki stared at the fire. ‘It’s been one year already…’

“Here.” Rubi passed out some cook deer meat to everyone.

“How much venison do we have left?” Roppi took a plate from him.

Tsuki and Roppi shifted so Tsuki was sitting between Roppi’s legs instead of on them. The blond shifted forward so Roppi had space to eat.

“Here.” The raven took off his pelt and draped it over Tsuki’s shoulders.

“…Thank you…”

Rubi handed Tsuki a plate of food.

“Thank you.”

“We have enough for another meal.” Rubi said. “We’ve got some fish still. But we’re going to have to go hunting here soon.”


“Sakuraya and I picked the last of the vegetables.” Shitsuo said. “We waited a bit too long though, so we lost the tomatoes. But we got the seeds for the green beans, celery, onions, and leeks.”

“Yeah, the snow really snuck up on us, didn’t it?”

“Just yesterday, it was still sunny out.” Toudai commented. “It’s always cold up on the mountains, so I did not think much of it when the temperature dropped.”


“Itadakimasu.” Toudai clapped his hands.

“Itadakimasu.” Shitsuo and Sakuraya said in unison.

“I-Itadakimasu…” Tsuki gave a quiet thank you.

Rubi and Roppi said nothing and started eating.

“I think, when the snow lets up,” Roppi started, “We should make a trip to the port town, sell some of these pelts we’ve started collecting.”

“I made some rabbits foots. I don’t know if they’re popular in Taiwan, but it wouldn’t hurt to try.”

“If worse comes to worse, we could carve some dicks out of wood*.”

“Yeah, that was weird.” Rubi chuckled. “Was not expecting to see a stall selling that kind of thing.”

“Those were some high-quality dick carvings too.”

Rubi held back a laugh. Toudai chuckled through his nose, although he shook his head in disappointment. Shitsuo and Sakuraya were trying to hide their smiles.

Tsuki was the only one out. He didn’t get to go to the port town, so he didn’t know what they were talking about. He’ll probably never know what they’re talking about since Tsuki wasn’t allowed to leave the mountain range. He was barely allowed to go farther than 20 meters from the cave.

Toudai noticed Tsuki didn’t laugh. The two made brief eye contact before Tsuki glanced away. He and the doctor hadn’t been talking very much recently. Tsuki knew it was because Toudai felt helpless and guilty. He couldn’t do anything to help Tsuki and he obviously felt bad about that.

“Hey,” Roppi ruffled Tsuki’s hair. “How about, come spring, we’ll go down to the port city together? I’ll get you some pretty jade for your hair. I’m sure it’ll look lovely against the blond.”

Tsuki looked at him wide-eyed. “R-really? You’ll-you’ll let me go to the—”

“Obviously we’ll be going together. And we’ll have to stick close, so you don’t get lost. But I think we can make a day of it.”

“You-you mean that? You really—”

“Course I do.” Roppi pressed his forehead against Tsuki’s. “If I say I’m going to do it, then I’ll do it.”

Tsuki smiled, feeling a flicker of happiness in his chest. “Th-thank you…”

Roppi chuckled. He kissed Tsuki’s forehead. “Just remind me when spring comes arounds. I probably won’t forget but just to be on the safe side…”

“O-okay! Okay…”

Roppi ruffled Tsuki’s hair once again. The blond smiled with genuine happiness. He couldn’t wait for spring. He could finally be around people again, surrounded by civilization instead of dank brown rocks and a half-dead tree. Tsuki would have to behave. If he made Roppi mad, he might take back his word as punishment. Tsuki would do his best not to make the werewolf upset with him.

‘He’s so kind!’

Tsuki ate with a smile on his face. The blond would admit that things have been going good for Tsukishima ever since he stopped fight against Roppi. The werewolf was really trying recently. If Tsuki really didn’t want to have sex, they wouldn’t do it. Roppi made sure not to hurt Tsuki. The werewolf would spend a lot more time on foreplay, usually letting Tsuki cum at least once before putting it in. Tsuki hadn’t done anything to warrant a hit from Roppi in quite some time. He hadn’t kicked up a fuss or tried to run away. Right now, Tsuki was doing good.

A part of Tsuki was still very upset with the state of events he was in. He still wanted to be with his family again. He wanted to lie on a nice bed, in a warm house. He didn’t want to live in a cave like some animal. He wanted to see green life on a familiar landscape. He still wanted to go home.

But he could be content with this lifestyle. After a long adjustment period, he found he could be happy here. Happy with Hachimenroppi. So long as he didn’t make Roppi mad, their relationship was really good.

Tsuki glanced up. He saw a look on Toudai’s face he didn’t fully understand. Well, he did understand. A small look of horror mixed with pity. Tsuki understood the look, but just didn’t understand why it was pointed at him. As soon as they made eye contact, the doctor looked away. Tsuki stared for a moment before staring at the ground. He spent a lot of time staring at the ground recently, but he tried not to think about that. He was happy, after all, so he didn’t want to tarnish it with depressing thoughts.

The meal was eaten in silence. The pack of six devoured their strips of meat without conversation in favor of filling their stomachs. Rubi went back for seconds. Tsuki did as well. Roppi had wanted Tsuki to eat more since he lost a lot of weight in the last few months. Roppi filled Tsuki’s plate and handed it back to the blond. Tsuki wasn’t sure how much more he could eat before he started feeling sick, but he would try to wolf down as much as he could. Roppi would be unhappy otherwise.

Tsuki ate through half of his second plate before he couldn’t eat anymore. Nausea was starting to creep up his throat and if Roppi and Tsuki were going to have sex, he needed to put a stop to that now. Tsuki drank some water to try and wash it down.

“You full?” Roppi asked.

Tsuki nodded.

“Alright.” Roppi picked up the plate and finished off what Tsuki couldn’t eat. That was the norm between the two.

“Rubi, you want to try hunting tomorrow night?” Roppi asked. “Or you want to wait another day?”

“Let’s wait try tomorrow. It smells like a snow storm’s coming.”

“I was thinking we could try to beat the snow storm.”

“There’s no guarantee we will. We might get caught in the middle of it.”

“…Okay. I just worry the storm won’t pass for a few days and we’ll have to ration. If we went tomorrow night while it’s still only lightly snowing, we’ll have better luck on deer.”

“…That’s a valid point. Hm…”

“We have enough fish to last if the meat gets eaten.” Toudai stated. “We could make the food last longer if we make some stew. We still have potatoes, right?”

Toudai looked at Sakuraya.

“Yes. We have plenty of potatoes.” The pink raven said. “We have no fear of that.”

“Potatoes grow best in cold temperatures,” Shitsuo stated, “So we’ll never run out of potato so long as we take care of the garden in the cave.”

Toudai nodded. “We could use the last of the celery, leeks, green beans, and onions to make a fish or venison stew. That’ll last us a good few days.”

“Wanna do that?” Rubi looked over at Roppi.

“…Yeah, that sounds find. Let’s save the venison though. OH!” Roppi jolted forward. “You know what, we should have some sake left, yeah? Let’s make Sanpeijiru**! Just replace the radish and carrots with celery and green beans.”

“Personally, I’d prefer the leeks over green beans.” Shitsuo stated. “I dislike the rubbery sensation against my teeth.”

“I concur.” Sakuraya voiced.

“We can switch the green bean for leeks.” Toudai said. “Or break the pods open so we just have the beans.”

“That’s a good idea, Roppi.” Rubi smiled. “Sanpeijiru it is then.”

Roppi grinned.

“Someone will have to go to the port town to get more sake.” Toudai informed. “Are you running low on any other necessities?”

“Salt,” Roppi said, “Soap…hm…”

“Sake, salt, soap. Anything else that does not start with an ‘S’?”


Toudai held back a laugh. Rubi snorted as he turned his head. Sakuraya, Shitsuo, and Tsukishima chuckled. Roppi grinned.

“Smartass.” Rubi giggled.

Roppi chuckled.

 “I’m not sure if we need anything else.” The white wolf stated.

“I can’t think of anything either.” Roppi looked at Shitsuo and Sakuraya. “You two?”

“…Mayhaps some incense?” Sakuraya suggested. “We are almost out of our incenses.”

“That’s not really a need.”

“It is for us.” Shitsuo said. “We shall not be able to sleep without them.”

“…Alright, incense.”

“I need to check my med kit.” Toudai explained. “However, last I looked, I was low on turpentine and gauzes.”

Roppi nodded. The wolf looked at Tsuki. “Do you need anything?”

The blond stared. Then glanced to the side. He shook his head. “I-I don’t think so…Oh! Um…”

Tsuki blushed and he fiddled with his scarf.

“Um…” Tsuki didn’t want to say this within ear shot of everyone. The blond leaned over and cupped his hand around Roppi’s ear. “Um…lu-lubricants…”

Roppi’s eyes widened, his cheeks flushing a slight red. “Okay, I can get that.”

Tsuki nodded.

“Anything else?” Roppi looked around.

“I think that is it.” Toudai stated.


Sakuraya and Shitsuo nodded in agreement.

Roppi nodded.

“I’ll write a list down.” Rubi said.

“Can’t read, Rubi.” Roppi stated pointedly.

“Then I’ll come with you to the port town.”

“I want Shitsuo or Sakuraya to come with me since I don’t know what incense they want. I’d rather you stay here.”

“I cannot read either.” Shitsuo stated.

“I could go.” Toudai stated. “I am educated, so…”

Roppi paused. “…Okay, I guess that’s fine. So, me, you, and Shitsuo will go to the port town. The rest of you stay here. Sound good?”

“Yeah. We’ll save the venison for you to take with on your trip.”

“Alright. We need to go hunting before we leave though. Else you guys will run out of food before we get back.”

“Right.” Rubi nodded. “After the storm passes.”


“Agreed.” Shitsuo stated.


Tsuki groaned. After dinner, everyone went to bed. Tsuki wasn’t sure what time it was but by the pitch black of the main cave passage, the blond could guestimate it was still the middle of the night. Roppi was passed out, sleeping peacefully next to him.

Tsuki’s throat was parched. He figured that was why he woke up. He reached over and grabbed the canteen. He took a generous gulp, put the cork back in, and set it down.

A cold breeze tickled Tsuki’s neck. He glowered up at the fissure above their heads. In the wall across the room was a tear in the stone. It was as tall as Tsuki but very thin. The likelihood that Tsuki could fit in that was slim so Roppi never bothered worry about Tsuki escaping through it. Besides, neither knew if it was just a shallow wound in the rock and ended shortly after the light couldn’t reach, or if it went the whole way—to which lied the question of where it might end. Potentially in a gorge. The risk was too much for Tsuki to bother with, so he never thought much of it. What he thought of was the fact that whenever it stormed, the damn fissure would blow cold air over the two of them.

Tsuki shuddered and burrowed under the pelts. He nuzzled close to Roppi. The raven wrapped his arm around Tsuki—as he usually did in his sleep—and hook his leg over the blondes. Tsuki didn’t mind. He pressed his face into Roppi’s chest and exhaled. He closed his eyes to try and sleep again.

Tsuki figured out why he actually woke up. It wasn’t because of the cold or his dry throat like he had thought. He barely heard it but the powerful howl of a wolf elicited fear to prickle his spine. Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide.

‘That sounded close.’

“H-hey,” Tsuki shook Roppi. “Hey.”

Roppi groaned. He grumbled in irritancy before responding with a groggy, “What?”

“I-I heard a wo-wolf.”

Roppi inhaled deeply, seeming to wake up enough to have an even voice. “Don’t worry. Our werewolf scent will scare off any smaller wolves.”

“Un-unless they’re desperate.”

“…Do you want me to the close the door?”

‘Close the door’ was the wrong but easier way for Roppi to say, ‘Roll the boulder all the way over the entrance’. Tsuki stopped questioning it long ago.

“Bu-but what a-about the others?”

Roppi growled.

The howl sounded again. Tsuki jolted. The animal was definitely a way off, but its voice was loud on the rock wall.

“Only sounds like one.” Roppi grumbled, rubbing his hand through his hair. “Probably lost his pack in the storm.”

“Is-is it storming?”

“Smells like it. The winds crisper.”

Tsuki nuzzled close. “It-it might find our cave to take-take shelter…”

“I would hope it’s not that stupid.”

The wolf howled again. Roppi prickled at that. Tsuki felt the raven stiffen. The blond looked up at him in confusion.

“Wh-what? What’s wrong?”

Another howl echoed off the cave wall. Roppi sat up.

“What’s wrong?” Tsuki hugged the pelt, shivering as the warmth escaped them.

“I know that voice.”


Roppi pushed himself up. He walked to the mouth of their room. Tsuki sat up, wrapping the pelt around his back.

Another howl sounded. Roppi stood there.

He then bolted out of the room.

“E-eh?!” Tsuki jolted.

The blond stood quickly. He pulled on his shoes—he couldn’t stand the cold stone of the cave like Roppi could—and grabbed the oil lamp. He turned the flame up so the whole room was illuminated in orange light. He rushed to the door. He barely saw Roppi disappear down the cavern leading to their packmates rooms.

Tsuki rushed after him.

“Rubi!” Roppi went to the very end of the cavern, passing three pod ‘rooms’ on the way. He entered the room of Toudai and Rubi. “Rubi, wake up!”

“W-what?” Tsuki saw Rubi jolt awake and heard Toudai gasp.

“What is wrong?” The doctor asked frantically, trying to shake off sleep as if the sudden wake up had great urgency.

“Wake up real quick.”

Rubi rubbed his face. “What’s wrong? It’s the middle of the night!”

A howl echoed down the hall.

“You hear that?” Roppi asked.

“…Barely. Probably just a timber wolf.”

“It sounds familiar.”

Rubi cocked a brow. “Hah?”

The howl sounded again. Tsuki pressed against Roppi. He didn’t like that sound. It made his spine tingle.

“I think it’s Shizuo.” Roppi said.

Tsuki’s eyes widened. So did Rubi’s.

‘Father Shizuo?’

“Shizuo? But he wasn’t going to come to Taiwan.”

Another howl tore across the landscape.

“He might have changed his mind. We need to go check it out.”

“…Are you sure it—”

“Come on, don’t you recognize it? I swear, it sounds like him!”

Rubi stared at Roppi for a moment. He then groaned, a little annoyed. “Alright, fine.”

Rubi yawned and stretched before standing up.

“Toudai, you can go back to sleep.” Rubi said, stripping off his clothes.

“No, I will wait.” Toudai pulled on his red-and-white parka. “In case I am needed.”

“I doubt anything bad’ll happen.” Roppi said.

“That is rich, coming from you. Last Shizuo saw of you, he gave you a sound beating.”

Roppi glowered.

‘If…if it is Father Shizuo then maybe…maybe he’ll take me home?’

Tsuki felt a hope flare in his chest that he had thought died months ago. All too suddenly, Tsuki felt his chest tighten as tears threatened to spill. Shizuo was Tsuki’s ticket back to Japan. After a year of suffering, the blond may finally be able to see his family again. Tsuki began to shake with happiness at the thought.

“Tsuki, here.” Roppi’s voice jolted the blond out of his inner jovial. The werewolf handed Tsuki his clothes, standing completely naked. “You can go back to sleep. We don’t know when we’ll be back.”

“O-o-okay.” Tsuki nodded.

Roppi turned Tsuki around and ushered the blond out of the hall. Tsuki rushed across the main cave back to his ‘room’. He heard a grotesque popping behind him, Roppi and Rubi groaning as they stood in the main cave. Tsuki turned to see the two start sprouting fur. The blond didn’t want to watch the disturbing transformation and decided to go to the bed of pelts. Tsuki put the lamp down. He then burrowed under the pelts, relishing in the new warmth. He grabbed his pillow and put it at the foot of the bed. He lied down like that. He stared at the cracked entrance.

The blond waited for ten minutes, just staring and hoping to see the priest come through the mouth of the cave, before sleep began to creep into his eyes again. He rested his head on the pillow.

Tsuki doesn’t remember falling asleep. However, he jolted awake to the whimper, the howl, and the whine of wolves, followed closely by grotesque popping of bones. Tsuki stood, pelt around his back, and grabbed the lamp. He rushed to the entrance.

In the main cavern, three werewolves were in the process of transforming from wolf to man. A brunette wearing all black sat by the dead fire place. Within a minute at most, Hachimenroppi, Rubi, and a third blond man with brown roots were sitting on the floor. All three were panting hard and as naked as the day they were born.

“Will you talk to me now?” Roppi growled. He stood, holding his shoulder and wind-milling his arm to stretch out the joint. “I don’t appreciate the silent treatment.”

Shizuo didn’t say anything for a moment. A growled rumbled loud and menacingly in his throat. Then he pushed himself to his feet and charged Roppi. The raven’s eyes stretched wide. He quickly backed away in surprise but Shizuo was already on him. He grabbed Roppi by his biceps and shook him hard.

“You! This is all your fault!”


“You set everything it motion! Because of you, Hibiya was killed! You villainous, dastardly, worthless bastard!”

“What are you talking about?!”

“Because you kidnapped Tsukishima, his older brother went looking for him!”

Tsuki’s eyes widened. ‘One of my Nii-san’s did…’

Roppi’s eyes stretched wide. “Looking—but the rath should have thought he was dead!”

“Delic didn’t! Delic knew Tsuki couldn’t pick locks! You left the shackle for him to find!”

“Th-the shackle? Wha—”

“Delic knew Tsuki was alive so he went looking for him! He joined the Holy Order to try and find him! Because of that, he met Hibiya! He met Hibiya and he burnt Hibiya at the stake!”

‘Hibiya…? The brother of Izaya that lived in the port city?’

Roppi’s eyes went even wider with horror. “I—”

“Izaya tried to burn down the church because they broke their agreement! It wasn’t the churches fucking fault, but the Holy Order, but that doesn’t fucking matter! Hibiya and Mikado were supposed to be immune to religious persecution so long as Izaya helped the church! Because of you, that agreement was violated! You killed Hibiya!”

Tsuki’s eyes were as wide as moon. ‘The church would make that kind of deal with a vampire?’

“How-how was I supposed to know that would happe—”


Tsuki was so happy Shizuo wasn’t yelling at him. He was for certain he would cry from that loud, baritone voice filled with rage screaming at him. The fact that Shizuo was completely naked didn’t help either.


Roppi shoved Shizuo hard. The alpha released Roppi. The raven stepped back, hugging himself and shaking slightly.

“It-it’s not my fault!” Roppi called. “How was I supposed to know?! There’s no way I could have known!”

“If you had pursued Tsukishima honestly instead of kidnapping him, none of this would have happened.” Shizuo’s voice was even now. Tsukishima felt like that was even worse, that him being able to repeat his accusations with such calm just showed how level headed he was. “Hibiya’s blood is on your hands. The blood of my comrades—if any of them are persecuted by the church because they let me go…TCH! If Father Shiki dies because he helped me escape, all that blood is on your hand!”

Roppi glared at him.

“Shizuo-san…” Toudai’s voice sounded. “You’re injured.”


“Allow me to check them over.”

“I’m fine.” Shizuo turned to grab his duffle. “A guy on the ship cleaned—”

The blond teetered precariously. Rubi gasped and dashed forward. He wrapped his arms around Shizuo, catching the blond before he hit the ground. Toudai rushed over.

“He’s freezing!” Rubi looked at Toudai.

The doctor knelt down by Shizuo’s side. “I need light! I—” Toudai looked at Tsukishima. “Bring that light over here, Tsuki-kun!”

The blond obeyed. He rushed over and held the lantern so shadows wouldn’t be casted. He wasn’t sure where the wounds were, but he quickly spotted a gnarly hole, oozing with puss. Blisters surrounded the wound and the whole area was a deep red.

“This has gone septic!” Toudai checked Shizuo’s pulse on his neck. “Shizuo-san, do you feel nauseous or have vomited recently?”

“The…the other day. I puked a lot…”

Toudai clenched his teeth. “He’s going into septic shock! Rubi, bring him to the spare room! Sakuraya-san!”

The brunette jolted in the entrance of their cavern.

“Get as many pelts and blankets as you can for Shizuo-san!”

“R-right!” Sakuraya turned and rushed back down the hall.

“Shitsuo-san, get me the sake!”

“Um, okay!” The blond went down the cavern to the food storage room.

“Roppi-kun, make a fire! Boil up some water!”

Roppi didn’t move. He was still shaking slightly.


The raven jolted.

“I’ll-I’ll get the water!” Tsukishima offered.

He rushed over to Izaya, who hadn’t moved from his spot on the floor. Honestly, Tsuki didn’t even know he was there until he shined his light on the vampire. He was eerily quiet, holding his knees to his chest and just watching everyone with empty eyes. Tsukishima could only imagine what the lord must be thinking.

‘If Delic-Nii or Tsugaru-Nii were to get murdered, no worse than by the church…’

Tsuki shook his head. He couldn’t think about that right now. Shizuo came first. The teen grabbed the tallest pot from Izaya’s side and rushed out to the front of the cave. His feet immediately protested to stepping barefoot on snow. He called out but rushed into the storm all the same. He knelt down and scooped as much of the powdery white in the pot. He filled it 3/4th full and used his hands to shovel snow in to fill it up the rest of the way.

He rushed back inside the cave.

“BRR!” He shook his feet off one by one like a cat quickly then went over to the firepit.

The others had already moved Shizuo down the cavern to the spare room—Roppi must have gone with them since he was gone too. The blond was by himself with the quiet vampire. Tsuki decided to ignore him for now. Instead, he setup the stand for the pot and placed it over the fireplace. He turned and grabbed some firewood—which they kept within reach of the fire—and put them in. He then grabbed the flint and steel.

‘I’ve never used this before…’ Tsuki acknowledged.

He had seen Roppi and Rubi use it plenty of times. He could figure it out, he was sure. He had to. Tsuki struck the flint and steel together. They clinked but no sparks happened. Tsuki tried again. Still nothing. He tried rapidly, in succession with each other. He got a single spark and that was it.

“Come on!” Tsuki felt frustration fill him.

Izaya shifted. Tsuki looked at him for a moment. Without saying anything, the vampire swung his hand out. Fire flared from the fingertips. Tsuki gasped and jumped back as the fireplace became a blazing inferno for a moment, encasing the pot. The fire died down to a reasonable level, cracking with life.

“…Th-thank you…” Tsuki wasn’t sure he should thank the vampire, but he would so all the same.

Tsuki waited patiently. The fire melted the snow soon enough, the pot half-filled with hot water. Tsuki took the pot off the fire and dumped it into a bowl-like tub usually meant for washing their hands with. It was one of three that they owned. The water only filled the bottom of the tub.

Tsuki rushed out and grabbed more snow. He repeated this act five times before he had enough hot water to fill the tub. Tsuki picked the wooden bowl up and rushed down the cavern. He turned to the room that was illuminated with light, which was the first entrance on his left. Shizuo was lying on his stomach with a pelt covering his legs and lower back. He had a cloth in his mouth. He didn’t scream but his groans were loud with pain. If it weren’t for the gag, Tsuki would have easily heard it from the main cave. Toudai was currently taking a thin knife to Shizuo’s wound along his shoulder, cutting out chunks of rot and blisters.

“I-I have the ho-hot water!” Tsuki announced.

“I’m going to need another one.” Toudai stated. “Set it here.” He waved to the ground next to him. The doctor’s hands smelt like sake.

Tsuki obeyed.

“Rubi, put some sake in the water.” Toudai commanded.

“Yup.” The white wolf—who had on a pair of pants but no shirt—popped the cork to the bottle of alcohol and dumped two good ‘glugs’ of sake in the small tub.

Toudai immediately put a rag in the warm water. He rung it out, then brought it to Shizuo’s wound. He wiped the mess down, cleaning off the puss and blood. Shizuo’s brow knitted in pain.

Tsuki stood to leave the room again. However, he paused to look around. “Wh-where’s ev-everyone else?”

“Sakuraya-san and Shitsuo-san went back to bed.” Toudai looked enraged by that as he glared. “And Roppi went to his fucking room.”

“O-oh…” Tsuki was disappointed in the three werewolves. ‘How could they abandon Father Shizuo in his time of need?!’ “I-I’ll go get more water.”


Tsuki rushed out of the room. He went back to the pot and ran outside into the snow.

Tsuki, Toudai, and Rubi stayed up for hours taking care of Shizuo. Or maybe they had only spent an hour with him. Tsuki wasn’t really sure. All he knew was dawn was peeking over the horizon when Toudai finally finished wrapping the last wound. Shizuo only had three arrow holes in his body. Two on his left thigh and one on his left shoulder. However, Toudai had to basically act as a butcher, cutting away layers and layers of rotting tissue and muscles. Such a thing took time and meticulously steady hands from the doctor, so that he didn’t hit any main arteries and cause Shizuo to bleed to dead. Toudai had used the last of his turpentine and gauzes, resorting to honey***, sake, and bandages.

“I’ve done everything I can.” Toudai said, putting the bloody rag in his bloody water tub. He put his hands in the other tub Tsuki had provided—which was clean and had sake mixed in to disinfect—and began scrubbing the blood off. “Now, we just need to monitor him. It is up to Shizuo-san if he pulls through.”

“W…where…” Shizuo said through panting breathes. “Where’s I-Izaya?”

“Still in-in the main cave, I-I think.” Tsuki said.

“I want—I want Izaya…”

“I-I’ll go get him.” Tsukishima stood.

Tsuki left the cavern and rushed back into the main cave. Izaya was still sitting in the same spot. He hadn’t moved in the hours Tsuki had been running around. Somehow the fire was still alive too. Izaya had his hand out to the flames and was moving his fingers. Every time he bent his finger down, the fire would cave as if pushed down by some invisible force. He would bend his finger up and the flame stretched to touch it. It looked like the fire was dancing.

‘…His fingers look black. Is it just a trick of the light?’


The vampire glanced over at him with narrowed eyes. Tsuki felt a hint of fear go up his spine from that stare.

“Um, F-Father Shizuo wa-wants to see you.”

The vampire didn’t respond. Just stared at Tsukishima.


The vampire waved for Tsukishima to come closer. The teenager did not want to oblige him. Something didn’t feel right. He may had only know Izaya for two days, but he never seemed like the quiet type. Enthusiastic, smiling, and very talkative. The way he was acting right now just seemed wrong.

But maybe Tsuki was just overthinking it. He had only known Izaya for two days. Maybe this was apart of his personality? And besides, the poor man was probably still deep in a pit of grief. To expect him to be smiling and jovial would be inappropriate on Tsuki’s part. Tsuki went against his better judgement and approached the raven. He stopped a few feet away.

Izaya waved for him to come closer still. Tsuki was starting to not trust this. He stepped closer all the same.

Without saying a word, the vampire reached out. He moved at a speed Tsuki couldn’t fully comprehend and grabbed his wrist. Tsuki gasped and went to pull away. He’s wrist lit in a crushing pain. He cringed.

In the next moment, Tsukishima was on the ground in the vampire’s embrace. Izaya had wrapped his arms around Tsukishima, one behind his head and the other around his torso to keep his arms pinned to his body. When they met the stone floor, Izaya’s arms protected him from any additional pain. Tsuki’s eyes were stretched wide.

Izaya let the human go. He put his arms on either side, trapping Tsuki underneath him. His face was close. His russet eyes bore down on Tsuki, staring at him with an intensity he didn’t fully understand. There was no smile, no glare, just intensity.


“So,” Izaya’s voice was barely above a whisper; his expression never changed. “You’re the reason my brother was murdered.”

Tsuki felt his blood turn cold to the words. Fear gripped his insides and made his stomach shift in knots.

The vampire stood. Tsuki sat up quickly, holding his pelt so it didn’t fall off his shoulder. Without another word, Izaya turned around to head down the cavern. Tsuki stared after him wide-eyed.

Izaya waved his arm behind him. The fire shuddered before dying instantly, as if someone had blown it out. Tsukishima was casted into darkness. The blond heard Izaya walking down the hall.

‘…What was…that? He…’

Tsukishima was shaken. He couldn’t comprehend what just transpired. It had been so strange but at the same time, Tsuki felt like his life had been threatened. Izaya didn’t say anything, didn’t do anything that would warrant that kind of fear. But Tsuki felt something in the pit of his stomach. He wasn’t sure if it was paranoia, irrational fear, or instinct. Whatever it was, it told him to stay away from Izaya.

Tsuki followed the advice of that feeling. So, he pushed himself to his feet and rushed into his bedroom. Roppi had moved the lamp back to its proper place and dimmed it. He way lying down in the pelts although Tsuki couldn’t see his face. He didn’t know if the raven was awake.

Tsuki didn’t care to find out. He rushed over to the werewolf and clamored under the pelts. He decided to hide under those pelts. He was driven by a fear that made him feel like a child hiding from the monster under the bed. So, he stayed buried under the layers of animal fur and pressed himself close to Roppi’s back. He gripped the raven’s shirt. He registered his hands were shaking.

“Your feet are freezing.” Roppi’s voice scared the life out of Tsuki. The blond jumped hard enough to hurt the muscles in his legs. “You should have put your shoes on.”

“S-s-s-sorry. I-I-I…a-a lot happ-happened so f-fast.”


Roppi wrapped his feet around Tsuki’s, forcing the blond to press his cold appendages inside Roppi’s pants against the back of his legs. Tsuki didn’t put up resistance. He didn’t care to worry about anyone but himself at the moment.

‘What was that? How…how was he able to scare me so bad with one sentence?’ Tsuki burrowed his face in between Roppi’s shoulder blades as he closed his eyes. His wrist that Izaya had grabbed was pulsing with pain. ‘I’m sorry about your brother but it wasn’t my fault! I didn’t…ask for this…’

Tsuki clenched his teeth to try and fight back the tears.


Chapter Text


“Is-Is Father Shizuo o-okay?” Tsuki asked, poking his head into the room.

Toudai looked up at him. “His fever dropped. I think he’ll pull through.”

“R-really?” Tsukishima beamed.

Shizuo groaned. The faux blond, who lied on his stomach, opened his eyes slightly. “Tsukishi…”

“He-hello, Father.” Tsuki smiled at him.

“Why are you…all the way over there?”

Tsuki jolted. “Oh, um…”

Tsuki glanced up at Izaya, who sat leaning against the wall with his eyes closed behind Shizuo. A part of him wanted to tell Shizuo about what happened last night. He felt like it was something that needed to be known. However, at the same time, he felt like what happened between the vampire and Tsukishima wasn’t even worth mentioning. It wasn’t like Izaya did anything violent or threatened Tsukishima’s life. He just startled him. That was all.

“We-well, Roppi-san’s in a b-bad mood so I um, I don’t want to g-go too far in case he ca-calls…” It wasn’t a complete lie. Actually, it wasn’t a lie at all, it just wasn’t the reason Tsuki wouldn’t enter the room at this moment.

Shizuo’s eyes immediately narrowed. The priest then tried to get up.

“Stay.” Izaya commanded.

Shizuo jolted. Tsuki’s eyes widened. The vampire still had his eyes closed.


“Stay there. You’re not well enough to pick a fight with Hachimenroppi.”


“Stay. There.”

Shizuo glowered. Then he glanced to the side. He let out a ‘hmph’ and lied flat on the floor again.

‘…Not really the behavior I would expect when Roppi-san said Father Shizuo was keeping him hostage in the manor and starving him.’

“Rubi,” Shizuo glowered up at the white wolf. Rubi jolted. “Why did you let Roppi take Tsukishima to Taiwan?”

Rubi stared at him. Then glanced to the side, a look of guilt crossing his face.

“We were going to take him back to the manor.” The white-haired man started, “But Roppi got so hysterical. We argued for a while and Roppi said if Tsukishima had to go back to the rath, he would be the one to take him back.”

“That’s a lie. If he took Tsuki back to the rath, he would have died. The town would have rose against him without question.”

“He wasn’t lying. Roppi said…he couldn’t live without Tsukishima. He’d rather die than be separated…”

Shizuo’s eyes lit wide with rage. “That—”

“Look, I know! I understand I shouldn’t have let this go on! But I didn’t know what to do, either! I still don’t know what to do about this! Roppi is more than willing to kill himself if it means he’ll have Tsuki with him. Am I just supposed to let him die?”

“Yes.” Izaya said.

Everyone’s eyes widened. No hesitation, no remorse, Izaya said the word with complete confidence.

“If that’s what Roppi wants then so be it.” The vampire continued. “Let the coward die as a coward should. Tsukishima is an innocent who has been subjected to the most profound evil this world can offer. And you decided to spare the villain by damning the innocent.”

Rubi clenched his teeth. “He’s the only family I have left, Izaya!”

“Oh, woe is you. If you had killed your family when you should have, my family would still be alive.”

“Izaya!” Shizuo jolted up to sit on his hands and knees. “It’s not Rubi’s fault!”

“No, you’re right. It’s Tsukishima’s.”

The blond teen stiffened.

“How is this Tsukishima’s fault?!” Shizuo turned around to face the raven. “It’s not like he asked to be kidnapped!”

“Shizuo-san, you will agitate your wounds!” Toudai grabbed the priests uninjured shoulder and pulled softly.

Shizuo growled. He didn’t argue, however, as he lied back down.

“It’s not Tsukishima’s fault, Izaya.”

“All of you are spineless.” Izaya growled. “You all lack the will to do what’s needed.”

Shizuo glowered. He then glanced to the side, his expression softening with sorrow.

“Or-Orihara-san…” Tsuki started.

Izaya’s eyes finally opened. He didn’t turn his head to look at Tsuki, giving him a sidelong glare.

“I-I’m sorry. I’m sorry about Hi-Hibiya-san’s passing. I—”

“YOU!” Izaya’s voice rose louder than Tsukishima had ever heard before. The vampire pushed off the wall, leaning forward with his head tilted down. He glared up at Tsuki with an expression that showed a manic hatred the blond had never seen before. “Do not get to say his name!”

“I-Izaya…” Shizuo sat up again. He sat up on his knees, turned, and reached out for the vampire.

“Your filthy lips are not allowed to say his name!”

“I—” Tsuki started. “I-I’m sor—”

“An insignificant blood cow such as yourself. An ant giving condolences to a god. What right do you have to say Hibiya’s name?”

“Izaya!” Shizuo grabbed the raven’s shoulders. “You have to stop this! I know you’re grieving but—”


Izaya swiped his hand at Tsukishima. Fire flared from his fingertips. Tsuki dropped out of instinct and flames were thrown above his head, scorching the wall behind him. The blonde’s eyes stretched wide.




Tsukishima didn’t need to hear anymore. The blond jumped to his feet and ran down the hall. He entered the main cavern.

“Tsuki, what happened?” Roppi was standing in the main cave, having been attending to the fire. “What’s all the yelling about?”

Tsuki rushed to the werewolf. The man who caused all this. Who separated him from his family, hurt him, humiliated him, and made his body strange. But he was also the only man he could turn to for protection. Tsuki wrapped his arms around Roppi’s waist and buried his face in the werewolf’s chest. Roppi’s eyes stretched wide and he raised his arms in surprise. Tsuki was shaking against him, his shoulders jolting with gentle sobs.


“Shizuo-san! Your wounds!”

Shizuo came out of the hall, limping slightly, with Toudai following closely behind. The priest immediately glared at Roppi, glowering at the werewolf holding his kidnapped teenager. Tsuki looked over his shoulder to make eye contact with Shizuo.

‘Father Shizuo…’

Tsuki felt a chill of fear go up his spine. Further behind Shizuo in the hall was Izaya, glaring at him with eyes that glowed like red fire.

‘I can’t even talk to Father Shizuo if Orihara-san is around. I…I’m still completely alone…’

Tsuki clenched his teeth tightly.

“Oi, Tsuki,” Roppi looked down at the blond. “What’s going—!”

Tsuki grabbed the werewolf’s wrist and pulled. He turned Roppi around, tugging Roppi towards their bedroom.

“Tsuki, what happened?” Roppi stared at the blond.

The two went into the bedroom.

“P-please, close the door…” Tsuki looked up at the wolf. “I-I don’t…Please…”

“…Okay. Alright.”

Roppi put his fingers in the grooves he had created so long ago and rolled the boulder. The two were closed in.

“Are you going to tell me what happened?” Roppi asked.

Tsuki grabbed Roppi’s hand and tugged him to their bed of pelts. The blond grabbed Roppi’s shoulder, pushing down on them. Roppi took the hint and sat down. Tsuki sat down between his legs. He hugged Roppi’s waist again and lied his head on Roppi’s stomach.

“It’s not my-my fault…” Tsuki sobbed, tears streaking his cheeks. “I did-didn’t ask for any-any of this. Why is-is it my f-f-fault Hibiya died?”

Roppi jolted. “It-it’s not your fault, Tsuki!”

“Bu-bu-but Orihara-san—”

“No, no, no, shoosh!” Roppi hugged Tsuki close, pressing his face to Tsuki’s hair. “Whatever Izaya told you, he didn’t mean it. He’s just grieving. He doesn’t mean it, Tsuki.”

“If-if he doesn’t mean it th-then he should-shouldn’t say it…”

“I know. He knows that too. Just give him time, okay? Grief makes people say and do things they don’t want to do or mean. He’s hurting so much, Tsuki.”

“I-I’m hurting too!” Tsuki screamed into Roppi’s stomach. “I want to go home! I want—I never—I never wanted to come to Taiwan! I never wanted to leave home! I—”

Tsuki stopped himself as he jolted. He realized a little too late who he was talking to and what he was saying.

The blond jolted upright. Roppi’s eyes widened.

“I-I-I-I’m s-s-s-s-sorry!” Tsuki was shaking and crying for a new reason now. No doubt he just pissed Roppi off. “I-I’m sorry! I s-s-sor—”

“No, it’s okay. You—” Roppi reached out to touch Tsuki.

The blond flinched away, hugging himself tightly. “I did-didn’t mean-mean it! I-I-I di-d-d-d-didn’t mean…”

“You don’t have to lie, Tsuki.”

“I’m sorry!” Tsuki buried his face in his hands.

There was no denying Tsuki messed up. Roppi was already in a bad mood, and now Tsuki said something ‘insensitive’ towards Roppi’s love. He was going to be beaten for what he said. Roppi was being nice now, but it was certainly a calm before the storm. Roppi was going to grab his hair, slam him against the ground and tear at his clothes.


The blond flinched.

“I’m not mad.”


“I’m not mad, Tsuki.” Roppi scooted closer. His rested his forehead on the back of Tsuki’s skull softly. “I know you didn’t want to come to Taiwan. You made that very clear in the past. So, please, don’t lie to me. Don’t tell me what I want to hear. We’re trying to work together, remember?”

Tsuki didn’t respond. Instead, he hesitantly looked up, lowering his hands just enough to see Roppi. Roppi backed away to make eye contact with the blond.

“I’m…” Tsuki started, wiping his eyes. “S-sorry.”

“You did nothing wrong.”

“You-you’re r-really not mad?”

“I’m not.”

Roppi bumped foreheads with Tsuki.  The blond flinched although it didn’t hurt.


Tsuki looked up at him, cocking a brow slightly.

“I’m sorry, Tsuki.”

The blonde’s eyes stretched wide as he jolted back. He stared at Roppi with genuine surprise. Roppi’s expression with riddled with guilt. He made eye contact with Tsuki briefly before looking down at the floor.

“This…really is my fault, isn’t it? I set everything in motion. Delic killed Hibiya because he was looking for you. I…I didn’t think your brother loved you that much.”

‘Well, my family actually loved me.’

“My dad was all I had, and his love was obviously much different than what you must have experienced. If I died, I don’t think anyone would have come for me. No…I was suffering for so long back then and no one helped me. I had to help myself. So, I thought…I didn’t think for a moment your situation would be any different.”

‘You just admitted that you knew you’re at fault. You knew, from the beginning, this was wrong.’

“If the town was willing to offer you as a sacrifice, they obviously didn’t care. That’s what I thought. I was certain they wouldn’t come for you.”

‘We were all scared. There were infants and elders we had to look after. My life…I was willing to sacrifice my life for the sake of the whole town. They were scared, not cowardly.’

“I was wrong, and that costed a life.”

‘…At least you admit it.’

“Knowing that…it’s new to me. For…For the first time since I took you away, I feel like this relationship is wrong.”

Tsuki’s eyes widened. “You-you do?”

Roppi looked at him. He then nodded.

“D-d-does that mean you’ll t-take me home?” Tsuki knew it was foolish to hope.

Roppi closed his eyes and shook his head. “I still love you. I still can’t live without you.”

Tsuki deflated in disappointment as he glanced at the ground.

“I’m sorry.” Roppi tilted his head down. “I love you, Tsukishima. But…Shizuo was right. I shouldn’t have…the way I went about things was wrong. I shouldn’t have kidnapped you, I shouldn’t have forced this relationship on you. I should have tried more honestly. If I had come down to visit you so you wouldn’t forget about me; if I had established a friendship with you that could have grown into a relationship…I should have done that.”

“What you shou-should have done is irrelevant n-now. You-you didn’t do that and-and you still di-did what you have d-done. Cr-crying over the ‘w-what if’s’ won-won’t change anything now.”

Roppi looked at Tsuki with pure hurt. The blonde’s words cut deep, Tsuki knew it. He felt an odd satisfaction seeing that.

“I just…I’m sorry, Tsukishima.”

“…Thank you…”

Tsuki could never say Roppi was forgiven but at least the raven finally understood why Tsuki was suffering so much.

Roppi chuckled. “Yeah, I know there’s no way you can forgive me.” The raven looked up at him with a flicker of hope Tsuki didn’t want to understand. “But…tell me, Tsuki, after everything we’ve been through. After this past year of being together is there…even a possibility you can love me?”

Tsuki felt his heart beat in his chest as his cheeks flushed. Tsuki wanted to deny Roppi. He wanted to tell this werewolf that he was pathetic and disillusioned. There was no way Tsuki could go against God, no way he could love another man, no way he could fall in love with someone who had hurt him so badly over the last year.

But Tsuki would be lying if he said any of it.

“…I don’t know…” Tsuki hesitated to say even that.

Roppi was disappointed. That was to be expected. But he was smiling. “At least it’s not hopeless.”

“If…if it was hopeless…Wh-what would you d-do?”

Roppi hesitated, taking on a complacent expression. “I don’t really know…I’m scared to think about it.”

“Would you kill me?”

“No, of course not!” Roppi looked up at Tsuki with shock. “I could never do something like that to you, Tsuki!”

‘That’s not what you said a year ago.’ Tsuki thought, recalling the time Tsuki set out to find Sakuraya and Shitsuo, in which Roppi found him—think he was running away again—and blatantly stated he would rather kill Tsuki than let him run free.

“…B-but,” Tsuki said, “if it was hopeless th-then you’d only h-have three op-options. T-take me back home, k-keep me here and-and hope I’ll come arou-around, or kill the ob-object of your obsession.”

Roppi fell quiet. He looked uncomfortable as he tilted his head down. “I…I don’t really want to talk about this anymore, Tsuki…”

Tsuki stared. He then let out a heavy sigh of irritancy as he glanced to the side. “Hypocrite.”

Roppi looked hurt by that.

The blond turned away. He lied down on the bed, his back to Roppi.


The raven lied behind Tsuki. He wrapped his arms around the blond and pulled him close.

“I love you, Tsuki. I really do love you.”

“…You love me, b-but you don’t-don’t care if I’m happy.”

“I do care.”

‘No, you don’t.’ Tsuki didn’t respond, glancing to the side.

“I love you. I’ll…talk to Shizuo, okay? I’ll talk to him about Izaya. We’ll get this figured out. Okay?”

Tsuki was quiet.

Roppi leaned close. The blond jolted and looked up at him. The raven bumped heads with Tsuki again. The blond flinched but didn’t pull away.

“I love you, Tsuki.”

“…I know…”

Roppi sat up. He pulled Tsuki so the blond was lying on his back. He then straddled Tsuki’s legs, resting on his knees. His hands trailed up Tsuki’s shirt. Tsuki clenched his fists at his sides.

‘I’m not in the mood for this…’

“I love you, Tsuki.”

Roppi kissed the blond. It was a chaste and sweet kiss, but short. He then kissed Tsuki’s cheek. He trailed his lips to Tsuki’s neck.

“I love you.”


Roppi rested over him, propping his elbows on either side of Tsuki’s head. The raven stared down at him. Tsuki made brief eye contact with him before glancing to the side.

Roppi let out a soft sigh. He then lied over Tsuki, hugging the blond close. Tsuki could feel Roppi’s half-hard erection against his hip.

‘He get’s hard at the drop of a hat.’

“It’ll be okay, Tsukishima. I’ll fix this, okay?”

Roppi rolled over so he lied on his side by Tsuki. He grabbed a lock of Tsuki’s hair and began twiddling with it.

‘He’s not going to do it.’

Tsuki rolled on his side so he was facing Roppi. The two made eye contact.

“…T-thank you…” Tsuki snuggled up close. He pressed his face to Roppi’s chest and let out a soft sigh.

“Y-yeah…” Roppi wrapped his arms around Tsuki. “Of course, Tsuki.”

Chapter Text

“So, how much did you use on Shizuo?” Roppi asked, looking at Toudai.

The doctor had come to the main cavern only to get food for Shizuo. He glowered at Roppi. “What do you mean?”

“We still plan to go to the port city, right? It’s not like our necessities suddenly changed just because Izaya and Shizuo showed up. If anything, we need to buy even more stuff now. So, what do you need, now that you used most of your stuff on Shizuo?”

Toudai glowered before glancing to the side. “I’ve used all my supplies on Shizuo. I have enough bandages to last another four or five days. But I’ll probably need to wash some of the used one to use again.”

“It’s still storming out.” Rubi said, grabbing a bowl for Izaya. “We can’t go anytime soon.”

“I know.” Roppi glowered. “We might need to go before the storm passes.”

“That’s dangerous.” Toudai stated.

“It’s sixteen days just to get there. Shizuo needs medical things as soon as possible. And if you only have enough to last four days, we need to go soon.”

“But I can’t possibly leave Shizuo’s side. Not with his injuries as they are.”

“I can take care of Shizuo.”

Tsuki jolted as everyone looked over at Izaya, who stood in the hallway.

‘How is he so quiet? None of us heard him.’

The vampire was looking at them with disinterest as he stood with his arms crossed, leaning against the wall. “I’m quite the capable doctor myself. Not enough to be considered professional, but I assure you, Shizu-chan will be in good hands with me.”

“But if something were to go wrong, I would not be aware of it for nearly a month.”

Izaya scoffed. “You needn’t worry, human. I am more than capable of making sure my werewolf won’t die. If things turn sour, then I can easily use magic to revive him. I’m more concerned with letting a measly human look after him.”

Toudai eyes narrowed, however it wasn’t necessarily a glare. It looked more like he was done with Izaya’s shit.

“Whether I am human or monster is irrelevant to my skills as a doctor. After all it was I, not you, who brought Shizuo-san back from septic shock. While he was suffering, where were you? Sitting in here, brooding about without so much as a word. Tsukishima had to come and fetch you before you finally came to check on Shizuo-san.”

Izaya’s eyes narrowed into a deadly glare. “Are you picking a fight with me?”

The flames of the fire flared with new life. Every jolted away at the intensity.

Toudai, however, didn’t even flinch as he looked at Izaya calmly. “I pick no fights, Orihara-san. I merely point out what is already known.”

With confidence that Tsuki had no clue where it came from, Toudai walked to the hall. He walked past Izaya without even sparing him a glance.

“I understand you are grieving, but to hate me because I am human when I was the one to bring Shizuo back from the brink of death does nothing more than make you look pathetic.”

Izaya’s eyes went wide with rage. However, he did nothing to the doctor. He didn’t move from his spot. Even when Toudai was safely within Shizuo’s room, he stood as still as a statue, just pooling hatred at the ground.

Then he glanced up. His locked eyes with Tsukishima. The blond flinched. Izaya’s eyes narrowed even more, making Tsuki feel small. Then the vampire clenched his teeth hard enough to cause blood to seep from his gums, making his lips even redder than they already were.

Izaya turned and rushed to the cave entrance.

“Iza—” Rubi and Roppi pushed themselves to stand.

Their movements were slow in comparison to Izaya’s, who unfolded his leather wings from under his cloak and pushed off the ground. He was airborne in the same moment and swallowed up by the storm.

“Izaya!” Roppi was to his feet first. He rushed to the mouth of the cave, followed by Rubi. “Oi! Come back!”

“Izaya, it’s freezing!” Rubi called. “You’re not properly dressed!”

“That fucking idiot!”

Roppi immediately began stripping.

“We going after him?” Rubi asked.

“I am. You don’t have to.”

Rubi sighed. “No, I’ll go too. More eyes the better.” The white wolf followed Roppi’s example of stripping.

Tsuki rushed over to grab their clothes.

“Thanks, Tsuki.” Roppi said, handing him his pants and shirt.

Tsuki nodded. Rubi handed his clothes to Tsuki as well. The two stood before the mouth of the cave completely naked. Tsuki rushed back to the firepit as the werewolves’ bones began to crack and pop. The two called out in pain as they fell to their hands and knees. Soon enough, Rubi and Roppi were huge wolves the size of wagons.

Once the two caught their breathe, they rushed out of the cave into the snow storm.

Tsuki let out a soft sigh. There was nothing he could do so he just turned around—just in time to see Sakuraya and Shitsuo had dished themselves some food and were heading to their room. Tsuki glowered at them. The two didn’t even glance at him before they disappeared down the hall. Tsuki then glanced to the side in defeat.

‘They really only care about themselves.’ Tsuki found that so annoying.

 Tsuki let out another sigh. He went back to the firepit where it was warm. He knelt down to fold the clothes, since he couldn’t do it standing. He then stood back up and went to his room. He put Roppi’s clothes on the bed of pelts.

He then went back to the main cavern, crossed it, and went into the tunnel to the other rooms. He went past Sakuraya and Shitsuo’s room, past Shizuo’s room, and down to the last pod cavern in the tunnel—Rubi and Toudai’s room. There was an oil lamp lit, put on dim so the room was illuminated just enough to see where he was stepping. Tsuki stepped in and put the clothes on the pillow.

Tsuki heard something behind him. It sounded like rocks clattering. He jolted and turned around.


Tsuki’s words were cut as a hand grabbed him by his mouth and a weight landed on him. The heaviness knocked him off his feet. Luckily, the person who grabbed him put his other hand behind Tsuki’s head so it wouldn’t smack against the stone, but that didn’t save his elbows as Tsuki used them to catch himself. The blond fell on his back on the barely padded pelt bed, his assailant sitting on his stomach.

Now that they were closer to the light, Tsuki saw who was on top of him. His eyes stretched wide.


“Sssh!” The raven soothed, lying down flat over Tsuki, “Sssh, sssh!”

“Mm! Hm mngh!” Tsuki grabbed at Izaya’s hand but he couldn’t pull it off. The vampire was far stronger than him.

“Shoosh, little Tsukishima! It’s okay! I’m not going to hurt you. Not going to hurt you at all.”

Izaya’s voice was soothing and melodious. However, the fact that he sounded so calm despite doing something so threatening to Tsuki put the blond on edge. There was something wrong with him. The look in his eyes. The smile on his face. He wasn’t glaring with animosity, which couldn’t only mean he didn’t see anything wrong with grabbing Tsuki by his mouth. Tsuki felt fear creep up his spine.

A part of Tsuki wanted to believe his kind words. A part that he didn’t fully understand. Despite the threatening situation Tsuki was in, the blond felt compelled to listen to Izaya. To trust him without question. And it was that feeling that caused Tsuki to stop struggling, to just hold Izaya’s hand.

“Go~od boy~! You’re such a good boy, aren’t you?” Izaya’s other hand slid through Tsuki’s hair. The blond flinched.

‘Where did he come from?’ Tsuki looked around. ‘Did he come from the ceiling? But there’s no openings for him to crawl through.’

Tsuki remembered hearing vampires could climb on walls and ceilings. Was that what he just witnessed? Tsuki didn’t know but that thought scared him immensely. That meant no one saw Izaya walk in Toudai’s room. Did anyone see Tsuki walk in here? If Toudai saw Tsuki walk past, then he was sure to question why he was loitering in his room.

‘Toudai-san!’ Tsuki looked at the entrance. ‘Toudai-san, help!’

“Toudai’s not going to help you. Not yet, at least.”

Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide. ‘Can he hear my thoughts?’

“Of course, I can.” Izaya smiled. “I drank your blood a year ago. A vampire and their meal are connected forever thereafter. That’s why most vampires kill their meals after they drink from them.”

‘So…this whole year, you could hear my thoughts? You heard how I was suffering?

Izaya chuckled. “You were too far away before. But the last few days, I heard everything. About how kind Roppi is. How you’re not in the mood. It was those thoughts that helped us find you.”

Tsuki tried to pull Izaya’s hand off, grabbing his fingers with both hands. ‘Please, let me go!’

“Sshooosh~! You don’t need to worry~! I won’t hurt you, little Tsukishima.”

Tsuki believed him. Despite his better judgement, he wanted to believe Izaya.

‘Then…then what are you doing?’

“Don’t scream, okay? Be quiet for me, okay?” Izaya tilted his head, winking coyly as he put his finger over his lips.


Izaya took his hand off. Tsuki swallowed his nervousness.

“Um, Or-Orihara—” Tsuki’s words fell away into a gasp as Izaya’s hands trailed down Tsuki’s body, reaching underneath to grab each ass cheek with both hands. Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide as he pushed against Izaya’s chest. “W-w-w-what—”

“I need your help, Tsuki-chan.” Izaya smiled at him. “You’ll love it too.”

“He-he-help? Help with-with what?”

Izaya’s smile turned into a grin. He leaned down and kissed Tsuki’s neck. “Toudai said such mean things to me earlier. I don’t want to hurt the sad little human, but I can’t let his insults stand. Not against a higher being like me. You understand, right? What arrogance.”

Tsuki felt his hands shaking. ‘But…Toudai-san helped Father Shizuo…’

“Oh? So, you agree with him?” Izaya’s smile vanished.

Tsuki jolted. “N-n-no, I don’t me-mean th-that! I…To-Tou-Toudai-san he-helped Father Shizuo. He-he used all of his-his medi-medical su-su-supp—stuff to help hi-him…”

“…Hm.” Izaya buried his face into Tsuki’s neck.

“Or-Orihara-san, pl-please let me g-go…”

“Not yet. You’ll enjoy this as much as I will, so don’t kick up a fuss.”

“Wh-what do you m-mean?”

Izaya made eye contact with him. He smiled once again before cupping Tsuki’s face. “Open your mouth, Tsuki-chan.”


“It’s okay. Tru~st me, TsuTsu.”

Tsuki swallowed hard. He wanted to trust Izaya. He really did, but this just didn’t feel right. However, it was that benefit of the doubt that made Tsuki open his mouth just a little.

Izaya leaned down and kissed Tsuki. The blond inhaled as his eyes stretched wide. The raven’s tongue slipped into Tsuki’s mouth. His saliva tasted sweet, like the ripest of strawberries and freshly made vanilla ice cream—Tsuki’s favorite. A heat spread through his body from the taste. It coursed down his torso to nestle under his stomach.

The vampire separated. Tsuki was panting heavily now. His face felt hot far quicker than he could question why. His body was tingling, His cock was suddenly fully up and straining against his pants.


“Hee hee!” Izaya smiled childishly. “Don’t you know? Vampire saliva has an aphrodisiac effect. It’s how we keep our victims enthralled while we drink them. Tastes like whatever our victim finds the most appealing.”

‘Saliva. And their breath makes people tired…’

“That’s right.” Izaya kissed Tsuki’s forehead.

‘What else? You want to tell me the tears of a bloodsucker have a healing effect too?’

Izaya chuckled, eyes narrowing into a glare. “Feisty suddenly, aren’t you?”

Tsuki stiffened. Then the blonde’s mind was starting to feel fuzzy. ‘Aphro—what’s an aphrodisiac? What is that—’

“Hah!” The blond called out. Izaya rubbed his hands against Tsuki’s sides. Such a simple touch lit hot, sexual sparks up his spine and down into his penis. “Or-Orihara—hn!”

“Has Roppi allowed you to mount him?” Izaya asked.

‘Roppi-Roppi-san! He’ll…I can’t do this. Roppi-san will hurt me. Why is this happening? Why is this—’

“Ah, ah, calm down, TsuTsu.” Izaya cupped Tsuki’s face again. “You have to rela~x, honey!”

“Or-Ori—” Tsuki was silenced with another kiss.

‘Roppi-san, help me!’

More of that delicious tasting saliva slid onto his tongue from Izaya’s. The blonde’s mind was feeling hazy near instantly. This kiss didn’t last nearly as long as the first. Izaya broke it, smiling down at Tsuki as his licked his lips.

“Now, answer me, TsuTsu, has Roppi allowed you to mount him?”

“M-mount? What…?” Tsuki was having trouble concentrating. He was so hot, and his cock was so hard.

“Has Roppi only penetrated you?” Izaya’s hand pressed against Tsuki’s cock.

“NNGH!” Tsuki tilted his head back, arching. His arms felt so weak as he wanted to grab Izaya but couldn’t lift them. “Y-yeah, yeah!”

“Shoosh, TsuTsu, not too loud.”

“Hm! Mm! Mmngh!” Tsuki bit his bottom lip.

“Hm…” Izaya looked around.

Then he stood. He went over to the doorway. Like Tsuki and Roppi’s room, Toudai and Rubi also had a boulder meant for rolling in front of their door for the sake of privacy. With minimal effort, Izaya rolled it in front of entrance. Tsuki was thoroughly trapped with the vampire.

The blond couldn’t bring himself to care, however. The heat and the need that was coursing through his body made him concerned with one thing only. He need to cum!

Tsuki reached down and grabbed his pants. He began undoing them, pushing them down and setting his aching member free.

“Ah-ah-ah!” Izaya rushed over and grabbed Tsuki’s hands. “Not too hasty!”

“But-but it hu-hurts!”

“It’s okay~!” Izaya kissed Tsuki’s temple lovingly. “It’ll be okay~! Just trust me.”

“I do! I do trust you! So-so please!”

‘I need to cum! I want to cum! Oh, god, it hurts so much! Why does it hurt?’

Izaya chuckled. Then his hand slunk down. His fingers wrapped around Tsuki’s cock.

“Hm!” Tsuki pursed his lips, closing his eyes tight shut.

Izaya began stroking him torturously slow.

“Oh! Hah! O-Orihara-sa—”

“Call me Izaya.”

“I-Izaya! Izaya-san!”

Izaya chuckled in his ear. “Lay back, TsuTsu.”

“Lay…” Tsuki blinked as it sunk in what was said.

The blond turned so he could stand on his hands and knees. He could only assume that’s what was wanted from him.

“Uh-uh.” Izaya grabbed Tsuki’s shoulder and forced him to lie on his back.

“Wha…?” Tsuki looked up at him with bleary eyes.

“I’m going to take your virginity, Tsuki-chan.”

“Vir-virgin…but Ro-Roppi-san…already…”

Izaya giggled as he began undoing his pants. “He may have taken your kitten virginity, but your male virginity is still up for grabs. This cock,” Izaya stroked the member again.

“Hm!” Tsuki twitched, his toes curling as pre-cum dripped form the tip.

“Has never known the heat of someone’s insides. So, I’ll let you experience it firsthand—while I get back at Toudai-san for being a meanie!”


Izaya’s smile turned evil. His eyes weren’t smiling anymore. “How do you think he’ll feel, knowing an innocent was raped on his bed? Hee hee, I’m sure he’ll make a lovely face!”

“Lovely…” Tsuki couldn’t understand most of what was said.

“Ah, but don’t worry. Since vampire’s don’t need to eat, so long as we drink blood, we have no need for defecating so I’m completely clean inside.”

Tsuki’s head lolled, eyes glazed over.

The vampire leaned over Tsuki to open a jar by his head. Said jar smelt like lavenders. Tsuki wasn’t sure what he was doing, but Izaya’s lovely chest was pressed to his face. Tsuki inhaled the scent, the raven smelling like the finest of incense’s. The blond raised his hands just enough to touch his side. He managed the lift the shirts. He felt his hands touch smooth flesh before they touched something leather.

“Hee hee, you can still move your arms, huh?” Izaya mused.

Tsuki panted heavily as he tilted his head. He found one of Izaya’s nipples through his white shirt and gave it a nibble.

“Hm!” The vampire jolted.

Izaya then chuckled as his hand found purchase in Tsuki’s hair. He pulled the blond locks hard, tilting Tsuki’s head back. The blond cringed in pain.

“Now, now, don’t get too overzealous, little TsuTsu.”

“I want…I want you.”

Izaya sat up, grinning from ear to ear. One hand was reaching behind himself while the other still held Tsuki’s hair.

“More than Roppi?” Izaya asked.

“More than-than anyone.”

Izaya snickered. He then climbed off of Tsuki to sit next to him. Izaya pulled his hair. Tsuki cringed as he moved to Izaya’s demand, lying on his stomach to face the vampire. Izaya cock tapped against Tsuki’s cheek.

“Then let my cock kiss your throat.” The vampire purred.

Tsuki didn’t understand what that meant, but he understood the implication of the position. From this angle, the blond could see Izaya was fingering himself with lavender lubricant-covered digits. Tsuki didn’t understand why he was doing that when he would  be putting it in Tsuki. But the blond didn’t question it. Without hesitation, Tsuki opened his mouth and put his mouth over Izaya’s cock.

“Hah!” The vampire tilted his head back. He then chuckled. “No teeth. Roppi taught you well.”

Tsuki didn’t respond. Instead he folded his lips over his teeth so that they wouldn’t scrape against Izaya’s member and lowered his head as far as he could go.

‘He’s smaller than Roppi-san…’

Tsuki usually could only bring his mouth down to 1/4th of Roppi’s length. But with Izaya, he got it down to half before the cockhead started probing at his gag reflexes. He bobbed his head slowly, sucking and slurping on the cock like it was tastiest of candies. It definitely tasted like one.

“Hee hee! Ehee hee hee!” Izaya giggled. “Ah, Roppi will surely kill you once he finds out about this infidelity of yours!”

Tsuki didn’t care. He wanted to please Izaya. He wanted the vampire to be happy with his efforts. He was sure Izaya would reward him if he did good enough.

“I hope Roppi kills you. This would be like hitting two birds with one stone. Getting back at Toudai for his arrogant words while putting the brat responsible for my brother’s death to the grave. This is a perfect scenario. Like I would ever dirty my hands with your filthy blood. No, it’s the most fitting end for you, that you die by the hands of the man who started all this one year ago.”

Tsuki bobbed his head without a miss in stroke. He heard what was said, but he didn’t care. So long as he did a good job, Izaya would make him feel good. And Tsuki needed to feel good soon. His cock was absolutely aching.

“You are so cute though.” Izaya smiled down at him, rubbing his hand through his blond locks. “Ah, I always wanted Shizu-chan to do this to me. With your blond hair, you look kind of like him in this lighting. There’s just enough shadow to make your roots look brown.”

Tsuki looked up at him.

“Close your eyes for me, TsuTsu.”

Tsuki obeyed.

“Ah, yeah. Just like that. You look just like Shizu-chan, back when he was a doe-eyed nineteen-year-old. Ah, I wish I had fucked him back then. He was so cute, all scared and flinching whenever I came close to him. I was being nice to him, see? So, I let him fuck me, but he never returned any favors.”

Tsuki swallowed hard, hollowing his cheeks out around the member.

“Ah, yeah! Like that, Shizu-chan! You’re so good!”

Izaya’s other hand came to caress Tsuki’s hair, smearing lube into his blond locks. He held Tsuki’s head with both hands, pulling the blond onto him. Tsuki only resisted when the raven pulled him too far down and caused him to choke. But otherwise, he allowed Izaya to do what he wanted so he could rest the muscles in his neck.

“Shizu-chan! Shizu-chan! Little Shizu-chan was raped by vampires before, so that’s why I never fucked him! The poor boy was traumatized! Who wouldn’t be, when you were raped until bleeding then had your throat slit? I saved Shizu’s life like that, you know? His blood…Ah! I could smell his blood from miles away! There was so much of it and it was so sweet! The blood of a deflowered virgin always smells the best! That delicious precipice right before the corruption of maturity takes hold! It’s so good! If only I could have drunk some!”

Izaya pulled with more vigor. Tsuki pushed against the vampire’s hips. He was having trouble breathing as he gagged on the cock.

“Werewolf blood is poisonous to vampires. There’s only two things in this world that can poison a vampire, see? Dead-man’s blood that causes rigor mortis in vampires, and werewolf blood that can kill us within an hour.”

‘I can’t breathe…’

“Shizu-chan was so determined to live, despite the inevitable end he was going to face. He was only fifteen at the time but he was filled with so much spunk—in more ways than one, hahaha! Ah, but no, it would have been easier if he just gave up and accepted his fate. At fifteen, that was expected of him. But he didn’t. He didn’t want to die. He reminded me of when I became a vampire. That determination. That greediness for life. It was like looking in a mirror. So, I saved his life. I saved his life, helped him through his trauma, and he never returned the favor! Not once!”

‘Please! I’m choking!’

Izaya smiled down at Tsuki. The blonde’s eyes were still closed but he could hear the sneer on the vampire’s voice.

“Now’s time for proper payment. So, swallow it all, Shizu-chan. Don’t let a single drop spill out.”

With that said, Izaya grabbed Tsuki’s hair hard and pulled the blond onto him while he thrust forward. Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide as that member was forced down his throat. In the same moment, he felt sprays of liquid shoot forth. Tsuki grabbed Izaya’s pants and tried to push him away but he lost in strength without question. Tsuki inhaled, which caused the liquids to go up his nose. He coughed and gagged hard.

‘I’m gonna puke!’

Izaya tugged Tsuki’s head back harshly, pushing the blond away. Coughs and retched racked Tsuki’s body, shaking his form. However, he didn’t puke. He closed his mouth and swallowed it down, along with the semen that coated his throat. He coughed once again, rubbing his neck. It felt like an asthma attack was going to start on. His lungs weren’t aching too bad, but his throat…his throat was in pure agony.

Izaya giggled again. “Cum came out of your nose. That’s funny!”

Tsuki coughed and wiped his face. Izaya was courteous enough to hand him a cloth. Tsuki blew his nose in it. He coughed after every blow to try and get all of the semen out.

“O-ow…” Tsuki whined as tears streaked his cheeks. “Ow…”

“It’s okay, TsuTsu.” Izaya came around to rub Tsuki’s shoulders. “You’ll enjoy the next part.”

“Pl-please.” Tsuki looked over his shoulder at him. “Please, help m-me. D-down here really—”

“Shooosh~!” Izaya whispered in his ear, making Tsuki flinch. His hand slunk around the blonde’s hip to grab Tsuki’s weeping cock. “I know. I know what you want, lovely~!”

Tsuki was pushed. He landed on his elbows before Izaya grabbed his shoulder and flipped him on his back. He climbed up Tsuki’s body to straddle the blonde’s member.

“Don’t cum too soon, okay?”


Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide as intense heat encased the tip of his cock. Slowly, that heat went down, down, down to squeeze more of his member. The blond grabbed the chest of his shirt, shaking hard.

‘I’m gonna cum! Cumming!’

Tsuki closed his eyes tight shut as his whole body stiffened. He came inside that lovely heat, spraying Izaya’s insides. He shuddered as sparks of white euphoria dotted his mind. The vampire was only halfway down his cock.

‘That was amazing. Better than any time Roppi’s made me cum…’

As Tsuki panted, reeling from the sheer intensity of that orgasm, he heard Izaya giggled.

“I told you not to cum too soon.”

‘I’m sorry. I couldn’t hold it.’

Izaya giggled. “Well, I don’t think this count’s as lose of virginity, so…”

Izaya leaned down. Tsuki opened his eyes to look at him.

“Open your mouth, TsuTsu.”

Tsuki obeyed before realizing his mistake.

Izaya kissed him, shoving his tongue into Tsuki’s mouth. The muscle tasted like strawberry and vanilla ice cream as it danced against his own.


Tsuki was panting heavily, his eyes bleary and staring at the spot him and Izaya were connected. He lost his shirt, scarf, and cloak somewhere along the way; he wasn’t sure when that happened. Izaya’s fangs were buried into the junction of his neck. The blond felt no pain. He was too focused on thrusting his hips up into the tight passage of Izaya’s body. He gripped the vampire’s hip to push down as he thrust up, giving hard slams that rocked both their bodies. He had already filled Izaya full of sperm many times, to the point where it was falling out with every thrust to stain the pelts underneath them, but neither of them cared. There was sperm coating Tsuki’s stomach as well, from when Izaya reached his peak a few times and came on the blond.

Tsuki coughed every once in a while. His asthma caused him to slow his pace and forced him to wait until he could breath again. He would immediately start thrusting thereafter. During those times—which were quite often—Izaya would move his hips on his own, spearing himself on Tsuki’s hard cock.

Izaya pulled his mouth off of Tsuki’s neck, a string of bloody saliva connecting them for a moment. Once Izaya pulled far enough away, it snapped to rest on his chest and across Tsuki’s collar bone.

“Aha! AHAHAHA!” Izaya tilted his head back as he laughed. “You’re a wonder, Tsuki-chan, ah! Your blood! It still tastes so good! It hasn’t gone corrupt yet, ahaha! Nn, hah, ah, you taste so good! So good! Your cum, hee hee, thanks for the meal, ah! But I’m not full yet, ah!”

Tsuki had no clue what Izaya was saying. The blonde’s mind was in a foggy haze where all he could think about was thrusting his hips. A part of him felt very, very sick. His stomach was doing summersaults and he felt like he was going to puke. But he didn’t want to acknowledge it as he greedily drove towards the pleasure that his cock so desperately needed. The pain in his loins from Izaya’s saliva trumped all other desires.

Tsuki clenched his teeth hard, tilting his head back, as he came once again. He lost count of how many times it was now, but he knew it was more than three. His stomach clenched hard. His cockhead was so sensitive. He wasn’t even sure if anything came out of his member but at last the pleasurable pressure under his stomach had been relieved. Nausea hit him hard as his whole form started shaking badly.

‘I might die like this…’ Tsuki acknowledged, but strangely, he couldn’t bring himself to care all too much.

The sound of stone scraping against stone echoed in the room.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!” A loud, masculine scream tore through the air.

In the next moment, Izaya was torn off of Tsuki. The blond whined in protest, bringing his knees up as he hugged himself. His form was shivering hard. With the pleasure put on immediate hold, Tsuki’s bodily needs came rushing forth. His asthma, his stomach. He was going to puke.

Tsuki rolled on his side to do just that. He didn’t have the energy to lift his head, so his face rested in the vomit, the liquid puddling up. His vision blurred. The whole room was spinning as his head went numb.

“Ah, he kind of looks like you did, Shizu-chan! Let me make him all bloody and it’ll be the exact sight that greeted me as when I first met you!”

“Izaya—you—how could you—what have you done? This…”

“Tsuki!” The blond felt two pairs of hands touch him. One lifted him up and the other wiped the vomit off his face with a rag. “Say something! Are you okay?”

The blond couldn’t respond. He could only pant heavily.

“V-vampire saliva has an aphrodisiac effect!” ‘…Father Shi…zu…’ “He’ll be out of it for a bit. But he shouldn’t be able to die from it. He…he’ll need cold water to drink, but I think he’ll just have to let it pass over.”

“Neh, neh, Shizu-chan, TsuTsu is really amazing! His blood’s still pure! Even though he lost his virginity to Roppi and me, his blood is still as sweet as a child’s! Now I understand why Roppi was so attracted to him! He’s special! So special!”

“Shizuo, get him the fuck out of here before I kill him.”

“Izaya, come on.”

“But Shizu-cha~n~! We can’t let such a one-in-a-million stay with a pathetic man like Roppi. He has to be a pure one! Chosen by the angels to suffer for the betterment of humanity! He has to be one!”

“Shut up and come on!”

“If I was like other vampires, I’d keep him as a pet and never let him go! I’m sure Tsuki would be happier with me than Roppi anyway!”

There was no response. However, Izaya’s voice was fading away.

“Tsuki, can you hear me?” Toudai’s kind voice sounded in his ear.

The blond couldn’t respond. He heard the doctor, but he didn’t have the energy to respond.

“Here.” Tsuki’s wrist was grabbed, his hand lifted up to be seen. “If you can hear us, twitch your finger.”

Tsuki did so, curling his fingers down and back up. Just that simple act was so much effort.

“Good.” Tsuki felt the person holding him kiss his temple.

“I don’t know…”

“What are you saying you don’t know?”

“If this was an actual aphrodisiac, then I would know how to help him. But if it’s just the affect, then there’s nothing we can really do but keep his hydrated, like Shizuo-san said.”

“He just puked all over himself! He’s obviously not alright!”

“But he might have puked from his asthma, or maybe he came too many times—you know your stomach clenches when you ejaculate. If the muscles don’t unclench…”

There was no response. The person holding Tsuki only squeezed him tighter. The blond rubbed his head against this person’s arm. His skin was so cold, and it felt great against his hot forehead. Tsuki closed his eyes. He couldn’t see anything anyway and it was so much effort to keep them open.

“Here, Tsuki-kun.”

Tsuki felt something circular press against his lips. The blond opened his mouth out of reflex. Cold water touched his tongue. Tsuki swallowed it all greedily. The canteen was pulled away from him.

“Slow sips, Tsuki-kun. Slow.”


“That’s right, slow.”

The canteen was returned to him. This time, Tsuki took the advice given to him and slowly drank small portions of water.

“There you go. Good.” Tsuki’s hair was stroked. “Slowly, Tsuki.”

“Rubi, go ask Shizuo-san if vampire saliva is no different than an actual aphrodisiac.”


Tsuki heard someone rush off.

“We need to clean him off at least.” The person holding him said. “He might get sick like this.”

“We’ll clean him off. But I need to know that first.”

Tsuki felt something rub against his skin. It was soft and a little wet.

Tsuki decided he didn’t want to be awake anymore. He was just so tired…Tsuki couldn’t bring himself to stay awake anymore.

Chapter Text

 Tsuki groaned as he opened his eyes. He stared up at the familiar cave ceiling of his room. The pod was bright with morning light from the entrance. Tsuki’s first response was to sit up but he immediately regretted doing that. His stomach muscles, back muscles, and thighs screamed in pure agony to the small movement. He gasped to the sensation and lied back down.

“What?!” Roppi jolted upright, making Tsuki jolt in shock. “Are you alright? What happened?”

“I—” Tsuki’s voice was hoarse—not from overuse but from dehydration. “I-I’m-I’m fine.”

Tsuki looked around for the deer bladder canteen.

“Are you thirsty?” Roppi asked. He propped himself on his elbows and grabbed the canteen that was at his side. “Here.”

He held it out Tsuki. The blond took it.

“C-can you hel-help me si-sit up?” Tsuki asked.

“Yeah, of course.”

Roppi shimmied closer, sitting on his knees. He put his hand under Tsuki’s shoulders and lifted the blond. Even without moving his muscles, the flex caused by the change of position made his body hurt. He groaned in pain.

“You okay?” Roppi asked.


Tsuki opened the canteen and took greedy gulps. When he pulled the bladder away, he exhaled.

“How do you feel?” Roppi asked. “Nauseous? Are you warm? Cold?”

Roppi placed his hand on Tsuki’s forehead.

“Your temperature seems fine.”

“I-I’m a li-little light-light-headed.”

“Yeah, Izaya did drink from you. He probably took more than he should have.” Roppi brushed his hand against the junction of Tsuki’s neck and shoulder.

The touch lit pain throughout the area. Tsuki hissed as he flinched away. The blond tried to look down at the spot, however, he couldn’t tilt his head down that far. It felt like a bruise though.

“Is-is it bruised?” Tsuki asked.

“Yeah. Really purple around the puncture holes.”

“Puncture…” Tsuki’s eyes widened with realization.

“What?” Roppi looked at him. “What’s wrong?”


Tsuki was scared to say it aloud. He remembered getting jumped by Izaya. Being kissed. A heat coursed through his body then things became fuzzy. He had gaps in his memories after that. He wasn’t sure if they were just a dream or parts of his reality. He remembered giving a blowjob, being called Shizu-chan a few times, and sex. But not the kind of sex he was used to. Instead of being penetrated, he was penetrating Izaya. The vampire did all the work, but Tsuki had partook—evident by the aching muscles of his entire lower half. His genitals also had a pulse going throughout his cock and scrotums.

He remembered one thing in particular. “Ah, Roppi will surely kill you once he finds out about this infidelity of yours!”

That idea caused fear to course through Tsuki. Roppi threatened to kill Tsuki just for wanting to leave him. What would he do if Tsuki ‘cheated’ on him?

“You’ll need to eat lots of potato skins and venison.” Roppi said, seeming unaware of Tsuki’s inner feelings. “They’re high in iron.”

Tsuki felt his insides tremble with fear.

‘Is he not mad? He has to be mad. I…with Izaya-san…’

“Are you hungry?” Roppi reached out to touch him. “I—”

Tsuki flinched away violently. Such a movement hurt his muscles bad and he cringed in pain. The fear was more important, however, as he scooted away from Roppi.

Roppi’s eyes stretched wide. “I’m not going to hurt you, Tsuki.”

‘Yeah, right, you’re not going to hurt me. You can’t tell me you’re not mad.’

“You don’t need to be scared.”

‘You’re going to hurt me!’

“Izaya’s not going to touch you anymore. I’m making damn sure of that. You don’t need to be scared, Tsuki.”

Tsuki couldn’t look at him. He was too scared to look at him.

“I’ll go make you some food, okay?”

Roppi stood.

Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide. “W-wait!”

Roppi looked at him. “What?”

“Y-you-you’re not…m-mad?”

Roppi’s eyes widened. “Wait, were you actually scared of me? I thought you were jumpy because you were just raped, so—”

“You’re not mad? Even-even though Izaya-san and I…”

“You didn’t consent to it, did you?”

Tsuki shook his head. “N-no. I—he k-kissed me and it ta-tasted good. He said something about his saliva having some-some kind of e-effect. I d-don’t remember what…Aft-after that eve-everything gets f-fuzzy…”

“Yeah, that’s what aphrodisiacs do.” Roppi glanced to the side. “I’m not…mad. Not at you, at least. Izaya’s lucky I don’t tear his fucking throat out.”

“…I…I don’t think…I-Izaya-san isn’t in his ri-right mind…”

“That’s the only reason I haven’t killed him.” Roppi adverted his eyes. “He took Hibiya’s death hard. Shizuo and Toudai said they’re going to try working with him. Once Shizuo’s well enough, I’m going to talk to him about living arrangements. I’m not comfortable with Izaya staying here, but at the same time, it’s not fair to banish Shizuo in a foreign land.”

Tsuki fell quiet.

“I’ll go get you food, okay?” Roppi went to the door.


The raven left the room. Tsuki lied back down, letting out a sigh of relief.

Finally, by himself, his brows furrowing in sorrow. The gravity of the situation hit him. He was raped by someone other than Roppi. He was taken advantage of by another monster. What was worse, Tsuki’s first response wasn’t disgust or hatred towards Izaya for doing it. It was fear of Roppi’s wrath. Why was Tsuki so cowardly? Why couldn’t he defend himself properly?

Tsuki felt like he wanted to cry. But for a reason he couldn’t understand, his heart went numb instead. It felt like ice started developing in his system and that ice froze the tears before they could form.

‘Is it really my fault?’

Tsuki felt guilt form in his chest. Painful guilt that came with a choking agony of self-hatred.

‘If I hadn’t been nice to Hachimenroppi back when I was a kid…I had never seen him before. I should have gone and told my dad about the strange boy at the river. He was an outsider. I knew he wasn’t a part of the village so I should have been cautious. I should have gone into the forest and told my dad. At the very least, that would have made it so I never talked to Roppi.’

Tsuki clenched his teeth.

‘I shouldn’t have been so naïve. I should have been suspicious of him. I should have…This is really my fault, isn’t it?’

“He has to be a pure one! Chosen by the angels to suffer for the betterment of humanity! He has to be one!”

‘God…if there is even a God, is that really true? Was I born just to live this wretched life? Was it my fate to suffer at the hands of Hachimenroppi?’

That couldn’t be true. God wasn’t that cruel. He would never damn a single soul, even if it was for the better of the masses. It just wasn’t possible. Izaya had to have been lying.

But the sorrow that pooled in Tsuki’s chest told him it was true. With his mind being torn between conviction and doubt, Tsuki didn’t know what else to do. So, he simply buried his face in the pillow. He tried to cry but not even a single tear came forth.


“Hey,” The blond-haired priest stuck his head into Roppi and Tsuki’s pod. “Rubi’s ready.”

“Okay.” Roppi ruffled Tsuki’s hair. “I’ll be back in a few hours, alright?”

Tsuki couldn’t be bothered to look up at him. Roppi smiled a sad smile before leaning down. He kissed Tsuki’s head, ruffling his hair. Then stood. The raven left the room to go hunting with Rubi while Shizuo entered.

Tsuki couldn’t be bothered to look at the priest either. Or more so, he couldn’t bear to look at Shizuo.

“Ah, yeah. Just like that. You look just like Shizu-chan…”

“Ah, yeah! Like that, Shizu-chan! You’re so good!”

“Shizu-chan! Shizu-chan! Little Shizu-chan was raped by vampires…The poor boy was traumatized! Who wouldn’t be, when you were raped until bleeding then had your throat slit?”

“He was only fifteen at the time, but he was filled with so much spunk—in more ways than one, hahaha!”

“Now’s time for proper payment. So, swallow it all, Shizu-chan. Don’t let a single drop spill out.”

Tsuki’s memory was fuzzy. He barely remembered what he saw or felt, but he remembers what he heard. That was the only thing that was clear to him. Almost like a dream, Tsuki was able to recall everything near perfectly. And what he recalled made it impossible for him to look at the priest. Awkwardness and a little bit of anger seeped into his system just from his mere presence. It wasn’t Shizuo’s fault, but there was no changing the fact that Tsuki was made his substitute for Izaya’s sexual fantasies.

“Hi, Tsukishima.” Shizuo said in a soft voice. “I have some water for you.”

Tsuki glanced up at him before his gaze averted again. 

“I’ll leave it here.” The priest put it down on the stone in front of Tsuki’s bed.

“…Thank you…”

Tsuki sat up. He groaned and cringed as pain shot up his muscles. He clenched his teeth. Once the pain passed, Tsuki grabbed the canteen. He opened it, took a gracious gulp, and closed it again. He lied down, sighing.

“Would you like a sermon, Tsukishima?” Shizuo asked.

The blond didn’t respond.

“I’m sure Roppi never provided you a bible or anything. I’ll give you a prayer.”

“…I…don’t feel like praying.”

“…Are you sure? In moments of strenuous circumstances, faith may be your only salvation.”

‘Unless Orihara-san wasn’t lying.’

“I’m fine. I don’t fe-feel like it.”

Shizuo took on a sad expression. A quick glanced showed Tsuki that. “Have you…given up faith in God, Tsukishima?”

Tsuki looked down at the ground. He wasn’t sure what the answer was. Especially after what Izaya said. So instead of answering, Tsuki decided to ask a question.

“Father, what’s a ‘pure one’?” Tsuki asked.

Shizuo hesitated. “…Well, it’s nothing proven. It’s just in theory.”

Tsuki looked up at him.

“…Have you ever heard that a birthmark is an angel’s kiss?”


“Well, following that concept, they say that when an angel leaves a birthmark on someone, they bestow a fraction of their divinity on that baby. Supposedly, angels do this on purpose. See, angels decide who is born and who isn’t. They say the reason we have so many miscarriages in the world is because angels have to deliver the babies from heaven to the family. The first…thing a baby sees is an angel, in that respect.”

‘I’ve never heard of this before.’

“So, with that in mind, angels can see every babies’ future. From there, the angel can decide if the child should be born. If they’re life will be important to the world or something like that. By that logic, every life on this earth is essential—even the villains. Now, the theory is the angels make certain babies their chosen, for whatever reason. They’ll give a small fraction of their divinity to the baby. That baby will no doubt live a life of suffering at the hands of villain’s or they will become a villain to gather the masses.

“See,” Shizuo continued, “beings of this world aren’t able to handle divinity. It creates carnal desires and possessive behavior. Like when you see a rose and you want to pluck it to keep it for yourself. You know the rose is going to die, but you just have to have that beauty in your possession. It’s the same feeling when you come across a Pure One. Pure One’s…well, they may have noticed that everyone is kinder to them, and if someone isn’t kind, it’s to an extreme degree. They may have been considered a favorite child, while the person who fell in love with them becomes evil and possessive. They say that the more corrupt the person is, the viler they’ll be to the Pure One.”

“…S-so someone who says they love you, bu-but kidnaps and rapes you…”

“…That’s expected to happen to a Pure One. That corrupt individual may think they can be saved by the Pure One, so they’ll want to possess them. Like Sodom and Gomorrah, how the crowd wanted to rape the angels that came for Lot and his family. It’s the same thing.”

“…But…why w-would an angel chose someone to live li-like that?”

“…They say, it’s because that individual had a future that the angel didn’t like. Maybe that person would be the next messiah when he wasn’t needed. Maybe they would be the death of a city. For some reason, that angel didn’t like the life that person would live. So, they changed it by giving them some divinity. There’s also a possibility that the angel chose that person to suffer. To keep the peace of a civilization, they chose an individual to bear the hatred of the mass. A sacrificial scapegoat.”

Tsuki didn’t respond. ‘…So, an angel chose for me to live this life with Roppi-san? But why? I have been faithful to God. I never diverted from His righteous path. So why? Why me?’

“This is all in theory though, Tsukishima. There’s never been any proof of this kind of thing happening. Sometimes, bad things happen to good people. It could be the devil’s work, it could just be the way of the world. No one really knows why.”

‘It’s not the devil’s work if Roppi-san was born a werewolf, not turned!’

“God will guide you, Tsuki.”

‘God hasn’t guided me since I met Roppi. I’ve prayed and prayed and was never answered!’

Tsuki felt a hatred boiling in his chest. The ice that had made his system numb since this morning was melted in an instant, replaced by white-hot rage.

‘Why?! What have I done wrong?’

Tsuki clenched his teeth as he felt tears sting his eyes.

‘Why me? Why did I have to suffer for the world?’

“Personally, I don’t believe any of that ‘Pure One’ stuff.” Shizuo stated quickly. “God isn’t cruel. He is just and simple. He asks for nothing more than to be worshipped. He wouldn’t allow one child to suffer the sins of us all. He chose Jesus, his own son, to die for the sake of our salvation. He guided Jesus, and was there to provide comfort even as he feared the inevitable. These supposed ‘Pure One’s’ aren’t being guided. They aren’t messiah’s or the son of Christ. They are just poor souls who had a string of bad luck. For that reason, I don’t believe Pure One’s exist. If anything, that was just a rumor started by vampires to explain why some blood doesn’t become corrupted.”

“…Wh-why would vampires make such a rumor? They don-don’t believe in God.”

“Some do. After all, vampires were human’s once—the majority, at least. There are quite a few that are born, but vampirism is a disease. Anyway, as humans, they most-likely went to church and believed in the bible without question. And crosses can burn vampires if they’re silver or iron.”

‘But Izaya-san said he doesn’t burn to silver. Or was it iron?’ Tsuki glanced to the side. He couldn’t remember. It was a year ago, after all.

“I’m pretty sure vampires started that rumor. So, you shouldn’t believe much of it—especially now that Izaya’s mind is…” Shizuo’s gaze filled with depression before he shook his head. “You shouldn’t believe anything Izaya says right now.”

 Tsuki was quiet. ‘That’s…true, I guess.’

“…Is there um…” Shizuo cleared his throat. “Is there anything you want, Tsukishima?”

‘Changing the subject, huh?’

Tsuki felt a pit of bitterness fill his chest. As soon as he mentioned Izaya, the hatred he had been ignoring reared its ugly head.

Tsuki hesitated. He kept his eyes on the ground. “Hon-honestly, I’d like you to-to…go away.”

Shizuo jolted.

“I-Izaya-san will…if you’re around me, Izaya-san will be m-mad.”

“Izaya…That’s why I’m staying here with you. You’re not to be left alone while Izaya’s still here.”

Tsuki didn’t respond.

“Once my wounds are healed, I’ll talk to Roppi about what to do. Izaya can’t stay here, and I can’t leave him. So, you don’t have to worry too much. I’ll…I’m not sure what we’ll do, but Izaya and I will move on from here.”

“…You…Father, I don’t think you-you should be alone with Izaya-san e-either.”

“Thank you for your concern, but I’ll be okay. Izaya would never hurt me.”

“That’s not wh-what he said last night.”

Shizuo stiffened. Tsuki saw it in his peripheral. “…What do you mean?”

“He…He said a lot of things…about you. Said-said when you were fifteen, you were…by vampires, you…and your throat was sl-slit. He said he saved your life like that…”

“…He…told you that?” Shizuo’s voice became thick with emotions.

Tsuki was surprised to hear the strong man’s voice waver. He looked up. The expression on the Father’s face. Shizuo looked like he was going to cry. However, he refused it as he closed his eyes tight shut and shook his head.

‘So Izaya-san was telling the truth.’ Tsuki glanced to the side. ‘After all the conversations I’ve heard and had with him, it seems as if Izaya-san doesn’t lie.’

Shizuo cleared his throat but said nothing. Most-likely he was keeping the emotions down.

“…Um, Father. I know I-Izaya-san saved you, b-but you can-can’t live your life mi-mistaking gratitude as love.”

“I know that already.” Shizuo’s voice thickened with a growl. Tsuki stiffened. “Father Shiki told me that a million times now!”

“I-I’m sorry!”

Fear pooled in Tsuki’s chest. He tried to tell himself not to be scared. It was Shizuo—a priest—after all. But Shizuo was also a werewolf. With Roppi as his only example, it was entirely possible Shizuo would hurt him for saying something he didn’t like.

“No, I’m sorry.” Shizuo reached a hand out. “I didn’t mean to yell—”

Tsuki flinched away. Shizuo recoiled instantly. Tsuki swallowed hard, trying to stop himself from trembling.

“I’m sorry, Tsuki.” Shizuo said in a much calmer voice.

“…Please, just go away…”

“…It’s not safe for you to be alone.”

“And I’m supposed to be safe with you?” Tsuki glared up at him, the sudden malice causing Shizuo’s eyes to widen in shock. “No offense, but Izaya-san used me as your substitute. So, you’re honestly the last person I want to see.”

Shizuo jolted, eye going wide. “Substi…”

Tsuki glared at the ground. “He said he…he wanted to dominate you in the past. But because you were tra-traumatized, he allowed you to play the dominate role. He said you never repaid the favor. He…called me Shizu-chan while he choked me…”

“Izaya wouldn’t do that. You’re lying.”

Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide as the words cut through him like a knife. He looked up at Shizuo with that expression of hurt, horror, and shock. The priest immediately looked regrettable.

“No, I didn’t mean to say that.”

Tsuki clenched his teeth as tears pooled.

“Tsuki, I—”

“Just leave me alone.” Tsuki lied down on the bed. He pulled the blanket over his head. “Go away already.”


“All you’ve done since you’ve got here is made everything worse!” Tsuki screamed. “Just get away from me already!”

Shizuo went silent. For a long moment, nothing happened. Then Tsuki heard Shizuo shuffle.

“I’ll just…” Shizuo started. “I’ll just close your room off so Izaya can’t get in.”

Tsuki didn’t respond. He heard Shizuo walk away. Soon after, the sound of rock rubbing against rock could be heard before the boulder clacked against the wall. Tsuki moved the blanket off his head to see he was alone and locked in his room.

Cold air blew over him. A shock of fear went throughout his body, thinking it was vampire breathe. He quickly looked up. He then glowered when he stared at the source. The damn split in the wall was blowing air again. Tsuki glowered before tucking under the blankets.

‘I’m lying, huh? Like I was lying about Roppi? Even after a god damn year of this hell, he still takes the side of the monsters. Shizuo’s no priest. He’s just a wolf in sheep’s clothing.’

Tsuki clenched his teeth as tears finally blurred his vision. They streamed from his eyes, trailing over his nose and towards his temple to stain the pillow.

‘He even saw what Izaya did to me! I know I heard his voice! I know he was there! But he’s going to believe the man who raped me! He’s not one with God! All he cares about is that fucking vampire!’

Tsuki finally broke down. He started sobbing as his form began to tremble.

‘I’m still all alone. No one’s going to help me. No one’s going to save me.’

Tsuki tucked his knees to his chest. Doing so hurt his muscles but he didn’t care. He needed to hug himself—he needed to hug the only person who would ever give him comfort.

‘Not Father Shizuo. Not Delic-Nii. Not even God.’

Chapter Text

Tsuki doesn’t remember falling asleep. But he woke to the sound of the boulder being moved.

“—Not to close the room off!”

“I’ve been sitting in the main cave this whole time. Izaya hasn’t even come out of his room.”

“I don’t care! I don’t want to take the risk! Who knows what kind of vampire magic the fucker’s got!”

“Oh, you have a vampire here.”

Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide to hear a female voice.

“I’ve never seen one before. Is it true they can evaporate into mist? Or turn into swarms of bats and rats?”

‘Who is that?’ Tsuki sat upright. ‘Why is a woman here?’

Roppi didn’t enter the room. He peaked in to make sure Tsuki was okay then turned back around. He walked off.

It was night now, so the room was pitch black until Roppi opened the door. The firepit was ablaze and lit the room from the entrance. Tsuki reached over and turned up the flame of his lantern. He then stood. His back lit with pain. It wasn’t near as potent as the original agony, but it was still enough to make his mind spin. He clenched his teeth and did his best to ignore it. However, it was too much for him and he was only able to make it to the entrance. Sitting on his knees, he leaned out to see what was going on.

A woman stood by the fire. Her hair was long and black, but her back was to Tsuki, so he didn’t know what she looked like. Although, Tsuki wasn’t worried about that. The woman was currently bent over…and naked as she pulled on a pair of stockings.

Tsuki gasped, blushed and leaned back to be hidden by the door-boulder. He covered his mouth as his cheeks burned. He’d never seen the thing which showed the difference between a man and a woman. But he definitely got a clear view of shaven feminine folds.

‘Waaah!’ Tsuki’s cheeks hurt, he was blushing so bad.

“So…” Toudai’s voice resounded. “Are introductions going to be made or is that not important?”

“…Well, um,” Rubi started. “We actually don’t know her name.”

“Oh, its Kanra.” The woman’s voice was chip and springy. She obviously had no shame about being naked. “I came across your Alpha’s hunting and thought I’d give them a hand.”

“Yeah, you should thank her.” Roppi said. “She caught us that boar.”

“I’ve always been good about bringing home the bacon.”

Roppi chuckled. “So, she’s entitled to a free meal and a night’s stay, I would think.”

“Other than the fact that we don’t know her.” Toudai voiced.

“…Are you human?” the woman asked. Tsuki then heard her sniff. “The wolf scent masked your nasty human musk.”

Tsuki leaned out to peak. Toudai did not look amused as he stood with his arms crossed on the other side of the room.

The woman was fully clothed now, however, Tsuki wouldn’t consider her covered at all. She wore a garter belt and stocking and some form of panties that looked no different than a string on her hips. Tsuki could see that because her ‘pants’ were way too short. They seemed to only hide her erogenous zone, and even then, the jean was riding up her tushy. Her back, stomach and arms were completely exposed. The only thing that was covered was her breasts, hidden by a tight-fitting thing that looked like nothing more than straps with breast pockets.

The woman was very beautiful. Tsuki would admit as she turned to look at Roppi. Tsuki saw her face and surely, she was pretty. Brown eyes, full red lips, and a small nose. And body-wise, she was also stunning. Her stomach was flat, her hips were voluptuous, and her breasts were small. Tsuki was awestruck for a moment.

She saw Tsuki out of her peripheral and turned to look at him fully. Tsuki jolted and felt his cheeks warm again. He waved hello sheepishly. She smiled politely and waved back. Roppi noticed and glanced as well.

“That’s Tsukishima.” Roppi said.

“You didn’t mention him before. Nor that other human.”

“Well, you only asked who was part of our pack.”

“Oh, are they just visiting then?”

“No. They’re…well, they’re members of the pack but they’re not werewolves.”

“Ah. So, a pack of five werewolves, a vampire, and two humans. What an unusual bunch.”

 “…Yeah, you could say that.”

Kanra chuckled. “Well, I will admit, your female is quite pretty.” She gestured to Toudai. “I’m sure she’ll make beautiful children.”

Toudai’s eyes narrowed even more. “Excuse me to disappoint, however, I am male.”

Kanra’s eyes widened. “Oh! Your baggy clothes are misleading. Your face is quite effeminate.”

“Yes, I am aware. You are not the first to make that mistake.”

“That’s comforting.” Kanra smiled.

“Here, Roppi.” Rubi called. “Cook this up while I butcher this.”

Rubi sat close to the mouth of the cave as he held out a plate of pork meat. While the group had been talking, Rubi had torn off one of the boars hindlegs and had cut away most of the meat from the bone. Roppi walked over and grabbed the plate.

Roppi then put his thumb and index finger in his mouth and blew. Out his mouth came a piercing whistle that echoed and burnt the ears of everyone, even Toudai and Tsuki.

“Shitsuo, Sakuraya!”

“Yes?” Shitsuo called from his room.

“Grab some potatoes!”


The two were in the main cavern within minutes, holding what Roppi asked. Sakuraya was only in his yukata, which drooped to expose his chest.

“Oh.” Kanra voiced.

“What?” Roppi looked at him.

“With the name Sakuraya, I assumed the individual was female.”

“Oh. No.”

“Are there only males in your pack?”


“Why don’t you have a female?”

“Well…that’s a bit complicated.”

“…Alright.” Kanra shrugged.

Kanra sat down. She looked over her shoulder at Tsuki. She smiled kindly and beckoned for Tsuki to come over. Tsuki blushed, stiffened, and ducked back inside his room. The blond knew that was a little rude, but he wasn’t sure if he could strike a conversation with a woman when he saw all of her…ahem.

“Awe, he’s shy.” She cooed. “That’s so cute.”

“Yeah, Tsuki’s adorable.” Roppi voiced.

‘They seem to be getting along.’ Tsuki thought.

He felt annoyed by that. He didn’t know why, but a part of him wanted this Kanra chick to leave. Such a desire made no sense and was beyond rude. It wasn’t as if she did something to warrant that, other than be nice to Roppi. Isn’t that a good thing? Roppi won’t be in a bad mood with that as the case, so Tsuki should be happy.

Tsuki peaked out again. Kanra was talking to Roppi in a quieter voice, so Tsuki couldn’t hear what she was saying. She was doing that because she was leaning close to him. There was no reason for her to speak loudly when she was that close.

Tsuki clenched his fists. She did not need to be that close!

‘Hey, back off Roppi-san!’ Tsuki glared. ‘He’s min…’

Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide to the thought. He leaned back into the room, turning around completely to sit against the boulder.

‘I did not just…I’m not jealous, am I?’

Tsuki felt his hands starting to shake. Horror took over his being.

‘No. No, no, no! I’m not…jealous…I’m not—this isn’t jealously. It’s anger.’

Tsuki glowered at the floor.

‘Roppi-san went through all this just to keep me by his side. If he were to get swept away by some woman, then this whole year…all of my suffering would have been for nothing.’

Tsuki swallowed hard. Just the thought made his stomach flop.

‘Roppi loves me, so it’s not like he would pursue a woman anyway.’

“Oh, what’s this?” Tsuki jolted when he heard Orihara Izaya’s voice. “What’s this? A woman? What, did Roppi kidnap you too?”

“Oi! No!” Roppi growled. “She helped us hunt, you shithead! So, we’re offering her a meal and a place to sleep before she goes on her way.”

“Haha, I’m sure that’s what Hachimenryu did too.”

There was a brief silence. Tsuki poked his head out to see Roppi glaring daggers at the vampire who had just come out of the hallway.

“It’s all completely harmless to offer shelter to a beautiful dame.” Izaya mused, smiling from ear to ear. “Thus, making it very easy to ask for more compensation later. ‘Pay me with your body’, as the phrase goes. Like father, like son, I see.”

“What are you on about?” Kanra asked.

“Oh, of course, Roppi wouldn’t tell you before inviting you to our humble abode. Him and his lovely brother,” Izaya gestured to Rubi, who twitched and stared at Izaya wide-eyed. “Are products of rape. In fact, Rubi’s birth was a similar situation to yours right now!” Izaya smiled with pure glee. “She was looking for a night’s rest so Hachimenryu offered her sanctuary. Then promptly raped her!”

“…Huh. Showing me your dirty laundry as the first conversation. What a way to introduce yourself.”

Izaya tilted his head in confusion, although he was still smiling. “Not the response of an intelligent woman.”

“Intelligence has nothing to do with it. I’m not scared.”

“Even though there are eight men who could easily pin you down?”

“Actually, there are only about four. I’m not scared of a spindly vampire nor weak, meager humans. And he,” She pointed a thumb at Shizuo, “absolutely reeks of infection. He couldn’t overpower me with whatever wounds he’s got. However, the moment they exposed their humans to me is the moment they revealed their weakness. If they want to hurt me, then I’ll kill their humans without question.” She smiled happily. “I’ll do what I have to to defend myself. I’m not so stupid, see?”

“How savage.” Izaya chuckled.

Kanra giggled. “Well, to add to my safety, can’t rape me if I want it.”

Tsuki jolted. Roppi looked at her with a cock brow. “…Flattered(?) But I didn’t think sex was on the table when I invited you for dinner.”

“Yeah, I wasn’t going to bring it up till I knew your personalities better. But you and Rubi…well, you may have shit lineage, but you have good genes.” She smiled at Roppi. “You two are very pretty. See, that’s actually the only reason I was out and about.”

“…You were looking for a male to fuck?”

“Not like that.” She waved dismissively. “See, my pack is strictly female. When our girls come to age, we’ll go through a rumspringa. We run around to do our own thing for a little bit. And during that time, it’s expected for us to find some male werewolves to continue the species. If the baby’s female, then I’ll take it back to my pack. If it’s male, the alpha who impregnated me will keep it. But no strings attached or anything like that. I’m not going to be anyone’s life mate. I won’t be sticking around after the babies born, so if you get clingy, sucks to be you.”

Tsuki immediately stiffened. ‘Oi! Don’t tempt him!’

“Huh.” Roppi started. “Well ain’t tha—”

“…Why is Tsukishima still alive?” Izaya voiced.

Tsuki jolted, eyes going wide.

“Izaya…” Shizuo started.

“I can still hear his stupid thoughts. Why isn’t he dead yet?”

“The hell are you on about?” Roppi growled.

“I mean, he cheated on you. I was certain you would have killed him for that.”

“Why the fuck would I do that when you drugged him? If anything, I should kill you, you filthy bloodsucker.”

“Eh~? But does that change the fact he enjoyed himself?”

“Shizuo, you better get rid of him now before I tear his fucking head off.”

“Aha! You really think you’re scary, Roppi-kun, don’t you? But you’re not! All I see is a scared little boy who has daddy issues!”

“Izaya, go back to your room!” Shizuo yelled.

Tsuki peeked to see the blond priest was physically shoving Izaya down the hall. The two disappeared into their room.

Kanra whistled as if impressed. “I heard that vampires were shit-talking troublemakers. Seems like they weren’t wrong.”

“Just ignore him. His mind’s slipping anyway.”

“Is that why? Probably from being alive for too long. Being a vampire seems like a miserable existence.”

“Can concur.” Roppi put the meat on the pan with a sizzle.

Tsuki stared for a moment, then cast his gaze to the ground and sat back. ‘Orihara-san wants me dead. And no doubt Shizuo-san is going to take his side still.’

Tsuki let out a sigh of defeat. He didn’t feel like eavesdropping anymore, so he stood and went back to his bed. He lied down under the pelts.

In ten minutes, Roppi came into the room.

“Here, Tsuki.” Roppi walked over. “I mixed the venison with the pork so you can eat something different but still get your iron intake. Make sure to eat your potato skins.”

Tsuki didn’t respond. Instead, he sat up. Roppi knelt down and handed him the plate.

“Th-thank you.” Tsuki said.

Roppi smiled and ruffled the blonde’s hair. He then kissed his forehead.

“Let me know if you want more, okay?”

With that, Roppi stood. Tsuki’s eyes widened as his chest knotted. ‘He always eats with me.’

Roppi left the room and immediately began chatting again. He couldn’t hear what he was saying but he heard his voice. A moment later, he then heard Kanra’s voice.

‘He’d rather talk to her than sit here with me?’

Tsuki clenched his fists as he glared at the ground.

‘You better not do this to me! You can’t do this to me! Make me suffer this whole year, hurting me and saying you love me! You can’t do that then go and sleep with someone else! What, you get tired of me, so you move on? Dump me like yesterday’s garbage?’

Tsuki’s imagination started to go rampant. A pit of fear swirled in his stomach at the thought of Roppi losing interest in him. He chooses that Kanra woman, then tells Tsuki to get out. The blond would have been happy about that if he wasn’t left in the mountain with no food, no water, and no money---so, even if he made it back to the port city 16 days away, he’d have no way of getting home.

The scariest part of all of that? It was entirely possible. Roppi was cruel and only thought of himself. The moment he got bored with Tsuki was the moment he would abandon Tsuki. It’s entirely possible he wouldn’t even kill him. Killing him would be too much effort. He would just toss Tsuki out.

Being abandoned, after enduring everything—everything Roppi put him through—terrified Tsuki more than his death at Roppi’s hands.

That thought made him lose his appetite entirely. He put his food down before his shaking hands dropped it. He brought his knees to his chest and hugged himself.

‘He…wouldn’t do that to me, would he? Not after being obsessed with me for ten years. Not after everything he’s done this last year. He can’t…’

Tsuki buried his face in his knees.

‘Please, don’t leave me, Roppi-san.’

Tsuki sat like that for so long. He didn’t know how long, but eventually, Roppi came back into the room to check on him.

“Hey, why didn’t you eat anything?” Roppi asked.

Tsuki didn’t respond, didn’t even look up at him.

“Hey.” Roppi’s voice was soft and caring as he knelt down in front of him. His hand touched Tsuki’s hair. “Are you okay?”

Tsuki glanced up. Roppi’s brows furrowed before it softened with understanding. He sat down by Tsuki, pressing himself against the blonde’s side. He wrapped one arm around the blond to hug him close. He kissed Tsuki’s head.

“It’ll be okay, Tsuki. I won’t let Izaya hurt you. I promise, I’ll protect you.”

‘…That’s not why I’m…’

Tsuki’s eyes widened with realization. That definitely should be the reason Tsuki was upset. Izaya blatantly questioned why Tsuki was still alive. Izaya even stated: “I hope Roppi kills you.” Tsuki should be scared for his life. But no. Tsuki was upset at the notion of Roppi getting close to Kanra.

Tsuki’s vision became complacent. ‘Izaya-san said he wouldn’t dirty his hands with my blood. He said it was the most fitting to have Roppi kill me. He won’t kill me…will he?’

Tsuki leaned against Roppi.

‘There’s something wrong with me. Izaya-san want’s me dead and all I care about is Roppi talking to some girl.’

Roppi kissed his head again.

‘But I don’t want Roppi to leave me…’

Roppi bumped his head with his.

“How’s your body? Are you feeling any better?”

“…Yeah.” Tsuki said, looking at him.

Their eyes met. Roppi’s eyes widened and Tsuki saw his pale cheeks turn a little red. Tsuki’s own cheeks warm at the realization.

“M-my back doesn’t hurt that bad any-anymore.” Tsuki smiled softly at him.

“That’s good to hear.” Roppi glanced down bashfully. “I’ll give you a massage later.”

Tsuki stared at him. A desperation started to grow in his chest. Or maybe it was a hidden desire Tsuki never wanted to notice. But Tsuki wanted Roppi to stay. He didn’t want Roppi to go back to Kanra.

Tsuki bumped his forehead against Roppi’s. “Why not n-now?”

Roppi’s eyes stretched wide. His cheeks burned with intensity as he jolted back. “Um, that, Tsu-Tsuki, we have a guest over. That is…um…”

‘What, you’d rather spend more time with your guest than with me?’

Tsuki wrapped his arms around Roppi’s neck. The blond pulled himself to his knees—the muscles in his lower back spasming in pain, but he ignored it—and straddled Roppi’s legs. The raven looked at him wide-eyed and blushing. Tsuki pressed his lips over the werewolf’s.

Roppi jolted, grabbing Tsuki’s biceps. However, he didn’t push the blond away. He just held him. Tsuki shoved his tongue into Roppi’s mouth. The two inhaled as their cheeks flushed. Tsuki lowered his hips to grind his crotch against Roppi’s stomach.

Roppi broke the kiss, staring up at Tsuki wide-eyed. “Tsu-Tsuki!”

“D-don’t you want me?” Tsuki smiled down at him. A pit of self-disgust flooded into his chest, but he did his best to ignore it.

Roppi stared at him with uncertainty. Then he glanced to the side. “You’re still in pain, though, aren’t you?”

‘Stop pretending to care.’ Tsuki felt hatred boil in his chest.

The blond reached down. He rubbed his hand against Roppi’s crotch. The werewolf jolted. “Tsuki!”

‘Go on. Accept me. This is a golden opportunity for you. Why the hell are you hesitating?’

Tsuki slid down Roppi’s legs. He began undoing Roppi’s pants, his face hovering close to the werewolf’s crotch.

Roppi pushed on Tsuki’s shoulders. The blonde’s eyes stretched wide. He looked up at Roppi. He wasn’t sure what kind of face he had, but he knew his form was a puddle of desperation and rejection.

‘Would you really rather do it with a woman than with me?’

“Just…wait a second, Tsuki.” Roppi said.

The raven then shimmied out from under Tsuki. He stood and rushed over to the crate. He opened it and pulled out a blanket, pillow and spare pelts. He carried all of the items out of the room.

‘Please don’t do this to me, Roppi-san. Don’t tell me this whole year was a waste of time for you. Don’t tell me, after everything you’ve done to me, that I was that easy to throw away!’

Tsuki pushed himself to his feet. He rushed to the door, stopping short just behind the boulder so no one saw him. He leaned close to eavesdrop.

“…be warm enough?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine.” Kanra said.

“We’ll talk more in the morning.”

“We better. I think you and I have a lot to discuss.”

‘What do you have to discuss? Roppi-san wouldn’t take up your offer!’

“Yeah. Night, Kanra-kun.”

Kanra held back a laugh. “Ah, you were never taught how to use honorifics, were you? ‘Kun’ is meant for boys.”

Roppi was quiet for a second. “Well, I don’t want to call you ‘chan’.”

“I appreciate that. Hm…You know what, Kanra-kun’s fine. Goodnight, Roppi-san.”

‘Don’t call him that! That’s what I call him!’

“Night.” Roppi said.

Tsuki heard Roppi’s bare feet echo against the ground. In the next moment, he was in the ‘bedroom’. His eyes widened to see Tsuki standing behind the boulder. However, he didn’t ask. Instead, Roppi grabbed the boulder and rolled it in front of the door. The two were closed in.

Roppi turned around. “Tsu—”

Tsuki knelt before Roppi. He quickly unfastened the werewolf’s pants.

“Tsuki, wait!” The raven grabbed Tsuki by his hair but did nothing to stop him.

The blond pulled out Roppi’s half-hard erection. He stared at it for a moment, nausea hitting him at the idea of what he was going to do next. He swallowed it down. He had to. Because he had to do this.

Tsuki licked the member.

“Nn!” Roppi voiced, jolting.

‘Sweaty…’ Tsuki tried to ignore it.

The blond licked Roppi’s cock, up and down the length. He lathered it up accordingly. Once he was satisfied with how wet it was, Tsuki put his mouth over the tip. The member pulsed in his mouth, becoming harder and harder with the little stimulation given. Tsuki brought his mouth down, down, down the cock until half of it sat in his mouth. Thanks to Izaya’s demands, the blond was able to stomach more of Roppi in his orifice before his gag reflexes hit. Tsuki then sucked hard, hollowing out his cheeks to squeeze the member.

“Where did you learn to do that?” Roppi growled.

Tsuki didn’t respond. Instead he pulled his mouth back until only the tip was in his mouth. He rubbed his tongue over the urethra, then pushed his mouth back down it. Back and forth, back and forth, Tsuki sucked on Roppi’s rock-hard cock. Roppi’s hand found purchase in Tsuki’s hair, holding the blond locks softly. His head was tilted back, and he was panting. Every once in a while, he would thrust his hips into Tsuki’s mouth.

Tsuki stopped, pulling his mouth off. A string of saliva and precum attached Roppi’s cock to Tsuki’s tongue. The blond panted heavily, letting out a soft cough. Roppi looked down at him. Tsuki smiled at him with false adoration.

“Did Izaya teach you that?” Roppi glowered.

Tsuki smiled still before he adverted his eyes. He then put his mouth over the member again.

“Tsuki…” Roppi started. He grabbed the blonde’s head with both hands, softly rubbing Tsuki’s hair. “I already told you, I’m not mad about what happened between you and Izaya. I know you did nothing wrong, so you don’t have to treat me.”

Tsuki didn’t respond. ‘If I don’t do this, you’ll leave me for that woman.’

“It’s really okay, Tsuki.”

Tsuki bobbed his head still. ‘Don’t leave me for that woman, please.’

Tsuki took his mouth off again. He swallowed hard, the inside of his mouth feeling sticky from the pre-cum. The blond then fisted the member as he looked up at Roppi with a smile.

“You wan-want to put it in, right?” Tsuki asked.

Roppi’s eye widened as he blushed. “Tsuki…”

“We-we’ll do you favorite position!” Tsuki stood.

“Tsuki, wait…”

The blond ignored him as he rushed over to the bed. He grabbed the jar of lubricant and went over to the crate. He then set the jar on the wood. He grabbed his pants and began undoing them.

“Tsuki, we really don’t have to do this.”

‘Yes, I do! You’ll abandon me otherwise!’

Tsuki kicked the pants off. He then sat back on the crate and spread his legs wide. He grabbed the lubricant and put two fingers in the lavender gel. He rubbed his fingers over his entrance, encircling the hole. He then pushed both of them in. It hurt, but he refused to let it show on his face. He just grabbed his shirt as he forced the fingers inside to the knuckle. He spread himself wide. His body wasn’t ready for that at all but Tsuki didn’t care. He didn’t want Roppi to lose interest.

Roppi was watching intently, a strange expression of confliction on his face. His cheeks were flushed with arousal and his lips were pursed with anticipation. But his brows were furrowed with doubt.

‘Don’t look like that, come on! I’m trying so hard here!’

Tsuki decided he teased himself enough. The blond rolled over so he was standing, bent over the box. He then raised one leg to rest his knee on the box. Roppi liked this position because the raised leg made Tsuki so tight. Although, Roppi’s most favorite position was to be facing each other. However, Tsuki didn’t want to face Roppi right now. He wasn’t confident his hidden motive wouldn’t show on his face.

“Come-come on.” Tsuki smiled over his shoulder, reaching back to spread his entrance open with his two fingers. “You-you want me, don’t you?”

‘Me and not her.’

Roppi swallowed hard. He then walked over. He stood an inch away from Tsuki.

“Are you—are you sure you want to do this?” Roppi asked. “You’re still hurting from yesterday, aren’t you?”

Tsuki pushed his hips back. Roppi’s hard cock rubbed in between his ass cheeks, gliding over the hole.

“Don’t you want me?” Tsuki asked.

Roppi put his hands on Tsuki’s hips. “Of course, I do. I just—”

“Then come get me.” Tsuki smiled at him. “Pu-put your hard cock inside me and stir-stir me up.”

Roppi’s eyes stretched wide.

‘What am I saying?’ Tsuki thought as a vile pit of disgust grabbed his stomach.

Roppi stared for a moment, then looked down at the spot where they would be connected. He then pulled his hips back and aligned his cock to Tsuki’s hole. In the next second, he thrusted in.

“Ah!” Tsuki faced front as his eyes went wide.

White hot pain scorched through Tsuki’s backside. His body wasn’t ready for something that big to be pushed in so suddenly so deeply.

‘What am I doing?’

“Hah! Ah, uh!” Tsuki rested his chest against the crate, fists clenched and shaking.

“Tsuki…” Roppi growled.

The werewolf was completely sheathed inside the blond. He put his hands on either side of Tsuki as he paused—allowing Tsuki to get used to the penetration.

“Are you alright?” Roppi asked.

“F-fine…” Tsuki groaned.

“Tsuki.” Roppi kissed the back of the blonde’s head. “I promise, I’m not mad about Izaya. You don’t have to be scared. I’m not going to hurt you or anything.”

Tsuki didn’t say anything for a long moment. He then looked over his shoulder. “Do-do you love me?”

Roppi eyes widened as he jolted. “Of-of course, I do!”

“You really love me, don’t you?”

“Of course!”

Tsuki smiled. “Then-then it-it’s okay. This is okay. Be-because I…I…”

Tsuki couldn’t say it. Tsuki couldn’t let those poisonous words leave his mouth. He couldn’t reciprocate Roppi’s feelings, even if it was a lie.

Because if Tsuki said such a thing aloud, the blond wasn’t sure if it would be a lie anymore.

Roppi’s eyes stretched wide. He then smiled with pure happiness. “You were going to say you love me too, right?”

Tsuki didn’t respond.

“It-it’s okay!” Roppi lied over Tsuki, wrapping his arms around the blond and hugging him close. “You don’t have to say it now! I know it’s embarrassing! Just knowing you feel the same is enough for me!”

‘No, this is wrong.’

Roppi thrust.


“I love you, Tsuki.”

‘I don’t feel the same. I can’t feel the same. I don’t want Roppi to leave me because…because I’ll die without him. I can’t survive in the middle of winter by myself—but I’ve been trying to get away from him all winter long. Why is now different?’

Tsuki felt his blood grow cold at that thought. The blonde’s thought process had been nothing but contradiction since Kanra showed up. Tsuki had tried so hard to escape, without food, without water. He even tried to kill himself to get away! So…why now? Why is Tsuki scared of dying now? That couldn’t be the reason he was seducing Roppi. If that was the reason, Tsuki should have been seducing Roppi from the beginning, not fighting him and running whenever he had a chance.

No, Tsuki wasn’t doing this because he was scared of dying. That wasn’t it.

Then what was the reason?

Tsuki began to shake. ‘No, what am I doing? Why am I doing this? I don’t want to!’

Tsuki clenched his teeth. His nails dug into his hand as frustration took over his being.

‘But if I don’t, that Kanra woman might take Roppi-san away from me…’

Tsuki felt tears sting his eyes.

‘Please, don’t take Roppi-san away. If you do that, then everything would be for nothing. Roppi’s love, the beatings, the rapes. It would all be for nothing. Please, don’t tell me I suffered for so long just to be thrown away.’

Tsuki swallowed down his sobs. He didn’t want Roppi to hear him crying.

‘Please, don’t leave me, Roppi-san. I…I’ll love you properly from now on. I promise! Just don’t leave me! Because I…’

“Ah, ah!” Tsuki tilted his head down as Roppi’s thrusts became harder, their skin slapping together. “Oh! Ah! Hah!”

‘I think I’m in love with you…’

Chapter Text

Tsuki groaned as he opened his eyes. He was lying on the pelts, the fur of a bear pressed against his face. Sunlight shined in from the open bedroom door.

But Tsuki noticed something immediately—Roppi wasn’t there. The blond sat up and looked around himself. True enough, Tsuki was alone in the cavern. He felt his heart clench in pain and his stomach knot with fear.

‘Why isn’t he here? We—last night, Izaya-san wanted me dead. Why would he leave me alone? Where is he?’

Tsuki sat up. His back spasmed in pain. His hands immediately began to shake from the pain.

“Ow…Ow…” Tsuki whined.

The blond groaned. He pushed himself to sit on his knees, leaning heavily on his arms with his head tilted down.  He then looked around. His clothes had gone missing. For obvious reasons, the blond was lying naked on the pelts. After their session on the crate, Roppi moved them to the ‘bed’ and spent quite a few hours ravishing Tsuki.

“I love you, Tsuki!” “I love you!” “Fuck, I love you so much!”

Tsuki felt his heart flutter with a strange sensation. Was if elation? Happiness? Disgust? Shame? Tsuki had trouble telling. Maybe he was happy. Maybe he was ashamed. Maybe he was ashamed because he was happy. All he really knew was that he was happy while his head was in turmoil.

‘I don’t know…Roppi-san really loves me. He’s said it so many times. Things were rough before but recently, he’s been really nice. He’s been treating me better. I haven’t thought about suicide in a while. I think…I think I can…’

Tsuki closed his eyes tight shut.

‘Can I love Roppi-san?’

His eyes opened with complacency.

‘I know he loves me. So, I don’t need to feel threatened by Kanra-san. I can…I need to tell him. I need to tell him properly what I’m feeling. If I do, I’m sure I’ll feel more at ease around Kanra-san and maybe I’ll understand this feeling more.’

Tsuki looked up.

‘I need to tell Roppi-san.’

With that in mind, Tsuki looked around. He shimmied over to the edge of the bed and reached into his duffle bag. Said duffle—given to him by Roppi—had his clean clothes in it. He pulled out a pair of pants and a button up. As quickly as his sore muscles would allow, Tsuki pulled the clothes on. He then found a pair of socks, tugged them on, then tugged on his shoes.

Tsuki grabbed his cloak and hugged it around himself. He then forced himself to his feet. He stumbled for a moment, but kept his footing and went to the door. He stepped around the boulder.

Immediately, Tsuki felt his heart clench when he couldn’t see Roppi. Around the fire was Toudai, Rubi, and Shizuo. Sakuraya and Shitsuo were missing—no surprise, they were probably in their room—but so was Roppi. Tsuki looked around for a quick moment. At the mouth of the cave was Izaya, basking in the sunlight. Tsuki’s eyes widened at the sight.

‘I thought vampire’s burned to sunlight.’

“Morning, Tsukishima.” Shizuo said. “Are you hungry?”

Tsuki looked at the priest. “Y-yeah…”

“We have some bacon and hash browns.” Rubi said. “Come dish up.”

“Th-thank you…” Tsuki walked over.

The blond knelt down across the fire from the three who sat around it. He grabbed himself a few strips of bacon and a small block of hash browns. He then grabbed a fork.

“U-um…” Tsuki started.

The three looked at him.

“I um…I thought um…I thought vampires burned under sunlight. B-but…” Tsuki looked over his shoulder at Izaya.

“Oh.” Shizuo started. “Yeah. It’s a bit complicated. Izaya is what’s known as a half-vampire.”

Tsuki eyes widened. “H-half? S-so, his mother was a human?”

“Oh, no. That’s a dhampir. Hibiya was a dhampir. Izaya’s parents were vampires.”

Tsuki was confused. “B-but Hibiya and Iz-Izaya were brothers, right?”

“Yes. Half-brothers. They had different mothers.”


“Yeah, so when two vampires have a baby, the baby will be a half-vampire. The half-vampire has the senses of a vampire—so night vision, advanced hearing and taste and smell. They have wings and are just as hard to kill as normal vampires. Dhampir’s are basically humans, even if they inherit their vampiric bloodline, so if you stab a dhampir, they’re going to bleed out and die. Half-vampires can be stabbed and bludgeoned and live to tell the tale without question. I’m sure you’ve heard before, that the only way to kill a vampire is to cut their head off and bury the body separate from it?”

“Y-yeah. Or-or death by fi-fire.”

“Right, right. So, half-vampires are the reason thzt way of execution exists. Burning a half-vampire won’t really kill them unless the flame is hot enough to reduce them to ash before they manage to get free. The best way to kill a half-vampire is to decapitate them or take out their heart.”

“Do-does de-decap-decap—cutting of their head not kill a vam-vampire? A full vampire?”

“It does, yeah. Vampire and half-vampires are very hard to distinguish from each other. There’s only about two ways you can tell them apart. Half-vampires don’t have any allergies, so sunlight and silver don’t harm them. And half-vampires don’t have to drink blood.”

Tsuki jolted. “The-they don’t?”

Shizuo shook his head. “See, vampire’s only become blood-suckers because of the demon that saved them. I’m sure you’ve heard how vampire’s are born right? Or made?”

“M-made, yeah. I-I didn’t know they could be bo-born. But-but they’re made when a human ge-gets drained until death, right?”

“No, that’s actually not the case.”

Tsuki’s eyes widened.

“The fact that you’re not a vampire is proof of that. Vampire’s usually drain their victims dry because they’ll hear the thoughts of their victims forever, otherwise.”

“I-I know that. Izaya-san told…” Tsuki fell quiet. The last time Tsuki talked to Izaya was when he was assaulted and everyone—especially Shizuo—knew that.

Shizuo looked at Tsuki was guilt. Then he glanced to the side. “Right, so it’s a practice to kill their victims instead of nibble off them for that reason. If people were turned due to the bite, there would be way more vampires around. Vampires are made by a human drinking the blood of a vampire right before they die. Once they die, a demon—attracted by the vampire blood—will use the inhuman blood as a catalyst to attach itself to the human soul and force both of them back into the body. The demon is the one who wants to drink human blood. That’s why vampires are innately evil. They may have been good people when they were human, but once a demon enters their body, it becomes a battle before the human and the demon. And you can probably guess who will win out in the end.”

“If-if that’s the case, then woul-wouldn’t an exorcism wor-work?”

“It does work and Izaya is proof of that.”

Tsuki’s eyes widened.

“Again, Izaya was born to vampire parents. As a half-vampire, he has a lot of the characteristic of a vampire, except for the allergies and the thirst for blood. He ended up becoming a vampire, and was later exorcised by the church. As such, he was reverted back to what he was before the demon came into his body—a half-vampire. The church used to exorcise vampires, but seeing that it didn’t remove their wings, the church decided it wasn’t a possession but a monster and so they just turned to killing vampires.”

“…O-oh…Um, w-why is…why was I-Izaya-san spared? I mean, if they just k-kill them…”

“…It’s because of me. I vouched for Izaya, begged them to give Izaya a chance. Izaya was—is—different from other vampires.”

‘After what he did, he doesn’t seem very different.’

“And Izaya explained the thing about the demon. The church kind of had a clue about demons possessing vampires, but after exorcising a vampire and they were still a vampire, the church thought that was disproved. Izaya explained the truth, that they’ll be reverted to half-vampires, not human, after an exorcism. Also, Izaya had anonymously been helping the church for a while. Helping them with hunts and anonymous tips and fundings. There were a lot of different circumstances that led Awakusu-no-dono to spare Izaya.”

“O-oh.” Tsuki looked down at his food.

‘So, Izaya-san was helping the church secretly. Then they exorcised him, which made him a half-vampire again. And he started helping them openly, under the deal that his son and brother wouldn’t be persecuted. Then Hibiya-san was killed by the Holy Order, so Izaya-san tried to burn down the church.’

Tsuki looked over his shoulder at the half-vampire.

‘If a half-vampire doesn’t need to drink blood, then why did he drink mine back then? Was he trying to kill me anyway, despite saying I wasn’t worth dirtying his hands?’

“Um, Sh-Shizuo-san,” Tsuki looked at the injured man. “Wh-what happens to a half-vampire that drinks human blood?”

Shizuo stared at Tsuki for a long moment. He glanced to the side, looking a little upset about something—considering the subject, Tsuki was pretty sure he knew why—then looked back at Tsuki. “Nothing, really. Half-vampires don’t need to drink human blood. It’s a better alternative than eating food, since their body can process it better, but it doesn’t do anything for them.”

‘So…Maybe Izaya-san drank my blood to keep his energy up. He was working pretty hard.’ Tsuki glanced to the side. ‘Is he basking in the sun because he misses sunlight?’

Tsuki looked over his shoulder again. He felt a pit of solemn sadness at the thought.

He chuckled softly. ‘I can relate and I’m not even a vampire.’

Tsuki let out a soft sigh as he finished off his hash browns. “By-by the way, wh-where’s Roppi-san?”

No one answered him. Toudai and Rubi kept their eyes on their food while Shizuo glared at the floor.

“W-what?” Tsuki asked, a pit of fear starting to stir in his chest. “What’s wrong?”

No one answered.

“Where’s Roppi-san, gu-guys?”

“He’s with Kanra-chan.” Izaya’s voice echoed off the walls much louder than they should since he said it so softly. Just those three words were able to make Tsuki’s blood go terribly cold.

Tsuki looked over his shoulder. The vampire was also looking over his shoulder, staring at Tsuki nonchalantly.

“O-oh.” Tsuki tried to smile. “Um, he’s um, he’s just taking-taking her back to her den, I take it?”

“Kanra doesn’t have a den, remember? She’s wondering around, exploring on her own. We can only assume she’s hopping from place to place.”

Tsuki felt his hands shaking. “W-well, she has to have had a place to st-stay before she found us. May-maybe another cave further down-down the mountain.”

“Doubt it. They were talking about the birthing tradition of her pack before they left.”

Tsuki’s chest tightened as his heartbeat resounded in his ear. A slow rage began to thump in his chest.

Izaya smiled. “Roppi seemed quite interested. Said he needs to continue the Hachimen line, but with you he obviously can’t do that.”

“What the hell is that?!” Tsuki screamed.

The three around the fire stared at Tsuki wide-eyed. Izaya’s grin merely grew, stretching from ear to ear. Tsuki faced the vampire fully, glaring death at Izaya.

“Interested?! Bullshit! He wouldn’t be interested in some scantly-dressed whore! She’s obviously not his type!”

“And what is his type, Tsuki-kun? Doe-eyed virgins like you?”


“Maybe he got tired of you?”

“Tired?! He doesn’t have a right to get tired of me! Not after everything he’s done! He can’t just throw me away because some hussy waves her ass at him!”

“Tsuki…” Toudai started.

“That’s right, he doesn’t!” Izaya smiled happily as he hopped to his feet. His arms flared with happy dramatization as he walked over. “After a year of torturing you, twisting your body to be just how he likes it and no doubt causing numerous injuries, he doesn’t have a right to abandon you!”

Izaya stood before Tsuki. The blond glared up at him. However, soon, Izaya and Tsuki were eye level as the vampire sat down in front of him. That smile was still on his face, although his gaze was far softer. He leaned in close, so their noses were nearly touching.

“He can’t just throw you away like yesterday’s meat when you obviously love him so much. It’s not like it’s your fault, right? You’ve been doing everything he’s asked of you, right? You haven’t fought against him, tried to run or anything like that, right? I’m sure you’ve told him you love him as much as he’s said he loves you.”

“That has nothing—It’s not my…I…” Tsuki clenched his teeth hard as tears stung his eyes.


“Shoosh, little Tsukishima.” Izaya leaned forward, kissing Tsuki’s forehead softly. “You’re right, it’s not your fault. You didn’t ask for this. You poor, unfortunate Pure One. It’s not your fault the angels chose you to suffer for humanity. Roppi-chan has no right to throw you away.”

Tsuki was shaking hard, trying not to cry. Fighting back the tears hurt his cheeks so much.

“You don’t love Roppi-chan.” Izaya bumped foreheads with Tsuki, nuzzling his head near lovingly. “You’ve never loved him. He’s done nothing but hurt you. And after this, it’s quite obvious he doesn’t love you either. You were just a convenient fuck toy he could use to try and get over the trauma he refused to acknowledge. You were nothing to him from the beginning.”

“Izaya, enough!” Shizuo yelled.

“No, not enough.” Izaya wrapped his arms around Tsuki, nuzzling his face against the blonde’s neck. Tsuki groaned as he pushed against the puncture wounds. “It’s the truth of the situation. Tsuki knows it as well as we do. There’s no point to sugarcoat it. If anything, sugarcoating it will just make it worse. Giving Tsuki false hope for a good relationship with a worthless abuser. How immoral of a priest.”

“Orihara-san, let Tsuki go!” Toudai stood and rushed over. He grabbed Izaya’s wrist while tugging on Tsuki’s shoulder. “After what you did, none of us are comfortable with you touching him!”

Izaya didn’t’ budge. However, his soft smile turned malicious as he grinned at Toudai.

“I will admit, Kurashi-san, you are very brave. You aren’t scared to stand up to someone who can easily kill you. If it’s unjust, you throw caution to the wind. That is such an admirable quality.”

Toudai didn’t respond, merely glowered.


Izaya’s hand grabbed Toudai’s wrist with a deathly vice grip. Both Tsuki and Toudai’s eyes widened. The doctor cringed as Izaya pulled his arm away from Tsuki and bent it down.

“Oi!” Rubi yelled, pushing to his feet.

“You should really learn to pick your battles.” The vampire said in an eerily calm voice.

Without another word, a horrendous crunch could be heard from Toudai’s arm. The doctor screamed in agony as he grabbed Izaya’s hand, trying to peel it off. The vampire didn’t release. Not until Rubi rushed over and reached for Izaya. The raven leaped to his feet, hopping away from everyone. Toudai hugged his injured arm to his chest while Rubi held his shoulders.

 “Izaya!” Shizuo was to his feet instantly.

Tsuki scrambled back away from Izaya at the same time that Shizuo grabbed the blonde’s shoulder. He pushed Tsuki back then grabbed Izaya’s bicep.

“What are you thinking?!” The priest yelled. “What have you done?!”

“I’m pretty sure I broke his arm.” Izaya shrugged nonchalantly.

“What is wrong with you?!”

“Come on, you can’t seriously defend him, Shizu-chan. A human, speaking to us like we’re peers? Like we’re equals? Come off it.”

“There’s nothing wrong with that, Izaya! A year ago, you would have loved to meet someone as open-minded as him!”

“Things change.”

“You loved humans, Izaya! Weren’t you the one who said humans are the most interesting thing in this world?!”

“That was before they killed my brother.”

Shizuo’s brows furrowed in obvious sorrow. “Izaya…”

“T-Toudai-san…” Tsuki crawled around Shizuo to the doctor.

Rubi was trying to convince Toudai to let him see his arm while the doctor shook his head repeatedly. He was panting a bit hard and a small layer of sweat was over his brow.

“W-what do we do?” Tsuki asked. “Do we—do we need to set it or-or—”

“Yeah.” Toudai panted. “We need to set it. But I need to start making a plaster first. Setting it won’t do anything if I don’t wrap it.”

“Do we have what we need for a cast?”

“Yeah.” Toudai stood. “In my bag.”

Rubi stood with him, hands held out in fear Toudai would fall. Tsuki stood too.

“Need warm water.” The doctor stated.

“O-okay!” Tsuki rushed over to the stack of pots and grabbed the tallest one.

The blond ran out the front of the cave and began shoveling snow into the pot. Once full, he bolted back inside. Shizuo was trying to talk to Izaya in a hushed voice but Tsuki didn’t care to pay either of them attention—other than to make sure he gave Izaya a wide girth. Rubi and Toudai were gone, no doubt having head to their room to get Toudai’s bag. Tsuki put the pot down by the fireplace, grabbed wood, kindling and dry moss and shoved them all into the pit. He then grabbed the flint and steel.

Tsuki flicked the two together, creating small sparks. However, he didn’t get a chance to light the moss as a blooming fire encased the firepit. Tsuki jumped back out of reflex. A quick look over his shoulder showed Izaya had his hand out towards the fire, fingertips charred black.

“Izaya!” Shizuo shook the raven. “You have to stop! Tsuki and Toudai didn’t do anything wrong!”

“I don’t care. Toudaimoto is infuriating.”


“Tsuki, don’t help Toudaimoto.” The vampire looked at Tsuki. The blond jolted. “He doesn’t deserve it.”


“Izaya, no!” Shizuo yelled. “Shut up now!”

“Aren’t you angry, Tsuki-kun?” Izaya tried to push past Shizuo, but the priest wouldn’t let that happen, hugging the vampire close. “Toudaimoto hasn’t helped you. In this whole year you’ve suffered, no one came to help you. Toudaimoto talks of unjust and tries to keep me away from you but has made no attempt to keep you away from your true abuser—Hachimenroppi! I am but a small offense in comparison to what you’ve been through!”

Tsuki stared at him wide-eyed.

“Izaya, stop!” Shizuo stood, wrapping his arms around the raven’s waist. “You need to stop!”

“Hey, don’t manhandle me!” Izaya pushed on Shizuo’s shoulders as he was lifted up.

The priest cringed in pain as Izaya hurt his wounds. However, he refused to release as he lifted the vampire up so his feet left the ground and went towards the tunnel.

“Tsuki-kun, you know I’m right!” Izaya looked at him. “I’m just trying to save you! Don’t waste your time helping someone who never helped you!”

‘Toudai-san’s helped me more then he should have in this situation. It’s a wonder Roppi hasn’t killed his yet.’

“He deserves to die, Tsuki-kun! He never did anything for you!”

‘I’m going to help him.’

“You’ve developed Stockholm Syndrome! Toudaimoto helped with your kidnapping! Rubi, Sakuraya, Shitsuo—they all helped kidnap you! You shouldn’t help any of them!”

‘You wanted me dead just a day ago. Why should I believe anything you say?’

“You know I’m right, Tsuki-kun! If Roppi abandons you, no one’s going to take you back to the port city! If Roppi abandons you, you’re on your own! But not with me! I’ll help you, Tsuki!”

Shizuo took Izaya into their pod. There was no boulder to be rolled in front of their entrance, so Tsuki could still hear Izaya and Shizuo arguing. The blond decided not to worry about them. For now, Tsuki needed to boil the water for Toudai. He put the stand over the fire, then the pot on the stand.

‘Toudai-san has helped me as best as he can. It’s not Toudai-san I should hate.’ Tsuki’s eyes narrowed in a glare. ‘Hachimenroppi is the true villain. After this past year, he can just go off with some random harlot without a second thought? Everything he did, how badly he hurt me, he’s just going to…’

Tsuki clenched his teeth and closed his eyes tight shut.

‘How the hell can he claim to love me if he can so easily sleep with someone else?’

“You were just a convenient fuck toy he could use to try and get over the trauma he refused to acknowledge.” Izaya’s words resounded loud and clear in his head.

Tsuki felt like he was going to cry. ‘I…already knew that but having proof just…If this was real love, I could pretend things will be okay.’

The blond opened his eyes, glaring at the boiling pot that only matched the hatred that was pooling in his chest.

‘Roppi-san’s not here to stop me. I could leave and be long gone before he realizes I left.’

The snow melted in the pot. Tsuki put his pinky in it to feel if it was hot. His finger immediately hurt, and he pulled his hand away.

‘Don’t fuck with me, you deranged werewolf. For a moment, I was fooled, but not anymore. This isn’t love. This is just your inability to accept your trauma. I’m not going to put up with you anymore. I—’

“You’ve finally grown a backbone.”

Tsuki jolted. The blond looked up to see Izaya.

‘When did he—’

“You’re willing to do what you need to do in order to get back at Roppi-kun.”

‘Where’s Shizuo-san?’ Tsuki had been so lost in thought, he hadn’t even heard that the arguing stopped. ‘I’m all alone with him!’

“Oh, are you scared?” Izaya stepped towards him.

Tsuki jumped to his feet. “Um, um, I-Izaya-san, w-where’s Shizuo-san?”

“Ah, the way you address us changed. It used to be Orihara-san and Father Shizuo. Now, it’s Izaya-san and Shizuo-san? What changed, Tsuki-chan?”

Izaya walked towards Tsuki with every word, while Tsuki stepped back.

“Hm? What changed, Tsuki-chan?”


Hm?” Izaya smiled innocently.

Tsuki’s back pressed against the boulder of his room, making him jump. ‘Should I scream? Rubi-san and Toudai-san will hear me. Rubi-san will—’

Will Rubi help you?” Izaya stood before Tsuki, casting a shadow over the cowering blond. “Or will he just worry about Toudaimoto because you’re not his concern?”

Tsuki felt his heart clench to such a statement. ‘…No, you’re just saying that. Rubi would come if I screamed.’

“Are you sure?” The vampire leaned in close, their noses nearly touching. He smiled happily, but his eyes weren’t smiling. They were deep pool of growing malice. “Then scream.”

Tsuki hesitated. His hands were shaking against his chest, grabbing his shirt tightly. How was such a small man so intimidating? From just one stare, Tsuki felt like a mouse being eyed by a hawk.

The blond opened his mouth.

In the end, it didn’t matter as Izaya grabbed Tsuki by the bottom half of his face. Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide as he grabbed the hand, letting out muffled screams underneath that hand. Izaya wrapped his wing around Tsuki and pushed the blond along.

The two went into Tsuki’s bedroom. With far more force than necessary, Izaya threw Tsuki into the room. Tsuki stumbled hard and slammed into the cave floor. He groaned and his expression twisted in pain as his knees, elbows, ribs, and shoulder slammed into rock.

Tsuki opened his eyes to look at Izaya in fear. The vampire, quite calmly, rolled the boulder into place. Tsuki was now trapped with mentally-slipping vampire.


“Have you prayed today, Tsukishima?”


Izaya looked over his shoulder at Tsuki. He smiled softly. “Have you prayed today?”

“…N-no…I hav-haven’t prayed in a wh-while.”

The vampire’s smile turned happy as he turned around, arms flared with exaggerated glee. “Let us pray then!”

“Pr-pray?” ‘This doesn’t feel right.’ “I-Izaya-san, where’s Shizuo-san?”

“It’s fine~! He’s sleeping!” Izaya walked over. “He was very upset with me, so I thought I’d give him a little breath to help him relax!”

‘He knocked Shizuo-san out…’ Tsuki felt himself shaking. “I-Iza—”

The vampire knelt down in front of him, shifting so he was sitting on his knees comfortably. His black wings folded against his back. He reached out towards Tsuki’s hands. The blond flinched away.

“Calm, Tsuki-chan, it’s okay.” Izaya said in a soothing voice. “Let us pray.”

Tsuki wanted to believe him. This desire had to be some kind of vampire mind trick. Tsuki knew not to trust Izaya. He knew Izaya only had ill-intent towards him. After everything this vampire had done to him, a part of Tsuki still wanted to trust him. And the blond knew that part was not his own. It had to be something Izaya was doing.

Even though Tsuki was aware of that, he didn’t want to deny Izaya the benefit of the doubt.

“O-Okay…” Tsuki’s hands were shaking as he looked at the vampire.

Izaya smiled warmly. Tsuki brought his hands together in front of him in pray. Izaya put his hands over the blonde’s. Izaya tilted his head down and closed his eyes. Tsuki stared at him in uncertainty.

“Our Father, who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.”

‘Maybe…he’s serious?’ Tsuki closed his eyes and tilted his head down. ‘But why does he want to pray?’

“Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever.”

“Amen.” Tsuki said.

“We ask of you, oh God, to forgive those who we cannot forgive, and to give sanctuary to all souls that pass on from this earth with open arms.”


“Give them comfortable happiness, and if not, cast them within the fires of hell—as they so deserve.”

Tsuki opened his eyes, looking at Izaya with growing worry. ‘Why is he—’

“I ask of you, oh God, to accept this lost soul that I shall be sending to you.”

Tsuki’s blood turned to ice. “Wh-wh—”

“He has suffered so and has caused great suffering to others in return. He deserves salvation and the only one qualified to deliver him such is you, oh merciful God. Accept Tsukishima with open arms. Shower him with the love he deserves, the love that has been robbed of him.”

“Iz-Izaya-san.” Tsuki tried to pull his hands away but Izaya had a firm grip of them. “L-let me go, please.”

“I shall play the role of the devil and take this precious life. I know I will not be forgiven, but forgive this little lamb, Tsukishima, for all the wrong he had done thus far. In Jesus name, Amen.”

Izaya finally opened his eyes. Tsuki swallowed hard as he looked at Izaya with pure fear. The blond had to do something else he was going to get killed by this grieving madman.

Tsuki decided to act before he could think. He brought his foot up in the mightiest kick he could muster and slammed it into Izaya’s ribs. Izaya’s eyes stretched wide as he coughed. The raven lost his grip on Tsuki’s hands.

Tsuki scrambled away before pushing himself to his feet. He ran around the felled vampire to the door.


Tsuki knew they couldn’t hear him through the layers of rock, but what other option did Tsuki have? He had to try to get someone’s attention before Izaya killed him!

‘Sakuraya and Shitsuo aren’t going to help me even if they hear me and Shizuo-san is unconscious. My only hope is if Rubi or Toudai come to see what’s taking the hot water so lo—’

Izaya’s hands wrapped around Tsukishima. “No one can hear you, Tsuki-chan.”

“N-no!” Tsuki struggled. “Get away! St-stop!”

“Hey, it’s okay! It’s okay, Tsukishima!” Izaya hugged him close, dragging Tsuki away from the boulder towards the pelts. “I’m doing you a favor. Roppi won’t let you go. Even though he’s proven he doesn’t love you by sleeping with Kanra, he’ll still be in denial. He won’t let you leave. Death is your best form of escape.”

“No! No! I don’t want—ngh!” Tsuki was slammed against the ground, Izaya lying on top of him.

“I know it’s a little scary. But deep down, you know this is what you want. Death is true freedom. God will accept you.”

‘But what if God’s not real? After everything I’ve been through, God wouldn’t allow me to suffer like this! What if there’s nothing on the other side? I’m scared!’

“Don’t be scared. Just believe in me, okay? I’ll make it as painless as possible. Just a quick bite to the neck. You’ll feel a little cold, but I’ll be there. I won’t let you die alone.”

“No! I don’t want to—agh!” Izaya shoved his hand under Tsuki’s chin, forcing his head back. “N-no! No! Izaya-san, don’t!”

“Shoosh, it’ll be okay. Don’t be scared.”

Tsuki felt Izaya’s breath on his neck. “NO!”

Tsuki put his hands over his neck. Izaya’s fangs dug into the meat of his thumb. Tsuki called out in pain, kicking wildly.

“LET ME GO!” Tsuki screamed.

“Stop!” Izaya tugged on Tsuki’s wrists, pulling his hands away and pinning them by his head. “Stop, stop, stop, Tsuki-kun! Can’t you see I’m trying to help you?”

“I don’t want your help!” Tsuki slammed his knees into Izaya’s ribs. “Let me go! RUBI! TOUDAI!”

“They won’t be able to help you like I can help you! I’m doing what’s best for you!”

“No, you’re doing what you want! You’ve wanted me dead since you got here! This isn’t mercy! This is murder!”

“No, I promise, it’s mercy!”

“You liar!”

“Have I ever lied to you?”

“You are not yourself! Grief has blinded you!”

“I am myself! I’m not crazy, Tsuki!”

“Yes, you are!”

“I’m not! Now hold still!”


Tsuki struggled, thrashing as wildly as his body could, as much as his asthma would allow. All that yelling had hurt his lungs and throat, which invoked a few coughs. But Tsuki couldn’t allow himself to slow. He had to fight. At least long enough for Rubi or Toudai to notice.

Izaya glared down at Tsuki, trying to hold the blond still. His patience seemed to be running thin as he clenched his teeth.

“Well, isn’t that gratitude for you? Here I am, trying to be a good Samaritan, and what are you doing? Kicking and screaming and hitting me.”

“You’re not—”

Izaya’s hands wrapped around Tsuki’s neck. The blonde’s eyes stretched wide as his airway was cut. He grabbed Izaya’s wrists, kicking to hit him, kicking to try and knock the vampire off of him.

‘Roppi-san, why?’

“I wanted to kill you softly. I don’t want you to suffer needlessly. But if you want to be foolish, then I have no choice but to be a brute.”

‘Why did you leave me? You knew Izaya was becoming like this and you chose a woman over protecting me!’

Tsuki’s struggles were of no use. Izaya was ignoring his blows. The vampire sat up on his knees, applying more pressure to Tsuki’s throat. The blond choked, coughing so agonizingly painful.


The boulder slid. Tsuki barely saw it move in his peripheral. In a flash of white and pink, someone grabbed Izaya by his wings and tugged hard. The vampire’s eyes stretched wide as he yanked off of Tsuki. He then called out in pain as he reached behind himself.

“My wing! You’re going to tear my wing off!” Izaya called.

Rubi didn’t say anything. Instead, he turned around and with a deep growl, threw Izaya. The vampire’s eyes stretched wide. In the next moment, there was a sickening crack as he fell shoulder blades first into the wall. His head definitely smacked against stone. The vampire fell to the floor on his back.

Tsuki rolled over and coughed hard, holding his throat. Within seconds, an asthma attack encased Tsuki’s being.

Rubi rushed over to Tsuki and hoisted the blond over his shoulder. Tsuki grabbed his shirt hard with one hand, the other still on his throat as he coughed and heaved. Rubi ran out of the room, dashing across the main cavern and down the tunnel.

“What happened?” Tsuki heard Toudai’s voice.

“Izaya’s gone stark raving mad, that’s what happened!” Rubi put Tsuki down gently on the bedroll of pelts.

Rubi then turned and rolled the boulder over their bedroom pod.

“Ah, shit.” Toudai cursed. “Rubi, you’re going to have to help me.”

“Yeah.” The white wolf rushed over.

“What are his injuries?” Toudai dragged his doctor’s bag over with one arm, his other tucked against his chest still unwrapped.

“Izaya was strangling him.”

“…Fuck, Tsuki’s not going to like this then.”

“What do we need to do?” Rubi looked up at him.

“We’re going to insert a brass whistle into his trachea. Over the next few days, when his throat bruises, it’s going to swell shut and he can die from strangulation days after the initial attack. Brass doesn’t corrode to liquid, so I have this whistle, both ends cut off to make a pipe. We’re going to leave it in his throat so when the bruising happens, he’ll still be able to breathe.”

“But what if he swallows it?”

“He won’t. I’ll make sure of that.”

Tsuki wasn’t much paying attention anymore. He was too busy wheezing and coughing, trying his best not to puke. Rubi and Toudai’s voices were starting to fade away as the room started to spin.

‘Thank you, Rubi.’

Tsuki felt a prick in his thigh. He was rolled on his back and his mouth was forced open.

‘At least you were there for me when Roppi-san wasn’t…’

Tsuki’s vision went black as his consciousness faded.

Chapter Text

Tsuki groaned as he opened his eyes. He was met with a dark room under a soft blanket. There was a person sleeping next to him, his arm under Tsuki’s neck. His other hand, casted in a form of plaster, was over Tsuki chest to hold him close. There was a lantern on dim above their head. Said lantern allowed Tsuki to see the face of Toudaimoto, sound asleep and breathing softly.

Tsuki’s eyes stretched wide.

‘Tou-Toudai-san! But where’s Rubi? Oh god, Roppi will kill us both if he…’

Tsuki’s thought was banished when he remembered why he was in this situation to begin with. Hachimenroppi was gone and busy with a woman. And while that had been the case, Izaya took advantage of his absence and attacked Tsuki. He attempted to strangle the blond but was stopped by Rubi.

‘I owe Rubi a proper thank you.’

Tsuki looked around. Someone was sitting up against the boulder, a blanket draped over him. The light showed it was Rubi, and his lolled head meant he was asleep.

Tsuki groaned as he sat up. His throat was parched. He needed water, so he looked around himself. He found a canteen—a metal one, not a deer’s bladder—and grabbed it. He popped the cap and sniffed.

‘Smells like water.’

Tsuki tilted his head back and took a drink. He felt a pressure in part of his throat, the part that usually had a tube shoved into it when he was resuscitated from his asthma attacks. With every swallow, his trachea clenched around something uncomfortably. It wasn’t unbearable since Tsuki was used to this sensation, but it surely wasn’t pleasant. Tsuki drank without complaint, however.

He brought the canteen down and put the cap back on. The metal scraped against the rock loudly as he put it down. That enticed Toudai to inhale deeply and shift his arm. His fingers curled around Tsuki’s pants while his other arm rubbed over the blanket in search until it bumped his rump.

“Are you okay?” Toudai’s sleepy voice resounded.

“Hm?” Rubi jolted, inhaling deeply as well. The pink blond sat up straight, rubbing his face with one hand. He then groaned. “What time is it?”

“Pr-probably night.” Tsuki answered.

“Fuck, I hope not. That means Roppi—” Rubi immediately stopped talking.

Toudai sat up, looking at Tsuki with barely opened eyes.

The blond chuckled. “Th-the fact that I was able to sleep with-without Roppi screaming at-at us means he’s no-not back yet.”

“…Yeah…” Rubi voiced awkwardly.

“Tsuki.” Toudai sat up, blinking rapidly to try and wake up. “Listen, this—”

“Fuck him.” Tsuki glowered at his hands. He then lied down and rolled over, facing Toudai but not looking up at him. “You’re much better company.”

Toudai stared down at him. He then drew his hair through Tsuki’s hair.

“Come here.” The raven said, patting his thigh. “I’ve been told I have lovely comfort thighs, the kind to fall asleep on.”

“I…” Tsuki looked over his shoulder at Rubi. “I’m okay…I-I mean, Rubi—”

“I don’t mind.” Rubi crawled over. “He does have thighs to fall asleep on. They’re like pillows.”

“But…Roppi-san said I-I shouldn’t hog your husband’s attention.”

Rubi and Toudai immediately glared.

“Is that why you’ve kept your distance since last year?” Toudai asked.

Tsuki nodded.

Rubi’s lip pulled back in a snarl. “Well, let me tell you, I’m not scared of guys getting close to Toudai. I trust him. I know he’s not going to do anything.”

“Seems Roppi told you that to further isolate you.” Toudai rubbed his hand through Tsuki’s hair soothingly. “It’s nothing but a lie, Tsuki.”

Tsuki’s brows furrowed. He clenched his teeth as his hands began to shake. He then clamored up, resting his head on Toudai’s thigh as he hugged the doctor’s waist.

‘It really is plump. It’s not muscular like a man’s.’

“Um, T-Toudai-san,” Tsuki started, “the-there’s something in m-my throat. Wh-whenever I swallow, it f-feels like my throat is squeezing something.”

“That’s right, it is. Because Izaya-san strangled you, he’s done prominent damage to your throat. I’m sure you know that when you get a bruise, the area becomes swollen or inflamed.”


“Your throat is no exception. However, if your throat inflames, it’ll cut off airflow. So, what we have done is placed a brass pipe in your trachea. It won’t corrode to your saliva, since it’s brass, and won’t fall down your throat when you swallow. It takes a few days for bruises to form, so I would like for you to keep it in there until the bruises appear. Since you are used to having apparatuses in your throat, I believe it wouldn’t be too much of a bother to you.”

“An-and if it becomes a b-bother?”

“Then we’ll take it out, but we’ll need to monitor you closely. If you have trouble breathing, we’ll need to put it back in immediately.”

“…Heh, good thing my-my gag reflex is shot.”

Toudai chuckled. “Yes, it is quite fortunate. At the very least, we need not worry about you drowning on your own vomit.”

Tsuki let out a dry chuckle. “Yeah.”

Tsuki then let out a heavy sigh. ‘Although, none of this would have happened if Roppi didn’t run off with some woman.’

Tsuki clenched his fists.

‘What if he doesn’t come back? What if he ran away with her?’

Emotions became thick in Tsuki’s throat. He felt like he was going to cry so he pressed his eyes into the meaty thigh. The blond clenched his teeth as his shoulders started to shake.

‘Why the hell would Roppi go through the effort of isolating me if he could be so easily swayed?’

Toudai put his casted hand on Tsuki’s shoulders, still stroking his hair in comfort with the other. Tsuki felt another hand on his back. Rubi patted Tsuki’s side before rubbing it up and down to provide some form of comfort.

“I’m sorry, Tsuki.” Rubi said.

“For what?”

“…I’m sorry I let this go on for as long as it has. I’m sorry you had to suffer because I can’t do what’s right.”

“…Can’t as in you still won’t, huh?”

Rubi was quiet for a moment. “I’m sorry.”

“Rubi…I understand.” Toudai started. “Really, I do.”

“Are we going to have this conversation again?”

“It’s a conversation that bears repeating.”

“I know, Toudai!” Rubi yelled. “I do! I allowed Roppi to be a revolting villain for a year now! I know this! But I just…” His voice softened with emotion. “He’s the only family I have left.”

“Is he family worth keeping?”

“That’s irrelevant! You just don’t understand, Toudai!”

“No, I do, Rubi. Your mother left an imprint on you when she abandoned you. You feel like you’ll be all alone if you lose Roppi.”

“Just because you can sit here and talk about it doesn’t mean you really understand! You’ve never lost everything!”

“No, I haven’t. I gave up everything for a better future.”

“Exactly! You wouldn’t get it! You tossed your family away in pursuit of knowledge! I didn’t have a choice in the matter! I can’t lose Roppi too! I just can’t!”


“I understand.” Tsuki said. “If-if one of my brother’s became a villain, I d-don’t think I’d b-be able to toss them away e-either. Actually, I-I can’t throw away m-my brother, even though he killed Hibiya-san. E-even though Hibiya-san’s death i-is the reason I’ve suffered s-so much recently, I can’t h-hate Delic-Nii.”

“…Tsuki, that’s not right.”

“He’s m-my brother though.” Tsuki turned his head so he could look up at Toudai. “I lo-love him. I wou-would die for him if it came down t-to it.”

Toudai fell quiet.

“A-are you an only child, Toudai-san?”

“…Yes, I am.”

“Th-then you really wou-wouldn’t understand.”

“…But Roppi isn’t…”

“I know. B-but I don’t blame R-Rubi-san too much. I-I get it. I just…I just wish it we-weren’t the case.”

Rubi tilted his head down in shame. “I’m really sorry, Tsuki. You’ve suffered more than you should have.”

“That’s right, I have.”

Rubi went silent.

“But I understand. Family is important.”

“So long as it’s not a noose.” Toudai growled.

The two looked up at him.

“Tsuki,” Rubi said. “I’m…going to have a talk with Roppi once he gets back. And Shizuo. We need to talk to Shizuo.”

“I-Izaya-san knocked Shizuo-san unconscious w-with his vampire breath. He-he probably doesn’t kno-know about what happened.”

“We need to talk to him all the same.” Toudai said. “It’s not safe for you here so long as Izaya stays.”

“Bu-but Shizuo-san is injured. We-we can’t throw them ou-out in the snow.”

“That’s why we need to talk to Shizuo. We can’t—”

Toudai fell quiet as the boulder began to move. All three of them jolted. Rubi turned around quickly, standing. He took a defensive stand in front of Tsuki and Toudai. Toudai lifted Tsuki up, hugging the blond close and turning so whoever came through the door would have to get through him to get to Tsuki. All were scared but certain it was Izaya, come to finish what he started.

The boulder rolled open.

“What are you guys doing?”

All their eyes widened.

“Roppi?” Rubi voiced.

“Who else would it be?” The black werewolf raised as lantern as he looked down at Toudai and Tsuki. His eyes immediately narrowed. “Pray tell, what the fuck are you guys doing in here?”

“What are we—what are you doing?!” Toudai screamed. “Where have you been?!”

Roppi immediately glared with enough hate to kill, his lip pulling back in a snarl.  “You don’t get to demand anything from me.”


Toudai’s words were cut at Tsuki stood up. He glared at Roppi, which made the kidnapper cock a brow in confusion.

“Where were you?” Tsuki growled.

“…I was with Kanra. Helping her find a den to hunker down in before the storm hit. As you can tell,” Roppi ruffled his wet hair. “I got caught in the middle of it on my way home.”

“That’s all?”


“Then why were you talking to her about her birthing traditions?”

“Because it was an interesting topic.”

“Did you sleep with her?”

Roppi jolted. “The fuck, Tsuki? What’s with the twenty questions?”

“DID YOU!” Tsuki marched up to Roppi. The werewolf’s eyes—as well as Rubi’s and Toudai’s—stretched wide. “Sleep with her?”

Roppi just stared at him wide-eyed for a moment. Maintaining perfect eye contact, Roppi said, “Well, yeah, I did.”

Tsuki felt a rage boil in his chest. A rage so profound and so violent, Tsuki’s whole form began to shake. His heartbeat pounded in his vision. He saw red for a moment. He had never felt such hatred before.

“But it’s not like I did it for—”

Tsuki’s hand came out quick and hard. The slap that came across Roppi’s face echoed off the walls of the cave, which invoked an audible gasp from Toudai. Roppi took a step back out of pure shock as he held his cheek. Tsuki shook out his hand, his palm stinging. He wasn’t sure if it was shaking because of the rage, the cold, or the pain nor did he care.

Roppi stared at Tsuki wide-eyed. “Wh-wh-what the hell? What the fuck? Tsuki!”

“You’re disgusting.” Tsuki’s voice was cold, but clear.

Roppi’s eyes widened even more.

However, Tsuki didn’t bother to soil his gaze with Roppi’s present any longer. He turned and looked at Rubi. He then bowed forward.

“Thank you for saving me, Rubi-san.”

Rubi didn’t respond. Or more so, he didn’t get time to respond. Without pause, Tsuki stood up straight, turned, and walked past Roppi without so much as a glance. With purpose in his step, Tsuki went down the hall.

“Wha—Wait! Tsuki, wait up!” Roppi called.

Tsuki didn’t. He entered the main cavern and walked across. He paused at the mouth of his bedroom. It was night out now and so the cave was pitch black. He didn’t know where Izaya was, if he was lurking in the shadows waiting for him.

“Tsuki!” Roppi grabbed Tsuki’s shoulder. “Listen, it wasn’t like that!”

Tsuki turned around. Without a word, he took the lantern from Roppi’s hand. He then turned back around and continued on his way.

“I didn’t sleep with her because I liked her or anything like that! Her pack is strictly female and they—”

“I fucking know about her pack! I fucking heard everything last night!”

“…Then-then you know we didn’t do anything because we liked each other! It was just to continue the species!”

“I don’t give a fuck!” Tsuki turned around, getting right in Roppi’s face as he screamed at him. “You’re disgusting! Vile! Despicable! If you like Kanra’s body so much, then you can run on back to her! Make as many babies as you fucking want! But leave me out of it!”

Roppi stared at Tsuki with hurt and pure shock. But he didn’t say anything else. Tsuki ‘hmphed’ in satisfaction and turned back around. The blond went into their bedroom. Roppi did not follow.


Tsuki waved the lantern around, making sure there wasn’t a vampire in the dark corners of the roof. Once he was certain he was safe, Tsuki put the lantern down and grabbed his duffle of clean clothes. There were three pairs of clothes in it already. Tsuki then put in two pelts, rope, and some deer jerk that Roppi had bagged for the sake of emergency rations. The last thing he grabbed was a deer bladder and tied it to the outside of the bag.

Tsuki spent the next five minutes putting on his kilt, the under-armor shirt—which he hadn’t touched since last winter—his cloak, gloves, tabi’s, and his scarf. Lastly, he put on his glasses. He then grabbed the lantern and turned to the door.

Roppi was talking to Rubi at the mouth of the tunnel, Toudai standing by Rubi’s side. The black werewolf had a look of horror and rage. No doubt, Rubi was filling him in on what had transpired today with Izaya. Tsuki was annoyed that Roppi didn’t have a look of guilt.

Tsuki walking out gained all of their attention. Roppi’s eyes widened when he saw his attire.

“Why are you—”

“I’m leaving.” Tsuki stated.

Roppi’s eyes stretched wide with horror. “W-what? What do you mean you’re leaving?”

“I mean, I’m leaving.”


Tsuki didn’t care to listen anymore as he turned towards the mouth of the cave.

“Tsuki, wait!”

Roppi rushed over and grabbed the blond by his biceps. He turned Tsuki around, so they were facing each other. Tsuki glared at the raven with pure hatred.

“Look, I know you’re mad!” Roppi started. “But I swear, Kanra mean’s nothing to me! I only did it—”

“I don’t give a fuck for whatever excuse you can come up with! You’re fucking repulsive and I’m done putting up with your bullshit!”

“Tsuki, I—”

“I’m sick of this! And I’m sick of you!” Tsuki slammed his hands against Roppi’s chest.

Roppi took a step back, his hands leaving Tsuki’s arms. His shocked expression gave Tsuki a sense of superiority and twisted satisfaction.

Tsuki chuckled. “You know, for a while there I thought I fell in love with you.”

Roppi’s eyes stretched wide.

“I thought I could love a piece of shit like you. After everything you did to me, I started to think, since you love me so much, I can start loving you in return. I really thought…”

Tsuki tilted his head down, closing his eyes as he chuckled again.

“But I was wrong. I was so wrong.”

He opened his eyes again, staring at Roppi with a coldness that started at his heart and continued to spread through his being.

“I don’t love you. I’ll never be able to love you. And you never loved me to begin with anyway.”

Roppi was shaking, but he didn’t say anything. Having a form of high from seeing his kidnapper so shaken, Tsuki decided to unload everything he thought to be true.

“You mistook love for therapy. I’ve been nothing to you from the beginning. I was just a convenient fuck toy, a means to an end. The fact that you were able to have sex with someone other than me is proof you don’t love me. I was just easy because of my upbringing. A doe-eyed Christian who was scared of monsters. I was ripe for the picking.”


“You never loved me! I just became your obsession because I was the first person to be nice to you! I saved you from suicide back when we were kids and you took acceptation to that! You didn’t care about me! You didn’t care if I was in pain, scared, or depressed! You only ever thought about yourself! Tell me, fucker, Rubi and Toudai truly love each other! They’re lovers no matter how you try to look at it! So, why the fuck if our relationship so different from theirs?!”

“I…I don’t…”

“Because you and I aren’t lovers! There is no love in anything you’ve done this past year! Just carnal, possessive ownership! That’s all we are! I’m a slave and you’re the fucker who wants to be my master! Nothing more! You’re insane! Disillusioned and just so fucking pathetic!”

Roppi’s whole form was shaking. His bottom lip was quivering as he fumbled with his words.

“If you loved me, you wouldn’t be able to sleep with anyone else besides me, no matter the reason you tell yourself. You just proved to everyone, especially me, that there was never any love to be had in this relationship. If you want a pet, then fine, but leave me the fuck out of it.”

Roppi had nothing to say. The raven looked like he was about to cry. However, he didn’t shed a single tear as he instead clenched his teeth and took a step back.

“I…” Roppi started. “I don’t—I didn’t…”

Tsuki scoffed and turned his head away. “I’m done with you. I’m not putting up with this anymore and you get no say in the matter. You have two options and that’s it. Either you let me walk out of here and never talk to me again, or you kill me, right here, right now. I’m not giving you any other choices.”

Roppi stared at him wide-eyed. “I can’t—I wouldn’t—you-you can’t j-just leave.”

“Watch me.”

With that said, Tsuki turned around and headed to the mouth of the cave.

“Tsu-Tsuki, wait!”

Roppi’s hands came around Tsuki’s waist. Newfound rage lit Tsuki’s being.

“GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF ME!” Tsuki screamed.

“Tsuki, it’s blizzarding out there! You can’t go out! You won’t be able to see an inch in front of your face!”

“I don’t care! I’ll take my chances! I’m better off dealing with mother nature than with you!”

“You’ll die!”


Tsuki thrashed hard, kicking and throwing elbows. His heels slammed into Roppi’s shins and knees. His elbows hit Roppi in the face more than once. Roppi groaned in pain but refused to let Tsuki go. Instead, he lifted the blond up and started walking backwards towards the bedroom.

“You’re disgusting! DISGUSTING! Don’t fucking touch me with the same hands that touched Kanra! Get off of me!”

“I’m not going to let you kill yourself!”

“Then do us all a favor and kill yourself instead!”

Roppi stumbled.

“You’ve been nothing but a burden to everyone in your pack! I shouldn’t have saved you back then! I should have let you kill yourself!”

Roppi’s hands were shaking once again. Tsuki knew his words struck deep. He relished that he was finally able to make this bastard suffer, even if it was only emotional.

Roppi didn’t let Tsuki’s words stop him, however. Still, he continued to the bedroom. Once they were by the boulder, Roppi turned them around so Tsuki was facing the bedroom. Roppi gave a lackluster shove that sent Tsuki stumbling into the room. By the time Tsuki caught his bearings, Roppi was already rolling the boulder in front of the door.

“NO!” Tsuki ran to the entrance.

Roppi closed the room off. Tsuki’s hands smacked against the cold stone before he slammed the side of his hand against it. There was no way the blond would be able to push this over. He glared at the stone, clenching his teeth hard.

Roppi didn’t close the door completely. In his distraught state of mind and haste, the raven didn’t seem worried for perfection. The very bottom corner wasn’t covered. The gap was too small for Tsuki to squeeze through but sure as hell at least the blond could make some noise.

“I hate you! I despise you! I swear, with whatever breathe is left in my lungs, I will never, ever fall in love with you! You’re an eyesore upon this world! You deserve unhappiness! You deserve what your father did to you!”

There was no response back. That last insult left Tsuki feeling dirty. A significant part of him was disgusted with himself for uttering such a thing. No one deserved what Roppi went through, especially at the childish age Roppi had been. It was wrong. Tsuki was wrong. Tsuki was just as vile for saying such a thing.

The blond was angry. He said what he said in anger. But now, that anger went towards himself. How could Tsuki stoop so low? How could he say such a thing? Why the hell was he feeling guilty for hurting a man who deserves to be hurt? Such an acknowledgement made Tsuki frustrated, infuriated. He wanted to hate Roppi, but guilt still worked in his system.

Tsuki clenched his teeth as he fell to his knees. Tears stung his eyes.

“Why? Just, why me? What did I do to deserve this?”

Tsuki pressed his head against the boulder, sobbing without restraint. He couldn’t maintain his rage anymore. Once the boiling red finally seeped away, all that was left was a dark, profound grief.