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Come on Pretty Mama

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You were the last to rise the next morning and took advantage of the freedom by soaking in the tub for a while. Wrapping a towel loosely around yourself, you stepped into the bedroom to get dressed, at precisely the same time as Jared stepped into the room, too.

His eyes raked your barely covered body, his tongue darting out to lick his lips. "I was coming to wake you up," he explained, still looking you over.

"I'll be down in a minute."

"Uh-huh," he agreed distractedly.

You waited, trying to keep the grin off your face.

It took him a minute more to tear his eyes off of you. "Huh? Oh! Right! Yeah! Sorry!" He nearly bolted from the room, and you hoped that he couldn't hear you laugh.

It wasn't long before you were coming downstairs, dressed in a short white dress that may or may not have technically been a coverup. You grinned when half of the room let out playful wolf whistles. Jared was pointedly not looking at you, and an idea quickly formed in your mind. You walked over to him and silently dropped to your knees directly in front of him, eye-level with his zipper. He sputtered incoherently as you reached forward. One quick tug and you held up your prize. Gazing up into his eyes, you smiled innocently. "You had a loose string."
It was about an hour later that you decided to implement the next stage of your plan. Ever so casually, you "bumped" the remote off the table. "Whoops, I'll get it!"

Leaning over the arm of the couch, you pretended to stretch for it, then made a slight show of wiggling your upturned ass in the air, as if you couldn't quite reach it.

A warm body pressed up against you, leaning over you completely. "Thought I'd help you torture him," Mark's voice murmured quietly in your ear as he scooped up the remote easily, before standing back up.

Bouncing up happily, you threw your arms around Mark's neck and planted a quick kiss on his lips, then winked where Jared couldn't see. "My hero!"
Once everyone was out on the beach, you spent the next couple of hours amusing yourself by cuddling, flirting with, and even stealing a few kisses from the other guys, all in plain view of Jared. Not that you were by any means ignoring Jared. No, he was getting a full show of every excuse you could remotely make up to stretch, bend, kneel, and just generally wiggle your body. By the time you went up to the house for a quick bathroom trip, he was practically vibrating.

You were headed back down to the beach when Jared suddenly grabbed you and yanked you behind the bush at the corner of the house, slamming you against the wall. There was a hungry look in his eyes as they slide along your body, drinking you in. "What are you doing to me, Y/N?" he managed before he lips were crashing into yours, tongue plunging in soon after.
His hands began roaming every inch of your body as he broke off the kiss to nibble your earlobe. He pressed his body closer, and you could feel how hard he was. "Fuck, Y/N," he growled in your ear before you heard the telltale sound of a zipper. Looking down, you watched as he pulled his frankly massive length from his shorts. "See what you do to me? Want you so bad, baby."

His hands snaked around to grab your ass, then slipped up to pull at your bikini bottoms. He dropped slowly to his knees, taking your bottoms with him. Slipping them off your feet, he rose back up just as slowly, breath ghosting over your bare skin. He glanced off to the side just long enough to lay the bit of cloth over the outside of the bush. The side that was clearly visible from the beach.
Turning his attention back to you, he kissed you again, the fingers of one hand dipping into the center of heat between your legs. "So wet for me, baby," he purred before biting your neck, "So willing. So ready." At that, he lifted your legs to wrap around him, pressing his tip against your entrance. "Wanna make you scream my name."

"Someone will hear," you breathed out, bordering on a moan already.

"Good," he growled, pushing in at last.

His slow, steady rhythm built you up gradually, until you were moaning wantonly, but not loud enough to be heard from more than a few feet away. All at once, he shifted his angle slightly, and instantly, your moans got louder, because suddenly he was going deeper, hitting your sweet spot with every thrust.

"They can hear you, now," he chuckled lowly, "they're all looking up here. They can see us. Say my name, baby. Moan it. Let 'em know what we're really doing."

"Fuck, Jare. So close, baby."

His hand moved down to rub your clit, and lightbulbs went off behind your eyes as you came, screaming his name so loudly the nearby town may even have heard it.