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bones journey (bxb)

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ch 1.

Death silenced the forest, the rest vanished in its grasp. There laid those who lost to take the strength from the various clans. Unsuccessful, to the clan with most force and fortitude. Yet, one survived the sickening battle.

Blood is what he saw, blood from his clan who he loved dearly. With a soft breath exhaling from his nose, his eye glazed with sadness as he only saw death upon his clan. Picking his bleeding head up, he searched for movement around the blood soaked forest. Nothing. Bone's entire torso trembled as he picked himself up from the lifeless cat body (which he was laid upon on). "Nightfall" he grunted to himself as he looked up to the sky and began to pad to nearby bodies trying to identify them from their collars, which one astounded him. He raised his eyebrow as his orbs wondered to the purple collar. His paws began to quiver as he trotted to the collar and picked it up with his lower jaw. He began to pick up his pace as memories of clan flashed into his head, the scarred tom quickly looked around the bushels of grass and weeds and found a similar black cat with a white paw sitting in the distance. "I must be losing my mind" he suddenly said as the cat he saw vanished into the greens of the forest. Running quicker than ever, Bone dropped the collar as he needed to catch his breath, as he did his mind was spinning as the tom didn't know where he was present. All he saw was just greens until his eyes landed to his side and saw a small siamese cat with the most bluest eyes he ever saw. The tom slowly looked up to the brute of a cat and his blues gazed down to Bones torn up leg and torso, he calmly looked up to him and stared silently until he broke with the question 'who are you'. Bones fur bristled as he kept his eyes on the cat keeping his tongue back and for not to answer the question as he was scared that this 'clan' cat might attack him.