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bones journey (bxb)

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Otter then placed the moss he found on his profusely bleeding wounds holding the lush in his jaw as he slowly dabbed them with it. "He's no one" Bone replied as he felt a tinge in his heart, looking down to the grass that covered his and Otters paws, he felt horrible for saying that to the other tom. He knew that Scourge was alive and breathing just seeing that little cat fought was all he knew that he could still be out there waiting for him as well. It was pitch black only the moon and stars welcomed the two as the other tend to Bones wound and him staring in deep thought still searching for answer, maybe Scourge was captured or beaten and left where Bone left, his mind was going into circles. "Hey, focus I don't wanna see you black out again" Otter saw how Bone was acting, it was strange to him as he never saw a cat just like Bone, sure he saw plenty but nothing was as powerful as this brooding tom.

"Hmm seems like this moss isn't working so well, maybe I can take you back to my camp?" "Don't worry they won't hurt you, the camp is just with my friends and family thats all". Bone looked to Otter and then his ear flicked as he meant it as a yes, of course Otter was delighted that he did and suddenly placed his shoulder to Bones when he saw how tired Bone was as he was showing it in his body language. "We should just stay here until the sun shows, I don't wanna know what kind of things are lurking around here" the siamese replied as he gently let go of Bones side letting him lay into the grass to sleep. "Tomorrow we can go to your camp" Bone purred in bliss once his body laid on the soft soppy grass. Both toms fell asleep expecting to see the dawn to the touch the ground.