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Midoriya Tenko

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“Inko I swear, if I ever see that man again then I will fucking kill him! Laws be damned, that man hurt you and I won’t stand for it!”

Inko held a hand up to her cheek as she walked the street. The words of her best friend, sister at this point, kept going through her head. The words that were said after she received that message from her husband.

Hisashi: Inko, I am deeply afraid that I will not be able to come home any time soon. My job refuses to let me go home anymore, and I feel I must apologize. Please, take care of Izuku for me.

When she tried to message him back, call him even, all she got was nothing. Not even a notice that he had read her messages, not even a voicemail.

It was like her husband had completely vanished from the world.

As Inko kept walking, holding a tissue to her face, she felt grateful for a lot of things in that very moment. That Mitsuki agreed to watch over Izuku, all so Inko would not have to worry him, and how the area she was in was almost completely devoid of life.

She blew her nose, tossing the tissue in the trash before blinking.

In the alleyway by the trash can, she could have sworn she heard something.

“Should I call the police?” Inko asked herself after a few moments, peering inside of the dark alley to see what could possibly have caused such a ruckus.

“,” a small voice said, quiet and barely audible.

Inko went wide eyed, recognizing the voice to be that of a child. She didn’t think as she went into the alley only to hold a hand up to her mouth to stifle a gasp.

A small child, no older than nine based on her guess, sat in a pool of blood. He was curled up, crying as he reached for the hand that was sitting on the ground. “Father,” he whimpered, sniffling.

He then stiffened when he caught sight of Inko. “Who- Who are you?” He asked, eyes bloodshot as snot and tears dripped from his face.

Inko crouched down, putting on a soft smile as she held a hand out. “I’m Midoriya Inko, do you need any help?” she asked, watching the child shuffle away from her hand slightly. She bit the bottom of her lip at that, wondering what she should do.

As she looked at her phone, she noticed that she did not get any reception here, and yet she could not leave this child all alone.

Shaking the thoughts from her head, she decided to focus on the child who probably witnessed something traumatic.

“...Are you a hero?” the child asked after a few moments of silence, still eyeing Inko with slight suspicion.

Inko blinked at the question before shaking her head. “No, I’m just a mother of a three year old who can’t stand it when a child is hurt,” she said, doing her best to keep her voice soft. Though it became a little easier when she thought of her little Izuku.

The child blinked, head tilting to the side as he seemingly studied Inko from a distance. “Three year old?” He asked.

She smiled, pulling a wallet out before holding out a photograph. She smiled softly at the picture of herself standing next to her husband, dressed in his normal suit that lacked a tie of some form. Izuku smiling brightly while wearing his All Might pajamas, sitting on Hisashi’s shoulders.

“You can see me right there,” she started, pointing to where she is before going to her husband and Izuku. “And there’s my husband, Hisashi, and Izuku on Hisashi’s shoulders,” she continued, smile still warm despite the tears forming in her eyes once more. “Izuku really takes after his father in some aspects, it’s mostly the curly hair.”

The boy slowly, very cautious at that moment, moved forward to get a closer look at the photo. He reached out, pinching the image between his thumb and index finger to pull the picture over. He then looked up, blinking at the way Inko was crying.

Inko sniffled, pulling out another tissue to wipe at her face. “Oh, don’t mind me,” she said, shaking her head. “My husband can’t come home, there is no telling when he will return.” The if was left unsaid, as Inko still had some hope that Hisashi would be coming home.

“...His father left him too?” the boy asked, staring down at the photo as he tapped the face of Izuku and then Hisashi. He then turned towards the severed hand that still laid in that pool of blood. “That’s all that’s left of my father. He’s gone now.”

Once she was given the photo back, Inko shook her head. “Not forever, and even if he was he would still be in our hearts,” she whispered, looking down at the child. “Here, lets get out of this alley and call for help. Does that sound good?” Inko asked.

Nodding, the boy stood up before looking down at the hand. “Can I take Father with me?” He asked.

Inko cringed slightly before shaking her head. She was about to firmly tell him No, but the way he looked at her. She sighed and gave a nod. “Alright, but we’re going to have to bury Father. He needs a place to rest after all,” she said, watching as the boy picked up the hand; careful to keep his pinkies up.

The boy nodded, smiling brightly as he followed Inko out of the alley and ono the main street.

She checked her phone, smiling as she got reception before dialing for the police. Hello? I would like to report a, I think it was a murder?” Inko said once the line picked up, careful to keep her voice down. “I found a little boy, probably around nine, crying while sitting in a pool of blood. I think he witnessed his father killed right in front of him.”

After a few moments, Inko looked down at the boy to see him hide behind her legs slightly. She gave him a soft smile before returning to the call. “I’m just south of Tatooin Station. Alright, we’ll sit tight,” with that, Inko hung up before crouching down to the boy’s level. “Hey, help is on the way. They might even be sending in a hero,” she said.

The boy kept staring at her, clutching the severed hand before shaking his head. “There’s already a hero here. You,” he mumbled, bringing a hand up to scratch at his neck slightly, probably from nerves of some form.

“Oh no, I’m not a hero. I’m just a mom,” Inko denied, shaking her head as she smiled at the child. “Oh, you never told me your name,” she said.

The boy blinked, scratching at his neck once more. “..Shimura, Shimura Tenko, you can call me Tenko,” he mumbled, looking down.

“Nice to meet you Tenko. You can call me Inko-san, since we’re going on first names,” she said, looking up at the sound of police sirens before smiling at how a hero came out of the car with the officers; Fat Gum if she remembered correctly.

From the way Izuku rambled about heroes, she knew Fat Gum was a new hero who seemed to be working closely with the police force.

Inko turned back to Tenko, giving him a soft smile. “See? You’re safe now. The police and a Pro Hero are here,” she said, setting a gently hand on Tenko’s head. She then blinked when he suddenly wrapped his arms around her in a tight hug.

She gave a small smile, returning the hug. Inko did not notice the way Tenko kept a finger up and away from her, though she could tell that he was shaking.

“It’ll be ok Tenko, I’m here,” she whispered softly, scooping him up before turning to the police that had gathered to begin telling them everything she knew of what happened.

Meanwhile, deep in the alley, a man narrowed his eyes at the scene that was going down just outside.

“It seems I will have to tweak my plans,” the man mumbled as he faded into the shadows, knowing that he would have to find someone else to be his successor.

If only he had gotten there quicker, then he could have taken little Tenko under his wing.

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As she sat at the police station, Inko kept sending worried looks towards Tenko. She watched as he kept his hands, palm up, on his lap while looking down. Even if the police told Inko she could go home now, she felt that she could not leave until she knew for a fact that Tenko would be safe and in a good home.

She knows what it’s like to be put in the foster care system. Especially as an older child.

“It’s strange. No living relatives outside of the father who was just killed. Not even family friends who can take him in.”

“He isn’t even registered anywhere. It’s like he doesn’t even exist, which means it will take a while to even get him into the system.”

“Ugh, I hate this kind of paperwork. Plus I doubt the kid will wanna sleep here at the station.”

Inko listened to a pair of officers talk before looking down at Tenko once more. At the way he sniffled slightly, she knew what needed to be done.

“Um, excuse me? If he needs a place to stay while you’re getting the paperwork done then he’s free to stay with me,” she offered, taking note of the way Tenko looked up at her with wide eyes.

“That’s kind of you to offer Midoriya-san, but you really shouldn’t,” one of the officers said, only to flinch when Inko gave him a firm look.

“I was in a similar situation to Tenko when I was a child, what he needs more than anything at this moment is a safe home until he gets a permanent family,” she began, taking a step closer to the officer. “At least let me help him with this until we can find him a good home with a loving family.”

The two officers looked between each other and back at Inko. They opened their mouths again to say something before stopping when someone walked in while smiling brightly.

“Well when you put it that way, I see nothing wrong with it,” Fat Gum said, setting a hand on Inko’s shoulder as he gave her a soft smile. “We just have to get some information on Tenko-chan here and then you can take him home,” he hummed, stopping any protests from the other officers. “I’ll even escort you both personally!”

Inko blinked before waving a hand. “Oh no, the escort isn’t necessary. You must have other work to do,” she said, smiling lightly.

“Why, what kind of hero would I be if I didn’t offer to help?” Fat Gum asked, turning and smiling at Tenko. “Am I right Tenko-chan?” he crouched down, smiling brightly.

Inko turned to see what Tenko would do, fearing that he might curl up and shut down. Though she was pleasantly surprised when Tenko started laughing. Though when she looked, she could see Fat Gum make a funny face at Tenko.

Tenko nodded. “Heroes should help all in need, which is why Inko-san is a hero,” he said, turning to look at Inko with a smile on his face. He then looked down and grumbled something to himself, face suddenly going a little sour.

“Didn’t catch that, what did you say?” Fat Gum asked, bringing a hand up to the side of his head where his ear would be located.

“Father said All Might would always be there to save anyone, but...he didn’t come,” Tenko said, looking up. He then narrowed his eyes. “You and Inko-san are better heroes than All Might.”

Inko cringed at what Tenko said about All Might. She tried to think, making an attempt at remembering all the facts Izuku has said about All Might, his all time favorite hero.

However, Fat Gum beat her to the punch.

“Why that’s because he’s at his hero agency in Roppongi at Minato, and that’s a little ways away from here. He may be very fast, but he can’t be in two places at once, he’s still human like me and you,” Fat Gum explained, ruffling Tenko’s hair. “But hey! There are plenty of heroes out there that isn’t All Might, enough to save those that he can’t reach!”

He then turned to Inko and smiled. “Why, Midoriya-san here definitely deserves that title. After all, anyone can be a hero as long as they do the right thing; no matter how small and insignificant that thing may be.”

Inko blushed, shaking her head as she brought a hand up to her face. “Oh no, I was just doing what any normal person would do,” she said, waving another hand before blinking when her phone went off.

When she looked at who was calling and the time, Inko paled. “Oh dear. Uh, I need to take this real quick, if you don’t mind,” she said.

“Not a problem!” Fat Gum said, smiling brightly at Inko before turning towards Tenko. “Come on Tenko-chan, why don’t we go talk to the nice officer over there?” He offered, motioning towards a young officer with a cat for a head who just walked in.

“Only if you or Inko-san will be there,” Tenko mumbled as he moved from the chair.

“But of course! I’ll be there the entire time!” Fat Gum exclaimed, giving a hearty laugh as he walked with Tenko into the officer’s office.

Inko smiled softly and waved at Tenko before turning to her phone. She then brought it up after hitting the answer button, cringing at the shouting that went through.

“Shut up Katsuki! I’m trying to make sure your aunt didn’t die!” Mitsuki shouted at her son who seemed to be yelling back in the background before seemingly focusing on Inko. “There you are! Where the hell are you right now!? I’ve been trying to get in touch with you for five minutes!”

“Sorry Mitsuki, something happened and I’m at the police station right now,” Inko began, keeping her voice soft before cringing when her best friend shouted something in response; shooting question after question. “Oh no, nothing like that. See there was a little boy,” she said, explaining the story of how she stumbled across Tenko.

When she finished, Inko bit her bottom lip at how strangely silent things were on the other line. It seemed even little Katsuki quieted down for some reason.

“I couldn’t just leave him there Mitsuki, who knows what would have happened to him,” Inko whispered.

“Inko, you are too good for this world,” Mitsuki said, her sigh causing the line to crackle slightly. “You better introduce me to him when you pick up Izuku, maybe he’ll be a good influence on my little shit,” she continued, laughing lightly.

Inko shook her head, giving a small laugh of her own. “Oh come now, Katsuki is not...I am not repeating what you just said. I mean, he’s perfectly nice when he comes over for a visit.”

“That’s because he actually likes you, little brat thinks of me as an old hag when I’m not even thirty!” Mitsuki suddenly shouted the last bit, probably glaring somewhere. Another sigh crackled the line, shuffling coming through as Mitsuki seemed to move somewhere else. “Hang on Inko. I see a bastard in a suit staring a the house through a window. Call me when you’re on your way back.”

“Alright, be careful Mitsuki,” Inko said, sighing as the line went dead. Putting her phone away, Inko turned to where Tenko and Fat Gum went before smiling when they both came out. “How did it go?” She asked.

Tenko looked down as he fiddled with a pair of gloves he was now wearing, only his pinkies being covered. “They said we couldn’t bury Father yet, and that I should wear these gloves because of my quirk,” he mumbled.

Inko blinked as she crouched down. “What kind of quirk do you have?” She asked, somewhat curious on why he would have to wear gloves.

“Can I show Inko-san?” Tenko asked, looking up at Fat Gum.

“Yeah, here,” Fat Gum said, smile a little softer as he handed Tenko a piece of paper. “Be careful, don’t want to accidentally destroy your gloves.”

She watched as Tenko carefully removed a glove, reaching for the paper and holding it with two fingers. As he added another finger, Inko could feel a slight dread fill the air until a fifth finger touched the paper; said sheet turning to dust.

Tenko looked up, smiling brightly as he carefully put the glove back on. “That’s my quirk, it’s called Decay! When I touch something with all five fingers it turns to dust!” He bounced.

Inko blinked, watching the way Tenko bounced with excitement. She took note of the slight fear and pity on the faces of some of the other officers. She shook her head and focused back on Tenko and returned the smile with a warm one of her own. “That’s amazing, I know Izuku would love to see it. I mean, he loves quirks,” she said.

‘Just like his father’

She shook the thought from her head. This was not the time to be thinking about Hisashi.

“Well, we got all the information we can get at the moment. Once the paperwork has been filed and the results of the tests are done then we can work on finding a good home for Tenko here, and give his father a proper burial,” Fat Gum explained, looking down at Inko.

Inko nodded. “Ok, so we’re free to go home?” she asked.

“You’ve been free to go since we filed away your statement,” Fat Gum chuckled, patting her on the shoulder. “But yes, you are both in the clear to head home.”

“Alright,” Inko said, looking down at Tenko and smiling softly at him. “You ready?” she asked.

Tenko nodded, giving a wide smile. “Yeah!”

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Inko hummed softly as she walked, looking up and smiling at the way Tenko looked around the street with wide eyes as he rode on Fat Gum’s shoulders. She could see the way he eyed each house with light curiosity, though there also appeared to be a small amount of nerves there.

“You live in a lovely neighborhood,” Fat Gum said, smile jovial as he also looked around with curiosity. “Which house is yours?”

“Oh no, we’re going to my friend’s house to pick up my son. I actually live in an apartment,” Inko said, giving a small laugh as she continued walking. “I needed an errand today and Mitsuki offered to babysit Izuku for me.”

She kept the warm smile on her face as she walked up to Mitsuki’s door, knocking gently. “Oh yeah, I should warn you that Mitsuki can be...a little intense, she means well though,” Inko explained just as the door opened.

“Katsuki! You better fucking apologize for knocking Izuku down!” Mitsuki shouted before turning and smiling at Inko and Fat Gum. “Hello Inko, Izuku was such an angel today,” she said, turning to glare back inside of her house. “Unlike certain other brats!”

“Shut up Hag!” Katsuki shouted from the living room.

Mitsuki shook her head, turning towards Inko before holding a hand out towards Fat Gum. “You’re a Pro Hero, right? I’m Bakugou Mitsuki,” she greeted.

Fat Gum chuckled as he took Mitsuki’s hand. “Nice to meet you, I’m Fat Gum. Pretty new around these parts actually,” he chuckled.

Inko smiled at the two of them before remembering something. “Oh, Mitsuki. You mentioned a man in a suit, what was that about?” she asked.

“Ugh, fucking door to door salesman. Trying to sell some bullshit cleaning item or whatever, didn’t catch what it was before I threw him the fuck off of my property,” Mitsuki grumbled, eye twitching. “I mean who does he think he is? Assuming I need some piece of shit cleaning item when the shit we got does the job perfectly fine!”

“Mitsuki, the poor man was probably just doing his job,” Inko said, though she couldn’t help but laugh lightly. She then glanced up to see Tenko studying Mitsuki from his perch on Fat Gum’s shoulders.

“Oh yeah! Mitsuki, this right here is Tenko,” Inko said, motioning towards said boy. “Tenko, this is Bakugou Mitsuki,” she continued, watching as Tenko moved forward slightly.

Mitsuki looked up at Tenko before grinning wide as she held a hand up to ruffle at his hair. “Why, aren’t you a cute little thing!” she cooed. “Almost as cute as little Izuku, speaking of which I shouldn’t be keeping you guys here for very much longer.”

Inko returned the smile as Tenko looked at her with confusion. “Thank you again for watching Izuku. Are you still up for the picnic this weekend?” she asked.

“You know it,” Mitsuki grinned brightly as she went into the house before coming back with Izuku and Katsuki in tow.

Izuku gave a bright smile as he ran and hugged his mom’s legs. “Mama!” He greeted, laughing when he was picked up before turning. He gasped, eyes shining at the sight of Fat Gum. “Fat Gum!” He exclaimed, smile wide.

Fat Gum chuckled, bringing a hand up to ruffle Izuku’s hair. “So you’re the little Izuku that Midoriya-san keeps talking about. You’re even cuter than I expected,” he said, smiling lightly when Izuku gave a laugh.

Inko gave one last wave to Mitsuki as the door shut. She then smiled as Izuku started to ask Fat Gum a couple questions before stopping when he finally noticed Tenko.

“Hi! I’m Izuku! What’s your name? Do you have a favorite hero? Do you have a quirk? What is it?” he blabbered, staring up at Tenko with a wide smile.

Tenko shied away slightly from all the questions before mumbling out a couple answers. “I’m Tenko, Inko-san is my favorite hero.” He looked down at his hands before giving a small smile. “My quirk is called Decay, everything I touch with all my fingers turn to dust,” he explained.

“That’s so cool!” Izuku said, grin wide as he stared at Tenko’s hands. “Can I see?” He asked.

Inko and Fat Gum both smiled at the way Izuku seemed to immediately take a shine towards Tenko. Inko feeling more relief than anything, especially with the way Tenko seemed to be slowly warming up to Izuku as they walked to her apartment.

Once they made it to the complex, Inko smiled softly at Fat Gum as he let Tenko down from his shoulders. “Thank you for this. You really didn’t have to,” she said.

“Nah, I wanted to,” Fat Gum said with a wide smile as he ruffled Tenko’s hair once more before looking towards Izuku, who seemed to be slowly falling asleep. He then reached over and gently booped him on the nose. “Well, I should be heading back to the station. It was nice meeting you Midoriya-san.”

“Please, you can call me Inko,” Inko said, smiling softly as Izuku squirmed slightly in her hold. She then lowered an arm, smiling when Tenko took her hand.

“Oh if we’re going by first names, then please call me Taishirou,” Fat Gum said, giving a wide smile. “Stay safe Inko-chan, if you need anything then I’ll be at the station for another year before I have to transfer.”

Inko nodded. “Thank you again,” she said, smiling warmly before looking down at Izuku and Tenko.

Izuku groaned lightly as he waved to Fat Gum before mumbling, “Is Tenko-nii staying with us?”

“Yes, Izuku, until we find him a good home with a loving family,” Inko hummed softly.

“Yay…” Izuku mumbled before falling asleep.

Inko gave her son a gentle smile before looking down at Tenko as Fat Gum started to leave. “Come on Tenko, lets get you inside,” she said, keeping her voice soft so as to not wake Izuku.

Tenko nodded, following Inko. “...He called me Tenko-nii. I never had a brother before,” he mumbled, looking down at the ground as he walked with Inko.

“Well it appears Izuku likes you, so he will probably be calling you that for as long as you stay here,” Inko said, smiling as they made it to the door of her apartment. “Are you ok with that?” She asked.

He gave a nod, looking up and smiling at the slumbering toddler. “Yeah, it’s nice.”


That night, Inko decided that it would be too lonely for her to be alone. So instead she went and allowed Izuku and Tenko to both sleep with her in her room. Izuku right in the center with Inko and Tenko curled up around him, Inko’s arm going across to wrap around both boys.

Meanwhile, in the Bakugou household, Masaru gave his wife a look of concern from where he sat on the bed. He could see her doing push ups, something that only happens before bed when she’s stressed out about something.

“Why didn’t you tell Inko?” He asked, voice soft.

Mitsuki looked in his direction as she pushed up, holding her position. “Because Inko doesn’t need to know what almost happened,” she began, going down before coming up again. “I mean what would you do if I suddenly sent a text saying to take care of Katsuki because I can’t come home from work anymore, completely ghost you, only to then come while my best friend is out on an errand to try and take Katsuki?”

Masaru blinked, bringing a hand up to his mouth as he began to think.

“I did tell her that if I ever see that bastard again then I would kill him. It’s a shame that he was so slippery and ran off,” she grunted, doing a few more push ups before getting up and flopping on the bed. “The last thing Inko needs to hear is that her bastard of a husband fucking lied to her about never being able to come home, and then making an attempt to take little Izuku while Inko is gone.”

He nodded at what his wife said, giving a soft smile as he set a hand on her back. “I guess your distrust in men who actually enjoy wearing suits is justified,” Masaru joked, smiling when Mitsuki gave a snort in response.

“You’re right. Men who actually like wearing suits should never be trusted, ever,” she said, rolling onto her back to rest her head on her husband’s chest.

Masaru hummed, closing his eyes as he ran a hand through Mitsuki’s hair. “We should get some rest. It’s been a long day,” he hummed.

“It’s always a long day with Katsuki. Brat takes after me when I sometimes wish he took after you a little more,” she mumbled, closing her eyes.

“I think Katsuki is fine the way he is,” Masaru mumbled, closing his eyes as he also allowed for sleep to take him.

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At the sound of sniffling, Inko cracked an eye open to see Tenko curled up in a tight ball. He was visibly shaking as he whimpered, almost like he was having a nightmare, while Izuku remained asleep.

She sat up quickly, though careful to not wake Izuku, and looked at Tenko before reaching a hand over to him. “Tenko? What’s wrong?” she asked, voice soft as she noticed him turn towards her.

He sniffled and wiped at his eyes before gripping at the bottom of his baggy shirt. “I- Bad dream, I thought… I thought I would wake up and be- be back there,” he mumbled, bringing his knees up to his chest.

“Oh dear. Here, do you need a hug?” Inko asked, concerned though giving a soft smile when Tenko nodded and slowly moved over towards her. She gently rubbed his back as he hugged her tightly, returning the hug.

“There was a monster there, in the shadows, threatening to take me away,” Tenko whimpered, tightening his grip on Inko. He instinctively held a pinkie up, despite wearing the gloves he got from the police station the night before.

Inko looked down at Tenko before running a hand over his hair. “It’s ok Tenko, you’re safe here,” she whispered. “You know why? Because I have monster repellant,” she continued, smiling when Tenko looked up at her.

“You do?” he asked, voice quiet as he tilted his head to the side.

She nodded, bringing a hand up to lightly poke Tenko’s nose. “We have different kinds for different monsters. For example, Izuku here has his All Might toy that protects him from any that somehow sneak in here,” Inko said, motioning towards her still sleeping son.

“Though another repellent is a good breakfast. Do you want to help me?” she asked.

Tenko blinked as he seemed to think about it for a few moments before nodding. “Promise it will keep the monster away?” he asked.

“I promise,” Inko said, smile soft as she moved a hand down to lightly shake Izuku awake. “Izuku, we’re going to make breakfast soon. Do you want to help?” she asked.

Izuku groaned, rubbing his eyes as he woke up. He gave a yawn, nodding as he sat up and smiled at his mom. He then looked at Tenko before giving a larger smile. “Morning Tenko-nii!” he greeted.

Tenko flinched slightly at Izuku’s volume before giving a very small smile. “Morning,” he greeted back, voice soft.

Inko smiled at the two boys, finally getting up from the bed before scooping Izuku up. “Come on, lets go make breakfast,” she said, turning towards Tenko. “Then we should get you some clothes.”

“Ok,” Tenko said, getting up from the bed and looking down. Inko could see that he seemed a little bit troubled by something, but by what? She didn’t know.

As they left the bedroom and towards the kitchen, Inko found herself humming softly as she set Izuku down. “Think you can handle getting the juice out?” she asked, smiling when he gave a nod. “Alright, be careful,” she then turned towards Tenko. “Do you have anything you like in particular?” she asked.

“...I just ate whatever Father made me, he mostly did stuff with eggs,” Tenko mumbled, bringing a hand up to scratch at his neck. “I hope they’re treating Father good.”

Inko crouched down in front of Tenko, setting a gentle hand on his shoulder. “Well, we can ask them after we finish the errands for the day. I’m sure they’re treating him just fine,” she said. “Do you mind helping set the table while I get breakfast made? The plates are over there.”

Tenko nodded, pulling his hand away from his neck. “Ok,” he said, turning towards the cabinet Inko pointed to before blinking at the look of pure focus Izuku had as he shakely held the juice bottle.

“I got it, I got it,” Izuku said, keeping a tight grip on the bottle. He stuck a tongue out, moving slowly towards the table until he lost his footing. He fumbled and went wide eyed as the juice bottle fell from his arms and right onto the floor.

Tenko found himself flinching slightly from the noise, though he looked to find that the bottle was still intact. He then turned towards Izuku only to blink at how he started to give a small laugh.

“I made it closer!” He suddenly said, turning to give his mom a bright smile before looking at Tenko with an even brighter smile. “Last time I dropped it over there,” he said, pointing before bending down to pick the bottle up again. “But it’s ok! Mama got a plastic bottle!”

At the sight of the smile and the pure sunshine that made up the toddler, Tenko found his own mouth twitching slightly before he returned with his own hesitant smile. He kept Izuku in the corner of his eye as he went and grabbed the plates from where Inko said they were.

Despite wearing the gloves he got the night before, Tenko still kept his pinkies off of the plates as he handed them over to Inko. “Do I need to do anything else?” He asked.

“Oh here, you can take the cups to the table and wait right there,” Inko said, smiling softly as she used her quirk to bring a stack of two cups over before handing them off.

Tenko nodded, eyes on the way the cups floated over to Inko. As he took them, he gave a sheepish smile. “I like your quirk,” he mumbled, turning and heading towards the table where Izuku set the juice bottle on.

“Yeah! Mama’s quirk is one of the bestest in the whole word!” Izuku said, smiling as he bounced from where he was seated. “Daddy also has a cool quirk, and I like yours Tenko-nii!”

He flushed as he brought a hand up to his neck. “You like mine?” Tenko asked, setting the cups down and looking at the sunny smile the three year old was giving him. He then decided to give a soft smile of his own. “Well, I’m sure your quirk will be a good one.”

Izuku smiled brightly as Inko came over with the food, a warm smile on her face.

“Yeah! I can’t wait for my quirk to come!”

“Alright you two, it’s time to eat,” Inko said with a light hum as she set the plates down in front of where Izuku and Tenko were sitting. “After that we’re going to have to run some errands.”

Nodding, Izuku and Tenko prepared to eat.


After a messy breakfast, courtesy of Izuku, and some cleaning with Tenko wearing an old set of clothes that used to belong to Hisashi; albeit too large for him, Inko found that they were all ready.

As she made sure the belt was tight enough on the pants and the sleeves of both pants and dress shirt were rolled up enough on Tenko, Inko smiled softly at him. “This is just temporary until we get you some clothes,” she said.

“Thank you, Inko-san,” Tenko said, lightly fumbling with the loose shirt that was tucked into his pants. Satisfied, he turned towards the door as Inko opened it. Izuku stepping out the door and smiling brightly at the two.

“Slow down Izuku, you don’t want to leave us behind,” Inko hummed, closing the door once she and Tenko were also out.

“Sorry Mama!” Izuku said, stopping to let his mom and Tenko catch up. He then reached up when Inko brought out a handkerchief, taking it before tugging. “Come on!”

Inko smiled, lowering a hand down to Tenko. “Do you want to hold my hand?” she asked.

Tenko blinked at the hand. He then looked down to make sure the gloves he had on were secure, smiling with satisfaction, he nodded and reached a hand up. His pinkie remained up though.

Soon the trio made it to the small shopping center nearby, going into a clothing shop.

“Alright, is there anything you would prefer? I can see if they have anything in your size,” Inko asked, smiling down at Tenko. Before they left she checked her account and noticed a recent deposit.

Sometimes she wondered how Hisashi knew exactly when they would need money.

Shaking the thought from her head, Inko watched as Tenko looked around the store before moving in a direction. He then pointed towards some hoodies.

“Can I...get one in yellow?” he asked, looking down sheepishly as he scratched at his next with only one finger this time. He blinked when Inko nodded, going over and grabbing one of the yellow hoodies before checking to see if it is the right size.

“Anything else you would prefer?” Inko asked, watching as Tenko looked around before pointing at some plain looking shirts. She blinked, going over and looking at the different shirts. “Are you sure? You can get something with a print on it if you want.”

Tenko looked around, scrunching his nose at the sight of All Might on a shirt before shaking his head. “No thank you, is there a reason why he always smiles like that?” he asked.

Inko shook her head, crouching down and setting a gentle hand on his shoulder. “It’s because he doesn’t want anyone to worry, to act as a reassurance,” she said.

“I like Fat Gum’s smile better, it looks more real,” Tenko grumbled. “Do they have any with Fat Gum on it?” he asked.

“Probably not, I mean he’s still a really new hero so it’s doubtful that they will include any with him on it,” Inko began, bringing a hand up to her chin. “Though it wouldn’t hurt to ask,” she said, though she blinked at how unusually quiet things are. Usually Izuku would have said something by now.

She began to have a really bad feeling as she stood up and looked around. “Izuku?” she asked, worry gnawing at her insides when she didn’t see him. Did he wander off somewhere? Or maybe…?

“Tenko, stay close to me,” she said, looking around the store. As she moved, she made sure Tenko was close by as she searched, eyes filled with a sense of fear; though narrowed in determination. She then went wide eyed at the sight of Izuku riding on a stranger’s shoulders.

“Izuku!” she shouted, running over and giving a smile of relief when he turned and waved.

“Kiri-san! I found Mama!” Izuku said, smiling brightly when he was set down so he could run and hug his mom. “I’m sorry Mama, I thought I saw Papa and followed him. And then, and then I got lost, but I met Kiri-san and he offered to help me find you. Please don’t be mad,” he sniffled.

Inko returned the hug, sighing as she felt relief wash over her. She then looked up at Kiri to see that he really looks, surprisingly plain. Features not all that memorable except for a small piece of metal attached to his neck, the metal really just a sliver, and the fact that he was wearing a uniform that shows he’s a worker here at this store.

“Thank you Kiri-san,” she said, standing up and giving a slight bow out of gratitude. She then turned to Izuku. “Please don’t do that again, Izuku,” Inko said, wiping the tears that were starting to form.

“It was my pleasure Midoriya-san,” Kiri said, giving a bow before taking note of the confusion on Inko’s face. “My apologies, I was a...former coworker of your husband’s, he would talk nonstop about you and then of his son when he was born,” a soft smile appeared on his face as he looked at the two before looking at Tenko. “Though he did not mention a second.”

Inko could feel her face go warm, though she gave a gentle smile as Tenko went to hide behind her legs. “Tenko just came into my care yesterday, though Hisashi never mentioned you,” she said, looking up at Kiri with minor suspicion.

“I was never on his radar very often, and before either of us could actually become friends I was transferred to another department before I decided to have a change in careers,” Kiri said, shaking his head. “However, I did leave my number behind in case he ever did come to need anything from me, he has yet to take me up on the offer though.”

“I see, I’m sorry you never got close,” Inko said.

Kiri gave a hum, smiling softly before holding out a hand. “It was nice meeting you, but I must get back to work. Perhaps we shall meet again?”

Inko nodded. “Yeah, that would be nice. I hope you have a wonderful day Kiri-san,” she said, watching as he went away before turning around. “Should we finish up here?”

Tenko nodded, eyes not leaving Kiri as the man seemingly vanished right in the crowd.

For some reason, he had a really bad feeling about that man.


“So, how were they?”

Kiri brought a hand up to his face in thought. “It seems she adopted a child in your absence, but other than that they all seem happy and healthy,” he said. “Are you sure about this Ma- ahem,” he coughed, shaking his head. “Sir?”

“Yes, you are the perfect one for the job. At least, until I can finish everything over here,” was what the voice over the phone said.

“Very well, I will keep an eye on them as asked,” Kiri said, putting his phone away once he was hung up on. He then turned his gaze towards the street outside of the alley, watching with glowing yellow eyes as Midoriya Inko and the two boys left the clothing store and began heading towards the police station.

Yes, this job should be very simple.

Chapter Text

“-and then he showed me how his quirk worked! It was really really cool! Like, he could turn his hands into fog!” Izuku had a bright smile as he explained the brief meeting he had with the nice man named Kiri.

As they walked into the police station, Inko gave a nod and a small smile. “That’s really nice Izuku, but please don’t run off like that again,” she said, turning and giving a smile towards a couple officers right as Fat Gum and an officer with a cat head walked out.

“Ah! Inko-chan!” Fat Gum greeted before turning and smiling brightly at Tenko and Izuku. “And little Tenko-chan and Izuku-chan! What brings you here?” He asked.

While his Mama started to talk with Fat Gum, Izuku glanced around the police station before blinking at a frail looking older boy with red hair. Curious, he walked over to him. “Hi!” He greeted.

The boy looked up and blinked, his bright blue eyes holding slight confusion. “Hi?” He greeted back, a little awkwardly.

Izuku gave a wider smile, climbing up to sit in the chair next to the boy, he held out a hand. “My name’s Izuku! What’s your name?” He asked before pointing towards Tenko who started to walk over. “That’s Tenko-nii! Oh! What’s your favorite Hero? Do you have a quirk? What is it?” He continued to ask, bouncing in his seat.

The boy blinked as he shuffled away slightly at all the questions being asked. “I’m Touya, uh… I don’t have a favorite Hero and I have a fire based quirk,” he said, looking down at the offered hand before carefully taking it. “Nice to meet you.”

“Why don’t you have a favorite Hero? They’re really cool and they save people. Like All Might, All Might is my favorite,” Izuku said, tilting his head to the side. “Also can I see your quirk?”

Touya shook his head before holding a hand out and producing a very small blue flame. “My fire is super hot, but my body isn’t built for it,” he mumbled, snuffing the flame out and looking down. “My dad says I’m a failure like my sister and younger brother. He’s hoping Shoto will be-,” he shook his head.

He went wide eyed, smiling turning into a frown. Izuku then set a hand on Touya’s shoulder. “That’s mean! Nothing about you is what your dad says!” He said before turning to Tenko. “Right Tenko-nii?” He asked.

Tenko blinked, wondering what he got pulled into before nodding along with Izuku. “Yeah,” he said.

Izuku gave a bright smile. “See Tou-chan? Your dad is wrong,” he said, though his attention was stolen when Endeavor walked out from the back of the station. His eyes sparkled as he gave an even wider grin.

“Come on Touya, time to go home,” Endeavor remarked, not even looking in the direction of the three children gathered.

Tenko narrowed his eyes at Endeavor, already feeling suspicion growing. He brought a hand up to his neck before stopping and bring it down to grip at the chair tightly. He could already feel hatred towards Endeavor.

Izuku, meanwhile, kept smiling. “Wow Tou-chan! You’re being escorted by Endeavor? That’s so cool! Maybe he can tell your mean dad that he’s wrong!”

“I doubt that,” Touya mumbled, getting up from his chair before Endeavor could say anything else. He then glanced back and gave an awkward wave before leaving the station with the current number two hero.


Meanwhile Inko was seated in a room with a couple officers, a plain looking detective, and Fat Gum, waiting for someone to go and retrieve what remained of Tenko’s father from wherever they kept it.

“We’ve been scouring around the samples we got from the hand to see if there may be a blood relative somewhere in the system,” the detective said, pouring a cup of coffee for Inko. “So far we have a match, however that relative died in an accident that resulted in an entire construction sight on an island exploding about I’d say thirty years ago give or take,” he continued.

“We’re trying to see if that relative has any leads on anyone who could take in Tenko, but so far we have only found two friends and we can not get into contact with either of them. I’m sorry to ask this, but do you think you can take care of Tenko until we find a suitable home for him?” he asked.

Inko nodded. “I don’t mind at all. I know Izuku has already taken a liking to Tenko,” she admitted, smile soft. “Also what should I do about school? The first term will be starting soon,” she asked.

“Well seeing as we haven’t found anyone to take him in yet, you can go ahead an enroll him in one of the local schools and if whoever takes him in needs to then they can transfer him to a new school easily,” the detective said, turning as an officer walked in while holding a box.

Taking the box that was handed to her, Inko bowed to all of the people in the room. “Thank you,” she said.

As she walked out with Fat Gum, box in hand, she gave a sigh.

“I’m surprised you haven’t offered to adopt Tenko-chan,” Fat Gum said, smile soft. “I mean with how you offered to take him in until we could find someone?”

Inko blinked before shaking her head. “Taishirou-san, I would honestly offer. But I don’t know if Tenko would want me to be his mom. He may be happier with someone else,” she admitted.

Fat Gum gave a small laugh as he shook his head. “You’d be surprised,” he said, holding the door open. “Would you like any help with the burial?” He asked.

“That would be nice, thank you,” Inko said, walking through the door and smiling at Izuku and Tenko who both stood up from their seats. Izuku literally running over and talking about the new friend he made and how he saw Endeavor.


As Tenko set the box into a hole that was dug, he turned towards Inko and Fat Gum who both stood there with Izuku in between. He then turned back and gave a small smile. “Sleep well Father,” he said, grabbing the dirt pile and covering the hole.

He turned towards Izuku who came up and patted the ground with him.

“Good night Tenko’s Daddy,” Izuku said, giving a smile in Tenko’s direction. “Does he need a bedtime story?” He asked.

Tenko shook his head. “No, Father never liked stories,” he mumbled, standing up and looking at where he buried the box. He brought a hand up to tug at his hair, turning towards Inko and Fat Gum.

“Hey, how about we all get some ice cream? My treat,” Fat Gum suggested, giving a wide smile towards the two boys.

“That’s very kind of you Taishirou-san,” Inko said, giving a gentle smile.

Tenko and Izuku both gave wide smiles at the prospect of ice cream. “Thank you Fat Gum!” They both said, Izuku vibrating with excitement while Tenko bounced on his heels.

Somehow, they all knew that the future would be very bright and filled with untapped happiness.


As Todoroki Touya sat in the garden, he stared down into the pond and watched the fish swim around like there was nothing to worry about. He lightly rubbed his slowly bruising wrist from when his father gripped it too tightly while lecturing him before going back to ignoring him once more.

He gave a sigh.

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed some purple mist appear before disappearing once more.

Curious, Touya stood up and walked over to where the mist was only to find a single sheet of paper.

Picking it up, he read the words with slight interest.

If you ever find yourself needing an escape, then we will be happy to help you. All you have to do is find the place marked on the map we have hidden in your room.”


After reading and rereading the letter, Touya debated on what to do.

Looking down at where his wrist still hurt, he carefully folded the letter and slid it into his back pocket.

However, he refuses to leave without Shoto.

Chapter Text

Hey so, due to the most recent arc that revealed more details about Tomura's backstory I decided that I am going to rewrite this entire fic and completely overhaul all the details I had planned.

I don't know when I will finish the revamp, probably after I finish a couple one-shots among other things...that and my writing in general has evolved from this and I want to show it to you guys who loved this fic so yeah...

Thank you for sticking to this fic for when I first wrote it and I hope you guys will be happy when the revamp will be posted!

Until then, have a peak at the new summary!

She found him, a small child no older than five, walking down the streets while bystanders pretended not to notice. Maybe she would have done the same, allow for the bystander effect to take its hold on her.
After all, a hero should notice...right? It’s their job to save people…
In that moment, Inko made the decision to not leave this child alone.