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Could've Been

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The subway was filled with sounds of weights clinking together and light grunts from the new resident. Root walked slowly over to where the sounds were originating from, her heart beating fast in anticipation as she wondered just how angry Shaw would be.

Their last interaction had not gone as well as she would’ve liked. Sameen was unwilling to accept that her cover being blown meant that she was a prime target for Samaritan and that they were on the hunt for her. She needed to lay low and wait for things to blow over, but Shaw didn’t do laying low and she didn’t wait for anything or anyone. She had given Root and Finch hell for even suggesting that she do otherwise.

This resulted in Root having to trick Shaw into letting her guard down enough for her turn her back on the sly hacker who she chose at the wrong moment to underestimate. Root drugged her the moment she knew Shaw would be unable to defend herself, because she knew she wouldn’t last even seconds against the combative ex-marine. The tranquilizer she had stuck in Shaw’s neck contained three times the normal dosage and caused her to pass out in seconds. Finally, Root had been able to get Shaw to the subway uneventfully and laid her down on the bed in the small spare room that the subway had.

Root had made it a priority, to not be anywhere in the proximity of Shaw when she woke up.

After a full 48 hours, she had been unable to stay away, needing to see Sameen alive like she needed her next breath. No matter the consequences.

“I will end you…”

Those had been Shaw’s last words to Root before the drug took over, and Root still felt the deadly grip that Shaw had had on her throat.

She trembled at the thought, she knew exactly what those strong hands were capable of.

As she neared the makeshift gym that Reese had set up for Shaw while she had been asleep in an effort to appease her, Root noticed that the sounds had ceased and that it was so silent that she could hear her own breathing. Out of habit, Root reached for her gun holstered on her thigh under the dress that she had worn for a mission earlier. She looked around listening intently for any signs of life and then decided to call out to Shaw.


Directly behind her was a mocking chuckle and Root gasped as she felt rough hands gripping firmly at her waist and guiding her to the nearest flat surface, which just so happened to be Harold’s desk.

“So, was this your way of getting even with me Root?” Root’s dress was being torn from the back and the sleeves slid down her arms as she was forced to bend over. “You tasered me, threatened to burn me with an iron…” A knife slid down the front of her dress, slicing it to pieces. “Then I shot you in the shoulder...” Sharp teeth sank into her shoulder at that comment for emphasis and caused her to cry out, whimpering and shaking as a wet tongue licked the pain a way and she trembled again when that damn blade ran down her spine. “You broke into my fucking apartment, tasered me AGAIN, drugged me and zip tied me to a steering wheel…” Shaw’s hand then gripped Root’s hair in a fist and she spoke right into her good ear, her voice vicious and low, “Then I knocked your ass unconscious and got you locked in the library, and now over a year later, you want to return the favor?”

“It was for your own good Shaw.” Root managed to breathe out. Her dress had been torn to shreds and now the blade was cutting deliciously into her pale skin, leaving pink streaks up and down her body. Shaw was meticulously only opening the top layer of her skin, not too deep but just right and enough to turn Root into a hot dripping mess.

“Who the hell are you to tell me what’s good for me?” Shaw growled, the blade now sliced through Root’s bra causing her breasts to spill out from them.

Root was unable to breathe when Shaw ripped her panties off and thrust her fingers deeply inside her. Unable to make a reply as a moan escaped her, and she sought to grip something as Shaw pounded relentlessly into her. Shaw groaned upon finding Root already so wet and aching for her and she pumped her fingers harder into her. Shaw pressed the knife into Root’s stomach as she curled her fingers inside Root and brushed them back and forth against her spot.

“Fuck.” Root breathed out, and Shaw smirked at that.

She pounded Root into oblivion, working her palm against her clit and adding fingers into her until Root was stretched and filled and coming all over them. Warm juices were running down her thighs and wet sounds filling the subway as Shaw did not stop but continued making Root ride wave after wave of pleasure.

“Sameen, oh god, Sameen…” Root moaned her name as if it were the only one she knew.

Shaw leaned over still plunging her fingers into her and whispered in her ear. “I told you I was going to end you.”

Root came again, her body over stimulated by the cuts to her flesh by the blade, the multitude of orgasms and the very presence of Shaw.

Shaw dropped the blade and turned Root around to face her. Shaw’s eyes were dark and filled with rage, but Root looked past that, she always looked past what Shaw displayed on the surface and tried to look into her heart.

“I could not survive if something happened to you Sameen.” Roots eyes were watering as she spoke, and Shaw felt the anger that had been burning within her begin to dissipate at a fast rate. “I have to keep you safe.” She said with a conviction, her tone letting Shaw know that it was non-negotiable.

Shaw pushed Root back onto the desk and stood between her long legs. Root instinctively wrapped them around Shaw’s waist and pulled her close against her body. Shaw buried her face into Root’s neck and whispers her response. “How do you think I would feel if one of these days, you or the boys get hurt, or worse, and I wasn’t there to help or able to stop it from happening? It would kill me Root, especially if…” Shaw trailed off, but Root was able to fill in the rest of it in her mind.

Especially if it’s me.

Root tilts Shaw’s chin up to her and they lock eyes for an intense moment. Root’s heart is swelling with emotion and the need to tell Shaw is overwhelming.


Shaw looks away, “Don’t say it Root, don’t.”

Root kisses Shaw in response and puts everything she felt in that moment into it, hoping that Shaw could feel how much she loved her, how much she needed her to live.

Shaw returns the kiss with a desperation that she has never felt before. Her desire for Root is so strong that it terrifies and excites her all at once. This woman who she once wanted to kill, then craved intensely and now she felt she couldn’t live without, had managed to sneak her way into Shaw’s black heart and she had no idea how it had happened.

Shaw’s earlier rage has disappeared, and she lets Root lead her into her designated bedroom for her stay there. She lets Root undress her and kiss the anxieties she feels for the threat of Samaritan away, and lets Root lick away the frustration of having to remain hidden for the sake of all their lives. She lets Root enter her body and make her curse and moan and come and forget everything that had been eating away inside her since the day Samaritan had come online.

She lets Root fuck away her fears and it leaves her drained.


A few hours later Harold walks into the station completely puzzled by the lack of noise, aside from the sound of Bear’s nails scraping on the platform as he rushes to greet him.

“Ms. Shaw?” Harold calls out but receives no answer.

Worry begins to grip him as he begins to conclude that Shaw has fled while he had been away. He decides to cover all bases before alerting Root and Reese to Shaw’s departure.

He first heads over to the makeshift gym that Shaw had been using since Reese had shown it to her, perhaps she was taking a break between reps. Upon finding it empty, he then walks over to the room that Shaw had been sleeping in, hoping that she had just worn herself out from the frantic pacing and threats she had been giving him all day before he escaped.

When he reaches his destination, he couldn’t stop the “Oh my,” that leaves his lips and the reddening of his cheeks.

Shaw was wrapped tightly in the arms of Root, and there was a lack of clothing on both their parts that had left little doubt as to what they had been doing before ending up in this position. They were both asleep, chests rising and falling in tune with one another and neither stirring at his intrusion.

Harold hurried away, speechless but not at all shocked. He decided it would be best to let them sleep as who knew what the following days would bring. He walks over to the fridge and puts Shaw’s favorite sandwich from Parks deli (the Beatrice Lilly) in the refrigerator. He was certain she would be ravenous when she woke up.