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The next morning you wake up sore in places you haven’t been sore in a long time. You stretch, and you feel Till behind you, curled up against your back, one large hand splaying over your belly, his warmth seeping into your skin. You smile, still in awe that yesterday even happened, and snuggle back into his warmth. He sighs softly in his sleep and hugs you tighter, and the play of muscles against you is delightful.

You inhale deeply, gently stroking your fingers up and down his arm where it’s wrapped around you. Yesterday was a dream…the sex, the aftercare, he even made you dinner once you woke up. After, you sat for hours and talked about any and everything. You’d never connected with someone like this before, certainly not this quickly. You lean back into him as you feel him shift and start to awaken. He presses a soft kiss to your ear before whispering, “you awake?”

“Yeah…but I think I’m still dreaming,” you whisper back.

You feel him smile into your hair even as he murmurs, “Dreams are never this beautiful.” You melt against him, turning in his arms and pressing your face to his chest. He makes a soft, approving sound as you scratch your nose on his chest hair.

“Liebe, what are you doing?” He’s laughing softly and you can feel his chest move.

“You’re just so handsome. You know you’re stunning right?” You mumble somewhere near his left nipple.

He tilts back so he can see your face. “Stunning? Do you ever look in a mirror?”

“I try to avoid it as much as possible, to be totally honest.” You’re trying to burrow back into him, away from uncomfortable self esteem issues.

His hands rest on your waist and gently slide you up so you’re face to face. “Well, I wish you could see yourself the way I do.” His voice is barely audible.

“And how is that?” You whisper back.

He leans in to kiss you, and right before your lips touch you hear him say, “Perfect.”

You shiver hard as his lips touch yours, and make a soft sound into his mouth as his warm, calloused hands slide up your back. It’s been far too long since you woke up with someone who seems to truly care. You ignore the small, traitorous part of your brain that’s whispering about only knowing him for a day. You’d never felt this way about anyone, and you weren’t about to lose it now. Somehow you press even closer, kissing him as if your life depends on it, not even feeling the tears of happiness on your face.

Till shifts, taking you with him so you’re both closer to sitting up than laying down. He breaks the kiss to rest his forehead on yours and brushes his thumb against a stray teardrop. “Happy tears, ja?” He sounds so concerned it brings a fresh wave of tears to your eyes.

“Yes,” You whisper back. “I can’t remember ever feeling this…at peace.” You reach your arms around his broad shoulders and snuggle your face into the crook of his neck, feeling his large hands stroke up and down your back soothingly.

You relax, all but slumped against him as you shift, wrapping your legs around his waist to bring you even closer to him. It’s like you’re trying to meld into his skin. You shiver again as you hear him rumble softly as his morning wood comes in contact with your belly, but he doesn’t move to do anything about it yet, just continues holding you.

Feeling his stiffness pressed against your body opens the valve on the floodgates and you tense your thighs momentarily as you feel the familiar slickness start to build. You lift your head slightly and start kissing and sucking softly along his neck, and are rewarded with a soft moan as he tilts his head to allow you more access. One of his hands slides up your side to ghost along the curve of a breast before slowly rubbing your nipple with the pads of his fingers.

You whimper into his skin, before pulling back to drag him down for another kiss. His tongue immediately tangles with yours, and his hands go down to your ass, lifting you and settling your entrance at his tip. He tests how wet you are, pressing gently, and finds you soaked already. He groans softly into your mouth, and then slowly lets you drop down on him. You hiss as he stretches you wide once again, but it’s easier today than it was yesterday.

The toes on your right foot are doing some sort of involuntary dance of joy and intensity. He notices and frowns. “Is it too much? Too fast? Do you want lube?”

His rapid fire whispered questions warm your heart and you feel yourself get wetter. “No, I’m fine,” You whisper back, afraid that talking any louder will shatter the dream and you’ll wake up alone in your bed. “Just…give me a minute.” He hums his agreement, bringing both thumbs up to tease and work at your nipples, watching as you writhe on him and biting back a groan as he feels your wetness start to drip down to his balls.

“Are you always so sensitive?” Another kiss to your ear, then cheek, then on your lips. You feel his cock twitch inside of you.

“N-Not always, no,” you whisper into his mouth, clenching around him and making him hiss softly. “Y-You just…you make me sensitive. I-It’s’s like I look at you, and it feels like my skin gets electrified…” He hums into your mouth and just devours you even more. He doesn’t move yet, just sits there deep inside you, twitching against your walls every so often.

You kiss him back, hard, until the urge to fuck him to the middle of next week becomes unbearable. You know he can feel you clenching around him, his cock’s twitching growing more frequent. You break away from the kiss with a gasp, “Till, please.”

“Please what, mein liebe. I’ll give you anything your heart desires, just say the words.” You can feel his hips shift slightly underneath you as he fights to keep his restraint.

You whimper his name again as you beg, “Please move, please, I need you to move!” He makes eye contact with you, and those beautiful green orbs steal your breath as he gently starts rocking up into you. Your mouth drops open, and every inch of your flesh raises in goosebumps at just how intimate and overwhelming this is.

“Ahhhhh.” You can’t stop the moan rising from your throat. The intensity of the feeling in your core and the stare of his eyes literally takes you breath away, and you close your eyes to kiss him.

He kisses back briefly, before pulling away and resting his forehead against yours so your eyes are locked. “Keep your eyes open, I want to look in them.” His voice is so tender and emotional you feel the tears start to well up again. You nod weakly, your grip on his shoulders increasing as he starts to rock faster in you.

His hands press on your lower back, pressing you tighter against his core. He somehow reaches even deeper inside you than last night, and it feels like he’s almost in your stomach. You whimper his name as you stare into his eyes, so filled with emotion, and a few tears fall.

You try to blink the tears away, but they keep rolling. His eye contact is hypnotizing, and although you’re almost uncomfortable with the intensity shining back at you, you wouldn’t dream of looking away. Your eyes flutter shut as he starts shifting his hips side to side slightly, in addition to rocking forward into you. “Open them, liebe, I mean it,” the words demanding but there’s no trace of his dominance in them-they’re sincere, pleading. You force your eyes open, and almost come right then and there as you lock eyes again. His expression is so open and honest and you can almost feel the love radiating off of him. “Till, I’m close,” you whimper out, breaths coming in sharp little gasps.

He presses his forehead against yours again, lips parted as he slips his hand between your bodies. He fingers your clit, engorged and quivering, and rubs tight circles as hips pick up their pace. “Come for me, mein liebe, my beautiful wild one, come for me!” And you do, mouth dropping open in a silent scream as you clamp down hard around his cock.

Your eyes roll back in your head and your entire body feels like it might explode. You sob and shake as your orgasm tears through you, and the blissful weightlessness that has settled in every cell makes you feel angelic. You’re so high in the moment that you don’t notice Till trying to get your attention at first. Vaguely, you think you hear your name before you can focus your senses back in on the sweaty, grunting, gorgeous man still hard inside you. Your head lolls slightly before you hold it up against him, forehead to forehead again, and exhale, giving him a confused look that clearly says you didn’t actually hear him. His rocking has turned to thrusting underneath you. “Can I - FUCK, liebe- can I come in you?” he asks, nearly speechless from the effort of holding back his release.

“W-What?” You whisper softly, not sure you heard him correctly.

His eyes are boring holes into your soul. “Can I come in you?” he repeats, an unspoken please hanging after the question. Even after yesterday, he still asks…you feel the tears welling up in your eyes yet again and you know then and there you’re in deep, that you love him.

You tighten your grip on him and press your breasts against his chest. Your voice is ragged after your orgasm. “Yes, Till, please come in me, I want to feel you come in me, please give me it!”

He all but snarls as he finally lets go. His arms wrap tightly around you, and you nearly can’t breath with how hard he’s holding you to him. You cry out into his chest as you feel him explode inside you, filling you to the brim and then some. His hips twitch against yours, and you hear him growl something in German against your cheek. Every one of his muscles against you is taut in his release, and you shudder at the feeling, hiccuping as your emotions release along with him.

He comes for what seems like minutes, and the feel of his cum spurting inside your cunt and dripping out onto your legs is more comforting than it logically should be. You settle your face against his neck as his breathing slowly returns to normal. He starts pressing kisses against every part of you he can reach, all over the side of your face still exposed, down your neck and across your shoulder. He plants one last kiss on top of your head before making to pull out, “I’ll go get a washcloth..” he trails off as you lock your legs behind his back and hold him tighter.

“No, stay. Let me feel you,” you whisper, feeling completely limp and drained. He rolls his shoulders, shifting you closer before leaning himself back and straightening his legs out, pulling you down on top of him, still connected. He holds you on his chest, stroking your hair gently.

“Wow,” he says softly, reverently. “That was…something. Making love, I think you say in English?” Your tears start fresh again and you nod, speechless, nuzzling your face under his jaw as you let your emotions run freely through you.

He feels your tears falling, and he turns your head to look at him. “Those are still happy tears, ja?” You nod, burrowing back into his neck, clinging to him as if your life depends on it. His hands are warm as they rub soothingly on your back.

“W-What…what did you say as you were coming?” you whisper, closing your eyes.

“Ich liebe dich…it means, ‘I love you,’” he whispers, sounding almost afraid of the admission.

Your breath catches in your throat and you push yourself up suddenly, and he has to stifle a laugh at the face you make as his softened cock slips out of you unexpectedly. You regain your composure and look down at him. “Really?” Now it’s his turn to feel the eye contact is too intense.


You sit quietly on his stomach for a second, running your hands through his chest hair. “How do you say it?”

His brow furrows at the question. It’s not any of the reactions he expected. “Ich liebe dich.”

You lay back down on top of him, and press your face to his. “Hey Till.”


“Ich liebe dich.”

You feel his breath hitch in his chest, and his arms tighten around you as if terrified you’re going to disappear. You look up to see tears streaming from his own eyes, and smiles to you, a true beaming smile that’s full of joy. “We’re going to have to work on your accent,” he chokes out, and you laugh in joy and kiss his tears away.