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Slap some bacon on it

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"Agent Dethina!"

Soldier 76 had a loud ass voice, of course you'd never say that to your commander. Except you just did according to his scowl. 

"Sorry, Sir. What is it you need, Sir?" You smiled sweetly just to lighten that glare from your direction. "You'll be training with Roadhog. Your weapons and strengths are similar enough. You'll also be mentored under him, not with Symmetra any longer. That's all. And my voice projects very well, you'll be grateful for it should we do an aggressive mission." You watch his ass as he walks away, "Strengths are similar...he means I'm fat so I must be a hard hitter. Didn't even read my damn file," you rant you walk to Winston's office.

You'd had a crush on the big apeman since you finished the boot camp. He and Torbjorn had been modifying your weapon and suit. A sickle that extended into a scythe when thrown. The sickle was attached to the orange chest piece on your suit by a chain  that heats up. You smile at your baby, your invention, before pulling a small box out of your bag. "Winny! I made the cake holes you love." You said as you walked in. Winston adjusted his glasses and turned to you. "Extra peanut butter?" You nod softly handing them to him shyly, he snorts happily. "You have outdone even Athena in pleasing me." Your heart thumped against your chest, damn him.

He smelled like lemons and peanut butter, mostly peanut butter though. You looked at a tuff of hair standing on top of his head as he ate the treats. Slowly, you smoothed it down, running your fingers through his fur causing him to hum. "YN?" Winston looked up at you, a rarity that only happened when he was sitting. "Yes, Winston," You murmured. "Isn't it time for you to start training?" He smiled helpfully, blissfully unaware of your thoughts. "Yeah, it is. Eat something outside of those cake holes, Winny!" You called out as you jogged to the training room with your practice sickle.

You looked around the locker room before changing into yoga pants and 6XL shirt (only 4 sizes bigger than a normal tee for you). You quickly laced up your shoes out on the mat as you heard a noise from behind you. Sweeping your left foot out, you turn your upper body right allowing a hook to swing by you. You see it speeding back and grab the end of the hook being pulled towards it's owner. You extend your body into a straight line and flatten your feet as they hit the belly of a giant man. A great big oof sounds from the man.

You back away quickly as he goes to grab you. "You must be Mako Rutledge. Also known as Australian infamous Junker Roadhog." You state, picking up your sickle. A soft chuckle emerges from behind the mask. "YN LN. Dethina Boult. USA." You nod, "Shall we begin, piggy?" You recieve a laugh and a snort as he charges you. You try to guess his moves and do good for a few minutes before he catches you with his hook bringing you close to his mask. He turns his head to your ear, "Oink Oink, Scarecrow." You burst out laughing as he references your tattoo, a simple crow made of hay.

"That was the most fun I've had training." You smiled at him before he slid you down his stomach. He catches sight of your side hip as your shirt slides up. "Is that your soulmark?" He grunts softly. You quickly pull your shirt down, your face blushing softly. "U hm, yeah." "Let me see." He says simply, not a  request but not an order. His mask is covering his face so you don't know what to make the the statement.

 " show me yours." He snorts and reaches behind his head. You hear a click as he hold the mask. "Close your eyes." You do as you're told and you hear a ruffling sound followed by a grunt. You open your eyes to see a crow holding a banana under his jaw. He quickly covers it up, "I can't remember what it is." He says softly point at the area. " I don't look in the mirror at it often I guess. Your turn."

You raise your shirt softly to show the banana wrapped in bacon. He groans softly rushing towards you. His mask is lifted to smash his lips against yours. Something in you switches and you press yourself against his stomach as you return his kiss. A clap scares you and causes you to scramble away from the large man.

McCree claps some more, "Didn't know you had it in you, Hog. And a pretty gal like her, darling if you wanted a kiss you knew where to find me."

You scoffed, "McCree, don't you have a STD to catch elsewhere?"

He chuckled and raised both hands, "Doll, You wound me. I will go now. Just wanted to tell you congrats on the Best Recruit Title." He made his way out of your sight and you turned to Mako.

"If you're the bacon, and I'm the crow...who is the banana?" You whisper, not wanting it to be who you thought it was. "I think you know, Princess." Roadhog began to to make his way down the hall to Winston's office.

"Welcome back, YN. I haven't eaten anything yet." Winston turned around and raised his eyebrow at seeing you under the giant Aussie. "Roadhog, I haven't seen you in a while." Roadhog nodded and looked down at you, signalling you to begin. "Winston, d-do y-you have a s-soulm-mark?" Winston sighed and nodded. "Most everyone does, except Junkrat. It was on his leg." You looked uncertainly up at Roadhog.

He nods, a soft noise from the mask. "You both have the Mark? Congratulations to both of you. I must say I didn't think you two would be but I can see you look good together." You cover Winston's mouth with yours. It was an odd texture but you can't say you didn't like it.

"Oh my..YN."

"Show me your mark, Winny. We need to see it."

You turn to look at your Piggy, who had sat down by now. He waved his hand to let you continue. You turned back to Winston who raised his left foot. A small textured crow pecking at bacon bits sat pretty on his heel. "Oh Winston!"

You kissed him again and hugged him close. "Athena explain Agent Dethina's reaction." Athena clear cutting voice responded, "While training Agents Roadhog and Dethina discovered their soulmarks match as does yours. Congratulations, Winston, Roadhog, and Dethina." Winston nodded thoughtfully. "Thank you Athena, keep this to clearance 9. DETHINA, ROADHOG AND WINSTON accessibility only." Winston looked at you and Roadhog to confirm. You both spoke at the same time, "Accepted." Athena spoke once again, "Very well. Clearance 9 with 3 agents on file. Informing my data with those who need to know."

You look around and rub your arm. "How about going to dinner together, boys?" They both held their hand out for you and you gladly accepted them.

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You three made your way to the cafeteria with your nerves frayed. "Perhaps, I should stay with Junkrat?" Roadhog mutters softly, as he looks at the large doors. "If you want but I'd like to sit with you and Winston." You mumble back to him. Winston's anxiety was more over the fact that he hadn't been in the cafeteria for months at a time. "For fucks sake, Winston, you're okay, you're with us right?" You slid your hand into his large hand. Both of the men to your sides towered you. You took a step in the cafeteria happily holding Winston's hand which wasn't abnormal for you two. The weird part was that you were in public and with Roadhog at that.

McCree chuckled darkly, "Both, Darling? I'm telling you I really could scratch that itch." You sighed softly and turned to Winston to whisper "He saw Roadhog and I in the training room." Roadhog grunted unhappily in McCree's direction. "Woah there big boy, what are you upset about? You are the one getting played." Mako growled through his mask. "You wanna take this to the mats, Cowboy?" You poked the belly button of Roadhog's pig tattoo in warning. "Actually, Maybe my girl can take you down alone." Winston smirked, "Our girl is a force of her own. But do you wanna take an ape in armor on?" McCree chuckled, "Oh I'd like to be taken down by Y/N. But I didn't realize she was into animals. A pig and an ape hmm? Maybe she'll hit up the dragons next Hanzo." He takes a few steps back to sit with Hanzo and Genji.

You sniffle feeling tears build in your eyes. He's right, I'm into an ape and a man who is represented by a pig. They're the only ones who like a big body like mine. You followed the guys through the line for food. You picked up only a salad, but when you reached the end of the line your tray was full. You looked up at Roadhog and Winston who were talking about some of the junker weapons that have been created. Your E/C eyes squinted in suspicion as you put your favorite pie back. Winston looks at you, "Put it back on your tray." You'd never heard that tone from the soft ape, it turned you on a little. You put it back on the tray, "Yes, Winny." He huffed pleased with your response. Roadhog chuckled and lead you towards the table with the omnics.

It had become obvious to most everyone that something between you three happened. You picked at your food when you felt a large hand squeeze your thigh. Roadhog grunted and nodded toward your tray. "I'm not hungry." "Your size changing won't change our marks," he says solemnly and softly, "only death and I don't plan on dying princess." Winston snorted in agreement as he added a dab of peanut butter to his banana pudding. You sighed, "I said I wwasn' hungry." "Oh I heard what you said, Princess. I. Don't. Care. You may be able to lie to others but we're different." His tone startled you and you began to eat immediately. Turns were hungry as hell.


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You didn't finish everything on the tray but the boys were pleased with how much you had. Winston and Roadhog spent most of dinner talking getting to know each other. It's the most you'd heard from Roadhog since you'd been here and you liked the sound of his voice. The guys let you wander away as they headed to Winston's lab. You went to go visit the one person who would guide and support you the most. Reinhardt. You knock on the door gently, you always made sure to be as dainty and gentle as you could around the giant German. "Ah, My Little One! Come, Come. What is the occasion?" He belted as he picked you up into a hug, a big papa bear bug. Reinhardt was the reason you joined overwatch and replaced your sperm donor as your father. "Papa, I...I'm so confused." Your face must have been distressed because he sat you down on his large couch and went to close the door and grab you a (Fave Drink). You wrapped yourself up in the German flag blanket he always had on the couch. "Sprich, Mädchen. " [Speak, girl] You sighed and took the cup from the large man. "My soulmate," you started staring into the cup in your hands. The temperature was relaxing and soothing to you especially at this moment. "Ja? Meine Liebste, We all have one." [Yes?My dear] he said sitting next to you and pulling you into his side. "I have.. two? Well one's an animal but I mean he counts." Reinhardt rubbed his beard, "Well that is different, Liebste." You frown and look up at him, "Papa! This is serious! Like wirklich ernst. " [Truly Serious] You struggled to explain how serious. "I understand. So you have two, I'm assuming Winston is one. You've been Verliebt with him for a while." You nodded and feel your head being pet. "The other is Roadhog," you say. "I wasn't aware you two knew each other." You shake your head at the idea. "We didn't, Morrison switched my mentor to be Roadhog. Which I don't understand, I'm not a tank, I'm just damage. Any ways, He saw my tattoo and I guess remembered what his Mark was. That's how we found out." You continue to explain it to him, just getting it off your chest. All your worries and concerns as well as your excitement for the future. What you want and hope for but also the issue of McCree, damn him. Reinhardt sat and comforted you and supported your happiness. Listening to every word and his words booming when he learned McCree was taking his jokes too far. He drew the line at that but promised not to make any rash decisions. "I'm not 27 anymore, Liebe. Nicht mehr." [...,love. Not anymore]

After catching up with Reinhardt about life and training, you decided to skip whatever activities were happening in the rec area. You put on your practice outfit and grabbed your practice weapon. Upon opening your door, you find a note on the ground. We know how it feels to be paired with someone opposite to you and be made a joke of. We'll be in the training gym. -M+J  The note was a sign, it had to be, and they could give you advice about this. You grabbed your stuff and dashed for the training gym. Winston turned towards you and smiled widely mumbling something about never seeing you train in clothes like this. "She got a few over on me cause of what she was wearing the other time too." Roadhog huffed. "That's the Sheila that got you talking so much?" You heard a high pitch voice call from behind your large gentle love followed by a gentle feminine laugh. "She's pretty." A slightly Chinese accent flows to your ears. 

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Mei popped out from behind Roadhog and goes directly in for a hug. "I'm sorry about the cafeteria thing today. McCree can be a total doofus." Her soft voice rose a few octives in anger but what you were not expecting was for Junkrat to hobble from behind his partner in crime. "Oy, cool off, Hot Head," he laughed and wrapped his arm around Mei as she blushed. "Says the one with literal fire on his hair again." She stamped out the small flames and smiled at you. "I'm Mei and this is Jamison." "Junkrat." "An irritating rodent." Mei, Junkrat and Roadhog all said simultaneously.

You all trained for an hour or so and it was encouraging to watch how Mei and Junkrat worked together. Taking cues from one another, and gracefully fulfilling them. It was very cute to you but between two tanks and a DPS it was a bit different. Winston and Roadhog worked together well as a main tank and a peel tank but you didn't know where you fit and constantly got in the way of the guys. "Y/N, watch out for his hook!" Winston yelled at you frustrated that in defending you he'd gotten tagged by Junkrat's toy riptire. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Goddamnit!" You were pissed of now that every shot of your sickle and scythe was blocked by the bigger guys protecting you.

"I CAN HOLD MY OWN!" You shouted as you hit the stop button. "Look at Mei and Junkrat. They know when to back off each other so why won't you guys? Just let me do my job." Winston scratched his head and looked at Roadhog. "Look that's our job, we quite literally are tanks. We should be shielding you." Roadhog shook his head at Winston, "She's right. Anyone else we'd clear the space and let them attack but we aren't doing that for her." Winston sighed and looked at you sadly, "I don't want her hurt." "Me either but we risk her being on a battlefield without us not knowing what to do." He shrugged, pulling Winston close and pressing their foreheads together. "Just let her do her job, Win." They separated and you shifted slightly. It dawned on you that they also have a connection with each other from the soulmarks. "You guys ready?" Junkrat said unused to Roadhog being affectionate and talkative. You nodded and hit the restart button.

Training went well and the guys went off to the showers while you sat on the mats with Mei. You spoke for a bit enjoying each other's company. "Why did you join?" Mei asked carefully. "I just wanna make a couple impressions get a smile out there. I didn't have the best upbringing. Hell if that's what you could even call it." You snorted softly and thought about your childhood. "I spent summer days working at a mill, went home at 2 and cooked for the others. I started fighting off the gangs in our town to protect my neighborhood. Then I saw a picture of Winston, dressed all in his armor. Behind him was a poster of Reinhardt, that inspired me to practice everyday. I took both posters home. Gathered the original teams posters and I promised by time I got to Jack's I'd join but then... overwatch was ...yeah. Then I saved soldier's ass and here I am."

ATHENA announced a mission and called the names and roles. You didn't pay much attention to it, you were too new to put on the field yet. "ROADHOG, Tank. Winston, Main Tank." Athena announced. You stood up and ran to the mission room as fast as you could. Dipping past people and bumping others you made your way to the door just as the mission detailing finished. Roadhog caught sight of you first, tired and worried looking. Winston was speaking to everyone still so he hadn't seen you quite yet. You saw Roadhog look at Winston and nod towards you. Winston finished up with his speech and everyone filed out to pack for the mission.

"Come In, Y/N." Winston said closing the door and blinds of the window. Roadhog hadn't shifted positions since he spotted you. Winston placed his hand on your cheek. "Are you okay? you look sick, love." You nodded softly and held his hand in place. "Lying again." Roadhog gruffed staring at you. "Yeah, well until you take your mask off in front of us then we all are allowed our privacy of thought now aren't we?" You snapped, immediately feeling guilty, "I'm sorry...I'm just worried." Roadhog lifted you into his lap and nodded, "That's normal."

"I wanna go, put me in the mission Winston." You stated firmly. Winston placed your legs in his lap and rubbed your legs gently, "We haven't bonded fully yet so I doubt any harm will come to you. There's no reason for both of my mates to be in danger." You whined , "This is not fair." "Y/N! It's settled, you will not go." Winston snarled at you firmly. Roadhog nodded, "we've just barely learned how to work together." You couldn't disagree but that still didn't sit right that they were both going on a red attack mission and leaving you here. You opened your mouth to say something when Winston cleared his throat and place your legs on the ground.

"I don't recall placing Agent Dethina in the mission." Soldier 76 stated clearly. You tried to make yourself smaller in Roadhog and hide but the damage had already been done. "You didn't, Sir." Roadhog stated rather firmly, "She was saying goodbye to us, right scarecrow?" You felt played and nodded simply before standing to leave. Roadhog pulled you to him and kissed your forehead before passing you to Winston who kissed your cheek and tucked your hair behind your ear. "Don't forget to put your glasses in their case before you go to sleep." You smiled and nodded sadly as you walked past Soldier 76 who looked at you with his features softened. "They'll be fine kid, I promise. I'll bring them back." You smile as you walk out of the room and back to your quarters.