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Distinct Taste

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You push him down until he's kneeling on the floor
and he's looking at you with that smile
like he knows that even on his knees
when you whisper 'god,' 
you're thinking of him 

Pale hair , blue eyes 
a demon 
wearing your friend's skin

and you hate him
and he hates you
which isn't quite right
you think
when you grip your fingers around his neck 
and bite his lips 

he's laughing 
and you know it hurts, it must
but you realize
the pain is what's making him laugh
he's always been sick , always been wrong

( what are you then ? )

he doesn't care about fucking
doesn't care about pleasure
but he cares about you 
cause no one else can crawl under his skin

make him hurt with the sting
of betrayal
make him glow
in the darkness

he lets you know by biting the thumb
pressed on his tongue
and not letting go
until his teeth are stained red

"you'll heal anyways," 
he says 
"you always do
I just wanted
a little piece of you

cause how am I gonna keep you alive forever - 'Ever' ?

that was our promise right?

I remember you 
and you remember me.

but you just keep losing pieces
of yourself
that fake face you give away
is going to crack one day
but I just want the real you"

he always was 
a jealous thing.

A walking , talking lie 
and it’s better when he doesn’t talk
So you kiss him again
And he digs his nails into your face 
You pull back for a gasp of air
And his eyes are glazed
But he knows he’s won

So he smiles
And your mouth
is filled with the taste
of your own blood 

And something distinctly 
A lot like Victor Vale.