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Hi! This is a warning if you don't happen to know what a lemon is for whatever reason, be this is the first fanfic you're reading or maybe you're just an Amish person in fanfiction. (Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Forgive me please). But anyways, what a lemon is, is basically you, an original character [oc], or a canon character basically get to fuck someone. Yep, i'm not even gonna sugar coat it for you. It's just that. So if you happen to dislike sexual themes then please, for the love of all that is holy (including, but is not limited to: Sister Daniel and Yuka the priest), do not fucking read this. I do not want this to get reported and deleted because I will lose all my shit and then basically have a fit lol.

Lemons contain these following things, please keep these in mind if you decide to read: Crude language, nudity, and VVV suggestive themes.






I'd also like to point out the legal age for consent.

Google states that
"The federal law establishes the age of 12 as the minimum age of consent, while the age at which there are no restrictions for consensual sexual activities is 18 (sex with someone 12-18 is not illegal per se, but can still be open to prosecution under certain circumstances)."
However it also states that
"Federal law makes it criminal to engage in a sexual act with another person who is between the age of 12 and 16 if they are at least four years younger than you. Each state takes a different approach as the age of consent has ranged from 10 to 18."
This is for the USA. I'm not sure about other countries.

Chapter Text

Orihara Izaya, a local information broker located in Shinjuku, and as of today, your target of pure and rather unrelenting rage.

You throw open the doors to his office, storming in. The doors hit the wall behind them, causing a loud thud to resonate through the room. You throw your gaze around the apartment, nostrils flared and teeth grinding together as you meet the eyes of his bored secretary, Namie. She was a very tall and slender woman who currently stood atop the second floor restocking some black binders on a rather large shelf.

"Where is he?" Your voice booms as you stomp your foot

She simply just rolls her eyes with a gentle sigh as she directs you over to his desk with a single finger. Your eyes snap over to that spot, watching as the chair turned around slowly to reveal the man himself. You squint at him, as he slaps his hands down upon his desk, his usual wicked grin upon his face.

"Ahh~" He chimes, as if he had just sipped a refreshing drink "[Nickname]-chan! What a pleasant surprise!"

You stomp over to him, rounding his desk. In all honestly you were truly using all the remaining restraint you had to not climb over his desk and start wailing on him.

"Don't you dare 'hey [nickname]' me!" You scream in his face "You skinny little rat-bastard!"

"Awe is [First Name] mad~?" He teases "My sources tell me that you found out about a certain 'arrangement'. I was honestly meaning to tell you, but it seemed to have-"

You grab him by the collar of his black shirt and immediately throw him out of his chair. Quietly, you watch with a minor satisfaction as his head hits the glass window behind him. Ultimately cracking it.

"No, I'm not mad at all, 'zaya." You tell him, your voice sounding smooth and cool to even yourself "I'm past that."

You kneel down and lean in close to his face.

"I'm enraged." You whisper to him, softly

All self restraint you had up until this point was gone. You were angry and he was gonna pay for it. After all, how would anyone else react once they'd discovered that the great Orihara Izaya was planning on selling them off into a human trafficking organization. Your best guess was that one would feel furious.

You watch as Izaya looks upstairs, doing some sort of specific hand motion. But it completely flew over your head because of how blurred you were by anger.

Izaya continues sending that wicked grin your way, as he gives a gentle laugh.

"I had a feeling you'd react this way." He tells you

He just laughs in your face with that insane laugh of his. You slam him against the glass again and it cracks more. He leans down so his face is close to yours, his smirk as big as ever. And it finally clicked within you. Izaya wanted you to fall apart in front of him. He wanted to watch you suffer just like everyone else he knew. Your anger dissolves a bit as you're overcome by a great sadness.

"After all this time.." You begin, your voice barely above a whisper as you look down "I really did think I knew you."

Izaya just looks up at you his big brown eyes, before suddenly grabbing you by the strings of your jacket and pulling you down into a kiss. Your eyes widen, watching with pure shock as his fall closed and he tilts his head. You couldn't do anything, couldn't move, couldn't push him away because you were completely frozen. Instead, you just silently stare at his face, taking in his features at the almost uncomfortable proximity. It was not exactly the nicest angle to view someone.

Your mind blanks as you choose to focus your attention somewhere else. Quickly deciding on detaching yourself from the situation entirely. Instead, you keen in on the loud thumping that was your heart as it beat against your rib cage.

Izaya's eyes flutter open after a moment and he stares back at you. You can feel the smirk formulating against your lips as he takes your bottom lip gently between his teeth, finally retracting himself. He held it there for a moment, before returning it back to its original place with a gentle peck.

"There, now that I have your attention," Izaya begins with a smile

"You kissed me." You suddenly say, your mind completely blank

"Don't think that I haven't picked up on those little feelings you have for me, [nickname]-chan." Izaya hums "I pick up on all my of my precious little humans' feelings."

You reach up to touch your lips, finally feeling the heat building in your face, quietly flushing it. Izaya's grip loosens on your jacket, and he sits back against the cracked window.

"Don't act like you don't like it when I rip you into shreds just so I can watch you build yourself back up again." He begins "I know you do."

You quietly turn your attention away from him as Izaya sheds his coat.

"Lets play a game, [nickname]-chan. Hmm?" He chirps

You shake your head, but Izaya stands up regardless. He takes a moment to crack his back, stretching his arms above his head before he reaches down and takes your hands. Izaya drags you up to your feet, and gently backs you up against his desk. In one swift and careless motion, he slides everything off it carelessly. He sits you on top of it and kisses you again.

He spreads your legs and steps between them, pushing you down onto his desk with so he hovers over you. Your cheeks heated up as he touches them. Your eyes were still wide, this was happening all to fast for you to process.

"Normally I don't get so directly involved with my humans, but," He chirps "What's the harm in a little game?"

You whine as his hot breath his your ear and you shudder. You begin shaking as you wrap your legs and arms around him, holding him tightly. Izaya is surprised at this. But regains his composure. He grinds against you gently as you mewl.

"Izaya~" You gasp out

"Oh no, we aren't to the good part yet, [nickname]-chan~" He grins

Izaya moves down to your neck and kisses it, beginning to unbutton your white dress shirt. You release him, blushing a dark red as you look away from him, still trying to grasp what was happening. Izaya straightens back up but he's still hunched over you. He sits you up and slips you out of the dress shirt and it falls to the floor in front of his desk. You slip your hands under his shirt and he pulls it off. You whine as Izaya grinds against you again before slipping off your pants. You sit up and let him pull them off you. You're now in your underwear that are designed to look like caution tape. You unbutton his pants and slide them off with his boxers. He takes off your underwear as you stare at his length. It wasn't to bad.

Izaya grins as leans back to your neck, kissing, licking, and nipping at it. You mewl softly as he grinds himself against you through his boxers. He chuckles into your neck at this. It was impressive how vulnerable you really were when it truly came down to it. This could be some useful information for him to add to his profile about you. He pulls down his boxers and lets them drop to the floor. He kicks them away behind him after stepping out of them.

"Ready, [nickname]-chan~?" He asks in a mischievous voice

"Uh-huh." You nod

You wrap your arms and legs around him once more as you inhale deeply, preparing yourself for a world of hurt. You bet Izaya knew you were a virgin.

He entered you at a quick pace, pressing his forehead against yours so he had a front row seat to see what pleasured expression you'd make. He was shocked to see you gasp sharply and dig your nails into his back, ripping away at his flesh. You were a virgin? How exciting to find that he'd miscalculated! His eyes were wide as they stared at your shut ones.

"I-Izaya! T-Take it out! I-It hurts! I-I can't do it!" You gasp sharply before speaking each time

He shakes his head, a grin returning to his face. He'd just have to be more gentle with you then he was hoping to be or not.

'What a shame.' Izaya thought

He watches as you open one tear filled eye to look at him. He starts moving out, slowly but your back arches against his stomach. You tear more into his skin, most likely drawing blood. Izaya didn't mind this however, he was far to entertained with your reactions to his actions.

"I-Izaya!" You cry out painfully

The tears in your one open eye leak out onto your face, they run down the side of your face. Izaya wipes it away with his thumb and once again straightens up so he was hunched over you. His arms on each side of you were what kept him supported. He stares down at you almost admirably, taking in each of your features. You were someone who interested him greatly. One of the few other humans who were more interesting than any of the rest. It almost drove him mad how you could waver between predictable and unpredictable. It was possible he didn't know everything there was to know about you but at the same time it was possible he did.

You feel your inner walls stretching around him as you just lie there underneath him. You feel it fade but not very much. Izaya noticed this as you began to relax more and more in front of him. Eventually, you felt comfortable with him inside of you.

"..move..." You say softly enough for him to hear

Izaya smirks, deciding to tease you a bit before beginning.

"I'm sorry [nickname]-chan. What did you say~?" He asks, smirk obvious in his voice

"Goddammit Izaya-Just do it already!" You shout impatiently

"Gladly~!" He smiles a wide smile

Izaya starts slow at first, pumping in and out of you. You mewl and moan softly as he does this. He begins breaking a sweat, moving faster to your commands and cries to him of how you want more. You're both covered in sweat by the time he finally lets out a loud, uncharacteristic moan, even for him.

"I-za-ya~! Don't stop!" You cry out

"Now why would I do that?" He asks with a forced chuckle

You could feel a knot forming in your stomach as shocks run through your body, awakening every sense you possibly had. This was amazing more-so than anything else. The knot grows tighter and tighter as you realize what was coming through the sloppy mess that was now your mind.

"Izaya! I'm gonna-" You cut yourself off with a loud moan as he gropes your breast

"Be my guest, [nickname]-chan~!" He exclaims, now pumping into you at a godly speed.

Your vision turns white as he takes your legs and throws them over his shoulders, getting access to a certain spot. He hits it over and over again, the knot in your stomach rapidly growing tighter then before. You hit your release and Izaya rides it out as you scream in pure pleasure. Izaya pulls out once you finish, hitting his as he finishes himself off. He releases all over your stomach and lies down on top of you, panting with you. Good thing Namie was sick today.

"That was fun my dear [nickname]-chan~!" He chirps "We should do it again sometime!"

Izaya ignores how his cheeks tint a light pink. However, it wasn't noticeable compared to the color of yours which was as pink as pink could be. He smiles back and pulls out of you, starting to get redressed. You sit up, still slightly weak.

"Izaya?" You ask him softly "Were you really gonna sell me to that human trafficking organization?"

"No, not really. I just love seeing that angry face of yours~!" He looks over to you after he buttons up his jeans, still shirtless.


Chapter Text

The world around you was dark due to the pink blindfold you wore. You squirm around in your kneeling position, doing your best to yet again get comfortable with the way you sat so that your legs could wake back up and hopefully not fall asleep this time. Your thighs and calves cry out to you, screaming from the minor burn from where the bare skin rubbed against some rope that kept you locked in place. The whole oredeal wasn't exactly the greatest, but you'd grown to keep an open mind to it.

Your heart leaps into your throat from excitement when you hear the door open behind you. You let out a few whimpers and even a greet through the gag in your mouth as the clicking of his loafers begin echoing off the walls.

Oliver stops beside you and you feel him place a hand atop your head, where he pats you in a cheerful manor.

" 'ello Poppet!" He chirps "Did you miss me?"

You move around a bit, nodding in reply as you adjust your position yet again. Your knees touch the metal floor beneath you as you sit upright, looking at what you believed was the direction of his face. You rub your head against his leg, feeling the material of his grey slacks brushing against your cheek as you try to push the blindfold up just enough so you could see him. Oliver giggles softly at your feeble efforts and steps away from you, walking around you and leaving you in the dark, quite literally.

"You want to see me, don't you poppet?" He questions, his voice dropping an octave

You shiver at the tone he took on, before nodding ecstatically in response. A muffled 'please' leaves your lips before you can stop it and Oliver stops in front of you, at least you think he does. He delivers a smack to your cheek, one that makes you gasp.

"Don't tell me what to do, poppet." He tells you, darkly

You whine, but the whining stops the second you feel his fingertips brushing against your [manhood/womanhood]. Shyly, you turn your head away, closing your legs on reflex. But you come to regret the action, letting out a cry of pain once he smacks both of your inner thighs, forcing you to spread them back apart. Oliver leans in close enough for you to feel his warm breath hits your lips, confirming that he was indeed in front of you. His hands return to teasing your privates, his fingers [rolling your nub between them/tracing shapes on your twitching member]. You let out a soft moan in response, and try to lean closer against him, but it seems he just disappears once more.

"Oh poppet," He sighs playfully "You're so lewd, liking how I touch you like this. Just look at you, you're drooling all over yourself."

His fingers brush against your chest, taking a bit of the wet drool that dripped from your open mouth with them. And on that note, he begins touching you again, fully touching you. Your body quivers in response as he works at the speed of light. You honestly try to warn him of what was approaching, but the gag made it rather difficult.

"Such a noisy thing." He coos "But, not noisy enough, I'm afraid. Let's fix that, shall we?"

Oliver continues, going harder and faster with what feels like his each movement. You buck against his hand, feeling as his other hand reaches up, unhooking the gag. It falls from your mouth just in time for you to let out a loud cry upon feeling your release.

"Messy little thing," He comments "Yes that's what you are."

You whine in response as his hands recoil from you as you practically beg him to continue. But Oliver just smacks you once again.

"You're lucky I haven't set any rules yet, poppet." He tells you

You hear a small popping noise, one that could only be described as fingers being pulled out of one's mouth. Suddenly, you feel his thumbs on either side of your face. Lights greets your eyes as the blindfold it slid up and pulled off your head. You wince at the sudden light pouring in, but nevertheless watch with your heart pounding against your rib cage as your eyes met his. You wait patiently for your eyes to adjust, and once they do, you're greeted by Oliver, who shoots you an almost seductive grin. He reaches up to you, two fingers hooking themselves into the loop of your black slave collar you wore around your neck.

"Now then, let's really begin," Oliver suggests "Shall we?"

You shake your head no and he scowls at this. He didn't like when his poppet was disobedient. Oliver crawls up to you, lifting you up by your hips as he slipped underneath you. He sets you down on his lap, and you can't help but blush at the close proximity.

"Don't get me dirty, poppet." He commands

However, you don't get to spend much of your time gawking at the british country, when he brings a hand down to your exposed ass. The action prompts loud smack and a yelp from you.

"Now then," He begins "Call me sir, poppet."

"Yes sir." You say

"Good." He smiles

Oliver taps his chin thoughtfully with the hand that wasn't keeping you balanced on his lap. His his purple eyes wander around the ceiling and you just watch him curiously as he wonders things aloud.

"What shall I do with you today?" He ponders "I'm afraid I'm a bit to tired to change out your ropes today."

You blush lightly and look away nervously as his piercing purple eyes roamed your body. Oliver suddenly lifted you off of his lap and stood up. He dusts himself off before walking over to the left wall, where he grabs something off of it. Your attention snaps forward so you can face him when he drops a few things in front of you.

"Why don't we play a game?" He offers

"What kind of game, sir?" You question

He stands in front of you with a riding crop in his hand and an evil smirk across his face.

"It's called silence. You're not aloud to make a single noise no matter what." Oliver explains

Your eyes widen as he brings it down onto your chest, earning himself a pained noise you weren't able to put a name to. Oliver giggles into his hand in an excited manor.

"Okay poppet," He says "It starts now."

Oliver pushes you onto your back with his foot and you lie there for a moment. He walks over to your left, picking up the blindfold from where it laid. He turns back to you, putting it back over your eyes.

You let out a yelp once Oliver bring the whip across your chest. On impulse, you block the blow with your legs after it strikes. Then, he brings it down onto your ass, where your feet go to cover it. But he hits your chest yet again, and it goes in a random order, him striking you over and over.

Eventually, when he was satisfied with that, he flipped you over and started on your back and feet. You lied there, taking it like a champion. Blood dripped off of your lip due to how hard you were biting and chewing it.
Oliver suddenly yawned in a bored manor, before kneeling down once more beside you. He flips you over onto your back. You just quietly pant and gulp down air as if you'd been choking, as silent tears roll down your cheeks and your body shook. Oliver had never understood how you could take hits like that. Nor why you loved pain so much, but he didn't complain, for he absolutely loved dishing it out.

Oliver reached down, his hand slipping between your legs so he could rub rubbing your hole for a moment. But just like that, his touch was gone. But that was before the air was filled with the sound of light buzzing.

Oh God no.

Not that.

Anything but that.

Oliver pressed the vibrating wand to your most sensitive spot and sat there, no doubt watching your body begin to tremble as he teased you with it. He once again began poking at your entrance with his other hand, proudly using your previous orgasm as lubricant to make his game easier. He slipped a finger or two inside of you, and you finally let out a loud cry.

"Oliver!" You moan aloud

"Aww, poppet!" Oliver mock pouts "You lost the game! How sad."

Oliver goes at it faster, pressing the wand against your bundle of nerves, throwing your head from side to side wildly enough to bring the blindfold off just enough. You watch as Oliver licks his lips, clearly eating up your reactions.

"Oh fuck!" You cry

"You wanna cum yet, poppet?" Oliver questions

"Yes! Oh god yes! Please Sir!"

"You sure, poppet?" He asks

"Alrighty then, poppet." He chirps "Cum for me."

Oliver suddenly shuts off the wand and moves it away just in time for you to hit your high and be denied the perfect orgasm at the same time. You let out a loud scream of his name as your release fires out of you like a cannon.

"Good, poppet." Oliver grins "You did good."

After calming down just a bit, you lie there, panting and shaking. On occasion one of your limbs would spasm.

"Th-Thank you.. Sir.." You thank

"Good [girl/boy]." Oliver tells you

Oliver returns to his cheerful demeanor. He pulls you up off the ground and sits you back up, scooting behind you so he can undo your restraints.

"You reek of sin, poppet." He mentions "Let's get you a bath."

You rub your wrists once they're released from the harsh rope, whilst Oliver gets to work on the ones on your legs. You felt too weak to stand, so he just sweeped you off your feet, opting to carry you.

"Thank you, Ollie" You smile sweetly

"Of course poppet." He tells you "Only the best for my cupcake!"

Chapter Text

Softly, you hum a random tune that you had stuck in your head. The cold winter air nips and licks at your exposed face and hands as you drunkenly stumble and trudge through the snow-covered sidewalk. Your shoes were a bit wet from the snow, but you didn't exactly seem to notice from the spreading numbness that ran through your body, thanks to the alcohol you'd consumed a few hours before.

A few giggles leave your mouth as you trip over your own foot. It was something small, that made your hand shoot out to grab something for balance, something that happened to be a street sign. Your gaze is torn from the spinning ground in front of you, and you look up from where you stared at the snowy ground in front of you. But, your laughter is almost instantaneously silenced once you look down the familiar street, and a frown makes it's way onto your face. Not too far down the street stood a couple houses, or well, the ashes of what used to be two houses. Parts of the outer frames still remained about the two properties that remained lined in police issued cation tape. Though the burnt walls and charred support beams were in sporadic places. Either way, both roofs had definitely caved in on themselves, leaving the areas to crumble.

Even through your hazy brain, you can feel the memories awakening and the ever-lasting grief that you'd originally thought you had dealt with once again made itself present once again, deep from within the pit of your stomach. Soon enough though, whether you realized it or not, you began stumbling down the street, making your way over to the two aforementioned homes. You barely feel notice the tears beginning to prick the corners of your eyes, the warm chalky sensation in your throat only growing as you grow closer and closer to the buildings.

Finally, you push your way past the police tape. Hot tears crawl down your cheeks as you land harshly on your hands and knees right in the black and grey snow that surrounded both properties. But, your attention remained on the sparkling ashen snow that used to be his front door.

A soft choking noise escapes from your throat as you reach down into the ashy snow and scoop some of it up; and whilst in a stupid haze of misery and longing, you bring the ash-snow up to your face and inhale the scent of it deeply. Some part of you had honestly hoped that it would still carry the scent of his home, of him in general. But instead you're almost immediately met with the strong scent of various metals, burnt wood, and gasoline. Your body forces you to abruptly drop the powder and throw your now dirty hands up to cover your mouth and restrain the few nasty coughs that tore their way up through your lungs and out of your mouth. Coughs that, before you knew it, drifted over into choked sobs that forced their way out of your shaking body. Suddenly, you double over, wails and broken sobs coming out of you at full-force as your eyes squeeze shut. It was something- a reaction -that was hard to process in your current state. Despite how you'd done this many times before.

Your hands finally leave their spots over your drooling mouth and snotty nose. Instead, they find themselves being balled up into fists and slammed against the snow repetitively. Over and over again you pound against the ground, occasionally stopping to swipe and tear at the cold powder in front of you, sending some of it flying in different directions. The anger builds, bubbling and festering until you let release a wicked shriek of frustration and anguish.

"You stupid twitching fuck!" You hurl insults at the ash "You promised! You promised and left me! You left me alone! You fucking freak!"

You continue to punch and tear at the ground, accidentally digging so deep into the 3 inch snow that you reveal the grass beneath it. With tears, snot, and drool dripping down your chin and off your face, you finally begin to shut down as you blankly stare down at the old concrete slab that led up to the old door. Without any control to guide you, you squeeze your eyes shut once more, inhaling a sharp breath before balling up your fist and raising it. Quickly, you slam it down against the concrete, the contact causing pain to shoot up through you almost in the same moment that you hit it. With a cry of pain, you cradle the now hurt hand back against your chest and roll over, far too upset to care. You choose to ignore the wetness that crept in through the back of your pants as they touched the snow as you just let out your final sobs whilst curling up into a ball.

"Why did you do this to me?" You whisper "How could you just leave like that?"

It takes awhile before you finally are capable enough to push yourself up off of the ground. Your hand now hurt like hell, but you had sobered up a bit. Maybe that party over at Brad's was a bad idea after all. Either way, you had to get home before your parents had a meltdown worse than the one you'd just had. Now tired and freezing, you stumble back down the street and continue away the next few blocks you'd needed to go in order to reach your new home. One that he hadn't burnt down in a fit of psychosis, or whatever the hell that psychologist fuck had said on the news later that week.

You approach your front door and turn the knob, thankful and relieved that you hadn't been locked out. Your parents try to greet you with open arms, but you just brush past them like you had been doing throughout the past month. Your mother barely is able to stop you as you start to walk up the stairs.

"What happened to your hand?" She asks, worried

"Nothing," You reply shortly, too emotionally drained to want to have this conversation

"Did you stop by Toby's old house again?" Your father suddenly cuts in

You spin around sharply, angry enough to start throwing things as you glare at him like he had just insulted you with the mere mention of his name.

"So what if I did?" You shout, defensively "I have the right to do so! The police can't keep me from going to see my old house!"

"Honey please-" Your mother tries to reason

"Shut up!" You scream

"Don't use that tone!" You father jumps in, raising his voice

"Or what?" You spit "You gonna do what Toby's dad used to do to him? You know, that thing you didn't tell me that you knew about?"

Your dad immediately falls silent, his eyes widening in shock at you bringing such a thing up. You stare at the both of them for a moment longer, before turning with a huff and continuing upstairs, now stomping. Angry as hell, you storm into your room and slam the door closed behind you with a shout of rage. You heave and huff as you glance around your room, before settling on a target. You run over to your desk and put your arms on the edge, extending them out so you could slide things off of it as you turned your body. Things crash to the floor as you scream, before flipping your desk chair and kicking your trash can half-way across the room.

It was bullshit! Everywhere you looked there were lies! Lies from Toby, lies from your family, lies from your friends, lies from..- lies from yourself.

You finally hang your head in defeat as you once again break down into tears. Crying seemed to be the only thing that made you feel better anymore. Ignoring the ache in your hurt hand, you wrap your arms around yourself and hug yourself tightly. Hiccups make their way out of you as you break into quiet sobs and all you wanted in that moment was to just be left alone.

Now feeling more exhausted than you did before, you feebly make your way over to your bed. You didn't even bother to take off your soaked jeans or wet hoodie as you crawled onto the mattress and laid down. No, instead you tugged the sheets and blankets over your head, grasping your pillow tightly, treating it like a lifeline for you as you cry into it once more.

And then you were alone again.

Softly, you snore as you unconsciously roll over in your queen size bed. Your mother looked so exhausted from where she sat next to you and rubbed your back. Meanwhile, your father stood in the doorway, his head drooping every so often as he grows closer and closer to falling asleep.

Upon hearing you mutter his name in your slumber, your mother covers her mouth, clearly trying not to cry. But goddamn, it broke her so much that their baby was falling apart right before her eyes and she couldn't help ease the pain. Finally, your father pushes himself up off the doorway and makes his way over, the floor beneath him creaking with every step.

"Come on.." He suggests warmly "We should go to bed."

He takes your mothers hand and gently tugs her away from the doorway, where he closes the door behind him. The light that poured inside of your room from the outer hallway disappears, leaving only him to watch from your closet. He stands watching you through the opening in the closet door with an unnaturally twisted grin on his face. Occasionally, almost in tune with the clock on your wall, he would twitch. It was a small motion that caused him to jerk in a manor that made him crack something, it made him sound similar to that of a clock. But he was not Clockwerk. No, he was something much different. He was something better than her, something updated and more worthy. But forget about her, forget about all of the others. He needed to focus. Although, it was hard to focus when he watched you.

His eyes wander the outline of your body underneath the blankets for what felt like the millionth time. He imprints the idea of your chest and side rising and falling with every breath into his brain. He was willing to admit that was amazed at how red your face could get just from a few minutes of crying and screaming. And the way your voice traveled through the woods behind his old home? Amazing. He'd just never seen something so.. refreshing.

Sure, it was sick of him to watch as you came by his old home every so often in order to drop to your knees and curse his name, despite how he wasn't necessarily sure just who the fuck you were. But, your angry screams simply made his heart flutter in a way that he didn't understand. He could describe it as a twitch of sadness, but that didn't sound right to him. No, this was something like physical anguish. Yes, that was it. Physical anguish.

His neck pops much louder than it had been, and he watches with hitched breath as you turn over yet again, your face contorting throughout your continued slumber. He chews his bottom lip as excitement begins to course through his veins, and he goes to push the door to the closet open. But alas, he watches as you suddenly shoot upright in a cold sweat. With a soft growl of annoyance, he backs off.

He watches with a now bored expression as you pant and clutch your chest, or rather, your shirt. The material bunches up the more that you grip at it, revealing just the smallest bit of skin to him before you finally bring your knees upright, one falling to the side whilst the other remains upright. You throw your attention around the room in your panicked stupor, before visibly relaxing. You fall onto your back in a sudden motion, one that covers up yet another loud pop.

This needed to end soon, he concluded. Before his ears picked up on your whispers to yourself.

"I need to get a grip," You think aloud in a whisper

You push yourself back upright and reach over to turn on your lamp, but you quickly realize that it wasn't on your nightstand. You look around, realizing that you must've knocked it over in a fit of rage from a different night. Your eyes quickly wander down to your nightstand drawer as you think those thoughts for a few moments, before your mental attention is shifted over thoughts of him.

With a small inhale through your teeth, you reach down and tug the drawer open, reaching inside of it.

"But, shit." You continue "It's not fair to him."

You push yourself more upright with the arm you rested on as you tug the small frame out of the drawer. You take a moment to stare down at it, running the fingers on your other hand over the picture. It was a picture of you and Toby standing on the beach at Cape Cod, where you had both gone with your parents for one summer. Quietly, you move to run a single finger over his smiling face as you continue burning the whole image into your mind.

Toby stood with one arm thrown over your shoulder and the other arm going off camera, while you stood with one hand formed into a peace sign and the arm opposite of Toby extended out and off camera. Toby was originally the only one who was going to take the picture, but he kept jerking and messing it up, so you finally offered to help him.

You watch as droplets fall from your face and onto the glass covering the photo. The familiar chalky feeling grows in your throat once again, but you just bite your bottom lip as tears slide down the sides of your face. You gently lay the picture down on your blanketed lap so you can cover your mouth.

"Jesus," You whisper more to yourself "I must be the worst best friend ever.."

Something clicks inside of Toby and the ringing contained within his skull begins to quiet down. Toby can feel his eyes widen as some of his brain comes back to him. Fact after fact circles him as he recalls all that he's been doing for the past year and a half as he continues to stare at him.

Your name was [First Name] [Last Name], you're his best friend, you're the same age as him, your birthday is on [Birth Date], your favorite color is [Favorite Color], your favorite food is [Favorite Food], you hate [Thing You Hate] and [Thing You Hate].

"I'm so sorry, Toby." You hiccup out "I'm so sorry, I just– I fucked up so bad."

Toby stops recalling pointless facts for a moment as he listens to you, the ringing growing more and more quiet the longer he listens. He can't believe what he's hearing! It wasn't your fault, nothing was! Everything was okay, he was okay. He wasn't dead or anything, so things are fine!

Without even thinking, Toby pushes open the door to your closet and steps out, almost immediately startling you. You jump up a few feet with a silent gasp before crawling back against your headboard, eyes wide.

"Who– Who are you?!" You stutter, panicked

Toby says something, but it's a bit muffled. He reaches up to touch his mouth, only to realize that he wore a mouth guard over it, something to cover his face from his victims.

His victims.

Toby felt sick as he recalled all that he had done in the time he'd been away, but continues on to reach up and remove the garment. You watch in horror as he lets the object drop to the floor.

"I-It's–" He cracks his neck "I-It's jus-t m-me, [Fi-rst N-ame]."

You relax just a bit, but continue to remain tense and frozen as he extends an arm out to you, stepping closer. Toby's combat boots thump lightly against the floor as he walks up to you in a slow manor, trying to give you time to process. Toby reaches up higher and pushes the orange goggles he wore over his eyes just a bit as he puts a knee on your bed. You put a hand out in a weak defense, trying to silently tell him not to come any closer. But Toby just climbs onto your bed anyway and crawls over to you. You feel your hand touch his cool skin of his cheek as he comes close enough to be at a nice distance from your face, and your eyes widen in a frozen and fearful daze.

Toby stays still for a moment, the ringing almost completely gone from his ears now as he stares at you. He breaks into a goofy smile as you just stare at him, trying to ignore the smell of copper and iron that radiated off of him. It was strong, the smell of blood was so strong and present and it was terrifying.

Were you going to die?

The only thing that seems to snaps you out of this thoughtful daze is when Toby once again pops his neck, gently jerking into your hand. It was something that he used to do to you constantly, and that was when the realization began to sink in.

"To... by..?" You ask, hesitantly

"Y-Yu-p." He replies "Th-That's m-me-e."

The tears that had disappeared for a moment had once again returned. You bring your hand up to touch his other cheek, using it to lift up the orange goggles he wore on his face as your facial expression contorts from fear to overwhelming happiness.

"T-Toby." You hiccup

Toby isn't prepared for you to wrap your arms around him, but you still did it. You ignore the scent of blood as it entered your nose at full force, threatening choking you. For a brief moment, all that he had done slips from your mind as you hold his head against your shoulder and knock him off of his hands and knees. Toby flops over onto his side with a small noise of protest, but you ignore it. Instead, you focus on the little ticking noises he made as he jerked against you, while he just closes his eyes and wraps his arms back around your waist. You repeat his name over and over again into his messy and greasy brown hair as you rock him back and forth. Your body shakes with sobs as you reach down and rub his back, cringing at the hard spots of who-knows-what.

After a moment of this, Toby extends his arm up and taps your shoulder.

"Y-You c-ca-n–" He jerks "–c-can l-let g-go n-ow."

You finally let him sit up, but refuse to take your hands off of him. You once again cup his cheeks, feeling the warmth that radiated off of them as you stare into his eyes and press your forehead against his. You sniffle as you continue to cry.

"You– You were gone for so long." You cry "You just left without a word."

Toby feels the sadness and the guilt tugging at his heartstrings as he hears you cry in front of him. Toby carefully reaches up to grasp your wrist with a gloved hand. He lets his eyes fall closed as he presses his forehead against yours.

"I-I'm s-sor-ry." He apologizes

"Y-You killed your family, Toby." You whisper out, beginning to come to your senses just a bit "You.. burnt my house down."

"I-I'm s-so s-sorr-y." He whispers out "P-P-Please do-don't fr-frea-k ou-out"

Dread licks at his stomach, prompting Toby to lift his head up. He watches, since his eyes were already adjusted to the darkness, as your eyes once again begin to widen. You begin recoiling from him, slowly.

"You.. smell like blood, Toby." You whisper out

"I d-did a b-bad th-thi-ng." He tells you "Pl-Plea-se I-"

"You're a monster.." You continue "You were supposed to be dead but.. you– you killed those kids and-"

Panicked and with no idea of how to make you quiet down before you began to really freak out, Toby suddenly leans in. His lips connect with yours and you fall silent. It's something that makes the blush on his cheeks worsen and his heart flutter at the same time. Toby tilts his head and lifts his hand up to touch your cheek. He jerks against you a few times, the kiss breaking a couple times.

Even though you weren't responding to his abrupt advance, that was fine.

Toby finally pulls away completely, in a slow manor. You hadn't moved at all, but that was fine. You were silent and that's all he needed. Toby moves away from you to sit against the headboard, barely even moving two feet away from you. You reach up to touch your lips as he stares up at the ceiling in a blank manor.

"Toby.." You suddenly say

Toby turns his head to look at you, just in time to catch you lunging at him. He has half a mind to react in the way that he did when a victim would fight him, but thanks to a bit of his clarity, he didn't grab the hatchet off of his belt. Suddenly, your lips are back on his and you're in his lap.

"[F-Fi-rst Na-me]," He says between his tics and kisses

He places his hands on your hips and pulls your lips off of him.

"You're stupid." You whisper to him "You're stupid and you ruined my life, but I love you, Toby. Unlike you, I never forgot that stupid promise we made."

You show him the ring that he'd given you all those years ago. The one with the plastic gem in the middle of the sprayed silver ring hole that you always wore on your ring finger, even after the incident. Toby can feel his eyes widen as he stares at it. He reaches up to take your hand in his, before the thought crosses his mind. Instead, he reaches down down to remove his glove, after he suddenly remembered his own ring. He tugs the glove off and stares down at his hand, the one he'd still continued to chew and gnaw at even after he had gotten out of that house. He brings his hand up, looking for his own ring, but you beat him to it. You place a hand on his chest, and grab at the chain necklace he wore around it, tugging it out. Toby glances upward at the chain that the ring remained on and he lets out a soft sigh of relief.

"I-I d-did-n't f-for-get." He protests before turning his head and muttering "C-comple-e-tely any-wa-y"

You once again press your lips against his, catching him by surprise once again. Toby continues to twitch and jerk against your body, but he didn't completely react to the kiss right away. Although, it didn't take long for him to finally give up and raise a hand up so that it was in your hair. The sounds of ringing begins to return to his mind as Toby bites your lower lip in a gentle manor. It was something that caused your eyes to widen at his silent request. Either way though, you opened your mouth just enough for his tongue to slip in. You let your eyes drift closed as his hand trails down to your bottom, groping it. Your blush darkens as built up enough courage to kiss him back.

He breaks the kiss and quietly pushes you back first onto the bed so that he can climb on top of you. He hovers over you, moving to lick and bite at your exposed neck. You let out a few noises in response to this as you turn your head just enough for him to have better access. Suddenly, he detaches his teeth from your neck after one final nip, and moves up to kiss you roughly. Toby listens as the ringing begins to crescendo in a painfully slow, but noticeable manor.

He suddenly breaks the kiss.

"I l-lov-e y-ou." He confesses

Toby plants a final kiss on your neck before gripping the bottom hems of your sweatshirt and shirt. In response, you sit up just enough for him to tug it off of you comfortably. Toby leans in yet again, continuing to kiss you as he removed his other glove and began work on unbuttoning your dirty jeans. Suddenly, as the zipper sound fills the room, he pulls away from you and retreats down the bed. Toby sat himself on his knees, as he sat down far enough to be able to hook his arms underneath your knees and lift your legs up so that they rested against his one shoulder. You feel yourself grow embarrassed as Toby pushes himself forward and hooks his fingers at the edge of your jeans, tugging them upward and off of you. After he tosses them to the side just as he'd done with your sweatshirt and shirt, he offers a stupid grin.

"Y-Yo-u l-look–" He cracks his neck "–N-Nice-r th-an I im-agi-ned."

You cover your reddening face as Toby places your legs on either side of him so that he could crawl back between them. You let out an embarrassed giggle as he gives you butterfly kisses on your face and gropes your bottom in a way that makes you throw your arms around his neck and bury your face in his shoulder. Toby lets out a cheery laugh. You work on unbuttoning and unzipping his pants when he slips a hand into your pants and underwear. He teases you as you gasp. He covers your mouth with his hand as he continues teasing your core from the outside. You buck your hips against his finger, sending it inside you. Your eyes roll to the back of your head as you moan into his hand. He starts pumping at a slow pace.

"F-Faster!" You whimper

He adds another finger and pumps slower. You grind against his fingers, but he holds you down on the mattress by your thigh so you can't move. You bite your lip and claw at the sheets, Toby snickers. Occasionally his fingers would twitch inside you making you gasp at the sudden change of pace for a split second.

You unzip his pants, he pulls his hand out of you and stands up. He slips them off, stepping out of them. His bulge would twitch occasionally, just like the rest of him as he walked over to the end of the bed. He sneakily pulled it away from the wall. Damn, he didn't look as strong as he was.

He gets back on the bed and strips you of both your pants and underwear at the same time. He tosses them over his shoulder. You squeeze your legs together hiding your hole from sight. He takes off his boxers and tosses them to the side. He puts his hand over his mouth and gropes the back of your thigh, roughly. You yelp into his hand as you leg moves away from the other, separating them. He moves so he's between your legs and pulls the blanket over his back and your lower half. Toby looks down at you, grinning as he pressed himself against you, rubbing the tip against your area. You whine and pant softly. He leans down to you and you take his shoulder between your teeth, he couldn't feel pain anyways.

You grip the sheets tightly and brace yourself as Toby begins to slide in. Almost instantly, you feel a sharp pain spread through you and you slam a clenched fist into Toby's shoulder and grit your teeth. He can feel his eyes widen as he stares down at you, almost feeling honored that you'd really lived up to the promise you both had made.

"F-Fuck!" You hiss "Ow fuck– fuck this hurts!"

His twitching and jerking really didn't help your situation as he tried to stay still so that you could adjust. Despite the stabbing feeling that exploded through you, you refused to start crying again tonight. Instead, you just opt to sink your nails into Toby's back as you write and ache.

"I-It g-gets e-easi-er." Toby assures you

Toby winces at the ringing sound in the back of his mind as he stares down at you. He needed to get this done, now, and fast.

"B-Bit-e m-y sh-shoulde-r." Toby commands

You look up at him with furrowed brows.

"Wha–?" You try to question

"D-Do it." He insists

You bite down on his shoulder, waiting for him to do whatever he was planning on. Toby presses a small kiss to your forehead, one that makes your face flush.

"H-Ha-n-g o-n." Toby whispers

Toby moves, pushing himself all the way inside. You let out a cry of pain and sink your teeth further into his shoulder as you rake your nails down his back in swift, deep strokes. It hurt so badly, how could you have possibly known? Either way, despite the spreading pain and uncomfortable stretching in your core. You allow him to push himself completely inside, you let out a small gasp as Toby hits a spot within you that sends a short spark of pleasure. It was something that made him smirk and let out a small chuckle.

"Al-r-read-y?" He asks, teasingly

He begins to pull himself back out either way and you can't help but wince at the admitably fading pain. Toby lets out a small grunt upon feeling a surging pleasure jolt through him once he slams back in. Although he couldn't feel you digging your teeth into his shoulder and your nails most likely scraping the skin off his back, he could certainly feel this. Meanwhile, you let out a small squeak upon Toby finally pushing himself back in. It already felt a bit nicer than it had at first. Toby was nice enough to start of slow, but things swiftly began to pick up speed the more he continued to thrust in and out of your core.

You even finally removed your teeth from his shoulder after he has thrusted back into you a couple times because the experience had become quite enjoyable. Soon enough you were letting out quiet noises in response to his great work of slamming into you. But, upon him hitting that spot within you that he'd hit on the first try, you found that it was hard to keep yourself quiet any longer. So, in an effort to keep yourself quiet, after Toby had let his head drop beside yours so that you could hear his soft pants and grunts in your ear, you started focusing on sucking and biting on different areas of his sweaty shoulder and neck. Now, every time his skin slapped against yours, you would move on to start and finish another bite mark or hickey. It was a nice system, but after a bit of time, you were running out of area to bite and fast, not to mention a knot is forming in your stomach and your vision is flashing white.

You arch your back against him and slip underneath him the best that you can, optng to bite down on his collarbone. The aforementioned knot continuing to get tighter and tighter as Toby continues his wonderful assault on you, his jerking and twitching only adding to the pleasure packed in his messy thrusts.

Suddenly, you feel yourself explode, and you open your mouth wide enough to let out a scream. But it seems that Toby was quick enough to slap a hand over your mouth. You follow after him only a minute off, placing your hands over his as you let out a pleasured scream.

"F-Fu-uck," He grunts out, his voice soft and restrained

Toby keeps going, drilling into you like there was no tomorrow as the ringing continues to crescendo in his ears, it was getting loud now, matching the volume to that of a train you were walking right next to. Suddenly with barely any control and restraint left within him, he pulls himself out, his orgasm delayed but still ripping through him as he releases onto the sheets beneath the both of you. With a shaky breath and a gentle groan of your name, coupled with a few curse words, Toby finally removes his hand from your mouth. Now exhausted and hot, he rolls off of you and over to your side, where he pulls you close against him.

Toby places a gentle kiss to your forehead as he holds your naked body against his. You rest your head on his chest, completely worn as you trace random pictures with your index finger.

"I l-love y-yo-u." He repeats from earlier

"I love you too, Toby." You reply

You close your eyes and let your hand fall still and flat against his chest. A soft smile is spread across your face, even as your breathing calms and your breathing evens out. Toby just watches you with love echoing through his chocolaty brown eyes, he wishes that he could stay forever, but the ringing was still there in his head. Toby inhales deeply, preparing himself for what he's about to say.

"[F-First Nam-e]," He begins

He quietly turns his body so that he's facing you completely. Softly, he rubs your thigh as the ringing gets loud enough to where it started to make his ears scream and most likely bleed in response. Toby's vision begins to grow dark as he stares down at you with tears threatening to gather in his eyes.

"I-I'm n-not gon-na b-be a-ble to c-come bac-k to y-yo-u af-ter ton-igh-t."

Chapter Text

You sit your sweaty back against the wall and with your hand in your pants. The only thing keeping you quiet is the neck of your shirt stuffed into your mouth. You suck on it as your mind wanders. The heavy rain pounds against your window occasionally letting crashes of thunder accompanying lighting rip through the skies.

You bite down harshly as you finally begin reaching your peak. You let a soft moan of his name escape you unintentionally.

"G-Guzma.." You whimper

You relax against the wall upon hitting your peak. Your mouth opens, the sopping wet shirt falling and clinging to your chest. You hold your breathing back, not wanting any of the other grunts to hear you. Despite how you were all being separated by walls. Paranoia was a beautiful thing.

Your heart is beating at a fast place from your activity. Your chest hurts a bit from straining your breathing but it's a price to pay.

There was a soft knocking at your door. You jump up from the floor and clean yourself up. Normal people would be tired after peaking, but throughout your time of quickies throughout he day, it only makes you more productive.

You crack open the door to your room and peak around, seeing 'Plum' as you called her.

"'ey sis, yo'kay? Heard some noises n I figured I'd come check up on ya." She says softly

Her hand was on your doorframe, allowing her to lean a bit. She was clearly tired. You kept a pokerface and nodded.

"'m fine. Thanks though." You reply casually

"Kay, I'm here if ya need me." She's says before beginning her usual follow-up sentence "Always-"

"Down the hall on the left, room 451, right in front of the 3rd light down, between Lee's and Doni's rooms. Never less, never more." You finish, having memorized the whole thing

"Okay, okay," She giggles before heading off "Night champ."

"Night." You wave at her, shutting the door

You lean against it for a silent moment. The Allowing the steps to fade down the hallway.

"I need to get a handle on this." You mumble under your breath

Another knock at your door.

"God fucking dammit, what now?" You hiss

You throw open the door, about to scold Plum, before you realize it's not her.

"H-Hey.. Guzma.." You stutter and hesitate, gulping

"Ya don't 'ave ta' be nervous around ya boy (F/n)" He chuckles out, crossing his arms over his chest

"Nervous? Pffft... I'm not nervous.. Me? Nervous? Nah. I mean..w-why would my name and n-nervous be in the same sentence? That's how not nervous I am bro. Why would I be nervous. Not like you're really hot or anything. Nah. Nervous and I, we don't click. Pffft haha, talking about nervous.. Hahahahah."

"[F/n], dawg, you're rantin'. Ya boy didn't catch none o' dat."

"Uhhh.. Well this was a nice chat, night now!" You say in a rushed manor

You try shutting the door in a clean and quick swoop motion but it's stopped by Guzma's foot. You let go of the knob, stepping back nervously. He pushes it open and steps in. His hands are in his pockets as he slouches over you.

"Nah, nah, somethins up. Ya boy ain't playin no more. Ya been avoid me fo' 2 weeks, randomly disappearing while on ya jobs, not talkin' to no one except Plum, and don't even think I ain't noticed ya sneakin' inta my room in the middle of the night." He says, his voice growing angrier by the second as he names the instances off his fingers.

"G-Guzma.. I-I can explain-"

"Oh can you now? Yeah, well I was hopin' ya could, cause I'm gettin' realll tired of playin' this game." He growls, his voice dripping with sarcasm

You look down at the floor, tears welling up in your eyes. He stares down at you and his eyes are burning holes into the back of your skull. He taps his foot impatiently waiting for an answer. As if a sudden 'ding' of a timer went off he shoves you against the wall. Guzma roughly picks you up by the collar of your shirt, not caring that it's soaked.

"Don't you tell me you've been fuckin' double-crossing me. Cause I will fuck you up." He almost shouts

"N-No it's nothing like that...i-it's-"

" 'S WHAT [F/N]?!" He finally is shouting

"I..I... I keep sneaking off to masturbate.." You finally say

You begin crying as you stare down at the floor, ashamed. He stares at you in surprise.

"I can't help my feelings when I see you.. They get overwhelming.." You continue "I'm so sorry Guzma.. You must think I'm a sick freak!"

You break down into tears upon admitting everything to him. He slowly sets you down on your feet, gently. You drop to your knees, expecting him to leave you there. Guzma kneels down in front of you, pressing his forehead against yours. He wraps his arms around your smaller frame, pulling you close.

"You want me like dat?" He questions lowly

You quietly nod, continuing your hysterical sobbing.

"You got fantasies 'bout me like dat?"

Another nod.

"Pick one, hows it start?" He asks, his voice even softer

You can feel your heart rate.. Either picking up or slowing down, you honestly could not tell.

"Y-You have me against a wall.. L-Like you just did.." You say softly

He picks you up roughly and presses you against the wall the same way. Only he didn't have you off the ground. You relax a bit and flinch, your head turning.

"Look at ya boy, [F/n]. N' tell me what ya want." He growls, pressing his body against yours

"I..I can't.. It's too embarrassing!"

You feel your tears lessen and dry, the shaky breathing and trembling body remain behind. Your face is dry and puffy. He leans in close, his warm breath making contact with your neck.

"Why's ya shirt wet [F/n]?"

"I.. Uh ..I had it in my m-mouth.."

"Why's dat?" He continues pressing

"S-So no one would hear me make noises.."

"Were ya touching yourself? Thinkin' bout ya boy? Thinkin' bout the things ya want me to do ta ya?"

You nod your head yes, biting your lip as your mind gets started up again. He leans closer, causing you to press your body harder against the wall. But it makes contact with your ear any way.

"You want me now [F/n]? Ya want your boy?"

"P-Please Guzma.."

Guzma didn't need any more confirmation. He couldn't even hold himself back any more. You were so cute and vulnerable like this. He'd always had a thing for you. But now? Damn he was going off the charts. Who would've guessed you'd been sneaking off to touch yourself, because of him.

He releases your collar and wraps your arms around his neck. Guzma trails his hands down to your bottom and pats it. You jump and he catches you holding you up. You wrap your legs around him and he carries you over to your old rickety bed. He sits down with you in his lap. You squirm around when you realize you're just above his coughs, dick. (screams are you proud of me) He pecks your lips, happily.

"Ya boy will deliver since you've been craving so much." He chuckles, winking

You shyly hide your head in his shoulder. You listen to the sound of him unzipping his jeans.

"Aight. How we gonna do this?" He asks nonchalantly

"W-Well.. I could.. Um.."

You get off of him and sit in front of him on the floor on your knees. He looks at you in surprise, a light blush dusting his cheeks. Guzma grins brightly, removing the boxer cloth off his dick. You stare at it, bewildered for a moment as he scoots up giving your better access.

You hesitate once again but straighten up. Licking the tip, you wrap a hand around it and pump, your lips wrapping around the appendage and you start bobbing your head. Guzma watches you eagerly and bites his lip, holding back a moan. His hands grip the sheets as he throws his head back in pure ecstasy. One hand goes to your head, helping you move.

"C-Come on.. Almost there.." He pants, before finally letting out an almost squealish moan

You forcefully remove your hand and pull away from him. He looks down at you, growling.

"Oh you are so gonna get it!" He exclaims

You're then pulled up to your feet and tossed onto your bed. Guzma wastes no time with clothing removal or foreplay he goes straight to fucking you. Thank God you weren't a virgin because of how that boy slammed into you. You gasp at the familiar spark of pleasure you felt.

He does it again. Another spark.

And another..

And another..

He sloppily pounds into you and you just lie there, grabbing onto different things around you. Anything that was available, the end of the bed, the sheets, his hair, his shoulders, the pillows and blankets. You want to move away because of the overwhelming feeling taking your senses over.

"Who's ya boy?" He asks

"You are.." You exclaim in a soft tone

"Sorry what? I didn't quite catch that? I said who's ya boy?"

"You are!"


"yOU ARE!"


"YOU ARE, GUZMA!" You scream at the top of your lungs

Oh man was the next day gonna be awkward.

You feel closer to your breaking point, but he's far from his. You hit it and cum. But he keeps going, starting you up again. Had it been awhile or what? You keep going, and after many releases while on the verge of passing out, he cums. Guzma pulls out disposing of the condom you didn't even see him put on. He pulls you up into his chest and hugs you tightly.

"How's dat for a fantasy?" He asks, easily noticing how hard you were shaking

"Amazing.." You say, looking as if you were lost in space

Guzma digs his teeth into your shoulder and you wince. Hissing and clawing at his back, digging your nails into his shoulders and crying out as he made various marks around your shoulders and collar bone.

You pant and wheeze as he pulls away, before falling back on your bed, now the absolute definition of exhaustion. Guzma just grins down at you as you drift into sleep before standing up and putting his boxers on. He quickly hops beside you, hugging you close like a teddy bear. He throws the messy blankets over you both and follows you into the adventure of sleep.

Chapter Text

Your vision grows blurry as your eyes open slowly. You expect to see your flatmate, but instead come face-to-face with none other than a sleeping... Laito..?

You groan and roll over, refusing to process the fact that one of the vampires that held you and your cousin prisoner was lying beside you.

However, despite him being beneath the heavy blankets used for the cold winter outside, he was still freezing. You knew now that you had an obligation as a still decent human being, to warm him. Meanwhile, you were waking up more the longer you lied here thinking about this so you'd better get it over with.

With a soft sigh you scoot closer to him. Gently as not to wake him, you wrap an arm around the sleeping vampire, quickly registering the fact that he was freezing. Your eyes widen at this and despite your best judgement you keep moving. Your first arm slowly slithers up and around his shoulder and around his neck and the other follows suit. You slip your other arm around his neck and proceed to bring him into something of an embrace.

"..How can your kind stand being this cold..?" You mutter

One of his eyes open as yours shut. Laito smirks at this and startles you when he wraps his arm around your waist, giving your bottom a squeeze.

"It may have something to do with being a vampire, Bitch-chan."

Your eyes snap open and your body jolts from the surprise. You begin to feel ashamed of your actions, despite the good intentions behind them. Laito smirks, sensing how your pulse began to speed up. You may be able to remain calm on the surface, but he could just smell your inner workings.

"You're freezing."

"Am I~?"

"Shut the fuck up."

"Such a fiesty Bitch-chan."

"Unbelievable." You roll your eyes

You roll to your side of the bed with a huff. Laito snickers quietly and sits up, crawling on top of you. He offers a wicked grin.

"Laito what are you doing?"

"I'm getting warmth from my Bitch-chan."

He grips your chin and tilts your head to the side forcefully and leans down, revealing his fangs. You thrash around beneath him, cussing and complaining. However, Laito only stops in his tracks due to a hard smack across his face.

"Don't touch me."

His head snaps to the side and stays there as he processes what just occurred. Your eyes widen upon realizing the grand error you have just made. Laito lifts himself off you just enough to forcefully flip you over onto your stomach. His hand holds you up by your hair.

"Ah, ah, ah~" He coos

"Hey! Cut it out!"

Laito holds you down so your left cheek is pressed against the bed and your right arm is locked behind your back. He lets out a breathy chuckle as you continue to squirm beneath him defiantly. He continues to lean down, ultimately letting his fangs pierce your tender flesh. You let out a yelp of pain but outright refuse to acknowledge the growing wetness in your [panties/boxers]. Laito groans softly into your flesh as he drinks from you. Quite tasty and it indeed warmed him right up.

He pulled away letting a soft moan of displeasure escape him. He couldn't continue because he would hate to drain you dry. Laito climbed off you and off the bed. You shoot upright, following suit in getting off the bed. You glare at him whilst adjusting your T-shirt and sweatpants. You quietly shiver from how cold the room was without the warmth of your blankets.

"Feel warmer?" You ask sarcastically

"Quite, thank you Bitch-chan."

You grumble and shove him.

"Go the fuck to bed, Laito. Last time I ever try to be nice to one of you goddamn vamps. I mean really, who do you think you are? I could sue you for sexual assault and I-"

Laito strolls back over to you and grabs you by the chin, forcing you into a kiss. His hands roam your body, leaving a burning sensation where ever he touched.

He just felt so.. warm..

You suddenly lost all train of thought as you began to cling to him, needing more of his warmth. He was a bit sweaty, but it made the wetness in your exposed [panties/boxers] grow. His hands end up placed firmly on your ass, squeezing it. This guy have a fetish or what? Laito pulls away and stares into your eyes.

"Is that all it takes to silence you, Bitch-chan?"

"Shut up, you're really warm."

He grinned devilishly and picked you up by your thighs, slipping you out of your underwear in one swift motion. Laito tosses you back onto your bed, earning a squeal from you. He crawls on top of you and begins biting into you and.. sucking?

"H-Hey! No hickeys!" You whine

"It's not hickeys, Bitch-chan. I'm stamping you. So you are labeled as mine."

"Possessive much?"

He lets out another breathy chuckle as he finishes another 'stamp'. You squeal as he lifts your legs and pulls you forward and sits you up on his lap. You can feel the growing erection in his pants.

"Geez, we're you planning this? Is that why this is so sudden?"

He says nothing as he unbuttons his sweatpants and allows his member to spring free.

"Go get a condom, Cassanova." You remark

He reaches into his sweatpants pocket and pulls one out. You sit there, speechless as he rips it open and puts the rubber on. Laito grins at you proudly before you snap back into reality. You adjust your position enough to slide onto him with ease. You let out a soft moan, it had been awhile since you'd done this with someone.


Laito quickly begins bouncing you on his lap, desperate for you. You moan and gasp here and there, occasionally letting out moans of his name, until he hits a specific spot within you.

"Ah! Laito!"

You felt as his body tempature rise even higher. A bit of drool drips out of your mouth as you moan. Laito continues the rhythmic thrusting into your body.

"Nnnn.. Oh God.."

Laito continues bouncing you in his lap and stamping you. You can feel your peak approaching as he continues picking up his pace.

"Oh God.. C-cumming.."

Until finally you release.



You collapse on top of him, panting. After finally removing yourself from on top of him, you sit back on the bed. You share an understanding eye contact with Laito. Before you crawl into bed after putting your underwear back on. Laito crawls beside you and you both lie there, drifting into sleep.

Chapter Text

"You know the drill, botan" He proudly points out

Daichi was sitting down on his monochrome bed, leaning back on his palms. Piercing chocolate brown eyes roam over your figure, making you want him just a bit more. You slip out of your underwear, letting them pool around your ankles. Daichi licks his lips, despite having seen you many times before you were still like new-found territory. Something he always wanted to explore.

You strut over to him, pushing him down onto the mattress harshly before climbing on top. Daichi grins up at you with closed eyes, letting out a heartwarming laugh. He throws his head back at the feeling of your tightness around him. A blush rolls up his neck and settles on his pale cheeks. You roll your hips just to test the waters.

"Hahh~ you're so tight! Fuck! How!?"

"Oh god.." You moan loudly, throwing your head back.

Daichi grips your hips (rhymes lol) and starts rocking you back and forth himself. You mewl and moan at the blissful feeling he was giving you.

"Harder! Faster! M-More!"

Daichi let's out a loud groan in response to this. You always did have an effect on him. He picks up the pace, grinding much rougher. A knot forms inside of you as you continue rocking.

"Say my name." He commands

"Daichi.." You mewl

"Say it louder."


"C'mon botan! You can do better than that~" He teases

"Daichi!" You yell

"You're hopeless." He chuckles

He pulls out completely, you prepare to protest but he slams you back down. You grip his shoulders, clawing at his chest.

"Daichi!" You shout

"There we go!" He exclaims

He continues rolling your hips against his and his name becomes a chant on your lips as if it's the only word you ever learned to say. You slowly get closer and closer to your peak.

"Fuck! Daichi! I'm gonna-"

"Just do it botan!" He interrupts you

His eyes snap shut as he drills into you.

"Ah! Ah! DAICHI!" You scream at the top of your lungs

Daichi grinned at this, forcing one eye open so he could look at your beautiful face. Your toes curl as your fluids spill out of you. Daichi keeps going, nearing his end as well.

"F-Fuck! F/n!" He finally cries out

Daichi digs his nails into your sides as he releases. He relaxes onto the bed beneath you, drenched in sweat. You wipe the hair sticking to his forehead away, placing a kiss on it.

"Thank you botan."

"Aw, and here I was thinking you finally bothered to learn my name." You tease.

He rolls his eyes in response to your comment. The front door of the house is kicked open.

"Guys I heard you in the fucking supermarket! Takayuki called me up asking if you were okay!!" Kaiine shouts up the stairs to you. "Also I got rice balls!"

You make brief eye contact with the boy before diving to the floor. You both scramble down the small hallway and down the stairs, pulling each other back and climbing over one another. Kaiine takes cover behind the couch as you rip into the grocery bags he barely had time to set on the counter.

Chapter Text

You grip the sheets beneath you. You can't help but to moan loudly as he thrusts into you in an animalistic manor. You look up, allowing some drool to run down your chin.

"H-Harder! Please!" You beg

'How did I end up like this' you ask? Well it's all quite simple, really.

> Enter Complex

You are F/n L/n, an average person with a really dirty mind. You often spend your time traveling and screwing around on mystic messenger.

Speaking of which

Y/n: Seven! Get online you potato!

Y/n: T~T

Y/n: I need to tell you something!

707 has joined the chat.

707: Miss me?

Y/n: Come visit me!!

707: I don't wanna leave though



Y/n: But I learned something new today T~T

707: Lol. What is it?

Jumin has entered the chat room

Y/n: I'll be over in a few.

707: What?

Jumin: Did I miss something?

Y/n has left the chat

707: F/N???

Jumin: What did I miss?

You burst into his house, practically kicking his door down.

"SAEYOUNG!" You call obnoxiously

He peaks out of the room he was in, spotting you. You throw some chips at him, oh yeah, you always came prepared.

"I learned something new today!" You exclaim

"Yeah, I heard." He replies casually

"Wanna know what?" You ask

You stalk towards him and Seven hesitates. You grab his hands and lead him to the couch. Smirking, you push him down onto it and plop yourself into his lap. His cheeks dust a soft pink.


"I learned a new position Saeyoung!" You exclaim happily

He sweats nervously at this.


You move over to his ear, nibbling and breathing on it. Seven blushes a dark red at your behavior. He stands up up, throwing you over his shoulder. You squeal.

"That's it let's go."

Seven tosses you over to the bed and you let him. He climbs on top of you and begins unbuttoning your shirt one by one. You just lie back, letting one of your hands reach up to touch his hair. He quickly pulls you upright, helping you to take off the garment.

Once you're both naked and in each others glory, Seven hovers over you, pecking your lips.

"What's the position?"

You quickly flip him over, sitting down on his member. You moan softly.

You gesture for him to sit up and he does. You giggle as you fall on your back, lying on the bed with your legs in the air.

"This one." You say

"You have to move me!~" You continue laughing

Seven grips your hips and starts moving you. Your laughter turns into moaning as you're brought forward and backward on his member.

This brings you to your current situation.

You grip the sheets beneath you. You can't help but to moan loudly as he thrusts into you in an animalistic manor. You look up, allowing some drool to run down your chin.

"H-Harder! Please!" You beg

Seven groans lowly.

"Mmm Saeyoung!~"


You're a sweaty and moaning mess infront of him. He loved it. You come undone, cumming for the 9th time.

You collapse onto the bed and he falls beside you.

"Thank you Saeyoung!~"

You peck his lips.

"Sure.. I'm always here." He replies

Chapter Text

Matthew squirms around, pulling against the binds that brought his arms over his head. He arches his back with a soft moan before biting his lip. You pause, making him whine for more.


You give it a few minutes, forcing him to come down from his high before you started back up again.


He pants, sweat rolling down the side of his face. His hair stuck to his forehead, looking messy and tussled. Matthew looked even cuter when he was under your control.


You pause once again, watching the tears fill his eyes. He pants and whimpers a few times. He needed release, but he clearly wasn't getting it anytime soon. You start up again.


He throws his head back with a loud groan.

"I-I'm so close! Please!"

You pause once again.


This poor Canadian, he was usually so quiet.

More waiting, more teasing, more stopping.

"Please let me cum.." He pleads, his head hanging low "Pl-Please maple.."

You take him in your mouth, earning a soft gasp and a shiver. His eyes roll to the back of his head, you felt so amazing right now.

"F-F/n I'm gonna-Ngh~!"

He lets a soft cry pass his lips as he releases into your mouth. He sits there in his chair, trying to catch his breath.

"Thank you.."

"You're too cute." You giggle

He blushes a bright red and hides his face in his arm.

"J-Just untie me.."

Chapter Text

On the battlefield, it's not weird to get dirty. From crawling in mud, to the rain, to getting cuts and wounds, to simply just falling. It's hell being in a military branch, one that shouldn't even be operating! Whatever, moving on to the point.

Enter Jamison Fawkes, or 'Junkrat' as the other operatives, along with you, call him. You know that guy who usually can handle explosives? Yeah that was him. You know that possibly dangerously unstable person? That was also him. Honestly it just gave him more character in your opinion. You know what also gave him character? The excessive amount of soot covering his shoulders and face today. No, no, you definitely weren't exaggerating, he definitely had more then usual.

You can't help but stare as he walks by. He left a few prints of mud wherever he went, it was amazing. Jamison turns around, glaring at you.

"What're you lookin' at mate?" He asks

You open your mouth to say something, only to close it and shy away from your staring. He just let out a soft 'humph' and left. You look over at Mccree, a man with the cowboy aesthetic treating him well.


"Yeah partner/darlin'?"

"He's gonna shower, right?"

"I'm afraid not, kid."

You sigh quietly.

"At least he talked to you this time." points out

She sat with her feet up on the table and her mec suit beside her. She was simply filing her nails.

"Usually he just glares. Maybe he's finally getting used to you."

You shrug in response to this. Maybe so. A hand is placed on your shoulder, you turn to meet the kind eyes of Mercy.

"Don't worry mein frund, he vill get used to jou soon." She promises

"He'll have to." Soldier 76 adds "You are a part of the team after all."

"You think so?" You ask

"Yeah girl/bro, we're so sure of it!" Lucio grins

You sigh in relief, maybe they were right.

"Actually, jou know what vould help?" Mercy begins


"Taking your turn to try and convince him to shower all of zat gunk off."

She hands you a towel and quickly walks away. You look to the crew, to see them walking away as well.

"Uh-W-Wha? Wait! Whatdyou-" You stop your sentence and sigh

You look in the direction of the agent rooms that he'd gone off to. You take a step forward, then another, and another.

"Okay, here goes nothing." You say to yourself in an attempt to gain confidence

You walk, looking at the call signs as you pass the doors. Finally you stop once you come across his. You knock on the door and wait. You listen to the shifting behind it before it finally opens. Junkrat peaks out, making eye contact with you.

"Whadyou want?" He asks supiciously

"Erm.. Everyone said it was my turn to try and convince you to shower-"

"No." He interrupts "I'm not gonna."

You sheepishly rub the back of your neck, cringing at his words.

"Right but uh, I was just gonna offer.." You trail off

"Offer..?" He urges for you to continue

"Nevermind. It's weird. I'm gonna go grab the shower instead."

You walk briskly down the hallway. The door opens wider and shuts behind you. Jamison waddles after you.

"Oi! Wait up mate!" He calls after you

You stop and turn to look at him as he stops beside you.

"Eh, why don't I, walk with ya." He offers

"Well.. I guess." You agree

You walk down the hallway with the towel on your shoulder. Junkrat straightens himself up and shoves his hands in his pockets. He whistles a merry tune that you silently spend your time trying to pick out from how familiar it sounded. He opens the door up for you and allows you to walk in. For whatever reason the genders shared the showers, guess that the military wasn't concerned with employees having sex or anything in there. This thought made you snort and Junkrat turn to you.

"What'so funny?" He asks

"Nothing, just thought of something."

"Well let's hear it."

"Oh it's just about how there aren't two separate showers. I just figured the militaries weren't worried-"

"About employees having sex." Junkrat helps you finish in sync

You both take a moment to laugh. Junkrat holds his stomach while you giggle into your hand.

"Yeah, Oi thought that too when oi saw 'em." He adds

"Yeah." You agree

You play with the sleeve of the black shirt 76 made you wear. You look up at Junkrat, deciding to fill the silent gap. You didn't want to keep him too long, he was probably building something back in his room when you'd bothered him. At least that's what Zenyatta told you he usually did when he went to his room. Apparently he didn't sleep all that much.

"Well.. If you want you can leave" You say, before absentmindedly adding "I mean, you already don't like me all that much. Why push it, right?"

You chuckle and shake your head at your own antics.

"But seriously, thanks for the company. I can't wait to be friends."

You swear it's like you have a disorder or something.

Junkrat looked so hurt, so you decided to end it there. Junkrat watches you, not really glaring but not really staring either. You give him a gentle hug that probably just got you a bit more dirty then you already were. You head off to the shower you'd called dibs on when you'd first showed up.

You step in and close the curtain, quickly shedding yourself of clothes before you turn on the water. You get yourself wet before reaching over to your shampoo. You pick it up and pour out a generous amount onto your hand.

You look down at the brown water. Jesus, you must've been dirtier then you'd realized. You look back up and go to reach for your conditioner when a hand touches your 'area' beginning to rub it. You moan, instinctively leaning back against the person you now knew stood behind you.

"Oi don't hate ya, Yaknow? I just have a deep admiration." Jamison's voice comes from behind you

Only it didn't really sound like his. It was much deeper and huskier, his accent was more pronounced. It was maddening. He rubs harder and in all the right spots. You shiver at his touch and reach down to grip his hand upon him [pushing a finger in/stroking it]. One of your eyes shut tightly as he continues pumping.

"Yaknow, I just couldn't help but feel some tension."

Your breathing quickens, here and there you let out a breathy moan. You had to keep quiet, you didn't want people to hear what was happening right now.

"And I dunno what it was that attracted me to ya, but somethin' did."

He removes his hand, earning some soft whimpering from you. You were quick to miss his touch. Junkrat turns you around so you can face him.

He looked so very different without all the soot, ash, and mud covering him up. He even had freckles that dotted his shoulders, nose, and cheeks. It looked so much softer then the hardcore look he was most likely going for.

He leaned in to your ear, whispering in a low tone that set your body into overdrive.


"And I'm here to find it." He whispers

He pulls away and stares at you with a very seductive smile. You looked so submissive to him right now. Your eyes were half lidded, your hand was over your heart, and your cheeks were tinted a decent shade of pink.

"What I'm really tryin' to say is, F/n, is that I like ya, mate."

He lifts you up by your legs and presses you against the wall. You whine, turning your head away from him, having realized that he hadn't been wearing any clothes.

"I like ya a lot."

He positions himself at your entrance, quickly pushing in. You gasp loudly at the familiar feeling of being filled. No you were not a virgin and no he did not care.

"Mmnnn~" You let out a throaty moan

He pecks your forehead in a loving way. You place a weak hand on his chest, pathetically pushing against him.


He pulls out and quickly thrusts back in.

"-SON!" You finish, moaning

He continues to pump in and out of you. The shower was loud enough to hide the sound of skin slapping but not enough to hide the noises coming from both of you.

"Nnnnn Jamie!" You moan

He just pants like a dog in response. You were both loving the feeling of each other. Even though you wouldn't outwardly admit it just the way you clung to him showed it just enough. Your hand was in his hair, gripping, your chest was pressed against his, your other arm was locked around the back of his neck. Oh he was loving it. He was loving the feeling of you accepting him.


You finally release, loudly might you add.

"jaMISON!" You yell

Jamison continues thrusting throughout your high making it even nicer. Finally, just as you come down and start back up, he pulls out and finishes. Oh dear lord that poor wall.

Jamison stands you upright and happily pecks your forehead.

"So the next time that you say I don't like you, mate, is the time that we're gonna have a problem."

He ruffles your hair as you blink, still weak.

"Now, how about the shower, eh mate?"

× × × Extended Ending Huehue × × ×

You walk out, now wearing the black shirt Junkrat had on because your clothes ended up mixed up. God knows how. Now, you only knew it was his from the height difference.

You enter the main living quarters and pass by a certain grinning cowboy who stood leaned up against the wall, smoking.

"Thank you for your contribution to the team, partner." He compliments cockily

Hanzo grins at you as you sit down at the table.

"The deed is done I assume?" He asks with a soft laugh

Genji then adds "Please be sure to find another way of doing such things."

"Or perhaps be quieter." Zenyatta suggests

You squeal and cover your face with your hands. Ana pats your back in a motherly way.

Junkrat steps out of the showers and looks around whilst running a hand through his hair. He quickly spots you and makes his way in the same direction.

He passes by 76 once he enters the room. Junkrat plops down beside his larger friend as Solider 76 makes his comment.

"You do that again and I'll have you detained." Soldier comments

"Oi'm clean ain't I?" He comments nonchalantly

Roadhog laughs at that one.

Chapter Text

Sorry I haven't updated in centuries like damn. I really have like no inspiration. Umm.. requests would be nice but you know. I swear i'll update at some point!!!!

Chapter Text

You walk into the school, your eyes scanning the bustling hallway. No you didn't go to school here instead you were homeschooled. But, your boyfriend Kenny McCormick did happen to go here.

You spot him and run over to him.

"Kenny!" You exclaim

Kenny turns from his friends in order to greet you with open arms. You jump into his hold and he spins you around. He kisses your nose.

"Looks like Kenny got another one." Someone comments

You furrow your brows in confusion and tilt your head.

"What?" You question

You turn to spot a blonde girl who was standing a little ways away from Kenny and yourself. Kenny's hold tightens on you.

"Shut up Bebe!" He tells her

"Kenny?" You ask softly

He looks down at your shorter form.

"What is she talking about?"


"Ooh~ did Kenny get another one?" Another voice asks

"Dude your girlfriend is a bitch." One of Kenny's friends mentions to the other

"Her entire clique is a bitch, Kyle." Another adds

"Come on, follow me." Kenny nudges you

He takes your hand and drags you down the hallway.

"Go easy on this one!" Yet another voice calls

He drags you down the hallway and into an empty one. He tugs you into an empty classroom, making sure to shut the door behind you and lock it. He turns back, forcing a smile.

"What was that all about?"

Kenny rubs the back of his neck, sheepishly looking at the ground.

"Were there others before me?" You ask softly

You approach him, giving him a tight hug.

"Yeah, well.. Err.. sorta.." He replies awkwardly

You step back and smile.

"It's okay if you dated other people before me. I don't mind." You say proudly

Kenny feels the familiar tightening feeling in his pants. He glances up at you and before you knew it, he had you sat upon a desk.


Kenny kisses your cheek. He moves down to your jawline and neck. Before finally stopping at your collarbone.

"You're so innocent. It's driving me crazy."


You cling to him for dear life, unsure of how to react at the burning and tingling feeling he left behind when he touched you.

"Ken.. Kenny.. That feels weird.."

He pauses for a moment, taking that time to chuckle at your behavior. You shiver at his warm breath touching your skin.

Kenny slowly goes to his knees, letting you feel more of his breathing. He stops in a squatting position in front of you and his eyes flickering up to meet yours.

"K-Kenny.." You whimper "Stop it."

He unbuttons and unzips your jeans, quickly slipping them off. Kenny slowly picks up your leg and begins kissing down your thigh.

"Kenny stop that! I-"

He presses his tongue against your privates. He was pressing hard enough so you can feel it through your underwear. He licks up going all the way up to the top of your clothed sex.

"Haaa~" You breath out shakily

He pulls away and gives you a toothy smile. His eyes flick downward towards your now obvious arousal.

You, having noticed that he was staring, cover yourself up now feeling embarrassed. Kenny just snickers and forcefully moves your hands away.

"Oh stop it. It's cute."

The tips of your ears are burning just from that comment. You whimper as he goes back to what he was originally planning to do.
Kenny licks your 'area' with a smirk, his eyes not leaving yours.

"K-Kenny!" You gasp out before covering your mouth

Your hands go to his hair, gripping it tightly. You throw your head back and tighten your legs around his face. You weren't used to pleasure like this.

After a few moments of licking he finally moves your underwear away, much to your extreme embarrassment, and [plunges his tongue into you/wraps his lips around your shaft].

"Ah!" You yelp softly

He starts pumping, earning a series of dirty noises from you. You couldn't complain however, because at least they were quiet. You tug at his hair a few times here at there as a knot starts forming in your lower region.

"Kenny~" You mewl "P-Please, don't stop~"

He can feel your area as it begins [twitching/clenching], once he feels he's done enough he pulls away. You lie there on the desk, whimpering and panting. You didn't like the uncomfortable feeling that you had growing now just melting away. Kenny stands up and unzips his pants, taking out his dick.

He hovers over you, quickly leaning down to kiss your cheek.

"I hope you're ready." He mumbles

He sits you upright and removes your underwear, despite your protesting. Kenny slowly presses himself against your entrance, silencing you. You push your face into his shoulder, hiding your sight from his manhood in his orange parka.

He enters you, slowly. Tears brim your eyes as you yelp into his shoulder. Kenny holds you in a loving way, shushing you and kissing the top of your head. You felt like you were being torn from the inside out.

"Kenny! Take it out! It hurts!" You plead

He rubs circles in your back as you let out a soft sob. He stays still trying his best not to move.
Despite the maddening feeling of you tightening and loosening around him.

You slowly begin to relax as it fades, and after what feels like forever, you let out a soft breath.

"...move.." You whisper to him

He sighs happily and lied you back down. He thrusts once, harshly. Your body is pushed forward, and the desk rocks.

"KENNY~!" You exclaim

He covers your mouth with his hand, continuing to thrust into you. You moan and whimper into his hand. The feeling of something building in your core begins again.

He moves his hand away

"You like this?" He asks lowly

"Mmhm!" You nod

Kenny grins, taking pride in the fact that you can't seem to form words at the moment.

He hits a certain spot in you that causes you vision to flash a bright white.

"Ah!" You exclaim

"There?" He asks softly, hitting the spot again

You simply nod, your mouth opening, allowing a little drool to creep out. Kenny wipes it away with his thumb. He gives another toothy grin and continues to repeatedly hit that spot over and over again.

"K-Kenny-!" You nearly yell

He once again covers your mouth not wanting to get caught again anytime soon. What he meant by again you will never know. You mumble his name over and over into his hand, the feeling deep inside you growing to what felt like godly proportions.

Until finally, you release, the feeling hitting you hard as something leaks out of you. Kenny keeps going just to let you ride it out. He then pulls out and releases onto your shirt. At least you were wearing white today.

He sits you up and once again pulls you into a hug. You smile goofily into his shoulder whilst weakly returning the affection.

"I love you Kenny.."

He chuckles, even after all that you still seemed innocent.

"I love you too F/n." He replies "Now let's get you cleaned up."

Chapter Text

You walk through the Ikebukuro park and not halfway down the middle of the park someone grabbed your wrist. Great, probably some guy trying to rape and/or beat the shit out of you again. I mean, you were wearing a pair of tight jeans and a baggy shirt that was a bit to big for you.

"Hey sexy, where ya think you're going?" They ask

"Why does that concern you?" You ask

"Because it's dangerous out here for such a hottie to be walking around all alone. Especially with that fine ass." The guy says, smirking

You turn to face him, seeing he was one of the blue squares. You yelp as he pulls you close, grabbing you ass.
You cry out in pain as he squeezes it roughly. You thrash around against him.

"Get your fucking hands off me you sick bastard!" You scream

You swipe under his leg and he falls down onto his knees. You spin around and give him a harsh kick to the side of his face. You walk up to him and spit in his face as he holds his now probably broken jaw. A couple other blue squares walk up to you holding weapons. You throw your coffee down and stretch, getting into a fighting stance.

"Come at me!" You exclaim

A loud roar of anger is heard as they both tackle you, pinning you down and trying to take your clothes off your back. They look up as one of them holds you by the collar of your shirt. Their eyes widen as a vending machine comes hurdling at them, sending them flying along with it.

"HEY! KEEP YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF THEM!" Shizuo, your boyfriend roars

You roll over and stand up to your feet, holding your arm which you landed on when they tackled you. You look up at Shizuo with an almost sarcastic grin.

"Took you long enough." You chuckle

"Sorry, had some things to do." He explains

You wrap your good arm around him and smile as he hugs you back. He takes your hand and starts dragging you down the streets.

"H-Hey! Wait! Shizuo! SHIZUO! WHERE ARE WE GOING?!" You shout

"Just be quiet.." He huffs

~Time Skip Brought to You By~
~Milk "It Made Shizuo Even Stronger, Maybe You Should Actually Drink It"~

You are pulled into Shinra and Celty's apartment by Shizuo. Shinra and Celty are busy playing games on their console for him to ring the doorbell.

"Hey." Shizuo greets

Shinra and Celty both jump in surprise as they look over to see the both of you. Celty claps her hands together and puts them beside where her head is supposed to be. She grabs her phone and starts typing once she notices the pained look on your face.

'What's wrong?' It reads

"Some guys tried to rape me in the middle of the park today.. Shizuo backed me up" You explain

"But they fucked their shoulder up." He says, gritting his teeth

"Shizuo! Come on it's nothing!" You say

"I'll kill them!!!" He hisses

Shinra dives behind the side of the couch, farthest away from Shizuo.

"kill, kill, kill, kill.." He mumbles

'Whoa Shizuo! Calm down!' Celty types frantically

He grip on your hand tightens, making you flinch. You try pulling it out of his grasp, but he's got a firm lock on it. You wince and pull away harder.


Celty hurries over and rips your hand from Shizuo's. He looks over at you and breathes, rubbing a hand on the back of his neck.

"Sorry.." He says quietly

"I-It's fine.." You say

Shinra gets up from behind the couch and walks over. Celty heads off to grab his medical bag from their room. It doesn't take them all long to get your arm checked out.

"It's okay." Shinra tells you, smiling "You just have to stay here a few days."

"A-Alright.." You agree, looking at the small cast on your arm

Shizuo once again grits his teeth and starts walking off. You get up and run to him, hugging him from behind with your good arm. Shizuo feels his face heat up as you press yourself against him.

"It's not your fault.." You say quietly

Shizuo turns around to you, a look of surprise on his face. You look up at his face and notice the pink that decorated his cheeks. You smile happily as he hugs you back. He rests his chin on the top of your head and smiles. Shinra smiles as Celty gushes about how cute you both look. Shizuo looks away from them, trying to not get angry from how embarrassed he felt. You could feel him tense up and you look up at him, causing him to move his chin off the top of your head so he could look down at you. With your good hand you take off his glasses and stand up on your toes to kiss him. Shizuo kisses back, making Celty jump for joy. You smile and pull away as Shizuo relaxes.

"I love you." You say happily

"I love you too.." He replies

~Cue Laziness~

Shinra's phone rings and he walks off to take it. Celty's phone rings as well so she walks away to listen. Turns out they both had jobs they needed to attend to.

"Can you please keep an eye on [f/n]?" Shinra asks Shizuo

He just nods and Celty gives him the low-down. Telling everything he needed to do and whatnot, before telling him to please not tear the place down if he got angry, which made you laugh.

~End of Laziness~

You cuddle up to Shizuo on the couch since you were both watching a movie you'd raided their house for. You look up to Shizuo and smile, he peaks at you through the corner of his eye with a smirk. You push him down, earning a soft 'whoa' from him as you climb on top of him and lie there. He relaxes on the couch as you continue watching the movie.

Suddenly, the sex scene came on. (Good job picking movies human. I approve *thumbs up*). You blush and hide your face in Shizuo's bartender shirt. He just grins and hugs you closer as the moaning came on in the background. He sits up and holds your waist, looking into your eyes before he kisses you. You can't help but to kiss back as you lie back down on the couch. He bites down on your lip and you comply to what he wanted, opening your mouth for him to slip his tongue into.

(Guys wtf is wrong with you. Having sex in someone else's house XD) You open your eyes, having closed them before as you look back into his. You quietly take off his tie and his glasses, setting them off to the side. He leans down to your neck and kisses it. He nibbles at a few spots.

"Sh-Shizuo~" You mewl softly

You whimper as he starts taking you out of your jacket and shirt, he tosses them to the side carelessly. You lock your hands together and stare down, nervously. Shizuo chuckles lightly and takes them apart

"So cute.." He says softly

He pecks your forehead and lets you take your own underwear off. Shizuo takes off his vest and dress shirt, leaving him shirtless. He wraps his arms around you and holds you tightly.

You blush an even darker pink as you wrap your arms back around him, returning the hug. Shizuo starts unbuttoning your jeans as he presses his lips back onto yours in a rough and sloppy kiss. He unzips them and takes them off you. He pulls his lips away from yours and trails some kisses down your neck and to your breasts. You mewl again as he licks at one bud and pinches the other one. He switches it over after a few minutes and continues the treatment. You grin against him as you pant at the feeling sparking through you. He pulls away and returns to your neck, slipping a hand into your underwear. He nips and bites at your neck as he rubs your area. You moan loudly as he slips a finger into you and starts pumping.

"Sh-Shizuo~!" You moan

He smirks and bites down on another spot, slipping another finger into you. You moan even louder for him, he slips yet another finger into you, now pumping in and out of you with three. You pant and moan as you feel your walls growing tighter around his fingers, making it harder for him to pump. You feel a knot in your stomach rapidly forming before releasing onto his fingers.

"S-SHIZUO~!" You moan loudly

He grins and removes his slacks, leaving him in only his boxers. He takes off your underwear and you remove his boxers. You lie back down, beads of sweat forming on your body as he positions himself.

"Ready?" He asks quietly

"Yeah.." You smile

He slides into you letting out a low grunt, feeling your walls tighten around him as you hiss in pain. You tear into his back with your nails. He pushes himself all the way in and stops himself, trying not to lose control. Tears prick the corners of your eyes as you hiss and gasp.

"Sh-Shizuo! I-It hurts!" You shout

Shizuo just stays put, wrapping his arms around you as you cry into his chest. The pain was unBEARable (I'm eating gummy bears and I felt like making a pun XP). You both stay like that for a little while until you feel the pain fading away. You relax.

"Go ahead.." You say quietly

Shizuo moves and you both moan at the feeling jolting through your bodies. He starts slow at first but starts going faster and harder. Not hard enough so that he tapped into his full strength and hurt you. But hard enough to make the couch tip over if it were more lazily put together.

"Sh-Shizuo~!" You moan

"[F-F/N]~!" He groans softly

Your bodies get hotter and hotter until your both sweaty and the room is filled with the intoxicating scent of sweat and sex. Shizuo grunts as your walls tighten around his member. You can feel that same knot building up in your stomach once again.

"Scream for me." He grunts out

"W-What?" You ask

"I said scream for me!" He says louder

He puts everything he has into one thrust. He slams into you and you scream as he hits that one special spot of yours.

"SHIZUO! DO THAT AGAIN!" You scream at the top of your lungs

He does it once more and you scream out again.


And again.


He keeps going, feeling himself getting slower and weaker as it progresses. The knot in your stomach was getting tighter by the minute and he was reaching his peak as well. One more thrust was all it would take.

"SH-SHIZUO I'M CLOSE!" You shout

"I AM TOO!" He replies

He thrusts into you once more and your vision flashes white as you peak. You lie back on the bed as he pulls out of you, releasing onto your stomach. He collapses on top of you and you let out an 'oof' in response. Sure your arm was broken, but compared to this, it wasn't exactly on your mind right now. You take deep breaths as you look up at Shizuo.

"I love you so much Shizuo.." You whisper

"I love you too." He smiles

You pass out after hearing those words.

~Extended Ending~

Shinra walks into the house, announcing he was back. Shizuo stands off a little ways from the couch, fully dressed. Shinra walks into the living room, seeing the state you were in.

"Good, so I can go now. I got a job to do." Shizuo says

Shizuo starts walking and passes Shinra. Who just gasps in surprise, adding a few other uncomfortable sounds. Shizuo just grins and waves a dismissing hand to Shinra, who just blushed a dark red at the sight of you on the couch, naked with nothing but a small blanket covering you.

Shizuo turns to Shinra and glares at him after seeing him still staring at you, able to take his eyes off you.

"Stop staring at them you perverted doctor." He growls

"I-I wasn't-" He stops and flinches

Shizuo glares but turns and walks to the door. Celty opens and walks through it just as Shizuo walks out of it. She jumps in surprise once she sees you, peacefully sleeping on the couch, naked.. and under a small blanket.

'What's going on here?!' She types


'Actually don't! I figured it out!' She types

Chapter Text

You shouldn't be in here, this was Reiji's room after all. But, you really needed a new book and Reiji had all the good ones. However, all the good ones were on the tippy top shelf. You reach desperately for the literature, for one you'd saw him reading, it seemed really interesting. Your toes were hurting because of the weight being put on them.

Little did you know, said vampire was standing in the doorway watching you struggle. He had a hand over his mouth as his body shook with repressed laughter.

You jump, whining at the fact that you could get close but not get it.

"What are you doing now, stupid?" Reiji asks from behind you, trying to hide his amusement

You squeal in surprise as his sudden voice comes from behind you. He seemed to have given you that nickname the second you walked in the door. Well, it seemed that everyone had a nickname for you. It was just Reiji's stuck with you, even more then Laito's did. Probably because he talked with you more.

You fidget quietly, not turning around as he approaches you menacingly. You simply refuse to meet his gaze because angry Reiji was the scariest Reiji. He turns you around and slams you against the bookshelf. You whimper like a limping dog.

"Answer me, stupid."

"I-I just wanted a new book!" You protest

"It's not polite to walk into someone's room without permission."

To say you were terrified was an understatement. You turn away from him, squirming around.

"I-I'm sorry Reiji!"

"Sorry won't do it I'm afraid, you require a punishment."

Your eyes widen at this. You attempt to manoeuvre out of his grasp and you make it out for a brief moment. However, Reiji manages to pin you up on a desk. He flips you off of your side and onto your back.

"R-Reiji please! I just wanted a book!"

Reiji bends over you and sinks his teeth into your neck, drinking your essence. You wince in pain at the familiar feeling. You claw at the desk, trying not to react with a yell as he bites harder.

He pulls away, a bit of your blood dripping down his chin only to fall on your cheek. He stares down at your frail form like a predator stared at it's prey.

"R-Reiji.. Stop looking at me like that.."

"I can smell arousal. Could it be that stupid is a masochist?~"

"No!" You shout "I am not a closet pervert! I'm-Ngh~"

His fingers come in contact with your lower region. Reiji watches in amusement as your defiant expression contorts into one of pleasure.

He tilts his head as he traces it through your [sweatpants/skirt]. Your cheeks visibly heat, only adding to the warmth that always seemed to radiate from you. You look away from Reiji, refraining from meeting his gaze any longer. He sinks his teeth into the other side of your neck as he teases you through your clothes, moaning in delight at how it seems that your blood had gotten sweeter. He makes a few more marks before slips a hand into your pants, toying with you for real now.

"Reiji! Your hands are cold!" You complain

He [enters you/starts pumping], giving you a new feeling in your area. One that you hadn't felt in ages.

"Ahh!~" You moan breathlessly

Your toes curl as he plays with you. He pulls away from you, removing his hand. You whine at the loss of feeling.

You sit up, only to be shoved back down roughly.

"Stay still, stupid."

Reiji seems to search his room for a moment, before teleporting off. You lie there, your legs now hanging off the side of the desk. Reiji teleports back, now with someone in his hand. Your eyes widen once you realize what it is.

"R-Reiji?!" You gasp out

He just smirks at your near fearful reaction.

"This is punishment, stupid."

"B-But I don't-!"

He quiets you when he grabs you by your shirt, pulling you up to an upright position. Reiji plants a kiss on your lips. You wrap your arms and legs around him instinctively. He surprises you when he ruins the moment, having bit down on your lip.

"Owowowow!" You cry out

He continues moaning in delight at the taste. Even a gentlemen such as himself could come undone as he tasted you. While here you were thinking the others were over reacting when they tasted you. The pain distracted you from the fact that he'd just slipped off your bottoms and underwear. He pulls away, slipping you out of your shirt and such. You cover yourself, embarrassed.

"Reiji come on!" You whine "This isn't fair!"

He chuckles at this but begins removing his clothes anyway upon your request. He bites into you one last time whilst slipping the condom on. Then, he enters you.

You were quite tight to say the least. Reiji groaned softly at the feeling.

"R-ei-ji~!" You moan his name weakly

He begins moving, occasionally biting into you. Okay, maybe you were a masochist. Because you were certainly loving the feeling of pain mixing with pleasure. You cling onto Reiji tightly, clawing at his back each time he sunk his teeth into you.

"NnnaaahHH! Reiji! More!"

He sped up, rolling his hips more and more. His body temperature increased more and more each time he bit into you, he was sweating.

"Mmm~ Ah!"

"You like this, stupid?" He asks cockily "What a lewd mortal you are."

Your back arches, allowing him to get a few bites and nips at your chest. You were getting weaker and you loved it. He hits a spot deep within you causing you to cry out.


You try to tell him through gestures because you didn't want to speak, you wanted to enjoy the feeling. But all you got was him telling you in a low voice.

"Use your words, stupid."

"P-please.. Mm.. NgH.. Ah!"

"Please what?" He asks, smirking

He hits the spot again, harder then before.


He does just as you asked. The feeling begins building up in your core, almost putting a timer on when you would come undone.

"Hhnng!~" You groan lowly "Sir~"

Reiji's eyes widen at this. Did you just..?


"Call me that again."


He goes harder, not understanding his own instincts in this moment. He liked it, but he wasn't exactly sure why. He pounds into you, causing the desk to tip slightly here and there.

You break.

"AHHH! REIJI!" You cry out

He follows after you quite quickly. You both lie there, panting and sweaty. Reiji straightens himself up, shakily and removes the condom, properly disposing of it. He picks you up bridal style and teleports to his bed, lying you down. He proceeds to get dressed.

"Stay in here, stupid. I'll be back."

"Yes, sir." You nod in response

~Extended Ending~

You slip out of the room, now wearing one of Reiji's dress shirts. You sneak down to the kitchen like a boss. You quickly get into the snack cupboard. You take a bite of the riceball, smiling at its goodness.

"You want another punishment, eh stupid?" Reiji asks

You yelp, dropping the riceball on the counter. You spin around, frantically waving you hands in protest.

"No, no! I just wanted food!"

He teleported beside you, pinning you against the counter.

"Reiji no! I can't! Not again!" You cry out

Chapter Text

Wanting to change things is something quite normal. The scars that decorated your body were proof of such. That was what led you into this mess however. As a resistance leader you knew that much.

You awaken from your slumber to the scent of burning fire and the sounds of gunshots and yelling. You're barely able to react when someone grabs you by the leg and pulls you out from your tent.

You struggle twisting and turning about. Upon seeing the enemy's face your reflexes kick in and you immediately bring your foot to connect with his jaw. You stand up, grabbing a gun from one of the makeshift shelves of your tent and tackle him. You proceed to choke him with it, despite his fighting back. Right now it didn't exactly matter that it was freezing cold outside and you were only in nightwear. He falls limp beneath you. You stand up, panting and gulping down breaths of air.

You're grabbed from behind and put into a choke hold. You squirm around, elbowing the woman in the ribs. She releases you and you land on the ground, skillfully. You jump, bringing your foot around to connect with her face. You take a dagger from your right strap and stab her in the neck. She lies there choking and gurgling on the blood that seeped out of the wound. You grab the gun you'd dropped and look around. You feel paranoid at the sudden silence that surrounded the camp. You look around nervously, turning in circles as your body shook from the cold.

Your gun is kicked out of your hands from behind and your hand is grabbed, your arm twisted behind your back. Your leg is kicked out beneath you and you're brought to the ground.

"I'm quite impressed with you giocattolo."

Your arm is yanked up causing a sharp pain to jolt through you. A pained scream leaves your lips.

"It's always such a pleasure hearing screams of pain." He hums

"STOP!" You yell

While in the midst of a war, separated from friends and family, one can only wonder if they will make it back. Luciano lets your arm free but quickly flips you over beneath him only to pin you once again.

"My sweet little giocattolo!~ You're so pathetic~." He purrs

He leans down to you, his breath warming up your face quite well. He presses his lips against yours gently, which surprises you a bit because he was supposed to be quite harsh and brutal from what you heard. This, was the enemy leader, the one you'd been fighting against. You'd seen him only on the battlefield but now here he was, invading your personal space.

"Why don't-a we go inside? You seem underdressed for-a the weather."

He stands up, still holding your wrists whilst carelessly dragging you into your tent. Why weren't you taking any course of action, you ask? You were powerless against him. You thrash around, cursing him out like a sailor in your native tongue, which of course was Italian.

He tosses you back onto your corner, climbing on top of you.

"Why don't-a we have a bit of-a fun?" He asks cockily

"RELEASE ME!" You shout

He growls at this, his smile dropping into a frown. He wasn't amused anymore. He practically rips your pants and underwear off of you. You try crawling away but he held you by your hips. His head trails down to your 'area'.

A small whine escapes you as his tongue touches upon your [tip/clit]. You grip his hair and squeeze your thighs against the sides of his face.

"A-Ah! Wait please! No!"

He smirks up at you, before [wrapping his lips around you/slipping his tongue in]. You tug at his hair as you throw your head back.


"My sweet giocattlo, you don't-a really want that-a do you?"

He begins toying with your area, pinching and rubbing different spots. It was driving you wild since you hadn't been touched like this in years. You squirm and roll around, occasionally bucking your hips into his face for more friction. Your cheeks burned red and your body felt like it was on fire.

"I'm going t-o kill you!"

He lets an animalistic growl out at the sound of his name leaving your lips. He could tell your were close from how your sexy twitched and how your body spasmed against him.


He stops abruptly, leaving you trembling beneath him. Tears form in the corners of your eyes as the feeling retreats from your insides, leaving you in need. You reach down to your privates, only to have your hand smacked away.

"Ah, ah, ah. No touching." He teases

Luciano chuckled darkly before going back to what he was doing before. You start up again, and once you're close, he leaves you needing more. 'Unless you beg for it I'll continue.' Is what he says to you. You refuse to budge for quite awhile, you always were a stubborn man/woman. That was until he was only one lick away from making you peak.

You once again reach down, only to have your hand smacked away once more. You can no longer take the feeling of the retreating pleasure.

"Please just let me finish!" You yell

He grins proudly at this, and decides to finish you off his his hand. Your hips buck as you continue squirming around.

"ah! Ah! AHH!" You scream

You were sweaty and tired as you lied back on your cot, the feeling of relief washing over you. You shake, occasionally twitching. Luciano sits up and unbuckles his belt, unzipping and unbuttoning his uniform trousers. He reaches into his pants, pulling out his hard member. Your eyes widen as you stare up at him.


"Aww.. Still fighting me? What a shame."

He climbs over top of you once again and inserts himself. You weakly push against him and pound on his chest as he slides in.

"St-stop! Luciano! I don't-ngh!"

He thrusts into you earning a soft noise. He scowls at this because he had you screamingjust a few seconds ago.

"I want-a to hear your-a sounds."

You shake your head in reply only to gasp once he thrusts once more. He continues, a smile returning. You couldn't open your eyes as you repressed moans and other noises. You would never open up and admit to anyone about how you wrapped around him. He grabs you by the neck and pushes you back into the mattress, picking up pace. You claw at the sheets before letting out a loud scream of ecstasy as he removes himself completely only to slam back in. Luciano was pleased with himself and continued, his grip on your neck tightening and loosening as he drilled into you. The knot forms in your stomach again as he moves and it was growing rapidly until, you released, hard.

"LUCIANO!" You cry out

He follows after quick fast with a strangled groan. He falls off beside you, lying there silently. You surprised him when you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him close. Your body shook beside him. He hesitated, but wrapped an arm around your waist, returning the affection.

Chapter Text

Now, 10k was the quiet type yes, but hell, you didn't expect him to be so open to things like this.

~Beginning of Flashback~

"Um.. T-Tommy?"

"Hmm?" He hums in response

"Would you Be open to.. trying..trying... T-trying.."

"Trying what?" He replies an smile on his face

You melt and hide your face in his jacket. 10k raises an eyebrow in confusion but nevertheless he hugs you back. You stand up on your toes and whisper it into his ear.

"S-sex.." You say softly

10k steps back, a light blush dusting his pale cheeks. He hesitates for a moment, before nodding in agreement.

~End of Flashback~

His back is against tree and you're on his lap, bouncing up and down. You both pant, holding back as much as you could to the point where your chests hurt. Your forehead is on his shoulder and his head is resting beside yours. His eyes were shut tightly and that light blush was dusting his cheeks. You bite your lip hard, clawing at his jacket as you shiver.

Despite how cold the night was, your bodies were like a campfire. Warmth radiating off of them despite the bitter dry air.

"nnn.. Tommy" You let out in a soft, strangled whisper

He cover your mouth and holds your waist tightly. He listens quietly to the shifting of Murphy. Your heart beats synchronise in paranoia of getting caught.

Murphy mumbles something before the snoring returns. He keeps his hand over your mouth and you start moving again.

You continue clawing at his jacket as the pleasure keeps shooting up inside of you. He pulls his hand away, allowing him to see your heated breathing through the cold air as you move. His eyes wander, taking everything in at this moment.

He leans in and kisses you tenderly. Your movements get faster as you get closer. 10k bites his lip, letting out a small groan. You cover his mouth with both your hands, staring into his eyes. You keep going, still picking up the pace. He trembles, watching you work on his dick. He was hitting his end as well.

You wrap your arms around his neck as you hit your release. You relax into him. 10k grabs your hips and continues moving you along. You cover your mouth, feeling the pleasure double from your orgasm. Your breathing gets heavier, but neither of you care.

10k hits his release. You both lie there for a moment, relaxing.

~Extended Ending~

A light is dawned upon your faces. You look up at an agitated Murphy behind a flashlight.

Thankfully, you'd both gotten your clothes back on in time.

"Can you keep it down? People are trying to sleep." He growls

"Don't tell Warren!" You both whisper yell

"I'm awake too." Doc waves to you guys

You hide your face in 10k's jacket like you always did when you were nervous/embarrassed. 10k just..kinda..sinks down a bit.

Chapter Text

You walk around the empty mess hall, craving some food, any food you could find. Your goggles are raised up lazily off your forehead and you reeked of a questionable scent.

It was everyone's day off so most of them had warped to their homes in order to spend it there. But you didn't have a home anywhere's else so you were left behind.

"Ah, hello F/n." a robotic voice greets from behind you


You jump from surprise, falling down onto the floor of the kitchen of the mess hall from surprise. You pull yourself up on the counter and glance over at the cyborg ninja.

"Hi Genji."

"My apologies, I did not mean to startle you."

"It's okay dude"

"Well..would you like to go to my room?"

"That would be nice."

You grab a random bag of chips and walk back to your room, munching on them carelessly as you walked.

"F/n? What is that smell?"

He looks around your room that reeked of the same musty scent that came off of you. You turn to him, waving your hands around.


"I hope it's not drugs."

"Nah, it's definitely mmagic."

He sits down on the bed quietly and you plop down beside him.

"So Mr. Cyborg Ninja, what now?"

"I'm not quite-"

"Oh I know."

You pull him down on top of you without a word. Your hands trace his metal chest. Cold metal had never felt so warm to you. Genji blushes behind his mask, unsure of how to react towards your actions.

"Take me."

Before he could protest you had your clothes off and on the floor. You wrap your arms around him and pull him close.

He takes your [breasts in his hands/presses his hands against your chest] and his thumbs run over your nipples. This makes you shiver from the new old feeling and the marijuana in your system. Your hands trail upward to his head, you press the button that unlocks the prison that hid his scarred face from everyone's view. Before he could protest against your actions you remove it. His brown eyes stare into yours whilst yours stare back and you watch the emotions flowing through one another.

"They say that eyes are the gate to the soul."

He smiles at this. "That's quite interesting."

You force him into a deep kiss, his hands roam your body, groping and exploring you. He slowly lies you back down on the bed only to have you pull away for air.


"F/n.. You've got me all hot and bothered. I believe we will have to fix that."

You laugh light heartedly at this. Genji reaches down, his head turning down so he could see what he was doing. He presses another release button and you listen, unable to see what he was doing.

"I hope you will be willing to fix it."

You pull him into another gentle kiss. He sits up and wraps his arms behind your legs so he could get better access to your entrance. He reaches down, guiding himself so he could enter you properly. You grip the sheets as he throws your legs over his shoulder. He pulls out and pushes back in, you let out a breathy moan.


He blushes lightly at this comment, he hadn't heard someone say his name like that in ages. He continues thrusting into you, listening to the bed's creaking and your moans. A soft squelching sound occasionally makes it's presence known. You toss your head from side to side. His hand intertwines with yours as he presses his forehead against yours.

"Mmm.. Genji!"

He brushes up against a certain spot that makes you shut your eyes tightly.

"Genji please! That spot!"

He pushes himself back up and pulls out of you completely, quickly slamming back into you.

"Ah!" You exclaim


He repeats the same process with a soft shy smile on his face.

"God yes! Right there!"

He continues like that, each thrust making you go crazy. You were nearing your end, and from how he went harder into you, speeding up his movements, proved he was getting there too.

"Genji I'm going to-"

"Let's do it together."

"O-Okay-AH! GENJI!"

He picks up the pace, not wasting any more time. You both let out a series of moans and groans before finally releasing. You relax on the bed, Genji rolling off beside you. You turn on your side, taking his scarred cheek in your hand.

"I love you."

"I love you as well."

Chapter Text

He was a broken skeleton in your eyes. Through jokes and his constantly nervous and possibly boarder line paranoid demeanor. That much was clear to you. While his Papyrus wasn't exactly the best thing for him, it was all he had at the moment. Perhaps it was the Stockholm syndrome that kept him so attached or maybe it was the guilt he salvaged from his past. One can only wonder. You approach the shaking skeleton who sat on the couch.


Is all that came from your mouth as you stalk over towards him. As you got closer, you could hear the soft snoring that came from him. A weak smile graces your features and you peak around to see his face. It was peaceful despite how his shaking continued. You quietly snap your fingers.

'He must be cold.' You deduce

You hurry up the stairs as quietly as possible. You enter his room, skillfully weaving your way through the mess on his floor. You take off the messily strewn about blanket from his bed, cloaking yourself with it before dashing back down stairs. You crept over to him, about to place it on his form. But he awoke abruptly, looking around fearfully for a moment before flinching. It only took a millisecond for him to realize it was just you.

"Oh, hey brat. What're ya doin'?"

You point to the blanket that you were about to drape over him. The skeleton just rolls his eyes.

"Skeletuns dun get cold you idiot."

"B-But you were shaking.."

He grabs you by one of your hands and tugs you forward. He lies down on the couch, now pinning you. You stare into his red pinpricks with a light blush. Sans slips his hand into your pants, two fingers tugging past the waistband. You instinctively grip his wrist extremely embarrassed that he was touching you like this.


"S-Sans what are-Haahhh~" You mewl

He continues past the waistband, fingers brushing up against your 'area'.

"S-Sans stop!" You whine

"That'sit kid, beg me."

You squirm around as he hovers above you on his knees. He uses his free hand to unzip and unbutton your jeans, sliding them down your legs. He chuckles lowly at the bunnies that decorated them. He goes to [wrap his hand around you/slip a finger inside you] but you roll onto the floor. You shoot up, trying to escape him but you end up thrown against the wall and held there.

"S-Sans! Cut it out!"

"But kid, we're just gettin' started."

He saunters over to you, pulling down your underwear. He continues what he was previously doing. Sans snaps his fingers, your close disappearing suddenly. He spreads your legs apart as you whine. His fingers dig into your sides, something suddenly enters you, tears form in the corners of your eyes as you cry out.

"Shit! You're so tight, kid!"

Sans let's out a loud moan in appreciation.


"Shhh kid, you're alright."

"S-SANS OW!" You hiccup

He pulls out abruptly and spins you around, pinning you against the walls again. He re-enters you, which hurts even more.


"Kid the more I move the easier it'll be, promise."

He thrusts in and out of you, slowly at first. You want to scream, to scratch and claw, you want the pain to stop. A loud sob leaves your mouth, Sans kisses your forehead tenderly, wiping the tears away from your eyes.

"You're okay, just look at me. Keep your eyes on me, kid."

"It hurts so bad Sans!"

"I know it does."

He presses his magic skeleton lips against yours (don't question it) and you relax a bit. His fingers graze over your stomach, feeling it twitch from the contact. He slowly traces your body down to the tip of your privates. He rubs it, trying to distract you from the pain. You let out a strangled moan in response to the contact. He circles around it, dragging his finger over the top and everything. Your pain is slowly subsiding which relieves you.

"Sans~" You whisper "More.."

He grins wickedly, pressing his finger harder, picking up the pace. It starts to feel amazing, soft cries leave your lips.

"S-Sans~!" You whimper

"F-Fuck kid, you're so good to me." He growls out

Sans covers your mouth upon hitting a spot that makes you scream. How he was able to find it so quickly bewildered the both of you. He goes on a bit further, your heavy breaths warming his boney hand.

"Sans! I think I'm gonNA-MM"

His red tongue falls out of his mouth as he opens it. The restraints keeping you against the wall disappear as you wrap your body around him tightly, giving him better access and more amusement. He let's out a chuckle as you come undone front of him.


He holds you against him, still going. You start up again, moaning and crying out. Sans intertwines his fingers with yours, pinning your hand against the wall. He slams into you roughly, his boney bottom half connecting with your skin. It hurt, but the pleasure overlapped it. You climax again.

And again.

And again..


"Relax, I'm really close kid!"

Your head hits the wall as he thrusts into you a couple more times before pulling out, he releases into the floor beneath you. You tremble harder and harder as you come down from your high. Everything started hurting too. He snaps his fingers, bringing his pants back up. He brings your head into his jacket and before you knew it, you were lying on his bed in a tornado of blankets.

"Go to bed, kid. I gotta go clean the wall before Pap-"


Sans cringes as you hide your face in the blankets, embarrassed. He kisses your forehead.

"Next time don't try to help me with anything."

You whine loudly.

Chapter Text

You shouldn't have come here. You knew it was a bad idea but you did it anyway.

The kids from camp thought it would be fun to play truth or dare. So after all the counselors went to sleep, everyone had snuck out to the mess hall.

They lie out their blankets on the floor and sit down. Edward looks around at everyone with an evil grin.

"Alex, truth or dare?"

Alex scratches his head for a quick moment, hesitating on his answer.

"Uhh, truth."

"Wuss" Ethan joked, nudging his twin

"Nuh uh! Fine, dare!"

"Drink some ketchup."

"Tch, whatever."

He took a sip and scanned the circle, he pointed at some kid sitting next to you.

"Charlie, truth or dare?"


"Are the rumors about you being gay true?"

"No! They aren't! I don't like Todd like that!"

He flails his arms as he talks, his face red with both embarrassment and annoyance. Todd laughs from beside him, patting his friend's back. Charlie sighs and turns to a girl next to Edward.

"Amy, truth or dare?"


"What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen."

"Probably that one vine video with [favorite viner]"

"Oh I think I know what you're talking about! Dude that was pretty weird." Alex adds

"Bro, that one? Nah, there's way crazier stuff." Edward chimes

"Whatever, you're just jealous." Todd exclaims

"Am not!" Edward huffs

It just continues like that for awhile until a certain someone who seems to have been born to harass you about weird things gets called on. Who am I talking about? Why, Oscar Littlejohn of course! He always seems like he knows something everyone doesn't.

"Oscar, truth or dare?" Diane asks

"Dare!" He exclaims in a whisper yell

"I dare you to confess something you've never told anyone about!"

"Oh, well, I've never had Chipotle."

A couple kids overdramatically gasp, which makes you and the others chuckle. Oscar pokes you in the shoulder.

"F/n! Truth or Dare?"


"You know the abandoned carnival not to far from here?"


"I dare you to go there! And steal the old cotton candy machine!"

Everyone gasps as some dramatic lightening flashes in the background. Oscar looks at you with crossed arms and a proud grin. You bite your lip, taking a moment to think of all the consequences.

"Don't be a wuss F/n!"

Everyone quietly behind chanting for you, and you recede into your uniform. Your friend r/n pulls you out and assures you that you'd be okay.


Everyone silently cheers and stands up, preparing themselves before heading out. Oscar leads the small group of kids, taking them to the old entrance of the old carnival. He looks at the faded sign with his signature grin before glancing at you.


You step forward, taking a deep breath. You run a hand through your hair nervously.



'How long has it been since then?'

You look around, it was dark outside, you knew that much. You tug at the binds around your arms.

"Hello gumdrop~" Laughing Jack chimes

Ah yes, the monochrome clown with a heavy bloodlust currently held you captive. There he was now. You look over at him with tired eyes.

"I have something for you gumdrop."

He pulls out a plastic looking lollipop, you cock an eyebrow at it in confusion. He flicks a switch on the stem and it begins vibrating. Your eyes widen.


He giggles and presses it to [your tip/your clit] and you let out a strangled cry.


He slips it into your underwear and straps it in place. You bite your lip and turn your head away, trying not to give him what he wanted.

"Aw gumdrop, let me hear you!~ You're moans are too adorable." He purrs

Laughing Jack sits down in front of you Indian style. He rests his head on his non-dominant hand and uses his other to slip past your underwear. He [wraps his hand around you/enters you with 2 fingers]. He smiles at the tensing and untensing of your body, enjoying himself whilst it lasted. You on the other hand were going crazy from how his [fingers were pumping in and out of you/stroking you at a moderate pace]. He pulls them [out/away] and takes a long lick of them upon you peaking.

"Oh you're so sweet, gumdrop."

You moan once more at the comment as the lollipop starts you up once again. You arch your back with a loud groan erupting from deep within you. You bite your lip, bucking your hips into the toy strapped to your most sensitive spot, trying to keep your breathing calm but that's really hard with the pleasure you were receiving until you peak, hard. Your fluids were all over the chair and your thighs. You twist and turn about from where you were forced to sit. You keep going, starting up again. Now you were getting tired of peaking.


"L-Laughing Jack! Turn them off!"

He giggles from where he stood in the room. He cocks a brow in order to tease you.

"Turn them up you say?"

"No! Nonono!"

He listens to your pleads and whines for him not to whilst he turns the dial, hearing the soft ticking.

"Click.. Click.. Click.." He mocks it

He suddenly turns it up all the way with a soft giggle. Your back arches as you scream in pure ecstasy. You thrash your head around, thrusting and bucking your hips upward into the vibrating lollipop.

"Oops." He giggles

You quickly hit your climax, and hard. You cry out his name loudly with drool running down your chin. You thrash your head around, LJ stands up and hovers over you, lifting up your blindfold. You gasp for air. You quickly reach your end once again with yet another loud cry.

LJ glances down, quickly turning off the toy. You tremble beneath him, your head falling back against the chair in relief and exhaustion.

"You're so cute when you beg."

He squats down and unties your legs. After standing back up he picks up your legs and wraps them around him. You move against him, protesting but he takes a lollipop from his pocket and pushes it in your mouth. The taste of f/f fills your mouth. LJ unties your arms and positions them over your head.

"LJ come on.. I'm so tired.. No more.."

"I wasn't planning on doing anything else gumdrop!" He giggles

You sigh in relief and swallow a bit of the dissolving lollipop. You quickly pass out not to long after. Laughing Jack places a soft peck on your forehead, his grin dropping into an irritated scowl.

"I'll kill you eventually." He mutters

He turns and walks away, stopping for a brief moment to look back at your sleeping form. He shuffles back, placing his hand on yours, he wipes some sweat off of your face and pushes your hair out of the way so it was stuck to your forehead with sweat.

"I love you, gumdrop."

Chapter Text

You gingerly walk over with a cheerful smile on your face and a tea cup placed on a fine plate. You set it in front of the girl who requested it.

"Thank you commoner, you can leave now." The girl rudely shoos you away from her and Kyoya

"I want tea too!" A girl at the twins' table waves to you

"Of course Miss." You politely nod

You go to make more tea as requested which takes you to the back room. You hum quietly to yourself, trying your best to make a decent cup of tea. Someone taps your shoulder, causing you to turn around.


Scalding hot tea is poured over your head. You wipe your eyes with your stinging hands, shattering is head and you force your eyes open. You stare at the ground that now held the shattered tea cup.

"You useless servant! That tea was awful!" The girl shouts

"B-But I made it exactly how you asked-"

"Lies! You're trying to poison me! You stupid commoners are all the same! Useless and disgusting!"

She shoves you and storms out of the room. You fall against the counter and stumble a bit more before landing on the floor.

"F/n are you alright-UWAHH!"

Tamaki rushes over to your side, holding you bridal style in an attempt to cradle you.

"Don't worry, daddy's here now!"

"Tamaki please, I'm fine. I just spilt the tea is all."

You wipe some tears away and his eyes travel back up to meet yours, he gives you a reassuring smile.

"Come, I shall personally take you to get cleaned up." Tamaki insists "Kyoya, would you close up the Host Club for me, please?"

"I suppose."

Tamaki takes your hand in his and leads you out of the room.

"Takashi? Will F/n be okay?"

"Of course Mitsukuni."

Tamaki pulls you into the medical room, no teachers or anything were around, just medical supplies. He sets you down on a bench and removes the towel from your head. He drops it with more towels and disappears behind the shelves. Tamaki quickly reappears with some aloe and what looked like a silk rag.

"Here we go." He smiles


He hums in response whilst gently dabbing some aloe on your forehead.

"Why do the girls hate me so much? I'm obviously not competition."

He cups your cheek and kisses your forehead tenderly. Tears well up in your eyes.

"I don't know why. I suppose the princesses can get a bit rowdy sometimes."

He paused upon hearing a quiet sob escape you. You cover your face with your hands and sob. Tamaki's hands begin tracing your curves, drawing small circles into your thigh.

"Please don't cry. You're too beautiful to be sad."

He wipes some tears away with his other hand, being as gentle as he possibly could at the moment. You felt like porcelain, so fragile from how he was handling you.

"I'm sure those girls are just jealous of you and the fact that you mean so much to the Host Club and myself."

He moved your hands away from your face and pecks your lips.

"Someone like you should be looked after.."

He trails down your jawline.

"And taken care of.."

He travels down your shirt, letting his hot breath warm the fabric for a split second. He settles on his knees and separated your legs.

"T-Tamaki..?" You question

You wipe some tears away and his eyes travel back up to meet yours, he gives you a reassuring smile.

"May I?"

"I-I don't know what you're-"

"A gentleman asks permission to pleasure someone."

Your eyes widen and your mouth gapes. Tamaki patiently awaits your answer, he looked so cute like that, it was slowly killing you inside.

"Y-You may.. T-Tamaki.."

He gives you a closed eye smile in return which makes you melt. He then turns his focus to your crotch. He unzips your jeans.

'Wh-Where did he learn to do these things!?' You mentally exclaim

You grip his blonde locks tightly, because at the moment house didn't have much to hold on to. His head was between your thighs, working your area quite skillfully. His shimmering purple eyes flickering up to meet yours as he licked and sucked.

"Hngg.. Tamaki.."

You cover your mouth, trying to hold back any loud noises that would give anyone the wrong idea. Well, not like it wasn't happening or anything. Tamaki Suoh was definitely doing this right now, to you of all people.

"You're quite beautiful. You always have been." He comments

You whimper and squirm around, he was quite strong despite his skinny stature.

"You taste amazing too, better than any delicacies I've had."

You let out a soft cry and slap a hand over your mouth when he [adds a finger/wraps his hand around you and strokes you]. You still couldn't believe he was doing this right now, it just wouldn't click.

Tamaki picks up the pace. You squeeze your thighs around him and let out a muffled cry of his name. Your other hand goes to his hair, tangling itself in it as you throw your head to the side. You were getting closer and closer to release.

"T-Tamaki! I'm gonna-"

He removes his mouth and continues his hand motions. He smiles at you cheerfully.

"Go ahead, cum for Daddy."

"Hahhh.. Daddy.."

He gives a final and wet lick to your [tip/clit] and you release. He removes his face from your privates as you fall back against the wall.

"Oh my sweet queen/king, don't get too tired now."

He picks you up and pats your bottom, signalling for you to wrap your legs and arms around him. He presses you against the wall and kisses you in different spots on your burned and occasionally aloe blotted skin. (which he low-key didn't like the taste of, though it was worth it if it made you feel better)

"You should be worshipped as a god/goddess"

Tamaki slips your pants and your underwear off you as one and leaves them dangling from one leg. You hide your face in his shoulder, but he won't let you.

"Let me see you in all of your glory." He insists

You sheepishly look up at him with a soft whine, only letting him see your eyes. Tamaki smiles at you softly.

"I want all of it, my princess/prince"

You completely look up at him, blushing a dark red. His smile widens as he props you up against the wall. He held you there long enough for him to unbutton and unzip his uniform trousers. He allows them to pool at his ankles whilst pressing his shaft against your opening. Tamaki presses his dampening forehead against yours and stares into your eyes.

"May I?"

"Y-Yes.. You may.."

Tamaki enters you slowly. You dig your nails into his uniform and groan in pain. You let out another sob, and cling to him. He pets your hair and shushes you, promising he'll make you feel good when it stops hurting. You try to distract yourself by unbuttoning his uniform jacket but you ran out of buttons. Tamaki smiles at how cute you were and sheds his jacket.

You eventually relax against him after what felt like hours of pain and agony. Tamaki was now left in his white T-shirt, lowered boxers and trousers. While you were left in a shirt [and bra].

"Move.. Please.."

"As you wish." He mumbles into your ear

He begins thrusting in and out of you, slowly at first. You nip, moan, and breathe into his ear as he bounces you on his cock. The feeling was amazing and you loved it.

"Mmnn.. Daddy.."

Tamaki blushes a darker shade of pink then what he already had. He picks up his pace a bit, still trying to keep it nice and steady. It wasn't about him, it was about you.

"I'm.. going to.."

You moan quietly as you release but Tamaki keeps going. This feels even better a second time.


He pulls out completely and slams back into you. Tamaki slaps a hand over your mouth as you scream from pure ecstasy.

"Shhh, can't let anyone hear those sweet, godlike moans of yours."

He repeats the previous movement and you rip his hand away.

"But you're making it really hard Daddy.."

His hand goes back to your mouth one more time and he leans over to your hear, panting and whispering into it.

"Am I? Because I think-"


"-That you should just shush, and enjoy the feeling of me worshipping you and your glow."

You climax at his words. Tamaki groans at the feeling of you once again tightening around him. He has to pump in and out of you at his max pace because you just remained tight. You shake roughly as he reaches down and begins [massaging your clit/stroking you]. You throw your head back.


You release once more with another cry this was a lot quicker then before. Tamaki pulls out before he himself can release. You fall against him sweaty, exhausted, and spasming. You moan into his neck is one final time before your eyes fall shut, unable to open due to how tired you were. Tamaki smiles at you and kisses the side of your forehead.

"Now then, prince/princess. Let me get you all cleaned up."

~~Extended Ending~~


"Tamaki are you and F/n in there? You've been gone a long time." Haruhi calls into the room

The door opens and Tamaki walks out with you in his arms. Everyone sighs in relief.

"Is that a slap mark?" Kyoya asks

"Yes, our prince/princess was really hurting from the coffee burns."

He passes you over to Takashi who pretends not to smell the devious acts that were just clearly committed in that room. Oh yeah, he smelled the sickly sweet smell of arousal and the salty smell of release and sweat.

"Ew.. F/n smells weird." Mitsukuni cringes

The twins tease Tamaki about naughty things as everyone heads back to the Host Club. Tamaki reacts like usual, blushing and flailing around, trying to explain it wasn't like that.

Chapter Text

So, I have some stuff going down in my life and I'm not gonna release any details because it doesn't matter.
The bottom line is, is that I'm not gonna be updating for awhile. I'm not discontinuing anything I'm just disappearing for a little while.

Chapter Text

You hide away in your room most of the time, simply cleaning it. The room was a pig-sty when the Sakamaki's had presented you with it, so you left it up to yourself to tidy it up.

You stand on the tall ladder, preparing to come down and make the bed since you'd just cleaned out the top corner of the back-left side of your room.

"Oi! [Chinchinashi/Melon]! Ore-sama is thirsty!"

You squeal in surprise and fall off your ladder, falling into the arms of none other then Ayato. He rolls his eyes in a displeased and annoyed manor.


You thump him and jump down to your own two feet. Ayato rubs his forehead with a growl. He picks you up and throws you over his shoulder. You squeal as he carries you over to your bed, where he sets you down.

"You asshole, put me down!"

"Hold still. I'm thirsty."

He forcefully tilts your head upwards and leans down to your neck. He happily sinks his teeth into it and begins drinking from you.


He moans in satisfaction every now and then as he quenches his thirst. You begin growing more and more light headed and cold. Whilst he grows much more strong and warm.

He finally detaches himself from you, some of your blood dripping from his fangs and down his chin.

"Better." He points out

You slap a hand over the burning spot with a pained whine.


He yawns loudly into his hand before looking down at you.

"Tch. Now I'm bored."

"Well, I can't help you with-AHHH!"

He picks you up off your bed, making you squeal and cling to him. Ayato turns around and sits on the bed, placing you on his lap. He smirks up at you from where he lied back on your bed, his hands behind his head.

"Entertain Ore-sama, [Chinchinashi/Melon]"

"H-How do you suppose I-"

"Ride me."

Your cheeks dust a light pink as your sarcastic and headstrong demeanor vanishes. You sit there, dumfounded and awkward.

"Do it or Ore-sama will punish you."

Your eyes widen and you begin weakly grinding against him, feeling sick to your stomach as he grows hard. You keep your head down, refusing to look at him as you thought of ways to get out of this.

"Look at me, [chinchinashi/melon]. Let me see your expressions."

He grabs your by the chin and forces you to make eye contact with him. You force back the tears in your eyes and take in a deep, shaky breath. Your mind finally settling on an idea. If you wanted this situation to go as you needed it to, then you had to take control of it. You slow down your movements whilst internally forcing back your anxiety and shame.

You lean down, holding yourself up by your elbow placed near his head. You stare deeply into his ruby red eyes. Ayato's lips part as his eyes shut tightly as he let's out a soft moan. You puff out a warm breath, making sure it hit his face.


He reaches up, holding your hips as you grind harder. Your hips move in waves against him and it appeared to be overwhelming him. You sit back up and quickly change your leg position. Your knees bend upward as you tilt back, grinding your bottom against him. They rest upon the bed, allowing you to squeeze his hips with your thighs.


You smile weakly upon spotting a small droplet of sweat that rolled down his forehead. It was working. Your toes curl as you begin to put more focus into this. You steady yourself by leaning back on your palm that gripped his clothes knee.

"..You're so good at this [Chinchinashi/Melon].. where do you learn these things..!?"

You lean back over him and put a finger to his lips as your legs drop back down, allowing your feet to touch the floor. You buck your hips forward, earning a loud gasp from Ayato, who arched his back. More sweat droplets fell from his forehead.

You massage his shoulders whilst continuing to roll against him, occasionally bucking your hips to get a rise out of him.

"..stop.." He says weakly, in almost a plead

You begin to speed up, causing him to dig his nails into your sides. It hurts but you keep going, faster and faster, harder and harder.

"A-ah!" He cries out in a throaty moan

He lies there beneath you, shaking and panting with eyes shut tightly. He was sweaty, guess your blood gave him a sort of body heat.

You crawl off of him, your hips hurting from your previous movements. But Ayato surprises you when he sits up and picks you up, tossing you to the middle of the bed.

"Ah!" You exclaim

He unbuckles his uniform pants and crawls over on top of you. You weakly push him away.

"Ayato stop! What the hell are you doing?"

"You think it's enjoyable to make Ore-sama cum in his pants?"


"It's Ore-sama." He corrects

Ayato tears your shirt off, leaving you in your sweatpants and underwear. You cover up what he'd uncovered.

"Ayato no! You fucking idiot!"

There's your usual badass demeanor!

His aura grows darker as he hovers over you. He grips the waist band of your sweatpants and looks at you with stern eyes and a mischievous smirk.

"You can't tell Ore-sama what to do." He says lowly

He rips your sweatpants to shreds in one swift movement and goes to tear off your [panties/boxers]. You squeal and reach down for them but it was too late. He unbuttons and unzips his uniform pants. He quickly reaches over to the nightstand and opens the bottom drawer, pulling out a condom. He tears the package open and slips it on.

'How had I not noticed those before?' You wonder

You grip his shoulders tightly as he thrusts into you. You let out a loud cry of pleasure as he does.


And there it goes.

"Fuck.. You mortals are so tight.."

Your back arches as he pulls back and pushes forward. He covers your mouth, leaving your loud moans for him muffled.

"Shut up."

You claw at his back, possibly drawing blood. Ayato was quite big and it was overwhelming. He rocks his hips against yours, allowing the bed to creak and shift. It felt amazing though, so you couldn't complain.

He moves his hand so he can continue to hold himself up as he picks up his speed. You wrap your arms and legs around him, crying out in pleasure.


He growls softly and forces his eyes open so he can look down at you.

"Call me Ore-sama."

He pulls out completely, only to slam back into you. You scream at the top of your lungs.


He smirks proudly at this, deciding to play around with it a bit.

"Who owns you?"

He pulls out and slams back into you again.


"Who do you rightfully belong to?"

Once more.


You whimper and arch your back, clawing and grabbing at the sheets. You can feel your orgasm approaching and fast.

"Ore-sama! I'm gonna cum!"

"Hold it."

"B-But Ayato-!"

"Hold it, [chinchinashi/melon]."

You whimper and moan, throwing your head to the side. It takes everything within your being to hold your orgasm back, and then some. Ayato thrusts at a godly pace driving you over a mountain, up a wall, through the village, into the castle, and back again.

"Cum." He commands

You cry out as you release onto his member. He groans deeply as he let's go into the condom.

'If he wanted us to do it together he could've said that.' You mentally roll your eyes

He pulls out and removes the condom, tying it up and throwing it into the nearby trash can.

"There.. Ore-sama.. is pleased." He pants

You hold the messy blanket over your chest and scoot over to him, wrapping your arms around his back. He jumps in surprise, the scratch marks on his back stinging.

"You like me~" You tease

He swats you away in a tsundere manor.

"Silence! Ore-sama does not like mortals! You are food and that is final!"

"..You like me.."


Chapter Text

The two personifications of two main countries, Spain and Germany, sit in a small café. Antonio, decided to get his friend..-ish out of his house. His marriage to you hadn't been the greatest lately.

"He/She iz very independent and I loved zat independence he/she has but it's just.." Ludwig trails off

"Jes, jes.. go on." Antonio sits in front of him, listening to the man rant

"I just feel zat zhe zpark vhe had is just.. gone" Ludwig sighs softly

He takes another sip of his coffee his Spanish companion eyes him down.

"Perhaps." He puts a hand on Ludwig's and forces him to set his cup down

"Jou say you haven't slept vith them in months, jes?"

"Ja, I did. What's it matter though? I'm trapped in a failing marriage."

"Well, have jou should tried anything else in the bedroom?" Antonio asks softly

Ludwig looks at him, appalled.

"I vill absolutely not sleep vith jou Spain."

Antonio chuckles hardly whilst shaking his head.

"No, no my friend. Now please, if jou don't mind, tell me how relations between the two of you are, jes?"

"Absolutely not."

"Do jou wish to keep this marriage boat afloat or would you just like to let it sink?"

Ludwig growls in a flustered manor and looks away whilst taking another sip of his coffee and muttering. Antonio watches him in amusement.

"Say that again?" Antonio asks teasingly

The German man looks up at the Spanish man almost shyly.

"I-Its usually him/her on top of me.. Zat is how he/she likes it.."

Antonio nods at him understandingly before mentally settling on a solution upon deciding that he'd located the issue.

"I zee vat ze problem is."

Ludwig locks eyes with Antonio as he places at hand on his shoulder. Ludwig cringes at the contact but allows it anyway.

"Jou're stuck in a rut."

"A rut?" He repeats

"Jes! And I can help jou fix it!" Antonio claps cheerfully "Come here and sit next to me so I can tell jou.

"If jeu try anyzing, I will not hesitate to go to prison over vat I vill do to jeu." Ludwig glares darkly

"Of course, of course!"

Antonio sweat drops as he waves his hands at his friend in an innocent manor. Ludwig gets up and pulls his chair closer to the man as the Antonio explains what he should do.


He walks into the apartment quietly. Ludwig sheds his coat and removes his shoes. He then peaks his head into the kitchen to see you cooking something in the oven. You turn to him and offer a forced smile.

Hey Germany! How was your day?" You beam at him a bit forcefully

Ludwig can feel a twinge of pain within his heart. You'd only started calling him by his country's name after you'd started drifting away from him.

"Hello mein liebe."

You continue what you were doing, not bothering to force out any more conversation from yourself

Ludwig sighed quietly, his eyes scanning your body. Maybe what Antonio said will work. Oh well, if it doesn't, then hopefully divorce isn't too painful for him.

Ludwig forcefully bends you over the counter, earning a surprised cry from you.

"What the fuck Ludwig?" You exclaim

"What was that Frau? I zink jou should check jour tone."

"Don't call me Frau!"

His hand wraps around your throat and he choked you lightly. You whimper and moan softly. Germany raised a curious eyebrow at this.

"Jou like zis?"


Damn it all! You stuttered. Germany smirks and gropes your ass, forcing you to straighten back up.

"Naughty." He smirks "Now zen, I zink it is high time zat ve have a talk."

"A talk about what?"

"Jou know exactly vat, Frau."

"S-Stop calling me that!"

You gasp at the sudden pain in your left bottom cheek. You grip the counter and let out a soft whimper. He moves over to your ear as he massages the stinging cheek.

"Do not tell me vat to do, Fraulien. Jou always have zhe fun. But it's my turn now."

His accent was thick and his voice was deeper and good God you were melting. You'd never seen this side of your dear husband before.

You squeal as he picks you up bridal style and carries you up to the bedroom.

He kicks the door open and tosses you onto the bed. You bounce as he climbs over to you. He pulls your [heat/shaft] closer to his face and begins to tear off your sweatpants. You continue squealing and try to stop him, but he already had it off. He sits up and pulls you upright so he can rip off your shirt. You try to cover yourself but he's already moved on.

He looks up at you and flashes a cocky but loving grin. Ludwig keeps your eyes locked on his as he throws your legs over his shoulders. He begins to [lick/suck] you. You gasp, your hands going to his hair and your thighs squeezing the sides of his face.

"Nnn Ludwig~"

"Zats it Fraulien, call mein namen"

He [thrusts his tongue into you/takes all of you in]. You throw your head back and moan, now gripping and pulling at the sheets until they come off the bed.


Somehow, you became much more innocent and fragile when you were dominated. Sub space perhaps?

You toss and turn your head as you whimper and moan. Your orgasm was approaching. Your hands once again fly to his hair and tug at it, forcing him to [let you grind against his face/deep throat you].

"Ludwig, I'm so close!"

You cry out after he gives you a hard smack to your bottom and release him. Ludwig sits up and wipes his mouth.

"On your hands and knees Fraulien."

You do as you're told. Your heart races as he unbuckles his pants behind you. Ludwig doesn't waste time entering you. You hold onto a pillow and bury your face in it.

You can feel the adrenaline pump through you as sweat makes your body shimmer. Ludwig leans over you and pounds harder.

"Mmm Ludwig~! Smack my ass! Please!"

He smacks your bottom and continues pounding into you.

"Like that?"


He does it again.

"Yeah? You like that?"

"Mhm~! More!"

Once more, only this time he pulls out and slams back into you, earning a beautiful cry from you.

"Ludwig! I'm getting close."

"I am too, Fraulien! And you better take it!"

You can feel your peak coming, and it doesn't take long since he had already found your G-Spot.

"Take it." He commands

He bites his lip and throws his head back upon slamming into you, letting out an animalistic growl.

"L-Ludwig~" You moan loudly

"Take it." He repeats, louder

He thrusts even deeper, making you moan louder. He lands yet another smack to your bottom.

"LUDWIG~!" You cry out

He growls out your name as you both release. You collapse onto your elbows as your husband rolls off to the side, panting. He looks over at you and smirks.

"Come here Fraulien."

You blush and smack him as he pulls you over to lie beside him.

"Stop calling me that, Ludwig!"

He kisses your forehead and smiles at you.

"I love jou."

"I love you too.."

~Extended Ending~

You storm out of the room and throw the pregnancy test at him.

"Ludwig! The fuck!?

The German looks at the pregnancy test and immediately drops it. He stands up and picks you up, spinning you around.

"Ludwig! Put me down! Eee!"

"I'm going to be a father!"

He gives you a big kiss, that you just have to accept.

"Vhat do jou vant to name it?"

"I think I'll choose _____ if it's a boy and _____ if it's a girl."

Chapter Text

You open the door and peak out, looking both ways down the corridor. Of course it was an attempt to make sure that none of the boys were in sight and for once they weren't. With a soft sigh of relief, you open the door completely and step out, making sure to close it behind you. Then proceed make your way through the mansion.

You walk into the kitchen after double checking that no one was there. You begin raiding the fridge for the proper ingredients to make a sandwich.

"Teddy wants to know what you're making."

"AHHHH!" You shriek

You slip on the tile floor and fall on your butt. You sit there for a moment, still gripping the counter for support as you wheeze anxiously. Kanato's laughter rings through your ears and causes you to look up at him.

"Stupid human." He giggles

You puff your cheeks out. Once you were over your mini panic attack, you pulled yourself up to your feet and try to continue,making your sandwich.

Well, tried.

Kanato gently sets Teddy down on the counter before swiping up the plate your work-in-progress sandwich rested on.

"Hey!" You exclaim

"Ahh, hear that Teddy? She can speak!"

"Kanato give my sandwich back!"

"You can have your sandwich after I'm done." He argues


"I'm hungry. And not only am I hungry, I also have to deal with this because you didn't put any pants on!"

Kanato gestures to the bulge in his pants. Your eyes widen in surprise whilst your cheeks heat. Kanato tries to grab you, but you step back. This was incredibly sudden. Kanato steps forward each time you step back.

"K-Kanato we can't.."

Your back hits the island behind you. Kanato traps you in that spot with his arms. Your cheeks heat as your noses touch.

"Kanato, Reiji would have a fit if we-"

"Shut up."

He lifts you up onto the counter with surprising and scary concerning strength. Kanato grinds against you roughly, earning a few soft noises from you. His forehead rests against your shoulder. His hot panting hitting your chest as he grinds against you.

"Kanato.." You whine

He slips his hand into your pants and underwear with surprising ease. You gasp as he [slips his fingers in/wraps his hand around your shaft and starts pumping].

"Hah-haaahhh~!" You moan out

You wrap your arms around Kanato's neck and pull him close, must to his annoyance. You move in sync with his [fingers/hand], occasionally bucking your hips when he does something just right. All the while, a knot forms in your stomach grows. Your melting mind is barely able to properly register what it is.

"Kanato.. I'm.. Oh! I'm gonna-Ah!"

Kanato quickly pulls his hand away at the most precise moment, just a few seconds away from your release. You lie there, unsatisfied and immobile while he removes your pants. He unbuckles his belt and unbuttoned + unzips his own pants. With surprising strength he yanks you forward to the edge of the counter. He slips off your underwear before you can find the right mind to protest. Tears brim the corners of your eyes as he enters you forcefully.

"Kanato!" You cry out in pain "Kanato it hurts!"

But of course, since this is Kanato, he continues moving. He watches as you break down into hiccups and squeals of pain as he thrusts. Honestly it feels like he's splitting you open. Graphic, I know.

"That's right, scream." He tells you {JESUS CHRIST WHAT AM I EVEN WRITING}

It takes time, but just as Kanato grows tired of your sobbing and whining, you let out your first moan. It was quiet and breathy, but he still managed to catch it.

Your body shakes and quivers as you let out more moans and whimpers.

"K-Kanato~! Oh Kanato yes! More! I need it!"

"You're very loud." He giggles "Lets fix that."

He covers both your mouth and nose, which cuts off your breathing. Your hands quickly come down from his back and allow you to grip his wrist. You try to slow your breathing and preserve some air, but with the way he thrusted into you, it was quite hard. Just as your vision was getting fuzzy, he removed his hand. You gulp down as much air as you can before his hand once again covers your nose and mouth.

"Aww, does [nickname]-chan like this?" He chirps "I think he/she likes it, Teddy!"

Kanato looks back at his stuffed friend with a smile, listening to his input before he looks back down at you. He lifts his hand, his eyes glancing at the bruises that were forming on his wrist from how hard you were holding his arm. You gulp down as much air as possible before his hand moves to your throat.

"Are you close?" He asks

His hand wraps,around your throat and squeezes. All you can do is nod in response. {Jesums Christmas, calm down. XD} Kanato grins in response, his thrusts now noticeably decreasing in speed and increasing in force, indicating he was close as well.

"Shall we cum together?"

Another nod.

"Alright.. On 3." He suggests {Cause ya know, THAT'S possible}


Oh god here it comes.


Its almost overwhelming,


His grip releases on your throat, allowing a scream of pure ecstasy to rip through you.


"[First Name]!"

Kanato collapses on top of you, exhausted, sweaty, and panting. It takes a moment, but he finally pushes himself back upright and pulls out. Kanato pulls his boxers and his pants back up. He buttons them up, zips them, and buckles his belt. He reaches over and picks up Teddy.

"You can eat now." He tells you

You sit up as he walks out and jump off the counter. With the little strength you have left, you pull your [panties/boy shorts/boxers/briefs/whatever] back on and head back upstairs, totally abandoning your work-in-progress sandwich.

Chapter Text



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Chapter Text

You lie next to him underneath the sleeping bag, shivering heavily. When you said you wanted to go camping, this isn't what you were expecting. The fact that personified version of the country you were currently in, seemed to be cold blooded or something.

"I-Ivan.. I'm so cold.."

"Da, I see." He responds in his signature thick russian accent "I feel it as well."

You curl up in his arms. Despite him apparently not having any body heat to provide, it was still nice to cuddle with him.

"My precious sunflower, I'm sorry you're so cold."

"I-It's alright Ivan."

He pecks your lips in a loving manor. But, as he pulls away, his face lights up, signalling that he had an idea. He takes one of your hands in his.

"Sunflower, would you be interested in trying something to warm you up?"

"Well duh." You respond, half-heartedly and with a soft giggle "What do you have in mind?"

"Make love to me."


"Us making love should generate enough body heat for the night. Then tomorrow when we wake up, we will be able to pack up the campsite and leave."

"I-Ivan I-"

"You don't have to, sunflower. It's just an idea. After all, I get a bit rough."

You pause to think for a moment. His hold on your hands grew tighter, though not enough to hurt you. You stare into his eyes, cheeks heating from the embarrassment of thinking about such a thing.

Its kinda funny though. Here lied next to you the personification of Russia. One of the handful of countries that intimidated the other countries. Nobody really tried to get to know him until you came along.

"Let's do it." You nod in approval

"Ah, very well, sunflower."

Ivan pushes himself up and begins to shed his coat. Your eyes widen as you acknowledge the white sweater that he takes off, and finally the T-shirt. Oh man, Russia is very tall and very buff, though the large military coat and many layers he wears beneath it usually doesn't show his muscles that well. That, and he's not exactly one to boast.

You lie beside him, removing your clothes as well. You only strip off your pants, underwear [and bra] because you still needed your sweater on since it was so fuCKING COLD JESUS CHRIST.

"Ah!" You cry out

Your dominant hand dives into the sleeping bag and tangles itself in Ivan's snowy blonde locks. He continues licking [up your shaft/your heat] as you tug on his hair and listen to the soft growls that come out of him.

"I-Ivan!" You whine

Ivan settles at [the tip/your clit], which makes your entire body spasm as he toys with your most sensitive spot.

"Hhhaaa Ivan!"

You squeeze your thighs together, desperately trying to put a pause on the overwhelmingly pleasureable feeling he was making you feel right now.

As your orgasm approaches, you feel like you should let him know.

"Ngh.. I'm so close.." You whisper out, unable to be any louder

The feel stops just as you were ready to peak. You let out a soft whimper as the feeling fades.

"Who said you could cum, sunflower?" He asks in a gentle but firm tone

You whimper before letting out a soft yelp as he lands a light smack to your bottom. Just as the pleasurable feeling you had disappears, Ivan starts yoy back up again. But now he was [pumping his fingers in and out/pumping your shaft]. Your feelings of intense pleasure start back up again, as do the noises you make.

"I-VA-N" You force out between moans

You try to thrust your hips and move in sync with his movements as you get closer and closer, but Ivan holds you down with his other hand.

"Ah, ah, ah, sunflower." He fits

"But Ivan.."

He stops once more.

It keeps going like this, on and on for what feels like forever. Each time Ivan would either try something different or do something to add to the feeling. Of course, until you unintentionally pull something out of your own hat.

"IVAN!" You cry out

Ivan stops for a moment, letting the pleasurable feeling fade and leave your body unsatisfied before he starts to [lick and pump his fingers in and out/suck and run his tongue and teeth along certain spots whilst his hand works the base].

"I-IVAAaaannNN!" You cry out, letting out a soft sob from what you couldn't decide was either overstimulation or lack of completion "YA tak blizok!"

In a moment of pure euphoria, you finally hit your much needed orgasm. Hot tears escape your eyes and roll down the sides of your face as you lie there, tired, sweaty, and shaking. Your body was finally numb to the cold.

Russia wastes no time moving so that he was hovering over you. He grips onto your thighs that had been previously squeezing his face and pulls you into the proper position. You let out a squeal as he flips you over and pulls you close.

"R-Russia! What are you-AHH!"

"You sound so good when you speak my language, sunflower." He purrs

You let out a pleasured cry as your back arches when he shoves his length into you. You claw at the floor of the tent since you weren't sure of what to grab or hold onto. Ivan grabs you by the neck, gently, though just enough to make you whimper, and forces you upright. His hot breath hits the side of your neck and your ear.

"Vam eto nravitsya, podsolnukh?" He whispers

You shiver.

"Da, Ivan! Bol'she!!"

His nails dig into your thigh, which earns him a squeal from you. As another orgasm approaches, you can't help but messily murmur his name over and over again, along with a few curse words here and there. Your mind goes foggy as you cry out, having reached your second proper orgasm. Ivan follows not long after.

You begin to fall the second Ivan releases you. He catches you and therefore prevents you from faceplanting into the floor of the tent and the now messy sleeping bag. Ivan instead flips you back over and lies you down. Before he finally relaxes and drifts off himself, he redressed you and himself.

As Russia falls asleep he can't help but wonder where you learned Russian from.

Chapter Text

Ohhhh fuck what in the diddily dick is up my dudes. Its only been a few months since I've bothered to write a lemon. Wowza, okay, I need to stop disappearing and letting life get in the way.

I mean, like,
Life WHO?!?!?
Existence WHAT?!?!
Purpose WHEN!?!?!

Anyway, I'm sorry my diddly dawgs, but I shall get around to making another lemon sometime. *finger guns*

Chapter Text

There had been a riot in the asylum. There had been a fight and as some of the more functional patients had been trying to break it up, the music had gotten shut off. Just as the guards were piling in with the nuns, some patients had just completely lost it. They began attacking and through the way of being a bystander, other patients had gotten involved. Everything was a mess.

Guards were trying to subdue and calm the patients through brute force and aggressive words. The nuns could barely fend for themselves, so they ran around waving canes and blowing their whistles. You and a few others had been caught in the crossfire as well, and soon found yourselves fighting.

This riot quickly moved to patients trying to pile out of the asylum and sprinting into the surrounding woods. Some had made it, others had not, some were dead, some were still fighting.

You didn't know who had made it and who had not. As much as it pained you, you honestly couldn't afford to care.

All you could focus on was the character running next to you, the one who'd grabbed your hand after you'd almost been caught by a guard and ripped you out of the asylum. The character you'd dare call your friend.

The ringing in your ears is all that reverbarates through your head as you sprint through the woods. The freezing rain pours down hard around and on you, soaking you. You're starting to lose the feeling in your feet due to the cold soggy ground your feet are slamming down on. You glance over at the man, named Kit Walker, who was currently running beside you, to make sure he was keeping up.

"Kit I can't feel my feet!" You tell him

"I know! Keep going!" He encourages

You begin to stumble and trip as your legs begin to give out from how exhausted they were. Kit grabs you by the hand and pulls you along the best he can while trying to keep you steady. You stare forward into the foggy evening and your eyes widen.

"I see a road!" You exclaim

"I see it too." He replies

Kit grabs you and picks you up, and continues running toward the road. He continues sprinting his way down before finally almost collapsing. He sets you down and you take a moment to look around. You point a bit of a ways into the woods.

"Kit come on, we gotta go! We can hide in there!"

Kit doesnt even ask or bother to see what you saw, he just lets you grab his hand and yank him up to his feet and drag him away into the opposite side of the woods. You sprint up to the truck and throw your body against it, yanking the door open. You jump in and climb your way over to the passengers side and take a seat. As the adrenaline begins to fade, you notice that your body is currently shaking from the cold. You quickly pull your knees up to your chest in an effort to preserve any warmth that may be left in your body.

Kit climbs in behind you and takes the driver's side next to you. He quickly slams the door shut behind him and throws his arms up onto the steering wheel and rests his head there. He stays there for a moment, panting quietly, most likely trying to catch his breath. You look away from him and around through the cracked and admitably old windshield.

How long had this been here in the woods just on the side of this backroad?

Kit sneakily glances over at you and runs a hand through his dripping wet hair to move it away from his face. You just look around the truck, not paying much attention as you subconciously search for an answer to your thought.

"Nice job."

"You too."

You finally look over at him completely focused. His shirt and pants were very much soaked from the freezing rain. You both remain in your seperate spots. Your breathing begins to slow to a regulated speed and your heart begins to fall back to a more relaxed rate.

Thunder abruptly crashes from above, which steals away your attention from each other, getting your heart to start pumping again.

"We might have to stay here a bit." Kit admits

"Yeah, but for how long, Kit?" You look back over at him with concern "The guards and Sister Jude are probably out looking for us right now since our exit wasn't exactly the most sneaky."

"Obviously." He replies "It was a mess in there."

The truck seems even colder than the outside, but at least it made for some shelter from the pounding rain. You shiver quietly and stare out the window on your side, trying to focus on anything but the cold.

Something is tossed over to you, and it startles you. You spin around to see Kits blue shirt on your lap. You pick it up and try to give it back to him, but he refuses.

"Kit you're gonna get cold." You argue

You let out a sigh and scoot next to him. You pull the shirt over your legs and his. Kit tenses as you lay your head against his arm. The shirt was pretty wet, but it was better than nothing.

"I'm so tired." You breathe out

"Yea, I am too." He agrees

"And cold."

"I know."

He moves so his arm is laid on the top of the torn red seat so you can lay against his chest. You continue to shiver next to him, which eventually prompts him to pull you onto his lap.

"You're freezing." He points out

"I told you.." You say softly

This didn't bug you much since Kit was one to do this whenever you were cold in the asylum. He was like a protector to you.

Kit wraps an arm around the small of your back and pulls the shirt up so its on your shoulders. He lets his other hand make its way into your hait, so he can cradle your head into his chest. He stares down at you, his mind beginning to wander along with his eyes. The way that oversized shirt clung to your body was quite a sight.

You adjust yourself, only to jump upright and hover over him, clearly flustered.

"Kit!" You exclaim


"You pervert!"

"I wasn't doing anything!"

You look down at his lap, and Kits eyes follow yours. His cheeks turn slightly pinker than they already were. You had noticed.

Kit looks back up at you, and you both once again maintain eye contact. Kit takes his chance and lays you down along the seat and hovers over you before quickly leaning in to kiss you.

Wait what?

You lightly push him away.

"K-Kit.. I can't explain how bad an idea this is."

"Roll with it."

Kit kisses you once more and the kiss gets more intense, switching languages to become French. {*wiggles eyebrows* I'm tired :D} He gropes your [breast/ass] and moves so he can kiss down your jawline, your neck, whilst leaving a couple hickies, all the way down to kiss your shoulder. Kit pulls away and looks into your eyes.

"Look at it this way, if we get caught they'll probably have a show."

Your face turns bright red.

"No Kit! Absolutely not!"

He laughs aloud. Before going back to kissing you. You cup his cheek and lick his bottom lip. Kit opens his mouth and allows you enterence. As your tongues battle for dominance, he begins to unbutton his pants. Kit sits up, ultimately pulling away from the kiss and takes them off along with his underwear. This gives you time to take off your own pants. Kit returns to his previous position and slips off your underwear. He tosses them away carelessly and they get caught on the steering wheel, much to your embarassment. He climbs back on top of you and positions himself.

"Ever get fucked in a car?" He asks with a smirk

"Not really." You reply

"This'll be interesting then."

He pushes himself into you. You swiftly cover your mouth and throw your head to the side. Your other hand shoots up and grabs hold of his shoulder.

"So tight.." He growls out

"Nn.. Kit.." You moan softly

Kit begins to slowly thrust into you as you writhe beneath him. He starts off slow at first so you could get used to the feeling of him inside you.

"Fuck.." He growls

"Faster.." You whine out

He picks up his pace a bit, slowly getting faster and faster with each thrust. You wrap your other arm around him and put your forehead on his shoulder. The truck begins to warm up and the windows around you start to fog. A bead of sweat drips down the side of your forehead.

You moan out commands in an effort to get more pleasure from him.



"Fuck me Kit!"

Kit begins slamming into you. You cling to him and wrap your legs around him as he drills into you. You claw at his clothed back and let out a string of loud moans.

Kit slams into your most sensitive part, hitting a certain spot within you. You throw your head back, ignoring that it hit the door behind you as you cry out.

"Kit!" You moan

"I love it when you say my name." He breathes into your ear

He hits it again.

"Kit please! Right there!"

"I should've stolen a cane, would've made this more interesting." He chuckles

"Ki-it!" You moan again "Kit i'm so close!"

"Just a little longer.." He breathes

He continues drilling into you, hitting the same spot over and over again. You cry out loudly each time.

"K-Kit! I'm gonna-!"

"Just do it!"

Your release hits you like a bomb. The ringing returns as your back arches upward. You throw your hands back, grasping the door hold and the seat as your vision flashes white.

"Fuck! KIT!" You cry

"[First Name]! Fucking-! Gah!"

Kit pulls out quickly and lets out a gentle groan into your neck. His lower half collapses on top of you, but he tries to hold himself up. He pushes off the door and sits up next to you. You lie there, missing his chest against yours. You wipe the sweat off your forehead as you come down from your high.

"Kit.. I'm hot.."

"Its always something with you isn't it?" He chuckles "Come on, put your clothes back on. We might have to get moving soon, the rains getting lighter."

Chapter Text

You were a slut. Everyone in town knew that much. Rumors would float around that you had a bunch of different STDs and that you fucked this person on this day all the time. It didn't even phase you and it never had.

However, today was special. You clutch the note you'd written in your hand, and approach the goth girl you had your eyes on with a smile on your face. Since you couldn't directly contact the boy you'd had eyes for, you could give him notes through his friends. Which is something you'd been doing for weeks. The best part of the whole situation though, would probably have to be that you knew he secretly had feelings for you, whether he would ever admit it or not. He was just always covering them up and dismissing you because of your title as a 'slut'.

Whispers begin to surround you as you lean against the locker beside hers. She slams her locker shut and stares at you,

"What do you want, come to give me an STD?" She asks harshly

You just quietly hand her the note you held and disappear through the crowd. Henrietta looks down at it, seeing 'give to Michael' written across the front. She rolls her eyes and turns before walking down the hallway, disappearing as well.

• • •

"So she/he just gave it to you.. And walked away?" Michael asks, hesitantly

"Yeah, I told you." Henrietta replies as she stubs out another cigarette

"What could this conformist possibly want?" He asks bitterly

Michael unfolds the note and reads it swiftly before crumpling it up and throwing it on the ground.

"What's it say?" Pete asks

Pete flips his bangs out of his face once again as Michael starts off into the building.

"I apparentally need to go to Mrs Reynolds old room to kick a conformist ass." He replies

The door shuts behind him as he walks down the hallway. His eyes adjust to the florescent lighting around him. He travels down the now empty hallway, since it was the middle of 6th period and everyone was in the cafeteria. He winds through the different hallways and eventually comes up on the door to the room he needed to go to. He opens it up and steps inside, letting it fall shut behind him.

"Alright, stop giving me notes, conformist. Its getting old. I'm not interested in you."

He walks inside a bit more, since he didn't see you anywhere.

"Hello?" He calls "I know you're in here."

You appear in front of him and push Michael back against the desk against the wall next to the door. Once his back hits it, he tries crawling on top of it to get away from you. There was no way in hell he was gonna contract an STD from this conformist whore.

"Aw c'mon Michael, don't be that way." You purr

You continue forward, stepping between his legs and placing both your hands along his sides. You lean in, standing up on your toes so your noses brush against each other. Michael's face turns red as your hot breath brushes against his lips. You lean in and capture his lips with yours all the while you just silently hope that you're doing this right. Michael presses his hands against your chest and pushes you away.

"No way." He says

"Michael~ stop being so difficult." You whine

Your eyes trail downward to the slight bulge in his pants. You smile and walk back over to him, placing a gentle hand on it. He tenses up and slaps a hand over yours.

"St-Stop that conformist!" He stammers out

"Just this once and that's it."

"Will you leave me the fuck alone?"


"Fine, conformist. But if you give me an STD I will murder you."

You grin and fist pump at this. You reach down and fumble with the button and zipper awkwardly. You pull his grey skinny jeans and boxers down just enough for his member to be freed. You swiftly take off your jeans and underwear, somehow getting them over your sneakers. Michael sits up on the desk and helps you climb on top of him. You barely manage to successfully position his member, before awkwardly sliding down onto it. Michael's eyes widen in surprise as he feels something warm dripping down his shaft and out of you. He stares with wide eyes into your [eye color] ones that were teary. Your body shakes and spasms and you hold fistfuls of his jacket. He looks down, seeing exactly what he expected to see.

"You're a-?" He's interrupted by you

"Virgin? Mhm." You answer with a strained voice

"Why didn't you-"

"Tell you? Ever-yone was c-convinced I was s-some sort of slut, s-so I went with it." Tears roll down your cheeks "Ah! This hurts so bad oH MY GOD!"

Michael grips your hips {RHYMES} tighter, he holds you up with surprising strength {because plot convenience} in order to ease the pain.

"You should've told me, conformist."

"I thought it would be interesting this way."

"You're so stupid."

Michael leans in and presses his forehead against yours and smiles softly, which is very out of character for him.

"Let's switch positions, it'll be easier."

He waits patiently as you climb off of him before he stands up. You try not to get flustered at how his erection bounced as he moved {cringes from behind screen}

"Tch, stop that. It's normal." He scoffs

You just giggle childishly as he takes you by the arm and pulls you over to the desk. Michael picks you up and sets you on top of it, making sure that you were comfortable before he pushed himself in. The pain returns almost instantaneously. You grip his shoulders and grit your teeth as tears once again prick your eyes.

"God, you're a sensitive conformist, aren't you?"

"Shut up!" You whine out

He leans in and connects your lips with his. You take a moment to exchange salvia {liKE THE SINNERS YOU ARE} but then he started moving. Oh god did that hurt. You bite his lip and he pulls away.

"Owowow! MicHAEl OW thIS FucKING HUrtS!"

He covers your mouth since you were shouting.

"Shut up, conformist. It gets easier." He mutters, flustered

He shrugs off his jacket since it was starting to slip off his shoulders. He dives back in for another kiss in an effort to quiet your cries of pain.

It takes a long time, but eventually you're able to surprise him.

You pull away for a moment in an effort to try and catch your breath

"Michael let me catch my breath~" You whine

Michael reaches over and pulls you back in to the kiss.


You reach down and set your hand on top of his, your fingers intertwining whilst the other one tangles itself in his curly black locks.

You let out a soft squeak as his other hand [starts playing with your clit./wraps around your shaft and starts pumping.] Michael pulls away due to how loud it was.

"Quiet down, you don't wanna get caught do you?"

"B-But it feels so good.." You gasp out

"God, one minute you're complaining about the pain and the next you're telling me it feels good."

"Nnn~ I-Isn't that how -AH!- v-virginity works?"

He picks up the pace a bit. You listen through yours and his heavy breathing as the desk begins to rock. With the feeling of him pushing in and out of you, combined with him playing with your most sensitive part, you can't help but acknowledge the rapidly growing knot in your lower parts.

"Hhhnnnnaahhh! Michael! I'm getting close!" You exclaim in a whisper

"Already?" He asks

"Shut up! Go faster!" You command

"Such a needy conformist." He comments

"Ah! Ah! Aahh-!"

You release and just as you're about to cry out at the top of your lungs, he silences you with a deep kiss. You claw at his T-shirt due to the overwhelming feeling that was rushing through you, and because Michael keeps thrusting, you get to ride it out until you start back up again.

"Mmmm~!" You moan

You wrap your arms around his neck and pull him close.

"Ahnn! Michael! Please, I can't again."

"You -huff- might have to." He tells you through gritted teeth

Michael's speed keeps increasing with each passing moment. The desk was creaking quite loudly now. So, if anything, it should alert someone to their activities if it hadn't already.

"Fuck." He whispers "FuckfuckfuckFUCK"

"Mmnnnhhh! Michael! I'm close again!"

You sink your teeth into his shoulder as the knot returns, Michael winces but keeps going, since his end finally nearing.

"I could tell." He remarks, snidely but softly

He groans lowly as you become tight around him. He's so close.

"Fuck.. [First Name]!" He groans

"Michael!" You cry out

You both release, riding out your seperate orgasms together. You cling to him with all the might you have left and shut your eyes tightly. Michael sinks his teeth into your shoulder, trying to quiet himself from any unplanned noises. He collapsed against you as you both come down from your high. He supports himself on the desk and your body as he puts his clothes back together. He forces himself upright and wipes the sweat off his forehead. He watches as you go to collect your own clothing.

"Listen, conformist, you wanna maybe.. grab a coffee or something sometime?"

You turn to him and smile.

"Yeah, that would be nice."

Chapter Text


Chapter Text

"Scatter!" You scream at the top of your lungs

Everyone takes off in a different direction around the barrens, though you don't exactly have time to look at just where they were all heading off to. Despite how likely it was that none of your friends knew just exactly where they were headed. No, you just spun around, immediately leaping in a random direction between the trees surrounding you, taking off down through the woods. You swear you had your fingers crossed that everyone would turn out okay, and come out of this unscathed.

Your heart thumps in your ears thanks to the growing adrenaline. You almost nearly trip over a few big rocks and some random branches that you didn't necessarily think would be a problem before you stepped on them. You ignore the wetness in your converse as you stumble through small puddles, nearly slipping on some mossy rocks as you go.

"Dammit!" You hear Henry Bowers curse from somewhere behind you "Everyone fucking split up! Now!"

"Got it," You hear Victor Criss and Belch Huggins reply obediantly

Those words were enough to convince you to push yourself harder. Just enough for your breathing to turn to labored gasps as you continue to run like hell through the barrens. Hell, just imagine how you felt when you heard the crunching of leaves behind you start up. Or rather, grow more noticeable.

On reflex, you whip your head around to check who it was, despite already knowing exactly who was tailing you. His laugh is cheerful as he eyes you like a predator would prey. It was rather obvious that he was barely even putting any effort into keeping up with you, because he didn't really need to. He never did. He licks his lips in the same deeply disturbing way he always did.

"Tree, rabbit!" He suddenly calls out, still grinning

You turn your attention back ahead of you just in time to barely dodge a rather large tree that was coming up fast in your path. Thorny plants swipe at your exposed calves as your feet slam against the ground, breaking and crunching the leaves underneath. You were sure that you would most likely run into some sort of plant that would leave you rashy for at least a few weeks. But that wasn't the real problem here.

Birds flutter out of a tree as you pass a particularly small one, taking a moment to glance at the nest of little birdies that squawked for their defensive mother to come back to them. But the mother bird was just trying to protect them, maybe even just call out to you to keep running since she didn't seem to interested in attacking you in this moment. You turn your attention forward, the familiar sound of cars driving across the blacktop filling your ears, though it was a bit farther away than you would like.

The crunching behind you grows louder, signalling that he was getting close, and you were starting to slow down from exhaustion. You do your best to gather back up some sort of speed as the road starts to make itself somewhat known through all the trees and bushes, but there are reasons you didn't join the track team.

The crunching ceases for a millisecond, and suddenly you're taken to the ground. You let out a soft cry of fear as your body connects with various parts of the ground. Your knee, for instance, slams into a rock so hard that it would surely leave a bruise. Your body and his roll forward in an uncomfortable closeness, and you just barely tuck your head in so you don't get a face full of pain. Either way, though, you end up lying on your stomach and he sits atop your back. Honestly, despite how lanky the fucker is, he has a bit of mass that you would've never known about had you not been thrown into this situation so many times before.

You both pant loudly from the chase, except you seem to be the only one trying to escape. You lie there beneath him, clawing at the dirt.

Dammit! You curse. You were so close! Just a little further and you would've been on the road and headed home!

"You did–hff–better than–hff–last time, rabbit." The cool voice of Patrick Hockstetter tells you

He places a boney hand on top of your head, his fingers tangling in your [hair color] hair as he grabs a large fistful. Patrick yanks the hair upward, no doubt pulling some of it out of your head as he holds you there. You let out a loud cry of pain as your good hand flies up to meet his in an effort to relieve the grip.

"Ooww–! Lemme go, Patrick!" You scream out "I'll tell my parents on you, you freak!"

"Sure you will, –hff– rabbit" Patrick teases "Cause that–hff–worked out so well, –hff– last time."

He leans down so he can watch your reaction as he tugs the handful of [hair color] hair even higher than before, prompting you to cry out even louder. Tears prick the corners of your eyes as you scratch at his wrist, using your other hand to support yourself.

"Ow–Ow–Ow!" You shriek "Let go!"

"Give me a –hff– reason to." He protests

"Because it hurts!" You shout "It hurts! Let go!"

Your hair is suddenly released and you drop into the dirt. Your chin connects with the ground, causing pain to shoot up through you as you bite your tongue. At this, Patrick laughs, his breathing seemingly evening out.

"You're such a loser, rabbit." He tells you "Either way, it looks like you need to be reminded of who owns you. Again. Isn't that fun, rabbit?"

Patrick's weight lifts from your back, and you go to lunge forward in order to get away from him. But just as you try to propel yourself forward and crawl away, Patrick grabs you by the waist and drags you backward, opting to flip you over. His weight returns, only this time it's on your stomach. You continue struggling against him, hands swatting at his chest and fists offering weak punches. But Patrick just overpowers you, grabbing your wrists and pinning your hands above your head.

"What are you doing!?" You exclaim fearfully "Stop that! Patrick, no!"

Patrick pulls your hands together, where he can hold them down with a single forceful hand. You legs squirm about and you dig the backs of your soaked converse into the dirt, making circles that you can't see. Patrick lifts himself up once again and moves so he can sit back down on your thighs, stopping your legs from moving.

"Stop it!" You cry out "This isn't funny!"

His free hand trails down your body, starting at your shoulder it creeps over your chest and stomach, all the way down to the corner of your slightly lifted white, yellow, and black sweatshirt. He slips a hand underneath it, even managing to slip underneath your grey cotton shirt. You let out a squeal as his cold hand brushes against your warm skin. You struggle against him, thrashing around enough to almost flip him off of you, but that seemed to only make things worse. Patrick licks his lips as his hand trails further up your body.

"I just love it when you fight me, rabbit." He whispers

Patrick gives you a smile that could rival that of the Grinch's as he releases your arms. They immediately fly down to rip his hand out of your shirt with a sudden amount of surprising strength, but Patrick catches you by surprise when he suddenly lifts the other corner of your sweatshirt up rather high. You let out a squeal as his other hand joins in, gripping the other corner as he tears your sweatshirt and shirt off of your body. A hand is lifted up to grab you by the chin so he could turn your face in any direction he wanted. He leaned down, closely admiring the old hickeys and bite marks that were now revealed to the wildlife surrounding the two of you.

You stare up at him with wide eyes as he turns and tilts his head in a different direction.

"I'm glad they're all still there, rabbit." He tells you "Such a shame you hide them all so well, are you ashamed of me?"

"No, you creep!" You fire back

You try to push him away, but Patrick is back at it again with pinning your wrists on the ground. He shakes his head whilst clicking his tongue in a teasing manor.

"Looks like you need something fresh, rabbit." He sniggers "Maybe then you'll finally remember."

Your eyes widen as he leans even closer to your neck, his mouth opening as he went in to bite.

"No, Patrick!" You exclaim "I remember! I swear! Please don't!"

Patrick just slaps his, once again, free hand over your mouth. He forces your head to turn upward as he sinks his teeth into your neck. You wince and cry out as you feel that familiar heat crossing your skin, feeling it spread like an electric shock throughout your body as he begins to suck on the spot he'd bitten.

Patrick suddenly lifts his head up, having [sensed your skin flushing/felt you poke him through your pants]. He offers a devilish grin that you close your eyes for out of embarrassment. This always happened.

It seemed like closing your eyes was a bad idea, though, and you quickly realized that when he growled at you.

"At least some part of you remembers who it belongs to, rabbit." He murmurs "Look at me."

Patrick smacks the side of your face just enough for it to sting.

You gaze focuses on him, not wanting him to grow too angry. Patrick moves his hand away from your mouth so he can fully acknowledge your reddened cheeks and nose. He smirks.

He leans down, his face closing in on yours, making the redness worsen.

"I love it when you look at me like that." He whispers

You look away for moment in embarrassment, but upon hearing his growl your attention snaps back to him. Slowly, you were learning not to look away from him. Patrick's grin returns at this realization. He pulls his face away from yours and releases your wrists. You look around, getting ready to flip over and run again as he climbs off of you. But, you're caught off guard when he begins to remove your jeans. Your face goes completely red as you shoot upright and try to grab his hands and push them away, but Patrick was already tearing everything off.

"Wait, what? Wait! No, no, no! Not that!" You continue protesting

You reach down and cover yourself the best you could, the Hockstetter boy had never gone this far with you before and he wasn't supposed to! Regardless, Patrick ignores your attempts to save yourself some dignity and gets to work on fighting you to get what he seems to want most today.

"No! No not that!" You continue

"That's right, rabbit." Patrick growls "Fight me."

And on that note, your legs are open and your hands are gone from their spots. Your face is red with embarrassment as tears begin to fill your eyes. Patrick doesn't seem too bothered by it though, if anything, he looks more excited then he did when he spotted you in the barrens with his favorite targets.

Patrick tugs his shirt over his head by the collar and drops it somewhere beside you. He them unzips and unbuttons his jeans and pulls them down to his thighs, (obviously too eager to take them off completely). He takes his dick out of his pants and takes a moment to line himself up before he slams into you, earning an abrupt gasp from you as your head jerks to the side and your eyes screw shut.

Patrick chuckles a bit as his palms hit the dirt to keep him supported. He takes a moment to lift your legs over his shoulders so he can get a better angle.

He thrusts into you once again, earning the same reaction.

"See? You like it." He giggles, his tone growing a bit darker

He offers a harsh thrust with every pause in the last few words of his sentence. You let out few gasps, moans, and whines as he thrusts into you slowly and harshly.

"You must like teasin' me, rabbit." He comments "Is that it?"

You bite your lip and pant through your nose to keep as quiet as possible. But that doesn't make Patrick too happy.

"Don't suppress it, I wanna hear everything." He tells you

You shake your head at him, which earns you a growl.

"Fine," He whispers "Let's play this game then, rabbit."

Patrick's nails dig into your sides as he pounds into you at an animalistic pace that your brain can barely keep up with. Your eyes widen and your back arches. Weakly, you reach out to him, grasping onto his arm and shoulder with both of hands. Your silence is immediately broken as you let out a beautiful (in Patrick's opinion) cry.

Patrick lets out some more chaotic giggles at this, despite the loud pants and gruff growls that escape him on their own will.

"You lose, rabbit!" He sniggers

You turn your head from side to side and claw at the leaves and dirt beneath you. One of your legs begins to fall from his shoulder, and you can barely put it back up there. Your mind was melting in the best way possible, and it only got worse when he began using a hand to [play with your member/rub your clit].

"Ah! Fuck! Patrick!" You cry out, stumbling over your words

You're getting close now, is what your brain tries to tell you, but it struggles to alert him of that fact as you stumble and stutter. But he seems to understand you, in his own weird way as his right hand clasps around your bruised throat. You choke for air and lower your hands to grip his wrist in an almost deathly hold. That rising feeling curls into a tornado in your abdomen and you can't help but scream for him as it turns into a rushing waterfall and purity as it leaves you.

Exhausted, you do the best you can to cling to him as he suddenly yanks himself out of you in the most oddly skillful of ways, as he ungracefully finishes inside of you, letting a hiss slip through his clenched teeth as he does so.

You lie beneath him, sweaty and panting even louder than the way you had panted as you ran. Patrick releases your throat, allowing your vision to begin the process of de-clouding itself. He rolls off to lie beside you and runs a hand through his sweat drenched locks before using it to pull you closer to him.

"You're so sweet, rabbit." He tells you in a whisper

His tone was so calm and collected. If he weren't panting so heavily and holding you in such a harsh grip, it almost wouldn't have registered as a threat.

"You belong to me." He tells you "No matter where you go, or how far, you're mineMy rabbit."


Chapter Text

"Are you sure there's only one other room left?" You question

"Yes, for the last time, I am sure there are no other rooms." The disgruntled manager answers

"We'll just take it." Dean suddenly cuts in

You turn to him, about to ask him if he was sure as well, but Dean had already taken the keys from the man and set some money on the counter. And with that, the two of you were out the doors and headed towards your assigned room, number 19.

You trudge inside the room upon finding and unlocking it. It was as described, one king bed room with a tv, a couple of dressers, nightstands, and a bathroom. Nothing in it was even slightly above average, but it was nice. Although, the king bed was a big problem since you were, how do you say, a bed hog and a snorer.

"Are you sure that you're comfortable sharing a bed with me?" You suddenly question

"Of course" Dean replies "Why wouldn't I be?"

Dean walks over to the dresser and sets his suitcase down. He takes a moment to unzip it as you plop your suitcase down beside the bed and climb on top of it.

"Now, how about," Dean begins "You relax and,"

He reaches into his suitcase and pulls out a long brown paper bag containing a mystery bottle. With a smile, he grabs it and pulls it out, revealing the brand to be none other than Jack Daniels as he turns to face you.

"You take a load off." He finishes

You grin and shake your head at his antics.

x x x x

You take another swig of the Jack Daniels bottle, listening as Dean spoke of things you were having trouble grasping. Your mind was hazy and spinning in the nicest of ways. Your eyes drift around Dean's body from where you laid across the bed with your legs dangling off. He was indeed a little bit buff, maybe Rowena was a little right in that area. As much as you felt weird about listening to her say random things about the Winchester Brothers' separate appearances, at least she was accurate with her words.

You suddenly lean it, your lips meeting his in a gentle peck. Dean appeared surprised to say the least, or at least from what you could see as your eyes lulled shut. You tilt your head and wrap your arms around his neck, climbing into his lap. Dean returns the affection, wrapping an arm around your waist whilst his other hand cupped your cheek, holding you there.

You pulled away from the kiss and got to work tugging your shirt off. Dean was even kind enough to pull it completely over your head, only to gently drop it off the side of the bed. You get pulled closer which prompts you to re-wrap your arms around his neck as your chest presses against his as the kiss deepens. Dean grips your hips, and grinds you against his growing erection in his boxers. He pulls away from the kiss just in time for you to let out a gentle moan as he begins to pay attention to your neck, leaving kisses and gentle nibbles in his wake.

You let out a soft whine and buck your hips against his, earning a soft huff. Your hand wonders down to grab one of his, and there you lead it into your pants. Upon taking the hint, he slips his hand in [grasping your hard member and starting to pump/beginning to gently rub your soaked sex.] You hold him closely as his neck kisses grow more sloppy and you nibble at his ear.

Dean slowly begins to lay you down on the bed, continuing his actions in your sweatpants whilst giving your neck a break. You reach down to grab his wrist as he [runs his palm over the tip/rubs your clit.] a soft groan leaving your lips.

"Fuck,, Dean~" You puff out

Dean removes his hand from your pants and gets to work puling your pants and underwear off at the same time to save the hassle. You blush darkly at the sudden cold air hitting your last area, and it prompts you to look away. Dean chuckles and takes a moment to pull his black T-shirt off and pull his cock out of his boxer-briefs. He pulls you closer by your thighs, earning himself a squeal from you as he aligns himself with your entrance whilst you grip his shoulders for support. And no, this was not your first time.

Dean gently inserts himself, and you are quick to wrap your legs around his waist, arms falling back on the bed and resting above your head as you turn your face to the side. Heavy breaths leave your lips as you moan over and over again.

"Fuck, [First Name]." Dean hisses through his teeth

"Dean~" You whine back

You once again raise an arm and place a hand on his shoulder, digging your nails into it as he continues his steady, rough pace. His necklace swung back and forth above you, and you resisted the urge to grab it and just tug. Your back arches as he hits a certain spot within you and you let out another cry of his name, ultimately pushing him to pick up speed. The bed shakes and creaks, it knocking against the walls in a rhythmic manor that was lost in your self-conscious. A familiar knot begins to tighten in your stomach, and you begin to scratch at Dean's shoulders and back. Dean sits himself up, quickly adjusting positions so he was sitting upright as he drilled into you. He reaches downward once again [stroking you/rubbing you] and you immediately begin to buck your hips in rhythm, letting out whines and moans for him.

Then suddenly, the knot grows too tight, and you release, your legs trembling and your hands diving into the ocean of sheets and blankets beneath you, gripping them. Your head turns upward as your back arches and your eyes roll back

"Dean!" You cry out

But Dean continues for a bit longer, allowing you to ride everything out into over-stimulation before he finally pulls out and finishes himself off. Sweaty, panting, and tired, he rolls off to lie beside you. You run a hand through your wet hair with a pleased sigh.

"We should share a room more often." You remark

"Definitely." Dean replies

Chapter Text

You lied on your back, legs dangling over the bed as you stared up at the barn ceiling. Meanwhile, Henry was lying against the headboard of his bed, smoking a cigarette and flipping through some nudie magazine.

After a bit of being deep in thought about literally nothing in particular, you looked over at him. You watched with admiration as he occasionally brought the cigarette to his lips to take a drag whilst randomly flipping through pages, occasionally turning the magazine so he could look at whatever lady was on the page at the time.

"You know," He suddenly pipes up

Your ears practically perk up like a dog's would at the sound of his voice cutting through the silence. Henry turned his attention to you, seemingly unfazed by your blank staring. You push yourself up so that you're sitting upright, but continue to keep your attention trained on him.

"I wonder what it would actually be like to fuck one of these girls," He says

"Well yeah," You reply, a bit disappointed "I guess that's kinda what the magazine is for."

"No," Henry dismisses your words "I mean, like, actually genuinely fuck. Like, I dunno, relationship fuck."

"Make.. love?"

"Yeah, that." He says "You think any of them could do that shit like you can?"

Your face heats almost immediately at his words. As you feel a sudden spark creep up through you, you turn your head away from Henry, shyly.

"I don't do that much, Henry." You tell him, shyly "I just let you do whatever."

"You do lots of shit." He protests "You get me off pretty good."

"Henry!" You whine

Henry tosses the magazine to the side and crawls over to sit close to you.

"s' true." He continues "I mean, you should fuckin' see yourself when you cum. It's the prettiest fuckin' thing I've ever seen."

Henry reaches over to grab your face, turning your head so that you were looking at him. He leans in after releasing your face, his movements being slow enough for you to finally look down. Henry leans back, his eyebrows furrowing together.

"C'mon," Henry starts, getting just a bit defensive "Whats' wrong? Too pretty for me now or somethin'?"

"No," You reply shortly "You're just embarrassing me."

"Embarrassing ya?" He repeats, loosening up almost immediately to laugh

"It's not funny, Henry!" You argue "You always brag about it to your friends!"

Henry reaches over to you and pulls you close to him, holding you against his chest so he can rest his chin on the top of your head.

"Does that bug ya?" He questions "Cause it's not my fault that I got the hottest [girl/boy] in Derry before anyone else did."

Henry removes his chin from on top of your head so he can pull you into his lap properly. His hands wrap even tighter around your waist as he maneuvers so he can start leaving a trail of kisses down your next. You place a hand on his chest, whilst the other goes to grip his upper arm.

"Henry!" You whimper out

Henry doesn't respond as he begins to bite and suck at your neck, most likely leaving a few marks from how hard he was going. He pauses for a brief moment as he arms loosen up their grip on your waist.

"So fuckin' sweet," He murmurs against your skin quiet enough for you to just barely catch it

The tips of your ears burn as he gently picks you up, twisting himself just enough to be able to place you far enough on the bed so that you could comfortably lean against the headboard behind you. You watch him with big eyes as he kisses you once again, his lips fitting almost too well with yours. He swipes his tongue across your bottom lip, and you open your mouth just enough for his tongue to crawl in. He tasted of bitter cigarettes and copper, but that was Henry for you.

He slips his hands down your hips, stopping at the corners of the olive green army shirt he'd given you a few days ago. You lift you arms up, allowing Henry to tug it over your head and toss it elsewhere in the room. All before he extends his arms up towards the ceiling, prompting you to take initiative. You lift his shirt up and over his head, leaving him to pull it off the rest of the way once it got to his neck. Henry tosses it off to the side as well, continuing not to bother looking at where it lands as he leans in to kiss you once again. You lift your hands up and cup his cheeks in order to pull him closer. Henry listens to your gesture, and crawls over top of you, the action allowing you to lie back against headboard behind you.

If you were being honest, the feeling of his lips brushing against yours is almost too sweet. While the kiss itself is just separated into individual kisses where his rough lips brush against your much softer ones.

Henry's hands trail down from where the rested on your hips, and he breaks away from the kiss, pressing his forehead against yours as he looks down along with you. He unbuttons and unzips your jeans, revealing your [color] underwear. Henry slips a single hand underneath the waistband as he returns his lips to yours, and the second his fingertips brush against your [half-hardened cock/gradually dampening core] you have to pull away from the kiss on reflex. Your hands go to his shoulders as you bury your face in the crook of his neck to quiet your gentle noises.

"You're not really that sensitive, are you?" He questions in a near murmur

You just nod in reply to his small comment, mouth opening in a silent cry as he [applied some pressure to your clit, causing a small spark of pleasure to course through you at the suddenness of his touch/trailed his hand down your cock before finally wrapping his hand around it. The action alone was enough to make you harden completely]. You softly push yourself against his hand, listening as he quietly scoffs.

"You're so fuckin' needy," He comments "You better not cum the second I really start doin' shit."

Henry [quietly begins to rub your nub in circles/begins to slowly begin pumping his fist up and down on your member].

"I-I won't, Henry." You tell him, your voice quivering "Promise."

"Yeah, you can promise all the shit you want," He starts "But I won't believe you til you prove it. So, let's see you prove it to me."

Henry suddenly [jerks his hand repeatedly in a rapid side-to-side motion/slides his hand up to the tip where he begins to pump again, only in a much faster manor that made your legs shake]. It honest-to-god causes you to go into overdrive, despite how early in events it was. Your nails dig deep into his exposed shoulders as you cling to him for dear life. You bite down on your bottom lip, unintentionally beginning to chew on it as you desperately opt to quiet some of the louder noises you were beginning to make as you fuck yourself on his hand.

Your lips part as you let out a deep and shaky exhale.

"H-Henry, I-I-" You stutter

"Don't forget your promise." He whispers to you

Your hands snap down to grasp his wrist as you try to pull his hand away. If he kept this up, then you were gonna fuck up your promise, you could just practically feel yourself cumming already. You throw your head back, letting out a soft cry. Henry takes his chance and dips his head down, his lips and teeth attaching themselves to your neck as he bites and sucks random areas, coming dangerously close to your pulse.

"B-But Hen-ry" You whimper out, your voice cracking "You're making it so har-d."

Henry trails a long lick up your neck, starting from the bottom of the side of your neck and ending at the bottom of your ear. You shiver and let out a loud cry of "Fuck!" as he suddenly changes his hand position. He [inserts a couple of fingers into your entrance, and uses his thumb to prod at your sensitive nub/ starts to rub his thumbnail in circles around the tip of your practically weeping cock]. You desperately try to pull his wrist away as you let out free cries and grunts whilst completely thrusting against him.

"Oh my god-Henry," You huff out "Shit!-Please!"

You felt like you were going to combust as your eyes snapped open, despite you not having realized that they were closed in the first place. You stare up at the dirty ceiling above you as your body trembles profusely.

You weren't going to be able to keep your promise. Shit!

"What," He remarks "You gonna cum and break your promise?"

"N-No! I-Nnah! Henry! Henry Henry! Mnnh-This isn't fair! Oh my god- Fuck! " You sputter out "Henry! Henry, Henry, Henry! I'm-!"

You let out a very high-pitched squeal as you explode [all over his fingers/all over his hand]. You swiftly hook an arm around his neck and yank him close, clinging to him as your vision gets clouded with stars. Your body trembles against his, shivering from the overwhelming orgasm as your legs jerk a couple times. God damn the boy was good with his hands!

It takes a few minutes to recover, especially when Henry teases you when slipping his hand out of your underwear. He wipes the substances off on the sheets beside him as he wraps an arm back around you, holding you close.

"Y-You're s-so un-f-fair, Bowers!" You whine out, struggling to speak

"And you're stuttering like that fuckin Denborough kid," He replies "Fuck, was it really that good?"

You nod into his shoulder where your face found itself buried once again.

"Of course it was, since you broke your fuckin' promise and all." He mentions casually

"Y-You ma-made me bre-break it!" You protest "Y-You and th-those goddamn han-hands of yours!"

"Well if you thought that was fuckin' great, then just wait and see the shit that comes next." He comments, cheekily

He presses a hand against your bare chest and pushes himself off of you. He crawls back on the bed just a bit, and while sitting on his knees, he takes a moment to unbuckle his belt. Before he moved to unbutton and unzip his navy blue jeans. He reaches into his boxers, and pulls out his hardened cock whilst you just watch, expectantly. Henry reaches out to you and you stop him with a hand.

"Aren't you gonna take those off?" You ask

His top lip tugs upward in something of a sneer as he rolls his eyes, his cheeks taking on a noticeable shade of pink.

"You gonna make me or somethin'?" He claps back

"N-No, not really-Eep!"

You let out a small yelp as he hooks his strong arms underneath your legs, his fingers digging into your skin as he yanks your body towards him. He absolutely wastes no time in lifting you upward and slip himself inside of you. You throw your arms around his neck, hands going into his messy hair as you gasp at the feeling of being filled.

Henry's hands and arms recede from where they were underneath your thighs and instead loop over to hook around your hips. His fingertips dig into your bottom, even though just the feeling of his palms alone being there is enough to fill you with embarrassment for an inexpiable reason.

Either way, you feel his cock twitch inside of you as he presses his lips against the side of your head, behind your ear. Henry lifts your lighter frame up off of his cock just a bit, before he thrusts himself back into you after lowering you back down. You whine in response as the feeling that once again sparks through your loins, and after a couple more thrusts like that, you force yourself to bite down on his exposed shoulder.

"Told you this would be great." He murmurs to you

"Mmnnh!" Is all you can reply with

Henry releases his grip on your rear, and reaches up to pry your arms away from around his neck. You fall back onto the bed underneath and Henry quickly climbs over you in order to keep himself docked inside of you. The bed creaks and bangs into the wall as he thrusts into you. You claw at his back, not caring if anyone heard you at this point.

"You're doing a lot-hff-better this time at-hff-keeping your promise." He tells you "Fuck-hff-you feel so good. Tight."

Henry thrusts into you a couple more times.

"But-hff-fuck, you're so-hff- so loud." He comments

Henry's hand suddenly clasps around your throat and your hands fly to his wrist to grip it. You whimper out as your oxygen is cut off and your noises become quiet squeaks. Henry lets out a loud grunt as he begins thrusting into you much harder then before. You could swear that the bed was going to make some indents in the walls, but maybe not since it was just exposed wood.

"H-Henry," You croak out "Harder, please,"

Henry slams into you, his grip on your throat tightening just a bit more, but not enough to completely cut off any and all oxygen. Although your head was getting a bit light, and you felt a bit dizzy.

"You gonna-hff- You gonna break your promise again? Huh?" Henry asks in an authoritative tone

Henry's grip loosens on your throat so you can reply back to him without sounding like a 60-something year old smoker named Janice. You wrap your legs around his waist, locking him in. You were getting close once again, and like before, it wouldn't be long before you finished.

"I don't wanna keep my promise anymore! I wanna cum, Henry!" You cry out "Please, please, please! I'm so close!"

Henry just lets out a loud, degrading laugh slip out as he continues moving.

"How bad?" He asks, softly "How bad do you want to cum?"

"R-Really bad, Henry." You whine out

"I'm gonna need a lot fuckin' more than that, sweetheart!" He teases

The nickname was a minor surprise, since Henry wasn't really one for such a thing, but it made your heart flutter. Either way, though, you were getting really close, and you needed to finish.

"If you don't let me then I'll do it anyway!" You exclaim defiantly

"Fine. See what happens," He counters

"I- I will!" You tell him

Henry lifts his other arm off the bed, and wraps it over where his other hand couldn't cover. It added an extra pressure that made your lungs scream at you, but you just loved every second of it. Henry stays like that, slamming into you as hard as he could. Suddenly, the bubble that had been building in your stomach finally bursts, and you would've screamed if it weren't for his hands on your throat.

"Shhn-Ff-Nngh!" You struggle to find words for a moment, before finally crying out "Henry! Oh fuck, Henry!"

You stare into the galaxy with open eyes as he thrusts into you a few more times before pulling out at the last possible second. He finishes all over your area, and you claw at his back until he finally makes a noise of protest. Henry finally releases your neck and you can feel your body taking a big gulp of air as your vision begins to clear.

It clears just in time for me to watch Henry, as he tiredly flops onto your side. He lies on his stomach with his face buried in the pillow beside you for a moment, before he finally brings his arm underneath the pillow and lifts his head up so he could turn it and lie it back down. He stares at you for a moment, a couple droplets of sweat falling down his face as his eyes roam over your face. Suddenly, he reaches out to you.

"You good?" He questions

His arm wraps around you and he pulls you close enough to where your heads are lying on the same pillow. You reach up to wipe some sweat off of your forehead and the sides of your face, but Henry beats you to it.

"Yeah," You reply "I'm okay, Henry."

"Good," He replies gruffly "Thought I actually killed you for a second there."

Immediately knowing where his mind was headed, you cup his cheek with your free hand as his hand trails down from the side of your face to your hip.

"Never." You tell him "You could never hurt me, Henry. You know that."

"Yeah," He brushes you off, not being one for verbal affection

"I love you." You say anyway

"I know." He replies

His hand rubs up and down your side before he reaches over you to grab a single sheet to pull over the both of us. He holds you close to him and presses a small kiss to your forehead.

"I know you do." He finishes