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Behind the glass

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Time rattled by. To begin with Therese kept one eye on the clock watching as the hands circled the clock face. 'Everything will be different in the morning' She reminded herself. Carol would not be looking at her with lust in her eyes. She would not be lenient or make exceptions. She would be ruthless and cold and Therese would hang on to the idea of this Carol resurfacing.

After another dry martini she admitted that she was powerless to leave. No matter what, she knew she wanted Carol too much to give up.

Abby was slurring her words now. She was gesturing wildly with the hand that held a disappearing martini and the liquid sloshed to and fro. She did not appear to notice that neither women were listening to her story, that both women only had eyes for each other as they wordlessly conveyed the desire they felt.

"I'm off to powder my nose" Abby gestured getting to her feet with some difficulty. Her step was marred somewhat by her drunkenness and as she left the room the heat that enveloped Therese and Carol seemed to bubble over.

Knowing Abby would likely be passed out in her bed Carol signaled for Therese to sit beside her. "Come sit here Therese" Her voice was rough with something Therese could not quite put her finger on and she obliged readily feet finding the sofa in snatched seconds.

Therese looked down at Carol in a seated position. Even with the sting of many martinis she still held herself so regally. Her legs were crossed elegantly and Therese could just make out the curve of her breasts through the velvet black of her dress. She sat down beside her keeping her eyes trained on Carol's face, eyes dropping to her mouth with a pang of want. When would she be granted another opportunity like this? 'Not soon enough' she decided and she allowed her hand to linger on Carol's knee.

Carol was surprised by Therese's bold move and she glanced down at the younger woman's delicate hand perched on her knee. When had a simple squeeze of the knee felt so erotically charged? Oh yes, she was certainly playing with fire now but something told the fierce blonde that she was willing to run the risk of getting her fingers burnt.

"Do you find me attractive Therese?"

She knew all too well that Therese found her attractive. She could see it in the way her eyes would dart away when Carol had caught her staring and then those pearlescent cheeks would appear. Carol was sure she had seen the spark of something in those hazel eyes even as she'd extended a hand shake during their first meeting. But what did the esteemed woman think of Therese? She was intrigued that was for sure. It was in direct contrast to her usual conquests, and yet there was something about Therese that made Carol snatch fervent glances. She'd watch Therese day dream and crave knowledge of the thoughts running through her mind. When Therese would lean in close to get a signature or to mouth something important during a phone call, Carol would catch sight of the outline of her slender limbs and she'd imagine the two of them beneath her bedroom sheets. She certainly found Therese attractive.

"I think you know I do" Therese answered honestly. Carol had remained perfectly still but Therese had kept her hand anchored to Carol's knee, fingers stretching until they reached under the fabric of her dress to graze the softness of her outer thigh.

Carol kept her eyes trained on Therese but she did not move and she did not allow her face to betray her lust. She kept her jaw tight until she felt Therese lean in and press a gentle, chaste, kiss to her lips. She felt the stirring of something and as Therese, tentatively, deepened the kiss she brought a hand to the pback of her neck urging her in closer.

Something came alive in Therese. Any rational thinking, any fear or doubt, disappeared when she felt Carol returning the kiss. She was hungry for her. All the tension, frustration and resentment bled its way into the kiss and she slipped onto Carol's waiting lap gasping as their mouths briefly parted.

"Therese" Carol gasped with an element of surprise. Therese was bold and she handled Carol's body with an expert touch. None of the shy, nervous, apprehension she had anticipated. No, Therese appeared perfectly at ease straddling Carol, knees at either side of her hips, while she kissed her until she was breathless. In return Carol brought her hands to rest on Therese's pert rear, hands skimming the surface with appreciation.

"You're indescribable" Therese whispered into Carol's ear, her soft, angelic, blonde hair tickling her cheek. She ran her fingers through the thick tresses, raking nails gently along Carol's scalp and marvelling at the way Carol's long lashes fluttered closed and her mouth was left slightly ajar in pleasure. Therese could not shake the thought that she was witnessing Carol raw, unchained by her demons, and she wanted to drink in the sight of her. She wanted to see that face again and she wanted to make Carol overcome with pleasure.

"Try" Carol implored her hands roaming the planes of Therese's body. She lingered on the swell of Therese's breast, slipping a hand into the confines of her bra to be greeted by warmth and the younger woman's evident excitement.

"You make my mind wander to places I didn't know existed" Therese's voice was impacted by the feel of Carol teasing a nipple and she exhaled deeply unable to do anything but close her eyes.

"You've thought about this before?"

Therese nodded in silence enraptured as Carol's mouth came to her neck sliding to her earlobe to claim its prize. She was a mass of raw nerves, goosebumps lining her skin like a map of her desire. "I want you"

Carol had the upper hand and she relished the sight of Therese with eyes closed and her body inching closer for contact. Therese had looped her arms around Carol's neck and the blonde could feel her writhing, grinding, ever so slightly, for precious friction. She gripped her taut rear in her hands anchoring her as Therese brought her focus back to Carol's mouth. Therese was such a tentative enthusiastic kisser and Carol felt herself jostling between the need for control and the urge to let herself go completely and allow Therese to kiss her with that exquisite mouth. She chose the former and busied herself with popping open the buttons of Therese's shirt until she could part the material and slide it off of her slender shoulders. It slid to the floor leaving Therese in a silken black bra and trousers. She had a beautiful body all slender, taut, lines and gentle curves. Carol wanted to kiss every part of her and without hesitation she nipped at the line of her collar unhooking her bra from behind. She leaned back, paused, to allow hungry eyes to drink in the sight of her bare chested and turned on. Carol allowed her hands to come to Therese's breasts and she stroked the tender skin attentively.

Therese was putty in her hands. She alternated between convincing her eyes not to miss a single second and closing them to savour the feel of the older woman's hands pouring over her body. When Carol unzipped her trousers she willed herself to capture the arousal that seemed to darken blue orbs until they raged like a storm closing in. "Oh..." The word broke free from the confines of her mouth as she felt Carol's hand slip into her warmth. She couldn't help it she groaned deeply and could only vaguely hear Carol's whisper of protestation.

"You have to be quiet Therese" Carol repeated but she was so close to the point of losing control that thoughts of her bringing Therese's hand to rest between her thighs flitted through her mind. It would be so easy to find relief for her pent up arousal.

But Therese struggled to be quiet. She was panting now and she used her arms around Carol's neck as ballast while she moved against her arching fingers. She was filled by the sensation of her, inside of her, building a tempo that made Therese's head arch back in pleasure. Then she was quicksand sinking, becoming water as she rode out the waves her humming to life. Involuntarily her head came forward to rest in the crook of Carol's neck as she waited for her heart to return to a regular beat.

Carol was waiting. She was waiting for Therese to make the next move. She could feel how badly she wanted Therese to have her but she would not guide her. Even through the fog of martinis and brandy she still coveted the need to be in control. Carol Aird did not need and she did not ask.

As the dust settled Therese became heightenedly aware of the warmth permeating Carol's body. She was glowing in the aftermath but she was desperate to have a piece of the formidable woman. She wanted to taste her on her lips and she sunk to her knees in preparation.

Carol's eyes widened at the sight of Therese beneath her. She watched, transfixed, as Therese slid her dress up to her hips and hooked her fingers into lace drawing her underwear down to her ankles. When Therese's hands came to her knees gently parting her thighs she allowed her head to sink back into the sofa. When she felt the delicate softness of that beautiful mouth she reliquenched control, giving herself completely to the moment.

Therese felt her arousal build aknew. She was stuck on the thought that she was in between Carol's thighs hearing the sound of the older woman's guttural moans as she lapped at her. When Carol's hands came to the back of her head, urging her deeper, she groaned involuntarily. Thoughts were crashing through her mind. The fact that Carol was her boss, that they had engaged in this erotic power dynamic from the beggining and that she was tasting Carol and feeling her excitement building was almost too much to bear. She thought about the fact that Abby lay in the bedroom just feet away, that she could walk in at any moment to see Therese's buried between her thighs, but she didn't care. Nothing could take away the molten chemistry between them.

Carol knew she was on the precipice. She gripped Therese's head, thighs parting wider, until the friction sent her over the edge and her shallow breathing disturbed the room. She was exposed, vulnerable, in this moment but in the back of her mind she knew that she savoured the freedom it brought her. When Therese fitted her body neatly against hers she allowed herself the indulgence of burying her face into her sweet smelling hair enjoying the feel of Therese painting invisible patterns along her arm. For now she would enjoy the feel of the younger woman, solid and real, but soon she would compose herself and direct Therese back to her room. Tomorrow nothing would change. Not until Carol allowed herself another snatched moment with the younger woman.