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Ice Ice Ice Baby

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Lot of changes happened after Eteri was made to hibernate by the Hanyu family, she was put in a very cold prison underground. She learned for not to mess with the Hanyu family, for sure.

On the next day after the lawsuit Khione, Jack and Elsa went to Eteri's house and visited the secret room. They freed the Magic Mirror who thanked them.

"We should thank you for the help" said Jack. "Without you, we couldn't have Elsa back here."

"I have to confess to you something" sighed the Mirror. "I feel bad about it but it was for good reason."

"What is it?" Elsa was confused.

"I lied to Eteri."

"And? What's bad in that?" Jack asked.

"I hate lying."

"But it was for a good reason, you said."

"And I still feel bad a bit, it's my conscience."

"Okay, enough" Khione interrupted. "What was the lie?"

"I said I don't know where the babies went through the portal. But in fact…"

"You knew where they went" Khione finished the sentence. "Why didn't you tell me this years ago so I could have gone there and bring them back?" She looked a bit upset.

"I couldn't tell you" Mirror shook their head. "Both of them," looked at Elsa and Jack, "had a mission there."

"You sent us there on purpose," Elsa realized.

The Mirror nodded. "Arendelle and Ahtohallan needed you, Elsa. Same for you, Jack, the girl you called your sister and the Guardians needed you. I knew this, I knew everything that happened in the past, what happens right now and what will happen in the future."

"So you knew what Eteri was planning," Jack said. It wasn't a question.

"Since I was created."

"You could've stopped her from doing all of this!" He started to get angry a bit.

The Mirror sighed. "You don't understand. Without this mission, you all wouldn't be there right now."

"Yes, because we would be with our family."

They shook their head. "No. The world would be in chaos. Without Elsa, the four spirits would be still sleeping, Northuldra would be still under the Mist. Without you, Jack, fear would rule the world, the Guardians needed you to defeat the Nightmare King. Without you two I would still be a broken mirror in the Snow Queen's palace. You two living in the past was very important for the history, for the world."

After Eteri got out of the picture, the ISU needed a new president, the people wanted Yuzuru Hanyu to be the new one. He politely declined the offer but he suggested that one of his good old friends is perfect for the position. The friend didn't want to rule the whole ISU alone so he asked his older sister who said yes.

This is how Laura and Javier Fernandez became the co-presidents of ISU. They reformed the whole organisation, Javier literally threw the old rulebook out the window, and they made an entirely new one. The new rules got more strict on judges being corrupt and biased, so there were way less possibilities to cheat.

Elsa stayed with her real family to get to know them and spend time with them although she missed the sister she grew up with, Anna, and one more particular person she didn't want to admit she misses.

Yuuri Katsuki finally won the Grand Prix Final, after that both him and Victor retired for good and started to plan something they wanted for so long.

One year later…

Jack almost crashed the door when he entered the room in a hurry and nervous.

"Where's that idiot groom?" he asked looking around.

The people who were interrupted while dressing up were confused and a bit annoyed.

"Y-you mean… me?" Yuuri pointed at himself nervous. He was half ready dressed, his sister, Mari was tying his necktie, his coat still not on him.

"No, not you. The other groom, my idiot brother. Where is he?" Jack got a message some minutes ago that Victor needs help. Didn't specify what's the problem but Jack, like a good brother, immediately searched after him.

"Oh, Victor is two rooms down the hall," Yuuri informed him.

"Thank you," Jack rushed out and into the room, where he found Victor pacing back and forth in the room nervously. Jack walked to Elsa, who was the only other person in the room.

"What's up with him?" he asked.

Elsa shrugged. "The usual panicking brides do before the wedding."


"It's not 'the usual panicking'" Victor shrieked. He stopped walking and cupped his head with his hands. "What if he doesn't like the flowers I picked? What if he doesn't like the cake? What if he doesn't want me as his husband? What if he doesn't love me?"

Elsa and Jack looked at each other and nodded in agreement: Yeah, it's the usual panicking. Elsa walked to Victor and put her hand on his shoulder.

"Axel," she said. They called each other by their 'birth name' aka how Yuzuru named them. They felt closer to each other with this. After Victor finally looked up at her, she continued. "I know how it feels like… to be anxious about anything, to think you don't deserve this, doubting yourself… I went through it all, too. And you know what helped me going through it, who helped me accept myself?"

"Who?" Victor asked.

"My family." Victor's eyes grew bigger with realisation. "Family and friends. They always help if you let them help you. Today we will get a new family member who loves you dearly and would do anything to make you happy."

"Loop is right," said Jack. "Yuuri loves you very much and waited for this day for so long, I have talked with him. And don't worry about the cake, Dad ordered it from Deniss Valsiljevs' bakery so it can only be perfect" Jack grinned.

Victor looked at his siblings, tearing up. "Loop… Salchow… I love you two so much!!!" he hugged them.

When they parted, Elsa gave Victor a tissue and he wiped his tears.

"Now, finish the dressing up, go downstairs and marry the love of your life!" ordered Jack jokingly.

"You have 10 minutes," Elsa informed him. "You don't want to miss your own wedding, right?"

"Right" Victor laughed, still sniffling a bit.

The ceremony was beautiful. Victor and Yuuri both walked to the altar, both of them were led there by their fathers. Phichit was Yuuri's and Jack was Victor's best man. Victor couldn't choose between Jack and his bff, Chris so he said that they should decide it with rock-paper-scissors. Jack won.

After they said yes, exchanged rings and finally kissed, the wedding guests whooped and clapped. Some cried in happiness (Yuuri's parents, Minako-sensei, Yuzuru, Yulia…) Phichit, like a good friend, took a photo of the kiss and posted it on all of his social media with the caption: "Hey, everyone! My best friend just got married!!!" He also shouted this out loud and everyone laughed, especially those who remembered that evening in Barcelona.

Victuuri kissed again.

And they lived happily ever after.

A week later Elsa finally confessed to her family.

"I want to go back to Arendelle and Ahtohallan. I love being here with you, don't misunderstand but… I miss that place, my friends, Anna…"

Yuzuru and her siblings were very understanding and she loved them for that.

Three days later, after she packed up everything she wanted to bring with her (clothes, shoes, small gifts she got), they visited the secret room where the Magic Mirror was placed after freeing them from Eteri.

"Magic Mirror," Elsa called. "Could you please open a portal to Ahtohallan for me?"

"Yes, of course" they answered. "You will arrive there 30 minutes after you left with Jack. So you won't meet with yourself by any chance."

"Oh, okay" she blinked.

"And, oh, could you please bring that flower pot to Rapunzel?" they motioned to the side. There was a table next to the wall with a golden flower in a pot. Jack walked there and brought it to Elsa.

"What's up with this flower, why Eteri kept it?" he asked.

"This flower is the reason how Eteri stayed young" the Mirror answered.


"Are you ready?" the Mirror faced Elsa.

She took a deep breath. "I think."

She hugged her family one last time. Yuzuru didn't want to let her go. Elsa promised, she will visit them.

"We also want to visit you sometime!" said Victor.

"I'll invite you to Anna's wedding."

"I also want to go to your wedding!" Jack teased.

Elsa blushed. "You will have to wait for that but of course, you are all invited."

Elsa turned to the Mirror with a big sigh, the looking glass was already portal.

She looked back one last time over her shoulder then stepped in the portal, a luggage and a flower pot in her hands.

Anna traveled to Northuldra as fast as she could after she received that letter.

"Honeymaren!" she called when she noticed the girl on her way to the Northuldra village. "Have you seen Elsa?"

"She is in Ahtohallan, what I know of" Honeymaren answered. "Why? Did something happen to her?" she sounded nervous.

"I don't know, I got a letter from her but it was so weird…"

"Then we should check on her!"

They rushed to Ahtohallan.

"Elsa!" they kept calling her in the big ice palace until they found her in a huge room, standing before a mirror, wearing weird clothes.

"Elsa?" Anna asked.

Elsa turned. "Anna! Honeymaren!" She ran to hug both of them. "I missed you so much!"

"I missed you too, sister but… What was that letter?"

"And what are you wearing?" Honeymaren asked.

Elsa, who got educated on old short videos, called vines the last year by Jack, couldn't leave the opportunity out.

"Oh, Honey, you have a big storm coming!"

Well that's all, folks! I take my leave.

Be gay, do crimes!

Don't procrastinate! Write that essay/fic/homework!

Drink water!

Stay safe!

Wash your hands!

Be good!

If you don't, I'll see it because I know everything *wink*

Anyway, goodbye everyone!

Hm, how youngsters say it these days?

Ah, yes!

See you later! Magic Mirror out!