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Ice Ice Ice Baby

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Khione has always loved figure skaters.  The way they sped across the ice, the intricate positions they use in their spins, the height of their jumps, it always astounds her. She particularly loved this generation of skaters, as some of the past ones have been cringy at best.

She looked at her ice mirror and willed it to show the ice rink in Kobe, Japan. She knows that there’s an ice show happening there at that very moment. She pressed her face onto the ice, and instantly found herself in one of the audience seats. She’s still in the ice, but from this angle, she had the perfect view of the ice.

Yuzuru Hanyu, the two time Olympic gold champion, glides across the ice. A gentle piano melody plays in the background. He looks serene, ethereal even.

David Wilson choreography, she thought. Thank God it suits him this time.

Yuzuru keeps dancing on the ice, then he glides onto his signature hydroblade spiral.  He held the hydroblade longer than usual. He dipped lower, and lower, until his lips grazed the surface of the ice.

Khione gasped as cheers resounded all around the stadium.  Her fingertips lightly felt the place where his lips touched hers. Her eyes widened in realization and she clutched her midsection in horror. Oh no.



 Chapter 1

When Yuzuru Hanyu got back to Toronto after the FaOI tour to train, they didn’t suspect anything. But one day he felt sick in his belly. It wasn’t like that injury before, at first, he thought he just ate something wrong. He thought it would disappear. But no. He gained a lot more appetite than he was used to but he always threw up in the mornings. He was always hungry and tired. He started skipping morning trainings because he can’t get up even if he wanted to. He even gained weight. Yuzuru’s formerly sculpted abs disappeared beneath a light layer of fat. Everyone thought it’s due to the lack of training and the fact that he ate more food than he used to. His mother was worried. Yumi took him to the hospital, they were all shocked, including the doctor, when the results came out.

Yuzuru went rushing to their training rink. He spotted his closest friend, Javier Fernandez.

“Haabiiiiii! I need help!” Yuzuru screamed as he grabbed Javier’s wrist and dragged him into the locker rooms, never minding that his rinkmates are looking at him like he has gone mad.

“OMG, what happened? Should I get Brian?” Javier panicked.

"NO! Just listen.”

Yuzuru pushed Javier down to sit on one of the benches. He then sat beside him.

"So? What’s wrong?” the Spaniard asked.

"Javi… I think… No. Javi, I’m pregnant.”

"You are WHAT?” Javier was shocked. Honestly, everybody who knew so far was. "Are you sure? Because I’m pretty sure that’s impossible.”

"I thought so too but so is getting pregnant from the ice.”

"WHAT?!” His eyes got bigger. "FROM THE ICE?! WHEN? HOW?!”

“I don’t know either,” Yuzuru shook his head. “Doctors don’t understand either! Okaa-san said I was so shocked that I said a rude word in Japanese then I fainted. I don’t even remember what I said but she doesn’t want to tell me because it was very rude.” Yuzuru pouted.

“What if the doctors have it wrong? They certainly missed something.”

“No, Javi,” he shook his head again while he stood up. He took out a folder from his bag. “They did an ultrasound” Yuzu handed a picture to Javier. “I have a uterus.”

“Wait, Yuzu! This means you’re… trans?” he asked gently.

“No, I was born as a man.” Yuzuru hunched over, tilting his head to look at his friend. “I mean, I still have my penis and balls and everything,” he said, embarrassed. "And when I was a kid, I forgot why but I had an ultrasound here too, and I didn't have a uterus so I'm not intersex either."

“But what if the doctors really missed something? This can’t be real.”

“Just look at the picture, Javi!” he sighed, exhausted.  Javier looked down at the picture.

“HOLY SHIT!” Javier exclaimed, making Yuzuru wince. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. This is insane, Yuzu… triplets! TRIPLETS!”

“Yeah, I know,” he caressed his belly with a smile.

“You’re handling it quite well.” Javier looked at him.

“I told you I fainted in the hospital.”

Javi nodded knowingly. “You have to tell Brian.”

“I’ll tell him tomorrow when I go to practice.”

“You can’t go to practice! You’re pregnant!”

“I can!” Yuzuru said huffily. “I’m pregnant, not sick!” He put his hand in his arm. “And on my way home, I want to buy a pregnancy test.”

“Why?” Javier looked at him weirdly.

“I just want one for the memories, okay?!”

“Okay, okay” he put his hands up in concession. “Your hormones are already working, I see.”

“What do you mean?” Yuzuru narrowed his eyes in suspicion.


The two friends went out of the locker room, not noticing the wide eyed Russian prodigy hiding behind a closet, who heard everything they said when she was trying to go to the bathroom.

Bozhe moi,”   Evgenia Medvedeva breathed, unbelieving.



The next day, Yuzuru felt a little bit better. He arrived at the TCC quite early, no one were there. He sat alone on the bench, on his spot and tied his skates. He missed this. The boots around his feet, the smell of the ice, the cool room. He stroked on the ice for ten minutes as a warm up. He suddenly saw something moving under him. IN the ice. He stopped, looked down and firstly he thought it’s only his reflection then he realized it’s a woman. He blinked. Many times. The woman was still there and she even waved at him. Then she ascended from the ice so now she stood before Yuzuru. She had blonde hair, so pale it was almost white, blue eyes the color of clear ice, and pale skin. She was beautiful. Yuzuru blinked again in awe.

The woman giggled. “Hi, Yuzuru Hanyu!”

He was surprised because she spoke in Japanese. “Who… who are you? And how did you do… this?”

“Oh, yes, ummm...” She look rather flustered. “I’m Khione, the Greek goddess of ice and snow. I’m a big fan of you!” She blushed, extending her hand in greeting.

He shook his hand. “Uhm… thanks?”

“Also I’m the mother of your children.”

“NANI?” Yuzuru’s jaws dropped. “How?! When?! Why?! HOW?!”

“Do you remember what you did at Fantasy on Ice during your hydroblade?”

Yuzuru nodded. “I kissed the ice.”

“Yes, and I was in the ice so you kissed me. Well technically, I was also in the audience watching you, but physically, I’m still in the ice.”

“Oh, sorry!”

“Don’t apologize! It was good.” She smiled, a faraway look in her eyes.

“...Thanks?” he said sheepishly. “But how you got pregnant because of a kiss?” he asked, furrowing his eyebrows.

“Oh, it’s a goddess thing, you don’t understand” the goddess spat, waving the subject off. ”And actually you are so handsome that when you look at a girl she gets pregnant immediately.” Yuzuru blushed. “So when I realized that I got a baby from you I freaked out. I had bad experiences with unwanted pregnancies. So I transferred my uterus to you. I know you love children so I thought they will be at a good place with you. My uterus will transfer back to me after the birth so you won’t get periods… I hope you don’t mind,” Khione said shyly.

“So they will be demigods? Like in the myths?”

“Yes, with superpowers, ADHD, and stuff.”


“Never mind.”

“Then I’m the genderbend Virgin Mary?”

“If you think about like that…” She suddenly winced. “Holy Hera, I gotta go.” Khione started to sink back into the ice.

“Wait! Where are you going?” Yuzuru panicked a bit.

Khione waved at him. “Bye-bye! Have fun!” Then she disappeared.

Yuzuru looked down to the ice, searching for the woman but he did not see anything, only the scratches what he left there with his skates. He heard a noise, the changing room’s door had slammed.  Some of his rinkmates have arrived.

Practice session has arrived.

Chapter Text

“Khione? Really?” Javier opened his locker in the changing room. “I thought the ancient Greek gods are just myths.”

“No, she is totally real. And somehow got pregnant when I kissed the ice,” said Yuzuru, opening his locker too. He took out his casual clothes and his backpack.

“This… this is… “Javier couldn't find the words. “Did you already tell Brian and Tracy?”

“Not yet. I want to tell them after practice. Tracy already noticed something during training.”

“Yeah, you fell many times.”

Yuzu stuck out his tongue. “I have to get used to my new weight.”

“Yes, I noticed you’re already kinda showing, you used to have washboard abs under all that Under Armour," Javi commented as he reached for Yuzu’s bare belly. Yuzuru slapped Javier’s hand.

“No touching!” Yuzu protested, protecting his belly with his hands. “They’re mine!”

“Okay okay, dude, chill!”

“Oh, wait! You can touch this!” Yuzu rummaged in his bag then held something in triumph.

Yuzuru Hanyu holding a pregnancy test instead of a stick of xylitol

“Look!” He handed it to his friend with an excited smile.

“You really bought a pregnancy test.” Javier raised his eyebrows.

“Yes! I peed on it yesterday and it showed two lines which means I’m really pregnant!” His eyes shone.

Javier returned the pregnancy test to his friend and pushed his hands away in disgust. “Dude, I hate to say this, but ew, don’t make me touch it, it’s got your pee on it.”

One of their rinkmates came to the changing room. They switched topics until he left.

“Could you come with me to tell Brian?” Yuzuru finally asked, closing his locker.


“I can't do it without you.”

Javier sighed. “Yuzu…”

“I’m nervous and you are calming me. I don't know how to tell them,” Yuzuru started to panic. “How should I say it to them? What should I say?” he moaned as he buried his face in his hands. “Oh, Habi, please! I can't do this! I can't do this! I can't do this!” he almost started crying.

“Hey hey hey! Yuzu!” Javier grabbed Yuzu's shoulders. “Calm down! You can do it! I’ll help you.”

“Really?” Yuzuru looked up with teary eyes, sniffle.

“Yes" Javi rolled his eyes. “Just don’t cry.”

“Thank you!” Yuzu replied, beaming.

The two friends left the locker room together. They didn't notice the gangly figure on the other side of the lockers when they were speaking about pregnancy.  Jason Brown heard everything, except for the part about the snow goddess. They were quiet when they talked about it.

“OMG!” said Jason Brown to himself. “Zhenya was right! Yuzuru is pregnant! I have to talk to her!” Then he rushed out from the changing room, leaving in his wake an extremely confused Jun Hwan Cha, who distinctly remembers seeing the two time Olympic gold champion in all of his glory. In the shower rooms of the skating club.

Yuzuru and Javier stood before the door of Brian’s office.

Yuzu blew out the air from his lungs and lifted his fist to knock on the door. Then he withdrew and grabbed Javier’s shirt instead.

“I can't, I can't! Javi, please, you knock,” he whined.

“Why me?”

“Your voice is deeper.”

“That doesn’t make any sense.”


Javier sighed then resignedly knocked on the door. A quiet “yes” and “come in” came from the other side. Yuzuru took a deep breath, Javi opened the door then he gently pushed Yuzu into the room.

“Oh, Yuzu!” Brian and Tracy looked up. “What do you want, dear?” asked Tracy.

“And you Javi? Why are you here?” Brian put his pen down.

“Yuzu wants to say something. I’m just the very supportive sidekick,” answered Javier. He nudged his friend, who glared at him.

“Okay, sit down, boys!” said Brian. He waited till they took place in the chairs. “Now please tell me, Yuzu, what did you want to say to me?”

“You know…” Yuzuru started. ”I couldn't go to practice in the last two weeks…”

“I know, you were sick.”

“Not exactly.”

“Then why you said that?” asked Tracy, confused.

“I thought I was sick but I wasn’t.”

Brian sighed. “Yuzu, just spill! You finally went to sightseeing and you have compunction because you weren’t here training or what?”

Yuzuru chewed his lip. “Not exactly.”

“Then what?”

He took his backpack, searched in it for a while then handed the pregnancy test to his coach.


Brian furrowed his eyebrows. “You got a girlfriend and you made her pregnant? I have to admit I never knew you had it in you, but you know you can support them with the prize money you’re winning and your sponsorships.”

Yuzuru shook his head. “No. I’m pregnant.”

Tracy snorted coffee out of her nostrils.  Hair fell from Brian’s head, his receding hairline going even higher.

The coach stood up. “Yuzuru, you know how Japanese media would feel if their top male skater is born female.”

“No, I’m definitely born a man, coach. And I’m not intersex either,” Yuzu said sheepishly.

“Okaaaay, everyone, relax,” Tracy said, trying to diffuse the situation. “We’ll get down to the bottom of this, and we’ll assume for now that it is entirely possible for men to get pregnant.”

Brian sat down, trying to calm his pounding heart, and cleared his throat. “So who is the father?” He looked at Javier, both curious and confused.

“I said it earlier, I’m just the supportive sidekick," Javi lifted his hands defensively.

“Then Misha?”

“No!” said Yuzuru.



“Please don’t say Evgenia is the father…”

“Brian, I’m the father.”

Brian massaged his temples. Tracy, who is not even remotely as calm as she pretended to be about it, spat her coffee as best as she could into the trash can, but it landed on the papers lying on the desk.

“I want an explanation, now, please." Both coaches’ hairs are getting thinner by the second.

Yuzuru told them everything. “Once upon a time there was an ice show where he kissed the ice…”



Yuzuru finished his story. His throat now parched, he reaches for Tracy’s coffee mug who pushes it away from him. “Coffee’s not good for your triplets, dear,” she scolds, to which he whines.

Brian, still holding his temples as the information was just too much for anyone to process. “Well, it sounds like we’d have to adjust your training. You can’t keep falling on the ice,” he said tiredly.

“It’ll be fine,” Yuzu pouted. “I haven’t been feeling how hard the ice is ever since Khione talked to me.”

Tracy and Brian looked at each other, then nodded. “Fine,” Brian relented. “But only one quad axel and one quad Lutz attempt every three sessions.”

Yuzu opened his mouth to reluctantly agree when Gabrielle Daleman suddenly crashed into the room, with Jason Brown, Jun Hwan Cha, and Evgenia Medvedeva on top of her. Gabby smiled weakly.

“Hi, we totally didn’t hear anything, we’ll just go now,” Jason gabbered. All four of them scrambled to get up and leave when their coach called after them.

“No,” Brian said. “Get everyone in here. That means Ghislain, Shae-Lynn, Jeffrey and David too. I think Yuzuru here will need everyone’s support.” Yuzuru sinks lower into his seat in embarrassment.



“And that’s how he got pregnant.”

“Oh!” all of them breathed in sync.

“You all know that Yuzuru wants privacy so don’t tell anybody!” said Brian. “No tweeting, instastories, snapchats, or interviews. No.”

“And what about the media day?” asked Javier. “It should be the next week, Yuzu told me.”

“We have to cancel it.”

“No!” Yuzuru interrupted. “I want media day. My fans’ crops are dying and their skin is breaking out, they need new content from me.”

“But the media will know about your pregnancy! You can’t even jump properly because you gained weight!”

“Then we’ll just delay it a bit. To the end of August. I’ll get used to my new weight by then and I can hide my belly with my new ANA jacket.”

Brian sighed in abdication. “I’m not happy about it but okay. What date do you want for the media day?”

“30th August. And I’ll show them my Nijinsky program.”

“Okay.” Brian wrote it down in his calendar.

“That’s all?” asked Yuzuru. “We are done with this meeting? Because I’m hungry and I would like some cake.”

“No, we are not done yet. The others can leave, especially you, Gabby, you have practice right now, but you have to stay for a bit more, Yuzuru.” said Brian.

“But I’m hungry!” Yuzuru whined.

Gabrielle, Jason, Evgenia, Jun, Ghislain, Jeffrey, Shae-Lynn and David all streamed out from the room, a bit disappointed that they have to go.

Javier turned back. “Should I go to the confectionery and bring a piece of cake?”

Yuzuru turned so fast in his chair. “Oh, please, Javi! But not just a slice, I want a whole cake.”

“But you said ‘some’ earlier,” Javier narrowed his eyebrows.

“I meant a whole cake under that word.” Yuzuru explained.

Javier sigh. “Okay, I’ll buy you a cake.”

Yuzuru glowed up. “Thank you, Habi!”

Javier left the room. Brian cleared his throat. Yuzuru turned back to his coaches.

“We should discuss your competitions,” Brian started. “You’d probably have to cancel some of them, especially in the third trimester.”

“I want to do them all.”

“While you are pregnant?” Tracy raised her brows. “You are aware that you will have a very big belly? And your ankles will swell so much that you will not even be able to put on your normal shoes, let alone your skates. And it takes time to break in new boots.”

“You should listen to Tracy, Yuzu. She has kids, she was pregnant so she knows these things.”

“Okay, okay” Yuzuru surrendered. “But I’m going to Autumn Classic, I’m sick of getting silvers in Canadian competitions.”

“Autumn Classic is fine, but you have to cancel out at Four Continents and Worlds, probably.”

“Fine,” Yuzuru agreed reluctantly. “Then can I try the quad axel at Autumn Classic?”

“No, don’t even think about it!”

“Helsinki? That’s my lucky place.”

“Now you have to think about your children, too!” pointed out Tracy. “You don’t want to harm them, aren’t you?”

Yuzuru looked down and put his hand on his belly. “No.”

“Then no wilding till the birth!” said Brian.

“Okay,” Yuzuru sighed, crossing his fingers at his back. “Where is Javi? He should have returned with the cake by now.”

At the same moment, Javier opened the door and entered the room with a box in his hands.

“My hero!” Yuzuru teared up happily.

Javi, Tracy and Brian was surprised to be given a slice each, as they stared in horror at Yuzuru who proceeded to wolf down the rest of the 10-inch strawberry cake.

Chapter Text

In the end Yuzuru did two media days. In the first day he showed them his new FS and the second day the SP. He felt an immense feeling of pride, satisfaction, and a little bit of schadenfreude when his fans freaked out after he said he wants to put the 4A in his layout later in this season. He also made everyone laugh with the picture of his swollen pinky when he accidentally jammed his finger into the ice (an incident that Khione screamed about for two minutes, before kissing the finger better and telling him to do all the jumps he likes as she would never hurt the babies). They didn’t know he might go on a hiatus to take care of his babies. He needs to think about a good excuse. His new ANA jacket covered his belly very well.  

Javier wasn’t there on that day, he went home earlier. He only stayed for some weeks because he needed a new SP. On the last day when he trained in TCC, the TCC family gave him a goodbye surprise party. Yuzuru glued at him the whole time like they were Siamese twins. When Javier wanted to left the building, Yuzuru grabbed his friend's leg and sat down on the floor, like a little kid clinging onto his father’s leg.

“Please, Habi! Don't go!” Yuzuru whined. “Don’t go! I need you!”

“YUZU! Let me go! I have a flight tomorrow morning and I need some sleep!”

“Then don’t fly away!”

“Yuzu, I have stuff to do for my ice show! Which you never attend, by the way...” Javier mutters this last part.

“But the baby needs you!”

“Which baby? You have triplets and you are only on your second month!”

“I’m the baby!”

Javier sigh and patted his friend's head. “Yuzu… please let me go! I can't move if you cling on me like this.”

“That’s the goal.”

Javier looked around in the room, helpless. “Please somebody save me!”

Tracy squatted beside Yuzuru. “Yuzu, my dear, let Javi go home! He is tired. I’m sure you two will meet again soon.”

Yuzuru looked at her then at Javier and reluctantly though but slowly he let go his friend. Tracy helped him to stand up. Yuzuru wrapped his arms around Javier’s shoulders and pulled him into a tight hug. Javier wrapped Yuzuru’s waist.

Javier silently started singing into Yuzu’s ear.


Recuérdame… Hoy me tengo que ir, mi amor

Recuérdame. No llores, por favor

Te llevo en mi corazón y cerca me tendrás

A solas yo te cantaré soñando en regresar. Recuérdame…


Yuzuru withdrawn. “Javi, why are you singing the Coco soundtrack?”

“Because I thought it would fit” he shrugged. “How did you recognise it? It was in Spanish.”

“The rhythm. You thought we don’t hear you sing these songs after you watched the movie?”

Javier blushed. “Okay now I really need to go.”

“Should we sing this song at the same time everyday?” Yuzuru teased.

“NO!” Javier rushed out of the room, his face now fully red. Everybody laughed, including Yuzuru who followed him.

“Habi, wait!” Javier turned back. “I’ll always remember you.” The Spaniard rolled his eyes. “No, really” Yuzuru turned serious “I’ll call and message you every day.”

“I’ll wait for it.” Javier smiled. “Just, please, not in the middle of the night!”

“Oh, yeah, you’re right. I hate time zones!” Yuzuru pouted.

“Bye, Yuzu! Take care! I’ll see you soon!”

“Bye-byeee!” Yuzuru waved while Javier got out of the building. He was sad. He went back to the room, Tracy offered him some cookies and he felt a bit better.


Time flew fast, Autumn Classic was very close. Shoma did quite well at Lombardia Trophy which blew up Yuzuru’s competitiveness. Javier did commercials and went to China for Stars on Ice. Meanwhile Yuzuru lived his pregnant™ life.

He practised almost every day like if nothing changed. He got used to his growing belly and did jumps like it was nothing. Sometimes, in secret when all coaches focused on someone else, he practised the 4A. Without the harness. He fell many times, sometimes he did it but had a shaky landing. When he does land it properly, it’s always from the most basic entry to the jump, which he hates.

One day he wanted to try it from a spread eagle entrance. He took off… “shu~” then landed… “paah!” He stood for a minute in shock then broke into tears and sat down on the ice. Everybody looked at him confused. “Why is he crying again?” they whispered.

Jason and Evgenia skated to him. “What's wrong, Yuzu? What happened?” they asked.

“Brahaien!” Yuzuru sobbed. “Rihing thehe behell!”

“What?” asked Brian.

“I think he said ‘Brian ring the bell’" Jason said.

“But nobody did a clean run through. We don’t even do run throughs today!”

“Buhut Ihi dihid it! Ihi lahanded thehe quahad ahaxehel!”

“Yuzuru, please speak in English!” Brian begged.

“He is speaking in English" Evgenia said. “He just cries so hard that he can't say the words properly.”

“But why is he crying and wants to ring the bell?” Jason chewed.

Brian’s eyes widened some seconds later “Oh my God…” he whispered and rushed to the bell to ring it. “THE FIRST QUAD AXEL! THE FIRST +5 GOE QUAD AXEL!” he shouted.

The others clapped and whistled in awe. Yuzuru continued the happy crying for more than ten minutes. Brian, however, was crying with Yuzu as he is contemplating the possibility of going bald with a pregnant student landing a quad axel with his usual transitions.

After Yuzuru stopped sobbing he called his mom. She bought a strawberry cake and made him onigiris to celebrate the success at home.

Chapter Text

Shuuuuu… PAH! Yuzuru threw his arms in triumph as he landed the quad loop. The quad is becoming more and more consistent for him, it might rival the reliability of his quad toe.

“Babies, did you see that?” Yuzuru asked his small baby bump excitedly, caressing it. “Are you proud of me? You should be proud of me, no one likes jumping the loop that much…”

“Hey cooooooach…” Jun Hwan called to Brian (who wasn’t looking at any of them) as he swayed to the music of his free skate, Yuzuru still chattering to the baby bump. “Yuzu’s talking to his belly again…”

Evgenia smacked his arm as she whooshed past him. “You act like you haven’t seen a pregnant woman talk to her belly,” she laughed.

“They do???”

Yuzuru skated to Jun Hwan. “Hey guys, check out my hair. It’s getting as fluffy as Jun’s,” he said as he patted both their hair (his own is getting rather long and thick), Jun Hwan trying and failing to avoid him.

“Nooooo, don’t touch meeee.” The Korean started skating away from Yuzu.

“Why not? Don’t you love me?” the legendary skater started tearing up, started following Jun Hwan with his arms wide as if asking for a hug.


“Nooooo, don’t leave me!”

“Leave me alone, oh my God!”

Jason snickered from the boards. “Yuzu, you can hug me,” he called.

“No, I want baby Jun,” Yuzu pouted as they sped skate, Yuzu still trying to catch Jun Hwan.

“Dude, let the pregnant guy hug you,” Conrad Orzel said as he entered the rink, smirking. “Doesn’t help that you’re such a baby face, man.”

Jun Hwan skidded into a stop. “I’M NOT A BABY FACE!”

Yuzu crashed into him, both fell onto the ice. “Yay!” the Japanese man cried as he hugged the younger skater tightly. Jun Hwan covered his face in embarrassment, muttering “Oh my god,” over and over.

Yuzuru's short program at Autumn Classic didn't go as well as he wanted. He felt so much kuyashii because of the spins - he got one invalidated! - but he was relieved the audience liked the program. His injured pinky still bothered him but he was glad this year's first pancake was better than in previous years. He was in leading position but the kuyashii was so strong he decided to use his secret weapon in the free. Yuzuru didn't inform his coach about it, he knew Brian would be against it.

The audience went crazy when he skated Origin during practice. He did the program with a 4Lo to keep his plan in secret.

The fans, both watching in person and online, went wild again when he revealed his costume during the 6 minute warm up.

It was his turn to skate. He did all his pre-skate rituals then went to the middle of the ice to get down to the starting position. When the wind started blowing in his music he took a deep breath and blew out while he stood up. The double headbang. Then he settled up for the first jump.

“Oh my god…” Brian murmured a bit terrified. “He will do it, isn't he? Oh my god, Yuzu!”

He did it. He didn't fall, he landed it. The first ratified Quad Axel in competition. Yuzuru made history again. The audience lost their minds. Brian lost more hair.

About the rest of the program? Well let's say it was the first pancake.

Brian didn't scolded him, he just shaked his head in the k&c. Ghislain rubbed his shoulder as a congratulation for the 4A and also comforting him for the failed jumps.

He won the gold medal, Jun Hwan the silver and a canadian skater, Roman Sadovsky got the bronze.

Back in the hotel room Yuzuru, already showered and dressed up in his pajamas, took his gold medal and sat down on the bed. He pulled up his shirt and put the cold metal against his belly.

“Do you see it, babies?” Yuzuru whispered softly. “Otou-chan won! And landed the first ever 4A in competition! Are you proud of your Otou-chan?” He giggled when he felt the babies move. Yuzuru stroked his tummy. “Haha, thank you! Also this is Otou-chan's last competition for a while because Otou-chan has to take care of you, babies. But don't worry, babies, Otou-chan wants this because Otou-chan loves you!”

Yuzuru spoke to his baby bump every night, he told bedtime stories and japanese legends and myths while softly caressing his tummy.

Some days later after the TCC family got back to Toronto and started training again, Brian called Yuzuru to his office after his session. After changing back to casual clothes, Yuzuru knocked on the office door.

“What did I do?” he asked as he stepped in.

“Landed the 4A at competition without my permission.” Yuzuru frowned. “But that's not why I called you.” Brian sighed. “We should discuss and find out what would be your excuse to withdraw from the Grand Prixs and skip the season. Because I think being pregnant isn't so good for a male skater.”


“Any ideas?” Brian asked.

“Hm… I don't want to worry my fans, especially after what happened last year, so I don't want it to be a serious injury…”

“Maybe studies? You have to finish your thesis?”

“Mmm… noooo, I never used university as an excuse… hmmm” Yuzuru put up his thinking face, then looked down at his hand. “Ah! I got it! My pinky!” He showed his crooked right little finger to Brian. “I need to heal my pinky!”

“Well that's a good idea, as an excuse and also as a truth. That pinky really needs a fixing.”
Yuzuru rolled his eyes. “I know, okay? I'll go and fix it.”

Brian raised his eyebrows. “Really! I promise!”

“Like you promised to not quadaxeling at competitions?”

“Hehehehe” Yuzuru ducked his neck. “This is a real promise this time. I swear!” He said seriously.

Brian sighed. “I can't do anything than believe in you so… okay. Tell this to JSF! Now you can go home.”

Some weeks later it was revealed that two time Olympic champion Yuzuru Hanyu withdrew from both his Grand Prix assignments because of having a broken pinky. He also won't participate at Japan Nationals, for the third time in a row.

Team NiPPon

Pooh-san: Hi minna!ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ I want to tell you something

Nikuniku: what is it?

Pooh-san: but please don't tell anyone. Especially the JSF

Detective: why?

Pooh-san: :((((( this is kind of personal

Ramenboy: say iiiiiiiiiiiit

Wakabond: tell us Yuzu-kun

Pooh-san: okay, not kind of… it's fully personal

ProfessorM: aaah, just say it already, Yuzuru!

Pooh-san is typing…

Rachmaoff: i wonder what is it

Painappuru: maybe he landed the 4A

3Agirl: he landed it at aci, don't you remember?

Painappuru: oh, really? I didn't know that haha


3Agirl: but you were there!

Painappuru: to watch the ladies! For Wakaba!

Pooh-san: no, girls, it's very different from the 4A

Pooh-san: and please let me type it’s hard to find the right words <(`^´)>

Pikapika: ah, then what is it?

Pooh-san: and Satton how did you not know about this history making of mine?!

Pooh-san: even Rika-chan knows about it

Painappuru: *eye rolling* i don't watch too much news

Nikuniku: hey Yuzu-kun, we are still waiting

Pooh-san: i'm so nervous I don't know how to say it

Detective: just spill it

Kanako-chan: just spill it

Kanako-chan: lol Keiji

Detective: hahaha

Cinderella: please stop, Yuzuru-kun wants to say something

Pooh-san: Thank you, Mai

Nikuniku: then tell us already!

Pooh-san: okay okay!

Pooh-san: so…

Pooh-san: I

Pooh-san is typing...

Detective: you got married in secret?

Pooh-san: NANI?! NO!

Pooh-san: let me finish, oh my god

Nikuniku: then what?! You got pregnant? lol


Pooh-san: actually…

Nikuniku: wait a minute

Nikuniku: is this true?


Pooh-san: yeah…

Nikuniku: omg

Nikuniku: i was just joking

Nikuniku: but wait

Nikuniku: HOW?!

Pooh-san: long story, you really wouldn’t believe me (ノ*°▽°*)

Pooh-san: but in a nutshell: i got the greek ice goddess pregnant and she transferred her uterus in me


Pooh-san: it was accidental okay? And please don't yell at me (;﹏;)

Pooh-san: wait where are the others?

Nikuniku: maybe they are still in shock

Pooh-san: i understand. I was in shock too (´・ω・`)

Detective: Yuzuru you irresponsible- You didn't think about using a damn condom?!

Pooh-san: KEIJI!! We have underage people here!

Pooh-san: and no, i didn't have the opportunity for protection

Detective: you don't bring condoms with yourself?

Pooh-san: no, why would i do that

Detective: *facepalm*

Pooh-san: anyway, we didn't do that thing… you know… the way how a baby gets in the tummy

Nikuniku: you mean sex, Yuzu-kun

Pooh-san: SHO


Nikuniku: oops

Detective: so if you didn't have THAT then how did you get her pregnant?

Pooh-san: ehehe well… it's a bit weird story

Nikuniku: Yuzu-kun is so pretty he just looks at a girl and *bam* she is pregnant

Detective: where is the lie

Pooh-san: it's funny, Khione said the same

Nikuniku: who is Khione

Detective: the greek ice goddess

Pooh-san: yepp

Pooh-san: but that's not how it went

Nikuniku: then how?

Pooh-san: do you remember my new exhibition, haru yo koi? What i performed at faoi?

Detective: yes

Nikuniku: no


Nikuniku: why? I don't watch skating in tv

Pooh-san: anyway, i have a very VERY low hydroblade in that and i kissed the ice

Pooh-san: this is how it happened

Nikuniku: really? Bc of a kiss?

Pooh-san: Khione said “it's a goddess thing you don't understand” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Detective: wait you talked with her?

Pooh-san: yes when she informed me where the babies in my tummy come from

Kanako-chan: BABIES?!

Pooh-san: ah, welcome back Kanako-chan

Pooh-san: yes i'm expecting triplets \(^-^)/

Detective: trip...lets…

*Picture of an ultrasound monogram*

Pooh-san: look, this is the first ultrasound picture aw they are so kawaii, aren't they

Kanako-chan: i supposed to see something?

Detective: i don't see anything

Nikuniku: i only see some dirt

Pooh-san: you guys are so mean (* ̄m ̄)

Ramenboy: i think i can see it

Pooh-san: finally!

*Ramenboy sent a picture*

Ramenboy: here

Pooh-san: no, that's not the babies

*Pooh-san sent a picture*

Pooh-san: there, i put a ring around it

Nikuniku: you should have sent this first

Kanako-chan: i still can't see anything

Detective: do you see the small dots inside the circle?

Kanako-chan: oooooh! Aw they are really kawaii

Pooh-san: thank you (^з^)-☆

Pooh-san: i'm already thinking about the names

Pooh-san: i have very good ideas

Detective: do you already know their gender?

Pooh-san: no, i want it to be a surprise

Detective: then why you're thinking about names?

Pooh-san: they're unisex names

Detective: oookaaay

Nikuniku: what are the ideas?

Pooh-san: Axel, Salchow and Lutz

Nikuniku: Yuzu-kun no

Detective: Yuzu no

Pooh-san: or Loop instead of Lutz

Kanako-chan: Yuzu no

Pooh-san: why? o(TヘTo)

Detective: you can't name your kids after jumps…

3Agirl:... i like the names

Kanako-chan: Rika-chan no

Pooh-san: see? Rika-chan agrees with me!

Detective: *sighs*

Detective: when is the due date?

Pooh-san: a what?

Kanako-chan: when will the babies born?

Pooh-san: oh

Pooh-san: around march

Detective: then you have time to think about other names

Pooh-san: but

Pooh-san: (´;ω;`)

3Agirl: don't worry, Yuzu-kun, i'm with you

Pooh-san: thank you, Rika-chan

Ramenboy: so this is the real reason why you skip the season not because of your pinky

Pooh-san: well… yes and no

Pooh-san: i also have to fix my pinky, i promised Brian

Detective: you… promised something… to Brian

Pooh-san: hehehehe

Pooh-san: okay i know

Pooh-san: but i'm serious this time

Detective: okay okay, we’ll keep it a secret as long as you do. I’ll make sure everyone does, at least.

Pooh-san: YAY

3Agirl: :)

Nikuniku: :)


Chapter Text

Yuzuru’s baby bump became more and more apparent as time went on. Soon enough, he became anxious at the stares people gave him whenever he walked by. Yumi bought him a wig and maternal clothing, which allowed him to look like a pregnant version of his older sister. It allowed him to walk outside without people doing a double take and possibly recognizing him. Not even the occasional paparazzi spared him a glance in his new get-up.

The mother-son pair, disguised as a mother-daughter pair, often went to shopping together. After shopping they usually would go grab something to eat as he gets hungry rather often. Yuzuru loved these shopping trips with her mother even if they tire him out. Or when his slowly largening breasts boobs and back would hurt from staying in one position for longer than five minutes. Or when one of the babies (or all of them) were in a very kicky mood. Yuzuru often mentioned that maybe they are doing figure skating in his belly, his mother rolling her eyes fondly at each remark.

“Oh, they did a 3A highkick!”

“That was a mohawk, ugh!”

“This Lutz was popped. Ugh, no, wait it was a flip. Why are you doing flips, baby, I don't like flips.”

Yeah, Yuzuru found out being pregnant isn't just strawberry cakes and rainbows. But he enjoyed it. Strange women pat his belly to feel the babies, he chatted with other pregnant women about preggy things and smiled brightly at those who already pushed out baby buggies.

One time when he was at the groceries he saw a mom with three kids. They were loud and whiney and didn't listen to their mother who was yelling at them for being so bad. When she looked up she noticed Yuzuru who was just standing there, staring at her with a little bit of fear in his eyes, his hands protectively on his belly.

“First time?” The woman asked, looking at his baby bump. Yuzuru nodded. Her face softened. “Don't be afraid! You will love it, even when sleep deprived. At least you won't have to deal with three little demons like them,” she said, pointing a thumb at her children. Two of them were playing a fight with cellophane sticks and the third one packed every sweets he could find into the chart.

“I'm expecting triplets” said Yuzuru.

“Oh!” The woman blinked. “Well, then prepare yourself and sleep till you can. After the birth you won't get a good sleep for months or even years!” Yuzuru's eyes widened in fear. The woman saw it on him and softened. “Aw, dear, don't be scared, your boyfriend or husband and your family will probably help! Grandparents are the best babysitters! You can pass the kids to them if you want some free time.”

“I-” Yuzuru wanted to say that he doesn't have a boyfriend or husband but someone interrupted him. His mom.

“Ah, Yuzu! There you are! I was searching for you everywhere! I found everything we need, we can go to the cashier… What's wrong, dear?”

The woman didn't understand a word because Mama Hanyu was speaking in japanese but she could understand facial expressions. “Um, sorry, maybe this is my fault.” Yumi looked at her. “Your daughter saw my three imps and when she told me she is expecting triplets I said that she should prepare herself. Maybe it shocked her a bit.”

Yuzuru was clearly shocked, he didn't blink for a while. He was still freaked out when they arrived at home.

Yuzuru sat on the couch, hugging his round, 5-6 months belly.

“What if they won't like me? What if I will be a terrible dad? What if I will do something wrong and they will grow up to be bad persons and will hate me? What if…”

Mama Hanyu interrupted him. “No, Yuzu, they will love you!” She sat beside him on the couch and hugged him. “You will be an amazing dad, I'm sure! I'm by your side, you know it and your friends will probably help too. There will be hard times, I already said that but you're not alone, don't forget that.”

“Thank you, Okaa-san!” Yuzuru cried.

Yuzuru still went to the TCC to train because he was that stubborn ™. Not everyday, of course, only 3-4 times a week and also off ice training was a straight no from Brian, he shouldn't have even skate since his pinky was in a splint to fix it but no one can say no to a stubborn, whiny and pregnant Yuzuru.

He always brought the ultrasound pictures with himself so he can show it to his friends how the babies are maturing. Jason and Evgenia always cooed but Jun was always confused because he couldn't see the babies on the blurred pictures.

Yuzuru had less energy, even without doing quads and just skating around so he often sat down on his place on the benches and tilted his head to the wall and closed his eyes to rest a bit.

“What's with Yuzuru?” Evgenia asked. “I know he sometimes does five-minute breaks but he's been sitting there for maybe 30 minutes…”

“I think he fell asleep” said Jason skating to the benches.

“But his left eye is open” she also stopped by her friend.

“Didn't he say earlier that he can't completely close one of his eyes?”

“Maybe. I don't remember.”

“What's up, darlings? Why you aren't practicing? Taking a break?” Tracy asked them walking into the rink. Then she noticed Yuzuru. “Oh, he fell asleep?” she laughed fondly. “Don't worry, pregnant women do this often.”


“Now go back to training and let Yuzu sleep, you want to do well at nationals, aren't you?”

“Yes, Tracy!” they said giggly, gave a high five to each other then both skated off to practice.

Yuzuru shifted in his sleep a bit because of the noise but he didn't wake up. They let him sleep till the end of the session when Tracy gently woke him up that it's time to go home.

Misha Ge didn't know about Yuzuru being pregnant, Yuzuru completely forgot to tell it to him too so when Misha arrived to TCC to do a new short program choreo to Evgenia he was very VERY surprised. After Yuzuru explained his situation to his friend, they took a selfie where only their faces are showing and also Yuzu's sticking up right pinky to show that he is treating it, seriously. He asked Misha to post it because his last appearance was at the Autumn Classic and his fans must be starving now. I won't go into details how everyone reacted for one (1) picture but there was also a discourse about his growing hair.

Far far away in Russia…

All the candles lit up when Eteri Tutberidze walked past them in the hallway to her secret room. There was nothing in that room, only a big mirror.

She stopped and stood right before the mirror.

“Magic Mirror on the wall! Who is the fairest of them all? Am I still the most powerful or someone needs a hunt down?”

“You are very powerful, My Mistress” a face appeared in the mirror “but in beauty… there are many contenders.”

“You know I can break you into little pieces in a second and you'll never be free.”

The face looked at her plainly. “I know. But you won't do that. You need me and my predictions.”

“Then stop being so disrespectful, or so help me...”

“I'm just telling the truth” they shrugged. Or maybe. Can a face shrug without shoulders?

“Then show me the answer!”

The face vanished with an eye roll and the globe was visible in the mirror. It zoomed and showed pictures and videos while the voice of the Mirror spoke.

“There is a man, you know him well, living in a country you can't reach easily. The most beautiful man alive will bring triplets to life…”

“Wait, is it even possible?”

“Don't cut me off while I’m storytelling! How many times do I have to say it to you?!”

Eteri sighed. “All right, go on then! I don't have so much spare time.”

“The babies are from Khione, the greek ice goddess herself. These demigods will later threat your power.”

“NO!” Eteri screamed. “Who is the father? Show me immediately!”

“He is charming without magic powers, his life belongs to the ice. You saw him making history, to others, he is always respectful, the greatest figure skater of all time: Hanyu Yuzuru.”

Eteri's jaw dropped. “What?! No no no! This can't be true! They said he skips this season because of his broken pinky!

“They had to cover it with something.”

The witch looked in the mirror where a long haired slim man with a big belly flounced to put on his shoes.

“When is the baby due date?” she asked with a little smile.

“Next month, the beginning of March.”

“Good.” Eteri smirked. “Then I have time to prepare. I have an idea.”

The Mirror's face came back. “What do you plan to do with the babies, Mistress?” they asked a bit frightened.

“It's a secret” she giggled. “Now go to sleep, Magic Mirror!” she slapped with her hand, the face vanished and the witch saw her reflection again in the glass. “I have other things to do.”

Walking out of the room, Eteri took out her phone and started a call.

“Lakernik? We have something to fix.”

It started as a regular day. Okay, not completely regular. It was THE DAY, the second Olympic gold medal’s anniversary, 17th February. Yuzuru haven't skated in weeks because his belly was very big now and his ankles were swollen because of the pregnancy but he wanted to skate on that day to celebrate. He called Brian if he can go to a private practice. Firstly Brian didn't want it but then hearing Yuzuru's craving, he sighed and let him go.

The reason why Yuzuru wanted a private session was because of his pants… the lack of them. Yuzuru had a specific body shape, it was way more specific while he was pregnant… they couldn't find fitting pants for him so he wore skirts, in winter.

Yuzuru asked Brian to tie his skates, he couldn't reach them because of his baby bump. When he first stepped on the ice it was like he didn't stop training two weeks ago. The sound of his blade scratching the ice, the cold air nipping his cheeks, his almost shoulder-long hair floating behind him, his dark blue skirt swishing (that, paired with yoga pants, were strangely comfortable, he noted the first time he wore them).

Yuzuru touched his belly because he felt something. “Oh, you're excited to skate again, yeah?”

He did some laps then stopped a bit to rest, his eyes wandered to the spanish flag.

“What's wrong, Yuzu?” Brian asked gently.

“I just miss Javi” he said with glassy eyes.

“Aww” Brian went to him and hugged his shoulder. “We all miss him. But he will come back to visit us and after the babies are born you two can meet at ice shows.”

“You are right” Yuzuru wiped his eyes.

“Do you want to go home now or you would like to skate some more?”

“I want to skate for a bit more.”

“Okay, just be careful!”

After some minutes Yuzuru started to feel a bit weird. His belly hurt but he had a very strong feeling that he wants to jump although he didn't do any jumps since months. He settled up for an axel.

“Oh, no” Brian murmured. “YUZU!”

Yuzuru took off, he jumped very high and he suddenly felt light. He didn't felt like that in more than 8 months. When he landed he noticed that something was missing. His tummy was flat again.


Yuzuru looked around panicked then he noticed Brian who was holding two little babies and Tracy was standing next to them with one baby in her arms. He rushed to them.

“Are they mine?” he asked.

“Completely” Brian answered with a weird face while he gave one baby to Yuzuru.

“What?” Yuzuru borrowed his eyebrows.

“I've never seen a childbirth but I'm sure this isn't how it's supposed to happen.”

“Their mother is a Greek goddess” said Tracy. “There are a lot of weird things in Greek mythology.”

“Well, yeah” Brian nodded in agreement.

Tracy went to find towels to wrap the babies in them. Yuzuru sat down on the bench and cleaned his child with his skirt. He teared up in happiness.

“I'm a dad. I'm a dad, Brian! I became a father!” he laughed and gently stroked the baby's cheek. “They are so cute!”

Tracy came back with the towels and informed them that she called Mama Hanyu to bring all of them home.

Yumi arrived in 10 minutes and also brought the baby baskets so they could easily carry them.

Two boys and a girl. One of the boys and the girl had blue eyes like frozen water, the other's were brown like his father's. They did not have any hair yet. Yuzuru named them Axel, Salchow and Loop. At least for that time.

Days passed and Yuzuru was very tired because of the all-nighters but he was also very happy and he enjoyed every minute of taking care of his children. His mother helped him in everything. When his dear friends and training mates came to visit him and the babies they also offered that they'll help him.

One time when Yuzuru changed Loop's diaper, she sneezed because of the dusting powder. She sneezed a very tiny snowman. Yuzuru didn't notice it because it melted quickly in the warm room.

Salchow was very mischievous, he was always smiling. He liked to harden his father's life like pooping again in the freshly changed diaper or peeing straight in Yuzuru's face.

They were just days old but when Yuzuru watched some skating for nostalgia, Axel watched the screen with big eyes. Loop tried to clap or something like that and Salchow was sleeping.

Yuzuru's heart was full with love for his children.

“Magic Mirror, tell me when the triplets will be born?” Eteri Tutberidze stood again before her mirror.

“They live like normal babies, their father treats them well like they are the lights of his life.”

“What?! You say, they're already born?”

“Yes. For like almost two weeks ago now.”

“TWO WEEKS?!“ Eteri was thundering. “And you didn't say a word?!”

“You didn't ask.”


“Don't be so mad, it will give you more wrinkles.”

Eteri looked in the Mirror's face furiously.

“Okay, I think I'll shut up for now.” They said then disappeared into the mirrorworld or wherever they went.

Eteri walked back and forth, thinking, then stopped and called someone.

“Code 3. We take action immediately.”

Yuzuru woke up in the middle of the night for silence. It was weird, the babies always woke up in every 15 minutes. He went to the children's room to check on his kids. All three of them were sleeping. Oh, they finally learned how to sleep through all night?, thought Yuzuru jokingly. He looked down at them in their cradles. He gave them light and quick kisses on their foreheads to not to wake them up. He went back to his room.

He didn't know how many minutes or hours later, Yuzuru woke up again but this time for a noise and loud blubbing. He rushed very fast to the children's room but he was late. The cradles were tumbled down and the window was open.

The babies disappeared.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Yuzuru cried, dropped to his knees. “MY BABIES! NOOO! KHIONEEEE!”

Chapter Text

“Magic Mirror, open the portal!” Eteri stormed into her secret room with three babies magically levitating behind her. Eteri put a sleeping spell on them so that she can concentrate.

“What are you planning, My Mistress?” the Mirror asked, worried.

“You will see. Now open the portal!”

“Yes, My Mistress.” The face disappeared to reveal a dark green spiraling portal in the mirror. Eteri wanted to step in when her senses alarmed her and turned back immediately. A blonde haired pale beautiful woman tried to steal the babies. She attacked Eteri with a snowshot while Axel, the baby was in her other hand.

Eteri leaned sideways to avoid the attack. “Oh, you must be Khione! Nice to meet you!” She smiled at the goddess.

“I'm not happy to see you Eteri Georgievna Tutberidze.”

“Oh, so you know my full name!”

“I have heard things about you, nothing good.”

Eteri gasped touched, like it was a compliment. “Aww, thank you!” Then she changed back to her serious evil face. “But this doesn't mean I'll let you steal the tads back. Put that down!”

“What do you want to do with them?” Khione asked, hugging Axel close to her chest protectively.

Eteri walked closer to her, so the other two babies were behind her.

“It's not your business.”

“I'm their mother. Of course it's my business.”

Eteri held up her finger to say something back but then she stopped. “Well, okay you have a point. But I still won't say my plan.”

“Why are you doing this?”

“I have a personal reason. And THIS really isn't your business.”

“Yes, if MY babies are involved!”

Eteri rolled her eyes. “Now give me back that one!” She pointed at Axel.

“No!” said Khione. “YOU will give ME back my babies!” She raised a snowstorm around Eteri and she secretly picked up the other babies with the wind. But Eteri noticed it and tried to get them back. Both of their magic was so strong, it snapped after a while and it accidentally threw the two babies, Salchow and Loop into the still open portal.

Then the portal closed.

“NO!” Eteri and Khione cried.

“It's your fault!” Eteri said. “Now I don't know where they went! Give me the last one!” She demanded furiously.

"Never!" Khione hugged Axel close and disappeared with a snowstorm.

"Argh!" Eteri slapped a small table with a vase on it to the wall. "Mirror! Magic Mirror!"

The face showed up. "Yes, My Mistress?"

"Where did they go? Where are the babies now?"

Mirror shaked their face. "I'm sorry, My Mistress, I don't know where they went. I only know that they are somewhere in the past."

Eteri sighed. "Well I guess they can't threaten me there." Eteri turned away. "And that one what Khione stole doesn't have power so it won't be a problem for me either."

The Mirror made a face. "Hm."

"What?" Eteri turned back.

"Oh, nothing, I just agreed with you."

"Okay. Now you can go" she spat with her hand and the face disappeared. "It's time for the step two of my plan."

Eteri left her secret room with an evil laugh.

Khione was flying in the middle of a big snow cloud with Axel in her arms. She was thinking very hard.

"Where should I send him? I can't bring him back to Yuzuru, that would be the first place where Eteri would search him. Yuzuru's heart will break, I know but he will understand that the baby's safety is the first. Where is that place where Eteri would never search him?" She looked down at the sleeping baby and caressed his puffy cheeks.

Then it clicked.

"I know where to go." She turned the snowcloud really fast. The meteorologists were probably very surprised and concerned about this sudden change (or thought nah, it's Russia and it's winter).

Some minutes later she was knocking on a door. She could have just appear in front of the owner of the house but she didn't want to scare the life out of the potential savior.

A blonde girl opened the door.


"I'm Khione, the greek goddess of snow and ice. I need your help, Yulia Lipnitskaya."

Yulia was very shocked when Khione told her what happened but when the goddess said she have to protect the baby from Eteri, Yulia immediately accepted the job.

Khione gave the baby to Yulia.

"What's his name?" She asked.


Yulia laughed. "Why I'm not surprised? Yuzuru is his father after all."

"Give him an another name! I'll come back later and help with the fake birth certificate and adopting papers. I have to tell it to Yuzuru too, he won't be happy but he will help nonetheless."

Khione left the baby with Yulia.

It was already morning in Toronto. Yuzuru was lying on the ground of the children's room, next to the cradles. He was still sobbing, eyes red and puffy, a lot of tissues around him and a glass of water because Mama Hanyu didn't want him to get dehydrated. He hugged three little blankets to his chest.

A snowflake came in through the open window, it fell between Yuzuru and the cradles. A lot of other snowflakes followed it until it became a sitting Khione. She lightly caressed Yuzuru's face and wiped away the tears.

"Khione," Yuzuru chuckled sadly. "They disappeared. Someone stole them from me. My little babies."

"I know, dear," she said. "I followed the kidnapper and tried to get them back."

"Let me guess, you couldn't." Khione looked at him sadly. "I knew it. If you would've succeeded they would be here again." A tear fell off from Yuzuru's cheek. "Who the hell is this kidnapper if even a goddess can't fight with them?!"

"It was Eteri Tutberidze."

Yuzuru clenched his fist. "That witch…"

"I couldn't save all of them… Salchow and Loop got thrown into a portal, I don't know where they went but Axel… Axel is safe."

Yuzuru sat up with hope in his eyes. "Axel? Where is he? Can I see him?"

Khione shaked her head sadly. "No. Sorry. It's for his safety."

Yuzuru stooped down with a pained expression.

"He is safe, don't worry. Yulia Lipnitskaya will take care of him."

"Yulia? She is a kind person and… you're right... he is safe with her, that's the last place where Eteri would search him."

"So… are you okay with this?" Khione asked.

Yuzuru took a deep breath and wiped away his tears. "Yes," he nodded. "It's what’s best for him. But… I have a condition."

"You can't see him, Yuzuru" Khione shook her head. "It's too dangerous."

"I know. I want to fund him. Everything he needs… I'll pay for it. I want to support him even if I can't see him."

Khione nodded. "Okay. But you should do it anonymous so nobody can track it down. If someone finds out you are paying for Yulia’s adopted kid, they would think that the kid is actually yours and Yulia’s and you don’t want a rumor like that.”

Yuzuru nodded. “Okay.”

Khione sighed. “Now I’ll go back to Yulia and help her with the papers and to tell her that she has your support.”

“Wait! Please give this to Axel!” Yuzuru put one of the blankets into Khione’s hand.

“I will.” Khione smiled then turned into snowflakes and flew out of the window.

Yuzuru laid back to the ground still sad that he will never see his children again but a bit relieved that at least one of them is in safe.

Yulia and Khione arranged the fake papers for Axel’s adopting. They changed his birthday so Eteri won’t suspect anything. Yulia also announced on her social media that she felt lonely so she’s adopting a baby. They also changed his name, Axel would be too obvious. So Yulia named him after his father's legacy: Victor.


Yuzuru did one more season after the tragedy. He won a lot of titles back but he was struggling mentally because of the loss. He was still happy to compete and win gold medals but it wasn’t that fun what it was used to be. He wanted his children back. Also ISU still treated him like he is nothing and milked his fans with expensive competition tickets. He have had enough of this. After the world championships, where he won his third gold medal, he announced his retirement from competitions during the press conference.

He still did ice shows because he loved skating and also his fans. And finally he could go to his best friend’s ice show. Yuzuru got invited to Revolution on Ice.

Yuzuru got better while years passed especially since Yulia always informed Yuzuru about what happened with Axel/Victor. He never interacted directly with his son though, Victor didn’t know about him.

He saw Victor’s first steps on video, when he first stepped on the ice, when he won his first competition, and when Yuzuru knew about his son’s adoration for dogs, he gave him a poodle.

Victor didn’t want to be treated as “The legendary Yulia Lipnitskaya’s son” and didn’t want to be in his mother’s shadow so he used a stage name for his skating career: Victor Nikiforov. He did follow his father’s footsteps and won most of the competitions. Then he met someone who he fell in love with and became his coach. Yuzuru was happy that his son finally found happiness and also he liked Yuuri Katsuki, whom he had met and gave advice to some time ago. Once Yuzuru was training him in his summer camp with Javier. He wanted so desperately to tell Victor who he was, but knows he can't.

27 years passed since Yuzuru Hanyu retired, 20 years since he started coaching little kids and 15 years since he started to train juniors and seniors too. Now he was 52 years old, he had some grey hair and some wrinkles but he still looked so young and handsome he still got offers to commercials and photoshoots. He even did a photoshoot to Ice Jewels with a Canadian skater called JJ or something.

It was early morning when he arrived at Ice Rink Sendai to prepare for the training sessions for today and do some of the paperwork. One of his juniors wanted to move to seniors for next season.

When he was slowly gliding on the ice to try out it’s condition, he noticed something IN the ice. It was a woman, who slowly ascended from the ice.

“Khione!” Yuzuru gasped, surprised. “I haven’t seen you in years! How are you?”

“Yuzuru!” Khione gripped his arms excitedly. “I have good news and bad news… ”

“What?” Yuzuru looked at her confused.

“The good news is I found them! Our children! Salchow and Loop! I know where they are!”

“That's great, where are they?”

“Yeah, well…” the goddess fidgeted. “the bad news is that they're in other timelines…”

Chapter Text

The Mirror, in fact, knew where the babies went through the portal. They just didn't want to tell it to Eteri, she caused enough hardships for the little ones.

They both travelled back in time and place. They had different lives but at the same time they had something in common.

Loop landed in a small kingdom. She appeared on the doorstep of the king and queen of Arendelle. King Agnarr and Queen Iduna wanted to have a child for so long so they adopted her and named her Elsa.

The royal family didn't know about her power until that summer night some months later when it started to snow in the baby's room. They were very concerned so they brought the baby to a legendary place, the Valley of the Living Rock. King Agnarr had read about this place before and according to the legends those creatures who live there knows magic. The trolls. One of them, who is named Pabbie, is an expert in magic, he also has some power.

Pabbie said that Elsa's power is a gift and if it's treated well she can do great things with it. The royal parents calmed down and were glad that their adopted child is special.

Three years later the queen gave birth to a baby, Elsa got a little sister, named Anna. Growing up they loved each other very much and Anna really enjoyed Elsa's magic power: they played in the snow created by Elsa, built a snowman, skated, had snowball fight… until that tragic night. One night when Anna couldn't sleep, she convinced Elsa to play with her but… while playing, Elsa accidentally hit Anna's head with her power. Elsa panicked. The royal family rushed to the trolls again. Pabbie could save Anna but with erasing all her memories about her sister's power.

The king decided to keep Elsa's power in secret. They separated the sisters and locked the castle. Elsa did struggle a lot but she didn't want to hurt her sister again or anybody else. She tried to hide her magic. Both Elsa and Anna grew up lonely and Anna didn't understand why.
Years later the king and the queen travelled by ship to Princess Rapunzel's wedding. But there was a storm… and they never got there. It was very hard both for the girls and the kingdom. Elsa suffered the most. She had a secret she couldn't tell anybody.

But on her coronation day she accidentally used her power, people thought she is a monster. Elsa ran away to the mountains and built herself an ice castle. On the next day her sister visited her and said she froze the whole kingdom. Elsa panicked and accidentally shot ice into Anna’s heart. After that Anna’s fiancé, Hans came to the castle with a lot of other men and attacked her. Hans brought her back to Arendelle and locked her in the dungeon and asked her to unfreeze the kingdom. Elsa couldn’t do it, she was afraid of her power, she didn’t want to hurt anyone else so she escaped the cell and ran away. Hans found her on the frozen fjord and told her that Anna died and it’s Elsa’s fault. Elsa broke down and Hans wanted to kill her while she isn’t all there but Anna saved her in the last moment before she turned into an ice statue. Anna came back to life because she took action out of love for her sister and with this Elsa finally realized that she can control her power if she does it with love. Elsa unfreeze Arendelle then they dealt with Hans and the Duke of Weaseltown or something.

Three years later Elsa realized she is the fifth spirit, alongside the four elemental spirits and decided to stay in the Enchanted Forest to be close to Ahtohallan. She left the kingdom in her sister's, Anna's hands. Right now the whole kingdom is very excited over a royal wedding between Queen Anna and Kristoff.


Salchow landed in a small village called Burgess. Okay, actually in the forest next to it. When a man went to the forest to collect some firewood, he heard the baby’s crying. Salchow was cold and the man couldn’t let him there so he brought him home. His wife immediately fell in love with the small child and they both agreed to keep him and named him Jackson. This is how Salchow became part of the Overland family. He was a mischievous little brat but his parents loved him. Later on he got a little sister. He loved his sister very much, they always played something, he tricked her for fun and they loved to skate on the nearby lake on winters.

Jack was 17-ish when one day he tragically passed away. He and his sister, who’s nickname was Flee, went to the frozen lake to skate on it a bit. This time Jack forgot to check the thickness of the ice and they started to skate. Once the ice started to crack under Flee’s skates. She panicked. Jack tried to calm her down, pretending they are playing hopscotch. Flee calmed down but then the ice started cracking more and Jack saved her with a staff he found on the ice. Then everything happened so fast. The ice under Jack broke and he fell into the cold water. He immediately drowned, sinking deeper and deeper. Then…

He was noticed by The Man in the Moon. He was chosen. He got a second chance, he was reborn. His hair turned white and his eyes turned blue. He became a winter spirit, his new name was Jack Frost. He found a stuff, a bit bigger than him, and discovered he has magic powers: he controls the ice and wind. He didn’t remember anything from his previous life, only his name.

300 years passed and he lived his best mischievous life as a winter spirit when The Man in the Moon chose him to be one of the Guardians of Childhood and help in the battle against the Boogeyman, the Nightmare King, Pitch Black. At first Jack didn’t want to help, he thought he isn’t for this job. Then when Pitch attacked the Tooth Fairy’s palace, he helped Toothiana and the other Guardians to collect the teeth of the children so they would still believe in her. Also Jack knew that the teeth guards the childhood memories and he wanted to get them back so he could finally know who he was before he was chosen to be immortal. While collecting the teeth they got into a battle with Pitch where he turned the Guardian of Dreams, the Sandman into a nightmare and killed him.

The Guardians were devastated, they lost one of their friends. But they tried to move on so they helped the Easter Bunny getting ready for Easter. When Jack brought back the little Sophie, who accidentally got to Bunnymund’s Warren, he heard his name what led him to Pitch’s Lair. Pitch approached him and said he isn’t enough to be a Guardian. Then he gave Jack the case with his childhood memories. This action was a trap, while he was away, the nightmares attacked the Warren and they destroyed all the easter eggs. The children stopped to believe in the Easter Bunny, and the Guardians lost their faith in Jack.

Jack flew to the Antarctica to throw away the tooth case and to think. Pitch found him there and tempted him to join him to rule the world together. Jack refused the offer so Pitch attacked him and broke his magic staff. While he was there he finally watched his memories and realized why he was chosen to be a Guardian. After fixing his staff he flew back to Pitch’s Lair to free the baby tooth fairies. He noticed on Pitch’s globe that only one believer left: Jamie Bennett. He flew to him and convinced the boy with his ice power that the Guardians exist. The weakened Guardians started the battle with Pitch and thanks to Jamie, Jack knew that he is the Guardian of Fun and got an idea. They collected Jamie’s friends who helped them with their faith and brought back Sandman by turning the nightmares into dreamsands. They defeated Pitch.

And Jack finally knew where he belongs.

Until he met a woman who said she is his real mother. That woman was the Greek ice goddess, Khione.


“So? Where are they?” Yuzuru asked Khione.

“Loop is in a small kingdom in the past, named Arendelle. She is the queen there, her name is Elsa. Salchow was also in the past but he became immortal and now he is one of the Guardians of Childhood. He is Jack Frost. Both of them have ice powers like me! And they are both heroes like true demigods!”

Yuzuru looked at her plain. “I saw Frozen and Rise of the Guardians when I was young. You won’t fool me. Don’t give me hope!” He skated past Khione.

“I’m not joking, Yuzuru!” She appeared before him but he skated past her again. “Why would I joke about this? I talked with Jack and he wants to meet you!”

“Then bring him here!” He turned to face Khione. “And what if I won’t see anything because I don’t believe, huh?”

“You are his real father, Yuzuru. Of course, you will see him.”

Yuzuru sighed. “Okay, it won’t hurt if I try it.”

Khione smiled “I’ll bring him here tonight. Stay here after closing.” She disappeared into the ice.

Yuzuru sighed again and massaged his forehead. “Jack Frost and Queen Elsa from Arendelle, huh?” he murmured.

“Hey, what’s up, champion?”

“You already have a headache before the session starts? Sad to say this, Yuzu, but you are also getting old.”

Yuzuru completely forgot the two of his friends were there today to help him to choreograph and on the skating skills training session. Both of them skated to Yuzuru.

“And you too, Keiji, but you are also balding” he shot back.

“Oof, Keiji, you got burned! It’s good there are so many ice, you can cool down that burn.”

“Shut up, Shoma!” Keiji elbowed him. “Or should I say: Greyhair?” He smirked.

Yuzuru laughed.

“Hey!” Shoma slapped both of them on their arms. “But at least I’m still handsome and don’t have so many wrinkles like you, Detective-kun!”

“It’s not fair that both of you are such babyfaces” Keiji pouted.

“You should see Nobu!” said Yuzuru laughing. “You wouldn’t complain about your wrinkles.”

“I met him last month when he was commentating a competition where my students were competing. He really looks old, haha” agreed Keiji.

They turned to the rinkdoor because they heard children’s laughing from the corridor. Some moments later the owners of the voices showed up and all of them shouted when they noticed the three men.

“Hanyu-sensei! Uno-sensei! Tanaka-sensei!”

“Uno-sensei! You came to choreograph my new program?” A small girl in pink gloves skated to Shoma with excited sparkles in her eyes.

“Of course, Yona-chan! Do you want to know what music I chose to you?”

“Yes, Uno-sensei!”

“Tanaka-sensei!” A young boy skated to Keiji. “Could you show me how to get deeper edges?”

“Get your knees ready, Kai-kun! Did you stretch already?”

“Hanyu-sensei! You promised I can start training the Axel from today. Could you teach me how to do it?”

“Is my choreography also ready, Uno-sensei?”

“I want to try the double salchow today!”

“Last time Hanyu-sensei said I should practice my spins, could you show and teach me some Uno-sensei, Tanaka-sensei?”

“I need to practice my skating, can I join Tanaka-sensei and Kai-kun?”

Yuzuru loved that his students always loved when he brought guest teachers. The smallers got more chatty and the olders got very excited to learn from different coaches they look up to.


The rink was closed, everyone already went home, except Yuzuru. He sat down on one of the benches next to the rink.

“Yuzuru?” asked Khione from the door.

“I’m here.”

“I would like to introduce you to someone.” She brought out a slim, pale figure. Yuzuru stood up and walked closer. “He is Jack Frost.” Khione pushed the boy closer to Yuzuru.

“Um… Hi?” Jack greeted.

Yuzuru walked closer, scanning the boy’s face. He has blue eyes, Salchow had brown. But in the story Jack also had brown eyes before he died. His nose… the ears’ shape… Yuzuru lifted his hand to Jack’s face and swept his hair away on the left side. He spotted it. The small mole next to the hairline.

Yuzuru gasped and got glassy eyes.

“It’s you? Are you really my Salchow? My little mischievous Salchow? Am I dreaming?”
“D-Dad?” Jack asked hopefully. “Are you my real dad?”

Yuzuru nodded continuously, tears draining down on his cheek. “Yes!” He smiled and hugged Jack thightly. “My son! I finally found you! I missed you so so much! You don’t even know! Jack!” Yuzuru laughed. “I have to get used to this name. I always called you Salchow.” He sighed. Still hugging Jack. “I finally found you! I’m so happy!”

“I’m happy too, Dad. I can’t believe it! And believing is also one of my specialities.” Both of them laughed.

Yuzuru loosened the hug a bit so he could look at his son. “Now we only need to find your sister.”

“And how will we do it?”

“I have an idea,” said Khione. They looked at her. “It might be a bit risky but I think it will work.”

Chapter Text

Jack tried to be silent while breaking into Eteri's secret room and since he was a winter spirit, it was easy-peasy. No one can see him except other spirits and children who believe in him. But he forgot about the mighty Magic Mirror who can see everything.

Jack broke in Eteri's house through an open window then headed to the areaway where Khione told him the secret room's whereabouts. At the end of the stairs there was a door and of course it was locked. But it wasn't iceproof.

The room was very large, the walls full with bookshelves with books on them, also with potions and ingredients Jack didn't want to look at closer. Also they were tidy, every thing had its place. There was a big bureaux in the middle with a very fancy mirror. Jack walked there and started to search in the drawers, maybe he can find something about Eteri's plan with him and his siblings. Khione said the evil witch's plan was scuppered when Axel/Victor got rescued and Salchow/Jack and Loop/Elsa got thrown into the portal accidentally. But Jack was curious, what was Eteri's original plan? And why? Jack wanted to know.

But these papers were useless. They were about world domination, waffle recipes and some research papers about a golden flower or something… and it looks like that flower was found because it stood on the desk in a pot.

He looked into the mirror and sighed.

"Where did she put them?" Jack asked his reflection.


Jack jumped up and grabbed his staff. He turned around. There wasn't anyone in the room.

"Who's there?" he asked.

"Pszt" He heard the noise again. Then the noise turned into a quiet voice. "I'm here. Behind you."

These two sentences never mean good in a scary situation.

Jack turned around again but he only saw his reflection in the mirror.

The Mirror!

Jack remembered, Khione said that Eteri has a magical mirror who knows about everything what's happening in the world.

"Mirror? Is it you? Did you talk to me?"

Or I'm getting crazy, he thought.

"Yes, it was me. I'm the Mirror. Nice to meet you, Jack."

Jack's reflection talked. What the sacred gingerbread, his reflection talked on its own! It also waved at him!

Jack was surprised and also a bit frightened.

"Oh, don't be scared, sorry" said Mirror-Jack. "I want to help you. I know what are you searching for: you want to find your lost sister in the past."

"How… How do you know this?"

Mirror sighed. "Boy… Your mother, Khione told you: I know everything."

It was weird for Jack to be confused but seeing a smirk on himself.

"Sorry, I have to use your reflection to talk to you. I can't show up unless my Mistress asks."

"Ookay… and how can you help to me?"

"I can open a portal where your sister is in the past."

“But you said you can only do things if your Mistress commands.”

“No. I said ‘show up’ not portal opening.” The reflection winked, grinning brattily.

“Oooooh!” Jack smiled back. “I like the way you’re thinking.”

“Hmhmhm, thanks.”

“Soooo, can you please open a portal for me?”

“Ah, yes, sorry! Where do you want to go?”

“I thought you know everything…” Jack raised his eyebrows. ”To my sister, Elsa. To Arendelle.”

“So which one? Elsa or Arendelle? You need to be specific.”

“It isn’t the same?” Jack was confused for a moment.

“No, it also depends on the time you arrive. Elsa isn’t always in Arendelle, you know.”

“I don’t know, I haven’t seen the movies” Jack shrugged.

“WHAT?!” The Mirror yelled in disbelief. “YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE BEST MOVIES OF THEIR DECADES?!

“N-no?” Jack asked back. “Please can you stop yelling and help me to save my newfound family instead?”

“Yes, sorry. I just love Frozen.”

“This much? How old are you? Ten? Pf!”

Mirror-Jack crossed his arms. “Excuse me, sir, but I’m more than thousand years old! Don’t speak to your elderly like this again or don’t you want me to help with your mission?” he raised his eyebrows.

“Yes, I need your help! Sorry for that!”

Mirror sighed. “Well, okay. So a portal to Elsa, ordered.” Jack’s reflection cracked his knuckles then disappeared and the looking glass turned into a whirling dark green mist. “Can I have a last question?” echoed the Mirror’s voice.

“What is it?” Jack asked.

“Have you seen, at least, your own movie?”

“Of course!” Jack laughed and jumped into the portal. “WOAH!”

“Have a nice travel, sometimes it’s a bit jolty! And good luck!”

The portal closed and the secret room went silent again.


“Do you think it’s a good idea?”

“Yes! It’s time for him to know about the truth!”

“But I think we should speak with Yulia first.”

“I’ve already talked with her and she agreed. Now go and tell Victor!” Khione pushed Yuzuru towards the door.

“Hey, don’t be so aggressive! Remember, I have old bones, I’m not a forever young goddess like you.”

Khione rolled her eyes. “I know what you still can do on the ice, so stop whining and knock on the door already!”

Yuzuru slowly raised his hand, sighed and… “But what if he won’t accept me as his father?” he turned around.

“Yuzu” Khione said in a tired voice. “He is a freakin’ fan of you! He will totally accept you, you dummy!”


“No ‘but’s! He will.” Khione softened. “I know you’re nervous. But everything will be fine. I’m here, right behind you and I’ll help.”

“Thank you.”

“Now, take a deep breath” Yuzu sighed “And now, knock on that damn door and tell your son the truth!”

Yuzuru knocked.

“I’m coming!” sounded from inside. Some moments later a japanese guy opened the door. “What the-”

“Ah, Katsuki Yuuri-kun! What a surprise! Is Victor here too?”

“Ha-Hanyu Yuzuru-san?!” Yuuri was obviously shocked. It’s not an everyday occurrence to see an olympic champion at your doorstep. Okay, except Victor. And Yulia. But this is Yuzuru freakin’ Hanyu! It’s a natural reaction. “Why are you here?” Yuuri noticed Khione. “And who is she?”

“I came to talk with Victor. Is he here? And she…” Yuzuru looked at Khione. “She is a friend.”

“Victor? Ah, yes, he is at home. Please, come inside and sit down, I’ll call him.”

“Thank you!”

Yuuri led them to the living room and offered the couch to sit down on it, then he went to search for Victor. Khione could hear his quiet voice from the other side of the apartment. "Victor, honey, you have… guests."

"Who? Is it mom?" Victor sounded excited.

Well…, thought Khione.

"Um" said Yuuri. "Let it be a surprise."

"Oh! I love surprises! Especially yours" giggled Victor.

"I think I shouldn't have heard this" murmured Khione.

"What?" Yuzuru asked.

Khione spatted. "Ah, nothing."

"Come, Maccachin!" said Victor excitedly. "Let's see who is this surprise guest!"

When the couple and the poodle arrived in the living room and Victor recognized Yuzuru, Khione couldn't decide if the young man wants to faint or turn into a full fanboy and scream.

"Yuzuru Hanyu!" Victor squealed. Yuzuru waved shyly. "I'm a big fan of you, you are my eternal idol… OMG! We have met before in ice shows and summer camps but… now you are in MY living room OMG… Am I dreaming?"

"No, you are not dreaming, I'm really here."

"Wow! Amazing!" he was still a bit surprised. Then he calmed down a bit and noticed Khione. "But… Why did you come here?" he asked and turned to Khione. "And sorry, who are you?"

"I'm Khione, the greek goddess of ice. Nice to meet you again, Victor!" she answered, smiling.

"Wait what? Ice goddess? Again? We have never met." Victor was confused.

"We have, you just don't remember because you were very small."


"Victor" said Yuzuru gently. "The reason why we are visiting you is that we have to tell you something. We have already talked with Yulia about this and she agreed."

"Wait, you talked with Mom?"

Yuzuru nodded. "About that… You have to know…"

"I know she isn't my birthmom, I know I'm adopted" Victor interrupted him.

Yuzuru was surprised. "How did you know?"

Victor shrugged. "I found the adoption papers when I was 17."

"And did you research after your real mother?"


"Why? You weren't interested who are your real parents?"

"Honestly? Not really. I was happy with Mom, I didn't want to change it" Victor answered. "But why are you so interested in this? It's not like this lady, sorry I forgot your name…"

"Khione" she helped.

"Thank you. So it's not like Khione is my real mother or something."

"In turn, it's the exact situation. I'm your real mother, Victor, and with this you are a demigod."

"What?" Victor was confused. "Wait you are my birthmom?"

Khione smiled. "I'm your mom, yes, but I'm not the one who birthed you."

"What do you mean? I have an another mom?"

"No" it was Yuzuru's turn. "I was the one who gave birth to you."


"Victor, I am your father."

"Noooooooo!" Victor shook his head. "That can't be true!" he finally sat down on a chair.

Yuuri put his hand on Victor’s shoulder. “How is that even possible?” he asked.

Then Yuzuru and Khione explained the whole situation to them.


Jack arrived. Somewhere. It was a place full with ice. With very thick ice. He felt it when the portal spat him out and he landed on his butt.

“Auch” he said, standing up. Where I am? Is this Arendelle? If, yes, then the portal didn’t work…

“Who’s there?” asked a woman’s voice.

Jack turned to face the voice’s owner. She was a young girl with long blonde hair, she wore a white dress with a sort of accessory what looked like a cape. Elsa!

“Hi, sis!” Jack waved. “I’m Jack Frost and I’m your brother.”

“Don’t lie, I only have a sister!”

“Sorry to disappoint you but that’s not the truth. She isn’t your real sister. You have two brothers. And you shouldn’t be in this timeline.”

“If you don’t stop talking nonsense, I’ll kick you out from Ahtohallan!” Elsa looked upset.

“Oh, and what will you do? Build a snowman to throw me out?” Jack laughed.

“If you insist…” Elsa raised her hands and she indeed built a snowman. A giant snowman. She ordered Olaf 2.0 to take out Jack from this place.

Elsa thought he will be afraid but he actually just laughed.

Jack jumped up in the air, did a swish with his staff and the snowman wasn’t a man anymore, only snow.

Elsa’s eyes grew big. “How…?”

Jack grinned. “I have more than 300 years of experience dealing with snow and ice. Childplay.”

“You… You have ice powers too?”


“How? How did you get it?”

“I was chosen to be a winter spirit after I died. But probably the Man in the Moon knew about my mother thus he decided to give me ice powers.”

“Your mother?”

“My real mother. Our mother. She is Khione the greek ice goddess.”

“No. My mother is called Iduna and she is a northuldra.”

Jack sighed. “I know it’s a lot and unbelievable, I got to know it only some days ago and I’m still processing it but please… believe me, it’s the truth!”

“No! It can’t be! I was born to be a gift to my mother because she saved my father! I’m the fifth spirit!”

Jack's voice softened. "I don't know if this story of your past here in Arendelle is true or not but I believe what Khione told me is true. She was so happy when she found me, and our father too. He was so happy and relieved finally finding me after so many years!" Jack smiled feelingly. "I know it's hard to believe but please come with me and I'll show you!"

"Go with you? And what about my sister? The Enchanted Forest? Ahtohallan? Who will be here to protect it?" Elsa asked diffidently.

"We will go back to the future, no one will notice it if you come back here at the exact same time we left."

"Future?" Elsa furrowed her brows. "How do you want to go there?"

"Hmm… Do you have a time traveller car?"

"Car? What's that?"

"You will see it in the future."

"Well, okay, I guess… Soooo, how will we go back to the future? How did you get here? Maybe we can use that way."

"I went through a portal…" Something clicked in his mind. "That's it! A portal! Don't you accidentally have a mirror here?"

"Well… I found a mirror some months ago…"

"Oh, where is it?" Jack asked excitedly.

"I can show you but it's broken."

"Oh" he got long faced. "Well it's better than nothing" he shrugged. "Show me!"

Elsa led him to a big, almost palace-like place, the room was large with a huge throne made of ice in it. Next to the throne stood a big mirror, half of the looking glass still in it but the remaining pieces were shattered around on the ground. Somehow the pattern of the frame looked familiar to Jack.

Suddenly, he realized why.

The Magic Mirror!

"We have to fix it!" he said.


"With magic, of course."

"Did you forget that we have ice powers? How can we repair a mirror with that?"

"Did you forget that water remembers? Ice is water, this place is full of ice and we will use its memory to fix the mirror."

Actually, Jack saw the movies, he just didn't want to say it to the Mirror.

"Oh. Is it going to work?"

"I don't know we have to try it."

Both of them stood before the looking glass, avoiding to step on the splinters. Jack put down his staff. The newfound siblings concentrated and raised their hands, the splinters followed the movement with some help of snowflakes. The ice melted around the sharp corners and the pieces joined together. Elsa and Jack led the now big piece and fitted it into the frame to join the other parts as well. After they finished there were no seaming marks on the glass, it looked like it was new.

"Wow! We did it! We got it together!" said Jack happily and a bit surprised.

"And now? What to do?" Elsa asked.

Jack stepped closer to the mirror. "Hm…" He measured his reflection, knocked on the glass. "Hey, Magic Mirror, are you there?" he asked. Elsa looked at him confused. "Could you please open a portal for us? We would like to go back to our correct timeline."

"I don't think…" Elsa couldn't finish her sentence because she noticed something in the mirror. It started to whirl in the middle then it spread across the whole surface, revealing a portal. "Wow!" Elsa was amazed.

"Yeah" Jack agreed. He picked up his staff and offered his other hand to her. "Are you ready?"

"Wait a minute, I want to send a message to Anna." Jack nodded. "Hey, Gale!" Wind started to rise and it whirled around Elsa as a greeting. Elsa smiled, she conjured a paper made of ice in her hand and gave it to the wind spirit. "Could you please bring it to my sister? Thank you!"

After the wind left, Elsa turned back to Jack. "Are you ready?" she repeated after him.

"I am ready as I'll ever be" he answered then offered his hand again. Elsa took it, both of them sighed looking into the dark whirling mist.

"Okay" Jack said. "Come and follow me into the unknown!"

They jumped in the portal.

Chapter Text

"So… You are really my parents?" asked Victor after Yuzuru and Khione finished the storytelling. Both of them nodded, smiling as an answer. "And I have a brother and a sister?" he continued, tearing up a bit again.

"Yes!" they nodded again.

"And if everything goes well" said Khione "you will meet them soon!"

"OMG! Yuuri! Can you believe this? I'll meet my siblings!"

"I'm so happy for you, Victor!" Yuuri hugged him.

Suddenly a loud crash came from the kitchen. Everyone looked into that direction.

"Do you have a cat who could've made this?" asked Yuzuru.

"No" said Victor. "We only have Maccachin and she is here."

"Then what…"

He couldn't finish because they heard human noises from the kitchen.

"Yuuri!" Victor was serious. "Get the skates!"

"Why the skates?" Khione was confused.

"The 'knife shoes' like how Yurio calls them, are the best against a burglar."

"No need for that, I'm an ice goddess, I have magic powers."

"Well that's right…" Victor shrugged. But he still grabbed one of the boots, just to be safe.

All four of them walked silently into the kitchen's direction when the door suddenly opened.


"Uh, where are we?" Elsa asked while she got up from the floor.

"It looks like someone's kitchen" said Jack, getting off the table, where he landed. "I don't understand, I thought we would get back to Eteri's secret room."

"Who is this Eteri?"

"The witch who kidnapped us but I've already told you this."

"Well okay… Now start to think how to get out of here without the owner of the house noticing us!"

"We are both spirits, they can't see us" Jack shrugged.

"Did you forget that I am still a living person?" Elsa looked at him. "I might be the fifth spirit but I'm not a ghost. You are the only one invisible here."

"Okay, this one hurt" Jack touched his chest, pretending to be offended. "But this means that only you are in danger, be quiet or they will arrest you for housebreaking" he joked.

"I thought siblings help each other" Elsa rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, I help you! But you have to get used to the fact that brothers, especially me, are more annoying." he grinned.

Elsa rolled her eyes again. "Now try to get out of here and find out where we are!" She opened the door but got stopped by four very serious-looking people, who wanted to get in the kitchen. One of them was holding a skating boot, blade pointing in Elsa's direction.

The old man and the woman gasped at the same time.

"Um…" Elsa started. "Sorry for breaking in, it was accidental, I was searching my family, I promise I'm not here to steal…" She could hear Jack facepalming in the background. "Sorry again for interrupting…"



Yuzuru and Khione said at the same time. You can guess who said which one.

"How do you know my name?" Elsa was confused.

"Hi mother! Hi father!" Jack waved happily behind her. "See? I brought her home!"

The old man teared up and walked to Elsa with open arms to hug her.

But she stepped backwards. "Wait a minute! So you two," she pointed at Yuzuru and Khione "are supposed to be my parents?"

"Yes, my dear" Khione nodded.

"And which one of you is my other brother?" she looked at Yuuri and Victor.

"It's me" said Victor. "Hi!" he waved.

She looked between Yuzuru and Victor. "Okay, I can see it. So… Is this true? It isn't just a trick?"

"Look, Elsa" Jack put his arm around her shoulder. "I'm the master of tricks and honestly it would be a very bad trick to pull out."

Elsa lifted her hands before her mouth and teared up.

Yuzuru opened his arms again and smiled at her. "Welcome home, my dear Loop!"

This time Elsa accepted the hug, she sobbed into his cardigan. Khione hugged both of them.

"Come here, everyone! Our family is full again!" said Yuzuru. Jack, Victor and Yuuri joined the family group hug.

Some minutes later they parted. All of them rubbed their cheeks and eyes to mop up the tears.

"We have so much to talk about but first I want to say I'm very proud of all three of you, you all grew up to be good and strong and nice and that I'm very sorry I couldn't be with you." Yuzuru sobbed. "Especially with you two," he looked at Jack and Elsa. "I couldn't save you, I couldn't protect you enough, I'm so sorry, I-"

"Hey, hey" Elsa interrupted him. "It's okay. From what I heard, you aren't guilty of what happened."

"Yes, Eteri is the culprit in this whole thing," said Victor.

"Yeah, you didn't know about anything she planned," added Jack.

"Thank you, my babies," he looked at them with teary eyes and hugged them again.

"And now?" Elsa asked. "What do we do?"

Yuzuru got serious. He had scary eyes when he was mad. "I want the world to know what she did and what she really is. I want to do a lawsuit against her."

"A lawsuit?" Victor frowned. "But she is the head of the ISU now. It would be hard."

"I know. But the world deserves to know the truth and I want justice for what my family went through." Everyone nodded in agreement. "But now, I want to know what happened with all of you, please tell your stories!" he smiled at his children and they started to chat happily about their lives.

They knew a lot about Elsa and Jack because of the movies but Elsa didn't know anything about the others so they all shared stories about themselves for the rest of the night and they continued it for the following weeks.


Meanwhile in Arendelle, Queen Anna received an icy letter from the wind spirit. "Thank you, Gale!" she smiled. Then the smile disappeared when she read the message. "Elsa WHAT?!"


The news about the lawsuit against ISU president Eteri Tutberidze spread very fast worldwide and it was one of the most discussed topics, not only in the figure skating fandom. Yuzuru Hanyu, the GOAT of figure skating revealed that he gave birth to triplets (Whoa, shocking news!) before his last season but two weeks after the birth, they were kidnapped by Eteri Tutberidze! The kids were separated and did not know about each other until they were reunited some days ago. And one of the lost babies is the amazingly talented Victor Nikiforov!

Most of the people couldn't believe it because the other kids were Jack Frost and Elsa from Frozen, even when there was a family photo attached to the articles. Jack wasn't visible there though because he was a winter spirit. But some people did believe in it. Or just wanted to see Eteri finally being bolted down.

The negotiations started three weeks after Yuzuru gave in the lawsuit papers. The judge wanted proof, Yuzuru showed them the real birth certificates and the ultrasound pictures. He brought the whole old Team Japan group chat and his old rinkmates as witnesses. Brian Orser and Tracy Wilson both sent video messages about their deposition (they were too old to travel there).

"See, Mr Judge and jury! My client has all the proof! Ms Eteri Tutberidze is guilty!"

"If the defendant doesn't have anything to say, the jury will discuss the accusations" said the judge. He looked at Eteri’s lawyer, who shook his head. “Then the jury is setting aside to discuss the case and to make the decision” the judge hit the table with his mini hammer.

Eteri looked furious but there was a small smile on her lips tho. She knew she would win no matter what, the corruption is on her side.

The jury, the Hanyu family and some other people left the room, some stayed to wait there.


Hours passed. Still no decision. The moods started to increase.

“No, Shoma, please, you can’t do this! I thought we were friends!”

“I’m sorry, Keiji, but I have to. Only the two of us left. It’s for the better.”

“No! Please, no!” Keiji sobbed.

Shoma put a green reverse card on the top of the other cards. “Uno.” Then a green plus two.


“I won. Again. Sorry, Keiji!”

“145:0 for Shoma!” Jason whistled. “Wow, he truly is the Uno King!”

Shoma smirked.

“We aren’t friends anymore!” cried Keiji.

“You said the same last week after I beat your ass in Yu-Gi-Oh.”

“You traitor!”

“Hora, hora!” Rika jumped between them. “What about playing another game?” She held up a Monopoly. “We are too many here so I thought we should make groups!”

Everyone in the room agreed.

“I’m just curious, what takes them so long…” a russian junior asked.

“They probably do a lot of coffee breaks” answered the older generation.


When hours later the Hanyu family walked into the conference room to receive the decision, Yuzuru felt like he stepped into that old Monopoly meme. Everything was chaos. Rika and Wakaba were throwing paper money at Satoko happily because they had that many, Shoma laid on his back and stared at the ceiling, Evgenia sat in a box (?) with the word “JAIL” written on it, Keiji sobbed in a corner and the russian juniors were arguing about who should roll the die next. A moment later Jason flipped the table.

“What happened here?” asked Elsa. “Were there a war while we were absent?”

“Kind of” answered Victor. “It’s called Monopoly, it’s a famous board game, I’ll explain to you later, sis.”

“We also have family game nights at Arendelle but they never end like this.”

“Because that wasn’t Monopoly” said Jack.

“You’re probably right” she admitted while she froze a starting fire on one of the benches.

Khione clapped loud, it echoed in the room and everyone looked at her. “Clean up this mess before the judge and the jury arrive! Go!”

Everyone, like they just woke up, looked around, realized what they did then started to clean up and follow the order.

“Wow! Mom, you are so cool!” Jack was in awe.

“I’m the ice goddess, it’s my job to be cool.”

“I appreciate the pun” he laughed.

“Thanks, my son!”

The judge and the jury arrived before they were ready with the clean up. It was very visible on the judge’s face that he wanted to swear seeing the whole mess.

“What happened here?” he asked at last. “Did some ninjas break in or what?”

"Yeah" said Evgenia. "Everybody was Kung Fu fighting!"

"Huh?" frowned the judge.

"Those kids were fast as lightning!" continued Jun.


"In fact, it was a little bit frightening" nodded Evgenia.

"But they fought with expert timing!" added Jun.

Jason had enough. "We played Monopoly" he snapped.

This behavior was very out of character from him, he was always smiley… thought Yuzuru. That game surely destroys people's relationships.

"That's more believable" nodded the judge. "But where did you get a board of Monopoly in a courthouse?"

Everyone looked at Rika who shrugged. "I brought it here. It knew we will have a lot of waiting time so why not spend it with playing board games?"

Jason moaned. "But why Monopoly?! Why?"

"That's the only one I have at home."

Jason hit his forehead to the bench.

"What happened to him?" Yuzuru whispered to Shoma who sat behind him.

He looked back at him dead in the eyes. "You don't want to know."


"Silence!" the judge hammered with his small hammer. "If everyone had taken their place, I would like to announce what decision the jury made."

The room went quiet, you could cut the nervousness in the air.

"The jury has decided that Eteri Georgievna Tutberidze…" the judge started. The Hanyu siblings were holding hands. "... was found innocent in the case. The adjudication is legally binding. I leave the chair."

"WHAT?!" the Hanyu family and their supporters asked at the same time.

Yuzuru stood up. "This can't be the end! She stole my children! She abused other children while she was a coach! She should be in jail!"

"The jury already made their decision" said the judge who really wanted to leave this mess.

"Bullshit!" shouted Jack. "She corrupted the jury!"

"Watch your language, young man!" scolded Khione. Jack ducked his head. "But you are right, Eteri corrupted the jury!"

Most of the room couldn't see or hear Jack so Khione's words caused whispers and murmurs.

"Silence! Silence!" the judge hammered again.

Eteri suddenly stood up, laughing. She turned around to face Yuzuru. "You were always a sore loser, Yuzuru Hanyu."

The said person's family also stood up from the benches and walked to the aisle.

"Try to accept that you can't always win!" she continued.

Yuzuru looked down. "Yeah, I know…"

"Father…" Elsa tried to comfort him, she put her hand on his shoulder. He touched his daughter's hand then held it in his own.

"But I also know that I'm right" he looked into Eteri's eyes and he suddenly noticed that she haven't aged since decades. "And you can't stop me, you can't stop us! We will fight you till we get our justice and revenge you!"

"Aw, what a nice speech! It reminded me of that long haired blondie I had long ago. Almost the same words!"

Something clicked in Elsa, her eyes went wide. "Gothel?"

"They haven't called me that for so long. How do you know my real name?"

Elsa, getting the confirmation, got very angry. "Rapunzel. She is my cousin, she have told me about you."

The room's temperature dropped all of a sudden.

"You locked her. You terrorised her. You wanted to kill her love! You used her to be always young. I don't know how did you survive but this time… you won't."

"Elsa" Jack took her hand which was sparkling with snowflakes.

"Jack. Please don't stop me! She hurt my cousin… I mean, my adopted cousin." Elsa looked at her brother. "Please… I have to revenge her!"

Jack nodded. "I know. But then you also have to revenge us. And I don't want you to do it alone. I'm your brother, we are doing this together" he squeezed her hand.

Victor put his arm around their shoulders. "I don't have any magic powers but I'm with you too. Go and get that witch, sibs!"

"You think that you two can defeat?! ME?!" Eteri laughed.

"Yes" answered Jack with confidence.

"I'm the most powerful witch!"

Elsa realized something. "But you still kidnapped us because you were afraid of our power!"


The room gasped. Eteri confessed that she is guilty!

"What?" she asked. "You won't attack?"

"If you insist…" Elsa threw an ice shot at her.

Eteri dodged it with her hand. "This is all you can do?"

"Wait for it!" Jack shouted. He also threw a shot at her.

It didn't do any harm to her. "I have to laugh."

Khione stepped between Jack and Elsa and took their hand. She nodded to them. Victor and Yuzuru put their hand on Jack's and Elsa's shoulder respectively.

Eteri's smile faded.

Without anyone's noticing, ice started to spread across the floor. The room got colder and colder. The ice reached Eteri and she was throw off her balance at first but then she managed to stay on her feet.

"Nice try." Eteri stomped with her right shoe's heel and the ice disappeared from the floor. "But you forgot that I'm also used to be a figure skater."

Wind whirled around the Hanyu family. Eteri realized that the previous "attack" was only a distraction.

Now this was a real one. Elsa raised her free hand, Jack also raised his staff, pointing in Eteri's direction.

"Last time" said Khione, her voice echoing in the room "I couldn't save my children from you. Now, you can't save yourself from us."

Everything happened too fast. Elsa and Jack shouted, throwing one big shot at Eteri.

There was a cry which turned into a moan. Then silence, only a quiet cracking was hearable.

Eteri Tutberidze was turned into an ice statue.

Chapter Text

Lot of changes happened after Eteri was made to hibernate by the Hanyu family, she was put in a very cold prison underground. She learned for not to mess with the Hanyu family, for sure.

On the next day after the lawsuit Khione, Jack and Elsa went to Eteri's house and visited the secret room. They freed the Magic Mirror who thanked them.

"We should thank you for the help" said Jack. "Without you, we couldn't have Elsa back here."

"I have to confess to you something" sighed the Mirror. "I feel bad about it but it was for good reason."

"What is it?" Elsa was confused.

"I lied to Eteri."

"And? What's bad in that?" Jack asked.

"I hate lying."

"But it was for a good reason, you said."

"And I still feel bad a bit, it's my conscience."

"Okay, enough" Khione interrupted. "What was the lie?"

"I said I don't know where the babies went through the portal. But in fact…"

"You knew where they went" Khione finished the sentence. "Why didn't you tell me this years ago so I could have gone there and bring them back?" She looked a bit upset.

"I couldn't tell you" Mirror shook their head. "Both of them," looked at Elsa and Jack, "had a mission there."

"You sent us there on purpose," Elsa realized.

The Mirror nodded. "Arendelle and Ahtohallan needed you, Elsa. Same for you, Jack, the girl you called your sister and the Guardians needed you. I knew this, I knew everything that happened in the past, what happens right now and what will happen in the future."

"So you knew what Eteri was planning," Jack said. It wasn't a question.

"Since I was created."

"You could've stopped her from doing all of this!" He started to get angry a bit.

The Mirror sighed. "You don't understand. Without this mission, you all wouldn't be there right now."

"Yes, because we would be with our family."

They shook their head. "No. The world would be in chaos. Without Elsa, the four spirits would be still sleeping, Northuldra would be still under the Mist. Without you, Jack, fear would rule the world, the Guardians needed you to defeat the Nightmare King. Without you two I would still be a broken mirror in the Snow Queen's palace. You two living in the past was very important for the history, for the world."

After Eteri got out of the picture, the ISU needed a new president, the people wanted Yuzuru Hanyu to be the new one. He politely declined the offer but he suggested that one of his good old friends is perfect for the position. The friend didn't want to rule the whole ISU alone so he asked his older sister who said yes.

This is how Laura and Javier Fernandez became the co-presidents of ISU. They reformed the whole organisation, Javier literally threw the old rulebook out the window, and they made an entirely new one. The new rules got more strict on judges being corrupt and biased, so there were way less possibilities to cheat.

Elsa stayed with her real family to get to know them and spend time with them although she missed the sister she grew up with, Anna, and one more particular person she didn't want to admit she misses.

Yuuri Katsuki finally won the Grand Prix Final, after that both him and Victor retired for good and started to plan something they wanted for so long.

One year later…

Jack almost crashed the door when he entered the room in a hurry and nervous.

"Where's that idiot groom?" he asked looking around.

The people who were interrupted while dressing up were confused and a bit annoyed.

"Y-you mean… me?" Yuuri pointed at himself nervous. He was half ready dressed, his sister, Mari was tying his necktie, his coat still not on him.

"No, not you. The other groom, my idiot brother. Where is he?" Jack got a message some minutes ago that Victor needs help. Didn't specify what's the problem but Jack, like a good brother, immediately searched after him.

"Oh, Victor is two rooms down the hall," Yuuri informed him.

"Thank you," Jack rushed out and into the room, where he found Victor pacing back and forth in the room nervously. Jack walked to Elsa, who was the only other person in the room.

"What's up with him?" he asked.

Elsa shrugged. "The usual panicking brides do before the wedding."


"It's not 'the usual panicking'" Victor shrieked. He stopped walking and cupped his head with his hands. "What if he doesn't like the flowers I picked? What if he doesn't like the cake? What if he doesn't want me as his husband? What if he doesn't love me?"

Elsa and Jack looked at each other and nodded in agreement: Yeah, it's the usual panicking. Elsa walked to Victor and put her hand on his shoulder.

"Axel," she said. They called each other by their 'birth name' aka how Yuzuru named them. They felt closer to each other with this. After Victor finally looked up at her, she continued. "I know how it feels like… to be anxious about anything, to think you don't deserve this, doubting yourself… I went through it all, too. And you know what helped me going through it, who helped me accept myself?"

"Who?" Victor asked.

"My family." Victor's eyes grew bigger with realisation. "Family and friends. They always help if you let them help you. Today we will get a new family member who loves you dearly and would do anything to make you happy."

"Loop is right," said Jack. "Yuuri loves you very much and waited for this day for so long, I have talked with him. And don't worry about the cake, Dad ordered it from Deniss Valsiljevs' bakery so it can only be perfect" Jack grinned.

Victor looked at his siblings, tearing up. "Loop… Salchow… I love you two so much!!!" he hugged them.

When they parted, Elsa gave Victor a tissue and he wiped his tears.

"Now, finish the dressing up, go downstairs and marry the love of your life!" ordered Jack jokingly.

"You have 10 minutes," Elsa informed him. "You don't want to miss your own wedding, right?"

"Right" Victor laughed, still sniffling a bit.

The ceremony was beautiful. Victor and Yuuri both walked to the altar, both of them were led there by their fathers. Phichit was Yuuri's and Jack was Victor's best man. Victor couldn't choose between Jack and his bff, Chris so he said that they should decide it with rock-paper-scissors. Jack won.

After they said yes, exchanged rings and finally kissed, the wedding guests whooped and clapped. Some cried in happiness (Yuuri's parents, Minako-sensei, Yuzuru, Yulia…) Phichit, like a good friend, took a photo of the kiss and posted it on all of his social media with the caption: "Hey, everyone! My best friend just got married!!!" He also shouted this out loud and everyone laughed, especially those who remembered that evening in Barcelona.

Victuuri kissed again.

And they lived happily ever after.

A week later Elsa finally confessed to her family.

"I want to go back to Arendelle and Ahtohallan. I love being here with you, don't misunderstand but… I miss that place, my friends, Anna…"

Yuzuru and her siblings were very understanding and she loved them for that.

Three days later, after she packed up everything she wanted to bring with her (clothes, shoes, small gifts she got), they visited the secret room where the Magic Mirror was placed after freeing them from Eteri.

"Magic Mirror," Elsa called. "Could you please open a portal to Ahtohallan for me?"

"Yes, of course" they answered. "You will arrive there 30 minutes after you left with Jack. So you won't meet with yourself by any chance."

"Oh, okay" she blinked.

"And, oh, could you please bring that flower pot to Rapunzel?" they motioned to the side. There was a table next to the wall with a golden flower in a pot. Jack walked there and brought it to Elsa.

"What's up with this flower, why Eteri kept it?" he asked.

"This flower is the reason how Eteri stayed young" the Mirror answered.


"Are you ready?" the Mirror faced Elsa.

She took a deep breath. "I think."

She hugged her family one last time. Yuzuru didn't want to let her go. Elsa promised, she will visit them.

"We also want to visit you sometime!" said Victor.

"I'll invite you to Anna's wedding."

"I also want to go to your wedding!" Jack teased.

Elsa blushed. "You will have to wait for that but of course, you are all invited."

Elsa turned to the Mirror with a big sigh, the looking glass was already portal.

She looked back one last time over her shoulder then stepped in the portal, a luggage and a flower pot in her hands.

Anna traveled to Northuldra as fast as she could after she received that letter.

"Honeymaren!" she called when she noticed the girl on her way to the Northuldra village. "Have you seen Elsa?"

"She is in Ahtohallan, what I know of" Honeymaren answered. "Why? Did something happen to her?" she sounded nervous.

"I don't know, I got a letter from her but it was so weird…"

"Then we should check on her!"

They rushed to Ahtohallan.

"Elsa!" they kept calling her in the big ice palace until they found her in a huge room, standing before a mirror, wearing weird clothes.

"Elsa?" Anna asked.

Elsa turned. "Anna! Honeymaren!" She ran to hug both of them. "I missed you so much!"

"I missed you too, sister but… What was that letter?"

"And what are you wearing?" Honeymaren asked.

Elsa, who got educated on old short videos, called vines the last year by Jack, couldn't leave the opportunity out.

"Oh, Honey, you have a big storm coming!"

Well that's all, folks! I take my leave.

Be gay, do crimes!

Don't procrastinate! Write that essay/fic/homework!

Drink water!

Stay safe!

Wash your hands!

Be good!

If you don't, I'll see it because I know everything *wink*

Anyway, goodbye everyone!

Hm, how youngsters say it these days?

Ah, yes!

See you later! Magic Mirror out!