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The twins' inked in hero academia!

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Everyone always wonders how and when we decided to become heroes. You too? Well, guess I could tell you, it’s not a special story though. I myself never talked much when I was younger, my sister did most of the talking, even though I was, and still am the better story teller. She always went on tangents. Ah? You also want to know about those incidents and our school lives? I hope you do know that will severely lengthen the story? You don’t mind?! Oh well, might as well have some fun with this. Lord knows hero work is stressful.


Well… where do I begin? The conversations I had with my sister might be a good point to start off… So, it began when we were but four years old.


“mu-muuu! Why are you being so slooow! Mama is gonna be mad if we’re home too late y’know!” a young girl with blond twin-tails wearing a kindergarten uniform adresses to what looks like an amorphous blob of ink, who’s wearing the same uniform as the girl. The ink blob seems to try to catch up, sliding along the ground, but not leaving a trail. The blob gurgles.


“mu-muuuuu worrdds!!!” The twin-tailed girl replies.


The blob stills and then their head shifts, a slit appears, mimicking a mouth. A childish, yet feminine voice spills out: “mumu is sorry for mumu being tired!” after this simple sentence, the mouth melts shut again.


The two girls start moving again, following their guide. “big bro hold uuuup!” the girl with twin-tails exclaims.


The elder turns around tired “mukeiko, do I need to carry you? It might be faster” he adresses the smaller blob of ink. She looks like she nods.


“big bro, big bro! Me too, me too!” The other girl immediately exclaims, to which the older boy replies with: “Nico, you know I can’t carry both you and your twin… I’m not that strong…”

“but big bro is so strong though! He could be a hero! Are you gonna be a hero?” the girl, apparently named Nico, blurts out.


In reply her brother smiles and says “I’m gonna try!” he points at his hair and continues “Even though my ‘ink hair’ isn’t that powerful of a quirk, I’m gonna try to get into UA in three years! Though,” he giggles “you two have quirks that are way more powerful than mine!”


A little later, the three siblings arrive at a small house in a cozy neighborhood, the house plate bearing the name Sumitsubo. Before they enter the house, the brother turns to the twin girls, patting their heads. “y’know, you two can do anything you will put your minds to. I just know it.” he notes “I just know it.” after this, he turns to the door going inside. A feminine voice welcomes them home.



The sun is setting, and three figures are seen walking alongside the road. The twins from last time are there, alongside an older man. They are older than they were in the previous scene, looking like they’re around seven years old. The ink-like twin now has arms and a more distinguishable head, while her sisters hair is freed from the twin-tails and looks like it was dipped in ink. They’re both wearing casual clothes and are carrying backpacks.


“Ne, papa! Why is big bro not taking us home today~?” Nico sing-songs.


“have you forgotten?” the older man, apparently the two girls’ father ask, bemused “he’s on the way to the UA exam, sweetheart! Oh, I am so proud of my boy!”

the more human looking twin runs in front of her father, and then begins running backwards to look him in the eyes, while less human looking one slides along the ground faster trying to catch up. Her face shifts and a proper mouth appears, muttering.


“Nico… how’d you forget that?”


The addressed twin looks at Mukeiko sheepishly


“hehe… no idea!”








both the father and the Mukeiko face-palm at this.


“annyyyywayssss… how do you guys think big bro’s doing~?” Nico awkwardly says



“I’m sure he’s doing great sweetheart! Hey, you two did say that you wanted to do the same as him right?” the father muses amusedly “Have you two thought up hero names?”


“yeah!” both of the twins say, before Mukeiko adds: “Big bro helped us..!”


“Oh? What are they then?”


“I’m scribble!” Nico cheers


“And I’m Inky…!” Mukeiko squeaks


“ahaha! Good! Well, we’re here!” the father opens the door as he says this “Let’s greet your mom! I’m sure she’ll be happy… you’re... home...? S-sweetie?! w-what’s wrong?!” he suddenly exclaims


In the living room sits a weeping slime woman. When she processes the question she replies unsteady


“k-kami… Kamisumi…” she sobs “He… he!” she’s not able to finish her sentence before breaking down. She is able to point to the tv.


On the screen a paused news program is displayed, on which the brother’s picture is displayed. Below the picture there is one message


“young male high school student dead in villain attack, having protected three children”



It’s dark, nearly night. The stars aren’t visible due to dark clouds, it seems like it’s going to rain soon. The Sumitsubo sisters, who are now seen wearing middle school sailor uniforms, are running home in a hurry. The ink-like twin now looks distinctly humanoid, bearing both legs and arms, detailed eyes, and what looks like twin-tails. The other twin now has a singular ponytail, located high on her head.


“c’mon mu-mu! It’s gonna rain soon! We don’t want you to dilute!~“ Nico sing-songs in a teasing voice


“you KNOW that doesn’t happen anymore….” the annoyed reply resounds. Mukeiko narrows her eyes, but then her gaze turns soft again. “But let’s hurry anyways. I don’t want you to get a cold”


“yeah, yeah.” Nico answers back. And then they start running faster.


It starts raining heavily right before they reach their house, so they're soaked when they reach it. They laugh, amused by their bad luck. They go to their room to dry off, after they greeted their parents.


“hey...” Mukeiko suddenly mumbles somberly “It’s been seven years, huh..?”


“yeah.. But big bro wouldn’t want us to linger on it right? Let’s just live on.” Nico replies, looking away. “we’re training tomorrow again right?”


“yes… let’s do our best. UA entrance exams are available to us next year. The beach right?” Mukeiko asks “I still wonder what cleared it two years ago?” she ponders


Upon a change of topic Nico clearly relaxes and she replies “I dunno? Well actually, I heard that a crazed green haired boy did it? Maybe he was training too?”


“Surely. Well. I’ll go get cleaned up for dinner. Be back in a bit.” Mukeiko states, before leaving the room to go do what she said she was going to do.