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Corrective Rape

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Jared’s dad boomed from behind the pulpit, “Hmmm, sodomite… sodomy. Those seem to just be words. Right? It’s amazing how those just words seem to do so much damage in our youth today. The devil is using them to build himself an army to fight against God and what other way to do it than to whisper in these teenagers ears telling them to commit sins of the flesh?”

“ We already know what the bible preaches against sodomy.” He continued to drone on. “It absolutely FORBIDS it stating that man is NOT suppose to lie with another man as he would a woman. It is PERVERTED, it is UNCLEAN, it is DISGUSTING and if the bible allowed it then God would have made man and woman both with reproductive organs, then again why would he make man AND woman, why not all the same gender? Adam and Steve instead of Adam and Eve? Because it is wrong, that’s why. It is of the devil and if you commit sodomy then GOD will toss you into the blazing inferno that the bible calls HELL. FIRE AND BRIMSTONE PEOPLE… FIRE AND BRIMSTONE.”

The congregation nodded mutely in agreement to the horrifying visuals the preacher was drilling into their heads. “So having this knowledge, why do we allow ourselves to succumb to such perversions? Because we are ignorant into heeding to the word of God. Our job is to save our young people from succumbing to the sins of the flesh. I know a boy who had finally decided he was going to become a sodomite. One night, four guys jumped him in the alley, tossed him into their van, drove him into the woods and they RAPED him. You may think oh what a terrible thing to happen to this teen but let me tell you that it was GOD who used these four men to punish him so that he will leave his wicked ways and learn to walk in the light. The path to righteousness. It is God’s cure for gays who have not yet committed sins of the flesh and he was so lucky for God to send them to brutally sodomize him or hell will be lapping at his heels now can I get an amen on that?”

“Amen.” The congregation chimed in harmony. In the front row, Jared sat quietly, eyes trained on his father at the pulpit. Behind his vision hid silent betrayal for he knew he was one of those teens his father unwittingly preached about.

“My son, Jared.” His father stretched his arm towards Jared and the tall boy stood for all to see. “He is a fine boy who walks in the light. God has shined his grace upon him and has shown him the path to righteousness‘. He has never been in trouble with the laws of man, he has never received disciplinary action from his school, he has not given into the temptations of the flesh. His grades are good by the grace of God and to say I am proud of him would be wrong because pride is a sin. We give credit where credit is due, the man who created us. The father who gave us this glory, our Lord and savior; let us pray.”

The whole congregation stood in their pews, heads bowed as Jared’s father praised his son to God, thanking him for Jared not being touched by homosexuality. It was the same line he quoted in his prayers every Sunday morning and night. Jared bowed his head, closed his eyes and mentally quoted his own prayer for God to give him the strength to confess to his father that he had been touched by homosexuality. He prayed that his father would not bring down his wrath upon him once he confessed of this sin not yet committed of the flesh.

He prayed that their father would show mercy on him knowing that he, his brother and sister feared the angry hands of their father because he believed in the old spare the rod, spoil the child method and each time he delivered the painful licks on his children’s flesh, he would quote the scriptures of the bible over and over again making his children parrot those scriptures back to him and once the corporal punishments were over, his children were to thank him for punishing them before falling on their hands and knees praying to God to forgive them of their transgressions and they were to remain that way until he felt his children have been washed with the blood of the Lord’s forgiveness and they were to thank God for forgiving their undeserving souls.

As the congregation spilled out the door, each stopping to shake the preacher’s hand praising him for such a powerful sermon. He nodded, adding “I am pleased that my sermon has met your approval. It was God who put those words into my mouth.” As the people walked away, he left them with the final words “Go with the grace of God.”

Gerald’s family met him at the end of the line. “Are you ready Gerald?” Asked his wife. They did not have any terms of endearment( pet names for each other). Gerald felt that was talk that belonged in the bedroom during their times of love making. Any other time, he considered it a sin. He also believed that love making only took place when the husband and wife were trying to make a baby. Any other time, it was sins of the flesh which was why they never shared a bed because it would lead to temptations to commit such sins. The only time they were allowed to share a bed was when it was time to procreate.

The decision to have a baby never came from the woman. It would be Gerald’s choice. He would tell his wife to cook them a special dinner for two because such matters were to be discussed in private. Once they were alone, the food cooked to his liking, they would eat in silence because to talk during meal times would take their focus off of God and the blessings he has bestowed upon them. Once dinner was finished, the dishes washed and put away in their designated cupboards, Gerald would sit with his wife Sharon and tell her that God had spoken to him in a dream and he wants them to procreate in his name thus that night being the night of their love making until she would become pregnant then he would return to his own bedroom.

When the time the baby was to be delivered, Gerald refused to watch the birth of his own child stating that the woman’s body needs to be covered in front of another man even if that other man was her own husband so he would allow the doctors to deliver the baby while he waited pacing outside the door of the delivery room.

Sadly, Jared was born a sickly child. Gerald would blame Sharon, telling her that she had sinned against God so he is punishing her through their child and she would fall onto her knees begging God for forgiveness. When she would explain to Gerald that she had no clue what she did wrong, he would then tell her that when they were supposed to be procreating in the name of God, she soiled it by becoming aroused causing God to bring his wrath upon their unborn child as a punishment for her transgressions.

Jared was born two months premature, he was hooked up to an incubator for a month before he was allowed to come home. His father distanced himself from him because a son born out of arousal was the son born of the devil therefore he was much harder on Jared with his punishments explaining that he had to beat the devil out of him.

As the years passed, Jared had proven himself to be worthy of his father’s love. He tried to be the perfect soldier of God and his efforts paid off the day his father started bragging about his accomplishments to the congregation after he would offer them the constant reminder of how his son was born out of evil because of his mother’s arousal during his procreation and how God had punished their son by making him ill. His son was the creation of the devil but his strong teachings had pulled his son out of the darkness and into the light and now he walked with God on the path to righteousness.

Jared wondered if his father would feel the same way if he admitted to him that he was gay.

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“Lights out Jared.” His father called from the hallway as Jared sat on the floor beside his bed, knees bent, his legs rested beneath him and his hands pressed together with his finger intertwined praying that God will give him the strength to confess his homosexuality to his father.

Jared pulled himself up off of the floor, smacking the light switch with the palm of his hand. Tomorrow he will confess to his father and hopefully he will show him more mercy than he has shown the other boys and girls who’s parents had brought them to him, asking him to cure their child of the homosexual disease.

He didn’t know what his father did to cure those teens but whatever it was, it put the fear of God in them and he only hoped he didn’t suffer what ever fate they had suffered.

That night, Jared’s dreams were plagued with nightmares involving hell fire and his father laughing and telling him that hell was lapping at his heels. As he entered the kitchen, he looked like death warmed over. “Jared?” His mother’s soft voice reached her exhausted son’s ears. “What is it? What’s wrong?”

“He can wait until after breakfast.” His father shot her a chastising glare. “Right now we eat in silence so that we can focus on the blessing that the Lord has bestowed upon us.”

His mother bowed her head submissively at his father. Her hands loosely folded in front of her as she remained standing. As everyone took their places at the dining room table, she began placing the food in the center. Bacon, eggs, toast, jam, biscuits, sausage gravy, orange juice and milk. The adults never drank coffee because Gerald believed it to be the devil’s nectar like alcohol. Drinking such beverages leads to doing the devil’s work.

Before they began to eat, their father opened the bible and began reading a passage, when he was through, he passed it on to Sharon who read the verse after him: they passed the bible around until everyone has had their chance to read a verse ending it with Gerald instructing, “Now let us pray.”

After the prayer, everyone ate in silence, focusing on the blessings God had bestowed upon them the day before. If they couldn’t think of one, then being alive was enough.

After breakfast had ended, Sherri and Megan began clearing the dishes. Jared and Jeff were not allowed to help with the house work because according to Gerald, it was a woman’s job. Instead, the boys had to work in the yard and other chores that were considered a man’s job.

“Jared?” Gerald waved his hand towards his office indicating that he wanted the lad to follow him.

Jared quietly complied knowing it was now or never. Swallowing the massive fear filled lump in his throat as his father silently closed the door.

Gerald walked around his desk, pulled out the rolling chair before sitting down. After he got himself situated, he pointed his hand towards the chair on the other side of his desk.

Jared’s legs shook as he sat down in the indicated chair, eyes trained on his father because if he would have averted them, Gerald would know that he was hiding something. He always remarked how only sneaky people averts their eyes. A real man will look you straight in the face and he expected his sons to show him that respect. “You have something on your mind.” It wasn’t a question but a statement.

“Yes sir.” Jared swallowed thickly.

“And the Lord has placed it heavily on your heart.” Gerald continued to read his son. “It is why you haven’t slept well last night.”

“Yes sir.” Jared repeated, trying to keep the quiver from his voice.

His father nodded, pressing the palms of his hands together, fingers intertwined with his index fingers pressed thoughtfully to the bottom of his chin. “What is on your mind that you feel you need to confess?”

Jared wondered if by chance his father already knew what his confession was. It was almost as if he could read his thoughts. “Well…” He began. He remembered that Gerald did not like stammering. It was one of the things that annoyed him immensely so he cleared his throat. “I have been feeling this way for a long time. I thought it was only a phase but as time went by, nothing’s changed.” Not a very good start on his part.

“I don’t want a background to your confession.” His father barked causing his son to jump. “Just tell me so that we can deal with it in prayer.”

“I’m gay.” Jared deadpanned, wondering if that was point blank enough and judging from his father’s reaction, he was pretty sure he got that message loud and clear.

“I see.” Said Gerald trying to school his expression and keep the anger from his voice in which he masked it pretty well. “And when you say gay, I am pretty certain you weren’t referring to you being happy.”

“No sir.” Jared admitted in a small voice, eyes welling up with tears but he didn’t let them spill out.

His father nodded in thought. “And have you given into the urges of the flesh?”

Jared’s eyebrows nit together in a frown, confusion etched in his features.

“Have you lain with another man?” His father firmly explained. “Or did anything orally with a man? It’s not that hard to understand Jared.”

“No sir.” Jared inhaled a quivering breath, inwardly wishing that he could make himself invisible underneath his father’s intense gaze.

Jared flinched as his father stood up from behind his desk. “Well then, I do believe we have ourselves a problem here.” Without waiting for his son to respond, “But since you have not given into the temptations of the flesh, there may be hope for you; now I‘m not congratulating you on resisting temptation because even if you haven‘t sinned of the body, you have sinned in your heart. The devil has grabbed hold of your spirit and is twisting it to do his bidding but you have done the right thing by confronting me now run along to school before you’re late. I will pray heavily on this. I will pray that the Lord will save your soul from eternal damnation.”

Wow. His father took that a lot better than he expected so why was Jared filled with so much trepidation? Gerald despised gays, he could tell that from his sermons. All day long Jared’s thoughts kept wondering back to his confession to his father and what the old man might have in store for him.

At the end of the school day, the three siblings, Jeff, Jared and Megan quietly walked home. They only lived a couple of blocks away so it wasn’t a long hike. Jeff was a senior in High school, Jared was a junior and Megan was in the seventh grade in middle school; those two schools were side by side only divided by a parking lot. There were no after school activities or after school hangouts because Gerald believed that evil preys on children who hangout together leading them to get into trouble. Idle hands lead to the devil’s deeds. That is why kids needed to be kept home and kept busy with chores, studying the Lord’s word and praying. His children weren’t even allowed to hangout with each other in each other’s rooms or any other rooms. Their jobs were to focus of God; not each other. Hence not even being allowed to talk to each other. In running a strict home he ran it with an iron fist.

As his three offspring entered their home, putting their book bags and jackets in their designated areas because cleanliness is next to Godliness then they set out to do their daily chores. Chores before homework was one of the rules of the house; as Jared read the chore wheel on the refrigerator, he noticed that Jeff had been given his chores.

Hearing the rough clearing of throat, Jared looked questioningly at his father. “I guess you’re wondering why your name isn’t written down on the chore wheel?”

“Yes sir.” Jared nodded the affirmative.

“Come with me.” Gerald spoke softly but firmly and Jared followed quietly behind him and gasped when he found himself standing at the top of the stairs of their basement. His father pulled the chain dangling from the ceiling clicking on the light.

The florescent light bulb illuminated the entire full sized basement casting dancing shadows on the mural painted brick walls, giving the impression of the flesh colored demons with bony wings flying above the painted inferno. Everything took on a life of their own as the naked bulb swung above the stair case. The basement was empty of all furniture, not even old packing boxes littered the corner.

Covering the entire far end of the wall was mural painted with the biblical description of hell fire and brimstone. The flames painted with an angry red, the devil hovering over the disfigured screaming souls grinning menacingly. Above that was a smaller images of Jesus kneeling on a cloud crying over the tortured souls; to the right corer of Jesus, was a painting of a castle with streets of gold and a pearly white gate locked tight and a screaming soul being cast into hell. Above that was the only small rectangular window stained with years of dust residue. Sharon and Megan both were too afraid to enter the basement even if it were to clean the window. That explained the warm musty smell that inhabited the makeshift hell Jared would soon be occupying.

On each wall, Jared noticed a different mural of a soul being tortured in some fashion different than each painting he saw. All these works of art were to give his children the feeling of being in hell without the actual fire burning them but he had other forms of torture for them.

Jared shivered inwardly as his eyes took on the horrifying scenes on the walls. If his father noticed, he gave no indication; just continued to walk ahead of him stopping at the bottom of the stairs allowing Jared to pass.

“The Lord spoke to me in a prayer and told me that I must quarantine you down here until he rids your heart of this dark evil that plagues your soul. If I allow you to remain upstairs, that evil will spread like an untamed virus into your siblings and we can’t have that. I have arranged it with your school for you to have home schooling without internet of course because it is the gateway to hell and damnation and the devil uses it as a way of making contact with as many souls as he can. Your school books are against that wall.” Gerald nodded towards the wall with the stained rectangular window and the huge horrifying mural beneath it. “You will work hard to keep your grades up. You will be fasting the entire time you are down here so that your entire focus will be on the Lord and begging his forgiveness for the sins you have committed in your heart and you will ask for guidance as I will do the same.”

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Jared didn’t get much sleep that night. Sleeping on the cold concrete floor made his tossing and turning rather uncomfortable and although the basement was pitch black when the single, dangling light bulb was switched off, he could still feel those looming souls silently screaming for someone to show them mercy and Jesus on the cloud looking down but he wasn’t crying and he wasn’t sadly watching the tortures souls; instead, his accusing eyes bore into him casting judgment causing him to curl into a fetal position crying silently into the concrete floor, inhaling deeply as another wave of sobs over took him, some stray unswept dust vacuumed up his nose with that deep inhale and he ignored the tickle they have caused.

Jared finally fell into an exhausted slumber around three in the morning but he really wasn’t sure if it was because in the basement it was a whole other timeless world. His dreams were filled with horrifying images of him burning in the lake of fire becoming one of those screaming souls on the wall.

He knew when six in the morning arrived because he could hear the house come to life with the sounds of his siblings entering the kitchen and their mother announcing that breakfast was ready. That was Jared’s cue to feel his way through the darkness to pull the chain above the stairs switching on the light. He then pulled his history book from the top pile of books against the wall and began his home schooling.

Once he was finished with his school work, he gently pushed the papers through the crack between the bottom of the door and the medal door frame. Feeling the stack of papers slip out of his loose grip, he knew his father had collected them.

Afterwards, he knelt down in front of the wall, eyes focused on crying Jesus and began to pray over his transgressions and sneaking in a plea for his freedom into that prayer. After he felt his  praying was complete although his father instructed that he utilize his entire day in prayer but the good Lord would understand if he punched out early; right?

For the rest of the day, he rocked back and forth against the far wall, wishing there was a way he could reach that window if only to have a glance outside. The day seemed to go at a snail’s pace seeing that all he could do was sit and think of ways he could escape this hell even if for a day.

He  made a mental note on how he could get out and then come back home unnoticed. He fell asleep in the sitting position and was surprised to hear his siblings walking noisily to the kitchen and his mother announcing it was breakfast time.

Holy shit, he couldn’t believe he actually fell asleep and passed the first day away. Gratefully he reached for his text books and as a repeat of the day before, did his school work, said the same old prayer and then fantasized about sneaking outside to see the world that is going on without him.

By the time day three had arrived, Jared found himself to be quite famished. The nauseous feeling in his stomach each time it growled loudly. He was wondering if this was how he was going to die. Maybe his father was sending him to hell from which he came and starving him to death was something God told his father to do. The very thought of that happening sent chills up and down Jared’s spine.

By day four, Jared was sobbing uncontrollable from fear and loneliness. He crept up the stairs and pressed his ear against the bottom crack of the door listening on whether or not his name would be mentioned. Maybe Megan would ask when was Jared going to be let out of the basement? Or his mother pleading with him to let their son be with his family again but there was no mention of his name whatsoever and that was what brought on another stream of sobs. He didn’t even bother to pray because what kind of God would allow this to happen to one of his children? Unless he really was a child of the devil like his father said therefore his prayers only fell on deaf ears so why bother praying at all?

With that logical reasoning, Jared began to feel rebellious, eyes scanning the basement for anything he could use to make himself a makeshift ladder to climb out that window to freedom for a day.

The phone rang in Gerald’s office. He always gave the certain men his personal number to avoid any unknown church eavesdroppers to listen in on the conversation because as the saying goes, walls have ears so here he was sitting in his office at home, the phone pressed against his ear. “Yes, I’m glad you’ve returned my call. I will meet you outside of town just like the last time. We will meet at the bus depot. Be there in one hour.”

After he hung up the phone, he wrote a check out to CASH from the church’s account and headed towards the bank.

Once he had the cash in hand, he a met the four men at the bus depot. “You got the money?” Asked the man with a gray beard, His greasy stringy hair matched his this thick beard; when he smiled, you could see missing teeth; what teeth he had remaining, were darkened with tobacco and coffee stains. His pudgy build shown that this wasn’t a man who believed in daily exercises and he was dressed like a lumber jack, with his red flannel shirt torn at the elbows. His dark stained jeans looked as if it hadn’t been cleaned in years same with his body. The other two men didn’t look any worse than the first man.

The preacher was careful on who he chose to do his dirty work, that was why he hired the four men with a shady past to maintain the church building and keep the yard freshly manicured and anytime he had an unsavory job to be done, these were the guys and since he didn't fully trust these shady men to get the job done right, he send his son Jeff to supervise them.

“Wait.” The first man pointed out, “This picture is of your younger son.”

“Are you sure about this Brother Gerald?” Asked the second man, disbelief wavering his voice.

“I am absolutely positive.” Gerald shoved the picture at the first man. “The Lord put it on my heart to hire you four men to do this to my son. It is the only thing that will save him. Jeff will be waiting for you in your usual designated spot; you know the drill. ”

The four men exchanged glances before the first man pulled the envelope from the preacher’s hand, his fat stained fingers feathering over the edge of the money counting to make sure they were paid the agreed amount.

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Jared immediately pushed himself away from the wall he was reclined against, scrambling to the middle of the basement, knees knelt on the hard concrete floor, hands pressed together, fingers intertwined as he pretended to pray as the basement door opened. “Boy?” The name his father used when he felt his son didn’t deserve his legal given name; Jared had to earn his name back.

“Yes sir?” Jared responded, eyes still trained on weeping Jesus on the wall.

“I am allowing you an hour of freedom.” His father remained at the top of the stairs, only his shadow can be seen from Jared’s angle. “You are to walk to our church where you will kneel at the alter in front of our Lord and Savior and you will pray for him to be merciful in his retribution.”

“Yes sir.” Jared tried not to sound eager and not once considering the words ‘retribution’ and what his father meant by that. He got an hour of freedom. The church was six blocks away. This will give him a chance to look for items to bring home with him to build a ladder beneath the window in the basement allowing him the sweet freedom every day until night fall.

His father stepped aside allowing Jared to exit the basement. When Jared stepped outdoors, his eyebrows furrowed in a frown. His father never let his children to wonder in the pitch black of night. He always said that the devil roamed the streets. That explained the drug dealers, homeless people, drunks and prostitutes plaguing the streets. The devil already owned their souls.

Seeing his son’s hesitation, “Go. The Lord awaits you.”

Jared slowly shuffled his way down the sidewalk feeling his father’s eyes bore into the back of his head. It wasn’t until he was out of his father’s view that he  let out the breath he didn’t know he was holding.

A smile graced his lips as the soft wind kissed his face. He closed his eyes, leaning his head back basking in the cool, gentle breeze. He didn’t even notice the old, white van following him.

The four men waited for Jared to notice they were following him; Any kids with the street smarts would have but the unsuspecting soon to be victim seemed oblivious to their presence so they pulled the van to a stop. The driver got out with the other three men following close at his heels. “Hey fag.” Called the leader of the pack.

Jared froze in mid step, The four men circled him while Jeff backed up into the shadows opening his bible to the passage his father picked out for him to read. “Yeah, this one looks real young and fresh.” He heard one of the men speak.

“Kind of delicate like a woman.” Said the second man.

The other men laughed, their circle closing in on their poor unsuspecting victim. Jeff frowned wishing these men would just get this brutality done and over with instead of dragging it out with mindless dribble. He had his own homework to finish.

Being sheltered all his life, Jared didn’t know how to react. That explained why he didn’t fight back when guy number three shoved him to the ground while the fourth guy kicked him hard in the ass with his steel tip boot clad foot.

Jared did the only thing he could think of, he cried and pleaded for his life. “Look, if it’s money you want, I’ll get it for you… I’ll find a way but I’ll get it for you.”

“We don’t want your damn money fag.” Said guy number one as he grabbed the boy from his belt loop in the back of his crisp clean blue jeans.

“Yeah,” Continued guy number two. “We only want to fuck you to the moon.” The laugh that came from that man gave Jared the impression that he was an uneducated hick. Maybe all four of them were.”

“When do we rape him Cletus?” Ask guy number four. Okay so Cletus must be the leader and wait….WHAT? THEY WERE GOING TO RAPE HIM?

Jared began to squirm, his arms and legs flailing valiantly but the men only tightened their grip. He screamed for dear life but to no avail, nobody came to save him. The four men dragged him into the woods, all grappling at the screaming boy’s clothes. “DAMN IT GUYS.” Cletus yelled as he slapped his three friends’ eager hands. “We can’t get him naked if we are all tuggin’ at his clothes.”

“Yes Cletus.” Said guy number two immediately embarrassed.

“Alright now one at a time.” Instructed Cletus as his pudgy fingers began to work the buttons on Jared’s shirt free.

“Here you go.” Said guy number two handing Cletus the knife becoming impatient with the small buttons on his shirt Cletus was trying to work free.

“Thanks Norm.” Cletus nodded at guy number two. These men must really be stupid to be committing rape and calling each other by name.

“Hey Cletus?” Guy number three looked expectantly at their leader.

“mmmm?” Cletus dragged the knife down the front of Jared’s shirt, popping off the buttons one by one.

“Me and Lenny were wonderin’ who gits to go first?” Ask guy number three as he took out his own pocket knife cutting Jared’s blue jeans away from his body not even giving the button a chance.

Cletus had to repeat himself about three or four times before clamping his meaty hand down on screaming Jared’s throat. “Norm and I will take his asshole, Lenny? you and Bradford can shove your dicks in his mouth.

“EWE GROSS.” Yelled Lenny as he jumped back keeping his hand on the zipper line. All three men’s head swiveled towards him. “He’s peein’ his pants like a little baby. He’s peein’ all over the ground.”

“So?” Cletus barked out. “This isn’t the first time it happened to a kid we raped.”

“Got his ass all wet too.” Lenny continued as if Cletus hadn’t spoken at all. “Gettin’ my hand all wet. Look at that, it’s sprayin’ right through my fingers.”

“Shut the fuck up.” Norm shouted loud enough for the neighborhood to hear him. The other three men held their breaths waiting for any signs that someone was coming to the rescue and when there were none, Norm continued. " And move your damn hand instead of letting him pee all over you like that then pull down his damn pants and forget about him pissing in them before someone catches us.”

Jared continued to struggle but the four men held him down. “Don’t forget to hit him.” Instructed Bradford as he sat on Jared’s bony ankles.

“After the rape.” Cletus shoved Jared forcefully on his knees. “We wasted enough time already."

The other guys nodded their agreements before taking their instructed places. With two dicks shoved in his ass and two shoved in his mouth with the threat that if he would bite them, they will pluck out his teeth one by one; Jeff took that as his cue to start reading the passage from his bible, "the LORD rained down burning sulfur on Sodom and Gomorrah — from the LORD out of the heavens. Thus he overthrew those cities and the entire plain, including all those living in the cities..." On and one he continued to read the passages from the book of Genesis, offering explanation of where the word sodomy came from.

Tears streaked Jared’s face as he felt he was severe burning in his ass as his flesh around the rectum began to tear and the blood lubricated the two men’s dicks for easy glide entry. His cries were muffled while the two dicks shoved down his throat cutting off his airway. The brutal pain drowned out his brother's scripture reading.

Jared thought they were done when he felt a weight being removed from his curved back until he felt a long tree branch being shoved up his asshole. He bucked and tried to scream but was still gagged by the two dicks shoved into his mouth.

 The assault seemed to go on forever. Jared thought he would end up dying before they were done until finally the two men pulled out of his mouth and before he knew what was happening, a work boot connected with his jaw. He received many beatings from the four men, a few kicks to the head, back, stomach, torso, dick, legs and face.

Once the men were gone, Jared hurriedly grabbed his torn and soiled jeans hissing as he pulled them over his battered body. The pee cooled considerably but Jared couldn’t bring himself to care.

Leaving his shirt on the ground beside his battered head, Jared rolled painfully on his side, pressing his face into the rocky, woodsy ground and began to sob loudly not caring who heard him.

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Jensen parked his car in front of his powder blue two story house. His eyes narrowed in confusion as he saw the old white van peel away from in front of his house. He quietly sauntered up his walk way, keys bouncing in his hand, stopped in front of his bottom step as he noticed uncontrollable sobbing coming from the woods beside his property.

He was about to step up onto that bottom step when that sobbing turned into gasping, then more sobbing. Giving up his quest to enter his home, Jensen made his way towards the woods.

As he drew closer to the woods, the sobbing grew louder. Jensen followed that sobbing and to his horror only a few feet into the woods was a battered, shirtless man crying into the dirt. “Hey kid, you alright?” That was a stupid question. Of course he wasn’t alright.

Upon instinct, Jensen broke into a run until he was looming over the battered figure. Kneeling down on one knee, Jensen lifted the bloodied and battered head and placed it on his knee. “No more please.” Jared begged for his life.

“Shhh.” Jensen shushed him, trying to calm him down as he tenderly stroked the distraught boy’s blood encrusted hair. “It’s okay. He’s gone now. Can you tell me who did this to you?”

“F-F-Four guys.” He stammered, gasping between breaths as he pressed his face into Jensen’s thigh. “T-T-They R-R….”

“They raped you?” Jensen interrupted as he had a sinking feeling that is what happened. Five minutes earlier and he would have been able to save the boy but being a young doctor with his own practice, a patient goes to the hospital, sometimes you are required to see that patient and work over time depending on the seriousness of the situation. “Did those guys drive a white van?”

Jared nodded against the man’s thigh. Jensen began to pull out his cell phone to dial 911 but shaky long, slender fingers gently wrapping around his wrist stopped him. “N-no p-please don’t.”

“But you’re hurt.” Jensen argued but the boy’s grip on his wrist strengthened.

Jensen sighed in defeat, “Alright for now but at least let me get you inside the house, will you at least let me do that?”

Jared nodded as Jensen gently pushed him into a sitting position cradling his head against his chest. When he lowered one arm to the sobbing boy’s back and slid the other beneath his knees, he slowly pulled that arm back seeing that his hand was coated with blood.

Slowly and ever so carefully, Jensen rolled Jared’s hips towards him to investigate and gasped in horror when he saw that his entire ass was coated in blood then he rolled Jared’s hips back to investigate his denim clad cock. It was covered in urine. “Did those guys pee on you?”

Jared blushed profusely, pressing his face into his savior’s shoulder. “No.” His voice was muffled against Jensen’s shoulder but the shorter man still heard him. “I did.”

Jensen squeezed Jared against him. “It’s alright. It’s to be expected in such a violent rape like this. I’d be surprised if you didn’t piss yourself.” Then Jensen slid his arm back beneath Jared’s knees and lifted him nearly stumbling from over compensating for the weight he held in his arms and rocking on his heels but a quick twist of his ankles he was able to regain his composure. He expected Jared to be much heavier given the length of him.

Slowly Jensen carried his precious cargo up the steps and into his powder blue two story home. “I still wish you’d let me call 911 or let me drive you to the hospital myself.

Jensen made his way to the hall closet and pulled out an old blanket and placed it on his bed without losing his grip on Jared once. Jared held onto the man, resting his head on his muscular shoulder letting his tears fall against this stranger’s flesh.

Jared almost mourned at the loss of warmth when Jensen placed him on his bed. “I’m going to have to get you undress. I’m sorry.”

As Jensen began to pull Jared’s sodden jeans down, Jared cried out. “NO, PLEASE. PLEASE DON’T… PLEASE.”

“Hey kid.” Jensen held Jared’s face in the palm of his hands. “I am not going to rape you. I’m not going to hurt you in any way. I am a doctor from Montgomery Hospital. Have you heard of it? I also have my own practice.”

“My mom had all three of us there.” Jared nodded, looking into the soft, wide green eyes staring compassionately back at him.

“All three of you? So you have siblings?” Jensen asked, distracting Jared as he gently peeled off his jeans.

Jared nodded once more. “A brother and a Sister, I’m the middle child.”

“Really?” Jared didn’t notice when Jensen brought a pan of water to the night stand beside the bed and began cleaning his wounds. “So who is older? The brother or the sister?”

“Brother. OW.” Jared flinched back from the water burning his cuts and abrasions.

“Sorry.” Jensen mumbled apologetically. “My name’s Jensen Ackles but you can just call me Jensen. What’s your name kid.?”

“Jared.” Jared hissed as Jensen moved closer cleaning the more angry wounds. “And I’m seventeen years old. I am not a kid.”

“My apologies.” Jensen moved Jared’s left leg to where it was bent at the knee. “I didn’t mean to offend you. It’s nice to meet you Jared. Do you have a last name or are you like one of those famous people like Cher or Madonna?”

“Padalecki. OW. PLEASE IT HURTS.” Another torrent of sobs fell from Jared’s lips.

“I’m sorry Jared.” Jensen said, his heart breaking with each sob that tore from this beautiful man’s lips. “But I have to clean this wound or it will get infected.”

“IT BURNS.” Jared continued to sob as if he didn’t hear Jensen’s explanation.

Jensen hurriedly made his way to the back of his house to his private clinic to retrieve the numbing medication for Jared torn rectum. If he were going to sew this man’s asshole that those men so brutally ripped apart, he was going to have to numb the area.

Jensen kept all his medications and narcotics locked away in his private office for emergencies like this. He worked at the hospital when a patient of his was brought in. Hence causing him to work over time. Sometimes, a person was too damaged to be brought to his private practice so he had to go to the hospital to see them but Jared might not be as bad as he thought, sure the rape was brutal but luckily he is able to help Jared without taking him to the emergency room.

Jensen’s eyes welled up with tears as he parted Jared’s ass cheeks taking in all the damage. “I’m sorry.” he nearly sobbed as Jared cried out from the contact. “It’ll be alright soon.”

“IT BURNS.” Jared screamed, trying to squirm away from Jensen’s touch.

“Hold on.” Jensen jumped off the bed and hurried to his office, grabbing a vial of morphine and a wrapped syringe needle, he hurried back to Jared’s bedside. “Jared, Hey, look at me.”

Jared complied. Tears streaking the side of his face. “I am going to medicate you with this drug. Are you allergic to morphine?”

Jared shook his head following it with a loud hiccup. “Good. Now I want you to watch carefully as I unwrap this needle to show you it’s new okay?”

Jared nodded the affirmative. Jensen smiled gently at him as he unwrapped the needle beneath Jared’s intense gaze and he filled the syringe with the recommended dosage flicking the edge of the needled to chase away any air bubbles then he tapped Jared’s arm to pull up a vein. When a vein did appear, Jensen pressed the needle against the wounded boy’s flesh, it dented in from the pressure until the needle broke through the skin entering the vein.

Jared flinched from the quick sharp sting of the needle, inhaling deeply as Jensen inserted the morphine into the vein. He would have injected it into his muscles but the poor boy was severely underweight and he couldn’t find any muscles to inject into so the vein was the next best thing.

Jensen leaned back watching Jared carefully, waiting for the medicine to take effect before he could continue his work on sewing the torn flesh of Jared’s rectum.

Jared stared at Jensen watching him. The room was filled with utter silence, you could almost hear a pin drop. Jared’s eyes rolled upward as his eyelids, slowly fell closed before slowly opening once again. Jensen knew it wouldn’t be too long before the boy fell into a deep sleep.

“What did you say?” Jensen asked as his patient mumbled something in a slurred fashion but when Jared shook his head slightly on the crisp, white, fluffy pillow stained crimson around his head, he knew that he was in a twilight sleep but not deep enough for him to move forward with his minor surgery.

The sound of Jensen’s question sounded so far away but all Jared could offer was an ever so eloquent “Huh?” He hadn’t known he had spoken to the young attractive doctor. Wait. What? Did he just think the doctor was attractive? Surely the morphine was messing with his head.

“Just get some rest.” Jensen gently patted Jared on his right thigh that was bent at the knee.

He didn’t remember when Jensen had flipped him on his stomach. In his range of vision, all he could see was the doctor’s knee. Eyes still slowly opening and closing until the last time his heavy lids fell shut, they remained shut and his breathing evened out, his thin busted lips fell slack as his soft snoring filled the quiet of the room.

Jensen knew that when a patient fell under morphine sedation, a stampede of buffalo running through the room wouldn’t be able to wake them. Pushing himself up from his sitting position, he pulled out a the numbing medication and applied it to Jared’s torn asshole, then he slid the thread through the sewing needle hole. He knew to use the thread that disintegrates with time for an injury like this. Once that had been done. He began working on the tear of the rectal cavity after peering inside in search of any internal damage and was pleased the damage was only on the outside ring of the boy’s anus.

The very thought of the reason why the boy was in desperate need of medical attention in the first place, caused anger to coil inside him like a venomous snake about to strike at any given time but he chose to tamp that anger down for the moment anyway. There will be a time to release it into the wild and let it come raining down on those four rapist but not now.

Once he was done with the surgical procedure, he set out to clean Jared’s wounds and noticed how beautiful he was beneath all of that blood.

The tanned skin in bits of areas that weren't battered were flawless and beautiful. Who could ever hurt such a delicate work of art as this? Unlike the other boys or young men that he had found in the same condition as this poor young victim, the need to be his protector surged through him. He couldn't comprehend why that feeling was so potent. If he were to investigate his own emotions further, he would say that he was falling in love which was insane because he didn't know the boy. He found him in the woods and has sewn up his wound; He needed to find out who this boy or man was, Okay, his name was Jared and he was a middle sibling born at Montgomery hospital but what was the rest of his back story? Who are his parents? Surely they needed to know what has happened to their middle child. The list of questions about the young lad goes on but before he could dwell on them, he must first focus on nursing Jared back to health and once he was well enough to answer those questions, he will inquire him.

Chapter Text

Jared awoke as the sun peeked over the horizon sending its bright gentle rays shining their way through the pale white curtains giving his medium dark brown hair a golden glow. The fog hadn't completely lifted from his brain. Jared looked around the room in confusion; his breath caught in his throat as he heard slow heavy footsteps grow near. Trying to calm his gitterning nerves, Jared tried inhaling deep, shallow breaths in an effort to slow his fast beating heart.

"Ahh, you're up." Jensen smiled at the terrified lad. "I've made us some breakfast. You have to keep your strength up and I thought you might not want to eat alone."

"Wh-Where am I?" Jared's head jerked from side to side rapidly trying to take in his surroundings.

"Easy." Jensen immediately laid the two trays down on the night stand and rushed to Jared's side resting his hand on the small of the frightened man's back. "Don't get yourself all worked up. Don't want you breaking a stitch."

"Where am I?" Jared repeated as if the young doctor hadn't spoken.

"What do you remember?" Jensen's voice was laced with concern as he began to rub the small of Jared's back in an effort to relax him.

"I-I don't know." Jared stammered, his eyes began to swim with unshed tears.

"It's okay." Jensen comforted as he slide his hand from the small of the other man's back and curled his fingers around the curve of his shoulder but still keeping a safe distance. "Last night I found you in my woods. You were in pretty bad shape. Is anything coming back to you?"

Jared's eyes widened as the horrific memories bombarded his mind. "There were four men...."

"That's right." Jensen said as he squeezed Jared's shoulder. "They raped you. Do you remember that?"

Jared nodded the affirmative as a solitary tear made it's way down his cheek. "And I wet myself."

"And I told you that it was to be expected." Jensen smiled sadly at his patient. "Do you remember that?"

Jared gave an inaudible "Yes." But Jensen still heard him.

"What else do you remember?" The young doctor coaxed him when it looked as if Jared wasn't going to speak.

After a beat, Jared finally spoke. "You said that your name was Jensen.... Ackles?"

"That's right." Jensen praised his young patient as it was evident that the memories were flooding back to him. "And you told me that your name was Jared Padalecki."

Jared once again nodded the affirmative. "And You're a doctor."

"Yes I am." Jensen responded, his smile growing as his patient continued to respond to him. "Now where have I heard the name Padalecki before?"

"I don't know." Jared shrugged dumbly. "It could be that my dad is a well known preacher named Gerald Padalecki."

"You mean that bible thumping, hell fire and brimstone Baptist preacher? That Gerald Padalecki?" Those words were out of Jensen's mouth before he could pull them back in but Jared seemed to be unaffected by that insult.

"Yes." Jared shamefully admitted. "The same one."

"Hey," Jensen said, immediately contrite. "I'm sorry.... I didn't mean to.... Sometimes when I open mouth, I insert foot."

"I-it's okay." Jared averted his eyes towards his lap. He knew how judgmental other people were towards his father and he didn't blame them. His biblical teachings could be scary and he knew how judgmental his father was towards the world. It seemed like according to his dad, his family were the only ones going to heaven. Actually, his whole family except for him and his mother. "My dad has that effect on people."

"Tell me about your father." Jensen slid Jared's tray in front of him. The smell of the French Toast and scrambled eggs wafted up to his nasal cavity causing his stomach to growl.

"What do you want to know?" Jared shoveled a heaping fork full of the scrambled eggs, eagerly chewing like a starving man.

"I don't know." Jensen pretended not to notice Jared devouring his food like a starving animal until it became impossible to ignore. "Anything you can tell me like how long has it been since you've  last eaten?"

Jared stopped in mid bite, a slight blush climbing up his neck and staining his cheeks crimson. "I'm sorry. I didn't realize I was making a pig of myself. I'll stop."

"Hey." Jensen placed his hand comfortingly on Jared's. "It's okay. I just don't want you making yourself sick is all."

Jared slowly nodded at the young doctor, before remembering the most important table rule. No talking. "Can we talk after we have finished eating?"

"If you want." Jensen's eyebrows furrowed into a frown as confusion blanketed his pale features. "But may I ask why?"

"Please?" Jared all but whined. "After we have finished eating."

"Okay." Jensen whispered  and begun eating in silence, his eyes never leaving Jared's face.

Once they had finished eating, "Would you like some more?"

"No thank you." Jared mumbled as he handed Jensen his tray.

"Are you sure?" Asked Jensen unconvinced as he recalled how vigorously his patient tore into his French toast and devoured his scrambled eggs like a starving man who hadn't eaten in months. "Because there's plenty more and you look like you could use it."

"No thank you." Jared answered a little louder this time. "Gluttony is a sin."

Jensen opened his mouth once more to speak but the look of determination on Jared's face brooked no room for argument. "Okay, Now do we talk or is there another ritual we must follow before we reach that point?"

Jared's thin lips curved into a small smile and Jensen could have sworn he hadn't seen anything more beautiful in his life. "No. Now we can talk. What do you want to know?"

"First of all," Jensen broached the subject carefully. Starting the inquisition with the lighter subjects before working his way up to the most difficult. "Why don't you talk at meal times?"

Jared averted his eyes towards his intertwined fingers; A nervous habit he had picked up long ago when ever he confronted his father in hopes that what ever subject he would bring up, wouldn't anger him. "Because it takes our focus away from God and the life he has given us."

"But I thought prayer did that." Jensen noted, staring at the Jared's beautiful battered face, dragging his thumb ghostly across his cracked bottom lip catching the syrup that clung to it in the shape of a tear drop. "And you didn't pray before eating your breakfast, how come?"

Jared paused in thought. "Because I don't think God can hear me because I am a sinner."

"Oh Jared." Jensen shook his head sadly at that. "We are all sinners. No matter who we are and God hears all of our prayers."

Jared looked up, flabbergasted. "You pray?"

"Yeah I pray." Jensen chuckled at Jared's response. "I'm one of God's children too. We all are."

"Were you raised in a church?" Then Jared ducked his head embarrassed. "I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pry."

"It's perfectly alright." Jensen let his hand fall from the bottom of Jared's lip and land on his fumbling fingers. "You're not prying. I think it's only fair that you learn about me, not just the other way around. Yeah. I was raised in a church. My dad is a Presbyterian pastor and he's very good at his job."

"So is my dad." Jared lied even though he didn't know that he was lying. He honestly believed that his dad was not only good at his job but that he was the best because God had hand selected him to deliver his message to the lost souls in his congregation. "He says that the Baptist is the only religion there is. Other denominations are just cults; they're not really doing God's work. They are doing the devils work and because of that, they are destined for hell and that we should be weary of them or they will drag us to hell with them."

Jensen's head jerked back as if he had been slapped. "He said that huh?" Let me tell you something, just because a denomination isn't a Baptist church, doesn't make them a cult. We worship the same God YOU DO and we sing the same hymns as YOU. Just because you people are Baptist, does NOT Make you better than everyone else. Who gave him the authority to decide who goes to heaven and who doesn't?"

Jared flinched back from the venom in Jensen's words. Those beautiful soft green eyes now hardened in anger and Jared couldn't help but to stare at Jensen's hands as he kept flinching away waiting for one to be raised at him in anger.

Jensen noticed to poor boy's reaction as he spat each venomous word at him and his eyes softened. "I'm sorry Jared. I should not have lost my temper with you. It's not your fault that your father taught you wrong.... Are you alright?"

"Mhm." Jared's words quivered from that one single word as his eyes began to fill up with tears so he kept them trained on his hands for the fear that Jensen would notice him struggling not to fall apart.

"Hey." Jensen gently tugged at his arm. "I mean it. I'm sorry. I should not have yelled at you. Okay?"

"Okay." Jared whispered, too afraid that if he spoke any louder, he would turn into a sobbing mess and maybe that would anger Jensen even more as it had his father so many times.

"Alright then." Jensen nodded, fighting the impulse not to hold the poor boy; it was obvious that he was struggling to keep it together but he didn't know if that form of comfort would have been welcomed. "You said that your father believes that other denominations are cults but what do you believe?"

"My father believes...." Jared shrugged in response.

"I know what your father believes." Jensen gently interrupted, being careful at keeping his voice at a quiet level. "But what do you believe?"

"My father says...." Jared stated unsure of Jensen's question.

"But what do you believe?" Jensen repeated, studying Jared's demeanor which was diminishing into that of a frightened little boy.

"M-My father...." Jared stated once more, his voice beginning to quiver to a noticeable level while his eyes began to swim in unshed tears.

"But what do you believe Jared?" Jensen pleaded with the nearly sobbing man as he grabbed both of his shoulders, swiveling his torso to face towards him. "It's not a difficult question."

"M-My fa...." Jared hiccuped. Trying desperately to answer Jensen's question and Jensen could see Jared's eyes shining, practically drowning in the tears Jared refuse to let escape but it was obvious he was failing.

"Oh Jared." The arms that were holding him by the shoulders were now pulling him in. "What has he done to you to make you too afraid to think for yourself?"

"M-My f-father says...." Jared continued as if Jensen hadn't spoke.

"Shhhh." Jensen nuzzled his nose against the top of Jared's head. "It's okay. You don't understand the question and it's not your fault."

"M-My f-father says..." It became obvious to Jensen that Jared was having a mild mental break down and he gripped him tighter with one hand while the other slid up to cradle the side of his head to his chest; rocking him back and forth for added comfort as Jared began to sob profusely into his chest trying desperately to answer Jensen's previous question.

"Don't answer the question Jared." Jensen whispered into his hair. "It's okay. I understand now. It's going to be alright." He continued rocking Jared back and forth while whispering words of comfort to him. Jensen kissed Jared firmly yet gently on top of his head before resting his cheek against it allowing him to cry out is grief, his pain and his sorrow against his gently beating heart, saturating his crisp, white, V neck T shirt with his tears.



Chapter Text

Once Jared had fallen into a deep slumber, crying endlessly in Jensen's arms into exhaustion, Jensen carefully disentangled himself from the lengthy man's arms; momentarily freezing when Jared began to snuffle. Looking down at his patient, he realized he was still asleep. Jensen leaned over Jared, face an inch apart from his patient's and gave him a ghost of a kiss on his forehead not minding the strands of moppy brown hair sticking to his bottom lip before he gracefully pulled back.

Jensen made his way down the stairs in his stocking clad feet, shoes would have created a heavy sound that probably would have awakened his patient and Jared needed all the rest he could get to allow his body to heal properly. Once in the living room, Jensen opened his lap top, tap the power button and the screen beeped to life. Effortlessly gliding his fingers across the keyboard, the gentle tapping almost deafening in the quiet of the house. The screen lit up as his laptop accepted his password iamkingkong. Stifling a laughter of how he had acquired that password, he slid the arrow key down to the google icon at the bottom of his screen, clicked and when the google web page popped up on the screen, he typed the words Preacher Gerald Padalecki into the address bar before hitting the return on his keyboard.

It didn't take long for Jared's dad's name, address and church phone number to show up on the screen. Jensen dragged his cellphone from the front pocket of black jeans. It was his complete day off which meant he wasn't even on call for the day. He pressed the numbers on his key pad. Five rings later, a voice that sounded remotely like Jared's but a bit deeper and condescending. "Cross on the Hill Baptist Church. How can I help you today?"

Jensen swallowed thickly, his fingers tapping nervously against his denim clad leg. "Uh... Hello? I am looking for Preacher Gerald Padalecki?"

"Actually it's Brother Gerald." The voice immediately corrected, his voice a little chastising.

"My apologies sir." Jensen cleared his throat, slightly embarrassed.

"No need to apologize son." Jared's father's voice sounded like he was trying to comfort the frighted man.

"Okay." Jensen rubbed a sweaty palm against his knee. "Brother Gerald, My name is Doctor Ackles..."

"Well Doctor Ackles?" Gerald immediately cut off; his comforting tone turning into one of impatience. "Is Doctor your first name or is it something else?"

"No sir." Jensen chuckled lightly into the phone trying to sound more relaxed than he was feeling. "My first name is Jensen sir."

"Alright Jensen." The preacher growled into the phone. "Tell me what can I do for you son? I'm a very busy man so I haven't gotten all day."

"Yes. Of course." Jensen leaned back in his black overstuffed office chair, grabbing an ink pen and tapping it on the hard, plastic arm of the chair. "I have your son Jared."

When he didn't receive a response, he continued. "Brother Gerald, your son has been raped by four men in the woods by my house."

"Did you patch him up?" Rage began to roll in the very being of the doctor's essence when he heard the lack of concern in Jared's own father's voice.

Aren't you going to ask me if he was alright?" Jensen didn't even try to hide the disbelief he spat into the phone and was hoping that Brother Gerald would have picked up on that.

"You're a doctor." Gerald said as if acknowledging it for the very first time. "I am sure that if my son is in your care, then he is in good hands. He's alright as you put it."

"But he was raped." Jensen's voice skipped as it raised an octave. "What about the guys that did this to him? Aren't you angry? Aren't you worried about his mental well being if not his physical? Don't you want to.... Oh I don't know.... Call the police? File a report? Find the guys who did this to him and bring them to justice?" He couldn't help firing off these questions but damn it, how can the man be so fucking cavalier about this? IT WAS HIS SON FOR CHRIST SAKE.

Gerald heaved an exasperated sigh as if he were talking to a telemarketer rather than a doctor telling him that his son was raped. "What's done is done Doctor.... Ackles. We don't dwell on the past and filing a report with the police is not our way. We do not associate ourselves with the laws of man. God will handle them in his own time. Do I make myself clear?"

"What?" Jensen breathed, tears of frustration welling up in his eyes. "Are you kidding me? The laws are there for a reason. To protect victims like your son."

"Is Jared ready to come home?" Gerald changed the subject so rapidly that Jensen was lucky to not have gotten whiplash. "If you're done patching him up, send him home."

"Sir." Jensen swiped a sweaty palm roughly over his heated face, feeling his blood coming to a rolling boil. "How can you expect me to send him walking home when those guys are still out there? He wasn't the only one was raped by those guys."

"God will look after my son." Gerald barked into the phone. "I have it on good authority that he is safe now and can walk home on his own. Now if you are done with him, your service is no longer required now are you going to send him home or do I have to call your boss and have you fired?"

"No sir." Jensen's shoulders slumped in defeat, a solitary tear staining his right cheek but not out of frustration this time; instead it was out of fear, empathy and sadness for the poor boy who's own father didn't seem to give a fuck about him. "His rectal cavity had been severely torn, I had to sew him up. It will be at least a few days before he will be healed enough for me to feel comfortable about sending him home."

"Good." Gerald said cheerfully into the phone, you would have thought he was getting invited to dinner in his honor for being God's most loyal servant. "When he is healed enough, just send him home and I will send you your payment for taking care of him."

Before Jensen could protest any further, the phone clicked before he was met with utter silence. Dropping his phone noisily on his desk, Jensen slammed his face in his hands releasing the torrents of his tears he'd held captive behind his eyes.

His profuse sobbing was cut short when he heard a slight cough coming from the upstairs bedroom and knew that Jared was beginning to awaken.

Quickly swiping his fingers across the bottom of his eye lids and giving himself a quick view in the mirror, nodding his approval at his reflection; he didn't want Jared to notice that the good doctor had fallen apart. That would probably scare him.

Opening the door just a crack, wide green eyes scanning the room and coming to rest on his patient who appeared to be fully awake. "Hey, how's the patient doing?" The false enthusiasm in his voice seemed to be a dead give away for a young man as inquisitive as Jared. "You hungry?"

Jared solemnly shook his head, eyes scanning the doctor's. Reading the expressions that played across Jensen's pale features. "What's wrong?"

"What?" Jensen huffed a fake chuckle. A good actor, he was not. "What do you mean what's wrong?"

"You've been crying." Jared softly said, his almond shaped eyes soft and saddened.

"Me? Crying?" Jensen scoffed but one look in Jared's eyes, Jensen plopped onto the side of his patient's bed. "Alright you got me. I was because I called your dad..." Then Jensen hesitated, wondering if he should fabricate their discussion or just be honest. He decided on option one. "I told him what had happened to you and he is concerned and very outraged about what those men did to you."

Jared stared at him unconvinced. "My father does not get concerned about anything and he would never be outraged if somebody rapes one of his children; he believes that God will take care of them so will you please tell me the truth? What did he say?"

Jensen reached out and gingerly took Jared's hand in his grasp. "Exactly what you just told me. He gave me this speech that God will take care of it in his own time and when you are healed, for me to send you home."

"Oh okay." Jared's voice dripped with disappointment. He didn't want to admit it to himself or out loud be he was falling for the good doctor and he wasn't even sure Jensen was gay. If he admitted his feelings, he might get turned away which would hurt more than than death itself and then there was that whole gays are going to hell thing that he would have to deal with. Just the thought of him having to leave Jensen so soon after his tragedy made his heart clinch in agony. "Where's my clothes?"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa." Jensen slid his hand to Jared's shoulder holding him in place. "Where do you think you're going? That's five miles of walking and you're in no shape to leave this bed."

"But you said my father...." Confusion marring Jared's features.

"I did." Jensen interrupted while the hand holding his patient in place relaxed, thumb gingerly rubbing the dip in his shoulder. "But I told him that you won't be healed enough for another few days and between you and me, when you are healed enough to go home, I'm sure as hell not making you walk. I'll be driving you but for now, you are staying right here in this bed. Is that clear?"

Jared leaned back against the pillow behind him, looking unconvinced. "And my father is okay with this?"

"Why wouldn't he be?" Jensen smiled widely at his patient before rolling his eyes in exasperation when he noticed  Jared remaining unconvinced and realizing that some times this boy although quite intelligent, needed things to be spelled out for him. "I told him what I just told you and he's okay with it. Alright?"

Jared seemed to relax at that. His mind secretly doing the happy dance. "Okay but is it okay if I give you a hug? I notice you've been crying; my father has that effect on people and I thought that..." Jensen noticed the uncertainty in Jared's voice as he averted his eyes toward the edge of the blanket his finger were nervously plucking; saddening the good doctor once again. "If...if I'm not crossing some invisible boundary, I don't know..." His voice trailed off as a lightly tinted crimson stained his cheeks.

Jensen thought Jared was beautiful before but watching him blush was just downright adorable and it brought a sob filled lump to his throat that this man being the victim of a brutal rape was concerned for him. He couldn't help but be humbled by that. He can definitely see himself spending the rest of his life with him. The question was, would Jared ever reciprocate those feelings or was he too damaged from the rape? That he can help him overcome but then there was the obstacle of his family. So many things to be considered if Jensen wanted to pursue a romantic relationship with Jared. He knew he was gay. He could tell the way Jared looked at him when he thought he wasn't watching. The hunger in his eyes were hard to miss. Now here he was, waiting for an answer to the simplest of question, if it was okay if he gave him a hug and he would be damned if he was going to pass that offer up; Jensen leaned forward snaking his arms around Jared's shoulders.

Jared in turn, wrapped his protectively around Jensen's waist, pulling him in close. "I'm sorry about my father." Jared murmured into his ear. Lips unintentionally brushing against the shell of it as he spoke.

Jensen let out a choked sob. Completely baffled by this man's concern for him when Jared had to endure this kind of careless treatment everyday and probably worse. "Don't be. It's not your fault. None of it is."

When Jensen heard the soft, feather like sniffles echo through his ear, his grip tightened around Jared's neck; one hand sliding up to cup the back of his tousle haired head, the other rubbing soothing circles in the small of his back. Jared then angled his neck, burying his face in the crook of Jensen's pale slender flesh, deep broken breaths skittered across the delicate curve. "S'okay baby. Just let it out. I've gotcha." Jensen crooned, holding firmly to the broken soul that clung to him in desperation like he was a life raft carrying him to safety over intrepid waters.

Jensen rocked him back and forth. Soothing words cascading from his lips into the hollow of Jared's hurt.



Chapter Text

Jensen hadn't remembered falling asleep. He was holding Jared while the lad cried in his arms and the next thing he knew, it was daylight and someone was knocking at the front door. Sliding out from tangled arms once again, Jensen managed to pull himself free.

The muscles in his back complained as he raised his arms, stretching as many muscles that would respond. The banging grew louder. Letting his arms fall heavily to his side, Jensen immediately made his way down the stairs grumbling to himself; something about it being too early for visitors when it was 9:30 in the morning.

Jensen swung the door open glaring at the impatient figure standing on his porch. "Damn it. give me enough time to get to the door before you go banging it off the hinges... I mean what the fu….."

Jensen stopped in mid rant when he saw his old friend, standing there nearly loosing his balance when Jensen swung the door open so hard. "Sorry Jenny." Before Jensen could respond, Misha turned his attention towards the car. "IT'S OKAY TOMMY. HE'S HOME."

Tom slid out of the passenger side and slowly sauntered up the walkway towards Jensen's porch.

"What's going on?" Jensen previous annoyance forgotten.

"Well." Misha chuckled at his friend with the disheveled hair as Tom stepped up on the porch behind him. "Are you going to invite us in or do you just want to talk on the porch?"

"Oh." Jensen stepped back, pulling the door with him. "Sorry about that?"

Even through his half hearted apology, his eyes never left Tom's face and Misha instantly took notice. "Jenny, you remember Tommy. You treated him a year ago."

"Hi Doctor Ackles." Tom greeted cheerfully. "Remember me?"

Jensen's eyes widened at the recollection. "Tom Welling?"

"In the flesh." Tom's grin grew even wider showing a mouth full of teeth, looking almost manic. "So is Jared here?"

"What?" Jensen stopped and all of a sudden, a silence filled the room to the point where you could hear a pin drop.

"Tommy." Misha nudged his ankle gently with his foot. "I thought we agreed you weren't going to just blurt out his name. That I was the one who would bring him up."

"Sorry." Tom bowed his head submissively looking like a beaten puppy.

Misha slid his arm around his shoulders and pull him into a one armed hug. "It's alright. You got a little excited now let me handle this, okay?"

Tom nodded silently eyes averted sadly towards the floor.

Misha, tightened his grip before leaning forward giving him a lingering kiss to his temple as a form of comfort before turning his attention towards Jensen. "There had been some talk going around that you now have a Jared Padalecki in your care...."

"You know I'm not allowed to discuss my patients." Jensen interrupted, pushing himself up from his two tone blue rocking chair into a standing position. Both men watched him make his way into the kitchen preparing Jared's breakfast.

Tom followed Jensen into the kitchen with Misha close at his heals. "May I take Jared his breakfast?"

"Tom." Jensen started to shake his head.

"But Doctor Ackles," Tom's voice took on a pleading tone. "I know that no HIPPA agreement was signed so technically the Doctor Patient confidentially thing is null and void. He's not really your patient; he's just a guy you are treating and getting paid under the table so that there is no paper trail. And besides, I think he would benefit from seeing me. I understand what he's going through and I can relate."

Jensen shot Misha a flabbergasted look causing his dark haired friend to chuckle. "Tom's been studying psychology and part of his studying is the HIPPA act, the privacy that protects clients and patients and he happens to know a lot about Cross on the Hill Baptist Church. He wants to council with rape victims that comes from those types of so called churches. I honestly think he can help Jared."

Heaving an exasperated sigh, Jensen relented; his pale fingers wrapping around the handles of the brown tray, "Okay. but he's very fragile. Just go easy on him." Then with little hesitation, he relinquished the tray to Tom's waiting hands.

Tom looked down at the tray noticing there were two meals, before shooting the good doctor a questioning look. "Jensen?"

"He prefers to not eat alone." Jensen explained to him. "So I hope you didn't have a big breakfast."

"Naw," Tom smiled at Jensen. "I just had some toast."

"He was too much in a hurry." Misha explained for him. "He had to rush right over here. I talked him into at least having a slice of toast."

Tom made his way up the stairs and tapped lightly on the door knowing that Jared was probably occupying the same room he did when he was gang raped a year ago. "Room service."

Jared shot up, petrified that it wasn't Jensen. Tom rushed into the room and hurriedly set the tray down on the side table. "Easy now, you don't want to go tearing your stitches. That would hurt like a bitch."

"Did-Did my dad send you?" Jared's bottom lip began to quiver. He didn't want to leave Jensen now. He was falling in love with the good doctor. He was the first man to show him any kindness; the first man to hug him. When it came to any hugs what so ever, he was a virgin but now since he had experienced that physical contact, he didn't want to go to that cold and isolated world that he lived in.

"No." Tom sat down on the corner of the bed, placing his hand gingerly on Jared's. "Your dad didn't send me. I'm with Misha."

Jared cocked his head to the side staring at Tom in a quizzical fashion.

Tom rolled his eyes realizing that the preacher's son needed things to be spelled out for him. "Misha is my boyfriend. I'm hear because there have been some talk going around that you came out to your dad and then you were gang raped."

"It is God's will." Jared quoted as his dad has done to him so many times.

"God's will is not rape." Tom argued as he reached for the tray. "Here, Doctor Ackles made us some breakfast."

"He's pulling away from me isn't he?" To say Jared was fragile was an understatement; this poor man was shattered and Tom felt his heart clinch in agony as he saw the taller man's eyes well up with tears. "That's why he asked you to bring me my breakfast instead of bringing it himself."

"God no." Tom said noticing Jared seeming unconvinced. "Really. I asked him if I could. He wasn't going to let me but I begged him. You have to believe me Jared."

"Sorry." Jared mumbled as he began eating.

"So, When I heard...." Tom began only to be stopped by the shake of Jared's head.

"We don't talk at meal times." Jared explained to a confused Tom. "We'll talk after."

Tom simply nodded and the two men ate in private.

"Is that a rule of your father's?" Tom asked once they were finished eating.

"Yeah." Jared answered about to set down the empty tray on the side table by stretching towards it but Tom stopped him.

"Here I'll take that."

Jared smiled softly at him but the smile never reached his eyes. "Yeah, because talking at meal times takes our focus off of God and the life he has given us."

"Wow." Tom shook his head. "I imagine being a preacher's son, you must have had to live under strict rules."

"What about you." Asked Jared ignoring Tom's comment.

"I left the church." Tom shrugged, glancing up at Jared's confused expression. "Okay, a year ago I met this man. His name is Misha. we started off as friends and I started falling in love with him, kind of like you are doing with Doctor Ackles."

When Jared's mouth fell open, Tom laughed. "Yeah, it's obvious about how you feel about him just like he feels the same about you. You know I'm right so don't even think about denying it." Growing serious once again, anyway. Misha and I were good friends. I mean we could talk about anything. One day I realized that I was falling in love with him. I asked him why that when I saw a beautiful woman, it did nothing for me but when I see a man, I feel strange stirrings? He told me that it meant I was gay and that nothing was wrong with it. That's when I told him how I felt about him only to discover he felt the same way. We couldn't do anything about our feeling until I told my folks and when I did, they told your dad who told them that God will take care of me and save me from eternal damnation and before you knew it, I was gang raped by four men."

"I remember that." Said Jared, engrossed in Tom's version of the story. "My dad called you to the front and told the entire congregation that you have confessed to your parents that you were a homosexual and that God sent his four soldiers to save you from eternal damnation. Then you left the church and my father said that you have left to join Satan's Army."

Tom frowned. "He said that? Well, let me tell you my side. They threw me out because I told my parents that I was still gay and that I was in love with a man. Not only did your father throw me out but he threw my parents out as well. My dad was so angry with me for the trouble I caused them that he told me that since I love this man so much, why don't I go and live with him? So I did. I was in tears and Misha held me. He is my light, he is the air that I breathe. I love him and he loves me. Did you know that while I was being raped by those four men, your brother was there reading a passage and praying over me? He did that while I was being BRUTILY RAPED!"

Jared lowered his eyes towards his blanket clad legs. "I know. He was there when I was being raped too."

Tom couldn't help but notice the tears that kept splashing Jared's hand. "Oh Jared. It wasn't God's way. You have to believe me." Without thinking, he reached out and gathered his distraught friend into his arms.

Jared accepted the comfort; laying he head on Tom's shoulder crying out his sorrow. "But it worked. I'm cure now."

"No you're not." Tom gripped him tighter rubbing soothing circles in the small of Jared's back. "Because there is no cure for homosexuality. There is nothing wrong with us; we just love differently and that's what makes us special."

"So you were saying?" Jensen handed Misha a mug of hot coffee. Two spoons of sugar and two spoons of non-dairy creamer.

"Brother Gerald has the police on his payroll." Said Misha as he followed Jensen into the living room.

"And you know this how?" Jensen sat down in his favorite rocking chair, his eyes trained on Misha.

"Ow." Misha mumbled as his lips touched the pale hot liquid in the mug. "I have a man working on the inside. He's been feeding me information."

"Oh, really. Do tell." Jensen drawled as he leaned forward placing his mug on the coffee table before resting his elbows on his knees with his hands clasped together; making it obvious that Misha had peaked his interest.

"Yes." Misha gingerly crossed his left leg over his right. You could hear the soft swishing sound of his crisp black slacks as he did so and his hands clasped together like Jensen's but over his knee. "His name is Christian Kane. He's an undercover detective like me; Infact, he's my partner. He is working undercover as the church treasurer. He just started two days ago and in that two days, he found out that Brother Gerald has the police on his payroll. Why, I'm not quite sure yet but I'm supposed to find out something by the end of the day. He's really good at his job, the best next to me." Then Misha laughed at his own joke.

"Okay." Jensen tried not to sound impressed and curious as all hell but there was something Misha wasn't telling him. "So why are you telling me? Is it because of all the rape victims I've been finding in my woods?"

"Partly." Misha admitted, considering his friend briefly on how much information he should divulge. "Especially because no reports have been made...."

"Uhh…." Jensen interrupted dropping his voice to almost a conspirator's tone, "I kind of did. When the rape victims said they didn't want to make a police report, I called the police each time but strangely the police never came. They said that they would investigate it and that was it."

"You did?" Misha's eyes widened before he reached into his white shirt pocket grabbing out a small notepad and ink pen and began Jotting down some notes.

"I knew you were on official business." Jensen smiled only half joking.

"Partly." Misha admitted before closing his notepad and sliding it back into his shirt pocket. "I'll have to let Christian know that you have called the police and what their response was. I'm also here because I found out that the preacher's son is here. I thought we could get some information out of him."

"Tom." Jensen breathed as the realization slammed through him. "Tom is here to interview him. Why?"

"Because we believe that Jared might know about the rapes." Misha averted his eyes towards the floor. "He might have heard his dad talking. Maybe he'd known the guys who have been raping gay teens who have come out to their parents. we believe his father might be behind all of it."


"LOOK." Misha jumped after Jensen, his perfectly tanned fingers wrapping firmly around Jensen's pale wrist. "I'M SORRY. I MEAN MAYBE YOU'RE RIGHT BUT WE HAVE TO KNOW. SOMETHING IS GOING ON IN THAT CHURCH AND IT HAS TO STOPPED. HE HAS TO BE STOPPED."

One last glance towards the stairs and Jensen slowly retreated to his chair, Misha taking his position on the couch. "Listen Jenny. I'm sorry. This whole thing wasn't my idea but there's more."

"There's more?" Jensen blinked. It was like his whole world was colliding into that of an alternate universe. This was just too unreal. How much more could there be?

"Yes." Misha offered him a melancholy nod, his eyes were soft with compassion. "We believe that Brother Gerald has been embezzling money and evading the IRS. We have a whole list of charges against him but we need to gather enough evidence to put him away for a long time. When my boss found out that you had the preacher's son, they saw that as an ace in the hole. If Tom can't get him to talk, maybe you can."

"I don't know Misha." Jensen shook his head in the negative before rubbing his hand roughly over his face. "I honestly don't think Jared would know anything. I mean the kid has been through hell. What do you want me to ask, Hey Jared, is your dad embezzling money? Oh yeah, that will fly over real well."

"I'm not saying be blunt." Misha barked at Jensen. "Just talk to him, ask him about his family life. Maybe something will come out."

"I still don't know." Jensen's voice trailed off as he looked towards the stairs, a forlorn expression heavily blanketing his features. "I'll talk to him about his home life but not because you are investigating his dad. I really want to know because I'm curious and I think he really needs someone to talk to.


Chapter Text

"Brother Gerald?" The sound came over the intercom on his desk that was attached to his office phone.

Gerald pressed the talk button, "Yes? What is it?"

"You have a visitor." The voice announced. "He says that he is here for the treasury position?"

"Send him in." Gerald instructed, sitting back in his over stuffed, overly expensive desk chair.

A knock sounded on his door.

Gerald rolled his eyes in exasperation. When he said to send him in, he expected the said visitor to just open his door not to knock on it as if it were his own residence. "Come in."

"Hello Mr. Padalecki." The figure stepped forward with his hand extended.

"Call me Brother Gerald." It wasn't a request but more of a demand as the preached extended his hand excepting the firm handshake the visitor offered and nodded his approval at the strength of it. "And you are?" Then Gerald waved his hand towards one of the other over stuffed, overly expensive chairs.

"Christian Kane." The man answered as he sat in the indicated chair.

Gerald's eyes crinkled into a smile. "That is a good and wholesome name. Do you go to church Christian?"

Christian accepted the offered chair lifting his black plastic briefcase to his lap.

"Yes sir." Christian lied as he shifted just a little to adjust himself into a comfortable position. "I'm guessing you know the reason I'm here?"

"I have been told," Said Gerald scrutinizing the man who sits before him.

"Good." said Chrisian, Pulling out a sheet of paper containing a list. "First I would like to have a look at your books if you don't mind."

"I have nothing to hide." Gerald glared at Chrisian, who does this young pup think he is coming in demanding a look at his books as if he didn't trust him? What happened to respecting your elders.

"I'm glad to hear that." Said Christian as he waited for the preacher's financial records and wasn't disappointed when he received them.

Christian frowned as he began his grand tour of the financial records that lay messily in the dark blue folder. "What is this?"

"It's the financial records that you asked for." Explained Gerald matter of factly.

"And don't think I'm not grateful because I am." Christian heaved an exasperated sigh as he jerked each piece of paper towards the other side of the folder, "But what you have here is a mess. Look at this; they are not in order by date and there are more discrepancies here than I have hair. Didn't anyone tell you that you were being audited?"


"Look, Mr. Padalecki." Christian started in a softer tone.


"Yes sir. Brother Gerald." He had better reel this in because his job was to get on the inside, not have himself thrown out and banned from the church; then how in the hell would he be able to investigate the preacher? His boss would have his head if he screwed this assignment up. "I'm sorry and you're right, you deserve to be treated with the upmost respect. You work very hard; even harder than me. I've been to a couple of your sermons and I was completely moved by them. It is no wonder you have a growing congregation."

"I am just a vessel. God speaks through me." Said Gerald, unmoved by Christian's praise. "We give credit where credit is due; our Lord and savior."

"And it shows." Christian continued to brown nose his way into the preacher's good graces. "When you speak the word of God, I can tell that the Lord was speaking right through you. I am humbled to be in the presence of the true man of God." He studied the preacher's face hoping that he didn't lay his compliments on to thick. When his look was met with approval, he continued. The way you tell your congregation that the devil is building himself an army by turning our youth into gays? It is so frightening yet so true. That's why I would like to become a part of your church. I could be the church treasure on the church board or if you already have one, I could oversee the finances. What ever you need."

"What exactly are you saying?" Gerald leaned back in his chair suspicious.

"I am saying." Christian peeked toward the door before leaning forward and dropping his voice to a conspirator's whisper. "I am saying that I can make all of this go away. I can get rid of that pesky IRS once and for all. If you hire me on or convince your board to vote me on; however you do it. I will be your loyal servant. All I'll need from you is complete honesty and what ever I see or what ever you tell me will not leave these lips because Brother Gerald; I believe in what you are doing and I want to help protect your good works in the community." Then he considered Gerald before adding the icing on his deceptive cake; "The devil comes in many forms Brother Gerald and he will stop at nothing to get rid of you. I think this time the devil is the IRS and he is closing in because you carry the secret of God's word on how Satan is planning on destroying us and his ears are burning so if you allow me to work with you and make all of this go away, we can keep the Devil out of the details."

"Well." Gerald smiled approvingly at Christian. "I see you have done your homework. I knew I could trust you, it's in the name. We don't have a board which we don't have a treasurer so there will be no need to vote on anything. I can just hire you on. There is an empty room across the hall; that will be your office. Go ahead and see if you can clean up this mess with the financial records."

"Yes sir." Said Christian as he stood up, eagerly shaking the preacher's hand.

Christian's office wasn't as extravagant as Gerald's. He was curious as to how much the preacher spent on his office but that was a concern he could file for later. Now he had to investigate the financial records.

Christian gasped when he found out that this church was funded by offering, donations and dues. He read further and noticed that very large investors attend this church. This place was like a huge out lit mall. There were a lot of stores selling religious nicnaks claiming that all money made from selling the merchandise goes towards donating for just about everything. The church had three floor and a clear, class elevator that carried them up to each floor. A golf cart that drove them from one side of the building to the other. Magnetic doors that opened when you stepped on the black door pad; the building was so huge that they had a map incased in glass by each hallway.

The church had choir groups that in order to be a part of, you had to pay for your own uniforms and you had to pay dues just to remain a part of their choir group. They even went on concert tours which you had to pay your own way and anyone who wanted to see the concerts, had to pay to watch and all the proceeds went towards the church.

The church even had their own golf team which once again you had to pay dues to get in that as well. A lot of things the church had were unnecessary. It seemed to be more about money and not about delivering the word of God. Brother Gerald had even written books that he published himself and was selling through out the hallways.

This was definitely unlike any church he's been too. He remembered talking to Tom Welling and the young lad would tell him that in order to continue to attend Cross on the Hill Baptist Church, everyone had to pay a yearly fee if they want to keep their membership. None of it made any sense. It all seemed more of a scam than anything.

A lot of the checks he kept in church account were made out to CASH. "what the hell?" Christian mumbled to himself as he noticed that the member's of the congregation had an account with the church where they kept all of their money it seemed and Gerald seemed to be blowing through it like water. Each person's account had a negative balance. Some only a few dollars. If he would have known better, he would say that good ol' brother Gerald was transferring their funds into his account. Damn, how much was he charging these people to keep their membership?



Chapter Text

Jared rolled his hips towards Jensen. Both men in a deep slumber. Jared’s lengthy arm snaked around Jensen’s chest, pulling himself in.
Unaware, Jensen nuzzled his nose against Jared’s cheek.

Exhaling a contented sigh, Jared threw his leg over Jensen’s to where he was practically straddling him just above the kneecap; thrusting his hips forwards eliciting a moan from the young virgin’s lips.

Jensen’s eyes blinked open, noticing a golden hue pour in through the window casting a dimly lit glow on the crown of Jared’s hair, creating a halo around his head. Jensen smiled softy at his beautiful sleeping angel.

Jared had a rough night the night before, Jensen was sleeping soundly in his bed when he jolted awake to the sound of terrified screaming. Flying from his bed, he rushed at lightening speed to Jared’s room; throwing the door open, he stopped at the sight of Jared in the throws of a nightmare.

Rushing forward, he grabbed Jared, nearly getting knocked off the bed from flying limbs. Holding Jared’s arms to his chest; a gentle restraint he learned long ago to keep a patient from self harm or harming him. Jared’s agonizing screams ebbed down to mere whimpers when he felt familiar arms pulling him in, cradling his head against the chest. Jared shimmied his hips until he was fully sitting in the doctor’s lap and as if somebody had open the gates, the words fell out of Jared’s mouth; tumbling over each other in their long, hard fought for freedom.

Jensen listened attentively, crooning comforting words into the distraught lad’s hair; promising that he was safe, that everything will be alright; he repeated those words like a mantra until Jared fell asleep in his arms clinging to him for dear life as if he were to let go, Jensen would dissipate like an apparition.

Now here he was, holding the lad close to him. Jared still clung to him, clearly aroused. Must be a morning wood. Jensen wondered how many times at home had Jared woke up with morning wood thinking he was sinning against God when it was a natural bodily function he was taught to detest instead of accept.

Jensen was brought out of his musings when Jared once again thrust his hips forward followed by a grunt. He thought to wake him up and offer him privacy so he could take care of it but the poor kid or should he say man, needed his rest.

Wrestling with his own sexual demons, Jensen decided that he would remain right where he was and let Jared take care of it on him and wasn’t disappointed when the taller man started rubbing himself off against his legs and the seductive moans that slithered from his beautiful lips were doing so many things to his libido.

Jared continued to ride against Jensen, his movement becoming more frantic the closer he came to completion. One last bump and grind against his thigh, Jensen felt a cool dampness spread against his leg.

Just then, Jensen’s calm was broken when Jared sprung up in bed, his eyes filled with such terror as he looked at Jensen.

Jensen was about to issue a litany of apologies when Jared interrupted after the first sound of his name. “I am so, so sorry Jensen. I didn’t mean to. I’m sick, I’m evil. I’m sorry. Please forgive me…”

Jared would have kept rambling on if Jensen hadn’t stopped him. “Hey. It’s okay. You’ve done nothing wrong.”

“No.” Jared shook his head frantically, “It’s not okay. I practically raped you; I am no better than those guys who did that to me. I thought I was cured, I’m not. I am a disease Jensen. The devil’s spawn.”


Then Jensen gathered him into his arms. “Oh baby, your dad has really done a number on you to make you feel so badly about yourself.”

“You should run far away from me.” Jared sobbed into Jensen’s shoulder. “I’ll only bring you down with me.”

“Silly Jared,” Jensen’s grip tightened. “When are you going to learn that I’m gay too?”

Jared immediately pulled back staring at Jensen agape. “You are?”

“Yes.” Jensen stroked Jared’s face, flicking the tears away with his thumbs. “This doesn’t change the kind of person I am. Do you feel any differently towards me?”

Jared shook his head in the negative.

“Good.” Jensen smiled. “And telling me that you practically raped me? I would beg to differ on that. Trust me, if I had a problem with you humping my leg, I would have stopped you.”

A deep crimson blush colored Jared’s cheeks causing Jensen to laugh even harder. “C’mon, let’s get back to sleep, it’s too early to be up.”

Jared hesitated before Jensen wrapped his arm around his shoulder pulling him backward on the bed.

Jensen noticed the taller man pulling back from him attempting to sleep away from him but he slid the lad against him, placing Jared’s head delicately on the curve of his shoulder. “See? Everything’s okay. Are you okay?”

In response to Jensen’s question, Jared wrapped his arm across the doctor’s stomach, nuzzling into the firm muscles of his abdomen.

Finally, heated from the noon sun rays and they could tell it was noon because the sun’s temperature always rose about that time and the closed windows magnified that heat. “Brunch?” Jensen asked looking down at the angel before him.

Jared smiled shyly as the good doctor. “Look…. About last night…”

“Say no more.” Jensen held up his hand in an effort to stop the apologies about to fly out of Jared’s mouth. “Now you want brunch or not?”

Without waiting for Jared to answer, Jensen had already left the room and began preparing a brunch made for two people. French toast, scrambled eggs, a bowl of strawberries mixed with blue berries, a small bowl of strawberry yogurt to dip his fruit in and a cup of hot cocoa since his dad had drilled into him that coffee was the devil’s nectar.

Once he made his way upstairs, producing his bounty to his patient and hopefully soon to be boyfriend, both men ate in silence as a respect to Jared’s raising . Once they were finished, Jared thanked him for the brunch as he thanked him for every meal he prepared for him.

Jared’s breath caught in his throat as he glimpsed Jensen’s serious expression. “Jared, we need to talk.”

Jared opened his mouth, about to apologize profusely for his sexual behavior earlier that morning but Jensen stopped him. “No, it’s not about this morning. Well…. We knew this day would come.”

Jared swallowed the massive sob filled lump in his throat; he knew exactly where the direction of this conversation was turning and he wasn’t looking forward to it. A life without Jensen was pure torture but Jensen was right, they knew that day would come; he should have been more prepared by distancing himself from the good doctor. Unfortunately, it was too late; he allowed himself to get close to Jensen but now he was going to lose him forever. Perhaps he was truly evil to deserve such a fate.

Jensen studied Jared; watching grief, dread, fear and lonesomeness play across his features and knew instantly that Jared was preparing himself for the news they’ve both been waiting for. “You’ve healed quite nicely, I don’t see any reason to keep you in bed any further. You are ready to go home…. I'll drive you there tomorrow because I don’t feel comfortable with you walking while those four guys are on the loose…. Or you could stay here with me. You never have to go home. This will be your room or we can share my room since we keep ending up in the same bed anyway. You don’t have to answer now, you can sleep on it and let me know tomorrow.”

“I wish I could Jensen.” Jared averted his watery eyes towards his lap. “But I have an obligation towards my church and my family. I wish to God that I could have both. I’m sorry.”

“Hey.” Jensen’s pale fingers curled around Jared’s slender wrist. “It’s nothing to be sorry for. You’re loyal to your family, that is a commendable quality that I love about you.”

“You… Love me?” Jared asked flabbergasted and Jensen’s heart broke for this poor man.

“Yeah, I love you Jared.” Hasn’t anybody ever said that to you?”

Jared shook his head in the negative.

“Your dad? Your mother?”

Again, Jared shook his head in the negative.

“Has anybody ever held you?” Jensen slid onto the bed facing towards his patient.

“No.” Jared said, shaking his head once again. “You’re the first one to give me a hug and it felt nice.”

“And you want to go back to that cold environment?” Jensen couldn’t comprehend why anyone would want to go back to the cruelty he came from where the parents don’t even hug their own children.

“Like you said, I have a loyalty to them.” Jared explained growing more sad that he was hurting Jensen.

“I understand.” Jensen nodded in the affirmative before wrapping the taller man into his arms in a full body hug. “And it’s still commendable; that’s one of the things I love about you. I’ll take you home tomorrow, until then lets enjoy the time we have left together.”

Jared wrapped his lengthy arms around Jensen’s biceps burrowing into the comfort only those arms could provide.

Jensen knew Jared thought this was his farewell but to him, it has only begun. The poor lad may have decided to return home but that didn’t mean he was giving up on him. He was always told that he could be a sneaky bastard; perhaps he could put that talent to work by spying on Jared; make sure he’s safe, make sure he’s happy and not hurting. Sure it was stalking and a bit creepy if his friends found out but he had fallen madly head over heels in love with him and he wasn’t going to let him completely out of his sight.



Chapter Text

Are you ready?” Asked Jensen masking his sadness with happiness but the sadness still bled through.
“Yeah.” Jared said quietly, his voice choked with emotion he was trying so hard to conceal.

“Okay. Lets go.” Jensen was bouncing his keys in one hand.
Jared followed him out through the front door and towards his black, shiny, 67 Chevy Impala which he secretly admired.

“Buckle up.” Said Jensen as Jared slid into the passenger seat, wincing slightly at his healing wound. “Yeah, be careful sitting down. Don’t slide or it will pull your wound apart. Even the with the stitches gone, it’s still healing. The skin isn’t fused together all the way.”

Jared only nodded his understanding in the affirmative, before reaching up beside him, pulling the seatbelt diagonally across his lanky frame and let go as he heard a click sound.”

Jensen’s head jerked forward once as he noticed his passenger was seat belted in and pulled the car into reverse, once he was backed up into the outside portion of the street, he jerked the steering wheel into a large crescent turn before shifting the gear into drive moving forward towards Jared’s destination.

It was a short but quiet drive home; for Jared, it seemed like an eternity before they reached his pale white two story home. Jared heaved a melancholy sigh as he felt the farewell distance between he and Jensen begin to stretch. He quickly flicked his eyes towards the man he had fallen in love with and noted from his peripheral vision, there was nobody awaiting his arrival even though Jensen had called his home in advance.

Jensen leaned forward, about to pull the driver’s door hand towards him when Jared stopped him. “My parents might upset at receiving a guest without prior notice.”

Jensen stared at him flabbergasted. “Proper notice, I called and told them I was bringing you home and I’m not a guest, I’m a doctor.”

Jared averted his eyes sadly towards his knees. “Calling them and telling them that you are bringing me home is a lot different than making an appointment to see my father even if you are a doctor. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay.” Jensen mumbled absently as he chanced a glance out his window and noticed the subtle way the heavy, living room curtain was pulled towards the side before it dropped back into place. “I think I’d better let you go before somebody starts making assumptions. About us.”

Jared’s lips quivered into a saddened smile. “Yeah okay. Thanks again for all you’ve done.”

“My pleasure.” Then Jensen’s arm shot out, grasping Jared’s hand in his, letting go of a small rectangular business card that now rested in the taller man’s palm. “Any time you need any thing, ANYTHING at all even if it’s just to talk; day or night, you call me. Alright?”

Jared nodded the affirmative even though he knew he would never call the doctor. This was farewell and he had to accept it for the sake of his church and family.

Jensen noted that Jared was not really going to call him. He wasn’t stupid. He could see the look of deception that rested the taller man’s eyes and he understood. He probably didn’t have access to a phone if his father had anything to say about it. This may have been farewell to Jared but it wasn’t to Jensen, not by a long shot.

“Bye.” Jared spoke quietly before opening his door.

Jensen mimicked his words in almost a whisper, looking at Jared’s retreating back longingly.

Jared didn’t know why he was so surprised when he opened the front door and his family didn’t not run excitedly to him and embrace him in greeting. Instead, his siblings were doing their chores, no acknowledgment towards him whatsoever and his mother handed Megan the dish rag, Finish up for me.”

Megan gave her a brief nod before Sherrie made her way to her second born. “You’re father said to send you to his office when you got home.”

“Yes maam.” Jared answered her before turning towards the left, shuffling his way towards Jerold’s office; feeling uncertain and a bit fearful of what his father had in store for him.

Stopping at his father’s door, Jared tapped lightly on the hard wood and waited patiently for his father to grant him permission to enter his majesty’s office.

3 1/2 minutes later, Jared heard his father’s firm words. “Come in.”

Jared slowly entered the office closing the door softly behind him. “Have a seat.” Came his father’s command and Jared did so immediately.

Gerald studied his son briefly before honoring him with his verbal attention. “I’m not going to beat around the bush. We are going to just jump right in.”

Jared swallowed the massive golf ball sized lump in his throat before nodding the affirmative.

“Good.” Said Gerald and then to himself. “Good. I understand that you had quite the adventure that led to your absence.” And without waiting for a response, “You should be grateful that the Lord has saved you from falling into the temptation that would had damned you to hell through all eternity. What Doctor Ackles calls rape, the Lord calls Salvation and before I excuse you to do your daily chores, I want you to get on your knees and pray. Thank God for delivering you from evil; thank him for making you his chosen one to be saved from eternal damnation but before you do that, have you learned anything from this gruesome experience?”

“Yes sir.” Jared lied, not knowing what lesson he was supposed to learn from being raped but judging from the smile on his dad’s face, he knew he answered correctly.

“Good.” Gerald nodded his approval. “I will ask you more questions tomorrow in church before your baptism. Now get down on your knees and start thanking the Lord for sparing your soul.”

Jared prayed to God as Jerald hovered above him. He thanked him for the four soldiers he sent to save his soul. He put as much feeling as he could muster in his prayer to his father’s satisfaction. Once he ended it with a heartfelt ‘Amen’ His father excused him to do his daily chores as if he was never gone.

“Please open your bibles to Luke chapter 15 verses 11 through 32.” Gerald began after the hymns have died down and he began telling the parable of the prodigal. “And I know what you’re thinking, Brother Gerald, why are you telling us the story about the prodigal son? And I say to you this, because my prodigal son has returned. As many of you have noticed, my son Jared was absent from the church. My son was on a journey sent by God. Come on up here Jared.” Then Gerald motioned his son to join him next to the pulpit.

Blushing slightly, Jared rose from a sitting position and slowly made his way towards his father.

“My son Jared.” Gerald placed his arm loosely around Jared’s shoulders. “Came to me one night and said to me, father I have some upsetting news that I am unsure how to tell you and I told him that if God has placed it upon his heart to tell me, then it is his job to listen and the next words came as a hard blow to the gut for I knew it was weighing down on his conscience, his words were, father I am a sodomite. I have not yet committed sins of the flesh but I have committed them in my heart. Please save me from this tragedy before it devours my soul. Oh father I am so afraid. What can I do to change? And I said to him, son, we will pray, you have come to me as the Lord has placed it on your heart to do so. That is the first step to salvation.”

Jared inaudibly gasped as his father continued to embellish his story and to his utter shock and horror, his father fell to his knees shaking his fist in the air for dramatic effect. “After my son prayed for his salvation, I was left alone feeling helpless and betrayed by God and I shook my fist and I hollered, FATHER, WHY HAVE THOU FORSAKEN ME? HAVE I NOT BEEN A LOYAL SERVANT TO YOU?”

Then Gerald placed his hand on the edge of the pulpit and pulled himself up into a standing position. “And then the Lord’s voice broke through my self pity, my feelings of betrayal and he said to me, you have wavered in your faith. Those words still echo in my ears like a gunshot and I wept as the Lord continued to speak to me saying Brother Gerald, I have not forsaken you. I am right here praising you for being a loyal servant; the reason grief has been bestowed upon your family has nothing to do with me.”

Then Gerald’s eyes scanned the congregation before coming to rest on Sharon. “Do you remember when I told you it was time for you to procreate your second born? I said yes father, I remember and I am forever grateful and the Lord then placed a revelation upon my heart; he said, your son was supposed to be righteous just as your other two children are because with your second born, your wife took pleasure in that procreation.”

Sharon averted her eyes towards her knees as a slight blush crept up her cheeks. “She became aroused, The Lord continued to explain. And in her arousal, your son was created out of sin instead of righteousness. When he was born, he was a sickly baby. The devil had him during conception. He deceived us all by making your son pretend to be a righteous man until Satan began to enlist him in his army by turning him into a sodomite so I placed it upon his heart to confess to you before he’d commit this act of transgression.”

Jared’s eyes darted towards his mother; pitying the humiliation his father was putting her through in front of the entire congregation. He had made the decision that once he was alone with her, he would inquire her about what had just taken place today. Maybe if he offered her a listening ear, she would realize there was at least one person on her side. At that exact moment, she seemed so much smaller; so alone and so verbally beaten down. It took him all of his strength not to break away from his father’s hold and throw his arms around her neck but he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he would be rejected by her because men do not get hugs from their mothers; he also knew that the private conversation between his mother and himself would not remain private for long as she would inform her husband. Her loyalty was with his father, not him or his siblings. Just the very thought brought a shadow of sadness blanketing his very being.

 Gerald snaked his arm around Jared’s shoulders once more. “The Lord sent four soldiers to cure my son of this darkness, this disease that devours our youth’s souls and last night, my son came home; my prodigal son and he came up to me and he threw himself at my mercy and he wept. He said Father, thank you for praying for me. I am no longer a sodomite. The Lord has shown me mercy and I no longer feel the flames of hell lapping at my heels and today, he will be baptized and be purified of the evil he was conceived in. Come my boy.” Gerald directed Jared to the baptismal.

More lies spewing out of his father’s mouth. Wasn’t that one of the ten commandments that his father was breaking? Thou shall not lie? But then again, leave it to his father to probably be able to twist that one sentence around to make it okay.

Jared pulled a blue gown over his head covering his clothing just as his father instructed him and they stepped behind the giant square shaped hole in the wall, Jared facing towards his right faced away from the congregation and Gerald facing forward with on hand in the air and one on Jared’s wrist. “Okay, Do you renounce Satan and his plans to destroy your righteous ways?”

“I do.” Jared quoted robotically as he held his fist in front of his face waiting for instruction.

“Do you renounce the evil your mother has bestowed upon you?” Gerald asked as he continued to hold onto Jared’s wrist.

“I do.” Jared repeated his answer robotically tacking on the unsaid word you lying asshole.

“Do you renounce your homosexuality so that you can begin to walk in the light with God?” Gerald asked.

“I do.” Jared swallowed noisily, feeling the entire congregation’s unblinking judgmental eyes on him.

Then Gerald raised Jared’s fist to his nose, a clear indication for him to plug his nostrils before immersing his entire head in the water and he placed his other hand on the small of his son’s back and tipped him backwards into the water. “ Then I baptize you in the father, the son and the holy ghost.”

Instead of pulling his son right back up like he usually did at baptisms, he held him under the water. “As you can tell, I am not letting him up right away as I am drowning the evil from his body and purifying him in the blood of our Lord and savior.”

Jared’s lungs began to burn from the lack of oxygen as his father continued to hold him under water and despite how hard he tried to pull his father’s hands free from holding him, those hands remained unmoving; he began to wonder if this was his father’s twisted way of saving him was releasing him to God by killing him. His hand flew frantically under the water trying valiantly to grab his father’s unyielding hands. Eyes closing slowly, darkness began to drag him into the abyss. His body becoming lax in his father’s hold.

“ALRIGHT, THAT’S ENOUGH. YOU’RE GONNA KILL HIM.” Christian shot to his feet panic widening his eyes as adrenalin was pumped into his heart.

Gerald pulled Jared up, his eyes boring into Christian’s as his son was coughing and gasping for air. “I kept my son’s head immersed into the water until God told me to lift him to salvation as the Lord spoke to Abraham telling him to sacrifice his son Isaac. As Abraham took out his knife, his hands trembling. He was about to sacrifice his son when God spoke to him and said Abraham stop. Do not hurt your son, you have proven your faith and how much you love me. Just as God spoke to Abraham, the Lord spoke to me through Christian. He is a new member of our Congregation so everyone please welcome him as we sing our closing hymn.”

Everyone started singing as they lined up before Christian all shaking his hand.

Christian tried to steal a glimpse of Jared to make sure the poor lad was alright but the line of people were so endless, they were blocking his view.

Finally as the line began to thin, Gerald made his way towards Christian, A smile creasing his face. “Well done Christian. I knew from the very first day that you walked into my office, that it was God who sent you as he had sent you to be the advocate for my son by telling me that it was time to pull out of the darkness and into the light of our Lord and savior.”

And with that, Gerald was gone but not too far. He had taken his usual spot at the door where people praised him for such a powerful sermon and he as usual, gave credit to God.



Chapter Text

Christian felt a cold iceberg settle in the pit of his stomach. With a trembling hand he pulled the passenger door open.

One thing he really loved about Misha was that his partner was always punctual and not a minute late and for that, he was grateful today of all days.

Misha’s head jerked up from playing online solitaire with Tom. Offering his lover a quick goodbye causing Tom to win the game by default. “Christian? Did you get in okay?”

“Yeah, I got in.” Said Christian, his voice heavy with sadness and laced with concern that lingered in its depths.

A melancholy settled in the atmosphere around them as Misha pulled the car into drive and pulled out into the street headed towards their destination.

“I tell ya man.” Christian shook his head as he chuckled darkly. “The son of a bitch knows his bible and he preaches a good game; it’s no wonder he has a church full loyal parishioners. He almost had me convinced that he was the true man of God.”

“Almost?” Misha’s eyebrows furrowed together, a glance quickly darting towards his partner before giving the road once more, his undivided attention.

“Yeah.” Christian breathed. “Almost but I went in there with my eyes open. I wasn’t about to have the fucker blind side me even when he practically put me on a pedestal because of my name. It was surreal and when decided to baptize the ‘sin’, Then he air quoted the word, ‘sin’ “Out of his own son, he held the poor kid under water; I thought he was going to drown him so I jumped up, about ready to kick his ass even though it goes off the book, and he claims that get this…”

“What?” Misha gradually pulled the car to a stop as the light turned red and turned his attention fully on Christian. “Don’t keep me in suspense.”

Then Christian dropped his voice to a conspirator’s whisper as if he were afraid that God himself would hear. “He said that the Lord called me to stand up and stop him. Can you believe that shit?”

Misha shook his head in the negative before a loud honk behind his car, nearly made both men jump out of their skin. Pressing on the gas peddle and chastising himself for not being a diligent driver when the light had turned green. “That’s why I picked you to go in instead of me. Knowing Brother Gerald, he would automatically think that God sent you instead of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.” Then he chuckled at a memory or his childhood. “I remember when I was I think 10 or 11, I went to Jensen’s father’s church believe it or not. Well, his father told his congregation to beware of false prophets for they will falsely claim the gift of prophecy; that they speak directly to God and God has placed it upon them to end evil. Something like that. Anyway, Read Mathew Chapter 24 verse 36, it’s all in there.”

Christian hummed in thought. “Yep, that sounds like Gerald. I mean the man went into detail on what God supposedly said to him and the people just ate it up. Hell, I would stake everything I own to bet that if he were to offer mass suicide and told his congregation that the Lord has placed it upon his heart, that they would infact, drink the coolaid.”
Then Christian stared at his partner in disbelief. “You seem to know your bible as well.” Christian lightheartedly accused.
“Not really.” Misha chuckled once again. “When I saw what we were dealing with, I remembered what Pastor Ackles taught us so I looked up the scripture on my phone.”

“I’m afraid if I weren’t there to stop him, he would have drowned Jared and claimed he was giving him back to Satan or some shit like that.” Christian sadly admitted mostly to himself but Misha still heard him.

“I have no doubt that you may be correct.” Misha jerked the steering wheel into the left direction instead of the right where FBI headquarters stood in waiting.

“WHOA, WHOA, WHOA.” Christian exclaimed, holding onto the door handle as the sharp turn nearly threw him off the seat if it weren’t for the seatbelt holding him in place. “WHERE ARE WE GOING? HEADQUARTERS IS THAT WAY.”

“I know.” Misha declared, not taking his eyes off the road. “But I promised Jensen that I would touch base with him. He’s concerned about Jared and with good reason.”

“But this could get us into trouble with the boss.” Christian warned but his resolve was fading fast.

“I won’t tell if you won’t.” Misha pulled the car to a stop in front of Jensen’s home.

The door swung open as Misha’s fist froze in mid air about to knock on it.

”Well?” Jensen jumped before the two men could even offer a greeting. “Hurry up and come in. You guys want any coffee or soda?”

Both men waved off his beverage offers. As they took their seats on the sofa, Christian filled Jensen in on everything he had witness.

Jensen began to throw on his jacket when Misha stopped him. “Jenny, don’t do this.”

“I can’t just let him hurt Jared.” Jensen argued, turning a glare at his dark haired friend who didn’t deserve it. “He’s gonna end up killing him. It’s probably what would have happened if Chris wasn’t there to stop it.”


“Jensen.” Misha spoke softly like he was trying to cajole a wild animal while putting some distance between he and Christian afraid that he was about a millisecond from landing on his ass. “Christian is right. We have Gerald Padalecki under investigation for child abuse, solicitation to rape, fraud, money laundering and embezzling and if you were to go in there and confront him now; guns blazing, you will blow this investigation and we will be out of a job and Jared will be in more danger.”

“Wait.” Jensen froze at the solicitation to rape remark. Had Gerald been behind all the rapes that has been taking place in his woods? Just the mere thought caused bile to burn its way up his throat. Jensen already suspected child abuse but rape? "Solicitation to rape? What are you trying to tell me? You think Gerald had something to do with all these rapes?”

“Right now it’s just based on assumption.” Said Misha trying to keep his voice at a professional level when he was fuming on the inside. “We have no proof on that yet….”

“But he did mention something on the lines of that subject.” Christian interrupted, not waiting for the other two men to respond. “He told his congregation that God sent four soldiers to cure his son. Here. I got the whole sermon on my phone.” Then Christian pushed play on his phone.

Both men gasped in horror as they watched the entire video. Jensen’s eyes began to darken with rage. “What that psychotic bastard is talking about is Corrective Rape and YOU TWO WANT ME TO SIT IDLY BY WHILE JARED’S LIFE IS IN DANGER? I CAN’T DO THAT. IF NOBODY IS GOING TO ACT, THEN I WILL. I’M GONNA KILL THE SON OF A BITCH.”

“JENSEN NO.” Misha jumped up, grabbing the blonde’s shoulders. “YOU DO THAT THEN YOU WILL BLOW THIS INVESTIGATION.”

“FUCK THE INVESTIGATION.” Jensen raged as he jerked out of Misha’s hold. “I’M NOT GONNA LET HIM GET AWAY WITH THIS SHIT. HE’S DEAD.”


Jensen backed away from Christian’s death grip. His mouth opening and closing a couple of times before shutting like a trap door.

“NOW ARE YOU GONNA STAY OUT OF IT?” Christian pushed, his hot breath heavily caressing the blonde’s plush lips. “OR DO WE NEED TO HAVE YOU ARRESTED FOR EVEN MAKING THAT THREAT? BECAUSE WE WILL JUST TO GET OUR JOB DONE.”

“Okay.” Jensen averted his eyes briefly towards the floor shamefaced for the pain he was about to cause Jared. He didn’t want to hurt his one true love or make him hate him. He only wanted to protect him. The very thought of anyone hurting poor Jared, broke his heart. “I’ll stay out of it…. For Jared; not because I’m afraid of going to prison.”

“Don’t worry Jenny.” Misha’s eyes softened considerably. “We’ll get him and we will help Jared get out of there and bring him back to you; just have faith in us.
Jensen nodded sadly at his two friends before they disappeared from his home leaving him feeling helpless.



Chapter Text

Jared sat in the pew along with his mother and siblings, waiting with bated breath as his father called the parents and three year old son to stand before the congregation. The boy stood there, his eyes soft and curious as he looked up at the preacher, his pink cupid bow lips stretching into an innocent smile.

“This boy…” Gerald boomed from the pulpit; his cold grey eyes screaming damnation at the poor defenseless boy. “He has been declared autistic. It is what the so-called doctors had diagnosed him with. That’s the funny thing about doctors, they have a diagnosis for everything to excuse children’s bad behavior; ADHD, ADD, autism and the list goes on endlessly but we know the truth, the children have the DEVIL IN THEM.” Then he turned his attention towards Jared, “Boy. Will you come up here please?”

Jared shakily pushed himself to his feet. His entire body vibrating with fear. “I call him boy because he hasn’t yet earned back his name.” Gerald explained to the congregation and looked at his son with approval as Jared silently complied to his demand. “Like my wife, the young boy’s mother has given into the temptation of arousal during their time of procreation.” Then he walked over towards the mother, his eye boring into hers casting his silent judgment upon her. “Your son is not autistic. The devil is in him, controlling him. Do you take responsibility in your son’s damnation?”

“Yes. I do.” The mother choked on a sob filled lump.

“Do you understand now that your son does not have autism?” Gerald continued to drill into her. “That the devil has a hold of his soul right now and that if we don’t act immediately, he will be lost to the darkness forever?”

“Yes. I do.” A solitary tear slipped down her cheek.

Then Gerald turned his attention back towards the congregation. “For a long time this boy’s soul had a DNR order imprinted on it. Do Not Resuscitate. THE DEVIL IMPRINTED THAT ON HIS SOUL BUT WE WILL NOT HEED TO HIS TRICKORY OR DEMANDS. THIS BOY’S SOUL WILL BE REVIVED. WE WILL SAVE HIM FROM THE ETERNAL DAMNATION THAT HIS MOTHER HAD CONDEMNED HIM TO.” Then he pulled a rod made of bamboo from the middle shelf inside his pulpit holding it out to the parents.

The boy’s father stepped forward when Gerald stopped him. “It was the mother’s sin that damned your son; therefore, it is her job to deliver him from evil. It is the punishment that the Lord has bestowed upon her.”

The father nodded, sympathy resting in his eyes as he handed the rod to his wife.

“I-I can’t.” The woman sobbed.

“If you do not do this.” Gerald warned, his face holding a stone expression. “Then you will condemn your son to hell forever.” Then he turned his attention towards her husband. “She is your wife, you are the head of your household. Demand that she beat the evil from this child or she will condemn all of you.”

“Please sweetheart.” The man said softly, his eyes imploring her.

The woman held the rod above her smiling child who Gerald had handcuffed his legs down while he and the father of that boy each held an arm straight out as he had the boy laying on his stomach on a cross like table. Then he nodded at Jared. Read from the book of Proverbs Chapter 23 Verses 13 and 14.” Then he nodded at the mother. “Remember to get every inch of his body.”

“Mama?” Said the boy curiously as he search for his mother before the rod whistled loudly through the air and was brought down hard, the crack of bamboo hitting flesh made Jared gasp and the boy began to wail.

Gerald nudged his son who stood frozen, staring at the scene in horror. “Start reading.”

Jared’s voice quivered as opened his bible and began to read loudly over the screams that shook the poor, defenseless little boy’s body. “Withhold not correction from the child for if though beatest him with the rod, he will not die. Thou shall beat him with the rod and shalt deliver his soul from evil.”

More hard swats and the boy continued to scream in agony. His face red from the struggle of his screaming and drenched with tears. He tried with all his little might to get away from the burning pain.

“DADDY PLEASE STOP.” Jared dared to speak up on the boy’s behalf.

His father ignored him as he encouraged the mother to continue beating her little boy.

Without a second thought, Jared leaped forward and grabbed the bamboo rod from the grieving woman’s hand. “I SAID STOP.” Then he turned his attention back towards his unrelenting father. “PLEASE DADDY. NO MORE. DON’T MAKE HER BEAT HER KID ANYMORE. PLEASE. I’M BEGGING YOU DADDY. SHOW MERCY.”

Gerald signaled the boy’s father to take his son and wife. “I am sorry but the devil is unrelenting. We will have to continue this after service.”

The man and his wife took their sobbing little boy and sat in the fifth row next to Christian.

Christian leaned towards the parents. “Don’t let him force you to beat your kid anymore.”

The husband taking Gerald’s previous Sunday’s words at face value that Christian spoke for God. “But Brother Gerald….”

“Listen,” Christian whispered again taking advantage that he remains on the pedestal that Gerald had put him on. “Brother Gerald is not speaking for God. The devil is at work in him and he doesn’t even know it. I am here to right the wrongs this man has done in God’s name. That is why God sent me here. Take your son away from this church and don’t look back. The Lord is looking at him with sadness and compassion not malice and discrimination. Your little boy has autism. The Lord has given you this special gift to care for so after church, you are to leave and never mention my name because I am on a mercy mission from God.”

The mother and father nodded in agreement with him. Her eyes shining as she held her son protectively against her breast.

Her husband brushing away her tears, with his arm around her in a one armed hug, he whispered his apologies like a mantra.

“Sharon.” Gerald looked accusingly at his wife, “Come up here and take the place next to your son.”

Sharon stood up obedient to her husband’s demand and shuffled her way up taking her position next to Jared.

“Boy?” Gerald looked pointedly at his son. “You know what to do.”

As Jared was about to take his position on the cross table, Gerald stopped him. “Strip.”

Jared’s eyes shot fearfully towards his father; certainly he didn’t mean to get naked in front of over 500 people. “Sir?”

“I said strip.” His father demanded; his voice dark with a rage that could only come from Satan.

Jared looked over to his mother for assistance, a blanket of shame being thrown over his very being as his eyes began to water but no tears were to be shed.

Gerald followed Jared’s gaze, glaring hatefully at his wife. “WOMAN, DEMAND THAT YOUR SON STRIP OR YOU WILL JOIN HIM.”

Jared immediately began to strip, looking pleadingly at his mother from time to time waiting for her to come to his defense. When all he got was a nod of encouragement from her, he looked towards Jeff; his older brother, his protector but he was not his protector; he was his father’s servant. He turned his desperate eyes towards Megan but her eyes were devoid of any emotion. They have been trained well.

Standing naked as the day he was born, Jared blushed profusely from the humiliation of being so publicly exposed as his father decided to make an example of him.


Jared slowly made his way towards the cross shaped table, climbed upon it, lying face down just as that autistic boy had done moments before him.
Gerald decided to test his other two children’s faith and obedience making sure that his middle child didn’t influence them in anyway.

Jeff and Megan saw their father nod at them and took that as the silent cue that they were to join the family in their brother’s punishment.

“Now Jeff.” His father’s tone was soft but commanding. “I need you to grab one of his arms and hold it down.

Jeff did so dutifully, mouthing the words ‘sorry’ to Jared and his younger brother nodded in response.

“Megan?” Gerald nodded at his youngest and she immediately took her position. Then Gerald handcuffed Jared’s angles to the cross shaped table; then he handed the bamboo rod to his wife.

Sharon took the bamboo rod like the obedient servant wife; her eyes dry, her face held a schooled expression as she looked over at her husband, holding the rod firmly in her hand.

“As you can tell.” Gerald looked towards his congregation as if he dared one of them to speak up on Jared’s behalf. His eyes briefly flickering to Christian who sat there unmoving. “I chose my wife since she is the one who brought this evil into our home and into her son. She will be the one to beat the evil out of him now shall we begin?”
Then he nodded at his wife and she began beating Jared with the bamboo rod as Gerald began reading the same scriptures his middle child had read only moments ago.

Jared’s body jerked forward from the power of his mother’s blow. For a small woman, she sure had the strength of a man. Maybe God gave her that strength.
The stinging sensation as his skin broke apart it cuts.

He couldn’t believe his ears, his mother was actually crying. She really did care. No wait…. That crying was coming from him. Nobody else cried for him. Nobody jumped in to save him.

He didn’t notice Christian and the two parents of that autistic boy crying on his behalf.

His skin was on fire, his cries turned into full blown sobbing. He didn’t care about his father’s rule on no men in his household were allowed to cry. That rule went out the window as soon as the pain became too intense for him to handle.
His body shook violently against the excruciating, agonizing pain. He had to catch his breath several times; he thought this was how he was going to die.

Christian had to grip his pew just to stop himself from leaping to Jared’s defense until he heard the boy gasping for air. “STOP IT. STOP BEATING HIM.”

Immediately, Gerald held his hand up to his wife and she ceased all movement.

Gerald nodded towards Chris approvingly. “The Lord has shown mercy through Christian and had spoke through him to me by telling me to stop beating this boy.” Then he turned his attention back towards Jared. “Boy? Stand next to me.”

Jared did so obediently, his sobs still wracking his body. “Now this, is the body of a sinner. Each mark tells us the severity of his crimes. Seventy lashes because he spoke against me while I was trying to exorcise the devil out of that possessed boy by beating the sins out of him but this boy, stopped me and condemned that boy because he also has the devil in him but the devil will not win. We won’t let him win. Turn around so that they could see your back.”

You could hear a collective gasp throughout the congregation. Jared’s back looked like hamburger meat from all the blood, cuts and hanging flesh. His sobbing had ebbed down to mere hiccups although he did his best to conceal it by holding his breath.

It took all of Jared’s strength to hold himself upright as pain shot through his entire body with each offending move but his own family seemed to be unfazed by his agony.



Chapter Text

The Padalecki family sat in eerie silence as the head master of the household led his middle son into the house. “Children, I want you to study the word of God in your bedrooms while I correct this boy and let this be a lesson to you; should any of you defy me like he did whether it be in private or in public, this will be your fate. Sharon? Make sure that I am not interrupted while I correct the boy. Boy? You know the drill.”

With tears streaming down his cheeks, Jared followed his father into the basement, limping all the way.

Walking down the stairs was absolute torture. Jared grabbed the railing, his arms shaking with the effort of keeping himself sturdy. Once at the bottom of the stairs, his father whirled on him. “BOY. YOU KNOW THE RULES ON CRYING.” Then his father delivered a hard slap to his face causing him to fall the last five steps down onto the hard concrete floor. “NO MAN CRIES IN THIS HOUSEHOLD UNLESS HE IS A QUEER.”

Jared cradled his wrist against his bony chest. “Please daddy. I’m sorry.”

“If I spare the rod then I spoil the child.” His father grabbed his son’s healthy arm and held it in a vice grip. “You must accept your punishment like a man.”

“Please daddy.” Jared begged once more to an unrelenting father. “You’ve already punished me at church. I’ve learned my lesson.”


When Jared didn’t answer just continued to sob, Gerald had lost the remaining patience he had left; Grabbing Jared by the front of the shirt, the neckline strangling him before his father slammed his back against the concrete walls, his back pressed painfully against the sobbing Jesus mural and Jared cried out in agony as his battered back dragged across it.

Then Gerald ripped his son’s clothes off, the shirt that stuck to his bleeding back ripped away from the open flesh and Jared screamed.

The removal of his jeans and underwear were just as painful; his face was a mess from snot and tears.


The belt whistled through the air and coming down with a hard slap of leather hitting battered flesh, leaving welts in its wake. Jared let out a blood curdling scream.

Poor Jared’s screamed, his voice beating against his doom. Over and over, his father delivered the beatings that seemed to go on forever.

Dropping the belt, it landed on the floor with a hollow thud, his father looking at him with disgust. “When one of the commandments are broken, the crime is punishable by death and so far you have violated two of the commandments.”

Jared couldn’t barely hear his father over his own sobbing. “ASK ME WHAT OTHER COMMANDMENT HAVE YOU BROKEN BOY.”

“W-wh-at c-com-mand-m-hent h-have I b-bro-k-hen?” Jared hiccupped. His body continued to shake and thrash against the concrete floor.

“I’m glad you asked.” His father gave him a satisfied smile but it looked more sinister in the darkness of the basement. “You lied. You lied about not being gay. If you were straight, you wouldn’t have cried like a woman which is proof that you are a QUEER!!!”

“I I’m N-not d….” Jared started, his body curled into a tight protective ball wishing Jensen was here holding him.

“DON’T LIE TO ME BOY.” His father spat in his face. “If you were a straight man, you would not have cried like a woman. You would have sucked it up and taken your beatings like a man. YOU ARE A QUEER AND EVERYBODY KNOWS IT. NOW, I WANT YOU TO FOR ONCE TELL ME THE TRUTH.”

“Yes.” Jared said in a small voice. “I’m still g-gay. I’m s-sorry s-sir. I s-swear I h-haven’t a-acted o-on it. I swear.”

“LIAR.” His father boomed, his breathing coming in rasping burst as the rage took him in its choke hold refusing to let go. “YOU LET ANOTHER MAN HOLD YOU. I HAVE EYES AND EARS. IF YOU WERE GOING TO RECUPRICATE HIS AFFECTIONS, YOU MAY WANT TO NOT DO IT IN HIS CAR NEXT TIME IN FRONT OF OUR HOUSE WHERE EVERYONE COULD SEE YOU.”

Then his father started to make his way towards the basement stairs. “By the way, you will remain in this basement; you will be beaten every day until you are dead. There will be no food nor water because waste is a sin.”

“But I never waste food. Sir.” Jared shivered in his own battered flesh. He didn’t know if it were due to how cold it was in the basement and him being naked didn’t help or from the beating he received and maybe his body was in shock due to the blood loss or from the fear he now had towards his father.

“Nope.” His father sadly agreed. “You never waste food but there’s no use in me feeding a dead man now is there?” And with those final words, he was gone.

“SHARON? CHILDREN?” Called Gerald as he stood in the hallway. FAMILY MEETING. MEET ME IN THE DEN IF FIVE MINUTES.”

Within five minutes, the rest of the family scrambled out of their room immediately meeting their father in the den; all taking their prospective seats.

The head Padalecki nodded at his family in approval. Gerald began to pace the room as he spoke with authority. Looking at Jeff and Megan First, “Your brother.” Then he turned his sad gray eyes towards Sharon. “Your son.” Then he began to pace once more. “He is a sinner. “Today wasn’t the first time he broke a commandment by not honoring me as he committed that act in front of that entire congregation. He has also committed the act of lying when he had agreed that he was no longer a homosexual. Well, he was caught the day he was brought back home to us….” Then he paused for dramatic affect as if this were weighing heavily on his conscience. “He was caught letting a man hold him and he reciprocated the action.”

Sharon’s hands fluttered nervously to her lips.

“Thank you Jeff.” Gerald nodded at his eldest in appreciation. “You have been a loyal and faithful servant by reporting this action to me. The Lord will bestow his blessing upon you.” Before Jeff could respond to his father’s expression of gratitude, Gerald continued. “Now, I want you all to know that Jared is to be sentenced to death. It is the Lord’s way. The devil isn’t in him, he is the devil. I have reason to believe that he is the anti-Christ is why the devil can not be exercised from him. Why he can not be redeemed. I have tried without success. Sharon? This is what happens when you turn our procreation into a perversion. I now understand that the devil used you to bare his spawn. Do you disagree?”

“No Gerald.” Sharon spoke, shame coloring her voice.

“Good.” Said Gerald, his eyes flickered towards her before looking straight ahead once more. “Because that is what the Lord had told me and if you were to disagree, then you would be calling him a liar and I would have to cast you out of this family.”

“I do not disagree with you Gerald.” Her words came out strained but you could tell that these were the words she had said many times before as she had them locked and loaded and ready to aim for such an occasion. “I apologize for my transgressions and I understand and I will not interfere with the decision that you and the Lord has made for my son. I accept what has to be done.”

“I’m happy to hear you say that.” Gerald appraised. “Now, there will be no grieving of the boy for he deserves no grief no tears nor compassion for he is the devil’s spawn. His name will not be mentioned in this house hold. As far as we are all concerned, that thing in the basement is not Jared, he died long ago as that sickly baby so from here on out, we are to carry on every day as if he were never here. Is that understood?”

His remaining family gave him a collective yes before he bid them permission to return to what they were previously doing.

Jared stayed in his huddled form, crying endlessly, his arms curled around his knees, shivering in the darkness. The hellfire and demons on the wall looking even more sinister. Jesus glaring accusingly, judging him.

Chapter Text

Jared must have cried himself to sleep because before he knew it, there was the sound of foot steps in the kitchen before hearing the living room door slam shut and all was deathly quiet.

Jared froze as he heard a single pair of heavy footsteps just outside the basement stairs before the door creaked noisily open.

“I will no longer call you boy.” His father said from the top of the basement stairs. “From now on, you will be named Satan’s spawn because that is what you are.” Then his father made his way noisily down the stairs, the sound of the belt buckle kept hitting against the railing as it hung loosely in his hand. “That is why I can’t exercise the demons from you is that you are Satan himself. He planted his seed into my wife during procreation and you were born. I will show you no mercy because you are God’s enemy.”

Jared bit his bottom lip hard, trying to conceal his crying as his father fired his hateful words at him like they were bullets. “If I am the spawn of Satan, then why do you keep me here? Why not let me go?”

“The devil would want me to let you go.” Gerald smiled and his voice was dangerously calm. “That way he could spread lies and destroy my church and my family. I will send you back to hell where you belong. You see? The Lord is testing me by not showing me the real spawn that you really are. Only his most true and loyal servants are tested like this but finally, he opened my eyes and let me see and now he is testing me once again; testing me to see if I would still show you mercy or will eye send you back to hell where you belong but I have passed that test now I must complete the Lord’s work.”

Before Jared could enquire him, his body jerked as pain ricocheted throughout him as the belt was brought down hard. His voice was already horsed from all the screaming from the night before but it still found power to tear through gallows of his very being stumbling over the heavy sobs that wracked his battered body.

His thin arms shaking violently as they grabbed his head, protecting it from damage since his father was blindly beating him with the strength of ten men.

No words were spoken from the abusive man like the night before; instead, he remained quiet as he administered his son’s punishment. His face devoid of any emotion, his eyes hard and cruel.

Jared’s screams were cut short as he had finally and mercifully passed out from the pain yet his father continued to beat him until his arms grew tired.

Jared doesn’t know how long he’s been passed out but he knew it had been hours since he heard his mother, brother and sister enter their home. He had heard their father talk to them the night before about him being the anti-Christ and how his father had sentenced him to death; all three of them seemed unaffected by it. He could only hope that it was all an act but seeing that the sounds he heard from above him sound cheerful, only told him that he was completely alone and unloved.

Once Gerald was finished working in his office, nobody knew what he did in there since that was absolutely off limits to anyone but himself especially when he was working. Should somebody in his family needed to talk, they were to knock on his office door; then he would remove what ever he was doing from his desk out of their view before calling them in.

Gerald called everyone into the den while he held another one of his family meetings. “Okay, While I was working in my office, the Lord spoke to me and he told me that he wants you all to be involved in punishing the devil’s spawn in the basement. This is a test of your loyalty to our Lord and Savior. Should you show any mercy or hesitation, the Lord will know where your loyalty lie. As for you Sharon, you are to watch since you allowed Satan to tempt you into getting aroused while we were conceiving Jared. This is God’s punishment towards you. The only way you can redeem yourself into the Lord’s good graces, you will not interfere and you will not cry for him. The children punishing him is the Lord’s final punishment of you. You have condemned the children to participate in this punishment. You reap what you sow. Now all three of you, follow me.”

All three followed Gerald wordlessly down the basement stairs. Three of the Padalecki clan looked at Jared’s battered, huddled form but didn’t react to the gruesome site before them.

Gerald handed Jeff a whip which his eldest son accepted obediently, then he handed Megan a cord while he held his belt. Giving his children a brief nod while Sharon stood against the far end of the wall watching.

Gerald and his children stood around Jared, all raised their instruments of torture above their heads.

Jared’s head shot up, shooting a pleading glance at Jeff who only looked through him, then shooting his sister a silent plea, wordless begging her but she too, looked right through him.

Their father nodded towards his two children and they all began beating Jared who was no longer screaming as he had lost his voice completely but he tried. His body jerking and shaking violently from the pain as the three Padaleckis beat him relentlessly.

The tears fell silently down his cheeks as pain after pain was delivered to his battered and broken form. The only thing that seemed to be free of any blood and bruises was his face but Jeff took care of that when his father nudged him and he kicked him hard. His sneakers connecting with his nose.

Feeling left out from the fun, Megan looked questioningly at her father. “What did I say about hesitation?”

“No.” Megan shook her head in the negative. “Jeff is kicking him in the face and well….” Then she began dragging her sneaker clad food shyly back and forth across the dirty floor unsure how she should ask.

Gerald seemed to get the message as he smiled at his daughter and gave her a nod of his approval.

Megan stepped forward and stomped on Jared’s back. When she was too light to have any effect, she then kicked him hard in the stomach causing Jared to jerk from the contact.

As Jeff continued to kick Jared in the face and head, Megan continued to kick Jared in the back, but stomach and without thinking, she accidentally kicked him in his the groin. Looking fearfully at her father, “I’m sorry daddy. I shouldn’t have aimed….”

Her father placed his hand on her back. “It was no accident Megan. The Lord instructed you to do that and you obeyed. Never apologize for obeying the Lord’s instructions.”

Megan smiled at her father and kicked Jared in the groin again. Over and over she continued to kicked him in that same spot but he quit responding with whimpers.

Jeff looked over at their father. “Uhh…. Dad? I think he’s dead. He’s not moving.”

“Then our Job here is finished.” Gerald gave his children an approving nod. “Sharon?” Then he studied his wife but was satisfied when she only smiled at him as if nothing happened. “Shall I start dinner, Gerald?”

“That would be splendid.” Gerald smiled at her, satisfied that her reaction wasn’t that of grief.

Through the blackened unconsciousness of Jared’s mind, he could still hear the voices around him and was able to identify who’s voice belonged to whom. His mother, brother and sister seemed unconcerned at the prospect that he may be dead. He felt so abandoned and alone.

He wanted to wake up and scream at them. How can you not love me enough to protect me? How could you not love me enough to grieve for my pain and my death? How can you not love me enough to refuse to participate in my beating? How can you not love me? I am your son! I am your brother! Try as he did, he just could not wake up. He would pray that God show mercy on him by letting him die but even the good Lord could never hear the prayers of the anti-Christ. If only Jensen were here to save him and give him the love and comfort he so longed for unless Jensen hated him as well. Maybe he deserves to be hated; If only God would be a little bit merciful by just letting him die. There’s no way he is going to hell since he’s already there.



Chapter Text

His father never let up on the beatings. Whether his son was conscious or not, it didn’t matter to him. Sometimes Jared would scream and beg for his life until his voice was horsed. Every night after school, Gerald would call his family into the basement so that they could participate in Jared’s misery while Sharon watched her eyes dry as a desert.

One night, Gerald walked downstairs into the basement, his leather belt resting over his shoulder with his family in tow. As he had the belt raised about to beat his son, Megan stopped him. “Daddy?”

“Megan?” Gerald warned as he cringed at the innocent use of his title.

“Sorry.” Megan blushed. For a ten year old girl, she had the understanding of an adult; probably because she has seen more than any girl her age should have forcing her to grow up quickly. “Father.”

“Yes Megan?” Gerald’s full attention was on her, curious as to know why she would be interrupting such an important family even is what he called it.

“Jared’s not moving.” Then she shuffled forward and nudged him with her foot. “Is he dead?”

“I don’t know.” Gerald reached down and grabbed Jared by his dislocated shoulder; lifting his up without any effort since he was practically weightless, and when Jared didn’t respond even when Gerald slapped him across the face; his skin was cold and clammy. Never mind the fact that it was winter time and the basement consisted of no heat and probably no insulation. It was that cold.

Rather than to lie Jared gently back on the floor, he dropped the poor lad and still he remained unmoving. “Okay, new plan. Jeff, go get a garbage bag. It’s time to dispose of the body.” Then he turned his attention towards Sharon and Megan. “Family, the devil’s spawn has finally been sent to hell. The Lord had sent him there probably last night. Now I want no shedding of tears. We do not cry for the wicked.”

It took only but a minute but Jeff came back with a large black, plastic lawn bag. “I’m sorry father. I know you said a garbage bag but I thought he would fit in a lawn bag better.”

“Good thinking.” Gerald praised his eldest child before instructing his entire family to stuff the devil’s spawn into the bag.

It really didn’t take much effort fitting Jared into the bag, his body was limp and easy to fold. Gerald tied the bag. “Okay, our job here is done. Let me call God’s four soldiers to take care of the body. Now let this be a lesson to you. I will not have this type of disobedience or breaking of the Ten Commandments in my home. Also, this will not leave these walls. Whatever happens in our home stays in our home. No talking to outsiders about what happened here. As a matter of fact, you will not even talk to each other what had occurred here. What’s done is done; Jared is gone. He never existed. What we raised was the anti-Christ so he really wasn’t a person. Any objections?”

“No.” His family said in Unisom before Gerald made his way to his office.

The line was picked up after the fifth ring. “Cletus.” Gerald barked into the phone. “You are on my payroll. I expect you to pick up when I call.”

“Sorry boss.” Said the voice on the other line as he cleared his voice. “The guys and I were outside maintaining the yard. What can I do ya fer?”

Gerald rolled his eyes in annoyance at the uneducated hick grammar. “I have a job for you. It’s a big job and you will be paid handsomely and you will ask no questions.”

“Understood.” Said Cletus. You never had to explain a job to him. As long as money was involved, he would sell his own mother. “We’ll be over in ten.”

“No.” Gerald disagreed with the time offer. “Be here when it’s dark.”

Once again, Cletus agreed without question.

Night came at a snails pace but as soon as the beautiful sunset turn to an inky black, a knock sounded at the door and the four men stepped inside, “Okay boss. What job do you have for us?”

Gerald led them to the living room where the bag lie in the middle of the floor unmoving. “Take this and throw it in a dumpster behind some restaurant or something and no peeking inside.”

“Sure thing chief.” Cletus smiled his tobacco and coffee stained teeth as he made his way, grabbing the feet end of the bag.”

“Oh. Before I forget.” Gerald began counting out forty grand into the palm of Lenny’s hand.

“Wow.” Lenny admonished as the bills his the palm of his waiting hand. “Thanks boss. Any time you need for us to throw away something big, just give us a holler.”

“Just don’t look inside the bag.” Gerald warned with cold unloving eyes. “Throw it in the dumpster of whatever restraint; I don’t care which one and don’t ask question and don’t speak of this with anyone. Is that clear?”

“Crystal. Boss.” Norm answered for the gang.

“This night never happened.” Bradford finished for him before all four men were grabbing Jared’s body and hauling it out to the truck.

Once the men tossed the bag into the bed of the truck, they drove, careful of violating any speed limit laws since they were sure that should they get pulled over; whatever was in that bag would end them back in prison.

Once they arrived in the back ally of a fish and chips restaurant, it only took two of the men to swing the weightless bag and they let go once they had it high enough that it would reach the medal dumpster. The body flew and landed inside with a noisy, heavy thud.

The four men drove off, vowing to never speak of this again.

“Christian?” Misha looked over at his partner curiously. “I’m sorry I wasn’t available but I had so much paper work to catch up on and you haven’t said two words to me since I picked you up. Do you have anything for me or not?”

With a quivering bottom lip, Misha was caught off guard when Christian threw himself in his arms. “Hey. What’s goin’ on here buddy?”

Christian only clung to him sobbing profusely. “Come on Chris. You’re scaring me.” Misha held onto his sobbing friend.

“I’ve thought I’ve seen it all.” Christian pulled back, wiping his tears angrily and began telling Misha of the horrors he had witnessed in church.

They drove into the fish and chips restaurant, Misha giving his partner the once over and deemed him fit and tear free to enter the restaurant.

As both men received their all you can eat fish and chips order, Christian showed Misha the video on his phone.

Misha stuck the ear buds into his ear so that the rest of the customers wouldn’t hear the torture that Christian had recorded. His eyes were round with horror. After the waitress got back with their bill, “We have to show this to Jensen.”

“No.” Christian grabbed his phone out of Misha’s hand. “You show this to Jensen and we won’t be able to stop him from taking matters into his own hands.”

“Yeah, but if we don’t.” Misha looked sadly at his partner. “Then Jensen would never forgive us and you know words seem to circulate his way so it would be better hearing it from us than somebody on the streets.”

“Yeah I suppose.” Said Christian grimly, grabbing his coat as both men stood up. “I guess we’d better get this done and over with.”

Misha gave him a melancholy nod in response. He could only imagine he wouldn’t be getting any sleep tonight even in Tom’s comforting embrace. He can only imagine how this had been weighing on Christian all week.

Once outside, they were about to make their way to Misha’s car when they heard a thud and quiet sobbing from within the dumpster.

Jared awoke only to find himself shrouded in darkness. Was he in a coffin? He straightened his legs and discovered that he was not confined in a pine box, whatever he was trapped in, was soft and had some give to it. His feet accidentally his something hard and medal.

He waited with bated breath for his father to come and when nothing happened, Jared let out a choked sob. The tears falling down his battered face as his sobbing grew louder and more jagged. He didn’t care if his father came down the stairs to finish him off; that would actually be a relief to his suffering.

“Do you hear that?” Misha cried in a loud whisper.

When he turned to look towards Christian for validation, his friend was already at the dumpster. “HURRY UP AND GIVE ME A BOOST.”

Misha was at his side lightning fast, His arms stretch low, his fingers clasped together, his palms facing upward making a stepstool for his partner.

Christian stepped on Misha’s palms with his palms with his right hand. Misha lifted his arms, raising Christian above the opening lip of the dumpster. Christian grabbed a hold of the medal lip, elbows bent as he hoisted himself over and falling inside the dumpster beside the black, plastic lawn bag. “HOLY SHIT MISHA. IT’S A BODY.”

“WHAT?” Misha gasped as he peered inside of the dumpster.

“AND HE’S ALIVE.” Christian yelled once again before urgently tearing into the bag. “OH MY GOD IT’S JARED.”

Before Misha could respond, Christian had to poor semi-conscious, battered, sobbing lad thrown over his shoulder. “HELP ME.”

Misha held his arms out as Christian dragged Jared from his shoulder and lifted him over to his partner’s waiting arms.

Misha held Jared bridal style, Jared’s head lolled against his shoulder. The poor lad crying against him not even realizing that he has been freed from the basement.

“It’s okay kiddo.” Misha held Jared protectively against him.

Christian hopped over the opening of the dumpster. “I guess we should take him over to Jensen’s or should we take him to the emergency room?”

“We’ll take him over to Jensen’s.” Misha instructed as he comforted Jared not minding the blood on his blue blazer. “We’ll let him decide if he should go to the ER or not.”

Once at the car, Misha poured Jared into the back seat, the boy cried out in pain. Both men apologizing for contributing to his discomfort.

Chapter Text

It was a quiet drive to Jensen’s home. Both men unsure of how to break that awkward silence. Jared continued to sob in the back seat. His tear streaked cheeks pressed firmly into the leather upholstery.

As Misha pulled his car to a stop in front of Jensen’s house, Christian was the first to exit before it came to a rolling stop causing Misha to glare at him. “What?”

“How about next time you wait until I am fully stopped.” Misha barked, his glare on full force. “Before exiting the vehicle?”

Christian bit back a snide remark, turning his attention towards the door in front of him, proceeded to bang on it not giving much pause between his knocks.

“I’m coming. Jesus.” Called the voice at the other end of the door. Jensen swung the door open with such vigor you would have expected it to go flying off the hinges. “What the hell is so damn urgent that you felt the need to try and bust through my door at ten at night? I was just settling in to relax in front of the TV.” Then he stopped in mid rant as he took in the site of his two friends. “Have you two been crying?”

“You need to come with us.” Misha’s voice was watery with emotion and both men each grabbed a hold of his hands pulling him towards the car.

Jensen gasped as they reached the back of the car and he saw who lie in the back seat sobbing. His body was battered and broken. “Is that….”

“We found him tied in a black plastic lawn bag.” Christian hiccupped through the tears he was trying to conceal. “His father no doubt, beat him and threw him away like garbage.”

“We took him straight to you.” Explained Misha as he threw an arm comfortingly around Christian’s shoulders. “We thought you’d might like to take a look at him and decide for yourself if he should be brought to the ER.”

Jensen nodded towards Misha before lowering himself and slid his upper half into the back seat grabbing a hold of Jared.

Jared let out a loud painful sob as Jensen dragged him out of the backseat. “Shh. It’s okay baby. You’re safe. Nobody will ever hurt you again.”

“Do you need any help?” Asked Misha as he continued to hold Christian in a one armed hug. “Or are we free to go?”

“Yeah,” Jensen walked ahead of the two men carrying the precious cargo that lay sobbing in his arms. “I need for you to talk to me.”

Both men knew exactly what Jensen meant and they could hear the barely contained rage in his voice but it still bled through.

They followed Jensen into his home and into the elevator. Misha gave the doctor a quizzical stare.

“What?” Jensen barked, eyes narrowing accusingly at his friend.

“It’s just.” Misha shrugged followed by a negative head shake. “This is the first time we’ve taken the elevator.

“Oh.” Jensen breathed out, repositioning Jared that he was about to lose hold. “That’s because I’ve never taken you to the third floor; never needed to until now.”

“Why are we going to the third floor?” Asked Christian as Jensen pushed button number three and it lit up.

“Because.” Jensen tightened his grip on Jared as the lad began to snuffle. “Because of his injuries. In order to find out how bad they are, I’m gonna need an X-Ray to check for broken bones, an MRI to check for internal injuries, an EEG to see if there are any brain bleeds or any other type of brain damage and an EKG to check if there are any damages to the heart do to the lack of nutrition and I’m not sure a stethoscope can give me all of that. All this will tell me if he needs to go to the hospital or not. I just know which hospital I won’t be taking him too.” Jensen mumbled that part to himself but his friends still heard him.

“What’s wrong with the hospital you work at?” Asked Misha as the elevator door dinged open.

“I don’t work there anymore.” Jensen stated bluntly as he squeezed past his friends being careful not to Jar Jared. “I recently found out that his damn father has the fucking CEO  on his payroll at Montgomery Hospital and in the hospital administrator is getting a huge chunk of that blood money if they would look the other way so I said fuck it and I left before he decided that they should fire me.”

“When did you find out that he had them on his payroll?” Misha admonished. The thought that Gerald Padalecki can walk into a place and buy people like they were possessions, terrified him. By the time he’s done, he could end up owning the entire city; possibly state and there will be no telling what he will end up doing to Jared or anybody who even tried to help the boy.

“Yeah.” Christian agreed, shaking his head trying to blink away this waking nightmare they were suddenly stuck in. “And why would they fire you?”

Jensen laid Jared down on the chrome medal bed, soothing him when he cried out in pain. “Now I need you to lay still Jared. I have to see how badly you’re hurt okay?” Then he looked up at his two friends. “I finally decided talk to the hospital administrator, Michael Rosenbaum about the rape victims I have been finding in my woods and I told him of my suspicions of Gerald’s involvement and he told me that my job is to take care of the patients, not to draw up accusations. I then told him that I have received a patient after Jared and he recognized the four men who raped him who worked at the church and Mr. Rosenbaum told me to leave it alone.”

“That doesn’t mean that they are on the payroll.” Misha disagreed. He didn’t want to accept that any hospital would dismiss a report like that. It was illegal  for a hospital to dismiss any assumptions that a rape must be involved. They could get sued and lose their license.

“Are you on his payroll too?” Jensen accused, glaring daggers at his unsupportive friend.

“That’s not what Misha’s trying to say.” Christian placated. “He just doesn’t want to believe that a person could get away with such a brutality. It’s rather unsettling.”

“Well.” Jensen huffed, not ready to forgive Misha for his disloyalty just yet. “I went to talk to Jim Beaver who was packing up his stuff. He decided to take an early retirement and when I asked him why, he told me that Gerald was paying the CEO and Hospital Administrator to look the other way and to allow the rape victims to be dropped off on MY property with no questions asked. I had to take that boy to the hospital because there was no way I could fix him up in my home. His injuries were too severe but NOT severe enough to die; yet he did. I checked him out myself. There was some internal bleeding that could easily be fixed but I just didn’t have the equipment. I helped get him fixed up at the hospital. I stopped the bleeding and he was recovering quite nicely and then after I went to the fucking hospital administrator, I finally went home and I get a call at eight this morning telling me that my patient died.”

It was clear that Jensen was becoming hysterical; the tears were making a scolding path down his cheeks. Misha leaped foreword, his arms enveloping Jensen in a strong hug. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know. I’m so sorry Jenny. It wasn’t your fault. You had no way of knowing.”

“Yeah but it doesn’t make it any easier.” Jensen sobbed profusely on his friend’s shoulder. “That meant I was on his payroll too. All the doctors and nurses are and I refuse to live my life underneath his thumb. I won’t kill any more patients just to keep his crimes a secret. I will have no part of it.”

Christian placed his hand comfortingly on Jensen’s back right behind his left shoulder blade feeling his distraught friend’s body shake beneath his touch causing rage to roll like a volcano threatening to explode. “We will make sure he pays Jenny. Mark my words; we will. We will make him pay. I promise you that and Misha is right. It is NOT your fault. YOU did NOT do this to him. They did. You didn’t know that you were on his payroll. They killed him. NOT YOU and they will also pay for what they did to the poor kid. I promise you that because I am not giving up on digging up the dirt I have on him. Okay?”

“Okay.” Jensen sniffled loudly in Misha’s blue cotton sweater. “I think I may have gotten snot on you new shirt.”

“It’s okay.” Misha smiled at him sadly. “It’s washable.”

“I just don’t know how to break it to Jared that his only friend from school is gone.” Jensen looked down at Jared’s unmoving form.

Christian placed his hand in front of Jared’s nose and let out a breath of relief. “He’s so still, I was making sure he was still breathing. What do you mean, his friend?”

“His name is Steve Carlson.” Jensen stroked his hand across Jared’s blood encrusted hair. “When I took Steve to the hospital, the kid kept fading in and out of consciousness. He said for me to keep on a lookout for Jared. I rode in the ambulance with him helping the EMTs keep him stabilized and we talked a good length about his and Jared’s friendship. He wanted me to save Jared. He said that those four men that raped Jared, were the same men that were the groundskeepers at the church and that before Jared was raped, Gerald was paying them to attack some young man. He didn’t know that young man they were talking about was Jared. He said that those were the same men that raped him as well.”

“Damn.” Christian’s eyes welled up with tears as he gently brushed a hand down Jared’s cheek. “Are you going to tell Jared?”

“I have to.” Said Jensen as he finished up the tests. “I just don’t know how he’s gonna take it; I mean first his father tries to kill him and now this? Oh, you had something to show me that may shed some light on this?”

“Maybe we should wait.” Christian was unsure how far over the edge this video would push him. He is already on edge. This video may push him way over. “You know, emotions are high…..”

“I WANT TO SEE IT.” Jensen demanded, ready to grab his phone if he had to but he was going to watch that video whether his friend agreed to show it to him or not.

“Okay.” Christian agreed rather than to turn this into a fight. “After you get Jared settled. Okay?”

Jensen nodded his agreement and proceeded to carry Jared back to the elevator headed for the second floor.

Chapter Text

Jared had been kept under sedation for a couple of days to allow the extra healing time; to be awake, he would be in agony. On day three, Jensen finally took his patient out of sedation. He kept him hooked up to an IV because he was still low on nutrients and he kept the morphine drip in it to keep his patient from suffering too severely.

Jared awoke on the third day of his two day slumber thinking he was still on that cold, dirty, concrete floor of the basement. He shivered in waiting for his family’s arrival to participate in his beating. When nobody showed up, he did what he usually did when he was alone in that cold and dark place; he rolled over on his side, curled into a ball and began to cry.

Jensen came up the stairs with a tray in hand consisting of strawberries and cream flavored oatmeal, toast without butter since his stomach may be a tad bit sensitive to food having gone without for so long; adding a dairy product to it like butter may cause negative result and a glass of orange juice. He was about to wake his patient up as soon as he walked through that door but hearing sobbing coming from the other end, Jensen rushed forward; swinging the door open and rushing to the poor lad’s side. “Jared? Honey what’s wrong? Are you in any pain?”

“Please no more daddy.” Jared sobbed into his pillow. “I’ve learned my lesson.”

“Oh baby.” Jensen choked on a sob as he laid the tray down and began to smooth Jared’s unruly hair. “You’re safe now. You’re with me. Jensen. Do you remember me?”

Jared cracked an eye open. “Jensen?”

“Yes sweetheart?” Jensen leaned down, his arms wrapping around Jared’s head, resting his cheek on top of it. “It’s over now. He will never hurt you again.”

“I’m supposed to be dead.” Jared’s words were muffled in Jensen’s shirt but the good doctor still heard him.

“Why do you say that?” Jensen frowned and gripped him tighter.

“My dad.” Jared hiccupped as another string of sobs wracked through his body. “He said that I am to be beaten until I’m dead. Did he finally show mercy on me?”

“No.” Jensen’s voice was strangled on a sob filled lump that seemed to be lodged in his throat. “I’m sorry baby; he didn’t. Misha and Christian found you in a plastic lawn bag in a dumpster in the back of Pizza Hut. I think he thought you were dead so he threw you away like garbage.”

Jared’s body shook against his the boy clung weakly to his white T-shirt.

“I’m so sorry baby.” The lump finally broke free and Jensen was crying against Jared. “I know you didn’t deserve it and honey. You are free now. He will never hurt you again. I promise you that. It’s over now.”

Jared pulled back, dragging the pads of his fingers across the bottom of his eyelids. “But where will I go?”

“You will stay here with me.” Jensen brushed Jared’s hand away, replacing it with his own. The palm of his hand resting on the lad’s battered cheek as he thumbed away his fast flowing tears. “For as long as you want. My home is your home so you don’t have to worry about that. Okay?”

Jared nodded before placing his head on Jensen’s shoulder. Jensen slid his arm around Jared squeezing him lightly against him; mindful of his wounds. “I have breakfast.”

Jared perked up at that and Jensen couldn’t help but laugh. “Let’s get some food in your stomach, Okay?”

Jared nodded eagerly. Both men eating in silence until Jensen finally spoke. “I see you’re still following the rule of not talking during meal times.”

“No.” Jared shook his head in the negative. His eyes still swimming with tears. “I’m the anti-Christ, the devil’s spawn. Those rules don’t apply to me since I’m going to hell anyway.”

“Oh baby.” Jensen snaked his arm around Jared’s shoulders and held onto him in a one armed hug. “You’re not the anti-Christ or the devil’s spawn. If anyone is, it’s your father.”

Jared pushed his food away from him. Feeling quite full already since his stomach had shrunk. “I’m sorry. Did you lose your appetite?”

“No.” Said Jared, averting his eyes to his lap. “I’m full. I guess I don’t have to worry about being wasteful anymore huh?” Then Jared had realized what Jensen just said. “What do you mean?”

Jensen squeezed Jared against him. “I’m sorry Jared. But your friend Chad was brutally raped by the same guys who raped you.”

Jared’s head shot up towards Jensen, his bottom lip quivering. “Where is he? Is he here? Is he alright?”

Jensen kissed Jared on top of the head before resting his cheek firmly against it holding him firmly against him. “I’m sorry Jared but his injuries were too extensive so I had to take him to the hospital. He told me that your father was behind all of the rape happening to the youth at your church. It looked like he was going to make it but something happened to him at the hospital and honey….. He didn’t make it.”

“NO, NO, NO.” Jared began to wail as he pummeled his legs with his fists. “HE WASN’T EVEN GAY. HE…. HE HAD A GIRLFRIEND. HE WAS MY BEST FRIEND. HE WAS MY ONLY FRIEND. I HATE MY DAD. I HATE HIM, I HATE HIM, I HATE HIM.”

Jensen had to restrain Jared because the hysterical lad was hurting himself. Jared tried to pull away but Jensen’s arms were unyielding.

Jensen grabbed Jared with both arms and pulled him onto his lap; one hand sliding up, holding his head in place. “HE WASN’T EVEN GAY. HE WAS MY FRIEND. HE DIED BECAUSE HE WAS MY FRIEND.”

“Jared.” Jensen held onto the distraught boy fiercely. “I know where you are going with this and I’m gonna stop you right there. Steve didn’t die because he was your friend. This is not your fault. He died because your father is an evil man. He is behind your friend’s murder…. NOT YOU and he WILL be brought to justice. I promise you that.”

“Why didn’t Misha and Christian just let me die?” Asked Jared still clinging to Jensen in desperation. “I just wish they would have let me die.”

The defeat in Jared’s voice made Jensen’s heart clinch. “I’m glad they didn’t because that would have killed me. I don’t want you to die and I don’t want to ever hear you talk like that again.”

“Jensen?” Jared’s eyebrows quirked together a frown. “You’re crying. I didn’t mean to make you cry.”

“Well you did.” Jensen sobbed onto his patient’s shoulder. “You hurt me when you said that. You don’t know how much you mean to me Jared Padalecki. I LOVE YOU. YOU HEAR ME. I LOVE YOU DAMN IT.”


“You….. Love ….. Me?” Jared was flabbergasted to say the least. “You really love me?”

“Yes baby.” Jensen buried his face in the crook of Jared’s neck. “I fucking love you so to hear you talking about you dying, breaks my heart.”

“M’sorry Jensen.” Tears were on full force tonight. If they both kept this up, they would be dehydrated. “M’sorry I hurt you. Please forgive me.” After waiting a bit. “I love you too.”

“You’re forgiven.” Jensen closed his eyes, getting lost in the emotional blanket that seemed to be wrapped around the two of them.


Chapter Text

Jared woke up in the middle of the night with Jensen snoring softly at his side.

He shivered at the very thought that he was still in the basement; the painful wounds that covered his body a true testimony that this may all be a dream. No one will come to his rescue, no one to hold him while he cried. He was truly alone in his misery.

Drawing his knees up, Jared curled into a ball, pressed his face into the pillow of his arm, or at least he thought it was his arm. He was too caught up in his grief to notice that there was a soft body beneath his battered head. A White T-shirt soaking up his tears and a gentle hand coming up to rest on the back of his head. Fingers raking through the unruly hair, a palm tenderly caressing the back of his scalp while a soft voice offering words of comfort to chase away the darkness that seemed to have the lad in its confining grip.

“Shhh.” Jensen soothed as he continued to caress Jared’s baby soft hair. “S’okay baby. I’ve gotcha.”

Jared wrapped a long arm around the body that held him; coming to realize that was Jensen’s stomach he had his face buried in. “M’sorry.” He croaked, sucking in a breath to stop his random crying.

“Don’t be baby.” Jensen pulled Jared further into his heat. “You’re allowed to cry for as long as you need to.”

Jared pulled back, blushing profusely when he saw the mess he made of Jensen’s T-shirt. “You uh… You might not want to look down.”

“What did you do? Pee the bed?” Jared could hear the smile in Jensen’s voice.

“Yeah.” Jared chuckled sadly, still feeling the loss of his best and only friend Steve. “I peed the bed. I peed from my nose.”

Jensen looked down and pulled off his T-shirt in one swoop before discarding it on the floor. “There. No more snot. Err… Nose pee.”

“Sorry.” Jared blushed again.

“Hey don’t sweat it.” Jensen hugged Jared against him. “That’s a good thing about laundry soap. It gets the shirts clean of snot or nose pee.” Then Jensen fisted Jared’s chin, raising the lad’s head up so that their eyes could meet; leaning in to give the younger man a ghost of a kiss on his thin quivering lips. That kiss was gone before he had a chance to reciprocate. With his forehead pressed firmly against Jared’s, “I meant what I said last night. I love you. I won’t apologize for that and I won’t apologize for the kiss. I’ll say it again Jared; I love you. I know nobody has ever said that to you and I’m sorry for that. I know I can’t make up for it although I’m sure as hell gonna try. You didn’t deserve what’s been done to you and you will not be going back to that church or your home. This is your new home so you never have to worry about that. You and me? We’re in this together….. Did I mention that I love you?”

Jared’s eyes welled up with tears once more. “I love you too. I’m not saying that because I think it’s what you want to hear. I really mean it. I love you, I love you, I love you.”

The tears were flowing freely now and Jensen smashed their mouths together. Teeth clashing against teeth; lips sliding over lips, tearslick and sensuous.

Jared moaned into the kiss, his flaccid member hardening and lengthening in size. “Touch me.”

“What?” Jensen broke the kiss to look directly into his lover’s heavily hooded eyes.

“Touch me.” Jared ducked his head in embarrassment. “I’m not covered in pee down there. Remember, I peed out of my nose not my dick I mean penis.” Jared blushed again, averting his eyes hoping that Jensen didn’t catch him accidentally using a vulgar word to describe his male organ.

Jensen smiled. Jared looked so adorable when he blushed. He should remind himself to make it happen more often. “It’s okay sweetheart. You can say dick. I won’t rebuke you.” Then he grew serious. “But are you sure?”

Jared nodded his head jerkily wanting so much to feel the gentle touch on his hardened member for the first time and he wanted that first time to be from Jensen. “Please touch me.”

Jensen reached down to cup Jared’s groin. Instead of moaning, Jared flinched back.

Jensen pulled his hand back as if it were burned. “I’M SORRY. DID I MOVE TO FAST? MAYBE YOU’RE NOT READY.”

“NO.” Jared said a little too quickly and with little hesitation, decided he needed to elaborate before they lose what was happening between them. “I mean, it’s just a little sore. For a ten year old she delivers a hard kick.”

“Your sister?” Jensen frowned deeply at his lover’s discomfort. “And your dad let her?”

“Yes.” Jared averted his eyes shamefully towards the bed. “Dad told her that her that God instructed her to do that.” Seeing the thundercloud roll across Jensen’s handsome features scared Jared. “But I’m okay. I’m over it. Just touch me again. I promise not to flinch. Just…. Do it lightly but please touch me again.”

“Hey.” Jensen pressed his palm comfortingly on Jared’s cheek. “I’m not angry with you. Okay? What I really want to do is put your sister over my knee and give her a good ass beating and make your parents watch. Then I want to beat the shit out of your dad. What about your mother and brother? It’s obvious they didn’t stop him. Were they even home?”

“Just touch me again.” Jared’s bottom lip began to quiver. He’s ruined everything. He should have kept his big mouth shut. “Please?”

“Jared.” Jensen voice was low but there was a hint of firmness to it. “Tell me about your mother and your brother. I think that is more important. Don’t you?”

The gentleness was gone from Jensen’s voice and it hurt Jared. He had indeed ruined everything. “If you can’t touch me anymore, can you at least hold me so that I know I haven’t lost you?”

Jensen pulled Jared into his heat. His chin resting on the lad’s head. “You haven’t lost me baby.” Then Jensen began rubbing soothing circles into the small of the taller man’s back. “Talk to me. What about your mother and your brother?”

“Jeff was beating the sh… beating me and kicking me in the stomach. My mom was forced to watch as a punishment because when I was conceived, she wasn’t supposed to get aroused and she did. That’s why I was born the anti-Christ…. Satan’s spawn. I’m bad, I know that. I just don’t know how to be any other way.”

“Oh baby.” Jensen tightened his grip on Jared. “You’re not any of those things. You are strong, you are good and you are perfect after all the shit you had to endure and I am lucky to have found you and I can never imagine my life without you. I am so sorry that has happened to you and if you still want me to touch you then I will. Okay? I’ll just have to be more careful but remember, you are the one in control. If you want me to stop then you tell me to stop and I will; no questions asked so don’t be afraid to speak up. Okay?”


Jared nodded against the dip just below the Adam’s apple in Jensen’s throat followed by a loud sniffle.

Jensen pulled back giving his lover a ghost of a kiss on his tear slick lips.

Jared almost mourned the loss of warmth of those plush lips against his until he felt the feather like movement of his fingers skittering over his groin. “It’s soft again. I guess I’d better rectify that situation. Shouldn’t I?”

Jared smiled through his tears, pulling slightly back from the shorter man to give him more room to move his hand.

Jensen was much more gentle this time, his hand tenderly cupping Jared crotch, when Jared’s breath hitched, Jensen looked up only to discover that his boy’s eyes were closed, a blissful smile resting on his lips and he swore he’s never seen a more beautiful sight.

Jared pressed into Jensen’s hand; a low, guttural moan slamming through tightly clenched teeth.

Jensen began to rub up and down the taller man’s length and felt his shaft stretch in size. Jared tried to thrust forward but Jensen stopped him. “Nuh-Uh baby. You’re still healing. We’ll take this nice and slow because we have all the time in the world.”

“It’s just that….” Jared all but whined. “It’s not enough. I need more. I-I don’t know what I need more of but I know I need it.”

“Shh.” Jensen soothed as he continued to rub and caress Jared’s hardened length. “S’okay baby. I’ve gotcha. I’ll give you what you need.” Then he followed that promise with a gentle squeeze.

Jared rewarded him with a soft moan caressing his lips and filling the quietness of the room.

Jensen’s plush lips stretched into a smile as he found his lover’s pulse point on his clothed cock. Rubbing, caressing, squeezing and flicking his wrist to give it a gentle twist of the taller man’s pre-come leaking shaft.

Jared’s breathes were coming in short ragged bursts as he felt the heat spiraling through his stomach. The pressure of Jensen’s soft delicate hand cupping his groin, the finger tips stroking his balls.

His breath hitched as he felt the shorter man squeezed his balls together; rolling them as he continued to stroke and gently grind the heel of his hand against his achingly hard shaft.

Jared’s back arched out of its own volition, his hips snapping forward fucking himself against Jensen’s unyielding hand.

An unfamiliar sensation scared the taller man but his body refused to give in to that fear.

His almond shaped eyes widened as the fingers of ecstasy began to pluck at him trying to pull him apart atom by atom but there was some resistance. His eyes closed as a pair of plush lips were placed firmly upon his, the comforting kiss making his heart soar and his body hum with delight.

The hand was still on his crotch, playing with him, strumming him like a violin. The fear was gone from his eyes only to be replaced with lust and desperation and he nearly sobbed into the kiss but it came out more of a moan that went straight to Jensen’s dick.

Jensen pressed forward, not giving up on the even rhythm his hand was providing. He shifted his hips so that his groin straddled against Jared’s wayward leg that seemed to fall away from his other one.

Jared continued to fuck himself against Jensen’s hand while the good doctor dragged his clothed cock gracefully against the taller man’s leg.

Feeling Jensen’s hardened cock was Jared’s undoing. The room began to spin out of control, Jared’s eyes rolled back in his head as his body temp became a furnace; the heat curling throughout his abdomen, tightening under his ribcage around his still developing muscles.

His brain shortened out as euphoria settled in, pulling him, carrying him higher and higher and delivering him into the hands of ecstasy. Waves after waves came crashing over him drowning him into the lake of lust and desire; pulling him under and into the arms of his one true love and it seemed to go on forever. His body was livewire hot, jerking and thrashing with each electrical pulse that shot right through him and his hands flailed blindly for something to keep him grounded as he continued to tumble into the depths where space and time didn’t exist.

Jensen broke the kiss as his lover began to thrash against him, his arms snaking around his body as Jared began to convulse in his strong hold. “Yes baby.” Jensen’s lust filled breath was hot and heavy in his ear. “That’s it baby. Just let it go.”

Something warm and wet spread across Jared’s crotch, coating the inside of his sweats. Jensen followed his boy over the edge.

“Jared?” Jensen gently shook his lover gently as the taller man fell unconscious from the power of his orgasm. “You okay sweetheart?”

Body languid, Jared lifted his head from Jensen’s shoulder with great effort. “Jensen? What….”

“Shh.” Jensen shushed him. “S’okay baby. Everything’s okay.”

Jared’s eyes lit up with horror as his hand brushed against the wet spot on his crotch. “Jensen I….”

“You had your first orgasm.” Jensen smiled at him. “It’s okay baby. I came too. You have that affect on me.”

“It was so…” Jared breathed, body still spent. “So strong.”

“Yeah.” Jensen pulled Jared against him into a firm hug, holding his boy protectively against his hard frame. “But you’ll get used to it. I promise you babe.”

When he was about to pull back, he heard the taller man’s breath had evened out and soft snores whispering in his ear. Jensen dipped his head to where his nose and mouth was pressed against his lover’s shoulder, closed his eyes and followed his boy into a blissful sleep.



Chapter Text

It had been a few days and Jared has finally healed physically. Mentally, he still had a ways to go as Jensen had explained to him; it did nothing to quell the pain he felt over the loss of his friend Steve. He would be so happy for Jared and his new life now. Hell, he could probably invite Steve and his girlfriend over to meet Jensen had his father not ordered the doctors to kill him.

“Hey.” The sudden sound of Jensen’s voice brought Jared out of his musings. “Penny for your thoughts.”

“Huh?” Jared so eloquently responded.

“You look sad.” Jensen snaked an arm around Jared’s shoulders and pulled him into a sideways hug. “What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing.” Jared shrugged dumbly. How could he express to his very new boyfriend that he was still grieving for the loss of his one and only friend? “I was… I was just lost in thought.” Jared shrugged again. “That’s all.”

“Baby I’m sorry.” Jensen kissed him ghostly on his temple. “I should have known.”

Jared stared at Jensen incredulously. “Should have known what?”

“You’re thinking about your friend Steve.” Jensen said apologetically; he didn’t have the heart or the courage to tell Jared that it was actually his fault that Steve was dead. Had he stayed the entire time to over see his treatment, he may had lived but rather than to tell him the truth, he decided a lie was the best approach. “I should have known you’d still be grieving at the loss. You two were really close. Huh?”

“Yeah.” Jared laid his head gently on Jensen’s shoulder soaking up as much comfort this man could provide.

“Jay, my man.” Steve cried gleefully as he caught up with Jared in the hall.

“Steve.” Jared smiled at his friend. “Where’s your girlfriend? I thought you two were inseparable these days?”

“Oh.” Steve swung an arm around Jared’s shoulders causing the taller lad to quickly glance around making sure that Jeff didn’t catch him allowing another boy physical contact on his person. “Genevieve is in study hall which I’m glad because you and I need to have a talk.”

“Okay?” Jared carefully allowed his friend to lead him away from his locker. Both boys walked in silence until they arrived in the gym that seemed to be barren of the student body.

Once they arrived at that destination, Jared followed Steve to the bleachers where they both sat down; both feet on the floor, legs spread apart and knees touching. “It’s your dad.”

Jared tensed at the mention of his father. He knew his friend didn’t mean any harm by mentioning Gerald and he respected him for being truthful. He knew that the old man could be quite overbearing, vindictive and judgmental as well as a dictator. He was always afraid to voice his opinions out loud; having honor thy mother and thy father drilled into him or you will be thrown into the lake of fire.

“You know I love ya like a brother. Right?” Steve treaded carefully always offering that as an opening to soften the blow of what negative information he had on the taller lad’s father.

“Of course I do.” Jared smiled softly at his friend even though his heart was beating with trepidation. “I love you too…. Like a brother.”

“Good.” Steve nodded melancholy at his friend while gazing off at a distance. “I think you coming out to your dad is a very bad idea.”

“Why?” Jared’s eyebrows knit together in a frown.

“Because.” Steve’s lips forming a thin, tight line. “The last guy that came out to his dad, his father went to Brother Gerald and next thing I know is this kid is being gang raped. I think your dad is behind it.”

“What do mean my dad’s behind it?” Jared didn’t mean to come off defensive about his father but even Gerald wouldn’t step that far…. Would he?

“Look.” Steve swung his arm around Jared’s shoulder once more. “I know you may not believe me but the kid that was raped; when he came to church the following Sunday to testify how he had been cured of his homosexuality, he noticed the four guys in your dads office getting paid in cash for a job well done.”

“What was he doing in my dad’s office?” Jared felt like someone had sucked all of the air out of the room.

“He wasn’t in your dad’s office.” Steve corrected, squeezing his friend’s shoulder. “He saw the four guys in his office. He was on his way to take a leak. When he told me about it, I went home that night and looked it up on my laptop top and get this…”

When Jared didn’t respond as if his response was needed, Steve continued. “It is an organization called Corrective Rape. Your dad is running a Corrective Rape organization. It isn’t a well known organization but in some religious cults or churches, they run this organization and they tell their congregation that they are doing God’s work. That God sent his four soldiers to cure a child of his homosexuality. Does any of this sound familiar?”

Swallowing the massive size lump in his throat, Jared shivered in his friend’s embrace. “But I’m his son. Surely he wouldn’t do that to me.”

“Are you willing to stake your life on that?” His friend gently challenged. “Look. All I’m saying is to think long and hard before deciding to come out to your father.”
“Jared?” Jeff poked his head into the open doorway of the gymnasium. “I’ve been looking all over for you. C’mon. We need to head home.”

Steve immediately jerked his arm back, resting it immediately on his own lap as Jeff shot him a warning glare before turning his attention back to Jared. “Uhh… Thanks Jared for letting me copy your notes. I would have fell behind in class if it hadn’t been for you.”

Jared gave his friend a quick nod and a wave before he was at his brother’s side in a flash.

“I don’t like that Steve kid touching you.” Jeff chastised his little brother once they were outside the school building. “Men don’t touch other men and men don’t let other men touch them. Do you have something you’d like to say to me?”

“W-we were j-just talking.” Jared stammered feeling the weight of his brother’s stare.

Jeff spun around on his little brother, his eyes glazed over with fury. “You were just talking huh? What kind of fool do you take me for? You seemed awful comfortable with his arm around you.”

“It wasn’t like that.” Jared tried to argue but with no avail. His body was vibrating with fear. “C’mon Jeff. You know me. I’m not like that. We were just talking. He didn’t mean anything by it. Honest. Dad doesn’t need to know about this because nothing happened.”

“I don’t keep secrets from dad.” Jeff bit out, the disgust for his little brother apparent in his voice. “You either tell him or I. Repent is your only way to true salvation. I will give you until sundown. If you haven’t told him by then, I will be forced to do it myself. Do I make myself clear?”

“No.” Jared’s bottom lip quivered as his eyes welled up with tears. “I’ll tell him.”

“Good.” Said Jeff as he began to walk again towards Megan’s school. “And stop blubbering like a woman. Men don’t cry. You should be thanking me because I am saving you from homosexuality before it pulls you into hell. At least we are early enough to save you from that eternal damnation; God can still save you.”

“Damn Jared.” Admonished Steve as he caught up with his battered friend. “What the hell happened to you? You were gone for a couple of weeks.” Then he stopped and studied his friend’s demeanor. “Oh God Jared. You told him. Didn’t you?”

“I had to.” Jared said meekly, averting his tear feared eyes towards the floor. “Jeff caught us in the gym with your arm around me and he accused me of being gay which really isn’t an accusation because it’s true.” Jared’s watery chuckle hurt his friend. “Anyway, he told me that if I didn’t come clean to our dad then he would and the rule is if we don’t confess ourselves and someone else does it for us, the punishment will be ten times worse so I had no choice but to confess.”

“And your dad beat the shit out of you?” His friend’s voice was dark with rage melting into hatred.

“He had to.” Jared weakly defended. On one hand, this was his friend and Steve was only looking out for him; it was obvious that he cared about him and the feeling was mutual and on the other hand, this was his father they were talking about. His father who loved him and was only protecting him against eternal damnation. How can he not defend him? “He’s only trying to save my mortal soul. He prayed about me and God sent his four soldiers to cure me of my homosexuality and it worked. My father really does love me because he saved me from self destruction. I’m okay now. Satan has left my body. I’m saved. Isn’t it wonderful?”

“NO IT’S NOT WONDERFUL.” When the other students turned their attention towards the drama that seemed to unfold before them, Steve dropped his voice. “Because there is no cure for homosexuality because there is nothing wrong with you or any other homosexual. Those weren’t four soldiers that God sent to save or cure you; those were the four men your dad paid to rape you and I can get you the proof.”

“How?” Jared stepped closer to his friend to avoid any unwanted eaves droppers.

“He has a ledger in his office.” Steve leaned forward to where his lips caressed the taller lad’s ear. “He keeps it in the top drawer of his office at the church. He records everything on it that he pays in cash for his own records. I can get it for you. Just give me a couple of days and I will show you that it wasn’t the will of God but the acts of your father. Okay?”

Just as Jared was about to nod in the affirmative, Jeff showed up out of know where. The two boys wondered how long had he been standing close by and how much had he heard? “Jared? I think you need to head on to class before your late.”

When Jared scampered off, dropping a spiral notebook on his way, he tripped over his own two feet as he skipped back to retrieve it from the floor before scampering off again. Jeff turned his attention towards Steve, his facial features twisted with hatred. “And YOU. I don’t know what your true intentions are with my little brother but you need to stay away from him.”

“I’m just his friend.” Steve backed away from Jeff holding both hands up in front of him, palms out in true surrender. “I have no intentions whatsoever with him. I have a girlfriend and she makes me very happy.”

“Oh?” Jeff glaring hateful daggers at the other boy. “Does she know that you are only using her as a cover up? That you are in love with my little brother and that is why you are trying to brainwash him into thinking that being homosexual is okay? You are no friend of his. You are the voice of Satan trying to tempt my little brother into falling off the path to righteousness and I will say this again, STAY AWAY FROM MY LITTLE BROTHER or the wrath of God will befall you.”

“Wow.” Steve whistled followed by an eye roll. “I can see that the psycho apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I’m beginning to wonder if Jared is the only normal person in your family and you talk about the wrath of God, don’t you mean the wrath of your psycho father?”

“You are lucky I am a true Christian.” Jeff spat in his face, Steve could feel his heat on his lips. “But I will let God handle you as he handles all the evil doers of this world.” Before Steve could respond any further to the insult, Jeff had spun on his heels and was half way down the hall.

“PEOPLE WILL KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR FATHER.” Steve called after him and he knew Jeff had heard him because there was a pause in his walk. “AND THEY WILL FIND OUT WHAT HE DID TO EVEN HIS OWN SON BY THE TIME I’M DONE. YOU CAN COUNT ON THAT.”

Once Jeff was out of sight, Steve pulled his cell phone out of his faded blue jeans front pocket and dialed his uncle Chad’s number at the FBI.

Jared’s head shot up from Jensen’s shoulder startling the shorter man out of silence. “Jared? What’s wrong? Are you gonna be sick?”

“No.” Jared swallowed noisily, visibly shaken by the memories of his best friend that suddenly bombarded his mind. “Just remembered some things.”

“Wanna talk about it?” Jensen tightened his arm around Jared’s shoulders.

“Not yet.” Jared shook his head, now knowing that he had to pick up where Steve left off.

Chapter Text

Jared slowly grabbed his backpack; his body was a jumble of nerves. “Are you sure you wanna do this?” Asked Jensen as he studied his boyfriend.

“I need my education.” Jared shrugged helplessly. “I want to graduate.” Then he dropped his backpack on the floor beside his foot. “Unless you’re telling me not to go then I won’t.”

“Baby.” Jensen’s voice came out soft, almost a passionate whisper as he reached out a hand to caress his lover’s cheek. “I’m not going to tell you what to do. You have rights. I mean if you want, we can get you enrolled in another school or we could home school you. I just want the rest of this year to be easier on you. You’ve have such a rough time, I’m only trying to protect you.”

“Thank you.” Jared said sincerely, leaning into the touch. “But I don’t want to let what happened to me stop me from going to school and my brother is there. I really want to see Jeff; just to talk to him and….”

Jensen pulled Jared into a firm hug when he noticed the taller man becoming rapidly upset. “Shhh. S’okay baby. I just want you to be safe.”

“I know.” Jared sniffed loudly against Jensen’s shoulder. “I just want Jeff to know that I don’t blame him for what he did to me…. That I still love him…. That I forgive him…. I don’t know what I’ll get in return but I just….”


”Want closure.” Jensen finished for him, holding Jared close. “I get that and I hope you get it. Just remember sweetheart; whatever happens, I’ve got your back. Okay?”

Jared nodded the affirmative against Jensen’s baby smooth cheek, his chin gently bumping his shoulder.

“Great.” Jensen squeezed him one final time before letting go. “C’mon, I’ll drive ya.”

“You don’t have to…” Jared started but Jensen stopped him. “I want to sweetheart. “You’re my boyfriend and this is what boyfriends do for each other.”

The ride seemed to take forever in the tense quiet of the car. Jensen tried many times to break that awkward silence but Jared was too nervous or scared or both to even engage. “Hey babe.” Jensen placed his hand comfortingly on Jared’s knee as he pulled onto the street in front of the school. “We don’t have to do this if you’re not ready.”

“I need to do this.” Said Jared but not with much confidence. “I have to talk to my brother and my sister. I need them to know that I’m still alive. I really miss them and I know they miss me too. At least I think they do….”

“Hey.” Jensen placed his hand gingerly on Jared’s wrist. “You don’t have to explain it to me. I understand.” Then he placed a cell phone in Jared’s hand. “If you need me, you just call and I’ll come and pick you up. Okay?”

“Thanks Jensen.” Jared’s thin lips quivered into a worried smile before he threw his arms around the good doctor. Jensen held him close before the taller man reluctantly pulled back offering him a quick goodbye before he was gone.

The day seemed to drag on forever. The school didn’t seem the same without Steve. Jared spotted Jeff and he raced down the hall to catch up to him. “JEFF.”

Jeff stopped in his tracks. “Jared?”

“HI.” Jared exclaimed about to throw his arms around his brother but Jeff stepped back before the taller boy remembered their father’s teaching. “Sorry. I missed you.”

“I thought you were dead.” Jeff deadpanned; his voice devoid of emotion.

“I’m not.” Jared frowned and did he detect a little disappointment in his brother’s voice? “A good Samaritan saved me. Really Jeff. I missed you and I want you to know that there are no hard feelings about you beating me up. I know that you were under dad’s control and I’m sure if you didn’t do as he says, he would have beat you too so I understand.”


“Jeff. Please.” Jared’s eyes welled up with tears as his bottom lip began to quiver.


Before Jared could stop him, Jeff stalked off down the hall leaving the murmur, pointing, stares of the chuckling student body in his wake.

Humiliated by his brother’s outburst, Jared shuffled his way down the hall towards his history class with his head hung shamefully low.

Throughout the entire day he tried to talk to Jeff and got the same humiliating results in return.

During lunch break, Jared dashed from the high school towards the elementary down the road. When he spotted Megan on the playground playing with some other girls that he recognized from church. “MEGAN.” Jared waved wildly at his sister.

Megan only turned away in response talking to a little girl with blonde hair that seemed to have fallen loosely from it’s ponytail. The other girl looked his way pointing towards him and Megan shook her head in the negative

Maybe she didn’t hear me. Jared lied to himself as he walked through the opening of the fence to catch up with his little sister. “Hi Megan. I called out to you but I guess you didn’t hear me. Huh?”

“LEAVE ME ALONE.” Megan screamed causing the other kids to look their way.

“Megan please.” Jared begged, his eyes sad and pleading. “I only want to talk. I missed you.”

“MRS. WATSON.” Megan screamed in horror, her eyes never leaving her brother’s face. “MRS. WATSON. HELP.”

“Sir.” Called Mrs. Watson as she came to Megan’s aid. “I’m going to have to ask you to leave. You are not allowed here.”

“You don’t understand.” Jared pleaded with the teacher on recess duty. “She’s my sister.”

“No.” Megan cried, clinging to her teacher’s leg. “He’s lying. I only have one brother, Jeff. You can call my dad and ask him. He’s not my brother. Please Mrs. Watson. He won’t leave alone.”

“I’m going.” Said Jared before the teacher could say anything else. “I’m sorry for the trouble.”

After lunch while Jared was in class, his name sounded over the intercom. “We need Jared Padalecki to collect his things and come to the office.”

The teacher gave him a brief nod before he immediately grabbed his books, shoved them into his backpack, with a hand pressed on his desk, he pushed himself into a standing position and sauntered out the classroom door.

Jared made his way into the office. “I’m Jared, my name was just called?”

“Please have a seat.” Said the clerical aid behind the large crescent shaped desk, without acknowledging him visually; she continued typing something on her computer before answering the phone.

Jared slowly made his way to the line of chairs and plopped down, dropping his dark blue backpack down on the floor against his left ankle.

Five minutes into the wait, the principal’s door opened and Jared gasped when he saw Jensen sitting in the small room. “Jared? Would you come in here please?”

Jared quietly made his way into the principal’s office that was more or less the size of a walk in closet. “I called your guardian because I have received some disturbing complaints about you.”

“Like what?” Jared shook his head in confusion although his subconscious knew that Jeff was behind the complaints.

“Jared?” Jensen’s voice was soft and compassionate dropping at a comforting level. “Did you by any chance stop by the elementary school to see Megan?”

Oh shit. Jared didn’t think he was doing anything wrong by seeing his little sister. It was never a problem before when he and Jeff would pick her up at the end of the day. “Y-yes sir. I only wanted to see my little sister.” Jared’s voice sounded so young that it made Jensen’s heart clinch.

“Well, you scared her.” The principal stated firmly. It was apparent that even the schools were on his father’s pay roll if they couldn’t even remember that she was his sister. “They had to call her father to pick her up for her protection and have you also been bullying and harassing another student at this school?”

“No.” Jared shook his head in admonishment. “I was only trying to talk to my brother.”

“Well according to him.” The principal grimly stated his eyes boring into Jared’s causing the lad to internally shrink. “You have been stalking and harassing him. At this school, that is known as a form of bullying and we have a zero tolerance against bullying.”

“But he was only trying to reconnect with his siblings.” Jensen argued on Jared’s behalf feeling sorry for his distraught lover. “I don’t know how that constitutes as bullying.”

“Sir.” The principal turned his attention pointedly at Jensen. “I got complaints from other member’s of the student body and they have witnessed the verbal altercation between Jared and Jeff and he was told to leave him alone more than once and he refused, then one of the teachers saw Jared leave the school property. They didn’t know where he was headed but then I got a phone call from Jeff and Megan’s father about Jared harassing her while she was playing with her friends at recess. I’m sorry Jared but I have no other choice but to expel you.”

“No.” Jared breathed, his bottom lip quivering.

“Sir.” Jensen jumped in at Jared’s defense. “You can’t just expel him. He has a right to an education.”

“And the other students have the right to learn in a safe environment.” The principal glared daggers at Jensen. “If I were to allow Jared to remain here, then I’m not putting their safety in account.”

“Please sir.” Jared begged, a solitary tear making a scolding path down his cheek. “I’ll leave them alone. Just don’t expel me.”

“I’m sorry Jared.” The principal said but they could tell he wasn’t really sorry. “But you know the rules. Security will walk you to your locker. Just leave your school books with him.”

“But sir…” Jared tried again but Jensen placed his hand comfortingly on his shoulder. “C’mon Jared. You don’t need this place. Especially when they are Gerald’s bitch.”

Before the principal could respond to that vulgar statement, Jensen pulled Jared up with him and they both made their way towards Jared’s locker.

It was a quiet ride home. Jensen let Jared be alone in his head with his thoughts without once attempting to break the silence that seemed to wrap around them like a shroud. There was plenty of time for them to talk once they arrived home and he knew that his boy would need some comfort which he would be more than willing to oblige.

Jared followed Jensen into the house with his head bowed and his shoulders slumped like an obedient bad puppy about to be punished by its owner.

Once in the room, Jared sat down gingerly on the bed, head still bowed and his shoulders still slumped. It was as if he were anticipating something.

Jared felt the bed dip next to him and heard Jensen clear his throat. “Hey. What’s this? Jared? Look at me.”

Jared slowly raised his head, his eyes watery and round with fear as he watched Jensen’s every movement. “Baby. I’m not gonna hit you. You’ve done nothing wrong and even if you had, I still wouldn’t hurt you. Okay? But honey, you’ve got to talk to me.”

“M’sorry.” Came Jared’s quiet response before averting his eyes once again towards the floor.

“Don’t be.” A flash of hurt swept across Jensen’s features with he saw his one true love flinch away from his touch. “Baby. You were only trying to reconnect with your brother and sister. I can’t fault you for that.”

“It was horrible.” Jared shrugged helplessly, trying to keep the hurt from his voice. “The things Jeff said to me. He called me a homosexual freak. A disease. He said that I wasn’t his brother; that his brother died years ago and that I was the spawn of Satan. How can he say that?”

Then he lifted his head to look imploringly at the good doctor. “Even Megan wouldn’t talk to me. How can they treat me like that?”

“Because.” Jensen slowly reached out to caress Jared’s cheek, being mindful that emotions were running eye and he needed to tread careful with each subtle movement so as to not frighten the poor lad. “They are under your father’s influence. They are no better than he is. You deserve better. They threw something very special away and this is a big loss for them. You are not a freak, a disease or anything else he called you baby. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Then Jensen lent forward giving Jared a chaste of a kill on his previously tear slicked lips before gathering him in his arms.
Jared buried his face into the crook of Jensen’s smooth, inhaling the earthy scent that was pure Jensen with no artificial sweet cologne smell clinging to him in desperation, his hands fisting the back of Jensen’s navy blue, V neck sweater, his eyes clinched tightly as he nuzzled into his protective heat.

“Shhh.” Jensen crooned in his ear as if he were sobbing holding his lover against his hard frame. “S’okay baby. I’ve gotcha.”

Jared melted into his loving embrace never wanting to let go.

Just then, an authoritative knock sounded at the door. Jensen extracted himself from Jared’s arms offering the taller man an apologetic smile.

Jensen frowned as he saw a uniformed cop standing on his door step. The man looked to be in his mid forties, the grim expression on his face told him that that he wasn’t there for a social visit. “Can I help you?”

“Is Jared Padalecki here?” The cop asked, his voice was firm and his eyes were cold like his father’s.

“Yeah he is.” Jensen’s frowned deeply. “May I ask what this is about?”

“Are you his guardian?” The policeman asked instead of answering his question.

“Yes.” This man was seriously starting to irritate the good doctor with his superior attitude and shit. “What do you want with Jared?”

As the cop was reaching into his back pocket, Jared slowly made his way down the stairs. “Jensen? What’s going on?”

“Are you Jared Padalecki?” The cop asked before Jensen could respond.

Jensen pulled Jared against his side protectively. “Y-yes sir.” Jared stammered as he shot a worrisome glance at his partner and lover.

“This is a restraining order.” The cop jerked the folded sheet of paper towards Jared’s direction and Jared gingerly pulled the folded paper out of the cop’s hand. “You are to stay within 100 feet from the Padalecki family, should you violate that order, you will be arrested….”

“Wait a minute here.” Jensen held his hand out towards to cop to stop him in mid sentence. “What do you mean he’s not allowed within a 100 feet from them? That is his family and he is only sixteen, he is still their responsibility.”

“Sir.” The cop glared at the shorter man. “He will be seventeen in a couple of weeks which means he could be tried as an adult should he violate the restraining order.”

“But that’s my brother and sister. I’m not even allowed to see them?” Jared’s bottom lip began to quiver and his eyes welled up with tears.

Jensen snaked his arm comfortingly around Jared’s shoulder and pulled him against him in a sideway hug. “Did you know what that family has put him through? They had him raped, physically abused him and left him for dead in a plastic lawn bag at that damn fish and chips restaurant, I called and reported it and you guys didn’t do a damn thing about it. His father is still walking free but yet when that son of a bitch calls you guys on Jared, you turn around and kiss his ass by coming over here and threatening the real victim.”

“Sir.” The cop looked pointedly at Jensen, his voice dropping to a threatening level. “We can’t get involved with a domestic dispute but now that Mr. Padalecki has signed off on his son and named you as his legal guardian, this is no longer a domestic situation so if I were you, I would stop before you say something that will cause me to have to haul you in for verbally assaulting a police officer.”

“I will make sure he stays away from that piece of shit family of his.” Jensen bit out, his body vibrating with rage, he had to restrain himself from punching that cop. It would not do Jared any good if he were in jail. “You can guarantee it but keep them away from him. I don’t want his father finishing the job of killing him.”

“Have a good day sir.” The cop said as he sauntered down the walkway unaffected by Jensen’s last remark.

Once the cop was gone, Jensen finally spoke to no one in particular. “Unfucking believable. The man commits murder, damn near kills you and you are the one that gets punished. I can tell he has them on his payroll as well.” Then he tightened his grip on his boy as he felt Jared shaking uncontrollable in his one armed embrace. “Oh baby.” Then he brought his other arm around Jared’s quivering form, holding him tightly as Jared began to break apart.

It started off as quiet sniffles before he hiccupped loudly followed by choking and the floodgates broke free. With his mouth open, the sounds coming from the taller man broke Jensen’s heart into a million pieces. “Shhh. I know baby. I know. S’okay. You don’t need them. Okay? You’ve got me and I will never turn away from you. I love you baby. I love you.” Then Jensen walked them backwards until the back of his heels hit the chair and he sat down pulling Jared down with him, the poor distraught man sitting on his lap, Jensen rocking him back and forth while Jared sobbed loudly and profusely cradled in his arms.

Deep, broken breaths wafted across Jared’s ear as Jensen cried with him. Crooning sweet nothings as his tears continued to flow, his hurt mingling with Jared’s; their pain dancing together and merging into one big heartbreak.



Chapter Text

“JENSEN.” Jared yelled as the white van peeled out of the yard. Jared had been hiding out of eyeshot at the side of the window trying the place the familiarity of the white van parked just outside the woods; then he saw the same four men that had raped him in the woods. Wait…. Where did the fifth man come from? Was that…. Jeff and was he holding a bible?

Suddenly his mind was bombarded with the memories of that awful night. Jeff was indeed involved in the rapes. Not directly but he was the one who read a passage from the bible while he was being raped. “JENSEN!!!!”

“JARED?” Jensen came barreling down the stairs skipping two steps at a time with just a towel hanging low around his waist. “Jared what is it? What’s wrong?”


With a quick comforting hand placed on the lower part of Jared’s shoulder, Jensen dashed back up the stairs, grabbing a pair of jeans and a white stained T-shirt, he was back down in a flash.

He didn’t need to say anything to Jared, as the younger man followed him out the door and into the woods.

Jensen knelt down, placing his index and middle finger on the side of the boy’s neck and sighed in relief when he noticed a pulse. “Okay Jared, I need for you to grab his left arm and throw it over your shoulder, I’ll take his right.”

Jared immediately complied with Jensen’s instructions. The poor boy moaned as the two men lifted him. “I know.” Jensen soothed. “But we have to get you inside. It’s gonna be okay.”

Both men hauled the battered boy into the elevator and took it to the third floor and carried him into one of the medical rooms. “Okay, let’s lie him down.”

“Okay.” Jared’s voice was feathery soft and filled with sorrow.

“Do you know him?” Jensen’s eyes flickered up towards his frowning lover.

“Not personally.” Jared shook his head in the negative, a frown still creasing his boyish features. “I mean, I’ve seen him around at church but that’s about it.”

“Okay.” Jensen gave his boyfriend a brief nod. “Why don’t you go down stairs, watch TV, read or something while I get him looked over?”

“Fine.” Jared bit out, his lips forming a thin, tight line.

“Oh and Jared?” Jensen called after him as he turned away.

Jared turned back towards Jensen, his eyebrows knit together in question. “You look angry. Please don’t let that anger be directed towards me baby.”

“IT’S NOT.” The heat in Jared’s voice told Jensen otherwise.

Slowly Jensen made his way towards Jared, snaking his arm around his shoulders. “Talk to me.”

“It-it’s nothing.” Jared shrugged dumbly but Jensen wasn’t buying it.

“C’mon baby.” Jensen squeezed Jared against him in a one armed hug. “If I’ve done something that upset you, I want to know about it; otherwise, I won’t be able to help this kid if I keep wondering what I’ve done wrong to upset you. Please tell me so that I could make this right.”

“I just….” Jared shook his head, now feeling selfish for his anger towards Jensen. “I thought you were no longer on my dad’s payroll.”

“So did I.” Jensen bristled realizing that Gerald was still holding him under his thumb. “That’s why I’m gonna give this kid the quick once over and then I’m gonna drive him over to the hospital next city over; the one that son of a bitch has no control over. Okay? He won’t get away with it. Not this time.”

“Okay.” Said Jared immediately contrite for his previous attititude towards his one true love. That anger is supposed to be directed at his father; not Jensen. “I’m sorry Jensen. Please forgive me.”

Jensen immediately wrapped Jared up in a hug. “I’ll always forgive you sweetheart.”

Jared was the first to pull back, offering Jensen the privacy to runs some tests on his patient to make sure there is nothing broken and no internal hemorrhaging. It would all determine whether he should take the boy to the hospital in his car or call an ambulance.

Jared picked up the TV remote and started channel surfing until he came upon an old rerun of Supernatural. Damn, Dean sure is a hotty. He thought to himself. Looks a little like Jensen. What he would like to do to him.

Suddenly a knock sounded at the door. Slowly, Jared made his way towards the front door, being careful by peering out of the peephole. What was Tom doing here? Jared thought to himself.

Opening the door, Tom pushed past Jared. “Uhh. Jensen is upstairs with a patient.”

“We know.” Said Misha as he followed Tom past Jared. “Jensen called us.”

Then Misha pushed passed Jared and made his way to the elevator. “He’s a bit rude tonight.” Jared commented.

“He’s upset.” Tom explained, his face bathed in melancholy shadows. “When Jensen called and told him that there was another rape in his woods, Misha didn’t take it very well. It’s like your father is giving you and Jensen the big fuck you, he can do anything he want so what are you watching?”

“Oh it’s nothing.” Jared lied, feeling a tad bit embarrassed that he had been drooling of a TV actor on Supernatural. “I was just channel surfing and then you two showed up.”

“SUPERNATURAL.” Tom squealed in delight. “I LOVE THAT SHOW. May. Sam is hot as fuck.”

“Which one’s Sam?” Jared feigned ignorant, blushing when he saw Dean change his shirt, his hand flew down to cover his growing erection.

“The tall one.” Tom smiled knowingly at Jared. “He can eat crackers in my bed anytime.”

“Oh.” Jared rolled his eyes as he plopped down next to Tom on the sofa. “I don’t like him. He’s such a bitch. I mean he’s constantly ragging Dean’s ass, whining about something. It’s like he’s on the rag or something.”
“For someone who didn’t know who Sam was,” Tom huffed out a laugh. “You sure have a lengthy opinion about him.” Then he stopped and studied his friend. “You know, if you would let your hair grow out more and develop some muscles, you would look just like him.”

Jared was about to offer his friend a smartass retort when suddenly a man in a trench coat appeared out of nowhere. “CASS, GET OUT OF MY ASS.” Cried Dean as he whipped around glaring daggers at his friend.

“I wasn’t in…” Castiel started only to earn himself a quizzical stare from Dean.

“That’s Castiel.” Tom explained to Jared who was sitting on the edge of the couch engrossed in the episode. “He’s an angel and a total dick. It’s like he’s got a stick shoved up his ass, unlike Misha.”

“He seems to be like a baby in a trench coat.” Jared commented earning himself a laugh from Tom.

As the TV switched to a commercial, Jensen and Misha made their way from the elevator carrying the lad between them. “Okay.” Said Jensen as the hefted the boy higher when he was starting to sag. “Misha and I are gonna be gone for a while. Are you two gonna be okay?”

“Oh please Jensen.” Tom rolled his eyes in exasperation. “It’s not like we’re gonna throw a wild party.”

“Uhh Tommy?” Misha directed his attention towards his boyfriend. “I can’t come over to where you’re at so would you come here and give me a kiss?”

“Okay.” Tom bounced up from the couch and sauntered over towards Misha.

“Jared?” Jensen looked over at his lover, a questioning expression blanketing his features.

Jared followed Tom. Jensen smiled at him as he lent forwards, giving him a chaste of a kiss. “Drive careful.”

“Thank you sweetheart.” Jensen smiled sadly. “I will. Love you.”

“Love you too.” Then Jared’s eyes flickered sadly towards the battered victim in Jensen’s arms. “I hope he’s gonna be okay.”

Once they were alone, Jared whirled on Tom. “Tell me the truth. Why are you here? Are you my babysitter?”

“No.” Tom laughed. “Jensen asked Misha to come because he needed his help and I offered to come over and visit you.

“But why didn’t Jensen want me to come with him?” Jared’s voice was heavy with sadness. “I mean, I’m capable of helping him out.”

“Because he needed someone with lawful authority.” Tom explained the best way he could. “Jensen is just a doctor. Misha is a private investigator. He couldn’t ask Christian because he’s working under cover…. Somewhere.”

“I know he’s investigating my dad.” Jared hesitantly admitted to his dark haired friend. “I found out the day he found me in that dumpster. I may have been out of it but I still heard him.”

“Oh.” Tom nodded at his friend. “Anyway, I wanted to keep you company and I thought it would give us a chance to talk.”

“Talk about what?” Jared cocked his head to the side giving Tom the impression of a curious puppy.

“I don’t.” Tom shrugged, averting his eyes briefly towards the floor. “I’m sorry about Steve. I know the two of you were close but I want you to know that he wasn’t your only friend. I’m your friend too. I was always your friend but I was too afraid to talk to you because Jeff is a pretty scary guy. I wouldn’t want to mess with him and then with what happened to Steve…. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that but I am still your friend.”

“S’okay.” Jared whispered. Suddenly the floor looked very interesting to him before his head shot up towards Tom’s vicinity. “Listen. Do you really mean it when you say that you are my friend?”

“Of course.” Toms dark eyebrows furrowed in confusion.
“Okay.” Jared nodded more to himself than his friend. “Because If you really mean it…. That you are my true friend…. Then I need your help.”

“Do it require us breaking the law?” Tom gave a nervous chuckle.

“Sort of.” Jared’s face remained grimly serious causing goose bump to spark all over his friend’s body. “We’re gonna break into my dad’s church.”

“WHAT?” Tom gasped, sure he must have heard Jared incorrectly.

“Yes.” Said Jared, knowing full well that his previous explanation didn’t bare repeating. “I need for you to keep on a look out. I have this cell phone that Jensen gave me and I know you have yours. I will climb the side of the church into my dad’s office. It is where he keeps his ledgers. If you see anyone coming, you just text me on your cell phone because we don’t want anyone to hear us.”

“What about the security alarm?” Asked Tom, his body shivering with fear.

“He doesn’t have a security alarm.” Jared shrugged non-plussed. The anger he was feeling, overshadowed his fear. “He decided that they were too much of a hassle since he goes there to do business so much. Now c’mon.”

“But what if Jensen and Misha get back when we’re gone?” Tom tried to no avail, to find away to coax Jared into remaining in the safety of Jensen’s home.

“They will if we don’t get going now.” Jared hissed at his frightened friend. “Look. If you’re too afraid to do this, that’s okay; I won’t hold it against you but no matter what you decide…. I’m going…. With or without you…. I’m going.”

“No.” Tom finally relented knowing that he were to be a true friend to Jared, he needed to follow him and watch his back because that is what true friends do. “I’ll go.

Jared led Tom through the back door out into the night.

“Hey Sweetheart.” Jensen kissed his lover passionately on the lips. “Did you sleep well?”

“Not really.” Jared sadly admitted meeting Jensen’s concerned eyes. “But my day’s starting to get better now that I am in your arms.”

Chapter Text

The breeze was rather cool against their skin as they crept out into the blackness of the night. Judging from the chill in the air, they were due for quite a snowfall within a few hours or so.

Tom shivered against the chill. “You know. Maybe we should go back.”

“No.” Jared’s anger wrapped around him like a heating blanket. The rage building up in him with every step chasing away any icy cold breeze he should be feeling. “We’re past the half way mark. We can’t turn around now.”

By the time they reached the church, Tom’s legs were frozen. He stared at his friend incredulously as Jared moved his way like an alley cat unbothered by the 32 degree temperature. “Dude, aren’t you a little cold?” Tom’s teeth chattered. “I mean, you’re way skinnier than me.”

“Nope.” Said Jared as he grabbed the tree sitting outside the small window that was his dad’s office. “Now keep on the look out.”

Tom gulped noisily as his friend climbed the tree effortlessly, he wondered how many times had his friend climbed a tree maybe even to hide from his father or maybe because he was just your average tree climbing boy.

As Jared disappeared into the window, Tom dared a glance up; the huge church building looked intimidating, almost menacing. All color gone from it as it stood silently threatening him in the silhouette of the night.

The wind howled as it picked up speed. His eyes sharpening against the fog, he thought he saw four shadowy figures headed his way. He was about to text Jared when the shadowy figures swayed side to side in the breeze. Letting out a breath he hadn’t known he was holding as four almost bare trees blew in the wind.

So many imaginings assaulted his mind like a hand grabbing his shoulder but it was nothing but his imagination running completely wild. “Please Jared.” Tom sobbed quietly. “Please hurry up.”

Jared crept into his father’s office. Using his cell phone as a flash light. Slowly, he opened his father’s middle desk drawer remembering what Steve had told him. He rifled through the papers not even kept in alphabetical order.

Finally walking his finger through folder after folder, page after page, he found more than he had bargained for when not only that he found the ledgers on the under the table payments to the God’s Four Soldiers as his father called them, but he found addresses, phone numbers, e mail address of the clients of the congregation, their accounts have been transferred over to his father’s personal account. All these people were almost broke because his father was embezzling their money and transferring it to his own personal account.

What the hell? There were journals of his father’s plans, the parents of the children that confessed to being gay; his father had admitted to hiring the four men to rape their children. His father even described the people of the congregation as a bunch of suckers.

Jared opened up his camera app to take pictures of all the ledgers and documents. He was going to do the same with the journals but they were too thick with pages so instead, he shoved them into the inside of his coat.

Suddenly his phone blinked in the blackened room. Jared looked at his text. MAYDAY, MAYDAY. SOMEONE IS COMING. OH NEVER MIND. IT’S A CAT BUT I PEED MY PANTS I GOT SO SCARED.

Jared chuckled at that but he knew he had to hurry. Tom was freaking out and that was never a good thing. That was okay, Jared had all the information he needed to get his revenge.

Carefully Jared crawled out of the window and slid down the tree.

Cartoon tiptoeing towards his friend, Jared placed his hand gingerly on Tom’s shoulder. Tom’s back arched as he let out a scream only to have it cut off by Jared’s mallet sized hand. “What are you trying to do, give me a heart attack?” Tom whispered loudly.

“Sorry.” Jared pulled back at his friend, his eyes traveling down his friend’s body coming to rest on the stain darker than the silhouette around him. “Wow. You weren’t joking. You really did pee your pants.”

“Can we just go?” Tom sobbed, shivering against the wind and the wetness.

“Yeah.” Jared tapped him on his elbow. “C’mon.”

Both boys ran all the way home without taking a break. Jared made sure he kept a hold of Tom’s arm so they wouldn’t lose each other in the eerie darkness.

Once they arrived to the back of the house, they threw open the back door, coats thrown off their bodies and hung on the coat hook, shoes kicked off and tossed into the mud room; Jared didn’t have time to discard his father’s journals so he hid them in the tight sleeves of his blue winter coat.

“Honeys.” Jensen called out jokingly. “We’re home.”

Both men stopped in their tracks when the saw Tom and Jared standing guiltily with their backs leaning against the back door.

“Tommy?” Misha’s eyebrows knit together in a frown. “Did you uh…. Wet yourself?”

“I’m sorry Misha.” Tom’s eyes began to well up with tears as his cheeks burned with shame. “It was an accident. I thought I saw someone out back.”

“WHAT?” Jensen shot forward and pulled the curtains to the side of the back window peering out. “I SWEAR IF THAT SON OF A….”

“IT WAS A CAT.” Jared blurted out in an effort to diffuse Jensen’s anger. “We thought someone one was out there but it was a cat.”

“Are you sure it was a cat?” Jensen probed making Jared shrink inwardly under his scrutiny. This wasn’t going well at all. “How do you know it was a cat and not one of those bastards coming back?”

“Because.” Jared tried his best to feign innocent, putting as much effort into his puppy dog eyes as he could muster. “It had a long tale, short pointed ears and it said mew.”

Jensen seemed to relax at that as he let out a soft laugh and gathered Jared into his arms. “I’m glad you two were safe.”

“It’s okay Tommy.” Misha held the other man tightly in his embrace. “It was an accident. I won’t make fun of you. Let’s go home so we could get you cleaned up.”

Tom nodded in response before turning his attention towards Jared. “Thanks Jared. I had a really nice time until that cat literally scared the piss out of me and I still think that Sam is cuter than Dean and Cass is hotter than both.” Then Tom moved forward and threw his arms around Jared. “You’re a good friend Jared. Just be careful.”

That last statement had both Jensen and Misha puzzled. He will bring it up after a good nights sleep.

Once in bed, Jensen turned off the light and Jared shut up in a sitting position, his fear filled eyes scanning the room. “Uhh…. Jensen?” Then he swallowed noisily. “Could you uhh.. Maybe….”

“Maybe what sweetheart?” Jensen was at his side in a flash. “C’mon baby. You can tell me anything. Will I what?”

“Leave the hall light on?” Jared blushed profusely, ashamed of being afraid of the dark at his age.

“Sure.” Jensen whispered. The dark making his voice more intimate.

Jared sighed in relief as the hall light clicked on and Jensen made way back into the bedroom crawling on the bed towards Jared. “You okay?”

Jared nodded his head jerkily.

“You sure?” Jensen sounded unconvinced. Something happened tonight that left his boy shaken.

As soon as Jensen lied back in a reclined position against his propped up pillows, Jared plastered himself flush against his side. “My poor baby.” Jensen swung his arm around Jared’s huddled form and pulled him in close if that was even possible. “I guess tonight had more of an affect on you than we thought huh? Is that what Tom meant when he said to be careful?”

Jared nodded jerkily once more, his arm gripping around Jensen’s stomach as he burrowed into his heat, his face nuzzling the crook of his neck feeling loved and protected.

“Wow.” Jensen remarked in the silent of the room. “Your skin feel unusually cold. Are you feeling okay?”

“Just from the fear I guess.” Jared blushed against Jensen’s embrace.

“Well.” Jensen squeezed Jared as he dipped his head resting his cheek on top of the mop of brown hair. “I’m here now and I’ll protect ya. I’ll always protect you baby.


Chapter Text

Jared fought against the unconsciousness that had him in its grasp. The strength of its hold flexing against his skin. He was trapped with the unrelenting arms of darkness holding him in place. He tried to fight his way into the waking world. Was he dead? Is this what it’s like to be dead? Is he in hell for all his sins? Where was the hellfire that the bible promised him? Where was the pain and the torment? The arms were soft and gentle; not restraining as he had mistaken. Just then he felt something soft and most gently touch his forehead followed by something soft and blunt stroke something wet at the bottom of his eyelid.

“It’s okay baby.” Came an angelic voice. “S’okay. I’ve gotcha. Then the top half of his body was being reclined against a hard muscular frame; his bottom was no longer on the soft bed beneath him but resting on muscular thighs.

Suddenly, he was being pulled into the waking world. His eyes fluttered open to see the soft, wide, green eyes staring down at him. Those beautiful, sensual plush lips stretching into a smile. “Jensen?”

“Oh baby.” Jensen hugged him again. “You were crying in your sleep so I pulled you on my lap and hugged you. You seemed to settle after that. Wanna talk about it?”

“I don’t even remember what I was dreaming.” Jared nuzzled into Jensen soaking up as much warmth and comfort he could get from the man who loved him unconditionally. “But I like it when you hold me like this.” He said after a beat.

“I like it too.” Jensen smiled affectionately at his boy, content to stay in that position forever.

“Jensen?” Jared eyes blinked guiltily. “I-I need to tell you something.”

“No.” Jensen knew what was coming and today being a special day, it was time to wash all the negative emotions away and start anew. They deserved at least one day of happiness and by God he was going to make that happened.

Jared’s head jerked back as a deep frown marred his features. “You don’t even know what I’m gonna say.”

“Uhh.” Jensen argued, looking his boy in the eyes. There was no anger or disappointment, just love. “Yeah I do. Just tell me this,”

Jared nodded mutely, his bangs falling over his hazel eyes.

“Tell me that that you will never lie to me again.” Jensen brushed Jared’s bangs from his eyes with one gently swoop. “That you won’t sneak out and put your life in danger like you did last night. A lot of things could have gone wrong and I think you know that.”

Swallowing thickly, Jared nodded his head once more.

“Good.” Jensen said as he looked directly at his boy. “Now do you understand that you two are NOT detectives and a job like that needs to be left for the professionals?”

Again, another nod.

Jensen hugged him close again. “I know you think that what you did was right under the circumstances and I know that you were acting out of anger but baby, that was self destructive. I want you to tell me that it won’t happen again. I want you to promise me.”

“Okay.” Jared’s bottom lip began to quiver and when Jensen said nothing, just continued to bore his eyes into him. “I promise. I’m sorry I lied to you Jensen and I’m sorry for putting mine and Tom’s lives in danger.” Then a fat solitary tear stained his cheek.

Jensen was quick to brush that tear away. “Then it’s over. Clean slate. Okay?”

Jared nodded followed by a deep sniffle. Jensen pulled him into a hug. “It’s over now baby. I forgive you. Let’s move past this.”

Then Jensen decided to change the subject to chase away the shadows from his lover’s face. “So I see you and Tom were watching Supernatural last night.”

“Yeah.” Jared sniffled. “It was a pretty good show.”

“Yeah. It is.” Jensen smiled at his boy. “But since we’re being honest with each other right now, I must say; I’m team Sam.”

“No way.” Jared playfully argued, this thin lips stretching into an amused smile. “He’s such a whiner. Always complaining. He’s so annoying. I don’t know how Dean puts up with him.”

“Are you kidding?” Jensen made a face that pulled a laugh out of Jared. “Dean acts like he’s got a stick shoved up his ass, almost like Cass. He holds grudges, acts like he never makes mistakes and his face….”

“What’s wrong with his face?” Jared pulled back, giving Jensen the best bitch face he could muster.

“The slummed shoulders?” Jensen huffed. “The furrowed brow and the constant teeth gritting. The man looks like he’s constantly constipated. I swear if I ever met him, I would offer him an enema.”

“WHAT?” Jared choked on his laughter before sobering up. “You know, you kind of look like Dean.

“Are you saying that I need an enema?” Jensen smiled, somehow the air in the room seemed lighter instead of thick with tension.

“Well,” Jared dropped his voice, a seductive growl roughening the edges. “If you do, I wouldn’t mind shooting it up your ass for ya.”

“Why you kinky bastard.” Jensen laughed and watching Jared blushed profusely was worth the seductive, playful jab; it also left him an opening to move forward with his Birthday plan.

Jared felt a fist cup his chin and raise his head, soft, plush lips pressed against his, a tongue pressing at the gates of his lips waiting to be permitted entrance. Jared slowly parted his lips allowing Jensen’s tongue to snake inside.

The tip of the shorter man’s tongue tickling the roof and Jared’s mouth. Jensen’s lips vibrated from the moan coming from his lover.

Jensen pulled back slightly, studying every smooth line in Jared’s face. “I guess that Enema talk got you hot and bothered huh?” Jared breathed against Jensen’s lips. “I-I guess we could try that if you want.”

Jensen slowly shook his head in the negative. “That’s not it at all baby. Today’s a special day. I’m just giving you your morning gift.”

Jared’s eyebrows fused together in a frown as he tried to mentally wrack his brain. “Our anniversary of something we did together?”

“You don’t really know do you?” Jensen nuzzled his nose against Jared’s cheek. Sliding up to where his sensuous lips caressed Jared’s ear, “That’s okay baby, don’t try and think about it. It only makes my surprise for you even better.”

Then he pulled on Jared’s earlobe into his teeth and tugged gently. “Jensen.” Jared moaned in a prayer. The sound of his name seemed to fit his lips; the perfect size to wrap around his entire body, causing his muscles to flex and respond to that simple name that rolled gracefully and carried on the breath of desire.

Jensen in response, pulled his boy down to where he was lying flat on the bed, his breath tickling the thin fibers in his ear. “Just relax and let me take care of you.”

Jared’s fluttered closed as Jensen began killing the crook of his neck, moving down to his chest, the removal of his shirt in one long swoop, his lips barely grazing the flesh only caused Jared to arch up against his kitten kisses.

Jensen petted his boy’s chest to soothe him. Patience was not Jared’s strong suit. Jensen’s tongue snaked out, stroking down between the nipples, catching the beads of sweat that began to gather like pearls.

His teeth tugging the left nipple then the right, watching the nubs grow and stand at attention as Jensen tongue swirled around the areola.

Jared mewed as the shorter man paid close attention to his nipples; his mallet sized hand coming up to rest on the back of Jensen’s head, fingers stroking the fine short hairs, the tips massaging his scalp. “So beautiful.” Jensen murmured around the left nipple. “So perfect.”

Slowly, Jensen began leaving a trail of kissing down Jared’s abdomen, stopping at his navel, darting his tongue in and out of the dip.

Jared’s skin moved beneath his touch. Jensen smiled against the heated flesh before moving lower, with quick and nimble finger, he flicked open the buttons of Jared’s Jeans, then pulled at the legs of the denim material watching then glide down soon to be muscular legs and falling into a pooling heap on the floor. Then he began kissing his way through the thatch of wiry pubic hair.

Jared’s cock was red and hard beneath Jensen’s chest as the shorter man lied right on top of it. The friction driving him into a frenzy.

Jared thought he was going to lose it right then and there against his lover’s broad chest.

Jensen had to place his hand on his boy’s abdomen to hold him in place or he would have been bucked off and landed painfully on the floor and he wanted this to be a pleasant experience.

Jared didn’t know when Jensen had removed his own clothing but suddenly the shorter man was standing there stark naked: a Greek God bathed in golden hues against his golden skin staring adoringly at the younger man beneath him.

Grabbing hold of his achingly, red, hard cock, Jensen stroked the pad of his thumb up the thick vein that held the promise of bursting in one go. “Nguh. Jen.” Jared’s back arched off the bed trying to fuck himself in Jensen’s unrelenting fist but the shorter man only tightened his grip. Not painfully but enough to still his wreathing lover’s movements. “P-Please Jen.”

“Shhh.” Jensen soothed as he gently stroked that vein again. “In due time baby. I want this to last.”

“If you k-keep this up.” Jared helplessly stammered as his body wriggled in heated excitement. “I d-don’t thing I’m gonna l-last. Please Jensen.”

“Okay baby.” Jensen lowered his head, pausing just above the helmet. “Okay.” Then he lowered his head, his pink tongue peeking out like a turtle from its shell; the tip of it lightly flicking at the helmet. Jared’s hips lifted from the mattress and Jensen hand came up to hold his hips immobile. Then his tongue darting in and out of his needle sized hole and Jared thought he was going to lose it right there.

Jensen wraps his lips around the end of Jared's length and Jared inhales a sharp, quivering breath and tenses all his muscles, his fists clinched around the bed sheets at his sides and his toes curled painfully into the mattress to stave off his premature orgasm that threatened to over take him.

Jared's eyes roll back in his head and he pushes his hips forward. Jensen's heated exhalation is causing the taller man to come unhinged, pulling him thinly by the threads of ecstasy.

Jensen sinks down onto the length of his lover’s already leaking shaft. He breaths in through his nose and descends lower. His throat opens up invitingly and his eyes water flutter shut as he hums around the sensitive flesh. His cheeks hollow in as he sucks deeply, the smell of Jared’s heat surrounds him, almost intoxicating.

Jared’s head slams firmly against the pillow, his chest lifting up in the air as incoherent words spill from his lips.

Jensen begins to bob up and down in a steady motion, cheeks still hollowing in, followed by the slow drag with his hungry tongue stroking his favorite vein, pulling out a seductive, whiny moan from Jared with each stroke. Flicking just below the helmet before his tongue found it’s way to that glorious hold at the tip of the head, darting in an out as his lips remained wrapped firmly around it, the beautiful melody of his humming, vibrating through Jared’s heated flesh.

Out of their own volition, Jared’s hips snap forward, fucking himself into the hot caverns of Jensen’s mouth. Jensen lowers one hand to his lovers sack and gathered the weight of it in his palm, massaging and rolling his balls.

White hot light begun to buzz in the taller man’s head, A flashing heat taking over his body in a sweeping motion. Beads of sweat glistening against the golden hues coming in strips from the window.

Jared’s spirit detached itself from his body as it soared higher and higher, Jared feared he’d never come down. This must be what it feels like to have an out of body experience. Jared mused to himself before he felt himself breaking apart atom by atom, molecule by molecule. His body convulsing as he shot his seed into Jensen’s waiting mouth.

Jensen’s mouth filled with Jared’s come, all naturally earthy flavored, swallowing it down greedily while letting some of it spill onto his wreathing lover for his next plan.

Jared’s body shuttered in the aftermath of his orgasm. His sweaty, bare chest heaving, leaving him breathless. “Your turn.”


“Nuh uh.” Jensen smiled seductively at him. “This is your day and I’ve got a plan.”


Before the taller man could inquire him, Jensen slid up the length of his body, come lying wet and thick between them. The good doctor dragged himself up and down Jared’s abdomen and torso, letting his achingly hard shaft slide in the cooling come on his lover’s belly. Over and over he continued to drag until his orgasm over took him; shaking against his lover’s tanned frame, his face buried in the crook of his neck, his hot breath skittering across the tender flesh. Jensen held on tight.

Body pliant against Jared’s Jensen turned his head, his nose brushing gently against the taller man’s smooth cheek. “That was…. I don’t know how to describe it.”

“Me neither.” Jared chuckled as he wrapped his lengthy arms around his lover. I don’t think there are any words.”
“Hey.” Jared nudged Jensen’s shoulder with his loosely curled fist as a sudden thought occurred to him. “You keep saying that this is a special day and then you said it was my day. Are you planning on telling me what day it is?”

Jensen’s head shot up as he stared at his boy, flabbergasted, “You’re kidding. Right?” Then after waiting a bit. “Happy Birthday.”

Swallowing the massive lump lodged in his throat, Jared’s arms squeezed Jensen tightly against him. “Thank you. I can’t believe I forgot.”

“S’okay baby.” Jensen hugged Jared back not wanting to ever let go. “You had a lot on your mind; it happens, no c’mon. As much as I’d love to lie in bed all day holding you in my arms, we have company coming over. Let’s get our shower before the spoil it for us.”

Chapter Text

Jared’s party went by in a flash. The commotion, the cake, ice cream and the presents left Jared in a whirlwind of emotions. He’s never had a party before; his father believed that you are not to be celebrated for the Lord putting you on this earth because that was his accomplishment not yours but Jensen explained to him that not only were they celebrating his birth but they were celebrating his seventeen years of life. That was his accomplishment because he managed to keep himself alive another year each year. That made sense to the taller lad when Jensen put it that way.

Then Chad whom he met at his party, who was Christian’s plus one and boyfriend had to ruin a precious moment by telling him that because of all the shit he went through and still survived, he deserved a fucking circus with a petting zoo and clowns in which Jared was hesitant to confess that he was scared of clown and Tom didn’t help matters any when he showed him a movie on his laptop called IT by Stephen King. The movie had Jared screaming like a five year old girl but that was their secret. Why Jensen had a sleep over, Jared couldn’t quite comprehend. Maybe it was part of the Birthday ritual.

“Hey uhh Chad?” Jared meekly addressed the reporter.

“Hey. Jay my man.” Chad sang before growing serious. “What can I do you for?”

“Uhhm.” Jared took a quick glance around to make sure they were alone. “I was thinking that since tomorrow is Sunday, my dad’s church will be full. I could held over there…. By myself of course.” He added quickly. “And I can blow my dad’s criminal activity right out of the water and in front of the congregation…..”

“LIKE HELL YOU WILL.” Jensen growled as he appeared in the doorway; the sudden sound of his voice startling both men to look his way.

“I think I’ll just leave you two alone.” Chad patted Jared’s knee affectionately. “To work this out.” And then he was gone leaving Jared and Jensen to their solitude.

“You are NOT going to go to that church.” Jensen’s voice was firm and brooked no room for argument.



“FUCK YOU.” Jared’s eyes welled up with tears when his one true love, his savior and the one he trusted through the past right in his face and it hurt immensely. “YOU KNOW WHAT? WHY FUCKING WAIT? I’LL JUST GO OVER THERE NOW. HE’S HOLDING A SATURDAY PRAYER SERVICE LIKE HE USUALLY DOES.” Then he attempted to push past Jensen.

Jensen whirled around and grabbed Jared from behind. His fingers intertwined and locked together across his chest as he held Jared in a backward hug. His boy struggling against him.

“LET GO OF ME.” Jared sobbed profusely, his face turning beet red from the power of his struggle. He had a good few inches on Jensen but he still wasn’t as strong.

“No.” Jensen said softly, his breath wafting across the nape of Jared’s neck as he tightened his hold on him. “I’m sorry baby. I’m sorry I hurt you by bringing that up but honey, I don’t want anything to happen to you.”


Then Jared began to choke on his sobs as they were getting the best of him before he added in a small voice. “I’m afraid.”

“Oh baby.” Jensen kissed Jared on his back before placing his cheek firmly against it feeling his body shake in his embrace with each heart wrenching, body wracking sob. “Why didn’t you tell me that you were still scared?”

“I d-didn’t w-want you t-to th-think I w-was a w-wimp.” Jared hiccupped between ragged breaths.

“C’mere.” Jensen pulled back, turning his boy’s hunched frame around. “Baby, I wouldn’t have thought you were a wimp. I mean come on, after all you have been through, you still managed to come out on top. Hell, you even sneaked out with Tom to get evidence on your father. I think that took a lot of balls.”

“But what good is that evidence if I couldn’t use it against him?” Jared sniffed loudly.

“C’mere.” Jensen pulled Jared into his head walking them backwards until his heels hit the front of the rocking chair where he sat down pulling Jared down with him onto his lap.

Jared curled up against the shorter man as Jensen held him, rocking him as if he were a baby. “I do have a plan but it’s not going in the church in the middle of his sermon with guns blazing.”

“Then what?” Jared hiccupped against his chest.

“HEY CHAD?” Jensen turned his head away from Jared momentarily. “COULD YOU COME IN HERE?”

“Yeah man.” Chad sauntered into the living room and his eyebrows furrowed in concern. “Everything okay?”

“Yeah.” Jensen nodded the affirmatively at the reporter. “We got it sorted out but we need you to go over the plan with Jared.”

“Hey.” Chad poked Jared’s side. “Okay so your plan? Sorry bud but it blows.”

“CHAD.” Jensen barked. “This is a delicate situation so how about handling it with a little bit more sensitivity?”

“You’re right Jen.” Chad’s face holding a stone expression. “This is a delicate situation. That’s why it needs to be handled as such but Jared, you need to be careful man. You are armed to the teeth with evidence against your father but you can’t just walk into his church and starting firing them like bullets at the congregation and judging from what I heard about your father, he wouldn’t hesitate to kill you. His own son. Do I make myself clear?”

Jared hiccupped followed by a snort as he nodded his head in the affirmative, and Jensen firmed his grip on him.

“Good.” Chad continued as he smiled warmly at the younger man being held. “Now you need to take this in stride. I would suggest you get all the evidence you collected on your father. As a reporter, I will publish this in the newspaper. I’m assuming that the congregation can read?” Then he laughed at his own joke. “Because we are also connected to the internet, Plus we are the biggest newspaper publishing agency in town.” Then he reached out to thumb away Jared’s tears before pinching his nose. “So try those tears Sasquatch; blow your nose on Jensen shirt. I’m sure He won’t mind because we’ve got this thing in the bag.”

“Dude.” Jensen scrunch his nose followed by a grimace. “Can you get anymore gross?”

Jared let up a watery chuckle; leave it to Chad to lighten the mood. “I can’t wait for my father to find out that I fucked up that cushy little life that he had manipulated himself into.”

“No way.” Chad barked. His words came out a little sharper than intended. “You give me the information, the evidence, then you are what us news reporters call our source and by law we protect our source.”

“But,” Jared sat up in Jensen’s lap. “I want him to know it was me who ruined his life. That I got the last laugh.”

“No way.” Jensen voice was firm yet soft and he gently tugged Jared against him. “No matter what, your father is still dangerous. Even without all the support. I know you want your revenge sweetheart but we need to do this with a clear head.”

“Jensen’s right.” Chad nodded in agreement. “We have to pace ourselves, protect my source which is you.” Then he poked Jared playfully in the chest. “Your father will be out for blood plus the way you got your information is illegal; you could go to jail. That is another way I have to protect my source. Now you need to let me do my job with out any other of your involvement. Okay? Now I’m serious. You want him to know that it was you who set this whole thing in motion? It shouldn’t matter if he know. We know and you know. That should be enough to feed your satisfaction but our job…. Our main focus is to disarm him so that he can’t hurt or kill anybody again. You have Jensen; you have a better life now. Let that be enough and let me doing my job also be enough. Okay?”

“Okay.” Jared said meekly as he averted his eyes towards the floor.

“Not good enough.” Chad looked pointedly at Jared. “I want you to look me in the eyes and you tell me that you will stay out of my way and let me do my job.”

“Okay.” Jared’s almond shaped eyes bore into Chad’s. “I promise I will stay out of your way and let you do your job.”

“Good.” Chad nodded, satisfied with Jared’s answer. “No go run along and get me those journals and ledgers.”

Jared slid off of Jensen’s lap and scampered off the retrieve said evidence.

“You were a little hard on him.” Jensen stared at Jared’s retreating form. “Don’t you think?”

“Not really.” Chad shrugged non-plussed. “This is very serious Jensen. I don’t have time to coddle him, not when we now know what we’re up against.

Before Jensen could respond any more, Jared was at their side in a flash. “Here’s everything.” Holding his hands out filled with his bounty, Chad gingerly pulled it from his loose grasp, glancing at the paper work and offering his nod of approval. “Not bad. You really out did yourself…. Trust me…. You did. Okay, I’ll go take these to our publishing company and start working on my story. Thanks a lot Jared.”

The other guys offered their goodbyes for the night with the promise that they will be back tomorrow.

Once alone, Jensen pulled Jared against him. “No matter what Chad said, I still don’t condone what you did. You could have gotten yourselves arrested or killed. I’m glad none of those things happened to you. You want me to tell you that I’m proud of you, what a good job you did but honey, I can’t say that because what you did was reckless even if you did achieve your goal and got the evidence against your father, none of it would do you any good if you were in jail or dead. Then you lied to me right to my face.”

“And I told you that I was sorry about that.” Jared’s voice quivered as he struggled to control his emotions. “You said that you forgave me… If I would have told you, you would have stopped me.”

“If you thought that I would have stopped you if you told me before hand,” Jensen practically pleaded with him, his bright, green eyes softening as he watched the emotions play across his lover’s face. “That that right there should have told you that it was a very bad and very dangerous idea. Now baby, I forgive you. I already told you that I forgave you. I love you, that is why I can’t let you go in guns blazing and that is why I can’t condone what you’ve done because it scares me to think about what could have happened to you. I’m sorry for hurting your feelings…. Really…. I am but this is for your own good.”

“I know.” Jared let a few tears fall and before he could reposition his emotions, Jensen gathered him into his arms, holding on tight. “I’m sorry. So sorry.”

“I know you are baby. Jensen crooned in his ear rubbing circles in the small of his back. “You already told me that and I forgave you. I still forgive you.”

“No.” Jared shook his head, His smooth, tear drenched cheeks brushing against Jensen’s. “I’m sorry for tonight. I was horrible. I don’t deserve your forgiveness.”

Jensen gripped him tighter. “Baby, you deserve my forgiveness and then some and you know what?”

“What?” Jared sniffed deeply into Jensen’s muscular shoulder.

“I forgive you baby. I forgive you.” Then Jensen ended it with a chaste of a kiss on Jared’s shoulder bone.

Jared was the first to pull back. “Hey. How did you find out that Tom and I sneaked off to my dad’s church?”

“Well.” Jensen thumbed away Jared’s lingering tears. “Misha has a GPS on Tom’s phone.”

Jared’s eyes bore into the shorter man’s accusingly. “So he doesn’t trust him? That’s why he has a GPS on his phone? Does Tom know?”

“Tom already knows.” Jensen cleared his voice. “Already knew before hand. Misha talked it over with him when they first got together after Tom was raped by those four so called God’s soldiers and Tom agreed to have a GPS installed on his phone for his protection like if they were to come back and kid nap him. Shit like that. Anyway, when I was driving that kid in the hospital, Misha on the passenger side, his phone beeped and it showed us where Tom was and I knew you would be with him; I tried to call your phone but you had my call blocked. My guess is that you were already inside your dad’s office so Misha called Tom’s phone.”

“Then what?” Jared breathed. Jensen had his full attention.

“Well.” Jensen continued, holding his boy close. “Tom picked up, he fessed up to what the two of you were up to. It was too late for us to turn back because we were over halfway to the hospital so Misha stayed on the phone with Tom talking him down because he was scared out of his mind. Misha was a tad bit upset with you…” When he noticed Jared’s eye become round with fear as he gulped loudly, Jensen decided to put those fears at ease. “But Tom talked to him. Said it was all his idea. I think Misha believed him. He took the blame for you. He’s a good friend. Those are hard to come by.”

“Yeah.” Jared’s voice was choked with emotion.

“C’mon.” Jensen pulled Jared towards the stairs. “Let’s go to bed. It’s been an emotional day and I want to hold you.”

Jared let Jensen lead him towards the stairs. Eager to find himself snuggled in the shorter man’s arms.

Chapter Text

The coffee table was completely littered with bowls of popcorn and enough junk food to give you cavities. “What?” Jensen cried out defensively when he caught Jared staring at him.

“That’s a lot of candy.” Jared commented as he stared at his boyfriend with a mixture of humor and fondness. “You have enough here to feed an army. You’re supposed to be a doctor, concerned about healthy stuff and things like that.”

“Then brush your teeth afterwards.” Jensen smirked at him. “That’s my health tip to you but seriously, you have been deprived of all the good things in life like popcorn, enough candy to give you a tummy ache and…” Then Jensen held up the remote like a trophy. “Movie night and I am honored to break your virginity by introducing those to you.”

“I am not even going to dignify what you said with a response.” Jared chuckled softly before falling limply on the couch, Jensen followed suit pulling his boy against him as he flicked on the TV to their favorite show Supernatural.

Five minutes into the show, Misha, Tom, Christian and Chad came bursting through the door.

Jensen jumped to his feet as the living room door swung open hit the wall with a loud bang. “What the hell? It’s called knocking guys.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Christian brushed off Jensen’s complaint as he ran toward the sofa and turned the channel.

“Hey.” Jared cried out in complaint.

“Uhh…” Jensen glared at his friend. “We were watching that.” Then he saw their four friends sitting on the sofa eating their candy and popcorn. “Help yourselves.”

“Sorry.” Tom was the only one to apologize although Misha looked a smidge contrite. “But Supernatural is a series. This isn’t.”

“Quiet.” Chad hissed at them. “It’s coming on.”

“The journals and ledgers.” Misha explained, his blue eyes shining proudly in the neon light of the TV. “Not only did they make the papers but they made the news.”

“Well I’ll be.” Jensen breathed out signaling Jared to follow. By the time they reached the living room which was only a few feet from the front door. The couch was completely occupied so Jensen flopped himself down on the rocking chair, patting his knee inviting.

Jared happily obliged that invitation, snuggling in against Jensen’s chest with the shorter man’s arms wrapped loosely around his body.

Chad turned up the TV. All head turned towards him as they saw him being interviewed by the news reporter. “And are you able to review your source?”

“Sources.” He corrected. “And no. You know it as well as I do that a good reporter protects his source but I can tell you this, after this information fell into my lap, many people since then, have come forward. It’s been a long time coming but Justice have prevailed and that’s what important; not who my sources are.”

“There you have it.” Said the reporter staring straight into the camera. “Directly from Chad Michael Murry himself. Now let’s take a look into the courtroom.”

“Oh.” Chad turned his attention towards Jensen and Jared. “I failed to mention that once people got the paper plus the whole thing went viral, all his followers left the church and seeing that there was nobody else to con, he ended up having to board up the church. Cops came and confiscated all his assets so the man has nothing left to fight with. No one else to buy off. He’s done for and so is everyone else who were paid to do his dirty work and to look the other way.”

The camera switched to the courtroom scene where Jared’s Father, Mother and brother stood trial as the judge read off the charges; parents of the victims were present as well waiting for justice to be served. Even Steve’s parents have arrived at the trial, the mother dabbing at her eyes while the father glared hateful daggers at Brother Gerald.

The cops, the doctors and anyone else the preacher had on his payroll had been brought into trial, all charged for their own involvement in each crime. All were finally being brought to justice.

“Yeah.” Jensen broke the television engrossed silence. “The police have already interviewed me about my involvement in being on the payroll so I turned all the hand written checks over to them and I told them that I wasn’t aware of my involvement but as soon as I found out, I tried calling the police who said they’d look into it and I never heard back from them.”

“You never told me that.” Jared swiveled his torso towards Jensen.

“Uh-oh.” Chad sang. “A lover’s quirrel.”

“Shut up.” Jensen shot Chad a look. “I’m sorry Jared but I didn’t want to scare you. You have been through so much. Please don’t be angry.” Then Jensen ended his apology with a firm kiss on the corner of his lips.”

“Awe.” Their four friends cooed causing Jensen to throw popcorn at them, a poor act of revenge.

Then they turned their attention back towards the TV, watching the entire case unfold. All the criminals being held accountable for their actions, Megan was put in Foster care. Jensen had convinced Jared that it was all for the best, now she can be raised in a stable environment and who knows? Maybe one day, she come and visit him although Jared wouldn’t hold his breath for too long or he’ll suffocate before that even happens.

At the end of the trial, all the men were cheering so Jared chose that time to make his offer to Jensen. “Think we could celebrate upstairs with some good ol’ butt sex?”

“WHAT?” Jensen yelled over the commotion.

“BUTT SEX.” Jared yelled back. “I WANT TO HAVE BUTT SEX WITH YOU.”

Just then, a hush filled the room, all eyes were on them. “Yeah, I think we’re gonna go.” Offered Christian and he couldn’t get out of there fast enough. The other guys immediately followed, offering a quick goodbye.

Jared in return, hid his face in Jensen’s shoulder, face blushing profusely from embarrassment.

“Wow babe.” Jensen spoke in the quickly emptied room. “You sure know how to clear a room.”

Jared pushed his face further into Jensen’s shoulder. “Oh baby. Are we a little embarrassed?” Jensen teased.

“Shut up.” Jared’s voice was mumbled by Jensen’s shoulder.

“C’mon sweetheart.” Jensen nudged Jared off his lap. “Let’s go and have butt sex.”

Jared ducked his head before Jensen fisted his chin, pulling his face up so that they could lock eyes and gave him a quick peck on the lips. “I love it when your blush.”
Ducking his head again, Jared let Jensen pull him up the stairs.

Chapter Text

“Jensen.” Jared started, still feeling a bit embarrassed. “I’m sorry for blurt….”

“NA-AH.” Jensen placed his index finger to his lover’s lips. “No apologies. Now… We celebrate.”
Jensen pulled Jared up the stairs and into their bedroom. Immediately, Jared stripped himself naked.

“Well,” Jensen commented, his eyes roaming up and down the taller man’s body predatorily. “So much for finesse.”

Jared ignored Jensen’s comment and jumped backwards onto the bed, is arms and legs spread out reminding Jensen of a starfish. “Alright then.” Jensen began stripping himself achingly slowly.

Jared stared at him hungrily, the tip of his tongue snaking our to lick across his dry lips.

Once Jensen was completely in the nude, he jumped onto the bed next to Jared. “Hi baby.”

“Hi.” Jared smiled shyly.

Jensen reached down to test the waters by touching the puckered opening of Jared’s ass causing the younger man to nearly jump out of his skin.

“Oh baby.” Jensen hurriedly slid up the length of Jared’s body to gently stroke his cheek. “I’m sorry. Did I hurt you?”

“N-no.” Jared stammered staring into his lover’s concerned eyes. “Just surprised me is all.”

“I was just trying to help you relax.” Jensen explained is if Jensen was blaming him. “It’s how we start butt sex.”

Jensen felt Jared’s stomach shaking beneath him. “Jared? You okay? What’s wrong?” As Jensen chanced a closer look at his boy, he noticed that Jared wasn’t crying; infact, he was laughing and laughing hard.

A small, nervous smile quivered across Jensen’s lips. “Uhh?... Jared? You okay there buddy?”

Jared tried to answer but he was gasping from laughing so hard. “C’mon, you’re scaring me. Are you having some sort of mental breakdown? Do you want me to call a doctor? Oh wait…. I am a doctor.”

Big, fat tears streamed from the corner of Jared’s eyes from the force of his laughter followed by a deep, loud snort.”

“Ok baby.” Jensen started stroking his boy’s face. “Deep breaths sweetheart.”

As soon as Jared began to sober from his laughing fit, “Care to tell me what happened just now?”

“I think…” Jared chuckled, another round of laughter threatening to possess him. “I think we need to quit saying butt sex. Hearing it said back to me, I now realize how funny of a word it is.”

As he was about to start hysterically laughing once more, Jensen lent forward, his lips smashing into Jared’s in a violent, passionate kiss. “Sorry baby but if I didn’t do that, we will never be able to move forward into our celebration.”

“Thanks Jensen.” Jared smiled sweetly at him. “I think I needed that.”

“Although,” Jensen smirked at him. “You do have a beautiful smile and laugh. I never saw you do that before. I think that’s why you couldn’t stop once you started laughing; I think your body was making up for lost time.”

“I must have been a toddler.” Jared shrugged, blushing from his laughing outburst. “Because I don’t remember ever laughing.”

“I’m sorry baby.” Jensen said sincerely. “But you know what? This is our night of celebration so no bad thoughts, they’ll only ruin the mood. Deal?”

“Deal.” Jared smiled back at him

Jensen reached over towards the nightstand, grabbing a bottle of lube from its only drawer; slicking up his index finger, Jensen paused at Jared’s puckered opening. “I just want to give you the heads up, I’m going to start by stretching your hole so that it doesn’t hurt as much. You ready?”

Jared nodded jerkily. Jensen studying his every body language for any signs of mental or physical distress. He pressed the tip of his finger at the rectal opening causing Jared to freeze and the hole to clinch tight. “Hey.” Jensen pulled his finger away. “Jared? I didn’t even put the finger in yet. You need to relax if this is going to be a success.”

“I’m trying.” Jared said through gritted teeth.

“Jared.” Jensen’s voice softened at a comforting level. “If you’re not ready, it’s okay. I won’t get angry.”

“No.” Jared breathed heavily through his nose. “I want to do this. Please Jensen. I really, really want this.”

“Okay.” Jensen pet Jared’s thigh softly in an effort to relax him. “But I don’t want you to feel that you have to in order to keep me so if you want me to stop, just say the word and I will. I promise I won’t be offended. Can we try this again?”

Jared gulped noisily followed by a nod of his head, jerkily.

Jensen studied his boy for a moment before moving forward. “It’ll get better, I promise.” Then he slid his index finger in Jared’s rectal cavity, pausing his movements each time his lover tensed.

Stroking around each tender ring of muscles, twisting and turning it to pet the muscles into relaxing. He kept up the slow, agonizing, movements of his index finger; dragging it across the inner walls of Jared’s puckered opening.

Finally the tip of his finger lightly nudged the oh so sweet spot causing Jared’s hips to lift from the bed. “I think I found your G spot.”

“Do again.” Jared begged, breathing heavily from his nose.

“Okay.” Jensen smiled as he stroked against the sweet spot once again but more firmly this time causing Jared to buck up his hips once more. “That is called your prostate.”

Jared’s breathing picking up speed as he began fucking himself on the good doctor’s finger. “Whoa now cowboy. Slow down, I have to add the second finger. Don’t want you to get too worked up before we get to the really good stuff.”

As he lubed up his second finger, he added it to the first, pressing them against the taller man’s quivering hole. Jared tensed up, hissing at the burn. Jensen paused until Jared relaxed once more.

Jensen scissored his two fingers back and forth. Jared tensed with each movement before he began to relax and his body got used to the intrusion.

Once Jensen thought his lover was stretched enough, he added a third finger and got the same results until once again, Jared’s body was used to the intrusion. “Okay. Now for the good stuff.” Jensen smiled, making due on his promise.

Lubing up his thick, heavy cock, the weight of it held in his hand as he slicked it up. The helmet pressed against his waiting hole, Jared fully relaxed until that helmet pushed through.

The sharp burn caused the taller man to hiss out loud grabbing Jensen’s attention. “Jared? You okay?”

“Yeah.” Jared clinched his eyes shut tight, a painful grimace tightening his lips. “Just…. Give me a minute. Okay?”

“Sure.” Jensen stood there, holding his painfully erected shaft, the helmet still resting inside Jared’s rectal opening. “Take all the time you need.”

Jared’s asshole quivered loosely until it was able to accept more of Jensen’s man meat.

Jensen pushed forward, Jared’s entire body clinched up, his eyes closed and that wasn’t the look of bliss on his face. It was the look of pure terror and pain. “JARED? HEY JARED. LOOK AT ME.”

Jared chanced a look at Jensen. “It’s just me; not those four guys. Okay? Just keep looking at me.”

Jared swallowed deeply offering the shorter man a jerky nod. “Sorry.”

“S’okay.” Jensen said softly. “You ready for me to go further or do you need more time?”

“Just…” Jared started before relaxing. “Yeah, I’m good.”

“You sure?” Asked Jensen unconvinced.

“Yeah I’m sure.” Jared added more conviction to his voice. “Really.”

“Okay.” Jensen pushed further inside stopping when Jared tensed once more allowing his lover to get used to the intrusion.

Slowly he began to slide his hardened shaft back and forth, stroking Jared into relaxing.

Fully sheathed inside his tall lover, Jensen grazed his prostate causing Jared to scream out in pleasure. A smiled curved Jensen’s lips as he continued to drag his dick back and forth assaulting Jared’s sweet spot.

“Yesss.” Jared bellowed out. “That’s the one. Keep doin’ it…. Keep doin’ it. Uhh.”

“Oh baby.” Jensen crooned, “You are so pretty when you squirm like that and it’s all for me.”

Jared’s almost muscular thighs wrapped around Jensen’s waist pulling him in further.

Pressing his feet against the edge of the headboard for leverage, Jensen crawled his torso up the length of Jared’s wreathing body.

As soon as his face hovered above his sweat drenched lover, Jared’s lengthy arms shot up and wrapped around the shorter man’s neck and he held on tight.

Jensen trapped in the octopus of Jared’s arms and legs embrace, began to pump harder and faster.

Jared’s body bouncing on Jensen’s knees, his chin bumping Jensen’s meaty shoulder.

Both men dripping with sweat, their bodies glistening in the bright light that hung from their bedroom ceiling.

The heat of their panting as they clung desperately to each other.

A moan slammed through Jared’s tightly clenched teeth and Jensen lips slammed into his lover’s, devouring those moans like a starving man.

With each glide of his dick, each direct punch at his prostate pulled out a low, guttural, needy moan from Jared.

Jensen’s heavy balls slapping against Jared’s firm ass each time he slammed into him with a vengeance and Jared begged for more like a desperate junkie craving for his next fix.

The drag of his rectal muscles dragging deliciously up and down the length of his cock, pulling the foreskin over the helmet. “Holy shit Jared. So tight. So beautifully tight.”

“Jensen.” Jared’s voice was a mixture between, a growl, a moan and a sob. “I can’t…”

“You can’t what?” Jensen held on tight to his lover. “Talk to me baby. What can’t you do?”

“Nguh.” Jared cried out, his chest heaving, his breathing coming in short bursts. “Jen. “M’gonna, M’gonna.”

Then Jensen’s agonizingly hard shaft shot forward, punching Jared’s prostate once again. “RHAAAH!” Jared screamed as his vision went white, heat curling through his abdomen, his legs trembling as his dick exploded with a vengeance shooting white come directly into the air like a water fountain spraying Jensen in his dimpled chin and chiseled chest. His asshole clenching and unclenching around Jensen’s cock causing the shorter man to follow him immediately over the edge.

Both men’s body shaking as the orgasm ripped through them like a rabid beast sending them both higher and leaving them a quivering mess shuttering through the aftershocks.

Body languid, Jared fell limply in Jensen’s embrace. Jensen gently laid him down on the bed and pulled out slowly.

With heavily lidded eyes, Jared looked over at Jensen drunkenly, a crookedly smile graced his lips.

Jensen crawled over next to him, using the further edge of the blanket to wipe his chin before dragging the rest of it over their exhausted bodies and pulled Jared in close.

Jared snuggled into the comforting warmth of Jensen’s body. Pressing his nose into the crook of his neck, gently sucking at the delicate flesh.

“C’mon baby” Jensen moaned groggily, the throws of sleep threatening to pull him under. “I’m too spent. Don’t think I could get it up again.”

“S’okay my love.” Jared smiled against his flesh. “Me neither. That was…. Was…. Just…. Wow.”

“Yeah.” Jensen agreed, strengthening his hold on Jared. “My words exactly.” After a beat. “Dude, did you yell Rhaaah? Before you came all over my face?”

“No.” Jared blushing profusely as he hid his face in the crook of Jensen’s neck.

“You totally did.” Jensen teased as he held his boy tight. “What was that? Some sort of mating call?”

“I don’t know.” Jared’s voice was muffled by Jensen tender flesh. “Shuddup.”
“I love you too sweetheart.” Jensen chuckled and Jared nuzzled in. “Thank you for saving me.”


The End