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Like, Totally Relaxed

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Doctor... Please just go on without me, okay? Ahh, I messed up the inventory, so I’m going to have to stay late...” Doppo’s voice is soft on the other side of the phone, but it echoes, as if he’s somewhere like a bathroom. He sounds as if he’s about to cry at any moment. “I already told Hifumi, but... I-I wanted to tell you too... Sorry... You were even going to come pick me up, so I just inconvenienced you so much, so I’m so s-sorry... I, I hope—” He hiccups. “I hope you—

“Doppo-kun,” Jakurai says immediately, as soon as he notes that Doppo’s going to lose it. Doppo shuts up, and Jakurai knows he’s nodding. “... It is fine.” Jakurai’s already standing at the base of Doppo’s work building. He’s dressed down—he had gotten off work earlier than usual—and his hair is pulled back into a messy bun. The wind whips it everywhere, and he tucks a few stray strands behind his ear, looking up towards the rows of windows.

A-Are you... Are you s-sure... I... I was looking forward to it and Hifumi will be disappointed, too, s-so...

Jakurai nods, even though Doppo can’t see him. “I am certain. There are always plenty more opportunities to have dinner together,” he says softly. “So it will not be a problem. Please focus on your work and have a safe trip home.”

... O-Okay. I... I’ll do my best.

“Very well.” He starts walking back towards the station. “I know you will.”

Th-Th-Thank, thank you, doctor... I-I’ll,” Jakurai hears a door open, then it shuts, and Doppo hangs up.

Jakurai pulls the phone from his ear to open up his mails, typing one out as he walks.


SENDER: Hifumi-kun, I will be on my way then. Doppo-kun just got off the phone with me, and he said you already know, but this serves as my note to you, as well, that I am leaving.


It takes him the entire way back to the station to type it out, wanting to pay attention to the streets as well. He barely locks his phone and places it into his pocket in order to open a door before it dings. He enters the station and moves a little off to the side before retrieving it again.


HIFUMI IZANAMI: doc~~~~~~~!

HIFUMI IZANAMI: lookin forward 2 it! 2bad doppo cant com but i mde lots of stuff n e way too~!

HIFUMI IZANAMI: he can eat all the leftovrs if he wants~~!


Jakurai smiles, eyeing the slew of little pictures after the message. Lots of winking faces.


SENDER: Very well. I will be there soon. The train ride is short, so please wait.

HIFUMI IZANAMI: course course!

HIFUMI IZANAMI: stay safe okie dokie???? the foodll still be hot so dont ruush!!!

SENDER: Of course. Thank you for the wishes.


Hifumi just sends more smiley faces after that and lots of hearts. Jakurai’s heart tucks itself away in his throat, similar to how he tucks his phone back into his pocket.

The train ride there is uneventful, but Jakurai wears a smile still as he steps up to the apartment building. He hurries up to the apartment itself, ringing the doorbell. He waits less than twenty seconds before the door swings open, and Hifumi’s sunny smile is in his face.

“Doc~!” he calls, throwing his arms around Jakurai; the doctor, used to this sort of affection, stays firmly where he’s standing. He nuzzles his face against Jakurai’s shoulder. “I missed ya~!”

Jakurai chuckles, patting his back. “We saw each other last weekend.”

Hifumi pulls away, grabbing him by the arm and pulling him inside the apartment. Jakurai stumbles a bit, but he manages to catch himself on the doorframe, smiling.


“Call me Hifumin!” He turns back to Jakurai, winking, doing a set pose.

Jakurai only laughs, moving further inside the apartment. “Yes, yes...” He shuts the door behind him, then slips off his shoes.

It smells delightfully of a bunch of different spices that Jakurai’s not really equipped to handle to identify. Hifumi really is such a good cook, and Jakurai isn’t going to turn down any of his food. Even the little bento he’ll sometimes make for him and drop off at his office are nice to have—especially for someone like Jakurai, who often forgets to eat in the first place.

He follows Hifumi further into the apartment.

“How was your day, hm? Was it nice? You got off, like, super early, right? So I guess it was!”

Jakurai nods. “Yes, you could say that.” Hifumi pats the cushion at the table where Jakurai always sat when he came over to visit, and Jakurai rightfully claims his spot. Hifumi disappears past the divider into the kitchen. “There were only a few patients today, and the rounds were easy... Everyone smiled today, too.”

“Oh!” Hifumi laughs. Jakurai looks past the divider, seeing only his upper body. “That’s so, like, totally good, so I’m super glad! Smiles are the best, right? I’m sure you can, like, get anyone to, like, smile anyway!”

Jakurai shakes his head. “I am elated to hear you say something like that.”

“I know you bring a smile to my face a~ll the time!” Hifumi says, crossing back around the divider, balancing several plates along his arms like a host should be able to do. He sets them all carefully down on the table, and Jakurai’s hunger only strengthens.

But first, a light pink dusts his cheeks. “I am elated to hear that as well, Hifumi-kun.”

Hifumi just wags his metaphorical tail, sitting down across from the doctor. “Of course, of course~ You make me happy, so, like, of course you’d bring a smile to my face! We’re totally good friends now, right?”

“You also make me happy, Hifumi-kun. I am honored to even call you a friend of mine.”

Hifumi blinks, a little surprised, before he laughs, covering up that surprise quite well with an even bigger smile. “Rea~lly? That’s super good! I’m glad, too~!”

The dinner for today is curry rice, with tons of vegetables and chicken. There are side dishes, too, and Jakurai almost things it’s too much to eat. He fleetingly hopes Doppo could get here to eat it while it’s still naturally hot, but he’ll pray for a safe trip home in the meantime.

He and Hifumi eat the dinner pleasantly, chatting over different topics—well, Hifumi does. Jakurai does a lot of listening, but he’s attentive, and he throws in a few things here and there, too. He doesn’t mind listening, and Hifumi seems happy to talk. That’s all that matters.

An hour or so passes when Hifumi yawns. They’re just about done with dinner, but it’s still pretty early in the evening.

“Mm? Hifumi-kun, are you properly resting?”

“Of course I am!” He nods, proud. “Are you, doc? Hm, hm~?”

Jakurai watches him carefully, narrowing his eyes just slightly. “... Then, are you overworking yourself?” he asks, avoiding the question about himself so as to not let Hifumi steer the conversation away from him, as he is wont to do.

Hifumi pouts cutely. “Nope, not at all!”

Jakurai doesn’t say anything, and Hifumi’s pout only increases. Still, Jakurai holds his ground. This continues on for a few more moments before Hifumi cracks, averting his gaze and laughing nervously.

“M-Maybe a little, but I’m, like, totally fine, so you don’t have to worry!”

Jakurai sighs, frowning slightly. “Hifumi-kun... You must take care of yourself, too. Please relax once in awhile.”

“I’m relaxed, like, right now, so it’s, like... fine, right?”

Jakurai shakes his head. “You prepared this extravagant feast for me, and I know you will not allow me to help you clean up,” he says plainly. He thinks for a moment, his hand going to his face in his trademark pose. Hifumi’s watching him a little anxiously, smile faltering, as if he’s a dog that’s in trouble for ripping up the couch.

“... Hifumi-kun,” Jakurai says, and Hifumi audibly sighs in relief at the break in silence, “I may have an idea. Will you allow me to relieve some of your stress?”

Hifumi tilts his head in confusion. “Huh? Well~I’m okie-dokie with anything you wanna do, Doc~ But really, I’m fine!”

Jakurai answers that statement by standing up and moving slightly further away from the table, so that there’s ample space in front of him, with his legs outstretched. He pats such a space and fixes his hair up into a tighter (but still very messy) bun.

Hifumi hesitates before standing, padding over to him, and sitting cross legged. Jakurai chuckles lowly.

“Ah... My apologies. You must face the other way.”

Hifumi laughs, face flushing slightly in embarrassment. “A-Ah! My bad!” He stands again, turning around so his back is facing Jakurai now. He looks even more nervous, tugging at a lock of hair and curling it around his fingers.

“Please, allow me.” Hifumi glances over at his shoulder, but Jakurai moves closer, hands gently resting on Hifumi’s shoulders. Hifumi turns his gaze forward at once, and Jakurai didn’t catch the flush on his face.

“E-Eh...? What are you, like, gonna do...?”

Jakurai pauses. “Ah, my apologies yet again. I am simply going to massage your shoulders,” he explains, breath tickling the back of Hifumi’s neck, “so please relax as much as you can. If it hurts at any point, please tell me.”

Hifumi nods, hands firmly in his lap. “...O-Okay,” he replies, chipper as always, though his voice nearly cracks. “I promise!”

Jakurai smiles softly. “Very well. Let us begin the treatment.”

“Ahaha, you make it sound so, like, forma—aah—” Hifumi’s voice pitches as Jakurai presses his thumbs deep into his back, just above his shoulder blades. Jakurai pauses, immediately lifting his hands away slightly.

“S-Sorry,” he apologizes, leaning forward to try and look at Hifumi’s face, his breath tickling down Hifumi’s ear without meaning to, “was that too hard?”

Hifumi seems almost breathless. He shakes his head, eyes closed, and then he smiles. “N-Nope! Ah, I just... w-wasn’t ready. Your fingers are gentle, Doc!”

Jakurai sighs one of relief. “... That is good. Then, if you will excuse me.” With that, he presses his thumbs in again. Hifumi makes a small noise of appreciation, deep in his throat, and Jakurai smiles slightly. He moves his fingers in small circles, eventually working closer to directly under his neck, then back down his shoulders.

He leans forward again. “How are you feeling?” he asks.

Hifumi bites his lip, then smiles, eyes closed still. He keeps his head facing forward still. “Mm, it’s—it’s nice! Like I said, your fingers feel so gentle!”

Jakurai chuckles, close to Hifumi’s ear, and Hifumi bites his bottom lip again. “I am glad to hear you say that.” His hands work their way down past his shoulders. “Hifumi-kun, though I am no expert in this, I can tell that you are stressed.”

“C-Can you? You’re so amazing! You know that? You can do—ah... Y-You can do...” Jakurai’s fingertips are on Hifumi’s waist, his thumbs pressing in those slow, smooth circles against his lower back.

Though Jakurai doesn’t stop, he does open his eyes a little, tilting his head. “... Hifumi-kun?”

“... I-It feels nice,” Hifumi admits, letting his head hang forward slightly. “You... You really are capable of doing anything.” His voice is quieter, though his tone is strained.

“Ah? Here?”

Hifumi nods.

“I see... You do seem quite tender here,” Jakurai says, and Hifumi represses a shiver, Jakurai’s voice deep in his right ear. Jakurai removes his left hand, wrapping his arm around Hifumi but not letting it touch him—however, his hand does press against Hifumi’s stomach.

Hifumi lets out an embarrassing squeak, and Jakurai chuckles. “Sorry. I should have asked first.”

“N-No! Ahaha! I-It’s totally f-fff... fine...” He practically melts as Jakurai uses the ball of his right hand to press against the previous spot with long, deep strokes. His palm presses against Hifumi’s stomach in order to hold him there.

“Though,” Jakurai says after a few moments, as if it were an afterthought, “I am not capable of everything. I am only human.”

His voice is directly in Hifumi’s ear, and Hifumi thinks this is unfair. Jakurai remains blissfully unaware of the reaction he’s eliciting—Hifumi screws his eyes shut. “M-Mm? Is that... s-so?”

Jakurai works the tissue and the muscle, occasionally moving up to the surrounding areas, but always returning to the spot Hifumi said was the most needed. “It is so, indeed,” he says, smile apparent in his voice.

Hifumi’s hands, still in his lap, press ever so slightly down.

“Many people compare me to a saint or the like, but...”

“Y-You really are! Y-You’re, totally, like... s-so... nice... Y-You’re even doing something like th-this for me...” He wants to keep him talking.

Jakurai answers, still unaware. He moves his hand from his stomach to his chest, kneading the ball of his other hand into his upper back, under each shoulder blade, then the middle. “Because you are a dear friend, Hifumi-kun,” Hifumi’s hands press down harder against himself as he says his name, “and I care for your wellbeing. I would do anything for you to be able to relax and be yourself.”

Hifumi leans closer into Jakurai’s touch on his front, just barely. Jakurai presses back a little harder, unaware even now, in order to get him to sit up properly again.

“W-Would you?” Hifumi asks, a moment or two later, as if he had to gather his thoughts. His hands in his lap lift up slightly, still not enough movement to make Jakurai give pause.

“Of course I would, Hifumi-kun,” Hifumi’s hands press again, and he bites his lip so hard that he almost things it’ll start bleeding, “since, as I said, you are a dear friend.”

Jakurai smiles still. His mouth still sits close to his right ear, if only because he’s speaking lowly—Hifumi supposes that it’s to help relax him more (he’s right). Hifumi presses one of his hands down a little more, just as Jakurai’s hand slides from his chest to his side, right hand digging into the tender spot of his lower back again. Hifumi lets out a low whine, and Jakurai pauses.

Ah, hold on.

A deep crimson flush blooms on Hifumi’s face, even more than it had been before. He freezes, feeling his blood run both hot and cold at the same time. What’s he even getting worked up so much for?

The silence stretches on forever, it seems, before Jakurai moves his hand again, in the slow circles against his lower back.

But it’s still quiet.

“H-Hey... Doc, do you have... a-another day, ah, off anytime soon?”

Jakurai hums. The sound is low in his throat, one indicating thinking and nothing more than that, and Hifumi almost wishes he didn’t ask, because that sound is really making him bite his lip again.

“Hm... I will have to check my schedule, but I believe in two weeks I am free for a weekend.” Hifumi feels lightheaded, breathing picking up the longer Jakurai speaks. “Do you wish to go fishing again?”

“Y-Yeah!” Hifumi puts on a smile again, though it falters as Jakurai’s right hand swaps with his left, and the right hand presses against him square in the chest, while the palm of the left works the left side of his back now. “I-It would be fun! It’s been a-aaahh...” This is so embarrassing, he thinks, and he really should stop before Jakurai gets uncomfortable with Hifumi trying to act out a scene he definitely hasn’t fantasized out before (he has). “... b-been... awhile...” he completes, breathless.


“Nnh... Y-Yeah?” He smiles again, eyes opening for the first time since Jakurai started, half-lidded.

“Are you feeling alright?” His voice is even lower now, very soft, very gentle, concerned—that was the doctor for you. His touch gets a little lighter.

“O-Of course! Just p-peachy, aha!”

There’s a beat. “Usually when people say that, they are not alright.” Jakurai pulls his hands away, and Hifumi draws upon every cell in his body to give him strength not to moan about how he misses the touch—which is just fine with him, because Jakurai’s hands move to rest gently on his waist instead, non maliciously.

Jakurai leans forward a little bit more than usual, his chest pressing against Hifumi’s back. Hifumi closes his eyes again, out of embarrassment. His face burns, somewhere else burning, too.

“Hifumi-kun?” His breath dances across Hifumi’s right cheek, and Hifumi yelps quietly. “A-Are you alright?” Jakurai repeats.

Hifumi doesn’t quite trust his voice, so he nods.

“Are you certain...? Please, look at me.”

Hifumi obeys the simple request nearly immediately—was that too fast? His eyes crack open, and he turns his head slightly, and Jakurai’s angelic face is there, straining to look at Hifumi as much as possible. Hifumi wants to avert his gaze, but the gentle eyes hold him there.

“... You were not feeling sick, were you?” Jakurai asks innocently. It’s true that that’s what his mind jumps to first, and Hifumi lets out a pathetic laugh at the thick headedness of the situation.

He shakes his head, smiling as usual. “I wasn’t, nope! I-It just... feels nice, a-and people don’t usually get... this close, s-so...”

Jakurai nods, furrowing his brows. “... I see. How interesting. Do you wish for me to continue?”

Hifumi smiles. “I-If you want...!” One of his hands presses down harder, and he whines against his will. He shouldn’t have done that. He closes his eyes again, so tight that it hurts, and he thinks maybe this is another one of his dreams. The doctor is going to feel so uncomfortable if he figures out what’s going on.

He should prepare to leave Matenrou immediately if that’s the case.

But Jakurai watches him carefully, and Hifumi cracks one of his eyes open to see his face again. His eyes are stern yet careful, firm yet gentle. Hifumi’s a little intimidated. His gaze falls on Jakurai’s lips, but Jakurai doesn’t look away, simply thinking he’s averting his eyes.

They’re nice lips. Very nice. He’s often wondered what it’d be like to kiss them nice and long and—

“P-Pardon...?” Jakurai’s voice grabs and slams him back into reality. This is definitely not a dream, is it?

Hifumi tries to laugh, even as Jakurai’s grip on his waist gets a little tighter, out of surprise. “W-What?”

“... Hifumi-kun, do you wish to kiss me?”

Oh, yeah. He said it out loud. He turns his head away this time, completely to the other side. “Ahaha~! O-of course not! Y-You’re, like... just the leader of Matenrou! A-And my friend, too, but, like, I definitely don’t want to, like, k-k-ki...” He takes a breath. “... k-kiss you, or, like, something!”

Jakurai doesn’t say anything.

Hifumi lessens his weight against his crotch. He really fucked it up big time. Didn’t he? Jeez, how’s he gonna explain this one to Doppo? Doppo’s always going on about not bothering Jakurai and this would super, like super, qualify for that, huh? He should’ve just stuck to his imagination, as usual.

Ah~he can never help himself, even now.

“... S-Sorry,” he says, with a sad smile, very apologetically and embarrassed. “I-I said... something weird, I guess. I-I...” He forces the smile wider. “I’ll go and start dishes, a-and you can leave if you—”

“Hifumi-kun. I-I...”

The stutter has Hifumi turn his head slightly, peeking out of the corner of his eyes. Jakurai’s gaze is down, but his chest is still pressed against Hifumi’s back, and his voice is back in Hifumi’s ear from this angle. Hifumi notes the light pink dusting on his face, spreading across the bridge of his nose. It only strengthens as he continues on, obviously flustered.

“I... would not be opposed to such a thing,” he murmurs. The pink turns into red, slipping down into his cheeks more. Hifumi thinks he’s kind of cute like this.

Wait, what did he say? Hifumi turns to face him more. “Wh-What?”

“... Kissing you.” Jakurai closes his eyes, almost defeatedly. “I would not... be opposed to kissing you.”

“M-Me?” Hifumi blurts. His own flush deepens.

“You... Hifumi-kun.”

Both Hifumi’s and Jakurai’s stomachs ache—though Hifumi’s ache travels slightly lower.

“... Me?” Hifumi repeats, a little quieter. Jakurai nods. He wants to kiss him? Really? He looks away, and he wonders if he should pinch himself, but everything else has felt so real.

Jakurai’s right hand leaves Hifumi’s waist, coming up to gently take Hifumi’s chin in between the thumb and forefinger. Hifumi swallows, turning his body slightly. Before Jakurai can initiate it, however, Hifumi smashes his lips unceremoniously against Jakurai’s own.

Jakurai makes a small noise in surprise, though he eventually tilts his head and kisses back.

He’s kissing him. He’s kissing Jakurai Jinguji.

His hands can’t help but to touch himself through his pants again, with a little more fervor than before. He moans against Jakurai’s lips, and the surprise at his own actions makes him pull away, turning his head away again. He stills his hands.

“S-Sorry, aha, I g-got... um... I got, like, carried away, I guess...”

He really made their first—and maybe only?—kiss like that, huh? Jeez! What a loser!

Both of Jakurai’s hands gently take Hifumi’s wrists, and he blinks down in bewilderment—ah, that means Jakurai’s aware of what he was doing. He really did lose himself during that kiss, he thinks.

But Jakurai’s touch is gentle, not threatening at all. He pulls Hifumi’s hands away from his lap, past Hifumi’s thighs, and lays them on Jakurai’s own thighs instead. Hifumi squeezes instinctively, and Jakurai sounds a small noise.

“Hifumi-kun, I am,” his lips are right against Hifumi’s right ear now, and he shivers at not only the closeness, not only the heat, but his voice as well, “perhaps inexperienced is the word, but sexual release promotes the release of dopamine.”

Hifumi feels lightheaded. That was too many words for him to understand.

Instead, he understands what Jakurai had just said through his hands sliding along Hifumi’s outer thighs, then his inner thighs, quietly leaning forward to nudge his legs straighter rather than cross-legged.

Yes, yes, Hifumi very much understands those words when he does that.

“Um,” he says eloquently. Hifumi tries to pull one of his hands away, but Jakurai is quicker than he thought, pressing his hands to Hifumi’s own, placing them back on Jakurai’s thighs.

“Please refrain from touching yourself, Hifumi-kun,” Jakurai requests quietly—even if he is being quiet, Hifumi feels it directly in his ear, and in turn, feels it directly in his groin.  

“Oh.” Still quite eloquent.

“I wish for you to relax,” Jakurai continues. His nose presses at the spot on the side of his head directly above his ear, eyes fluttering closed. “But, I must ask you one question.”

Hifumi swallows, and he smiles, not daring to move lest he really wake up. “... Y-Yeah?”

“Will you allow me to do so? To... To touch you, Hifumi-kun?”

Hifumi chokes, fingers digging into the doctor’s pants weakly. Jakurai moves away in surprise, and Hifumi firmly presses his back against Jakurai’s chest almost too fast, nearly knocking the back of his head against Jakurai’s chin. He can’t say anything.

“I-It...” Jakurai says. “H-Hifumi-kun, it is a matter of consent... I do not wish to do anything you do not find yourself enjoying, even if you seem doing just that, currently.”

Hifumi’s face burns with embarrassment. His hands threaten to move again, in order to cover such an embarrassing face, but Jakurai’s hands are so heavy on his own. “... D-Doc... I-I... I not only, like, um... allow it, b-but...” God, what’s he saying? “... but... I want you... to... touch... m-me.”

There, he said it.

Jakurai blinks, his face flushing even deeper than it had been before. He clears his throat after a brief moment of silence. “... V-Very... Very well then.” He replaces his face where it had been before, cheek pressed to the side of Hifumi’s head, so he can speak directly into his ear.

“Let us begin.”

Hifumi moans just from that, and nothing even happened yet. Jakurai smiles, and Hifumi can feel it against his ear as Jakurai presses his lips directly over it.

Neither of them really know what to expect from this.

But Hifumi slowly lets his worries melt away as Jakurai removes his hands from on top of his.

“Keep your eyes closed, Hifumi-kun.”

Hifumi immediately closes his eyes, and he will be damned if he opens them again. Listening to Jakurai’s requests is one thing he can do if he’s willing to do something like this.

A few seconds pass, Jakurai deciding what to do. He really is quite inexperienced with other people. He finally settles on allowing his fingertips to simply ghost along the outline of Hifumi’s dick, still tucked in his pants.

Hifumi immediately squirms, whining. It’s embarrassing, Hifumi thinks, but it’s a nice reaction, Jakurai thinks. Still, Jakurai doesn’t want him to move too much, so he moves his left arm around his waist, pulling him flush against him.

They both moan quietly, and Hifumi moans even more from it being directly in his ear.

Jakurai keeps his arm hooked around him, just in case he tries to do anything else. Hifumi isn’t complaining.

His right hand presses down on Hifumi’s inner thigh of his right leg, sliding up it until it’s close. Too close.


“Hifumi-kun, is this alright?” he asks, sliding his hand up even further, resting without pressing on his crotch. “Would you like me to do more?”

Hifumi whines, breathing picking up. “Y-You j-just... can’t, like, a-ask—me, like, something—like... aahn—” Jakurai presses his palm ever so slightly down, and Hifumi forgets what words are. He wants to tilt his head back, and he almost does until Jakurai speaks again.

“Is that a yes or a no, Hifumi-kun?”

Is this another matter of consent, or is Jakurai just teasing him now?

“Y-Yes,” he gasps.

Jakurai removes the weight against Hifumi’s dick, and he gasps again for a different reason—the arm around his waist moves again, and the hand that’s attached to it pulls at the hem of his shirt. Jakurai slips his hand up his shirt, wrinkling it as his palm presses gently against Hifumi’s smooth stomach.

That, coupled with the pressure against his dick again, even though it’s not even much still, is what makes Hifumi tilt his head back. He’s reacting so much to minimal touching, and he’s so ashamed.

Jakurai doesn’t mind though. With Hifumi’s head tilted back, he easily lets his lips trail down the better part of his jaw, then down his neck. Hifumi’s panting now, though he keeps trying to grit his teeth in order to calm down.

He doesn’t want to get too excited and ruin everything.

Jakurai tilts his head to lick his lips every so often, and he uses his nose to move aside the collar of Hifumi’s collar. His kisses are featherlight, full of warmth and appreciation, and that’s enough to get Hifumi even more excited.

The fingers that brush against his nipple suddenly help with that, too. He really bites down on the inside of his cheek, but a moan still escapes his throat. Jakurai’s fingers move away a bit in surprise, but then they move closer once more, trailing down the diagonal bar of warm metal.


Hifumi’s breath hitches, and he can’t help but to lean into the touch.

“... So you are like this. I see. It suits your personality very well.” He chuckles, pressing a few more kisses against the crook of Hifumi’s neck. “They are supposed to hurt,” he says, leaning up to tentatively lick along Hifumi’s jaw. “Did they?”

Hifumi nods. His fingers dig into Jakurai’s pants, and he feels like he’s going to cum just like that, even though... even though... Jakurai’s right hand drags his lax fingers up and down his dick, still in his pants, still barely touching him. A guttural noise gets caught in his throat as the fingers find the tip, pressing down slightly, but still barely anything at all.

“Did they, Hifumi-kun? I want to hear your voice.”

Jakurai’s hands under his shirt play with the nipple and the piercing, rolling it under his index finger.

Hifumi gasps for air, having held it in for a few seconds. “Y-Y-Yea—h,” his voice cracks. “D-Doc...”

Jakurai’s tongue finds its way to Hifumi’s ear again, licking the lobe. “Mm? They do hurt?” He applies a little more pressure to the nipple, and Hifumi whines, head tilting back so much that it rests against Jakurai’s shoulder.

“Th-They do...”

Jakurai grazes his teeth along the bottom of Hifumi’s ear. Hifumi’s breath shortens, and his mouth remains open after another moan, trying to gulp in as much air as he can or else he feels he’ll suffocate. Some saliva dribbles out, dripping all the way to his chin.

“But they are nice, are they not?” Jakurai asks, leaning up to press more kisses along his ear. His hand is back to brushing along his dick. “I would like to see them one day, Hifumi-kun. Would you allow that?”

“Nnh...” Hifumi’s trying so hard to obey the implicit request, but his hips keep moving to try and find more friction against Jakurai’s knuckles. “... I-I... You want—to—ah... sssee them?”

Jakurai’s perfectly manicured nails leave the nipple alone (Hifumi feels like he can breathe easier now, but only a fraction) and trail down his chest, across his ribs that partially show with each hefty breath. Hifumi’s hands shake as they tug at the fabric of Jakurai’s pant legs.

Jakurai acts unaffected. “Yes. I believe they would be... cute.” A beat. “So,” he licks his earlobe quickly and Hifumi whines, “would you allow me to see?”

“I-I wo-would, D-Doc... Y-You can—” He’s cut off by a loud moan as Jakurai flattens his palm against Hifumi’s dick, pressing down a lot more than he has been this entire time. Hifumi instinctively bucks up into it, legs shaking as his ass leaves the floor.

“My, Hifumi-kun... You look so cute like this.” His voice is lower, deeper, than normal, filling Hifumi’s ear and head. His left palm hooks around Hifumi’s waist, and he pulls his right palm away from his crotch.

Hifumi whines so very loud at the sudden lack of friction, but the hand on his waist pulls him back down, holding him in place. The touch is very gentle, very careful, yet firm all the same. More saliva drools from his mouth.

The hand at his waist leaves it a few moments later, once Jakurai’s sure that Hifumi won’t be moving, and he hesitates, hand hovering in front of Hifumi’s face.

“Hifumi-kun, may I?”

Hifumi, without anything touching him right now, has a little bit more of a handle on himself, and he nods. “... y-you can touch me... however you want,” he whispers, a smile on his face. “Please, Doc... Please.”

“... Then please, keep your mouth open.” Hifumi does as he’s told—again, nearly instantly. Jakurai hesitates still, but then a slender finger presses down onto Hifumi’s tongue, making sure not to go too far in.

Hifumi stays still, unsure of what to do just yet—he’ll wait for further instruction, but he notes that Jakurai tastes nice. He’s not even sure what that means. As Jakurai inserts another finger, similarly pressing it down on his tongue, Hifumi really, really wants to suck on them.

“You may close your mouth... i-if,” ah, Jakurai is flustered, too, “you would like.”

If the feeling against Hifumi’s back is anything go by, then Jakurai is definitely getting a little more than flustered. He moans into Hifumi’s ear, very quiet, as if he’s being shy, when Hifumi does, in fact, close his mouth, sucking lightly.

Jakurai’s right hand goes back to Hifumi’s inner thigh, rubbing up and down as much as he can.

“... H-Hifumi-kun...” he breathes, right hand stopping too close to Hifumi’s crotch again, but not close enough. “... Ahh...” Jakurai leans back slightly, trailing kisses down his jaw again, then his neck, occasionally licking, occasionally pausing to breathily moan against the skin oh-so quietly. His lips continue to kiss, and he uses his free hand to push Hifumi’s hair up, leaving his thigh alone for now.

He presses a kiss on the nape of his neck, very gentle. He grazes his teeth along the skin, and Hifumi whines around his fingers, sucking a little harder. Jakurai takes a moment to breathe, nice and hot, willing his own hips to stay in place.

He kisses up the back of his neck, then licks back down, after he regains his composure as much as he could.

“... Hifumi-kun, your skin is so nice,” he praises, leaning back up to talk in Hifumi’s ear. He lets go of Hifumi’s hair, placing the now-free hand back on Hifumi’s crotch—but again, he just rests it, giving absolutely no extra pressure. He notes the slight wet spot through the sweatpants. “I am almost envious, Hifumi-kun... I want to kiss everywhere on you.”

Hifumi pushes his hips up to press against the palm, but Jakurai reacts with him, not letting him get anything from it. Hifumi whines again, with a near begging tinge to it. He sucks harder in retaliation, and Jakurai removes his hand entirely.

Not that he minds that, though.

Hifumi whimpers, settling back down on the floor. Jakurai pulls him close again, kissing his ear.

“I want to kiss you, Hifumi-kun,” he whispers, setting his hand back on his dick. He presses a little, slides his entire palm down and then back up. He relieves the pressure, though he still slides up and down again. “I want to make sure you know that... you are appreciated... and you can relax.”

Hifumi’s really losing his mind, with the combination of the fingers in his mouth, the voice close to his ear, the tongue and lips on his neck and occasionally his nape, and the friction on his dick through his pants. Suddenly, though, the fingers aren’t in his mouth anymore—he had actually not been able to keep his mouth closed anyway, at that point, breathing too hard, moaning too loud—and the wet fingers are suddenly on the left nipple from before, twisting and rolling it around, messing with the piercing.

He yelps, bucking up into the hand, pressing his chest into the other one. His breathing is ragged, and he’s sweaty all over.

He finds he can’t care, pulling on Jakurai’s pants like his life depended on it, pressing up into the hand as much as his shaking, aching legs would allow. Jakurai applies pressure, moving his hand up and down as much as he could.

“Doc... A-Ahn—I’m going to—”

“H-Hifumi-kun,” he kisses his ear, kisses below his ear, “Hifumi... kun. Hifumin...”

That’s really all he needs in order to make one final push up into the palm of the doctor. “J-Jakurai-sa—aahn—!” he cries out, voice cracking as he freezes. Electricity runs through every muscle in his body.

A few moments pass, and there are no other sounds besides the ragged breathing of them both—Hifumi much louder. Hifumi slumps to the ground, legs twitching. He tries to desperately catch his breath, still holding onto Jakurai’s pants so tight his knuckles are white. His eyes remain closed, leaning back against Jakurai.

He really, really hopes this isn’t a dream, because he’s never cum this hard in his life before. The sticky feeling in his pants is very pervasive, but he’s fine with it, because the doctor’s hand remains on top of the area—directly on top of it, actually.  

Jakurai’s actually shaking a little. He removes his hand from under Hifumi’s shirt, setting it on top of Hifumi’s hand, trying to get him to relax it. “... Did you enjoy yourself, Hifumi-kun?”

Hifumi nods, laughing a little. “Whaddya think, huh? Huh?” He does manage to relax, no longer bunching Jakurai’s pants. He tilts his head back, resting it on Jakurai’s chest—he’s slid down a little from his initial spot, but he remedies this quickly, pressing against Jakurai again.

He smiles coyly at the resulting noise that Jakurai makes.

“But what about you, Doc?” he asks, trying to play up his innocence as much as possible. There’s no shame now, none at all. Not after just cumming in his pants.


Hifumi peels away from him, letting go of his legs and—even though he sways in place—kneels, turning around to face him, on his hands and knees, in between his legs.

Jakurai’s face is flushed bright red, framed by the silky strands of purple hair on either side, the one side longer. He wears an expression Hifumi can only liken to a deer—wide-eyed, shy, frozen, caught.

“... Well, Doc?”

Hifumi slides his hand closer to Jakurai’s crotch, fingertips deeping just barely underneath where Jakurai sits. Jakurai, in turn, averts his gaze—but Hifumi leans forward, picking one hand up to cup his face and turn his face to him again.

He kisses him on the lips again, much, much more serene and peaceful—a kiss befitting Jakurai Jinguji way more than the messy first one. Jakurai’s shocked too badly to kiss back at first, but then Hifumi tilts Jakurai’s head.

Jakurai knows he’s inexperienced. He’s said as much already. Hifumi doesn’t mind at all, though, and Jakurai really has very little sample data to go on for comparisons. He doesn’t really think about that, though, especially as Hifumi licks Jakurai’s bottom lip.

He pulls away then, smiling up at him, and Jakurai blinks.

“... I... I did,” he answers timidly, quietly.

“Good!” Hifumi laughs, sitting back on his legs. He looks over at the clock, then stands, holding a hand down for Jakurai. “But...!”

Jakurai doesn’t take it at first, eyes falling on the wetness of Hifumi’s pants, and Hifumi turns away, face burning.

“A-Ah...! How totally embarrassing... Ahaha...”

Jakurai takes the hand, standing up. “I do not think so,” he replies plainly.

He towers over Hifumi, who gets intimidated again, but a soft intimidation. A horny intimidation. His dick twitches again already.

Jakurai leans down and presses a very, very soft kiss to his lips. “What were you going to say before?”

It takes Hifumi a second to recover. “... A-Ah! That’s, like, right! I, like, was going to, like, um, er, suggest, that, like...”

Jakurai chuckles. “Slow down, Hifumi-kun.”

Hifumi nods, taking a few breaths. “... I was gonna suggest that, like, I treat you now.”

Jakurai tilts his head in question. “... treat me?”

“Yep!” Still holding his hand, Hifumi drags Jakurai around the living room table and through a small hall. There are three rooms in the hall—Jakurai recognizes one as the bathroom, and he supposes the other two are the bedrooms.

As Hifumi opens up the left door, he finds he’s right.

It smells distinctly of Hifumi in here—very sweet, like a flower that he can’t quite name. Jakurai feels like he’s back in college again, stepping shyly into someone else’s bedroom. There are a few pictures pinned to a corkboard hanging above Hifumi’s bed, and lots of decorations otherwise hanging on the walls. They’re cute, Jakurai thinks, but that’s as far as he gets before Hifumi pulls him towards the bed, setting him down on the edge.

Jakurai looks up at him as Hifumi looks down.

“Doc—... Jakurai-san, you’ve, like, fucked before, right?”

The question catches him off guard so badly. His face, which had cooled down a little, immediately catches on fire, and he stammers out nonsense, trying to form a coherent sentence but failing completely. “I-I... It’s—I’ve—Er—That’s—”

Hifumi laughs, taking his cheeks in his hands. He leans down, kissing him again and catching his mouth open as he trips over his words, smoothing his thumbs over the skin. His tongue slips inside Jakurai’s mouth, and again, Jakurai has nothing to gauge it against (and Hifumi only has fooling around with Doppo when they were younger to pin it against), but it’s pleasurable either way.

Jakurai tilts his head. He doesn’t know what to do with his hands now, so he just rests them on Hifumi’s hips, squeezing gently. He moans into the kiss as Hifumi’s hands slide down his cheeks, down his neck, dipping below the collar of his shirt and pressing flat against his back.

They pull away slightly, saliva connecting them, to take a breather. Hifumi smiles.

“S-So, Jakurai-san... have you?”

Jakurai’s eyes widen again, and Hifumi laughs, kissing the tip of his nose.