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All top heroes have stories from when they were still in training. A tough enemy defeated, someone important saved, a disaster helped with or obstacle overcome… something that made them stand out, put them in the spotlight even before they got their provisional license. Maybe they helped a pro hero with capturing a dangerous villain or made it on tv for doing something extraordinary during disaster relief.

All Might had been rescuing people since day one, Endeavor took down a villain after his internship team had been taken out, Midnight took care of a hostage situation without a single civilian getting injured… even fuckin’ Aizawa, who tries to stay out of the news, temporarily held the spotlight before he graduated.

Bakugou clenched his fists before lashing out, a powerful explosion blasting through layers and layers of concrete. Cementoss would probably be annoyed with him tomorrow, when it was actually time for training and he found the entire training grounds already levelled, but Bakugou didn’t care; if he didn’t get some of his anger out, didn’t spend enough energy right now, he’d end up lashing out at someone later -- and then Aizawa and All Might would be up his ass too.

It was only approaching the end of his first year, he had three more years to make a name for himself… but Bakugou had already been in the news three times, and all three times had been negative. It was infuriating and the more he thought about it, the more useless he felt.

He slammed his palms into the ground, creating a crater and sending himself rocketing into the air. First, there’d been the sludge villain. All he accomplished there was being taken hostage and damaging the surrounding area with explosions. Sure he was praised for his quirk, like always, but he shouldn’t have been ! It hadn’t helped him get away, he couldn’t even protect himself, but the damn pro heroes still praised him while quirkless Deku managed to distract the stupid villain with a bookbag .

Bakugou flipped around midair, using a series of targeted shots to take out the center of each target he set up earlier before levelling another concrete pillar. The fuckin’ Sports Festival had been next, and god if that hadn’t been a disaster. He was doing well , things were actually going his way for once, and then that damn half-and-half bastard had to ruin it. He was so close, so close , to legitimately winning - he even came up with a way to counter the bastard’s fire - when he just… stopped fighting. Bakugou still felt sick when he thought of how the teachers physically forced him on the pedestal, how he must’ve looked to everyone watching. Why couldn’t they just let him refuse it? What the hell was the point of having a medal for winning a fight against someone that gave up? He incinerated it the first chance he got, but the video footage would always be there, mocking him.

Bakugou dove towards the ground, slowing his descent at the last second with a series of quick explosions. He dashed forward, throwing a few of his stored flash grenades as he went, then began blasting a tunnel through one of the few remaining concrete mountains. The last time he was on tv, the thing he was now most known for, was being kidnapped . Because being held hostage right before his hero training started wasn’t humiliating enough, because of course the League of Villains had to go and make it fifty times worse. Villain, villain, villain. That was how everyone thought of him, the most common insult hurled his way even before those jackasses went and put him in the spotlight. He hated them with every fiber of his being, hated them so powerfully sometimes it felt like he was burning. Another example of him not being strong enough to even protect himself, letting them capture him and bind him. Being stuck to that stupid chair reminded him of how the teachers restrained him at the Sports Festival - and wasn’t that just hilarious. Treated the same way by heroes and villains alike, except one side legitimately expected him to join them - and it wasn’t the heroes! And then he had to be saved again, and stupid Deku was there again and so was All Might, just like the sludge villain all over. Except this time, All Might got hurt because of him, had to retire because of him, and wasn’t that just fantastic? His image, forever tied to the villains that took away the Symbol of Peace.

The area was almost flat now, debris and chunks of concrete littering the ground instead of reaching high into the sky in the form of mountains and pillars, but he was still too angry to stop. Bakugou threw his grenade gauntlets to the ground hard enough to crack them, then screamed at the sky in frustration. There was one pile of concrete remaining, the largest one that he’d made craters in and shot holes through but didn’t destroy, and he turned to it with little explosions already crackling in his palms. He built up the biggest explosion he could, consequences and recoil be damned, and let loose. The force sent him flying backwards, shook the entire compound, but Bakugou was ready for it and landed on his feet regardless. When the smoke cleared, the mound was gone and he laughed. There was white-hot pain searing through his arms and he had cuts from flying debris, but still he laughed.

He was finally worn out, finally tired, and he unceremoniously fell backwards, landing on his ass and ignoring the jolt of protest that came when he leaned back on his arms to look up at the sky. That explosion would be his greeting, the next time the League made the mistake of coming his way. He’d destroy each and every one of them so thoroughly, there’d be nothing left; he read somewhere that a heat of 1800°F was used to cremate bodies - that’d be his starting point. He’d train until he could change the temperature of each explosion with no effort at all, until his powers could generate more heat than Endeavor’s flames. No one would be able to take him anywhere he didn’t want to go ever again, because he’d turn them to ash before they could even try.

“Hey kid, ain’t this supposed to be Cementoss’s training grounds?” an approaching voice called out, “You the one makin’ all that noise?”

Bakugou glanced behind him, forcing himself not to tense up and show how startled he was - he’d been in his own world, hadn’t even heard anyone approaching. Upon first glance, he didn’t recognize them, but with the big rabbit ears there was really only one person it could be. Still… “Number 5 hero or not, you don’t teach here. You’re not the boss of me.”

Miruko, however, just laughed. “Course I don’t, they don’t want me around you brats. You’re wrong about the second part though - ‘s not much you could do to stop me from bossin’ you around right now. Not that I will, those explosions were pretty damn impressive.” When Bakugou simply glared and didn’t reply, she sat down next to him and continued, “I came in here expecting to find you training with someone, y’know. ‘Specially when I saw the state of the place… but it was just you.”

“What’s your point?” Bakugou growled, staring at a piece of rubble.

“That a lotta pro heroes don’t have this level of power. I figured you’d be something, what with that Sports Festival and the whole League of Villains thing-”

“Don’t.” Bakugou interrupted her, “if you’re here about those jackasses , I don’t want to hear it.”

“Let me finish, kit.” Miruko said with a roll of her eyes, “They used to call me a villain too, when I was in training. Said I’m too hard-headed, too antagonistic, too violent. They wanted me to be quieter , to sit back and twitch my ears and be a good little hero, everyone thought I was aiming too high. Sound familiar?”

Bakugou crossed his arms and nodded, clearly uncomfortable, but she continued: “I’m the 5th strongest hero in Japan now, and I still get that crap sometimes. It won’t go away for people like us, those shitstains will always see what they want to. Doesn’t mean you can’t use it.” She gestured to the crumbling area.

“Ok fine, I get it.” Bakugou stated flatly, “but you didn’t come here just to pep talk me, so if they don’t want you teaching us, what do you want?”

Miruko stood up and stretched. “Best Jeanist is still recovering, and he was never a good fit for you anyways - trying to curb your anger instead of using it,” she said with a scoff, “I’m here specifically for you, kit. You did the make-up test, you’ve got your provisional license now, and you already had the spite and skill for it.” She grinned and held out her hand. “You’re gonna switch agencies and come intern with me now. We’re gonna put that anger to good use and kick some villain ass. Whaddya say?”

Bakugou hesitated for barely a second before his annoyed expression was exchanged for his trademark grin and he was taking Miruko’s hand, allowing her to pull him up off the ground with a strength that didn’t surprise him. He didn’t think switching agencies was possible, assumed his internship was done when Jeanist went out of commission, so this? This was just about the best outcome he could ask for. “Hell yes.”

Instead of releasing his hand at the confirmation, Miruko’s grin got a little sharper and she added more pressure to the hold until Bakugou visibly winced. “Good! Now that that’s outta the way, we’re gonna take you to see Recovery Girl. That last explosion was damn impressive, but you’re not at that level yet and it’s pretty obvious you weren’t gonna go get all this fixed up.” She licked her finger then swiped it over his cheek, cleaning off some blood. “You better be in tip-top shape when you come to me, got that? ‘Cause I’m gonna work you ‘till the explosion that hurt your arms is your default!”