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| Love Is Blind, So Am I |

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Yoongi's POV

He woke up screaming, his hair attached with sweat to his forehead. It was the same nightmare, all the nights the same story. He couldn't see, so when he woke up, it was even scarier. He often started to cry, shouting for Jimin's name. His best friend always came running like that night, pushing the door opened and rushing to the bed.

At that point, Yoongi could hear him and place his hands on his face and shoulders, for then hug him tightly when he knew it was him. But he could recognize him by his voice, since his other senses grew stronger to compensate his blindness.

"Hyung, are you okay? The same nightmare again?" The younger asked, hugging the older back and stroked his hair softly. He tried to calm him as much as he could, often ending up singing Yoongi's favorite melody.

Yoongi nodded eagerly, gripping Jimin's fabric of his shirt and pulling him closer. "Stay with me tonight... please." He begged with a weak and trembling voice.

The younger couldn't say no, because he loved him and wouldn't leave him alone. He knew what Yoongi's nightmares we're about, because he was there with him from the start. So, he crawled under the blanket, surrounding Yoongi's shoulders and let him place his head on his chest.

"Can you sing?" He asked again.

"Yes, of course." Jimin answered.
His voice is sweet so he probably is smiling, Yoongi thought.

Jimin started to brush the other's black hair and to sing a sweet melody, which often calmed the older. Infact, he drifted to sleep after few minutes, the pink haired boy still stroking his hair for then fall asleep too.

The next day, was like all the others. Yoongi woke up when the alarm clock rang, Jimin stood up from the older's bed, since he stayed with him all night, and headed downstairs to prepare breakfast. Meanwhile, Yoongi sat up and patted on the chair next to the bed, taking his stick, which he used to guide himself throughout everyday's life. He couldn't see nothing apart black shadows. It was weird and difficult to describe, but apparently his doctors perfectly understood.

He stood up and tapped the stick in front of him, walking over the wardrobe and took the first shirt and pair of jeans he found. He wore only black and white anyway, whereas he couldn't see colours. He sat back on his bed and dressed up, for then stand up again and go to the bathroom. When he exited, he made his way downstairs to the kitchen. Usually Jimin helped him with that, but sometimes he did it by himself.

He safely reached the end of the stairs, making his way to the kitchen counter, sitting on a stool. Jimin placed a plate in front of Yoongi, giving him a fork too. They started to eat.

"Oh Hyung, I have something to give to you~". Jimin announced He is probably smiling since his tone was cheerful, Yoongi thought.

"If it's another dose of those pills Doctor Kim gave to you, I'm going to make him swallow them with-".

"No no, it's nothing like that. It's something I bet you're going to love, but I'll give to you tonight. Until then, it's a surprise~" Jimin said.

When they finished to eat, they got on Jimin's car and went to work. Since Yoongi couldn't drive, Jimin decided to take the driving licence to take him everywhere he needed to go, for example at his work place.

Yoongi worked in a garage where he placed all the music production stuff, a microphone, headphones and a MIDI, which he made his music with. He also had a keyboard which he could write lyrics using braille. He was an underground rapper, he sold his CDs and made money out of it, even if they were not enough to live in a house. His dream was to become a famous rapper and composer since he was young, but he didn't become that yet. He wished though. He worked really hard, but it seemed like nobody truly appreciated his work.

Jimin instead was a professional dancer, but who worked as backup dancer of many famous people or made collaborations. He had money, so Yoongi lived with him. Thought he felt guilty, because Jimin had always to buy everything.

Yoongi spent his day working on new songs and instrumentals, taking a lunch break, eating what Jimin made for him. It sounded boring, but it was all Yoongi had left, together with his best friend. In the evening, Jimin came to pick him up and both went home. When Yoongi sat on the couch, Jimin sat with him.

"Hyung, here's my surprise." Jimin announced; Yoongi heard him take something from the pocket of his jeans and placed it in Yoongi's hand. He started to feel it, understanding that there was braille on it. It was a rectangular peace of paper, Yoongi understood. He widened his eyes and smiled hugely when he understood what it was about.

"You bought me a ticket for fucking J-Hope's concert?! I-I thought they were sold out!". He exclaimed.

Jimin giggled. "Well, here's the news: I'll be J-Hope's back up dancer in his concert! We both seeing him! Because yes, yours is a special ticket, which permits you to go in the backstage after the concert!". He told Yoongi.

Yoongi felt like crying from happiness, it was the best thing it happened until now. He hugged Jimin tightly, the other hugging him back.

"Thank you Jiminie, you're the best friend in the entire world".

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Yoongi's POV

The next day, he woke up excitedly. He still had that nightmare, but the thought of meeting his favourite artist made his lips curl in a sincere smile and his heart race. Jimin didn't sleep with him that night, so Yoongi didn't know if he woke up already.

The older wanted to control, so he stood up and after he got ready he went downstairs, greeting a delicious smell. Pancakes maybe? Usually his nose recognized many food's smells, since he couldn't see.

He sat on the same stool over the counter and felt a pair of hand hug him from behind. "Good morning Hyung~". It was Jimin.

Yoongi smiled. " 'Morning Jiminie". He answered and turned around, placing his hands on what he supposed were Jimin's cheeks. He would pay every single thing he had in his possession to see the younger's chubby cheeks and beautiful smile again. He grew up too, so Yoongi thought he would be even prettier. He stroked them and then brushed his thumbs on his lips.

Jimin giggled and swatted his hands away. "Hyung, what are you doing?" He asked casually, but Yoongi could hear a slight flustered tone. Infact Jimin's cheeks heated up a little.

"Awww, are you embarassed Jiminie?~ I was just studying your face... I miss it." He stated.

While Jimin moved to the other part of the counter, Yoongi started to eat his breakfast, his thoughts stuck on how bad he wanted to meet J-Hope.

When they finished, both of them decided to spend their time in the centre of Seoul. It was Saturday, so Yoongi didn't work and Jimin, well, he worked that night as backup dancer.

First of all, they went shopping. Of course Yoongi had his stick with him and Jimin was walking with him at his side, walking to the older's slow pace. Yoongi precised that he wanted to buy something as gift for J-Hope, something that the rapper could remember him with. Jimin instead wanted to buy some outfits, also a bit of eyeliner since he finished his. Yoongi wanted to see Jimin with eyeliner, he thought it would fit him well.

In the end, they spent 2 hours inside the store and exited with some simple black and white clothes for Yoongi, some for Jimin and his eyeliner. But Yoongi didn't find any gift that he could buy for Jung Hoseok; even if Jimin tried to help him, Yoongi was never satisfied.

While they were eating, in a cheap restaurant, Jimin gasped and took Yoongi's hands.

"Hyung! I know what you can give him... one of your songs!" He exclaimed and giggled excitedly.

Yoongi felt his own cheeks heat up and lowered his head down a bit. "What are you saying? My songs aren't as good as his. There's a motivation if I'm not famous and he is." He said, unmotivated.

Jimin didn't hear any of it and held the older's hands tighter. "Hyung what are you saying?! Your songs are so good! I'm sure he'll love it if you gift him a song. Usually people give him clothes or other stuff. Sometimes nothing. I'm sure he will appreciate it." He was so secure of his words that Yoongi surrended, smiling at his friend instead.

Once they finished lunch, they decided to go to Yoongi's studio in the garage. They worked on a new song for the famous rapper, wanting him to know how much Yoongi liked his music and how he wished to see him, literally.

They spent 1 hour on it, because Jimin was really finicky on every single word Yoongi put. Then Yoongi had to produce a beat for it and rap, while Jimin added some back vocals; he was able to sing, but he never told anyone if not Yoongi, because he was scared to be judged for it. Even if Yoongi always told him he had a wonderful voice.

Another hour passed.

They completed the song and put it on a CD, Yoongi started to get nervous. What if J-Hope found it disgusting and threw it away? What if he laughed at him?

Jimin just told him to stay calm and think positively. Yoongi was glad to have such a full of care friend.


At 8PM Yoongi was in line to pay the ticket, Jimin was next to him.

"Yoongi, I have to go to get ready, but I don't know who I can leave you with..." He said worriedly, looking around.

Yoongi smiled a little and placed a hand on Jimin's shoulder.

"Don't worry, I'll be fine." He said and kept his stick in front of him, tapping and noticing that the line went on. He made a step and Jimin sighed.

"Okay umh... hey! Guard, can you look up on my friend here? He is blind." He told the guard and they answered positively.

"Bye Hyung, I'll come to get you to your seat". He said and kissed Yoongi cheek, for then walk away.

Yoongi felt lonely even if the guard was next to him. He missed Jimin already and he hated be outside without someone he knew. He hated to be alone.

When it came his turn to give the ticket, I fumbled for it in his pocket, before giving it to the tickets person.

"Have you got an escort sir?" The person asked, which Yoongi understood was a boy.

The guard talked instead of him. "Yes, I'll guide him inside, when the concert will end he's friend is going to get him for the backstage." He explained.

The tickets' man answered positively and so Yoongi got inside. The guard accompanied him to a special place made for blind people only, a particular thing only that stadium had.

Yoongi sat on his free seat and placed the cane between his legs, so he wouldn't lose it. He patiently waited for the concert to start, even if his heart was beating very fast for the strong emotions he was feeling.

The lights turned off after what seemed years, even if he couldn't see it, he knew by the chants of the fans all over the place. Then the sound of a microphone echoed in the arena and the voice of someone started talking into it.

"What's good Seoul! Are you ready?!" A deep happy voice came from the microphone, filling the arena with screams and cheers from fans. Yoongi cheered as well, applauding.

It all started with one of his favorite songs and he started to rap along with J-Hope. After few songs, people started to shout "Jimin" so this meant that the dancers were on stage and that J-Hope was going dance as well.

The concert finished pretty well, everyone was cheering and some people crying. Yoongi let out some tears as well, he was so happy to be able to finally enjoy one of Jung Hoseok's concerts. When the voices and steps of people started to mix together and whisper, Yoongi understood that it was time for him to go in the back stage. He felt a hand on his shoulder and he quickly rose his stick, ready to hit someone when the person started to talk.

"Wow Hyung, calm down, it's me Jimin. I'm taking you backstage". He said and Yoongi took a breath of relief, before standing up and held Jimin's hand, walking away. Yoongi's heart started to beat faster and his hands shaked. They entered a door and walked through a long hallway. Then he heard voices becoming more clear, until Jimin stopped and so Yoongi did.

"Hoseok I'm here! This is Min Yoongi, one of your biggest fans." He told the singer.

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Yoongi's POV

"Hoseok I'm here! This is Min Yoongi, one of your biggest fans." He told the singer.

Yoongi hit Jimin hand slightly, feeling his cheeks heat up. "J-Jimin, I can introduce myself alone." He mumbled.

"Hi Yoongi! How are you? Thank you for coming to my concert!" He heard a familiar voice approaching. It was Jung Hoseok's voice. He started to shake a little and his heart was beating very fast.

"H-hi! I-I'm Yoongi, I'm your biggest fan! A-and I was wondering if I could hold your hand". He said, stretching out his own hand. He smiled happily when he felt another hand tight his own.

"Of course. I'd like to talk to you for a while, can we?" He asked and Yoongi's heart jumped.

"Y-yeah, sure." He answered.

"Great. I wanted to ask, you can't see right? I'm sorry about that. But, why do you like my music? You know many fans, when I meet them, they always tell me that I'm beautiful and cute and not so often hear people compliment my music instead of my aspect. Of course they also add they listen to my songs, in the end of their speeches. But many of them starts with 'I love you, you're so beautiful', these kind of stuff, you know what I mean right?" He said and didn't let go off his hand. Yoongi was happy about that.

"Well, I don't need to see you to know that you're beautiful. You're voice is beautiful. It's deep but you can reach high notes as well and your rap is... I really have to admit that it's sexy,". He laughed a little and that was the best sound Yoongi's ever heard before. He blushed. "And you also inspire me a lot, really. What you write in your songs makes me understand, more or less, what kind of person you are. And I think your person is beautiful, so your outside must be as well." Yoongi explained with passion and fondness in his voice, his smile becoming sincere.

"Wow... Nobody ever told me that." Hoseok's voice changed, Yoongi noticed. He slowly raised his hands and placed them on what seemed Hoseok's neck. He went up and put them on his cheeks, wiping with his thumbs the small tears that formed in Hoseok's eyes.

"Hey, don't cry, d-did I say something wrong? I'm sorry, I-".

"No no, you didn't say anything bad. Instead, you made me really happy. You're the first person that I know for real that enjoys my work and doesn't only look at my physic. Thank you Yoongi." He said, his voice cracking slightly for the crying.

Yoongi smiled shyly, showing his gums and bent his head down. "You don't need to thank me. I thank you instead for always making me happy with your songs and enjoy them. Oh!" He pulled away his hands from Hoseok's face and looked into his own pockets. He took a CDout and handed it to him.

"I hope you'll like it, it's a song I composed and rapped for you. Oh and, there are special vocals of a dear friend in it, too. I really hope you'll enjoy it." He told him.

He took the CD and then hugged Yoongi. This latest's heart started to beat like crazy and his face reddened as well. He hugged Hoseok back.

When they pulled away, Yoongi was crying of joy and now it was Hoseok's turn to dry his cheeks with his thumbs.

"Don't cry, I'm sure we'll meet each other again." He said and patted Yoongi's head.

Yoongi smiled back at him. Then, someone told Hoseok that there were other people waiting to see him too, so Jimin took Yoongi's hand again.

"Thank you Yoongi for your time. See you~". Hoseok exclaimed, making Yoongi's smile only grow wider.

Then, he walked away with his stick and Jimin. They drove home, where they immediately went to sleep, after changing in sleeping clothes.

"Jimin, do you want to sleep with me?" Yoongi asked, he was still smiling from when he met Hoseok before.

"Sure." Jimin answered and giggled, getting under the blankets with Yoongi. "Goodnight hyung". He mumbled. They cuddled up to each other and fell asleep peacefully.

Yoongi wanted to meet Hoseok again.

Hoseok's POV

Hoseok wanted to see Yoongi again. After Yoongi and Jimin walked away, he met other fans that had the opportunity to buy the ticket to go backstage. Almost all of them were girls, apart two boys. But when he talked to them, only very few of them talked about his music. Of course, Hoseok smiled at them and thanked them, but inside he just wanted his music to be complimented.

When it all ended, he drove back home with his manager. Hoseok lived alone in a very big apartment, with three floors and a big garden, in the centre of Seoul. He had alarms to the doors, of course, and high walls surrounded the mansion.

He lived alone, yes, but his best friend often came to visit him. His name was Jeon Jungkook.He was an idol, part of the duo called VKook, which was the mix of his name, Jungkook, and Kim Taehyung's stage name, V. This latest it's also Hoseok's friend, but they know each other because of Jungkook mostly.
The three of them often made collaborations, exhibited on stage together and so on.

Entering his own home, Hoseok heard some chattering from the huge living room. He walked in there and sighed heavily, watching Taehyung and Jungkook playing video games on his huge TV, sat on the big couch in black leather.

"Argh! I almost beat you! Jungkook you're cheating!" Taehyung exclaimed, putting down the controller with violence.

The younger made a proud look and a smirk.
"It's not my fault if you're a loser at this game, Hyung." He stated.

Taehyung's head was fuming and he was about to start (another) fight with Jungkook, when Hoseok interrupted and went between the two.

"What are you two doing here?! Just because I gave you the keys to my apartment, it doesn't mean that you have to storm inside and play videogames. Now, turn this stuff off, I have to tell you something." He announced, sitting on the couch.

The youngers looked at each other and then looked back at the older. They sat cross-legged on the couch, waiting for Hoseok to proceed.

"I met a fan today, a boy. He is blind and that surprised me. I asked him how could he even like me if he didn't see me. He said that I have a beautiful voice and that he thinks to know my personality, just by listening to it. And so he said that if my personality it's beautiful, my aspect should be too." He told them, with dreamy eyes and a dumb smile on his face.

The youngers smirked and Jungkook surrounded Hoseok's neck. "Aaahh Hyung, you're falling in love~".

"But is that even allowed? Date a fan? I mean, if my fans will find out-". Taehyung interrupted him.

"Hyung you're going too far. You've just met him, you, don't know him and probably don't even know his name-".

"Hah, you thought! I know his name, it's Min... Umh..." He tried to think about it again. He made a list of the names he heard that night, but they were too many. He only remembered his surname. He looked down, sad

The youngers laughed loudly and made fun of him.
"Hyung, c'mon! How could you forget it?!" They exclaimed.

Hoseok then remembered about the CD Min gave him and jumped out of the couch, looking for the present into his bag. When he found it, he held it in front of them, with a proud smile.

"Look! He gave me a CD and guess what? He composed the song for me and rapped it. Did a fan ever gave this to you?" He asked.

The others two looked at it incredulous and Taehyung took it in his hands. "Wow... Did you listen to it already?" He asked, whole Jungkook leaned on him to look at the CD better.

"Umh... No. I didn't." Hoseok said, sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head.

The two gasped and Taehyung ran for the CD player, putting it on. They all sat on the couch, listening to the song.

When it ended, Hoseok was shocked. How could someone produce such a masterpiece? And he was blind! His heart beat faster and his smile widened. He must see the boy again.

"Wow! But this is incredible! Plus, the vocals in the back, wow!" Taehyung exclaimed. Also Jungkook was impressed.

Then, Hoseok looked at the name on the CD cover. He frowned. "Agust D? Is this his stage name? Never heard of it." He said.

Jungkook jumped up. "Yes! Hyung, Agust D is an underground rapper! He isn't very known, but I've heard it from Namjoon." He explained, nodding at his own words.

Hoseok stood up and held Jungkook's hands.
"Does Namjoon know Agust D's real name?!" He asked, full of hope. Jungkook nodded and they jumped together, fanboying together.

Taehyung, on the other hand, was still staring at the CD cover. He already heard of someone called Min, plus, the voice was familiar. But he didn't know who it could be, he didn't remember.

"Okay, I decided! Tomorrow, we're going to the hospital and ask Namjoon. If he knows who Agust D is, then he surely knows Min." Hoseok said and the three of them walked to their rooms. Yes, Hoseok had other four bedrooms in his house.

That night, he barely slept, excited to know what Min's real name was.

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Yoongi's POV

The next morning, Yoongi and Jimin had to wake up soon. Yoongi didn't honestly want to, because they head to get in the hospital for Yoongi's monthly check up.

"Jimin, I don't want to go". He protested, his voice muffled from the pillow on his face.

Jimin sighed, frustrated. "You don't leave me other choice Hyung. Get ready." He said as he took Yoongi's ankles and pulled him down the bed. He groaned and pain, as his ass hit the cold floor.

"Ouch, Jimin! Couldn't you be more gentle?!" He groaned, standing up with a hand on his left butt cheek.

The other laughed high pitched, cupping Yoongi's cheeks to place a kiss on his forehead.
"Aw, Min Yoongi hurt his bum and now he has to go to the hospital." He said and chuckled.

If Yoongi's stares could kill, Jimin would be now 1000 km under the dirt. Since Yoongi couldn't see, his eyes were always still, but when he got angry, his eyebrows bent in a way that made his eyes threatening.

Jimin stopped laughing and coughed to cover up his giggles. "Okay okay, now get ready. I'll prepare you something fast to eat before going." He said as he made his way downstairs.

Yoongi sighed and started to preparr. But he ended up thinking about the night prior, about the concert and how Hoseok's hands felt on his hand and cheeks. He smiled softly and sighed dreamingly.

"I hope to meet him again, someday." He said and didn't realize how his heart beat fast when thinking about the rapper.

After he finished breakfast and they got into the car, they drove to the hospital. They got off the car and entered the building, going into the neurology department. Here, they waited for their turn to be called, while waiting on the chairs.

"Min Yoongi?" Called a tall man with a pair of glasses coming out from the door of the ambulatory. Yoongi stood up and, helped by Jimin, got into the room.

Yoongi sat down as well with Jimin and the session started.

"Mr. Min, have you still got those nightmares?" He asked, ready to write to computer next to him.

"Well, yeah. It's the same nightmare, every night." He said, starting to get stuff.

"And tell me, what is the nightmare about?" He asked and looked at him. Jimin held Yoongi's hand.

He coughed slightly, clearing his throat. "W-well, my dad is talking to me, telling me to not move. I'm in my wardrobe, dad it's out of it. Then he closes the door but I look out. He isn't there. When I get out I walk downstairs and-" His breath hitched and he started to whimper in fear.

The doctor takes Yoongi's hand and tries to calm him down. "Okay Yoongi, calm down. She is not here, she is ot going to hurt you." He told him like the 100 time now. It isn't the first time Yoongi tries to tell someone what he had seen, but since then, Doctor Kim only knew what Jimin told him. But he had to hear it from Yoongi, because he had to unblock him from his fears and anxiety.

Yoongi nodded and held Jimin's hand with his other, tightly. "S-she is there, in front of dad. T-there's blood on the ground and on her hand. Then she turns around but I can't see her face anymore. Everything turns black and I fall into nothing, just black space." He explained, shaking a little.

The doctor stood up and took some water from the water machine, giving it to Yoongi, who drinks it slowly.
"Thank you for telling me about the nightmare. But Yoongi, what happened that night? Can you tell me?" He asked, softly speaking to the other boy.

Yoongi shakes his head, bending his head down. "I can't... She told me to not tell anyone..." He muttered, then his body shaked and he started to hyperventilate. The doctor quickly gave him a bag where he could breath into and Jimin soothingly stroked his back in circles.

After a while, their session ended and Yoongi and Jimin walked out. "If he tells you something more, he vents to you, don't hesitate to tell me." He said and smiled at both the boys.

"Thank you Namjoon- I mean, Doctor Kim. Bye". Jimin said, for then go away with Yoongi.


Hoseok's POV

Hoseok, Taehyung and Jungkook were driving towards the hospital, the three of them wearing caps and sunglasses to not be recognized as they were very popular. They got off the vehicle and Hoseok looked at them.
"Now, we're going to talk to Namjoon and ask him about Min, but please, don't make any move to make us get recognized. Clear?" He said, the other two nodding.

They walked inside and Hoseok and Taehyung had to rely on Jungkook, whereas he is the only one knowing Namjoon. They took the elevator and there they met someone that made Taehyung smile widely. "Jinnie!" He exclaimed, hugging the other. Hoseok was confused, since he didn't know who he was. But he had to admit tha the man was handsome.

"Tae, don't call me like that, you know that at work you have to be formal with me." The other said sternly, but hugged Taehyung back.

Since he noticed how much Hoseok was confused, Jungkook explained: "He is Taehyung's older brother, Kim Seokjin. He is a-"

"I'm an ophthalmologist." Seokjin continued.

"Eh?" Jungkook looked at the oldest confused as fuck, making Taehyung giggle and scratch under his chin. He often did that, because he found Jungkook really cute.

Seokjin sighed "I'm an oculist, an eyes specialist. Is it so hard to understand the scientific name?". He asked, annoyed. The other three nodded and he shaked his head in disapproval.

When they arrived to the Neurologist department, Seokjin went with them. "Why are you coming with us?". Taehyung asked.

"Because I have to talk to Namjoon about a patient-".

Taehyung smirked and whistled, interrupting Seokjin. "Hyung has got a boyfriend~". He sang, causing Seokjin to blush and hit behind the brother's head. "Don't say these kind of stuff, it's embarassing!" He exclaimed.

"Ouch! C'mon, everyone knows that you like him!" He insisted.

"Oh shut up Tae!" He said.

Without even realizing, the four of them were in front of Namjoon's ambulatory. Seokjin knocked and someone told them to come in, so they did. Hoseok met eyes with a tall man with a pair of black glasses, wearing a white doctor coat. His eyes were wide in surprise, probably not expecting so many people in there.

"Jin-Hyung, why are these people here?" He asked to the older, while looking at his friends. Namjoon was their doctor and Hoseok and Jungkook met up in the same hospital about 5 years back, while they were there for a check up. So they started to see each other more often and now they were friends.

"Namjoon-Hyung, we want to talk to you about something, it's really important." Jungkook said, for then look at Hoseok, incouraging him to speak.

Hoseok coughed to clear his voice "W-well, I was wondering if you knew if you've ever heard of a certain Agust D." He told the doctor, this latest frowning.

He placed a finger under his chin, probably thinking if he had ever heard of that name before. "Umh, not exactly. I only know that he is an underground rapper."

"And, don't you know his real name?" Hoseok asked again, getting closer to the doctor.

Namjoon coughed, signal Hoseok was coming too closer, so he backed away, embarassed. "No, I'm sorry, I don't know his real name. Is that all? Because me and Jin-Hyung have some work to do now." He stated, looking at the older.

"But Hyung! You told me you were curing a patient with the surname Min! Can't you tell us his name?" Jungkook insisted as well.

"No Jungkook, I'm sorry, but I'm not allowed to tell other people out from the hospital department about my patents' personal informations." He said, crossing his arms.

Hoseok cursed and trailed a hand through his own hair, looking away. How could he meet Min again if he didn't even know his first name? There were loads of people with the surname Min, what would he do?

"Namjoon we have to work" Jin said, pulling the other's sleeve.

Namjoon nodded "You have to go now guys, I'm sorry. Goodbye". He said and then everyone exited the ambulatory.

The three boys walked away from the building, getting in their car. "And now? Namjoon was our last chance." Taehyung said, pouting. Hoseok was about to approve, when he thought about something. It was their last chance and they couldn't miss it. "Guys! Damn, I forgot about it, but my manager has got Park Jimin's phone number!" He exclaimed.

"And why would it be useful?" The youngers asked.

"Well, Min lives with Jimin." He said.

"Then can't we look for this Park Jimin's house in the phone book?" Jungkook asked, being obvious.

"No, I already checked and he removed himself from it... so, what do you think about the plan?" He asked.

The other two boys weren't sure though and Taehyung spoke up. "But Hobi, Manager Sejin won't ever give us Park Jimin's phone number, you know how strict he is on these stuff..." He said, looking away. That name seemed to annoy him, but he never met Jimin.

Jungkook smirked "But he won't tell us no, if we don't ask him to give us the phone number". He said and crossed his arms, making a 'know-it-all' face.

Hoseok sighed "And what is this plan you've got Kookie?" He asked and frowned, worried fro the answer.

"Well, we can distract him and when he gets away from his phone, bam! We steal his phone and you save Park Jimin's number in your phone. Then we put it back in its place, simple right?" He explained, showing his bunny-like smile.

"That's a great idea Jungkookie! Gimme a five!" Tae exclaimed and a sound of hands clapping echoed in the car. But Hoseok wasn't sure that it would work, he wanted to ask for that number. What if the manager found them? That would be a risk for their careers too, they could be denounced for stealing a phone. But Hoseok knew they would end up doing it, because they had no other choice.

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Hoseok's POV

They got home to take their bags, since they had to practice. Then they went to their agency and practice room, where they danced and sang for hours. When it was break time, they sat on the couch that was in there, their manager calling someone to the phone. The three boys were playing on their, sometimes looking at the man to see if he finished calling. After a while, he finished and, at that point, Taehyung and Jungkook stood up, walking towards the manager.

"Sejin emh, me and Jungkook wanted to talk to you about a... a collaboration we want to do with... Lee Jooheon! Yes, him. And so we wanted to talk to you about it." They said, smiling. The manager seemed interested and put his phone on the desk close to him.

"Okay, let's talk about it with the productors." He said, before they exited, Jungkook making a thumb up for Hoseok.

This latest stood up and walked to the desk and took the phone. He insert the combination to unlock it, which he learned before while staring at the manager unlock his phone. Weird that he had the memory for that, but not for reminding the name of a precious person. Anyway, he went in the contact list and found Park Jimin's number. He saved it on his phone and then put the manager's phone back on the desk. He sat back on the couch and then the manager and the other two entered the room again. Sejin took his phone and walked away, while Taehyung and Jungkook walked towards their Hyung, with smiles on their faces.

"Guess what? We're not only getting a collaboration with Lee Jooheon, but we're getting a free week starting from tomorrow!" Jungkook exclaimed excited, jumping on the couch, where he highfived Hoseok. Tae sat next to him. "Hey, were you able to take the number?" He asked.

Hoseok smiled hugely and hugged them "Yes! Now we just have to call Jimin and ask him if-"

"If you can meet Min. C'mon Hoseok, it's your chance to meet him!" Taehyung said, elbowing his shoulder.

Hoseok blushed and looked away, playing with his fingers. "Umh, but what if he doesn't enjoy my company?" He asked, getting a groan from Jungkook.

"Oh C'mon! He said that he finds you beautiful, why shouldn't he like your company? Hoseok, don't miss this chance. I think this Min is the perfect person for you. So now, call Jimin and ask him to talk to Min." He said, placing a hand on Hoseok's shoulder. This latest nodded and smiled. "You're right. Thanks guys." He said before calling Jimin.

"Hello? Who's this?". A voice spoke, it was Jimin's.

"Hi, it's Jung Hoseok... umh, I wanted to ask if i could speak to Min."

"Oh, sure. But don't worry, you can call him with his name. I'm giving the phone to Yoongi, wait." He chuckled. But then he heard a small scream. Weird.

Hoseok chuckled sheepishly. Now he remembered the name, finally. "Oh, umh, okay..." He said, for then hear some sounds in the background, again, but at least nobody was screaming.

"He wants to talk to you, I'm telling you so! C'mon Yoongi, don't be such a pussy! Ugh, Finally". Hoseok heard a voice muttering, before hearing his voice. God, he didn't know he missed it that much until then.

"H-hello? Are you Hoseok?"

"Yes, it's me! Hi Yoongi... listen, I wanted to ask you if we could meet, umh, maybe next week... y-you know, just to hang out, eat some ice cream and stuff... you know". To the other line, Yoongi giggled and Hoseok could swear to God he had never heard such a beautiful sound.

"Sure, why not? Can you pass here though? You know, Jimin probably won't be home so he can't go with me." He said. "This means that the house it's free!" Jimin exclaimed from the other line, making Hoseok blush.

"Jiminie! Ugh, don't mind him..."

"Y-yeah, don't worry. So, I'll get you home and then we can walk together, okay? Perfect. See you, bye!" He ended the call and looked at his friends, that were waiting for an announcement.

"I'm having a date with Min Yoongi!" He squilled and Jungkook fanboyed with him. But Taehyung didn't seem like he enjoyed it. "Min Yoongi? Oh, that's his name then...nice." He mumbled and forced a smile, before going away.

Hoseok was confused "What's up with him?" He asked.

Jungkook sighed. "That's a long story Hyung." He said.

Hoseok was all ears, he was curious to know why Taehyung seemed so mad about the date.

"You have to know that Tae told me about Yoongi once. They are childhood friends, they always met together until... until Yoongi lost his view. Taehyung tried to help him through it all, but then Yoongi got Jimin. Jimin and Yoongi were often together as well and Taehyung couldn't stand it. So he just got distance from Yoongi, even if he had a crush on him, he told me. But they were just kids and he left him when they were 13 so... Me and Tae didn't know that Yoongi met you though, and I think that if he found out sooner, he wouldn't help you to hang out with him." He explained, for then look away. It was a messed up explaination, Hoseok didn't understand quite well. And got jealous.

"Does Tae still like him?" He asked.

"I don't know, they don't meet in years. I don't think so, though, it's been a while. But he still doesn't like Jimin I think." Jungkook explained again.

"I see. Well, I'm getting on a date with Yoongi in 4 days and nobody can stop me." He stated, hopeful.

Jungkook smiled and hugged him. "That's my boy". He said.

Later, they all got to Hoseok's home. They played together and stuff, but it seemed like Taehyung tried to avoid an argument called 'Min Yoongi'. That was okay though, Hoseok didn't want to get jealous in front of him.

*Four days later*

Yoongi's POV

Yoongi was already prepared, wearing clothes that Jimin told him to wear and a little bit of lip balm, because Jimin said "If you get intimate, he will be happier to kiss soft lips more than chapped ones."
Yoongi blushed and ignored that, but let his friend prepare him.

"Ah, you're so pretty Hyung! I'm sure Hoseok will love you instantly." He said with dreaming voice and little excited giggles.

Yoongi blushed so much he fanned his face with his hand. "D-don't say those kind of things, we're just going out together, as friends." He said and made a nervous laugh.

Jimin laughed continously and hit Yoongi's back, making him stumble forward a little and glare back at the younger. "Are you serious? Friends? Oh Jesus Christ, Hyung he asked you out on a date. He wants to be your boyfriend, trust me." He said and Yoongi heard him sit on the bed.

Maybe Jimin was right, Yoongi thought. But they were talking about Jung Hoseok, the most wonderful rapper of all the times, to Yoongi. He probably already had a fiancé for how famous he was, so there was no way that was a romantic date.

Anyway, Jimin was exiting, going to dance practice.
"Be sure to close the door with the keys when you go out; also, if you need me ask Hoseok to call me and lastly but not less important..." He said, for then take something which seemed a little package and put it in Yoongi's pocket. "In case things get farther, remember the condom in your pants." He whispered at the older's ear, for then chuckle amused.

Yoongi blushed abruptly and hit Jimin's shoulder harshly. "Idiot! We are just friends!" He pouted.

Jimin snickered "Sure, maybe now. Anyway, I'm going now, bye Hyung". He said and they kissed each other's cheeks, before Yoongi sat and on the couch and Jimin exited the house.

After a long while waiting for the rapper to show up, the doorbell rang through the apartment, signal Hoseok arrived. Yoongi stood up, stumbling a little but managed to take his stick, before opening up the door.

"Hi Yoongi!" It was Hoseok's voice.

Yoongi smiled and reached out one hand "Hi Hoseok. So, are we going?" He asked.

Hoseok held his hand in his own, which made Yoongi's heart skip a beat, for then drag the older out of the house, going towards the park.

Chapter Text

Yoongi's POV

The younger was going to Yoongi's walk pace, to not make it hard for him to walk next to him. They were silent for a long while and Yoongi was starting to wonder if Hoseok was enjoying the time together. But then, this latest coughed a little and started to talk.

"Umh, Yoongi, how old are you?" He asked.

"Oh, I'm 25... you're 24 right? So, you should call me Hyung". He said and smirked a little.

Hoseok chuckled and squeezed Yoongi's hand, making his heart skip a beat once again. "Yeah, but I prefer Yoongi. Is it a problem if I call you with it?"

Actually, the older loved to hear his name slip out of Hoseok's mouth. "No, there's none. But when we're with other people, call me Hyung. You know, I still want to be respected by others." He said and Hoseok chuckled again.

"If they don't respect you, I'm gonna beat their ass up". He said and stroked Yoongi's hand with his thumb soothingly. Yoongi's heart melted at the gesture, Hoseok was so cute.

"Thank you. But, you know, this stick can be very useful at times". He said and both of them laughed. Yoongi felt Hoseok's eyes on him and he blushed.

"Yoongi, do you want to take an ice cream?" He asked and stopped walking. Yoongi nodded and smiled.

"Okay, wait here on this bench, I'll be back in a moment." He said

"But I can take it myself-".

"I know, but please, let me do it. I will also pay and I won't hear complaints". He said and helped Yoongi sitting down, before ruffling his hair. And of course Yoongi blushed at the gesture.

"Okay, but be fast, I don't like being alone." He said with a little frown. Hoseok took his hand in his.

"Don't worry, I won't leave you alone." He said for then walk away.

Yoongi waited for a while, but he started to panick a little. It was 15 years he lived in darkness, but he still didn't get used to it, to the feeling of being always alone and the darkness being around him even when he opened his eyes. He started to hum to the song Jimin always sang him, trying to calm himself. Then, he heard a voice calling him and Hoseok sat next to him, taking his hand and placing something in it.

"Here's your cup of mint with chocolate and cream. They didn't have biscuit, so I chose cream, I hope it's okay." He told the other, with sheepesh voice.

Yoongi nodded and smiled again. "Yeah, don't worry, it's fine." He said and took the little spoon, starting to eat slowly. He felt Hoseok's eyes on him and he started to blush again, though he heard Hoseok eating his ice cream too.

"Mh, do you want to take a little of mine?"

Yoongi turned his head over Hoseok's voice and nodded, opening his mouth, for then have Hoseok's ice cream in his mouth. He nodded to himself, liking the taste of the ice cream. But he also blushed because it was Hoseok's.

"It's good." He mumbled. Then he felt a hand on his cheek and a thumb cleaning above his lips, making his blush deepened. "W-what are you doing?".

"Oh, sorry, you had a bit of ice cream on your face." Hoseok said, for then take his hand off Yoongi's face. The older heard Hoseok suck slightly, did he just licked the ice cream he took from Yoongi's face? Suddenly he became shy and turned his head away, keeping eating his ice cream.

When they finished, they stood up and threw the tissues they used in the rubbish, before walking again into the park, hand in hand. Yoongi's heart was beating faster, was he getting sick? But then, Hoseok stopped in his trucks.

"Do you want to get on the seesaw? I can push you" He said and took also Yoongi's other hand, making the stick fall. Yoongi blushed again, why was Hoseok so soft and cute? Why so kind with him?

"Umh, I don't know..." He mumbled and bent his head down. Hoseok lifted his chin up and leaned his forehead on his "Don't worry, I won't let anything bad happen to you. You're secure with me." He told Yoongi, before leaving his hand and took the fallen stick, putting it in his hand again.

Yoongi smiled shyly at the feeling and couldn't stop doing so. He liked it when Hoseok touched him.
"Okay." He said and then both walked towards the playground.

Hoseok helped Yoongi sit on the seesaw, the older clenching the chains to his sides. "Please, keep talking to me, so I'm sure you're still with me. Okay?" He made Hoseok promise it.

"Okay... 1... 2... 3!" Hoseok exclaimed and he started to push Yoongi, who was completely stiff and straightened his legs forwards. The truth was that he didn't get on a seesaw anymore after he lost his sight, because he was scared, since he couldn't see and couldn't touch the ground.

"Are you okay Yoongi? It's fun right?" Hoseok said, maintaining his promise.

"Yes. It is." He answered and smiled. Actually started to giggle, because he wasn't thinking negatively anymore. He felt the wind hit his face and mess up his hair, which was a beautiful sensation. He felt free, unlike all days, where he felt caged because he couldn't do many things other people did.

"Yoongi, I listened to your song, it's really good! The vocals in the back are Jimin's right? He has got a beautiful voice. And you're an amazing rapper." He told the other, praising him. By now, Yoongi's face was light red.

"Oh really? Thank you...".

"Hey, what do you think about me asking my producers and CEO if you can make an audition? I'm sure you would pass immediately." He stated, sure of his words.

"But I'm blind, I never could... last time I made an audition, they reject me just because I was blind." He said and sighed.

Hoseok didn't answer and after a while the seesaw stopped. "Hoseok? Are you there?" He asked and stood up, taking his stick. No answer. He started to panick.

"Hoseok?" He called again, louder, before feeling a pair of arms surround him. He hugged the person back, understand it was Hoseok.

"How could they? Those people are very stupid if they refused you just because of your disability. You're talented and your aspect shouldn't be the reason for you to not show it to the world." He said serious, holding Yoongi tightly.

This latest leaned his forehead on the other's shoulder. He smiled, nobody ever told him that, apart his best friend. Hoseok was very special.

"Thank you Hoseok."

"You can call me Hobi. And, you don't need to, I only said the truth". He said, stroking Yoongi's hair softly, making him shiver.

'Hobi... it suits him'. He thought.

"Then, can I make an audition next week? I need time to prepare for it." Yoongi said, gaining some confidence and hope. All thanks to Hoseok.

"Yay! You'll be great, I can bet it!" Hoseok exclaimed excitedly. He was probably smiling, Yoongi thought. He wished so bad to see his smile. He wanted to look at the boy and tell him how beautiful he was.

"You're beautiful Hobi. Really. And your nickname is super cute, I think it suits you. You're really cute." He said for then feel his own face heat up for the thousand time that day.

Hoseok stayed silent but cupped Yoongi's cheeks. "You are too, Yoongi. You're beautiful and super cute." He told him and got closer, so close Yoongi could feel his breath on his face.

He gulped and slowly cupped Hoseok's cheeks too, roaming his hands through his face, his thumbs feeling up his lips, for then trail his fingers through his hair and go back to his cheeks again. He felt up his nose, which he adored the shape of, and his eyelids, which he understood he had big eyes. He felt up his eyebrows and they seemed of the perfect shape too. In few words, Hoseok was perfect.

They were very close, but none of them spoke up, too occupied with their feelings and touching each other's faces. Then, Hoseok moved his hands on Yoongi's waists and the older shivered, because he was actually going up and down his sides. What was he going to do? He panicked again.

"Hoseok, I-I don't feel ready for-"

"I know, me neither. But I wanted to feel your frame, because you're so small... I may not be ready for sex, but I don't mind being touched. I think the same goes for you." He said and probably smirked, Yoongi thought.

Yoongi smiled shyly and hit Hoseok's chest gently. "Y-yes, I don't mind being touched either." He told him and giggled.

Then, he felt Hoseok's hands on his hips, lifting him up. He was now sitting on Hoseok's shoulders, with the younger's hands on his thighs. "H-Hobi what are you doing?" He asked, embarassed, keeping his stick in his right hand tightly, while with the left he was gripping on Hoseok's wrist.

Hoseok laughed "Nothing, I just want you to have fun~." He said and then started to run, screaming and laughing. Yoongi screamed too, feeling scared at first. But after a while he felt better, because he felt like he could trust Hoseok. Yes, he definitely could.

After a while, he left Yoongi down and took his hand, pulling him in for an hug, which the older returned.

"Hey, do you want to go to my house now? Well, technically it's Jimin's, but I live with him". Yoongi said.

"Sure!" He had the impression Hoseok was smiling again. Damn, how much he craved to see it.

They walked to Yoongi's home. When they entered, Yoongi sat on the couch while Hoseok looked around. "Wow, it's cozy. I like it." He said and sat next to Yoongi.

"Yeah, it is." Yoongi answered and looked for Hoseok's hand, holding it. "Wanna see my room?" Hoseok agreed, so then they walked upstairs. More like, Hoseok walked while he lifted Yoongi up bridestyle. Yoongi didn't complain though.

When they entered his room, Yoongi layed on the bed, Hoseok looking around again. "I like your room too, even if it's a bit too black and grey for my taste". He said.

Yoongi was curious now. "Why? Is yours coloured? Well, I can't see colours, so it wouldn't have sense to be honest. That's what I think, at least." He said.

Hoseok chuckled. "You can come over my house once, if you want, even if you can't see colours. I can write to Jimin my address." He said and Yoongi heard him sitting on the bed.

He smiled "Yeah, why n-"

"Hey, what's this?" Hoseok asked, taking something from Yoongi's pocket. Oh no. Yoongi's smile disappeared. He reached out a hand to take it back.

"N-no give it back!" He said, sitting up, but Hoseok moved away his hand.

"A-a condom? I thought you didn't-".

"I don't! Jimin put it in my pocket because he is a fucking pervert!" He said, his face burning from embarrassment.

Hoseok started to laugh and then put the condom back in Yoongi's pocket again. But he didn't remove his hand, instead, he squeezed Yoongi's thigh.

"Don't worry, it's fine. But as I said before, I wouldn't mind touching you... if that's okay for you, of course." He said and finally removed his hand.

Yoongi thought about it for a moment. He had never had a relationship before, never. Every boy he met, or was hetero or just a friend or didn't want because he was blind. But being blind didn't mean to be stupid or anything, Yoongi understood more than others sometimes.

He reached for Hoseok's hand and placed it on his chest, nodding. "It's okay if you touch me." He whispered, as if he didn't want someone to hear him. Hoseok stroked Yoongi's chest through his shirt, brushing on his nipples, causing his breath to hitch. Hoseok placed his other hand on Yoongi's cheek and caressed his lower lip with his thumb, before getting even closer.

"Yoongi... can I kiss you?" He asked lowly, in a whisper.

Yoongi nodded and closed his eyes, even if he knew nothing would change, but it was for the strong emotions he was feeling. Hoseok cancelled their distance and placed his lips on Yoongi's, catching him in a soft and gentle kiss.

Yoongi couldn't believe he was kissing Jung fucking Hoseok, in his room, in his bed, with his hands on him. He didn't know if this was okay, but it felt right to him.

Yoongi kissed him back same way, trying to not ruin it. He never kissed someone, after all, but it seemed Hoseok's first time too. Which made Yoongi happier, since he thought he was dating someone, before. When they parted away, Hoseok placed his lips on Yoongi's neck, started to kiss the soft skin there. Yoongi let out a whimper, for then place his hand on his mouth. It was embarassing.

Hoseok took that hand and held it in his. "Don't, I want to hear you." He mumbled and licked the point he kissed, for then suck on it. Yoongi couldn't help but feel his pants tightening on some known spot and he whimpered again, this time a bit louder.

"You like it, umh? What if I do this?" He moved his hand under his shirt, lifting it up and touched Yoongi's nipples, rubbing around them in circle. Yoongi arched his back and started to pant, gripping the blanket.
Then Hoseok stopped and slowly roamed his hands down his chest, for then go into Yoongi's jeans and boxers. He took it in his hand and started to go up and down his length, slowly.

"O-oh my God." Yoongi panted and opened his legs. He unbottoned his jeans and then gripped Hoseok's shoulder, leaning on it. "A-ah, w-what are you doing?"

Hoseok chuckled "Haven't you ever touched yourself? Don't worry, it will feel better in a while." He said and pressed his thumb on the top, making Yoongi let out a strangled moan.

"C-can you take these off?" He asked, talking about his jeans. They were too tight for him now.

Hoseok stopped moving his hand and took them off together with his boxers. He pushed him down gently and went in top of him, taking his member in his hand again and went up and down, while with his other he played with Yoongi's left nipple.

Yoongi never felt that good in his life, never. It was a mix of new sensations and he felt something, as if he was about to release a knot. Hoseok fastened his pace and Yoongi started to moan loud, clenching Hoseok's hand in his. After what seemed hours, Yoongi came, in stripes all over his chest, arching his back off the mattress. It felt very good, Yoongi thought. He was panting heavily, still holding Hoseok's hand.

"You went good Yoongi." He assured the older, kissing the top of his head. Then, he broke away from Yoongi's hand and took tissues, to clean Yoongi up a bit. Hoseok's shirt had some of Yoongi's seed on it, so he took it off. "I'll have to borrow one of your shirts, mine it's too dirty to go out like this". He said and chuckled.

The older sat up and stretched out his hands, looking for Hoseok. He got it and took Yoongi's hands in his.
"A-are you leaving? Please don't... a-and I'm sure you're hard too, I want to help". He said and took his own shirt off.

Now he was naked, but he didn't mind being in front of Hoseok like that. He pulled Hoseok down and took his pants and boxers off. He started to touch Hoseok's chest slowly, feeling that he had got abs. Wow. He went lower and met Hoseok's thighs, which were soft. Then he went a little higher and found his length. Hoseok's breath hitched.

"You're beautiful Hoseok, literally. I understand why they compliment your body." He said and smiled softly.
Then, he started to go up and down like Hoseok had done before. He heard him moan and he found it a beautiful sound.

"Y-Yoongi, there's a position where you can come more easily." He told him and sat up. He got between Yoongi's legs and took his hand, placing it on his own member again. "In this position it's better to me." He said and Yoongi nodded, understanding. He had to remember that. He kept going up and down that way, but it was dried up "N-next time I'll take my lotion". He said and Yoongi blushed. He never masturbated, true, but that was because he didn't found anything that made him horny. Until then. He went faster and Hoseok was by now leaning back into Yoongi with legs wide opened. After a while, he came and Yoongi could swear that was the best sound he had ever heard. Hoseok was awesome and hot. He didn't need to see him to understand that. He never realized, but his heart was beating faster than ever, and it wasn't for coming.

After that, they cleaned all up and wore cleaned clothes (Hoseok wore one of Yoongi's extra large shirts, which was perfect for him surprisingly.). They cuddled up, laughing together shyly about what had just happened and kissing each other's lips sweetly. Yoongi had never felt that happy before, never. It was one of the best feelings ever.

When time came though, Hoseok had to go back home.

"Can't you stay for tonight?" Yoongi asked with a pout, feeling a bit sad.

Hoseok kissed that pout away, leaving a soft smile on Yoongi's lips. "I'm sorry, I can't. But we can meet up again, what do you think? This time though, I want you to know my friends and Jimin can come too! What do you think about tomorrow?" He asked, excitedly.

Yoongi was a bit anxious about meeting his friends, but nodded. "It's perfect, there's no problem. See you tomorrow then". He said, intertwining his fingers with Hoseok's. They kissed one last time, before Hoseok went away. Yoongi closed the door and sat on the couch, thinking about how beautiful that day had been. The best day of his life.

But... what was he feeling for Hoseok? Did Hoseok feel that back? Was he kist playing with him? Yoongi had to find answers.

Chapter Text

Hoseok's POV

When Hoseok went home after purposing Yoongi to see each other the next day, he told everything to Jungkook. Taehyung went out to buy stuff for tomorrow, since Hoseok entered yelling:
"Tomorrow Yoongi will come over!" With no grace at all.

Jungkook listened inpatient, hearing about how Hoseok loved Yoongi's laugh and his gummy smile, which was rare but one of the 7 Wonders of the World; how Hoseok loved holding his hands and hug Yoongi's small frame, feeling as if he could protect him from everything and everyone; how Hoseok loved touching Yoongi's face and body, how it was Yoongi's first time for a hand job and it made everything more special; how Yoongi's lips were so soft against his that he could melt even with a brush of his lips on his own skin; how Yoongi was fragile but at the same time could smile for everything Hoseok made him do, starting from the banal thing of buying ice cream for him to push him on the seesaw and make him sit on his shoulders, scared at first but all giggly as time passed by.

"And when he scrunches up his nose when there's something he doesn't like, God, he seemed a little kitten! He is so cute, Jungkook, ah". He sighed and threw himself back onto the couch, with dreaming face.

Jungkook laughed a bit. "Hyung, you love him don't you? But, did you ask him to be your boyfriend?" He asked, marking the last word.

Now that Hoseok thought about it, no. He didn't ask Yoongi to be his boyfriend. But should he?
"But what if he doesn't like me that way? And if he is not ready for a relationship? And if he-"

"Oh c'mon, stop making suppositions! You just have to ask him, if he doesn't feel ready, he will tell you. But trust me, I don't think he would back off from such question." The younger said, crossing his arms.

Hoseok sat up and leaned his chin on the palm of his hands. "Ugh! I like him so much..." He sighed again.

"Hyung, one question". Said Jungkook, as he stood up, walking over the counter and opened one day old pizza box, eating a slice of it. "Did you ask him more? Like, what he likes, his favorite song, about his past... things like this?" He asked, while chewing on his food.

Hoseok frowned. He didn't ask the older about his favorite food, or what his favorite animal was. Nor about his past, was Yoongi blind from the day he was born or there was another motivation? He had to ask the next day when they would meet again.

"Actually, I only know his favorite ice cream flavor, which is mint with pieces of chocolate." He stated and crossed his arms.

Jungkook laughed, causing the older to glare at him.
"Hyung, you're so dumb. Those are the first questions someone asks on a date." He stated. Then he smirked.
"Together with what position in sex he prefers." He wriggled his eyebrows and Hoseok threw him a cushion, which Jungkook couldn't avoid so it landed on his face.

"You idiot, one the first date?! That's why you don't have a boyfriend yet!" He exclaimed and stood up with his face fuming of anger. "How can I ask Yoongi about his past on his first date?!"

"How do you know it's his first date?! Did he tell you? For what I know, he didn't. He could have had many boyfriends, for what you know. Or girlfriends. You don't even know if he is gay!" He said.

"I made him an hand job and it was his first time coming, and you say that I don't know if he is gay?! He wouldn't have came on my shirt if he wasn't attracted to dicks!" He exclaimed again, sitting back on the couch.

They stayed silent for a while, Jungkook's face pink because of the argument Hoseok talked about.

"But yeah... I didn't ask him if he is gay." He mumbled and Jungkook pointed at him.

"Hah. See? That's a very important question the first date. But yeah, if he came on you... don't wash that shirt into the washing machine, there are my clothes inside now." He said and poured himself a glass of water, which he successively drank.

"Umh... too late." Hoseok answered, sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head. Jungkook chocked on the water.

At that point, the door opened and a fatigued Taehyung entered the house. "Give me a hand maybe?" He asked, breathing heavily. Hoseok immediately went to help him, also to escape a mad Jungkook.

While they were placing the food and stuff Taehyung bought, Hoseok told them that the next day, Park Jimin would come over as well. But Taehyung didn’t seem happy. Instead, he almost made fall a box and turned over Hoseok with shocked expression. “Hobi-Hyung, how could you! You know I don’t like Park Jimin at all!” He exclaimed and pouted, crossing his arms.

Hoseok frowned. “Why do you hate him so much? What did he do to you, mh?” He asked, softly, placing a hand on Taehyung’s shoulder. The younger sighed heavily and sat down on the couch, Hoseok following him and sitting next to him.

“He took away Yoongi-Hyung from me. Me and Hyung always have been very close, since we were 5. But then, after the accident, Jimin came up one day. He was the new boy at school when we were 13. Yoongi and I often were alone, because other kids didn’t want to play with someone that couldn’t even see them. But Jimin was different and Yoongi knew it too. He always came over us during break, even if his friends told him to stay away from us. He didn’t listen to them and Yoongi seemed so captured for that boy…” He trailed off and coughed slightly, to clear his throat. His tone was sad, Hoseok noticed, so he soothingly stroked his back. Taehyung smiled at him a little and then kept telling.

“I’ve never told Yoongi about my crush on him, but I tried to let him notice it how I could. Then, one day, he told me he had a crush on Jimin. I got mad and sad, of course. He had a crush on a kid he had just met while not on me, that was there since the start. So, with days passing by, Yoongi always sat next to Jimin at break, always sat close to him during lessons and so on. And I just… remained alone. For an entire year. Yoongi didn’t call me anymore and we didn’t meet anymore. It was as if I’ve never existed in his life.” He said, and dried up some of the tears that fell on his cheeks.

Hoseok was so sorry for him, hehad never imagined something like that would happen. He hugged the younger tightly. “Oh Tae… I’m so sorry for you”. He said.

“But hey, you met me.” Jungkook said, smiling. “I still remember how you saved me from bullies, just because I was so shy that I couldn’t talk to anyone, they called me loser. But then you came and hit those bullies so hard you got suspended and them expelled. Ah, nice memories.” He said and Taehyung giggled.

“Yeah, that’s true. Thank you for remaining next to me Kookie”. He said and hugged the younger.

Jungkook hugged him back with a soft smile on his face. “Ah, don’t worry. I could never get tired of your silliness”. He said and messed up Taehyung’s hair, this latest showing his boxy smile.

Hoseok was smiling too, they were so cute. “Aww . We should finish here though, so let’s do it. Then we can warm up some pizza in the microwave and watch Harry Potter!” He said excitedly and the youngers jumped up, immediately following the older and finished to place the stuff away.

When they thought to be able to stay up all night, they fell asleep: Hoseok between them, Jungkook’s head on his lap and Taehyung’s head on Hoseok’s shoulder.

But something still wasn't clear to Hoseok. What accident was Taehyung talking about? It seemed like Yoongi lost his sight in some way after he was born. But how? Maybe he should have asked Yoongi when they would met.


Yoongi's POV

When Jimin came home after he had finished with practice, he found Yoongi in the kitchen, with a cooker turned on and a cooking pan in his hand. He hurriedly went to Yoongi and turned the cooker off, taking the cooking pan away from his hands. "Min Yoongi what do you think you're doing?!" He asked worried, taking Yoongi's hands in his own.

Yoongi only smiled and walked over the counter, a hand looking for the stool before sittin on it and leaning his chin to his hands. "Sorry, I'm just so happy I didn't know what to do and so I thought to cook for you." He said with look immersed in his thoughts and dreaming eyes.

Jimin sat in front of him and took his hands, a smirk on his face. "Only 'cause Hoseok fucked you, it doesn't mean that for happiness you have to cook for us. You know you can't." He said and giggled.

"I know but- No! No No, we didn't have sex!" He said, blushing.

If he could see Jimin, he would see him with widened eyes and jaws dropped. Which was probably real.

"WHAT- But I gave you a condom!" He complained, sighing.

"Yes but we don't feel ready for that, we're not like you." Yoongi answered, annoyed.

"Sure, pussies". He said, but only gained a kick on his leg under the table from Yoongi. "Ouch! Why did you-"

"Fucking shut up Park Jimin and let me explain what happened today." He said, serious.

Jimin sighed. "Okay, okay. Tell me."

Yoongi started to tell him everything, every single detail, from how Hoseok was kind to how beautiful his body was. Jimin didn't want to know some details, but was happy to hear that Yoongi had a good day. It was years he didn't see him that happy.

"So you two are boyfriends now". Jimin said, standing up from his stool.

Yoongi blinked and pouted slightly. He didn't know what they were now, he didn't even ask Hoseok. He didn't even know what he was feeling.
"Umh, no. We aren't boyfriends, I mean, I'm not sure he feels the same for me." He answered Jimin.

This latest turned over him and snorted out a laugh.
"What? Are you kididng me? Of course he likes you Yoongi, or he wouldn't have come when you-".

"Yes yes, I know, don't say that." Yoongi said, blushing again. "But... I don't know. He didn't tell me I like to him and vice versa. He didn't ask me to be his boyfriend either so, we're just friends I guess." He said, rubbing the back of his head.

"Hyung... listen, I'm sure he feels the same. Tomorrow, when we go to his house I'm sure you two will have time to talk about it." He said and stroked the older's hair.

"Yeah, you're right... thank you Jiminie. Love you." He said and looked for the other's face, for then kiss his cheek.

Jimin giggled. "I like it when you're this soft. And thinking about that time when you had a crush on me still makes me laugh." He chuckled and booped the other's scrunched up nose.

Jimin prepared dinner and after that they stayed up for a while, watching (for Yoongi, listening to) a movie, for then go to bed.

That was the first time Yoongi didn't have that same nightmare after years.

He was sure Hoseok was the reason why it didn't come that night.

Chapter Text

Hoseok's POV

It was 8PM, they were preparing everything for the dinner with Yoongi and Jimin. The three of them woke up earlier to clean the house, from bottom to top and sat the table ready when was the time.

They had ordered pizza, since the only one that could cook, and not that well, was Hoseok and they had no time.

Hoseok was walking around, fixing his hair a bit in the mirror, playing with the hem if his shirt and checking thousands times for everything to be ready. Jungkook instead was playing games with Taehyung, even if this latest was a little worried to meet his old friend (and crush) after many years. And also nervous to meet Park Jimin.

"Guys, c'mon, calm down. I'm sure it will go perfectly, Yoongi will apologize to Tae and Jimin will be nice." Jungkook said, for then shouting that he won.

"Jungkook, for you it's easy to talk when-"

The doorbell rang and Hoseok panicked, almost screaming.
"Okay, okay, okay, calm down!" He said and then took a long breathe. He composed himself (or tried) and walked over the door, opening it.

Yoongi was there, more beautiful than ever, Hoseok thought. He was simply wearing ripped black jeans and a big black hoodie. Hoseok noticed he was wearing a little bit of make up, only eyeliner and what seemed lip balm. To Hoseok's eyes, he was breathtaking.

"Hi." Yoongi said and smiled a little. "Umh, the door opened, who are you?" He asked and made a step forward, reaching out one hand.

Hoseok took it in his and intertwined their fingers. His heart was beating fast and he felt like he was sweating. He hoped for his palm to not sweat too.
"It's me, Hoseok." He answered and Yoongi's smile widened, making Hoseok melt.

A cough was heard and Hoseok shaked his head a little. "Hi Jimin! Umh, come in". He said to the both of them.

When they entered, Taehyung and Jungkook stopped playing and stood up.

Jimin's mouth opened ajar and Taehyung frowned at him, with arms crossed.

"You?! Kim Taehyung?! But-" He looked at Hoseok, then at Taehyung again. Hoseok noticed his cheeks took a little bit of colour, which made him wondering what really thought Jimin about Taehyung.

"Yes, Park Jimin. I see that you remember my surname..." He said and looked away, more precisely at Yoongi.

Taehyung walked over him and cupped his cheeks slowly, but Yoongi jolted a little and backed.
"A-are you Taehyung?" He asked, unsure.

The younger smiled "Yes, it's me. I missed you so much Hyung..." He mumbled and hugged Yoongi tightly. This latest returned the hug.

"Oh... I-I'm sorry Tae, I just was so... so stupid I... I didn't realize I have lost you until you didn't call me anymore. I thought you hated me." He said and his lips turned down a little. That made Hoseok a bit sad, he wanted to protect him at all costs. And honestly, how Taehyung hugged him, made him jealous.

Taehyung giggled "Well, actually, I thought you didn't want have anything to do with me anymore...since you met Jimin..." He said and rolled his eyes.

Jimin looked away and seemed to get a little sad after what Tae said.

"Sorry..." Yoongi said and then broke away from the hug and placed his hands on Taehyung's face, studying it.
"You were handsome when you were young... You surely still are now". He said and they smiled at each other.

Hoseok looked away, feeling jealousy increasing.

"Okay, umh, this is Jeon Jungkook instead, my best friend." He butted in, making Taehyung turn away from Yoongi. Hoseok took a little breathe of relief.

"Hi, I'm happy to meet you." He said and shyly greeted Jimin and Yoongi.

Jimin giggled "How cute~". He sang and Jungkook rubbed the back of his head embarassed.

But Hoseok noticed Taehyung looking away annoyed. That was new.

"Come closer Jungkook". Yoongi said and the youngest did so, so Yoongi could feel up his face too.
"Yeah, you're cute it seems." He said and stroked sweetly Jungkook's hair.
Hoseok wanted to get the same treatment, so he pouted a little. 'Stupid jealousy'.

Then the doorbell rang again and Hoseok quickly went to open, took the just arrived pizzas, payed the delivery guy and then closed the door.

"Pizzas arrived, let's eat!" He exclaimed and hurriedly placed the boxes on the table, before taking Yoongi's hands hand guided him to the chair next to his own, making him sit down.

They all started to eat, talking about funny and serious times. But then, after they were done eating, something happened and Hoseok wanted to choke Jungkook in that moment.

"Hyung, how did you get blind? Tae told me that you aren't from the day you were born, so I'm curious. Did you get into an accident?" He asked brazenly.

Taehyung and Jimin looked at him with widened eyes and then looked at Yoongi. Hoseok looked at Yoongi too. He was like staring down to his plate. I mean, he often stared since he couldn't see, but that wasn't the point. He seemed shocked. "I-I was 10 when it happened, but..." He cupped his own face with his hands and his body started to shake. He started to sob loud and as if he didn't have enough air. He was hyperventilating. He went away from the table with the chair. He was crying. Hoseok stared at him with wide eyes and tried to approach him, but Jimin stopped him with a hand close to his face. He kneeled in front of Yoongi and took his hands in his.

"Yoongi, it's okay, she is not here anymore, please calm down. Yoongi listen to me". He was talking softly, trying to calm him.

Yoongi was having a full panick attack and Jimin seemed to get even more worried because he couldn't make him stop "Usually it's not this big of a thing... Maybe because he didn't have the nightmare tonight." He said, more talking to himself than them. What nightmare was he talking about?

"H-help". Yoongi sobbed weakly and at that point, Hoseok stood up, went in front of him and picked him up. He didn't listen to Jimin or the others calling for him, he had to do something. He walked to his room and sat on the bed, with Yoongi on his lap. He soothingly rubbed his back in circles and stroked his hair softly.

"Shh, it's okay Yoongi. I'm here, nobody will hurt you." He whispered softly to him, while Yoongi gripped his shirt and wet it with his tears. He kept talking like that for what seemed like hours. In the end, Yoongi fell asleep on him. Hoseok dried his cheeks with the hem if his shirt and then placed a gentle kiss on his forehead. He made him lay on his mattress and then stood up, going back to the others.

When he entered the kitchen though, the three boys were discussing. But it wasn't as Hoseok imagined it. Pieces of pizza where flying from a part to the other of the room, Taehyung and Jimin shouting to each other.

"Oh shut up Jimin! You think to know him the best, but remember that I was there since the start! You took him away from me!" Taehyung was rising his voice, something that was sincerely scary, since he always was calm and soft.

Jimin clenched his fists "M-me?! You shut up Kim! You don't know anything about Yoongi, you didn't go with him to his doctors, you weren't there when he had those nightmares!" He shouted back, he was rising his voice as well.

Hoseok went close to Jungkook, who was standing next to them with a very confused and sad expression. He took his wrist and dragged him over himself.
"Jungkook, what's happening? I thought they were mad at you." He said, confused.

Jungkook looked down "Well, when you went away they were scolding me. But then Taehyung started to get mad at Jimin and viceversa. I tried to make them stop, but they won't listen." He told the older and this latest noticed his teary eyes. Jungkook was truly sorry and he got it. "Okay, don't worry, we'll talk about that later. Now we have to stop them before-".

"No! I was there from the start! I was his first friend, I was there when his family died, I was there when he went through the first times of the trauma and the doctors told him he couldn't see anymore, I've always been there even for the nightmares, until you came into our lives and took him away from me! I had a crush on him since ever, but then you took him away from me!" He yelled and pushed Jimin away. This latest was looking at him with big eyes, his lower lip started to tremble.
"There was a reason why I got close to you two... and no, I didn't feel the same as Yoongi, I didn't like him back that way... I-I..." He looked away and gulped audibly.

Taehyung got even closer to him and gripped the front of his shirt. "You what? You don't have any explanations, right? Stop lying and-"

"I had a crush on you! Okay?! I've always had a crush on you and it never went away...but you ruined everything... and Yoongi got sad... you're such a coward." He said and pushed Taehyung off him. He locked eyes with him for a moment, his cheeks red and flooded with tears.

He then made his way to the main door, leaving Taehyung with widened and shocked eyes.
"I'll wait for Yoongi in the car." He announced, before exiting the house.

If it wasn't for Jungkook, Taehyung wouldn't have moved: "Then? What are you waiting for, run after him! Tae c'mon!" He said and pushed him over the door.

Taehyung opened it and ran out after Jimin, leaving the door opened. Jungkook sat down on the couch and Hoseok next to him. He hugged the younger tightly, he started to cry on his chest.

"Jimin! Jimin wait". Taehyung shouted as he took the other's wrist before he could reach the car.

Jimin turned around and looked at him, with sad and angry expression. "Why? Wait for what? For someone that will never love me back?" He asked sarcastic, letting out a sad laugh. He freed from Taehyung's grip and walked fast to the car again. But Taehyung didn't give up and tried again, taking Jimin's wrist again. This time though, he turned him around and took also his other wrist. He looked him in the eyes, Jimin tried to free himself. But then, Taehyung got closer to his face and Jimin stopped.

"Please... I know I don't like you but please, let me try. I want to try to love you." He said and then bent down, placing his lips on Jimin's. At first, he tried to fight it but he gave up soon, kissing the other back.

They parted away after a while, both looking into each other's eyes.

"Will you try for real?" Jimin asked, holding one of Taehyung's hands, his eyes glassy.

The other nodded and smiled a little, holding Jimin's hand back. "Yes, I want to try. I-I know it's sudden, very sudden. But after what you said, I realized that maybe I didn't had that much of a crush on Yoongi... And that maybe I don't mind your company, not at all." He answered, making Jimin smile and look down. They hugged each other on the sidewalk next to Jimin's car.

Jungkook and Hoseok smiled at the scene, but then heard Yoongi calling someone that seemed like Hoseok's name. This latest stood up quickly and went to his own room, finding Yoongi sat up on the edge of the bed, his look stare into nothing. And it probably wasn't for the blindness. Hoseok walked closer, sitting next to him and held his hand. Yoongi turned his head around and hurriedly hugged Hoseok, holding him tight.

"Please don't leave..." He whispered, voice weak.

Hoseok hugged him back and heaved a sigh. Maybe Jimin and Yoongi could stop there for that night. He picked Yoongi up, this latest placing his arms around his neck. Hoseok went back to the living room and placed Yoongi down, on the couch.

"Jungkook has to tell you something, I'm calling Jimin and Taehyung." He told him and then walked out, while he heard Jungkook apologizing to him. He came back with Taehyung and Jimin holding hands briefly and they sat on the couch too.

Since it was Hoseok's house, he decided: Jungkook would sleep with Taehyung and Jimin in the same room, while Yoongi would sleep with Hoseok.

After had adjudicated that way, they decided to talk some more. Yoongi had fallen asleep on Hoseok's shoulder, so the others could talk without cause a panick attack to him again.

"So... what caused Yoongi's blindness? You talked about the death of his parents and a trauma, but... I don't understand." Hoseok spoke up, holding Yoongi's hand.

Jimin looked at Taehyung and both sighed heavily.
"It would better for Yoongi to tell you, even if every time he tries, he ends up crying and shaking. But with you it's different Hoseok... I noticed how he smiles fondly at you. But you should get to know him even better before knowing his past and same goes for him to you. He needs to trust you like he trusts his music." Jimin told him.

Hoseok knew what to do now. It was better for them to talk often, but Hoseok's free week was ending and soon he would get his busy schedule again. There was only one possibility and it was that Yoongi had to pass the auditions and enter in the company.

After some other talking, they all decided to go to sleep.

Hoseok stood up and picked Yoongi up, going to his own room. He placed Yoongi on the bed. He layed down next to him, holding him tigthtly. Hoseok smiled at the cute boy sleeping peacefully in his bed and placed a small peck on his lips, before falling asleep too.

Chapter Text

Yoongi's POV

Yoongi woke up the next day, feeling a pair of arms around him. He could perfectly recognize who it was just by how the other's hands were placed on his back. He smiled at a sleeping Hoseok, placing a hand on his cheek and slowly felt up his face. They were really close. He remembered how he had that panick attack in front of everyone and felt ashamed. He kissed Hoseok's nose tip and smiled again, trying to forget about the night prior. Then, he felt Hoseok's hands moving on his hips and he blushed.

"Are you awake?" He asked in a whisper.

As response, he got a hand under his shirt, on his waist, stroking his soft skin slowly.
"Yeah I am~ How did you sleep?" Hoseok asked, giggling. Yoongi could feel his breathe on his face.

"I slept well, but... I feel ashamed. I'm really sorry for have reacted like that, I-I didn't want to make a fuss-".

"Hey, hey, it's fine. It's not your fault, you couldn't control it." He told him, stroking his cheeks now. Yoongi leaned into the touch and placed his own hand on Hoseok's.

"Can you kiss me?" Yoongi asked, intertwining his fingers with Hoseok's. This latest didn't answer and Yoongi thought he didn't want to, so he got a little sad. But in the end, the younger's lips were on his, softly moving for a passionate kiss which Yoongi returned gladly. When they were missing air, they broke away from each other. They were still close with their faces, though, Hoseok's hand on Yoongi's hip, stroking softly through the fabric of his jeans.

"Yoongi, you have the audition next week, precisely on Monday. Let me help you to prepare something for it, okay?" Hoseok told him, the hand on his hip going up under his shirt and stopped on his waist, again.

"Okay, but I think to already have an idea about the song I want to write. I can't dance though, so I hope that's not a problem." He answered. He placed a hand on what seemed the other's arms and stroked it.

"Great! We can review it together, maybe. And don't worry about dancing, they'll understand." His hand moved higher and Yoongi's shirt was almost off practically. He noticed it and blushed, scooting closer to the younger.

"Mh, I hope so... What are you doing?" He asked, closing his eyes and breathing in when Hoseok moved his hand on his chest and brushed against his nipples.

"I'm just touching you. I mean, since you had a panick attack, last night, I wanted to, I don't know, maybe make you feel good. But if you don't want I'll stop." He spoke, truthfully.

Yoongi didn't hesitate and took his hand.
"Hoseok, of course you can touch me. I love it when you do it... Yes, it's crazy, because I've just met you in person. But I really... I really like you already and..." He didn't know how to explain what he was feeling, neither when Hoseok last touched him. It felt as if nothing existed in the world if not the two of them, his all being filled with excitement and joyfulness. He never felt like that before, with nobody, nor with Jimin. He was different; yes, he was his best friend, he felt happy everytime they were together and felt grateful to him for all that he had done for him. It was a found feeling, but only a deep friendship. Hoseok was different, he felt another kind of feeling with him. Was it... Love? Probably. Yoongi felt on love with Hoseok and it was crazy. But was Hoseok feeling the same? Was he in love you Yoongi? Or was he just using him, taking advantage of his blindness?

"I know right? I feel the same, I love it when you touch me and when I touch you. I would love to do that again, if you give me permission... And I think I like you too." He said, for then giggle again.

Yoongi smiled "You're not making fun of me or taking advantage right?" He asked, poking Hoseok's nose.

Hoseok's hand, again, went on his chest and stroked his tummy, for then go lower and under his jeans and boxers. He started to stroke him there. Yoongi's breathe hitched and he leaned towards Hoseok.

"W-why does it feel so good everytime?" He asked and whimpered when Hoseok pressed his thumb on the tip of it.

"Because you're gay and you like me. You also love my touch so it makes everything better". He said and giggled once again. Yoongi could never get tired of it. He felt his hand go up and down his member, slowly and teasingly. Yoongi moaned and clenched Hoseok's shirt. Hoseok pushed him on his back and went on top of him. He took his hand away and took his shirt off, as well with his jeans. He started to tease Yoongi's nipples with his tongue, sucking on them, while he slowly pressed his hand on Yoongi's boxers, the other hand squeezing his ass. Yoongi was a panting and whimpering mess already, pleading for Hoseok to make him cum. And Hoseok enjoyed it. He got away from his chest and went between his legs, mouthing to through the fabric of his underwear, while keening his hands in Yoongi's soft thighs. This latest gasped and moaned a little louder, layed back down.

"Please..." He begged and Hoseok agreed, pulling away and taking off his boxers. He took the first part into his mouth and started to suck, also pressing his tongue on the top. Yoongi's legs jerked and he moaned a bit louder, his hands making his way through Hoseok's hair. This latest went lower, taking him all, his tongue swirling around it. Yoongi bucked his hips up and down, feeling close, but Hoseok stopped his movements with a tight grip on his right hip, his other hand going up his chest and squeezing one of his nipples.

Yoongi begged and moaned all the time, arching his back. In the end, he came into Hoseok's mouth, his own mouth falling opened, back arched up and his hands tightened in the younger's hair. Hoseok pulled away and Yoongi heard him licking his own lips "That was good. You taste good." He stated and laughed. Yoongi laughed too and blushed, covering his own mouth. "You weren't bad, but it was my first time, it took me by surprise..." He told the younger and sat up, taking his own clothes, about to dress back up.

"It was my first time doing a blow job and actually I slightly choked in the start, but it felt good. And, don't dressed back up... Can you help me, maybe?" He asked, holding Yoongi's hand.

Yoongi blushed again and smiled. "Sure I will, Hobi." He answered and cracked over Hoseok guided by him. He placed a hand on his chest and felt him up. Then he went lower and studied the position they were in, before placing a hand on Hoseok's protuberance in between his legs, pressing on it, causing Hoseok to moan and jerk his hips up.

"Y-Yoongi, can you get in your knees? I-I mean, I can sit in the bed but maybe you can kneel I'm front of me..." He explained and Yoongi noticed a bit of embarrassment in Hoseok's voice, which made him smile wider. He kissed the younger once again, moving his lips slowly but deeply, taking his hand off Hoseok's bulge.

"Okay, I'll do it just for you... But, I don't know if I can take it in my mouth, I mean, I don't want to choke like you did." He answered truthfully, rubbing the back of his head.

Hoseok placed a hand on his head and stroked his hair softly "Don't worry, I think it's normal to choke the first time. But if you don't want to, you can just make me a handjob." He told Yoongi.

The older smiled softly, Hoseok was so comprensive and kind, it made Yoongi's heart melt. He took off Hoseok's boxers and took his length in his hand, for then go up and down slowly, tpreesi g his thumb on the top. "How can you be so big?" He asked, pouting a little.

Hoseok whimpered and chuckled a little. "Hyung, I'm just one inch bigger than you, it's not that much". He stated but moaned again when Yoongi fastened his pace.

"Yes but still... Ah, you're perfect, I shouldn't question myself". Yoongi answered and went faster, making Hoseok buck his hips up.

Then, someone knocked to the door. "Hobi! Taehyung and Jimin are having a discussion again, can you come here and help me with them?" Jungkook asked to the other side of the door.

But Hoseok was close and he didn't want to ruin the mood he and Yoongi created. And he had to come. Yoongi didn't stop moving his hand, instead went faster. Hoseok tried to talk, swallowing his moans.

"Y-yeah, I'll be right there! J-just give me a second!" He shouted and placed his forehead on Yoongi's shoulder, moaning lowly. "Yoongi so close". He whispered and Yoongi nodded, his other hand making its way under Hoseok's shirt and squeezed his nipple. Hoseok jerked and after a while came, spilling on his own shirt and Yoongi's hand, he felt. Hoseok composed himself after that and calmed his own breathe. Yoongi heard some movements, so Hoseok was probably taking off his shirt off and Yoongi heard him take a tissue, cleaning Yoongi's hand and his own length too. He heard some fumbling, so Hoseok was maybe putting on his boxers and another shirt, before getting Yoongi's clothes and put them back on him.

"If you want you can take a shower, but now I really have to go to those two." He said and was about to exit when Yoongi took his hand and intertwined their fingers.
"No, I'm coming with you. I don't understand why Jimin and Taehyung are fighting though..."

"They fought yesterday, after you had that panick attack." He explained.

Yoongi widenend his eyes and pouted sadly. He felt Hoseok's hand on his cheeks, stroking his cheekbones.
"Yoongi, darling, it's not your fault okay? Jimin admitted to love Taehyung and-"

"What?! Are you serious?! Jimin never told me!" He exclaimed, getting angry. He went I've the door and rushed out. But without his cane and without knowing the house perfectly, he ended up bumping into a chair that was close there and hurt his knee. He groaned in pain and Hoseok rushed for him.

"Yoongi, are you okay? You know you can't go around without your stick or someone guiding you!" Hoseok exclaimed, helping Yoongi through the hallway. They went to the kitchen and found Taehyung and Jimin yelling to each other (not like the night prior though).

"I'm annoying?! Do you hear yourself when you talk?!" Jimin shouted.

"Stop saying bullshit then, okay?! You didn't meet Yoongi before me, he never told me that!" Taehyung shouted back.

"You only think about yourself, don't you?! Maybe Yoongi didn't even want to tell you, but okay! Yoongi, we're going back home, now!" Jimin shouted again and Yoongi felt his hand being grabbed.

"J-Jimin wait! What the fuck? Are you and Taehyung seriously fighting over whibmet me first? And what about you who didn't tell me you had a crush on Taehyung since, umh, lemme think, since ever?! Now I'm mad, you could tell me!" Yoongi rose his voice and everyone was silent. Yoongi wasn't used to rise his voice, neither with Jimin.

"Taehyung, Jimin met me the day the tragedy happened, when you were out with your parents, remember? I was in the park and met him. So, I met both practically the same time. Now, you two are making peace while I eat my breakfast with Hoseok. Then, me and Jimin can go away. Clear?" He stated and with Hoseok's help sat at the table. Hoseok sat next to him, without leaving his hand.

Jimin and Taehyung apologized to each other and hugged, as Hoseok told Yoongi.

After breakfast, Yoongi and Jimin went to the door.
"Thanks for the hospitality guys, I loved the time here. And Hoseok, maybe we can meet again to prescribe for my audition, I would love to." He said and smiled. Hoseok hugged him tightly and Yoongi hugged him back.
"Sure I will Yoongi. What about today already?" Hoseok asked.

"It's alright! Do you want to come to my studio? Jimin will give you the address." He said and Jimin answered with a yes.
"Now we have to go. Bye Jungkook, it was nice to meet you! Bye Tae, it was wonderful to meet you again! Bye Hobi, see ya this afternoon!" He said and kissed Hoseok's cheek, before going away with Jimin.


Author's POV

Hoseok and Yoongi saw each other everyday, before the audition, over Yoongi's studio or over Hoseok's. They worked on the piece Yoongi was going to perform, also practicing with the piano. Hoseok was shocked, he had never thought someone blind could play an instrument. That made his admiration for Yoongi grow bigger, meanwhile Yoongi was enjoying Hoseok's help. He had never thought that his crush and idol would ever help him to debut in the music industry. He felt in debt with him.

When the so waited day arrived, Yoongi entered the agency followed by Jimin. He went to the waiting room, where other people were as well. Jimin would wait for him out of there, so Yoongi was alone in a room with unknown people.

After a while, he was the only one remained into the room, not a single voice echoing in there.

"Min Yoongi, you're the last one. Please follow me". A person said as they entered and Yoongi stood up, following them.

He entered a room and they helped him to position so he was facing opposite the judges.
"Hello, you should be Min Yoongi right? Welcome to BigHit entertainment. You can start your audition. The piano it's on your left." One of them told him.

Yoongi bowed and then walked to his right, his stick finding a stool where he sat on. He started with feeling up the piano keys in front of him. He then played it, even if he was nervous and his hands were shaking. He started to play it as if his life depended on it. After the intro, he started to rap while playing it.

When it all ended, he stood up and went back in front of the judges, who were applauding.
"That was really good, will make you know the results soon. Now, go and wait with the others." One of them said and Yoongi thanked them, before bowing again and getting out with some help.

Outside, he felt a pair of arms around him, hugging him. "Hyung, how did it go?" Jimin asked, excitedly.

"It went well, but I made some mistakes sometimes, you know, I was really nervous. I hope they'll take me in". He explained.

They waited like thirty minutes, until someone came inside the room "Well, now I'll say the names of who we're taking in our agency." The person announced and Yoongi heard fumbling with a paper. The man read 2 different names and since they were taking maximum three people, Yoongi was about to lose hope.

"... Min Yoongi. Those that are in, we wait you to practice room everyday, from 8PM to 21PM. For Min Yoongi, you can get ecceptions when you need it, for your disability. That's all, thanks for coming."

Yoongi started to jump around with Jimin and they hugged each other tightly.
"I know you could make it, you're the best Hyung!" Jimin said and kissed Yoongi's cheek. Yoongi was smiling brightly, he didn't feel that happy in a while.

After the audition, they met with Hoseok, Jungkook and Taehyung over Yoongi and Jimin's house, drinking to celebrate the achievement. "Hyung, I have a surprise for you. I hope you'll like it, I bought it to celebrate your victory, I was sure you would enter the agency." Hoseok spoke and fumbled with his hands in the pocket of his coat. "What is it?" Yoongi asked, a smile on his face.

"It's a cellphone, more precisely one for blind people. It will register your voice and unlock, call and save people's numbers with it. It costed a lot since it's only of the latest technology, but since I'm famous, you know, it wasn't too hard. And I never spend much money bc I don't know ow what to do with them, so for once I'm proud to have used them for a right cause." He explained as he handed the phone into Yoongi's hands.

Yoongi was about to cry with happiness. He registered his voice and asked for everyone's numbers.
"Now I'll be able to call all of you... I'm so happy!" He revealed. He was so happy, he couldn't imagine anything bad happening.

But, honestly, he wasn't that lucky.

Chapter Text

Jimin's POV

Two weeks after Yoongi entered the agency, Jimin always had to bring him there with his car, for then go to dance practices. Sometimes Yoongi spent the night there too, in the practice room. Jimin understood that he was very passionate about it, but he missed him.

And things for Jimin weren't going the best. And everything cause of one person, Taehyung. Jimin made him promise, that time he and Yoongi gave that party for Yoongi's success with the audition, that they would chat and call at least 2 times a day.

But it didn't happen. It seemed like Taehyung didn't even care to answer the thousands messages Jimin sent him or the missed calls Jimin made, waiting in vane to hear the other's deep voice. He always ended up crying.

It was crazy how Jimin's love for Taehyung grew up that fast, after meeting at Hoseok's house, after a long time. He always watched Taehyung's cocnert in TV and he was captured by his velvet deep voice and mesmerizing looks, stage after stage. He asked if he could be one of his backup dancers, but he got refused. So he gave up on that, but never on his love.

And now, that they had the possibility to even meet, it seemed like they've never knew each other. When Jimin asked to meet, those rare times Taehyung answered the messages, he said he was occupied with practice or was with Jungkook. Jimin believed that he was occupied with practice often, but not that he was with Jungkook. Of course he knew they were a duo, but he stalked Taehyung on his Instagram and he saw him with other people other than Jungkook, out, in stores or anywhere else but the practice room.

Sometimes he didn't sleep, because he thought about him a lot, arriving late for practices too; his teacher said that if he always arrived late, they would kick him out. He couldn't permit that Taehyung influenced his life like that, he had to to something.

At that point, he decided to exclude Taehyung away from his life and he would do it in front of this latest, so he could see with his eyes how hurt he left him.

Jimin didn't say a single word about that to Yoongi, since this latter was always concentrated on his work and had other appointments to the hospital. He didn't open up to the doctor anyway, it didn't matter how much he tried. That of course made Jimin more worried, because he noticed how Yoongi was closing into himself. Only when he was with Hoseok he was himself and opened up. Maybe Jimin was jealous of that, because he couldn't make Yoongi smile like before. Jimin was tired to pay for the useless visits, for food, for clothes, for bills. At least Yoongi was getting payed now, but it wasn't enough anyway. Jimin even thought about send him to live with Hoseok, they always met each other in the agency anyway. Neither Yoongi and Jimin talked much.

Jimin felt lonely. The love of his life ignored him and his best friend, who he took care of, was too occupied with his new boyfriend. Actually they weren't together officially, but Jimin noticed how close they were. And they met only a month ago, cause of him. He didn't regret though, he loved to see Yoongi smile. But he was so tired of the situation.

Now, Jimin was driving to Taehyung's house, decided to end that all. He parked to the opposite part of the road and got off his car. He walked through the street, without looking. He didn't have the time for that, he was too concentrated on the situation.

Once he was there, he rang at the doorbell. After a while, the door opened and he was greeted with a smiling Taehyung, who's smile faltered when he saw the short boy in front of him.

"Jimin... What are you doing here?" He asked, looking around. "I'm waiting for a friend, so if you could move, I would be grateful."

Jimin looked him in the eyes and clenched his fists.
"Grateful? To me? For what? We didn't talk for weeks." He stated and pushed past Taehyung.

Once they were inside, Jimin stood to the counter, with arms crossed and mad eyes turned over Taehyung, who was in front of his door. He scratched his neck and looked away.
"I know. Sorry."

Jimin laughed, sarcastically obviously.
"You're sorry? Is that all you have to say? You promised we would call, that we would chat and see each other. But nothing. Two weeks and all you do it's lie to me! Because you're not always in the practice room or with Jungkook! Stop saying you're occupied!" He rose his voice, pointing a finger to him. He was close to break down.

Taehyung chewed his lower lip and looked down.
"You're right, I've lied to you. I'm sorry about that."

"You said we would try to be a couple, you said you would try to like me a little bit, at least. But it seems like I'm the only one who is investing everything in this relationship. What do you have to say?" He asked, getting closer to Taehyung.

The taller boy looked directly into Jimin's eyes and sighed. "Okay. I'll be true on this with you Jimin.
I can't get myself to love you. Of course I like you, but it can't go over the simple friendship, it seems. I'm sorry."

In that moment, it seemed like Jimin's world fell. His eyes started to get teary and tears were threatening to roll down his eyes. He made something he had never done before. He slapped Taehyung's cheek, leaving a red mark.

"You said you would try... you PROMISED you would try... next time don't make promises you can't keep! You played with my feelings, you asshole! I hate you!" He was practically yelling, his cheeks were then wet with big tears.

Taehyung was staring at him, with big widenend eyes. He placed a hand on his own cheek and didn't speak a word.

Jimin pushed him out of the way and opened the door, running out the house.

"Jimin wait!" Taehyung shouted after him, but Jimin didn't dare to turn around. He was walking to the sidewalk, rubbing his eyes angrily. He was exhausted, even of his feelings.

Why did he have to love someone that didn't love him back?

Taehyung was always closer, so Jimin hastened his steps and then walked on the street. But right in that moment, it was too late for Taehyung to even do something. Jimin didn't see the car arriving and one second before it hit him, he saw the lights. He got thrown on the bonnet of the car and then fell several meters away from it. He felt like he couldn't move anymore, but his heart was beating fast for the adrenaline. After a short time, he felt a piercing pain on his chest and to his left arm. He placed his right arm on the hurting point and started to cry again. He took his hand away and saw blood on it. Then he heard a voice, it seemed going always more far away, but then he saw a person, which could be the driver, holding his hair and calling someone and another one who seemed Taehyung. This latter got closer and was crying as well, pressing a hand on Jimin's chest. He groaned in pain and then everything went black again. The last thing he saw was Taehyung's crying face and his lips moving, as he probably was saying something but he couldn't understand.

"Taehyung I love you."

Chapter Text

Taehyung's POV

Jimin's visit made him disappointed, since he was waiting for a friend. But not surprised, as Taehyung remembered that they had to maintain contact, because they promised. But Taehyung broke it. When Jimin made his way into his house and asked him questions about why he didn't answer calls and messages and lied, he hesitated.

After they met again at Hoseok's house, Taehyung looked up on YouTube and Google, looking for informations about him. He watched videos of Jimin dancing, which captured the boy. Jimin's movements were like featherlight, flexible but dynamic and precises. And he also had a muscular body, which didn't go unnoticed by Taehyung.

At first, he thought of Jimin as a selfish and attention seeker, that played with people. But that time, when they slept over Hoseok's house, in the same room, he got to know him more. And also at that party he and Yoongi made for the latter's success at the audition. He understood that Jimin was a very caring person, he took care of others well, was kind and generous and also very charming. The complete opposite of the person he imagined in his head. He ended up liking him a little, at first, for slowly become something a bit stronger.

But he didn't absolutely want to fall in love with him.

He gave the fault to the fact Jimin took away Yoongi from him, but in reality, he was scared, scared to make a mistake and ruin everything, scared to be replaced by someone else.

Scared that Jimin would forget about him like Yoongi did.

He had always been a good actor, so he decided to lie to Jimin and tell him he couldn't get himself to like him. He tried to hide his feelings, he tried to convince himself that he wasn't falling for Jimin.

But when he saw the other's face, wet tears falling down his cheeks and the words that left his mouth 'I hate you', it hurt him deeply. After Jimin left the house, it got Taehyung several seconds before realizing what he had just done, how much he hurt the other boy for all that time. He understood that he had to be sincere with him and tell him the truth. And yes, he realized to have fallen in love with Jimin in a month, withouts even putting effort in the relationship.

He ran outside, trying to reach for Jimin. But everything slowed down, time as well. He stated as the car threw Jimin to the ground. He ran over him immediately and at first he didn't know what to do. But then he noticed the blood and he pressed a hand there, to stop the bleeding. He started to cry and called for Jimin's name.

But the boy already passed out.

He looked up at the driver, who was calling the ambulance. He was mad and when the man finished the call, he stood up and gripped the front of the man's shirt.

"Didn't you see him?! He was right in front of you! How could you! It's all your fault!" He was screaming, crying and wanted to punch the man; but he ended up kneeling on the ground, crying his eyes out. He perfectly knew it was his own fault, if he just had never hurt Jimin like that, nothing of that would have happened.

When the ambulance arrived, he followed them inside as they carried Jimin on a stretcher and started to work on stopping the hemorrhage. They tried to stop Taehyung from coming with them, but he was praying them insistently. They eventually gave up, but he had to let them do their job, without interrupting them with anything. Police arrived too, they were asking questions to the driver and Taehyung as well.

After a while they arrived to the hospital, but he had to wait in the waiting room. His shirt was dirty with blood, the same we're his hands. The room in which Jimin was had a red led on, above the door on the wall, signal it was urgent. And probably serious.

He started to cry again as he took his phone and scrolled through the rubrica. He wanted to call Jungkook, because he was his best friend. But instead, he pressed Yoongi's number, because he knew how much they cared for each other, they were like a family.

His phone dialed the number...

Yoongi's POV

I called Jimin three times already, but he didn't answer. I had to get home from the agency, but I couldn't go alone. So Hoseok offered to take me home. Once we were there, we got off the car and he helped me until the entry door.

"Jimin should be home now, but he didn't answer my calls..."

"Maybe he is in the bathroom? Or under the shower?" Hoseok asked, but Yoongi shook his head, frowning.

"No, he always takes his phone with him, even in the bathroom and when he takes a shower he puts the volume on maximum so, if I needs him, he can hear the phone." He answered and tasted his pockets, looking for his keys. When he found them, he opened the door and went inside. Silent. He didn't hear the usual chatting of the TV, he didn't hear Jimin humming to his favorite song while cooking, he didn't hear neither the shower going.

Yoongi called out Jimin's name, going from a part to the other of the house, stumbling in the stairs and hitting his legs or arms around, but he didn't care. He couldn't find Jimin anywhere.

Hoseok helped him to look for him as well, but he was nowhere to be found, neither after calling his dance teacher for asking him if the boy rested there to practice longer, receiving a no as an answer.

Yoongi sat back on the couch and gripped his own hair, Hoseok sat next to him, soothing his back.

"Hoseok, I'm so worried... Where is he?" He asked, he was close to cry and break down. He was scared Jimin left him. He knew he wasn't very present those 2 weeks, he often stayed at work overnight and Jimin probably felt alone and neglected.

"Yoongi, listen, I'm sure there's an explanation to this-" Hoseok spoke, when he got interrupted by Yoongi's phone ringing.

Yoongi took it and said 'answer the call' out loud.
"Hello? Who is it?" He asked. He hears soft crying coming from the other side of the phone and shuddering breathes, until the person spoke.

"Yoongi... J-Jimin is... I'm so sorry." It was Taehyung, who into started to cry harder.

Yoongi widened his eyes and pushed the tears that threatened to fall from his eyes back.
"T-Tae where are you?" He asked and held Hoseok's hand tightly.

"In the hospital... Please come here, Jimin is..." He cried again.

"Okay, we'll be there as soon as possible." He answered and the ended the call. He looked at Hoseok with juttering lips and hugged him.

"Taehyung is in the hospital, he said something happened to Jimin..." He told the younger and almost started to cry.

Hoseok cupped his cheeks and pecked his lips.
"Sh Yoongi, it's going to be okay. We're going there now." He answered and they walked out, in Hoseok's car.

Once they reached the hospital, they go inside and asked where they could find Park Jimin to a secretary. They walked in the operation aile of the hospital and in the waiting room, they met Taehyung, who stood up and went to hug them as he saw the approaching.

"Taehyung what happened? Where is Jimin?" Yoongi asked, a hand on Taehyung's cheek.

The youngest sniffled and sobbed some more, before they sat and he started to tell.

"J-Jimin came to me, telling me he couldn't keep up with the relationship anymore because I was never there and never answered his messages and calls. I told him that I tried to like him, but that it seemed like I couldn't love him. But it was a lie." He started to cry all over again. "H-he started to cry and to yell, saying that he hate me. Then he went out from my house and I tried to stop him, but he went through the street and then a car... H-he was on the ground, there was blood everywhere and I tried to stop his wound, but then he lost consciousness and I just- The driver called the ambulance and now he is recovered as urgent surgery. And it's all my fault." He said and placed his head in Yoongi's shoulders, crying his eyes out.

Yoongi hugged him and stirred to cry as well.
"It's not just your fault Tae... Lately I've been very busy and he surely felt unwanted. I know how Jimin works by now, he is very sensitive on these things. B-but he will survive, okay?" He said, trying to encourage Taehyung, but in reality he was as hopeless as the younger.

Yoongi and Taehyung fell asleep, Taehyung's head on Yoongi's shoulder and Yoongi's head in Taehyung's. After hours of waiting for something to happen, Hoseok shaked them, telling them a nurse had just arrived.

She started to speak: "Are you Kim Taehyung?" She asked and Yoongi lowered his head. Of course he knew Taehyung arrived there first, so they had to refer to him. But he felt a little jealous, after all, he was Jimin's best friend. He felt guilty as well.

"Yes, I am. How is Jimin's condition?" Taehyung asked. Yoongi heard him standing up.

"Park Jimin's surgery was very long, he got an arm broken, a rib pierced his right lung and he hit his head. Plus, he got some bruises and scratches, some of them deeper than others. We were able to close the hole in his lungs and repair his arm, but I'm sorry to announce this. He has got into a coma and we don't know when he'll be able to wake up again. I'm sorry." She announced.

In that moment, Yoongi felt as if a gun had just shoot him, his heart stopped for a moment. He cupped his mouth and started to cry all over again. He was shaking and sobbing loudly, he was having a panick attack. He heard Taehyung falling, maybe he kneeled down. He also heard him crying. Then, he felt a pair of arms around him, hugging him tightly. It was Hoseok.

"Hyung it's going to be okay. I'm sure Jimin will get through it and we'll see him dancing and smiling again. Please, have hope." He told the older, who only cried harder on Hoseok's shoulder.

At some point, Yoongi imagined in his head the figures of his parents, that night. He gave himself the fault for what had happened to them, even if he saw with his eyes how they died. And now he was scared Jimin would die too. If that happened, he wouldn't forgive himself.

"Yoongi, Taehyung, let's go home. Tae You have to wash yourself and... And all of us have to compose ourselves back, before we go crazy." He said, but Taehyung seemed to not want to go away. Netiher Yoongi though, they wanted to stay there.

So, Hoseok took their hands and after half an hour, he convinced them. They went to stay over Hoseok, because they couldn't bear to stay alone in their own houses, especially Yoongi.

Taehyung had washed away the blood, but he didn't feel any better. Yoongi tried to eat, but he didn't feel hungry. They ended up cuddling to Hoseok, on the couch, watching a film which they didn't follow the trama of. Jungkook arrived too, since Taehyung had called him and explained the situation. They cried together, all of them.

They fell asleep on the sofa, cuddling with each other, while their tears dried on their cheeks.

Chapter Text

Yoongi's POV

A week after Jimin's accident, Yoongi went to live in Hoseok's house and Jungkook was forced by Taehyung to live with him, because he couldn't get over the fact Jimin had got hit. He blamed himself, but so did Yoongi.

They blamed themselves because they didn't understand how Jimin was feeling at all, they minded their own business and left Jimin by himself, alone.

Yoongi wasn't over it either, instead, he cried almost every night, so Hoseok had to cuddle with him to make him sleep. But Yoongi started to get more nightmares, as if his mind was trying to make him remember about the tragedy. He didn't want to remember though, so everytime Hoseok asked him to tell about them, he stayed silent and avoided the subject, sometimes talking about something else.

The four of them always went to visit Jimin, to see if he would wake up. But nothing happened the first week, he didn't move neither a muscle.

That day, it was a cloudy Friday and nor Hoseok or Yoongi wanted to get up. They worked everyday, but that day they had to go to the Neurologist, like every month. Only, Jimin wasn't with him this time, he was with Hoseok.

It was the first time he walked through the hallways of the hospital with Hoseok holding his hand. It was silent, not like when he was with Jimin. The latter told him about his dance practices, or about those times where he met famous people and attended TV shows. He did that to make Yoongi feel less nervous and sometimes he made him laugh too.

But he had to admit that Hoseok's silence wasn't uncomfortable, it was he opposite. Holding his hand, while they were in the waiting room, made him feel protected.

"Min Yoongi, it's your turn." The doctor came out and called him. They stood up and walked inside.

"So, how is it going Yoongi? I've heard about Jimin...I'm sorry about him, but I'm sure he will wake up." Namjoon said, taking one of Yoongi's hands in his.

"Thank you, I hope so. And, actually, I've been sleep deprived lately and my nightmares just... They are even scarier and they seem always so real, as if I was there, into it." He explained and sighed, tightening his grip on Hoseok's hand, which he never let go off.

"Umh, I see. It's probably caused by Jimin's accident, it was a shock and with the trauma you already have, I think it's worsening. But these nightmares, which to you seem always more real... I think your subconscious it's trying to remember about what happened that night." He explained and Yoongi felt his own hand being smashed by Hoseok's. The older squeezed his hand and stroked the back of his hand soothingly, to call him.

"Now Yoongi, I will ask you to close your eyes and make an effort; you have to think about your nightmares and explain out loud every single detail; you may remember everything again. I know you can do it and if you do, we'll be able to help you even more with therapies." Namjoon held Yoongi's hand with both his own.

Yoongi took a long breathe and closed his eyes. He tried to resemble the place his nightmares where in and every details they had.

"I'm in the same place as my usual nightmare, into my wardrobe. My dad comes and opens the door, he tell me to stay inside and to not get out, whatever would happen. I obeyed and stayed there, until I heard screams coming from downstairs. I decided to exit my hiding place and silently walked downstairs. When I arrived to the kitchen, I saw blood on the ground and my mother had a knife in her hand. I backed and met the wall; my mom turned around but I couldn't see her face. At that point, I fell into the black and that's the end of my usual nightmare." Yoongi took a long breathe; he was shaking and felt tears threaten to fall at any moment. He felt a tight grip on both his hands, Hoseok and Namjoon were encouraging him to go on. He felt like revealing one of his most intimate secrets. He started to talk again.

"After that, I don't wake up as usual. Instead, in the dream, I landed on the ground and it was all black around me. Then, a feminine figure appeared, but I couldn't see her face, it was like a black hole..." He made a little pause.

"I'm scared, I can't move," Yoongi started to talk in first person, as if he was right into the dream.
"The person is coming over me... help..." He started to cry and felt a pair of arms around me, which I recognized as Hoseok's.

"Yoongi, I know it's hard, but can you make an effort? You have to recognize that figure. Is she your mother? Close your eyes." Namjoon spoke up and Yoongi took a shuttering breathe, before going on, doing as he was told.

"A-as I was saying, she was coming forward and she reached out one hand... She touched my head and stroked my hair. It might be mom?" He concentrated a lot, he was trying very hard in remembering how his mother's face was.

Then, at some point, he got a flash of her face. But he clearly remembered that and it made him open his eyes and cover his own face. "S-she is my mom... I'm sure about it... b-but there's a part of that dream where she is... she has half of her head smashed.." He mumbled
and sobbed. Namjoon took his hands, looking at him.

"Okay Yoongi, I'm going to ask you something. Now I'll give you something to sleep and you'll lay on the bed on this ambulatory. If you make the nightmare again, it for sure will show a frame with more details or other things. After you wake up, you'll have to tell us okay? Hoseok, you have to remain next to him as much as you can, alright?" He told them and then exited the room, probably going to take something to make Yoongi sleep.

Hoseok stood up and picked Yoongi up, for then sat them down, on what Yoongi thought was the bed. He surrounded Hoseok's neck and nuzzled on his cheek, for then leave a soft kiss on it.
"I'm sorry for making you worried with this mess". He said

"Yoongi, it's fine, it's not your fault. I'll stay next to you always." Hoseok answered, cupping Yoongi's face and placed a kiss full of love on his lips, which Yoongi returned. When they broke away, their forehead placed on each other's. Yoongi closed his eyes and hugged Hoseok, pushing them down.

When Namjoon came back, they were laying down together. The doctor coughed a little and the both of them sat up. Namjoon walked over the bed and took Yoongi's hand, giving him something.
"Drink this and then lay down."

After drank it all (it had a sweet taste), he layed down as he was told, cuddling next to Hoseok and after a while fell asleep.

He woke up screaming at crying, Hoseok hugging him immediately. Namjoon walked over them and together with Hoseok tried to call Yoongi down a bit, even if it didn't work well. Yoongi was panicking.

"I-I saw her! S-she was-". He was sobbing so loud and he felt his heart ache, his head hurting as well. Hoseok picked him up and placed him on his lap, hugging him and soothing his back.
"It's going to be okay Yoongi, it's okay, you're with me now." He mumbled with soft voice.

After a long while, Yoongi was finally calm and Hoseok let him sit on the bed again.

"Okay Yoongi, now I have to ask you what have you seen in that dream." Namjoon said, but Yoongi shaked his head, without speaking a word.

"Yoongi please. It's very important, we have to help you get through this." He said, but Yoongi shaked his head again and stood up.

"No, you already did enough. I will never get my sight back, anyway."

"Yoongi wait. I think you should really open up about this... I can't stand seeing you cry everyday, plus Jimin's situation isn't helping. Please." Hoseok said, taking his hand.

Yoongi sighed and sat back on the bed.
"Fine... In this dream, I could see my mother's face. She turned over me and then, suddenly, everything changed... I was running towards the door, going to the basement to hide from her. She was shouting after me, but I don't know what. But then, she bumped, I don't know how, and she fell down; a-also, she fell on me. The everything turned black again and I saw her body coming towards me again, it was a mess... She told me that it was my fault, I made her fall and-". He covered his mouth, he felt nauseous and was sweating cold. Namjoon quickly took a bucket that was under the bed and Yoongi puked into it. Hoseok soothed his back again.

"Don't worry Hoseok, it's a nervous reaction. It probably was too much... This is all for today, thank you for telling me this and opening up. We'll see next month, always in Friday." Namjoon said and when Yoongi was done and felt better, they left the ambulatory.

They stopped to the bathroom first, Yoongi wantes to wash his mouth. After that, they went out from the hospital. Yoongi was silent all the way out and Hoseok was as well, even if they were holding hands.

But then, in few minutes, Yoongi heard a shit being taken by a camera. And after that one, many others, together with people talking. Hoseok surrounded his back and held him right

They forgot to mask their identities.

"J-Hope it's here! And who is he? A new trainee?" Someone asked.

"Maybe he is his boyfriend! Oh my God, is J-Hope gay?!" Someone else said.

For Yoongi, those were too many questions already and when he tugged on Hoseok's sleeve, he felt his hand being taken and they both walked fast to Hoseok's car.

They drove home, even if with a little bit of difficulty because people were following them in the start. But once they entered home, there were no more people screaming, no more cameras on their faces. No more telling about nightmares and doctors to force you to. Yoongi sat on the couch immediately, doing nothing. Hoseok sat next to him, surrounding his shoulders again, before pulling him down, his head on his lap. The younger stroked his hair.

"I'm sorry Hoseok... Sorry for being such a burden to you. Now people will think we are together, like boyfriends...". Yoongi said.

"What? Yoongi it's not your fault, it's just me who just should've wear a mask and a cap. And, if I can be honest, I wouldn't mind if they considered you my boyfriend..." He answered, stroking Yoongi's hair.

Yoongi blushed abruptly and turned his head away, hiding it in Hoseok's shirt. "R-really?"

Hoseok chuckled and bent down, placing a kiss on Yoongi's cheek. "Yes... But, we aren't so it wouldn't have sense right? Haha, I'm going to tell the truth in Twitter later, if we see any false news spreading". He said.

Yoongi frowned after hearing that and sat up.
"So, you think I couldn't be your boyfriend, but you like the idea of others think about us as a couple?" He asked and crossed his arms.

Hoseok took his hands "No, that's not what I meant, I just said that we aren't officially boyfriends..."

Yoongi's frown grew wider and he stood up. He felt... Hurt. He had told Hoseok that he liked him and vice versa, but evidently Hoseok didn't feel more, like Yoongi did. Of course it wasn't that way, why did Yoongi even think about that?

"S-so you don't like me? You just like my body?" He asked, his voice starting to tremble a little. He heard Hoseok stand up and engulf him in an hug, but Yoongi pushed him away slightly.

"No, it's not like that! Yoongi, I told you like you, a lot before! And yes, I like your body but... But it's not than just your body, trust me". He said, seeming exasperated.

"Then why aren't we boyfriends already? It has no sense!" He raised his voice volume.

"Because you never asked me and... And people wouldn't accept it and maybe we aren't so in love... A-and you're blind, you never saw me, how do you know you like me?" Hoseok said, but made small pauses in between sentences, as if he was thinking about what to say.

Yoongi's heart was aching, he couldn't believe what he was saying. He tried to keep back tears, but it was hard. He felt like shit.
"And what about me being blind now? You said you didn't care about it, that you liked me for what I am... I've never asked you because I thought you didn't want to be that with me and we're so busy we don't have the time to talk about that... And I don't care if people won't accept it, I just..." He was crying again, rubbing his eyes harshly.

No answer.

"Y-you must think I'm pathetic right? How much I crave your touch and your presence it's scary, but I can't help it. Hoseok I love you. I-if you don't feel the same then just leave m-" Hoseok hugged him suddenly, roaming a hand through his hair. Yoongi tried to push him away, but the younger only tightened the hug. Yoongi cried in his shoulder, hugging him back.

"I-I feel the same way Yoongi... I'm sorry for what I've said, it was bullshit. It's only that... I'm scared. I'm scared that something might happen. But maybe I shouldn't, because you're loyal and trustworthy. And sweet and kind." He said and Yoongi moved his head up, looking at him.

Then, he felt a pair of lips on his, which kissed him softly. He returned it and backed step by step, because Hoseok was moving forwards as well. They reached Hoseok's room and bed, where the younger pushed Yoongi on, without stopping the heated kiss.

When they broke away, cause of the lack of air, Hoseok lips were placed on Yoongi's neck, placing soft kisses and sucked hickeys. Yoongi felt so good, but something was missing.

"Yoongi, do you want to... Make love with me?" Hoseok asked, sounding shy. Yoongi blushed and bit his lower lip. He was ready, he wanted to give himself to Hoseok, but... He wanted to see Hoseok while doing it. He wanted to see his face, see his body. He wanted to look him in the eyes and tell him how much he loved him.

"Hoseok... Tell me you love me first." He said, gnawing on his lower lip.

He heard Hoseok take a long breathe, before feel his lips on his own again.

"I love you, Yoongi."

Chapter Text

Yoongi's POV

..."I love you, Yoongi."

Yoongi's eyes got teary, he waited so much time to hear those words from him.

"I love you too, Hoseok... So much." He answered and felt Hoseok's lips on his again, kissing him deeply. The kiss became more passionate with time passing, Hoseok's hands roaming on Yoongi's body, from under his shirt to his covered thighs, which he squeezed. But Yoongi, for how much he desired to make love with him, at the same time, he didn't want to. He wanted to see Hoseok through it all.

While he was thinking about it, Hoseok already moved his shirt up and worked on his neck with his mouth, teeth and tongue. Yoongi couldn't help but moan, which took him back to reality. Hoseok's hands moved from his waists to his hips, where he started to take off his jeans.

"Hoseok..." He called him out, but lowly. It looked like Hoseok was too into it, because he didn't answer and moved his lips on his chest.

"Hoseok!" He almost took off Yoongi's boxers, if it wasn't for how loud Yoongi had called him. He stopped in his tracks.

"Sorry! D-did I do something wrong?" He asked, worry in his voice.

Yoongi placed a hand on his chest and pushed him away a little, for then sit up with legs crossed.
"Hobi, I really want to do this with you, I feel like you're the right person... But..." He hesitated. He knew that it could hurt him, but he learnt to not keep his thoughts for himself, at that point.

"But?" He asked, seeming impatient almost.

"But we can't. I-I want to see you. I want to look at you, your face, your body... Look into your eyes and tell you how much I love your smile and how much I love you. I want to watch movies with you, watch you while you dance in the practice room. Stroke your hair when you fall asleep on my lap, cook for you, drive you to work. Just ordinary things. Ordinary things that would be fantastic to do together with you... If I could see." He told him, his own heart beating faster now that his thoughts were out of his mind, free to be accepted or not by Hoseok.

He waited for a bit, but he didn't hear anything from Hoseok. He didn't even feel him getting up, so he was still there. Right?
"Hoseok?" He asked and started to move his hands forward, touching Hoseok's shoulder. He slowly cupped Hoseok's face when he found it.

"Yoongi, I'm really sorry... But I don't think you'll get your sight back. So, why waiting for it? Yoongi, you should just accept how you are. I mean, it's okay if you can't see me, it's okay if you can't watch me dancing and it's okay if you can't look into my eyes. I do and you can trust me on that. You can trust me in general, you know?" He said, his voice seemed nervous.

Yoongi opened his mouth to answer, but he didn't know how. He had just made his hopes fade away. He had always had hope, mostly because Jimin kept telling him that one day he would get his sight back and that they would find a way, together. That was why he loved Jimin and right then he missed him. And now, that he wasn't there, he hoped that Hoseok could understand and support him. But it seemed like he didn't care. He sounded almost selfish.

"Okay. Sorry for having a little bit of hope. Now you made me lose it, thanks. I thought you were my hope, but... Hoseok, you don't understand. Jimin understood me, always, he said I will take my sight back and that he will help me to find a way. But you just... It seems like you hate the fact that I might see again. Why? You said you love me right? Then show me. Show me you love me and that those weren't just words you said to make me feel better." He said, rising his voice. He had a lamp in his throat, he wanted to cry again. When he saw the lack of an answer, he took his jeans, wore them back on and stood up, putting his hand forward to see where the door was. Then he went to the bathroom, stumbling a little, and closed himself in there. He started to cry and went into the bathtub, sitting there. Hoseok didn't even follow him, he didn't say sorry. Yoongi was right then, Hoseok didn't care. Maybe he didn't even care about his personality, maybe he just wanted his body. He felt like a total idiot.

He wanted to go back home, he wanted to see his best friend again.

Hoseok's POV

He didn't mean to say all that. It just slipped out of his mouth, because of his insecurities and worries. At first, hearing Yoongi saying that he wanted to get his sight back, it made him happy. But then, he started to wonder. What if Yoongi would hate his physical aspect? What if he found his smile annoying? He was so scared, that he said those things to make Yoongi change idea, yes, but also to tell him that it wasn't sure he would get his sight back and that it was better don't have too many high hopes, or he would remained disappointed and upset. But it turned out that Yoongi really didn't like what Hoseok thought. Hoseok felt guilty about it and wanted to tell Yoongi that he really loved him, and that it wasn't just something he said to make him happy. But he was scared, so he just didn't answer. He wanted Yoongi for himself, but maybe he was too selfish. He didn't consider Yoongi's feeling much and it was wrong, he knew it.

He lay down and hugged his pillow. Did Yoongi even thought about the fact that Hoseok could be insecure? He knew it, so he could perfectly think about that. But he didn't. He got sad, did Yoongi even understand him? It always seemed like it was always about Yoongi, but he was suffering too, in other ways. He wanted to cry, he felt gloom. But instead, he stood up and walked to the bathroom. He tried to open the door, but it was locked.

"Yoongi! Open up!" He said, but nobody answered. He sighed, maybe he wanted to be left alone. But Hoseok hated the thought of that too. He wanted to stay with Yoongi all the time. He called him out again, but then his phone rang. He took it from his back pocket and noticed it was a call from Taehyung.

"Yes Tae?"

"Hyung! Jimin! Oh my God, where is Yoongi? Please come to the hospital immediately!" He said, fast and with emotion in his voice.

Hoseok was about to answer, but Taehyung hang up already. He had to tell Yoongi, absolutely. He knew how much Yoongi cared about him, and it made Hoseok jealous; he hated to see Yoongi sad, mostly if it was his own fault. So he banged to the door.

"Yoongi!! Taehyung said that we have to go to the hospital, it looks like something happened to Jimin!!" He shouted.

The door unlocked and Yoongi came out. He had red puffy eyes and stained cheeks. He probably cried a lot.

"What are we waiting for? Let's go." He said, sounding cold. It hurt Hoseok a little. But they would talk about that later.

When they were ready, they went in the car and left for the hospital, again. Once they were there, they put on caps and sunglasses, to not be recognized again and be followed by fans. They walked to the room Jimin was in and knocked, for the open up. Taehyung and Jungkook were in there, sitting next to the bed. Taehyung was holding Jimin's hand.

"Yoongi, Hoseok! Come here, Jimin moved a little, he is giving signs!" He exclaimed. Yoongi didn't lose time and walked over there with his stick. When he found a free chair, he sat on it and placed a hand on Jimin's cheek, stroking it.

"We're not going away until he wakes up, okay?" He stated. He was being cold again.

Hoseok took a chair and sat there too, next to Yoongi. He was feeling upset, why did Yoongi act so cold? Okay, he said things that maybe he didn't have to say, but he said what was true for him. It was practically impossible for Yoongi to get his sight back, so, why waiting for that and then make love? Maybe he wasn't being optimist as usual, but he was just stating facts. Or maybe he really wanted to deepen his relationship with Yoongi and so he was being too needy. He needed to apologize to Yoongi anyway, he hurt him and he hated that.

"Yoongi, can we talk?" He asked, slowly placing his hand in Yoongi's. But the older swatted it away.

"Maybe later Hoseok..." He answered, sounding distant. Hoseok really fucked up. He was about to leave, when he saw Jimin's face moving. Yoongi and Taehyung gasped, Yoongi's hands moving through his face slowly. Jimin's face moved again, his eyebrows and lips. He seemed to want to say something but he couldn't.

"Jimin I'm here, we're here. Please wake up." He said and sighed heavily. Jimin didn't move anymore tho.

After a while, waiting for some other sign that didn't came, Hoseok stood up.
"Yoongi, he won't wake up". He said and placed a hand on his shoulder.

Yoongi stood up suddenly and turned around.
"Can you stop making me lose my hopes for everything?! Why are you so mean?! If you hate me, just say so instead of lying about your feelings! I want you to tell me the truth, not to ruin everything because you're a coward." He said and started to cry for the thousand time that day, sitting back on the chair.

"Hyung calm down". Jungkook said, placing a hand on his shoulder. Yoongi turned his head away.

Hoseok, to the other hand, felt like shit. Yoongi was right, he wasn't being sincere with his thoughts and feeling. He lied to Yoongi about them. He was right, he was a coward. But Hoseok felt more hurt now.
"I'm sorry Yoongi... I didn't mean to do that. I don't hate you, I already told you I love you remember? I wasn't lying about that. But yes, I haven't been honest with my feelings. I promise I'll tell you the truth from now on, always, o-okay?" He started to sob and felt tears roll down his cheeks suddenly.

"I'll wait for you in the car." He said and turned around, walking out from Jimin's room, going outside. He quickly walked to the parking lot and opened his car, getting inside. He cried his eyes out in there. He didn't deserve Yoongi.

Yoongi's POV

He wanted to stop Hoseok from going away, but he couldn't. He couldn't because he was mad at him, but also realized that he hurt him, being mean. He knew Hoseok wasn't the type to let his feeling out also because he was always smiling. He always wore a facade, he knew it because he told him so when they met. He turned away, crying. He didn't know what to do, he needed an advice from Jimin, but he couldn't.

"Hyung, hey, we're here". Taehyung said, taking his hand. "You should go and talk to Hoseok, you know that right? You can't keep avoiding and arguing. You have to sort this out. We can bring you to Hoseok car, we have to go away now too." He explained.

Yoongi simply nodded and stood up. Then, after placing a kiss on Jimin's forehead, he, Taehyung and Jungkook exited. Though Yoongi noticed, by how Taehyung was holding his hand, that he was hesitating; it looked like he didn't want to leave Jimin side. Yoongi understood, but they had to go away.

When they reached Hoseok's car, Taehyung knocked at the door and Hoseok opened up. Yoongi went inside, sitting in the passenger seat. Taehyung and Jungkook both went away, after saying goodbye to them. Hoseok started the car and then they drove home. It was silent, none of them daring to talk.

Once they arrived home and got inside, they sat on the couch. Yoongi wanted to talk to him, but his pride told him to that Hoseok had to talk first.

"We have to talk". They said, at the same time. They giggled and tried again.

"I'm sorry for what I've said." They said, once again, together at the same time. They laughed and Yoongi felt Hoseok's hand on his thigh.

"Okay, I go first," Hoseok started. "I wanted to say that I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that, it was mean. And I promise that I will always tell you how I feel about stuff, okay?" He said and Yoongi nodded.

"Thank you... I wanted to say that I'm sorry, because I've been acting mean and a little rude too. It's only that, you know, I really want to get my sight back... But I also understood that maybe I should give that time and that I shouldn't wait to do something I want to do, with the person I love the most, only because I have 1% possibilities to get my sight back." He said and took Hoseok's hand in his.

"Yoongi, I promise I will always stay by your side and that I'll help you how I can to get your sight back. After all, I love you and I want to see you happy..." He said and Yoongi noticed the shyness in his voice.

He hugged Hoseok and he hugged Yoongi back. They were happy again, finally.
"Now it's late though, we should eat something, don't you think so? I'll cook for you." Hoseok said and pecked Yoongi's lips.

Yoongi nodded and smiled. After they had dinner, they rested on the couch, Yoongi lying on Hoseok's lap.

"Maybe, now that we're okay, we could... Get back to where we had stopped...".

Chapter Text

Author's POV

"Maybe, now that we're okay, we could... Get back to where we had stopped...".

Yoongi whispered, roaming a hand up Hoseok's chest, under his shirt.

Hoseok's breath hitched. He was going to accept what Yoongi desired, since he wanted to be able to look at Hoseok. But when Yoongi smirked and sat on his lap, surrounding his neck with his arms, he couldn't resist anymore. "What? I thought you wanted to do something with me..." Yoongi said and brushed his lips on Hoseok's. The younger placed his hands on Yoongi's waists in return and picked him up, going to their bedroom. Hoseok layed a smiling Yoongi on the bed, he couldn't stop giggling, which was the most adorable thing to Hoseok. They started to kiss with passion, but not too fast. They were taking their time, like it was right.

Hoseok took off Yoongi's shirt and kissed his neck, while Yoongi wrapped his arms around his neck, again, and took off his shirt too. He moaned as Hoseok's lips started to play around his nipples.

"H-Hoseok, promise to not tease". He said and Hoseok chuckled. "No baby, I won't~".

That pet name made Yoongi shiver. It felt intimate. Hoseok then took off his jeans and boxers, slowly, which made Yoongi even more impatient. After that, the younger roamed his hands through all Yoongi's body, touching every single part of it; apart from his member, which was screaming for attention. Yes, he was teasing. Hoseok stopped his hands on Yoongi's thighs and kissed his soft skin, also sucking it. Yoongi couldn't have felt better. He let out moans and small whines and gripped the sheets.

"Y-you said you wouldn't tease..." He mumbled and Hoseok pecked his lips.

"I'm not teasing, infact. I'm just going slow, looking for each of your sensitive spots. And I want you to feel good, to feel loved. I'm giving all of me to you right now." Hoseok said, he was being honest.

Yoongi's chest filled with bubbles and his heart beat even faster. Then he heard some movements and an unzipping sound; Hoseok was taking his jeans off.
"Can you hold my hand... For all the time?" He asked, his cheeks burning. Then, he felt Hoseok's soft palm on his own, holding it tightly and intertwined their fingers.

He kept kissing Yoongi's chest, giving particular attention to his nipples. Yoongi arched his back and moaned, it always felt good when Hoseok did that. Then he placed soft kisses down Yoongi's chest and sucked a hickey on his pubis, which made his length twist and let out a loud moan.

"You're so cute Yoongi, adorable." He complimented and Yoongi felt his face burning up again.

"You are too Hobi, but please, move on." He said, growing impatient.

Hoseok giggled and agreed by spreading his thighs, opening his legs with one hand. Yoongi felt exposed, but he trusted Hoseok. He then heard the younger moving over the drawer and opened it, taking something from there which made a crackling noise. He tightened his boyfriend's hand more, but then he left his and he frowned.

"Don't worry, I've just taken a condom and a bottle of lube. I'll be very gentle, tell me if I hurt you." He said and Yoongi heard the sound of a bottle opening and being squeezed. Then he felt Hoseok's lips on his thighs again, sucking. It aroused him even more and he whined. Hoseok laughed and overed him, for then kiss him on the lips. Yoongi cupped the back of his head and pulled him in for a rough kiss, all tongue and teeth and spit. But it felt great anyway, because they were putting all their love into it.

Hoseok pulled away then and opened up his own legs too, going in between Yoongi's. He took Yoongi's hand again in his.
"I-I'm going to prepare you now, okay? Keep talking to me, I need to know if it hurts you." He said and Yoongi nodded.

Then, the older felt a cold jelly substance on his rim, which made him gasp and almost close his legs, if it wasn't for Hoseok's legs between his, keeping them opened. He entered with one finger, just with the first digit. It felt weird.
"It feels weird... But you can go on". He told Hoseok, the latter going a bit deeper inside.

When his first finger was completely inside, Yoongi hissed a little and clenched Hoseok's hand.
"I-It burns". Yoongi said, biting his lower lip and pushing Hoseok's finger out.

"I'm sorry, I-I'll be more careful, I promise." Hoseok said, sounding worried.

"Don't apologize, it's okay. Go on." Yoongi said, more convinced than before. He clenched the sheets with his other hand and let Hoseok put his finger inside again. He slowly went in and out with only one finger.

After a while, he added the third one and Yoongi felt it brushing against something. He gasped again and let out a whine, jerking his hips up. He felt a buzz of excitement through his body.
"Do it again!" He said, moving his hips back into his fingers.

"O-okay, I will." Hoseok mumbled, for then go even deeper, brushing against that spot again. And again, until he scratched it. Yoongi was going crazy, he was moaning and squirming around.

"Oh God, so good-- Hoseok please". He was begging, yes, because he couldn't wait to be fucked.

Hoseok smirked and pulled his fingers out, which made Yoongi whine because of the absence of pleasure.

"I'm going to wear the condom now, wait a little bit more, mh?" He said, kissing Yoongi's cheek, before taking the condom.
But before he could wear it, Yoongi sat up and took it away from his hand. He slowly put it on Hoseok, the latter whimpering because of the slight friction he felt.

After that, he pushed Yoongi back down and took both his hands, intertwining their fingers. He positioned between Yoongi's opened legs and look at Yoongi one last time.

"Baby, I'm about to go inside. Are you ready?" He asked.

Yoongi answered with a nod of his head and a smile. Afterwards, Hoseok slowly pushed inside of him, looking for Yoongi's reaction.

The older worried his teeth over his lower lip and leaned his head back, closing his eyes.
Hoseok bent over him and sucked on his neck, biting the bruised skin as well, while going deeper, until he was fully inside.
He gave Yoongi time to adjust, before starting to move, in and out, in a slow pace.
Yoongi squeezed Hoseok's hands and whimpered. He frowned, opening his legs more.

"H-Hoseok, it feels weird but good... Can you go faster?" He asked, whimpering again.

Hoseok did as he was told, fastening his pace. He moaned too, feeling close already. Yoongi was very tight and it felt too good.

The older moaned and then wrapped his arms around his neck, tightening his hair. Hoseok hugged him too, kissing his cheek and neck.

They were moving together, Hoseok thrusting inside of Yoongi gently, while the older moved himself back into the pushes. Even of Yoongi couldn't see him, he could feel the love Hoseok put into his movements and gestures, through the touches and the sounds he made. They were perfect, they completed each other. They were making love and it was the best mentioned they had ever had.

After a while, both of them came. Yoongi was shaken by his orgasm and his back arched, while Hoseok stuttered with his thrusts, but ran out both their orgasms.
In the end, he pulled out and took the used condom off, throwing it into the bin, before taking a tissue and cleaned his and Yoongi's chests from the older cum. Them, he lay down next to him, cuddling up to him. Yoongi cuddled up to him as well, hiding his face in Hoseok's chest.

"I love you". The younger said, smiling and stroked Yoongi's hair.

"I love you too, Hoseok." He answered, rising his head.

Their lips finally met in a soft and gentle kiss, full of love. Afterwards, they fell asleep together, smiles on their lips.

Yoongi's POV

Yoongi woke up buy the sound of a phone ringing. He slowly opened his eyes, and stroked a hand up and down Hoseok's back, who was lying on top of him.

"Darling, wake up". He whispered in his ear, receiving a whine as an answer.

"Turn that off!" He cried, rolling aside Yoongi and took the pillow, pressing it on his own face.

Yoongi laughed and sat up, noticing his ass slightly hurt from the night prior. It was amazing though, he didn't regret what he did at all.
He reached out his hand from the phone on the drawer and took it, stroking his thumb on it and pressed the 'answer' button. He placed it to his ear.

"Hello?" He asked. It was Taehyung.

"Hi Tae, what's up? Oh, me and Hoseok? We're just fine- the news? Why would Hoseok watch the news in the middle of the night? Okay okay, I'll tell him to turn the television on- yeah, I'm doing it now, okay! Let me dress up- it's none of your business. Bye!"

He hung up the phone and lay back down, facing Hoseok. He went on top of him, slowly kissing his lips. He received a pair of arms around his hips and a returned kiss.

"What did Tae tell you?" Hoseok asked between the kiss.

"He told you to turn on TV to watch the news. It is urgent he said". He kissed Hoseok's neck softly, sucking on it a little. Hoseok whimpered.

"Ugh, okay. But we gotta wash up first." The younger said, sitting up with Yoongi on his lap.

"Mh, I don't want to stand up". Yoongi mumbled, wrapping his arms around the other's neck.

Hoseok suddenly stood up, placing his hands under Yoongi's thighs. The older felt his cheeks heat up.
"W-what- are you doing?" He asked.

"I'm picking you up, so you don't have to walk. You're light anyway". He answered, before walking away.

After a while, Hoseok placed Yoongi down in the cold of what felt like the bathtub. He turned on the hot water, which was slowly filling the tub. He went inside, sitting behind Yoongi, who's cheeks were flaming.

Hoseok's hands were on his chest stroking him up and down, with soap. He let the younger was him and himself up.

Then, Hoseok stood up and got out of there. He picked Yoongi up and placed him on a chair in the bathroom. He put a towel around Yoongi's head and started to dry him up.

After they dried up, they went back in the bedroom, taking some clothes. Yoongi wore back his boxers and a large sweater with long large pants. Hoseok hugged him and kissed his cheek.
"You're adorable like this, baby". He said, making Yoongi blush again.

"L-Let's just listened to the news". The older said, taking Hoseok's hand and went in the living room. He sat on the couch, while Hoseok took some donuts to have breakfast, while turning on the TV. He sat next to Yoongi, eating together.

'... And now let's talk about the scandal of the Rapper Jung Hoseok, known as J-Hope, who was seen going out from the hospital with his blind colleague Min Yoongi, known as Suga, who produces and composes songs in their agency. They were seen by fans holding hands and get on the same car. People think they might be into a relationship, but it's not confirmed by the agency. It remains a rumor. Proceeding with the news...'

Neither of the two was listening anymore. Yoongi tightened his grip on Hoseok's hand, turning his head over him.

"So... What do you think? Should we tell them were dating?" He asked.

"No Yoongi... Our agency already knows, but we mustn't tell to anyone else about us, nobody needs to know, or else we might get into trouble... You know how our law is, right?". He said, cupping Yoongi's cheeks and stroked them.

The older leaned into the touch, but didn't feel sure. "But I don't want to have to hide, I want this relationship to be a normal one, where we can hug and hold hands in the streets, not one where we need to act as friends out of our house." He stated, crossing his arms.

Hoseok sighed "Well, let's see what our fans think". He said, before taking something from his pocket. Must be his phone.

'They are making up things after have seen them only hold hands? Friends do that too. Stupid media'.

'It has no sense'.

'Actually, I don't care if they are dating or not, they can do what they want, but these accusations are no sense'.

Hoseok read through comments about the news. Most of them were people saying that the rumor was bullshit, since friends could hold hands and get in the same car. Others said that it was impossible because their "oppas" couldn't be gay. Others were happy because they had a "ship" with them. Few haters called them faggots instead, but we're shut down by fans.

Yoongi took a breath of relief and Hoseok took his hand. "See? There are no worries. It's going to be okay." He said, before hugging him. Yoongi hugged him back, he still didn't feel like hiding their relationship.They could think about that later though. Some things came to his mind, maybe coming from prior nightmares. Things about his past.

After they finsihed breakfast and Yoongi thought some more, he decided to do something. It was very important, he wanted Hoseok to know everything. They loved each other and he trusted him. I took a long breathe.

"Hobi, I'm ready to tell you some things. But... But I'd like if we went to Namjoon again." He stated, lowering his head.

Hoseok placed a hand on his shoulder and placed a gentle kiss on his lips. "Okay, then let's go." He said, encouraging the older.

After they had prepared, they got into the car, driving to the hospital. When they arrived, they immediately got to Namjoon's office. Nobody was waiting anyway. It wasn't a populated area apparently. They knocked on the door and Namjoon opened up.

"Doctor Kim, I'm ready to talk about myself". Yoongi stated.

Namjoon probably smiled widely, since he had waited for that moment to happen. "Okay, come in". He said.

They sat on the chairs and then it was Yoongi's turn to speak. He tightened his hands into fists, Hoseok placing a hand in them. He felt less nervous now. It was always like that around Hoseok.

"Now, there are still some things that I don't remember, but..." He started and took a long breath. He started to tell.

"It was evening and I was home alone, in my room, when my dad suddenly came inside. He told me to hide into the wardrobe. I did as I was told, but I peeked out some. He looked scared. The door opened and mom came inside. They started to shout at each other and then dad ran downstairs, mom behind him. I got out of there and walked slowly downstairs, making sure to not make noises. I was a bit scared and confused, u didn't know what was happening. In the kitchen, they were screaming and fighting. They were... They were talking about something, maybe work and family... Anyway, dad started to slap her in the face, so she took a knife and... And..." He started to tear up.
"And then dad was on the floor. There was blood. Mom looked scared, she screamed and crouched down his body. I was there too. When she noticed my presence, she seemed to think... She looked insane to be honest. And then... And then it's dark. I remember her coming close to me but nothing else." He finsihed, rubbing his eyes with his long sleeves, while Hoseok hugged him tightly.

Silence filled the room.

After a while, Namjoon broke the silence by coughing a little. He stood up. "Thank you Yoongi, for have told us. We'll keep working on this at your next appointment, okay? In case of news, you can come back here." He told them.

"T-thank you Doctor... Also, is it possible for Yoongi to get his sight back?" Hoseok asked, surprising Yoongi.

There was silence again.

"Well, doctors are working on it, but I don't assure anything. For more, you should ask SeokJin." He answered.

After that, they walked out of the ambulatory. Suddenly, Hoseok's phone rang and he picked up.

"What?! We're coming immediately." He answered, he sounded cheerful.

"Hyung! Jimin woke up!" He exclaimed. Yoongi felt his heart start to beat fast and tears approaching to fall again. He finally could hug him again, he could tell him everything. But... Could he tell him that he lived with Hoseok? Jimin was very sensitive and he and Yoongi and a special bound.

He had two choices: go and leave with Jimin again or stay with Hoseok.

Chapter Text

VMin centered chapter

Jimin's POV

When he woke up, the first thing he saw was the white ceiling above me, blurred. He groaned as he felt an excruciating pain to his head, heavily raising an arm to the painful spot. Where was he?

After he could see more defined, he decided to look at his right. He saw someone standing there, four people in total. They were crying and one of them was holding his right hand.

"You're awake! You're finally awake Jimin!" One of them exclaimed. He had a very beautiful face, like a model's.

Jimin turned his head to his left when he felt someone take off his left arm from his head. It was someone with a white apron.

"Hello Mr. Park, how do you feel?" He asked, checking a a noisy machine that made several 'beep' sounds.

He didn't know what to answer. He looked in front of himself and noticed he was in a bed, with white bedsheets, wearing a weird green shirt.

"Where am I?" He asked, ignoring the man's question.

"You're at the Seoul Hospital. You got into an accident, do you remember?" He asked again.

Jimin shaked his head and turned to his right again. He noticed that the four boys next to him were looking at each other with questioning looks.

"Sorry if I ask, but... Who are you?" He asked to the boy with a model like face.

He widened his eyes in shock and sat on the chair behind him.
"Y-you really don't remember about me? About none of us?" He asked.

The dancer stared at all of them, one by one. The one next to the model looked like a lost dear, with his big worried eyes. The one next to him had a very long face and looked concerned. The latter had his hand on the last boy's shoulder, who looked straight at the dancer, tears running down his cheeks. He reminded Jimin of someone.

"Y-Yoongi?" He asked, reaching out one hand to take the other's.

The black haired boy got surprised and held his hand back, but started to cry more.

"Y-you remember about Yoongi?" The model asked.

"No. I've never seen his face before, but... I only know his name. Who are you all? I've never seen you before... Wait. Who am I? How did I get into an accident?" He was starting to panick, infact the machine to his left was beeping quicker. He sat up and tried to detach from himself the little tubes he was connected with, but the man stopped him.

"Mr. Park, calm down, I'm the doctor and I'm here to help you." The man said. Jimin nodded and layed back down, his heart beat slowing down together with the beeping machine.

"Can I talk to you outside guys?" The doctor asked to those people. But Jimin felt like he didn't want to be alone. He didn't say anything though.

Taehyung's POV

Once they were out from the room, Taehyung tugged at the doctor's sleeve.
"Doctor what's happening to him? Why doesn't he remember about us?" He asked with pleading eyes.

The doctor sighed and shrugged gently Taehyung's hands off him.
"I'm sorry to give you this news, but he has got amnesia following the accident. I'm sure he will recover from it, but it will take time. For now, I advice you to take him to places he has been to before and tell him who he is and what kind of job he does. It's possible that this amnesia might be caused by a recent trauma or anything that his mind doesn't want him to remember." He explained.

They four of them were shocked. Taehyung hugged Jungkook tightly and started to cry hard. He felt guilty, it was all his fault. He would never forgive himself for that.

"This is all your fault Taehyung! If you weren't so selfish and careless, Jimin wouldn't have finished in this situation!" Yoongi said angrily. He was about to walk up to Tae and hit him, but Hoseok prevented him from doing anything hasty.

"Yoongi stop! It's not Taehyung's fault, he couldn't know Jimin would've been hit by a car." Hoseok spoke up, hugging Yoongi, who was crying again.

The doctor left them alone in the waiting room, while he and nurses were checking on Jimin.

Taehyung was lying his head on Jungkook's lap and Hoseok and Yoongi were holding hands. They had decided to sit to calm down.

Then, Jungkook suddenly stood up and clapped his hands together.
"Guys, we can't just stay here doing nothing and brood on the past! We gotta move on and help Jimin to remember things. We should go to places Jimin used to go to before the accident, or even go on a trip to a place he went to before." He said, full of hope and determinated.

Hoseok smiled and stood up as well.
"I agree with Jungkook. We can't just stay here and give ourself fault for something we couldn't control. Let's get out of here and help our friend!" He exclaimed and high-fived Jungkook.

Taehyung sat up and looked at Yoongi, both of them looked unsure. The younger stood up and walked in front of Yoongi, taking his hand and helped him to stand up.
"Jungkookie and Hoseokie-Hyung are right. We should stand up and go on". Taehyung said.

Yoongi looked hesitant, but nodded and stood up, holding Tae's hand back. "Okay. Let's go". He said.

Author's POV

The next day, Jimin was released from the hospital. He was able to walk fortunately, even if he had several bruises on his chest and legs.

"Where are we going?" He asked Taehyung, who was holding his hand.

"We are going to your house Jimin. You live there with Yoongi." He said, but Jimin only frowned in confusion.

Once they arrived there, Yoongi fumbled in his pockets and took the keys. He didn't walk in there for a while now, it was probably very dusty.

When they entered, Jimin left Taehyung's hand and, as if he was enchanted, he slowly walked through the living room. He touched the couch and the TV opposite it. He felt something, as if it was familiar but he still couldn't remember well. He walked back to the group, who was standing in front of the door. He took Yoongi's hand and carefully helped him to sit down on the couch.

"Stay there". Jimin said as he walked over the counter (kitchen and living room are in the same room).
He observed the scene from that spot. It was very familiar, but he couldn't connect that all to his memories.

"I-I can't remember, sorry. But it's very familiar." He said and walked back to the group.

"We should go to Jimin's dance practice room, I know that his teammate are practicing now." Yoongi said and stood up.

They all went there. Jimin knocked at the door and slowly opened it, entering the room. Suddenly, many of the boys that were dancing, stopped and ran over him, throwing themselves at him, giving him tight hugs.

"Jimin-Hyung-nim, you're here! We thought we would never see you again! How do you feel? Better?" One of the younger boys asked.

Jimin smiled and hugged them back automatically, but didn't remember them at all.
"Umh, yeah, I'm okay but-".

"Guys, we have something to tell you." Jungkook started, interrupting Jimin. All the boys frowned.

While Jimin was dancing with some of them, Jungkook told the others what happened. They were all shocked, but promised to help as much as they could.

"It looks liked he remembers about dance though". Taehyung said, smiling sadly at the scene of Jimin giggling while dancing with his mates.

After the dance practice, they went at Hoseok's house, but there happened something weird.

When Jimin stood at the kitchen table, his head started to hurt suddenly. He sat down on a chair and kept his head between his hands. The boys all worried over him.

Taehyung kneeled down and cupped his cheeks.
"Jiminie, what's wrong?" He asked, softly. It hurt him seeing Jimin hurt. He wanted to tell him how sorry he was and how much he loved him. But he couldn't.

"I-I don't know why, but... But this place tells me that I've suffered here. It's very very familiar. Did something bad happen here?" He asked. He felt his head hurt even more and whimpered in pain. Taehyung hugged him tightly and Yoongi kneeled over him too, stroking his knee.

Jimin was starting to remember something, he was getting flashes of the past. Him and Taehyung talking,
him and Yoongi laughing together and the horn of a car. He felt scared and screamed in fear, standing up in a rush and started to pant heavily. The flashes became more evident as he closed his eyes.

"It hurts". He whispered, not sure about what hurt. Taehyung hugged him again and tried to calm him down, repeating the words 't's okay, you're fine' like a mantra.

In the end, Jimin couldn't take it how much his head was hurting. He fainted in Taehyung's arms. They helped the brunette to place him on the couch. After that, they sat all around the table.

"Guys, I know it might be a risk, but, what if we take him to Taehyung's house? It is the last place he has been to and it might help him remember." Hoseok suggested, playing nervously with his fingers.

"What?! No! We can't do that, it might hurt him too much and what- what if he'll faint again, what if it's too much for him?" Taehyung exclaimed, standing up. He felt like crying.

"I know that you care about him Tae, we all do, But he needs to remember. We all are getting hurt too, especially you and Yoongi. I don't want to see you hurt anymore". He said and looked away, rubbing the back of his neck, feeling like he was about to cry.

"I agree with Taehyung". Jungkook and Yoongi said, together. "He needs to take time, we can't rush everything even if we want him to remember immediately." Jungkook spoke up.

"Yeah. But... But I think he should go to live with Taehyung. I-I mean, he could live back with me, but Taehyung made he feel even more strong emotions and that way he might recover his memory fast, even if not as fast as we think. We could try. I can still live with Hobi". He said and lowered his head.

Taehyung thought about it for a long moment, for then decide.

"Okay. Jimin is going to live with me". He said and walked to the couch, sitting next to Jimin. He stroked his cheek and sighed.

When Jimin woke up, they went to Taehyung's house. There, Jimin had another painful headache and fainted again. The four friends decided to leave him and Taehyung alone, while they went back to their houses.

Once Taehyung was alone with Jimin, he laid down next to him, stroking his hair with love.

"I'm sorry Jimin... I hope you'll forgive me. I didn't mean to hurt you, at all. I just... I was scared to love you, but I promise I won't be scared anymore from now on. I'll show you my love and take care of you. I love you".
He said and started to cry.

He kissed Jimin's cheek twice, before falling asleep next to him, hoping the next day wouldn't be as tough as that.

Chapter Text

Jimin's POV

A month and two weeks passed since he was released from the hospital and he went to live with Taehyung. But there was something the singer didn't know.

The whole month, Jimin tried really hard to remember everything, but he didn't succeed. Then, once, in the first week of the second month, he was walking downstairs, because Taehyung had prepared dinner and called him (even if it was refrigerated, because he didn't know how to cook that well), Jimin had bumped and fell down the stairs.
When he had woken up, he was lying on the sofa, with ice on his head.

The moment Taehyung got close to him, Jimin recognized him.

He remembered everything, in that exact moment. From his childhood days to the last month, when he got into the car accident. And he, of course, remembered Taehyung's words that night, how mean he had been to him and that he didn't love him.

But Jimin kept his mouth shut and didn't tell Taehyung about his memories coming back. He thought it was for the best.

But that week, the second of the second month, Taehyung started to make questions to Jimin about his past. He had to pretend, but it was hard. He had to tell someone the truth, someone he had full trust in.

So he called Yoongi.

Taehyung wasn't home that day, he went to work and he wouldn't come back until a certain hour. That way, Jimin was able to call Yoongi and meet with him, at Taehyung's house. Hoseok had to bring Yoongi there, so it happened he found out the truth.

"Jimin, you should tell Taehyung". Yoongi said, taking Jimin's hand in his own.

"But Hyung! He hurt my feelings and he doesn't love me and-". He was interrupted by the older.

"That's not true. Yeah, he hurt your feelings, but he is very sorry about that and he feels guilty too. Give him a chance." He said. Hoseok agreed with him.

Jimin thought about it for a while, but decided to not tell anything anyway. He was too scared to be refused again.

That evening, Taehyung came back home. He was very tired, singing and practicing was very hard. He ordered pizza, since he didn't want to cook. Jimin was sitting next to him on the couch, looking in front of himself. He felt nervous. He didn't want Tae to know.

"So, how did work go?" Jimin asked, looking for an answer.

"It went well." Taehyung answered, lying his head back on the headrest of the couch. He looked very tired, Jimin noticed. But also kind of sad. Why was he sad?

Suddenly, Taehyung turned over Jimin and hugged him, tightly. The other hesitated, but decided to hug him back at last.

They stayed like that, without speaking, for several minutes; until Taehyung sobbed once. Twice. Then, he burst into a hard cry, hugging Jimin to himself as if his life depended on it.

"I'm sorry, Jiminie". He said. "I had to protect you, but I didn't. I was rude with you, that night. But I didn't mean to. I was scared, scared that you would... would get tired of me and don't love me as much as I do. It's all my fault. I should've been the one to get hit by that car, not you." He told him, talking through loud sobs and sniffles.

Jimin's eyes got wide and teary. Taehyung loved him? Impossible.

"Y-you love me?" He asked in a whisper.

"Yes I do! I'm sorry, I was scared that you would leave me like Yoongi did and I was scared to ruin everything, but I already did! You can't remember". He cried harder and louder.

Jimin lifted his head up and cupped his cheeks, drying his tears away.
"I can, now. Actually, there's something you don't know. Last week, when I bumped my head down the stairs, I remembered everything." He told him, who had a shocked expression on his face.

"I didn't tell you because I was scared of another rejection. But you've just said you love me, so-".
He was interrupted by Taehyung's lips on his.

They kissed each other deeply and passionately, their lips moving in perfect sync. Jimin wrapped his arms around Taehyung's neck and Taehyung placed his hands on Jimin's waists.
It was a magical moment, where only the two of them mattered, nothing else.

After a while, Taehyung started to move his hands lower, placing them on Jimin's buttocks. They broke away from the kiss, breathing heavily.
Taehyung went closer to Jimin and whispered:

"I love you".

This time it was Jimin's turn to cry. He let it all out, hugging Taehyung very tightly, without letting go.

"I love you too, so much". He cried out and they kissed again, softly this time.

Suddenly, Taehyung picked up Jimin, his hands under his thighs.
"Do you want to go to bed? We can eat pizza and watch a movie there, so we can cuddle up better. It's more comfortable...". He suggested, a bit shyly.

Jimin smiled widely, making Taehyung blush.
"Sure, why not?" He said and giggled. At first he thought Taehyung wanted to have sex.

Maybe next time they would.

Once pizzas arrived and they were in bed watching a movie, the atmosphere became way more comfortable. Taehyung had one arm around Jimin's shoulders and Jimin wrapped an arm around Taehyung's waist, leaning his head to the singer's chest.

When the movie was showing the end credits with a soft music, Jimin looked up at Taehyung, who was looking straight back at him.
"Do you want to..." He trailed off.

Jimin understood that Taehyung found it a bit embarrassing to tell, so Jimin sat on his lap and cupped his cheeks, so the other was looking back at him.

"Yes, I want to. I love you". Jimin said, kissing Taehyung again.

The kiss went from soft and gentle to heated and passionate. They even changed positions, Taehyung on top of Jimin, deepening the kiss, every time a little more.

"Take your clothes off". Taehyung said, looking lustful and dominant compared to before, when he was shy and embarrassed.

"O-okay". The dancer stuttered and he noticed the other smirked at that. He blushed.
He took his shirt and his jeans off, remaining only in his boxers. He felt sneaky, so, he very slowly slide off his boxers, but not completely. Just until the beginning of his member.

He looked up at Taehyung and found him staring, with widened and hungry eyes. He moved his eyes on every inch of his body. Jimin felt special, finally.

The singer placed his hands on Jimin's abs and stroked them. "You've got a perfect body, I swear." He said, sounding almost out of breath.

Jimin smirked and placed Taehyung's hands on his hips. "Uhm, how can you be sure? You didn't see my member yet." He stated, smug.

Taehyung, at that point, pushed him down and kissed his neck hungrily, sucking hickeys all over it. It made Jimin whimper.
Then, the taller boy, lowered his hands on Jimin's boxers and pulled them down all the way. He took his length in his hand and started to go up and down with his hand, slowly.
Jimin gasped and moaned, his eyes closing at the sudden pleasure.

While he was pumping him, Taehyung moved his lips on Jimin's nipples, licking and sucking them.

Jimin thought That wanted to wait to have sex, since it's a very intimate thing, but there they were having it.

Taehyung moved his hand to the drawer and took a condom and a bottle of lube.

"So... Are you sure you want to do this?" He asked, opening he bottle of lube already, squeezing a bit of it in his hand.

"Yes, I want to have sex with you." Jimin answered, taking a long breath first. He waited a long time to have that with Taehyung.

"We are not about to have sex though," Taehyung started, pecking Jimin's lips once, before continuing.
"We are about to make love together, which is completely different." He stated, rubbing his fingers together to warm the lube up.

Make love together? Jimin never saw it that way, he thought there was no difference. But he would find out soon, if he was right or wrong.

The younger placed a finger on Jimin's hole, before entering it slowly.
He looked up to see Jimin's reaction.

He was gasping and whimpering, grasping the sheets. He was swearing, lowly, all in pleasure. And he did more as Taehyung added another finger.

"T-Tae, fast, be fast." He begged, his voice strained.

The other smirked in amusement and stroked his cheek, pecking his lips.
"Be patient Jiminie." He mumbled lowly.

After Taehyung added a third finger and was moving them inside, Jimin arched his back and squirmed around.

The younger took it as a sign to pull out. He put in a condom, realizing just now how hard he was.
Then, he went between Jimin's legs. He looked up at him and held his hand, Jimin holding it back.

They locked eyes for few moments, losing themselves in them. They kissed each other, slowly, without hurry.

Taehyung slowly went inside, without stopping until Jimin was full. The latter was whimpering again and mumbling about how big the younger was. It probably flattered Taehyung, as a huge grin appeared on his face.

Before moving, they exchanged deep kisses, full of love and passion, with 'I love you' 's in between them.
Afterwards, Taehyung started to move, slowly. Jimin moaned and tightened his grip on Taehyung's hand. With time, the brunette went faster and harder, because of Jimin's pleads. He had an answer now and he had been wrong. They were indeed making love, nothing like sex that he saw in movies.

Jimin suddenly felt that Taehyung hit a certain spot and so begged for him to go faster. But he didn't, he just kept hitting it, with a small smirk on his face. Fucker.

After a short while, they both came, their orgasms loud and Taehyung stuttered with his movements.

Taehyung pulled out then, taking off the used condom and threw it in the bin, before lying down next to Jimin. The latter smacked Taehyung's arm because of what happened few moments ago. The younger just grinned and hugged him.

They laid there for few minutes, catching their breaths, before Jimin spoke:
"Tae, can we go to shower? I know you're tired, but-" He couldn't finish his sentence that the other picked him up in bride style and walked towards the bathroom. They took a bath instead of a shower, wanting to relax more together.

But Jimin had questions to solve.

"Tae, do you know what exactly happened to Yoongi's family?" Jimin suddenly asked, catching Taehyung out of guard.

"The hospital had told me, but I never believed it. They just said that his parents fought and once that they were in the car, they got into a car crush, and so Yoongi hit his head and lost his sight. But it has no sense and I don't want to ask Yoongi, to not trigger him." He continued, looking down.

Taehyung sighed, looking at his boyfriend. He held his hand. He seemed to be thinking about it some more, before speaking.

"I can't really tell you what happened, it should be better if it was Yoongi talking about it with you, once he remembers. But since you asked me, well, you have to know that his parents didn't die in a car crush, but yes, they had a fight.
I will only tell you this, but you don't have to tell anyone, alright?" He asked.

Jimin nodded eagerly, looking at the other with expectancy.

"It was Yoongi's mother to cause his blindness."

Chapter Text

Yoongi's POV

Few days after Taehyung and Jimin started to date, they told about their relationship to Jungkook. He was the only one that didn't know about it. His eyes popped out, it was a funny yet cute reaction.

But things would change.

Yoongi knew it. Jimin was often over Taehyung's house, even if Jimin went to go to live back with Yoongi (even if the latter stayed over Hoseok almost everyday). Hoseok had a busy schedule lately, so Yoongi often stayed in his studio, working hours and hours, sleeping there some days. Sometimes Jungkook would come over, but he was a busy singer, so he had to work on his own songs too. But it usually was the youngest of the group to take him food and drinks. At least someone remembered that Yoongi wasn't able to cook for himself. Other times, he had to order his food by himself, calling take away restaurants often.

Yoongi thought he would be finally happy once Jimin recovered his memory. But he didn't meet him often, while a month back he lived with him and stayed with him every single day.

He felt left out, he felt like there was no one really caring about him. Those thoughts often reminded him of a person. His mother. She had never really taken care of him and his dad. She was always out, drinking or with her friends. That's what Yoongi remembered of his mother.

Yoongi was in his studio, trying to write something, anything. But he had a lack of inspiration and motivation. So, he asked his manager to bring him home. Not Hoseok's home; there, he would miss him too much. He went to his and Jimin's house. The younger was at dance practice anyway.

Once he reassured his manager that he could look after himself, he entered his house. He took a long breath. It didn't really smell like home anymore. He wanted to go to sleep and just forget about every bad thought and feeling he had lately.

But there was one problem. He couldn't walk upstairs. He had never done that by himself again after he once fell. Fortunately, Jimin had been there to catch him. This time though, he was alone. He didn't want to sleep on the couch, it wasn't as comfortable as his bed and he was tired to sleep on the studio's sofa.

At last, he decided to walk upstairs by himself.

He moved his stick slowly, putting a foot after the other. He could do it, he didn't need anyone. But right when he was almost arrived at the second floor, he slipped on the last step and fell back on the stairs, bumping his head twice. When he felt he wasn't falling anymore, he understood to be lying on the floor. His head hurt and spun and after few seconds, he lost consciousness.

Hoseok's POV

He was finally able to get a free day. He wanted to spend it with Yoongi only, it had been too much since they've done it. He went to Yoongi's studio but found it empty. He asked Yoongi's manager where his boyfriend was. He told him he brought him back to his house, where he used to live with Jimin.

When he was in his car, he decided to phone Yoongi. But he received no answer. He frowned. Yoongi always answered right away. He got worried and decided to go back to his house.

When he was there, he quickly got off his car and knocked on the door.
No answer. He tried again, knocking with more energy. Again, no answer. He started to panic and took out his keys. He reminded of the fact that Yoongi gave him a spare key.

Once he was inside, he looked around. To his right, over the end of the stairs, he saw Yoongi's body lie unconscious.

At first, he just stared at it, unable to move. He was like paralyzed. Then, realization hit him, and he ran over Yoongi, kneeling next to his body. Yoongi's head was bleeding. He was about to shook him, but then he remembered that you should never move someone not conscious. He took Yoongi's wrist and checked his heart beat. He was alive. He took a huge breath of relief and quickly took out his phone with shaky hands. He was trying very hard to not cry and despair; but after he called an ambulance, he started to cry. He was blaming himself, if he had arrived earlier, nothing of that would have happened.

No, that wasn't it. Yoongi went there alone, without asking him. It meant that Hoseok should've stayed next to him earlier, reducing his hours of work to be with Yoongi more. If he had done that before, now Yoongi would be to Hoseok's house together with him.

Suddenly, Yoongi's arm moved. Hoseok looked at him and noticed Yoongi was trying to sit up.

"No no, wait, don't move". Hoseok said, gently pushing Yoongi back down.

Yoongi turned his head over him.
"Hoseok...?" He asked, his tone cautious.

"Yes, it's me. What happened?" He asked, stroking Yoongi's locks away from his eyes.

Yoongi didn't answer immediately. He simply lied there, without moving again.
"I wanted to go upstairs, but I was alone. I was almost at the top when I... I slipped and fell back. I hit my head". He said, placing a hand on it. He probably realized it was bleeding. He widened his eyes.

"Calm down, it's going to be okay. I called an ambulance. I'll take a cloth to prevent it from bleeding too much". He said, standing up. He rubbed his eyes. He couldn't cry in that moment, he needed to concentrate on helping Yoongi.

He took a cloth from the kitchen and walked back to Yoongi. He put it on his head, pressing a little. Yoongi hissed, visibly in pain.

"I thought you didn't care..." He mumbled. Hoseok widened his eyes.

"What are you saying?! Of course I care, you idiot!"

"Me? And idiot? You've ignored me for days and now you're calling me an idiot?!" Yoongi raised his voice, but groaned in pain again, making Hoseok flinch.

"Listen Yoongi... I do care, okay? I know I've made a mistake, I should've stayed closer to you and-". He couldn't finish his sentence, because the black-haired boy fainted again.

Fortunately, the ambulance arrived, and doctors took him away on a stretcher. Hoseok went inside the vehicle as well, always staying next to Yoongi.

Once they were at the hospital, Hoseok had to stay in the waiting room. He decided to call their friends. Jimin and Taehyung arrived first.

"Hoseok-hyung! What happened?" Jimin asked, breathing heavily.

Hoseok started to cry hard then. He couldn't take it anymore.
"Y-Yoongi- he f-fell and... H-he hit his he-ead. I-I-". Taehyung hugged him tightly, while Jimin just stared. He sat down on a chair. He started to cry as well. Jungkook arrived. He cried too.

The four of them were sitting down, next to each other when, after a while, a nurse walked over them with two doctors. One of those was Namjoon, Hoseok noticed.

They stood up "So? What about Yoongi?" Hoseok immediately asked.

"The patient Min Yoongi has got a concussion. He is in a coma. He should awake within the next 3 days. If that isn't the case, then it won't be clear when he'll wake up. We'll keep you updated." The doctor explained. They all were shook.

"Doctor Kim Namjoon, since Yoongi is his patient, will check on him once he is awake. That's all. Oh and, only two you can enter." The doctor said, for then walk away.

Hoseok decided to enter, together with Jimin. They sat next to the bed where Yoongi was lying on. Hoseok took his hand, holding it.

"I'm so sorry Yoongi... I should've stayed next to you..." He mumbled while sobbing. He was sure to have finished his tears a long ago, but he was serious crying.

"I'm sure he will be okay, Hoseok. Don't worry." Jimin said. He was trying to reassure him, but his tone was uncertain.

But they didn't know what Yoongi was dreaming into his coma.
They didn't know that Yoongi's situation was going to change.

Chapter Text

Yoongi's POV

The first thing he heard when he woke up, was a low chattering of people. They were talking about him. He slowly opened his eyes. He noticed someone was holding his hand.

"Hoseok?" He asked, but his voice came out raspy. He heard the sound of a chair moving and falling. Then a pair of arms was around him, holding him tightly. He surrounded that person with his arms slowly.

"Y-Yoongi... I'm so happy you're okay." Hoseok said, cupping Yoongi's cheeks.

Yoongi slightly smiled. "Hi Hobi..." He mumbled. He moved close to his face and placed his lips on the other's, softly kissing him. Then someone coughed and he parted away from Hoseok.

"Uhm, I'm sorry to interrupt you two, but I would like to hug my best friend too." Jimin spoke. He hugged Yoongi and Yoongi did back, making a huge smile.

"Guys I... I thought you didn't care about me. How much have I been sleeping? Where am I?" He asked.

"We do care about you. Anyway, you're in the hospital. You've been in a coma for 3 days. But it looks like you're okay now." Jungkook said. He sounded sad. Did he feel guilty?

Yoongi rethought about what had happened. He had been an idiot.
"I'm sorry guys for making you worry. It won't happen again. Also..." He stopped talking. While he was into the coma, he had remembered everything about what happened the night if the tragedy. He remembered every detail again and it was the scariest thing ever. But he needed to tell them.

"I have to tell you something. About that night. Where's Namjoon? He needs to know everything about it." He said, sitting up.

"I'm going to look for him, I'll run as fast as I can." Taehyung said. He stood up from the chair he was sitting on and ran over the door, but someone opened it before he could.

"I see our patient woke up." An unknown voice spoke, getting closer.
"I'm a doctor, sir. I'm gonna check you and then I'll leave you in doctor Namjoon's hands". He stated.

After the check up, the doctor explained that the concussion didn't report any problems and that he could go out of he hospital as soon as he felt better. The doctor exited then, leaving Namjoon with them. Yoongi heard him sitting down on a chair next to his bed. He cleared his throat and started to talk.

"Yoongi, how are you feeling?" He asked, always with his kind and composed tone.

"I'm feeling a bit weird, but maybe it's because I've just woken up from the coma. Even though, if I have to be honest, there's something on my mind..." He trailed off, lowering his head.

"Do you want to tell me in private or you want your friends to stay?" He asked.

"They can stay. It's about my trauma, about what happened the night I've hit my head and lost my sight." He took a long breath and turned his head in Namjoon's direction.

"Alright Yoongi. We are here for you". Hoseok said, taking his hand. Yoongi held it tightly and smiled a bit.

"Okay. I'll tell from the begin, even if you know it already..."


He was hiding in the wardrobe. His father had told him to not move nor make a sound. He was scared, his heart was beating too fast into his chest, he felt like it would explode. He heard steps coming inside his room and made himself smaller into the closet hiding behind some clothes. The wardrobe doors suddenly opened and he jumped, gasping. A hand covered his mouth. It was his father.

"Sh, Yoongi. Listen, your mother just arrived, she is downstairs. I'll talk to her, hoping she isn't drunk. I want you to have the best birthday and I'll make sure to talk with mom. If everything goes right, I'll call you from downstairs, okay? Love you". He said and kissed the kid's head.

"Love you too, dad." He answered, making a small smile. His dad stood up and closed the wardrobe doors, before walking out of the room and downstairs.

Yoongi didn't know how much time passed, but he didn't hear nothing from his dad. Suddenly, he heard something. A screeching scream came from downstairs. It was terrifying. He slowly opened one of the wardrobe doors and exited. He walked out of the room and slowly went downstairs.

"Dad?" He called. He received silence as an answer. He gulped and slowly walked until he reached the bottom of the stairs. To his right there was the living room. It was empty. He walked through it and then went to the kitchen. He peaked his head out from the opened door.

The scene before his eyes was the most horrible and terrifying he had ever seen. He was so scared he couldn't scream. His eyes went wide and he was shaking.

His mom was there, in the kitchen. She had a knife in her hands, which fell the moment she kneeled down. Next to her, there was his father's body, covered in blood. It looked cold. His eyes were opened, staring into nothing. Yoongi wanted to scream at the top of his lungs, but he couldn't.

Then, he locked eyes with his mother. He was used to see her drunk, but he had never seen that deadly look into his eyes. His dad told him several times she had raptus of anger and that was why she hit them, but she never meant to hurt them in the first place. Yoongi always believed it. But it was hard to believe it right then.

"Yoongi... D-don't worry, okay? It's nothing, don't call the police. I'll take care of this, okay?" She talked, her voice unstable. She stood up and walked over him, picking her knife up.

At that sight, Yoongi started to run in the opposite direction, as fast as he could. His mother, after him, was shouting asking him to stop. But Yoongi was too scared. He ran through the living room and then downstairs, where there was an additional room and a door for the basement.

He decided to get into the basement. He struggled to open the door, it had always been hard to open, maybe because it was rusty. He looked back and his mother was getting closer. Finally, he started to shout for help while struggling to open the door.

When it opened, it was too late. His mother was right behind him and he didn't have the time to run. His mother smiled, but it wasn't a lovely smile. It was creepy. She pushed him down. He gripped her free hand and dragged her down with him. Everything went too fast for Yoongi to register it. Yoongi hit his head multiple times, while his mother detached from his hand. When they arrived to the end, the last thing Yoongi saw was his mother, crawling on the ground to reach him, the knife she used stabbed into her side. She stopped moving after a short while, her last words being Yoongi's name. Yoongi fainted after that. The sound of the police sirens was the only hearable thing. End of flashback

After Yoongi told them about his horrible past, he started to get an headache. He didn't realize he had been crying either.

"You probably made a big effort, you should rest now." Namjoon said. He took Yoongi's hand in his.
"Thank you Min Yoongi. I'll see you later". He said and stood up, leaving the room.

Silence filled the room. Hoseok, who was sitting next to Yoongi, was unable to talk. He only stroked Yoongi's hair softly and kisses his cheek at times. The older dried up his tears with the sleeve of the hospital shirt.

"Hyung," Taehyung called him out. From his tone, he seemed nervous.
"Will you be okay?" He asked worriedly, stroking Yoongi's leg from the end of the bed.

Yoongi nodded and leaned back into the pillow, sighing.
"Yeah... But I'll never ever see again, I guess..." He said, sadly. He hoped that if he hit his head like he had done that time and remembered everything again, he would get his sight back. But it looked like it wouldn't happen.

"Guys, can you leave me and Hoseok alone?" He asked, taking Hoseok's hand in his.

"Of course Yoongi... If you need us, we'll be out of that door ready to rush inside this room." Jimin said. He walked over Yoongi and kissed his cheek, causing Yoongi to scrunch up his nose. Jimin laughed. Then, he and the other two boys walked out from that room.

Yoongi turned his head over Hoseok, ready to talk to him about what happened lately, but the door opened all of a sudden. Namjoon, Seokjin and another doctor entered the room.

"Yoongi, we have got some news for you." Namjoon started to talk, but Seokjin continued for him.
"You have to know that in Europe was tested, for the first time, a microchip on people that became blind. This microchip is placed under the retina and it develops an independent sight, without the necessity of external supports like glasses."

Namjoon continued.
"We want to ask you if you're interested in this surgery. Of course you'll be sent to Europe for it though, here isn't possible yet. You don't have to answer us immediately, but we advice you to think about it." He explained.

Yoongi couldn't believe to his ears. A surgery to get your sight back? It was awesome. But he had to leave Korea. He turned his head over Hoseok again.

"Hoseok, what do you think about it?" He asked, tagging at his hand. Honestly, he didn't feel so sure about it yet. He was used to not being able to see. But start to see again would be amazing, a new experience.

"I don't know Yoongi. It's your choice. Do what you want". He answered. Why was his tone so cold? He left Yoongi's hand and stood up, walking away.

"Hoseok!" He called him, but his boyfriend already exited the room. Maybe he didn't agree with that, but it was a big opportunity for the older.

"I'll think about it." Yoongi stated. The doctors both walked out of the room, leaving Yoongi alone.

He was thinking about the whole situation. He decided to talk about it with Hoseok first.

Chapter Text

Yoongi's POV

The day after, Yoongi left the hospital. Even if the doctor recommended him to rest, now he felt better and he wanted to stay with Hoseok and his friends. But once he entered with Hoseok in his house, the latter acted strangely. He didn't talk to Yoongi much and answered his questions only with short answers. To Yoongi, it looked like he was ignoring him. Even when they went to sleep, Hoseok turned to the opposite side. Yoongi didn't like it, it made him sad.
Everything went on for four or five days until Yoongi got tired of it all.

They were with their friends, having lunch together. They were silent, everyone occupied to chew their food.

Yoongi sighed heavily and leaned back on his chair.
"Hoseok. We need to talk. Now." He said, seriously. The sound of the metal chopsticks on the dishes stopped, sign Hoseok and the others were listening.

"Hoseok, you're acting weird lately. You ignore me and it looks like you're angry. What's wrong? I'm your boyfriend, you can tell me anything." He told him, reaching out a hand on the table, hoping the younger would held it. He didn't.

"Yoongi, I'm not angry at you... And yes, I've been avoiding you, but that's because I've been thinking about us, about the future and about that surgery. It scares me, Yoongi". He said, finally taking Yoongi's hand in his.

Yoongi was surprised.
"You could tell me Hoseok! I thought you... I thought you wanted to break up". He said, feeling his eyes sting with tears.

The chair next to Yoongi moved, footsteps reaching him. Hoseok took Yoongi's hand and pulled him up, for then hug him. Yoongi hugged him back, holding onto his shoulders.

"Yoongi, Hoseok would never break up with you. He loves you." Jimin said.

"Jimin is right. I do love you and would never break up." He confirmed, placing a finger underneath his chin, rising his face up. He was probably looking Yoongi in the eyes. Yoongi wanted to see his too.

"I think we should talk, you're right". He continued, sitting down on the couch, followed by Yoongi. He spoke up again.

"I know that this surgery it's a big opportunity, because you could be able to see things again, but... But this is the problem. You have never seen my face. What if... What if you don't like it? What if you think I'm ugly? what if you see me dancing and think it's horrible? What if you see my body and don't like it? What if-".

"Hobi, stop." He said, placing a finger on his lips.
"I will never think that you're ugly. And honestly, I don't care if you are. Because I know you and you've got an amazing personality. You're caring, lovable, kind, energetic, funny and so much more." He said, smiling. He rested a hand on Hoseok's cheek.

Hoseok leaned into the touch.
"Thank you, Yoongi..." He kissed him softly, making Yoongi's breath hitch.

"... But I'm still doubting on that surgery. What if it doesn't work and you got your hopes up for nothing? Or, what if it ruins your eyes instead?" He was alarmed, but it looked like he was trying to convince Yoongi to not do it.

"Darling, it's going to be okay. I know that it scares you. It scares me too, you can't even imagine. I could be able to see things again and I don't know if I'm ready for that. But I want to try. I want to see you, our friends, people around me, buildings. Everyday stuff. Anything. Please, let me try." He pleaded, taking Hoseok's hands in his. The other didn't answer immediately, but did.

"No Yoongi, I'm sorry. I don't accept it. I like how you are now, I... I don't want things to change." He said, sigjing. "There, now you know."

The older couldn't believe to his ears.
"What?! Hoseok, we have talked about this earlier-" Taehyung started, walking closer. But Yoongi interrupted him. He left Hoseok's hands and stood up.

"Hoseok, this is important to me, okay? For your information, I have changed, because until I was ten I could perfectly see. And now that I have a chance to get my sight back, you just..." He felt sad. How could Hoseok be so selfish? It was a huge opportunity for Yoongi, it would change his life in best. But his boyfriend apparently didn't care for Yoongi's own good.

"You just told me you're scared it might not work, but we don't know if it does. And yes, I was getting my hopes up. But now you're turning them down. Good job." He stated, bitterly. "Also, I don't need your permission. I can do it even if you don't agree with it."

He walked away, going into their room. He shut the door behind him. He hugged a pillow and cried.

Hoseok's POV

After Yoongi went away, Jimin took him by his shirt collar and pulled him up.

"Hoseok, for fuck's sake! Yoongi needs this operation, you should be supporting him instead of being so damn selfish". He angrily said.

Taehyung took Jimin by his shoulders and pulled him away from Hoseok.
"Hobi-hyung, we have talked about this after you walked out from Yoongi's hospital room. He needs you now, more than ever. This decision is important for him, okay?" He calmly explained.

"Then why was he worried I wouldn't accept? If it's his decision, then I should have no word into this." He stated, crossing his arms.

Now Taehyung seemed to be losing his temper too, so Jungkook went between them.
"Because he loves you Hyung! You two are dating and he tells you everything. He cares about your opinion in this because he isn't sure either. He is scared. And your support would be great for him. But you apparently care more about what he would think about your body, than how he feels." He said. He was disappointed.

Hoseok sat back down on the couch, rubbing his temples and sighing.

"I'm going to Yoongi". Jimin said, but before he could walk away, Ypongi exited their room.

Hoseok stared at him. He had red and puffy eyes and his lips formed a small pout. Hoseok wanted to kiss it away.

"Guys, I have decided: I'm going to have that surgery." He declared.

Hoseok stood up "But Yoongi, are you sure about it?" He tried to take Yoongi's hand, but he swatted his away.

"Of course I'm sure, Hoseok. After all, you can't tell me what to do or not." He stated.

Hoseok glared at him and let his arms fall to his sides "Fine! But if they fail the surgery or if it doesn't work, don't come to cry to me". He exclaimed.

"Fine. I'm heading back to my home." Yoongi answered without hesitation, but Hoseok noticed he was hurt by his face.

"Jimin, will you come me? I need to get rid of this suffocating smell of selfishness." He said coldly, before taking his stick and walking out of the house as fast as he could. Jimin behind him, threw a last look of disappointment at Hoseok. They shut the door closed.

Hoseok sat back on the couch. He shouldn't have said that to Yoongi.

"Good job, Hyung." Jungkook said bitterly. He stood up from the couch and walked out of Hoseok's house too.

Taehyung was the only one that remained next to Hoseok now. He sat next to him and hugged him. "Everything will be okay, don't worry Hobi-Hyung. But you should apologize to Yoongi. You hurt him." He said.

Hoseok sighed, hugging Tae back. "Tae, I... I can't let Yoongi do this. I'm too scared."

"I know you are, but you have to understand that it's not your decision. It's Yoongi's. And if you want to support him, you have to let him have that surgery-" He stated. parting from the older and looking at him.

Hoseok sighed again. He really didn't know if he could accept it, But he didn't want to lose Yoongi.

"Okay, I will try. But I think Yoongi needs a moment for himself." He said. Taehyung agreed.

Then Hoseok's phone rang. It was Jungkook "Yes Kook? What?! We are coming". He hung up and quickly stood up.

"Taehyung, we need to move, now. Jungkook said that Yoongi and Jimin already have called the hospital and now they are leaving their house to go to the airport. The surgery is in Europe." He said, anxiously heaving. Taehyung was shook as much as he was. They left immediately.

Hoseok really felt like he was going to lose Yoongi then.

Chapter Text

Yoongi's POV

Yoongi arrived to the airport with Jimin. He was secure about his choice. He wanted to see again, and he didn't care who would get in the way, he would still make that surgery. Even if the one in the way was Hoseok. If he wanted to go on, he had to leave Hoseok apart. He loved him with all his heart and soul, but he wouldn't permit him to obstruct that great opportunity he had got just to satisfy his selfish ideals.

"Thanks sir. Next, please". Yoongi returned to reality when the check-in staff woman spoke to him. His grip around Jimin's hand tightened. He wanted to move as fast as possible.

They walked on to the security controls. Yoongi hated those, he really did. He didn't like people to check his personal stuff. After they got through it, with some complaining from Yoongi, they got all their things and started to walk to the gate.

"Wait! Yoongi, Jimin!" It was Hoseok's voice. "Please wait!" Followed by Taehyung's.

Yoongi stopped on his tracks and turned around. He was shocked. What was happening? Why were they there? He thought Hoseok didn't want Yoongi to take that surgery.

"I can't reach you now Yoongi, the check-in assistant won't let me get to you!" Hoseok shouted. By his tone of voice, he sounded sincere.
"I just want you to know that... I don't want to lose you! Please, come back!"

"I've made my decision and you can't stop me! Goodbye". He started to walk away with Jimin. He couldn't believe it. Hoseok made his way to the airport only to tell him that?

"Jimin!" Taehyung called him. "I know you want to support Yoongi into this, but you can't leave me without have talked with me either!" He exclaimed. Yoongi turned over Jimin, surprised.

"I thought you had talked with him."
Jimin sighed. "Sorry Hyung, I didn't... But that's because I didn't want you to be alone in this whole situation." He explained.

Suddenly, Yoongi felt a pair of hands around him, engulfing him into a tight hug. "Hoseok... How did you-". Guards were shouting at the younger to move and go away. They were coming closer as well.

"Please Yoongi, don't go away. I love you and... And I'm sorry. I shouldn't have been so selfish. Let's talk about this at home." His tone was pleading.

"I'm sorry Hoseok, but I can't wait any longer. My doctors know already that I'm leaving."

"Then let me leave with you! Please Yoongi-". He was interrupted by the female voice in the speakers saying that flight number 9
(Yoongi's flight) would soon leave.

Yoongi turned around in his arms and hugged him back. He missed hugging him, he missed his perfume. Maybe he was still in time to postpone all, he could ask the doctors. He still had time after all...

No. He had decided already and he would go to Europe. If his lover would stop him, then he would go himself. His own health was more important. He left Hoseok's arms and took Jimin's hand in his.

"I'm sorry Hoseok, you should've told me this earlier... Bye". His lips slightly curved down. He was disappointed.

Turning around, they walked to their gate. The guards had taken Hoseok away already. He was shouting Yoongi to wait, but the older wouldn't listen.

Yoongi and Jimin left that same afternoon.

Hoseok's POV

Hoseok tried desperately to fight the guards and get to Yoongi again, but he couldn't make it. Yoongi and Jimin left without him and Taehyung.

Once they were back at home, Hoseok threw himself on the couch. He felt extremely sad and angry with himself.

"This isn't fair..." He mumbled with his face buried in a pillow.

Taehyung sat next to him, his face in his hands.
"Yes, it is not fair... It's all your fault though!" He exclaimed, standing up and pointing at Hoseok. The latter thought the younger probably had tried to keep calm, but with Jimin leaving, he couldn't do that anymore.

Hoseok didn't answer though. He knew it was his fault, for being selfish, scared of changes and insecure.

"Yoongi isn't the only one, Jimin has left too. Ugh!" He sat back on the couch, taking a pillow and hitting it with a punch.

"I know Tae, it's my fault". He said, looking down at his hands.
"But I'll fix this. I will, no matter what." He stood up and took his laptop. Then he sat back on the sofa.

"What are you doing?" Taehyung asked, scooting closer to the older.

"I'm looking up for tickets."

"But we don't know in which country nor city of Europe Yoongi and Jimin went to." He stated. He had a point.

"Then we'll ask Yoongi's doctors. They surely know it".

"They'll never tell us, Hyung, it's patient's privacy! We should just check the last hour flights". Taehyung said, taking the laptop.

"No, Let me do this! I've made a mess and now I'll fix it." Hoseok took back his laptop.

He made a new mail message and sent it to Yoongi's neurologist, doctor Kim Namjoon. He answered after a short while, Hoseok exclaiming a 'yes' then moment he got a reply.

It wasn't what he expected.

"Hello, Sr. Jung Hoseok,

I'm really sorry, but I'm afraid to tell you that your boyfriend, Min Yoongi, before leaving, he precisely told me to not tell you his destination. He was rather angry, he doesn't want you to reach him or his mental stability will collapse. I, as his neurologist, will make sure that doesn't happen.

Best regards, Doctor Kim Namjoon."

Hoseok stared at the email message for a while, before shutting the laptop closed. He gave it to Taehyung and leaned on the back of the couch with crossed arms and a pout. "Aw, c'mon Hyung, don't be angry." Taehyung said, ruffling his hair and chuckling.

Then he opened the laptop again and typed down the last flights from the Seoul airport.
"Damn, I need the number if the gate. Do you remember it?" He asked Hoseok, who was looking at the screen.

"Uhm, I think it was... Gate number 9!" He exclaimed, moving onto Taehyung's lap with his upper body and typing down on the keyboard.
They stared at the screen with opened mouths when the destination came up.

"Yoongi and Jimin went to Milan, which is in... Italy?!" They both exclaimed, looking at each other.

"Taehyung, buy two tickets for Milan for the first available flight." Hoseok stated, running in his room afterwards.

"Wait, what do you want to do?!"

Hoseok peaked from behind the door of his room
"Simple, we are going to Italy to see Yoongi and Jimin." He stated. "Quick, pack your bags". He went back into his room, taking two bags and the clothes he most needed.

He wanted to see Yoongi again, hold him and tell him he missed him and that he was sorry for being a total idiot.

Chapter Text

Hoseok's POV

Hoseok and Taehyung left for the airport and left the same day. When they arrived in Milan, they had no idea where to go. Taehyung took his phone from his pocket and opened Google Maps.

"This says we need to get on bus number 3 to get to the hospital." He told Hoseok.

The older though didn't trust that damn technological object.
"Tae, Thank you but I think we should ask to one of the guards". He stated.

He walked over one of them and asked directions in English. But that man had a very bad accent, so it was hard to understand him.

"Done! We need to get on the bus number 13. Let's go." He took the younger's hand and together went out of the airport. They bought bus tickets and then got on the bus.

"Hyung, this isn't bringing us to the hospital though". Taehyung pointed out, showing the older his phone. They were going in the opposite direction, he noticed.

"Don't worry Taehyung, I asked to that guard, so we are surely on the right bus."

"How do you know that? He had the worst English ever! Even I am better than him!" The younger protested.

Hoseok patted him on the shoulder.
"Don't worry, we will be fine".

But when they arrived to the last stop and got off, they didn't see any hospital. Taehyung crossed his arms and pouted, glaring at Hoseok.

"I know, I know Tae, I probably made a mistake by trusting that man... W-we just need to take the right bus, right?" He rubbed the back of his head sheepishly and looked down.

"I've already checked and here doesn't stop any bus apart the number 13! Ugh!" Taehyung walked away angrily, going to the opposite side of the road to get to the other bus stop. Hoseok followed him, sighing heavily and looked downwards. He was really worried now. They were lost in a city they didn't know. He went to buy other bus tickets to the nearest seller, using GPS this time.

When he came back, Taehyung was surrounded by a hundres of people. They were all young girls, only a few boys were there. He ran as fast as he could through the sea of people and took Taehyung's wrist, running away with their heavy luggages on their backs.

"I'm sorry Hyung! They came like a predator to a prey!"

"I know it's not your fault, but we need to run fast now!" He shouted.

Out of breath, they hid in the closest alley. It was awful though, full of rubbish and rats. When those many people were far away, they came out of there. And the bus arrived under their eyes. They tried to wave and shout to make the driver stop, but it didn't work.

"Fuck! What are we going to do now? The next one will probably be here in 20 minutes or something! And we can't stay here, many people already recognized us." Hoseok said, panicking.

Taehyung hugged him, soothing his back. "It's going to be okay Hyung. This means we just have to walk, right? We have GPS and I noticed that Milan's most important hospital is only 30 minutes from here."

Hoseok hugged him back.
"Only 30?! That's a lot just by walking on foot! Ugh!" He looked the younger in the eyes. He was really determined.

"Okay... Let's go". He said, giving up.

They walked through the city, occasionally taking pictures of the beautiful buildings and places. Hey arrived to the main hospital drenched in sweat.

"W-we made it!" Hoseok exclaimed. The two boys hugged each other happily and then went inside the hospital, heading to the reception.

"Excuse me, we are looking for a patient called Min Yoongi, where is his room?" He politely asked.

They old lady checked the computer and then looked at Hoseok.
"I'm sorry sir, but Min Yoongi isn't recovered here at the moment. I only know that he went to the hotel on the opposite road."

Hoseok was very surprised. He thought Yoongi wanted to do that immediately.
"Which room?" He asked impatiently.

"I'm sorry, that's private and I can't tell you, unless you are of his family."

"Damn! Ugh, thank you anyway". He ran out of the hospital, Taehyung behind him.

One they were in the hotel, Hoseok asked in which room Min Yoongi was staying. They told him that nobody registered with that name. Hoseok thought back and asked if there was a certain Park Jimin. Neither that. Then Taehyung asked if Suga was staying in the hotel.

"Yes, he is. But you can't see him unless you directly know him".

Hoseok took his ID out and showed it to the man.
"You're Jung Hoseok?! Then that's okay, you can meet him."
Taehyung did the same thing and they both ran upstairs. They knocked at the door of room number 9.

"Who is it?" It was Yoongi's voice. God, Hoseok missed it so much.

"Uhm, It's gathering!" He said. Then the door opened and Yoongi came out, Jimin next to him. Hoseok didn't lose time and hugged his boyfriend tightly, actually spinning around.

"H-Hoseok?! What are you doing here? I thought you-". He couldn't finish his sentence because the other kissed him breathlessly.

"I missed you so much Yoongi, I can't live without you. You can do that surgery, I'll stay right next to you, all the time." He said, smiling so much his cheeks hurt.

Yoongi crossed his arms

"I will believe you if at one condition only: when I will have my sight back, you need to purpose to me, showing that you love me unconditionally, no matter if I can see you or not." He said.

Hoseok smiled hugely "Yes! Of course I will marry you!" He hugged and kissed him again, this time Yoongi doing it back.

Taehyung and Jimin apologized to each other and both hugged as well.


After one year and a half after the surgery, Yoongi could see things again. The first months after the operation he had some problems. For a year he trained his new sight, as he had frequent headaches and sometimes his sight went black again for few seconds, because he wasn't used to the new chips in his eyes. But when he saw Hoseok's face for the first time, he cried in happiness, because not only his boyfriend was nice, gentle, confident, loyal, trustworthy. But he was also the most beautiful man he had ever seen before.

Now, Hoseok and Yoongi were going back home (Jimin and Taehyung went back together after Yoongi had the surgery). After they landed in Korea's airport, they went their house to put away their luggages. Hoseok brought Yoongi to the park where they had their first date. Right there, Hoseok kneeled down.

"Yoongi, I am a man of word. I remember our promise and you have no idea how much I've been waiting for this moment..." He took a blue velvet box from his pocket and opened it.

"Min Yoongi... Will you marry me?"
He asked Yoongi, smiling.

Yoongi covered his mouth, with tears of joy in his eyes and said "Yes!".

After few weeks, they Hoseok had a concert again. When it was at its end, Yoongi went on the stage.

"Guys, I know it's been a long while, but I've been under surgery. Now, I can see things again! It's amazing, I've never thought you would be this many... I'm really grateful to have become a rapper and producer. And I first of all need to thank Hoseok, the one that helped me through it all. And, we also wanted to say this... We are getting married." They paused. The stadium was silent, nobody spoke.
Hoseok spoke up instead "Yeah, I know it's shocking but we love each other. We don't care if some of you stop being fans of us because of this. Do what you think it's right." He hugged Yoongi and kissed him.

Few months later, Yoongi and Hoseok got married. They did it in their house in private, because Korea didn't approve gay marriage. Jungkook was the one uniting them. They invited all their closest friends and Hoseok's relatives.

They didn't care if it wasn't completely official.
The most important thing was that they loved and trusted each other and it they were sure it was something eternal.

The end.