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The cluster of angels gathered around the edge of Heaven watching the toddler angel cry and scream on the other end of Hell. His mother is also crying hysterically from the border of Heaven, too afraid to fly over the fires of fury to her child. The other angels followed her stead, too concerned about their own safety to help out the innocent child.

The cries of anguish of the mother attracted the attention of one particular angel. His white wings were the purest and the most dazzling white to exist. His body glowed brighter than any of the angels in Heaven. He was God’s most trusted and purest angel. He made his way to the group concerned about the crying.

“What’s happening here?” He questioned as the mother threw herself on him, crying into his shoulder. “My-my baby… h-he’s stuck in the other side of Hell! P-please help me Seokjin!” The mother cried clutching onto his bright white toga. “Calm down Jisoo, I’ll get him for you,” the angel replied stroking her long charcoal hair.

Seokjin looked over to see the small Jaewon crying and screaming and starting to open his small wings to try to fly over the fires. “No! Jaewon! Stay where you are, I’m coming to get you!” Seokjin cried as he spread his pure white wings and prepared to take flight. His wings flapped as he flew over the scorching flames of Hell. He didn’t think twice about saving Jaewon, a child like him was more important than his grown up self.

He landed safely on the other side, his bare feet burning at the heat. With the ends of his white toga steaming, he crouched down to the child. He smiled brightly and extended his arms in which the toddler quickly ran to. Jaewon sobbed and clutched his toga as Seokjin rubbed his soft charcoal hair and hoisted him up. He spread his wings once again seeing the crying Jisoo relax. He once again flew over the scorching heat.

Seokjin handed the child to his mother, who hugged him and cried thank yous to Seokjin. Seokjin’s white wings flapped behind him and smiled as he prepared to land. The angel’s all collectively looked down to a colossal hand erupting from the flames. The breath left Seokjin as the burning hand clutched his ankle and pulled downwards. His wings flapped to escape as he stared wide eyed down to the scaly hand on his ankle. The other angels grabbed his arms and screamed as he was dragged down and attempted to pull him upwards. Seokjin clutched the edge of the border when the other angels’ hands lost their grip. Two more hands grabbed his ankles as he lost his grip on the edge and he plummeted down.

“SEOKJIN” the other angels cried as they couldn’t catch his hand in time and watched him fall into the red raging fires. His white toga flowed upwards as he stared wide eyed at his friends screaming his name from above. The dark cliffs of Hell engulfed him as he raised his hand to catch onto something. He abandoned that hope as soon as he saw he was falling right in the middle, not on the edges near the cliffs.

So this is how I die… at least I saved Jaewon… Seokjin thought, forcing a bitter smile as he closed his eyes and let the heat consume him.


Kim Namjoon was tired. He wanted to rip his advisors apart from what they reported. Rogue demons were climbing the walls and his people could do nothing about them. He broke the table at the meeting from the force he slammed his fists against. The whole day he was pissed off, wanting to destroy anyone and anything in his path. His servants must have realized as they all avoided stepping in front of him.

It’s not easy being the next Satan. The next ruler of Hell. The next vessel of Wrath. Governing all the demons and tormentors that resides within the flames. He had been a lowly demon, slowly and cunningly climbed his way to the top, killing and gaining power as he climbed up. With each kill he became stronger, taking down the leader and replacing him with himself.

But now he regrets it… so many matters coming to his hands… matters he can’t solve by killing. His head pounded everyday from the stress and the jobs he was responsible for. He just wanted to kill and move on, not sit at a desk with paperwork. He can’t even sit in his well deserved throne without reviewing some new problem.

And there he was, sitting in his throne, his head leaning on one hand, the black crown getting too heavy, and his other hand clenched as to not scorch the demon in front of him. The stupid creature was visibly sweating as he reported the problems, stuttering as he spoke. The stuttering was pissing him off as he slammed his fist against the armrest of his throne. The demon visibly jumped and let out a small squeak.

“GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY THRONE ROOM, YOU FUCKING LOW LIFE PEASANT!” Namjoon roared at the demon, watching him give a dumbfounded expression, scrambling to get up when Namjoon screamed “NOW!”

Namjoon clutched his head, his headache getting worse with all the screaming. Not the screams of Hell, mind you, he got used to that. The screaming of the stupid angels on the border. He clenched his teeth as he imagined ripping the throats of those idiots. He was about to go up there and see what the screaming was about, before he felt it. His eyes widened as the gust of wind blew past his face. He looked up and he saw the glowing white wings. Whiter than he’d seen on any angel… he would love to defile those pure wings.

“YOU! Go get me that angel, or I’ll have your heads...” Namjoon stated to the advisors in the throne room. Instantly, they took flight to capture that angel that would forever be Namjoon’s. He smiled thinking about what he’d do with those wings. He’d break them over and over again, watch them heal in crooked ways until they would just be flaps of skin hanging down his back. He’d finally have something to take his anger out on… those pure glowing white wings….


Seokjin was pretty sure he was gonna land flat on the ground, breaking his skull and spine as he did. He said his last prayers to God, as he prepared to die. Except, the impact never came… he thought God had saved him, but reality hit him hard as what did come was even scarier. He was in the arms of a demon. He screamed seeing the terrifying face of the creature, trying to retch his way out of his hold. That prompted the creature to hold on tighter, sinking its claws into his thighs.

He tried flying away, flapping his wings before another demon chained them together. Seokjin screamed and cried as his wings ached from the rough treatment and was placed in an awkward position. He sobbed and cried as the demon’s arms scorched his toga and made the slightest burns on his skin. He tried moving his legs and back so that the skin of the demon wouldn’t literally burn him alive. His toga steamed as holes started to appear.

After what felt like eternity (ironic right? He was supposed to be in Heaven for eternity), the demon finally landed in what appeared to be the throne room. Seokjin tried to retch himself out of the demons grip, the demon gave in and dropped Seokjin, right on his wings. Seokjin let out a scream from the position, getting up and rubbing his wings. He heard a dark deep chuckle behind him as he gulped and slowly turned his head.

There on the black spiky throne, sat the king of Hell himself. He had his black leathery wings folded on his back. His obsidian crown shone perched on his ash purple hair as his equally obsidian purple eyes glared down Seokjin. Seokjin was a pretty tall angel, but the king made him seem like a mouse as he let out a whimper from fear. The king smirked at that.

“My king, I have brought you the angel you requested.” The scaly demon said as he kneeled in front of the throne. The demon king stood from his throne, walking leisurely with his charcoal robe and toga dragging behind him. Seokjin shivered from fear as he slid backwards before the scaly demon grabbed his arms and made him stand up in front of the king.

Seokjin hated to admit it, but the king was handsome. He was tall and his face was an unique shape. If he wasn’t trembling in fear, he would have blushed. The king extended his clawed hand and grabbed Seokjin by his seokchin (I’m sorry), the claws awfully close to his throat. The king yanked his face upwards, moving it around and inspecting it. He stared at the doe eyes filled with fear, he looked at the defined nose, and he moved his thumb to the plump pink bottom lip of the angel. How he wanted to bite those lips and draw the crimson droplets of the angel’s blood.

“You’re more beautiful than I expected…” the king concluded as his hand left the angel. Seokjin’s eyes widened before he slowly let out a small sigh of relief as the demon stepped away. That was until the demon king charged, grabbing Seokjin's light maroon pink roughly before crashing his lips onto the angel’s. Seokjin whimpered trying to get away the king sank his fangs into his soft lips and sucked on them. The king stuck his forked tongue Inside, caressing the soft insides of the angel’s mouth. He coaxed the unwilling tongue of the angel, wrapping around it and sucking. When he had enough, he let go of the angel watching their connected saliva mixing with the blood on the angel’s lip.

The king smirked, “bring him to my chamber,” he stated watching his advisor drag the fighting angel away. The angel’s protests echoed throughout the walls of the palace, music to Namjoon’s ears as his headache slowly faded. He had originally planned to torture the angel, but now he had another means of use for the beauty. Namjoon barked out an evil laugh thinking about it. Oh how lucky of a day this was after all.


Seokjin was literally thrown into the room by the demon. He landed on his arms on the floor as he heard the door lock behind him. He got up from the floor before banging and clawing on the cherrywood door. “LET ME OUT! PLEASE I BEG YOU, LET ME OUT!” He cried as he tried the doorknob. He continued banging on the door, hysterical before he chose to find another way out.

He took In the room, spacious with a huge bed off to one wall. The sheets were obsidian and red, the two colors that were evident throughout the palace. There was a window by the bed, Seokjin running to it. He looked down and the drop would surely kill him. If only he had his wings, he would’ve been able to to fly out. Nonetheless, he tried to open the window, but it wouldn’t budge no matter how hard he tried.

He searched the room for any weapons, coming out empty which was ironic since Hell was all about weapons and torture. He continued, ransacking the closets and wardrobes and drawers for anything he can use to defend himself. He threw robes on the floor hoping to uncover something. His hysteria grew as he continued to come up empty.

In the back of his panicked mind, he heard the door click as he moved his head and saw the king enter. The king once again locked the door, prompting Seokjin to escape to one corner of the room. He tried merging himself into the dark walls behind him. Not surprisingly, the king followed after him, cornering him to the edge.

“S-stay back, you demon!” Seokjin cried as the king drew closer. Namjoon smirked and crashed his body onto Seokjin, pressing his body into the wall. The breath got knocked out of Seokjin for the nth time today. The king sank his head into Seokjin's neck, inhaling his scent and kissing it while Seokjin’s breath hitched.

“What’s your name, angel?” Namjoon whispered into Jin’s ear, causing him to shiver at the deep voice. “N-none of y-your busine— AGHHH,” Seokjin screamed as the king’s sharp fangs sank into his neck like a hot knife on butter. “S-SEOKJIN AGH IT'S SEOKJIN!” Jin cried as the fangs sunk deeper into his soft neck. He slapped the king’s shoulders and pushed against his hard chest.

The king kept his fangs buried in Seokjin for a few more seconds before letting go. The velvet drops of blood oozed out of the puncture hole. Seokjin instinctively put his hand over the wound. The king licked his bloody lips, the sweet taste of the angel’s blood making him go crazy. “Seokjin…” the demon tried, loving the way the name rolled off his tongue.

“I’m Kim Namjoon, or Satan, or Wrath, or King of Hell, whichever one you prefer.” Namjoon stated cockily watching the glare form in Seokjin’s eyes. “Or you can call me… daddy.” Namjoon teased, earning him a slap from the angel. Seokjin gasped realizing what he had just done. His hand flew before he could think. He gulped in fear seeing Namjoon crack his neck and face him with fire burning in his eyes.

Namjoon wrapped his hands around Jin’s slender pale neck, squeezing as Jin attempted to pry them off. Jin gasped as he was thrown on the bed, Namjoon climbing on top of him and blocking off his air supply. Tears came down Jins cheeks as he kicked and squirmed, scratching down Namjoon’s arms and hand. Namjoon hissed as Jin’s nails scraped his arms and drew blood.

Namjoon relented, raising one arm to slap the angel across his face, the other still restricting his air flow. Jin’s head whipped to the side and a burning sensation stayed heavy on his right cheek and part of his nose. He was dumbfounded, all he heard was a swooosh before his neck cracked to the other side. He turned back and stared up horrified, his whole body going immobile as he watched the demon on top of him. He felt something trickling from his nose, casting his caramel eyes down to the line of blood leaving his perfect straight nose.

He felt the demons eyes on the trickle of blood as it dropped down from his nose and over the soft lips of the angel. The angel squeaked as the demon lowered his head, licking the blood trail on Jin’s lips. He raised his head once again before literally devouring the plump lips. He nibbled and sucked, drawing blood and forcing his tongue inside. The angel bit down on his tongue, Namjoon quickly retching it from inside the wet cavern.

Namjoon wasn’t surprised, just disappointed. He really though the choking and the slap would get him in line. “You really don’t wanna learn your lesson do you?” Namjoon questioned before landing an even harder slap on the same cheek. The angel cried out the moment Namjoon raised his hand, clenching his eyes shut as the impact hit him again. His cheek THROBBED, the pain so intense he though his cheek literally ripped.

Jin shakingly brought his right hand to his aching cheek. The skin was in flames, he could literally feel the heat radiating off of it. Never had he been slapped so hard in his entire human and angel life. He whimpered and sobbed at pain, too scared to even look at the demon. His sobs increased in volume as the monster roughly grabbed his face again, digging his sharp obsidian claws into his cheeks.

“Are you going to behave now?” The king of hell asked, Jin nodding so hard Namjoon was afraid the angel’s head would come clean off. The angel kept his head down, sobbing and rubbing his cheek. Namjoon almost felt bad seeing the imprint of his hand etched onto the Heavenly being’s cheek. “That’s a good boy, don’t make me hurt you again,” chided Namjoon as he moved the angel’s hand and placed a caste kiss on the burning cheek.

Namjoon kissed down the angel’s neck, nipping occasionally and leaving bruises and hickies. Seokjin’s form trembled, he knew what the demon planned to do. He was too terrified to do anything except lay there. Namjoon kissed at the exposed collarbones of the angel, occasionally flicking his forked tongue over them.

When the king ripped the front of his white robes, Jin lost his nerve. “Please please please, your highness, don’t do this please,” Seokjin begged as he grabbed the demon’s hands. Namjoon raised his hand again making Jin flinch and let go. He sobbed harder as Namjoon licked a nipple and engulfed it into his hot mouth.

Jin clenched the bed sheets as Namjoon’s mouth went down to his flat stomach. He kissed and nibbled, leaving angry red marks in his wake. Namjoon came back up, kissing Jin deeply as his hands untied and moved the toga from around the angel’s waist. Jin sobbed and whimpered between kisses as Namjoon explored his thighs. He squeezed the milky thighs, claws digging in with ease, droplets of blood flowing out.

Namjoon went back down, biting and kissing Jin’s meaty thighs while Jin’s fingers entangled themselves in his hair. Namjoon was lazily sucking a hickey on the pale skin before Jin worked up the courage to utter “please, I’m a man… we can’t do that, please… homosexuality is a sin… please...” Namjoon grew angry and bit down with all his might. Jin gasped and his thigh twitched in Namjoon’s hold before he screamed. His thigh oozed crimson blood and Namjoon watched it trickle down and stain the bed sheets.

“Don’t you dare bring your “God” Into this! This is Hell! This is my realm!” Namjoon roared into Jin’s face. Jin whimpered and closed his eyes before stuttering out “sorry” to no end. Namjoon tsked before going back to his previous task. He stared at the angel’s dick… even that looked holy but it laid flaccid, much to Namjoon’s dislike. He moved apart the angel’s full buttocks exposing his little pink hole. Jin squeaked before his finger even made contact with the hole.

Namjoon teasingly rubbed circled on the pink hole, tracing its shape with his clawed thumb. Jin tried squirming away causing Namjoon to pull him back with his ankles. He continued teasing, feeling the muscles around it occasionally twitch from the stimulation. He dipped in his thumb painfully and suddenly into the angel. The claw scraped the inside of the angel who screamed and instinctively kicked.

The kick landed on Namjoon’s shoulder who moved back from the impact. Fury burned in his eyes before he grabbed the angel’s ankle. “I thought you were gonna behave, my angel… I’m disappointed in you. You deserve a punishment for that kick earlier…” Namjoon mockingly pretended to think before he smirked down. “I think with a broken ankle, you won’t have a lot of fight left in you…” Namjoon stroked the angel’s feet watching his facial expression change to one of pure terror.

The angel immediately tried to take back his left foot but Namjoon’s grip was iron. “No no no! Please I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Please it was an accident! I swear I won’t do it again please!” The angel screamed hysteric. Namjoon just hummed, playing with the angel’s toes. Jin gulped and tried again, “please your majesty, please don’t hurt me. I promise I’ll be a good boy! Please give me one more chance!”

“Sorry baby, you ran out of all your chances…” Namjoon stated as he gripped Seokjin’s foot with both hands while the angel wailed. He built the anxiety into the angel as he slowly stroked the foot before he twisted it to the right. The audible crack echoed throughout the room and the angel’s eyes widened and he screamed with all the might in his body. He screamed so loudly he was pretty sure all the angels heard him up in Heaven. He continued screaming seeing his foot hang awkwardly and the blinding pain making him see white.

He continued to scream as loud as possible, each small movement making the pain double. He cried and screamed as the demon watched him suffer. He screamed until his throat was parched. He continued screaming even with his spent throat. He screamed when the demon set down his foot on the bed. He continued screaming until he started choking on his own saliva. He went into a coughing fit, choking and crying and continuing to scream.

“Hey, hey, HEY! CALM DOWN!” Namjoon roared causing Jin to scream even louder from fear. He cried and cried, calling for God to save him, to save him from this, this monster. He went hysterical, having a full blown panic attack. He had trouble breathing, choking and shivering and panting. For once Namjoon was lost. He didn’t know what to do. The angel was going to die if he didn’t do anything. He pushed the angel onto one of its sides, regretting it when the angel screamed as his broke ankle moved. He patted the angel’s back, trying to get him to breathe again.

Seokjin was about to die, he knew it. God was coming to save him so that he would finally be free from the demon. God was going to bring him back to Heaven. He was God’s favorite, there’s no way God would let him suffer like that. He coughed as his dry throat ached. He was half aware of the demon’s methods to try to get him to breathe again. He panted and blood came out of his mouth as he choked on that too. His eyes flickered, black dots swimming in his vision before everything went dark. Thank you, God.


The angel went limp in Namjoon’s arms. He was half afraid that the angel had died. Seokjin had blood coming out of his mouth but Namjoon knew he was still alive. No one would die in his realm without his permission. Not even God could change that. He knew who was behind that scene, Heaven wanted to take back it’s precious angel from him. But he would never let him go.

Namjoon stroked the pale bloody face of his Seokjin. He moved the maroon hair from his forehead, kissing it lightly as he set Seokjin down gently on the bed. He called for some demons to slowly and carefully clean up the angel. He was pretty strict in his command that even one scratch on his angel will cost the demons their heads along with their family’s.

Namjoon walked out of the door to take a breather. Maybe he was little too harsh on the angel… the poor creature had a full blown panic attack. He walked into the throne room to complete his duties while the angel rested. He wasn’t afraid of the angel running off, he couldn’t do anything with his wings bound and that broken ankle of his.