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i fell for you in a coffee shop

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You Are Formally Invited To Our Wedding!

Bakugou's eye twitched. Midoriya Izuku, his old childhood friend, was..going to be wed soon. 
He let out a groan, tossing the invitation to the side of his desk. He was way too busy to be dealing with these kinds of things.. He owned a company for fucks sake! 
"Stupid if I'd wanna see you anyway." 

"Uhm..excuse me..Mr.Bakugou, sir?" 

Bakugou's eyes shot up, his expression softening. His assistant, Ochako Uraraka, was one of very little things that would make him feel calm. 
"You're kinda late, huh?" 
Ochako let out a nervous laugh. "Aha..yeah, sorry about that! I woke up kinda late and traffic was TERRIBLE!" She sighed. "I'm happy I made it, though." 
"What about my-" 
"Coffee? It's right here, sir." She grinned. "I've been your assistant for 3 years, I think I know to bring you coffee by now."
Bakugou couldn't help the smile that crept onto his face. "Thank you..I really need it after some shitty news I hea-" 
"Oh uhm! Sorry, sir." Ochako handed him a few papers. "Headquarters wanted these done by tonight.. It's not too much, but I'm sorry they only told me about it now." 
"You're fine, Ochako." He took a sip of his coffee, skimming through the papers. "Anything else?"
"Kirishima wanted to talk to you over the phone as soon as possible.. He said it was an emergency." 
Bakugou sighed. Kirishima's ""emergencies"" usually weren't a big deal, but he always had to make sure his friend was okay. "I'll get onto that too. Thank you." 
Ochako nodded. "Of course! Uhm..! Mina needed me to help her with her" 
"You're free to go, don't worry. I'll let someone know if I need you again." 
Ochako grinned, leaving the males office. She always felt safe with her boss..even if he was super intimidating.

Bakugou scrolled through his contacts, clicking and dialing Kirishima. It didn't take too long for him to answer. 
"HEYYY, BAKUGOU! How have you been?" 
"What did you want?"
"Huh? Ohhh.. I told your angel face of an assistant it was an emergency, but it's actually just about Midoriya's wedding." 
Bakugou rubbed his temples. "What about that shitty nerd?", he gritted through his teeth. 
"He said it'd be nice if everyone had a date." 
Choking could be heard from the other end. 
"What the fuck?! Who the hell does he think he fucking is?! I don't need a da-" 
"Hey. Calm down there hot stuff. It's just preferred-"
"Kiri, be my date."
"Be. My date." 
"No way man, this isn't like high school! Besides.. Denki's taking Jirou so I've decided to take a certain pink haired cutie." 
"Mina, right? ...Aren't you seeing Denki?"
"We're open about stuff, don't worry about it man. But..we were thinking maybe you could take uh..Ocha.." 
"Ochako? My assistant?"
"Yeah! I heard that her and Midoriya used to be really close before he moved to live with Shouto."
Bakugou cringed. Ochako was friends with that fucking nerd? No way. 
"I'm gonna take her." 
"Huh? Really?" 
"Yeah. I'll show that asshole what he's missing." 
Kirishima snorted. "Okay buddy, see you there." 

Bakugou hung up the phone, letting out a long exhale. 
He pressed a button on his desk.
"Ochako Uraraka, my office. Now." 
He sat back in his chair, waiting patiently for the brunette. 
She hurried in, a worried look on her face. "D-did I do something wrong? I'm so sor-" 
"You didn't do anything wrong. I need..a favor. Sit down." 
Ochako complied, sitting across from him. 
"My childhood friend is..having a wedding, and I've been asked to be his best man." He sighed. "I'll be leaving for the resort 2 weeks early for preparation-" 
"Oh! I'm on it! I'll change my schedule so-" 
Bakugou cleared his throat. "I need to..bring a date. I'm taking you with me, round face." 
Ochako furrowed her brows at the nickname. "But..I'm your assistant-" 
"I'll still be paying you while we're on the trip, but you will attend. Do I make myself clear?" 
"Yes, sir..?" She was still a bit..confused, but a part of her seemed a bit excited.
"Good. We'll be going shopping tomorrow for clothes for the trip, your current clothes look like shit." 
"Hey! I'll have you know-" 
She was cut off by a ringer..Bakugou's ringer.. 
"One second.." He muttered. "Hello?..oh fuck- Hi, mom..uh huh? Wait..wh-" 
Ochako watched in confusion as her boss' face tured a bright red. 
"M-my girlfriend?! What do you mean Kirishima-..oh that fucking shitty haired piece of shit.. Mom, listen- Yeah, I-" 
Ochako walked towards him, a look of determination on her face. "Give me the phone."
"What? No! ..Not you mom I-" 
The brunette swiftly took the phone away from the other, a smirk on her face. "Hello, Mrs.Bakugou! Hi, yes.. It's me, Ochako. Your son is truly wonderful and I couldn't ask for a better man. ♡" 
Bakugou watched in absolute fear as his assistant carried on his best friends dirty work. He couldn't believe this was happening. 
"Oh? You'll be at the wedding? Oh, yes it would be wonderful to meet you! Of course, I'll tell him. Bye!" 
Ochako hung up the phone, holding it out towards him. 
"She said she hopes we're next in line, Katsuki."
"You're on thin fucking ice, round face."
Ochako giggled. "Don't worry. After the wedding we can wait a few weeks and if people ask we can say it just didn't work out. I know it's.." She hesitated for a moment. "I know it's not a real relationship sir, don't worry."
Those words stung Katsuki harded than he would've liked them to. "Yeah." He mumbled. "Go...home early to get ready. I'll get you a cab on me."
"Really?! Thank you so much, sir!" Ochako grinned, grabbing her stuff. 
"Don't mention it." He mumbled, watching the brunette leave the room. He sighed, returning to his paperwork. 
What the fuck had he just gotten himself into?

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"I'm just really excited, Tsu!" Ochako exclaimed to her best friend, a huge grin on her face. 

"You're pretending to be his girlfriend, Ochako." She stated blunting, taking a sip of her drink.

Ochako loved to spend time at this small cafe; It was always peaceful and she was good friends with the owner, Tsuyu Asui.

The brunette sighed, resting her face on her hand. "I know  that, but it's for work, okay?" 

"I thought you had feelings for your boss." Tsuyu tilted her head in confusion. "Ever since he-"

"No! I..." Ochako sighed. "They were really stupid feelings, I don't have them anymore."

There was an awkward period of silence between the two, Tsuyu breaking it by walking back to the counter. 

"Whatever you say, but I think he's made a huge impact on your life, kero."

Ochako sat in silence, staring down at her drink. Strawberry bubble tea, her favorite. She sighed.

He was the reason why it was her favorite.



 Shit shit shit- What am I gonna do?!


Ochako sat in the small cafe, practically pulling her hair out. Her parents were in serious debt, her father was ill, and she couldn't even keep a job to support them.

"You're always welcome here, Ochako." Tsuyu looked over at the brunette, her expression quite worrisome. 

"N-no.. it's fine, Tsuyu." She let out a nervous laugh. "Rainy Season Cafe fits you a bit more than me, don't you think? Besides..I can't really cook or make drinks very well." 

Tsuyu nodded slowly, sitting beside her friend. "Tell me everything that's wrong, okay?"

She let out a shaky exhale, resting her shoulder on her friends.

"Dad..isn't doing too well. My mom is doing everything she can to do pay for hospital bills and... I know it's wearing her out." She sniffled, feeling tears welling up in her eyes. "I just- I know she needs help, Tsu! She says it'll be okay but..I'm not a little girl anymore. I promise that when I grew up I was going to help them and maybe even send them to Hawaii but-" She covered her face with her hands, sobbing. "I haven't grown up, Tsu!  They need me now more than ever but I..I just can't get a job." 

Tsuyu held her friend as she cried, patting her back softly. She had known Ochako all throughout college, being roomates and all. She moved back, wiping the tears from her chocolate brown eyes. " Ochako..try to breathe, okay? I know things seem hopeless right now, but..things will get better, I promise."

Ochako looked up at her green haired friend, trying her best to form a smile. "Okay.. I'm going to try to stay..strong." She wiped her tears away. "I know my dad wouldn't like to see me like this." 

Tsuyu smiled softly, giving Ochako's hand a squeeze. "I need to finish baking some sweets since I'm opening shop in a bit. You can stay here and relax though, okay? I'll be back in the kitchen if you need me."

She watched her friend walk back behind the counter, taking in a deep breath. She slapped her cheeks a few times in an attempt to fix her composure. "It's's okay!" She began to skin through the job articles once more. "I can do this for dad!"


It was time for shop to open, Tsuyu turning the sign on the front door. 

"Hey, Ochako? Would you mind setting up my chalk board sign outside? I'm gonna set out the menus on the tables." 

Ochako nodded, walking over to the sign. She carried it out the front door, struggling a bit with how big it was.

"God this is so stupid-"


A tall ashy blonde in a crisp black suit took the sign out of her hands, setting it down for her. 

"I..uhm.." She cleared her throat. "Thank you."

"It's no problem.." He looked down at her, then over to the cafe. " here? I've never seen you before." 

"I uhm! No..this is just my friends"

"Oh! Bakugou!" Tsuyu exclaimed from the counter. "Right on time as always."

Bakugou gestured for Ochako to enter. She nodded, walking into the cafe, Bakugou following after. 

"The usual, Ms.Asui." He sat himself at the table Ochako was sitting at, examining all her papers. 

"Are you looking for a job?" 

Ochako nodded, looking to the side. "Y-yeah..No one's really called me back or anything.."

"Hm.." Bakugou sat back in his chair. "Be my assistant." 

Ochako choked, looking at him in disbelief. "You're kidding?"

"No?" He scoffed. "All my past assistants were super fucking shitty and got easily intimidated by me." 

Tsuyu walked over with his coffee, placing it down in front of him. "He's the CEO of a big company you know, kero." 

Ochako looked over at the man. His expression was..tense. He seemed to be very angry, but also..not? 

"What're you staring at?" He glared. "You wanna be my assistant or not?"

"I'm sorry but..why me? 

"Any friend of Asui's is a friend of mine, and besides.." He cleared his throat. "You're a lot better looking than my past assistants. So yes or no?" 

Ochako couldn't help but laugh. " And! Uhm...yes." She gave him a look of determination. "I'll be your assistant." 

Bakugou smirked, looking over at Tsuyu. "Hey, Asui. Get her a Strawberry Bubble Tea on me. We're gonna be here a while to discuss, okay?" 



Ochako was taken out of her daze by her ringer going off all of a sudden. She scrambled for her cell phone, answering immediately. 


"Where are you? You're late."

Ochako suddenly remembered what she had forgotten earlier that morning. She was supposed to 

"Ah, I;m so sorry! I got distracted and completely forg-"

"That doesn't answer my question." He barked. "Where are you?"

"I' Tsuyu's cafe."

"Thank you." He muttered. "I'll be there in 10. Be ready." 

Ochako let out a sigh of relief once he heard him end the call from the other end. "At least he doesn't seem..mad?" 

She walked over to the counter and hugged her friend goodbye before heading outside the shop. Today was going to be a