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Learning to Use Chopsticks

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“A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love.” - Max Muller

It was the three year anniversary of the day that they’d met, and Spencer Reid was standing in front of an altar.

Wearing a tux.


There was a storm moving in, and while yes it was certainly considered good luck for it to rain on one’s wedding day, they were outside and he didn’t exactly want to see Delilah’s wedding dress get ruined by mud.

Not that he had any idea of what it looked like, of course. She’d kept the thing very hush hush from the beginning and perhaps that was for the best. Spencer had quite the imagination on him, after all, and one look at the dress and he’d likely figure out exactly how she looked in it, which would sort of ruin the Big Reveal.

“You okay there, pretty boy?” Morgan quietly asked from his left side and Spencer gave a nod, reminding himself to breathe, though his eyes were completely trained down on his feet as he tried to keep from fidgeting too terribly much.

But then… Music. And the sound of people getting to their feet, and Spencer lifted his gaze to where he knew Delilah had just come to stand at the foot of the aisle.

And there were… No words, no breath as he looked at her for the first time, eyes going wide before a grin slowly started to spread across his features.

Truly, a goddess. His goddess. His goddess that he was about to pledge his undying love and loyalty to for as long as they both should live.

The next few minutes were something of a blur as she approached him, as Tony handed her off and as they listened to the officiate talk about why they were all gathered there today, but then the important moment started and they were exchanging words.

Words that Spencer felt to his very core. Words followed by an exchange of rings and then a few more words and then…

“...with the power vested in me, I now pronounce you Husband and Wife. You may kiss your bride.”

And kiss Delilah Spencer did, both of his hands cupping her cheeks as his mouth covered hers, and he was distantly aware of whoops and cheers, but he was losing himself in the taste of her lipstick and the taste of her and the feel of her hands clutching at his waist and of the way her teeth just grazed against his lower lip when he pulled back a long moment later to rest his forehead against hers.

And giggled.

To be fair, they both giggled, and Spencer couldn’t remember ever being happier than he was in that moment.


They’d ultimately elected to have a small wedding with just their closest friends and family present and keeping with their outdoor wedding, they’d had a large tent set up not far from where they’d exchanged their vows.

It was shielded enough to protect everyone underneath it when the afternoon storm finally broke, but open enough that Spencer really shouldn’t have been surprised when Delilah suddenly took him by the hand and yanked him out into the downpour with her.

They started sliding a bit in the rain-slickened grass but ultimately found their feet, and Delilah was grinning up at him as she pulled him down to her for a kiss, a kiss he was happy to return until he pulled back in confusion when he heard the music suddenly get a bit louder.

Ah. Morgan had moved one of the speakers so it faced out towards them.

“I believe it’s time for our first dance, Mister Reid.”

“The first of many, I hope, Missus Reid,” He murmured as he pulled her into his arms, both of them starting to slowly sway back and forth as the sounds of Etta James’ “Sunday Kind of Love” was belted out to them.

“Do you remember the first time we danced to this song together?” He murmured, pressing his lips against her temple as they continued to sway together in the rain.

“Of course.” She nodded, pressing a hint closer to him.

“Do you remember what we did after?” He’d shifted his head enough so he could murmur that question against the shell of her ear.

She didn’t verbally answer, but nodded, and he could feel her trembling slightly all of a sudden, and it certainly wasn’t because of the rain.

Good. Exactly the reaction he’d been going for.

“...I’m going to spend an entire day doing that to you on our honeymoon.”

Delilah, as Spencer had learned over the last three years with her, liked it when he got a little naughty, particularly when he told her about it when they were somewhere she couldn’t immediately react.

Like now. At their wedding. Surrounded by their closest friends and loved ones.

But he’d be hard-pressed to miss the way her pupils were a bit dilated when she pulled back to peer up at him.

Just as he would be hard-pressed to miss a faint smirk tugging at the corner of her lips.

“Just remember I have a few plans of my own, husband.”

He wouldn’t be surprised if his own pupils were suddenly a bit dilated as well.


The rain continued long after their first dance was over, long after Morgan and JJ and Emily came running out to pull them back under the cover of the tent insisting that the newlyweds would get sick and really, that wasn’t any way to spend their honeymoon.

But they found some towels and dried off as much as they could - Delilah’s hair was doing some sort of crazy-beautiful curling and Spencer had to remind himself that they weren’t in private yet - and then continued to dance and Spencer could fully admit that he was a little tipsy from champagne.

He could also fully admit that he was completely drunk on his wife, and didn’t care in the slightest who knew it.

It helped that she seemed to be completely drunk on him as well.

But, the evening started to wind down - as evenings do - and it was Rossi who approached them and told them to run while they had a chance. He had a limo waiting out back for them that would take them to their hotel or wherever else they wanted to go.

“Let us worry about the clean-up. You two kids get out of here before Morgan starts getting ideas.”

Spencer shook his hand and Delilah kissed his cheek before they took one look at each other, grabbed hands and bolted.

They were still laughing as they climbed into the backseat, and Spencer gave the driver the name of the bed and breakfast they’d booked for the night before closing the privacy screen and turning towards his wife.

Later, when he would think back over this moment, he really wouldn’t be able to figure out which of them moved first, but would remember the feeling of hands tangling in his hair, of curls wrapping around his own digits and of the taste of champagne and chocolate and Delilah on his tongue.

He’d remember the way she shifted until she was straddling him there in the backseat, the feel of her pressing close as he wrapped his arms around her waist, the quiet sighs of contentment when he moved to kiss along the smooth column of her neck.

He wasn’t going to make love to her in the backseat of a limo, no, but he could get the process started, at the very least.

By his count, they had about twenty minutes before they got to the bed and breakfast, and he was quite happy to spend the entirety of that time with his hands in her hair, with his lips on her neck and maybe along her collarbones which were exposed by the sleeveless design of her dress.

What had she called it? A sweetheart neckline?

He might’ve been distantly thinking about how unsafe it was that neither of them were properly buckled in, but if anyone knew the statistics on the probabilities of them getting into a car crash and being injured tonight, well… It would certainly be him, wouldn’t it?

They got to the bed and breakfast within the amount of time that Spencer had predicted, and thankfully the driver gave them a few minutes to compose themselves before he came around to open doors and fetch luggage that Rossi must’ve helped him load into the trunk.

They were leaving for their honeymoon the next day, and didn’t want to go back to their apartment first and risk getting stuck in traffic and missing their flight.

Besides, Spencer was fairly certain he was going to want as much time to lay in bed with her the next morning as he could get.

It didn’t take them long to get checked in or taken up to their room - they’d picked a place that was a bit quieter, but no less romantic - and were left alone relatively quickly.

There was a bottle of champagne chilling in a bucket by the bed, a small platter of chocolate covered strawberries carefully plated next to it, but neither of them moved towards the complimentary treats.

No, they moved towards each other again - though they’d never strayed that far from one another to begin with - but Spencer’s hold on Delilah was softer this time, one hand settling on her waist while the other slowly slid up her back to tease at the warm flesh between her shoulder blades.

Delilah had stepped closer to him as he’d wrapped his arms around her, her own suddenly loosely draping around his shoulders as she pressed her chest to his and peered up at him, and Spencer could swear that he could see eternity in her eyes.

Neither of them seemed to be aware of it, but they’d started to slowly sway where they stood, dancing in a small, slow circle and after a quiet moment Delilah started to hum and then they were shifting into a more proper dancing stance and Delilah tucked her head up underneath Spencer’s chin.

Spencer still had a hand resting at the small of her back when Delilah pulled back just enough to peer up at him, her lashes lowered a touch and lips parted slightly in invitation.

An invitation that Spencer most assuredly couldn’t ignore, and he lowered his head to brush his lips against hers, the dance stalling a moment later as the kiss started to heat up again and both of them remembered where they were and why.

Spencer soon became aware of Delilah pulling her hand out of his so she could rest hers against his chest, though they slid up a moment later to start undoing his bowtie and he gasped when she broke the kiss to press her lips against his Adam’s apple.

His own hands weren’t exactly idle though, and had discovered the zip to her dress relatively quickly.

“...may I?” He breathed, tilting his head back to give her better access to his neck and he felt more than heard her murmured ‘please’ in response.

So down down down the zip went, and a moment later he felt Delilah pull back so that her dress could slide to the floor and puddle in a pool of ivory silk at her feet, leaving her in lace the color of champagne.

He let his gaze linger for a long moment, taking her in in her entirety and committing her to memory, his hands settling at her waist as his fingers toyed with the band of her garter belt.

Words had completely escaped him, something that Delilah no doubt could tell because she was giggling even as she blushed under his adoration, her fingers starting to once again work on his clothing as she made to push his jacket off his shoulders and made quick work of unbuttoning his shirt, shoving that down his arms as well.

There was a brief moment of laughter when she realized that he had cufflinks and his arms were still stuck in the fabric of his shirt, but it didn’t last long and they were kissing each other again a moment later, grins still firmly attached to their features even as they slowly started to shuffle their way back towards the bed.

More kisses followed as the rest of their garments were pulled off and cast aside - he’d rather particularly enjoyed stripping her of her stockings - Spencer’s lips happily settling against the red marks that his wife’s undergarments had left on her flesh as he sought to soothe as well as arouse.

But he couldn’t stay away from her lips for long, returning to them over and over again while his hands traced and caressed and lingered, his body arching into hers as her own hands did the same.

He wasn’t surprised though, when she took one of his hands in hers and slid it down her body to where she really wanted to be touched, and Spencer swallowed her pleased moans with a sense of pride when he found her already aroused as his fingers parted the seam of her sex to start their exploration.

Her hands were tangled in his hair, his lips settled against her pulse point as he slowly worked two fingers in and out of her, his thumb moving in gentle circles over her clitoris as he listened to her quiet moans and pleas for more and yes and right there, Spencer, please, and he gave it to her until she shattered beneath him with a stuttered gasp of his name.


She stopped him before he could bring her to a third though.

“...I need you in me…” She breathed, lips brushing against his with the words and it was Spencer’s turn to whimper again when he felt her fingers wrap around his erection, her thumb smoothing back and forth across the head a handful of times before she gave him a long, slow stroke down and back up.

It required a little bit of shifting - and a fair amount more kissing - but soon enough he was hovering over her, eyes locked with hers as he lifted one of her legs to drape it around his hip as he lined himself up with her, eyes staying locked as he whispered he loved her and then slowly slid inside.

What followed was a quiet, near-Holy thing as they rocked together, bodies pressed close and lips never straying far from the other and Spencer never wanted it to end.

But when it did… Oh.

He’d always thought Delilah was beautiful in the throes of ecstasy, but seeing her here, now, as his wife in the throes of ecstasy?

How could he not tumble over the edge and follow wherever she led?

After the heat had started to pass and they were left with matching heartbeats as they tried to catch their breath, Spencer’s lips had found purchase once more against the column of her neck and along her collarbones, Delilah’s hands languidly carding through his hair as she pressed her own lips to whatever she could reach.

Eventually, her lips found his and Spencer inhaled as it lingered, breathing her in for a long moment before he slowly started to turn, both of them curling up on their sides even as they curled further into one another.

“...I had a thought.”

“Imagine that.”

She thumped him playfully on the chest as she giggled. “I’m serious Spencer.”

“What was your thought, my love?”

“Well… It’s about what’s next.”

He frowned slightly. “ mean our honeymoon?”

“No no, I-I mean our future.”

“I’m not sure what you mean, but go ahead.”

“It’s just um… I mean, we just bought that big beautiful house, but it seems sort of silly for just the two of us to own a three bedroom, two-story house, Spencer.”


“And I was thinking, you know, that my um…” She was blushing suddenly. Why was she blushing? “ birth control prescription runs out right after we get back from Italy.”

Wait. Was she suggesting what he thought she was suggesting??


“What if I… I don’t know… Didn’t get it refilled?”

“What about your endometriosis?”

She was worrying her lower lip slightly between her teeth. “I’ve already spoken with my OBGYN about it, and she says their might be a couple of alternatives that could work, but um…” Her blushing had increased, and maybe Spencer was blushing suddenly too.

“...I want to try and make a baby with you, Spencer. I… want us to have a family together.”

His only response was to kiss her and show just how very much he liked that idea.


“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” - Mignon McLaughlin