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Like Honey

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It's nearing the end of Izuku's final shift of the week. Patrol that day had been rougher than usual, and he's feeling the sting of it now—the remnants of pushing hard, adrenaline racing, moving non-stop from one part of the city to the next.

But at the end of it all, he'd had four villain round-ups, nine smaller incidents resolved, forty-two civilians saved or rescued. That makes it more than worth it in the end; he'd do it all over without taking a break if asked (or, well… probably without being asked, too, which is why his seniors at the office keep a copy of his schedule, to make sure he's taking his days off when he's supposed to).

"Yo, Deku!"

A few blocks from the office, he hears a familiar voice call out to him, and he straightens up, looking for the source.

It's not hard to find it. Across the street, a small crowd has gathered to exclaim and take pictures, and in the middle of them all, he spies a tall and familiar shock of red hair.

All the exhaustion bleeds out of Izuku's bones as Eijirou waves enthusiastically from the other side of the street. The traffic signal turns and he politely excuses himself from the crowd, before jogging across the crosswalk to catch up to Izuku. As soon as people see the two of them together, there's cell phone cameras being whipped out.

Izuku reminds himself not to shy away from the attention, gamely waving at the surrounding crowd. Eijirou slings an arm around his shoulders, flashing both his recognizable grin and peace signs in several directions. He's a natural in front of cameras. Izuku would be envious, except it's just too much fun watching Eijirou light up and brighten everyone else's day in return.

"Wanted to catch you on your way back to the office," Eijirou says. "Long time no see, babe!"

Izuku bursts into a brilliant smile. Eijirou tends to be pretty indiscriminate about calling people affectionate nicknames, but it never fails to make Izuku's heart flutter when it's turned in his direction.

"Same to you, Red Riot," he says. "How's your arm?"

It's been about a week since they last saw each other. Also… since the first time Eijirou gave him probably the best orgasm he's ever had in his life. The thought—that that's what happened the last time they were in the same room—makes Izuku's face go up in flames. Eijirou blinks at him bemusedly, and Izuku curses his easily triggered blush response. But Eijirou bites his lower lip before he starts smiling, rubbing the back of his neck. He leans a little closer, so he can speak without fear of anyone overhearing.

"Really wanna kiss you right now," he murmurs, and then, before Izuku can even hope to recover from that, grins and says louder, "My arm's fine! The guy barely put a scratch on me!" He Hardens his arm dramatically and several of the fans watching them avidly cheer. Eijirou waves again.

Izuku really wants to kiss him, too. This isn't new, but especially since it's been nearly a week, and in that span of time, Eijirou had a run-in with an especially dangerous villain. Red Riot took him down single handedly by the time any other pros could arrive on the scene, but the battle had been so fierce, and gone on for so long, that the villain had still managed to get in a couple good shots. Izuku had been worried sick, even after Eijirou had texted him to tell him everything was fine.

"Wanna go for food after this?" Izuku asks him.

"Actually," Eijirou says, puffing his chest out a little bit, "I made us some very fancy dinner reservations for tonight."

"What?!" Izuku squeaks. "Where?! A-are you sure?"

"It's a surprise! And yep!" Eijirou tells him. "We definitely don't wanna be late, so let's go, let's go—!"

The walk back to the office isn't a long one and Izuku can't stop laughing as Eijirou bustles him along. They get inside the building, both waving at the receptionist as Izuku hurries to the locker room.

"Oh—shoot, I only have—" He pulls his clothes out of his locker and grimaces at his plain white t-shirt and shorts. It's not even his "Dress Shirt" shirt… "Do we have time for me to stop at home and get a change of clothes, I—"

Eijirou kisses him, then, and considerations of fancy restaurants and appropriate clothing abandon Izuku very quickly. Eijirou is very warm, and incredibly sturdy, his chest broad and firm when Izuku rests his hands against it to balance himself after being caught off guard. He smells good, like he just showered, probably, and Izuku is instantly aware of the grit and sweat that must be clinging to him after a full day of patrolling. Eijirou doesn't seem to mind in the slightest.

"I was really worried about you," Izuku says, when Eijirou pulls away enough for him to speak.

Eijirou swipes his thumbs over Izuku's face—starts at the bridge of his nose and brushes all the way out to the apples of his cheeks, tracing his freckles, and Izuku stares up at him and how soft his smile is, going slightly cross-eyed when Eijirou leans back in, to kiss the tip of his nose.

"You worry a lot," Eijirou tells him. "Speaking of which, your clothes are fine."

"R-really?" Izuku asks, unconvinced. His heart sinks as he surveys them again; he’s not sure if this is a… a real date or not, since they’ve never gone on one of those. But whatever it is, he doesn’t want to look shabby.

"Yeah, I called ahead!" Eijirou says. He gives Izuku a hearty thumbs up. "Told them the hero Deku himself was coming to visit their fine establishment. They're big fans."

"You're joking," Izuku says. Eijirou just laughs.

So, with Izuku clad in his grubby civilian clothes, they take the train a couple cities over. Eijirou resolutely refuses to tell him the name of the restaurant, and Izuku is, to be honest, entirely too gullible—so he doesn't even realize where they're going until they're practically walking up the stairs of a familiar apartment complex, and Eijirou is knocking on the door, and then it finally clicks.

"Oh, wait," he says, "are we going with—"

The door flies open and they are met with a (now trademarked) pair of angry eyebrows, and a loud voice saying irately, "What the hell is this?! I said eight PM, Eijirou, not eight fuckin' fifteen! Get your asses inside."

"K-Kacchan?" Izuku stammers. Bakugou looks to be violently whipping some kind of mixture in a bowl under his arm. "Hang on, are we having dinner here?"

Eijirou's laugh is loud and delighted, while Bakugou says, "No, nerd, I'm just beating some eggs for the hell of it—obviously, we're gonna eat dinner."

"Kirishima-kun told me we were going to a fancy restaurant!" Izuku says, grinning despite himself.

"Are you saying my place ain't good enough for you?" Bakugou demands.

"No," three voices chorus at the same time, and Izuku peers past Bakugou to see Todoroki lying on his stomach on the floor.

"Hi, Todoroki-kun!" he says.

"Hey, Midoriya," Todoroki calls back. "Katsuki, get out of the way so they can come in."

Izuku just ducks under Bakugou's arm to enter his and Todoroki's new apartment. He's been there a couple of times, but it looks like they might have gotten more of a start on decorating it now than the last time he was over. Behind him, Eijirou says, "Hey, man!" and envelops Bakugou in a hug that puts the carpet in serious danger of being covered in whipped egg. 

"Oh, wow," Izuku says, spying a shiny chrome box in the kitchen, "new fridge, too?"

"Yes," Todoroki says, perking up excitedly.

"It makes ice," Bakugou adds, his voice as dry as Izuku has ever heard it. 

"But…" Izuku looks at the fridge, then Todoroki, then back at Bakugou. "Todoroki-kun, you also…" Bakugou shakes his head, looking entirely exasperated. Izuku decides not to pursue that topic of conversation any further. "What are you doing on the floor?" he asks Todoroki instead.

"Trying to get Bastet to come to me," Todoroki tells him.

"Bastet?" Izuku asks. He hears Eijirou make an excited noise from behind him.

"That's why you really came over here, isn't it," Bakugou deadpans.

"Who's Bastet?" Izuku asks as Eijirou beelines past him.

"Neither of you told him yet?" Bakugou asks. Izuku looks at them all in confusion as the other two grin at each other rather conspiratorially. Bakugou snorts. "Guaranteed he's gonna cry."

"Wh-what, why?"

"Oh, here she comes," Todoroki says. His voice has gone very soft, and Izuku turns, and sees her.

A tiny white kitten creeps out from around the corner of the hallway. Eijirou crouches down and holds out his hand as Todoroki reaches out and pats the floor in front of him coaxingly.

"C'mon, ya little shit," Bakugou says, as he bustles back into the kitchen. "These idiots wanna meet you."

Izuku gasps as the kitten creeps forward, her eyes fixed on Todoroki's fingers where they drum on the floor. When she pounces forward, tiny paws raised high as she makes her way over to Todoroki, Izuku gets on his hands and knees and crawls towards his friends, his heart already swelling.

"When…" he starts to ask.

"Katsuki rescued her a few weeks ago," Todoroki says. Bastet jumps at his hand and he bats her around gently, wiggling his fingers in her face. "She was abandoned. He brought her home without telling me…"

"You love her," Bakugou calls from the kitchen. Todoroki doesn't argue with this, but by the smile on his face, Izuku can tell the kitten probably isn't the only one he loves.

The kitten seems to lose interest in Todoroki's hand in favor of the new people in her territory. She sniffs Eijirou's fingers and rubs her head against his palm, before setting her sights on Izuku. Very self-assuredly, she takes several big kitten steps right over to him, and then climbs her way into his lap, meowing shrilly and loudly. She looks up at him expectantly… and he notices.

"Her eyes?" he says, and yup, his voice is already wobbling. "They're… different colors?" One bright blue, the other much darker.

"Yeah, surprised us, too," Bakugou says loudly from the kitchen. "They're called Odd Eyed cats or somethin', I guess the other one'll change color as she gets older, or whatever."

Izuku looks at him, or rather, at his back, which is turned very suspiciously toward them. Bakugou is attentive; and rarely, if ever, misses details. Izuku looks at Todoroki, who is staring at the kitten with his own mismatched eyes, and smiling.

"I fuckin' told you," Bakugou says, as Eijirou runs to the bathroom to get tissues while Izuku's eyes well over and he weeps openly over the kitten in his lap. She purrs contentedly, now that he's started scratching her behind the ears.

"She's re-really cute, K-Kacchan," he hiccups.

"Course she is," Bakugou says. "I only take in the cute strays." Todoroki's small smile widens.

"Th-thanks," Izuku says, as Eijirou returns and crouches down next to him to wipe his eyes.

"You guys look so cute that my heart can't deal," Eijirou says. He pulls his phone out of his pocket and raises it to take a picture. "I need to tweet this so everyone can understand my suffering."

"Pictures of Midoriya crying always go viral," Todoroki says, in a tone that suggests he has made a study of the subject. "I'm gonna wager… fifty thousand retweets."

Izuku groans, but there's a warm cat in his lap and he loves life. He puts up a rather tearful peace sign and grins through his tears as Eijirou snaps a picture.

"Lowballing it," Eijirou says, "he's got a kitten."

"Hmm, you're right… eighty thousand retweets."

"Mention it's my cat," Bakugou throws out. The sound of something sizzling can be heard from the kitchen, and it smells incredible.  

"Oof, playing dirty," Eijirou says approvingly as he composes his tweet. "That's one-twenty, easy. Denki's gonna be so mad if I beat that Titanic pose picture he had last month with Sero."

"You guys are terrible," Izuku says, laughing. The blatant Twitter popularity battle Eijirou, Kaminari, and Mina have going is a two-way street, because most of their class usually ends up involved in some way and the public eats it up scarily fast.

"You're my secret weapon," Eijirou says. He pockets his phone and runs his fingers through Izuku's hair. "You like the kitten, babe?"

Izuku nods, and Eijirou smiles, and there is a loud metallic clang from the direction of the kitchen.

"What the hell," Bakugou says, without missing a beat, "you guys are fucking and you didn't tell me?"

Izuku yelps so loudly that Bastet leaps off of his lap in fright. Before he can feel too mournful about this, Bakugou starts advancing on him.

"Wait!" he says, raising his hands. "We're not—I-I mean, what makes you think—"

"Babe?" Bakugou says.

"I call everyone that," Eijirou says.

"You don't call 'em that while looking at 'em like the whole sun rises outta their ass," Bakugou says. "Oy, Deku. Did you fuck him?"

"No!" Izuku says, mortified. "Not… really…"

"What does that mean?" Bakugou asks, eyes narrowing. "You jerkin' his chain?"

"Oh, my god, Bakugou," Eijirou says, before he starts laughing outright. "Where do you come up with this stuff?"

Izuku wants to die. They haven't really slept together—not entirely. Besides some very intense grinding on an exercise mat, where Eijirou had mostly done the entirety of the work and Izuku had come embarrassingly fast, nothing else has happened between them. Besides some kissing. And maybe some chest groping. But nothing else!

They’re not even officially a couple, or anything. Right? Neither of them has said as much, and Izuku would never want to push the notion at Eijirou if Eijirou wants to keep things casual. Which is fine! Izuku can totally be casual.

But, a little voice in his brain supplies, Eijirou said the next time you two were alone together he wants to be inside you.

Bakugou peers even closer at Izuku's face. "You're thinking something perverted. I can tell."

Izuku covers his face with his hands and wails.

"Alright, that's enough of that," Todoroki says. "It's exactly none of your business who either of them are fucking, including if it's each other."

"Like hell it's not!" Bakugou says. "Friends are supposed to tell each other when they're dicking down their buddy's childhood rival!"  

"Aw, did you just call me your buddy?" Eijirou asks. "That's, like, the cutest word I've ever heard you use!"

"When can we start never, ever talking about this again?" Izuku wonders futilely.

"Deku!" Bakugou says, brandishing the batter-covered whisk at Izuku. "You better not break his heart! You hear me!"

Todoroki makes a face like he's attempting to excommunicate Bakugou's personality from his body. "You're getting egg on the carpet."

"I'll do my best!" Izuku vows, clapping his hands together in front of him. Bakugou hmph-s.

"I mean it," he says. Threats made, he returns to whisking, back to the rest of them, and Izuku nearly misses his next words. "Take care of yourself. Don't make him fuckin' worry about you all the time, shitty nerd."

Eijirou's expression is worth a wagon of perfect diamonds. He looks about a half a second away from bursting into tears and possibly also racing into the kitchen to hug Bakugou. Frankly, Izuku relates.

"O-okay!" Izuku promises, with a telltale crack in his voice.

"Katsuki," Todoroki says, "did you forget to take the chicken out of the oven?"

"FUCK, why are you only mentioning that now?!"

"You were experiencing an emotion and I didn't want to interrupt," Todoroki says blankly.

"Bakugou," Eijirou says, swiping at his eyes, "it's really manly when you look out for your friends."

"Shut up, Shitty Hair."


Dinner, despite the chicken being momentarily in danger, is delicious. Izuku is forced to vow that no fancy restaurants could compare to Bakugou's level of cuisine, which he does quite readily.

They finish up much later than planned; beyond dinner, there are beer bottles to pass around, and catching up on each other's hectic lives, and a curious kitten to pet. In general, it's just good to be in the company of friends, where everybody is safe and relaxed, two states of being that have been a precious commodity to them for many years now. They put their lives on the line willingly, but that doesn't mean they don't enjoy this—a cozy living room, feet up on the couch or the coffee table.

Izuku is sort of glad Bakugou caught on to his and Eijirou's… not quite relationship. The not fucking each other but definitely wanting to situation. He would have been shyer before about leaning into Eijirou's warm side the way he is now, comfy on the couch with Eijirou's arm slung around him, running the backs of his fingers absentmindedly over Izuku's arm. Bakugou has been giving them significant and scornful looks all night, but he's the one lying shamelessly with his feet in Todoroki's lap. This might just be so he can try and poke Todoroki's face with his toes every time they start talking about the hero exploits of people who are not… well, Bakugou.

"Katsuki," Todoroki finally says, after enduring this unflinchingly for the better part of an hour. Izuku admires his strength. "The next time you do that, I'm going to fold you in half."

Bakugou pretends to look appalled. "We are in the company of guests, Icyhot."

"That is not what I meant," Todoroki says, though his mouth twitches. "And I bet you don't want them to find out how ticklish the soles of your feet are either."

"Oh, I've known for years," Izuku says, waving a hand.

"Your feet are, too?" Eijirou asks, sounding delighted. "Bakugouuu!"

Bakugou looks immensely sour over this poorly kept secret. Todoroki, on the other hand, looks extremely smug.

"Kirishima, Midoriya," he says, "we've mostly got the guest room fixed up, so you're absolutely welcome to stay over. It's pretty late."

Bakugou scoffs loudly, but he doesn't argue. It's a sorely tempting prospect. Izuku wouldn't mind crashing there and skipping the late train back at all. But then he feels a hand at the small of his back, and Eijirou is declining, while thanking the other two profusely.

"We've both got early starts tomorrow," he says. They live close to their patrol districts.

"Okay, if you're sure," Todoroki says. Izuku still isn't, but Eijirou's hand on his back is oddly insistent. And it's not the worst thought, being closer to home when he has to wake up for his shift.

They say a round of thanks and farewells to their hosts (and one adorable kitten), before heading off to the train station. The night is quiet and comfortable.

"I don't actually have to work that early tomorrow," Izuku tells Eijirou.

"I know, I know," he says.

"Wait… you do? Then why…"

Eijirou lets out a sheepish exhale. "I just, um…" He laughs, next, breathless in the quiet. "You're so per—you looked so happy, tonight, and… and holding the kitten, and you smiled so much and I just, I just want to hold onto you, I want to be someone that you want—"

"What?" Izuku gasps. "Eijirou, you already are."

Eijirou looks at him guiltily. "I mean that… I couldn't stop thinking about it. All night. About you, and what we talked about last… time."

Izuku doesn't need to ask, because he's been thinking about it too, non-stop. Eijirou's smile is too warm and it makes Izuku feel too warm, it makes all kinds of things that he wants bubble up inside him. So he doesn't need to ask; but he goes and does anyway.

"By 'last time', do you mean when we…"

"Yeah," Eijirou says right away. "But tell me if that's not—I mean, if it's not on the table right now, or anymore, I'm totally fine with that! I'm—"

"It's on the table," Izuku says, instantly. "It's really very much on the table. As long as—um, god, I don't… think I have condoms, at my place—oh, my god, unless you weren't even talking about—"

"I do, and I was," Eijirou says, just as quickly.

"Oh," Izuku says.

They both fall silent for a moment before Izuku glances over to see Eijirou is staring at him out of the corner of his eye. Izuku lets out a nervous giggle, trying to hide his laughter behind his hand. Eijirou snorts and then starts cracking up next to him.

"Midoriya," he says, then, "Izuku. We're a mess."

"We really are," Izuku agrees. Mess or not, he still feels so warm when Eijirou says his name like that.

Eijirou slings his arm around Izuku's shoulders and then pulls him closer, to drop a kiss to his forehead. Izuku smiles, and then tilts his chin up, so Eijirou can kiss his mouth, too, both of them barely looking where they're going as they walk down the sidewalk, eager to get home.


Izuku hasn't actually been over to Eijirou's before, which seems odd now, all things considered. But then again, their path to hooking up has been pretty unorthodox and almost accidental, and taken place mostly in training gyms rather than actual, proper romantic locations.

Is it really just 'hooking up' when Izuku feels like there’s so many feelings getting involved? Or is he being presumptuous? Yeah, okay, Eijirou had said he wanted Izuku to want him but maybe he just meant sexually? Maybe the imminent sex is still more a casual friends thing. Which, again, Izuku is fine with—he trusts Eijirou and everything, and he definitely doesn't mind doing this with someone he knows so well. But that’s also kind of the issue at hand, he's really into Eijirou, he has been for a long time, and it feels unfair to let Eijirou operate on the assumption that they're fooling around when Izuku himself might be kind of—


"Y-yes?!" Izuku yelps.

Eijirou has continued on into the apartment, stopping once he realized Izuku is just standing in the doorway, having an internal crisis.

"Are you… gonna come in?" he asks bemusedly.

"Yes!" Izuku says again. He takes his shoes off and follows Eijirou in. His nerves are really jittering now, which is fairly normal for him, but it must be noticeable. Eijirou smiles at him.

"If you…" he starts to say, then hesitates. "I know you had a pretty intense day today! If you want to just hang out, I can, um—make tea, or we can watch a movie… also, I have been told I give the best back rubs, so—"

"I'm sorry!" Izuku blurts. He knows Eijirou is trying to give him one more out. But it's not what he wants. He wants Eijirou, he's just having a hard time not being himself about it.

"No, hey, you don't have to be sorry!" Eijirou says. "I told you—"

"That's not what I'm—" Izuku puts his hands over his face. "I know I seem like a wreck right now, which isn't exactly wrong, but I don't—I meant what I said, I want to be here with you, I want to do this, so much, but that makes me nervous about messing up, and I know I probably don't need to be, because it's you, but you're—wow, I mean WOW, and… I…"

Someone—well, he knows it's Eijirou because there is nobody else in the room but the two of them, but Izuku is still covering his face, so he can't see who it is—comes to stand in front of him in the midst of his panicked mumbling, takes his hands, and slowly pulls them away from his face. Izuku blinks at Eijirou, now that he can see him. Eijirou's eyes are wide, his expression stunned, and he's so—unbearably handsome and good. There's concern all over his face, even though Izuku really is just being an idiot.

"I'm—" Izuku says, voice hiccuping embarrassingly, "I'm not very se—oh, god, I'm… not all that sexy to start with and… and right now I kinda smell, and—"

Eijirou pulls Izuku into his chest and wraps his arms around him and squeezes. Izuku squeaks.


"Don't be sorry," Eijirou says. "I said I wanted to hold you, so I am. I know you get… I'm sorry. If I'm making you anxious."

"You're not," Izuku says desperately. "I make myself nervous, that's just how I—"

"Can I be honest with you?" Eijirou asks.

"O-of course," Izuku says.

"I can't believe, first of all, that you just forced me to listen to you say you're not sexy," Eijirou says.


"You're sexy, babe," Eijirou says bluntly. Izuku squeaks, and shakes his head wildly, and Eijirou just squeezes him tighter. "You're so sexy. I want to show you, the other day I could barely—I wanted to bite every inch of you—"


Eijirou cups Izuku's face in his hands suddenly, and Izuku's heart hammers. Oh, man, he's feeling a lot of things. "I like how you smell right now."

Now he's feeling confused.


"You smell so good, when we're working out," Eijirou confesses. His face is rapidly turning pink, but he soldiers on as Izuku watches him in shocked silence. "It turns me on a lot. I don't think it's bad at all."

"...Oh," Izuku exhales. "Oh, gosh, I didn't realize that, um… I just sweat, uh, a lot, so I always feel like I smell really gross after—"

Eijirou knocks his forehead against Izuku's and lets out a laugh. "Do you want to use my shower?"

"Oh, yes please, if that's not too annoying—"

"No!" Eijirou shakes his head. "Seriously, whatever you want. Just say the word."

"Okay," Izuku says. "I want to shower and then I want to—I want to be with you."

Eijirou beams at him. "Sounds perfect."

"I mean, like, in a sexy way?"

"Still perfect," Eijirou says. He brushes his lips over Izuku's. "Bathroom's this way."

The hot water is just the thing Izuku needs, both to wash away the grime of a hard day's work, and to calm his nerves the tiniest bit. He knows he's being ridiculous and he can't stand when he's being ridiculous over things he doesn't need to be ridiculous about. This was supposed to be something he dealt with in high school!

A knock on the door makes him jump.

"I brought you a change of clothes," Eijirou calls through the door. "Figured you probably didn't want to put the old ones on again!"

"Thank you," Izuku says, gratefully. There's really no worse feeling than putting on dirty clothes after a nice bath. He steps out of the shower, intending to retrieve them from Eijirou. He's standing right in front of the door, stark naked and dripping wet, when Eijirou opens it.

"Um," Eijirou says.

"Oh," Izuku says.

"I was—sorry!" Eijirou says. He looks like he is undergoing some kind of Herculean task as he tries to keep his eyes on Izuku's face, only. "I didn't want to make you come get them—"

"Right, I should have just—" Izuku starts to say, turning back to the shower, before realizing he still needs to take the clothes. He turns back around, and catches Eijirou blatantly gawking at his ass. He wheezes. "Ifyouwanttojustleavethem—"

"Fuck!" Eijirou says, "Sorry, I—"

"Oh, my god—" Izuku says, because this is actually the most ridiculous series of events yet. "No, don't—you don't have to go!"

"I don't?!" Eijirou sputters.

Izuku swallows. He crushes down his anxiety as best he can—he's one of the strongest people in the world, surely he can manage that. He knows what it looks like when someone is interested, because he knows what he looks like when he looks at Eijirou. That's not a look that says Eijirou is grossed out by his overactive sweat glands, or annoyed by his glaring social awkwardness, or any number of things that make Izuku the way he is.

"I want to be with you," he says, like he'd told Eijirou earlier. And, well, he is clean now. "Maybe… this is a good place to start?"

Eijirou dumps the clothes on the sink counter. "Can I please kiss the hell out of you now?"

"I-if you want to," Izuku says, and then yelps as Eijirou basically throws himself at him. "Kiri—Eijirou!"

He can't stop himself from giggling as Eijirou plasters messy kisses all over his face. His jangling nerves start to relax a fraction; they are further soothed when Eijirou sweeps his hands very deliberately over Izuku's sides, leaning in to lick some of the water trickling down his neck.

"Get back in there," Eijirou tells him, and suddenly Izuku is acutely aware of the goosebumps that have sprung up all over his skin.

The water's warm spray is nothing compared to the heat of Eijirou's hands on his body. Eijirou nearly trips in his rush to shove his clothes off and follow Izuku into the shower, and his ungainly wobbling does nothing to calm Izuku's libido in the slightest. It's not like he hasn't seen it all before—they've already gotten off together, at this point, but it still doesn't really diminish how good Eijirou looks naked.

"You're laughing at me," Eijirou accuses him, grinning away regardless.

"Not at you! Well, okay, maybe a little bit at you," Izuku says. Eijirou pouts. "Only because you're… you."

"What's that mean?" Eijirou asks.

"I think it means you're good at making me laugh," Izuku says, which is not a very helpful answer. But Eijirou makes him laugh when he's nervous, he makes Izuku feel comfortable around him, and he's always looked out for Izuku, even from the time they were just getting to know each other at Yuuei.

"I guess I can live with that," Eijirou says. He makes a point of kissing the whole smile on Izuku's face—his eyes still crinkled with laughter, his cheeks and nose, and then finally his lips.

"Thanks for not being… dissuaded," Izuku says. He slips his arms around Eijirou's neck, and Eijirou pulls him closer—and the fact that they're both naked and wet is not lost on Izuku in the slightest.

"No way," Eijirou says. "I told you you're cute when you get all nervous!" His laugh is sweet, when Izuku scrunches his face up in embarrassment. "Not that I want you to be embarrassed, or anything! It just… it makes me really want to show you why you don't have to be."

"I know I don't, with you," Izuku tells him.

"Mmm… that's good," Eijirou says. He leans forward, pushing Izuku back against the tiled wall. "Still want to show you though." He doesn't do anything immediately—he waits and watches Izuku.


The pitch of Izuku's voice climbs higher under Eijirou's soft stare. He appreciates how sweet Eijirou is being, really, he does—but the water streaming over Eijirou's solid shoulders, and the way his wet hair is starting to hang down into his eyes, and the slight flush across his cheeks is all making it so hard to focus on anything… except how much…

"Can you show me? P-please?"

"Baby…" Eijirou says, "you never have to ask."

I want to ask, Izuku wants to tell him. I want to ask for it all the time, because nothing feels as nice as you touching me.

But maybe Eijirou is right, because even without Izuku specifically telling him, he seems to know exactly what to do. He knows to start off slow, moving his hands down Izuku's neck as he kisses him deeply, slips his tongue inside Izuku’s mouth, gets Izuku's head spinning. He trails his fingers over Izuku's chest, bumps them over the raised scars and stops to trace the outlines of the old injuries, his movements painstaking, reverent.

"Really… gorgeous…" Eijirou mumbles against Izuku's mouth. "Can't… believe you think you aren't sexy."


Izuku falls silent as Eijirou steps into him, lets Izuku feel him. He's hard, and Izuku is, too—and he knows the interest is mutual, Izuku has known that for awhile, but it's a whole different thing, to have the evidence pressed up against him. Eijirou rolls his hips and Izuku shuts his eyes and moans.

He's embarrassed about this, too. Izuku knows he's obviously a vocal person, it's hard for him to hold everything inside most of the time, but this is especially bad. Finally getting his own place had been a huge relief, in terms of masturbatory exploration. He'd almost bitten through a lot of pillowcases back when they all shared the dorms together. And when Eijirou touches him, it's even worse, he's even louder, breathier, whinier. He doesn't want to sound like he's on the verge of a meltdown, but, well… he kind of might be.

And Eijirou gently takes Izuku's face in his hands and tells him, "You make the best noises, Izuku, you know that?"

"Oh—" Izuku whimpers, and to his mortification, his eyes prick with tears.

"Love listening to you—" Eijirou says, "even when you just—s-say my name—"

"E-Eijirou?" Izuku asks, a little blubbery, but somehow it still makes Eijirou's breathing stutter in his chest and his hips jump forward, and his cock rubs against Izuku's. "Ah—"

"Izuku, I—I gotta know what you sound like," Eijirou murmurs, "when I'm inside you. I—"

"Y-yeah," Izuku says quickly, before he can think too hard about it, "yeah, I still, I really want that, too—"

"Fuck—" Eijirou says, pulling away from Izuku for a second to swipe for something on the shower rack. He sends several bottles of soap and shampoo flying and curses, returning the favor Izuku had accidentally bestowed upon him earlier when he bends over to gather them back up.

God, he's got a nice…  

"Shit, it's slippery—" Eijirou says, and then starts laughing as he fumbles with whatever it is he's trying to grab.

"What is that?" Izuku asks, and Eijirou looks at him like a deer trapped in headlights.

"It's—if we're going to do that, we need—" He holds it out so Izuku can see.

"Oh!" Izuku squeaks, as he realizes he's looking at a bottle of lube. "Right! Of course!" Oh, my gosh, does this mean Eijirou does that in the shower a lot? Izuku tries to keep his thoughts from showing on his face as he remembers Bakugou calling him a pervert earlier that very night.

Eijirou seems to be avoiding looking directly at him now, anyway, and his face is bright red as he says, "Yeah, so… so maybe if it's easier, I can do it this first time, or—"

"It's not my first time," Izuku blurts out and Eijirou's eyes snap over to him in shock. Izuku covers his mouth. "W-well, it is, with someone else, but—I've, um, I've had practice before on my own. I mean, I've d-done that before, because…"

Because it feels great? Because he likes being full? Because the past few weeks he's been thinking about Eijirou nonstop?

"Okay," Eijirou says, and Izuku thinks maybe, just maybe, Eijirou might be trying especially hard to keep the perverted thoughts off his face, too, "okay, that's good. If you want to do it—"

"No," Izuku says. "I… want you to do it. Please."

Eijirou shuts his eyes and takes several deep breaths. "I'm gonna die."

"Wh-what?!" Izuku backtracks frantically, hands waving apologetically. "N-nevermind, I can definitely—"

"No, no," Eijirou says, equally flustered, "not in a bad way! Every time you say 'please' it destroys me."

"But i-it's polite!" Izuku says, before he realizes that's probably not what Eijirou is talking about, and it's too late now, and Eijirou is already laughing at him.

"The fact that that's your reasoning is exactly what kills me," he says, smiling brightly. "Izuku. I really like you."

Izuku swallows the lump in his throat. "I like you so much."

"Nice," Eijirou tells him, hands sliding mercifully lower. "That is great news."

"I—" Izuku starts, because he feels like he wants to say more, feels like he hasn't said enough to properly explain how he's just been falling, but then Eijirou is touching him, and he loses the power to process his thoughts into speech. Izuku hiccups, and lets his head thud back against the wall because that… that feels…

Everything is already hot and wet from the water pounding down around them, and when Eijirou wraps his hand around Izuku's cock it's enough to shake Izuku down to his core. He moans, the sound echoing off the bathroom tiles, loud enough to be embarrassing—but now he finds he’s not embarrassed, or at least, it’s bearable. And Eijirou puts his lips to Izuku's ear and murmurs soft, comforting, heated nothings to him as he strokes him, helping him relax for what's coming next.

"Just tell me if you need me to slow down," Eijirou says. Izuku doesn't want that, but when Eijirou slips a warm, slick finger down to rub lightly over his entrance, he realizes he might not have a choice. Just that slight touch makes him shudder all the way from his head to his toes.

He has done this before, plenty, but it can't prepare him for all the added sensitivity that comes with Eijirou being the one to touch him. Everything combined makes it so much more intense than Izuku could have imagined, or hoped for—the knowledge that it's finally happening, the sense of being attentively cared for, the exact pressure and roughness of Eijirou's hands. Eijirou responds to every noise he makes, every movement.

"Got you," he whispers, and Izuku's mouth falls open when Eijirou pushes a finger into him—a moan gets trapped in his throat and escapes as breathless panting, as Eijirou starts to work him open. It's not too much yet—it would feel uncomfortable if he wasn't used to it, but right now it just feels nice, because he knows what's coming.

"More—m'okay—" Izuku gasps. He can't do much else besides whimper when Eijirou adds another finger. He knows how to relax into it, but it's harder right now, because he's excited, he's nervous, he can't wait for it—

"You're doing so good," Eijirou tells him. He keeps his hand on Izuku's dick, and Izuku can feel him rocking his hips slowly, grinding against Izuku's hip, a promise of what happens next.

He fingers Izuku different than Izuku usually does it himself. Slower, and gentler, which is both surprising, and completely expected. When Izuku does it he's rougher and more… desperate. But Eijirou, Izuku knows by now, is sweet. Izuku has always known that. Even two steps away from fucking Izuku, he's still like honey, warm and gold.

Izuku was only sixteen when he fell for the sweetest boy in the class, and he's falling harder now, because Eijirou hasn't lost any of that. Izuku is still having trouble wrapping his head around the fact that Eijirou likes him back.

"Ei… Eijirou," he says, "can you—more, I want—to be ready—" He lets out a small and undignified grunt, when Eijirou slides a third finger in along with the first two. That's a stretch but he can take it.

"Don't wanna rush you," Eijirou tells him. He nudges his nose into Izuku's wet hair, kisses his temple. "I want to make sure this is good for you."

"You are," Izuku says. "You—oh, god—" He jolts, back arching away from the wall as Eijirou pushes his fingers up deep inside him, rubbing against Izuku's prostate. Izuku is admittedly very reactive to most things but— "Oh, fuck, fuck, Ei—!"

"Woah," Eijirou whispers.

"Don't stop," Izuku begs, "don't stop, don'tstopdon't—"

"I'm not!" Eijirou promises, and he presses on it again, that insane point of sensation, and Izuku sobs like he can't remember crying in a long time, and that's saying something.

"W-want it," Izuku says, voice nothing more than a bare moan. "Wanna take you—however you want me, p-please, I'm ready for it—"

"Crap, okay, I—shit, I didn't grab a condom—"

"It's fine," Izuku says, breathing still shuddering, "sit down—"

"The whole reason we came back here was because I have condoms!" Eijirou reminds him. "I'll be right b—"

Izuku doesn't really mean to do it. But quite suddenly the very space and air around him is crackling, and he barely touches Eijirou's shoulder, but then Eijirou sits hard, plopping onto his bare ass on the floor of the tub. Izuku blinks at him, and then gasps.

"Oh, no!" he wails.

"Did you just…" Eijirou says, "your quirk…?"

"I'm so sorry," Izuku says. What's wrong with him? How could he have done that, used his quirk on somebody so carelessly? "Are you okay? I'm—"

"That was." Eijirou's throat works as he swallows. His eyes are glassy, expression dazed. "That was so hot."

"What?" Izuku asks faintly.

"Um," Eijirou says. "Please sit on me."

Oh. Well…

"Okay," Izuku says, still feeling completely ashamed. He lowers himself carefully, straddling Eijirou's waist with his knees, but when he starts to lower himself down, Eijirou grabs his waist.

"Izuku…" he murmurs, voice still loose and liquid, "I mean sit on me. All the way." His cock twitches as he says it, and Izuku realizes.

"O-oh," he says. "Yeah—okay, here I go—"

It's easier said than done—not just because it's a lot to take, even after the fingering. Mentally, it's a lot to handle, too. Because it's not just Izuku's first time with someone else, it's his first time with Eijirou. And having Eijirou inside him wipes his mind completely blank, stuns him so much that he doesn't even know what to do next.

He sinks down, and he feels full, and warm, and Eijirou's hands are strong and firm at his waist, and Izuku has to try to remember how to breathe, because it's not happening without effort.

"Oh…" he whispers, unthinkingly, "that's what you feel like…"

"Um—" Eijirou's voice sounds strained. "G-good I hope?"

He sounds nervous, too, and that's what shakes Izuku out of the trance he's fallen into, where all he can think about is his own pleasure. He knows he has to reassure Eijirou, because Eijirou is… is perfect.

"Mnnh…" he breathes, "amazing…"

Eijirou looks so relieved—as though this could ever be anything but good for Izuku, that Izuku can't stand it. He has to tell Eijirou everything.

"I feel like I've been thinking about it for so long," he says. "I—I thought about you so much when I…"

"What?" Eijirou asks, awestruck, and Izuku drops his gaze, shy.

"When I practiced getting myself ready," he confesses. "F-for you."

Eijirou's mouth falls open. "Oh. Oh—fuck."

Izuku's lip wobbles—dammit, now is not the time, but god, every nerve in his body is keyed up as it is, and he wishes he'd thought a bit more before he spoke. Maybe Eijirou, who is inside him right now, will think it's weird, that he did that. Obsessive, Izuku's always been so obsessive.

"You did that?" Eijirou whispers. He puts his hands on Izuku's face, coaxing Izuku back into looking at him. "For me?"

Izuku meets his gaze, and his heart trips over itself. Eijirou's eyes are wide, soft like ruby satin, shining like he can't believe what he's seeing. He looks at Izuku that way and Izuku remembers how to be brave.

"I w-wanted to be able to do this," Izuku says. His voice cracks, but he doesn't stop. "I wanted—to know what it felt like, but it wasn't anything like this. You feel so—good."

Everything feels good. Eijirou's hands on him, the shower spray, the way he's being filled up inside—even the hard ceramic beneath his knees is barely noticeable, like this.

Eijirou huffs out a laugh. "I definitely… definitely did not think we'd get this, uh, steamy, the first time…"

"Steamy…" Izuku repeats, and then he's giggling. "That's terrible."

"Yeah, I know," Eijirou says. He looks giddy with happiness, and then he's laughing, too, and Izuku's nerves finally feel like they're being chased away entirely. "Ah, so… you feel, like, insanely good around my dick right now, especially when you're—laughing—"

"Oh, oops—"

"What—no, babe, not 'oops'," Eijirou says, poking Izuku's cheek teasingly. "It's great, but also, if I come in under thirty seconds, you're not allowed to make fun of me—"

"I wasn't exactly a long distance runner last time," Izuku admits. "Payback."

"Yeah, wow, you're really showing me." Eijirou grins and leans in, and Izuku falls into that kiss, into that smiling mouth when Eijirou murmurs, "Wanna ride me?"

And quite happily, yes. That's exactly what Izuku wants.

He raises himself up on his knees and it makes him moan, the sudden feeling of emptiness. It makes his knees shaky, and he sits back down faster than intended. Eijirou's cock fills him rapidly, almost too fast, slamming up into him hard. That's perfect. He wants that again. Again. Again.

"Oh, fuck—sh-shit." Eijirou holds his waist, mouth fallen open, eyebrows knitted as he watches Izuku drop onto his cock over and over. "You really can bounce, huh, bunny?"

Izuku laughs out loud at this, the sound startled out of him at the gentle jab at his costume. His laughter chokes off halfway as Eijirou rocks his hips perfectly—he hits home, driving up inside Izuku and pushing a stunned cry from his lips.

"Ah, yes—"

"There?" Eijirou asks intently. "Right there, yeah?"

"Y-yeah," Izuku gasps. "Yeah, m-more—"

Eijirou is more than capable of matching him. He meets the pace Izuku wants perfectly, rocking up into him a little less careful, a little more rough. But Izuku doesn't want gentle, anymore—he wants hard, he wants the grind and slide of wet skin on skin, he wants Eijirou raw and in the flesh. The sound of their bodies meeting is even louder, more pronounced, with the water rolling off their skin, and the way every breath, every gasp bounces off the bathroom walls. It's more than a little obscene and Izuku is too far gone to care. He just wants to take and take and take—everything Eijirou will give him.

"Faster, baby," Eijirou pants, "I know you wanna go faster, that's fine—"

Izuku's breath leaves him in high whines, but he forces Eijirou to keep up with his pace. He's getting sloppy, now, movements no longer rhythmic. It's less rise and fall, more rocking himself hard in Eijirou's lap, chasing every bit of pleasure he can find, and there's a lot of it. Izuku's head snaps back when they find that spot again, together this time, and he works himself hard down over Eijirou inside him, rubbing up against his cock in long, torturous rolls of his hips.

"Shit—" Eijirou hisses, dragging his fingers over the hard grooves of Izuku's stomach before finding his cock again. Izuku sobs out his name when Eijirou starts to stroke him, hard and fast; that's a lot of stimulation to take at once, but then— "Izuku, yeah—just like that, oh—god—"

Eijirou chokes off, groaning low as his hips roll awkwardly out of sync, too staggered to be intentional. Izuku whimpers, helpless and needy as Eijirou comes, finishing inside him, breathing his name. Eijirou barely pauses, thudding their foreheads together a little too hard, one hand finding its way into Izuku's hair to pull him impossibly closer. The other he keeps working over Izuku's cock, grip tight and almost punishing.

That's hardly fair—with Eijirou still in him, with how acutely aware Izuku is of how warm and full and wet it is inside him, and now with the way Eijirou strokes him, dragging his thumb over the tip of Izuku's cock to set every nerve in his body alight. Eijirou knows he won’t last, and Izuku doesn’t even try to hold out.

"You look so good with me in you," Eijirou moans softly, eyes half-lidded, lips nearly touching Izuku's. The water drips between them, when Eijirou kisses him it's with droplets in his hair and eyelashes and on his tongue and Izuku drinks all of him down. "I've never felt this lucky in my whole life…"

Izuku cups Eijirou's face in his hands and whispers his name and Eijirou probably knows those are tears on his cheeks even with the shower raining down on them—and Izuku's orgasm hits him harder than lightning striking, stealing his breath away. And then he really is crying in earnest, broken up sobs from the pure bliss of it, washing out of him and leaving him completely wrung out, boneless in Eijirou's arms and trembling from the force of it all.

"Hey," Eijirou murmurs, as Izuku wanders slowly out of his euphoric daze. "Hey—you okay?"

"I'm… I think so…" Izuku mumbles. "I'm still processing having sex with Kirishima-kun…"

"I can't tell if that's good or bad," Eijirou says. He reaches behind himself, fumbling around for the tap to finally shut off the shower. That's just as well, Izuku thinks. They have probably just wasted a lot of water, which is not very heroic.

"It's good," Izuku tells him, as firmly as he can when he feels like melted jello, "it's definitely good. The best."

Eijirou lights up. "Awesome. 'Cuz I was kinda hoping it could keep being like, a regular thing."

Izuku tilts his head. "Like, friends with benefits?"

"Uh, I guess," Eijirou says, "if one of the benefits is dating you?"

Izuku suddenly feels much more alert. "You want to—you mean, you want to go out with me?"

"Were we…" Eijirou tilts his head. "Were we not together already?" Izuku stares at him, and then drops his face to Eijirou's shoulder, feeling entirely overwhelmed. Eijirou shakes his head hurriedly. "We don't have to be!"

"No, no—" Izuku grabs him by the shoulders. "I mean, yes. Yes, I do want to date you! I really want to date you. I want us to be together!"

Eijirou's eyes keep widening with every word he speaks. Without warning, he grabs Izuku's face in his hands.

"Then we're together," he says, before kissing Izuku so hard stars dance in his eyes.

"Eijirou…" Izuku murmurs, smiling against the warm lips pressed to his own.

Yes, this is a big step—a very big one. But he's not nervous. He really doesn't feel as though he has to be, anymore.

"I'm feeling really lucky, too."