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Hello Stranger

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It had been about four months since Thor left. Four months worth of waiting and research. Four fucking month worth of no success.
They had been looking for a way to bring Thor back to Earth since four fucking month. At first their friend Eric had been helping but after about a week searching, he’d been called to S.H.I.E.L.D to help them with some science project.

Every since everything was pretty much the same. The both of them were still staying in New Mexico, mostly because Jane hoped that Thor would Come back to Puente Antiguo if he was to come back to Earth at all.

Jane was constantly seeking out a way to bring Thor back while Darcy was assisting her with the research or fetching coffee.
While Jane mostly lived from caffeine and some snacks or fast food her friend brought her and just a few hours of sleep if at all.
Darcy did the groceries runs and still slept about eight hours a day.
It was Wednesday evening, about 7:30 pm when Darcy was out to get some coffe. Again.

She was on her way home again with to coffees to go and to Burgers, just passing by the a mal river of the Town she herself thought more of a little Brooks, when she saw him.

A man. An unconscious man. A naked, unconscious man, who laid barely outside of the ‘river’.
She emerged him quickly, dialing Jane’s number while doing so. As soon as she dropped to her knees beside him she placed her things on the ground next to him (she switched her cell to speaker, of course).
Then she pulled him out of the water and covert him with her jacket and sat beside him.

“Darcy?” She heard Jane saying through the speaker. “What’s it you’re calling for. You know I’m busy.”

“Yeah, I know. But I need your help… with…” she pause and looked at the man beside her, considering how to formulate her next words. “I’m at the river and there…there…I found an unconscious man.” She finally said.
“A what? You what?!... You…you didn’t electrocute him right?” she heard Jane asking shocked with a hinter of worry.

“What?! No! Of course I didn’t. Why would I…? Oh, right.” She said when she noticed why her friend would be concerned about that. “You know what, just pick me up, bye.” She said and hung up the phone, giving her no chance to argue.

In the few moments left before Jane arrived she regarded him more closely.
He had dark messy hair, a lovely face (and body, just saying), he even had a small six pack! His skin had a healthy light color and he must have been just about her height maybe even a little bit taller.
By the time Jane arrived, Darcy had tracked the man to the side of the road.

“So you just found him at the river?!” an employee of the hospital asked skeptic.
“Yes.” Darcy said annoyed trying to ignore the way he looked at them as if they were some sort of psychos. ‘Course this was after all a small town were everyone knew everyone. And they were strangers who got here just a few month ago and this was already the second unconscious man they brought to the hospital. And this time he wasn’t even dressed.

So, yes, it was understandable. But that did nothing to stop the annoyance at his curiosity.

“There is a bit of paperwork you will’ve to do, but that’s about all for now.” He finaly anounce with a bit more professionalism.

“Good. Would you be so kind and inform me in case he wakes up.” He simply nodded and handed her some formulas and a pen.

“Thanks.” She replied, took the papers and went to Jane.
She told her everything that happened and then added.
“But I don’t understand how he even got there. He can’t have been there for long ‘cause he was still wet when I found him. But on the other Hand he can’t have been brought there by the stream, the water wouldn’t have been high enough to do so.”

The two Girls looked at each other trying to come up with a plausible solution.
“W-what if he is an Asgardian of some sort too, I mean there had been anomalies, just a few days ago. They weren’t like the ones when Thor arrived, but quite similar.” Jane suggested.

“So you think he, too, is some sort of god/alien, whatever?” she asked, just to be sure she got that right. “Yeah, I think so.”
“Why are all the pretty guys not human?!” Darcy said half joking half serious after a while.
Jane gave a dry but honest laugh and answered a bit bitter. “Yeah, we’re lucky, I guess.” an awkward silence followed and the both of them stayed quite.

“Ms. Lewis?” a nurse asked sudendly, breaking the silence between the two friends. “Your… er… friend has awoken, you can go and see him if you like he’s in room number 067.”

“Thanks.” Darcy replied and then she and Jane seeked out said room.

The doctor had pretty much left as soon as they got into the room, he had told them that the man was, besides an extreme case of amnesia, perfectly healthy.

“…Hi. I’m Darcy Lewis and this is my friend Jane Foster. I found you at the river.” She introduced her self to the man with the ocean blue eyes. “How are you feeling?” she asked kind.

“Good I guess. And… uh… thanks for finding me.” He said sounding unsure of how to deal with the situation. “Don’t mention it.”

“What’s your name any way?” she asked in leak of a theme to talk about, but she could have slapped herself when she noticed that the man most likely didn’t knew his name due to the amnesia.

“I am afraid I’m not aware of my name. The doctor seems to be the opinion that I have a serious case of amnesia.” He answered to Darcy’s relief totally untouched.
“Well… You know what? In this case I’ll just give you a new name. At least until we know your true. Name… How would you like… Sam? Or Samuel?....or Dean? Or….. maybe… What about Emanuel? Or wait… What about…. Clarence?”

She said to fill the silence that had followed his statement. And his face did indeed lit up and he even gave a small smile. “I think I like to be called… Clarence.” He then confessed in a happy tone.

“You’re welcome to stay with Jane and me as long as you need to.” She offered. “We know some people who might be able to help you find out who you are, so if you want we could contact them.” She added.

“Thank you. I really appreciate your help. And I’m happy to accept your offers.” He answered formally and Darcy had to snigger at the way his speech patern remembered her of the way thor used to speak.

The next day Darcy and Clarence (who was now dressed in some Jeans and a white t-shirt, both a bit to big and from Jane’s ex) were eating break fast together, while Jane was in the kitchen calling the number Agent Coulson from S.H.I.E.L.D had given her after the incident with thor.

“Coulson.” She heard the Agent saying when he picked up.
“Hi, this is Jane Foster. You gave me this number and told me to call you if anything happened or I needed your help… So I’m calling.” She explained simple.

“What is it you need help with?” he asked professionally.
She told him about Clarence and their suspicion about his origin.

“I understand. I assume you still are in New Mexico, like last time?” he asked although it was obvious he already knew the answer. “Yes.”

“Good stay where you are a team will arrived in about an hour. You and Ms. Lewis are aloud to accompany Clarence, if you wish to. You should start packing your bags. I’ll see you soon Ms. Foster. Have a good flight.” He said and ended the call.

Jane walked out of the kitchen and told her friends about the phone call and she and Darcy immediately started to pack their clothes. Darcy even gathered some clothes for Clarence. (She took the clothes from Jane’s ex, even though they were likely to be too big.)

It was about 8:30 am when the three left in some sort of plane, called Quinjet. Clarence hadn’t asked anything to Darcy’s relief and went with them with out causing any troubles.