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Wendy let out a soft whimper, tilted her head to the side, and closed her eyes. Ever since she was fifteen, she and Dipper spent their evenings and afternoons watching old movies, often riffing at them, but as they both grew, physical contact between them changed its meaning, from playful, through awkward, to exhilarating, soothing and exciting.

And Dipper Pines learned quickly which buttons to push to make Wendy forget about a movie completely.

It started with his kisses. Actually, it started with his breath on her neck; her skin was covered with goosebumps and her brain knew how the evening was going to play a split of second before his lips met her skin. She let him do his job, giving him only the tiniest of moans, wondering how long will he think she does want to continue watching the flick.

His kisses were almost formal, but Wendy knew that they were required for any ride.

Then came the arms.

At some point in their life, an utterly unexplainable (even by Gravity Falls standards) has happened: Dipper has outgrown Wendy. Not by much, but that suddenly meant that the snuggler became the snugglee and vice-versa. Fortunately, at that point, both were okay with that switch.

That change made Dipper quite nervous and restrained with his behaviour, until Wendy explained to him that it's quite okay to hold arms around one's girlfriend's belly while snuggling. Of course that was also a gateway drug to other form of intimacy, and Wendy knew it.

While his kisses continued, now on slightly broader area, as Wendy exposed her neck and shoulders to let his skills flourish, Dipper's hand wandered from their default position - one up, and one down. And just like she helped him with her neck, Wendy arched up, stretched her arms back and grabbed Dipper's hair. That gave his hands even better access to her breasts and, once she parted her legs, her crotch.

Losing all pretence, she turned her head back so that their lips could meet, almost at the same time as his left hand slipped underneath her shirt, and his right began fumbling with her belt. The inclusion of his tongue was a pleasant, and unexpected addition that surprised Wendy, but not as much as the discovery Dipper made with his fingers.

He let out a soft gasp into her mouth when he realised that her shirt was the only piece of clothing separating him from her breasts. Without breaking the angled kiss, she confirmed it by winking, let a bit of air through the corner of her mouth, and continued their kiss, not minding at all the odd embrace their bodies were twisted in.

Dipper wondered if lack of bra was a sign of anything more, but once his hand finally dug into her jeans, he was met with her warmth and wetness covered by her panties.

- I'd go commando only if I have worn a skirt. - she joked.

The next moment, Wendy broke from her boyfriend's embrace, and without waiting for his decision, she opened her shirt, one or two buttons flying to the side, giving him the sight that once dominated only his dreams. Topless Wendy with her unbuttoned jeans stood high on Dipper's list of her sexiest attires, and it was enough to render him speechless for a few seconds.

His momentary indecisiveness gave Wendy chance to took over their foreplay; she grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it up, making them equal in their disrobed states. As Dipper continued taking off his shirt that got just a bit tangled around his head, Wendy was already undoing his jeans, and when Dipper regained his sight, he was pulled towards the other end of the bed by Wendy trying to take off his pants and jeans at the same time.

But Dipper hasn't given up; he used Wendy's struggle as a distraction and toppled her to her back, her long hair haloing around her head on her blue bedsheets. He continued the trail of kisses through her chest, his hands this time trying to prevent Wendy's arms of losing his advantage.

She lout a loud moan when he closed his mouth around one of her nipples, an act that suddenly changed her tactic too; her hands now moved to his head, actively trying to push him down, and Dipper had difficulties resisting that force. Though he'd love to to visit her other mound and the extra susceptible to caresses valley between them, he had to dash lower and lower, feeling the muscles on her belly twitch under his every kiss.

He was then forced to part with her body, just for a few seconds in which Wendy herself rose her legs into the air to take last two pieces of her attire off. But as she did so, she exposed her sex to Dipper's tongue, and had to actively put her hand over her lips when his mouth touched her for the first time this evening. Dipper knew she was wet before, but the few minutes of them struggling has evidently opened the floodgates, darkening her bedsheets with her fluids dripping from her opening.

While Wendy took care of her jeans, Dipper dived deeper and deeper into her pussy, licking her puffy lips, and gently brushing them with his fingers, adding them as the volume of her moans grew, closing the vicious circle. Only when her trousers fell to the floor, Dipper has managed to bring his girlfriend to her first orgasm, as his head was clutched between her spasming, trashing thighs, and his named spilled from her mouth.

He rose from between her legs, expecting to find Wendy at least a bit shocked by the tempo of the orgasm that just rolled through her body, but as he did so, he was pushed to the mountain of pillows behind him by the ravenous blur of red hair. Wendy placed one hand on his still very much hairless chest, as if to trap him in that position, while her other hand dug in the layers of his clothes, sliding his pants and jeans down. For a moment, Dipper wanted to help her, but as their eyes met, a playful smirk on his face told her that she will have to do it herself.

And soon enough Dipper felt the wave of fresh air around his cock that sprung to action, much to Wendy's satisfaction. Her right hand joined the left one on his chest, as the lumberjill straddled him, letting drops of her fluids drip onto his tip.

- Foreplay's over. - Wendy stated - And don't worry, I'll repay you for that tongue action later.

She kissed him, and in one swift move she impaled herself on his cock, letting his moans spill into her mouth, as her warmth surrounded him.

In the background, a man, being eaten alive by an enormous guinea pig gave his last scream. Wendy and Dipper tried watching this movie three times already this week, and so far, it ended with two opening cunnilinguses for Dipper and one blowjob with massive facial for Wendy. Perhaps one day they will know how the movie ended.

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Gentle rays of Sun shone on Marinette's face, slowly waking her up from her slumber. The first thing she felt when she opened her eyes was that her body was aching, but in the deep, pleasant and satisfying way, as if she just spent the last night hiking. Then came the smells, and she suddenly remembered what has she been doing a few hours ago.

The mix of her perfume, a strong, but enjoyable cologne, and the unmistakable, musky aroma of sex filled her nostrils, waking Marinette up for good.

When her eyes adapted, she spotted Chat Noir, snoring lightly next to her, one of his arms still under her neck, the other dangling between their naked bodies. She remembered it fondling her bottom when she fell asleep. Chat used to do it in some irrational fear she might leave him. She couldn't blame him, she closed her arms and legs around him when they made love all the time.

Marinette let out a yawn, turning into a moan once the memories of their night began flooding in, stirring up the familiar sexual itch. She then felt the other, less refreshing aspect of having sex: she was sticky. She didn't want to interrupt Chat's dream, gently lifted herself up from the bed (or rather a glorified sofa), and looked around.

It took her a moment to remember where she was, but as her face was met with a solid white wall almost at once when she took a step, her mind cleared. They were in Chat's flat, or so has he told her. She didn't quite believe him; for more than a year, the couple of young adult superheores struggled to find a place that would allow them to let their sexual urges in privacy. They did it in dark alleways, on the rooftops, crammed between chimneys, on the roofs themselves, and even in some abandoned buildings a few times.

At first, Ladybug thought this one was unoccupied as well, but there have been more than subtle hints of someone living in this peculiar place. It was an elongated flat, barely wide enough for the unfolded sofa to fit, as Marinette has almost found out. It was located on the corner top of an old tenement house, though the interior made it look shiny and new. The walls glowed white, and was one of the reason the sunrays were able to wake Marinette up so early. The other were the slanted windows, located above them, through which Chat let them in into the loft he claimed was his.

Marinette stretched and looked around once more. She spotted her costume, laying discarded onto the floor, torn into pieces by Chat's claws and teeth. Their clothes were not indestructible, at least not by common means. Intention is what could take them apart; Ladybug reflexively glanced at the heating pipe running alongside the sofa. Chat's leather tail was still there, reminding Marinette of how easily her lover has managed to restrain her by her wrists, and how much she enjoyed submitting herself to him when he was in control. She also vividly remembered that even after she wriggle out of them, she let Chat finish dominating her the way he wanted; he paid for it dearly when Marinette straddled his face later, as he couldn't escape her yo-yo quite as fast.

She picked her clothes up and aimed for the bathroom, located at one of the ends of the long corridor-like flat. Unlike the kitchen annex at the other end, this one at least was separated by a proper wall. She went inside, locked the door, and spoke softly.

- Tikki, spots off.

The torn costume glowed, and so did her mask. A moment later, the polkadot mess turned into a pile of Marinette's regular clothes, which she worn when she transformed before heading out for her date. In the mirror, she saw her naked body, mask-less face, and her Kwami, flying around her head, still slightly sleepy.

- Don't worry, Tikki, I got you. - she reached for her bag and grabbed the package of slightly crumbled cookies. Tikki eagerly flew, or rather dive-bombed for them, munching on the one first one she collided with.
- Thank, you Marinette. - she spoke softly.
- No problem, Tikki. - Marinette gently patted her head with a finger and opened the cabin door.

Like the rest of the flat, this room also had one part of the roof slanted, fortunately not the one with the shower. As she stepped into it, she was faced with a familiar feeling of uncertainty. Seeing the flat in the light of day gave Marinette more to think whether this place really belonged to her boyfriend. Even though the two have been friends for more than five years, she knew relatively little about his background. Of course, she never revealed much about her family either, but even from the different bits of information she could gather, she couldn't quite put a finger of who Chat was. In her mind's eyes, she imagined Chat as a lonely artist that came to Paris looking for inspiration, and this was the only place he could rent. But then again, she knew him since they were fifteen, so that couldn't be the case. He sometimes gave her expensive gifts, yet their favourite hang-out spots were on top of buildings or at the backs of shops. On the other hand, despite walking through the window, Chat did have the keys to the flat, and that put Marinette's mind at ease, the same way it did yesterday.

She could say many things about Chat, but he wasn't a thief or a burglar, despite his demeanour.

She dismissed the nagging thought that another, and ultimately deciding reason she believed him that easily last night was the throbbing itch between her legs.

After thoroughly showering her tired body, Marinette stepped out of the cabin, dried herself off with one of two towels Chat have prepared the day earlier - one red, the other green - and began dressing herself up, watching as her Kwami consumed last pieces of the enormous (by her standards) cookie.

- Feeling better?
- Much better! - she answered, fluttering her wings - But I hope you will pay more attention to your duties, Marinette.
- I know. - Marinette groaned, pausing her morning routine - But we've had Carapce and Rena out there for a patrol last night. If something came up, they would notify us.
- But Marinette, remember, you and Chat Noir are the protectors of this city... - Kwami reprimanded her. - Though you also are soulmates... It is always difficult when Miraculous wielders are old enough to soulmate...
- Uh, Tikki, that's... That's not how to use this word... I think. - Marinette reddened - And anyway, talking about is a bit, uh, awkward.
- But that's what always happens, Marinette. - she continued, fluttering her wings ecstatically - Chat Noir and Ladybug always find each other, they wield the opposite forces of creation and destruction.
- So... - Marinette paused for a moment - Do you think a superheroine *can* get a day off for her boyfriend every once in a while?
- As long as you promise not to abuse your powers to do it. - Tikki scolded her.
- I do, Tikki. And speaking of, I think the force of destruction is waking up. - Marinette giggled. - Tikki, spots on!

In a bright, red flash, her Kwami disappeared into her earrings, and when she blinked, she wore her costume again, all safe and clean, without a single scratch or missing piece. She stepped out of the bathroom, taking a stroll to the opposite side of the room. Chat hasn't woken up yet, but the muffled discussion must have brought him into a half-asleep state, signified by his mumbling.

If Marinette paid a bit more attention to the sofa they've been making love on, she might have realised she has seen it in a fashion magazine once. Two years ago Adrien Agreste lay on it, advertising new line of shirts, surrounded by the same brightly illuminated flat with minimalistic decorations bought to make it look presentable. Even with her old obsession, she would have to dig deeper to know where the photo-shoot was taken, and who bought the place, but then again, with her naked boyfriend in sight, she had other things to focus on.

Marinette scoffed once again at the size of the kitchen annex, which would make her parents faint, opened the small fridge, and realised that it was almost empty, aside from a package of cheese.

- I think you ran out of milk, kitty. - she said softly, walking back to her naked boyfriend.
- I think you are to blame, my lady. - he replied sleepily, slowly opening his eyes - You were quite thirsty for it yesternight.

Marinette groaned.

- See, Chat, I wanted to give you some very, very nice wake-up call... - she teased him, licking her finger, the sound of which almost immediately made his eyes open wide - ...but for that gross allusion you're just going to get cuddles.
- I'll take what I can. - he smiled, and welcomed Ladybug into his arms, letting her rest on top of his naked body.

Their hug quickly turned into a kiss; Marinette could still taste champagne on Chat's lips, and despite her promise, she let Chat's hands wander around her body freely, which he quickly used to concentrate, as she supected, on her bottom. This in return resulted in a moan spilling into Chat's mouth that ended their morning, would-be-sensual kiss prematurely.

- I see you're up and running, my lady. - Chat murmured, placing a gentle kiss on her neck.
- Well, some of us have city to protect and all. - she joked - I wonder if you know how does that feel...
- I thought you put this on just so I could rip it again. - Chat winked and opened his mouth wide, but Marinette was quicker, and moved her shoulder from his reach, resulting in Chat biting empty air.
- Chat, I told you, we should be getting up for good...

But despite her own words, Marinette found herself unable to leave Chat's embrace, especially when her body began moving ever so slightly in rhythm with Chat's moves, and when she felt his erection hardening between her legs, she realised she's been trapped.

- I promise, my lady, no more teeth this time. - Chat spoke and continued his trail of kisses from her neck down her costume-clad body.

Marinette let out a loud moan when the combined forces of Chat's lips and fingers stimulated both her front and back. Under the barrage of his caresses, Marinette had to give in once again, and when Chat kissed the correct spot, her costume parted in two, not with rips and tears, but with the material seamlessly dividing into two, exposing her almost naked body.

Dropping the pretence, Marinette helped Chat get rid of two halves of her suit, leaving her only with her mask and her red underwear Chat redirected his attention to.

- Stylish like always... - he muttered, kissing area around her polka-dot bra - I still remember when your costume turned into a corset...
- Maybe... - Ladybug moaned - Maybe I will treat you one day to it a-again, Kitty...

In a matter of minutes, the heat and itch from last night came back tenfold; hungry for more of her lover, Marinette let Chat take control, and she soon felt his fingers fumbling on her back with her bra. Their kiss deepened and grew in length, and only after a solid minute or so, when she let out an impatient moan, Marinette knew that Chat was toying with her.

- Chat...
- Don't worry, Ladybug, I got this... - he said, having no more luck with her bra.

This made Marinette sit up, which momentarily brought Chat's attention back.

- Chat... Use your teeth. - she whispered in defeat.

Adrien's lips curled into a smirk and Ladybug saw the gleam in his eye a moment too late. His fangs latched onto the hem of her bra at once, and a second later both cups flew to ground, one on each side of the bed. With the change of position, Ladybug lost balance, and once it happened, Adrien let her topple to her back, giving him access to her already soaking sex. A short, sharp move of his mouth later, her ripped panties flew to the floor, and Adrien was on her again, ready to make her body his like he did yesterday.

But instead, Chat sneaked his arms under her back and brought her body up. Her arms closed around him at once, and so did her legs. Locked in the lotus-like embrace, the two horny young adults needed just one more point of connection, and once Chat filled her, Marinette let out a loud scream, finally feeling some of her itch being dealt with.

Unlike the last night, when they battled for dominance, the two moved in unison as partners, giving and taking in equal proportions. With their lips joined, they controlled each other's tempo, savouring the enchanted moment. For the first time in their relationship, Marinette wondered if that was how a married life could look like.

And as Chat buried himself deeper inside her, and her orgasm approached her, her mind showed her visions of their possible future, living together in a small apartment, in which they could work both their regular and superhero jobs. Even though it seemed unlikely, the storm of hormones rushing through Marinette's brain told her this would definitely be the perfect material for their first place of living, and that Chat would be her perfect mate. And with that primal thought in mind, she let Chat spill his seed inside her, bringing her to her edge as well.

The two joined superheores tumbled to their side, breathing in unison, as their bodies twitched in the post-coital aftermath. Before her mind went blank, she realised the space was not a problem, since they might as well live on the roof. And with that illogically comforting thought, Marinette fell asleep next to her purring lover.


When Adrien woke up, he no longer felt the pleasant weight of Ladybug next to him. His first thought was that she might once again be in the kitchen annex or the bathroom, but the quick glance around the small apartment told him that his girlfriend was longer there. She must have left not that long ago, he reasoned. The Sun wasn't much higher than it used to be when she woke him up with a kiss.

He stretched, yawned, and let go of his transformation, magically discarding the only two pieces of his feline attire still present on his face.

- Wow, boy, that was a rough night! - Plagg exclaimed. - Ladybug does not give up easily...

Before Adrien was about to scold him for breaking the "no talking about sex" pact, the Kwami shouted that he was famished and flew to the refrigerator, lured by the smell of camembert Ladybug let out earlier. Adrien was about to head to the shower, when he spotted a note left on the bed-side table. Written with her elegant handwriting and signed with a kiss, Ladybug's letter made Adrien's heart flutter once more.

Dear Chaton,

Sorry for leaving you without warning, didn't want to wake you up, but some of us have appointments even on weekends. Besides, your snores were too cute to be disrupted.

Thank you for the night and the morning reprise, you've been magnificent and gallant as always, even for a stray cat you are.

Your place could use a woman's touch though, especially if you insist on it becoming our nest. I'll buy you some pot plant next time.

In the meantime, enjoy my little gift until we meet again. I can't wait already.


Only now Adrien saw that the letter covered two pieces of familiar, polka-dot clothing. Ladybug's bra and panties, the same he tore from her slick body with his teeth were now placed neatly, or as neatly as one could, on his night table, as a trophy and a proof of the night they've had. Adrien knew that while Ladybug might appear prudent, she had a flirtatious and licentious nature only he was privileged to experience; he took her panties in his hands, and as he was about to see if his fangs made any holes in them, they shone suddenly, engulfing themselves in a sparkling aura so bright, Adrien thought they might have caught on fire.

The bra flickered the same way, and a moment later, the polka-dot pattern was no more. Ladybug's underwear became ordinary pieces of clothing.

Though he was initially startled, Adrien understood immediately it was more than normal. It simply must have meant that Ladybug, wherever she was now, must have de-transformed. Adrien lay back once more, enjoyed the thought that for the last fifteen minutes or so Ladybug's been running on top of Parisian rooftops commando, and only they would know about it. He smiled, and as he took her bra in his hands, he noticed the tag with the manufacturer and the size - they were evidently new.

- Adrien? - Plagg asked, after his wielder stared at the bra for a solid minute - Is everything okay with your head? Ladybug hasn't sat on your face too long last night, didn't she?
- No, I'm fine...

Adrien replied absent-mindedly, though the Kwami spotted a gleam in his eye and a smirk forming on his face, once he flew closer.

- Plagg... Are you familiar with the fairy-tale called "Cinderella"?




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There were only a few ways to make Kim Possible angry, but the ordinary, every-day superheroine didn't think one of them could happen to her while she was in bed, let alone with her legs spread.

After a tedious and exhausting day, both at work and college, all she wanted was a quick fix, and if there was one person who could satisfy that definition, as well as her needs, it was Ron Stoppable.

And yet, despite the barrage of hungry kisses she planted all over him, on the way to their dorm, and the record time in which she disrobed herself in front of him, he remained calm and patient, reacting with the gentlest of moves. In her mind, they were already rutting like two horny cats on the roof for the third time, but in reality, Ron hasn't even taken off his hoodie, taking his time to pepper her legs with butterfly kisses. No amount of her moans and comments, steadily losing subtlety, could hasten him.

- Now, now, KP, I remember how angry you've been last time I went a bit overboard...
- No, Ron, please, I mean it! I need you! - Kim groaned, flailing her arms.

His kisses were slow. Infuriatingly slow. Mind-boggling slow. And what was worse, none of them helped her with the boiling, throbbing itch she felt between her legs that has been building up inside her since morning.

No matter how much she tried pushing or pressing him, Ron continued his caresses exactly the way he wanted, and at this point Kim wasn't entirely sure if he was toying with her, or has taken her words from their last time too seriously. It was true, during their last night, they have frolicking was a bit... excessive, and Kim might have scolded him a bit by his eagerness. But now, with the need growing inside her, she wished she hasn't said those words.

Suddenly, out of nowhere she felt his breath tingling with the droplets of her cum decorating her sex, when his mouth hovered over her yearning folds. She gasped, her muscles stiffened, twisting her body, and she braced herself, waiting for his next move.

And then he kissed her other hip.

Of course he was toying with her. Kim fell to the pillows, letting out moan after moan, while her body writhed, waiting for the moment of fulfilment that so far was getting further and further away.

She could overpower him, easily: wriggle her fingers out of the lock of his, keeping her hands at bay, pull him to the ground, head-lock him with her legs, and ride him until she was satisfied, any way she wanted... but that was not the way they did it. Kim knew very well that the longer she waits, the better the result will be. But at the same, even her patience had troubles confronted with the extraordinary heat and need that was electrifying every nerve of her body.

Defeated and desperate, caught between two series of his kisses, Kim let out a soft plea.

- Ron... Please...

The tone of her mewl caught Ron's attention. He stopped his journey alongside her thighs, and met her eyes. While he could see the impatience painted all over her grimaced face, Kim could only spot the calm, flirtatious gleam in his eyes, as he leaned over her. With her wrists free from his grip, she has almost momentarily leaped into his arms, but Ron was faster again, perhaps because his mind wasn't as hazed with almost primal lust as hers.

- Come on, Kim, tell me what you want. - He asked, struggling with her hands fighting to free themselves.
- You. - she wheezed - I want you, Ron, stop playing with me...
- So you are *not* angry for the last time...? - he raised his brow.

Kim wanted to answer, but a sharp moan escaped her mouth when Ron's length brushed her wet folds, sending the signals Kim's been dying to feel for the last minutes.

- Kim, I need an answer...
- No, I'm not! - she cried, her body twitching and flailing, which only made the accidental caresses caused by their sexes touching worse - I'm completely fine...
- Yeah, but I still need permission...

But Kim had enough. She wriggled out of Ron's grip, cupped his face and brought him as close to hers as possible, and with a needy, desperate voice she whispered the words Ron's been wanting to hear all that evening.

- Ron... you can go bananas.

Kim's eyes went wide when the world around her spun as her boyfriend toppled and pinned her to the bed. She let out a loud howl when the tip of Ron's cock brushed her wet opening, followed by a satisfied moan once she realised it wasn't part of Ron's teasing. Her boyfriend's hips worked tirelessly to fill her each time he pounded her, though this time, Kim had some control over his actions. With her arms and legs clutched tightly around his torso, she moved her hips to help Ron give her a hundred percent of his effort. With each minute of their rutting, Kim's legs moved higher and higher, until they could rest safely on Ron's shoulders, allowing him to bury himself as deep as possible. Though she was once again locked and immobilised by that move, there was only one direction her position could lead to, and both Kim and Ron knew what it was.

Thanks to Ron's prolonged tongue work, Kim's orgasm came swiftly, crashing through her body in series of short, but powerful spasms. She let out yelp after yelp, dissipating all the energy and need that has been building inside her, coating her lover's cock each time her walls spasmed around him.

Once this happened, Ron changed his position and grabbed the athletic cheerleader by her waist, using it as a leverage for the series of his final thrusts that only seemed to speed up in intensity with each, sweet word of encouragement spilled from Kim's mouth.

- Come on, Ron, I know you can do it...

And in the end, he could. He let out a mighty, though still remarkably high-pitched roar and he buried himself inside Kim one last time, flooding her with burst after burst of his cum. But just when she though he was finished, he pulled out, spraying the rest of his seed on her thighs and neatly-trimmed bush above her well-used sex.

Wheezing after the sudden rush of action, Ron tried not to collapse, and instead just half-sunk over Kim, supporting himself onto his left arm. He raised his head and opened his eyes to marvel at Kim's satisfied face, already feeling her lips closing on his, but instead, he was met with half-amazed and half-terrified grimace, which was explained at once when he realised that her features were buried under thick layers of his cum.

It became evident that his last few spurts might have been a tad more powerful than he - and Kim - expected. Streaks of white decorated Kim's belly, breast, and face, and Kim was able to marvel at the mess with her eyes wide-opened, since Ron's last shot has somehow landed right between them.

Slowly, she moved her head up, which caused a long strand of his cum to split into two, one part landing directly onto her tongue as she just opened her mouth, preventing her scolding from reaching Ron's ears too soon.

- Eh... too much again? - Ron asked sheepishly, remembering the cause of Kim's anger at the end of their last date.
- I think I'll just have to get used to it. - she mumbled, swiping Ron's sticky cum from her cheeks - At least this time I won't have to deep-clean anything.
- I though you wanted to do it on that cheerleader outfit! - Ron protested. - And besides, I was playing Zorpox, he'd do that to his subjects... wouldn't he? 
- Well, as long as you keep funding them. - she winked, still cleaning up with the cloth her boyfriend handed her.
- Eh, sorry, KP. I'll try to, uh, give you a warning next time. - he mumbled - Though I think I will need to warn myself too.

With her face mostly cleaned, Kim rose to her knees, half-sitting at her bed, and embraced her boyfriend in a long and slow kiss, so different from her ravenous behaviour that jump-started this night. Their kiss lasted, and with each second, Ron understood what Kim meant far better than if she had managed to articulate it.

And then, with a single push, she toppled him, and locked his arms on both sides of his body with her hands, while she positioned herself over his cock.

- Ron, do you want to see what I mean by "restrained"?



Chapter Text

The door to the science class at Danville High burst open when two figures dashed inside. One could mistake the red-and-black blur for one person, as the two eighteen-year-olds made everything to keep the distance between their bodies as minimal as possible, closing their arms around each other's torsos to explore their partner's back in a less-than subtle form of foreplay.

After an hour of two of dancing at the prom Melissa and Zack should be somewhat exhausted, but the pair was brimming with energy, their reddened faces being the best sign of it; it took them just under a minute to run all the way from the gym hall to the second floor once Melissa whispered that she was hungry for something more than just a snack. Her alluring voice was enough to fuel Zack's muscles, but the promise that Melissa painted in his mind was able to beat his own record at sprinting.

Zack pushed his girlfriend against the wall, locking them in a long and ravenous kiss, which ended after a solid minute or two when Melissa came to the conclusion that it wasn't the best place for their frolicking.

- Zack... The desk...

She let out a short shriek when she lost balance, and closed her arms and legs around her boyfriend as he carried her a few feet away to the teacher's desk. If Melissa hasn't been already turned on by Zack's stunning suit, his cologne, and the way he swung his body (as well as hers) at the dancefloor, the feeling of Zack's hands on her ass would have certainly put her in a correct mood. Fortunately, Melissa knew exactly what she's been doing, and when her rump made contact with the plastic surface, she got herself comfortable, staring at her boyfriend, half-towering over her.

- Okay, Zack, let's have a bit of fun. Command me. - she whispered and tugged his tie, bringing his face even closer to hers. Her low, smoky voice, combined with the overwhelming closeness and the smell of her perfume made Zack light-headed for a moment.
- Seriously? - he asked, unbuttoning his shirt - You want to... do it now?
- I do, Zacky boy. Come on, Zack, you've been so good at leading that last dance, I want to give me an order.
- Alright... - - Zack fixed his tie around his already unbuttoned collar, braced himself and, gathering all the confidence he had, responded to her plea. - Take your panties off.

He spoke, and took a step back, to savour the sight of Melissa's fulfilling his command in the seductive pose on teacher's desk. But instead, Melissa hasn't moved a finger in response.

- Null.

Zack raised an eyebrow.

- Wait, wh- - he gulped - Didn't you want me to get, you know, a bit more, eh, persuasive?
- Sure, and you did great, with all your "uhms" and "ehs" - she joked, corners of her mouth curling in a wicked smile - I merely stated that I cannot do that task. And since we both had the computer science classes, we both know what's the difference between "no" and "null".

Only now, as she moved her legs, Zack understood what his girlfriend had on her dirty mind. Zack gently grabbed her knees and moved her legs apart, looking underneath her stunning, black-and-red dress. Melissa heard the tiniest of high-pitched gasps when his eyes finally lay upon her exposed, soaking folds, completely unobscured by any undergarment, which glistened in the dim moonlight shining from the windows.

- Wait, how lo- Have you- Has anyone- Was it-

Melissa pressed her finger against his lips, ending his stuttering, and smiled.

- To answer your almost-questions: since our third dance tonight, yes, I have planned that, and only Amanda has seen me in the girls' bathroom. I suggested she does the same, but, well, with Milo she might have bigger chances of getting discovered than we do. Oh, and it was surprisingly comfortable. - she answered, counting on her fingers.

While she kept explaining, Melissa wasn't sure if Zack has recorded any of her words, as his eyes were still focused on her opening, and the other pieces of clothing Melissa decided to wear to their dance. The stockings and red garters decorating her legs contrasted with lack of her panties, and the fact that Melissa was dancing commando for half of their evening, surrounded by dozens of couples made Zack's heart pump faster with each second, and only Melissa's voice brought him to his senses.

- Hey, Underwood. - she snapped - You gonna stare at me, or we're gonna do what two horny seniors are supposed to do on a vertical surface in an abandoned class during their prom?

At once, she let out a short shriek when she Zack's hands snuck underneath her dress and pulled her body towards him, making her topple gently to the desk.

- You know, Mel, I think you are better at giving commands. You tell me what to do. - Zack spoke slowly emerging his head from between her legs.
- You... you do you, Zack. - Melissa mewled and threw her head back when his tongue lapped at her overflowing sex - I'm... I'm gonna tell you when to pull your pants down, don't worry...







Chapter Text

- "And thus, the alien invaders have been defeated by exploiting their incredibly weird and convenient weakness - tickles!" - the narrator boomed over the shot of stereotypical aliens writhing on the ground being tickled by people with feathers. - "And once again, our magnificent national symbols proved to be our guardians, even if they weren't exactly sure how".

The screen faded to a picture of saluting cartoon eagle, bald not only by its name, as patches of feathers were plucked from his body, until the ending card slowly obscured the view.

- Man, that was a lame ending. - Wendy stated, throwing a single popcorn at the screen. - What's next, are they gonna be afraid of water?
- Yeah, you'd think they have invented a space-suit. - Dipper added. - Or, er, Earth-suit, I guess.
- That would be a funny way to discover is someone is an alien. - Wendy contemplated - You just tickle someone and expose that society has been infiltrated.

Only the odd silent pause after Wendy spoke her idea alerted Dipper that his girlfriend had something else on his mind, but when he did that, it was too late. The lumberjill sprung to her knees and grabbed Dipper's waist, her hands sneaking underneath his shirt.

Once her fingertips brushed Dipper's skin, the teenager's body spasmed, and continued to do so, the more Wendy exploited his weak spots.

- We-We-Wendy , how-how did you kn-now? - Dipper stuttered, trying to stop his laughter.
- Mabel knows way too much about you, Dip.
- Oh, yeah? - Dipper replied, catching breath - But do you know that I know?

The momentary pause gave Dipper time to counter-attack, toppling Wendy to her side. He wouldn't have had any chances of doing that if he was a kid, but as a seventeen-year old he was tall enough to do so, though his stick figure of a body prevented Dipper from maintaining his advantage too long.

But Dipper knew indeed that Wendy had a weakness as well, and he did not hesitate to use the knowledge of it. Though they've been dating for only a few weeks, Dipper noticed her muscles twitch a few times underneath his fingers when she allowed him to put put his hand around her waist during their walks. So when Wendy toppled to the pillows behind her, and her belly became exposed for just a fraction of a second, Dipper decided to strike, or rather brush back.

Wendy's laughter filled the air around the room, as Dipper darted his fingers alongside her waist. Wendy was much more difficult opponent than he was to her, however. She quickly closed her arms around Dipper's back, ready to tickle him in return. With their limbs locked, the teenagers battled for dominance, rolling back and forth on the spacious bed in Wendy's room.

And then, out of nowhere, Wendy moaned.

She didn't laugh, or cried in pain.

The low, smoky, and utterly arousing sound that escaped from the red-head's mouth not only put Dipper's moves to rest, it scared Wendy herself, who quickly covered her lips.

And only now, when they were forced to go back to their senses, the teenagers realised in how compromising position they found themselves in. The closeness of their bodies, almost pressed against each other, the feel of their shared breath on their necks, and their hands already exploring places they haven't dared to visit before only strengthened the paralysing experience.

The couple stared at each other's horrified, panic-stricken faces, before they sprung apart as if they were pulled by magnets. Dipper did it first, and whilst doing that, he realised that Wendy had one of her leg locked firmly around his waist, and one in between his, which only made his scuttling more clumsy.

- We-Wendy, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have...

This was exactly what Dipper was afraid of. When he became Wendy's boyfriend, he tried his best not to do anything that might make him cross the invisible line of indecency that could endanger his relationship with the woman he adored the most.

And now, as he looked at Wendy, still wheezing after they dashed to the opposite ends of the bed, he feared that he has passed the point of no return. He awaited her response. Was she about to scream? Shout at him for betraying her trust, like her previous boyfriends? Thoughts raced in his mind so fast, Dipper barely registered Wendy's words when she whispered them a few minutes later.

- Well, I guess I'm an alien then.

Wendy joked, fixed her hair, and slowly waddled to her side of the bed, gathering bits of popcorn that fell from the metal bowl.

Dipper blinked, as the realisation slowly dawned on him. He apparently wasn't being thrown out of her house, and it would seem Wendy didn't mind him existing at all. In fact, she looked eager to spend more time with him, when she patted the dented part of the mattress where Dipper sat a few minutes ago.

- Come on, we have one more movie in the trilogy.

Cautiously, Dipper followed her invitation and sat next to her. Even though she tried brushing off her accidental arousal, they watched the next movie in silence. They only let out a short gasp when they both reached for popcorn and their fingers accidentally brushed.

The most awkward moment however, was about to happen when their evening ended. Dipper, who spent the entire seance trying not to freak out by over-interpreting Wendy's every move, climb out of the bed quickly and was about to leave, when Wendy grabbed him by his collar, and pulled him into a kiss.

Dipper's terrified, widened eyes slowly closed, immersing the two in their sudden embrace. And just when he thought his moment of panic was over, his hand found way to Wendy's waist again, though this time by Wendy's demand. With their mouths still joined, Wendy let out another, less powerful moan, sending shivers down Dipper's body, as he suddenly realised how much Wendy was enjoying it. When their lips finally parted, Dipper still kept his hands exactly where Wendy put them, though her body was no longer shaking in ticklish fever.

- Wendy, I'm really sorry that-
- No worries, man. It happens - she cut him off with another quick peck. - See you tomorrow at the Shack?

Two minutes later, when Dipper walked through the forest to his Grunkles' home, his heart was racing, and Wendy's smoking hot voice was still ringing in his ear. He turned around to take one last look of the day at Wendy's house. The lights in her ground floor room was dimmed, and on a whim, Dipper decided that no matter how laid-back and comfortable with their intimacy she was, Wendy still deserved better apologies than the one he stuttered to her. He ran back, but when he was half-way to the window, he heard it again.

The chilling, carnal cry that simultaneously made his blood freeze and boil. But this time, there was no mistake what it meant.

- Dipper...





Chapter Text

Robin very rarely let his guard down, even less so to the point of forgetting about the entire world around him, but if there was one person able to bring him to that odd state, it was Starfire. Only his girlfriend could remind him that even superheroes of his magnitude, obsessed with protecting their dominions deserved a break every once in a while, and after a rough week the Titans had, she decided that he needed it this evening.

Kneeling in front of her boyfriend in his dimly lit room at the top of Titans' Tower, Starfire closed her soft lips around Robin's cock, giving it a gentle kiss, before she moved further forward. She kept her left hand on his thigh, while her right palm, closed around his length created a natural barrier telling her how deep she can go. Though Starfire has only pleasured Robin orally once, she has already found she was able to move one finger-width further than before, an achievement she was very proud of, especially when she heard the difference in Robin's voice while she sucked him off.

- Are my caresses satisfactory, Robin? - she asked, momentarily bringing Robin from his blissful state back to Earth. With her mouth occupied, she continued stroking him, adding a gentle twist every time her hand moved upward.
- Sa...satisfactory? - Robin stuttered - Starfire, that feels amazing.

The Tamaranian princess smiled and resumed her actions, once again beginning with a quick kiss to his reddened head. Instead of embracing his length with her mouth, however, she placed a trail of soft kisses alongside it, paying close attention to the ridge underneath it.

- Do... Do you like it? - Robin asked somewhat sheepishly. He wasn't sure if his question was too abrasive, though given Starfire's position he already placed himself as a center of attention at this point.
- Oh! Of course, Robin! - Starfire cheered - Your genitals have given me great, great pleasure during our intercourses so far, and I do hope my foreplay will make tonight's even better.

Robin couldn't help but chuckle, which turned the cheerful smile on Starfire's face turned into a quizzical look.

- You could try saying something about it. - Robin found getting red-faced himself - In a-a bit more causal manner, maybe. You know, how, uh, how.... hard it is, and stuff...

He murmured the last few words, but it seemed that his girlfriend understood his intentions.

- Oh, I know! Human males like their genitals to be compared to objects that are long or hard to boost their confidence at their love-making skills, don't they? - she asked, getting a slow nod from Robin - What should I call it?
- You know, words like "cock", "dick", or "manhood", or something. - Robin replied, getting more embarrassed every second. Their regular love-making didn't usually involved vocabulary lessons - Actually, wait, no one uses "manhood" seriously...
- Oh! That's not true! - Starfire brightened - Friend Raven has told me Beast Boy likes to call his rooster "beasthood". Should I call yours "robinhood"?

A pregnant silence fell between the two lovers, even more so when Starfire realised that her caresses not only did make an improvement, but has deteriorated Robin's arousal. The once hard penis suddenly became half-flaccid the moment the words came out of her mouth.

- No, Starfire, please... please don't. And it's "cock", not "rooster". These two are not interchangeable, at least not here.
- I see. - Starfire spoke, trying to get Robin to full mast again - And what about "Dick"? Do other males call their organs after their own name?
- No, no again, Star - Robin said, feeling somewhat uncomfortable with each minute they could be having actual sex - It's... It's just a coincidence.
- Oh.

She closed her lips around his tip, finally bringing some pleasant groans from her boyfriend. Her tongue danced around the red head, gathering first droplets of his pre-cum, but it didn't even make one full lap, when another idea popped into her head.

- Robin, if-if my knowledge of Earth metaphors isn't broad enough to satisfy you...
- No, Starfire, it's alright. - Robin at once moved his hands in defence. He never thought that cultural differences would show up in such a delicate situation, and last thing he wanted was Starfire to feel bad about them. - It's honestly alright. It's-it's my fault. Maybe we should just...
- ... then how about I compare your penis to some things on my world? - she suddenly proposed.
- Uh, cool, I think. - Robin raised his brow, knowing that Starfire's plan had equal chance of working and failing.

Starfire smiled, fixed her head, and moved her lips alongside his penis, peppering it with kisses between the words she spoke.

- You are as hard as the pillars of Taka'no. - she whispered in low, alluring voice, never taking her eyes from Robin's - They are monumental, majestic rock formations that once were part of an enormous rock bridge.

The effects of her tactic were instantaneous. Under her fingertips, she felt Robin's cock pulse back to life, the more she told him about her world. She took his hardening cock and tilted it upwards, giving her tongue access to not just its underside she has already coated with saliva before, but also his testicles.

- Some say they were used by giant beasts as clubs. - she gave its base a long kiss - And some girls... They like to fly and rest on their rounded tops. - she giggled, mimicking the behaviour by kissing his tip.
- R-Rounded? - Robin gasped, feeling the butterfly kisses Starfire was dotting all over his head.
- Yes. For years so many girls did this, they kinda became... polished.

At that, Starfire shied away, but turned her head back when Robin's hips jerked at the sound of that very word, forcing Starfire to move her mouth to his tip, just in case. However, her lover managed to contain his orgasm, letting her honeyed words arouse him even more, though the knuckles he closed around the hem of his bedsheets were getting whiter with every second.

- And your testicles, Robin... they remind me of kalauani fruits. - without hesitation she gave his left one lick, and opened her mouth to take it gently into her mouth. From above Robin looked mesmerised at her actions, only to realise she was only half-way through. The Tamaranian proceed to give his right one the same treatment, coating them in copious amount her saliva, feeling his skin getting covered in goosebumps as a result of her sensual treatment,

- They are very hard on the outside, but soft and fleshy inside... like yours - she gently massaged them, her other hand still pumping Robin's cock. - And inside them, they hold three or four cups of delicious, sweet juice that is often drank...

But Starfire didn't have the occasion to finish explaining what kalauani juice is best for, since at that exact moment Robin's hips jerked once more, this time emptying his balls straight onto Starfire's face, neck and cleavage with a fountain of cum. Shot after shot of warm and sticky liquid covered her features, while vivid imagery painted by Starfire's stories only strengthened his prolonged climax. With his head thrown back, he couldn't quite see the mess he made, but Starfire's sudden gasps informed him of it at once, and only his orgasm, raging throughout his body, prevented him from apologising instantly.

- Starfire, I'm-I'm sorry, I should have warned you...

But Starfire didn't seem as upset as Robin imagined she would be, given how much of his seed travelled to her face; instead, his girlfriend only looked mildly shocked by his sudden burst. After the first shot, she sheilded herself with her hand, which managed to catch majority of his release. She scooped few strands of the cum preventing her from opening her eyes, and cautiously licked them off from her fingers.

- You know, I never told you that, but human reproductory fluids taste very much like satantini sauce. - she spoke, accepting Robin's towel to wipe rest of it - It's a very common condiment, though it's not my favourite...
- Sorry, Starfire, I didn't mean to-
- I didn't say I don't like it. - she smiled, and closed her lips around his cock again, her tongue swirling around it, cleaning it off from any globs of cum still clinging to it. - I just said it's not my favourite. A refined taste, I guess.

Starfire accepted the cloth Robin handed it to her, allowing her to clean most of his cum from her face and hair, leaving just a few bits on her breast, only so she could expose them to Robin, and jiggle them playfully.

- I must admit, Robin - she spoke again in her low, smoky voice - Your ejaculation is as voluminous as the eruptions of the Farangh geyser.

She was pleasantly surprised to see his cock twitch at those words. She learned from their past experiences that she shouldn't hasten his erection after one orgasm, so she only brushed her fingers against slightly sticky skin of his cock, hoping it won't cause any discomfort.

- Oh really? - Robin continued - Do girls fly over it when it's about to-
- Robin! How dare you! - Starfire suddenly shouted, but immediately composed herself - ... some of them do. But is dangerous, so I've never done that.
- As opposed to polishing that pillar?

Robin regretted his allusion at once, when Starfire closed her hand a little bit too tightly around his delicate cock, enough to remind him who is charge. Robin let out a sharp yelp, a weary, apologetic smile appearing on his face.

- S-Sorry Starfire. Just a joke.
- For that, I think we should proceed further in our love-making, don't you think?

Starfire stood up, finally using the towel to fully clean herself from very last remains of Robin's orgasm, but before she fully appreciated towering over him, she was brought to the ground again, this time by Robin's hands closing around her waist. Starfire needn't had to levitate, since soon her bum touched the delicate pillows Robin prepared before. A moment later, he parted her legs, his head emerged from between them, and he began peppering her thigh with kisses as gentle as the ones she gave him a few minutes earlier. Starfire let out a soft moan, observing Robin's journey from one leg to another, circling around her wet sex, which fuelled the burning sensation that has been building up in her loins.

- Robin, are you... Are you going to compare my reproductory organs to other earthly objects to make me produce more lubricant that will help with our further mating? - she asked eagerly.
- Well... - Robin smirked - Let's just say that I'm going to use my tongue a lot.

Chapter Text

On the second floor of a boutique in central Manehattan, four glasses were raised in a toast - two with hoofs, one with magic, and one with claws. Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Spike drank to celebrate the last day of their trip to the big city. For the past three days, the group attended Pony-Con, the largest pop-culture convention in Equestria, and that definitely called for opening a bottle of Apple Family's cider Rarity kept in her cellar for some time.

She and Spike travelled to Manehattan quite often to keep an eye on the branch of Rarity's boutique, and as a result, one day the Ponyville fashionista was given an offer to be a judge in Pony-Con's famous cosplay contest. Even though her area of expertise did not cover costumes of characters from movies or comics, she could not refuse to admire the creativity of some of the attendees, and she agreed just to experience it first-hoof.

- Have you even seen that mare in the robo-exo-skeleton? - Rainbow Dash asked - She. Was. So. AWESOME!
- I agree, Rainbow. - Rarity added - I cannot imagine how much cardboard and tape she had to use to create it, but I couldn't find a single flaw in it... First place well deserved.
- I know, right? - Pinkie jumped in - And I know a lot about cardboard.
- Pinkie, you were dressed as a cardboard box. - Rainbow Dash added.
- No, silly. - the pink pony rebutted - I was dressed as a top secret agent hiding inside a box. Biiig difference.

Rarity rolled her eyes.

- I think we're missing somepony's costume. - Spike suddenly spoke, moving his seat closer to Rarity's. She flinched, and her alabaster snout reddened when his tail coiled around her back in a gentle embrace.
- Oh, Spike, it was nothing. And again, compared to those costumes I had the privilege to judge...
- But that suit was decorated with actual diamonds! - Rainbow Dash interrupted her - That was the best Radiance cosplay I've seen!
- And the most comic-book-accurate - Spike added - Believe me, I've read all the issues of "The Power Ponies".

Spike's compliment was rewarded with a soft kiss to his jaw that turned the adolescent dragon's scales crimson. He let out a small puff of smoke from his nostrils, followed by slightly more guttural sigh that reverberated in the air, around them while Rarity nested in his arms.

- I knew how much these characters mean to you and, well, one cannot miss a challenge like that...
- Speaking of missing, I think we should head to the hotel - Rainbow Dash said, nudging Pinkie Pie in the ribs, watching Spike and Rarity cuddling - It is getting late.
- Yes, I'm sure you've been dying to meet with Quibble Pants after you "accidentally" bumped into him at the book section. - Rarity retorted, returning the knowing tone Rainbow Dash spoke to her, resulting in the three other creatures bursting into laughter.
- Wha- Come on, guys, it was accidental! We're just gonna...
- books all night long? - Pinkie Pie joked - Don't worry, Dashie, I won't interrupt you two.
- I do hope you two won't have any other accidents, Rainbow. - Rarity smirked.

Rainbow Dash groaned and reluctantly admitted defeat, drinking the last drop of cider from her glass. A few minutes later, Rarity and Spike's guests headed down the helical staircase to the shop's exit, waving their friends goodnight.

- That was a day and a half, wasn't it? - Spike asked, gathering the dirty glasses onto a plate. Years of being an assistant, first in the library, then Twilight's castle and finally, at his marefriend's shop never diminished his instinct to clean any surface before it gets too dirty.
- Yes, I do agree, it was quite an interesting experience, Darling. - Rarity's voice reached him from the bathroom.
- I think you did great, honey. You've been so generous taking part as a judge for all those creatures! - Spike continued, washing the dishes - I think your name alone brought half of the cosplayers to the con!

He waited for Rarity to answer his question, but after a minute or so of silence, he ducked his head out of the kitchen, and followed the soft rustling noise coming from their bedroom.

- Rarity...?

Spike opened the door, and at once became very glad that he left the glass he's been cleaning in the kitchen, as he would surely drop it to the floor.

On their large bed, suited for his size and their combined needs, lay a mare dressed in a sparkling, dark blue outfit covered from head to hoofs with small gemstones. Her stunning face was hidden behind equally extravagant mask, but nothing could obscure the flirtatious grin Rarity was wearing on her face, not to mention the pose she decided to greet Spike with. Though she was lying on her side, in one move she spread her hind-legs, exposing her crotch with her hoof, where a distinctively dark spot was beginning to form, visible even through the costume's material.

- There is no "Rarity" here, only Radiance... - she spoke in a low, smoky voice, fluttering her eyelashes - And I think you should change into a better clothes as well...

Before Spike could do anything, Rarity's magic untied his apron and unceremoniously tossed it aside, while at the same time two new pieces of attire were being magically put around his head. A large, red cape and a mask, the same he wore throughout the day as Hum Drum, Power Ponies' trusty young sidekick.

- There's no need for you to put on the green pants, though... - Rarity stated, waving her hoof invitingly.

At once her drakefriend was on her, the two joined in a ravenous, watery kiss. Gently, Spike put his large, clawed hands around her waist, testing the waters, and when he did not receive any immediate warning twitches of her body, he pressed his claws deeper, just to let her feel the grip, which resulted in a deep, languorous moan being spilled into his jaw.

- Rarity...
- Ah-ah-ah! - Rarity interrupted him, tracing circles on his scaly chest - As I've said, I'm not Rarity, I'm Radiance, my dear Hum Drum. And you must be astonished that you've managed to score a date with me, your secret crush. though, then again, I can't say your hunger is out of place...
- I... - Spike stuttered.
- Yes, Hum Drum? - Rarity continued her role-play - Tell me, have you ever been with a mare?

She winked, giving Spike time to answer, and continued caressing his body.

- N-No, I haven't Rar... Radiance. - he gulped. Despite his fascination with Power Ponies, he hasn't expected Rarity to put a show like that just for him, but the longer he looked at her, the more he loved her idea of immersing into the characters.
- Well, then, I'd be glad to be the one that will finally unleash those urges boiling inside you. - she closed her lips around the tip of his jaw again, locking them in slightly more restrained kiss.

Once they broke apart, she got comfortable on the mountain of pillows, spread her hindlegs, and with one simple spell made the seam linking the two sides of her costume untie, uncovering her wet folds her blue costume hid until now.

- My dear Hum Drum, how long have we known each other? And how long have I been the one you secretly loved? - Rarity asked, giving her puffy lips one more massage.
- Well, it was not that secretive, was it? - Spike replied, bringing his head closer to her tantalising sex - Ever since I joined the Power Ponies as Masked Matter-Horn's partner, I had a thing for you, Radiance.

Rarity smiled, glad to see Spike getting adjusted in his role, and took a deep breath bracing herself before his long tongue did its first lap against her folds. The hot, draconic breath of his stirred the tiny droplets of her wanton decorating her pussy, however, and that gave her the taste of his caresses. When Spike actually dived into her sex, Rarity trashed against his jaw, letting moan after moan, the further down his tongue reached.

Back and forth his skilful tongue explored her hole, stimulating her insides, while his claws gently massaged her labia and clit. The combination of delicate form of his tongue and cold and stiff claws was enough to bring Rarity to a brink of her orgasm a couple of minutes later.

- Oh, yes, S- I mean Hum Drum, do it again! - she cried in ecstasy when Spike rolled his tongue around her contracting walls, flooding his mouth with copious amount of her juices. - I'd have never guessed it's your first time, Hum Drum!
- What can I say, Radiance. That's the effect you have on me. - Spike said, wiping his mouth.
- But it's not the only one, is it? - Rarity smiled and pointed her hoof to his erection, emerging from between his scales. - My, my, you are quite huge for a young stallion.

Spike caught her allusion at once. After all, the character he's been cosplaying was a colt, and if there was one nerve Rarity was able to get on, was comparing him with other stallions. Of course, she didn't mean any of her teasing, when she played on his inherent male insecurities and in this case, she gave Spike a whole field of answers to reply with.

- You think so? - Spike said cockily, waddling on his knees closer to her, pushing Rarity's body between his legs so that soon she was faced with his throbbing, glistening member inches from her lips.
- Oh yes. - she said with a deep, hungry tone in her voice, and at once brought her lips closer to his tip, engulfing his head in her mouth in one go.

She wondered if Spike was going to let his more dominant side of his draconic nature take over him at this moment. Though she'd love to be face-fucked by Spike the dragon, she thought that Hum Drum probably wouldn't do that to his crush on their first night, and Spike evidently thought the same, never advancing his cock, and letting Rarity control the tempo.

Rarity repaid Spike for his tongue work with a bit of her own talents; while her lips caressed his swollen tip, she used her magic to stoke the skin covering his cock. That left her hoofs unoccupied, but she promptly found a job for them, caressing his testicles, half-emerged in his draconic body, which made his seed so warm.

- Hm... So hard... So full... - she cooed, flicking her tongue against his tip, tasting a few droplets of his salty pre-cum.
- Ra-Radiance... If you keep doing this, I might not be able to...
- I know, Hum Drum. But maybe that's what I want?

She graced hum with another wink before he placed her hoofs at his belly, gently pushing him off.

- Yes, I don't want our night to end too soon, my dear. I just wanted to give you a taste... and get one too...

Reading the moves of her body correctly, Spike withdrew and grabbed her hindlegs, pushing them up and apart, as he positioned himself against her overflowing opening.

- Radiance, may I...?
- Oh, such a gentlecolt! - Rarity giggled - Yes, Hum Drum. - she lowered her voice - Rut me.

Rarity let out a yelp when Spike's cock was pushed deep inside her in one, swift move, just the way she envisioned. With her hindquarters immobilised by Spike, all she could do was to give her lover indication of his work, mewling, moaning and crying that seemed to only fuel his passion. Though, of course, Spike was channelling more than that. By letting him do the role-play, Rarity allowed him to relive their first time again, when he, just like Hum Drum, couldn't believe his luck that a mare like Radiance, or Rarity would let him into her heart, and her sex.

- Oh, Radiance... I wanted this... so long... - he huffed, pushing his lower deeper into the mattress.
- My, my, Hum Drum, you are quite a stud! - Rarity cried - I though my body would make you explode way sooner!

And indeed, three years ago, when Spike and Rarity barely began their journey into the intimacy, he probably would be done by now, apologising profusely for his premature release. But since then, Spike has learned to control his urges and prolong the pleasure he was giving to his marefriend, and the one he was getting in return. By now, Rarity was completely underneath him, enjoying the frantic pounding that shook her body every few seconds.

A sudden rush of energy made her body twitch, and she automatically closed her hooves around Spike's neck, anticipating her oncoming orgasm. She noticed the steam coming from his nostrils with every push of his, which, together with the grunts he's been making meant he as on a swift way to climax as well.

- Ra... Radiance... I don't think I will...
- That's okay, give it to me... - Rarity whispered into his ear, clutching his neck.

Spike raised his head a bit to stare at Rarity's enthralled face, finding confirmation in her sparkling, hungry eyes.

- You mean... I can...
- Come on, Hum Drum. I know what you want to do...

Rarity gave Spike another wink, and when she threw her head back, waiting for the oncoming orgasm, she revelled at the series of low, guttural grunts coming from Spike's mouth as he finally realised he was given the permission he's been looking forward to the most.

- But... Radiance...
- Hum Drum, I want you! - she cried suddenly and closed her hooves around his neck again - I've wanted you ever since we defeated the Mane-iac! Since you saved me from the Long Face and High Heel, since you were so brave and risked your life for mine... for ours, our friends... - Rarity panted, staring into his widened eyes. - Hum Drum, cum inside me!

And in that one tiny, fleeting moment of passion, Spike felt the magic Rarity has created with her act enveloping them both. He was the teenage colt making love to his older crush, filling her with years of pent-up lust, and she really was the mare of his dreams that has been with him throughout all those amazing adventures...

Spike let out a powerful roar, shooting first stream of his warm cum inside her, which in return pushed Rarity over her edge as well. His claws dug deeper into the costume, exposing the white fur of her body when the costume was rippied in two. Despite the commotion, Rarity trashed underneath his strong body, responding to every burst of his seed filling her to the brim. Two, three, four, five... at some point Rarity stopped counting the number of shots Spike fired inside her. With her head thrown back, she couldn't see much, but she has felt the splash of warmth on her belly when Spike withdrew his cock, letting the rest of his hefty orgasm coat her already destroyed costume with his cum.

- Ra... Ra.... Rarity... - Spike cried, his voice weak and tired, before he collapsed next to her, his snout falling right into her ready hooves.

They didn't know how long their post-coital kiss lasted, but the amount of time they spent breathing the shared air was enough to let their heated bodies cool down, at least a bit.

Rarity was the first to break their kiss, magically removing the mask that until now has covered her face, and lifted herself up, with some difficulties, back onto the comfy pillows, which gave her obscured view of the mess they've created.

- I do hope that Radiance uses some form of contraception... because if Hum Drum is as virile as you are Spike...

She pressed her hoof against her lower belly, feeling the heat, radiating through her body from Spike's massive load, and marvelled at a stream of his seed that leaked from her used opening onto the sheets, warming her folds for a short moment once more.

- ...then they are in trouble.
- I... I don't think they will allow them to do anything like that - Spike huffed - The writers, I mean. He's... He's been been a colt for like, twenty years in the comics.
- Yes, but I wouldn't mind the two having some romantic subplot... - Rarity cooed, letting Spike Arm sneak underneath her, inviting her into a gentle, warm embrace.
- Speaking of which, Rarity... I didn't know you... You know, read them.
- Well I had to, didn't I? - Rarity replied, baffled. - After all, I had to have references for my costume!
- Yeah, but... from what you've said, that sounds like... like you've read the entire rebooted run!

Rarity raised her head to meet Spike's bewildered face. One look at the fashionista confirmed Spike's suspicions, which at once made Rarity shy away from him and his wide grin.

- You liked reading them, didn't you?
- Well... at first, I wanted to just know how did Radiance get her outfit... Did she make it herself? OR was it magical? And then... Then I kinda... Couldn't stop.

She moved her hoofs against each other in embarrassment.

- And I do agree with you, Hum Drum and Radiance do deserve a bit more interaction, but they probably won't get anything more than his crush on her... It's a comic book for fillies and colts, after all.
- Yeah... - Spike muttered - That's what fanzines are for!
- The fanz-What? - Rarity jerked her head.

Spike rolled to his side and reached into his backpack, the same, comically small one he kept wearing ever since he was still a young dragon, and pulled a series of thin books from it.

- Fanzines! You know, fan magazines! Full of stories and comics drawn by the fans.

Rarity levitated the dozen or so thin, mostly black-and-white issues around her. Though she knew they were made by amateurs, the quality of drawings on the covers could rival the ones she had to read through, and in some cases, they were far better.

- And "Power Ponies" fans did all of those? - Rarity asked, marvelling at the amount of fan content Spike has revealed to her.
- Sure! I got this issue yesterday. And this one is dedicated to Hum Drum and Radiance!
- Hm... - Rarity took the book, its cover portraying the colt and mare in a romantic embrace, into her hooves - So, these have fan stories published in them, don't they?
- Fan fiction, yeah! And sometimes they are way better than the original stories! Longer, better characterisation, darker themes... - he counted.
- And I presume some of these are of... adult nature, aren't they? - Rarity raised her brow.
- Well, uh, some of them...
- More than half? And do they try to put the characters together in bed as soon as possible, with as little plot as necessary? - she smiled, knowing the answer. She used to be an avid reader of Haylequins when she was younger, and understood Spike's preferences completely.

He was about to respond, when a sudden thought struck Spike. One that he repressed for the last couple of minutes, partially thanks to Rarity staying in her role so skilfully.

- Rarity! Your... Your costume!

Spike pointed to the shredded piece of material still covering part of her body. He expected to be scoffed for destroying it, but instead, he only received a small chuckle.

- Oh, Spikey. It's just that.
- But it took you so long to make...
- Yes, but ultimately, costumes are supposed to bring you enjoyment, don't they? And you have enjoyed ripping it when you came, haven't you? I know I have...

She closed the distance to his snout, and closed her lips around in another slow, sensual kiss that brought the much needed relief to Spike's mind.

- And besides, maybe I can repair it... Well, parts of it you haven't... tarnished, perhaps. And...

She took one more glance at the stack of fanzines on her nigh-stand. She turned her head back to Spike, who saw a flirtatious gleam of inspiration in her radiant eyes.

- Spike, there is a fashion show next month in Trottingham. And if you will prove your skills as an assistant there... Maybe we will re-enact some of these stories afterwards? - she winked - Maybe I will even let you choose which one?
- A-Are... you serious, Rarity? - Spike flinched in disbelief - Even the kinky ones?
- Especially the kinky ones. - Rarity fluttered her eyelids and gave the excited dragon another kiss - Now, would you carry me to the bathroom? I do need a bath...


Chapter Text

They say that it is unlucky for a groom to see his bride before the wedding. Phineas wasn't sure if closing eyes would count, since even with darkness filling his eyelids, the image of Isabella kneeling in front of him, her hand and lips wrapped around his cock, was firmly burned into his mind.

It started with a simple kiss, but Phineas should have known that Isabella rarely was satisfied with just that. Four increasingly more ravenous kisses later Phineas was pushed against, and forced to half-sit on the dressing table Isabella's been occupying for the last hour, preparing herself.

The next moment his fly was open, and Phineas felt a wave of cold air against his cock, substituted by Isabella's warm breath a second later, the sudden change of temperature being only one of the factors that sent shivers along his entire body.

Isabella already excelled at handjobs, but Phineas had yet to experience one given through a pair of delicate, satin gloves, their supposed colour of innocence contrasting with the immoral action they were performing. And then there was Isabella herself, occasionally kissing his swollen tip, leaving lipstick marks further and further along his shaft.

- Isa... Isabella! - Phineas let out a forcefully silent cry, clutching the desk - We... we shouldn't... we don't...
- Don't worry, we've got time... - she cooed, paying closed attention to his twitching tip.

Her assurance, spoken in low, smoky voice did nothing to calm Phineas, only worsening his situation. The husband-to-be had to put every ounce of his willpower not to blast his seed across his future wife's face and her dress, ruining, or at the very least delaying the entire ceremony. And yet, he couldn't find power in him to stand up and interrupt her love torture. Even though she was using only minimal force against him, it was hypnotising and alluring enough to render him immobile. Every once in a while, curled strands of hair decorating both sides of her face would brush against his cock, sending more goosebumps through his skin, bringing him closer and closer to the undesirable finish.

Then came the noises. Isabella did everything to ensure that all of Phineas' senses will register every second of her lewd performance. From gentle, soft moans that vibrated against his skin when she had her mouth closed, to unapologetically loud, slurping noises that occurred whenever Isabella swallowed the saliva she's been coating Phineas' cock with.

At some point, however, saliva was not the only taste that reached Isabella's palette. First drops of salty, musky pre-cum alerted her at once, together with increased volume of her lover's moans coming from above.

- So soon? You must be eager to come, Phineas... - she taunted him, using her hand to gently pump him - Have you been saving up for our wedding night?
- Yes! - Phineas cried and bit his lip.
- Do you want to come, Phineas? - she asked slowly - Do you want to ruin me, here and now? Mark me, so everyone would know I am yours?
- Isabella... please... - he whined, throwing his head upwards and closing him eyes. He knew that if he saw her one more time, in her superficially submissive pose, looking at him with the ravenous glimpse in her eyes, then the moment she'd open her mouth he would lose all of his temper. Whether he'd be able to grab her head and bury himself inside her, dumping his load down her throat, or paint her face with it, he wasn't sure. There were so many possibilities of it going horribly, horribly wrong....

In a split of a second, when he was at the very edge of his orgasm, he made the decision to grab the back of her head, but when he was about to reach his hands to do it, her grip on his cock suddenly vanished. He opened his eyes, afraid that he might see his future wife in even more erotic pose, but Isabella was on her feet again, gently smoothing any creases her dress might have gained in the process.

- I...Isabella?
- Mhm? - she raised her head, looking nonchalantly at the bewildered face of Phineas, as if nothing has happened - You were right, we might not have time for this. You should smarten yourself up a bit. I'd do that, but... I'm afraid any more touches from me would set you off.

Gasping for air, Phineas remained on the desk for another minute or so, trying to comprehend what has (and hasn't) happened. Finally, he slid to his feet, his legs wobbly from the amount of internal pressure they had to withstand. He still felt the burning, throbbing, unfulfilled need in his loins, but with each calm breath he was one step away from exploding in his pants or onto the floor. He closed his fly, and let Isabella clean his face from the traces of her lipstick. When she reached her hand to do so, Phineas made almost an automatic step back afraid that even this might be too much.

- Darn, Isa... You know how to tease me...
- Well, you've been unknowingly teasing me for years, so I learned from the best. - she joked.
- You know how wrong it could have gone, right?
- Nope. I had everything, including you under control, Phineas. - she retorted quickly - But I want you to promise me one thing.
- Okay...

His eyes bulged when Isabella suddenly grabbed him by the hem of his suit and leaned onto him, whispering into his ear.

- Tonight I don't want you to control yourself at all, Phineas. - she spoke - And since it's out wedding night, a bride has to be wearing white... And I want to wear white, your shade of white, from head to toes, you understand? My hair, face, breasts, legs... I know you're capable of it, I felt how tense and full you are down there... Can you promise me this, Phineas Flynn?

She leaned back, staring into (predictably) half-mortified face of her future husband, his mouth ajar, until he was forced to take a breath and gulp down the saliva that has been collecting in his mouth.

- Uh...
- I'll take it as a yes. - Isabella smiled, and reached her hands to fix his bowtie, again, as if it was a completely regular behaviour after confessing a sexual fantasy.
- I must be the luckiest guy in the world... I would say, if I didn't know that around four hundred men every day could say the same thing, and "luck" is difficult to quantify.
- You are lucky that we share so many kinks, though. Me, being such a dirty girl, and you being... a man.
- Oh, I am gonna prove that I am a man, Isabella.
- Can't wait already, honey.

She took the hem of her dress and carefully stepped to open the door, checking if Phineas could sneak out easily.

- By the way, Ferb built a pneumatic press.
- The wh-What for? - it was time for Isabella to suddenly become astonished, despite years of living with Phineas' quirks.
- To break the glass, of course! - he answered. - But don't worry, it's till pedal-operated, so it doesn't collide with the tradition.
- Mazel tov!






Chapter Text

With a deeply uneasy feeling in her guts, Princess Amalia took a deep sigh. "There must be another way", she thought, as she looked at the small Tofu in her left hand and the twisted, elongated tube in her right. Just to be sure, she gave the bird a gentle pat, before squeezing it, so that its beak would open, and Yugo's voice fill her chambers again.

- My dearest Amalia. I'm sending you this message via a talking Tofu. I hope he won't disturb you, I don't think you have ever seen a messenger like this one...

Amalia took a quick glance at the broken vase in the corner. She got scared when she heard her boyfriend's voice out of nowhere in the middle of the night, and her reflexes proved to be too fast for the ornament.

- It should have the talking tube attached. You just, er, insert it, in, uh... his... Well, backside, and start talking. Anyway, I'm writing... uh, speaking, I mean, to tell you how... how I missed you, Ami.

No matter how disgusted Amalia felt at the thought of the thing she'd have to do to reply to him, Yugo's soft voice put a smile on her face. She brought the small bird closer to her ear, hoping it would make sound as if he lay next to her.

- I'm so sorry I can't be with you, Ami. But I know you have to help your people, and I... Well, there is a lot of work here as well.
- Yugo...

Amalia brushed the Tofu with her fingertips again, imagining doing the same to his blonde hair. It has been two weeks since they had to part to help rebuild the World of Twelve damaged by the aftermath of their adventures in the Gods' dimension. It was the least they could do to make up to people of Amakna, and Yugo hasn't hesitated a moment to do so, even if it would mean they won't see each other for quite some time.

- I've been helping with transporting the materials. Shame I can't teleport myself that far to be with you, Ami. But no matter how far away I am, I still love you.

She heard a soft noise of Yugo's kiss coming from Tofu's mouth, and she automatically puckered her lips, expecting her lover's mouth to touch hers, only to be sorely disappointed by its absence, just like she was when she first listened to his recording.

-If you'd like to reply, then, well, you... you gotta do the thing with the tube, and... Don't worry about anything else, Ok will find me. Oh yeah, you probably didn't notice, this is Az's son, Ok! Anyway, I... I miss you, Ami. I hope to hear your voice some time soon.

The Tofu closed its beak, looking at Amalia exactly as perplexed as before he was squeezed to replay the message. With some reluctance, the princess took the tube, turned the Tofu around, closed her eyes, and stuck the thin end into the Tofu's back. The soft squeak, and the sudden fluttering of its tiny wings told her she did the job correctly, though it didn't improve her mood in the slightest.

She took another sigh and put her mouth next to the tube's horn.

- Yugo... Oh, gods, I can't believe I'm doing this... Well, you have scared me half to death with your little surprise, first of all. I've been actually meaning to send you a letter, when this thing arrived and started talking in your voice! - she boomed into the tube - But at the same time... I'm glad I could hear you again, Yugo. I miss you too, every day. I miss your laughter, your face, your lips...

Amalia paused for a moment. She brought her mouth even closer to the tube's wide end, and lowered her voice.

- I miss you lying next to me... or on me... or under me... - her own indecent words made Amalia blush - I miss feeling you inside me. I hope you don't find any other girl out there to satisfy you, Yugo, or I will hear about it and find you. And if you are in doubt, try listening to my message again, maybe that will help you. - she giggled. - I hope you will return safely soon. We could use your help here as well, and... I could use use having a boyfriend again.

Just like he did, she also sent a kiss into the tube, before she plugged it from the poor Tofu.

- Okay, find Yugo, and make sure he is alone when he play the message, okay? - she pointed finger to the bird, who replied her with a bewildered and confused expression on his tiny face. Despite that, the moment he no longer felt the tube in his bum, he set off, and flew through the window into the darkness of the night.

Being truly alone in her chambers, Amalia let her hand wander underneath her night gown. The enticing words she spoke has stirred the itch she's been repressing for quite some time, and with Yugo's voice still in her mind, she decided to deal with it at once.


Amalia had to wait another two days to hear from Yugo again. The Tofu dived through her window, crash-landing on her bed after a long journey. Amalia grabbed it at once, waiting for Yugo's voice to spill from Ok's beak like a soothing medicine.

-Hi, Ami! I'm glad my message reached you. Didn't know if Ok would be able to do the whole journey, honestly. And... Don't worry, Ami, I'd never look at any other woman, especially after what you've told me. And now... - he lowered his voice -I've got something for you, too...

A shiver ran through Amalia's skin. She brought the tofu closer to her ear and got comfortable on her mountain of pillows.

-Are you alone, Ami? If not, you might want to pause him... But if you do, close your eyes and relax...

Amalia followed Yugo's orders, letting her body uncoil, her right hand once again dashing under her dress, preparing for caressing herself to the tone of his mellow, seductive voice.

- Mhm... Yugo...
-Imagine I'm next to you, Ami. We're cuddling, but I decided to do something more. Can you feel me? I'm kissing your breast.

Amalia's body twitched, and she moved her other hand to her chest, sliding her dress down, letting the cool air to caress her nipples liked Yugo would.

-But I'm not gonna stop there... Can you feel my fingers, Ami? Can you feel me moving around your pussy?

A sharp moan escaped Amalia's mouth when at the very same moment her own fingertips brushed her clit, causing her whole body to jolt. She grabbed her blanket, rolled it and clutched her legs around it, pretending it was her lover's body. With the rest of her palm, she mashed her lips furiously, hearing the huffed, recorded grunts of her lover, imagining he was next to her.

-Do you want me to go fast, or slow, Ami?
- Faster, Yugo! - Amalia screamed into her pillow.
-I think I'm gonna go slow, Ami.

The princess groaned, and reluctantly slowed the moves of her own fingers stimulating her puffy lips.

-I'm taking my sweet time, Ami, cos I know you're probably soaking wet for me...
- Dammit, Yugo...
-Do you think I moved to your other breast by now? Or do I still kiss the one I stared with? You know I can worship your body for hours...

Amalia let out another loud cry, muffled by her screaming into the blanket. Despite her being in control of her body, she felt obliged to follow Yugo's commands, creating one heck of conflict of stimuli in her mind. Her legs jerked every few seconds, responding to slowly growing heat between them.

- Yugo....
-Do you want to come, Ami? That early?
- Yes! - she cried, this time without pretending to silence her voice.
-Then do it, Ami. Come for me. Wake everyone in the palace, like we did it once, do it!

Letting a moan of satisfaction, Amalia pressed her fingers into her pussy, and just a single dive into her warmth was enough to open the floodgates of her orgasm. She wailed the name of her absent lover, rolling back and forth, her legs and one arm clutched around the blanket, trying to dissipate the energy from the orgasm that rolled through her body.

It seemed that Yugo knew exactly how long her climax would last, since his next words came from Tofu's beak almost at the same time when Amalia stopped her erratic movements, and lay curled around the rolled blanket that became significantly damper in the process.

-Are you done, Amalia? Did I make you come? Or did you do that yourself? - he paused -Ami, I wish I were with you, loving you. I'll do everything in my might to go back as fast as possible. I love you.
- I love you too... - Amalia whispered, patting the Tofu with her dry fingers, and kissing the rim of the tube.

She rolled to her back, her chest still moving up and down as she tried calming down from her orgasm. Despite being hundreds of miles away, the Eliatrope was able to bring her to her climax in no time, even though she found her release two nights ago as well.

Decisively, Amalia sat back, grabbed the Tofu, and without any hesitation, she jammed the tube into Tofu's backside.

- Alright, Yugo, I'm gonna repay you for what you did to me. I hope you're ready to have your cock sucked by a hungry princess that hasn't had you in three weeks. You did things slowly, I'm doing'em fast... At least for now. I'm pushing you to the bed, and summon vines to strap around your ankles and wrists... You cannot move... Well, perhaps you will need one arm... And now...

She took her handkerchief and ripped it next to the tube.

- Now you're without pants. And oh, dear, what a tent you've been pitching! Can you feel my breath on the head your cock? Can you feel the tingling?

Amalia gave Yugo enough time to "answer", in which she reached for the fruit bowl sitting next to her bed. She brought a single cherry to her lips and began licking it, hoping the tube will catch the slow, slurping noises she's been making.

- Mhm... You're so tasty already... I hope you're not ready to burst yet, we've got lots to do...

She put the cherry away, substituting it with a freshly peeled cawwot.

- Oh, Yugo, you got so hard for me... Can you feel it? I'm kissing the underside of your cock. I don't want to just suck you off, I know that you would cum at once. No... I want to feel the same what you did to me.

Mimicking her fantasy, she kissed the length of the vegetable, the smacking sounds of her lips echoing in the almost-empty chamber.

- And your balls are so full... Or are they? Have you done it without me, naughty boy? I will give you chance to do it tonight...

Amalia took the cawwot, and just to test it, she put it inside her mouth. From now on, Amalia could rely only on her muffled moans and groans, though as she moved the cawwot in and out of her mouth, she occasionally taunted Yugo.

- I'm sure you wished you could grab my head and deep-throat me... But I'm the one in charge now.

She returned to filling the Tofu's magical memory with sounds of her sucking the cawwot, while her hand dashed between her legs, as her own pleasure grew in her loins. Her moans were no longer fake or forced, she was moaning with him, for him, wondering if her lover has come already. She knew Yugo could last long, either because of his alien biology or his age, but given the circumstances... She decided to put him out of his misery.

- I can hear you, Yugo. I know what you want. Cum for me! Paint me with your seed, I beg you! - she cried.

Another, much weaker orgasm rushed through her limbs, and Amalia stuck out her tongue, letting her own imagination take over her mind and body, waiting for droplets of Yugo's cum to hit her.

- You are so messy, Yugo... - she whispered, imagining her lover sitting in some tent, spent after masturbating to her words. - But I'm gonna forgive you... Until you come back, at least.

She kissed the trumpet again, taking extra long time, just like she would cleaning Yugo's cock off of any stranded drops of his cum.

- Sleep well Yugo...

Amalia pulled the tube out of the Tofu's bum, giving him - and herself as well - time till morning to rest. With the image of her lover writhing and trashing under her caresses, Amalia drifted into a slumber, wondering what Yugo will do to her in his next message.


Amalia expected Yugo's reply to arrive, just like the last one, two days later, but before that something much better has happened. She was at the riverside with the group of Sadida women, helping the destroyed plants come to life, when she heard a commotion on the road leading to the palace.

When she turned her head around, she was met with her boyfriend, who jumped into her arms so quickly he toppled her to the ground, locking his lips with hers in a long, hungry kiss, disregarding the onlookers' presence.

- Yugo! What are you doing here?
- I couldn't wait, Ami. Had to come back. - he smiled, his face visibly tanned from the days spent working in the sun. - Besides, we ran out of magical potions, and hoped you guys can help us.
- Of course, Yugo... - she smiled, giving him another peck.

They ignored giggling from the four Sadida women that observed the couple embraced in a deeply romantic, almost indecent pose.

- Did you like my messages? - Amalia lowered her voice, whispering into his ear.
- Oh, yeah. - his face turned, if possible, an even darker shade of crimson. - Ok's been really helpful.

Almost at the same time, a small, tired bird landed on Yugo's hat, panting from the amount of fluttering he had to do.

- Oh, there you are, little buddy! I thought you'd never found us when we decided to go back.
- Wait, Yugo, when did you...?

But Amalia's concern turned into reality when Ok, despite his tired state opened his beak, letting all the people gathered at the site hear Amalia's smoky, hot voice.

-Alright, Yugo, I'm gonna repay you for what you did to me. I hope you're ready to have your cock sucked by a hungry princess that hasn't had you in three weeks...





Chapter Text

- And where are you planning to put that, exactly? - Vanessa asked, staring with half-terrified, half-excited look at the object in front of her.
- Wherever you want. - Ferb replied nonchalantly.

His restrained demeanour was what simultaneously drove Vanessa crazy, and made him even more attractive to her. To this day, she wasn't sure how come over the years she got interested in, befriended, and then fallen in love with the boy genius, who, despite being four years younger than her was a year above her at college. She often thought their relationship as a form of game, to find what could break the stoicism of her boyfriend, which very often translated to "how long will he last tonight".

However, something told Vanessa that this evening she will be the one to scream, especially as she examined the machine Ferb brought to their bedroom and placed next to their bed.

One part of it looked familiar; Vanessa owned a pair of vibrators, but this one, mounted on a longer metallic pole looked vaguely familiar, and she didn't have to look far for the inspiration of the shape. Vanessa leaned over the machine and gave the rubbery cock a soft kiss, throwing a sideways glance at her boyfriend.

- Okay, I guess sticking your cock in a pool of... uh, I don't know, ballistic gel, shouldn't count as cheating. - she spoke, stroking the replica of Ferb's cock.
- I used a condom. And when making molds, its the alginate that comes first. - he corrected her immediately.
- Well, we'll see about that...

Vanessa gave the rubbery cock another kiss and in one single move got rid of the black jacket covering her body. Ferb almost automatically gravitated towards her, ready to unhook her bra, but found himself facing her naked breasts and her already hard nipples. Momentarily hypnotised by the abundance of Vanessa in front of him, he flinched slightly when she fell onto her back, dragging her black leather leggings up, together with her panties. Ferb grabbed them and helped her take the last pieces of clothing that covered her body. A moment later, Vanessa arched one more time, exposing her chest and her already wet sex to her boyfriend towering over her.

- So... what are we gonna do with it? - she asked again, massaging her puffy lips, while Ferb disrobed himself equally fast.
- You decide.

Now that Ferb has gotten rid of his clothes, Vanessa took a good, long look at both phalluses, one natural and already in a state of full arousal, the other fake, but permanently hard, mounted to the machine. Though it looked stationary, the multitude of tubes and links on the machine's arm suggested that it could be as flexible and versatile as Ferb himself. Vanessa smiled, and jumped to all fours, waddling seductively towards Ferb.

- I'm not gonna pretend I didn't notice that this... - she pointed to the machine - located just at the same height as this... - she closed her lips around his cock, giving it a quick kiss - Which makes it perfect for spitroasting me. In fact, I would even say that you set this machine up in such a way deliberately.

Ferb raised his brow.

- You are lucky that's exactly what I want...

She got on her knees, placing a soft kiss on Ferb's jaw

- I trust you completely, with this. - she whispered - Just tell me what to do.
- Enjoy it. - was his only answer.

A subtle, whirring noise reached Vanessa's ears, and she flinched when the tip of the artificial cock brushed her folds. She lost her balance enough to drop to her original position, facing Ferb's cock, while the fake one continued gently touching her opening. She waddled a step back, bracing herself for the machine's first intrusion. She let out a yelp when the cock parted her lips for the first time, and she used that moment to engulf Ferb's cock, partially to muffle her perverted, almost primal scream.

At once she pressed further back, letting the Ferb-like dildo fill her even more, though she was sure it could do that on its own. And sure enough, she heard more noises, and the angle the cock entered her has changed, brushing her clit next time, which would have filled their room with more moans, if her mouth wasn't occupied sucking on her boyfriend's real cock.

- It monitors the position... the position of your bum. - Ferb explained, keeping one hand on Vanessa's head, just like she liked.

Vanessa let out a soft murmur of approval, pushing Ferb's hips towards her, taking more of his length inside her. She was going to praise him, but her voice disappeared in the presence of dozens or so other moans her throat was generating, responding to the impossible to describe feeling of getting stuffed from both ends with two copies of the same cock. But it wasn't just the fact that two of her holes were being filled by the same man she loved. It was the way they all worked together.

Just like she would normally do, Vanessa bounced her hips back and forth, responding to the moves of her mechanical lover, so that its pushes would be as deep as possible. At the same time, whenever she retracted, so did Ferb, resulting in his cock reaching the very end of her mouth when they moved forward again.

The trio moved in this organised, immoral ballet for quite some time, building speed with each and every push. Vanessa noticed that as they continued fucking her, Ferb stepped, or rather waddled, a few inches forward, and as a result, he was now deep-throating her every time, while his electric-powered double brushed her clit with a copy of his balls, dangling back and forth with each time it filled her to the brim.

Like a well-oiled machine, the three fuelled each other passion, and in case of the machine, its neural network, controlling the tempo of the scotch yoke mechanism, learning and detecting changes in Vanessa's behaviour.

If Vanessa could face her boyfriend, and use her mouth, she'd send him a smile of deep satisfaction. Above her, she heard first, tiny moans and grunts coming from him, and by Ferb's standards, it was almost as if he was shouting the most perverted obscenities. The subtle change of his grip on the back of her head meant he was on the straight road to his climax, and so was Vanessa, her mind hazed by the indescribable feeling of being filled by seemingly two copies of her boyfriend.

A gentle pat on her back caught Vanessa's attention, forcing her to look up, at Ferb's face, stricken with unmistakable grimace of an oncoming orgasm. Before he was able to ask the question, she replied with a tiny nod, followed by a guttural "Mhm!", and let their bodies ride on their own.

- Va...Vanessa!

Her name, cried in his natural, deep voice was what pushed her to the edge. With her lips still closed around Ferb's cock, she let out a muffled cry, hoping her teeth wouldn't graze his delicate flesh. She has climaxed before while giving him head, and learned how to do it, but this time, she feared the pleasure was far greater. Her walls spasmed around the artificial cock, coating it with supple amount of her natural lubricant, which only seemed to speed up its moves.

As she was till riding on the wave of her climax, the synchronised moves of Ferb and his double suddenly changed; Ferb let out one more loud grunt, and in one move, he pushed himself deep into her at the same time as the machine, and did something that almost brought Vanessa to climax again.

In one moment, Vanessa was flooded with not one, but two streams of warmth, one filling her mouth, the other her pussy. While Ferb was coming in short pulses, supplying her with fresh amount of thick, musky seed to swallow, the machine did it in a near continuous fashion, pouring more and more liquid inside deepest parts of her sex. Neither her boyfriend nor his robot has ceased their moves; Ferb's hips still buckled every time he pulsed more cum for her to drink, and it seemed that he was able to replicate the same erratic, jittering motion with his machine, who occasionally pushed and pulled between its torrential gushes.

Ferb moved his hands to Vanessa's shoulders, at the very time her body gave up after being used not by one, but two copies of her lover. Ferb retracted his cock first, letting Vanessa take first, proper, long breath in quite a long time, and when her knees gave up, she slid from the fake cock onto the bedsheets. A moment later, she felt one last splash of warmth covering her backside, before Ferb turned it off.

Vanessa rolled to her back, still gasping for air, and not just because of the face-fuck she was being subjected to. The machine, still leaking its come, towered to her left, while Ferb was forced to succumb to the force of gravity as well and fell to the pillows on her right. She was glad to see a rare, goofy smile decorating his face, and responded to it with a smile of her own.

- Well, boys... you did a fantastic job. - Vanessa sighed, trying to lift herself up.

Only now she felt the uneasy feeling between her legs, and saw how virile the machine was: a small pool of white, sticky fluid, dripping from her well-used opening has formed on the bedsheets, and grew with each second, as more kept leaking from between Vanessa's lower lips, still contracting in an aftershocks of her climax.

- Ferb, I'm sure you'd be able to do it... But please, tell me I won't give birth to a cyborg, or something...
- That would be an android. - Ferb replied - And no, it's fake semen.

Reflexively, she dipped her fingers in the pool of cum, and brought it to her lips.

- Tastes just like you, though.

Rolling away from the mother of all wet spots, Vanessa waddled, swinging her hips in slightly less alluring fashion towards her boyfriend, letting her spent body slump over his. At once, Ferb's arm closed around her, resulting in a deep, lazy murmur of satisfaction escaping Vanessa's lips.

- How did you enjoy the experiment?
- Complete success. - she replied, placing a soft kiss on his chest.
- Of course we will need to repeat it to verify the data...
- Oh, yes, we will... - she let out a languorous moan, caressing his chest even more.
- And we will need to test the remaining five of six possible combinations.

Ferb expected to hear another moan from her, but instead Vanessa rose to her knees, towering over her with her arms crossed.

- Six? I think someone got their math wrong, Ferb. Did you count handjobs, or boobjobs? - she pressed her breasts against each other, and then his face - And double penetration? What about that? Let's face it, we can do so much more with this machine... Oh, and I didn't even thought about turning it into a strap-on! And, can you make more than one?

Once she stopped counting, Vanessa smiled triumphantly, staring at her boyfriend from above. Ferb's widened eyes expressed not fear, but excitement known only to inventors who have just discovered a whole new realm of uses for their designs. And Vanessa would be more than willing to assist him in exploring it.

Chapter Text

- Girls, I just don't know if it suits me...

Ochaco bit her lip, watching as her friend walked back and forth through their room, showcasing the black fishnet stockings and suspenders, heavily decorated with various smaller bows. The whole experience could have been slightly less awkward, if not for the fact that Ochaco could see the erotic lingerie from every angle, include the insides, since it was Toru who agreed to help Ochaco prepare her for a romantic night with Deku.

- You know, we shouldn't really feed your kink, Toru. - Momo addressed the invisible girl, crossing her arms - We all know you just like walking around naked.
- N-No, I don't! - her voice echoed in the room. - I just... I just wanted to help Uraraka! And you can't see the details on mannequins...
- Is that why you were sunbathing naked last Friday? - Tsuyu asked suddenly, causing Toru to lose balance and fall to the ground.

The girls laughed, and even Toru joined them after a while accepting that the knowledge about her abusing her powers for slightly immoral reasons was a well-known fact. Ochaco was the only who wasn't enjoying the scene; with her hands between her knees, she was still contemplating the decision she had to take.

- Hey, Earth to the gravity girl. - Momo snapped her fingers. - What's wrong?
- I don't know... I mean, I like wearing thighs, but this fancy stuff... don't you think it's a bit... too... much?

If the girls didn't know any better, they might think that Ochaco's quirk was self-combustion; with each word she spoke, her cheeks grew a deeper shade of crimson, until she had to hide her face in her hands.

- Are you kidding me, Ochaco? You'd look great in those.
- But... in order to look I'd have to have legs.
- And you don't? - Momo snickered.
- You know what I mean. - she slapped her thigh - I bet you'd look stunning... - she murmured, glancing at the long legs of her friend.
- Ochaco!

The owner of said legs stood up and walked to the shy girl, putting her hands on her shoulders.

- Girl, you have nothing to be ashamed of. And Deku would be mesmerised by how you'd look in them.
- You think so?
- Sure! - Tsuyu added - And if you wear the rest, you would really make Deku's evening.
- Once he sees you, he will get harder than Eijiro when he gets aroused and uses his hardening quirk. - Toru cheered. - And trust me, I know what he can do...

Three pairs of eyes suddenly moved towards the invisible girl, who once again felt grateful no one could see her blushing. She ducked behind the bed, forgetting that they could still see her lower body covered in lingerie. This time, even Ochaco let out a soft giggle, as the girls burst into laughter.


"The girls were right", Ochaco thought then she stepped out of the bathroom into the subtly lit bedroom. Even in the dimmed light, she could see Izuku's wide eyes reflecting all the light they could gather, as he devoured her with them. From her legs, covered in the fishnets, through her thighs, decorated with tantalisingly complicated suspenders, her crotch, hidden under thin, black panties, to the corset, making her look like a play-girl, especially thanks to the small bow-tie she wore.

And indeed, that was Ochaco's goal. She walked, one step at a time towards Izuku, swinging her hips back and forth. This was her first time wearing heels that high, and if not for very careful use of her levitation quirk, she'd have both her ankles twisted.

But instead, thanks to the long preparations, Ochaco has transformed herself into a perfect present for her boyfriend. With each step she took, she saw more of his features; his mouth, remaining agape for the last minute or so, with a think strand of drool dropping from its corner, his skin already covered in goosebumps even though she hasn't done anything to him, and his Adam's apple tingling, as some words tried to escape his mouth.

He flinched when Ochaco sat playfully in his lap, throwing her arms around his neck, bringing the nervous boy closer to herself.

- Do you like it?
- O-Of course, U-Uraraka!

She let out a soft yelp when his hands closed around her waist, pushing their bodies, (and most importantly crotches) even closer to each other. A moment later, their lips met in a kiss. Not the hungry, ravenous one Ochaco imagined, but slow and sensual, while their hands explored each other's body, though in case of Izuku, he had quite a few new territories to discover.

Ochaco wasn't surprised at all, and quite frankly relieved when Izuku found a way to undo her corset, freeing lower half of her bosom, as well as her belly for him to caress. Discarding that piece of her attire to the floor, he concentrated on her breasts, trying to kiss as much of their area as possible, with Ochaco's fingers ruffling his hair, subtly pushing his head down.

When she closed her eyes, the world around her spun, as Izuku toppled her to her side and onto her bed. That way, he could travel further down, sending jolts of pleasure through her body with each of his kisses, building the anticipation as he approached her sex.

Finally, he spread her legs, lifted her right one into the air and put it onto his shoulder, before he leaned to deal with the tiny piece of cloth that prevented him from experiencing her sex in full glory. His warm breath made the first droplets of her cum tingle, when his lips closed around the black strip of her panties, and contrasted with the sharp texture of his teeth when he used them to move it aside, exposing her folds for good.

Ochaco let out a sudden gasp. She wasn't sure when Izuku has managed to undress himself; she predicted that his long, kiss-heavy journey down her body gave him enough time to do so. After all, her eyes were shut for most of the time to help her focus on other senses and fully experience her boyfriend's foreplay.

The tip of his cock brushed her lips, causing another short jolt to shudder her body. Their eyes met, and with a simple nod, Ochaco answered the question she read in his eyes. Uravity gripped the bedsheets of Izuku's bed when he plunged himself deep inside her; her body arched and levitated just an inch or so into the air as a result of his intrusion. She found it happening more and more when they were making love; on one hand, she knew she should control her quirk no matter what, on the other, she felt ecstatic knowing that her boyfriend could rock her world so much, even her abilities couldn't withstand his natural powers.

His first dive was definitely the strongest one; his next pushes were gentler, though with most of his cock inside her, they were still stimulating Ochaco to the brim. With her right leg next to his face, he occasionally peppered it with kisses. As he continued doing that, he heard her moans getting louder, and moved from caressing her calf to her foot, something Ochaco wasn't expecting, at least not if she was wearing her lingerie.

Truth to be told, she predicted them to join pile of his clothes on the ground a long time ago, but evidently, her boyfriend found making love to her in them much more alluring.

Soon after, Izuku changed his tempo; having worshipped Uraraka's legs enough, he read her moans and groans correctly, and decided to hasten the orgasm that he's been building inside her for quite some time. He grabbed her waist again, using it as a lever to buck into her with even more raw ferocity. As a response, her arms found way to his neck, bringing him as close as possible towards her body, and giving him the best possible angle of penetration.

- O-Ochaco! I'm gonna...
- Outside! - she yelped, before she threw her head back. - Do it out... outside!
- You sure?
- Yes!

Last brush of his finger against her puffy lips when he pulled his cock caused them to contract and spasm around his length on its way out. He was going to direct it onto her belly, but her hand swiftly grabbed it and pointed his swollen tip towards her crotch again. A moment of mixed bliss and astonishment later, Izuku found himself staring at her delicate and undoubtedly expensive lingerie, covered with globs of his seed Uraraka was gently smearing with her fingers, while still panting for air after her orgasm rocked her body.

Their eyes met, and a smile of deep satisfaction drawing on her face told Izuku this was exactly what Uraraka had on her mind, which after this night he discovered to be much, much kinkier than he thought before.






Chapter Text

Friendship Thursdays often ended up like that: the bowl of snacks was empty, their bellies filled, and that weight prompted yawn after yawn, which both Marco and Star dismissed as "nothing", eager to continue watching Star's favourite TV show. But the Mewnian princess was soon defeated both by Earth's cuisine and the mind-numbing television, and soon her body slowly slumped onto Marco's.

This wasn't the first time it happened, and Marco already had tactic prepared for it. He took the pillow from his seat, and gently moved his body sideways, so that Star would fall onto it. But as he prepared to do so, he heard her snore loudly, and then his skin crawled with goosebumps, when he recognised some of the noises coming from her mouth.

- Mmmmmmarco....

There was something odd in her voice, and it has taken Marco only a short a while to remember when he heard his name spoken with such smoky timbre: when she was going through her mewberty and she stared at him as if she's never seen a man before.

Wanting to avoid a repeat of that, Marco had to accelerate his plans. He didn't want to wake her up, but at the same time, he gave his parents a sworn oath that he won't do anything even remotely indecent to any exchange girl students staying in their house, regardless if they were from this or another dimension, and whether they were having wet dreams about him or not.

But just when he wanted to scoot from the sofa to the ground, Star immobilised him for good; her arms closed around his torso as if he was some huge teddy bear, and her head slumped to one place Marco didn't want it to be: his crotch.

- Marcomarcomarcomarcomarco... Diazdiazdiazdiazdiaz... - Star snored loudly, and a moment later Marco felt her drool over his right leg.

His left one was still trapped under her body, and Star didn't seem to mind that uncomfortable position at all.

Marco let out a small sigh.

With Star's mouth just inches from his slowly hardening erection, what would happen if she woke up? How would she react? Would she accuse him of using her? He didn't want Friendship Thursday turn into Debauchery Friday, given it was past midnight already.

Marco tried thinking about something else. His grandma. Kittens. Grandma with kittens. But the slow, subtle jittering of Star's body hasn't made his throbbing cock any less stiff, and the thought of it only perpetuated the vicious circle.

And then Star pushed against his leg, and there was no mistake what kind of move she was dreaming about.

Her body jolted, and she let out a much deeper and longer moan in response to that. Not a yawn, not an incomprehensible groan, but a proper, erotic and carnal cry.

Just when Marco though it was a one-time hiccup, she did it again. Her body slid just an inch or so up Marco's leg, this time with slightly less energy, but after that, she repeated the motion. Back and forth, with her arms still around his chest, Star Butterfly humped Marco's leg, still drooling all over his shorts and muttering noises that made hair on Marco's skin stand up.

"Maybe she is dreaming about... jumping on a pogo stick?" Marco lied to himself. But even if his brain believed it in for even a second, it had to accept the reality a moment later when Star took the hem of Marco's shirt in her mouth.

- Good.... good... Marco... keep going...

She let go of Marco's shirt, now drenched in her saliva, then waved her arm, grabbed the remote, and nonchalantly chewed on its flatter end.

- Mmm.... Marco... give me all that nacho cheese, you dirty boy...

If that mental image wasn't enough, the rhythmic moves of her hips continued, and to Marco's horror, they added a new aspect. With each jitter, the hem of her dress evidently was pushed a fraction of an inch up, and now Marco could feel the wetness of her exposed panties on his leg. What was worse, Star evidently could feel the change of texture too, since her humping became even fiercer and ravenous, and so did her grip on her dream lover.

- Yes... yes, Marco keep going, we have to... have the... babies ready by Friday...

The blanket covering Star's body slid to the floor, and before Marco could see what caused it, his eyes were drenched in bright light, as Star transformed into her glorious, radiant, yellow butterfly form.

That didn't wake Star up at all, but now her six arms could pin Marco, and most importantly, his slightly paralysed leg, to the sofa with even greater force. There was no pretence here: Star was now actively bouncing up and down on an invisible cock, sliding her soaking wet crotch against Marco's leg, crying his name every time she went down.

And then, as if her magical transformation hasn't blinded Marco once already, her body shuddered, and Star let out a roar one last time, engulfing the whole room with bright, orange... something. It wasn't exactly light, but it wasn't matter either. The liquid-like substance, exploding from her cheeks covered most of the floor and furniture, and as Star returned from her orgasmic high to her regular form, the odd substance slowly vanished, sparing Marco having to explain how his not-girlfriend's magical orgasm has ruined his parents' living room.

- Gooood Marco, gooood boy.... havvea.... heav a biscuit.... - Star mumbled and rolled to the ground, where her blanket was already waiting for her.

A loud, but peaceful snore from the floor told Marco that Star not only hasn't woken up from her solid sleep, but it would seem that at least the erotic part of her dream has ended. Maybe they were now smoking a cigarette each.

Marco let out a deep sigh, and carefully removed himself from the couch. With the blood cut off from his left leg it was just a bit painful, and troublesome but he slowly got to the ground from the other side, in order not to interrupt Star. Then came the most delicate part: he put his arms underneath the blanket Star fell onto and gently lifted her up onto the sofa.

Praying that her hands wouldn't clamp onto him again, he made as few moves as possible, and after a minute or two of heavy-lifting, Star Butterfly was sleeping peacefully, tucked under her blanket, as if nothing has happened.

Marco swept sweat from his brow, and headed to the bathroom for a long, cold shower, the memory of Star having sex with part of his body still vivid in his mind and his pants. And just before he went upstairs, he heard Star muttering through her sleep once more.

- Ma... Marco... let's... let's invite Jackie next time, mkay...?

Chapter Text

A piercing, high-pitched scream spread through the forest around The Mystery Shack, immediately catching attention of Dipper Pines, who stuck his head out of the shed to see what caused his sister to scream. The moment he dashed outside, ready to defend her, he was met with the multicoloured blur of Mabel Pines that almost collided with him in her haste.

- Quick, Dipper! Up the tree!

Dipper had only a few seconds to turn his head around, but in that moment he spotted a reddish, small, furry creature running behind them so fast, it almost seemed that it tried to outrun itself. Years of encountering monsters in Gravity Falls told all of his instincts to run, and, as Mabel suggested, they aimed for the tree nearby with the most number of low-hanging branches.

He could practically feel the monster's teeth gnawing on his exposed leg, but fortunately, as the years went by, Dipper retained his stick-figure physique, allowing him to escape the monster. As he climbed up the tree, Dipper kept nervously looking back, and when the creature stopped being in motion, Dipper suddenly realised it wasn't exactly a typical animal, even by Gravity Falls standards.

- Mabel... is that...?
- Quick!

Mabel grabbed his arm and pulled him to the branch she felt was the safest and sturdiest one. From that point, there was no mistake: the animated object that followed them was not made from fur, but fuzz.

- Mabel, is that sweater alive?!
- Uh, yeah. - Mabel replied - Good thing it won't catch us here, otherwise it might eat us up.
- Mabel, calm down. - Dipper put his arm over his sister's shoulder - How did you even find it?
- Well, you remember about the whole market underneath our city, run by gnomes and other weird creatures? - Mabel asked, shying away and twirling her fingers in an unmistakable guilty manner.
- Yeah...
- The one we shouldn't really go, cos' they don't like humans?
- Mabel, what did you do...?

Mabel paused for a moment.

- I... I wanted to make a gift for Paz. Well, more like, uh, something for me... but also for her...
- Mabel, get to the point! - Dipper shouted, seriously wondering if the monstrous piece of attire could climb up the trees, now that he knew magic was involved.
- I bought some magic powder to make my clothes more, uh...
- Glittery?
- No...
- Stylish?
- Well... it begins with an "s"...

Dipper was about to guess again, but the knowing tone of Mabel's voice made the correct gear in his head turn. He threw her a wide-eyed stare, to which she only responded with a nod.

- You wanted to make a sexy sweater.
- Yeah! But the magic powder was bogus! - she flailed her arms - And instead of making me more likely to score, it prevents me from doing so! Dipper... - she paused, closing the distance to her brother, as she clutched the hem of his vest - It's a VIRGIN KILLER SWEATER! That's why it wants to eat us! Look!

And she stretched her arm right under Dipper's nose.

- See? This is where it bit me!
- Wait, where? - Dipper asked, staring at the perfectly normal-looking skin.
- It bit me there... Right in my self-confidence! - she cried out. - We gotta stay here, Dipper. I don't want you to suffer as much as I did!

At first, Dipper looked astonished at Mabel's revelation. Never before, despite his five Summers spent at Gravity Falls, has he heard a more ridiculous way to create a monster. But then, to Mabel's horror, he smiled, chuckled, and with a salute to his hat, he jumped from his branch without a word of explanation.

- Dipper! No!

Mabel screamed, and in desperation reached her arm to catch her brother, who fell right to the spot where the angry sweater was a second ago. From her position she saw the sweater charge towards her brother, its neck wide open, about to bite a chunk of his dignity. And then...

Then the sweater stopped and licked him.

What would be a cloth tag turned into a tongue-like protrusion which, together with its two arms, pulled Dipper to the ground, and instead of devouring him, the sweater stopped growling and began barking playfully, in response to Dipper's scratching his "body".

- Wha....?
- Hey, Mabel, look, it's ticklish!

Dipper shouted, grabbing the neck of the sweater from both sides, which prompted it to fall to its back and wiggle the arms in the air, asking for more.

- Who's a good abomination and a sin against nature? Who's a good abomination and a sin against nature...
- Dipper... - Mabel raised her brow, as she slowly understood why Dipper's soul was still in one piece - Are you saying...
- Yup. - he replied at once, though he couldn't quite meet his sister's eyes. - About a month ago, when we came here. I guess Wendy missed be a bit too much... - he chuckled, pride definitely present in his voice.
- Wait, are you telling me that your movie nights...
- Yeah, had very little movies in them.

Mabel groaned.

- I'm a disgrace to all match-makers. I've been so focused on Paz, that I didn't even notice that my own brother - she said those words contemptuously - has done it before me!
- I guess I'm the alpha twin now, Mabes. - Dipper laughed - Hey, I've got an idea.

He took the sweater to his arms, as if he was holding a puppy, and ran to the Shack's parking lot, where a green pick-up truck was just being parked.

- Hey, Soos!

The head of the chubby handyman popped through the door, followed by the rest of his body, eager to see the cause of the weird noises.

- Soos, check it out! - Dipper showed him the sweater, wiggling its arms, and getting a bit nervous, as Soos approached - Isn't it cute?
- Woah, dudes, what's that?

Soos reached his hands towards it, and Dipper was ready to pull the potentially lethal creature away from his friend. But then, the growling stopped again, and the sweater jumped onto Soos' chest and then his shoulder, circling around his neck like a fur collar.

- Oh, hey, little dude, how's it going? - Soos chuckled, scratching what would be its head - Oh, man, Dipper, have you seen these videos on-line with people dressing their dogs in sweaters? Do you think we can put one on it too? Or would it be like a human wearing a human skin...?
- I, uh, I don't know man. - Dipper replied, gently taking the wiggling creature from Soos's shoulders - I just wanted to show you what Mabel made in the afternoon.
- Cool! I hope she makes some self-walking pants!

Soos waved Mabel, apparently completely unabashed by the fact that she's been sitting on the branch throughout all of the conversation, and, after he patted the sweater goodbye, went back inside.

- Oh come on, even Soos had sex? - Mabel groaned again.
- Well, Wendy's been bonding with Melody, and yeah, from what she told her, looks like it. Ladies and gentlemen, to your right, you see a rare specimen of a girl who hasn't done it yet, one of a kind!
- Oh, shut up! - Mabel shouted. - And I guess there's two of us, counting Paz, so you can put us in a cage together. Maybe then it will happen...

She tucked her head half-way into her shirt and leaned in defeat against the tree trunk. Dipper thought for a moment, looked at the swearer in his arms, and then shouted to Mabel.

- Hey, Mabel, break one of those branches!
- What?
- Break that thin branch above your head. - he repeated - And rub it on your shirt.
- Dipper, are you making fun of me again?
- No, I've got an idea.

He waved his arm, and waited until Mabel did as he told her. A moment later, the branch fell to the ground, and as soon as the sweater picked its scent, it jumped out of Dipper's arms to grab it, but Dipper was faster.

- Okay, sweater, look at that virgin twig, look at it, look how bad it is... very bad, isn't it? You wanna eat it? You wanna? Fetch!

And he threw it as far as he could, but not before stomping on one of the loose threads protruding from sweater's lower part. The creature darted towards the other end of the clearing, and it was half-way to it, when it realised that something was wrong with its body. But it was too late: the more it moved, the more it unravelled itself, until it was nothing more than a wiggling thread of wool that ultimately stopped jittering as well.

- And that's the end of the virgin killer sweater! - Dipper announced proudly, and walked to the tree to secure his sister. - You okay there?
- Yeah, I'm fine. Well, I'm still kinda bummed.

But as Mabel stared at the stretched line of wool, her face suddenly brightened, and even though she hasn't said a word, Dipper understood that Mabel has regained the lost piece of her confidence. As quickly as she sprinted out of the Shack, she dashed back carrying the remains of her sweater, eager to see if her idea would work.


Pacifica Northwest has been astonished by her girlfriend's attires many times so far. But the idea of a half-sweater, half-evening dress was bizarre even by Mabel's standards. She looked amazing in it, from head to toes, though Pacifica couldn't shake off the feeling that there was something weird with it.

And when Mabel walked closer to kiss her, she spotted the tiny, loose strand and automatically picked it up, about to throw it away, so it won't ruin the perfect image Mabel has created for herself.

But as she pulled it, Pacifica realised it wasn't just a discarded thread, and when Mabel stepped away from her, the meticulous structure of her attire began dissolving in front of Pacifica's wide-opening eyes, until her girlfriend stood in front of her wearing nothing but her shoes and a smile. She confidently stepped out of the unravelled thread, and walked back to Pacifica, swaying her hips with each move.

- Paz, don't you think it's time for us to, you know, move our relationship to a next level? - she fluttered her eyelids.
- Oh, I though you'd never asked. - Pacifica smiled, and grabbed Mabel by her ass, bringing her into her lap.

Chapter Text

Truth to be told, Wendy had no idea how Dipper was doing it. She has accepted that by some freaking accident he has outgrown her, but there was no excuse for him getting handsome over the years.

Like the tiny goatee, which she would normally found silly fitted his changed physique. Well, he was still skinny and dorky, but there was something indescribable about his behaviour that drove Wendy crazy, preventing her from concentrating. And that, in turn, only infuriated her more. She should be studying, it was her third year at college, and she didn't want to waste the precious time she had during the Easter holidays. And in grand scheme of things, what was Dipper doing, exactly? He was sitting on the opposite side of her room, tapping his foot in the air in the rhythm of music. And he had twice the amount of stuff to cram into his head.

Oh god, the sideburns, Wendy thought when she looked at him. He actually managed to pull them off without looking like a douchebag.

Wendy let out a sigh. It wasn't just the way he was sitting there. The whole Spring break he's been acting like that. Wendy remembered when he was just waddling with his nose stuck in the enormous journal half the size of his, and how Mabel was making fun of him. Well, the last part hasn't changed, but Wendy suddenly found his obsession with books and paranormal kinda... interesting, and not just because she's been living in a town surrounded by freaky stuff all her life.

There was no other way to describe it: Dipper became cool.

Occasionally, he would still turn into a stuttering mess, especially when he was talking to her, but Wendy was sure he was doing that on purpose. How else could he explain that when he was looking at her, he was laid-back, running around the in his sport vest, collecting data to his latest projects. She'd often join him and Mabel, just to see how crazy things can get this time, or just to see how crazy he'd get.

And deep inside, Wendy knew exactly the word to describe him, and what made him change so much...

Wendy slammed her head into the textbook. She should be learning about statistics, medians, outliers, age groups, sex groups, no!

She failed.

No matter how many times she read the same page, one thing became abundantly clear: Dipper Pines was hot now.

Again, Wendy tried to rationalise it. Lots of people get infatuated with those that are completely incompatible with them, and that's okay. Well, maybe if you're twelve, like he was when he fell for her, but not when you're twenty and you just imagined how your incredibly nerdy friend would look like in the shower...

The worst thing was, Wendy wasn't the only one noticing these changes. Equally often, she spotted him hanging out with Candy and Pacifica, and a two other girls from the town she didn't recognise. And it was in those moments Wendy could spot him teasing her the most. It was the little things, like the way he ruffled his hair, or put one leg over the other that stood out. Mabel was usually with them as well, but...

And once again, the tiny voice in her head reminded Wendy what adjective would best describe her behaviour...

- I'm not jealous! - she grumbled and hid her face in the book again, though this time, her sudden move has attracted Dipper's attention.
- Uh, do you need help with anything? - he said, taking his headphones off.
- Nah, it's just...

The words got stuck in Wendy's throat.


He was now wearing glasses.

He had twice the eyes than regular people, and somehow that made him look cooler.

- Oh, these? - Dipper noticed the surprised look on her face - Yeah, turns out I kinda need'em for reading. Like, only sometimes, but still.

Dipper took his glasses off, cleaned them with a cloth, and raised them up, so he could catch any smudges, but instead of the ceiling light, his lenses, and subsequently his vision were suddenly filled with a sudden storm of flaming red hair and black-and-green plaid.


An hour later, Dipper lay with his eyes wide opened, the vivid imagery of Wendy, dashing through the room to get him, kissing him dragging him to bed, kissing him again, and then getting rid of their clothes so she could ride him until he was dry still appearing as a haze. Lying on his chest, Wendy snored lightly to the rhythm of his breaths, and while Dipper was dumbstruck by his now-girlfriend's behaviour, he made a mental note to try mimicking all of his moves tomorrow to see if he could repeat the experiment's condition and isolate the factor that turned Wendy into a red-haired ravenous blur.


Chapter Text

When a week ago Roxanne suggested Max she'd like to get a bit frisky on their next date, she didn't know what she was getting herself into. True, she has given Max a phenomenal handjob, bringing his adrenaline to the limit, by doing it in the middle of the restaurant he was working in, and she has suspected Max would do his best to repay her, but only now, sitting amongst dozens of people in the crowded cinema, she realised how hard was it to keep her voice quiet.

She kept to her promise by wearing her shortest mini-skirt to make Max's job a little easier; the bag of popcorn she held in her arms provided a decent cover, but keeping herself calm and restrained with Max's fingers caressing her pussy was a job she wasn't sure she was prepared for. Fortunately, it was the Valentines day, and couples wouldn't mind if one person's arm would sneak onto their partner leg. The problem was, would the others notice that Max is getting more than they thought? A mere idea sent shivers down her spine.

It wasn't the first time they had to keep their voices low while making love; in her house, her mom was often downstairs, and while they usually wouldn't risk it, they have occasionally had to release their urges. But the walls, pillows and blankets were able to muffle quite a lot of their noises. Here, they were surrounded by people from all four sides, making their sexcapade much harder to perform, and yet, even more tantalising. Roxanne knew that Max would be quite glad to see her usually shy and quiet demeanour broken in public, exposing her flirtatious nature only he was allowed to experience.

Roxanne stopped paying attention to the romantic comedy on the screen long time ago, though fortunately for them, the rest of the audience hasn't. Every few minutes or so, collective laughter or snorting would allow Roxanne to let a silent moan or two while Max moved his fingers alongside her wet opening. It didn't help that Max knew exactly what he was doing; he brushed his fingertips against her delicate lips agonisingly slow, bringing her to the boiling point in the precisely controlled manner. Roxanne wished he could just push himself inside her, let her walls experience him stuffing her to the brim, but so far, a tip of his middle finger was all she could count for.

The most difficult part was to control her legs. Unable to cry, or writhe her arms, Roxanne had to find some way to dissipate the orgasm slowly building inside her, and jittering her legs, as if she was impatient and in dire need to go to the toilet was the only way. Truth to be told, she wanted to go to the toilet; there they could at least be loud. In her minds eyes, Roxanne imagined Max pinning her to the tiles, keeping his hands on her ass, as he raised her in the air and impaled on his cock...

As she was getting immersed in her dream, Max changed his tactics, bringing her back to reality in no time. Motions of his hand turned into a circular one, drastically deepening the pleasure, not to mention that his wrist brushed her swollen clit every turn, which once again made Roxanne quiver impatiently in her seat, flinching when it happened. Roxanne had to bit her lip to contain the signs of her oncoming orgasm, and every few seconds threw a nervous glance as Max, who paid close attention to the grimace building on her face. He has seen her climaxing enough times to know when her floodgates were going to open.

But Roxanne had no idea what Max had planned for her. Would he left her hanging, push her over the edge for everyone to see, or would his caresses let her orgasm in a precisely predictable manner? At some point, she knew she could cross the last one from the list, and she knew Max was aware of this fact as well. In her mind, Roxanne was fighting with herself how to live through her unusual climax, wondering if she'll win at all...

And then, the occasion presented itself. The couple kissing on the screen was the perfect moment. Like dozens of people around them, Roxanne suddenly threw her arms over Max's neck, pulling him into a kiss, and used the collective commotion to let out a long, languorous moan into his mouth. Her leg jittered once more, and if it wasn't for Max's quick thinking, her knee would surely catapult the bag of popcorn into the air spilling its contest on all the people around them, but he managed to snatch it just before Roxanne's lips closed around his. With his other arm around her torso, he felt her muscles twitch, as the orgasm quite literally rocked her body, coating his fingers with her fluids.

Roxanne wished she could clamp her legs around him, bucking her feet into his ass as he plunged himself inside her, she wished she could dug her nails into his back, she lamented why can't she grab the bedsheets and rip it in half while her orgasm stormed through her...

Her long, muffled cry broke into several shorter ones, and when Max was sure they were reasonably safe, he broke the kiss, letting just one last note of her deeply erotic sigh reach his ear, which got lost amongst other people taking a breath and whispering some sweet words to their significant others... When she let go of him, even in the dark room, Max could see the reddened, excited face of his girlfriend, gasping for air with a goody smile of satisfaction plastered over her face. The glimpse in her eye told him of job well done, and just like she cleaned herself after her messy handjob, Max reached into the popcorn bag, bringing some of it to his mouth, making sure she was watching him taste her again..



Twenty minutes later, the door to the room opened, and the stream of couples began slowly sipping to the corridor. Max kept his arm around Roxanne, passing her her coat, as they reached towards the exit. None in the crowd minded that Roxanne was peppering Max's face with kisses every few minutes, but only they knew what these kisses meant. They were about to head to the stairs leading down to the street exit, when their eyes caught the stylised, highlighted signs of man and woman above the bathroom doors.

They exchanged nervous looks, and after performing a much more cautious glance at their surroundings, they dashed inside, ready to engage in a fantasy they both had on their minds since the beginning of the movie.













Chapter Text

Over the years, Marco Diaz has learned that there were a few quirks to making love with Hekapoo. The fiery mistress of her own domain seemed to express her love in rougher and physically challenging way, perhaps just to test how much her world has changed Marco's physique.

Right now, Hekapoo was being subjected to said physique, as Marco pushed her into her bed with each thrust of his hips, diving deeper into her body. Hekapoo rarely found herself underneath him, though secretly, she enjoyed every second of being dominated by the one she called - for a good reason - "Muscles".

He worked furiously, filling her to the brim with each push, resulting in fragmented parts of his name or nickname to come out of her mouth. And even though she was completely immobile, Hekapoo couldn't restrain herself from closing her arms and legs around Marco's buffed body, giving him first taste of her aggressive love-making, even in her submissive pose: her nails digging into his skin the moment he changed his tempo.

This was nothing new to Marco; his back suffered much, much more, but these were the scars he enjoyed receiving, not to mention he knew very well Hekapoo was able to cauterise them with her flaming saliva, which she often did when they were cuddling in an afterglow.

What fascinated Marco - and terrified Hekapoo - was that even in this position, it showed how possessive she was of her Earthling lover she once thoughts so low about, and how much she wanted to keep him close to herself, fearing he might suddenly leave. And just when that thought crossed Hekapoo's mind, the world around her twisted, when Marco brought his arms under her back and brought her into his laps, causing her to shriek.

- Just... a little change. - he huffed, letting her accommodate to the new position, before he grabbed her waist and began bouncing her smaller body up and down.

With gravity helping Marco achieve his goal of delving as deep into her as possible, Hekapoo found herself on a straight road to climax much faster than she expected. She was still clinging to her lover, even more so than before, though with each second, she found it harder to do.

And thus, Marco experienced the second type of marks Hekapoo loved to dot his body with. At the same moment Marco gently kissed her exposed neck, she bit his, sinking her teeth into his shoulder, muffling her cry. She felt his muscles twitch, but she knew that Marco Diaz has learned to endure that special, energising type of pain, and how to use it to fuel their passion to make it end sooner. And sure enough, her bite made him even faster, and yet, exactly as gentle, with his arms gently caressing her back. Hekapoo was wriggling around him, trying to hide her excitement in other ways, but at some point she had to admit defeat, panting Marco's name, waiting for her release to overcome her.

When it happened, and Hekapoo threw her head back, and let out a fiery roar, singing a few strands of Marco's hair. This was the most dangerous way Hekapoo could show her love, engulfing herself and her lover on magical flames, which still heated them, without any burns. This time, when she fell out of Marco's strong grip, she clutched the edges of her bed, which received the treatment instead. The flames that became brighter or dimmer with each breath Hekapoo took, trying to contain her orgasm.

With Marco still inside her, her efforts were quite futile, as his frantic bucking could easily lead her to another peak or two, but Hekapoo had different plans on her mind.

- Marco... pull out! - she gasped - I've got a... a treat for you!

With only the slightest traces of hesitation, Marco withdrew himself from her blazing hot, moist canal, wondering what for of erotic finish Hekapoo had in mind.

- On my ass, Muscles! - she gave him a simple command.

Hekapoo quickly turned round, exposing her backside to him, trying to support it on her wobbly legs, still weak and suffering from her recent orgasm. When Marco lay his eyes on her bottom, at first he thought he might have hurt her when he was too rough, and he was inches from stopping and apologising to her. But when Hekapoo playfully smacked her inflamed bum, trying to taunt him and hasten his climax, Marco understood what the strange marking meant.

It was a tattoo.

Its meaning, once it hit Marco, was what brought Marco over his edge. He grabbed her waist with his other hand for some stability, roared, and directed the stream of his seed right onto her bottom, painting it white with his long and copious orgasm. With each stream hitting her back, Hekapoo let out a short moan, encouraging her lover to continue claiming her body as his. When his grunts turned into huffs, she knew her lover has finished, and gently turned her head, careful not to destroy his work in a move too sudden.

- Did you enjoy my little gift? - she asked playfully, never taking eyes from her tired, but satisfied lover.
- Oh, yes I did. - Marco spoke, stroking her ass. - Though I think it's as much a gift for you as it is for me.

Hekapoo smiled back, twisted her body into more comfortable position, and dragged her finger across the remaining globs of warm cum that lingered on her thigh. The words, written in the alien language were hidden under the layer of Marco's sticky climax, but with each scoop she brought to her mouth, more of it was revealed. Hekapoo took her sweet time, indulging herself and Marco with the erotic after-show, until finally she cleaned herself, and the phrase "Property of Marco Diaz" was fully visible.

- I think I should explore more of my territory. - Marco boasted, but the enticing sight perished from his view, when Hekapoo got onto her feet and jumped into his arms, pinning him to the ground.
- Don't get too excited, Muscles, you're getting the same branding after round two.

Chapter Text

- Don't worry, Ferb, you just sit here and enjoy...

Vanessa exchanged one last kiss with her boyfriend, before starting the lewd show she prepared. She took the remote and pressed the button, filling her spacious, dimly lit room with slow, soothing music. A moment ago she gave him the first taste of what she had on her mind, when she let her nightgown slip to the ground as he walked in, revealing a set of leathery lingerie covering her body.

Their lips met at once, and the couple travelled the whole distance from the door of her apartment to her bed joined like that. When the two parted, and Ferb was pushed to the bed, he only had his shirt on, even though Vanessa was sure this was the first thing she began undoing, as soon as she got her hands on him.

But then again, she was going to have sex with Ferb Flynn, so that wasn't the strangest part of that night.

She hopped onto the bed and cat-walked to her boyfriend, trying not pay attention to his throbbing erection inches from her body, as she leaned onto him. With another kiss on his jawline, she started unbuttoning the only element of his attire left, whispering honeyed words as she went along.

- Mhm, I just love you muscular, hunky body... - she moaned, peppering his chest with a series of kisses.

This was a bit of a stretch; while Ferb certainly wasn't out of shape, one adjective that could accurately describe him was "vertical", with only the faintest traces of muscles on his chest. However, the boy genius did not rush to correct her, inviting her to continue her praises, as she continued her job.

Deliberately, she left marks of her lipstick in a wavy line, hoping to stimulate the most of his body, taking her sweet time to reach his crotch, once all of the buttons were gone.

- You like that, don't you? - she taunted him, "accidentally" brushing the tip of his cock with her wrist - You do want me to worship your body, naughty boy...

Ferb nodded, responding to his latex-clad girlfriend. She smiled, noticing the gleam in his eyes, and continued her journey through her lover's body. Vanessa thought she would be able to feel his muscles twitch in an anticipation of far, far greater pleasure she was going to gift him, but her boyfriend remained calm and stoic, his slightly hastened breath being the only audible indicator she was doing her job right.

The other, of course, was his cock, waiting patiently for its turn to be caressed by Vanessa. As she went further and further down, the tip of his erect length left a wet trace on the clothes she wore over her chest, and Vanessa purposely steered it to travel between her breasts.

Finally, it sprung to life in front of her face, and Vanessa engulfed it at once with her hands. Never taking her eyes from her boyfriend, she continued her trail of kisses up and down his shaft, once again, consciously leaving its tip alone. She knew that once she would closed her lips around the tip of his cock, glistening with pre-cum, she wouldn't be able to restrain herself from giving him a full-on blowjob, and as enticing as the premise of finishing him that way was, Vanessa had different plans for him.

- Look how hard you are, Ferb. - she paused her kisses for just a second - So much stuff is going on here...

She redirected her attention to his balls, hidden between few strands of green hair, and left her red mark on them as well, closing her lips gently around each testicle.

- So full... So hard.... - she moaned, as she continued pumping her boyfriend.

For a second, she thought she felt his leg jitter, and lifted her head up, perhaps just to prevent his orgasm from coating her hair, but one look at Ferb's cool demeanour told her he was still miles ahead from his release, despite her best efforts at bringing him towards his climax during their edge-play.

- Hmmm... - I think it's time to make things a bit more equal... - she spoke, rising to her knees - After all, you're the only one naked.

Swaying her hips to the slow rhythm of the music, Vanessa began unzipping her corset, covered with faint trace of his fluids, watching as Ferb's pupils followed the zip, slowly revealing more of her body. Before she reached its end, she paused and gently spread the wings of her corset apart, showing him just glimpses of her ample breasts.

- Like what you see, Ferb? - she taunted him again. - I bet you do... You want to bury your nose between them, don't you? Or better, your cock...

She squeezed them, letting her nipples show themselves from under the fabric, which, under her moves finally came apart, fully exposing her flat, enticing belly to him.

- And what about these? - she pointed to her panties - That's where you want to be as well...

She hopped onto her back, lifted her ass up, and watched Ferb's face from between her legs, as she slowly rolled her panties up, revealing her cleanly shaved folds.

- That's it, boy... That's what you want, don't you? - she asked Ferb, who once again, only nodded nonchalantly.

That was the last straw. She tossed the panties aside, got back on her knees in one swift move, waddled to her boyfriend, and furiously grabbed him by shoulders, bringing him face-to-face with hers.

- Okay, Ferb, what is going on? I bought new clothes, I did all the sexy moves, I sucked your cock, I asked you a hundred times if you want me, and... and... What do you have to say for that? - she roared.

Without breaking contact with her dark blue eyes, he put on his hands on her waist, moved his face even closer to hers, and spoke.

- You are beautiful.

Vanessa blinked, trying to process Ferb's words, leaving her mouth agape for embarrassed long time, until he gently pushed it up with his finger, bringing her back to her senses.

- Oh, god, Ferb, you know how to make a woman wet...

And with that, she pushed him to the bed, and impaled herself on his cock, engulfing him with her soaking folds in one go.

Chapter Text

On one hand, patrolling the city as a superheroine was the most exciting thing that ever could have happened to Alya. Jumping from rooftop to rooftop, trying to spot any wrongdoers gave her the thrill that her job as journalist could never do.

On the other hand, doing it without a partner was boring as hell. They always patrolled the city in twos, rotating the team, partially to test how different superheroes would work with each other, and most importantly, to let the other rest. Ladybug was behind that idea, of course, and she knew well which superhero Alya would like most to be teamed up with.

The problem was, Nino, and as a result, Carapace as well, was approximately 300 kilometres away.

Without any other soul to open her mouth to, Alya lay on the roof of a building, staring at the lights of the city below her, and the bright Moon above. She wondered if Nino had a similar view from his hotel room. At once, she imagined paying him a visit, either as Alya, waltzing into his room, wearing nothing, or as Rena surprising him by jumping through the window, in equally provocative outfit.

She let out a low, guttural moan, and as her fantasy unfurled in her mind, her hand wandered automatically to her crotch. Alya suddenly stopped, opened her eyes and pushed herself onto her arms, feeling the familiar wave of masturbatory guilt sweeping over her. She took a quick glance, wondering if anyone has spotted her, and once she was reasonably sure she was alone, she lay on the roof again, massaging gently her crotch.

She tried to rationalise her instincts. After all, she was a young adult with healthy sexual life, who happened to be in need of her boyfriend inside her.

Ever since she first spoke about dealing with their urges as superheroes with Ladybug, she couldn't get out of her head information that she and Chat Noir have been doing it in the public, way above the heads of the citizens they protected every day. And most importantly, that talk has awoken a part of Alya she wasn't even aware of, giving her idea after idea of a late night rendez-vous with Nino...

She reached her hand to her crotch again, and after taking another cautious look around, she moved her fingers alongside her lips. A low, purring noise escaped her mouth, as her caresses satisfied only a fraction of her lust. Alya corrected her position, lowering her back onto the angled rooftop, and was surprised to feel not the coldness of tiles, but the relative warmth and softness of her fluffy tail. Has it been there, or has it moved on its own? Regardless of that, Alya was now able to deepen the pleasure, moving her fingers in circular motion, without having to worry about any discomfort. Her instinct was to put her middle finger inside, and when she reflexively pushed its tip down, she was pleased to feel that it has been engulfed by her warm wetness.

Just like she suspected after her first, somewhat awkward discussion with Ladybug regarding their outfits, she found that she was naked underneath it, though she was almost sure that if she wanted to wear underwear, her suit would have reacted accordingly, just like it now parted itself to give her the access to her itching, throbbing sex.

The odd feeling of her latex gloves on her puffy lips caused her to shudder and curl her toes in anticipation. Oh, how she wished she had any of her toys with her...

And then, it hit her. She had one of her toys. Well, not Alya's, but Rena's.

Alya took her flute and considered her decision for a moment. She definitely knew what would be Ladybug's opinion on using their precious weapons for such depraved actions. But then again, it wasn't her fault that it was exactly what she needed - long and hard. And besides, Chat Noir has suggested they have used his baton and detachable tail in different, definitely unintended ways as well...

Taking a deep breath, Alya took her flute and pressed it along her wet lips. The effect was instantaneous; the coldness of the magical metal combined with its texture and hardness sent shivers down her spine, and soon enough, Alya was moving it up and down, coating its length with her slick juices she produced by the tonne each second.

Then, satisfied with the initial outcome of her experiment, she decided to take it a step further. She licked her palm, then coated the slightly thinner end of her weapon with her saliva, and pressed it against her folds. Slowly, centimetre by centimetre, she pushed it into her needy sex, while short, soft gasps escaped her mouth. This was the way Nino always did it, starting infuriatingly slow, driving her mad with anticipation, only to rut her furiously later, once he gained enough momentum. But then again, he knew best how to prepare crowds with a good opening number...

And just like Nino would, Alya began moving faster, pushing her flute and herself to the limits. Alya threw her head back; there was something wild, exciting and exhilarating that she was doing an act so depraved in a public place. In her mind's eyes, she wasn't alone of course; the slim, but muscular torso of her boyfriend pressed gently against her chest each time he dived deep inside her, while peppering her neck with kisses.

In response to her imaginary lover's caresses, Alya rocked her head left and right, wriggling under the pleasure she was giving herself. Given her ecstatic state she wasn't sure, but she could have sworn the flute has grown in thickness, mimicking her lover's cock, which only strengthened the otherworldly experience and deepened the longing she felt in her guts.

Moan after moan spilled from her mouth, especially when she used her other hand to mash her puffy lips and her swollen clit. She shrieked, filling the night's air with a deeply erotic howl when the first wave of her orgasm shot through her body, causing her legs she held up high to flail uncontrollably. Only the thick, bushy tail she was lying on prevented her from tumbling down the slanted rooftop when she completely lost control of her body and closed her legs around her toy, which in return was embraced by her spasming walls, soaking it with her juices.

With a soft thud, Alya's head, as well as her legs hit the roof tiles, when she slumped onto them in defeat. When she closed her eyes, she imagined Nino towering over her, grinning in satisfaction, and streaks of his thick, warm cum covering her body and spilling from her well-used pussy. Maybe she'd even let him do it on her glasses when he comes back...

She shuddered again, and despite her recent climax, she began gently rubbing her wet lips with her left hand again. After all, they rarely stopped after one round, and just like if she was with him, Alya decided to go a bit slower this time.

For a moment, she opened her eyes, and saw a few lights flickering in the building in front of her. Has anyone spotted her? Would she have to post a picture of herself masturbating on her own blog tomorrow? Somehow, that idea drove her even wilder. She imagined her boyfriend doing it with her in the public on purpose, just to give her readers more reasons to visit her website, attracted by the saucy news. And with that, the slow and gentle session turned into another heated one, when her wet flute once again had to turn into a substitute of her lover's cock.

Had Alya turned her head to the right, however, she would have noticed that her performance has attracted two unusual onlookers. Just a few chimneys away, Ladybug and Chat Noir stared mesmerised at their friend, that first ripped her suit open, and then unceremoniously used her magical weapon to please herself.

Years of sneaking on the rooftops taught them to be quiet, but even now they found it difficult to control their heated gasps of air, especially when Chat's hand travelled between Ladybug's legs, and, as he predicted, found that she was enjoying the view as much as he did.

- Stop it, Chat - she hissed under her breath. - She... she might hear us.
- And you scolded me for trying to have fun with the baton. - he whispered into her ear.

Marinette had to actively put a hand over her mouth as the intensity of Chat's caresses and the mental image nearly caused her to moan again. Somehow, the idea of seeing another person do the exact same thing they have done before was driving her wild. Instead of paying attention to Rena, Chat's closed his mouth around Ladybug's earlobe, and bit it gently, feeling her body shudder under his touch. Marinette closed her eyes and let out a soft moan, turning her head to Chat, and locking her lips with his in a long, languorous kiss.

And when the two fell onto the rooftop, they momentarily forgot about Rena, who, upon hearing the commotion looked to her right, and continued masturbating, answering the eternal question: who watches the watchmen?

Chapter Text

Princess Amalia was having a bad day. With her tightly scheduled royal duties, she found little time for herself recently, so any opportunity to spend it with her boyfriend seemed like a perfect, impossible to miss occasion.

Unfortunately, the world had different plans.

They were first interrupted in the morning, when they sneaked in the garden. Their passionate embrace was broken at once with a chant of "Yugo and Amalia, sitting in the tree", coming from Flopin and Elely, who came to visit them with their parents a couple of days ago. One angry stare at the two have made them flee, before either of them could realise that there might have been something odd with the way Amalia was sitting in Yugo's laps.

If they could see the lovers from the other angle, they would realise that Yugo's right hand was not on her waist, but underneath Amalia's robes, furiously trying to undo her panties, and that his pants were already untied and soaking wet from juices flowing out of Amalia's yearning pussy.

They thought that they could still continue, as their throbbing sexes were inches from each other, but, the kids' voices attracted more onlookers, giving Amalia and Yugo just under a minute to smarten themselves up, and the magical window for having a quickie closed.

But Amalia was not giving up that easily. She's been feeling a burning itch in her loins for quite some time, and she was determined to make Yugo free her from it. In the afternoon, long after the staff has left for their break, they sneaked into the kitchen, ready to exercise one of Amalia's long-time fantasies of doing it in a public place again.

Before Yugo could point out how dangerous her idea was, she already jumped onto the counter, and spread her legs, inviting her boyfriend in with the most appetising of smells and tastes he has experienced. Amalia was given just a single lick of his tongue, sending shivers up her body, when the commotion outside the kitchen forced him to retract and hide, depriving Amalia of his skills.

When a chambermaid walked into the spacious room with a set of plates to clean, she found Princess Amalia, standing nonchalantly against the counter, trying her best not to look guilty. Once again, only the butt-shaped flour stains on her dress, invisible to the other woman could tell what Amalia has been up to, but the maid was polite enough not to inquire further, taking for granted that their princess had a sweet tooth.

By the evening, Amalia's hunger was insatiable. She cornered Yugo in his room, her mind set on unleashing the energy that's been building between her legs for quite some time. But she wasn't the only one; a day of getting teased meant that Yugo was suffering from the very same illness, its symptoms clearly visible through his shorts.

Amalia decided to relieve him first, and dropped to her knees the moment Yugo undid his pants, showing his rock hard cock springing to life. Without giving any prolonged foreplay, Amalia closed her mouth around his swollen head, already glistening with his pre-cum. While her right hand pumped him, her left dived under her dress at once, with a mission to help the erotic taste in her mouth stimulate her. Only now, as her head was bobbing back and forth, as more and more of her taste buds were reacting to the well-known, musky taste and as her fingers were getting coated with her slick juices, Amalia felt she was going to reach her coveted peak.

So though Yugo, whose constant chanting of her name reminded her of how pent-up he was as well, and awaited the familiar feeling of her mouth getting filled to the brim with his seed. His moans feulled Amalia's tongue- and mouth-work, as well as sped up caresses of her own, resulting in low groans vibrating through his cock, constantly appearing and disappearing in her mouth, completing the vicious circle.

And then, several things happened at once.

The door to his chambers opened, when Evangelyne burst in, alerted by the sudden cry, she froze in place once she understood what she has walked on, Amalia let go of Yugo's cock, trying to scream at her not to come inside, and just as her head turned, Yugo let out a mighty roar, coating her face and exposed bosom with his come, firing under a dozen different angles.

It took them a solid half a minute to understand what happened, and Evangelyne was first to react.

- Well... That makes us equal for the time you saw me and Pinpin. - she tried to maintain a cocky smile, though her cheeks were getting redder every second.

The Cra was smart enough to leave the room as fast as possible, and when she closed the door behind her, another scream, this time full of anger and fury from her oldest friend reached her ears, though she wasn't sure who was the recipient of her rage, and frankly, she didn't want to know.

When the night came, Amalia had enough. She nonchalantly grabbed her boyfriend after supper and dragged him through the corridors, stairs, then gardens and into the deep forest surrounding the Sadida Tree. With a single move of her arm, thick branches rose from the ground, forming a wall getting thicker and thicker by the minute.

She then tossed Yugo to the ground, ladning him on fluffy, mossy bed he was sure wasn't there before. As he looked up, Amalia was still creating her barriers, cutting the glade off from the rest of the world, while her other hand performed magic of its own.

As she walked towards him, her dress fell to the ground, but that hasn't ceased her speed in the slightest. With stark determination in her eyes, Amalia hasn't skipped a beat, and straddled her lover as soon as she reached him. There was no need for her to say any commands. Yugo was already half-naked by the time she overwhelmed him, but her body pressed against his has made sure he was properly disrobed in seconds. Their lips met in another passionate kiss, or rather as series of very ravenous pecks, as each tried to outdo the other one by showing how much longing they had for each other.

Despite her lust, Yugo has managed to topple the needy princess, and dived between her legs at once, giving her another taste of his tongue, and him the taste of her. But his slow, meticulous licks, covering her puffy lips and her swollen clit were far too ineffective for Amalia.

- Yu... Yugo! - she cried, gaining his attention. The Eliatrope looked up, without stopping his caresses, and spotted desperation, both in her eyes and her voice. - Yugo, please, give it to me!
- Do you want me to go all the way in...?
- Yes! - Amalia roared, evidently unable to spot the teasing in his words.

A moment later she shrieked again, filling the now-secluded glade with her voice, when Yugo replaced his tongue with his fingers, digging deep into her yearning, wet pussy. The impatience grew and bubbled inside her, making her legs jitter and her body twist in spasm; Amalia felt she was just inches from her climax, but the illusory horizon remained far away as long as Yugo was just using his hands.

- No, Yugo! I meant...
- I know what you mean. - he huffed, hastening the moves of his forearm, as he continued his frantic fingering.
- Yugo... please...

The Eliatrope had in plans bringing her to at least one extra orgasm before he'd have the chance to satisfy himself as well, but the frenzy in her cracking voice told him that in a few minutes he might not be in charge anymore. He grabbed her knees, spread her legs, which resulted in Amalia crying her lungs out in anticipation, and fulfilling her wish she kept chanting, he buried himself deep inside her in one go.

And then, he was brought to her bosom in no time.

Not only her limbs, but a series of vines springing from the ground closed around his back, trapping him as close to his love as possible, giving him just a bit of room for his hips to work their magic. Amalia kicked his butt gently trying to hasten his already fast moves, as he pushed himself into her warm, inviting canal.

They didn't even pretend to be quiet. For all they know, outside the thick walls Amalia created, a small audience might have gathered, listening to Amalia's commands how she wants to be rutted, all of which Yugo gladly obeyed.

It came as no surprise that Amalia has reached her long-overdue climax in record time. A whole day of unfulfilled promises, combined with Yugo's energetic bucking pushed her over the edge, dragging Yugo with her. The two lovers cried each other's name, as their joined bodies shook and trembled under the energy they have amassed. Amalia tightened the grip on his body, making sure that her spasming walls would milk him of every drop of his seed he's been spilling inside her in surprisingly hefty bursts, despite his earlier climax.

She wasn't sure how long they have been rocking their shared orgasm out, breathing the same air, joined in a long, soothing kiss, but once they parted, a wide, goofy smile of satisfaction was plastered on Amalia's face.

But when he looked into her eyes, he still saw the spark of hunger he saw either and knew that his job is far from done.

And sure enough, with a wicked smile appearing on her face, she reluctantly parted with him, rolled onto her chest, and exposed her butt and her well-used pussy to her lover. A single strand of his thick cum, shining in the moonlight has dripped from it, before Yugo dived inside her again, ready to fulfil his duties.

- Don't... Don't worry, Yugo. - she panted between his thrusts - No one will be able to interrupt us here, I will... personally make sure of it.

And with that, Princess Amalia filled the air around them with another carnal, languorous moan, as the two enjoyed their completely private time with each other.

It wasn't until about two weeks later, when Amalia noticed that all the flowers she was bringing to life with her magic were blooming, loosing petals and bearing fruits in matter of seconds, and with utter horror realised that someone should have interrupted her and Yugo when she allowed him to spill himself inside her countless times when they made love in Sadida's sacred glade.

Chapter Text

They say that if you stare into the abyss, then the abyss will stare into you. This was exactly what Judy Hopps thought when she opened the box that just an hour ago arrived to her small flat. Just like the seller promised, it was discreetly packaged, so that no bystander or mailman could discover what was inside.

Half-afraid and half-excited, Judy reached into the carton and took the long, brown-red dildo out. If she thought that this would somehow make it look less intimidating, she was wrong: when put on a surface, against a neutral wallpaper of her flat, it looked even bigger.

Just to be sure, Judy grabbed the instructions to see if she got the right model. She skimmed the few paragraphs of the leaflet, trying to find the details. "Shape: Vulpine, size: Average (3)", she re-read. She then glanced to the "appropriate animal list" page, which she knew was a legal requirement on any such objects, and to her relief, she found "rabbit" listed in the animal species this model was suitable for.

But she was still not certain. She stood up and with hesitation, she took it into her trembling paws, pressed it against her naked belly, and looked into the mirror.

- There is no way it can fit... - she mumbled, when she saw how big it was compare to her petite body. However, she also knew there was only one way of finding out if her suspicions were true.

Somewhat reluctantly, she grabbed the massive, rubbery dick again, just so can get used the odd, slightly bumpy texture of it. She found that in the thickest portion of it, her paw could barely close around it, and that while searching for such place, she has unconsciously stroked it, from the acute tip to the bulbous knot. Guilt was already sweeping over her, but then again, that was the reaction she suspected all along. For a prudish bunny from a small town, everything about buying a sex toy on-line just to satisfy the needs of her heat felt wrong. And yet, she was sure it was the necessary thing to do.

Ever since she met Nick, her heats became progressively stronger, but only when he started working as her partner, they started being unbearable. She became extra sensitive of his alluring, musky smell, which made her seriously consider jumping into his laps to make out or have sex with him, and then subsequently getting herself arrested for public indecency.

Judy moved from her desk to her bed; she was already naked, having just taken a shower to prepare herself. She lay down, took a long time to set up a few extra pillows around her, took the dildo and positioned it between her legs. She noticed it had suction cups underneath it base, suited for wall-mounting, but she somehow knew that her nosy neighbours would know instantly what she's been up to if she started humping the walls in the middle of her day off.

She took a deep breath and gently pressed the tip against her folds, parting them slightly. Immediately, all the air she managed to take were exhaled in a short, but powerful gasp. This was definitely no carrot, or carrot-shaped dictaphone, Judy realised. She had no problem with friction; the mere thought of what she was going to do has made her walls extremely wet already, and it was only a matter of adjusting and adapting to her new toy.

And so, Judy tried. Inch by inch, she pushed it under different angles, and soon the triangular head of the dildo was expanding her walls from inside, causing her to moan into her pillow she prepared just for that case. With her other hand massaging her chest, her body was being subjected to a shock-wave after shock-wave of pleasure, resulting in her limbs writhing and flailing, even if her toy wasn't even half-way through.

But something was missing. Despite her imagination, she needed him in some form.

Turning to her side - with some difficulties caused by the dildo between her legs - Judy quickly grabbed her phone from the desk and quickly scrolled the album to find a picture of Nick, his first one in his new outfit as a police officer. Sweet cheese and crackers, he looked good in it.

As she rolled to her belly to prevent the phone slamming into her face, she got another idea. She put the dildo on her bed, and she, in turn, positioned herself directly above it, imagining she was not only making love to Nick, she was riding him.

With the help of gravity and Nick's suave picture in front of her, Judy was ready to begin phase two of her session. Just like before, she lowered herself onto the tip, keeping the base with her paw, but now, her body was dragging her down as well with each push. Of course, in her mind, it was Nick, keeping his paws tightly around her ass, forcing her to bounce up and down on his cock.

And thanks to that mental image, the fake penis was covered with more and more of her juices, trickling down as Judy pushed it further. Every time it happened, Judy let out another deep, carnal cry, as she herself couldn't believe what she was doing, and how much of the cock has she managed to claim so far.

But there was more. Her moves, once slow and cautious, were now fast and fluid, so much so she had to put extra care to stabilise the base. Her hips engulfed the cock in seconds now, bringing her closer to the ultimate limit of the knot. She wasn't sure if she'd be able to do so; her mind was already hazed with lust, and a tiny voice in her head, sounding very much like Nick, told her to keep going. After all, she wasn't sure the whole thing was going to fit in the first place.

She pressed her forehead against the pillow, twisting her body at a weird angle, and closed her eyes. Were they in her cubicle? The evidence room? Her room, right here? The bathroom? Any bathroom? In truth, she was in all of those places at once, letting Nick use her and fill her to the brim, satisfying the impossible to scratch itch, as her body trashed against the creaking bed.

- Nick... Nick, please, give it to me! - she screamed into her pillow, bouncing her bottom up and down on the fake cock. - Fuck me, rut me, breed me, you sly fox!

And then her eyes were filled with bright, white light. But not from her climax overwhelming her, but the screen of her phone that vibrated, showing the very same face she had on her mind, staring at her as if he knew exactly what she was doing.

- Nick! - Judy screamed, and in one last quick move, she sat upright on her bed, as if she was ready to answer the call. But as a result, she slammed herself down onto the cock, and the swollen, rubbery knot tore her apart.

Until now Judy wasn't sure she was capable of howling, but that was exactly what was happening to her right now. She writhed and twitched, rolled from one side to the other, hoping it would somehow end her powerful climax, but it just wouldn't end. Somehow, in her mind she imagined Nick's cock pulsing his warm seed into her every time her phone vibrated, and only when it stopped, she felt the waves of her mind-blowing orgasm has subsided, though her legs were still twitching uncontrollably.

- Hey, there, Carrots - his low, smooth voice made Judy's ears stand up - I called you, cos' I picked the tickets for the movie, and...

With panic, Judy looked at the clock. It was half past four, meaning she has spent way, way more time playing with her immoral toy than she had planned. At once she grabbed the phone and called Nick back, without waiting for his message to end.

- N-Nick? I'm s-sorry, I couldn't, I couldn't pick-pick up, I was... - she stuttered, taking one deep breath after another.
- Wait a minute, Carrots - Nick suddenly spoke. - I know that tone of voice...

A dead silence rang in her ears as he spoke, a cry of pure horror got stuck in her throat.

She'd have to move out.

Fly to Buenos Hares.

Change the colour of her fur.

The seconds passed at agonisingly slow pace, as she awaited being uncovered masturbating by her friend, her partner, her imaginary lover...

- You were napping on the job, weren't you, officer?

It took Judy a moment to understand that Nick hasn't caught her, and she let out a short sigh of relief.

- Y-Yes, Nick, you got me. Meant to be doing the, uh, the paperwork...
- Well, that proves even more that you need some time off. - he continued - So, tonight at 8?
- Yes! - she yelped, a bit too enthusiastically, as the cock between her legs stimulated her one more time. She clapped her mouth with her paw, but not before Nick was able to hear her cry.
- Geez, Judy you sure is one excited bunny to see "Mission Impawsible". Better buy the tickets twice. See you later, fluff!

Judy wasn't sure how long has she lain with her arms and legs spread on her bed, trying to rest after her body-wrecking orgasm. She knew that once she has finally came to her senses, and decided to get up, she had a bit of a problem removing the darn thing from her pussy, but the magic of the rubber allowed the once-enormous knot to diminish in size, just like her lover would once he was done filling her.

Shower. That's all she could think of, to douse herself with streams of holy water after what she has done.

When she stepped out of her bathroom half an hour later, and was getting ready for her date, she took one more guilty look at the innocently looking black box she hid under her bed, and let out a deep sigh. She will have to get her heat sorted out soon, or her own biology will drive her mad, she thought as she walked out of her apartment to meet with her boyfriend.

But it turned out that less than two months after that fateful day, after another long date, officer Judy Hopps has managed to snatch Nicholas Wilde and put him on her bed, ready to experience the real fox cock herself, together with the rest of his body. But that didn't exactly mean the dildo became obsolete...

- You know, Judy, I'm still half-angry at you that you ordered size "medium". - Nick joked, watching Judy taking the fake cock from the nightstand on her side of their bed - After all, you have to know that most guys have a bigger than average cock.
- ...which would defeat the purpose of "average", wouldn't it, Nick? - she replied sharply, cleaning the rubber with a tissue, and sent him a sly smile.

She hopped onto their bed, spread her legs, and before he was able to jump in, she spread her legs, showing her holes, and asked him a question.

- Okay, Nick. - choose which hole will get the real, and which the fake one?
- Hm. - I think you should be asking which hole will get the real me first, Carrots.

Nick smiled, and grabbed the fake cock, still unsure how should the lesser version of him pleasure his girlfriend.

Chapter Text

- Pinpin? Is something wrong?

Evangelyne's voice brought Tristepin back to his senses, as looked up at his radian wife, staring at him with a concerned look on her face. It didn't help the fact that he apparently lost himself in his thoughts while she was straddling him, waiting him to stop sucking on her left nipple and move to her right one, after almost a minute of blanking out.

- Pinpin? - she asked again, cupping his face and tilting it slightly towards her. - Don't you like my lingerie? Amalia bought it for me.
- No, Eva, it's beautiful, it's just...

He reached his arm to undo the suspenders linking her corset with her panties, but stopped mid-way and sighed.

Eva knew exactly what was going on and why her striptease hasn't achieved the results she desired. She closed her arms around him and brought his face to hers. Once her lips parted with his, she wandered from his face to his neck, chest, and finally to his right shoulder.

She took extra care here, as she placed her lips on the stump of his right arm, massaging it gently. It didn't cause him any pain, at least not now, weeks after it has healed itself, but even then she waited for his nod to proceed.

While she was caressing him, she felt his left arm close around her, and heard another grunt from his throat.

- I wish I could hold you tighter, Eva.
- You do hold me tight, Pinpin. - she kissed him again.
- Yeah, but I won't... I can't...

She put a finger on his lips.

- Yes, you can, sir Tristepin. - she smiled - And you will.

Eva slowly moved to his laps again, and guided his only hand to her crotch, quickly undoing all the possible obstacles on his way. His face brightened once he felt how wet she has been all this time, and pushed his torso closer to hers. Eva recognised that move at once. He still thought he could use his non-existent arm to grab her and hold her while he'd finger her. Without even thinking, she did it for him; she put her arm around his neck, securing herself before he could be reminded of his painful loss.

- Love me Tristepin! - she whispered into his ear, her voice cracking when his fingertip slid between her folds.

As she predicted, Tristepin's moves were sluggish, though she wasn't sure if by deliberation or by the depression still haunting him and his ego. Thus, to help him even further, Eva began moving her hips up and down, to coincide with the rhythm of his fingers delving deep inside her. She didn't want to use her hands to steer him - she knew it would only make things worse. Last few weeks have been filled with him getting angry at himself at not being able to perform most basic actions, and he got even angrier and annoyed if she wanted to help him, though he always ended up apologising profusely.

- Make me cum, Pinpin, I know you can do it... - Eva moaned, feeling more of his fingers thrust inside her.

Just as the first proper moan of ecstasy was coming out of her mouth, she reached her left hand to his crotch and closed her fingers around his half-limp cock.

- Eva? - he paused for a moment, but her stare made him resume his actions at once - I don't think I will... you know, tonight...
- Ssh. - she hushed him again - I've got everything under control, honey.

She didn't want to put too much strain on her knight, and she knew that very well their wedding night might not go exactly the way he imagined. But she was also determined to heal the damage done to his sense of self-worth, and making both of them climax will be a powerful medicine.

Short, erratic gasps of breath were escaping their mouth, as he rocked her body with her fingers, and she pumped him with hers. Eva was used to rough, animalistic rutting, getting any of her holes filled to the brim with his cock, so the change of pace actually allowed her to discover the side of love-making their rarely visited.

Under her touch, she felt that her treatment was working. Though she kept her eyes fixated at her husband, every once in a while she glanced to her left, to see the magnificent Iopish cock now standing proud and hard, just like she wanted to.

- See? I knew... you can do it... my hero... - she stuttered, feeling her orgasm coming.
- Eva, Do you want...
- Yes, Pinpin. Make me cum, please! - she cried, closing her lips around his again.

Suddenly, the world around Eva has tumbled, as she was pushed to the bed. She shrieked, and at first she thought Tristepin decided to stop, but then a sharp wave of pleasure, radiating from deep inside her, caused her to cry again. Without her weight on top of him, Tristepin was able to work even more furiously now, diving deeper into her with one, two, three, fingers at a time. Her body jolted each time his thumb brushed her clit, though she knew it was probably an accident, but she welcomed the added pleasure nonetheless.

Lost in her pleasure, she almost forgot to continue her job, and had to stretch her body to reach his cock and pump it. She was way too familiar with the tension and twitching of his veins, not to mention the guttural, growls coming from his mouth to know that his orgasm is imminent, and only she can help him prove his virility.

Their eyes met again, and in that moment, they reached their peak. Evangelyne came first, spraying his fingers with her fluids. Her legs flailed so hard, trying to contain her orgasm that she nearly kicked him in the jaw, but the Iop has darted his head upwards at the same time, roaring her name when he shot long, thick ropes of his cum across her body. Evangelyne was too absorbed panting and recovering from her climax to be angry at him for his explosive cumshot, and deep down, that lewd, primal behaviour was all she wanted from him.

Once she caught her breath, Evangelyne sat upright, reaching for a tissue to clean herself off, and in that moment, she spotted her husband, lying on her back, his chest rising up and down with his breath. She quickly waddled towards him, wondering whether her foreplay has worked, and was delighted to see the familiar, goody smile plastered all over his reddened face.

- Pinpin? - she asked, cupping his face again as she lay on his chest, savouring the musky scent of his - Feeling better, honey?
- Yeah, I... I think so. - he huffed
- You've been magnificent as usual, my knight. - she gave him a quick peck - And...

She hesitated for a moment.

- I love you, Tristepin. - that was all she could tell him after a week of supporting him in every waking moment. He coudl read the rest in her eyes, gleaming from tiny droplets of tears, reflecting the fireplace in the nearby room.
- I know.

Evangelyne reached for a kiss, but she was brought upright in a split of a second when her husband grabbed her by her waist. She shrieked, reflexively tried to catch his neck, but the next moment she was in the air, for just a split of a second before Tristepin caught her again after launching her those few inches above bed.

- Sorry, I had to get a better grip on you. - he joked. - Ready for more?

Evangelyne blinked, and it took her a moment to catch his meaning. But when she looked down and saw how hard his enormous cock was, despite his recent orgasm, she could only let out a soft chuckle before Tristepin lay her gently on the bed again and began proving to her that he was more than healed.

Chapter Text

- Dipper?

Wendy Corduroy stepped out of their small house, looking for her boyfriend. She was supposed to join him collecting samples for his next project concerning the high-flying squirrels, and with her superior climbing skills, her help was more than necessary.

- Dipper, where are you? - Wendy repeated, after she heard no response to her question.
- Uh, yeah, I'm a bit tied right now.

Wendy turned her head back and forth, and only when she looked up, she let out a short cry, followed, once she understood what she was looking at, a soft chuckle. She took a few more steps into the clearing, watching as the bundle of leaves and dead plants hanging from the nearby tree shakes in frustration. And there he was: Dipper Pines, her boyfriend, suspended a few feet above the ground, with vines and lianas around his arms and legs.

- No, really, Wendy, I can't move, help me get out of it! - Dipper whined, wriggling his immobilised limbs, which had almost no effect on the vines that trapped him.

Automatically, Wendy reached for her backpack, but her eyes caught a more prominent sight right in front of her. She got back on her knees and slowly walked to her boyfriend, who only now noticed the mischievous smile drawn on her face.

- W-Wendy? Where's the hatchet?
- How much do you want to get out of these, Dipper? - she asked, brushing the bit of his exposed chest with the tip her finger.
- W-What?

As Dipper followed the moves of her palm, it became painfully obvious what Wendy was focusing on, and when her fingertips brushed the bulge in Dipper's shorts, even more prominent due to his spread legs, his whole body jerked, and a few leaves fell from the tree's top.

- Wendy! - he cried, his voice cracking - We can't- Don't- Someone can see us!
- I know, Dipper - Wendy cooed, undoing his zipper - So we gotta do it fast.

A breeze of cold, fresh air, reacting with his freshly exposed skin sent shivers throughout Dipper's body, and forced it to convulse once more, even before Wendy took his cock into her palm. But the goosebumps weren't just the result of Wendy's early caresses. They have done it a few times in the woods, but never this close to the town, so the combination of unexpected excitement and fear made Dipper even more susceptible to Wendy's touches.

Wendy smiled. She didn't even have to bend her knees, Dipper's cock was positioned at almost perfect height for her. She smacked her lips, and a moment later her warm breath tingled with droplets of pre-cum, forcing Dipper's first proper moan to echo through the trees around them.

- I though you wanted to be quiet, Dip - Wendy snickered, and closed her lips around his glistening tip.

As if that wasn't enough, she let out a low murmur of satisfaction once the musky taste hit her taste buds, which in turn reverberated along his skin, strengthening the experience. His voice cracked again, when he cried her name for the second time, trying to move his hands and legs to dissipate the energy of his orgasm building up in his body.

She bobbed her head back and forth, savouring the little moans and groans coming from her boyfriend's mouth. Though initially she had her eyes closed, Wendy knew that she will achieve far better results maintaining contact with Dipper. Long time ago Tambry told Wendy that there is a magical bond between the person performing and receiving the blowjob, and it happens once their eyes meet.

And thus, Wendy did just that, staring into her boyfriend's widened eyes, with almost immediate result. Dipper threw his head back, another series of deep, guttural noises escaping his lips in short huffs. But at the same time, Wendy suddenly let go of him, which brought Dipper back to his senses.

- W-Wendy?
- Mhm? - she replied with a soft murmur, stroking his cock back and forth in agonisingly slow movements.
- Why... why did you...
- Well, I gave it a thought, and... You said we shouldn't do it, so maybe...

Despite trying his best, Dipper let out a groan of frustration, which only wiped the pretence grimace of contemplation from Wendy's face.

- Come on, Dipper, say what you want...
- Wendy, please...
- Do you want to "come undone"? - she asked, pushing his suspended body to bob a bit, like a marionette on strings.
- Y...yes. - he groaned, admitting his defeat.

Wendy didn't have to be told that twice. At once, she resumed her moves, closing her lips around his tip again, doubling the speed of her pumps. But her other hand was equally busy: though she had to struggle a bit, she managed to pull the straps of her white top aside, and before Dipper knew it, his girlfriend stood in front of him half-naked, her breasts jiggling back and forth in sync with her head.

- Wendy...! I'm gonna...!

Hearing that, Wendy let go of his cock once more, directing it to her exposed bosom. Not even for a moment has she stopped using her palm to stroke him, though with his body writhing in place, it became progressively more difficult.

- Come on, dude, do it!

A few more words of encouragement did the trick. Dipper roared her name, and a moment later, first warm spurt of his seed landed on Wendy's left mound, though the other one was quickly covered too, as his orgasm continued. Wendy's grip on Dipper's cock was the only thing keeping him in place, she was sure that without it, he'd swinging back and forth, spraying himself everywhere, and she definitely wanted to control the mess.

Finally, after tenth or so short spurt, it seemed that Dipper's climax has subsided, his deep breathing slowly getting back to normal.

- Oh.... Oh, wow, Wendy... - he huffed - That... That was...

But he didn't finish how her sudden blowjob has been, since with a single, ominous "crack", one of the vines holding Dipper ripped, untangling him and sending him to the ground. Wendy foresaw the danger, and was quick to let go of his cock and catch his body, or at least cushion his fall a bit, when her knees gave up as well.

- You okay, Dip? - Wendy asked, leaning over him.

Only the cocky smile appearing on his face reminded her that she was still naked, her breasts not covered by anything socially acceptable to wear in public. She reached for the cloth in her backpack, quickly wiping off the proof of Dipper's orgasm, while her boyfriend climbed out of the mess of lianas that seemed to undo all of its intricate knots.

- Wow, that was... Something. - was the only phrase he managed to speak loudly - And that was one crazy way of cutting me down, Wendy.
- Dipper, take the crate and pack some of these vines, would you? - Wendy said putting her top back on.
- Uh, why? Do you think we'll need them for the project?
- No, silly.

With a single step, she closed the distance to him, and despite lack of any living soul nearby, she whispered the rest of her proposal into his ear.

- I want to test how strong these are tonight.

Chapter Text

A brief wave of unusually cold breeze sent shivers down Zack's spine, waking him up from his deep sleep. Though it was difficult for him to see in the dark bedroom, illuminated only by moonlight, the familiar smell and warmth immediately brought back the memories of the past evening, confirming that it wasn't just an extraordinary dream.

On his right lay Melissa, contributing to the numbing sensation in his arm. A wide grin on her face, as well as her very untidy hair were only further evidence that she has lived through the same ecstatic evening as Zack.

Then, a gentle snore reached Zack from his left side, where an equally content girl was clutching his torso, in the same manner that she used when they made love earlier. Jackie might not have been wearing her trademark cowgirl hat, but she decided to keep the scarf around her neck, which oddly fit her naked state.

For just a moment, Zack tried remembering if their rendez-vous involved any alcohol, and the more he tried to remember, the more he was certain it didn't, though of course this fact might very well meant that it did. But Zack was fairly sure that all that happened might have been a result of amazing coincidence and just a tiny dash of jealousy...


When Zack came back from his classes, he didn't expect to see anyone than Melissa in the flat they've been renting. But once he stepped in, he saw a blonde girl sitting opposite of his girlfriend, laughing at some story his arrival has almost interrupted. Though he hasn't seen her for quite a while, he recognised her at once as the crazy, adventurous cowgirl living on the ranch Milo and Sara once dragged them to. A cold sweat ran down his body; he very vividly remembered how their first meeting went back then; her temper and affinity for attracting calamities were only rivalled by Milo.

- Hi, Zack! - she waved at him, sipping the drink Melissa prepared for them.
- Uh, hi. - he responded cautiously - Nice to see you again. Is there, a, uh, reason for your visit?

For a moment, he thought that his would-be-polite voice made her angry. But then, Jackie and Melissa exchanged a nervous look and burst into girly laughter.

- Okay, that usually happens if I have a fly open, or something. What's going on?
- Well, I just wanted to visit you guys. Also, this. - Jackie answered, giving him her smartphone.

A wicked smile on Melissa's face couldn't prepare him for what he saw on the screen. Only his steady grip, toughened by the years of accidents he's been through didn't let him drop the phone to the ground, while a certain video played on the screen. A video he knew very well, as he was the one who shot it, almost a week ago. It was a difficult feat to do it with only one hand, while his other one was kept around his girlfriend's torso, stabilising her as she rode him to their climaxes.

Though the mask obscured her face, her bushy hair was something of a give-away, the more he thought about it. And evidently, though they tried their best, the horny students didn't cover all of their tracks while shooting a sex video for an online couples forum. He always feared that this one-time kinky idea by Melissa might have unforeseen consequences, but he never thought he would be able to meet them eye-to-eye.

- Oh, come on, I'd recognise that girly scream from you anywhere, Zack - Jackie joked - And honestly, it was a fluke I saw your video when I uploaded mine...

His natural reaction was to wait for Melissa's witty reply, but to his horror, it seemed that in his absence, the girls have covered the topic thoroughly.

- Yeah, she's got quite a collection there. - Melissa added, casually swiping the phone's screen.

Instead of measly one post by their account, hers was filled with naughty photoshoots and videos in all sorts of settings, including, as one could predict by her nature, in outdoor, almost public locations. Besides each post, three or four-digit score put their double-one to shame.

Zack looked up from the screen, and slightly shaking, handed the phone to its owner.

- Uh, so, uh, what, what do you guys have in mind? - he stuttered.
- I think you know exactly what I have in my mind. - Jackie snickered - But I just had to visit you to ask for your opinion...

Melissa cleared her throat.

- Yeah, well, we haven't really discussed that possibility, honestly. - her tone became slightly more serious. - I mean, this is not a swingers-exclusive forum, it's just for guys who want leak a bit of their privacy to others...
- PIZZA! - Zack shouted - I've been thinking about... you know... everyday... normal... stuff... that people do when they meet up! And not... threesomes!

Melissa and Jackie laughed.

- Oh, come on, Zack. We all know you had a crush on me.
- Yeah, I had a crush on you. For about an hour, ten, no, eleven years ago. - Zack argued back - You're not so much an old flame, as a... uh, a campfire left in a flooded monsoon area. No offence.
- None taken. - Jackie smiled back - And don't worry, I get it. I've been through talks like those. Some couples just wouldn't feel comfortable inviting a third person, and I totally get it. And hey, it's been a pleasure to see the look on your face alone when I unmasked you.

Zack and Melissa replied with a soft would-be-casual chuckle.

- Well, I won't take any more time of yours. I do have other stuff to do in the "big city". - she airquoted.

She stood up, fixed her hat and left for the exit, but not before stopping mid-way to it.

- It's just, you know, shame I won't be able to correct your way of riding him, Melissa.
- Say what? - the girl in question stood up.

Neither of them could see it, but the corners of Jackie's lips twitched into a smile. In one swift move she twirled in the spot and addressed her friend directly.

- Oh, well, I've seen your video, and, well.... - she scratched her vest nonchalantly - You're not even close to doing it properly.

Jackie raised her head and found herself staring into Melissa's wrathful eyes, piercing her through.

- Are you implying I don't know how to handle my boyfriend properly? - she hissed.
- Oh, not at all, I'm just saying I could do much, much better. - Jackie smiled. Melissa's forehead touched the rim of Jackie's hat, slowly pushing it from her head.
- For your information, you'd be surprised how much I can get out of Zack in this position.
- *I* bet I can milk him *dry*, honey. - Jackie replied coldly.
- Uh, do I get any word in this? - Zack raised his hand, hoping to gain Melissa's attention.

Zack got much less than that when Melissa stormed through their kitchen, grabbed him by the scruff, and dragged him, still sitting on the chair, to their room, where she tossed him nonchalantly onto the bed, as if he was a package ready to unwrap. A moment later Jackie followed her, and Zack's already racing heart began beating faster when he noticed a change in her attire.

While she kept her hat, her vest was gone, and her shirt was unbuttoned, her chest peeking through the gap. A chest that evidently had no bra underneath it. Jackie apparently noticed his stupefied stare, and used that moment to fully undress herself, confirming Zack's hypothesis.

When his eyes fell onto a pair of naked breasts he was not supposed to see, he reflexively turned his head away, only to find Melissa half-naked already as well. He looked back and forth between the two women, which gave him time to compare their slowly uncovered bodies.

Jackie's breasts were paler and smaller than Melissa's, but the reverse could be said about their nipples. Jackie's were stiff already, and the areolae were darker. Zack felt as if he was watching a magic trick done too fast; with each blink of his eye, one part of the girls' clothing were flying to the ground, and soon he was able to see that they the girls treated her lower parts differently as well. Unlike Melissa, Jackie preferred to keep her bush untidy.

Only Melissa's voice was able to bring back Zack from his mesmerised state, when she addressed him with a bewildered look on her face.

- What are you waiting for? - she asked, as her panties fell to the floor, rendering both women completely naked, aside from Jackie's hat and a cowboy scarf he only now noticed.
- This... Is this really ha-happening? - he stuttered, feeling his face getting hotter by the minute.
- Apparently so.

Melissa replied and yanked his legs, dragging his jeans down, which proved to be difficult because of his hardening erection.

- I can handle that!

A short yelp escaped Zack's mouth when he spotted Jackie, exactly as naked as before right next to him, or more precisely, next to his crotch. She undid his button and helped Melissa disrobe him, taking down his pants in one move. The feeling of unknown fingers digging into his belt sent a series of shivers and convulsions around Zack's body. Quite frankly, he wasn't sure what to do. Should he back down? Let the, admittedly, incredibly sexy scenario unfold?

His breathing was erratic, his pulse higher than before, and he would have passed out, if it wasn't for one calming factor.

Melissa's lips pressed against his in a long, soothing kiss, while her fingers undid the buttons of his shirt one by one. Or rather, every other one, since Jackie joined her in his somewhat forced striptease along the way.

- Hey. - Melissa smiled when she broke their kiss.
- H-hey.
- Can you help me prove this rascal woman here wrong? Calamity Jackie's been spreading calumnies about my skills and only you can bring my honour back, Zack.

Zack took one more breath, looked at the two girls one more time, and encouraged by a smile on Melissa's face nodded.

- Oh, yeah.

Melissa gave him one more kiss, and eagerly jumped onto his crotch, ready to start proving herself in front of the unusual judge. She reached to their drawer, grabbed a pack of condoms, and hastily unrolled one onto the hard cock of her boyfriend, taking her time in doing so, listening to every moan of his while her hands massaged his length.

- Hey, remember, you're supposed to just ride him. - Jackie snapped from the side. - I'm gonna have to issue a penalty if you're gonna include a hand-job.

Melissa snarled back, and when the rubber was firmly placed around Zack's cock, she positioned herself above it, gently rubbing her wet opening against his tip.

- Mel? Honey? Listen, what if- What if I won't-
- You will, Zack, don't worry. - Melissa leaned and gave him another kiss.

And then Zack felt the familiar warmth engulfing him, when inch by inch she lowered herself, letting his cock fill her completely. She let out a languorous moan when her clit brushed the skin of his abdomen, signifying how much of him she could take. Melissa propped her hands against his chest, and began moving her hips up and down.

Her initial moves where shallow, but Zack knew she was only gathering her momentum, and soon enough, she found her rhythm so that she didn't need any support and let go of Zack, giving him an even more unobscured view of her breasts, bouncing up and down.

Moans escaped from her mouth one by one, encouraging him to do the same, though Zack, as he suspected had some problems with achieving the state of enjoyment Melissa was in. Taking a picture and making a film watched by tens or hundreds was somehow easier than having just one live observer. An observer that seemed to enjoy the view; while Melissa did her best to pump the most of Zack, Jackie's hand rested between her legs, slowly rubbing her sex. She bit her lip, apparently trying to hold a moan of her own, probably to keep their bet fair.

And that little part seemed to do it for Zack. So far, his hands rested dormantly on Melissa's waist, but now, ready to hear Jackie's voice as well, he used his muscles to hasten their act. Though he seemed almost frozen up to this point, he pushed his girlfriend down, once again letting her feel his entire length, a move that surprised even her.

Melissa responded by putting her hands back on Zack's chest, as her balance was somewhat toppled by him taking control. Once their eyes met, they both knew they were on a straight road to their climaxes, despite the utterly odd circumstances. Melissa's constant stream of Zack's name did it for him; he bucked his hips one last time, letting one solid roar into the empty space around them.

- Wow, that was nice. - Jackie commented, panting slightly. Droplets of her own cum glistened on her fingers, though she tried wiping it off with their bedsheets. - Let's see how well have you done...

Reluctantly, Melissa got onto her feet, sliding from the condom-clad cock. Before Jackie's hands could reach it, she did it first: she carefully took the cum-filled condom, tied it and laid it onto the counter, from which she took another one and passed it to Jackie.

- Thanks! - Jackie responded cheerily, which contrasted with Melissa's indignant tone of voice, or rather snarls that occasionally escaped her lips when she met Jackie's eyes.

Even though the cowgirl waited quite a while to let Zack's cock return to his natural state, his body twitched again when he felt her fingers on his skin. For a moment, he tried imagining they were Melissa's, but to no avail. Though definitely not unpleasant, her touch was rougher and the skin on her fingers was not as soft as Melissa's. But that only added to the otherworldly experience, and after a tug or two - which, as Jackie reminded was fair, given what Melissa has done to him - he was hard already, and once again covered with the protection.

- Ready? - Jackie asked, already straddling him.

Zack took a glance at Melissa, and when she gave a tiny nod, he turned his head back to Jackie. She, already knowing the answer, lowered herself in a similar fashion to his girlfriend, once again engulfing Zack with a new and unknown warmth of her sex.

- See, you gotta move your hips more, sister. - Jackie spoke, and as Melissa closed the distance between them, she showed first difference in her style.

Unlike Melissa, she didn't aim for taking the entirety of Zack's cock. Squatting above him, she stared into his eyes, and slowly began moving her hips, but not only up and down, but also back and forth. As she did so, both Zack and Melissa found themselves hypnotised by the moves and tempo of her swinging hips. Jackie was belly-dancing on Zack's cock, and his erratic, shallow breathing was a clear sign it was working.

Though Melissa was never insecure about her body, even she had to admit that her friend was more fit, perhaps because unlike her, Jackie was an actual cowgirl, used to ride those under her control.

A moment later Jackie changed her tactic, and instead of leaning forward, she leaned back, resting her arms against his legs, which only gave her more freedom of rocking her body against Zack. While Melissa's moves were random and uncoordinated, Jackie seemed to know exactly which Zack's button to push to achieve the effect she's been looking for.

- And you could move a bit more, Zack! - she cried - You're not a log, move those hips with me!

And soon enough, she was properly riding him; if Melissa didn't know better, she'd swear Jackie was on a toy-fair electric horse, designed to sway to every side, regardless of how unrealistic it would be. And from the tone of both Jackie's and Zack's moans, Melissa knew her rival has achieved her goal much faster than she had.

Zack screamed a mingle of Jackie's name and what sounded like and apology to Melissa when he grabbed Jackie's hips and pushed her down onto his, burying himself, finally, balls deep inside her. The two toppled to the side and lay together, exchanging looks with their judge. A few seconds later a third moan - Melissa's - reached their ears when she crumbled to her side, driven to a climax by the sight of her boyfriend having sex with another girl, a thought she wouldn't previously even allow.

It came as no surprise when Jackie proudly rolled the condom off Zack's still twitching hips and compared it with the one from Melissa's session. Even with some of the droplets of cum still pouring to the bottom, the one filled by Jackie's moves had more than twice the amount than Melissa's.

- Well, I'll be damned. - Melissa spoke, wiping her legs with a cloth - You won, I have to admit it.
- Hey, it's no biggie. - Jackie spoke calmly - I learned it from an older girl as well, it's not like I was born with those skills.
- Yeah, except you're like a year younger than me. - Melissa smiled back
- It's the experience that counts. - she giggled
- Uh, excuse me?

Alerted by the cracking voice, the girls turned their attention to the third person in the room. If Zack looked nervous before, then now he was absolutely twitchy, looking back and forth at both of his lovers that seemed to be enjoying the now-casual banter.

- Ca-can we talk about this? Cos I just had... and with her... and you were watching... and...
- I think we broke him. - Jackie stated calmly.

Once again, Melissa's lips came to rescue Zack from his predicament. Another kiss, this time shorter helped him concentrate and ascertain that the last half an hour has in fact happened.

- Zack, think of it as... well, couple counselling.
- Except with sex.
- Yeah, except that. - Melissa giggled - Anything else to add, Jackie?

Her face suddenly turned red, and for the first time that evening, Jackie showed any sign of fluster.

- Well if there's one thing you're amazing at, Zack, it's when you mate with her like that...

Jackie crawled to Melissa and before she could stop her, Jackie pushed her legs up in the air, exposing her glistening pussy.

Zack and Melissa exchanged a knowing look, and gave Jackie some warm smiles in return.. The cowgirl has guessed correctly that one position they absolutely adored was when Zack dominated Melissa, perhaps as a revenge on all the times he topped him, or put some new kink of hers to the test.

Jackie let out a tiny moan when her friends embraced each other and exchanged a sloppy, long kiss which gave Zack enough time to recover. During their slow caresses, Zack made enough preparations for their main event. With his hands on her legs, he carefully pressed them against her body, giving him better access to her wet sex.

- No tips from you now? - Zack asked Jackie, just as he pressed his tip against Melissa's entrance.
- Oh, no just do your thing, rut her! - Jackie shouted, getting comfortable on the other side of the bed.

And that was the only command Zack needed. A sharp yelp escaped Melissa's mouth when Zack filled her in one go, resting his arms next to her body, his hips mercilessly pumping his length into her.

Jackie spread her legs and flicked her fingers against her wet sex, as she commented on her friends' noisy, carnal sex. Each slap of Zack's body against Melissa's sent goosebumps all over Jackie's body, who this time, had very little to criticise on. Zack's hips worked furiously, making his cock fill Melissa's pussy time after time, each one accompanied by her loud, fevered moans.

- You know... on the farm we have a few sires we sometimes lend for breeding purposes... - Jackie spoke softly, holding her climax from escaping through her mouth - And I think I finally know how it must feel like...

Without giving her notice, Jackie sneaked a kiss onto the the exposed part of Melissa's thigh, just inches from where Zack's been pounding her, which caused the other girl to flail her legs in surprise.

As she watched the well-oiled machine, Jackie was close to her orgasm as well, and it was her moan that pushed Zack to his limit. With a series of final slams, he roared Melissa's name and filled his condom with spurt after spurt of his cum, and slumped to the side, panting heavily, but not before he exchanged one more kiss with his girlfriend, whose equally noisy orgasm rendered her almost speechless.

- Man, I have no idea if I can go any longer... - Zack wheezed, watching the mesmerising scene of two women that just orgasmed because of him, though only one of them through the direct result of his actions. Melissa's eyes glimmered with satisfaction; it was certainly her most powerful orgasm, even though it wasn't the result of the lengthy love-making she was used to. He could see the pride in her eyes; despite Jackie correcting their love-making skills, they've ended on a triumphant note.

Before he could say anything else, Jackie sprung towards them, yanked the condom from Zack's cock and brought it to her lips, letting the copious, thick orgasm fall onto her tongue, much to Melissa and Zack's astonishment. With her head tilted, she shot him a mischievous wink, while she slowly squeezed the cum into her mouth, meticulously collecting every single drop of his warmth.

- Hey, it was supposed to be min-

But Melissa wasn't able to finish her sentence, with Jackie's lips suddenly pressed against hers, and her tongue invading her mouth. A moment later, the familiar, musky scent of Zack's fresh, warm seed hit her palate as the blonde continued her perverted kiss, much to the surprise of both of her lovers.

Melissa's eyes were still wide open when Jackie parted with her, leaving only one sticky strand of mixed sperm and saliva connecting the two, which she expertly caught mid-air with her tongue before it could split into two.

- Yeah, I know. It's all yours now, partner. - she winked.

Her two friends exchanged nervous, but excited looks, still panting after their recent orgasms, unable to say a word for a solid minute. But fortunately, much more adapt to situations like those Jackie came to their rescue.

- So, now we've tried each other out... how about you guys bring your masks and we shoot a proper scene, huh? After all, Zack no longer looks like "mister I don't think I can do anything else", does he?

Jackie licked her cum-coated lips, and as Melissa followed her hungry stare, she was pleased to see that the flaccid cock of her boyfriend stood erect again, as if he hasn't just made love three times to two different women in a row.

His natural, half-terrified expression she's seen so much tonight slowly turned into a soft smile, and once Melissa caught a glimpse of that, she sprinted out of the bed to get the supplies they needed, waddling on her still wobbly legs.

Neither of them was surprised that Jackie didn't bother hiding her face, given that she put herself in charge of the whole evening anyway. What shocked them, was how easy it became for them to integrate a third person into their bedroom activities. It seemed that Jackie has taught them enough to make their next, bolder steps much less of an obstacle they might have considered before.

To start, the two women toppled Zack onto the bed and straddled him; Melissa impaled herself onto his cock, eager to repeat her performance, while Jackie spread her pussy inviting Zack's tongue and later his fingers into her warmth again. From this position, the cowgirl was pleased to see that both of her students have learned their lessons, and filmed their faces radiating with pleasure as they were licked and ridden to their orgasms.

Then, Jackie was suddenly pulled from her comfortable position by both parties that unceremoniously pinned her to the bedsheets. Before she could realise she was no longer in control, Zack repaid her by filling her mouth with his cock, and to counterbalance his surprisingly aggressive pounding, her toes curled in ecstasy when Melissa's lips found their way to her pussy. But the descendant of Calamity Jane was given chance to climax only when her sex met with Melissa's, in her first, careful scissoring attempt. It was a good thing Jackie came first, since if she did it at the same time as Zack, she might have chocked on his hefty orgasm filling her mouth, this time for her alone to swallow and savour.

At that point, only Melissa hasn't been conquered by the other two at the same time, and she anxiously waited for that moment to happen, wondering what could their lovers intended for her. While she was prepared for Zack to take charge again, ramming himself inside her, she did not expect to feel both Jackie's and Zack's tongue caressing her clit and her folds. The duo did their best peppering her sex with kisses and licks, and Jackie once again gave a few pointers to Zack on how to squeeze the most of Melissa. She was also sure Jackie whispered something about a strap-on she forgot to bring, which only showed what her true intentions have been from the start.

Zack wasn't sure how come the phone he's been holding wasn't shaking when two mouths and four hands performed the most erotic concert Jackie and Melissa could have given him, meticulously covering every inch of his spent cock with their lips and tongues. With a final groan of his, it turned out that Jackie delivered her promise of milking Zack dry, though that didn't stop him from burying their faces under the last layer of seed his balls could produce. A moment later his essence made its way to girls' mouths in a series of cum-swapping kisses, much longer, more sensual and messier than their first one, all captured in stunning high-definition video.


Fresh out of the shower and bundled up together under the sheets, Zack, Melissa and Jackie stared into the screen of Zack's PC, rewatching the recording of their passionate three-way. He didn't notice that both girls, hugging him from both sides, twitched and writhed every few minutes, trying to hide their excitement, despite having no problem sharing their nudity.

The cowgirl curled up against Zack's torso, and a moment later, when the video finished, Melissa did the same, the closeness of another woman in their bed once again bringing a deep shade of crimson to her cheeks.

- Jackie, uhm... - she shied away for a moment - I don't even know what to say. Thanks, I guess, for... letting us... - she turned towards Zack.
- ...experience... all of... that. - he sputtered - Yeah, I can't put it in words either. I don't think anyone could.

Jackie chuckled, and brought their faces closer to hers, giving each of them a kiss.

- Hey, no worries. And, I guess I should apologise for barging into your sex life without much notice.

It was time for her to lose some of her confidence

- I was afraid you might get angry or jealous, Melissa.
- Well, I can't say that seeing another woman riding my boyfriend didn't upset me at first... - she closed her arm around Zack's neck - But fortunately that only made me want to one-up you. So... good job, I guess.

A pregnant, awkward silence filled the room, this time interrupted by Jackie's equally nervous proposition.

- Listen... does any one of you really want to share that with the world? - she asked, already seeing the answers on their faces.
- Nah. - Melissa answered - It was fun to film that one scene, but...
- ...yeah, that was something bigger.
- Like a motion picture. Maybe we should charge people for it. - Jackie joked.
- Or put in some vault and watch it only once a year. - Zack added.
- Or... we could... not rely on a video and... do it again, some... other time. - Melissa suggested, once again shying away.

And before they knew it, the three horny students jumped into each other's arms, and tried their might to engage in a long, three-way kiss, which ended with all of them covering much more of their partners' bodies than they intended to. They all dropped their pretence, and a moment later, amongst the smacking of their lips, Zack heard unmistakable sound of one of his lovers ripping another condom package open.

Chapter Text

Judy remembered exactly what was her first reaction to Nick's teeth like. Ever since he pretended to bite her in the museum during their heroic action, some very primal element in Judy's mind has awoken, though it took a while since she became fully aware of it. It wasn't until they started dating when Judy suddenly wanted to feel his fangs around her again, and the first time she had this thought, her brain sent a cold sweat of shame down her spine.

She has already struggled with *some* dirty thoughts about her closest friend and a co-worker, but this one was too specific. Kissing became problematic; every time Judy saw his teeth peeking out from his mouth, the same mental image of Nick jumping onto her, his eyes filled with vicious hunger haunted her, simultaneously pushing her towards him.

It didn't help that Nick was an excellent kisser. Unlike Judy, he had more than a bit of experience before, and it showed. Nick was able to put his snout at an exact angle to make Judy forget about any potential incompatibilities between their two species. And she had to add his tongue to the list of parts of his body that made her thoughts even more impure.

The tension between them was building for quite some time, and even when the two landed in bed together, Judy hesitated to tell Nick about her kink. But at one point, the thoughts of being ravaged by a fox got over her when Nick was advancing gently on her, causing her to break the silence.

- Nick... Nick! - she suddenly cupped his snout and brought it to her lips - Nick... bite me!
- W-What? - he stuttered, confusion dawning on his face that just a moment ago was between her legs. - Does me "eating" you isn't enough, fluff?

Judy groaned. This was another aspect of their relationship that only perpetuated her particular desire. When Nick would go down on her, his triangular snout would often engulf her crotch, so his tongue could dive even further down her hole, and every once in a while when his teeth would gently graze her skin and fur, giving her the same, if not more erotic pleasure.

- No, not there, you silly fox...

She grabbed his shoulders and guided him to hers, closing her arms around his back.

- Here... - she cooed - When you'll be inside me...
- Like this?

Nick cautiously sneaked his arms underneath her, and lifted her petite body just enough so he could do as Judy pleased. He opened his jaw, and with some hesitation closed them gently around her shoulder. The effect was instantaneous. Judy let out a howling moan and her body shuddered, so much so that Nick was forced to retreat, fearing he might have caused her pain.

- Judy?!
- No, don't worry, that's alright, Nick. - she reassured him - That's exactly what I want.

Silence fell between them, and a giddy smile vanished from Judy's face when she spotted the consternation in Nick's eyes.

-'s a bit weird, isn't it? - she grabbed and stroked her drooped ears, shying away from her lover's eyes.
- Not more than a fox and and a rabbit being a thing. - he replied, grinning back.

Judy eagerly positioned herself, ready to accept Nick inside her, but to her surprise he retreated once more, sneaking between her legs.

- And what about this place, Carrots, hm?

He asked, and let his hot breath make her fur on her thigh stand still. Judy took a quick breath, and when Nick carefully closed his jaw around it, the same mix of excitement rushed through her body, letting a deep moan escape her lips. She threw her head back, losing her stability, and once Nick's fingers began fiddling with her wet opening, she was writhing, experiencing double portion of adrenaline pumping through her veins.

Nick nibbled on her, cautiously monitoring her breathing and sounds she made. He was already aware that he shouldn't be as bold with Judy as when he made love to other foxes or vixens, given the size discrepancies, but Judy's revelation gave him a whole new perspective on how far the two could go in bed.

- Nick... Please...

He switched from her left to her right thigh, but before he could balance his rough caresses, her soft plea told him to move forward. He licked the places his teeth have grazed one last time, and continue his journey up, nuzzling his way through.

But the rabbit officer was too ravenous to wait for him. Judy grabbed him and pulled him towards her, locking her legs and arms around him, hastening his intrusion. She yelped when Nick buried himself inside her thanks to her pressure, wondering if he will comply to her kinky proposition.

Judy wouldn't be sure for another few, agonisingly long moments. As usual, Nick started slow, despite all the twitching of her legs, pushing him to hasten his moves. The sly smile on his face he tried to maintain, despite pleasure slowly building up in his groins was the best sign that he was in control.

- Nick... make me... do me... please! - Judy huffed, having trouble verbalising her thoughts.

It seemed however, that Nick knew exactly what she had in mind, when he suddenly rammed himself in with much greater force, pinning her to the pillows, and even ripping one of them open with his claw.

- Is... is this what you want? - he snarled, letting his growls vent through his clenched teeth.
- Yes! - she yelped, accepting his fast, ruthless rutting.

Judy no longer saw the gentle face of her lover in front of her. The grimace on his triangular face, combined with his sounds and his fangs hanging just inches from her throat sent a powerful message to her subconscious: she was in trouble. But at the same time, she wanted to be. In one moment, Judy saw Nick for what she wanted him to be: a vicious predator ready to devour her. A mother of conflicts of stimuli hit her brain: she wanted to flee, run away, and yet, she wanted to submit herself fully, and experience more pleasure Nick was giving her. Ultimately, Judy lost the battle of her senses, closed her arms and legs around his torso, and cried his name, at the same time Nick did his final move, sinking his teeth into her shoulder.

And then, Judy felt something. She wasn't sure if it was pain or pleasure, but it spread through her body faster than any orgasm she has ever experienced, setting every cell of her on fire. Her own cries muffled the voice of her lover, and only once her tense body stopped trashing, she recognised some words spoken by her lover, and more importantly, the tone he spoke them with.

- Judy? Judy! - Nick gasped - Please tell me you're alright...
- What?

Judy opened her eyes, taking one deep breath after another. Nick was no longer moving inside her; instead, he just stared at her, propped on his arms, his face filled with consternation.

- I'm.... I'm fine, Nick... - she smiled, cupping his snout.

But as her paw drew nearer him, Nick sprung back from her, putting his own around his snout.

- Nick, what's wrong? - Judy asked, pulling herself into a sitting position as well.
- It's just... when I... er, when I bit you, I... - he shied away - I, I felt something sweet in my mouth, and...

Judy instinctively stretched her arm to the freshly inflamed place, and took a long look at her paw. A small, almost microscopical dot of blood stained the fur on one of her fingers.

- Nick, that's... that's nothing, honey. I've had worse...

She got onto her knees, and reached her arm, wondering if Nick was going to avoid her tough again. But this time, he let her cup his face, and a moment later embraced her in a long, but gentle hug.

- Sorry, Carrots. - he whispered - I thought I might have hurt you.
- If you had, you'd be dead already. - she snickered.

She shuddered a bit, when Nick's mouth came in contact with the same place he bit, but she assured him at once it doesn't case her any pain by clutching his back, drawing his body closer to hers. Nick seemed to understand, and a moment later she felt his tongue lapping at said place, just to be sure.

- You should've told me you enjoyed being bitten, Carrots. - Nick whispered, continuing his petting. - I could've prepared better...
- Sorry, Nick. - she groaned, nesting in the fluff on his chest, his remedy bringing much needed soothing feeling to her body - That won't happen again.
- Still, not disclosing a kink to your partner is a class 2 couple codex violation, officer. - he spoke confidently, waiting for Judy to break out of her comfortable position and stare in disbelief at him. - I believe the punishment is one sexual act of my choosing, and let's just say that you left me hanging with your inexplicably powerful orgasm...

He raised his brow, his one quick glance downwards directing Judy's attention to his cock, which after the long caresses session became fully hard again after Nick had to retreat when her sudden spasms almost killed his mood.

- Nick Wilde, if you keep making up laws, I might use your own weapon on you... - she responded, dropping to her knees and closing her mouth around his glistening, spear-shaped head, letting the very edge of her teeth graze his skin for just a split of second, guaranteeing that her boyfriend would behave.











Chapter Text

The pleasant warmth spreading along her back woke Amanda up from her shallow slumber. At first, she couldn't quite tell where she was, or what time of night it was, but as her eyes slowly adapted to her surroundings, she quickly remembered and let out a long moan, stretching her arms, savouring the familiar, good pain still lingering in her muscles.

- Sorry I woke you up - Milo gave her a quick peck on her neck, closing his arms around her naked chest.
- Mhm, that's alright, honey. I've been just napping... - she mumbled, wiggling herself deeper into his embrace.
- Do you want coffee?
- Oh yeah, that would be lovely. - Amanda replied, turning onto her back, scouting their hotel suite.

She gave her newly-wed husband one more kiss and watched as he walked naked across their room, careful not to step on the raccoon, sleeping on the pile of their discarded clothes, finally arriving at the satellite, constantly blinking with its only light. Then, as she contemplated that sight, something stirred in Amanda's brain, when she understood what she was looking at.

- Wait, Milo!
- Don't worry, it's safe. - he replied, opening the hatch at the machine's side, and plugging the coffee maker to the socket - This one must be from European Space Agency, because the plug didn't fit, but I had a spare adapter in my backpack. I have no idea what powers it, but I guess we can worry about it later.
- At least the hole in the roof isn't too big... - she mumbled.

Amanda yawned again and pulled the thin cover over her naked body, giving herself a few extra minutes of rest. The smell of coffee prevented her from dozing off, and a few moments later, Milo gently put the cup of hot beverage on her nightstand. Amanda reflexively grabbed the piece of furniture with one hand, and a soft "thud" that occurred a few seconds after that told her that Milo has secured it as well, when its four sides fell apart, leaving only its top held by them.

- Thanks, honey. - she said, bringing the cup to her lips.
- Hey, that's a second "honey" you said to me. - Milo noticed, getting back on his side, ready to continue their cuddling when they left. - I guess that's how this is gonna work from now on?
- Mhm. - Amanda replied, putting the cup away onto the nightstand's top, now at floor's level.

She let out another moan of satisfaction, as she wiggled her way closer to him, straight into his arms again. After a while, it became obvious that the way she moved her hips had one more purpose. Inch by inch, Amanda managed to position her backside next to Milo's cock, and when she felt him between her butt-cheeks she shivered, and a soft giggle escaped her lips. Milo caught onto her at once, replying with moving his body in sync, so that she didn't have to tire herself at all. The effect was instantaneous; one moan turned into a series of low purring, while her husband continued his caresses.

- Listen, Amanda...
- Yes? - she replied with a languorous moan.

He hesitated for a moment.

- I know that, well, not everything went exactly as it should've...
- I know. - she replied calmly, changing the angle, letting Milo slid between her thighs.
- A...Amanda... - he groaned, moving his hands to her waist - I'm just... Just wondering if you're not... not...
- Not what?

It took a moment for Milo to finish his question, only partially due to having to hold a cry in his throat.

- ...If you're not.. not disappointed.

At once, Amanda ceased her moves and rolled to her back, freeing him from the embrace of her legs. She cupped his face and brought his body closer to hers. For the first time since they woke up, Milo was able to gaze into her eyes, reflecting the bluish light of the dawn seeping through the closed curtains, as well as the blinking red from the satellite. His treat lasted only a couple of seconds, however, since she brought his lips to hers, locking him in a long, and surprisingly tongue-heavy kiss.

- Hey, that tickled. - he joked once they parted.
- I know. - she smiled - And, Milo, how could I be disappointed? - she asked, letting him rest onto her naked body.
- Well, it was supposed to be the most important day for us, wasn't it?
- And it was! - she eagerly countered - The very best.
- Despite the cake? - Milo raised his brow.
- Despite. - she replied, remembering the faces of their families and friends as the four-layer masterpiece flew into the air, de-constructing itself into million one-bite pieces that fell onto them.
- And the car?
- And the car. - Amanda smiled - I do hope the company will find the missing half.
- Shouldn't be that difficult to spot, the engine might still be running. - he pondered - And the handcuffs?
- Nah, not the first time we've had problems with them. - she joked - And it's not your fault either that Kama Sutra is only, like 20 percent about sex. That's just common misconception.

The two locked themselves in another kiss, this time followed by Amanda closing her legs and arms tightly around her husband.

- And what about the... The, well, you know... - Milo interrupted again, taking a nervous peek between their naked bodies.
- I'm fine with that as well, Milo. - she gave him a quick peck and moved her hand exactly to the place Milo was looking at.

He shivered a bit when her fingers closed around his cock, giving him a few pumps, though her real intention was to slid off the remains of the five ripped condoms wrapped around his length. The familiar stickiness made her job easier, and soon Amanda discarded the only remaining piece of attire her husband was still wearing.

- Yeah, but I meant...
- I know what you mean, Milo.

Amanda dipped her finger between her folds, and a moment later, she felt the warmth of his copious climax still lingering inside her. For a second, she pondered what to do with it, and to Milo's astonishment, she brought it to her lips, licking it off, while he stared at her in half-disbelief.

- Milo. - she spoke - Do you really think I was surprised when all of these things happened? After knowing you for, what, ten years, and dating you for five?
- Well, you looked pretty shocked when the satellite crashed.
- Okay, that was odd. - she agreed, looking at the machine's broken solar panels.

She gave him another peck.

- What I'm saying is, Milo... I wouldn't have married you if I wasn't ready to embrace the chaos. Remember? "For better and for worse..."
- And the weird. - he finished, dragging both her and himself into a series of giggles. - So, what you are saying is that you have planned... getting used to the unpredicted?
- Mhm. - she nodded. - Totally.
- Now I know why I married you.

Amanda felt the pillow underneath her head stretch when Milo pushed himself against hers, his kiss much more ravenous and passionate than the other, softer ones they've exchanged so far. With her lips occupied, Amanda let her first cry seep into his mouth when she felt his head poke her wet opening again, and reacted dragging her nails against his already scarred back.

Milo broke the kiss, and before he was able to ask the question, Amanda replied with an eager nod, her eyes glimmering with anticipation.

Her next, proper moan echoed around their room when Milo pushed himself inside her, her legs and arms limiting his moves somewhat. He couldn't complaint, however; nothing could beat making love to her face-to-face, moving their bodies together in a synchronised rhythm. Inch by inch, Milo slammed into her, Amanda's legs making sure each dive to be deeper than the last, until he filled her to the brim, sheathing himself completely.

Their gentle foreplay gave them both a head-start, so neither of them was surprised when just a few minutes after they started mashing their bodies together, their breathing became erratic, and their bodies began spasming, signalling their oncoming orgasms. Their bed moved and rattled in resonance, bringing the shelves on the nearby wall and objects on them into their passionate flow as well.

- A...Amanda! - Milo huffed, between getting his face pecked with short kisses - You sure about...?
- Milo, I'm not sure at all! - she cried - And that's the point!

Before she knew it, they both lost control over their bodies. Amanda was pushed over the edge first, dragging Milo into his orgasm, strengthened by the short moans spilling from her mouth. The wall cracked, just as Milo sent first, hefty spurt of his seed inside her. The shelves gave up when he spilled himself a second time, sending a collection of decorative plates onto their heads. Before they could harm them, Amanda grabbed and opened the umbrella, redirecting the stream of shards to their sides, just as her husband roared and filled her with his cum for the third and last time, crashing onto her equally spent body.

He looked up, meeting a wide grin on her face and without much thinking closed his lips around hers, savouring the short moment of afterglow tranquillity.

All four legs of their bed cracked, and with a loud thud, it crashed to the floor, dragging the newlyweds with it, though it didn't interrupt their heated embrace at all.







Chapter Text

- Well? Cat's got your tongue, Chat? First time I see you having no answer. - Ladybug scoffed, looking at her partner's petrified face. She couldn't keep her act for long, and soon she shied away, and the snarky, unfair smile vanished from her lips when she found herself staring at the vanishing point on the horizon.

Adrien swallowed loudly. The night's air was warm, but right now, cold shivers raced against his skin, under his suit. He couldn't even find himself strength to stand up and meet Ladybug face-to-face, but then again, the burden was much heavier than he realised.

- You... you are pregnant?

Ladybug looked at him again. She tried finding answer to that simple question for almost as long as he did to ask it.

- Yes. - she repeated herself. - Nothing has changed since the last five minutes.

And then, in a split of second, he was on his legs again, his hands closed around her torso, hovering slightly, as if even touching her in an inappropriate place would have lasting impact.

- You don't have to be that cautious, Chat. - Ladybug spoke, almost reading Adrien's mind - You can still kiss me like usual.

Fulfilling her request, Chat pushed his lips against hers, pushing her, as gently as he could against the wall she was leaning on. His hands, like countless times before, wandered around her back, though this time avoiding her bottom. But as their kiss grew in length, Marinette's memories began to stir, like they do in moments like these, and she suddenly remembered every time she spent with Chat, not as friends or partners, but as a couple.

From their first, very awkward kiss which felt that it was overdue by at least two or three years, to the rapid progression in their intimate gestures that drove both of them wild underneath their suits, to finally unleashing that passion in places she otherwise wouldn't ever thought as romantic. They've made love in the dark alleyways, had sex in the park at night, they rutted on the rooftops, often disregarding any rules of safety.

But then again, by opening herself for him, Marinette often comforted Chat. She knew there was something with his family he couldn't tell her, some past troubles he wasn't able to articulate. And she understood him, giving him the shoulder, though often she gave him much more of her. Marinette felt all the kisses he left on her body, both the gentle and subtle, as well as the hungry and possessive that would leave marks for days and force her to hide her neck with a scarf. She remembered the pleasure he gave her, and the moans of satisfaction when she returned it to him. And once again, as she locked her legs around his torso, she felt the multitude of streams of his warmth filling her up, all at the same time in a huge flood of lust that ultimately brought them to this point.

Marinette broke the kiss when suddenly she felt an unusual taste in her mouth, and when she stared into Chat's face, she knew what was the odd flavour.

- Ladybug, I-I'm not gonna leave you. - Chat spoke through his tears - I'm gonna be the best father I could be, I promise. I'm sorry. - he spoke for a while, and knelt to give her still flat belly a kiss.
- Chat... - Marinette closed her hands on his head, gently scratching him behind ears - You don't have to apologise. It's not... - she paused, hoping he wouldn't notice her face turning crimson - It's not like I... regret those moments with you.

He looked up, wiping the last of his tears from his eyes.

- You're not angry at me?
- Well... - Marinette paused - I can't lie, I thought it would happen later, I knew it. I'm just twenty-four, my mom was older when she had me.

She looked again at Chat, kneeling in front of her, as if he was waiting for a verdict. She smiled, and that gesture seemed to know him he could rise.

- Chat, don't get me wrong, I'm gonna always be a bit angry at you... But I can't stay mad too long at the father of my child. - she punched him gently in the chest - And besides, let's face it, half of those times when we did it I was as horny as you, so...
- No, Ladybug, it- Chat stuttered - Ladybug, I know I messed up. But let me make it up for you.

Marinette smiled, and put her arms around his neck, embracing him with another slow kiss.

- I'm glad you'll take care of our kitten, but there has to be a name on the birth certificate, Chat. - she spoke, trying to sound casual, and hide that her body was shaking.
- There will be, my lady.

A bright flash of green light later, Chat Noir was no more, and this time Ladybug found herself unable to speak, until the blonde-haired man asked her.

- Cat's got your tongue?







Chapter Text

The sound of Pacifica's laughter was the sweetest sound Mabel could have wished for. Well, perhaps aside her moaning, but she was fairly sure she will not miss that part this evening.

Step by step, Mabel lead her girlfriend up the stairs to her room at the Mystery Shack, her lips nested between her head and her cleavage, peppering the exposed area with kiss after kiss. The joined duo moved clumsily, but truth to be told, both of them enjoyed their prolonged caresses, creating a perfect ending for their date.

Pacifica gasped when Mabel unceremoniously pushed them both through the door, and just for a moment she tried to separate Mabel from her body, before she realised that the attic room was empty.

- What? - Mabel asked, raising her brow - You thought I wouldn't make sure no one would be there?
- Well, uh... - Pacifica continued - Yeah, that's just paranoia. Let me guess, your brother's staying at Wendy's?
- More like "in Wendy" - Mabel snickered - Seriously, at that pace, by the end of this Summer I'll be an aunt.

Before she could blabber more about Dipper, Pacifica used the opportunity to turn the tables on Mabel and shove her up the wooden beam, locking her lips with her in much longer, romantic kiss, making up for the storm of smaller, random ones Mabel gave her. Her hand darted up her sweater, undoing her sport bra, while Mabel's palm unceremoniously pulled the edge of her miniskirt up, revealing her white, soaking wet panties.

- I swear, Mabel, how can you stand the heat in this place wearing those sweaters? - Pacifica asked, savouring the subtle, fruity smell of Mabel's perfume.
- Well, you are smoking hot, so I got more than bit of training. - she replied at once, fiddling with the string tying Pacifica's panties.
- If so, then we better get you out it. - Pacifica spoke, without losing her momentum.

She pushed Mabel to her bed, clutching the neck of her sweater as she fell to her back, and a moment later her girlfriend lay in front of her with just her panties, equally multicoloured as her other pieces of attire, as wet as hers. Pacifica leaned on her, ready to close her arms around her body, but when she was about to do so, Mabel counter-attacked, rolling their joined bodies to Pacifica's back, regaining her dominance.

- Sorry, Paz, I'm leading tonight. - she stated, and before Pacifica could protest, Mabel shushed her with another quick peck.

Pacifica remained in her position and closed her eyes, awaiting Mabel's first move, but after a good twenty seconds, she felt nothing, aside from odd clunking noise from her side.

- Uh, Mabel? - she asked, as she opened her eye and saw Mabel digging through her drawer.
- Ah, there it is! - Mabel spoke triumphantly, setting what looked like a plastic box full of crayons on the bed.

But Pacifica quickly realised they were not crayons. They were lipsticks. From the clearest of whites to the purest shade of black, Mabel had a whole spectrum of light encapsulated in her accessories box, and judging by her look, she wasn't afraid to use them.

- Let's see... - she wiggled her fingers, moving her hand back and forth - Let's start with this one.

She picked a yellowish looking one, and expertly covered her mouth with its colour in one swipe, smacking her lips afterwards.

- Canary yellow. Made from actual canary yellow canaries that turn to yellow when you capture them. - she spoke with oddly seductive voice - Oddly enough, they taste like bananas...
- Can't wait to try it myself... - Pacifica eagerly jumped to her arms, but her spirit was dampened at once with a forceful push that brought her back to her vertical position.
- Ah, ah, ah! - Mabel scoffed her - The longer you wait...

And without ending her sentence, she positioned herself between her legs, taking her right one into her hands like a huge, elongated instrument she was going to play on. She gently pulled down (or rather up) her long stockings, and starting from her toes, began her journey down (or up) Pacifica's body. Compared to her fast and ravenous kisses from before, the ones she peppered her skin with were delicate and subtle, almost utterly non-Mabel-like. But they were undeniably effective; just two were enough for Pacifica to start wriggling herself in anticipation, especially since Mabel took her sweet time painting her body with her fresh lipstick marks.

Eager to feel Mabel's mouth on the rest of her body, Pacifica herself dived her hand into the box and pulled one lipstick at random, suggesting a change to Mabel.

- Classic red. - Mabel smiled - You've got good taste, Paz.

She quickly wiped the remaining colour left from her lips and applied the new one, turning her not just red, but properly crimson. And much to Pacifica's delight, Mabel moved from her right calf to her left thigh, the distance between Mabel's mouth and her wet sex getting smaller every minute.

Just like before, Mabel took control over Pacifca's leg, gently pushing it up, down, or to the side, just to be sure she'll cover most of her. with each kiss, Pacifica let out a short moan, and Mabel could feel her skin getting tense in anticipation a split of a second before her lips touched it.

She knew of course why Pacifica was getting so impatient, and Mabel was determined to fuel her lust as long as possible. She knew she shouldn't over do it, however, though since they were on her turf now, Mabel was reasonably certain Pacifica hasn't brought her strap-on with her. She still had vivid dreams of what happened last time she performed her foreplay for too long...

At that very moment Mabel switched sides again, and reached for another colour, this time picking dark blue.

- The gnomes use this one to dye the uniforms of their little police squads. - she explained - They say they use human policemen for that...! But I can definitely taste blueberries.

Soon, Pacifica's right hip was covered with said colour in even greater scrutiny than her left one. And once again, not a single square millimetre of Mabel's lips met with Pacifica's sex, even though in the meantime the Northwest heiress got so tired of Mabel's deliberate delay that she herself got rid of her underwear, exposing her opening to Mabel. Her willpower must have been put to the test, as both the visuals and the smell was intoxicating and alluring, but Mabel stayed strong to her own promise. The longer she'll wait, the tastier the result will be.

- Ah, purple! Excellent! - she grabbed another lipstick and coated her lips with the new colour. - You know, Dipper keeps blabbering that this colour doesn't exist. Something about being between microwave red and ultrasonic blue, or something... I don't know about that, but I can definitely see it.
- And it will fit between red and blue perfectly, - Pacifica grabbed her hips, spreading her legs even further apart, just to point to Mabel what other colours she left on her left and right legs.

This coincidence has finally broken Mabel's defences, and as Pacifica took a deep breath, Mabel lowered her mouth above her clit, letting Pacifica enjoy the warmth of her breath tingling with the droplets of her lust clinging to her swollen button. She grabbed her thighs and rapidly closed her mouth around her clit, sucking on it, and left a wide purple mark around it, her most sensitive area serving as a bulls-eye for her aim.

It came to no surprise to Mabel that her sudden, angry move shook Pacifica to the core; her body spasmed and she cried her name, while her hands dug in Mabel's hair, pushing her head against her crotch. Mabel didn't had to finger her, just the careful use of her tongue was enough to drive Pacifica crazy.

But Mabel knew that Pacifica can do much more, and a moment later, much to her girlfriend's disappointment, she let go, ready to venture forward.

- Don't worry, I'm not gonna leave you hanging too long... - Mabel said, applying another colour to her lips - Uh, plaid? - she raised her brow. - Huh, must be one of Wendy's. Oh, well, at least now you'll know what Dipper feels all the time.

And with that, Mabel ventured across Pacifica's slim belly, taking as curvy and as long route as possible, leaving perfectly aligned, rectangular marks on her body. But Pacifica had no time to ponder how was it possible; while Mabel kissed her stomach, she also dug her fingers into her overflowing opening, and found the few important buttons that were needed to be pushed in order to make Pacifica's night impossible to forget. She didn't caress all of them at once, that would lead Pacifica straight to her orgasm; instead, she carefully stimulated only one of the places on her inner walls that contained the most nerve bundles, monitoring Pacifica's twitches and writhes.

When she reached her breasts, Mabel switched colours again, debating, much like with her legs, which should be died first.

- Okay, let's use green this time...
- Green? - Pacifica mumbled, gasping for air - Just green?
- Yeah, nothing supernatural with it this time. Until I put it on you, that is...

Pacifica knew it will take a few moments before Mabel will reach her nipple, and her predictions came true, when Mabel's kisses spiralled up her right mound, while her other hand gently massaged the other one, throwing just a pinch of pinching between her kisses.

But Mabel became a bit more aggressive when she reached the top, and Pacifica was given the familiar texture of Mabel's teeth gently grazing on her stiff nipple.

- Ah, Mabel! - Pacifica's body arched, bumping her nipple deeper into Mabel's mouth.
- Woah, too much? - Mabel asked cautiously, giving her breast a single apologetic kiss.
- Nah, it's just fine, Mabes. - Pacifica assured her. - But I'm really, really close...

Hearing that changed Mabel's plan; she chose her final colour - light brown - and moved next to Pacifica's mouth, instead of her left breast, watching as Pacifica's eyes widen in surprise.

- Well, then, let's finish it.

Pacifica didn't even have to ask what colour Mabel chose. The sweet, exquisite taste of milk chocolate filled her mouth, while their bodies mashed against against each other, smearing the copious amount of lipstick Mabel covered her with. The only missing element of her dessert was Mabel's skilful fingers, and just as Pacifica was sure that she has licked all of the chocolate off Mabel's lips, she felt the familiar intrusion once more, wiggling and mashing against all of her most delicate points.

Mabel let go of her girlfriend's mouth at just the right moment; Pacifica closed her arms around Mabel, filling the room with her name, cried in absolute ecstasy, as her legs locked tightly behind hers. For just a few seconds, Pacifica thought she was levitating above Mabel's bed, and maybe she was, since she slumped to the pillows with a "thud" once the strongest wave of her orgasm subsided, her girlfriend already waiting for her, with a wide grin plastered on her face.

- So, what you want now, Paz?

Mabel expected Pacifica to live through her climax for a couple of minutes more at least; but instead, in a split of second the blonde girl got up, grabbed a bunch of lipsticks from Mabel's box and pushed her to her own bed, muttering "Payback".

By the time the dawn has broken, the expensive collection of Mabel's lipsticks were half-gone, and there was no inch of their naked bodies that haven't been covered, licked clean, and then covered again with multicoloured, tasty mess. The two stayed locked in each other's arms, their lips joined until they fell asleep, with the most important flavour lingering in their mouths - the unmistakable taste of each other.



Chapter Text

Even before Isabella opened her eyes, she knew what ultimately woke her up: sweet smell of freshly made pancakes reached her nostrils from the kitchen and made her get up from her bed. Though she was still sleepy, she followed the smell, finding the culprit in the form of her boyfriend, clad only in his pants and the apron, standing by the stove.

- Oh, hi Isabella. - he spoke to her, keeping an eye on the pan. - Guess the smell alone woke you up, didn't it? - he chuckled - I just wanted to greet you with nice breakfast in bed.

Isabella noticed the large breakfast plate, filled with various condiments, fruits and other morning delicacies, but one element kept her attention, betraying her boyfriend's intentions.

- Phineas, if you wanted me to suck your cock covered in whipped cream, you just had to say... - she cooed, closing her arms around his neck and purred lightly, her mind still not fully awoken.
- Er, yeah... - Phineas replied, somewhat abashed - But I wanted to leave it for last... Honestly...

He turned around and welcomed Isabella into his arms, bringing her naked body closer to his.

- Why don't you go back to bed, I'll be back with a tray in a moment, okay? - he asked, pressing his forehead against hers, leaning for a kiss.
- Mhm... - Isabella replied and walked back to their bedroom. Even half-asleep, she swayed her butt with every step, keeping Phineas' eyes at her all the time.

She remembered falling onto the bed, waiting for something to happen, and then... her mind went blank. But she was brought to her senses at once when she felt something spreading on her belly.

Something gooey, sticky and warm.

Isabella opened her eyes and shuddered, while she took a moment to understand her situation, her eyes scouting their bedroom. Phineas was sitting between her legs, letting droplets of chocolate syrup drip onto her flat stomach from the plastic bottle.

- Too warm? I put in the microwave for like half a second.

Her smell kicked in; the air around her suddenly was filled with the familiar, sweet scent of chocolate, and the delicate tingling of the substance against her skin brought a funny, exciting feeling, especially when she imagined what Phineas might to to clean it up.

- Nah, it's just fine...

From her up-right position, she lay back again, gently spreading her legs even further, perhaps just to fill Phineas' nostrils with her tantalising scent in return. She relaxed, and let Phineas dot her belly with the drops of the syrup.

- Mhm, you know what I like, Phineas... - she moaned, once Phineas leaned over her chocolate-covered stomach.

She braced herself, and only now, with her muscles slightly tensed, she experienced the proper feeling of Phineas' tongue on her. Just like she suspected, he was meticulous in his work, making sure no square inch of her skin remained uncaressed. Her body twitched every once in a while, whenever his fingers or his lips came in contact with particularly powerful erogenous zone, and when it happened a few times in a row, Isabella knew his route was drawn deliberately. He finished by letting the chocolate droop in a spiral around her nipple, taking his sweet time to travel around her breast, until his lips finally closed around her bud.

- Phi... Phineas... - she let out a loud moan, as her body arched, smearing the very last bit of chocolate all across her lover's face.

Smiling, he leaned forward, so that Isabella could taste it from his lips directly in a long and hungry kiss. But the closeness of the two handed Phineas opportunity to enhance their play. When the two broke the kiss, Isabella' world suddenly turned dark when Phineas slid the blindfolds over her eyes, causing her to jump in place, before Phineas' gentle touch calmed her down.

- Don't worry, Isa. I've got everything under control. - he kissed her again - We're gonna play a little game, okay?
- O-okay. - she nodded - I trust you.

He moved to her belly again, and brought the a slice of juicy mango with him. He pressed the colder fruit against her skin, just to let her familiarise with the new texture, and without hesitation, he began moving it across her stomach.

- Tell me what I'm writing.

Isabella had to wait a moment for Phineas to repeat the shapes he's been drawing below her breasts.

- "I"... - she began. - "I"... "L"..."O"... Oh, Phineas, you're so sweet!... - she giggled - "I you"... - she scrunched her face, as she felt more - ..."r mind and your soul, your sense of humour, and your cute little boot"- Phineas!

She rolled up the blindfolds, and stared at Phineas, holding the slice of mango like a pen. Her whole body glistened with the lengthy confession Phineas's been writing, and the fruity, aromatic scent filled her nostrils.

- A bit too much? - he chuckled. - I was about to describe your pussy...
- Less talking... Or writing... - she began, correcting herself - ...and more doing, Phineas.
- Then close your eyes again.

Isabella obeyed, and shuddered immediately, feeling Phineas' breath around the trimmed hair above her opening. She braced herself again for the texture of his tongue, or maybe even his cock already, and as a result, she jolted again when something sturdy and intricately bulbous brushed her clit.

- Ah! Wh-what's that?
- It's your favourite... - Phineas cooed, dragging the bumpy object around her folds.

The clue made Isabella understand Phineas' intentions at once, though the acidic smell that reached her helped her as well. In her mind's eyes she saw Phineas holding the large doonkelberry, whose many sturdy drupelets stimulated multiple places on her folds at once.

The odd-shaped berry was replaced by Phineas' fingers, as well as his tongue, once he was certain that Isabella's twitchy body is ready for an orgasm. Keeping steady grip on her thighs, he sucked on her clit, savouring the mixture of sour and sweet tastes in his mouth, accompanied by Isabella's moans coming from above, and her fingers mingling in his hair.

When she came, he made sure to take the doonkelberry and gather some of the copious amount of her fluids onto it, just to let Isabella taste herself afterwards. With her blindfolds off, she gave him more than a show, first licking off her juices off the facets of the fruit, and then sucking on each of the bulbous parts individually, without ever breaking eye contact with her excited boyfriend. As her last trick, she bit off the lengthy stem and put in her mouth.

After a moment of fumbling with it, she rolled out her tongue, proudly presenting that she tied the stem into a perfect double overhand without using her hands.

- Admit it, Phineas, you want me to that to you, right? - she asked, as his jaw dropped when he examined the knot.
- Uh... uh-uh. - was the only sounds he managed to stutter.
- Alright, come here.

She moved into an up-right position again, watching as Phineas eagerly waddled towards her, and a moment later she found herself faced with his cock right next too her mouth. She gave him a single, short kiss and reached for the can of whipped cream, shaking it vigorously.

Before she covered his twitching cock the way Phineas wanted, she gripped him and dragged its head along her breasts and belly, gathering the multitude of scents and tastes Phineas left on her. Just to sure, she took the slice of mango and gently dragged it alongside his length, watching as Phineas reacts to unexpected texture. Short, impatient huffs escaped his lips, and Isabella knew she had little time left for her performance.

With a can of cream in one hand and a bottle of chocolate syrup in other, she expertly covered his length with both condiments, wishing she had time to play with his testicles, especially since she saw a small package of sprinkles Phineas prepared for them on the tray.

She closed her lips around his cock, tasting the odd mix of flavours on her tongue immediately. Inch by inch, she invited him deeper into her mouth, scooping the bits of cream and chocolate she placed herself with her tongue. Under her touch, she felt veins twitching nervously with each lick, and decided to focus her work on its head, instead of trying to clean it. Looking him deep into his eyes, she pulled out his cock a bit, and began her work. Her tongue danced around his exposed head, mimicking the moves she performed with the stem. One to the left, two to the right, up, down, through the loop, and...

- Isabella!

At once, her taste buds exploded with the combination of flavours she's been collecting all morning. The sweetness of chocolate and whipped cream, the sourness of fruits, all toppled with unmistakable, salty taste of his virility, filling her mouth in lengthy, thick stream. At some point, the last flavour dominated the others, showing only how much Phineas have been waiting for her to treat him orally. But Isabella didn't mind, swallowing glob after glob of his seed that made it to her mouth.

Panting, Phineas, let go of her head, and collapsed to his side, watching as Isabella scooped few last drops of his cum with the mango slice and brought it to her mouth, licking off the droplets before consuming the fruit and letting a moan of satisfaction afterwards.

- Mhm, that was quite a breakfast, Phineas.
- Oh... Oh yeah. - he gasped - Though we still have the pancakes.
- Yeah, but I think we'll need to hit the shower first... - she giggled, when she spotted his limp cock, still partially covered in sweet condiments.

Knowing his legs might still be wobbly, she leaped from the bed and set for the bathroom, once again swaying her hips the entire time. A moment later she heard his steps behind her and rushed towards the cabin, ready to continue their lazy Saturday morning there.

When they left the bathroom, it was noon already, and the pancakes were stone cold, but that didn't stop the two from using them for a reprise of their morning play during lunch.












Chapter Text

- Ami! I'm sorry!

Yugo's words died in the tumult of many people on the busy streets of Bonta, as he followed his girlfriend, walking just a bit faster from sheer frustration.

- Hmph! - she grunted when he portal'd himself out of nowhere, turning her head to the other side.
- Amalia, I said I am sorry...
- Tell that to HER! - she roared, crossing her arms.

Yugo sighed. Just half an hour ago, the couple was having a splendid shopping day in the huge city of Bonta. And then, out of nowhere, another sight caught Yugo's attention, just for a fraction of second, but it was enough to rise alarm for Amalia. On a small square between the tenement houses, dancers on stage entertained the crowd, and as it happened, one of the female ones gave Yugo a wink... It didn't help that she was a Sadida as well, and that her outfit was, as Amalia has put it, "scandalous".

Yugo didn't remind her that she used to wear equally skimpy clothes, because at this point, blood was already boiling inside the Sadida princess, urging her to rush from the crowd towards their hotel, forcing Yugo to catch up with her and sort out the situation. But Yugo knew better that with Amalia sometimes even the smallest of inconveniences would make her lose her temper, and sadly Yugo has not found a guaranteed counter-measure for that.

- I... I need to walk it off! - she said suddenly, stopping in place and stomping her feet. - We'll meet at the hotel later. - she turned away, prompting her animated doll, carrying her shopping bags to follow her.
- Ami! I said I was sorry! - Yugo cried after her, but his girlfriend disappeared in the crowd, trying to distract herself with the items displayed in the shopping windows.

Despondent, Yugo turned on the spot and walked the other way.


He too needed some time to let his own frustration die down, and he spent it loitering between the shops open until late hours, alongside the riverbank, and even pass the same, now empty square the dancers have set up their show.

He returned to their hotel with the rest of their items they bought and slowly walked up the stairs, thinking of some good opening line. He had at least a dozen different ones, and even though he knew he wasn't guilty of anything he'd have to at least try to sound apologetically.

Yugo opened the door, and cautiously walked into their dimly lit room, knowing from the gentle rustling noises that Amalia was in.

- Ami... Amalia, I'm sorry that-

Yugo said it with his head lowered, but as soon as he raised it up, words died in his throat. At first, he thought that he was looking not at his girlfriend, but at the damn bellydancer, especially when she gave him another alluring wink. But there was no mistake: it was Amalia, dressed in highly decorative skirt, the multitude of accessories around her neck, belly and waist giving the illusion that her outfit was decent and not revealing at all. However, a single move of her hips gave the trick away; long, leafy parts of her skirt opened up like petals for a moment, showing her long legs, thick thighs and a small triangle of cloth that otherwise might be called panties.

Her breasts bounced with her every move, and only the pearl necklace hid the fact that a stronger pull could rip the upper part of her attire in half. But it was her headdress that caught Yugo's attention the most. A delicate, intricate veil covered her face, though even in the limited light, he could see her hypnotizing, seductive gaze, and, unmistakably, a smile.

- Ah, I've been waiting for you. Sit down...

With a gentle move of her arms, she directed Yugo to their bed, giving him for a moment a first glimpse of her equally beguiling backside. He dropped the bag somewhere in the corridor, and followed her, realising only now that her bra wasn't tied behind her back at all, showing him more of her appetising naked body.

- What is your name? - she asked playfully, smiling again at the flabbergasted Eliatrope - And how would like to call me, handsome?
- Uh, Ami? - he scratched his head in confusion.
- Ami. That is my name for tonight... - she raised her brow expectantly.
- Yugo - he gulped, following her instructions, as he finally understood what game Amalia was playing - My name is Yugo.
- Odd name for an Enutrof. - Amalia spoke, turning her back on him, as she walked further into the room, illuminated only by candles.

Once his eyes adapted to the weird lighting, he noticed a gramophone set in the corner, though he was more than sure their room didn't have one. Has she borrowed it from the owner? Bought it in one of many antique shops? Those details mattered no more when Amalia put on a record, and smooth, soothing music filled their room, as Yugo was given sight of her amazing body once more.

Walking to the slow rhythm, Amalia swayed her hips with every step, until her whole figure was illuminated by the candles set on their nightdrawers. When he was just inches from him, he instinctively reached his hands and closed his eyes, puckering his lips to place a kiss at her exposed belly, but a sudden pain brought him to his senses.

- No touching! You only paid for the show... - she scolded him, slapping his hand.
- Ami... - he huffed in frustration when he understood his position.

Amalia continued her role, dancing to the music, giving him excruciatingly slow view of her all sides, letting Yugo marvel at the details on her outfit that hid her most important features. When she made a particularly fast twist, the hem of her skirt flew up, and Yugo had to restrain himself again from grabbing her bottom and sinking his face between her buttocks. But Yugo needed even more willpower when Amalia turned around and leaned on him, giving him an unobstructed sight of her naked, ample breasts and her nipples. How Amalia has gotten rid of her bra in such a short amount of time was beyond Yugo's comprehension, but as a result only the necklace covered her bosom now, if one could call that "covering"...

His instincts took over him again, and he leaped to his feet, about to pin Amalia to the ground, but she was prepared for that. Four vines shot from the wooden beams of their bed and immobilised him in place, just when his mouth was about to close around one of her nipples.

- Should I call the manager? You could be thrown out faster from out fine establishment than you'd think...

Contrary to her pretence anger, she continued her show, taking one part of her leafy skirt at a time, revealing her buttocks at first, and then her thighs, leaving the most important one still in place. When she turned around again, giving him a sight of her bottom, Yugo caught a glimpse of her juices, trickling down her thigh, glistening in the flickering light, and that only strengthened the discomfort in his pants that has been steadily building up since Amalia began her show.

And sure enough, when Amalia turned on the spot, and ripped the only remaining part of her attire, the panties Yugo have caught glimpse of before were gone, giving him a stunning view of her green trimmed bush above her enticing opening. The sight made Yugo groan again, and Amalia seemed to realise the pain Yugo was in, as she let her vines loose their integrity, setting him gently down on the bed. She hasn't called them off, but Yugo could at least move freely, though now, more than ever, he decided to behave.

- If you'd like to deal with that... - Amalia pointed to the bulge in his pants - ...then feel free to do so, though gods help you if you leave a mess. Unless...
- Unless?

A wicked smile appeared on her face, when she heard the desperation in his voice.

- Unless you want me to help you. A handjob would be two hundred Kamas, a blowjob three, three-fifty if you want me to swallow... - she began counting, listing her "offers" - ...same for titjob, same extra for a facial, and, well, if you'd like to have me, you'd have to pay at least a thousand...
- How much will this give me? - Yugo suddenly interrupted, breaking her concentration.

Amalia turned her head, and it was time for her to suddenly lose her words, as they got stuck in her throat. Her eyes widened, when she saw that Yugo was on his knee, presenting her a box with a shining, golden emerald ring inside, unmistakably matching the colour of her hair. Before she could give him a permission, he took her hand and slid the ring on her finger, confirming her suspicion on how well it fitted her.

- W...Well... - she stuttered.

A devilish smirk of revenge appeared on Yugo's face when her voice cracked, and Amalia knew that no matter what she'd say, she was no longer in control, especially since she had hard time gathering her thoughts at all.

- Uh, yes, I think that, that will... Cover a few... Few... sessions...

Next thing she knew a strong push from her back made her trip onto the bed, straight into Yugo's arms, once he took one of it out of his portal. Her lips joined his in a long, consolatory kiss that explained their feelings better than any apology would. Just like her clothes vanished almost magically before, so did his, and a moment later Yugo was towering over her, with only his hat on his head.

- Maybe I will even let you cum inside me for free... - Amalia moaned, before Yugo dived inside her, ready to enjoy the lifelong services he just paid for.

Chapter Text

The spacious downstairs room in a cosy, wooden house in the middle of the forest echoed with just a few quiet sounds that mixed into a unique composition: the logs in the fireplace cracked, trees outside rustled from a gentle, Autumn breeze, and occasional, sloppy, wet sucking noises signified that Dipper Pines was still caressing his girlfriend's breasts.

Even though he was just two inches shorter than her, he used that excuse to snuggle on her bosom regularly during foreplay, or after making love to her, and worship her gorgeous mounds she hid under her lumberjack shirts, not that Wendy was the one to complain.

But she also knew that tonight, Dipper was doing that deliberately, prolonging something they've been debating for a while.

- Dipper, what's wrong? - she asked, gently ruffling his chestnut hair, which alarmed him at once.
- Wha-No, nothing, Wendy!

He replied quickly, burrowing his face between her breast again, and resumed his kisses, together with a theatrical moan. But Wendy's hand pulled him by his scruff, bringing him face-to-face with hers.

- Dip, we've been together for more almost ten years, I know when you're lying. Not that you were difficult to read before... - she rolled her eyes.

Dipper shied away for a moment, though he remained positioned over her naked body, as if he couldn't leave the post he's been assigned to. In the meantime, he took a glance at their house. Built and finished two Summers ago, thanks to the help of their friends and families, it was a perfect place they could've dreamt of. Photos and maps decorated almost every inch of walls, and several shelves hosted souvenirs and less-dangerous objects from countries and dimensions they've visited. Their basement, locked with a quantum lock, was a home to several valuable magical artefacts, as well as a small pile of gold, which grew every few weeks thanks to the ghost of compound interest they caught in a bottle one Winter.

And yet, there was something unnerving about this relaxing, satisfying life that has been bugging Dipper for a few months now.

- Wendy, do you really want to do this? - he finally asked, meeting her eyes.

He was afraid he might see anger or disappointment on her face, just like a few other times they've discussed that before, but to his surprise, he found her smiling, as wildly as she did when he was caressing her.

- I do, but only if you want as well, Dipper.

This was the point of no return he was afraid of. Something he desired and simultaneously dreaded, and just like his lie before, something Wendy could read from him as easily as any of his books in the study upstairs. She cupped his face and brought him towards her, crossing her legs behind him, underneath their favourite, plaid blanket.

- Dipper, I know you're scared... It's not that I'm not. But... Didn't you say you wanted it?
- Yeah, I did, but... - he paused for a while - Don't you want to keep on adventuring? Don't you like it over, you know, sitting in one place, even if it is amazing?

He took another look at their living room.

- That sounds more like you. - she joked - Think about, Dipper. What have other people our age done in their life? Finished college, maybe went abroad once for some trip? We've done that and been around the world twice. And there are two books with your name on them, how many folks in their thirties do you know who have done that?
- Yeah, but it's not like they are accepted by the scientific community... - he grumbled automatically.
- Because they are old stick-in-the-mud folks who have never seen a percent of the stuff we've seen. - she countered - Those who know what you're writing about, also know you're good.

She gave him a quick kiss.

- And hey, I reckon we'll be travelling in a few years again. For holidays. - she smiled and winked. - And it's not like we're gonna run out of local business to take care of.
- Well, I guess you're right. - Dipper chuckled. - There's still so much stuff in Gravity Falls to do.
- I know of one thing to do right now...

Wendy spoke in her low, alluring voice, bringing Dipper's body closer to hers, locking her arms and legs around his. Years of adventuring turned the stick-figure of her friend into only slightly more muscular stick-figure of a boyfriend, but that small change was enough to drive her crazy. She let out a loud moan, throwing her head back when he felt him between her thighs, and instinctively moved her hips to accommodate to his position and make his welcome even easier.

- Oh, yeah... - she moaned, hoping her voice would jump-start him quicker.

She was not disappointed, since from a moment after that, she didn't have to pretend anymore. Dipper grunted, pushing himself deeper into her, his warm breath tingling with tiniest of hairs on her neck. Neck that soon was being kissed by his hungry lips, in between his thrusts, that seemed to only speed up with each one.

- I love you... love you, Dipper...

Wendy kept spilling her words into his ear, and when he pulled his head up, she was more than happy to see that aside from the grimace of the physical strain on his forehead, she could see a glimpse of confidence she has managed to spark, and Wendy knew she'll do everything to keep it burning.

- You... you are amazing, Dipper...

She shrieked, when a particularly strong push made her body arch, momentarily letting go of him. She closed her arms and legs around him again, in an irrational fear he might leave her.

- You are... flippin' fantastic, too... Wendy!

Dipper grunted, lowering himself onto her again, reacting to the sudden change. Their faces were now inches from each other, their breaths visibly mingling, and though they both desired their lips to be locked together, they also had more to say, even if their sentences lost structure long time ago.

- You are the strongest... coolest... oh, god, Wendy...
- And you are the sweetest and smartest, Dipper, you are...

Their bodies rocked together like a well-oiled machine, Wendy reacting perfectly in sync to his pushing and pulling. The gentle cracking of fire was replaced by steady creaking of their sofa, as well as the unmistakable sound of their flesh hitting one another, as Dipper buried himself deeper inside her with each powerful lunge. Their breaths was quickened, and not just from the fevered love-making, but from the multitude of confessions they've been whispering to each other, half of them lost between another.

- Wen... Wendy... You are... you will be...
- ...the best... you're gonna...

Wendy huffed, clutching his neck. She wanted to look him straight in his eyes.

- You already are so... so... beautiful...
- And you're gonna be...

She could hear and see his climax coming, just from the grunts in his voice, and the spastic moves of his muscles.

- be...

Hers was close as well, and she wanted it to happen precisely at the right time, just like she's been preparing this evening for the past weeks.

- You're gonna be... a great father!
- ...the best mo-..

Her words mingled into her cry, which in turn set off Dipper's orgasm, just when he was about to finish last compliment. With a groan, he gripped her waist tighter and slammed himself inside her one more time, spilling his seed into her in several, short bursts, muttering her fragmented name with each one, until he ran out of energy and collapsed onto her body, making sure to stay inside her, though her legs tightly locked behind his back made any other move practically impossible.

Wendy's lips found his at once, and for a moment the two shared their air, and their chests moved in sync, one rising when the other one fell.

When they parted, Dipper looked at the radiant, glowing smile that seemed to brightened Wendy's face and enhance every single feature of it. Adorned with her long hair spread around her head like a red halo, Dipper saw nothing else but content and confidence in his girlfriend's sparkling eyes.

- You... You really think so? - he asked, still breathing heavily.
- I don't "think", I know that, Dipper. - she chuckled, repeating the answer she's been telling him for the last month.

She gave him a quick peck, which predictably turned into another long, soothing kiss, as Dipper seemed to regain some of his strength he used up before. The young couple lay together, savouring their mixed tastes, fragrances, and the heavenly feeling of their bodies joined as one, occasionally twitching when waves of one's orgasm still rocked them, long after they thought it would subside.

- Though of course... - Wendy suddenly spoke - In order to be a great dad you have to be a dad in the first place, Dip...

The corners of her mouth curled into a mischievous smile, and she looked down, between their joined bodies, forcing him to do the same. They parted, and as she spread her legs, Wendy exposed her used sex, covered with her juices, glistening and reflecting the incandescent light of the fireplace. Between her folds, like a pearl adorning an oyster, a tiny glob of his cum shone white, unable to leak down thanks to the pillows underneath her bottom they put there just for that eventuality.

- You're gonna have a busy week, honey. - she said, looking at the calendar on the wall, where several consecutive days were marked with red dots. - But I reckon you like working from home...
- Best job in the world - he replied cockily, snuggling back to his position - Especially if you don't have to leave the bed.

They shared another long kiss, this time, while their hands explored their backs and hair.

- Ready again, Dipper? - she asked, moving her hand between their sweaty bodies, stroking his slick, sticky cock, trying to test the waters - We still have the nectar from the vilas, if you need...
- Oh come on, Wendy. - Dipper scoffed - I'm not that old!

Before Wendy could explain that she didn't mean to suggest anything, Dipper grabbed her legs, pushed them into the air, and then further onto her body, just to give himself an even better access to her opening. With a sharp plunge, Dipper Pines burrowed himself inside her in one move, with one clear aim on his newly settled mind. The sofa creaked, and the lovers cried their name in unison, as Dipper proved his virility throughout the night, spilling himself inside her more times than either of them could count.

And when hours later he lay on her chest, completely spent from their love-making, listening to her gentle snores, and admiring the satisfied face of his girlfriend, he came to the same conclusion as Wendy have in the months prior she made her decision. It wasn't an end, just the beginning of a completely new adventure. And no matter what will happen, he was glad they were travelling together.

Though by end of day three of her cycle, he had to start drinking the vilas' nectar, just to keep up with Wendy's ravenous desire. Good thing they lived just on the side of the mountains...